Real Name: n/a
Country: Canada


I listen too much music.

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Metal
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
For Trade
Candiru Disadvantage Of Surprise  Relapse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Axis Of Advance Purify  Osmose Productions  0.00 limited to 500 copies. white wax. Send Email 
Audio Kollaps Music From An Extreme, Sick World  Crimes Against Humanity Records  0.00 promo copy. comes w/patch. Send Email 
Bosque Brown Cerro Verde 2006 Burnt Toast Vinyl Excellent 0.00 single-sided, etchings on the other side. comes with CD. Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach Endless Summers 2001 Slap-a-ham Excellent 0.00 on yellow wax. Send Email 
Klaus Doldinger Das Boot Das Original Filmmusik 1981 Wea Mint 0.00 sealed. Send Email 
Wolfbrigade Progression / Regression    0.00 Picture LP edition. Send Email 
For Trade: 7" - 1, 10" - 1, 12" - 5
Not For Trade
Barbatos/incriminated Split Ep  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 On black wax. Very, very rare. Send Email 
Abigail Tribute To Gorgon Ii 2011 Hmss Mint 0.00 first 100 copies come with fliers Send Email 
Absu The Temples Of Offal  Gothic Records  0.00 Purple wax. Double-sided insert included. Send Email 
Ancestors Ii 2009 Youth Attack Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Arkhon Infaustus / Revenge The Toddler And The Priest / Deathless Will  Osmose Productions  0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl, I Must Take From The Earth And Make It My  Hospital Productions  0.00 limited to 300 copies. Send Email 
Bone Awl Undying Glare  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Single-sided EP. Black wax. Send Email 
Bone Awl Night Is Indifferent  Klaxon Records  0.00 numbered #381/400 Send Email 
Bone Awl Nights Middle  Klaxon Records/nuclear War Now!  0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl Lindow Man  Apoptosis Records  0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl At The Ellipses Arc  Northern Sky Productions.  0.00 limited to 150 copies? Send Email 
Dead World Dead World  Relapse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Decrepitaph Resurrected And Rotting 2009 Doomentia Records Mint 0.00 limited to 100 on clear wax. Send Email 
DestrÖyer 666 See You In Hell 2010 Invictus Productions Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Divisions Self-titled 2008 Human Crushing Recordings Mint 0.00 comes with insert and band logo sticker Send Email 
Doraid Devil's Highway 2011 Torture Machine Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Doraid/syphilitic Vaginas Split 2011 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 numbered #518/530 Send Email 
Doraid/syphilitic Vaginas Split 2011 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 special edition, #75/100 Send Email 
Evil Army Under Attack  Hells Headbangers  0.00 Die Hard edition. numbered #91/100. Send Email 
Hell Darkness Heartfelt 2009 Doomentia Records Mint 0.00 limited to 100 on transparent red vinyl. Send Email 
Incantation Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies  Relapse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Incantation Entrantment Of Evil  Seraphic Decay  0.00  Send Email 
Jack Rose Untitled 2006 Tequila Sunrise Excellent 0.00 hand-written numbered edition. Send Email 
Miasmal Self-titled 2010 Me Saco Un Ojo/detest Records Mint 0.00 transparent red-coloured vinyl. limited to 100 copies of that colour. Send Email 
Morbosidad Legiones Bestiales 2006 Nuclear War Now! Productions Excellent 0.00 regular edition. Send Email 
Nifelheim / Sadistik Exekution Tribute To Slayer Magazine  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition, limited to 200. Send Email 
Nifelheim / Vulcano Thunder Metal  I Hate Records  0.00  Send Email 
Nocturnal Blood Invocation Of Spirits 2010 Hell's Headbangers Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Pitch Shifter Death Industrial  Syncophant  0.00 clear wax. Send Email 
