Real Name: n/a
Country: Canada

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
Not For Trade
Adams, Bryan Let Me Take You Dancing/dont Turn Me Away  A&m Good 0.00 468, lc Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Christmas Time/reggae Christmas -pc-  A&m Very Good 0.00 am 8651, pc vg green vinyl 2 copies Send Email 
Addrisi Brothers Slow Dancin Dont Turn Me On/same Longer Version 77 Buddah Good 5.00 good++ 566 Send Email 
Alabama Lady Down On Love/lovin Man 83 Rca Very Good 5.00 pb 13590, lc Send Email 
Aldo Nova Fantasy/under The Gun  Portrait Good 0.00 e4 4299 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb Bullish/oriental Eyes 84 A&m Good 5.00 +, 2655 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Miss Frenchy Brown/a Banda  A&m Good 0.00 gt 13x Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Marching Thru Madrid/struttin With Maria 63 Quality/a & M Good 8.00 1513, c Send Email 
America You Can Do Magic/right Before Your Eyes  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6312, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill But You Know I Love You/a Picture From Lifes Oth  Decca Good 0.00 732514, lc, both sides vg Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Happy State Of Mind/times Been Good To Me  Decca Good 0.00 32360, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden/youre My Man  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 13 33206 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden/no Love At All  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33198 Send Email 
Anderson, Vic It Its All I Can Have/chained And Bound  Mca Good 0.00 40036, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Times Of Your Life/water Runs Deep 75 Ua Good 4.00 xw737 y, lc Send Email 
April Wine Enough Is Enough/aint Got Your Love 82 Aquarius Very Good 5.00 6001, c Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Country Gentleman/chets Tune  Rca Good 0.00 47 9229, lc Send Email 
Avant Garde Fly With Me/revelations Revolutions 68 Colu Good 8.00 4 44701, lc Send Email 
Babyface Someone To Love/bonafide  Epic Jamaica Good 0.00 7395??, lc jon b Send Email 
Bananarama I Heard A Rumour/clean Cut Boy -pc-  London Very Good 0.00 lds 240, ps vg Send Email 
Bangles In Your Room/bell Jar -ps-  Colu Good 3.00 38 08090, ps good Send Email 
Beach Boys Do It Again/wake The World 68 Cap Good 12.00 2239, lc, barely good condition Send Email 
Beach Boys Good Vibrations/i Can Hear Music  Underground Good 0.00 urc 1065, c Send Email 
Beach Boys Medley/god Only Knows 81 Cap Good 5.00 5030, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Help Me Rhonda/do You Wanna Dance  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6081, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Why Do Fools Fall In Love/fun Fun Fun  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6106, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfer Girl/little Deuce Coupe  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6107, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys I Get Around/dont Worry Baby  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6280,lc Send Email 
Beach Boys California Girls/let Him Run Wild  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6289, lc Send Email 
Bee Gees Nights On Broadway/edge Of The Universe 75 Rso Good 5.00 515, lc Send Email 
Belmonte, Vicki Im Gonna Gt Him/the Secret Service  Cadence Good 0.00 1430, c, dj copy Send Email 
Benson, George Kisses In The Moonlight/open Your Eyes  Wb Very Good 0.00 92 86407, lc, small hole 45, promo Send Email 
Benson, George On Broadway/we As Love 78 Wb Very Good 5.00 wbs 8542, lc Send Email 
Benson, George Turn Your Love Around/never Give Up On A Good Th  Wb Very Good 0.00 gwb 0428, lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook & Damita Jo Stop Foolin/baby Youve Got It Made 63 Merc Good 10.00 72207, lc Send Email 
Bianco, Matt Whose Side Are You On/matts Mood  Wea Good 0.00 24 93197, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
Biddu Orchestra Girl Youll Be A Woman Soon/nirvana  Colu Jamaica Good 0.00 8 50379, c Send Email 
Bilk, Acker Stranger On The Shore/cielito Lindo 62 Atco Good 12.00 6217, c Send Email 
Black, Bill Combo Blue Tango/willie 60 Hi Good 15.00 2027 Send Email 
Boezel, Ben Dynamic Pressure/double Dynamite  Generation Very Good 0.00 gn 015, c Send Email 
Bogaardt, Bros Riders In The Sky/river You Must Flow  Cavern Good 0.00 2214, c, label from independence missouri Send Email 
Boone, Daniel At The Third Stroke/same  Penny Farthing Good 0.00 ps 927, c, white promo copy Send Email 
Boone, Pat At My Front Door/no Arms Can Ever Hold You 55 Reo/dot Good 20.00 8056, c Send Email 
Bowie, David Absolute Beginners/ Same -pc- 86 Emi America Good 6.00 b 8308, pc vg Send Email 
Bradburn, Bob What Is A Fireman/same  None Fair 0.00 no # c, on label is fd local 209 edmonton Send Email 
Breathe Hands To Heaven/life And Times -pc-  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1427, ps good Send Email 
Brown, Charity Aint No Hurt Love Cant Heal/same  A&m Good 0.00 425, lc, white promo Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Somebodys Baby/redneck Friend  Asylum Gs Good 0.00 7 65997, lc Send Email 
Buehler, Hank Here I Am Drunk Again/kokomoe  Maple Haze Good 0.00 no # Send Email 
Buffett, Jimmy Come To The Moon/bigger Then The Both Of Us 84 Mca Very Good 5.00 52499, white label promo Send Email 
