Real Name: n/a
Country: Russian Federation

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
Not For Trade
Arse Moreira / Kidcrach Split  Denovali/escucha!/clemontine Rec  0.00 [clear] /500 Send Email 
La Quiete / Phoenix Bodies Split 2009 Holidays Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Lebensreform / Slight Slappers Split 1997 Per Koro/bilharziose Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Neil Perry S/t  Blood Of The Young Rec.  0.00 [yellow] /100 Send Email 
The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra S/t  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 [black] /694 Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran / Orchid Split  Clean Plate Rec.  0.00 2nd press [purple] /1000 Send Email 
Usurp Synapse In Examination Of  Level Plane/witchin Hour Rec.  0.00 [black] /666 Send Email 
Va The Emo Annihilation  Reactwithprotest Rec.  0.00 white cover [black] Send Email 
Acme S/t  Machination Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Admiral Revolving And Loading  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Adörno Said And Unsaid 2009 Adgio830 Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Adorno / Eric Ayotte Split 2010 Adagio830 Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Adorno / Syn*error Split  Oldskoolkids/existencia And Oth.  0.00 [black] /750 Send Email 
Algernon Cadwallader S/t  Grizzly Sars Be Happy Rec.  0.00 2nd press [black] Send Email 
Amalthea S/t  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Amanda Woodward Meurt La Soif  Paranoid Rec.  0.00 [black with spatter] Send Email 
Amanda Woodward Pleine De Grace  Code Of Ethics Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Amanda Woodward / 1905 Split  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 [black] /1028(1201) Send Email 
Ampere / Daitro Split  Purepainsugar/clean Plate Rec.  0.00 white picture disc [black] /1100(1500) Send Email 
As Friends Rust Doghouse Fan Series  Doghouse Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Asshole Parade Say Goodbye  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [blue with spatter] /500(1000) Send Email 
Baby Harp Seal / Kosjer D Split  Caught Offside/genet Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Battle Of Wolf 359 / Kaddish Split  Reactwithprotest/paradeofspectre  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Battle Of Wolf 359 / Singaia Split  Reactwithprotest/paradeofspectre  0.00 [clear] /310(620) Send Email 
Belle Epoque S/t  Apemustnotkillape / Escucha Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Betrayed Addiction  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [black] /300(1000) Send Email 
Better Than A Thousand Self Worth  Grapes Of Wrath Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Black Panda / Auktion Split  Trabuc / Rust And Machine Rec.  0.00 [black/red split] /400(1028) Send Email 
Black Panda / Holocaust In Your Head Split  Trabuc / Rust And Machine Rec.  0.00 [clear green] /400(1000) Send Email 
Bluid S/t  Nausicaa Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Bokanovsky / Lakme Split 2010 Osk + A Lot Of... Mint 0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Brainworms / Catalyst Split  Rorschach Rec.  0.00 2nd press [red] /300 Send Email 
Brainworms / Dynamite Arrows Split  Rorschach Rec.  0.00 [yellow] /180(500) Send Email 
Brainworms / Tubers Split  Rorschach/deadtank/bakeryout Rec  0.00 [green] /100(600) Send Email 
Breakwater S/t  Static Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Breakwater / Closure Split  Mountain C.i.a./linkworm Rec.  0.00 [black] /1500 Send Email 
Canon The Solution 1994 Chapter Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Carol Prefabricated  Per Koro Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Catena Collapse / Sinaloa Split  Narshadaa Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Ceremony Scared People  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [white/black split] /1000(3100) Send Email 
Cerulean S/t  Crooners Club/smith & Nephew  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Christie Front Drive S/t  Freewill Rec.  0.00 [blue/grey] /1410(1510)  Send Email 
Christopher Robin S/t  Repercussion Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Cinder / Hit Me Back Split  Still Holding On Rec.  0.00 [black] /700(810) Send Email 
Colossus Of Roads S/t  Apemustnotkillape/clemontine Rec  0.00 [black] /300 Send Email 
Converge On My Shield 2010 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 [black / white swirl] /1000(3000) Send Email 
Cotidie Mori S/t  Sons Of Vesta And Other Rec.  0.00 [clear red] /250(500) Send Email 
Current Is 4  Council Rec.  0.00 [black] /2000 Send Email 
Current / Chino Horde Split  Council / File 13 Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] file 13 cover /750(1500) Send Email 
Danse Macabre / Am I Dead Yet Split  Rwp/ivecomeforyourchildren Rec.  0.00 [black] /820 Send Email 
Day Of The Dead S/t  Goodwill Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] #187/1000(1620) Send Email 
Day Of The Dead Old Habits Die Harder  Best Times Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Day Of The Dead / The Damage Done Split  Goodwill Rec.  0.00 2nd press [black] #1440/1460 Send Email 
Daylight Dispirit 2010 Six Feet Under Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear yellow] /??? Send Email 
Days In December / Sweater Weather Split  Polyvinyl Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Defeater Lost Ground 2009 Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 2x7" [red, white, blue mix] /500(2000) Send Email 
Degarne Trugerische Stille  Modus Operandi Rec.  0.00 [clear red] /250(1000) Send Email 
Degarne The Last Dance  Per Koro Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Die, Emperor! Die! Acoustic 4 Song  Adagio830 Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Die, Emperor! Die! / Burned Out Bright Split  Friends Forever Rec.  0.00 black face on white folder [black] /200(600) Send Email 
Die, Emperor! Die! / Toru Okada Split  Golden Shiny Wire Of Hope  0.00 [clear] /100(300) Send Email 
Distress / Diskelma Split  Acclaim/kamasetlevyt/hlf Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Dominic The Single Series  Amnka/fromastrangerhands Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Downcast S/t  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Drift Again S/t  Network Sound Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Early Grace S/t 1997 Independence Day Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Efra / Seeing Means More Split  Denovali Rec.  0.00 [black] /508 Send Email 
Ekkaia Ya Hemos Aguantado El Sermon, Ahora Lo Destrozar 2004 Stonehenge Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Elements Of Need / Jasmine Split  Planaria Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Eleven Thirty-four Nothing  Ammunition Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear orange] Send Email 
Embassy S/t  Repercussion Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Encounter Lost  Redemption Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Encounter / Blindfold Split 1992 Sober Mind Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Encounter / Crivits Live In Berlin  Old World Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
End Of A Year We Understand Europeans Are A Sexual People  Black Top Rec.  0.00 regular cover [clear] /525(1073) Send Email 
End Of A Year We Understand Europeans Are A Sexual People  Black Top Rec.  0.00 regular cover [grey] /330(1073) Send Email 
End Of A Year We Understand Europeans Are A Sexual People  Black Top Rec.  0.00 regular cover [grey/clear split] /58(1073) Send Email 
End Of A Year S/t  Deathwish Rec.  0.00 [white] /1000(2000) Send Email 
End Of A Year S/t  Deathwish Rec.  0.00 [clear with black streaks] /300(2000) Send Email 
End Of A Year S/t  Deathwish Rec.  0.00 [clear with white streaks] /700(2000) Send Email 
End Of A Year We Understand Europeans Are A Sexual People  Black Top Rec.  0.00 tour cover [clear with rainbow splatter] #8/110(1073) Send Email 
End Of A Year More Songs About Transportation And Intercourse 2010 Hex Rec. Mint 0.00 [green] /100(500) Send Email 
End Of A Year More Songs About Transportation And Intercourse 2010 Hex Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /200(500) Send Email 
End Of A Year More Songs About Transportation And Intercourse 2010 Hex Rec. Mint 0.00 [white] /200(500) Send Email 
End Of A Year The Sorrowful And Immaculate Heart Of... 2011 Disposable Culture Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
End Of A Year / Adorno Split  Existencia/pine Rec.  0.00 [black] /520 Send Email 
End Of A Year / Kids Explode Split  Narshardaa Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] /500 Send Email 
End Of A Year / Kids Explode Split  Nashardaa Rec.  0.00 2nd press [white] /300 Send Email 
End Of A Year / Red Tape Parade Split  Cobra Rec.  0.00 [white] /100(500) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Red Tape Parade Split  Cobra Rec.  0.00 [white with green splatter] /100(500) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Red Tape Parade Split  Cobra Rec.  0.00 [black] /300(500) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Segwei Split 2010 Closed Casket Activities Mint 0.00 [grey] Send Email 
End Of A Year / Segwei Split 2010 Closed Casket Activities Mint 0.00 [clear with smoke] Send Email 
End Of A Year / Shook Ones Split  Runner Up Rec.  0.00 [black/white split] /210(700) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Shook Ones Split  Runner Up Rec.  0.00 [green/clear split] /210(700) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Shook Ones Split  Runner Up Rec.  0.00 [grey/clear split] /210(700) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Three Fifteen Split  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [grey] /550(1000) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Three Fifteen Split  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [black] /250(1000) Send Email 
End Of A Year / Three Fifteen Split  Slave Union Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear green] /200 (1000) Send Email 
Enoch Ardon S/t  Existencia/horror Vacui/error!   0.00 [clear green] /525 Send Email 
Ettil Vrye S/t  Moganono Rec,  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Eucalypt / Sophora Split  Hey Presto! Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] #94/400(450) cloth cover Send Email 
Evergreen These Last Days  Gravity Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Fairfight The Neverending Road  Commitment Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Fairfight S/t  Commitment Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Farckus Affair S/t  Reservoir Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Farckus Affait / Sinatra '65 Split 1994 Motherbox Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear black] Send Email 
Fingerprint S/t  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] /1000  Send Email 
Fingerprint S/t (surrender)  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Fire Team Charlie S/t  Ghosthunt/wrapped In Plastic Rec  0.00 [black] #57/270 Send Email 
Fire Team Charlie / End Of A Year Split  Stg Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Five-o Fall Through  File 13 Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Five-o S/t  File 13 Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Followed By 37 Seconds Of Happiness S/t  Apemusnotkillape/blessedhands  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Forced Down Stifle  Down Side/vinyl Com. Rec.  0.00 2x7" [black] Send Email 