Revenge Superion.command.destroy 2002 War Hammer Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Sabbat Darkness & Omeko 2011 Hmss Mint 0.00 #117, X'mas gift for regular HMSS customers only. Send Email 
Sabbat Darkness & Omeko 2011 Hmss  0.00 #118, X'mas gift for regular HMSS customers only. Send Email 
Salvation Smoke And Mirrors 2008 Youth Attack Mint 0.00 on white wax. Send Email 
Sex Vid Nests  Dom America  0.00  Send Email 
Spear Of Longinus Black Sun Society  Vinland Wind  0.00 #199/488. comes with 3x stickers and logo patch. Send Email 
Teitanblood / Necros Christos Split  Sepulchral Voice  0.00  Send Email 
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Hare Hare Yukai  Lantis  0.00 ED single of the anime series. Japanese import. Limited to 2000 copies Send Email 
Unholy Grave Grind Blitz 2010 Heavy Metal Super Star Records Mint 0.00 #113 Send Email 
Weapon Para Bhakti... Salvation  Full Moon Productions  0.00  Send Email 
Agalloch / Nest Split (picture Ep)  Infinite Vinyl Series  0.00 numbered #629 out of 1000 Send Email 
Disforterror Impalement And Holocaust Stench  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 die hard edition. comes with bonus 7" EP. Send Email 
Ildjarn Forest Poetry 2002 Northern Heritage Excellent 0.00 autographed by Ildjarn (Vidar Vaaer) Send Email 
Mythos Moulded In Clay 2009 Nuclear Winter Records Mint 0.00 black wax, limited to 400 copies. Send Email 
Revenge Attack.blood.revenge 2004 Agonia Records Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Absu Barathrum: V.i.t.r.i.o.l.  Osmose Records  0.00 first pressing Send Email 
Absu Barathrum: V.i.t.r.i.o.l. 2011 The Crypt Mint 0.00 triple LP boxset on red/black wax. Send Email 
Akitsa Sang Nordique  Meurtre Noir  0.00  Send Email 
Anatomia Dissected Alive (you Yell Yet) 2010 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 regular edition, #110/114 Send Email 
Ancestors Ancestors 2007 Youth Attack Excellent 0.00 on white wax. Send Email 
Anne Briggs Sing A Song For You  Bo Weavil Records  0.00  Send Email 
Arghoslent Arsenal Of Glory  Kneel Before The Masters Throne  0.00 limited to 444 copies. Send Email 
Arghoslent Incorrigible Bigotry  Death To Mankind  0.00 limited to 500 copies. Send Email 
Barebones Back In Your Black    0.00 numbered edtion. #17/500 Send Email 
Barebones Ground    0.00  Send Email 
Bathory Self-titled  Under One Flag  0.00 first pressing. Send Email 
Bathory The Return...  Combat  0.00  Send Email 
Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark  Under One Flag  0.00  Send Email 
Black Witchery Upheaval Of Satanic Might  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 regular edition. Send Email 
Black Witchery Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 regular edition. Send Email 
Black Witchery / Conqueror Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance  Dark Horizon  0.00  Send Email 
Black Witchery / Conqueror Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance 2010  Mint 0.00 comes with NWN patch. my copy comes with two duplicate inserts. Send Email 
Blasphemophagher Nuclear Empire Of Apocalypse  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Bolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos 1989 Earache Records Very Good 0.00 gatefold LP edition, no booklet Send Email 
Bolt Thrower Warmaster 1991 Earache Records Very Good 0.00 no booklet included. I swear, I have bad luck. Send Email 
Bone Awl Bog Bodies/magnetism Of War  Goatowarex  0.00 xeroxed front and back covered came unglued. Send Email 
Bone Awl Not For Our Feet  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl Meaningless Leaning Mess  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 regular edition. Send Email 
Boris With Michio Kurihara Rainbow  Inoxia Records  0.00 Signed by the band in 2008. Regular edition. Send Email 
Born Heller Self-titled  Bo Weavil Records  0.00 numbered edition Send Email 
Burzum Det Som Engang Var  Misanthropy  0.00 comes with poster Send Email 
Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss  Misanthropy  0.00 does not come with catalogue insert. #198 Send Email 
Children Of Technology It's Time To Face The Doomsday 2010 Agipunk Mint 0.00 "Nuke 'em High" edition, numbered out of 200 Send Email 
Children Of Technology Give Me Gasoline Or Give Me Death 2009  Mint 0.00 12" maxi-single with silk-screen on non-etched side. #61/300 Send Email 
Chronic Decay Justify Your Existence 2010 Me Saco Un Ojo Mint 0.00 transparent yellow-coloured vinyl. limited to 100 copies of that colour. Send Email 
Conqueror War.cult.supremacy  Death To Mankind  0.00 limited to 500 copies. Send Email 
Damaar Triumph - Through Spears Of Sacrilege  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition, limited to 200. Send Email 
Dead Congregation Grave Of The Archangels  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 test press. #9/20 Send Email 
Death Leprosy 1988 Combat Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Deathspell Omega Kénôse  Norma Evangelium Diaboli  0.00 second pressing Send Email 
Deathspell Omega Manifestations 2002  Northern Heritage  0.00 limited to 666 copies. Send Email 
Deathspell Omega Vinyl Box Set 2010 Norma Evangelium Diaboli Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Demigod Slumber Of Sullen Eyes  Drowned Productions  0.00  Send Email 
Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence  Century Media  0.00  Send Email 
Destroyer 666 Violence Is The Prince Of This World  Modern Invasion  0.00  Send Email 
DestrÖyer 666 Defiance 2009 Seasons Of Mist Mint 0.00 transparent red wax. Send Email 
Discharge Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 2006 Earmark Excellent 0.00 clear vinyl wax, 140gram weight. Send Email 
Do Make Say Think Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead 2000 Constellation Records Excellent 0.00 autographed by the whole band. Send Email 
Doraid Metal Punk Holocaust 2011 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 Test pressing #7/7, comes with laminated certificate, staff release info sheet (laminated), 160g heavy weight black vinyl with white labels. Send Email 
Doraid Death Line City 2011 Torture Machine Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Doraid Metal Punk Holocaust 2010 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Excellent 0.00 regular edition, #86/129 Send Email 
Embrace Of Thorns Atonement Ritual 2009   0.00 Die hard edition on red coloured vinyl, poster, patch and sticker Send Email 
Espers The Weed Tree  Locust Records  0.00  Send Email 
Espers Espers Ii  Drag City  0.00  Send Email 
Flames Of Hell Fire And Steel 2010 Bootleg Mint 0.00 on purple wax. comes with insert. Send Email 
G.i.s.m. Detestation 2009 Bootleg Mint 0.00 comes with fold-out insert. pink wax. Send Email 
God Macabre Eve Of Souls Forsaken 2010 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 regular edition, #96/179 Send Email 
Godflesh Streetcleaner  Earache Records  0.00  Send Email 
Godflesh Godflesh 1988 Swordfish Mint 0.00 clear wax. Send Email 
Gorgon Summer Of Love - Live 2005 2012 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 triple LP set, #24/132 Send Email 
Graveland Drunemeton  Forever Plagued Records  0.00 comes with patch. limited to 150 copies. Send Email 
Grinning Death's Head No Afterlife 2010 Youth Attack Mint 0.00 white coloured wax Send Email 
Hellhammer Demon Entrails  Century Media  0.00 triple LP edition. Send Email 
Ignivomous Path Of Attrition  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition, limited to 200. Send Email 
Ignivomous Death Transmutation 2009 Nuclear War Now! Productions Mint 0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Ildjarn Ildjarn-nidhogg 2003 Northern Heritage Excellent 0.00 autographed by Ildjarn (Vidar Vaaer). white wax Send Email 
Immortal Pure Holocaust  Osmose Records  0.00 first pressing Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Ugra-karma  Osmose Records  0.00 first pressing. original album cover. Send Email 
Impiety Tormenters Of Nagoya 2010 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 regular edition Send Email 