Campbell, Glen & Gentry, Bobbie Mornin Glory/less Of Me 68 Cap Very Good 6.00 2314, lc Send Email 
Canned Heat Rockin With The King/i Dont Care What You Tell M 72 Ua Good 5.00 50892, c Send Email 
Carpenters Druscilla Penny/sing 73 A&m Good 4.00 1413 Send Email 
Carpenters I Have You/sweet Sweet Smile 78 A&m Very Good 4.00 2008 Send Email 
Carpenters This Masquerade/please Mr Postman 74 A&m Good 4.00 1646, lc Send Email 
Carr, Vikki With Pen In Hand/cant Take My Eyes Off You  Liberty Good 0.00 56092, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Forgot To Remember To Forget/katy Too  Sun Gt Very Good 0.00 gt 39x Send Email 
Chalk Circle April Fool/big White Clouds -ps-  Duke Very Good 0.00 dsr 71024, ps vg Send Email 
China Crisis Animalistic  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1266dj, 1 sided, condition good +, lc Send Email 
Christie, Dinah I Can Hear Canada Singing/justin Pierre  Molson Canadian Awards Good 0.00 kan 1009, c, b side hopefully not a welcome to our now prime minister Send Email 
Christopher, Gavin Back In Your Arms/could This Be The Night  Manhattan Good 0.00 b 50042, ps vg Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Tearing Us Apart/hold On 87 Wb Good 3.00 92 82797, lc, a side with tina turner Send Email 
Collins, Judy Both Sides Now/someday Soon  Elektra Gs Very Good 0.00 gs 45509, lc Send Email 
Collins, Phil Dont Lose My Number/we Said Hello Goodbye 85 Atl Very Good 3.00 78 95367, lc Send Email 
Commodores Three Times A Lady/look What Youve Done To Me 78 Motown Good 5.00 1443, c Send Email 
Como, Perry Love Dont Care/walk Right Back 73 Rca Good 4.00 apbo 0096, lc Send Email 
Cooper Brothers Show Some Emotion/mustard The Dog  Capricorn Very Good 0.00 cps 0330 Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Theres A Higher Power/this World Cant Stand Long  Hickory Good 0.00 1225, c, promo Send Email 
Cornerstone Holly Go Softly/love Nothing More  Liberty Good 0.00 f 56148, lc Send Email 
Cowsills Gotta Get Away From It All/the Prophecy Of 69 Mgm Gb Good 8.00 1484, center piece in, lc Send Email 
Crystal, Billy The Christmas Song/same -ps- 85 A&m Good 5.00 2795, ps vg Send Email 
Culture Club Miss Me Blind/colour By Numbers  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1199, lc Send Email 
Curtiss, Clint An Angel In Disguise/stop The World  Rca Good 0.00 75 1005 Send Email 
Dal Bello, Lisa Still In Love/hollywood  Talisman Very Good 0.00 tal 101, c Send Email 
Dalton, Dan And The Hummers Male Chauvinist Pig/what Did You Bring Down The   Cap Very Good 0.00 3742, lc Send Email 
Daniels, Charlie Band Sweet Home Alabama/falling In Love For The Night 81 Epic Good 4.00 14 02185, lc, b side with crystal gayle Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Splish Splash/queen Of The Hop  Atl Gs Very Good 0.00 gs 45731, lc Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Im A Lover/i Didnt Cry Today 69 Rca Fair 6.00 74 0292 Send Email 
Dawn Knock Three Times/candida  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 66 Send Email 
Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon/say Has Anybody Seen  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 81 Send Email 
Dawn Knock Three Times/home  Bell Gt Good 0.00 gt 75 Send Email 
Dawn Youre All I Need To Get By/he Dont Love You  Elektra Sg Very Good 0.00 e 45078, lc Send Email 
De Paul, Lynsey Getting A Drag/brandy  Mam Good 0.00 3627, c Send Email 
Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round/misty Circles 85 Epic Good 5.00 34 04894, lc Send Email 
Debarge Rhythm Of The Night/queen Of My Heart  Gordy Good 0.00 1770 Send Email 
Denver, John Take Me Home Country Roads/poems Prayers And 71 Rca Good 8.00 74 0445, lc Send Email 
Denver, John Annies Song/cool An Green An Shady 74 Rca Good 4.00 apbo 0295 Send Email 
Denver, John Around And Around/sunshine On My Shoulders 74 Rca Good 5.00 apbo 0213, lc Send Email 
Derek & The Dominos Layla/i Am Yours  Polydor Very Good 0.00 2001 172, lc Send Email 
Detergents Leader Of The Laundromat/ulcers 64 Roulette Good 20.00 4590, c Send Email 
Diddley, Bo Hey Bo Diddley/who Do You Love  Quality Good 0.00 gc380, c Send Email 
Dion I Cant Help But Wonder Where Im Bound/southern T 68 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 44719, lc Send Email 
Domino, Fats Walking To New Orleans/dont Come Knockin 60 Imp Good 20.00 5675, c Send Email 
Doug & The Slugs White Christmas/same  A&m Very Good 0.00 ams 107, ps vg Send Email 
Douglas, Carol Baby Dont Let This Good Love Die/doctors Orders  Rca Jamaica Good 0.00 mb 10113, lc Send Email 
Downchild Blues Band Tryin To Keep Her 88s Straight/oh Oh  Attic Good 0.00 at 227, c Send Email 
Dupree, Robbie Steal Away/hot Rod Hearts  Elektra Gs Good 0.00 gs 45515, lc Send Email 
Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf/same 82 Harvest Good 3.00 5195, lc Send Email 
Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf/same 82 Harvest Good 10.00 b 5195, lc Send Email 
Eagles Please Come Home For Christmas/funky New Year 84 Asylum Good 3.00 e45555, l Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Morning Train/calm Before The Storm 81 Emi America Good 5.00 8071, lc Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Telefone/wish You Were Here Tonight 83 Emi America Good 5.00 8172, lc Send Email 
Edward Bear Last Song/close Your Eyes  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 b 6223, lc Send Email 
