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Not For Trade
A Flock Of Seagulls A Flock Of Seagulls 1982 Jive  5.33  Send Email 
A Flock Of Seagulls Listen 1983 Beehive Trading Ltd.  13.00 Includes 3 Bonus Tracks: Rosenmontag, Quicksand, The Last Flight of Yuri Gagarin Send Email 
A Flock Of Seagulls The Story Of A Young Heart 1984 Cherry Pop  6.34 Includes 7 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
A Flock Of Seagulls Dream Come True 1986 Almacantar  29.99  Send Email 
A Flock Of Seagulls Magic (cd Single) 1989 Crescendo  0.89 4-Track CD Single, includes Radio Mix and Extended Versions Send Email 
A-ha Memorial Beach 1993 Warner Bros.  0.20  Send Email 
Abba Greatest Hits 1976 Atlantic  22.70  Send Email 
Abba Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1979 Atlantic  4.74  Send Email 
Abc Beauty Stab 1983 Mercury  9.91 Includes 3 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Abc How To Be A ... Zillionaire! 1985 Mercury  7.70 Includes 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Abc Alphabet City 1987 Mercury  37.94 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Abc Up 1989 Mercury  2.23 Includes 5 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Abc Abracadabra 1991 Mca  0.01 Includes 2 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Abc Traffic 2008 Borough Music Ltd.  6.54 Double Gatefold Paper Sleeve Send Email 
Ac/dc Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976 Atco  1.32  Send Email 
Ac/dc Who Made Who 1986 Atlantic  1.10  Send Email 
Adam & The Ants Dirk Wears White Sox 1979 Columbia  2.08 Includes 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Adam & The Ants Kings Of The Wild Frontier 1980 Epic  2.43  Send Email 
Adam & The Ants Prince Charming 1981 Columbia  2.82 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Adam Ant Friend Or Foe 1982 Columbia  2.99 Digipak with 12 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Adam Ant Strip 1983 Columbia  18.09 Digipak with 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Adam Ant Antics In The Forbidden Zone 1990 Epic  0.17 Compilation Album Send Email 
Adam Ant B-side Babies 1994 Epic/ Legacy  32.99  Send Email 
Adorable Against Perfection 1993 S B K  14.99  Send Email 
Adorable Fake 1994 Creation Records  22.98  Send Email 
Aerosmith Toys In The Attic 1975 Columbia  2.86  Send Email 
Aerosmith Draw The Line 1977 Columbia  2.88  Send Email 
Aerosmith Pump 1989 Geffen  0.33  Send Email 
Aerosmith Big Ones 1994 Geffen  0.01  Send Email 
Agent Orange Living In Darkness 1981 Rhino  149.00 Includes 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Alarm The Alarm 1983 21st Century Recording  84.74 5-Track EP. Paper Sleeve. Send Email 
Alarm Declaration 1984 21st Century Recording  95.99 Includes 10 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Alarm Strength 1985 21st Century Recording  136.38 Includes 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Alarm Change 1989 21st Century Recording  9.99 Includes 5 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Alarm Raw 1991 I. R. S.  0.01  Send Email 
Alice In Chains Dirt 1992 Columbia  0.01  Send Email 
Allez Allez African Queen And Promises 1982 Virgin  7.55  Send Email 
Allman Brothers Band A Decade Of Hits 1969-1979 1991 Polydor  0.20  Send Email 
Alphaville The Singles Collection 1988 Atlantic  0.01  Send Email 
Alphaville The Breathtaking Blue 1989 Atlantic  4.89  Send Email 
Altered Images Happy Birthday 1981 Edsel  76.85 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Altered Images Pinky Blue 1982 Edsel  109.71 Includes 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Altered Images Bite 1983 Edsel  64.98 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Altered Images Destiny: The Hits 203 Epic  3.00  Send Email 
America Silent Letter 1979 One Way Records  10.98  Send Email 