Incantation Blasphemous Cremation 2009   0.00 #36/666, first 100 on red coloured vinyl. Send Email 
Incantation Onward To Golgotha 1992 Relapse Records Excellent 0.00 original Relapse Record pressing, on transparent red wax. Send Email 
Insaniac At Large -remastered 2009 Ver- 2009 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Excellent 0.00 regular edition, #78/120 Send Email 
Integrity The Blackest Curse 2010 Deathwish Mint 0.00 clear wax. Send Email 
Jack Rose Kensington Blues 2008 Tequila Sunrise Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Kat 666  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 regular edition. comes w/poster. Send Email 
Kerasphorous Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn 2010 Nuclear War Now! Productions Mint 0.00 die hard edition. comes w/ patch, sticker and different artwork. Send Email 
Krypts Open The Crypt 2010 Me Saco Un Ojo Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Laibach Jesus Christ Superstar  Mute Records  0.00  Send Email 
Little Busters! Analog Collector Edition  Key Sound Label / Otsu  0.00 based on a visual novel game. limited to 500 in Japan ONLY. Send Email 
Marissa Nadler The Saga Of Mayflower May  Eclipse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Martire Martire  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition. Send Email 
Masters Hammer Ritual  Monitor Records  0.00  Send Email 
Masters Hammer Ritual / Jilemence Occultist  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Masters Hammer Ritual / Jilemence Occultist / Slagry 2009 Nuclear War Now! Productions Mint 0.00 Test press box set #24/25 with band logo and name on black on black box. Ritual/Jilemence Occultist in clear RED and Slagry in clear YELLOW. Comes with MEDIUM size t-shirt of the band logo and paper insert. Send Email 
Meg Baird Dear Companion  Drag City  0.00  Send Email 
Melvins Houdini  Amrep  0.00  Send Email 
Melvins Stoner Witch  Atlantic  0.00 pink wax. promo copy? Send Email 
Melvins The End  Enterruption  0.00 pink wax. numbered edition. Send Email 
Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath 1984 Roadrunner Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Miasmal Demo 2008 2009 Detest Records/nuclear War Now! Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Ministry The Land Of Rape And Honey  Warner Bros.  0.00 Canadian pressing. Send Email 
Ministry Rio Grande Blood  13th Planet  0.00 white wax. numbered edition. Send Email 
Ministry Burning Inside 1989 Warner Bros. Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Morbosidad Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition. Send Email 
Morbosidad Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Test pressing. #4/5 Send Email 
Mortuary Drape Into The Drape / Mourn Path  Iron Tyrant  0.00 Band edition. Comes with Large-size t-shirt. Limited to 50 copies. Send Email 
Mystifier Baphometic Goat Worship  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 7x LP die hard edition, silver wax with medium t-shirt. HEAVY FUCKING BOX. Send Email 
Nifelheim Devils Force  Necropolis Records  0.00  Send Email 
Nifelheim Self-titled  Necropolis Records  0.00  Send Email 
Nocturnal Graves Satans Cross  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition, limited to 200. Send Email 
Nocturnal Graves Satans Cross  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Test pressing. #15/20. Send Email 
Old Old Lady Drivers 1988 Earache Records Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Order From Chaos Stillbirth Machine  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Pan-thy-monium ...dawn & Dream Ii 2010 Dark Symphonies Mint 0.00 on gold-coloured vinyl, numbered edition. Send Email 
Parabellum Sacreligio / Mutacion Por Radiacion 2009 Bootleg Mint 0.00 on black wax. Send Email 
Perversor Cult Of Destruction 2009 Nuclear War Now! Productions Excellent 0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Perversor Demon Metal 2010 Hell's Headbangers Mint 0.00 Half-red, half-grey coloured wax. #25/100 Send Email 
