Real Name: Stanley Murgolo
Country: United States

Pulsars Demos Lp Ii  Almo Sounds  0.00 Never released Album #2 looking for the demo record -WANTED!!  Send Email 
Good Fall Reliable Meat Market  Bwl Productions  0.00 WANTED!! Send Email 
Jail Decor 2003 Decor  0.00 DCOR 001 Send Email 
Kick In (formerly Interpreters) Sweat Shop Till You Drop 2001 Big Wheel Recreation  0.00 BWL 243 Send Email 
Knives (ex-lazy) Demos  Demos  0.00 If you have any demos of Knives or any other Steve Schmoll related recordings... please let me know!!! Send Email 
Papas Fritas Retards/cowboys + No Time For Surprises  Self Released Cassette  0.00 Self Released Cassette -WANTED!! Send Email 
Wanted: 12" - 1, CD - 4, Tape - 1
For Trade
Air-sea Dolphin/honey Radar (split) Exploding/spillman Was A Motorhead 2017 Chunklet/third Uncle  0.00 CHK7024/ENO074 Send Email 
Air-sea Dolphin/sloshy (split) Bells/asd Theme B/w B-est Of B-sides/american 2018 Chunklet/third Uncle  0.00 CHK7036/ENO091 Send Email 
Alfalpha Sofa Loafer/blue 1976 Emi  0.00 EMI 2421 (no p/s) Send Email 
Alvvays Antisocialites B-sides 2017 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Ant, Adam Cool Zombie/gun In Your Pocket 2013 Blueblack Hussar  0.00 BBH 001V Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence Apple Pie Bed/toy Orchestra 2010 Bella Union  0.00 BELLAV233 Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence Lick Your Wounds/perfect Specimens 2012 Honorary Bedouin  0.00 HBED7001 Send Email 
Aztec Camera Mattress Of Wire/lost Outside The Tunnel 1981 Postcard  0.00 81.8 Send Email 
Aztec Camera Just Like Gold/we Could Send Letters 1981 Postcard  0.00 81.3 Send Email 
Beck Gamma Ray/gamma Ray (jay Reatard Version) 2008 Xl Recordings  0.00 XLS 377b (white vinyl) Send Email 
Beck Looking For A Sign/corrina, Corrina 2012 Fonograf  0.00 FF-LP 003 Send Email 
Beltbuckle S/t Ep 1993 Sonic Bubblegum  0.00 GUM 013 (clear vinyl) Send Email 
Benson, Brendan What Kind Of World/go Deco 2012 Readymade/thirty Tigers  0.00 rr0003 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Diamond/good To Me (demo) 2013 Readymade/thirty Tigers  0.00 RR008 Send Email 
Bis Sweet Shop Avengerz (hi-fi Mix) +2 1997 Wiiija  0.00 WIJ 67X ... All About D and Us/Automatic Freestyle Send Email 
Bis Everybody Thinks That They're Going To... +3 1997 Wiiija  0.00 WIJ 69X ... Get Theirs (Live on Beat Patrol)/Pop Star Kill (Original 4 track version)/Girl Star/(It's the) Ram Jam Send Email 
Bis You Wrecked My Christmas/i Was Born On Christmas 2017 Snowflake  0.00 Snowflake 15 (white vinyl) Christmas singles club Send Email 
Bis/big Zero (split) Boredom Could Be Good For You 2016 Do Yourself In  0.00 DYI018 (clear blue vinyl) ... Tear It Up and Start Again Send Email 
Certain Someones Certain Someones/sad Salvation 2013 Murder  0.00 MUR 055 (clear vinyl) Send Email 
Chrome Cranks Rubber Rat/street Waves 2015 Encierro  0.00 ENCI 002 (red vinyl) No. 28 of 300 Send Email 
Cocker, Jarvis Don't Let Him Waste Your Time/big Stuff 2007 Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADS385 (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Cocker, Jarvis Don't Let Him Waste Your Time/one Man Show 2007 Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADSX385 (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Rosalie/i Know The Ghost 2011 Happy Hermit  0.00 HH-2011 (white vinyl) (no p/s) Send Email 
Cupid Car Club, M.p. Join Our Club... (werewolves) Ep 1993 Kill Rock Stars  0.00 KRS 215 Send Email 
D'arcy, Thomas You Lovely You/when We Get Into It 2012 Thomas D'arcy  0.00 TDM001 No. 25 of 100 Send Email 
Darian Do You Have Any Regrets?/i Wanna Pick You Up 1997 Pop The Balloon  0.00 BANG 6 Send Email 
Db's Picture Sleeve/write Back 2011 Orange  0.00 ORA1011 Send Email 
Db's (stamey, Chris) (i Thought) You Wanted To Know/if And When 1978 Car  0.00 CRR 7 Send Email 
Deal, Kim Walking With A Killer/dirty Hessians 2013 Recorded All Wave  0.00 DEAL01-7 Send Email 
Deal, Kim Hot Shot/likkle More 2013 Recorded All Wave  0.00 DEAL02-7 Send Email 
Deal, Kim Are You Mine?/wish I Was 2013 Recorded All Wave  0.00 DEAL03-7 Send Email 
Deal, Kim Biker Gone/beautiful Moon 2014 Recorded All Wave  0.00 DEAL 05-7 (clear vinyl) Send Email 
Deal, Kim & Morgan Nagler The Root/range On Castle 2014 Recorded All Wave  0.00 DEAL04-7 Send Email 
Destroyer/wye Oak (split) Madame Butterfiles/prodigy 2008 Merge  0.00 MRG 334 (no p/s) Send Email 
Dream Academy The Love Parade/girl In A Million/ +2 1985 Blanco Y Negro/wea  0.00 NEG 16F Limited Edition (2-7" gatefold set) ... The Love Parade(Instrumental)/Things We Said Today Send Email 
Dream Academy Indian Summer/heaven Part 1 1987 Blanco Y Negro/reprise  0.00 NEG 27 Send Email 
Elastica The Bitch Don't Work/no Good! 2001 Wichita  0.00 WEBB026S Send Email 
Elastica Cleopatra 1995 Deceptive  0.00 Bluff 014 (flexi) (no p/s) Send Email 
Fastbacks All In Order/answer The Phone, Dummy/allison 1994 Birdtime Bird Co.  0.00 no catalog number (pink marble vinyl) (no p/s) Send Email 
Fastbacks Wait It Out/the Jester 1994 Munster  0.00 REF 7057 gatefold Send Email 
Fastbacks Maybe/on The Couch/teenage F.b.i./i'll Return 1998 Munster  0.00 REF 7122 Send Email 
Fenton, David Fresh Air/buried In Snow 1983 Razor  0.00 RZS 106 Send Email 
Forster, Robert Baby Stones/the Land That Time Forgot 1990 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BEG 245 Send Email 
Go-betweens Worlds Apart 2005 Lo-max  0.00 LO-MAX 022V Send Email 
Gonzalez, Wesley I Spoke To Euan/come Through And See Me 2016 Moshi Moshi  0.00 MOMO48 Send Email 
Haysi Fantayzee In The Mix 1983 Flexipop/lyntone London  0.00 Flexipop 27/LYN12770 (green flexi) (no p/s) Send Email 
Hoop, Jesca Phonograph/moon Rock Needle 2013 Bella Union/stage Three  0.00 LASTL016V (clear blue vinyl) Send Email 
Imperial Teen Imperial Teen/waterboy/shayla 1996 Custom.45s  0.00 Custom 001 (white vinyl) Send Email 
Imperial Teen Ivanka/sweet And Touching 1998 Custom.45s  0.00 Custom 002 Send Email 
International Language Where The Bands Are/rodney's English Disco 1995 Sympathy For The Record Industry  0.00 SFTRI 357 Send Email 
Jail Semaine De Quatre Jeudis Ep 2002 Decorated  0.00 DCOR 004 Send Email 
Jaill Hype/sure Don't 2012 Sub Pop  0.00 SP 1019 (no p/s) Send Email 
Joy Electric Uphold Your Love/have I 2013 Eep Society  0.00 no catalog number (no p/s) Send Email 
Langley Sisters Queen Bee/someday In The Past 2009 Velvet Blue  0.00 VBM 130 Limited Edition No. 244 of 400 (white vinyl) Send Email 
Lazy Fire Escape/what You Want/california Screaming 1997 Elastic  0.00 ELS-015 Send Email 
Lazy You An Me/broken/jacked-up Nova 1994 Roadtrip  0.00 2368-7 (clear vinyl) Send Email 
Lazy/brainiac (split) Nothing/what's My Secret?-dexatrim 1994 Simple Solution  0.00 SS-006 (clear vinyl) Send Email 
Lazy/clifford Nevernew (split) Let's Ignite Tonight/overhook 1997 Deary Me  0.00 DM-0010 Send Email 
Let's Wrestle/love Language (split) I'm So Lazy/brittany's Back 2010 Merge  0.00 MRG 386 Limited Edition Send Email 
Let's Wrestle/young Governor (split) Crushing Nerves/old Hat 2010 Tough Love  0.00 TLV040 No. #463 of 500 Send Email 
Lilys/big Troubles (split) Well Travelled Is Protest/comb My Hair 2012 Speakertree  0.00 SPKR-006 (sea green marble vinyl) Send Email 
Lustre The Perfect Cigar/sexy Yard Raker 1995 Cargo/headhunter  0.00 HED-717 Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Brother's Keeper/mea Culpa 2012 Super Ego  0.00 SE 032 (no p/s) Send Email 
Marbles I Love The Summer (summer Days)/our Song 1997 Elephant 6/parasol  0.00 E6-009 Send Email 
Marbles Christmas Song/holiday Mood 2004 Bi-fi  0.00 BF034 No. 284 of 400 Send Email 
Mates Of State/sparklehorse/shins (split) Lower/shade And Honey/caring Is Creepy, It Is 2001 Devil In The Woods-magazine #3.3  0.00 DIW #44 No. 53 of 500 Send Email 
Mazzy Star I'm Less Here/things 2014 Rhymes Of An Hour  0.00 Rhymes 005 (clear vinyl) Send Email 
New Pornographers Plays Outrageous Cherry: Togetherness 2010 Matador  0.00 OLE 934 Send Email 
New Pornographers Moves/a Drug Deal Of The Heart 2011 Matador  0.00 OLE 959 Send Email 
Newman, A.c. The Heartbreak Rides/you've Got To Be Kidding Me 2009 Broken Horse  0.00 BKH-45 001 No. 216 of 300 Send Email 
Octa#grape As Long As I Forget/elephant Telephone 2012 Thing Thing Thing  0.00 TTTrecs005 (purple marble vinyl) No. 50 of 60 Send Email 
Papas Fritas Friday Night/smash This World/angel 1994 Sunday Driver  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Pavement Black Out/extradition 2006 Matador  0.00 OLE 749-7 Buy Early Get Now #2 (no p/s) Send Email 
Pink, Ariel/elbrecht, Jorge (split) Hang On To Life/ No Real Friend 2013 Mexican Summer  0.00 MEX161-7 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Tonight's The Rodeo/astral City Slicker 2013 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-37 (blue vinyl) Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree Bullseye/bullseye (demo) 2011 Good  0.00 GRR 17 Limited Edition (baby blue-red marble vinyl) No. 196 of 200 Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree It's Christmas/a Visit From St. Nicholas 2011 Good  0.00 GRR 21 Limited Edition (clear green vinyl) No. 3 of 300 Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree What Would You Do?/what Would You Do? (demo W/in 2012 Good  0.00 GRR 22 Limited Edition (Jawbreaker color vinyl) No. 255 of 300 Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree/grandaddy (split) The March/the Rugged And Splintered Entertainmen 2003 Birdman  0.00 BMR 53 Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Go Go Girl/simon E 1989 Cheree  0.00 Cheree F3 (flexi) Send Email 
Possum Dixon Music For A One Bedroom Apartment (possum Box) 1992 Pronto  0.00 PR 7550 (3-7" boxset) clear purple/clear red/clear green vinyl Send Email 
Possum Dixon Nerves/who You Are 1992 Surf Detective/flipside  0.00 SD-0001/FLIP 0490 (magenta vinyl) Send Email 
Possum Dixon/black Angels Death Song (split) Sister/twelve Stations To Go 1991 Piece Of Mind  0.00 no catalog number (clear red vinyl) (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Powhida, (john) International Airport Daddy's The Man/surrender To The Disco Knightz 2010 Q-division  0.00 QDIV1048 (clear aqua vinyl) #5 of Rock and Soul Series Send Email 
Preteen Zenith Breathe/breathe (complete Intro Only) 2011 Good  0.00 GRR 18 Limited Edition (clear yellow vinyl) No. 192 of 200 Send Email 
Pulsars Teenage Nites Ep 1995 Sweet Pea  0.00 SP-009 Send Email 
Raconteurs Open Your Eyes/you Made A Fool Out Of Me 2012 Third Man  0.00 TMR148 From the Vault Series #12 (no p/s) Send Email 
Reaction I Can't Resist/i Am A Case 1978 Island/emi  0.00 WIP 6437 Send Email 
Reatard, Jay You Get No Love/i Am Growing 2010 Shattered  0.00 SR205 No. 135 of 500 Send Email 
Redd Kross Smith Family #1 1991 Reflex Magazine  0.00 #15/16 Volume 2 Issue 4 EV-107444 (flexi) (no p/s) Send Email 
Redd Kross/side Eyes (split) Songs That Chargo Taught Us 2016 In The Red  0.00 ITR-293 (blue vinyl) Screaming/Don't Talk to Me Send Email 
Ruth Ruth Brainiac/love Potion #10 1996 Deep Elm  0.00 DER-357 (pink marble vinyl) Send Email 
Self Monogamy/could You Love Me Now? 2015 El Camino  0.00 ECM032-1 (copper vinyl) Send Email 
Shins When I Goose-step/the Gloating Sun 1999 Omnibus  0.00 Omni 022 Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Blue Ice/forever 2012 Bud Fox  0.00 no catalog number (clear vinyl) Send Email 
Sloan Kids Come Back Again/december 25 2016 Murder  0.00 mur 061 (clear red vinyl) Send Email 
Soul-junk 1947 Ep 1995 Karate  0.00 KBR-008 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1946 Ep 1995 Sub Pop  0.00 SP 301 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1944 Ep 1998 Infinite Chug  0.00 CHUG 7 (Bird Cover) Send Email 
Soul-junk 1939 Ep 2002 Milk & Honey  0.00 MHR 005 (Subscription Series #2) Send Email 
Soul-junk 1945 Ep 1994 Homestead/dutch East India  0.00 HMS 225-7 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Hammering The Cramps/too Late 1995 Slow River  0.00 SRR 74 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Come On In/blind Rabbit Choir 1998 Slow River  0.00 SRR 7-32 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Don't Take My Sunshine Away/galveston 2006 Capitol-emi/parlophone  0.00 370950-7 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Ghost In The Sky/marigold 2006 Capitol-emi/parlophone  0.00 370951-7 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Knives Of Summertime/caroline 2006 Capitol-emi/parlophone  0.00 370952-7 Send Email 
Sparks Check Out Time 11am/edith Piaf 2017 Bmg  0.00 538329661 Send Email 
Spoon Not Turning Off/party Up 1996 Matador  0.00 OLE 211-7 Send Email 
Spoon Anticipation/headz 1998 Mag Wheel  0.00 Mag 023 (clear red vinyl) Send Email 
St. Vincent Krokodil/grot 2012 4ad  0.00 AD 3211 (red vinyl) (no p/s) Send Email 
Stereolab The Underground Is Coming 1999 Duophonic  0.00 D-UHF-D24 (Cobra and Phases tour single) Send Email 
Stereolab Jump Drive Shut-out/solar Throw-away 2006 Duophonic  0.00 DS45-38 (Fab Four Suture tour single) Send Email 
Stereolab Free Witch And No-bra Queen/speck Voice 2001 Duophonic  0.00 DS45-30 (Sound-Dust tour single) Send Email 
Stereolab Rose, My Rocket-brain! +2 2004 Duophonic  0.00 D-UHF-D30S (Margerine Eclipse tour single) ... Banana Monster Ne Répond plus/University Microfilms International Send Email 
Stereolab Spool Of Collusion/forensic Itch 2008 4ad/duophonic  0.00 AD2820 Send Email 
Stereolab Explosante Fixe/ L`exotisme Intérieur 2008 Duophonic  0.00 DS45-43 (Chemical Chords tour single) Send Email 
Stevens, Sufjan Exploding Whale/fourth Of July (ppd Remix) 2015 Asthmatic Kitty  0.00 AKR371 (clear vinyl w/red/blue splatter) Send Email 
Suede For The Strangers/darkest Days/hit Me/human Tide 2013 Warner Bros.  0.00 SUESX004 (2-7" gatefold set) Send Email 
Superchunk Void/faith 2013 Merge  0.00 MRG 490 (clear vinyl) No. 223 of 1000 Send Email 
Superchunk This Summer/cruel Summer 2012 Merge  0.00 MRG 449 (white vinyl) No. 639 of 1300 Send Email 
Superchunk Me & You & Jackie Mittoo/sunset Arcade 2013 Merge  0.00 MRG 479 (clear blue vinyl) Send Email 
Superchunk I Got Cut/up Against The Wall 2017 Merge  0.00 MRG 600 No. 264 of 500 Send Email 
Superchunk I Hate History/glue 2013 Matador  0.00 OLE-1015 (pink vinyl) Singles Going Home Alone Series Send Email 
Superchunk/aqua-teen Hunger Force Misfits And Mistakes/(featuring Meatwad) 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 302 (picture vinyl) (no p/s) Send Email 
Supergrass Rebel In You/car Crash 2008 Supergrass/parlophone  0.00 PARL001 No. 227 of 1,500 (signed) Send Email 
That Dog Totally Crushed Outtakes 2017 Hello  0.00 HR003 (white vinyl) Send Email 
Thee Oh Sees/reatard, Jay (split) 7484/castiatic Tackle/telephone Network Voltage/ 2009 Shattered  0.00 SR069 ... Blank Blogs Send Email 
They Might Be Giants Avatars Of They Ep 2013 Idlewild  0.00 IDLE 129 (no p/s) Send Email 
Tourists From The Middle Room/into The Future 1980 Rca  0.00 FREE 5001 (clear yellow vinyl) (no p/s) Send Email 
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players Look At Me/don't You Know What I Mean 2002 Cass  0.00 MAMA-008 (pink marble vinyl) Send Email 
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players Your Favorite Song/next Year 2006 Ghost Town, Manitoba  0.00 GTMB-001 (clear green vinyl) No. 368 of 500 Send Email 
U.n.c.l.e. Joe's Big Ol' Driver/lustre (split) Lip Gloss/junior 1995 Headhunter/cargo  0.00 HED-711 Send Email 
Ultimate Painting Dust On My Eyes/i Wish I Could Disappear 2016 Trouble In Mind  0.00 TIM 118 Send Email 
Ween Tried And True/mountains And Buffalo 2003 Sanctuary  0.00 SANDJ-85561-7 Send Email 
Whitaker, Jonny Friends/you You 1973 Chelsea  0.00 BCBO-0056 Send Email 
World Party Ship Of Fools/holy Water 1987 Chrysalis/ensign  0.00 VS4 43052 Send Email 
Add N To (x) Little Black Rocks In The Sun/voices 1/2/3 1998 Mute  0.00 10Mute217 Hexagon shaped Send Email 
Havalina (rail Co.) A Bullfighter's Guide To Space And Love Ep 2001 Pete  0.00 PTE-01 extra track Send Email 
Lazy Revolutions Per Minute 1995 Roadtrip  0.00 RT 2337-1 Send Email 
Sandoval, Hope & The Warm Inventions Son Of A Lady 2017 Tendril Tales/ingrooves  0.00 TT04 Send Email 
Sparks Two Hands, One Mouth/mr. Hulot 2012 Lil' Beethoven  0.00 LBRV6X (picture vinyl) Send Email 
Abc The Box Inside The Box 2016 Virgin/emi  0.00 ABCBOX 1 (2-LP boxset) w/3-DVD's Send Email 
Act Too Late At 20 1981 Hannibal  0.00 HNBL 1306 Send Email 
Allen, Gary In White America Ep 1982 19ninety9  0.00 1999-1 DK 1010 Send Email 
B-52's Whammy! 1983 Warner Bros.  0.00 923819-1 Original tracklisting (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Beatnik Beatch At The Zula Pool 1986 Industrial  0.00 BB 4002 (clear blue vinyl) Send Email 
Beatnik Flies From Parts Unknown 1985 Dacoit  0.00 1002 Send Email 
Beatnik Flies Behind These Walls 1988 New Rose  0.00 Rose 154 (printed inner insert) Send Email 
Beck I Won't Be Long/i Won't Be Long (extended) 2013 Fonograf  0.00 FF-01 Send Email 
Beck Defriended/defriended (extended) 2013 Fonograf  0.00 FF-02 Send Email 
Beck Gimme/gimme (instrumental)/mix/extended 2013 Fonograf  0.00 FF-03 (2-LP gatefold set) Send Email 
Bertei, Adele Build Me A Bridge (vocal)/ +1 1983 Geffen  0.00 920128-0 ... Take It to the Bridge (Instrumental) Send Email 
Bertei, Adele When It's Over (dance Mix)/ +2 1985 Chrysalis  0.00 Chs 12 2907 ... When It's Over (Metal Mix)/Every Little Bit Hurts Send Email 
Breeders Fate To Fatal Ep 2009 Period  0.00 no catalog number No. #261 of 1000 Send Email 
Byrne, Robert Electric Hair: Switched-on-hits From The Musical 1970 Evolution/quality  0.00 2013 Send Email 
Cohen, Alice Walking Up Walls 2009 Olde English Spelling Bee  0.00 #16 (printed inner insert) Send Email 
Cohen, Alice Wild Vines & Tenement Shrines 2013 Sixteen Tambourines  0.00 STR 042 (printed inner insert) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cohen, Alice Into The Grey Salons 2015 Crinoline/olde English Spelling   0.00 3/91 (grey vinyl) Send Email 