Egan, Walter Only The Lucky/magnet And Steel  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33353, lc Send Email 
Eight Seconds Kiss You/land Of The Monster -pc-  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 2297, pc vg Send Email 
Essex The Eagle/moonlight Music And You 66 Bang Fair 8.00 slight warp playable b537, c, white label Send Email 
Everly Brothers Crying In The Rain/im Not Angry 61 Wb Good 15.00 5250, c Send Email 
Fargo, Donna Do I Love You/dee Dee 77 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8509 Send Email 
Fifth Dimension Flashback/diggin For A Livin 73 Bell Good 4.00 45425 Send Email 
Finn, Mickie Tiger Rag/thoroughly Modern Millie  Rca Good 0.00 d 4076, plc Send Email 
First Choice I Love You More/doctor Love 77 Salsoul Good 5.00 gm 4004 Send Email 
Fisher, Climie Rise To The Occasion/same -pc-  Cap Very Good 0.00 b 44197, pc vg Send Email 
Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway The Closer I Get To You/love Is The Healing 78 Atl Good 5.00 3463 promo, lc, a side with hathaway Send Email 
Fleetwood Mac Gypsy/cool Water 82 Wb Very Good 3.00 92 99187, lc Send Email 
Fogerty, John Change In The Weather/my Toot Toot 86 Wb Good 5.00 92 85357, lc, b side with rockin sidney Send Email 
Foggy River Band Edmonton/foggy River Waltz  Foggy River Good 0.00 fr001, c Send Email 
Foghat Third Time Lucky/love In Motion 79 Bearsville Good 4.00 bss 49125, c Send Email 
Foley, Red Jilted/pin Ball Boogie  Decca Fair 0.00 9 29100, c, plays on old rp Send Email 
Ford, Frankie Roberta/sea Cruise  Collectables Good 0.00 1180, lc Send Email 
Four Aces Youre Mine/bahama Mama 57 Decca Good 12.00 9 30242, lc Send Email 
Four Seasons December 63/who Loves You  Seasons Very Good 0.00 lm 0007, c Send Email 
Francis, Connie Whos Sorry Now/youre Gonna Miss Me  Mgm Gold Good 0.00 gc 141, c Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Freeway Of Love/until You Say You Love Me -pc- 85 Arista Good 3.00 as1 9354, pc vg Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha This You Can Believe/more Than Just A Joy 79 Atl Good 8.00 3495, lc Send Email 
Free All Right Now/mouthful Of Grass 70 Polydor Good 5.00 2001 079, lc, listing is for an a&m release Send Email 
Gabriel, Peter Biko/no More Apartheid  Geffen Good 0.00 pro 81647, c Send Email 
Garfunkel, Art Woyaya/second Avenue 74 Colu Good 5.00 3 10020, lc Send Email 
Gates, David Goodbye Girl/took The Last Train  Elektra Very Good 0.00 e 45096, lc, elektra spun gold label Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Aint No Sunshine/livin In These Troubled Times  Colu Good 0.00 18 04048, lc Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Ready For The Times To Get Better/beyond You 78 Ua Good 5.00 1136, lc Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Half The Way/room For One More  Colu Very Good 0.00 1 11087, lc Send Email 
Geddes, David Run Joey Run/same  Big Tree Good 0.00 bt 16044, c Send Email 
Gibson, Don Woman/if You Want Me To Ill Go 72 Hickory Good 8.00 k1638, c, center piece in Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Ill Sail My Ship Alone/overnight Sensation 75 Playboy Good 5.00 p6055, c Send Email 
Gold, Andrew Lonely Boy/thank You For Being A Friend  Elektra Sg Very Good 0.00 e 45087, lc Send Email 
Gore, Lesley Its My Party/you Dont Own Me  Rebound Very Good 0.00 230, c Send Email 
Gowan A Criminal Mind/keep The Tension On -pc-  Colu Very Good 0.00 c4 7061, pc good Send Email 
Grand Funk The Locomotion/shinin On  Cap Sl Good 0.00 b6249, lc Send Email 
Grant, Earl The End/hunky Dunky Doo 58 Decca Good 15.00 9 30719, lc Send Email 
Grapefruit Dead Boot/dear Delilah 67 Rca Canada International Fair 12.00 e 7000, c, equinox in us of a Send Email 
Grecco, Cyndi Making Our Dreams Come True/watching You  Private Stock Good 0.00 psr 45086x, lc Send Email 
Gross, Henry Shannon/pokey 76 Lifesong Good 5.00 ls45002, c Send Email 
Guthrie, Arlo City Of New Orleans/alices Rock& Roll Restaurant  American Pie Very Good 0.00 9001, c Send Email 
Guthrie, Sheila Takes My Breath Away/roll Your Love Along  Periwinkle Excellent 0.00 3798, c Send Email 
Haggard, Merle The Fugitive/someone Told My Story 66 Cap Good 12.00 5803, lc Send Email 
Haggard, Merle Branded Man/you Dont Have Very Far To Go 67 Cap Very Good 8.00 5931, lc Send Email 
Haley, Bill & His Comets Hook Line And Sinker/forty Cups Of Coffee 57 Decca Good 40.00 9 30214, lc Send Email 
Hall, Daryl Foolish Pride/whats Gonna Happen To Us 86 Rca Good 3.00 5038 7 r, ps vg Send Email 
Hamlisch, Marvin The Entertainer/solace  Mca Good 0.00 40174, lc Send Email 
Hart, Corey Boy In The Box/silent Talkin -pc-  Aquarius Very Good 0.00 aq6019, ps vg Send Email 
Hart, Corey Cant Help Falling In Love/broken Arrow- Ps-w  Aquarius Good 0.00 aq 6024, ps vg Send Email 
Haverland, Kelita Too Hot To Handle/same  Bookshop Good 0.00 bsr 45 717, c Send Email 
Hester, Benny We All Know Hes Coming/love Never Dies  Vmi Good 0.00 572 Send Email 
Higgins, Bertie Key Largo/just Another Day In Paradise  Epic Hall Of Fame Good 0.00 e4 1094, lc Send Email 
Holloway, Loleatta Dreamin/worn Out Broken Heart  Salsoul Good 0.00 gm 4000, c Send Email 
Holly, Buddy My Little Girl/teardrops Fall Like Rain 63 Liberty Fair 25.00 f 55540, c, vinyl fair +, listed as crickets Send Email 
Honeymoon Suite Lethal Weapon/take My Hand 87 Wb Very Good 5.00 92 83797 Send Email 
Honeymoon Suite Feel It Again/wounded 86 Wb Very Good 5.00 25 87717, promo, lc Send Email 