Pitch Shifter Industrial  Peaceville Records  0.00  Send Email 
Pitch Shifter Submit Ep  Earache Records  0.00  Send Email 
Pitch Shifter Infotainment 1996 Earache Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Possessed Seven Churches  Combat  0.00 first pressing with embossed cover. Send Email 
Proclamation Execration Of Cruel Bestiality 2009 Nuclear War Now! Productions Mint 0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Proclamation Execration Of Cruel Bestiality 2009 Nuclear War Now! Productions Mint 0.00 yellow colour test pressing, #15/20 Send Email 
Proclamation/teitanblood Split  Kneel Before The Masters Throne  0.00 regular edition. comes with two posters. Send Email 
Proclamation/teitanblood Split Ep  Kneel Before The Masters Throne  0.00 picture LP test pressing. Limited to 5 copies. Send Email 
Procreation Incantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses Of The  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 regular edition. Send Email 
Psychic Possesor Toxin Diffusion 1988 Cogumelo Records Very Good 0.00 Autographed in pen on the back cover. Send Email 
Repulsion Horrified  Necrosis  0.00 first pressing Send Email 
Revenge Infiltration.downfall.death  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition. Send Email 
Revenge Victory.intolerance.mastery  Osmose Records  0.00  Send Email 
Revenge Infiltration.downfall.death  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Test pressing. #15/20. Send Email 
Revenge Victory.intolerance.mastery  Hells Headbangers/osmose  0.00 Die Hard edition. numbered #46/111. Send Email 
Revenge Triumph.genocide.antichrist  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 picture disc LP regular edition.  Send Email 
Rippikoulu Musta Seremonia 2010 Svart Records Mint 0.00 clear wax version. limited to 250 copies. Send Email 
Salvation Of Unforgiving Wind 2009 Youth Attack Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Sarcofago Inri  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 regular edition. comes w/poster. Send Email 
Satan's Satyrs Undead At Wmuc 2011 Taphephobia Productions Mint 0.00 12" lathe cut LP on clear wax. Send Email 
Savage Live Aardshock 1984 2010 Heavy Metal Super Star Records Excellent 0.00 die hard edition, #21. NOT the special edition. Send Email 
Sempiternal Deathreign The Spooky Gloom 1989 Foundation 2000 Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Slaughter Fuck Of Death  Hells Headbangers  0.00 picture LP edition. limited to 777 and numbered. Send Email 
Slaughter Strappado  Bloody Karnage  0.00 picture LP edition. limited to 666 copies. Send Email 
Slaughter Strappado  Diabolic Force/fringe Records  0.00  Send Email 
Slaughter Nocturnal Karnage 2010 Agipunk Mint 0.00 Chainsaw Edition, #78/100 Send Email 
Slayer Live Undead 1984 Metal Blade  0.00  Send Email 
Stench Of Decay Where Death And Decay Reign 2010 Me Saco Un Ojo Mint 0.00 black wax. Send Email 
Sunn O))) White Box  Southern Lord  0.00 Numbered #398 Send Email 
Syphilitic Vaginas Alpha Antichrist 2011 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 regular edition, #128/254 Send Email 
Taylor Bow Thin Air 2009 Youth Attack Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Terror Squad The Legacy Of The Jailbreakers 2011 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 #97/141, with Bulldozer singer A.C. Wild Send Email 
Terror Squad Her Holy Hell 2007 Heavy Metal Super Star Records Excellent 0.00 #86/100, special edition with pink denim bag Send Email 
The Delgados Hate 2002 Mantra Records Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Therion Of Darkness... 1991 Deaf Records Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Undergång Indhentet Af Doden 2010 Me Saco Un Ojo Excellent 0.00 Record Boy Japan version. comes with obi-strip, #8/50, on brown marble wax. Send Email 
Unholy Grave Obliterated 2006 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Very Good 0.00 regular edition, #44/175 Send Email 