Forced Down Rise  Down Side/vinyl Communications R  0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Foundation Never Stops Raining  Triple B Rec.  0.00 [clear blue with pink haze] /100(500) Send Email 
Foundation S/t  Eightfold Path Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] /300(1000) Send Email 
Foundation Hang Your Head  Six Feet Under Rec.  0.00 [clear brown with cream splatter] /308[1134] Send Email 
Foundation / Meantime Split  Ghetto Josh Rec.  0.00 preorder edit [clear red] /150(500) Send Email 
Four Hundred Years S/t  Yuletide / Rose Petal Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Four Hundred Years / Sleepytime Trio Split  Smooth Lips Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Frail Idle Hands Hold Nothing  Kidney Room Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Frail New Harmony  Bloodlink Rec. Excellent 0.00 X-mas cover [black] #18/35(???) Send Email 
Frail S/t  Yuletde Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Frail / Elements Of Need Split  End Transmission Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Funeral Diner / Welcome The Plague Year Split  Electric Human Project Rec.  0.00 2nd press [blue] /1000 Send Email 
Give Heaven Is Waiting 2010 React Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [yellow] /275(750) Send Email 
Give Boots Of Faith 2010 Deranged Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Give Up The Ghost Year One  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 2x7" [one clear / one clear orange] /500(1500) Send Email 
Glass & Ashes / Science Of Yabra Split  Code Of Ethics Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Goodbye, Blue Monday S/t 1996 Self Relised? Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Goodbye, Blue Monday / Across Five Aprils Split  Spectra Sonic Sound Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Griver 2 Songs  Point The Blame Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Harvest Worn Through The Layer Of Separations  Ferret Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Hell-o-hill Poppel Deluxe  S/t Demo Rec. Mint 0.00 [red] Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass The Single Series  Amnka/fromastrangeands Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass / Danse Macabre Split  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 silk screened b-side [black] /610 Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass / Sofy Major Split  Ifb Rec.  0.00 pre-order edit (tied up with ribbon) [black] /100?(700) Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass / We Are Corpses! The Broken Heart. A Tragedy. - Split  Self Relised?  0.00 [black] #256/100(300) Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone Fools Gold  Great American Steak Religion  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Hombre Malo / Jack And The Bearded Fishermen Split  Osk And Others..... Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Hoover / Lincoln Two Headed Coin  Art Monk Construction  0.00 [clear blue] Send Email 
Hyacinth Homoludens  Dici A La Realite/alchimia Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
I Hate Myself 2 Songs  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [clear pink] /3100 Send Email 
I Object America Today...and Tomorrow  Still Holding On Rec.  0.00 [black] /900(1015) Send Email 
I Rise Down  1917 Rec.  0.00 [moon yellow] /200(1015) Send Email 
I Rise Down  1917 Rec.  0.00 [gray / red] /715(1015) Send Email 
I Rise Down  1917 Rec.  0.00 sound & fury cover [moon yellow] #12/50(1015)  Send Email 
I Rise / Soul Control Split  Eightfold Path Rec.  0.00 1st press; “pizza party” s c > i r, pink cover [black] #44/150(1000) Send Email 
I Rise / Soul Control Split  Eightfold Path Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] /800(1000) Send Email 
I, Robot S/t  Self Relised?  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Iceburn S/t  Art Monk Construction Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] /3000 Send Email 
Iceburn Burn / Fall 1991 Victory Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear] /1000 Send Email 
Indian Summer S/t  Repercussion Rec.  0.00 black print on cover [black] Send Email 
Inkwell By Design  My Last Wish  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Inkwell Shine So Bright  Heliotrope  0.00 [minty green] Send Email 
Inkwell / The Hal Al Shedad Split  Lunchbox Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Iron Age The Way Is Narrow  Painkiller Rec.  0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Ivich / Jasemine Split  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 3rd press [black] /500(2000) Send Email 
Jara S/t  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Jeromes Dream / Amalgamation Split  Rice Control Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
June Paik S/t  React With Protest Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [white] Send Email 
June Paik / Battle Of Wolf 359 Split 2010 Adagio830 / Rwp Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Jupiter Lander S/t  Sncl/toocooltoodance/stg Rec.  0.00 [black] /400 Send Email 
Khere / Antithesis Split  Apemustnotkillape/sons Of Viesta  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Kidcrash / L`antietam Split  Narshardaa Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Kids Explode / Solemn League Split  Asymmetrie Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Kobra Khan / Helen Of Troy Split  Monoton Studio/tokyo Fist Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Kosjer D True?  Genet Rec.  0.00 [white] Send Email 
Kwisatz Haderach S/t  Self Relised  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Kwisatz Haderach / Encyclopedia Of American Trai Split   0.00 [black] Send Email 
L`antietam We Like It When The Red Water Comes Out  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [black] /900(1000) Send Email 
L'antietam / Furnace Split  Elecrichumanproject Rec.  0.00 [white with red splatter] /722 Send Email 
La Quiete S/t  Purepainsugar Rec.  0.00 +CD [black] /1000 Send Email 
La Quiete S/t  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00 [black] /800(1000) Send Email 
La Quiete S/t  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00 [white] /200(1000) Send Email 
La Quiete / Acrimonie Split  Life Of Hate Rec.  0.00 [black] /700(1000) Send Email 
La Quiete / Catena Collapse Split  Adagio830 Rec.  0.00 3rd press [black] /600 Send Email 
La Quiete / K.c. Milian Split  Cragstan Astronaut  0.00 [black] /525 Send Email 
La Quiete / Phoenix Bodies Tour Split Test Press  Level Plane Rec?  0.00 [black] Send Email 
La Quiete / The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra Split  Heroine Rec.  0.00 [black] /525 Send Email 
La Quiete / The Pine Split  Broken Hearts Club Rec.  0.00 [black] /470(600) Send Email 
Lebensreform Retor 1997 Per Koro Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Lebensreform Licht + Luft + Leben 1996 Per Koro Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Lebensreform / Kindle Co Op 1998 Cumgranosalis/desperado Etc.  0.00 [blue] Send Email 
Life At These Speeds / Thank God Split  Exotic Fever/tick Tock Rec.  0.00 [clear] /1000 Send Email 
Light The Fuse And Run 1,2,3  Golden Brown Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Lighthouse Project / Satura Lanx Come To Accept - Split  Deaf Forever/brown Reec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Lincoln S/t  Art Monk Construction Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Logs S/t  Purepainsugar/denovali Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Loomis Slovak 1917-2917: 1000 Year Reign Of Terror  Youthstrikechord Rec. Excellent 0.00 [red] Send Email 
Los Retardos Keep It Comin  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00 [dark red] /18(500) Send Email 
Maintain Searching For Balance  Words Of War Rec.  0.00 [coke bottle clear] /176(455) Send Email 
Marat Songs From The Crypt  Old Skool Kids/hidden Rainbows R  0.00 [black] /360 Send Email 
Marc Antony The Single Series  Amnka/fromastrangeands Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Mean Season Bleed To Me 1992 New Age Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Midvale First Aid For Airmen  Ed Walters Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Stagger Lee  Equal Vision Rec.  0.00 +CD [black/red haze] /500(2000)  Send Email 
Moonraker / Don Martin 3 / Hope Springs Eternal Split  Belladonna Rec. Good 0.00 1st press [black] /500 Send Email 
Mouthbreather S/t  Kiss Of Death/tick Tock Rec.  0.00 [clear green] /300 Send Email 
Narwhal S/t  Sncl/superfi/toocooltodance Rec  0.00 [black] /324 Send Email 
Neil Perry / Kaospilot Split  Level Plane Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
New Wave Blasphemy S/t  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [pink] /500 Send Email 
Only For The Sake Of Aching / Amalthea Split  Apemustnotkillape / Molochind.  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Only For The Sake Of Aching / The Third Memory Split  Apemustnotkillape / Molochind  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Orchid S/t  Hand Held Heart Rec.  0.00 1st press [clear blue] /1000 Send Email 
Orchid / Encyclopedia Of American Traitors Split  Witching Hour Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear] /1100 Send Email 
Orchid / The Red Scare Split  Hand Held Heart Rec.  0.00 1st press; gold labels [black] /2000 Send Email 
Ordination Of Aaron S/t  Bloodlink Rec.  0.00 white with black ink cover [black] Send Email 
Ordination Of Aaron S/t  Bloodlink Rec.  0.00 white with blue ink cover [black] Send Email 
Ordination Of Aaron Acoustic  Inchworm Rec.  0.00 cover with natural leaf [clear] Send Email 
Outspoken The Current  New Age/conversion Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Outspoken Survival 1990 New Age / Conversion Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Oversight After This Day  Conquer The World Rec.  0.00 [pink] Send Email 
Parades End S/t 1996 Wordsmith Covernant Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear brown] Send Email 
Perfect Future / Reaching Away Split 2010 Strictly No Capital Letters Mint 0.00 [black] #54/300 Send Email 
Plunger / Blank Split  Flutterby Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Point Of No Return What Was Done  Xcatalystx Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Policy Of 3 S/t  Bloodlink Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Policy Of 3 American Woodworking  Old Glory Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Portraits Of Past / Bleed Split  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Rachel Last Songs  Stonhenge / Rise Control Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Raein / Funeral Diner Split  Red Cars Go Faster Rec.  0.00 [black] /570(1030) Send Email 
Raein / Phoenix Bodies Split  Init Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] /1000 Send Email 
Rambo /caustic Christ Split  Busted Heads Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Ray S/t  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00 tour edition [clear] #5/50(325) Send Email 
Ray Judas 2009 Old Skool Kids Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear] /275 Send Email 
Restrained S/t  Glory Kid Rec.  0.00  tan cover (/150) [white] /282(600)  Send Email 
Resurrectionists / Merkit Split  Reactwithprotest / Ifb Rec.  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Ruiner The Lives We Fear  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [orange with splatter] /500(1000) Send Email 