Houston, Whitney Greatest Love Of All/thinking About You  Arista Very Good 0.00 1 9466 Send Email 
Howard, Jan Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel/i Never Once Stopp  Decca Good 0.00 32905 Send Email 
Icehouse No Promises/into The Wild 86 Chrys Good 5.00 42978, lc Send Email 
Idol , Billy Dancing With Myself/love Calling 83 Chrysalis Good 5.00 chs 42723, lc Send Email 
Ingmann, Jørgen Apache/echo Boogie 60 Atco Very Good 15.00 6184, lc Send Email 
Ink Spots Ep Vol 3 Decca Good 25.00 ed 2048, ps vvg Send Email 
Inxs This Time/im Over You -ps-  Atl Very Good 0.00 78 94977, ps vg Send Email 
Jacks, Susan Id Rather Know You/youre A Part Of Me  Goldfish Good 0.00 gs 113 Send Email 
Jacks, Susan Id Rather Know You/love Has No Pride  Casino Good 0.00 c7 102 Send Email 
Jacks, Terry Rock An Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Lif  Goldfish Good 0.00 gx 111, pc vg Send Email 
Jackson, Chuck I Only Get This Feeling/slowly But Surely 73 Abc Dunhill Good 20.00 11368, c Send Email 
Jacksons Style Of Life/enjoy Yourself 76 Epic Good 5.00 8 50289, c, condition g++ Send Email 
James, Rick Super Freak Part 1/part 2 81 Gordy Good 6.00 7205 Send Email 
Jarreau, Al Breakin Away/were In This Love Together  Wb Very Good 0.00 gwb 0423, lc Send Email 
Jefferson Starship We Built This City/private Room  Grunt Good 0.00 fb 14170, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon & Colter, Jessi Wild Side Of Life/ill Be Alright  Rca Good 0.00 pb 12245, lc Send Email 
Jets I Do You/cross The Line  Mca Good 0.00 53193, lc Send Email 
Jets You Got It All/burn The Candle  Mca Very Good 0.00 52968, lc Send Email 
Joel, Billy Pressure/laura 82 Colu Very Good 5.00 38 03244 Send Email 
Joel, Billy Keeping The Faith/shes Right On Time 84 Colu Very Good 3.00 38 04681, lc Send Email 
Joel, Billy Piano Man/the Entertainer  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33267 Send Email 
John, Elton Wrap Her Up/the Man Who Never Died 85 Geffen Very Good 3.00 92 88737 Send Email 
Johnson, Jesse Every Shade Of Love/change Your Mind  A&m Good 0.00 1214 Send Email 
Jones, Howard All I Want/same  Wea Very Good 0.00 24 84817, lc Send Email 
Jones, Quincy Stuff Like That/theres A Train Leavin -pc- 78 A&m Good 5.00 2043, pc fair Send Email 
Jones, Rickie Lee Chuck E's In Love/on Saturday Afternoons In 1963 79 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8825, lc Send Email 
Just Friends Maybe Tonight/easy Done  Mustard Good 0.00 m 112 Send Email 
Kajagoogoo Take Another View/too Shy -ps- 83 Emi America Good 6.00 b 8161, ps vg Send Email 
Karazov, Alexandrow Casatchok/jacobuska  Avril Very Good 0.00 a4 103 Send Email 
Kc & The Sunshine Band Baby I Love You/keep It Comin Love 77 Rca Good 5.00  Send Email 
Kc & The Sunshine Band Do You Feel All Right/i Will Love You Tomorrow 78 Tk Very Good 5.00 1030, pc fair Send Email 
Kean, Sherry I Want You Back/sever The Ties -pc-  Cap Good 0.00 72937, pc good Send Email 
Kelly, R. & Dion, Celine Im Your Angel/same  Jive Good 0.00 01241 42557 7, c Send Email 
Kim, Andy Baby I Love You/gee Girl 69 Dot/steed Good 8.00 716, c Send Email 
Kim, Andy Hang Up Those Rock N Roll Shoes/the Essence Of J 75 Ice Good 4.00 ic3, c Send Email 
Kim, Andy A Love Song/love The Poor Boy 72 Uni Fair 5.00 55353 Send Email 
King, Wayne Three Oclock In The Morning, Sweethearts/alice B  Rca Good 0.00 epa 419, pc vg Send Email 
King, Wayne 2 Record Ep  Rca Good 0.00 epb 3010, 547 0202 and 0203, pc vg Send Email 
Kissoon, Mac And Katie Dream Of Me/the Two Of Us 76 State Good 5.00 21 Send Email 
Knight, Gladys & The Pips Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me/once In A Li 74 Buddah Good 5.00 403, c Send Email 
Knight, Gladys & The Pips Sorry Doesnt Make It Right/you Put A New Life In 77 Buddah Good 5.00 bda 584, c Send Email 
Knox, Buddy Open/chi Hua Hua 62 Liberty Good 12.00 55411, c Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Celebration/morning Star 80 De Lite Good 4.00 807 Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Cherish/ Same Instrumental  De Lite Very Good 0.00 des 834, c Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Fresh/home Is Where The Heart Is  De Lite Very Good 0.00 833, c Send Email 
L.t.d. Stranger/sometimes 79 A&m Good 5.00 2192, lc Send Email 
Lane, Cristy One Day At A Time/i Knew The Mason 80 Ua Poor 5.00 1342, c, playable on old rp Send Email 
Last, James The Seduction/night Drive  Polydor Good 0.00 pd 2071 Send Email 
Lautrec, Donald Hey Friend Say Friend/same -ps- 67 Jupiter Very Good 0.00 jp 1077, ps vg, expo 67 theme song Send Email 
Lawhorne, Ed When You Touch Me/our Love Is Just History  Plumbers Good 0.00 6015 15, wilmington n.c. label Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll/four Stick 72 Atl Good 10.00 at 2865, c Send Email 
Lee, Johnny Looking For Love/one In A Million  Asylum Spun Gold Very Good 0.00 e 45109, lc Send Email 
Lemon Pipers Rice Is Nice/blueberry Blue 68 Buddah Fair 10.00 31x, c Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Great Balls Of Fire/you Win Again  Golden Treasures Good 0.00 266, lc Send Email 
Little Richard Shes Got It/heeby Jeebies 56 Regency Good 50.00 538x, c, listing for a specialty release Send Email 
Loggins, Dave Please Come To Boston/someday  Epic Hall Of Fame Very Good 0.00 15 02152, lc Send Email 
Loggins, Kenny Danger Zone/im Gonna Do It Right -ps-  Colu Very Good 0.00 38 05893, ps vg Send Email 