Coombes, Gaz One Of These Days/break The Silence 2013 Hot Fruit  0.00 HF005LP No.106 of 250 signed Send Email 
Db's Revolution Of The Mind Ep 2013 Orange  0.00 ORA1012 (clear orange vinyl) Send Email 
Dead Milkmen Welcome To The End Of The World Ep 2017 The Giving Groove  0.00 GG002Y (clear yellow vinyl) Limited Edition No.332 of 500 Send Email 
Destroyer Bay Of Pigs/ravers 2009 Merge  0.00 MRG 326 Send Email 
Destroyer Archer On The Beach/grief Point 2010 Merge  0.00 MRG 401 (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Dream Academy Life In A Northern Town (extended)/test Tape No. 1985 Wea  0.00 92 03380 ... Life in a Northern Town (7"Mix)/ Poised on the Edge of Forever Send Email 
Eight (8)-bit Construction Set Atari Vs. Commodore 2000 Beige  0.00 BEG-004 (printed inner insert) Send Email 
Eurythmics The Walk/invisible Hands/dr. Trash/the Walk Pt.2 1982 Rca  0.00 RCAT 230 (maxi-single) Send Email 
Fastbacks Now Is The Time 2016 No Threes  0.00 N3-015 (2-LP gatefold set) Send Email 
Fastbacks If You Want To Slow Down... Step On The Gas 2018 No Threes  0.00 N3-018 Send Email 
Flaming Lips (w/ Neon Indian) Is David Bowie Dying?/alan's Theremin/ +2 2011 Warner Bros./lovely Sorts Death  0.00 no catalog number ...You Don't Respond/Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth Part 2 (lavender marble vinyl) Send Email 
Flock Of Seagulls Talking (remix)/talking (inst.)/factory Music 1983 Cocteau  0.00 COQT 3 Send Email 
Grogan, Clare Lomb Bomb (extended/dub)/i Love The Way You Beg 1987 London  0.00 886164-1 Send Email 
Hot Butter More Hot Butter 1973 Pye  0.00 NSPL 28181 Send Email 
Joy Electric Ministry Of Archers 2005 Republic Of Texas/tooth And Nail  0.00 ROTR-004 (half orange/half mint green vinyl) (printed inner sleeve) extra tracks Send Email 
Louris, Gary Vagabonds 2018 Run Out Groove  0.00 ROGV-035 (2-LP set) extra tracks Send Email 
Lustre S/t 1996 A&m  0.00 124095-1 (clear blue vinyl) extra track Send Email 
Mozart's Sister Hello Ep 2013 Merok  0.00 MEO46V Send Email 
O'lodeon, Nick (cornwell, Nick) Kaleidocosmicorgrig 1970 Nick O'lodeon  0.00 NOR-1 Send Email 
Octagrape Red Ufo 2013 Thing Thing Thing/sounds Familyr  0.00 007/SF-48 Send Email 
Pavement Live Europaturnén 1997 2008 Matador  0.00 OLE-324 Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny The Other Side Of Midnight 2014 Self-released  0.00 49091-4 Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny Fresh Flesh 2017 Self-released  0.00 407111-2 Send Email 
Poly Styrene God's & Godesses Ep 1986 Awesome  0.00 AOR7T Send Email 
Pooh Sticks S/t Ep 1988 Fierce  0.00 Fright 028 (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Think Bubble 2014 Fierce  0.00 Fright 064 gatefold Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Lions In My Own Garden (exit Someone)/radio Love 1984 Kitchenware  0.00 SK8 ... The Devil Has All the Best Tunes/Walk On Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Couldn't Bear To Be Special/spinning Belinda +1 1984 Kitchenware/cbs  0.00 SK1012 ... Donna Summer Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Faron Young (truckin' Mix)/silhouettes 1985 Kitchenware/cbs  0.00 SKX22 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Appetite/heaven Can Wait/oh, The Swiss! 1985 Kitchenware/cbs  0.00 SKX23 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Johnny Johnny/wigs/the Guest Who Stayed Forever  1985 Kitchenware/cbs  0.00 SKX24 ...Old Spoonface is Back Send Email 
Prefab Sprout The King Of Rock 'n' Roll (maxi-single) 1988 Cbs/kitchenware  0.00 651536-6 b/w Moving the River/Dandy of the Danube/Tin Can Pot Send Email 
Pulp After You (soulwax Remix)/after You 2013 Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADST699 Send Email 
Radiohead Supercollider/the Butcher 2011 Ticker Tape/xl/tbd/hostess  0.00 TICK002 Send Email 
Radiohead Ok Computer - Oknotok 1997-2017 2017 Xl  0.00 XLLP868 (3-LP set) w/cassette remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Reatard, Jay Live At Golden Plains 2008 Shattered  0.00 SR-204 No. 43 of 500 Send Email 
Redd Kross Neurotica 2002 Sympathy For The Record Industry  0.00 SFTRI 709/FF2-003LP extra track different cover (clear red vinyl) (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Redd Kross Teen Babes From Monsanto 2015 Self-released  0.00 Version Especial (purple vinyl) extra tracks No. 74 of 290 Send Email 
Redd Kross Hot Issue 2016 Redd Kross Fashion  0.00 RK-C1 Send Email 
Ridgway, Stan Black Diamond 2012 Birdcage  0.00 br-11007 (2-LP set) Limited Edition (clear black marble vinyl) extra tracks Send Email 
Sextus Stranger Than Fiction Vol. 1 Ep 2007 Dramapants  0.00 DP0001 (white vinyl) Limited Edition No. 24 of 1000 Send Email 
Sloan Twice Removed 2012 Murder  0.00 MUR 54 (3-LP boxset) w/ 7" extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan Alternates Ep 2015 Yep Roc/murder  0.00 MUR059 (clear green vinyl) Limited Edition Send Email 
Sloan One Chord To Another 2016 Murder  0.00 MUR 60 (3-LP boxset) w/ 7" extra tracks Send Email 
Soul-junk Ill-m-i/elevate You/3po Soul (1943 Ep) 2000 Flapping Jet/5 Minute Walk  0.00 FJ-016 (orange marble vinyl) (no p/s) Send Email 
Soul-junk 1952 (part 2) 1995 Homestead/dutch East India  0.00 HMS 227-1 (clear red vinyl) Send Email 
Superdrag Jokers W/tracers 2014 Sideonedummy  0.00 SD1551-1 (2-LP gatefold set) Send Email 
Various Artists Melted Mailbox: 'series One' 2007 Melted Mailbox  0.00 no catalog number (7-LP boxset) w/2-CDs No. 117 of 300 Send Email 
Various Artists The Voyager Golden Record 2017 Ozma  0.00 OZMA-001 (3-LP boxset) 40th Anniversary Send Email 
Vels Velocity 1984 Mercury  0.00 822-401-1 Send Email 
Vels House Of Miracles 1986 Mercury  0.00 826-804-1 (printed inner sleeve) Send Email 
Wall Of Voodoo Far Side Of Crazy (maxi-single) 1986 I.r.s.  0.00 ILSA 12.6846 Send Email 
Waronker, Anna California Fade 2010 Riot Structure/five Foot Two  0.00 RS0001 (2-LP gatefold set) extra tracks (clear orange vinyl and cream vinyl) (printed inner sleeves) Send Email 
Waxahatchee Out In The Storm 2017 Merge  0.00 MRG 594 (2-LP set) (black/white marble vinyl) extra tracks Send Email 
Whitaker, Jonny Friends 1973 Chelsea  0.00 BCL1-0332 Send Email 
White, Jack Lazaretto 2014 Third Man  0.00 TMR-271 (Ultra LP) (printed inner insert) extra tracks Send Email 
World Party All Come True/little Wing/dream No. 10/it Can Be 1987 Chrysalis/ensign  0.00 X 14502 Limited Edition Send Email 
Aaa Battery Year Of The Woman 2013 Rescord  0.00 RRCD7014 Send Email 
Aaa Battery Corrosion Of Buddha 2017 Rescord  0.00 RRCD1019 Send Email 
Abba The Complete Studio Recordings 2005 Polar  0.00 987232-7 (9-CD boxset) w/2 DVD's NTSC Send Email 
Abc The Lexicon Of Love 2004 Universal/mercury/neutron  0.00 982437-3 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Abc Beauty Stab 2005 Universal/mercury/neutron  0.00 983378-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Abc How To Be A Zillionaire! 2005 Universal/mercury/neutron  0.00 983378-1 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Abc Up 2005 Universal/mercury/neutron  0.00 983377-9 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Abc Look Of Love - The Very Best Of 2005 Universal/mercury/neutron  0.00 982750-9 (2-CD set) w/DVD Send Email 
Abc Alphabet City 2005 Universal/mercury/neutron  0.00 983378-0 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Abc Abracadabra 1991 Mca  0.00 MCAD-10184 extra tracks Send Email 
Abc Traffic 2008 Borough Music Ltd  0.00 BOR0CD 001 Send Email 
Abc Skyscraping 2013 Cherry Pop  0.00 CRPOPD134 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Abc The Lexicon Of Love Ii 2016 Virgin/emi  0.00 CDV 3150 Send Email 
Abileen S/t Ep 2004 Self-released  0.00 407385-2 Send Email 
Abileen Take It All Back 2006 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Ackerson, Ed S/t 2007 Susstones  0.00 IMCD 1211 Send Email 
Ackerson, Ed Ackerson 2 2008 Susstones  0.00 IMCD 1213 Send Email 
Adam And The Ants Kings Of The Wild Frontier 2016 Sony/legacy  0.00 508584-2 (2-CD boxset) w/DVD and LP (gold vinyl) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Add N To (x) Loud Like Nature 2002 Mute  0.00 9194-2 Send Email 
Add N To (x) Add Insult To Injury 2000 Mute  0.00 CDSTUMM 187 Limited Edition Send Email 
Add N To (x) Take Me To Your Leader (single) 2002 Mute  0.00 Mute278 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Add N To (x) Plug Me In (single) 2000 Mute  0.00 Mute254 Send Email 
Add N To (x) On The Wires Of Our Nerves 1998 Satellite  0.00 STL 010 (UK CD) extra track Send Email 
Add N To (x) Metal Fingers In My Body (single) 1999 Mute  0.00 Mute224 Send Email 
Add N To (x) Revenge Of The Black Regent (maxi-single) 1999 Mute  0.00 Mute231 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Add N To (x) Avant Hard 1999 Mute  0.00 9091-2 Send Email 
Add N To (x) The Poker Roll (single) 2001 Mute  0.00 CDMute258 (black cover) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Add N To (x) The Poker Roll (single) 2001 Mute  0.00 LCDMute258 (white cover) Send Email 
Add N To (x) In Transit 1999 Mute  0.00 CDTour2 Enhanced CD Non-album track from Avant Hard sessions. Includes 2 tracks from Mute artists Hovercraft and Appliance Send Email 
Air 10,000hz Legend 2001 Astralwerks/source360  0.00 ASW 10332-2 Send Email 
Air Talkie Walkie 2004 Virgin/source360/toshiba-emi  0.00 VJCP-68622 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Air Premiers Symptomes Ep 1999 Virgin/source360/toshiba-emi  0.00 VJCP-61029 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Air Moon Safari 2008 Emi  0.00 207480-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD (10th Anniversary Edition) Send Email 
Air Pocket Symphony 2007 Virgin/aircheology/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-66654 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Air Everybody Hertz Ep 2002 Virgin/source360/toshiba-emi  0.00 VJCP-68374 Japan CD extra track Enhanced CD Send Email 
Air The Virgin Suicides (score) 2015 Aircheology/parlophone  0.00 613655-1 (2-CD boxset) 15th Anniversary Limited Edition w/3-LPs, DVD extra tracks Send Email 
Air Twentyears 2016 Parlophone/aircheology  0.00 959901-2 (3-CD boxset) w/2-LP (clear red and clear vinyl) remastered Deluxe Edition No. 2576 Send Email 
Air Love 2 2009 Virgin/aircheology/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-66913 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Air Le Voyage Dans La Lune 2012 Virgin/aircheology/emi  0.00 955624-2 Limited Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Alain, Jehan Works For Organ 2007 Warner/erato  0.00 469928-7 (2-CD set) performed by Marie-Claire Alain Send Email 
Alfalpha S/t 2013 Big Pink/vivid Sound  0.00 VSCD-5131 Japan CD Send Email 
Altered Images Happy Birthday 2004 Sony/demon/edsel  0.00 DIAB 8048 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Altered Images Pinky Blue 2004 Sony/demon/edsel  0.00 DIAB 8049 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Altered Images Bite 2004 Sony/demon/edsel  0.00 DIAB 8050 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Alvvays Antisocialites 2017 Polyvinyl  0.00 PRC-334 Send Email 
Alvvays S/t 2014 Polyvinyl/p-vine  0.00 PCD-20336 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Amps Pacer 1995 4ad/elektra  0.00 61823-2 Send Email 
Anderson, Leroy Leroy Anderson Collection 1988 Mca Classics  0.00 MCAD2-9815 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Animusic Animusic-video Album Soundtrack 2002 Animusic  0.00 31003-2 Send Email 
Animusic Animusic 2-video Album Soundtrack 2006 Animusic  0.00 31004-2 Send Email 
Annetenna S/t 2001 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Ant, Adam Adam Ant Remastered 2005 Sony/bmg/columbia  0.00 519731-2 (7-CD boxset) remastered Limited Edition Send Email 
Ant, Adam B-side Babies 1994 Epic/legacy  0.00 EK 57895 Send Email 
Ant, Adam Manners & Physique 1989 Mca/loot  0.00 MCAD-6315 Send Email 
Ant, Adam Antbox 2000 Sony/columbia  0.00 500782-2 (3-CD boxset) Send Email 
Ant, Adam Wonderful 1995 Toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-8389 Japan CD Send Email 
Ant, Adam Can't Set Rules About Love (maxi-single) 1990 Mca  0.00 DMCAP 1404 Send Email 
Ant, Adam Room At The Top (maxi-single) 1989 Mca/loot  0.00 57424-2 Send Email 
Ant, Adam The Blueblack Hussar In Marrying 2013 Blueblack Hussar  0.00 BBH002CD Send Email 
Aphex Twin Come To Daddy Ep 1997 Sire/warp  0.00 31001-2 Send Email 
Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album 1996 Sire/warp  0.00 62010-2 Send Email 
Aphex Twin Windowlicker (single) 1999 Sire/warp  0.00 35007-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Apple, Fiona Tidal 1996 Work/clean Slate  0.00 OK 67439 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Apple, Fiona When The Pawn... 1999 Sme/clean Slate  0.00 SRCS-2188 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Apple, Fiona Extraordinary Machine 2005 Epic/clean Slate  0.00 EN 96530 DualDisc NTSC Send Email 
Apple, Fiona The Idler Wheel... 2012 Epic/clean Slate  0.00 540251-2 Deluxe Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Apple, Fiona The Idler Wheel... 2012 Sony Music Japan/epic  0.00 EICP 1529 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Fun Trick Noisemaker 1996 Trattoria/polystar/if.../spinart  0.00 PSCR-6073 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Tone Soul Evolution 1997 Elephant 6/spinart/sire  0.00 31013 Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Her Wallpaper Reverie 1999 Green Balloon/spinart  0.00 GB011 Australia CD extra tracks Send Email 
Apples In Stereo The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone 2000 Trattoria/polystar/spinart  0.00 PSCR-5858 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Apples In Stereo New Magnetic Wonder 2007 Yep Roc/simian/elephant 6  0.00 YEP 2132 Enhanced CD extra tracks Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Velocity Of Sound 2002 Spinart  0.00 SPART 100 Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Electronic Projects For Musicians 2008 P-vine/yep Roc/simian/elephant 6  0.00 PCD-20026 Japan CD extra track (Rarities and Outtakes 1995-2006) Send Email 
Apples In Stereo New Magnetic Wonder - Bonus Tracks Ep 2007 Yep Roc/simian/elephant 6  0.00 YEP 2807 Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Let's Go! Ep 2001 Spinart  0.00 SPART 95 Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Science Faire 1996 Elephant 6/spinart  0.00 E6-007/spart 48 Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Travellers In Space And Time 2010 P-vine/yep Roc/simian/elephant 6  0.00 PCD-20059 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Apples In Stereo Can You Feel It? (maxi-single) 2007 Yep Roc/simian/elephant 6  0.00 no catalog number (promo) Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence Chant Darling 2010 Bella Union  0.00 BELLACD222 Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence The Sparrow 2012 Bella Union  0.00 BELLACD349 Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence S/t 2006 Honorary Bedouin/lil Chief  0.00 HBED 002/LCR 015 Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence Absolute Truth 2016 Flying Nun  0.00 FNCD569 Send Email 
Arabia, Lawrence Singles Club 2019 Honorary Bedouin  0.00 HBED 006CD Send Email 
Arcadia So Red The Rose 2010 Parlophone/emi  0.00 606681-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Special Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Arrested Development 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of... 1992 Emi/chrysalis  0.00 F2 21929 Send Email 
Asia The Definitive Collection 2006 Geffen/universal  0.00 B0007432-02 Send Email 
Asteroid No.4 King Richard's Collectibles 2001 Rainbow Quartz  0.00 RQTZ 050 Send Email 
At The Drive-in Relationship Of Command 2000 Grand Royal  0.00 849999-2 Send Email 
At The Drive-in This Station Is Non-operational 2005 Fearless  0.00 FRL 30074-2 w/DVD NTSC Send Email 
Aztec Camera High Land, Hard Rain 2014 Domino  0.00 rewigcd92 (2-CD set) 30th anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Aztec Camera Knife 2012 Edsel/rhino  0.00 EDSA 5012 Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Aztec Camera Love 2012 Edsel/rhino  0.00 EDSK 7015 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Aztec Camera Stray 2012 Edsel/rhino  0.00 EDSK 7016 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Aztec Camera Dreamland 2012 Edsel/rhino  0.00 EDSK 7017 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Aztec Camera Frestonia 2012 Edsel/rhino  0.00 EDSA 5013 Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
B-52's Wild Planet 1980 Warner Bros.  0.00 3471-2 Send Email 
B-52's Whammy! 1983 Warner Bros.  0.00 923819-2 Send Email 
B-52's Mesopotamia Ep 1982 Island  0.00 IMCD 107 846239-2 Send Email 
B-52's Bouncing Off The Satellites 1986 Warner Bros.  0.00 925504-2 Send Email 
B-52's Cosmic Thing 1989 Reprise  0.00 925854-2 Send Email 
B-52's Funplex 2008 Astralwerks/emi  0.00 29129 (2-CD set) Bonus CD Live at the Roxy in L.A. Send Email 
B-52's S/t 1979 Warner Bros.  0.00 3355-2 Send Email 
B-52's Good Stuff 1992 Reprise  0.00 926995-2 Send Email 
B-52's Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation 2009 Warner Music Australia/reprise  0.00 8122798259 Australia CD different tracklisting w/DVD Send Email 
Babyface A Collection Of His Greatest Hits 2000 Epic  0.00 EK 85132 Send Email 
Badfinger The Best Of 1995 Capitol/apple  0.00 830129-2 Send Email 
Bangles All Over The Place 2009 Sony Music  0.00 SICP-2286 Japan CD Mini LP Cardboard Sleeve Send Email 
Bangles Different Light 2009 Sony Music  0.00 SICP-2287 Japan CD Mini LP Cardboard Sleeve Send Email 
Bangles Everything 2009 Sony Music  0.00 SICP-2288 Japan CD Mini LP Cardboard Sleeve Send Email 