Ruiner What Could Possibly Go Right  Firestarter/grave Mistake Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Ruiner / Day Of The Dead Split  Vendetta Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Salpetriere S/t  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00 [blue] /200 Send Email 
Sarin S/t  Immigrant Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Sawhorse S/t  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Schema S/t  Subjugation Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Season S/t  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Sed Non Satiata / Aghast Split  Burt/puzzle/rejuv And Oth.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Shikari Dead Men  Level Plane Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Shikari / Acao Direta Split  De Graanrepubliek Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Shikari / Phoenix Bodies Split  Electric Human Project Rec.  0.00 [clear red] /1000 Send Email 
Shout Aloud Demo 2009 2010 Just Another Day Rec. Mint 0.00 [blue] /90(201) Send Email 
Sickpack S/t 2009 Sexdrive Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] /200 Send Email 
Sinaloa / Wolves Split  Clean Plate Rec.  0.00 [black] /700(1000) Send Email 
Sinaloa / Life At These Speeds Split  Waking Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Sinker S/t  Sunney Sindicut/repercussion Rec  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Sinker Finality  Sunney Sindicut Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Sinking Ships Ten  Revelation Rec.  0.00 [clear red] /990(1650) Send Email 
Sinking Ships Meridian  Run For Cover Rec.  0.00 2nd press [green] /900 Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Composite, Volume One 2009 No Idea Rec. Mint 0.00 [green mix] /100(1200) Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Composite, Volume Two 2010 No Idea Rec. Mint 0.00 [pink purple mix] /1150(1200) Send Email 
Socrates Vultures, Hyenas And Coyotes...  Modern City/gaffer/desertion  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Soul Control S/t  Rivalry Rec.  0.00 2nd press, sound and fury cover [clear green] #74/110(1040) Send Email 
Soul Control Flux (four Singles)  Copper Lung Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Soul Control Like Spiders (four Singles)  Teenage Disco Bloodbath Rec.  0.00 [clear with black haze] /400(500) Send Email 
Soul Control Playing Coward (four Singles)  Triple B Rec.  0.00 [black] /350(500) Send Email 
Soul Control Fundamental Forces (four Singles)  Dead But Dreaming Rec.  0.00 2nd press, preorder "2"[gold/white] /125(300) Send Email 
Soul Control Silent Reality  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [clear brown] /700(1000) Send Email 
Step Softly, Ghost / Fall On Deaf Years Sitting In A Tree - Split  Be Happy Rec.  0.00 [black] /300(500) Send Email 
Strain Driven - Second Coming 1993 Heartfirst Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Strain S/t (cycle) 1994 Overkill Rec. Excellent 0.00 [yellow] Send Email 
Strife My Fire Burns On 1994 New Age Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Structure / Daniel Shays Split  Vandal Children Rec.  0.00 [blue] Send Email 
Struggle S/t  Ebullition Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Suis La Lune S/t  Fasaden And Oth Rec.  0.00 [clear green] /100(300) Send Email 
Suis La Lune / Osceola Split 2009 Protagonist/escuchs Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear] /100(500) Send Email 
Texas Is The Reason S/t  Revelation Rec.  0.00 2nd press [brown] /330 Send Email 
The Birds Are Spies They Report To The Trees The Single Series  Amnka/fromastrangerhands Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
The Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees S/t  Adagio830/apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
The Candyland Carcrash S/t  Clay Garden/fountainhead Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Candyland Carcrash / Seraphim A Rocket Trip To The Moon - Split  Small Craft Advisory Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Critic / Devices Split  Attack Now Rec.  0.00 [green with pink splatter] /375 Send Email 
The Dynamic Seven S/t  Indecision Rec. Excellent 0.00 [grey] /254(720) Send Email 
The Effort From Our Mistakes  Hellfish Family Rec.  0.00 fire variant silk screened cover [clear red] /225(750) Send Email 
The End Of Century Party S/t  Valrico Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Fiction The Titus  Dark City Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Fiction / Birthday Boyz Split  Waking/artskool/mccarthyism Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Last Forty Seconds / Sundowner Split  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [blue] #256/1000 Send Email 
The Process / Rentokiller Split  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00 [white] /500 Send Email 
The Republic Of Freedom Fighters / Render Useles Split  Buddy Bomb Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape Cover Your Heart  Copter Crash Rec.  0.00 [clear vinyl] /250(350) Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape / Trophy Scars Split 2009 Bear Rec. Mint 0.00 [half clear / half black] /500 Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape / Funeral Diner Rites Of Spring Covers - Split  Firewalk With Me Rec.  0.00 [black] /780 Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape / The Pine Split  Alone Rec.  0.00 [black] /700 Send Email 
The Stella Brass Figure Eights And Heart Shapes  Culvert Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] Send Email 
The Stella Brass Sketches Of Places We're Slept  Ear To Ground Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear orange] Send Email 
The Supression Swing Just A Word 1995 New Age Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear] Send Email 
The Town Of Machine S/t 2009 Unterm Durchschnitt Mint 0.00 [black]+CD /250 Send Email 
This Machine Kills On The Move  Coalition / El Grito Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
This Machine Kills / Bury Me Standing Split  Code Of Ethics Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Threadbare S/t  Watermark Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten  Feral Ward Rec.  0.00 [black] /2000 Send Email 
Tragedy Can We Call This Life?  Tragedy Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Transistor Transistor / Mannequin Split  Robotic Empire/redscroll Rec.  0.00 [black] /600(2250) Send Email 
Tristan Tzara Da Ne Zaboravis  Shove/reactwithprotest/molochind  0.00 [clear] /820 Send Email 
Tristan Tzara De Ne Zaboravis  Nuestra Lingua/medical Abuse Rec  0.00 [clear red with black splatter] /500 Send Email 
Tunes For Bears To Dance To S/t  Somberlain Rec.  0.00 [black] #260/500 Send Email 
Tunes For Bears To Dance To / El Minotaur Split  Medical Abuse / Escucha Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Tunes For Bears To Dance To / Jesse Washington Split  Somberlain / Dolores Rec.  0.00 [pink] /500 Send Email 
Turnkey S/t  Titanic Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Unbroken Circa' 77  31g Rec.  0.00 [clear pink] Send Email 
Unbroken You Won't Be Back  New Age Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Undone The Other Side  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 [black] /1537 Send Email 
Undone S/t 1994 Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Undone / Shatter The Myth Split 1994 Stonehenge Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Uranus Disaster By Design  Great American Steak Religion  0.00 2x7" [black/black] Send Email 
Utarid / Tiala Split  Parade Of Spectres Rec.  0.00 [white] /525 Send Email 
Va Emo Armageddon  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Va Inspirit Compilation  Ancestry/static Rec.  0.00 [black] (amber inn, coleman, elements of need, the fisticuffs bluff) Send Email 
Va Capsule Rec. Compilation  Capsule Rec.  0.00 [black] (wallside, car vs. driver, current, amberr in) Send Email 
Vanilla S/t  Laissez-nous Jover  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Wait In Vain S/t  Catalyst Rec.  0.00 [black/clear swirl] /100(500) Send Email 
What Price, Wonderland? The Single Series  Amnka/fromastrangerhands Rec.  0.00 subscriber cover [black] /100?(500) Send Email 
What Price, Wonderland? Express Feel Share Aid  Muppetvision/sncl/somebodysong  0.00 [black] Send Email 
What Price, Wonderland? / Syn*error Split  Emuzah/thanyou/oldskoolkids Rec.  0.00 [black] /700 Send Email 
When My Authorities Fall S/t  S/t Demo/szarapowsound/presiite  0.00 [black] Send Email 
William Martyr 17 Celebration Of Love  File13/bloodlink Rec.  0.00 [black] /3000 Send Email 
William Martyr 17 / Crown Of Glory Split  Almut / File 13 Rec.  0.00 [black] screened cardboard cover Send Email 
William Martyr 17 / Plunger Split  Spearfinger Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Worlds Collide S/t 1992 Victory Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Wow, Owls! / The Set Up Split  Perpetualmotionmachine Rec.  0.00 [crimson] /1225 Send Email 
Wrought: Ironsmile S/t 1997 Diminuitive / Frances Fjord Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Yage S/t  Level Plane  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Yaphet Kotto Usual Suspects  Council Rec.  0.00 [black] /1700(2000) Send Email 
Yfere 317031# 215319*305)4_2k6  Apemustnotkillape/denovali Rec.  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Yfere / Dryconditions Dryfere - Split  Apemustnotkillape/monatsende Rec  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
You And I S/t  Sage Rec.  0.00 original press [black] Send Email 
Zann S/t  Crucificados Rec.  0.00 [clear red] /500 Send Email 
Zann / Funeral Diner Split  Vendetta Rec.  0.00 3rd press [black] #296/520 Send Email 
Zann / The244gl Split  Adadgio830/modus Operandi  0.00 [clear blue] /500 Send Email 
Zegota S/t  Crimethinc.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Amanda Woodward S/t  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 2nd press; silver silk screened on one side [black] /500 Send Email 
Ampere All Our Tomorrow End Today  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Bells On Trike S/t  Ride Em Cowboy Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Blade / Goldust Split 2007 Breakxout Rec. Mint 0.00 [orange] Send Email 
Brume Retina / Hiro Split  Apemustnotkill/impure And More  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran Duck Down For The Torso  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [purple with spatter] /2200 Send Email 
Danse Macabre Einerseits / Andererseits  Reactwithprotest Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Don Quichote S/t  Stateomain Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Early Grace And All I Run Into Are Walls You Have Built  Independence Day Rec.  0.00 [black] /700(1000) Send Email 
Endpoin S/t   Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Fire Team Charlie S/t  Adagio 830 Rec.  0.00 [silver] /100(500) Send Email 
Fire Team Charlie S/t  Adagio 830 Rec.  0.00 [black] /400(500) Send Email 
Funeral Diner The Wicked  Alone Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /900(1000) Send Email 
Funeral Diner / Evylock Split  Somberlain Rec.  0.00 [minty green] /335(675) Send Email 
Golden City S/t 2009 Magic Bullet Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [blue] /300 Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass / Khere Split  Sons Of Vesta/apemustnotkillape  0.00 [black] /400(500) Send Email 