Lopez, Trini Love Story/games People Play 69 Reprise Good 6.00 0879, lc Send Email 
Loring, Gloria You Always Knew/friends And Lovers 86 Epic Good 5.00 zs4 06122 Send Email 
Love Unlimited Orchestra Loves Theme/sweet Moments 73 20th Century Fair 5.00 tc 2069 Send Email 
Loverboy Jump/take Me To The Top -ps- 82 Colu Good 5.00 38 03346, ps vg Send Email 
Luba Everytime I See Your Picture/ravens Eyes  Cap Good 0.00 72899, lc Send Email 
Luba Innocent/take It Like A Woman -pc-  Cap Good 0.00 b 73003, sleeve vg Send Email 
Mack, Onesy I Do Believe That Im Losing You/dollar To A Dime  Atl Fair 0.00 2938, c Send Email 
Maggard, Cledus The White Knight/same  Merc Good 0.00 m73751, lc Send Email 
Main Ingredient Everybody Plays The Fool/who Can I Turn To 72 Rca Good 6.00 74 0731, lc Send Email 
Mancini, Henry A Shot In The Dark/the Shadows Of Paris  Rca Fair 0.00 8381 Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara I Dont Want To Be Right/i Feel The Hurt Comin On 79 Mca Good 5.00 mab 12451, lc Send Email 
Manhattan Transfer Boy From New York City/confirmation 81 Atl Good 5.00 at 3816, lc Send Email 
Manhattans Everybody Has A Dream/happiness 78 Colu Good 5.00 3 10766, lc, vinyl g++ Send Email 
Manhattans Here Comes The Hurt Again/dont Say Goodbye 79 Colu Good 5.00 3 10921, lc Send Email 
Mann, Barry Talk To Me Baby/amy 64 Red Bird Good 15.00 b 3300, c, different record # Send Email 
Mann, Manfred Do Wah Diddy Diddy/sha La La  Cap Very Good 0.00 b0048, c Send Email 
Marcel Tom Hawk Henry & The Country Royals Give Your Head A Shake/its Raining Over Morley  Horizon Good 0.00 wstm 457607 Send Email 
Martin, Grady Anniversary Song/happy Birthday  Decca Good 0.00 28472 Send Email 
Matthews, Ian Shake It/stealin Home 78 Mushroom Good 5.00 m 7039, c Send Email 
Mccall, C. W. Roses For Mama/columbine 77 Polydor Good 5.00 pd 14420, lc Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Wonderful Christmastime/rudolph The Red Nosed Re 83 Colu Very Good 30.00 38 04127, lc Send Email 
Mccoo, Marilyn, & Billy Davis, Jr. You Dont Have To Be A Star/weve Got To Get It On 76 Abc Good 5.00 1022 12208 Send Email 
Mccoys, The Jesse Brady/resurrection 68 Mercury Good 8.00 72843 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Somebody Should Leave/dont You Believe Him 85 Mca Good 5.00 52527, lc Send Email 
Mcgovern, Maureen The Morning After/nice To Be Around  Casablanca Very Good 0.00 814 604 7 Send Email 
Mcguire Sisters Sugartime Twist/more Hearts Are Broken That Way 62 Coral Good 8.00 62305, c Send Email 
Mckinney, Pat Pour Me A Little More Wine/thats Not Going To Ch  Mega Very Good 0.00 615 0073, c Send Email 
Mclennan, James White Lies/meet Me On The Ledge  Bird Mountain Good 0.00 no #, c Send Email 
Mcnarland, Darcy Frank Slide/forever Lasting Love -ps-  Chinook Good 0.00 wrc3 3858, ps vg, alberta label Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde Teasure Of Love/when Youre Sincere 56 Quality/atl Good 40.00 k1486, c Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde A Lovers Question/treasure Of Love  Atl Good 0.00 a 3117, lc, re release Send Email 
Melanie Record People/id Rather Leave While Im In Love 78 Midsong Good 5.00 40858, c Send Email 
Mellencamp, John Cougar Small Town/same -ps-  Riva Good 0.00 rs 218, ps vg Send Email 
Miami Sound Machine Bad Boy/surrender Paradise 86 Epic Very Good 4.00 34 05805 Send Email 
Midnight Call Me/its Never Too Late  Unison Very Good 0.00 un 3901, c Send Email 
Midnight Star Operator/playmates  Solar Good 0.00 96 96847 Send Email 
Mighty Clouds Of Joy Time/youre Doin It On Your Own 74 Abc Dunhill Good 5.00 d 15012, lc Send Email 
Miles, Shan Soul People/pt 2  Shout Fair 0.00 222, c Send Email 
Miller, Glenn In The Mood/little Brown Jug  Rca Good 0.00 wp148, 47 2853 Send Email 
Milli Vanilli Baby Dont Forget My Number/too Much Monkey Busin  Arista Good 0.00 as1 9832 Send Email 
Mills, Stephanie Never Knew Love Like This Before/what Cha Gonna   Casablanca Very Good 0.00 814 678 7, lc Send Email 
Milsap, Ronnie Selfish/what A Difference Youve Made In My Life 77 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11146, lc Send Email 
Molly Hatchet Satisfied Man/same  Epic Very Good 0.00 34 04648, lc, white label demo Send Email 
Monitors Time Is Passing By/step By Step 68 Soul  15.00 35049 Send Email 
Monkees Last Train To Clarksville/monkees Theme  Flashback Very Good 0.00 flb 70, c Send Email 
Monkees Im A Believer/pleasant Valley Sunday  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 71, c Send Email 
Monkees Daydream Believer/steppin Stone  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 72, c Send Email 
Monks Drugs In My Pocket/love In Stereo  Cap Good 0.00 72831, lc Send Email 
Moore, Dorothy Love Me/i Believe You  Rca Jamaica Good 0.00 1042 Send Email 
Mr. T Dont Talk To Strangers/same  Colu Good 0.00 38 04701, lc, white label demo Send Email 
Munro, Bev Hello Operator/be Nice To Everybody  Cap Good 0.00 72543, lc Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin Wildfire/a Mansion On The Hill  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 15 2348, lc Send Email 
Murray, Anne Cotton Jenny/destiny  Cap Good 0.00 72657, lc Send Email 
Murray, Anne Blessed Are The Believers/only Love 81 Cap Good 5.00 4987, ps vg Send Email 
Myrth We Got To Get Together/get It Straight  Rca Very Good 0.00 74 0191, lc Send Email 