Unholy Grave Emergent Evil Mission 2009 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 regular edition Send Email 
Unholy Grave Immortal Grind Legion 2010 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 regular edition Send Email 
Unholy Grave Infernal Bangkok 2012 Heavy Metal Super Star Records Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Voidd Victim Of The Violent Vehicle 2009 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Mint 0.00 special edition #29/165. Send Email 
Voidd Desperate Truth 2007 Heavy Metal Super Stars (hmss) Excellent 0.00 HMSS pressing, #60/105 regular edition Send Email 
Walknut Graveyard And Their Shadows  Northern Heritage  0.00 limited to 500 copies. Send Email 
Witchfinder General Buried Amongst The Ruins  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition. Send Email 
Yasunori Mitsuda Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album 2011 Square-enix Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Agalloch The White Ep  Vendlus  0.00 comes with bonus sampler CD. Send Email 
Akira Yamaoka And Sota Fujimori Shin Contra Original Soundtrack  Konami  0.00 comes with obi-strip Send Email 
Angela Sora No Koe (voice Of The Sky)  Pioneer Entertainment Usa  0.00 comes with limited edition card. Send Email 
Aya Hirano Bouken Desho Desho  Bandai Entertainment  0.00 from Haruhi volume 1 limited edition DVD Send Email 
Aya Hirano Character Song Volume 1: Haruhi Suzumiya  Bandai Entertainment  0.00 from Haruhi volume 2 limited edition DVD Send Email 
Aya Hirano Haruhi No Tsumeawase  Bandai Entertainment  0.00 from Haruhi volume 4 limited edition DVD Send Email 
Burzum Aske  Deathlike Silence Productions  0.00 first pressing. Send Email 
Demigod Slumber Of Sullen Eyes 1992 Drowned Productions Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Frank Klepacki Command & Conquer:renegade Ost  Westwood Studios  0.00  Send Email 
Frank Klepacki Command And Conquer 2:tiberian Sun Ost  Westwood Studios  0.00  Send Email 
Frank Klepacki Awakening Of Aggression  Self-release  0.00  Send Email 
Frank Klepacki Infiltrator  Self-released  0.00 autographed. my name is credited in the "thank you" list! Send Email 
Hidenori Iwasaki Front Mission 5 ~scars Of The War~ Original Strk  Square-enix  0.00 comes with obi-strip Send Email 
Hokago Tea Time "k-on!!" Insert Songs Hokago Tea Time Ii 2010 Pony Canyon Mint 0.00 limited edition pressing, comes with cassette tape. Send Email 
Kenji Ito Saga Frontier Original Soundtrack  Square-enix  0.00 re-issue. no obi-strip. Send Email 
Kuniaki Haishima Spriggan Cd Soundtrack  Adv Films  0.00 from Spriggan DVD bundle Send Email 
Norihiro Tsuru / Yuriko Nakamura Progress  Pioneer Entertainment Usa  0.00  Send Email 
Revenge Attack.blood.revenge  Dark Horizon  0.00  Send Email 
Takefumi Haketa Somedays Dreamers Original Soundtrack  Pioneer Entertainment Usa  0.00  Send Email 
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Hare Hare Yukai  Bandai Entertainment  0.00 from Haruhi volume 3 limited edition DVD Send Email 
Yuki Kajiura Fiction  Victor Entertainment Japan  0.00 comes with obi-strip Send Email 
Akitsa La Grande Infamie    0.00 limited to 500 copies. Send Email 
Asdautas / Bone Awl Split 2011 Crepúsculo Negro Mint 0.00 second pressing, #151/200 Send Email 
Bone Awl Up To Something    0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl Almost Dead Man  Klaxon Records  0.00 regular edition. Send Email 
Bone Awl All Has Red  Klaxon Records  0.00 Slipcase edition w/obi-style strip. Send Email 
Bone Awl By Ropes Through Dirt  Worship Him  0.00 limited to 500 copies. Send Email 
Bone Awl Bog Bodies  Black Abyss Productions  0.00 limited to 300 copies? Send Email 
Bone Awl At The Ellipse Arc  Klaxon Records/northern Sky Prod  0.00 oversized insert in resealable bag. Send Email 
Bone Awl Not For Our Feet  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl All Has Red  Klaxon Records Mint 0.00 Different cover similar to Ildjarn's self-titled. Tape comes in red colour. Tour edition ONLY. Send Email 