Barlow, Lou Emoh: Loobie Core Vol. 2 2005 Merge  0.00 MRG 254 Send Email 
Barlow, Lou Goodnight Unknown: Loobie Core Vol. 3 2009 Hostess/domino  0.00 HSE-10091 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Barlow, Lou Holding Back The Year (maxi-single) 2005 Domino  0.00 RUG203CDP Send Email 
Barlow, Lou Brace The Wave: Loobie Core Vol. 4 2015 Joyful Noise  0.00 JNR168 Send Email 
Barlow, Lou (sentridoh) Free Sentridoh: Songs From Loobie Core Part I 2001 Self-released  0.00 80001-2 Send Email 
Barlow, Lou (sentridoh) Mirror The Eye Ep 2007 Acuarela  0.00 nois61 Send Email 
Barlow, Lou (sentridoh) Songs From Loobiecore 2.5 2009 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number tour edition Send Email 
Barlow, Lou (sentridoh) Wasted Pieces '87-'93 2003 Shrimper  0.00 SHR 141 Send Email 
Barrett, Syd Crazy Diamond: The Complete Recordings 1993 Harvest/emi  0.00 SYD BOX 1 781412-2 (3-CD boxset) extra tracks Send Email 
Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe/all Summer Long 2001 Capitol  0.00 31516-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Today!/summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) 2001 Capitol  0.00 31639-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Pet Sounds Sessions 1996 Capitol  0.00 37662-2 (4-CD boxset) 30th Anniversary Collection Send Email 
Beach Boys Smiley Smile/wild Honey 2001 Capitol  0.00 31862-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Friends/20/20 2001 Capitol  0.00 31638-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Sunflower/surf's Up 2000 Capitol/brother  0.00 25692-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys 15 Big Ones/love You 2000 Capitol/brother  0.00 27945-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Carl And The Passions "so Tough"/holland W/ep 2000 Capitol/brother  0.00 25694-2 remastered (2-CD set) Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfin' Safari/surfin' Usa 2001 Capitol  0.00 31517-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfer Girl/shut Down (volume 2) 2001 Capitol  0.00 31515-2 remastered Send Email 
Beach Boys Smile Sessions 2011 Capitol/emi  0.00 78258-2 Limited Light-Up Edition (5-CD boxset) w/2LPs and 2-7"s Send Email 
Beach Boys 1967: Sunshine Tomorrow 2017 Capitol/brother  0.00 B0026541-02 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Bearcraft Yestreen 2010 Hottwerk  0.00 HTTWRKCD03 Send Email 
Beat I Just Can't Stop It 2012 Edsel  0.00 EDSG 8016 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD Send Email 
Beat Wha'ppen? 2012 Edsel  0.00 EDSG 8017 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD Send Email 
Beat Special Beat Service 2012 Edsel  0.00 EDSG 8018 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD Send Email 
Beatles The Original Studio Recordings (stereo) 2009 Capitol/apple  0.00 699449-0 (15-CD boxset) remastered w/DVD Send Email 
Beatnik Beatch S/t 1988 Atlantic  0.00 81854-2 Send Email 
Beatnik Flies Psycho Metal Pop-the Lost Cause Of 2001 Dacoit  0.00 2001-2 Send Email 
Beatnik Flies Drunk On Incense 2007 Dacoit  0.00 self-released Send Email 
Beck Guero 2005 Interscope  0.00 B0004365-00 Deluxe Edition w/DVD extra tracks Send Email 
Beck Sea Change 2002 Dgc/victor  0.00 UICF-1015 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Beck Midnite Vultures 1999 Dgc  0.00 490485-2 Limited Edition-digipack Send Email 
Beck The Information 2007 Interscope/universal  0.00 B0008341-00 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD extra tracks Send Email 
Beck Mutations 1998 Geffen/bong Load  0.00 GED 25188 Limited Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Beck Odelay 2008 Geffen  0.00 B0010262-02 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Beck Modern Guilt 2008 Hostess  0.00 HSE-71031 Deluxe Edition Japan CD extra tracks w/DVD and bag case Send Email 
Beck Mellow Gold 1994 Dgc/bong Load  0.00 DGCD-24634 Send Email 
Beck Timebomb (single) 2007 Interscope  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Beck I Just Started Hating Some People Today (single) 2012 Third Man  0.00 TMR 128 Send Email 
Beck Morning Phase 2014 Capitol/fonograf  0.00 B001983802 Send Email 
Beck Song Reader (v/a) 2014 Capitol  0.00 B002128002 Send Email 
Beck Dreams (maxi-single) 2015 Capitol/fonograf  0.00 CAPR430542 Send Email 
Beck Colors 2017 Capitol/fonograf  0.00 B002748802 Send Email 
Belle And Sebastian The Life Pursuit 2006 Matador  0.00 OLE 695-2 Limited Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Belle And Sebastian Write About Love 2010 Rough Trade/hostess  0.00 BGJ-10105 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Belle And Sebastian The Third Eye Centre 2013 Matador  0.00 OLE-1038 Send Email 
Belle And Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress 2003 Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADECD 080 Send Email 
Bellvue To Be Somebody 2001 Goldenseal  0.00 GS001 Send Email 
Benjamin Gate Untitled 2001 Forefront  0.00 FFD 5272 Send Email 
Benjamin Gate Contact 2002 Forefront  0.00 FFD 36242 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Benson, Brendan One Mississippi W/wellfed Boy Ep 2003 Startime International  0.00 ST-019 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Lapalco 2002 Startime International  0.00 ST-006 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Metarie Ep 2003 Startime International  0.00 ST-015 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Folk Singer (maxi-single) 2002 V2/startime International  0.00 VVR5019703 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Tiny Spark (single) 2002 V2/startime International  0.00 VVR5019793 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan The Alternative To Love 2005 V2 Japan/startime International  0.00 V2CP-208 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Spit It Out (single) 2005 V2/startime International  0.00 VVR5031203 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Benson, Brendan Cold Hands (warm Heart) (single) 2005 V2/startime International  0.00 VVR5032913 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan My Old, Familiar Friend 2009 Echo/hostess  0.00 HSE-70076 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Benson, Brendan What Kind Of World 2012 Readymade  0.00 RR002 Send Email 
Benson, Brendan You Were Right 2013 Readymade  0.00 RR009 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Palomine 2000 P.i.a.s.  0.00 437.0001.29 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Lamprey 2000 P.i.a.s.  0.00 437.0002.29 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Dust Bunnies 2000 P.i.a.s.  0.00 437.0003.29 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Deeper Than Sound 2001 Under The Surface  0.00 UTS-cd04 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Attagirl 2004 Minty Fresh  0.00 MF-59 extra tracks w/Bonus Enhanced CD "Photos & Movies 2003/2004" Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Log 22 2003 Palomine/a Hidden Agenda  0.00 AHA!053 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Private Suit 2000 Palomine/p.i.a.s.  0.00 437.0004.20 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Pharmacy Of Love 2010 Second Motion/palomine  0.00 CD-SMR-017 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert B-sides 2011 Under The Surface  0.00 no catalog number (3-CD set) No. 55 of 200 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Oh, Mayhem! 2012 Second Motion/palomine  0.00 CD-SMR-037 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Rarities 2013 Under The Surface  0.00 no catalog number (3-CD set) No. 120 of 200 Send Email 
Bettie Serveert Damaged Good 2016 Palomine/p.i.a.s./concerto  0.00 Palomine1602CD Send Email 
Big Audio Higher Power 1994 Sony/columbia  0.00 CK 53827 Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite Planet Bad-greatest Hits 1995 Columbia  0.00 CK 67350 Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite This Is... 2010 Sony/columbia/legacy  0.00 48239-2 (2-CD set) Legacy Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite No. 10, Upping St. 1986 Cbs/columbia  0.00 CK 40705 Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite Tighten Up Vol. '88 1988 Cbs/columbia  0.00 CK 44074 Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite Megatop Phoenix 1989 Cbs/columbia  0.00 CK 45212 Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite Ii Kool-aid 1990 Cbs  0.00 467466-2 Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite Ii The Globe 1991 Columbia  0.00 468798-2 (2-CD set) includes Alley Pally - Paradiso The Live "Official Bootleg" Send Email 
Big Star Keep An Eye On The Sky 2009 Ardent/rhino  0.00 R2 519760 (4-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Bird And The Bee S/t 2006 Metro Blue/blue Note/emi  0.00 bte 68251 Send Email 
Bird And The Bee One Too Many Hearts Ep 2008 Metro Blue/blue Note/emi  0.00 521687-2 Send Email 
Bird And The Bee Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future 2008 Blue Note/emi  0.00 TOCP-70643 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Bird And The Bee Please Clap Your Hands Ep 2007 Metro Blue/blue Note/emi  0.00 TOCP-70325 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Bird And The Bee Interpreting The Masters Volume 1: A Tribute To  2010 Blue Note/emi  0.00 TOCP-70836 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Bird And The Bee Recreational Love 2015 Rostrum/ultravybe  0.00 OTCD-4800 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Bis I Love Bis 2015 Do Yourself In  0.00 DYI009CD Send Email 
Bis The New Transistor Heroes 2014 Do Yourself In/wiiija  0.00 DYI006CD (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Bis Social Dancing 2014 Do Yourself In/wiiija  0.00 DYI005CD (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Bis Return To Central 2001 Avex  0.00 AVCD-17026 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Bis Plastique Nouveau Ep 2002 Spinart  0.00 SPART 103 Send Email 
Bis Intendo 1998 Grand Royal  0.00 gr060 Send Email 
Bis From Glasgow, Scotland: Greatest Hits 2007 Cherry Red  0.00 CRCDVD 2 w/DVD Send Email 
Bis Return To Central 2014 Do Yourself In/wiiija  0.00 DYI004CD (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Bis The Anthology - 20 Years Of Antiseptic Poetry 2014 Do Yourself In  0.00 DYI007CD (2-CD set) Send Email 
Bis Data Panik Etcetera 2014 Do Yourself In  0.00 DYI002CD Send Email 
Bis Slight Disconnects 2019 Last Night From Glasgow  0.00 LNFG19CD Send Email 
Björk Volta 2007 Atlantic  0.00 176124-2 Limited Edition DVD Audio Send Email 
Björk Family Tree 2002 Elektra  0.00 62815-2 (6-CD set) Send Email 
Björk Surrounded 2006 Rhino/elektra  0.00 73212-2 (7-DualDisc boxset) 5.1 DVD Audio Send Email 
Björk Biophilia 2011 Nonesuch/one Little Indian  0.00 TPLP1016CD 979643-3 Limited Edition "Manual" (2-CD set) Send Email 
Black, Frank S/t 1993 4ad/elektra  0.00 61467-2 Send Email 
Black, Frank Teenager Of The Year 1994 4ad/elektra  0.00 61618-2 Send Email 
Black, Lewis Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues 2005 Comedy Central  0.00 CCR0033 Send Email 
Bleu Redhead 2003 Aware/columbia  0.00 WK 71459 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Blondie S/t 2001 Capitol/chrysalis  0.00 33596-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie Plastic Letters 2001 Capitol/chrysalis  0.00 33598-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie Parallel Lines 2008 Capitol/emi  0.00 27689-2 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collector's Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie Greatest Hits 2005 Capitol/chrysalis/emi  0.00 345054-2 w/DVD Send Email 
Blondie Parallel Lines 2001 Capitol/chrysalis  0.00 33599-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie Eat To The Beat 2001 Capitol/chrysalis  0.00 33597-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie Eat To The Beat 2007 Capitol/chrysalis/emi  0.00 90638-2 w/DVD Send Email 
Blondie Autoamerican 2001 Capitol/chrysalis  0.00 33595-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie The Hunter 2001 Capitol/chrysalis  0.00 33670-2 remastered extra track Send Email 
Blondie No Exit 1999 Bmg/beyond  0.00 BVCP-21037 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Blondie The Curse Of... 2003 Sony/epic  0.00 5119212000 Send Email 
Blondie Panic Of Girls 2011 Future Publishing  0.00 587038-8 Limited Edition Collector's Pack extra tracks Send Email 
Blondie Greatest Hits: Deluxe Redux/ghosts Of Download 2014 Noble/caroline/fiveseven  0.00 NBL 501-2 (2-CD set) Special Deluxe Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Blondie Pollinator 2017 Bmg  0.00 538263402 Send Email 
Blow Pops Charmed, I'm Sure 1993 Get Hip  0.00 GH 1007 Send Email 
Blow Pops American Beauties 1994 Get Hip  0.00 GH 1027 Send Email 
Bluetones Return To The Last Chance Saloon 2015 3 Loop Music/superior  0.00 3RANGE-39 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Bluetones Science & Nature 2000 A&m/mercury/superior  0.00 BLUECD014 490687-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Bluetones Expecting To Fly 2009 Mercury/universal  0.00 531657-0 (2-CD set) Expanded Edition Send Email 
Bluetones A Rough Outline: The Singles & B-sides 95-03 2006 Mercury/universal/superior  0.00 983736-6 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Bluetones ...luxembourg 2003 Superior Quality  0.00 BLUE019CD Send Email 
Bluetones S/t 2006 Cooking Vinyl  0.00 COOKCD390 Send Email 
Bluetones Head On A Spike (maxi-single) 2006 Cooking Vinyl  0.00 FRYCD287 Send Email 
Bluetones My Neighbor's House (maxi-single) 2006 Cooking Vinyl  0.00 FRYCD280 Send Email 
Bluetones Serenity Now Ep 2005 Superior Quality  0.00 BLUE021CD Send Email 
Bluetones A New Athens 2010 Cia/absolute  0.00 CIA015 Send Email 
Blunstone, Colin & Argent, Rod (zombies) Out Of The Shadows 2001 Victor/redhouse  0.00 VICP-61637 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Blunstone, Colin & Argent, Rod (zombies) As Far As I Can See... 2004 Red House  0.00 REDHCD 3 Send Email 
Blunstone, Colin & Argent, Rod (zombies) Breathe Out, Breathe In 2011 Red House  0.00 REDHCD 6 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #1 2010 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #2 2010 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number No.99 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #3 2010 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number No.132 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #4 2010 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number No.124 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #5 2011 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #6 2011 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Bnlx R: "instant" Replacements Ep 2011 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number No.5 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #7 2012 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Lp 2012 Susstones  0.00 IMLP 9642 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #8 2014 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #9 (ix) "flextime" 2014 Susstones  0.00 418285-9 Send Email 
Bnlx Good Light 2015 Susstones  0.00 186959-1 Send Email 
Bnlx S/t Ep #10 2018 Susstones  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Boettcher, Curt There's An Innocent Face 2002 Sundazed/elektra  0.00 SC 6184 Send Email 
Bogmen Closed Caption Radio 1998 Arista  0.00 18990-2 Send Email 
Bogmen Life Begins At 40 Million 1995 Arista  0.00 18795-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Bogmen Lookin' For Heaven In The Barrio Ep 2010 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Boston S/t 2006 Epic/legacy  0.00 86322-2 remastered limited edition Send Email 
Boston Don't Look Back 2006 Epic/legacy  0.00 82241-2 remastered limited edition Send Email 
Boston Third Stage 2009 Universal Japan  0.00 UICY-93917 (SHM CD) Japan CD Disc 1 of Boxset Send Email 
Boston Walk On 2009 Universal Japan  0.00 UICY-93918 (SHM CD) Japan CD Disc 2 of Boxset Send Email 
Both S/t 2014 Super Ego  0.00 SE 037 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Aladdin Sane 2003 Emi  0.00 583012-2 (2-CD set) 30th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David S/t (space Oddity Or Man Of Words/man Of Music) 2009 Virgin/emi  0.00 307522-2 (2-CD set) 40th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David The Man Who Sold The World 1990 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10132 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Hunky Dory 1990 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10133 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust 2002 Emi  0.00 539826-2 (2-CD set) 30th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Diamond Dogs 2004 Emi  0.00 577857-2 (2-CD set) 30th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Pin Ups 1990 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10136 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Young Americans 2007 Virgin/emi  0.00 51260-2 w/DVD Send Email 
Bowie, David Station To Station 1991 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10141 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Low 1991 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10142 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David "heroes" 1991 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10143 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Lodger 1991 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10146 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Scary Monsters 1992 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 20147 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Never Let Me Down 1987 Virgin/emi  0.00 840986-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Let's Dance 1983 Virgin/emi  0.00 840982-2 extra track Send Email 