America View From The Ground 1982 One Way Records  13.70  Send Email 
America Your Move 1983 One Way Records  11.94  Send Email 
America Perspective 1984 One Way Records  23.74  Send Email 
Andrew W. K. I Get Wet 2002 Island Records  0.24  Send Email 
Antediluvian Rocking Horse Music For The Odd Occasion 1997 Seeland  4.78  Send Email 
Any Trouble Where Are All The Nice Girls? 1980 Compass Records  5.35  Send Email 
Anything Box Peace 1990 Epic  4.49  Send Email 
Apb Something To Believe In (20th Anniversary Editio 1985 Young American Recordings  24.99 2 CD Set Send Email 
Apb Three 2006 Red River Records  12.04  Send Email 
Aqua Aquarium 1997 M C A  0.01  Send Email 
Arcade Fire Neon Bible 2007 Merge Records  7.00 Boxed Set Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Arcadia So Red The Rose 1985 Capitol  0.81  Send Email 
Art Of Noise Into Battle With The Art Of Noise 1983 Repertoire  4.60 CD & DVD 20th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
Art Of Noise Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise 1984 Island Records  0.01  Send Email 
Art Of Noise In Visible Silence 1986 China/ Polydor  5.63  Send Email 
Art Of Noise Re - Works Of Art Of Noise 1986 Chrysalis  1.41  Send Email 
Art Of Noise In No Sense? Nonsense! 1987 Chrysalis  1.97  Send Email 
Art Of Noise The Best Of Art Of Noise 1988 China/ Polydor  0.22 Blue Cover Send Email 
Art Of Noise Below The Waste 1989 China/ Polydor  8.97  Send Email 
Art Of Noise The Seduction Of Claude Debussy 1999 Z T T  1.43  Send Email 
Artists United Against Apartheid Sun City 1985 Razor & Tie  24.99  Send Email 
Ashra Correlations 1979 Virgin  24.58  Send Email 
Associates The Affectionate Punch 1980 Fiction  8.93 Includes 4 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Associates Wild And Lonely 1990 E M I  0.01 Includes 5 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Associates Singles 2004 Warner Strategic Marketing  7.52 2 CD Set Send Email 
Atomic Roooster Atomic Roooster 1970 Repertoire  14.00 Includes 1 Bonus Track not on LP Send Email 
Au Pairs Playing With A Different Sex 1981 R P M  11.99 Includes 8 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Au Pairs Sense & Sensuality 1982 R P M  4.99 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Aztec Camera High Land, Hard Rain 1983 Sire/ Reprise  5.78 Includes 3 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Aztec Camera Love 1987 Sire  0.01  Send Email 
Aztec Camera How Men Are 1988 W E A  0.01 4-Track CD Single EP Send Email 
Aztec Camera Stray 1990 Sire/ Reprise  0.01  Send Email 
Aztec Camera Dreamland 1993 Sire/ Reprise  0.01  Send Email 
Aztec Camera Retrospect 1993 Sire/ Reprise  2.96 Promotional Release Only Send Email 
Aztec Camera Frestonia 1995 Reprise  0.01  Send Email 
B - Movie The Platinum Collection 2005 Warner Music  25.99  Send Email 
B-52s The B-52s 1979 Warner Bros.  0.01  Send Email 
B-52s Wild Planet 1980 Warner Bros.  1.50  Send Email 
B-52s Party Mix/ Mesopotamia 1982 Reprise  11.97  Send Email 
B-52s Whammy! 1983 Warner Bros.  8.84  Send Email 
B-52s Bouncing Off The Satellites 1986 Warner Bros.  1.97  Send Email 
B-52s Cosmic Thing 1989 Reprise  0.01  Send Email 
B-52s Good Stuff 1992 Reprise  0.01  Send Email 
B-52s Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation 1998 Reprise  0.38 Promotional Pressing Send Email 
B-52s Funplex 2008 Astralwerks  1.59 CD Digipak Send Email 
Babys On The Edge 1980 One Way Records  10.00  Send Email 
Bad Company Bad Company 1974 Swan Song  1.03  Send Email 
Bad Manners Forging Ahead 1982 Epic/ Portrait  1.38  Send Email 
Bad Manners Lip Up Fatty 1996 Dojo Records  2.67  Send Email 
Bad Manners Rare & Fatty 1999 Moon Ska  6.12  Send Email 
Bad Manners Stupidity 2003 Bad Records  7.98  Send Email 
Bad Manners Special Brew 2005 Warner Music  2.89  Send Email 
