Real Name: n/a
Country: Canada

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
Not For Trade
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Miss Frenchy Brown/a Banda  A&m Good 0.00 gt 13x Send Email 
Beach Boys Do It Again/wake The World 68 Cap Good 12.00 2239, lc, barely good condition Send Email 
Black, Bill Combo Blue Tango/willie 60 Hi Good 15.00 2027 Send Email 
Bogaardt, Bros Riders In The Sky/river You Must Flow  Cavern Good 0.00 2214, c, label from independence missouri Send Email 
Boone, Pat At My Front Door/no Arms Can Ever Hold You 55 Reo/dot Good 20.00 8056, c Send Email 
Bradburn, Bob What Is A Fireman/same  None Fair 0.00 no # c, on label is fd local 209 edmonton Send Email 
Curtiss, Clint An Angel In Disguise/stop The World  Rca Good 0.00 75 1005 Send Email 
Daniels, Charlie Band Sweet Home Alabama/falling In Love For The Night 81 Epic Good 4.00 14 02185, lc, b side with crystal gayle Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Im A Lover/i Didnt Cry Today 69 Rca Fair 6.00 74 0292 Send Email 
Dawn Knock Three Times/candida  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 66 Send Email 
Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon/say Has Anybody Seen  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 81 Send Email 
Debarge Rhythm Of The Night/queen Of My Heart  Gordy Good 0.00 1770 Send Email 
Detergents Leader Of The Laundromat/ulcers 64 Roulette Good 20.00 4590, c Send Email 
Dion I Cant Help But Wonder Where Im Bound/southern T 68 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 44719, lc Send Email 
Domino, Fats Walking To New Orleans/dont Come Knockin 60 Imp Good 20.00 5675, c Send Email 
Downchild Blues Band Tryin To Keep Her 88s Straight/oh Oh  Attic Good 0.00 at 227, c Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Morning Train/calm Before The Storm 81 Emi America Good 5.00 8071, lc Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Telefone/wish You Were Here Tonight 83 Emi America Good 5.00 8172, lc Send Email 
Essex The Eagle/moonlight Music And You 66 Bang Fair 8.00 slight warp playable b537, c, white label Send Email 
Foghat Third Time Lucky/love In Motion 79 Bearsville Good 4.00 bss 49125, c Send Email 
Foley, Red Jilted/pin Ball Boogie  Decca Fair 0.00 9 29100, c, plays on old rp Send Email 
Francis, Connie Whos Sorry Now/youre Gonna Miss Me  Mgm Gold Good 0.00 gc 141, c Send Email 
Free All Right Now/mouthful Of Grass 70 Polydor Good 5.00 2001 079, lc, listing is for an a&m release Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Aint No Sunshine/livin In These Troubled Times  Colu Good 0.00 18 04048, lc Send Email 
Gore, Lesley Its My Party/you Dont Own Me  Rebound Very Good 0.00 230, c Send Email 
Gross, Henry Shannon/pokey 76 Lifesong Good 5.00 ls45002, c Send Email 
Idol , Billy Dancing With Myself/love Calling 83 Chrysalis Good 5.00 chs 42723, lc Send Email 
Just Friends Maybe Tonight/easy Done  Mustard Good 0.00 m 112 Send Email 
Karazov, Alexandrow Casatchok/jacobuska  Avril Very Good 0.00 a4 103 Send Email 
Kim, Andy Baby I Love You/gee Girl 69 Dot/steed Good 8.00 716, c Send Email 
Knox, Buddy Open/chi Hua Hua 62 Liberty Good 12.00 55411, c Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Celebration/morning Star 80 De Lite Good 4.00 807 Send Email 
Lane, Cristy One Day At A Time/i Knew The Mason 80 Ua Poor 5.00 1342, c, playable on old rp Send Email 
Last, James The Seduction/night Drive  Polydor Good 0.00 pd 2071 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll/four Stick 72 Atl Good 10.00 at 2865, c Send Email 
Little Richard Shes Got It/heeby Jeebies 56 Regency Good 50.00 538x, c, listing for a specialty release Send Email 
Loring, Gloria You Always Knew/friends And Lovers 86 Epic Good 5.00 zs4 06122 Send Email 
Mack, Onesy I Do Believe That Im Losing You/dollar To A Dime  Atl Fair 0.00 2938, c Send Email 
Main Ingredient Everybody Plays The Fool/who Can I Turn To 72 Rca Good 6.00 74 0731, lc Send Email 
Mancini, Henry A Shot In The Dark/the Shadows Of Paris  Rca Fair 0.00 8381 Send Email 
Marcel Tom Hawk Henry & The Country Royals Give Your Head A Shake/its Raining Over Morley  Horizon Good 0.00 wstm 457607 Send Email 