Ictus / Okban Split  Ktc Domestic Production  0.00 [grey] Send Email 
Integrity Humanity Is The Devil  Victory Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear red] #2//73(1419) Send Email 
Ivich La Vie Devant Soi  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
June Paik S/t  Reactwithprotest Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Khere S/t  Sons Of Vesta/s/t Demo Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Kidcrash / Coffin Dancer Split  Denovali Rec.  0.00 [clear with green splatters] /250(500) Send Email 
Knut / Botch / Ananda 3way Split  Mosh Bart Ind.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
La Quiete La Fine Non E La Fine  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 1st or 2nd press? [black] Send Email 
La Quiete / Louise Cyphre Split  Electric Human Project Rec.  0.00 2nd press [yellow] /350(700) Send Email 
Orchid Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 2nd press [clear] /1000 Send Email 
Orchid / Jeromes Dream Split  Witching Hour Rec.  0.00 onesided skull shaped vinyl with black silk screened; red booklet [white] /1000(1700) Send Email 
Pelican Pink Mammoth  Hydra Head Rec.  0.00 [baby pink with black/red/purple splatter]  Send Email 
Pyramids / Violent Breakfast Split  Sons Of Vesta/slave Union  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Raein / Daitro Split  Apemustnotkillape/purepainsugar  0.00 3rd press [pink] /500 Send Email 
Ray All As One  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00 [clear yellow with blue splatter] #88/275 Send Email 
Resurrectionists / Battle Of Wolf 359 Split 2010 React With Protest Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /520(720) Send Email 
September Erasmia Pucella  Tree/simba Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Shermer / The Machines Will Take Over Split  Artforblind/hollowsoul/somebody  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Shikari Robot Wars  Deadlock Rec.  0.00 [black] /1170 Send Email 
Shikari / Seein Red Split  Deadlock Rec.  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Suis La Lune Heir  A Lot Of...  0.00 +CD [black] /523 Send Email 
Teeth Of Mammals/narwhal/kias Fansuri/ + Petethepiratsquid - 4 Way Split  Parade Of Spectres Rec.  0.00 [black] /520 Send Email 
The Khayembii Communique / The Vidablue Split  Blood Of The Young Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] /1100 Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape A Promises Was Made...  Alone Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Spectacle S/t  Smart Patrol Rec.  0.00 2nd press [pink/blue split] /100(524) Send Email 
Who Calls So Loud S/t  Adagio830/sorry Rec.  0.00 2x10"+CD [green/black and yellow/black swirl] /2000 Send Email 
Yage The Human Head Too Strong For Itself  Purepainsugar/code Of Ethics Rec  0.00 [blue] Send Email 
Your Adversary  Planaria Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Zeroid 2002  Hellache Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
108 A New Beat From A Dead Heart  Deathwish Rec.  0.00 [black/gold splatter] /100(1000) Send Email 
108 Songs Of Separation  Equal Vision Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
108 18.61 2010 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear] /300(2000) Send Email 
108 Threefold Misery  Lost And Found Rec.  0.00 picture disc Send Email 
108 Holyname  Equal Vision Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Adorno One Sided S/t  We Love Pandas Rec.  0.00 [red]  Send Email 
Adorno / Sugartown Cabaret Split 2010 Communication Is Not Words Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /513 Send Email 
Against All My Fears Xxvii 2008 Amendment Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [grey] /100 Send Email 
Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Against Me! Reinventing Axl Rose  No Idea Rec.  0.00 19th press [light purple] /18(922) Send Email 
Amanda Woodward La Decadence De La Decadence  Code Of Ethics Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] /500 Send Email 
Ampere / Sinaloa Split  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Anasarca Discography: 1994-1997  Planaria/second-nature Rec.  0.00 [black] /450(600) Send Email 
Anchor The Quiet Dance  Refuse Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Argument 5.54 Like A Thousand Birds  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00 [black/orange swirl] #73/275 Send Email 
Arkangel Dead Men Walking  Good Life Rec.  0.00 [white] /500 Send Email 
As Friends Rust An Anthology Of Short Fiction And Non-fiction By 2000 Doghouse Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear orange] Send Email 
As Friends Rust Won  Defiance Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
As Friends Rust A Young Trophy Band In The Parlance Of Our Times  Defiance Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Assholeparade Embers  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [black] /500(1111) Send Email 
Assholeparade Student Ghetto Violence  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [white] /200(412) Send Email 
Battle Of Wolf 359 The Death Of Affect  Reactwithprotest Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Belle Epoque A La Derive  Forever Escaping Boredom Rec.  0.00 [yellow] /100(300) Send Email 
Bokanovsky S/t  Sons Of Vesta/kisses And Hugs  0.00 [black] /250(500) Send Email 
Brainworms Which Is Worse  Rorschach Rec.  0.00 2nd press [pink/blue] /200(???) Send Email 
Brainworms Swear To Me  Rorschach Rec.  0.00 [black] /209(628) Send Email 
Brutal Knights Blown 2 Completion  Deranged Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Burned Out Bright One-sided S/t  Friends Forever Rec.  0.00 silkscreened b-side [grey marble] /300 Send Email 
Catena Collapse Rai Rai Rai / Outback Songs  Adagio830/release The Bats Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Catena Collapse Nesting And Hibernation  Grab The Stars Rec.  0.00 silkscreened b-side [white] /300 Send Email 
Ceremony Still Nothing Moves You  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 2nd press [green] /1000 Send Email 
Champion Different Directions | The Last Show  Bridge Nine Rec. Mint 0.00 [red and blue splatter] /900(1000) Send Email 
Chokehold Content With Dying  Great American Steak Religion Re Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Christie Front Drive Stereo Sound  Caulfield Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Closure S/t  Mountain C.i.a.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Comadre / Trainwreck Split  Reactwithprotest/heartonfire  0.00 [black] /821 Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos  No Idea Rec.  0.00 5th pressing [purple] /440 Send Email 
Converge No Heroes  Deathwish Rec.  0.00 [gold] /500(5000) Send Email 
Converge Petition The Empty Sky  Equal Vision Rec.  0.00 [black] /3100(3900) Send Email 
Converge Axe To Fall 2009 Deathwish Rec.  0.00 [beer with multi splatter] /400(6900) Send Email 
Cowboys Became Folk Heroes Discography  This Is Not Dead/bring Back Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Cream Abdul Babar / Kylesa Split  At A Loss Recordings  0.00 3rd press [orange marble] Send Email 
Danse Macabre Synkopenleben, Nein Danke  Reactwithprotest Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Day Of Suffering The Eternal Jihad 2009 Xcatalystx Rec. Mint 0.00 [white] #61/90 Send Email 
Daylight Sinking  City Of Gold Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear with red splatter] /250 Send Email 
Defeater Travels  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [brown] /900(1500) Send Email 
Die Young Graven Images  Teenage Disco Bloodbath Rec.  0.00 [white with blue splatter] /700(1000) Send Email 
Disembodied Diablerie  Lifeforce Rec. Mint 0.00 [white] /100 Send Email 
Disembodied Heretic  Edison Rec. Mint 0.00 [grey] /100 Send Email 
Dominic S/t  Amnka/firewalkwithme/asymmetrie  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Don Martin Three S/t  Self-released  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Doomriders Black Thunder 2005 Magic Bullet Rec.  0.00 [grey] Send Email 
Doomriders Darkness Come Alive 2009 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [beer with black splatter] /1024 Send Email 
Down To Agony / Fall Of Efrafa Split  Sadness Of Noise/behindthescenes  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Downcast S/t  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Eagle Bravo S/t  Gridsector Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Ekkaia Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdon  Stonehenge Rec.  0.00 [black] /2000 Send Email 
Ekkaia Manos Que Estre Planes De Muerte Y Sometimiento  La Idea Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Eleven Thirty-four Reality Filter  New Age Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Embassy Eight Songs  Outer Universe Research Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Embrace S/t  Dischord Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
End Of A Year Sincerely  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
End Of A Year Sincerely  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [blue] /400(???) Send Email 
End Of A Year Sincerely  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [seaform green] /100(???) Send Email 
End Of A Year You Are Beneath Me 2010 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 [blue] /700(2000) Send Email 
End Of A Year You Are Beneath Me 2010 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 [magenta] /1000(2000) Send Email 
End Of A Year You Are Beneath Me 2010 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 [yellow] /300(2000) Send Email 
Endpoint Catharsis  Doghouse Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Endpoint If The Spirits Are Willing  Doghouse Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Enoch Ardon S/t  Existencia Rec.  0.00 [black] /525 Send Email 
Fire Team Charlie / Damezumari Split  Stg/rok Lok/magister Ludi Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Foundation When The Smoke Clears  Bridge Nine Rec. Mint 0.00 [tri-color] /1000(2000) Send Email 
Four Hundred Years Transmit Failure  Lovitt Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
From Ashes Rise Nightmares  Havoc Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Funeral Diner Underdark  Alone Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Funeral Diner Doors Open  Adagio 830/vendetta Rec.  0.00 etching on the b-side [black] /600 Send Email 
Funeral Diner Difference Of Potential  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Funeral Diner / Dead City Split  Old Glory Rec.  0.00 [black] /1130 Send Email 
Funeral Diner / Nexus 6 Split  Old Glory Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Funeral Diner / Staircase Split  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Gantz Disco 2004  Sm Musik  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Gantz La Chambre Des Morts  Impure Muzik/sm Musik/213 Rec.  0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Give S/t 2009 Moonflower Rec, Mint 0.00 2nd press [pink] /640 Send Email 
Give Up The Ghost Background Music  Equal Vision Rec.  0.00 [black] /500(1000) Send Email 
Glass & Ashes Aesthetic Arrest  No Idea Rec.  0.00 2nd press [clear red] /212 Send Email 
Grinding Halt Sprookjeshof  Reactwithprotest/shove/graan Rec  0.00 [black] /520 Send Email 
Grinding Halt / Vuur Split  Heartonfire/shove/degraanrepulie  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Griver S/t 1997 Tyle-vora Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Have Heart The Things We Carry  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 2nd press [yellow with green spatter] /1000 Send Email 