Bad News Bad News 1989 E M I  10.49  Send Email 
Balaam & The Angel The Greatest Story Ever Told 1986 Cherry Red  41.00 Includes 4 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Balaam & The Angel Live Free Or Die 1987 Cherry Red  29.97 Includes 2 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Balaam & The Angel Sun Family: The Chapter 22 Years 1986 Anagram Records  173.15 Includes 9 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Deep Sea Skiving 1983 Rhino  7.69 Includes 5 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Bananarama 1984 Rhino  9.05 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama True Confessions 19986 Rhino  0.01 Includes 7 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Wow! 1987 Rhino  3.36 Includes 7 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Pop Life 1991 Rhino  0.21 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Please Yourself 1992 Rhino  8.00 Includes 5 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Ultra Violet 1996 Curb Records  0.32 Includes 1 Bonus Track not on LP Send Email 
Bananarama Drama 2006 The Lab  0.30  Send Email 
Bangles All Over The Place 1984 Columbia  7.11  Send Email 
Bangles Different Light 1985 Columbia  0.01  Send Email 
Bangles Everything 1988 Columbia  1.06  Send Email 
Bangles Doll Revolution 2003 Koch Records  1.35 Includes Limited Edition DVD Send Email 
Bangles Glitter Years: Rarities & Gems 2005 C M G  2.84  Send Email 
Bash & Pop Friday Night Is Killing Me 1993 Sire/ Reprise  10.92  Send Email 
Basia The Sweetest Illusion 1994 Epic  0.01  Send Email 
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead 1979 Not Available  18.45 3-Track EP Send Email 
Bauhaus 1979-1983 Volume One 1986 Beggars Banquet  5.49  Send Email 
Bauhaus 1979-1983 Volume Two 1986 Beggars Banquet  6.74  Send Email 
Bauhaus Go Away White 2008 Redeye  3.99 Promotional Pressing Send Email 
Be Bop Deluxe Futurama 1975 E M I  8.99 Includes 3 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Be Bop Deluxe Drastic Plastic 1978 E M I  1.94 Includes 3 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill 1986 Def Jam  0.26  Send Email 
Beastie Boys Some Old Bullshit 1994 Grand Royal  0.63  Send Email 
Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science 1999 Capitol  0.19 2 CD Digipak with Slipcase Send Email 
Beatles Help! 1965 Parlaphone  3.96  Send Email 
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1967 Parlaphone  5.01  Send Email 
Beatles The Beatles 1968 Capitol  7.78 2 CD Set. Also known as "The White Album" Send Email 
Beatles Abbey Road 1969 Parlaphone  3.72  Send Email 
Beatles Let It Be 1970 Parlaphone  4.50  Send Email 
Beau Hunks The Beau Hunks Play The Original Little Rascals  1994 Koch Screen  21.80  Send Email 
Beck One Foot In The Grave 1994 K Records  0.01  Send Email 
Beck Midnite Vultures 1999 Geffen  0.01 CD Digipak Send Email 
Belle Stars Belle-issima! Sweet Memories ... 2004 Edsel  30.99 2 CD Set. Send Email 
Belouis Some Some People 1985 Cherry Pop  6.12 Includes 6 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Ben Folds Five The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner 1999 550 Music  0.46  Send Email 
Bryan Adams So Far So Good 1993 A & M  0.01 Compilation Album. Club Copy. Send Email 
Carlos Alomar Dream Generator 1987 Private Music  3.99  Send Email 
Chipmunks The Alvin Show 1961 E M I  14.67  Send Email 
Chipmunks Christmas With The Chipmunks 2007 Capitol/ E M I  0.75  Send Email 
Chipmunks Greatest Hits: Still Squeaky After All These Yea 2007 Capitol/ E M I  6.42  Send Email 
Christina Aguilera Bionic 2010 R C A  0.25  Send Email 
Daniel Ash Coming Down 1991 Beggars Banquet  0.01  Send Email 
Fiona Apple Tidal 1996 Work/ Clean Slate  0.01  Send Email 
Herb Alpert Rise 1979 A & M  1.60  Send Email 