Naked Eyes The Time Is Now/always Something There To Remind 83 Emi America Good 5.00 b 8155 Send Email 
Nash The Slash 1984/same  Quality Good 0.00 sq 703, c, promo Send Email 
Nash, Johnny Kisses/somebody 60 Abc Param Good 15.00 45 10 160, c Send Email 
Nazareth This Flight Tonite/love Hurts  A&m Good 0.00 8585, lc, a&m memories, double hit Send Email 
Nazareth Holiday/ship Of Dreams 80 A&m Good 5.00 2219, lc Send Email 
Nelson, Rick Believe What You Say/travelin Man  Silver Spotlight Good 0.00 x 74, lc, vinyl good++ Send Email 
Nevil, Robbie Wots It To Ya/same 87 Manhattan Good 10.00 b50075, lc Send Email 
Nevil, Robbie Back On Holiday/too Soon  Manhattan Very Good 0.00 b 50152 Send Email 
New Edition Earth Angel/with You All The Way  Mca Good 0.00 52905, lc Send Email 
New Monkees What I Want/corner Of My Eye  Wb Good 0.00 92 81887, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
Newman, Jimmy Carmelita/born To Love You  Decca Very Good 0.00 32366, lc Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Make A Move On Me/falling 82 Mca Very Good 5.00 52000, pc fair Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia I Honestly Love You/home Aint Home Anymore 74 Mca Good 5.00 40280 Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia If You Love Me/brotherly Love  Mca Good 0.00 40209, lc Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Let Me Be There/maybe Then Ill Think Of You  Polydor Good 0.00 2001 460, lc Send Email 
Newton John, Olivia Please Mr Please/and In The Morning 75 Mca Good 10.00 40418, ps good Send Email 
Newton, Juice Ride Em Cowboy/the Sweetest Thing 81 Cap Good 5.00 a 5046, lc Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Pour Me A Little More Wine/may The Road Rise To   Rca Good 0.00 bcbo 0091, lc Send Email 
Nicks, Stevie Stop Draggin My Heart Around/kind Of Woman 81 Modern Fair 6.00 mr 7336, pc fair,a side with tom petty Send Email 
Nielsen Pearson Band On The Spot/home  Epic Good 0.00 8 50502, lc Send Email 
Nilsson Everybodys Talkin/dont Leave Me 68 Rca Good 12.00 47 9544, lc Send Email 
Nolan, Kenny Loves Grown Deep/i Like Dreamin  Eric Very Good 0.00 274, lc Send Email 
Nu Shooz I Cant Wait/make Your Mind Up 86 Atl Good 5.00 78 94467, lc Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Emotion In Motion/pfj  Geffen Very Good 0.00 92 86177, c Send Email 
Ocean Put Your Hand In The Hand/tear Down The Fences 71 Kama Sutra Good 6.00 2013 017 Send Email 
Ocean, Billy Suddenly/lucky Man -ps-  Jive Very Good 0.00 90, ps good Send Email 
One To One There Was A Time/wheres The Answer  Wea Very Good 0.00 25 88577, lc Send Email 
Orbison, Roy Oh Pretty Woman/its Over Monu Gs Good 5.00 zs 8910, c Send Email 
Orchestral Manoeuveres In The Dark Live And Die/this Town  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1335, ps vg Send Email 
Ordge, Jimmy "arthur" Hutchinson Jail/shes Dreaming  Apex Good 0.00 77101, c Send Email 
Originals Down To Love Town/just To Be Closer To You 76 Motown Good 6.00 35119 Send Email 
Osborne, Jeffrey On The Wings Of Love/i Really Dont Need No Light  A&m Memories Good 0.00 8639, lc Send Email 
Osmond, Marie Whos Sorry Now/paper Roses  Polydor Gold Very Good 0.00 pdg 105, lc Send Email 
Osullivan, Gilbert You Got Me Going/call On Me 77 Epic Very Good 4.00 8 50415, lc Send Email 
Parsons, Alan Project Eye In The Sky/gemini 82 Arista Good 5.00 as 0696, c Send Email 
Patterson, Rick I Need Your Company/keep This Show On The Road  Damon Good 0.00 d137, pc Send Email 
Paul, Billy I Trust You/love Wont Come Easy 77 Philadelphia Int Good 5.00 sz8 3630 Send Email 
Peaches & Herb I Pledge My Love/back Together 80 Polydor Good 5.00 pd 2053, lc Send Email 
Peoples Choice If You Wanna Do It/same Part 2 77 Tsop Good 5.00 zs8 4786, lc Send Email 
Pepper Tree Put A Smile Upon Your Face/funky Music  Cap Good 0.00 72708, lc Send Email 
Perkins, Carl The Monkeyshine/let My Baby Be 64 Decca Good 15.00 31709, c Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys Love Comes Quickly/thats My Impression 86 Emi America Good 4.00 b 8338, pc vg Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys Its A Sin/you Know Where You Went Wrong -ps-  Emi America Good 0.00 b 73038, psgood Send Email 
Peterson, Kris Mamas Little Baby/same Instrumental  Cap Good 0.00 2014 b side instrumental by soul thythm band Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Saturday Night/i Tried Everything To Please 68 Decca Good 8.00 32388, lc Send Email 
Pillow, Ray No Milk Today/gone With The Wine  Cap Good 0.00 2030 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Learning To Fly/terminal Frost -pc- 87 Colu Good 4.00 38 07363, pc good Send Email 
Pink Floyd Run Like Hell/dont Leave Me Now 80 Colu Good 4.00 1 11265, lc Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Aladdins Lamp/im Gonna Be Strong 64 Colu Good 20.00 mu4 1045, lc Send Email 
Platinum Blonde Contact/tough Enough -pc-  Epic Good 0.00 e4 3017, ps vg, vinyl good++ Send Email 
Platters Harbor Lights/only You  Golden Treasures Fair 0.00 113x Send Email 
Pointer Sisters Fairytale/love In Them There Hills 74 Blue Thumb Good 5.00 bta 254, c Send Email 
Poison Your Mama Dont Dance/look What The Cat Dragged I  Enigma Good 0.00 b 44293 Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Thinking About You/my Boy 75 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10191, lc Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Moody Blue/she Thinks I Still Care 76 Rca Good 6.00 pb 10857, lc Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Its Now Or Never/a Mess Of Blues 77 Rca Good 6.00 447 0628, lc Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Good Luck Charm/anything Thats Part Of You -ps-  Victor Good 0.00 2704, ps vg Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Trouble/mr Songman  Rca Good 0.00 gb 10487, lc Send Email 