Have Heart Songs To Scream At The Sun  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [white] /1000(4400) Send Email 
Heaven In Her Arms Erosion Of The Black Speckle  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass Building Monuments To Survival  Rwp/nimbusmodule/ramenfactory  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass We Aimed Straight Down  Ifb Rec.  0.00 preorder personalised edit [red/black split] /500 Send Email 
Her Breath On Glass / Championship Split  Apemustnotkillape/ramen Factory  0.00 [blue] /500 Send Email 
Heroin S/t  Gravity/vermiform Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined  Feral Ward  0.00 white cover [black] Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone Fifteen Counts Of Arson  Prank Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Hot Water Music Finding The Rhythms 1997 No Idea Rec. Very Good 0.00 LP + 7'; 12th press [clear green + grey] /200 Send Email 
Hot Water Music Fuel For The Hate Game  No Idea Rec.  0.00 13th press [purple] /350(445) Send Email 
I Hate Myself 10 Songs  No Idea Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
I Not Dance / Mr. Whillis Of Ohio Split  From A Strangers Hands Rec.  0.00 label with black ink [black] #023/400 Send Email 
I Rise For Redemption  1917 Rec.  0.00 [clear green/red split] /200(800) Send Email 
Iceburn Firon 1992 Victory Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear orange] /200(?????) Send Email 
Iceburn Poetry Of Fire  Revelation Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Ignite Our Darkest Days  Think Fast! Rec.  0.00 2nd press [white with black spatter] /1000 Send Email 
In First Person / Storm The Bastille Split  Apemustnotkillape/protagonist  0.00 [white/pink swirl] /300(600) Send Email 
In/humanity The History Behind Mystery/music To Kill Yoursel  Prank Rec.  0.00 LP+7" [clear red] Send Email 
Indian Summer Discography  Adagio830/futurecordings  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Integrity Seasons In The Size Of Days  Victory Rec. Very Good 0.00 [grey] /518 Send Email 
Integrity 2000  Victory Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Integrity Detonate Vvorlds Plague  Holy Terror Rec. Mint 0.00 [purple] /250 Send Email 
Integrity The Blackest Curse  Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [grey] /1100 Send Email 
Iron Age Constant Struggle  Youngblood Rec.  0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Iron Age The Sleeping Eye  Tee Pee Rec.  0.00 [clear] Send Email 
June Paik S/t  Reactwithprotest/paradeofspectre  0.00 [black] /1021 Send Email 
June Paik / Titan Split  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 [black] /619 Send Email 
Kaddish S/t 2010 Paradeofspectres Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /? Send Email 
Kakistocracy S/t  Profane Existence  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Kidcrash Jokes  Amnka/purepainsugar/denovali  0.00 [black] /700(1000) Send Email 
Kids Explode / Shokei Split  Narshardaa Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Kids Return Tongue-tied  Russianfolkstories/towerofpower  0.00 +CDr [black] Send Email 
Kids Return / Bail Konsortium  Russianfolkstories/canotpneumati  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Kosjer D S/t  Genet Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Kurhaus A Future Pornography  Zeitstrafe Rec.  0.00 [black] /400(500) Send Email 
Kylesa To Walk A Middle Course  Havoc Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Lakme S/t 2008 A Lot Of... Mint 0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Lighthouse Project Navigate By Heart  Combatrockind/evilcorp.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Lighthouse Project Gift  Black Top Rec.  0.00 [white] /210(1050) Send Email 
Loma Prieta Last City  Reactwithprotest/discos/roklok  0.00 [black] /514(637) Send Email 
Loma Prieta Life/less 2010 React With Protest Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /400(500) Send Email 
Maintain Save Yourself  Self-relised  0.00 [black] /250 Send Email 
Mean Season Grace 1994 New Age Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Mihai Edrisch Un Jour Sans Lendemain  Purepainsugar Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Mihai Edrisch L"un Sans L"autre  Denovalli Rec.  0.00 [clear with red haze] /250(500) Send Email 
Modern Life Is War My Love. My Way  Deathwish/lifeline Rec.  0.00 2nd press [yellow/white swirl] /300(1500) Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Midnight In America  Lifeline Rec.  0.00 1st press [red] /300(1700) Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Midnight In America  Lifeline Rec.  0.00 1st press [grey] /300(1700) Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Witness  Reflections Rec.  0.00 [grey with black splatter] /250(500) Send Email 
Mohinder Discography  Gold Standart Laboratories Rec.  0.00 +CD; 2nd press [light brown] /500(1000) Send Email 
One Eyed God Prophecy S/t  Great American Steak Religion  0.00 [black] Send Email 
One King Down Gravity Wins Again  Equal Vision Rec.  0.00 [clear red] Send Email 
One King Down Bloodlust Revenge  Equal Vision Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
One King Down / Spirit Of Youth Split  Good Life Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Orchid Orchid  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 2nd press [clear red] Send Email 
Orchid Chaos Is Me  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 1st press [clear yellow] Send Email 
Ordination Of Aaron Immersion In A 90 Mph World  Council Rec.  0.00 1st press [black] /1000 Send Email 
Outrage Broken  Panic Rec.  0.00 [black] /100(400) Send Email 
Outspoken A Light In The Dark  New Age/conversation Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Pageninetynine Document #8  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00 4th press [vampire] /204(1032) Send Email 
Palatka / Assholeparade Split  Coalition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Pelican City Of Echoes  Hydra Head Rec.  0.00 [silver] Send Email 
Phoenix Bodies Raise The Bullshit Flag  Slave Union Rec.  0.00 [clear/clear red split] /500(1200) Send Email 
Plunger S/t  Planaria Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Policy Of 3 Dead Dog Summer  Old Glory Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Portraits Of Past 01001011101000111001  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 2nd press [clear blue] Send Email 
Portraits Of Past Cypress Dust Witch 2009 Excursions Into The Abyss Mint 0.00 [black] /2002(2139) Send Email 
Pyramids Following The Tracks Forcing Motion Through Phas  Paramnesia Rec.  0.00 [blue / white splatter] /521 Send Email 
Raein Ogni Nuovo Inizio  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00 silkscreened b-side [white] /1000 Send Email 
Reaching Away Push Away The Moon 2010 Mcmurrey Rec. Excellent 0.00 summer tour 2010 [black] /100(?) Send Email 
Rearranged New Forms 2010 Angry Battery Rec. Mint 0.00 [white] /100(500) Send Email 
Rearranged New Forms 2010 Angry Battery Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /300(500) Send Email 
Refused The Shape Of Punk To Come  Epitaph/burning Heart Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Remission Accept  Amendment Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear] Send Email 
Resurrectionists S/t 2010 Ifb/paradeofspectres Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Reversal Of Man / Combatwoundedveteran Electric Youth Crew - Split  Schematics Rec.  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
Ricochet S/t  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00 [crimson with white haze] /500 Send Email 
Rise And Fall Our Circle Is Vicious 2009 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [bronze] /1029 Send Email 
Rise And Fall Into Oblivion  Deathwish Rec.  0.00 2nd press [white/silver mix] /719(1028) Send Email 
Ritual Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone  Reflection Rec.  0.00 [white] /500(1000) Send Email 
Rosetta / Balboa Project Mercury  Level Plane Rec.  0.00 [gold] /500(1000) Send Email 
Ruiner Prepare To Be Let Down  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [red/orange clear split] /300(1000) Send Email 
Ruiner I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes  Bridge Nine Rec. Mint 0.00 2nd press [gold] /500 Send Email 
Run With The Hunted Destroy All Calendars  Glory Kid Rec.  0.00 silkscreened b-side; white cover with green ink [white with green ink] Send Email 
Samiam Soar 1991 New Red Archives Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] Send Email 
Sed Non Satiata Le Ciel De Notre Enfance  Puzzle/alchimia/purepainsugar  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Sed Non Satiata Same 2010 Adagio830/protagonist Rec. Mint 0.00 [blue] /500 Send Email 
Sed Non Satiata / Daitro Split  Adagio830/puzzle/flowerofcarnage  0.00 [black] /600 Send Email 
Shai Hulud Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion  Revelation Rec.  0.00 2nd press; picture disc /1028 Send Email 
Shokei / Falconfive / Kids Explode / Petethepira 4 Way Split  Altin Village & Mine Rec.  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Sinaloa Oceans Of Islands  Purepainsugar/level Plane Rec.  0.00 [maroon] /300(1200) Send Email 
Sinaloa Footprints On Floorboards  Owsla Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Sinaloa S/t 2010 Adagio 830 Rec. Mint 0.00 etched b-side [clear] /100(1000) Send Email 
Single State Of Man S/t  Apemustnotkilape/emuzah/synalgie  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Sinking Ships Disconnecting  Revelation Rec.  0.00 2nd press [clear green] Send Email 
Small Brown Bike The River Bed  No Idea Rec.  0.00 1st press [pink] /330(1080) Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Nail Yourself To The Ground  No Idea Rec.  0.00 1st press [cloudy] /331(1152) Send Email 
Snapcase End Transmission  Victory Rec.  0.00 [clear pink] Send Email 
Snapcase Progression Through Unlearning  Victory Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] #230/400 Send Email 
Soul Control Involution  Rivalry Rec.  0.00 [black] /100(1100) Send Email 
Soul Control Cycles 2009 Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00 [orange] /400(1500) Send Email 
Stop It Self Made Maps 2003 Perpetual Motion Machine Rec. Mint 0.00 4th press [black] /500 Send Email 
Strife One Truth  Victory Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Strife In This Defiance  Victory Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Struggle S/t  Ebullition Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Suis La Lune Quiet, Pull The Strings!  Amnka/releasethebats/assymetrie  0.00 [white] /600 Send Email 
Tesa Nekad  Presiite Rec.  0.00 [white] /525 Send Email 
The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra Create The New  Limbless/lifeofhate/numbusmodule  0.00 [white] /500 Send Email 
The Dagda An Endless Betrayal  Ruinnation/unsociable/destructur  0.00 [black] /1000 Send Email 
The End Of The Centry Party S/t  Belladonna Rec.  0.00 [dark green] Send Email 
The Gaslight Anthem Sink Or Swim  Hellbent / Xoxo Rec. Mint 0.00 [clear green] Send Email 
The Gaslight Anthem The '59 Sound  Side One Dummy / Xoxo Rec. Mint 0.00 [black] Send Email 
The Last Forty Seconds S/t  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00 [black] /~1000 Send Email 
The Party Of Helicopters Abracadaver  Copter Crash Rec.  0.00 hand made edition [black] #24/30  Send Email 