Bowie, David Tonight 1995 Virgin/emi  0.00 840983-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Outside/earthling/hours/heathen/reality (boxset) 2004 Iso/sony/bmg  0.00 716903-2 (10-CD boxset) extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David Black Tie White Noise 2003 Virgin/emi  0.00 90967-0 (2-CD set) w/DVD Limited Editon 10th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David S/t 2010 Deram/decca/universal  0.00 531792-5 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bowie, David The Next Day 2013 Iso/sony/columbia  0.00 78781-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Extra Limited Edition Send Email 
Bowie, David Blackstar 2015 Iso/columbia  0.00 517386-2 Send Email 
Breeders Lsxx 2013 4ad  0.00 CAD3308CD (3-CD set) 20th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Breeders Title Tk 2002 4ad/p-vine/recorded All Wave  0.00 PCD-23242 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Breeders Mountain Battles 2008 4ad/beggars Japan  0.00 WPCB-10064 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Breeders All Nerve 2018 4ad/beat  0.00 4AD0035CDJP Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Brion, Jon Meaningless 2000 Straight To Cut-out/artistdirect  0.00 .00001 Send Email 
Broken Bells S/t 2010 Columbia  0.00 762842-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
Broken Bells Meyrin Fields Ep 2011 Columbia  0.00 786130-2 Send Email 
Brothers Martin S/t 2007 Tooth And Nail  0.00 TND63912 Send Email 
Broudie, Ian Tales Told 2004 Deltasonic  0.00 518633-2 Send Email 
Broudie, Ian Smoke Rings Ep 2005 Deltasonic  0.00 XPCD3013 Send Email 
Buckley, Jeff Grace 2004 Columbia/sony  0.00 C3K 92881 remastered Legacy Edition w/DVD extra tracks Send Email 
Buggles The Age Of Plastic 1980 Island  0.00 IMCD 261/546274-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Buggles Adventures In Modern Recording 2010 Ztt/salvo  0.00 SALVOCD036 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Bush, Kate This Woman's Work: Anthology 1978-1990 1990 Emi  0.00 UK: CDKBBX 1 795237-2 (8-CD boxset) Send Email 
Bush, Kate Aerial 2005 Columbia  0.00 97772-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Bush, Kate Director's Cut 2011 Fish People  0.00 FPCDX001 (3-CD set) Collector's Edition Send Email 
Bush, Kate Eat The Music (maxi-single) 1994 Emi  0.00 881411-2 Send Email 
Bush, Kate Moments Of Pleasure (maxi-single) 1993 Emi  0.00 CDEM 297 881085-2 Send Email 
Bush, Kate 50 Words For Snow 2011 Fish People  0.00 FPCD007 Send Email 
Byrd, Donald The Best Of 1992 Capitol-emi/blue Note  0.00 CDP 798638-2 Send Email 
Cali Giraffes S/t 2014 Rumble  0.00 RR-115 Send Email 
Camus Sins Of The Father 1997 Atlantic  0.00 82919-2 Send Email 
Cardinal S/t 2005 Empyrean/wonderland  0.00 WON001CDX Limited Edition 370/500 extra tracks Send Email 
Cardinal Hymns 2012 Fire  0.00 FIRECD216 Send Email 
Caribou Andorra 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 308 Send Email 
Caribou Melody Day (single) 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 312 Send Email 
Caribou Tour Cd 2007 2007 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Caribou Swim 2010 Merge  0.00 MRG 348 Send Email 
Caribou The Milk Of Human Kindness 2005 Leaf  0.00 Bay 42CD Send Email 
Carlos, Wendy Digital Moonscapes 2000 East Side Digital  0.00 ESD 81542 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Carlos, Wendy Beauty In The Beast 2000 East Side Digital  0.00 ESD 81552 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Carpenters Singles 1969-1981 2000 A&m/universal  0.00 490456-2 Send Email 
Carpenters If I Were A Carpenter: Tribute (v/a) 1994 A&m  0.00 540258-2 Send Email 
Cars S/t 1999 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 75700 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) Send Email 
Cars The Elektra Years | 1978-1987 2016 Elektrawarner Bros./rhino  0.00 279474-3 (6-CD boxset) remastered Send Email 
Cars Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology 1995 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 73506 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Cars Move Like This 2011 Hear Music  0.00 HRM-32987-2 Best Buy Exclusive Edition extra tracks Enhanced CD Send Email 
Cars Candy-o 2017 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 560031 Expanded Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cars Panorama 2017 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 560030 Expanded Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cars Shake It Up 2018 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 565270 Expanded Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cars Heartbeat City 2018 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 565284 Expanded Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Carter: The Unstoppable Sex Machine Straw Donkey... The Singles 1995 Chrysalis  0.00 835629-2 Send Email 
Cast All Change 2010 Polydor/universal  0.00 533011-8 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cast Mother Nature Calls 2014 Edsel/demon/universal  0.00 EDSG 8037 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cast Beetroot 2014 Edsel/demon/universal  0.00 EDSX 3020 Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cast Magic Hour 2014 Edsel/demon/universal  0.00 EDSG 8038 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cast Troubled Times 2011 Absolute  0.00 CASTRECCD1 Send Email 
Cast All Change 2014 Edsel/demon/universal  0.00 EDSG 8036 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cast Kicking Up The Dust 2017 Cast  0.00 CST001CD Send Email 
Celebration Wounded Healer 2017 Bella Union  0.00 BELLA639CD Send Email 
Chairlift Does You Inspire You 2009 Columbia/kanine  0.00 49289-2 reissue extra tracks Send Email 
Chairlift Something 2012 Columbia/kanine/young Turks  0.00 YT072J Japan CD (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Chairlift Moth 2016 Columbia  0.00 510798-2 Send Email 
Chasing Furies With Abandon 1999 Sparrow  0.00 SPD 1699 851699-2 Send Email 
Cheap Trick S/t (1997) 1997 Victor  0.00 VICP-5828 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick Authorized Greatest Hits 2000 Epic/legacy  0.00 EK 66015 Send Email 
Cheap Trick Special One 2003 Big 3  0.00 36333-2 w/DVD Send Email 
Cheap Trick S/t (1977) 1998 Epic/legacy  0.00 EK 65572 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick Rockford 2006 Big 3  0.00 36788-2 Send Email 
Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight 1998 Epic/legacy  0.00 EK 65648 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick In Color 1998 Epic/legacy  0.00 EK 65573 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick All Shook Up/found All The Parts Ep 2006 Epic/legacy  0.00 94484-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick Dream Police 2006 Epic/legacy  0.00 94485-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick One On One/next Position Please 2007 Acadia/evangeline  0.00 ACAD 8163 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick The Latest 2009 Cheap Trick Unlimited  0.00 CTU 2009 61364-2 Send Email 
Cheap Trick Sex, America, Cheap Trick 1996 Epic/legacy  0.00 E4K 64938 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Cheap Trick Standing On The Edge 2010 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 9592 extra track Send Email 
Cheap Trick The Doctor 2010 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 4040 extra track Send Email 
Cheap Trick B-sides, Demos, Outtakes: Rarities 2009 Rocket  0.00 11166-9 (14-CD set) (bootleg) Send Email 
Cheap Trick Lap Of Luxury 1988 Epic  0.00 EK 40922 Send Email 
Cheap Trick Busted 1990 Epic  0.00 EK 46013 Send Email 
Cheap Trick Bang Zoom Crazy ... Hello 2016 Big Machine/universal  0.00 POCS-24010 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Cheap Trick We're All Alright! 2017 Big Machine  0.00 BMRCT0250A Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole 1997 Astralwerks  0.00 ASW 6180 Send Email 
Chemical Brothers Surrender 1999 Astralwerks  0.00 ASW 47610-2 Send Email 
Chemical Brothers Come With Us 2002 Astralwerks  0.00 ASW 11895-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
Chemical Brothers Push The Button 2005 Astralwerks  0.00 ASW 63282 Send Email 
Chemical Brothers (feat. Flaming Lips) The Golden Path (maxi-single) 2003 Virgin  0.00 CHEMSD 18 Send Email 
Children 18:3 S/t 2008 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 00119 Send Email 
Chitlin Fooks Did It Again 2002 Palomine/hidden Agenda  0.00 AHA!050 Send Email 
Chrome Cranks S/t 1994 Pcp Entertainment  0.00 PCP-016 Send Email 
Chrome Cranks Dead Cool 1995 Crypt  0.00 Crypt CD-056 Send Email 
Chrome Cranks Love In Exile 1996 Pcp Entertainment  0.00 PCP-026 Send Email 
Chrome Cranks Diabolical Boogie: Singles, Demos & Rarities 2007 Atavistic  0.00 ALP79CD (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Chrome Cranks Ain't No Lies In Blood 2012 Thick Syrup  0.00 TSR0026 Send Email 
Chrome Cranks Moon In The Mountain Ep 2012 Thick Syrup  0.00 TSR0033 Send Email 
Chromium Star To Star 1979 Infinity  0.00 INF 9017-2 (bootleg) extra tracks Send Email 
Church Almost Yesterday 1981-1990 1994 Raven  0.00 RVCD-43 Send Email 
Clash Sound System 2013 Columbia  0.00 46000-2 (11-CD boxset) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Clash London Calling 2004 Epic/legacy  0.00 E3K 92923 (2-CD set) w/DVD remastered 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition Send Email 
Clear S/t 1998 Ardent  0.00 71701-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Clear Follow The Narrow 2000 Ardent  0.00 72501-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Clear S/t Ep 1997 Ardent/koala  0.00 CD0982 Send Email 
Clientele God Save The Clientele 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 297 Send Email 
Clientele Strange Geometry 2005 Merge  0.00 MRG 267 Send Email 
Clientele Lost Weekend Ep 2002 Acuarela  0.00 nois 020 Send Email 
Clientele Ariadne Ep 2004 Acuarela  0.00 nois 039 Send Email 
Clientele That Night, A Forest Grew Ep 2008 Acuarela  0.00 nois 067 Send Email 
Clientele Bonfires On The Heath 2009 Merge  0.00 MRG 347 Send Email 
Clientele The Violet Hour 2003 P-vine/pointy  0.00 PCD-23424 Japan CD extra track Enhanced CD Send Email 
Clientele It's Art Dad (1991-1996) 2005 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Clientele Suburban Light 2014 Merge  0.00 MRG 187 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Clientele Minotaur Ep 2010 Pointy/high Note  0.00 HN802CD extra track Send Email 
Clientele Alone And Unreal: The Best Of 2015 Pointy  0.00 POINT028CD Send Email 
Clientele Music For The Age Of Miracles 2017 Tapete  0.00 TR385 extra tracks Send Email 
Clyne, Roger & The Peacemakers Honky Tonk Union/real To Reel 1999 Emma Java  0.00 EJRD 0001 Limited Edition (2-CD set) Send Email 
Clyne, Roger & The Peacemakers Sonoran Hope And Madness 2002 Emma Java  0.00 EJRD 6000 Send Email 
Cocker, Jarvis Jarvis 2006 Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADCD340 Send Email 
Cocker, Jarvis Further Complications 2009 Rough Trade/warner Music Japan  0.00 WPCB-10116 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Cocker, Jarvis Further Complications/girls Like It Too! 2009 Rough Trade  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Cohen, Alice Pink Keys 2012 Crinoline/olde English Spelling   0.00 Crinoline 2/OESB 52 Send Email 
Cohen, Alice Sky Flowers 2008 Crinoline  0.00 CRIN001 Send Email 
Collective Soul Hints, Allegations And Things Left Unsaid 1993 Atlantic/rising Storm  0.00 82596-2 Send Email 
Collective Soul S/t (1995) 1995 Atlantic/eastwest Japan  0.00 AMCY-803 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Collective Soul Disciplined Breakdown 1997 Atlantic  0.00 82984-2 Send Email 
Collective Soul Dosage 1999 Atlantic/east West Japan  0.00 AMCY-7002 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Collective Soul Blender 2000 Atlantic  0.00 83400-2 Send Email 
Collective Soul Youth 2004 El Music Group  0.00 EMG 60001-2 Send Email 
Collective Soul Afterwords 2008 El Music Group  0.00 EMG 00555-5 extra tracks Send Email 
Collective Soul S/t (2009) 2009 El Music Group/roadrunner  0.00 RRCY-21348 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Collective Soul Breathe (maxi-single) 1994 Atlantic/rising Storm  0.00 85639-2 Send Email 
Collective Soul See What You Started By Continuing 2015 Vanguard  0.00 VAN-38000-02 Send Email 
Collective Soul Blood 2019 Fuzze-flex  0.00 FFR 0003 Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Recollection - The Best Of 1996 I.r.s.  0.00 837072-2 Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Free 2004 Superfecta/emi  0.00 SR007 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Concrete Blonde S/t 2004 Superfecta/emi  0.00 SR006 remastered extra track Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting 2010 Shout Factory/capitol  0.00 31208-6 20th Anniversary Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Walking In London 1992 I.r.s.  0.00 X2-13137 Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Mexican Moon 1993 I.r.s./capitol  0.00 81129-2 Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Still In Hollywood 1994 I.r.s.  0.00 29128-2 Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Group Therapy 2002 Manifesto  0.00 MFO 43201 Send Email 
Concrete Blonde Mojave 2004 Eleven Thirty/happy Hermit  0.00 7001 Send Email 
Coombes, Gaz Here Come The Bombs 2012 Hot Fruit/hostess  0.00 HSE-60101/HF001J Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Coombes, Gaz Matador 2014 Hot Fruit/caroline/hostess  0.00 HF007MJ Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Coombes, Gaz World's Strongest Man 2018 Hot Fruit  0.00 HF012CD Send Email 
Costello Show King Of America 2005 Rhino  0.00 R2 74642 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis My Aim Is True 2001 Rhino  0.00 R2 74285 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis This Years Model 2002 Rhino  0.00 R2 78354 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis Spike 2001 Rhino  0.00 R2 74286 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis Mighty Like A Rose 2002 Rhino  0.00 78189 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis Brutal Youth 2002 Rhino  0.00 R2 78390 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis Kojak Variety 2004 Rhino  0.00 R2 76487 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis When I Was Cruel 2002 Mercury  0.00 063894-2 (2-CD set) Collectors Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Armed Forces 2002 Rhino  0.00 R2 78190 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Get Happy!! 2003 Rhino  0.00 R2 73908 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Almost Blue 2004 Rhino  0.00 R2 76485 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Trust 2003 Rhino  0.00 R2 73909 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Imperial Bedroom 2002 Rhino  0.00 R2 78188 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Punch The Clock 2003 Demon/edsel  0.00 MANUS 109 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Goodbye Cruel World 2004 Rhino  0.00 R2 76486 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions Blood And Chocolate 2002 Rhino  0.00 R2 78355 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions All This Useless Beauty 2001 Rhino  0.00 R2 74284 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis And The Imposters Look Now 2018 Concord  0.00 CRE00791 Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Costello, Elvis With Burt Bacharach Painted From Memory 1998 Mercury/universal  0.00 546165-2 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Counting Crows August And Everything After 2007 Geffen/universal  0.00 B0009702-02 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Counting Crows Recovering The Satellites 1996 Dgc  0.00 DGCD-24975 Send Email 
Counting Crows This Desert Life 1999 Dgc  0.00 90415-2 Send Email 
Counting Crows Films About Ghosts: The Best Of 2004 Geffen/universal  0.00 986179-0 extra track w/DVD Send Email 
Craigstofferson, Craig (elkins, Craig) A Final Blaze Of Glory 2006 It's About Record  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Cranberries Treasure Box 2002 Island/universal  0.00 586707-2 (4-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cranberries Wake Up And Smell The Coffee 2001 Mca  0.00 112739-2 Send Email 
Cranberries Roses 2011 Cooking Vinyl/hostess  0.00 HSE-60094/COOKCD552J Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Cranberries Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 2018 Island/universal  0.00 6750566 (4-CD boxset) 25th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Cranberries In The End 2019 Bmg  0.00 538469052 Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge Pacific Coast Rambler 1998 Self-released  0.00 70323-2 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge S/t 2008 Hacktone  0.00 79934-0 Desert Field Recordings 1 of 3 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge Zola And The Tulip Tree 1999 Self-released  0.00 70480-2 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge My Own Jo Ellen 2000 Hightone  0.00 HCD 8127 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge Mystic Theatre 2004 Glitterhouse  0.00 GRCD 605 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge Political Manifest 2004 Glitterhouse/creekdipper  0.00 GRCD 610 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippin' For The First Time: 96-99 Anthology 2003 Fargo  0.00 FA20393 Send Email 
Creek Dippers, The Original Harmony Ridge December's Child 2002 Dualtone  0.00 01123-2 Send Email 
Crow, Rob He Thinks He's People 2011 Temporary Residence  0.00 53195-2 Send Email 
Cud Rich And Strange: The Anthology 2006 Universal/mercury  0.00 984175-5 (2-CD set) remastered Send Email 
Cummins, Dan Revenge Is Near 2009 Warner Bros./jack  0.00 519614-2 Send Email 
Cunniff, Jill City Beach 2007 The Militia Group  0.00 TMG 045-2 Send Email 