Mcguire Sisters Sugartime Twist/more Hearts Are Broken That Way 62 Coral Good 8.00 62305, c Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde Teasure Of Love/when Youre Sincere 56 Quality/atl Good 40.00 k1486, c Send Email 
Miles, Shan Soul People/pt 2  Shout Fair 0.00 222, c Send Email 
Miller, Glenn In The Mood/little Brown Jug  Rca Good 0.00 wp148, 47 2853 Send Email 
Monitors Time Is Passing By/step By Step 68 Soul  15.00 35049 Send Email 
Nazareth This Flight Tonite/love Hurts  A&m Good 0.00 8585, lc, a&m memories, double hit Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Make A Move On Me/falling 82 Mca Very Good 5.00 52000, pc fair Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia I Honestly Love You/home Aint Home Anymore 74 Mca Good 5.00 40280 Send Email 
One To One There Was A Time/wheres The Answer  Wea Very Good 0.00 25 88577, lc Send Email 
Patterson, Rick I Need Your Company/keep This Show On The Road  Damon Good 0.00 d137, pc Send Email 
Peterson, Kris Mamas Little Baby/same Instrumental  Cap Good 0.00 2014 b side instrumental by soul thythm band Send Email 
Pillow, Ray No Milk Today/gone With The Wine  Cap Good 0.00 2030 Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Aladdins Lamp/im Gonna Be Strong 64 Colu Good 20.00 mu4 1045, lc Send Email 
Platters Harbor Lights/only You  Golden Treasures Fair 0.00 113x Send Email 
Prism Young And Restless/deception  Cap Good 0.00 72829 Send Email 
Riperton, Minnie Lovin You/the Edge Of A Dream 74 Epic Good 8.00 8 50057 Send Email 
Ross, Jack Margarita/cinderella  Dot Fair 0.00 16333, c Send Email 
Schueller Band, Daryl Sharing You/going Back  Maple Haze Good 0.00 mh 7822 Send Email 
Sedaka, Neil Calendar Girl/oh Carol Rca Good 6.00 447 0575, lc Send Email 
Seely, Jeannie Hell Love The One Hes With/can I Sleep In Your A  Mca Good 0.00 40074 Send Email 
Shaw, Sandie Voice In The Crowd/monsieur Dupont 69 Rca Good 8.00 74 0118 Send Email 
Smith Take A Look Around/mojalesky Ridge 70 Dunhill Fair 6.00 4228, lc Send Email 
Smith, Hank Therell Never Be Another You/sharing The Good Li  Quality Fair 0.00 1956 Send Email 
Soul, David Dont Give Up On Us/black Bean Soup 76 Private Stock Good 5.00 psr 45129x Send Email 
Space Just Blue/final Signal  Vogue Good 0.00 1250 1149, willowdale ont, label?? Send Email 
Spanky & Our Gang Making Every Minute Count/if You Could Only Be M 67 Merc Fair 8.00 72714 Send Email 
Stevens, Connie Lost In Wonderland/now That Youve Gone 65 Wb Good 12.00 5610, lc Send Email 
Supremes The Composer/the Beginning Of The End 69 Tamla Motown Fair 8.00 1146 Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Hooked On A Feeling/ive Been Down This Road Befo 68 Scepter Fair 8.00 sce 12230, c Send Email 
Tiny Tim Tip Toe Thru The Tulips With Me/fill Your Heart 68 Reprise Good 8.00 0679 Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Chapel By The Sea/one Love One Heartache 62 Dot Fair 6.00 16329 Send Email 
Warnes, Jennifer Right Time Of The Night/daddy Dont Go 76 Arista Good 5.00 as 0223, lc Send Email 
White, Tony Good Old Country Music/sad Song  Westmount Good 0.00 457647 Send Email 
White, Tony Traveling Road Show Band/how Great It Can Be  Westmount Fair 0.00 457614 Send Email 
Whitman, Slim My Melody Of Love/open Up Your Heart  Cleveland Int Good 0.00 14 02779 Send Email 
Whittaker, Roger Canada Is/yele -pc-  Tembo Good 0.00 ts1982, ps fair Send Email 
Wiltshire,teacho Tell Him/twilight Time  Epic Fair 0.00 5 9830 Send Email 
2x 12"
Tv, History, How To Canary Training  Pet Foods Inc Good 0.00 ub 52 470 Send Email 
Tv, History, How To Duck Calling  Unknown Good 0.00 for mallards and all ducks of the puddler class, d 100 Send Email 
Not For Trade 5": 1, 6": 5, 7": 1, 10": 9, 12": 7, CD: 4, Tape: 5, Video: 5, Other: 9, Clothing: 4, Sticker: 6, Patch: 2, 8": 11, DVD: 3, Book: 6, 2x 12": 2

wabowden's List Summary

Not For Trade 5": 1, 6": 5, 7": 1, 10": 9, 12": 7, CD: 4, Tape: 5, Video: 5, Other: 9, Clothing: 4, Sticker: 6, Patch: 2, 8": 11, DVD: 3, Book: 6, 2x 12": 2

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