Herb Alpert North On South St. 1991 A & M  4.40  Send Email 
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Greatest Hits 1970 A & M  0.99  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading Show Some Emotion 1977 A & M  0.99  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading Me Myself I 1980 A & M  2.12  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading Walk Under Ladders 1981 A & M  5.98  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading The Key 1983 A & M  17.95  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading Secret Secrets 1985 A & M  10.97  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading The Shouting Stage 1988 A & M  0.01  Send Email 
Joan Armatrading Square The Circle 1992 A & M  0.01  Send Email 
Laurie Anderson Mister Heartbreak 1984 Warner Bros.  0.32  Send Email 
Lily Allen Alright, Still 2007 Capitol  0.01  Send Email 
Marc Almond Stories Of Johnny 1985 Virgin  14.16 Includes 2 Bonus Tracks not on LP Send Email 
Marc Almond Jacky 1991 Sire/ Reprise  11.98 5 Track Maxi-Single CD Send Email 
Marc Almond Tenement Symphony 1991 Sire/ Reprise  0.01  Send Email 
Marc Almond Absinthe - The French Album 1990 Thirsty Ear  5.21  Send Email 
Pat Benatar In The Heat Of The Night 1979 Chrysalis  5.73  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Crimes Of Passion 1980 Chrysalis  3.99  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Precious Time 1981 Capitol/ E M I  3.99  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Tropico 1984 Chrysalis  8.48  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Seven The Hard Way 1985 Chrysalis  0.71  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Wide Awake In Dreamland 1988 Chrysalis  0.33  Send Email 
Pat Benatar True Love 1991 Chrysalis  0.01  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Gravity's Rainbow 1993 Chrysalis  0.29  Send Email 
Pat Benatar Synchronistic Wanderings 1999 Chrysalis/ Capitol  19.96 3 CD Digipak with Slipcase. Subtitled "Recorded Anthology 1979 to 1999". Send Email 
Pat Benatar Go 2003 Bel Chiasso  17.10  Send Email 
Richard Barone Cool Blue Halo 1987 Line Records  3.99  Send Email 
Richard Barone Primal Dream 1990 M C A/ Paradox  0.01  Send Email 
Richard Barone Clouds Over Eden 1993 Mesa  7.99  Send Email 
Scott Bradley Tex Avery Cartoons 1993 Milan  1.99  Send Email 
Soundtrack Absolute Beginners 1986 Virgin  29.10  Send Email 
Soundtrack Against All Odds 1984 Atlantic  1.61  Send Email 
Soundtrack All That Jazz 1979 Spectrum Music  1.69  Send Email 
Soundtrack An American Werewolf In Paris 1997 Hollywood Records  6.80  Send Email 
Soundtrack American Teen 2008 Columbia  0.01  Send Email 
Soundtrack Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs 1993 Kid Rhino  23.99  Send Email 
Soundtrack Austin Powers 1997 Hollywood Records  0.01  Send Email 
Soundtrack Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999 Maverick  0.01  Send Email 
Soundtrack Bachelor Party 1984 Superfecta Recordings  17.95  Send Email 
Soundtrack Back To The Beach 1987 Columbia  39.35  Send Email 
Soundtrack Bad News Bears 2005 Rykodisc  1.20  Send Email 
Soundtrack Batman 1989 Warner Bros.  0.01  Send Email 
Various Artists A Very Special Christmas 1987 A & M  7.76  Send Email 
Various Artists A Very Special Christmas 3 1997 A & M  7.47  Send Email 
Various Artists Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Collection 1991 Alligator Records  0.01 2 CD Set Send Email 
Various Artists Casey Kasem: America's Top 10 Through The Years 2000 Top Sail Music  5.23 1960s Send Email 
Various Artists Casey Kasem: America's Top 10 Through The Years 2000 Top Sail Music  2.33 1990s Send Email 
Not For Trade CD: 191

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Not For Trade CD: 191

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