Cure Staring At The Sea - The Singles 1986 Elektra  0.00 60477-2 Send Email 
Cure Galore - The Singles 1987-1997 1997 Elektra  0.00 62117-2 Send Email 
Cure Three Imaginary Boys 2004 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 78895 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure Seventeen Seconds 2005 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 74682 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure Faith 2005 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 74683 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure Pornography 2005 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 74684 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure The Top 2006 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 74065 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure The Head On The Door 2006 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 74063 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 2006 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 74064 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure Join The Dots: B-sides & Rarities 1978-2001 2004 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 78043 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Cure Disintegration W/entreat Plus 2010 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 523449 (3-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Cure Mixed Up 2018 Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 570803 (3-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
D Generation No Lunch 1996 Columbia  0.00 CK 67588 Send Email 
D Generation Through The Darkness 1999 C2/columbia  0.00 CK 68782 Send Email 
D Generation Nothing Is Anywhere 2016 Self-released  0.00 862217-4 Send Email 
D'arcy, Thomas What We Want 2012 Thomas D'arcy/factor  0.00 FNCD5580 Send Email 
D'arcy, Thomas I Wake Up Every Day Ep 2013 Thomas D'arcy/maple Music  0.00 FNCD5588 Send Email 
D'arcy, Thomas The Price You Pay Ep 2013 Thomas D'arcy/maple Music  0.00 FNCD5597 Send Email 
D'arcy, Thomas Fooled You Twice 2015 Thomas D'arcy/maple Music  0.00 FNCD5618 Send Email 
Daft Punk Homework 1996 Virgin  0.00 842609-2 Send Email 
Daft Punk Discovery 2001 Virgin  0.00 849606-2 Send Email 
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. It's A Corporate World 2011 Warner Bros./quite Scientific  0.00 527706-2 Send Email 
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The Speed Of Things 2013 Warner Bros.  0.00 536580-2 Send Email 
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Patterns Ep 2013 Warner Bros./quite Scientific  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Dance House Children Songs & Stories 1991 Blonde Vinyl  0.00 BVCD 3252 Send Email 
Dance House Children Jesus 1992 Blonde Vinyl  0.00 BVCD 3382 Send Email 
Dance House Children Rainbow Rider: Beautiful Dazzling Music Number 1 1998 Velvet Blue Music  0.00 VBM 025 Limited Edition No# 158 extra track Send Email 
Dandy Warhols This Machine 2012 The End/beat The World  0.00 360252-2 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols This Machine Sampler 2012 The End/beat The World  0.00 360283-2 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols To The Dandy Warhols... 2008 Beat The World/kurofune  0.00 HJCF-22 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia 2013 Capitol/emi  0.00 B0018423-02 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Welcome To The Monkey House 2003 Capitol  0.00 584368-0 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Dandy Warhols The Dandy Warhols Are Sound 2009 Beat The World/world's Fair  0.00 BTW 003 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Welcome To The College Ep 2003 Capitol  0.00 617850-2 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Odditorium 2005 Capitol/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-66439 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Smoke It (maxi-single) 2005 Capitol/parlophone/emi  0.00 38880-0 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Dandy Warhols All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey (maxi-sin 2005 Capitol/parlophone/emi  0.00 44061-2 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols You Were The Last High (maxi-single) 2003 Capitol/parlophone/emi  0.00 552811-2 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols S/t (the Black Album)/come On Feel The Dandy War 2004 Beat The World  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Dandy Warhols ...the Dandy Warhols Come Down 1997 Capitol/tim Kerr  0.00 836505-2 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols S/t (dandy's Rule Ok) 2005 Beat The World  0.00 BTW-002 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Distortland 2016 Dine Alone/beat The World  0.00 DA163 Send Email 
Dandy Warhols Why You So Crazy 2018 Dine Alone/beat The World  0.00 DA 226 Send Email 
Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse Dark Night Of The Soul 2010 Emi/parlophone/lex  0.00 642277-1 (2-CD boxset) w/ 2LP's Send Email 
Dangerfield, Rodney No Respect/son Of No Respect 2000 Mercury/island/universal  0.00 157191-2 Send Email 
Danielson Ships 2006 Secretly Canadian  0.00 SC 103 Send Email 
Danielson Best Of Gloucester County 2011 Sounds Familyre  0.00 SF 039 Send Email 
Darkness Permission To Land 2003 Atlantic/must Destroy/eastwest  0.00 WPZR-30050/51 Japan CD extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Darkness One Way Ticket To Hell...and Back 2005 Atlantic  0.00 62838-2 Send Email 
Darkness Is It Just Me? (maxi-single) 2006 Atlantic  0.00 12435-2 DARK05DVD DVD Audio Send Email 
Darkness One Way Ticket (maxi-single) 2005 Atlantic  0.00 1606-2 Send Email 
Darkness Growing On Me (maxi-single) 2003 Must Destroy  0.00 DUSTY010CD Send Email 
Darkness Christmas Time (single) 2003 Atlantic/must Destroy  0.00 DARK02CD Send Email 
Darkness Love Is Only A Feeling (maxi-single) 2004 Atlantic/must Destroy  0.00 DARK03CD Send Email 
Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love (maxi-single) 2003 Eastwest/must Destroy  0.00 61071-2 Australia CD Enhanced CD Send Email 
Darkness Is It Just Me? (maxi-single) 2006 Atlantic  0.00 63206-2 Australia CD Send Email 
Darkness Hot Cakes 2012 Pias/canary Dwarf  0.00 PIASR305CDX Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Darkness Last Of Our Kind 2015 Canary Dwarf  0.00 CND001CDX extra tracks Send Email 
Darkness Pinewood Smile 2017 Canary Dwarf/cooking Vinyl  0.00 COOKCD675X Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Davis, John S/t 2005 Rambler/word  0.00 WD2343001 Send Email 
Davis, John Arigato! 2007 John Davis Brand/bug Music  0.00 12254-2 Send Email 
Daywind Choir Of Artists We Will Know Joy! - A Worship Experience 1999 Daywind  0.00 DAY 1174D Enhanced CD Send Email 
Db's Stands For Decibels 1989 I.r.s.  0.00 13021-2 extra track Send Email 
Db's Ride The Wild Tomtom 1993 Rhino  0.00 R2 71299 Send Email 
Db's Repercussion 1989 I.r.s.  0.00 13022-2 extra track Send Email 
Db's Like This 2006 Bearsville/collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-650 extra tracks Send Email 
Db's The Sound Of Music 1987 I.r.s.  0.00 IRSD-42055 Send Email 
Db's Paris Avenue 1994 Monkey Hill/sky  0.00 MON 6122-2 Send Email 
Db's Falling Off The Sky 2012 Bar None/orange  0.00 BRN-CD-210 Send Email 
Dead Milkmen The King In Yellow 2011 Self-released  0.00 3073-2 Send Email 
Dead Milkmen Stoney's Extra Stout (pig) 1995 Restless  0.00 772798-2 Send Email 
Dead Milkmen Not Richard, But Dick 1993 Hollywood  0.00 HR-61564-2 Send Email 
Dead Milkmen Soul Rotation 1992 Hollywood  0.00 HR-61294-2 Send Email 
Dead Milkmen Metaphysical Graffiti 1990 Enigma  0.00 773564-2 Send Email 
Dead Milkmen Pretty Music For Pretty People 2014 Quid Ergo  0.00 QE002 Send Email 
Dead Or Alive Youthquake 1985 Epic  0.00 EK 40119 Send Email 
Delirious? Live & In The Can 1996 Sparrow/furious?  0.00 851623-2 Send Email 
Delirious? World Service 2003 Emi/sparrow/furious?  0.00 595492-2 Send Email 
Delirious? The Mission Bell 2005 Emi/sparrow/furious?  0.00 311567-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Destroyer Your Blues 2004 Merge  0.00 MRG 238 Send Email 
Destroyer Rubies 2006 Merge  0.00 MRG 268 Send Email 
Destroyer Trouble In Dreams 2008 Merge  0.00 MRG 319 Send Email 
Destroyer Streethawk: A Seduction 2001 Misra  0.00 MSR007 Send Email 
Destroyer This Night 2002 Merge  0.00 MRG 218 Send Email 
Destroyer Thief 1999 Catsup Plate  0.00 CPR 708 Send Email 
Destroyer Notorious Lightning And Other Works Ep 2005 Merge  0.00 MRG 258 Send Email 
Destroyer Kaputt 2011 Dead Oceans  0.00 DOC046 extra track Send Email 
Destroyer Poison Season 2015 Merge  0.00 MRG569 Send Email 
Destroyer Ken 2017 Merge  0.00 MRG 599 Send Email 
Devo This Is The Devo Box 2008 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 WPCR-12955/61 (7-CD boxset) Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Devo Total Devo 2018 Futurismo  0.00 No. 29 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Devo Smooth Noodle Maps 2019 Futurismo  0.00 No. 32 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Devo Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology 2000 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 75967 (2-disc set) remastered Send Email 
Devo Recombo Dna 2000 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 RHM2 7718 (2-CD set) Limited Edition No. 3442 of 5000 Send Email 
Devo Oh, No! It's Devo 1995 Infinite Zero  0.00 943024-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Devo Shout 1996 Infinite Zero  0.00 943094-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Devo Something For Everybody 2010 Warner Bros.  0.00 WPCR-13844 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Devo Something Else For Everybody 2014 Booji Boy  0.00 DEV-00001-2 Send Email 
Devo Social Fools: The Virgin Singles 1978-1982 2015 Virgin/caroline  0.00 CAROLR023CD Send Email 
Devo Ez Listening Muzak 2016 Futurismo  0.00 No. 19 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Dexys One Day I'm Going To Soar 2012 Bmg  0.00 538002 Send Email 
Dexys Nowhere Is Home 2014 Absolute/heavenly  0.00 DEXYDLX1 (4-CD set) w/2-DVD Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Searching For The Young Soul Rebels 2000 Emi  0.00 525600-0 20th Anniversary Edition remastered Enhanced CD Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Too-rye-ay 2007 Mercury/universal  0.00 980088-9 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Searching For The Young Soul Rebels 2010 Emi  0.00 CDPCSX 7213 30th Anniversary Special Edition remastered (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners The Projected Passion Revue 2007 Mercury/universal  0.00 984487-9 Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Don't Stand Me Down 2002 Emi  0.00 537013-0 Limited Edition Director's Cut remastered w/DVD Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Let's Make This Precious: The Best Of 2003 Emi/universal  0.00 92680-2 Send Email 
Dickies The Incredible Shrinking... 2000 Captain Oi  0.00 AHOY DPX 149 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Dickies Dawn Of The... 2000 Captain Oi  0.00 AHOY DPX 150 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Dickies Stukas Over Disneyland 2000 Triple X/dickies  0.00 51265-2 Send Email 
Dickies Second Coming 2007 Captain Oi  0.00 AHOY CD 297 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Dickies Idjit Savant/dogs From The Hare That Bit Us 2007 Captain Oi  0.00 AHOY CD 299 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Dickies All This And Puppet Stew 2001 Fat Wreck Chords  0.00 FAT 608-2 Send Email 
Difford & Tilbrook S/t 1984 A&m  0.00 CD 4985 Send Email 
Dipsomaniacs The Life You're Faking 2001 Face Down/jam  0.00 FDR015 Send Email 
Dipsomaniacs Freakin Eureka 2003 Face Down/jam  0.00 FDR020 Send Email 
Dipsomaniacs Whatever Planet W/ Down The Drain 2005 Face Down  0.00 FDR024 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Dire Straits Money For Nothing 1988 Warner Bros.  0.00 W2 25794 Send Email 
Disney A Musical History Of Disneyland 2005 Walt Disney  0.00 61283/4-2 (6-CD boxset) 50th Anniversary Send Email 
Divine Comedy Regeneration 2001 Parlophone/emi/labels  0.00 811256-0 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Divine Comedy Absent Friends 2004 Emi/parlophone  0.00 578081-0 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Divine Comedy Bang Goes The Knighthood 2010 Divine Comedy/pias  0.00 DCRL101DCD (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Divine Comedy Promenade 1994 Setanta  0.00 SET CD13 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Divine Comedy Foreverland 2016 Divine Comedy  0.00 DCRL 107 CD (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Divine Comedy Office Politics 2019 Divine Comedy  0.00 DCRL112CD (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Divine Comedy Europop Ep 1991 Setanta  0.00 SET 011 CD Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas The Golden Age Of Wireless 2009 Emi  0.00 267915-2 remastered extra tracks Collector's Edition w/"Live Wireless" DVD Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas The Flat Earth 2009 Emi  0.00 267911-2 remastered extra tracks Collector's Edition Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas The Singular 2009 Emi  0.00 267913-2 w/DVD Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas Astronauts & Heretics 1992 Giant/reprise  0.00 924478-2 Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas The Gate To The Mind's Eye - Ost 1994 Giant  0.00 924586-2 Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas A Map Of The Floating City 2011 Emi/lost Toy People  0.00 LTPCDX1 Limited Edition (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas Aliens Ate My Buick 1988 Emi  0.00 CDP 748075-2 Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas 12x12 Original Mixes 1999 Emi  0.00 521194-2 Send Email 
Donovan Greatest Hits 1999 Epic/legacy  0.00 EK 65730 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Donovan Greatest Hits 1987 Epic  0.00 EK 26439 remixed Send Email 
Donovan A Gift From A Flower To A Garden 2000 Collector's Choice  0.00 CCM-144-2 Send Email 
Doublevee The Moonlit Fables Of Jack The Rider 2017 Self-released  0.00 325216-3 Send Email 
Doublevee Songs For Birds And Bats Ep 2019 Self-released  0.00 34882-2 Send Email 
Doubters Club Fleur-de-lisa 1996 Disgraceland  0.00 455179-2 Send Email 
Dream Academy Somewhere In The Sun... Best Of 1999 Warner Bros.  0.00 WPCR 10571 Japan CD Send Email 
Dream Academy S/t 2007 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 5265 Send Email 
Dream Academy A Different Kind Of Weather 1990 Reprise  0.00 926307-2 Send Email 
Dream Academy Remembrance Days 1987 Reprise  0.00 925625-2 Send Email 
Dream Academy Love (maxi-single) 1990 Blanco Y Negro/wea  0.00 NEG 46CD 21762-2 Send Email 
Dream Academy In The Heart (single) 1988 Warner Bros./pioneer/reprise  0.00 10SW-47 3"CD Send Email 
Dream Academy Angel Of Mercy (maxi-single) 1991 Blanco Y Negro/wea  0.00 NEG 50CD 40166-2 Send Email 
Dream Academy The Morning Lasted All Day - A Retrospective 2014 Real Gone  0.00 RGM-0245 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Duran Duran S/t 2010 Emi  0.00 EMCX 3372 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Duran Duran Rio 2009 Emi  0.00 EMCX 3411 (2-CD set) Limited Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Duran Duran Seven And The Ragged Tiger 2010 Emi  0.00 EMCX 165454 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Duran Duran Notorious 2010 Emi  0.00 633604-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Duran Duran Big Thing 2010 Emi  0.00 633777-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Duran Duran Decade 1989 Capitol/emi  0.00 CDP793178-2 Send Email 
Duran Duran All You Need Is Now 2011 S-curve/tape Modern  0.00 51704-2 extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Dylans S/t 1991 Beggars Banquet/bmg/rca  0.00 BEG 07863 / 61054-2 Send Email 
Dylans Spirit Finger 1994 Beggars Banquet/atlantic  0.00 92341-2 Send Email 
Easter, Mitch Dynamico 2007 Electric Devil  0.00 EDR-DCLXVI Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here 2003 Warner  0.00 61162-2 25th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Crocodiles 2003 Warner  0.00 61161-2 25th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Porcupine 2003 Warner  0.00 61163-2 25th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain 2003 Warner  0.00 61165-2 25th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen S/t 2003 Warner  0.00 61164-2 25th Anniversary remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ednaswap S/t 1995 Eastwest  0.00 61750-2 Send Email 
Ednaswap Wacko Magento 1997 Island  0.00 524328-2 Send Email 
Ednaswap Wonderland Park 1998 Island  0.00 524532-2 Send Email 
Eels Beautiful Freak 1996 Dreamworks  0.00 DRMD-50001 Send Email 
Eels Electro-shock Blues 1998 Dreamworks/universal Victor  0.00 MVCA-24016 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Eels Daisies Of The Galaxy 2000 Dreamworks/universal Victor  0.00 MVCA-24039 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Eels Shootenanny! 2003 Dreamworks/universal Victor  0.00 UICW-1038 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations 2005 Vagrant/victor  0.00 VICP-63025/6 Japan CD (2-CD set) Send Email 
Eels Souljacker W/rotten World Blues Ep 2002 Dreamworks  0.00 450368-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Eels Meet The Eels: Essential Eels-vol.1 1996-2006 2007 Geffen/universal  0.00 B0009893-00 w/DVD Send Email 
Eels Useless Trinkets: 1996-2006 2007 Geffen  0.00 B0009894-00 (2-CD set) w/DVD "Live at Lollapalooza 2006" Send Email 
Eels Hombre Lobo 2009 Vagrant/polydor  0.00 270767-6 Deluxe Edition w/ DVD Send Email 