Presnell, Harve They Call The Wind Maria/whoop Ti Ayi  Paramount Very Good 0.00 paa 0012, c Send Email 
Pretenders Thin Line Between Love And Hate/time The Avenger  Sire Good 0.00 92 92497, c Send Email 
Pretty Rough Tonight Tonight/only A Star  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50686, lc Send Email 
Price, Ray Crazy Arms/you Done Me Wrong 56 Colu Good 15.00 4 21510, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Piroque Joe/wonder Could I Live There Anymore 70 Rca Good 6.00 47 9855, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley I Know One/best Banjo Picker 67 Rca Good 12.00 47 9162, lc Send Email 
Prince Raspberry Relish/shes Always In My Hair  Paisley Park Very Good 0.00 92 89727, lc Send Email 
Prism Young And Restless/deception  Cap Good 0.00 72829 Send Email 
Pseudo Echo Funkytown/lies Are Nothing 87 Rca Very Good 6.00 5217 7 r, lc Send Email 
Quatro, Suzi + Norman, Chris A Stranger To Paradise/stumblin In 79 Rso Very Good 5.00 rs 917, lc Send Email 
Rabbitt, Eddie & Newton, Juice Both To Each Other/a World Without Love 86 Rca Very Good 3.00 pb 14377, lc, juice newton on a side only Send Email 
Raes Cara Mia/same  A&m Good 0.00 457, lc, demo Send Email 
Randolph, Boots Yakety Sax -ep-  Monu Good 0.00 ssp 500, cover poor (back cover missing) Send Email 
Rascals Come On Up/what Is The Reason 66 Atl Fair 10.00 2353, c, needle gets stuck on what is the reason past halfway mark as young rascals Send Email 
Red Rider Ocean Blues/same  Cap Good 0.00 b 73023, lc, tom cochrane and Send Email 
Reeves, Jim Missing You/the Tie That Binds 72 Rca Good 5.00 74 0744, lc Send Email 
Remi Singers Soley Soley/aux Marches Du Palais  Gamma Good 0.00 5032, c Send Email 
Rich, Charlie The Most Beautiful Girl/same 73 Epic Very Good 0.00 5 11040, c, radio station copy Send Email 
Richie, Lionel Dont Wanna Lose You/same  Merc Very Good 0.00 422 852 856 7 Send Email 
Riperton, Minnie Lovin You/the Edge Of A Dream 74 Epic Good 8.00 8 50057 Send Email 
Robbins, Marty Ballad Of The Alamo/a Time And A Place For Every 60 Colu Good 15.00 4 41809, lc Send Email 
Robinson, Smokey Cruisin/ever Had A Dream 79 Tamla Good 5.00 t 54306 Send Email 
Robinson, Smokey Being With You/whats In Your Life For Me 81 Tamla Good 5.00 t 54321, c Send Email 
Rodriguez, Johnny Whatll I Tell Virginia/whatever Gets Me Through  79 Epic Very Good 5.00 9 50808, lc Send Email 
Roe, Tommy Sheila/sweet Pea  Dunhill Gold Good 0.00 d 1446, c Send Email 
Rogers, Kenny A Love Song/the Fool In Me  Liberty Good 0.00 b1485, lc Send Email 
Rogers, Kenny I Dont Need You/without You In My Life 81 Liberty Good 5.00 1415 Send Email 
Ronstadt, Linda Ooh Baby Baby/blowing Away 78 Asylum Good 5.00 e 45546, c Send Email 
Ross, Charlie Without Your Love Mr Jordan/same 76 Big Tree Good 6.00 bt 16056,c promo Send Email 
Ross, Diana Mirror Mirror/sweet Nothings 81 Rca Good 4.00 pb 13021, lc Send Email 
Ross, Jack Margarita/cinderella  Dot Fair 0.00 16333, c Send Email 
Roth, David Lee Goin Crazy/same In Spanish 86 Wb Good 3.00 92 85847, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
Sami Jo Stay Where You Are/tell Me A Lie  Mgm South Good 0.00 s 7029 Send Email 
Schueller Band, Daryl Sharing You/going Back  Maple Haze Good 0.00 mh 7822 Send Email 
Sedaka, Neil Calendar Girl/oh Carol Rca Good 6.00 447 0575, lc Send Email 
Seely, Jeannie Hell Love The One Hes With/can I Sleep In Your A  Mca Good 0.00 40074 Send Email 
Seger, Bob Understanding/east La -ps- 84 Cap Good 4.00 b 5413, ps good Send Email 
Seger, Bob Old Time Rock & Roll/till It Shines 83 Cap Good 5.00 b 5276, lc Send Email 
Shannon, Del Runaway/hats Off To Larry  Pop Classics Good 0.00 pc 1085 Send Email 
Shaw, Sandie Voice In The Crowd/monsieur Dupont 69 Rca Good 8.00 74 0118 Send Email 
Sheila E A Love Bizarre/same Part 2  Wb Good 0.00 92 88907, promo, small hole 45 Send Email 
Sheppard, T.g. Faking Love/reno And Me 82 Wb Good 6.00 92 98547, lc a side with karen brooks Send Email 
Shore, Dinah Fascination/till  Rca Good 0.00 47 6980, lc Send Email 
Simon, Carly Havent Got Time For The Rain/mind On My Man 74 Elektra Good 5.00 45887 Send Email 
Simon, Carly Thats The Way/alone 71 Elektra Good 6.00 45724, c Send Email 
Simon, Joe I Found My Dad/trouble In My Home 72 Spring Good 5.00 spr 130, c, vg record Send Email 
Simply Red Moneys Too Tight/picture Book  Elektra Very Good 0.00 96 95287, lc Send Email 
Smith Take A Look Around/mojalesky Ridge 70 Dunhill Fair 6.00 4228, lc Send Email 
Smith, Bro Bigfoot/same  Big Tree Very Good 0.00 bt 16061, c, promo Send Email 
Smith, Carl Im The One Who Loves You/theres No More Love 68 Colu Very Good 8.00 4 44620, lc Send Email 
Smith, Hank Therell Never Be Another You/sharing The Good Li  Quality Fair 0.00 1956 Send Email 
Soul, David Dont Give Up On Us/black Bean Soup 76 Private Stock Good 5.00 psr 45129x Send Email 
Space Just Blue/final Signal  Vogue Good 0.00 1250 1149, willowdale ont, label?? Send Email 
Spandau Ballet Gold/gold Live -pc-  Chrysalis Very Good 0.00 42743, pc good Send Email 
Spanky & Our Gang Making Every Minute Count/if You Could Only Be M 67 Merc Fair 8.00 72714 Send Email 