The People Listening, Wonder / Dodewaard Split  Adagio830/grabthestars/mashnote/  0.00 [black] #507/512 Send Email 
The Republic Of Freedom Fighters S/t  Linkworm Rec./mountain C.i.a.  0.00 [black] /2000 Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape The Sound Of The Spectacle  Narshardaa Rec.  0.00 2nd press [black] /300 Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape Lift Your Burdens High For This...  Alone Rec.  0.00 [coke bottle green] /100(600) Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape The Sound Of The Spectacle  Coptercrash Rec.  0.00 tour cover [black] /60(500) Send Email 
The Sea The Sea One-sided S/t  Neon Boombox Rec.  0.00 silkscreened b-side; cotton cover [clear red] #74/100(300) Send Email 
The Suicide File Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying Four  Reflections / Indecision Rec.  0.00 [black] /500(2000) Send Email 
The Third Memory Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort  Roklok/ivecomeforyour...rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
This Machine Kills Deah In The Audobon Ballroom  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [white] Send Email 
This Machine Kills / Jr Ewing Split  Dim Mak Rec.  0.00 b-side silkscreened [yellow] /612 Send Email 
Threadbare Feeling Older Faster 1995 Doghouse Rec.  0.00 [clear blue] Send Email 
Threadbare Escapist 1997 Doghouse Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Thumbnail / Harriet The Spy Split  File13 Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Titan The Chrysanthemum Pledge  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 [black] /504 Send Email 
Towers S/t  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 [green] /600(800) Send Email 
Tragedy Nerve Damage  Tragedy Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Tragedy Vengeance  Tragedy Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Transistor Transistor S/t  Level Plane Rec  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Trapped Under Ice Secreys Of The World  Reaper Rec.  0.00 2nd press [clear with black drops] /1000 Send Email 
Trash Talk S/t  Reflections Rec. Excellent 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Trial Are These Our Lives  Panic Rec.  0.00 2nd press [maroon] /250(500) Send Email 
Trial Are These Our Lives?  Equal Vision Rec. Mint 0.00 [white with spots] /300 Send Email 
Tristan Tzara S/t  Oldskoolkids/tdd/monoton Etc.  0.00 b-side silkscreened [black] /300 Send Email 
Unbroken  New Age Rec.  0.00 [black] cover with blue ink Send Email 
Uranus Disaster By Design  Great American Steak Religion  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Va The Emo Apocalypse  React With Protest Rec.  0.00 [black] /1070 Send Email 
Va I Cant Live Without It  Mountain C.i.a.  0.00 [black] /2000 Send Email 
Va All The Presidents Men  Old Glory Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Verse Aggression  Rivalry Rec.  0.00 1st press [red] /1030(2095) Send Email 
Wait In Vain Seasons  Panic Rec.  0.00 [clear/brown split] #267/267(550) Send Email 
War Hungry S/t  Six Feet Under Rec. Mint 0.00 [white] Send Email 
What Price, Wonderland? 30 With A Wink  Amnka/purepainsugar/toocooltodan  0.00 [black] /800 Send Email 
Worlds Collide Get Ross! Live 3/20/92 1992 Worlds Rec. Very Good 0.00 [black] Send Email 
Wow, Owls! Pick Your Patterns  Theperpetualmotionmachine Rec.  0.00 [red spletter] /525 Send Email 
Yage 3-17 October 1984  Earth Water Sky Connection  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Yaphet Kotto The Killer Was In The Government Blankets  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 silkscreened cover [clear green] Send Email 
Yaphet Kotto Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love  Ebullition Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
You And I Saturdays Cab Ride Home  Spiritfall Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
You And I The Curtain Falls  Level Plane  0.00 [black] /500 Send Email 
Young Livers The New Drop Era  No Idea/kiss Of Death Rec.  0.00 1st press [purple] /400(600) Send Email 
Zann / Burial Year Split  Adagio830 Rec.  0.00 [black] /900(1000) Send Email 
Zeroid 2001  Hellache Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
Zeroid 2004  Per Koro Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
.crrust Pain Is A Mere Sensation  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
*antithesis* S/t  Shove Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
8th Of Semptember One Cross Each  Fragment Music  0.00  Send Email 
Abandon Demo  Self Relised? Mint 0.00 #35/50 Send Email 
Abduktio Yovuoro  Combat Rock Ind/evil Corp.  0.00  Send Email 
Abduktio Discography 2001-2004  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Abduktio Thermidor  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Absence Ill Cast The First Stone  Catalyst Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Absone A Last Kiss Before  Sobermind Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Adorno Year One  Protagonist Rec. Mint 0.00 #46/300 Send Email 
Against Me! The Disco Before The Breakdown  No Idea Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! Crime  Plan-it-x Rec/sabot Prod.  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! Acoustic Act  Sabot Prod.  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! Eternal Cowboy  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Agonia En Ruinas  Escucha / Exabrupto / La Reblion  0.00  Send Email 
Akephal Akephal  Narshardaa Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Alec Yuzhny S/t 2010 Trvs Rec. Mint 0.00 #26/100 Send Email 
Amanda Woodward Discographie  Golden Brown Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Amanda Woodward La Decadence De La Decadence (russian Edit)  Old Skool Kids/s/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Amanda Woodward La Decadence De La Decadence  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Amber Inn All Roads Still Lead Home  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ampere All Our Tommorows End Today  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
An Albatross Eat Lighting, Shit Thunder  Bloodlink Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Analena Carbon Based  Moonlee Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Anchor First Year  Selfxtrue Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Anodyne Lifetime Of Gray Skies  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Another Side / Don`t Give Up Split  Too Much  0.00  Send Email 
Another Sinking Ship Legacy  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Appleshout S/t  Rebel Scene  0.00  Send Email 
Appleshout наше желание жить сильнее, чем ваше - умереть  Unsilent Music  0.00  Send Email 
Argument 5.54 Thousands Of Birds  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Armageddon Clock Armageddon Macht Frei  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
As We Like S/t 2010 Trvs Rec. Mint 0.00 #54/200 Send Email 
Asidefromaday Divine Proportion  Impure Muzik / Exutoire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Aspire S/t 2009 Selfxtrue Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Asshole Parade Student Ghetto Violence  No Idea Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Aybat Hallar God Hates Aybat Hallar 2010 Old Skool Kids Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
B.abuse Misery Is The Rhythm Of The World  Impure Muzik  0.00  Send Email 
Backsight / Kids On The Move Bridging Oceans  Kawaii/nothingtoprove/fieldsofho  0.00  Send Email 
Bagna / I Know Split  Rebel Scene  0.00  Send Email 
Birthright These Words Run In My Veins  Catalyst Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Black My Heart Before The Devil  Eulogy Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Bluesbreaker Demo 1910 2010 Love Pills & Whiskey Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Bones Brigade I Hate Myself When Im Not Skateboarding  Fight Fire With Fire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Bora Spit Into Kismets Face  Kablio Muzika / Unbeliever Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Bora Phantom Hunters  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Bora / Coalition Split Program  Kablio Muzika  0.00  Send Email 
Bramagnoseologica S/t  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Bravo Fucking Bravo S/t  Abr  0.00  Send Email 
Bravo Fucking Bravo Ii  Alone Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Bread-n-battery выбор сделан Demo  Times Together Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Brume Retina Linearie Des Libres  Unbeliever / Recap Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Brume Retina / Hiro Split  Old Skool Kids And Others  0.00  Send Email 
Bucket Full Of Teeth I, Ii, Iii  Youth Attack  0.00  Send Email 
Bucket Full Of Teeth Iv  Level Plane Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Burn Again Excuses For Apologies  Acclaim / Urban Resistant  0.00  Send Email 
çàñðàëè ñîëíöå çàêîí âíå çàêîíà  Self Relised?  0.00  Send Email 
Carlisle This Means Everything To Me  Ifb Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Carraway S/t Demo 2009 Self Relised Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Cast From Eden The Deafened Art Of Bleeding Secrets Automated..  Catalyst Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Cease Upon The Capitol S/t  Impure Muzik  0.00  Send Email 
Champion Promises Kept  Bridge Nine Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Changes один  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Changes вспомни р чем думал, вспомни о чем мечтал  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Children Of Fall Ignition For Poor Hearts  Acclaim / Conspire Inside Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Choco Boy Inner Strength!!!  Diy Community  0.00 #44 Send Email 
City Of Caterpillar Demo + Live Recordings  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Cleaner / Gantz Split  Oto Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Coliseum S/t  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran This Is Not An Erect, All-red Neon Body  No Idea Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Condolencia The Order That Shall Be  Storm Of Justice Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Contempt One Justice  Xcatalystx Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Crestfallen S/t  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Criatura Gente Sin Fabricas  Mala Raza / Oidos Sordos Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Cuenta Regresiva Demo 2007  Self Relised?  0.00 pink label Send Email 
Cut`n`run S/t  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Cut`n`run / Tackleberry Split  Karma Mira Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Cut`n`run / вышка Split  Old Skool Kids/karma Mira Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Daitro Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes  Oto Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Day Of The Dead Old Habits Die Harder  Caustic Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Defdump Makeshift Polaris  Kablio Muzika / Unbeliever  0.00  Send Email 
Derrota S/t  Lokos Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Devil Shoots Devil / Set My Path Split  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Devil Shoots Devil / What We Feel Split  Karmamira/bloodspit/detikonika  0.00  Send Email 
Dice Demo 09  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Dilemma S/t  Self Relised?  0.00  Send Email 