Eels End Times 2010 Vagrant/eworks/coop  0.00 VVR728643 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Eels Tomorrow Morning 2010 E Works  0.00 450020-1 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Eels Wonderful, Glorious 2013 Vagrant/eworks  0.00 VR775 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Eels The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett 2014 E Works  0.00 1147CDX (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Eels The Deconstruction 2018 E Works  0.00 5414940006896 Deluxe Edition w/2-LP (clear pink vinyl) Send Email 
Elastica S/t 1995 Dgc  0.00 DGCD-24728 Send Email 
Elastica The Menace 2000 Atlantic/eastwest Japan  0.00 AMCY-7196 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Elastica Mad Dog (maxi-single) 2000 Deceptive  0.00 BLUFF077CD1/2 (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Elastica Bbc - The Radio One Sessions 2003 Koch/strange Fruit  0.00 KOC-CD-8624 Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra Strange Magic - The Best Of 1995 Epic/legacy  0.00 Z2K 64157 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Elkins, Craig I Love You 2012 Fake  0.00 75377-2 Send Email 
Elms The Chess Hotel 2006 Universal South  0.00 B0005498-02 Send Email 
Eno, Brian Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) 2004 Virgin/emi/astralwerks  0.00 77288-2 Original Masters Send Email 
Eno, Brian Another Green World 2004 Virgin/emi/astralwerks  0.00 77291-2 Original Masters Send Email 
Eno, Brian Here Come The Warm Jets 2004 Virgin/emi/astralwerks  0.00 77293-2 Original Masters Send Email 
Eno, Brian Before And After Science 2004 Virgin/emi/astralwerks  0.00 77292-2 Original Masters Send Email 
Esp Ohio Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean 2016 Guided By Voices, Inc  0.00 GBVi70 Send Email 
Essex Green Everything Is Green 2000 Kindercore/philter/elephant 6  0.00 PRPH-2026 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Essex Green S/t Ep 2002 Four Strong Winds  0.00 FSW-001 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Essex Green The Long Goodbye 2003 Merge  0.00 MRG 228 Send Email 
Essex Green Cannibal Sea 2006 Merge  0.00 MRG 278 Send Email 
Essex Green Hardly Electronic 2018 Merge  0.00 MRG 633 Send Email 
Eurythmics Boxed 2005 Rca/sony/bmg  0.00 74136-2 (8-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Evens S/t 2005 Dischord  0.00 dis150cd Send Email 
Fabulous/arabia Unlimited Buffet 2011 Economy  0.00 ECON-10 Send Email 
Faces Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... 2004 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 78233 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Failure Essentials 2006 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number (2-CD set) Send Email 
Failure Tree Of Stars Ep 2014 Failure  0.00 FLR002 Send Email 
Failure The Heart Is A Monster 2015 Failure  0.00 FLR003 Send Email 
Fall 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong-39 Golden Greats 2004 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBN 044CD (2-CD set) Send Email 
Fastbacks Bike Toy Clock Gift 1994 Lucky  0.00 LKYCD003 Send Email 
Fastbacks Very, Very Powerful Motor 1990 Pop Llama  0.00 PLCD-011 Send Email 
Fastbacks Zücker 1993 Sub Pop  0.00 SP 184b Send Email 
Fastbacks Answer The Phone, Dummy 1994 Sub Pop  0.00 SP 259b Send Email 
Fastbacks Alone In A Furniture Warehouse 1996 Munster  0.00 MRCD 087 Spain CD Send Email 
Fastbacks New Mansions In Sound 1996 Sub Pop  0.00 SP 357 Send Email 
Fastbacks Win Lose Or Both 1998 Pop Llama  0.00 PLCD 6 Send Email 
Fastbacks The Day That Didn't Exist 1999 Munster  0.00 MRCD 164 Spain CD extra tracks Send Email 
Fastbacks Truth, Corrosion And Sour Bisquits 2004 Book  0.00 Book 6.4 Send Email 
Favourite Sons Down Beside Your Beauty 2006 Vice/warner/atlantic  0.00 94515-2 Send Email 
Favourite Sons The Great Deal Of Love 2011 Low Rent  0.00 LowRent 5 Send Email 
Feeds S/t Ep 2014 Self Released  0.00 951477-6 Send Email 
Ffs S/t 2015 Domino  0.00 WIGCD349X Limited Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Fiction, Viktor Selected Transmissions Ep 2015 Pcm  0.00 PCM-003 Send Email 
Fiction, Viktor Memories On Memorex Ep 2017 Damaged Disco  0.00 Damaged Disco 001 Send Email 
Fine Young Cannibals The Finest 1996 Mca/london  0.00 MCAD-11525 Send Email 
Finishing School Destination Girl 2003 Telegraph  0.00 TTC10162 w/DVD Send Email 
Flaming Lips Hit To Death In The Future Head 1992 Warner Bros.  0.00 926838-2 Send Email 
Flaming Lips Transmissions From The Satellite Heart 1993 Warner Bros.  0.00 945334-2 Send Email 
Flaming Lips Zaireeka 1997 Warner Bros.  0.00 946804-2 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin 2005 Warner Bros.  0.00 48764-2 w/5.1 DVD Audio extra tracks Send Email 
Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics 2006 Warner Bros.  0.00 44141-2 w/5.1 DVD Audio extra tracks Send Email 
Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic 1995 Warner Bros.  0.00 945911-2 Send Email 
Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 2003 Warner Bros.  0.00 48489-2 w/5.1 DVD Audio extra tracks Send Email 
Flaming Lips It Overtakes Me Ep 2006 Warner Bros.  0.00 W750CD/9362429862 Send Email 
Flaming Lips The Terror 2013 Warner Bros./lovely Sorts Of  0.00 WPCR-14970 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Flaming Lips Lightning Strikes The Postman 2016 Warner Bros.  0.00 554150-2 w/Comic Send Email 
Flaming Lips Oczy Mlody 2017 Warner Bros./lovely Sorts Of  0.00 WPCR-17626 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Flaming Lips Heady Nuggs 1994-1997 2015 Warner Bros.  0.00 547926-2 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Fleet Foxes First Collection: 2006-2009 2018 Sub Pop  0.00 sp1260 (4-CD boxset) Special Edition Send Email 
Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues 2011 Sub Pop  0.00 SPCD 888 Send Email 
Fleet Foxes Crack-up 2017 Nonesuch  0.00 558777-2 Send Email 
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 1988 Warner Bros.  0.00 925801-2 Send Email 
Fleshtones Fleshtones Vs. Reality 1987 Emergo  0.00 EM34 9634 Send Email 
Fleshtones Powerstance 1992 Naked Language  0.00 NAK 6101 Send Email 
Fleshtones Do You Swing? 2003 Yep Roc  0.00 YEP 2050 Send Email 
Fleshtones Living Legend Series 1989 I.r.s.  0.00 CD 70057 Send Email 
Flock Of Seagulls, A S/t 2011 Cherry Pop  0.00 CR POP 79 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Flock Of Seagulls, A Listen 2010 Cherry Pop  0.00 CR POP 52 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Flock Of Seagulls, A The Story Of A Young Heart 2008 Cherry Pop  0.00 CR POP 5 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Folk Implosion Natural One (maxi-single) From "kids" Soundtrack 1995 London  0.00 PRCD 7089-2 Send Email 
Folk Implosion Dare To Be Surprised 1997 Communion  0.00 Comm 45 Send Email 
Folk Implosion One Part Lullaby 1999 Interscope  0.00 90336-2 Send Email 
Folk Implosion S/t Ep 1996 Communion  0.00 Comm 39 Send Email 
Folk Implosion Insinuation (single) 1997 Communion  0.00 Comm 46 Send Email 
Folk Implosion Pole Position (single) 1997 Communion  0.00 Comm 47 Send Email 
Folk Implosion Take A Look Inside... 1994 Communion  0.00 Comm 32 Send Email 
Folk Implosion The New Folk Implosion 2003 Imusic/bmg  0.00 01093-2 Send Email 
Folk Implosion Free To Go Ep 2000 P.i.a.s./domino  0.00 481.1004.21 Send Email 
Foo Fighters S/t 1995 Capitol/roswell  0.00 CDP 834027-2 Send Email 
Forest For The Trees S/t 1997 Dreamworks  0.00 DRMD-50002 Send Email 
Forster, Robert Danger In The Past 1990 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BEGA 113CD Send Email 
Forster, Robert Warm Nights 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BEGL 185CD Send Email 
Forster, Robert Calling From A Country Phone 1993 Beggars Banquet/primary  0.00 BBQ CD 133 Send Email 
Forster, Robert Drop (maxi-single) 1993 Shock/lagoona  0.00 LGCD001 Send Email 
Forster, Robert The Evangelist 2008 Yep Roc  0.00 YEP 2186 Send Email 
Forster, Robert Cryin-love (single) 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BEG 300 CD Send Email 
Forster, Robert Songs To Play 2015 Tapete  0.00 TR324CD Send Email 
Forster, Robert Inferno 2019 Tapete  0.00 tr429cd Send Email 
Fountains Of Wayne S/t 1996 Tag/atlantic/scratchie  0.00 92725-2 Send Email 
Fountains Of Wayne Utopia Parkway 1999 Atlantic/scratchie  0.00 83177-2 Send Email 
Fountains Of Wayne Traffic And Weather 2007 Virgin/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-66712 Japan CD Tour Edition extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Fountains Of Wayne Out-of-state-plates 2005 Virgin/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-66403/04 Japan CD (2-CD set) extra track Send Email 
Fountains Of Wayne Welcome Interstate Managers 2003 S-curve/virgin  0.00 90875-2 Send Email 
Fountains Of Wayne Sky Full Of Holes 2011 Warner Music Japan  0.00 WPCR-14133 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Four Seasons Anthology 1988 Rhino  0.00 R2 71490 Send Email 
Frame, Roddy Reason For Living Ep 1998 Independiente/epic  0.00 ESCA 7347 Japan CD Send Email 
Frame, Roddy Western Skies 2006 Redemption/first Aid Network  0.00 POCE-10001 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Frame, Roddy The North Star 1998 Independiente/epic  0.00 ESCA 7346 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Frame, Roddy Sister Shadow (maxi-single) 1999 Independiente  0.00 ISOM 23MS Send Email 
Frame, Roddy Surf 2002 Cooking Vinyl/spinart  0.00 SPART 117 extra tracks Send Email 
Frame, Roddy Seven Dials 2014 Aed  0.00 AEDROD07CD Send Email 
Freeman S/t 2014 Partisan/knitting Factory  0.00 PTKF2114-2 Send Email 
Freeman, Aaron Marvelous Clouds 2012 Partisan  0.00 PTKF2102CD Send Email 
Frogpond Safe Ride Home 1999 C2/columbia  0.00 CK 67999 Send Email 
Frogpond Count To Ten 1996 Tristar/sony  0.00 WK 36831 Send Email 
Future Bible Heroes Memories Of Love, Eternal Youth, And Partygoing. 2013 Merge  0.00 MRG 473 (4-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Galaxy, Glen Thank You 2011 Great Comfort  0.00 GCR-02 Send Email 
Game Theory Real Nighttime 2015 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-115 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Game Theory The Big Shot Chronicles 2016 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-174 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Game Theory Lolita Nation 2016 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-136 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Game Theory Dead Center 2014 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-103 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Game Theory Two Steps From The Middle Ages 2017 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-204 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Game Theory Supercalifragile 2017 Kcm  0.00 KCINA22 Send Email 
Game Theory Blaze Of Glory 2014 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-96 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Gandharvas Sold For A Smile 1998 Mca/watch  0.00 MCAD 11765 Send Email 
Gandharvas Kicking In The Water 1995 Watch/mca  0.00 WMSD-89505 Send Email 
Girls Album 2009 Fantasy Trashcan/high Note  0.00 HN 692CD Japan CD extra tracks Enhanced CD Send Email 
Girls Broken Dreams Club Ep 2010 Fantasy Trashcan/true Panther  0.00 TRUE-040-2 Send Email 
Girls Record 3: Father, Son, Holy Ghost 2011 Fantasy Trashcan/big Nothing  0.00 YRCG-90062 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Go-betweens Send Me A Lullaby 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 2001 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Before Hollywood 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 2002 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Spring Hill Fair 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 2003 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 2004 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Tallulah 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 2005 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens 16 Lovers Lane 1996 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 2006 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens The Friends Of Rachel Worth 2000 Jetset/bad News/tag 5  0.00 BNCP-57 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Go-betweens Bright Yellow Bright Orange 2003 Jetset  0.00 TWA 58 CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Caroline And I (maxi-single) 2003 Trifekta/festival Mushroom  0.00 HORSE 029-2 Send Email 
Go-betweens 78 'til 79 The Lost Album 1999 Jetset  0.00 TWA019CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Oceans Apart 2005 Wonderground/lo-max  0.00 WRCD-30 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Go-betweens Send Me A Lullaby 2002 Circus/jetset  0.00 TWA 46 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Before Hollywood 2002 Circus/jetset  0.00 TWA 47 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Go-betweens 16 Lovers Lane 2004 Lo-max/jetset  0.00 TWA 72 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Tallulah 2004 Lo-max/jetset  0.00 TWA 71 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Spring Hill Fair 2002 Circus/jetset  0.00 TWA 48 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Go-betweens Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express 2004 Lo-max/jetset  0.00 TWA 70 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Go-betweens G Stands For Go-betweens: Anthology Volume 1 2014 Domino  0.00 REWIG89X (4-CD boxset) w/ 4-LP remastered Send Email 
Go-go's Beauty And The Beat 2011 Capitol/emi/i.r.s.  0.00 27027-2 30th Anniversary Ediiton (2-CD set) Send Email 
Go-go's Vacation 1982 I.r.s./a&m  0.00 490388-2 remastered Send Email 
Go-go's Talk Show 1984 I.r.s./a&m  0.00 490389-2 remastered Send Email 
Go-go's Return To The Valley Of The 1994 I.r.s.  0.00 29694-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Go-go's God Bless The 2001 Beyond/imperial/teichiku  0.00 TECI-24062 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Godin, Nicolas Contrepoint 2015 Ncls/because  0.00 215616-9 Send Email 
Gold, Andrew Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of 1997 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 73511 Send Email 
Golden Smog Down By The Old Mainstream 1995 Rykodisc/video Arts  0.00 VACK-2015 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Golden Smog Weird Tales 1998 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10446 Send Email 
Golden Smog Another Fine Day 2006 Lost Highway/universal  0.00 B0006029-02 Send Email 
Golden Smog Blood On The Slacks Ep 2007 Lost Highway/universal  0.00 B0008063-02 Send Email 
Golden Smog Stay Golden, Smog: The Best Of (rykodisc Years) 2008 Rykodisc/rhino  0.00 R2 516054 extra tracks Send Email 
Gomez Bring It On 2018 Hut /virgin  0.00 6711398 (4-CD boxset) 20th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Gonzalez, Wesley Excellent Musician 2017 Moshi Moshi  0.00 MOSHICD77 Send Email 
Graduate Acting My Age 2001 Sanctuary/castle  0.00 CMRCD374 extra tracks Send Email 
Grand Mal Maledictions 1998 Slash/london  0.00 556015-2 Send Email 
Grays Ro Sham Bo 1994 Epic  0.00 EK 53773 Send Email 
Grits The Art Of Translation 2002 Gotee  0.00 GTD 2871R Enhanced CD Send Email 
Grits Factors Of The Seven 1997 Gotee  0.00 701-383-3886 Send Email 
Grits Grammatical Revolution... 1999 Gotee  0.00 GTD 2805 Send Email 
Grits Dichotomy A 2004 Gotee  0.00 GTD 72926 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Bee Thousand 1994 Scat  0.00 35-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Under The Bushes Under The Stars 1996 Matador  0.00 OLE 161-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Mag Earwhig! 1997 Matador/bandai  0.00 APCY-8426 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Guided By Voices Do The Collapse 1999 Tvt  0.00 TVT 1980-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue 2003 P-vine/matador  0.00 PCD 23422 extra track Send Email 
Guided By Voices Half Smiles Of The Decomposed 2004 P-vine/matador  0.00 PCD 23536 extra track Send Email 
Guided By Voices The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet Ep 2002 Fading Captain Series  0.00 FCS24 50061-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Hardcore Ufo's 2003 Matador  0.00 OLE 550-2 (5-CD boxset) w/DVD Send Email 
Guided By Voices Let's Go Eat The Factory 2012 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-16 50816-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Class Clown Spots A Ufo 2012 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-22 51122-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices The Bears For Lunch 2012 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-27/50824-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices English Little League 2013 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-34/50834-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Glue On Bicycle Ep 2013 Guided By Voices, Inc./fire  0.00 FIRE294XPR Send Email 
Guided By Voices Motivational Jumpsuit 2014 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-45/50845-2 Send Email 
Guided By Voices Cool Planet 2014 Guided By Voices, Inc./magniph  0.00 MGNF-1008 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Guided By Voices Please Be Honest 2016 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-66 Send Email 
Guided By Voices August By Cake 2017 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-71 Send Email 
Guided By Voices How Do You Spell Heaven 2017 Guided By Voices, Inc  0.00 GBVi77 Send Email 
Guv'ner Spectral Worship 1998 Merge  0.00 MRG 142 Send Email 
Guv'ner The Hunt 1996 Merge  0.00 MRG 109 Send Email 
Hagerty, Neil Michael S/t 2001 Drag City  0.00 DC 182 CD Send Email 
Hair The Original Broadway Cast Recording 1988 Rca Victor/bmg  0.00 1150-2-RC Send Email 