Spinners Could It Be Im Falling In Love/then Came You  Atl Gs Very Good 0.00 gs 45804, lc Send Email 
Split Enz I Got You/double Happy 80 A&m Very Good 5.00 2252, lc Send Email 
Springfield, Rick Celebrate Youth/stranger In The House -ps- 85 Rca Good 3.00 pb 14047, ps vg Send Email 
Springsteen, Bruce Hungry Heart/fade Away  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 c4 1107, lc Send Email 
Starpoint Its All Yours/dont Be So Serious  Elektra Good 0.00 7 69751, lc, vinyl g++ Send Email 
Stevens, Connie Lost In Wonderland/now That Youve Gone 65 Wb Good 12.00 5610, lc Send Email 
Stevens, Ray Sex Symbols/the Ballad Of Cactus Pete And Lefty 87 Mca Good 3.00 53232, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
Stevens, Shakin You Drive Me Crazy/baby Youre A Child  Epic Very Good 0.00 14 02865, lc Send Email 
Stonemans Christopher Robin/the Love I Left Behind  Mgm Good 0.00 13945x, lc Send Email 
Strange Advance We Run/nor Crystal Tears -ps-  Cap Good 0.00 72960, ps vg Send Email 
Stylistics Lets Put It All Together/i Take It Out On You 74 Avco Good 5.00 4640 Send Email 
Summer, Donna Cant We Just Sit Down/i Feel Love 77 Casablanca Good 6.00 nb 884 ++ Send Email 
Supremes The Composer/the Beginning Of The End 69 Tamla Motown Fair 8.00 1146 Send Email 
Supremes Love Child/some Things You Never Get Used To  Motown Yesteryear Very Good 0.00 y 494x Send Email 
Supremes & Temptations For Better Or Worse/the Weight 69 Tamla Motown Good 7.00 m 1153, c Send Email 
T Pau Hear And Soul/on The Wing  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1375, lc Send Email 
Taylor, James F. The Lady Cant Help Herself/no Place To Fall -ps-  Boomtown Very Good 0.00 wrcs3 5384, ps vg, edmonton label, beaumont artist Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Hooked On A Feeling/ive Been Down This Road Befo 68 Scepter Fair 8.00 sce 12230, c Send Email 
Tiny Tim Tip Toe Thru The Tulips With Me/fill Your Heart 68 Reprise Good 8.00 0679 Send Email 
Valente, Caterina The Voice Of -ep-  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2206, ps fair, cuts babalu,bambino/malaguena,mambo from chile Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino The Surest Things Can Change/i Just Wanna Stop  A&m Very Good 0.00 2072, lc Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Chapel By The Sea/one Love One Heartache 62 Dot Fair 6.00 16329 Send Email 
Vega, Suzanne Luka/night Vision 87 A&m Very Good 3.00 2937, lc Send Email 
Ventures Wipe Out/secret Agent Man  Ua Good 0.00 54557, c Send Email 
Village Stompers Second Hand Rose/the Poet And The Prophet 66 Epic Very Good 8.00 5 10017 Send Email 
Volunteers All Night Long/gypsy Thief  Arista Very Good 0.00 as 0236, lc Send Email 
Wade, Adam Dont Let Me Cross Over/rain From The Skies 63 Epic Good 8.00 5 9566, c Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton We Found It/love Have Mercy On Us 73 Rca Good 5.00 74 0893, lc Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton Burning The Midnight Oil/more Than Words Can Tel 71 Rca Good 6.00 74 0565, lc Send Email 
Warnes, Jennifer Right Time Of The Night/daddy Dont Go 76 Arista Good 5.00 as 0223, lc Send Email 
White, Tony Good Old Country Music/sad Song  Westmount Good 0.00 457647 Send Email 
White, Tony Traveling Road Show Band/how Great It Can Be  Westmount Fair 0.00 457614 Send Email 
Whitman, Slim My Melody Of Love/open Up Your Heart  Cleveland Int Good 0.00 14 02779 Send Email 
Whittaker, Roger Canada Is/yele -pc-  Tembo Good 0.00 ts1982, ps fair Send Email 
Williams, Doc Hannah/my House Of Broken Dreams  Quality Good 0.00 k 1458, c Send Email 
Williams, Roger Autumn Leaves 1955/autumn Leaves 1965 65 Kapp Good 6.00 k707, lc Send Email 
Wiltshire,teacho Tell Him/twilight Time  Epic Fair 0.00 5 9830 Send Email 
Wynette, Tammy Divorce/dont Make Me Now 68 Epic Good 8.00 5 10315, lc Send Email 
Wynette, Tammy Send Me No Roses/your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad 67 Epic Good 8.00 5 10134, lc Send Email 
Xtc Making Plans For Nigel/outside World  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1106, lc Send Email 
Young, Faron The Shrine Of St Cecilia/he Was There  Cap Good 0.00 f 3696, lc Send Email 
2x 12"
Hartz Mountain Parakeet Training Record Parakeet Teach Himself To Talk  Hartz Mountain Good 0.00 ub 52 470, pc vg Send Email 
Kingsmen / The Isley Brothers Louie Louie/twist And Shout  Eric Very Good 0.00 4007 Send Email 
Medley, Bill And Jennifer Warnes/mickey & Sylvia The Time Of My Life/love Is Strange  Rca Fair 0.00 5224 7 r, music from movie dirty dancing Send Email 
Shakin Stevens/bop Cats This Old House, Revenooer Man/buddy This Is It,r  Epic Good 0.00 e4 8457, dj copy 1981 special edition for grand opening of super clef 11 south edmonton Send Email 
Tv, History, How To Canary Training  Pet Foods Inc Good 0.00 ub 52 470 Send Email 
Tv, History, How To Duck Calling  Unknown Good 0.00 for mallards and all ducks of the puddler class, d 100 Send Email 
Not For Trade 5": 18, 6": 32, 7": 23, 10": 26, 12": 26, CD: 40, Tape: 38, Video: 18, Other: 49, Clothing: 34, Sticker: 34, Patch: 22, 8": 38, DVD: 11, Book: 15, 2x 12": 6

wabowden's List Summary

Not For Trade 5": 18, 6": 32, 7": 23, 10": 26, 12": 26, CD: 40, Tape: 38, Video: 18, Other: 49, Clothing: 34, Sticker: 34, Patch: 22, 8": 38, DVD: 11, Book: 15, 2x 12": 6

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