Dimenticarmi Non! S/t  Retrotrasher Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Dimenticarmi Non! / Lesbian Boy Split  Retrotrasher Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Dir Yassin Discography  Society Killing Me Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Discarga Sem Remorso  625 / Laja / Liberation Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Distress / коматоз Split  Total Punx Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Doomriders Black Thunder  Deathwish / Reflections Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Dottie Danger Demo  Self Relised?  0.00  Send Email 
Dottie Danger S/t  Karma Mira Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Dottie Danger уют руин  Karma Mira Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Dottie Danger Krom!  Trvs Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
El Eje Del Mal/shooting Victor Francis/socrates/ Violent Breakfast - Split  Gaffer Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Emanon Behind The Walls Of Melody  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Endless Inertia октябрь/novembre  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Engage At Will правосудие  Engage At Will Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Engage At Will / Xharamx Split  Hardxtimes / Engage At Will Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Envy A Dead Sinking Story  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Excess мнимое благополучие  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Exmisja Humanity  In Our Hands Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Face Forward Tj This City 2010 Old Skool Kids Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Fax Arcana / The Disease Split  Alone Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Fire Team Charlie / Damezumari Split  Kisses And Hugs Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Flawless Victory Young Hearts  Hardxtime Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Forever Young The Guarantee  Selfxtrue Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
From Ashes Rise / Victims Split  Havoc Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Funeral Diner The Underdark  Alone Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Fxpxox 2003 - 2007 Recordings  A Lot Of...  0.00  Send Email 
Gerilja Spark The Revolution  Breathing Hope Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Get Fucked S/t  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Graf Orlock Destination Time Yesterday  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Gumilinski S/t  Young Voices Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Gumilinski / Cn Rounduouse Kick / Topograph! Zem Split 2010 Imhopang/chuckutherat Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Hell-o-hill S/t  Postebay Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
High Hopes Demo  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
High Hopes We're Not Alone 2010 Selfxtrue Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Hiro / Amalthea Split  Impure Muzik/old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone Fifteen Counts Of Arson  Prank Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Hit Me Back Life  625 / Refuse Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Hombre Malo The Ecstasy Of Devastation  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Cross Cryonics  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Hundred Inch Shadow Rise And Fall  Old Skool Kids / Unbeliever Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
I Adapt Chainlike Burden  In Our Hands/spook Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
I Am Above On The Left я слева сверху  Siberianlighthouse  0.00  Send Email 
I Hope You Die Broken Windows  Karma Mira/deti Konika Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
I Walk The Line Black Wave Rising  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
I.witness S/t 2009 Ultrapultra And Oth Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
I.witness All Roads Lead Southwest  They Live! Rec. Mint 0.00 #068/200 Send Email 
Iconoclast Discography  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ictus / This Thing Called Dying Split  Dias De Juventud  0.00  Send Email 
In.stora Miasma  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
In.stora How Come You Don`t Get Bored Of All Happy Ends..  Kablio Muzika  0.00  Send Email 
Index For Potential Suicide `sex, Violence, Whatever` The Complete Recording  Alone Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Indian Summer Hidden Arithmetic  Future Rec.  0.00 #1791 Send Email 
Invictus Maneo S/t  Barbado Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Iration Demo 2010 Gomind Rec. Mint 0.00 #15/70 Send Email 
Iron Age The Sleeping Eye  Tee Pee Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Isaie Buried Memorial Demo  Kisses And Hugs Rec.  0.00 #7/100 Send Email 
Jaialai Rubberbody Dance In Neon Lights  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Jeromes Dream Completed 1997-2001  Alone Rec.  0.00 2xCD Send Email 
Jet Black The Dead End  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Jiheart S/t  Refuse/osk/sadnessofnoise Rec  0.00  Send Email 
Jiyuna The Devil Is Waiting For Us In The Palace  Ifb Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
John Ball Society  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Jumbo Jet / Sleeptalker Split  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
June Paik S/t  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Kaospilot Diskografi  Oto Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Kasatka S/t  Trvs Rec.  0.00 #88/200 Send Email 
Khere S/t  Sons Of Vesta Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Kids Explode / Shokei Split  Altin Village & Mine Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Killie Want To Escape From The Underground...  Oto Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Kontrapunkt Demo  Kisses And Hugs Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Kylesa S/t  Prank Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
L`antietam Family  Slave Union Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
La Quiete Tenpeun `01-`05  Perpetual Motion Machine Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
La Quiete S/t  Diy Mint 0.00 cmar edition /80 Send Email 
La Quiete / Louice Cyphre Split  Electric Human Project Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Lakme Discography 2006-2009  Trvs Rec. Mint 0.00 #133 / 500 Send Email 
Lamant пиздец  Xerotika  0.00  Send Email 
Lamant снежинка  Xerotika  0.00  Send Email 
Le Desespoir Demo 2009 Trvs Rec.  0.00 #185/196 Send Email 
Lickgoldensky S/t  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Lifegivingwaters Almost There  Karma Mira And Oth. Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Limp Wrist Thee Official Limp Wrist Discography  Arashikage / Cheap Art Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Lions Den S/t  Ugly Proud Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Loa Loa больше нет, спасибо за эмоции  Retrotrasher Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Loa Loa / Trencher Split  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Lopatka S/t  Trvs Rec.  0.00 #296/300 Send Email 
Mad Pilot Eepee  Rustypop Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Madame Germen Invocacion A Morte  Sadness Of Noise Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Made In China появление злодея  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Malady S/t  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Manifesto Jukebox Strain  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Marejada Demo 2009 Borrowedsomethingnew Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Marschak S/t  Homo Sentimentalis Rec.  0.00 #169/500 Send Email 
Marschak Relict  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Me And Him Call It Us Loss  Stickfigure Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Memorials любовь и молчание каменных плит 2010 Young Voices Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Mind Pollution Spalone Dusze  Sadness Of Noise / Yama Dori  0.00  Send Email 
Minuala крики черных птиц 2009 Self Relised? Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Montfaucon The Chronicle  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
My Dog's A Cat Hope & Despair 2010 Love Pills & Whiskey Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Namatjira Namatjira  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Neil Perry Lineage 1998 - 2002  Level Plane  0.00 2xCD Send Email 
Nervion / Violence For Hurley Split 2010 Trvs/hidden Rainbows/etc. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Nikki Vikki Likes Choco And Chips And Sweets Less Words More Emotions  Devil Boy Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Noisy Sins Of The Insect Discography  Kisses And Hugs Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
November Coming Fire Dugness  Reflections Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Obsession Birth Of Difference 2009 Selfxtrue Rec. Mint 0.00 #25/50 Send Email 
Oh, Deer! / Elephant Opinions Split 2009 Borrowedsomethingnew Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Optimus Prime / Gone With The Pain Split  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Orchid Orchid  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Orchid Chaos Is Me/dance Tonight!  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Out Cold Goodbye Cruel World  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Parom на краю  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Point Of No Return Sparks  Catalyst Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Policy Of 3 An Anthology  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Preface To The Dead Sea S/t 2010 Trvs Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Providence Union Die My Infinity  Donut Friends / Stickfigure Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Pull Out An Eye S/t  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Pyramids Following The Tracks Forcing Motion Through Phas  Slave Union Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Raein Il N`y A Pas D`orchestre  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Raein / Lhasa / Daitro Split  Oto / Satire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Rain La Vache Qul Rit  Dischord Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Rambo Wall Of Death The System  625 / Assault Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Rave, The Monument 2010 Resolution Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Ray All As One  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ray Summer Tour 2009  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00 #29 Send Email 
Razor Bois Razor Bois  Boycott The Fencewalkers Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Reaching Away Lost Boy  Mcmurtrey Rec, Mint 0.00 #18/100 Send Email 
Rearranged La Vache Qui Rit A Kiev (demo)  Self Relised  0.00 #22/60 Send Email 
Rededrang / Reflections Of Internal Rain Split  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Regression S/t  Good Life Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Reka  Self Relised Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Reka 2010 Self Relised Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Remains Of The Day An Underlying Frequency  Crimes Against Humanity Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Requiem Storm Heaven  Crimethinc.  0.00  Send Email 