Hair Ost 1999 Rca/bmg  0.00 67812-2 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Greatest Hits: Rock And Soul Part 1 1983 Rca  0.00 PCD1-4858 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Whole Oats 1972 Atlantic  0.00 781423-2 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Abandoned Luncheonette 1973 Atlantic  0.00 719139-2 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) War Babies 2008 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 8109 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) S/t 2000 Buddha/rca/bmg  0.00 99754-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Bigger Than Both Of Us 2008 Friday Music/rca/bmg  0.00 FRM 1976 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Beauty On A Back Street 2008 Friday Music/rca/bmg  0.00 FRM 1977 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Along The Red Ledge 2008 Friday Music/rca/bmg  0.00 FRM 1978 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) X-static 2000 Buddha/rca/bmg  0.00 99755-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Voices 2004 Rca/bmg  0.00 58614-2 remastered Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Private Eyes 2004 Rca/bmg  0.00 58615-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) H2o 2004 Rca/bmg  0.00 58616-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Big Bam Boom 2004 Rca/bmg  0.00 58617-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Ooh Yeah! 2007 Sony/bmg/arista  0.00 A 709494 Send Email 
Hall, (daryl) & Oates, (john) Do What You Want, Be What You Are 2009 Rca/jive  0.00 36974-2 (4-CD set) remastered Send Email 
Hall, Daryl Sacred Songs 1999 Buddha/rca/bmg  0.00 49910-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Hall, Daryl Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine 2007 Sony/bmg  0.00 A 710765 Send Email 
Hansen, Mary Hybird Ep 2005 Horizontalist  0.00 HR 002 Send Email 
Harry, Debbie Kookoo 1999 Razor & Tie/emi/chrysalis  0.00 82184-2 extra track Send Email 
Harry, Debbie Rockbird 1986 Geffen  0.00 24123-2 Send Email 
Harry, Deborah Def, Dumb & Blonde 1989 Sire/red Eye/reprise  0.00 925938-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
Harvey, Pj The Hope Six Demolition Project 2016 Island/vagrant  0.00 538192672 Send Email 
Havalina (rail Co.) A Bullfighter's Guide To Space And Love Ep 2001 Four Door  0.00 FDCD-0104 #7 of 500 Send Email 
Havalina Rail Co. Russian Lullabies 1997 Jackson/rubio  0.00 JRD 101 Send Email 
Havalina Rail Co. S/t 1994 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND1013 Send Email 
Havalina Rail Co. America 1999 Jackson/rubio  0.00 Jackson/Rubio d115 Send Email 
Haysi Fantayzee Battle Hymns For Children Singing 2000 Razor & Tie/bmg  0.00 82218-2 Send Email 
Heart The Essential 2002 Epic/capitol/legacy  0.00 E2K 61557 (2-CD set) Limited Edition Send Email 
Hedberg, Mitch Do You Believe In Gosh? 2008 Comedy Central  0.00 CCR0063 Send Email 
Hedberg, Mitch Mitch All Together 2003 Comedy Central  0.00 CCR0024 w/DVD Send Email 
Hedberg, Mitch Strategic Grill Locations 1999 Angeldrink  0.00 MHSGL 70778-2 Send Email 
Heligoland Pitcher, Flask & Foxy Moxie 2005 Calcium Chloride  0.00 CaCl 004 Send Email 
Heligoland S/t 2000 Calcium Chloride  0.00 CaCl 003 Send Email 
Heligoland Creosote & Tar Ep 1997 Calcium Chloride  0.00 CaCl 002 Send Email 
Hey Willpower P.d.a. 2006 Tomlab  0.00 Tom 81 CD Send Email 
Hodgson, Roger In The Eye Of The Storm 1984 A&m  0.00 5004-2 Send Email 
Hodgson, Roger Hai Hai 1987 A&m  0.00 5112-2 Send Email 
Hodgson, Roger Open The Door 2000 Epic/sony  0.00 EPC 497739-2 Send Email 
Hodgson, Roger Open The Door (single) 2000 Epic/sony  0.00 EPC 669580-1 Send Email 
Hollis, Mark S/t 1998 Polydor  0.00 537 688-2 Send Email 
Holly, Buddy Collection 1993 Mca  0.00 MCAD2-10883 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Holsapple, Peter Out Of My Way 1997 Monkey Hill  0.00 MON 8135-2 Send Email 
Holsapple, Peter Songs From The Radio Free Song Club (2010) 2011 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Holsapple, Peter Game Day 2018 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-291 extra tracks Send Email 
Holsapple, Peter & Stamey, Chris Mavericks 2007 Collectors' Choice/rhino  0.00 CCM-854 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Holsapple, Peter & Stamey, Chris Here And Now 2009 Bar None  0.00 BRN-CD-190 Send Email 
Hoodoo Gurus Ampology 2000 Acadia/evangeline  0.00 ACAD 8002 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Hoop, Jesca Kismet 2007 3 Entertainment/red Ink/columbia  0.00 74700-2 Send Email 
Hoop, Jesca The House That Jack Built 2012 Bella Union  0.00 CD-BEU-2527 Send Email 
Hoop, Jesca Memories Are Now 2017 Sub Pop  0.00 sp 1175 Send Email 
Hoop, Jesca Hunting My Dress 2010 Vanguard/last Laugh  0.00 78079-2 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Hot Butter Popcorn 2000 Castle/essential  0.00 ESMCD907 Send Email 
Hot Leg Red Light Fever 2009 Barbecue Rock  0.00 BRR0003CD Send Email 
Hot Leg Cocktails (single) 2009 Barbecue Rock  0.00 BRR0004CD Send Email 
Hot Leg I've Met Jesus (single) 2008 Barbecue Rock  0.00 BRR0002CD Send Email 
Huffamoose We've Been Had Again 1997 Interscope  0.00 INTD-90076 Send Email 
Huffamoose I Wanna Be Your Pants 2000 Shanachie  0.00 5742 Send Email 
Huffamoose Kneeslappers 2002 It's About  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Huffamoose The Death Of Cool 2003 It's About  0.00 HDOC001 Send Email 
Huffamoose ...and That's When The Golf Ball Hit Me In The H 2018 Winding Way  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Hum Downward Is Heavenward 1997 Rca/bmg  0.00 67446-2 Send Email 
Hum You'd Prefer An Astronaut 1995 Rca/bmg  0.00 66577-2 Send Email 
Hum Puppets (single) 1998 Rca/bmg  0.00 RDJ 65385-2 Send Email 
Humble Pie As Safe As Yesterday Is 2009 Victor  0.00 VICP-70112 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Humble Pie S/t 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93219 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Rock On 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93220 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Smokin' 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93222 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Eat It 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93223 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Thunderbox 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93224 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93221 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Street Rats 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93225 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Humble Pie Town And Country 2009 Victor  0.00 VICP-70113 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Idle Race Back To The Story 1996 Emi/premier  0.00 838162-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Ikettes I'm Blue  Krypton  0.00 KR-7005 (bootleg) Send Email 
Ikettes Can't Sit Down...'cos It Feels So Good 2007 Ace  0.00 CDKEND 276 Send Email 
Imperial Drag S/t 1996 Work/sony  0.00 OK 67378 Send Email 
Imperial Teen Seasick 1996 Slash/london  0.00 828728-2 Send Email 
Imperial Teen You're One (single) 1996 Slash/london  0.00 850665-2 LAS CD 57 Send Email 
Imperial Teen Butch (single) 1996 Slash/london  0.00 850769-2 LAS CD 59 Send Email 
Imperial Teen What Is Not To Love 1998 Slash  0.00 556014-2 Send Email 
Imperial Teen On 2002 Merge  0.00 MRG 206 Send Email 
Imperial Teen The Hair, The Tv, The Baby And The Band 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 306 Send Email 
Imperial Teen Feel The Sound 2012 Merge  0.00 MRG 423 Send Email 
Indians Indianism 1993 Polydor  0.00 513851-2 Send Email 
International Language Where The Bands Are 1996 Sympathy For The Record Industry  0.00 SFTRI 457 Send Email 
Interpreters Back In The U.s.s.a. 1997 Freeworld  0.00 31147-2 Send Email 
Interpreters Back In The U.s.s.a. 1997 Rca  0.00 67753-2 different tracklisting Send Email 
Interpreters In Rememberance Of That Fine Fine Evening... 1997 Volcano  0.00 34270-2 Send Email 
Interpreters I Should Have Known Better (maxi-single) 1998 Fierce Panda  0.00 NING 61 CD Send Email 
Inxs The Greatest Hits 1994 Atlantic  0.00 82622-2 Send Email 
Inxs Stay Young 1979-1982: The Complete Deluxe Years 2002 Raven  0.00 RVCD-145 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Inxs Shabooh Shoobah 1982 Atco/atlantic  0.00 790072-2 Send Email 
Inxs Listen Like Thieves 1985 Atlantic  0.00 781277-2 Send Email 
Inxs The Swing 1984 Atco/atlantic  0.00 790160-2 Send Email 
Inxs Kick 2012 Universal/petrol Electric  0.00 533842-8 (3-CD boxset) w/DVD 25th Anniversary Limited Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Inxs Welcome To Wherever You Are 2002 Atlantic/rhino  0.00 R2 78206 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Inxs 2002 Atlantic/rhino  0.00 R2 78205 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Inxs Full Moon, Dirty Hearts 1993 East West  0.00 AMCE-635 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Ivan The Spell 1997 Tox/uforia  0.00 TOXCD 3021 Send Email 
Jack Frost S/t 2006 Karmic Hit  0.00 KH038 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jack Frost Snow Job 1996 Beggars Banquet/karmic Hit  0.00 BEGL 183 Send Email 
Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection 1996 Motown  0.00 530558-2 Send Email 
Jackson, Janet Design Of A Decade - 1986/1996 1995 A&m  0.00 540399-2 Send Email 
Jackson, Michael History: Past, Present And Future (book 1) 1995 Epic  0.00 E2K 59000 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Jackson, Michael Off The Wall 2001 Epic  0.00 EK 66070 Special Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jackson, Michael Thriller 2001 Epic  0.00 EK 66073 Special Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jackson, Michael Bad 2012 Mjj/epic/legacy  0.00 40095-2 (3-CD set) w/DVD 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jackson, Michael Dangerous 2001 Epic  0.00 EK 66071 Special Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jail Kept Me Spitting 2005 Decorated  0.00 DCOR-101 Send Email 
Jail S/t Ep 2006 Decorated  0.00 DCOR-005 Send Email 
Jaill There's No Sky (oh My My) 2009 Decorated  0.00 DCOR-104 Send Email 
Jaill That's How We Burn 2010 Sub Pop  0.00 SPCD 891 Send Email 
Jaill Traps 2012 Sub Pop  0.00 SPCD 994 Send Email 
Jaill Brain Cream 2015 Burger  0.00 BRGR850 Send Email 
Jam Direction Reaction Creation 2006 Earbooks/edel/polydor  0.00 984122-1 (5-CD set) remastered Send Email 
James The Best Of 1998 Fontana/mercury  0.00 536898-2 Send Email 
James The Gathering Sound 2010 Mercury  0.00 275312-9 (3-CD boxset) w/DVD, LP and USB remastered Send Email 
James Laid/wah Wah 2015 Fontana/mercury/universal  0.00 470871-2 (4-CD boxset) Super Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
James Justhipper: The Complete Sire & Blanco Y Negro 2017 Cherry Red  0.00 WCDBRED697 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
James Gold Mother 2001 Mercury/fontana  0.00 548785-2 extra tracks Send Email 
James Seven 2001 Mercury/fontana  0.00 548786-2 extra tracks Send Email 
James Whiplash 2001 Mercury/fontana  0.00 548788-2 extra tracks Send Email 
James Better Than That Ep 2018 Bmg/infectious  0.00 383921-2 Send Email 
James Living In Extraordinary Times 2018 Bmg/infectious  0.00 LC07800 Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells Anthology 1989 Rhino  0.00 R2 70920 Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells "hanky Panky"/it's Only Love 1994 Repertoire  0.00 REP 4425-WY extra track Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells I Think We're Alone Now 2010 Collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-2097 Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells Gettin' Together 2010 Collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-2096 Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells "hanky Panky"/ Mony Mony 2000 Collectables/rhino  0.00 COL-CD-6410 Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells Crimson & Clover/cellophane Symphony 1992 Rhino  0.00 R2 70534 Send Email 
James, (tommy) And The Shondells Travelin' 2010 Collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-2098 Send Email 
James, Tommy S/t/christian Of The World 1998 Collectables/rhino  0.00 COL-CD-6219 Send Email 
James, Tommy My Head, My Bed & My Red Guitar 2010 Collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-2095 Send Email 
James, Tommy In Touch/midnight Rider 2011 Angel Air/aura  0.00 SJPCD353 Send Email 
James, Tommy Three Times In Love/hi-fi 2011 Angel Air/aura  0.00 SJPCD350 Send Email 
Japan Exorcising Ghosts 1984 Virgin  0.00 VGDCD 3510 786728-2 Send Email 
Jars Of Clay S/t 1995 Silvertone/essential  0.00 41580-2 Send Email 
Jars Of Clay Much Afraid 1997 Cuttingedge/silvertone/essential  0.00 CTCZ-30015 Japan CD extra tracks Enhanced CD Send Email 
Jars Of Clay The White Elephant Sessions 2000 Silvertone/essential  0.00 83061-0140-1 Send Email 
Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall 2011 American  0.00 72731-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Sound Of Lies 2014 American/universal  0.00 B0020888-02 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Smile 2014 American/universal  0.00 B0020871-02 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Tomorrow The Green Grass 2011 American  0.00 72732-2 (2-CD set) Legacy Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Live From The Women's Club-volume2 2005 Self-released  0.00 71885-2 Send Email 
Jayhawks Live From The Women's Club 2002 Self-released  0.00 71468-2 Send Email 
Jayhawks Rainy Day Music 2003 American/lost Highway  0.00 B0000080-02 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Jayhawks Music From The North Country: Anthology 2009 American  0.00 55364-2 (3-CD set) w/DVD extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks S/t 1986 Lost Highway/bunkhouse  0.00 B0014270-02 Send Email 
Jayhawks Blue Earth 2003 Rykodisc/restless/twintone  0.00 REST 73766 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Mockingbird Time 2011 Rounder  0.00 619125-2 Limited Deluxe Edition extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Jayhawks Rainy Day Music 2014 American/universal  0.00 B0020887-02 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Paging Mr. Proust 2016 Sham Hawk/thirty Tigers  0.00 SHAM CD-102 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Jayhawks Back Roads And Abandoned Motels 2018 Legacy  0.00 584140-2 Send Email 
Jellyfish Fan Club: From The Rare To The Unreleased... 2002 Not Lame/emi  0.00 NLA-007 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Jellyfish Bellybutton 2015 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-5 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Jellyfish Spilt Milk 2015 Omnivore  0.00 OVCD-6 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Jennifers Just Got Back Today Ep 1992 Nude  0.00 NUD 2CD Send Email 
Jerky Boys 1997 Ratchet/mercury  0.00 044025-2 Limited Edition Enhanced CD Send Email 
Jerky Boys Sol's Rusty Trombone 2007 Boys/fontana  0.00 LGH2005 Send Email 
Jethro Tull The Best Of -the Anniversary Collection 1993 Chrysalis  0.00 326015-2 (2-CD set) Remastered Original Mixes Send Email 
Jethro Tull Aqualung 2011 Chrysalis/emi  0.00 AQUA 1 87996-1 (2-CD boxset) w/DVD, Blu-ray and LP 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jethro Tull Stand Up 2010 Chrysalis/emi  0.00 CHRX 1042 (2-CD set) w/DVD 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick 2012 Chrysalis/emi  0.00 704619-2 w/DVD 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition remastered Send Email 
Jethro Tull Benefit 2013 Chrysalis  0.00 R2 537449 (2-CD set) w/DVD Collector's Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jethro Tull A Passion Play 2014 Chrysalis  0.00 2564630567 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks w/2-DVD Send Email 
Jethro Tull War Child 2014 Chrysalis  0.00 2564621627 (2-CD set) w/2-DVD remastered extra tracks 40th Anniversary Theatre Edition Send Email 
Jethro Tull Minstrel In The Gallery 2015 Chrysalis  0.00 0825646157204 (2-CD set) 40th Anniversary: La Grande Edition remastered extra tracks w/2-DVDs Send Email 
Jethro Tull Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die! 2015 Chrysalis  0.00 0825646035519 (2-CD set) 40th Anniversary: The TV Special Edition remastered extra tracks w/2-DVDs Send Email 
Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood 2017 Chrysalis  0.00 0190295847876 (3-CD set) w/2-DVD 40th Anniversary: The Country Set remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses 2018 Chrysalis/parlophone  0.00 0190295757915 (3-CD set) w/2-DVD 40th Anniversary: New Shoes Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Jett, Joan And The Blackhearts Fit To Be Tied - Great Hits 1997 Blackheart/mercury  0.00 536440-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Joel, Billy An Innocent Man 1983 Cbs/columbia  0.00 CK 38837 Send Email 
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume Ii 1985 Columbia  0.00 G2K 40121 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Johnny Bravo Then Again, Maybe I Won't 1996 Arista  0.00 18820-2 Send Email 
Johnston, Daniel Discovered Covered - The Late Great 2004 Gammon  0.00 GMN 2112 (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Jones, Howard Human's Lib/dream Into Action 2010 Dtox  0.00 DTOXSET 1 (3-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks No. 434 of 1000 Send Email 
Jones, Howard The 12" Album Ep/action Replay Ep 2011 Dtox  0.00 DTOXSET 2 (3-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks No. 2062 Send Email 
Jones, Howard One To One/cross That Line/in The Running 2012 Dtox  0.00 DTOXSET 3 (5-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks No. 962 Send Email 
Jones, Howard The Very Best Of 2003 Dtox/warner Bros.  0.00 669024-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Journey Greatest Hits 2006 Columbia/legacy  0.00 85889-2 remastered extra track Send Email 