Bone Awl Almost Dead Man 2009 Klaxon Records Mint 0.00 Tape on silver and cover in YELLOW cover. Tour edition ONLY. Send Email 
Bone Awl Sunless Xyggos 2010 Klaxon Records Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Bone Awl / The Rita Split  Klaxon Records  0.00  Send Email 
Death Cult Suicide Demo I 2010 Irradiated Corpse Mint 0.00 unnumbered copy Send Email 
Divisions Fin 2009 Human Crushing Recordings Mint 0.00 comes with resealable ziplock bag, 9mm bullet, insert. #160/300 Send Email 
Doraid Alive At The Inferno - Volume 4 2011 Torture Machine Mint 0.00 limited to 350 copies Send Email 
Grinning Death's Head Self-titled 2008 Destructive Industries Mint 0.00 first pressing, black on red cover. limited to 45 copies. Send Email 
Horrid Cross Demo Iii 2010 Irradiated Corpse Mint 0.00 unnumbered copy Send Email 
Nocturnal Blood True Spirits Of Old... 2009 Kampf Excellent 0.00 numbered #50/300 Send Email 
Nocturnal Graves Deathstorm 2004 Self-released Mint 0.00 numbered #67/111 Send Email 
Nocturnal Graves Profanation Of Innocence 2004 Self-released Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Raspberry Bulbs Finally Burst... 2009 R.b. Records Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Raspberry Bulbs Dust In The Fallen Face 2010 R.b. Records Excellent 0.00 limited to 100 copies. comes with booklet. Send Email 
Raspberry Bulbs Lone Gunman 2010 R.b. Records Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Revenge Victory.intolerance.mastery  Rcp Tapes  0.00  Send Email 
Ride At Dawn Demo Ii 2009 Satan's Din Mint 0.00 unnumbered for some reason... limited to 100. Send Email 
Ride At Dawn Aktion Report I 2010 Nurse Etiquette Mint 0.00 hand-numbered edition. limited to 99 copies. Send Email 
Teitanblood Genocide Chants To Apolokian Dawn  Self-release  0.00 yellow J-sleeve edition. re-release? Send Email 
Vasaeleth Demo Mmix 2009 Satanic Skinhead Propaganda Mint 0.00  Send Email 
Volkurah / Bone Awl / Hammer / Vordr Vinland Vs. Finland  Northern Sky  0.00  Send Email 
2x 12"
Archgoat The Aeon Of The Angelslaying Darkness 2010 Debemur Morti Mint 0.00 MASSIVE deluxe boxset with 2 CD set on chipboard slipcase and book-bound cover/jacket. Incredible shit. Send Email 
Archgoat/black Witchery Desecration And Sodomy  Blasphemous Underground  0.00 splatter red and black wax. limited to 100. Send Email 
Blasphemy Blood Upon The Altar / Gods Of War  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Die Hard edition, limited to 200. Send Email 
Blasphemy Fallen Angel Of Doom  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Test pressing. #15/20. Comes with XL T-shirt Send Email 
Blasphemy Blood Upon The Altar / Gods Of War  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Test pressing. Comes with XL T-shirt. Send Email 
Boris Pink  Southern Lord  0.00 signed by the band in 2008. comes with envelope of blotter paper. Send Email 
Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh Self-titled  Drag City  0.00  Send Email 
Ildjarn Strength And Anger  Northern Heritage  0.00 limited to 500 copies. Send Email 
Ildjarn Ildjarn Is Dead 2005 Northern Heritage Excellent 0.00 comes with the long 10,000 word essay Send Email 
Inquisition Anxious Death/forever Under  Nuclear War Now! Productions  0.00 Test pressing. #3/5 Send Email 
Killing Joke Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell  Let Them Eat Vinyl  0.00  Send Email 
Root The Temple In The Underworld 2009 Dark Symphonies Mint 0.00 on grey-coloured vinyl, #450/500 Send Email 
Teitanblood Seven Chalices  Noevdia  0.00 black wax. Send Email 
Troum Sen  Equation Records  0.00 limited to 97 copies. coloured edition. Send Email 
Voor Evil Metal 2010 Nuclear War Now! Productions Mint 0.00 die hard edition. Send Email 
Not For Trade 5": 1, 7": 38, 10": 5, 12": 147, CD: 21, Tape: 30, 2x 12": 15

SlavikCC's List Summary

For Trade: 7" - 1, 10" - 1, 12" - 5
Not For Trade 5": 1, 7": 38, 10": 5, 12": 147, CD: 21, Tape: 30, 2x 12": 15

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