Reversal Of Man This Is Medicine  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ricochet S/t  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ricochet в тени гигантов 2011 Old Skool Kids Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Rise & Shine Rise & Shine  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Risen Playing The Victim  Self-relised?/catalyst Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Rites Of Spring S/t  Dischord Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ruhaeda S/t  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Saetia A Retrospective  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Sandinista! S/t  Old Skool Kids / S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Save Remains Demo 2007  Self-relised  0.00  Send Email 
Save Remains молодость наступает  Too Much...  0.00  Send Email 
Saving Daylight Remains S/t  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Saviours Warship  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
See You In Hell / 20 Minutes De Chaos Split  Xerotika  0.00  Send Email 
Seven Generations Slave Trade  New Eden Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Shallnotkill S/t  Impure Muzik / 213 Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Shed Shades Of Death  Impression Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Shikari 1999 - 2003  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Shout Aloud Demo 2009  Self Relised  0.00 #43/45 Send Email 
Silence Echoes Of Depression  Sadness Of Noise / Maciek Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Slapendehonden / Drill Bit / Brom % Brigade Split  Bloodspit/slocrotic/devilboy Rec  0.00  Send Email 
Solaris Portraits Noires  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
State Craft To Celebrate The Forlorn Peasons  Goodlife Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Still Novoe Nachalo  Reason Rec. Mint 0.00 #43/200 Send Email 
Stop It! Self Made Maps  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Strike Back каждый свой день 2009 Trvs/imhopang/etc. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Suicide Blitz Ride The Steel  Trujaca Fala Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Suis La Lune Quiet, Pull The Strings!  Apemustnotkillape Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Swallow! Swallow! Splinter! Demo  Kisses And Hugs Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Takaru / A Light In The Attic Split  Sirec.  0.00  Send Email 
Tesa Nekad  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Tesa S/t  Old Skool Kids / Unbeliever Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Tesa Hearts Beats From The Sky  Impure Muzik/old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Thank-you For Astronauts Long Lines  Kisses And Hugs Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Apollo Program / Chivan Split  Svetlaana Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Bride Of Changes S/t  Slow Crostic Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Bride Of Changes / Isaiah Split  Trvs/chuckytherat/hr Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The End Of The Century Party Discography 1993-1999  Coaxt Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Faeries Riot In The Hive Mind  Waking Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Fiction I Told Her That I Like Living In A Box  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
The Infarto, Scheisse! S/t  Shove / Concubine Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The King Kongs Surfin' Circus  Solnze/karmamira Rec.  0.00 #417/500 Send Email 
The Now-denial Obey, Adapt, Shut Up And Die  Sabotage Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Occult S/t 2011 Incarnate Rec. Mint 0.00 pre-release #17/25 Send Email 
The Process Taste The Knife  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Process Vultures Of Human Decay  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape Lift Your Burden High For This Is Where We Cross  Alone Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Sons Of Saturn Youll Never Want To Do Anything Else Ever Again  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
The Third Memory Et De Cela Rien Ressort  Impure Muzik Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Thema.eleven Choose Your Beast | Dclxvi  Old Skool Kids / Proxima Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Thema.eleven The Great Misanthrope  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Dance Party With....  Plan-it-x Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
This Machine Kills Death In The Audobon Ballroom  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Time Of Defeats S/t 2010 Incarnate Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Topograph! Zemlemer / Brigitte Sans Bardot Split 2010 Trvs Rec.  0.00 #137/328 Send Email 
Totoro / Optimus Prime Split  Trvs/hiddenrainbow Rec.  0.00 #343/500 Send Email 
Tragedy Nerve Damage  Tragedy Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Tragedy S/t  Tragedy Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Tragedy Vengeance  Tragedy Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Transistor Transistor S/t  Level Plane Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Transistor Transistor Put Down The Bible Pick Up The Bottle  Alone Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Transistor Transistor Erase All Name And Likeness  Level Plane Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Transistor Transistor / Light The Fuse And Run Split  Levelplane/electrichumanproject  0.00  Send Email 
Transistor Transistor / Wolves Split  Level Plane Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Tristeza Spine & Sensory  Better Looking Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ultra Dolphins Mar  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Ultra Dolphins Why Are You Laugh  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Unconform поиски счастья  Self Relised?  0.00  Send Email 
Undercurrents S/t 2010 Lovepills & Wiskey Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Unsilent S/t 2010 Old Skool Kids Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Usurp Synapse Disinformation Fix  Alone Rec.  0.00 2xCD Send Email 
Van Johnson S/t  Exotic Fever Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Verdict Constanta  Selfxtrue Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Verdict / Hoy Es El Dia / Shiver Split  Selfxtrue/retribution Rec  0.00  Send Email 
Villainz United S/t  Getmoney Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Violent Breakfast Nient Altro Che Tempo  Old Skool Kids/gaffer Rec...  0.00  Send Email 
Vismaz Tris Vardi Peremat  S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Vitamin X Pissed Off: A Vx Collection  Cactus / Karatecore Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Walnut Grove S/t  Svetlaana Rec  0.00  Send Email 
Warborn S/t 2010 Self Relised Mint 0.00  Send Email 
We Are Corpses / Yossarian Is Drowning Split 2009 Internationale Rec. Mint 0.00 #54/73 Send Email 
What Are You Waiting For? S/t 2009 Trvs Rec.  0.00 #142/200 Send Email 
What Price, Wonderland? 30 With A Wink  Oldskoolkids/emuzah/holiday Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
What We Feel / Last Hope Split  Get Money / Anr Music  0.00  Send Email 
Wheel 4x 14 Rockets From W4x  Imhopang/fast'n'easy Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
When My Authorities Fall / Argument 5.45 Split  Old Skool Kids/slowman Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
With Honor Heart Means Everything  Stillborn Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Withdrawn A Certain Innate Suffering  Sure Hand Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Woundead Wounddemo 2009 2009 Lovepills & Wiskey Rec. Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Wow, Owls! Pick Your Patterns  Perpetual Motion Machine Rec  0.00  Send Email 
Yage Anders Leben!?  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Yaphet Kotto The Killers Was In The Goverment Blankets  Ebullition Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Yfere Demo  Self Relised ?  0.00  Send Email 
You Are In My September S/t  Skidrow  0.00  Send Email 
Zegota Reclaim!  Crimethinc.  0.00  Send Email 
Zegota Namaste  Crimethinc.  0.00  Send Email 
Zorka S/t  Fast'n'easy/headnoise Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Адресант эскейпизм  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
апостроф / Clown Town Split  Trvs And Others... Mint 0.00  Send Email 
вышка круг эго  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
засрали солнце закон вне закона  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
Ива S/t 2010 Self Relised?  0.00  Send Email 
ничего хорошего до последней капли крови  Karma Mira Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
пост мортем Infandum Renovare Dolorem  Medical / Wrong Side Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
ярче 1000 солнц S/t  Oldskoolkids/slowman Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
ярче 1000 солнц Brighter Than A Thousand Suns  Retrotrasher / S/t Demo Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
9 Shoks Terror Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Dice Demo 09  Self Relised  0.00  Send Email 
In/humanity 1992-1998  Homo Sentimentalis Rec.  0.00 #147/??? Send Email 
мечты сбываются / Alli With An I Split  Old Skool Kids Rec.  0.00  Send Email 
Funeral Diner / Ampere Split 9"  Electrichumanproject/clean Plate  0.00 etched b-side [black] /800(1000) Send Email 
Shikari / Louise Cyphre Split 9"  Levelplane/crucificadospelo Rec.  0.00 [black] Send Email 
As Friends Rust S/t 1999 Doghouse Rec. Excellent 0.00 [clear blue] Send Email 
2x 12"
Converge Jane Doe 2010 Deathwish Rec. Mint 0.00 2xLP [white] /2000(5000) Send Email 
Defeater Empty Days And Sleepless Nights 2011 Bridge Nine Rec. Mint 0.00 [black with silver labels] /700(2000) Send Email 
Husker Du Zen Arcade  Sst Rec.  0.00 2xLP [black] Send Email 
Iceburn Hephaestus  Revelation Rec. Excellent 0.00 2xLP [black] Send Email 
Isis Panopticon  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00 2xLP; 3rd press [clear/cokebottle green with splatter split] /300(2000) Send Email 
Isis Oceanic (remaster)  Level Plane Rec.  0.00 2xLP; picture disc /250(???) Send Email 
Isis In The Absence Of Truth  Robotic Empire Rec.  0.00 2xLP; 2nd press [black/gold] /300(2000) Send Email 
Judge What It Mean: The Complete Discography  Revelation Rec.  0.00 2xLP; 2nd press [black] Send Email 
Pelican Australasia  Hydra Head Rec.  0.00 2xLP; 1st press [opaque orange x2] /290(2000) Send Email 
Poison The Well The Opposite Of December / Tear From The Red  Trustkill Rec. Mint 0.00 2xLP [black] Send Email 
Pulling Teeth Funerary  A389 Rec.  0.00 1st press [dark green] /250(750) Send Email 
The Saddest Landscape All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven  Coptercrash Rec. Mint 0.00 2xLP + bonus 7"(purple) [clear red / clear red] /??? Send Email 
Underdog Matchless  Bridge Nine Rec. Mint 0.00 2xLP [white] /700(2000) Send Email 
Undertow Everything  Indecision Rec.  0.00 2xLP; [one black / one clear blue] /??? Send Email 
Not For Trade 5": 5, 6": 3, 7": 324, 10": 45, 12": 246, CD: 327, Tape: 4, Other: 2, 8": 1, 2x 12": 14

zuger's List Summary

Not For Trade 5": 5, 6": 3, 7": 324, 10": 45, 12": 246, CD: 327, Tape: 4, Other: 2, 8": 1, 2x 12": 14

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