Joy Electric We Are The Music Makers 1996 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 1052 Send Email 
Joy Electric Old Wives Tales 1996 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 1065 Send Email 
Joy Electric Christiansongs 1999 Bec Recordings  0.00 BED 7419 Send Email 
Joy Electric Starcadia Ep 2002 Plastiq Musiq  0.00 pm 015 Black and White Series pressings 01 Send Email 
Joy Electric The Art And Craft Of Popular Music 1994-2002 2002 Bec Recordings/tooth & Nail  0.00 BED 38734 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Joy Electric Friend Of Mannequin Ep 2004 Plastiq Musiq  0.00 pm 024 Send Email 
Joy Electric Hello Mannequin: Legacy Volume 3 2004 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 98307 Send Email 
Joy Electric The White Songbook: Legacy Volume 1 2001 Bec Recordings  0.00 BED 7438 Send Email 
Joy Electric Ministry Of Archers: Legacy Volume 4 2005 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 73368 Send Email 
Joy Electric The Tick Tock Treasury: Legacy Volume 2 2003 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 40988 Send Email 
Joy Electric Montgolfier And The Romantic Balloons Ep 2005 Eep Society  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Joy Electric Unelectric 2000 Bec Recordings  0.00 BED 7432 Send Email 
Joy Electric The Tick Tock Companion 2003 Plastiq Musiq  0.00 pm 019 Send Email 
Joy Electric Workmanship Ep 2007 Velvet Blue Music  0.00 vbm 115 Send Email 
Joy Electric The Otherly Opus: Legacy Volume 5 2007 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 63909 Send Email 
Joy Electric Robot Rock 1997 Bec Recordings  0.00 BED 7407 Send Email 
Joy Electric Five Stars For Failure Ep 1995 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 1043 Send Email 
Joy Electric Melody 1994 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 1020 Send Email 
Joy Electric Children Of The Lord (maxi-single) 1999 Bec Recordings  0.00 BED 7413 Send Email 
Joy Electric Their Variables Ep 2007 Eep Society  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Joy Electric The Magic Of Christmas 2003 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 84694 Send Email 
Joy Electric The Land Of Misfits Ep 1998 Bec Recordings  0.00 BED 7410 Send Email 
Joy Electric My Grandfather, The Cubist 2008 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 14175 Send Email 
Joy Electric Curiosities And Such Ep 2009 Eep Society  0.00 issue 01 Send Email 
Joy Electric Favorites At Play 2009 Tooth & Nail  0.00 TND 64784 Send Email 
Joy Electric The White Songbook (3-song Sampler) 2001 Bec  0.00 dpro16410 unmastered Send Email 
Joy Electric Dwarf Mountain Alphabet 2012 Eep Society  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Joykiller Static 1996 Epitaph  0.00 86466-2 Send Email 
Joykiller Three 1997 Epitaph  0.00 86502-2 Send Email 
Jr Jr S/t 2015 Warner Bros.  0.00 550770-2 Send Email 
Judybats Native Son 1991 Sire/warner Bros.  0.00 926459-2 Send Email 
Judybats When Southern Bells Ring (single) 1990 Sire/warner Bros.  0.00 921772-2 Send Email 
Judybats Pain Makes You Beautiful 1993 Sire/warner Bros.  0.00 945155-2 Send Email 
Judybats 6 Pack Of New Tracks 2002 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Judybats Down In The Shacks Where The Satellite Dishes 1992 Sire/warner Bros.  0.00 926801-2 Send Email 
Judybats Full-empty 1994 Sire/warner Bros.  0.00 945671-2 Send Email 
Judybats Daylight (maxi-single) 1991 Sire/warner Bros.  0.00 940134-2 Send Email 
Judybats Hold Your Horses - Judybats Rarities No.1 1995 Garbonzo  0.00 JUDY-0195 Send Email 
Judybats '00 1999 Self-released  0.00 921111-2 Send Email 
Kershaw, Nik Then & Now 2005 Universal  0.00 982933-8 Send Email 
Kid Silver Dead City Sunbeams 1998 Jetset  0.00 TWA 18 CD Send Email 
Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 2004 Universal/sanctuary/losttunes  0.00 270467-9 (3-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Picture Book: Picture Box 2008 Universal/sanctuary/losttunes  0.00 531304-9 (6-CD boxset) Send Email 
Kinks S/t 2011 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 275627-4 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Kinda Kinks 2011 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 275632-6 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks The Kink Kontroversy 2011 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 275628-5 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Face To Face 2011 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 277262-0 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Something Else By The Kinks 2011 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 273214-1 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Em 2011 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 273227-4 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround/percy 2014 Sanctuary/bmg/ingrooves  0.00 BMG14020 (2-CD set) 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Muswell Hillbillies 2013 Universal/sanctuary  0.00 373493-3 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Everybody's In Showbiz 2006 Konk/velvel/koch/bmg  0.00 VEL-SC-79816 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kinks Perservation Act 1 2004 Konk/velvel/koch  0.00 VEL-SC-79808 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Kircher, Vincent Am I Ghost 2016 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Klugh, Earl Whispers And Promises 1989 Warner Bros.  0.00 925902-2 Send Email 
Komeda Pop På Svenska/plan 714 Till Ep 2001 Minty Fresh  0.00 MF-40 Send Email 
Komeda What Makes It Go? 1998 Nons/rock  0.00 RCCY-1009 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Komeda Kokomemedada 2003 Sonet/universal/minty Fresh  0.00 MF-55 extra track Send Email 
Komeda The Genius Of 1996 Minty Fresh  0.00 MF-18 Send Email 
Komeda A Simple Formality (maxi-single) 1998 North Of No South/rock  0.00 RCCY-1021 Japan CD Send Email 
Kraftwerk The Catalogue 2009 Astralwerks/mute  0.00 KLANGBOX 003 (8-CD boxset) Special Edition remastered No. 600 of 2000 Send Email 
Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian 1973 Germanofon  0.00 941023 Send Email 
Kraftwerk 1972 Germanofon  0.00 941002 Send Email 
Kraftwerk Tour De France (maxi-single) 1999 Emi  0.00 887421-0 remastered Enhanced CD Send Email 
L.e.o. Alpacas Orgling 2006 Cheap Lullaby/rca Victor  0.00 VICP-63677 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
La's S/t 1990 London/go Discs/polygram  0.00 POCD-1982 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
La's S/t 2008 Go/polydor/universal  0.00 5306021 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Lackloves As Far As You Know 2000 Endora's Box  0.00 EB92194 CD Send Email 
Lackloves Starcitybaby 2002 Rainbow Quartz  0.00 RQTZ 073 Send Email 
Lackloves The Beat And The Time 2004 Rainbow Quartz  0.00 RQTZ 106 Send Email 
Lackloves Cathedral Square Park 2007 Rainbow Quartz  0.00 RQTZ 143 Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Albemarle Sound 1999 Quattro Disc  0.00 Quattro-001 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Marlborough Farms 2001 Feeding Frenzy  0.00 FF-001 remastered Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Argyle Heir 2001 Quattro Disc  0.00 Quattro-038 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor S/t 2003 Merge  0.00 MRG 229 Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Here Comes The Rain (maxi-single) 2006 Green Ufos  0.00 Green023CD Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Can't Wait Another Day 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 292 Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Beverley Atonale 1997 Merge  0.00 MRG 121 Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Clutching Stems 2011 Merge  0.00 MRG 377 Send Email 
Ladybug Transistor Marlborough Farms 1995 Park 'n Ride  0.00 0988-2 Send Email 
Lane, (ronnie) & Marriott, (steve) The Legendary Majik Mijits 2000 Nmc  0.00 PILOT 58 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Lang, K.d. Recollection 2010 Nonesuch  0.00 523278-2 (3-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Langley Sisters S/t 2008 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Lauper, Cyndi She's So Unusual 2014 Epic/portrait  0.00 EICP 30040-2 (2-CD set) Japan CD remastered extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Lauper, Cyndi True Colors 1986 Portrait/cbs  0.00 RK 40313 Send Email 
Lazy Some Assembly Required 1994 Roadrunner  0.00 RR 8983-2 Send Email 
Lazy The Lazy Music Group 1996 Roadrunner  0.00 RR 8873-2 Send Email 
Lees Of Memory The Blinding White Of Nothing At All 2017 Self-released  0.00 MONO-002 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Lees Of Memory Unnecessary Evil 2016 Self-released  0.00 MONO-001 Send Email 
Left Banke There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recording 1992 Mercury/polygram  0.00 848095-2 Send Email 
Lemonheads The Best Of -the Atlantic Years 1998 Atlantic/east West Japan  0.00 AMCY-2777 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Let's Active Cypress/afoot Ep 2003 Emi Music/collectors' Choice/irs  0.00 CCM-376-2 83897-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Let's Active Every Dog Has His Day 2003 Emi Music/collectors' Choice/irs  0.00 CCM-396-2 90298-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Let's Active Big Plans For Everybody 2003 Emi Music/collectors' Choice/irs  0.00 CCM-395-2 83898-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Let's Wrestle In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's 2010 Full Time Hobby  0.00 FTH103CD (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Let's Wrestle Nursing Home 2011 Merge  0.00 MRG 414 Send Email 
Let's Wrestle If I Keep On Loving You (single) 2011 Full Time Hobby  0.00 FTH124D Send Email 
Let's Wrestle S/t 2014 Fortuna Pop!  0.00 FPOP152CD Send Email 
Let's Wrestle Rain Ruins Revolution (single) 2014 Fortuna Pop!  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Letters To Cleo Go! 1997 Revolution  0.00 924688-2 Send Email 
Letters To Cleo Back To Nebraska Ep 2016 Dot Rat  0.00 955112-2 Send Email 
Letters To Cleo When Did We Do That? 2008 Dot Rat  0.00 DOTRAT1002 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Sense 1992 Ghetto/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-7159 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Cloudcuckooland 1990 Virgin/ghetto  0.00 CDOVO 436 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Jollification 1994 Epic  0.00 477237-9 Special Edition Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Lucky You (maxi-single) 1995 Epic  0.00 662518-5 Limited Edition Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Dizzy Heights 1996 Epic  0.00 486640-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Change (maxi-single) 1994 Epic  0.00 660986-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Like You Do... Best Of 1997 Epic  0.00 489034-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds What If... (maxi-single) 1996 Epic  0.00 663863-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Sugar Coated Iceberg (maxi-single) 1997 Epic  0.00 664043-2 CD1 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds What You Say (maxi-single) 1997 Epic  0.00 665357-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Sugar Coated Iceberg (maxi-single) 1997 Epic  0.00 664043-5 CD2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Tilt 1999 Epic  0.00 496263-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Four Winds 2009 Universal  0.00 270079-9 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Marvellous (maxi-single) 1995 Epic  0.00 661426-5 Limited Edition Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Perfect (maxi-single) 1995 Epic  0.00 662179-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Sweetest Soul Sensations (maxi-single) 2000 Epic  0.00 668942-2 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Ready Or Not (maxi-single) 1996 Epic  0.00 662967-5 Send Email 
Lightning Seeds Life Of Riley: The Lightning Seeds Collection 2003 Emi  0.00 591570-2 Send Email 
Lilys A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns Ep 1994 Spinart  0.00 SPART 11 Send Email 
Lilys Eccsame The Photon Band 1994 Spinart  0.00 SPART 43 Send Email 
Lilys Better Can't Make Your Life Better 1996 Che/east West Japan  0.00 AMCY-2053 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Lilys Better Can't Make Your Life Better (remixed) 1998 Che/east West Japan  0.00 AMCE-2706 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Lilys The 3-way 1999 Sire  0.00 31048-2 Send Email 
Lilys Selected Ep 2000 File 13  0.00 FT 34 Send Email 
Lilys Precollection 2003 Manifesto  0.00 MFO 42601 Send Email 
Lilys Precollection (maxi-single) 2004 Rainbow Quartz  0.00 RQTZ 096 Send Email 
Lilys S/t (precollection Remixed) 2004 Rainbow Quartz  0.00 RQTZ 102 extra tracks Send Email 
Lilys In The Presence Of Nothing 1992 Spinart/slumberland  0.00 SPART 2/slumberland 20 Send Email 
Lilys Everything Wrong Is Imaginary 2006 Manifesto  0.00 MFO 42602 Send Email 
Lilys Send In The Subs 1998 Self-released  0.00 Unreleased Studio Recordings (1993-1998) bootleg Send Email 
Lilys Tone Bender (maxi-single) 1993 Summershine/shock  0.00 shine 33cd Send Email 
Lilys / Aspera Ad Astra Ep (spilt) 2000 Tigerstyle  0.00 TS002 Send Email 
Listening S/t Ep 2004 L-town Music Group  0.00 105-2 Send Email 
Listening S/t - Rock N Roll Worship Circus Becomes... 2005 L-town Music Group  0.00 175-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Listening Transmission 1 Ep 2008 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Little Steven Greatest Hits 1999 Emi  0.00 522340-2 Send Email 
Lloyd, Richard Alchemy 2002 Collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-315-2 Send Email 
Lloyd, Richard Field Of Fire 2006 Reaction/parasol  0.00 REACT CD 005 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) Send Email 
Look Park S/t 2016 Yep Roc  0.00 YEP-2460 Send Email 
Loud Family Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things 1993 Alias  0.00 A033-D Send Email 
Loud Family The Tape Of Only Linda 1994 Alias  0.00 A-060 Send Email 
Loud Family Interbabe Concern 1996 Alias  0.00 A-098 Send Email 
Louris, Gary Vagabonds 2008 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10925 Send Email 
Louris, Gary Acoustic Vagabonds Ep 2008 Rykodisc  0.00 PRCD 000016 Send Email 
Love Forever Changes 2001 Elektra/rhino  0.00 R2 76717 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Love And Rockets 5 Albums 2013 Beggars Archive  0.00 BBQCD 2102 (5-CD boxset) extra tracks Send Email 
Lover Speaks S/t 2015 Cherry Pop/a&m  0.00 CRPOP158 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Lovich, Lene Shadows And Dust 2005 Stereo Society  0.00 SS008 Send Email 
Lovich, Lene The Stiff Years 1993 Stiff/oval/disky  0.00 HRCD 8035 (3-CD set) boxset remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Lovich, Lene March 1995 Evidence  0.00 ECD 28001 extra track Send Email 
Luna Halo Shimmer 2000 Sparrow  0.00 SPD 1708 851708-2 Send Email 
Luna Halo S/t Ep 2002 Self Released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Luscious Jackson Natural Ingredients 1994 Grand Royal/capitol/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-8749 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Luscious Jackson Fever In Fever Out 1996 Grand Royal/capitol/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-50003 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Luscious Jackson Electric Honey 1999 Grand Royal/capitol/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-65232 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Luscious Jackson In Search Of Manny Ep 1993 Grand Royal/capitol/toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-8153 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Luscious Jackson Magic Hour 2013 City Song  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Lush Chorus 2015 4ad  0.00 LUSHBOX 1 (5-CD set) Send Email 
Lush Blind Spot Ep 2016 Edamame  0.00 BEAN-01 CD Send Email 
Lustre S/t 1996 A&m  0.00 540477-2 Send Email 
Lustre Kalifornia (maxi-single) 1996 A&m  0.00 AMSAD 00165 Send Email 
Macdonald, Norm Ridiculous 2006 Comedy Central  0.00 CCR0043 Send Email 
Macdonald, Norm Me Doing Standup 2011 Comedy Central  0.00 CCR0126 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields The House Of Tomorrow Ep 1992 Merge  0.00 MRG 152 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields Holiday 1993 Merge  0.00 MRG 151 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields The Charm Of The Highway Strip 1993 Merge  0.00 MRG 055 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields Get Lost 1995 Merge  0.00 MRG 091 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs 1999 Merge  0.00 MRG 169 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Magnetic Fields Distant Plastic Trees/the Wayward Bus 1991 Merge  0.00 MRG 075 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields Love At The Bottom Of The Sea 2012 Merge  0.00 MRG 439 Send Email 
Magnetic Fields 50 Song Memoir 2017 Nonesuch  0.00 79409-0 (5-CD set) Send Email 
Malibu Robo-sapiens 2007 Pony Canyon  0.00 PCCY-01828 Japan CD Send Email 
Mancini, Henry Greatest Hits 2000 Rca/bmg  0.00 67997-2 Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Whatever 1993 Imago  0.00 21017-2 (2-CD set) w/ An Exclusive Collection 21116-2 Send Email 
Mann, Aimee I'm With Stupid 1995 Dgc  0.00 DGCSD-24951 Send Email 
Mann, Aimee The Forgotten Arm 2005 Superego/v2  0.00 V2CP 214 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Lost In Space 2003 Superego  0.00 SE 010 Special Edition (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Mann, Aimee @#%&! Smilers 2008 Superego  0.00 SE 027 Special Edition Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Long Shot (maxi-single) 1995 Geffen  0.00 GFSTD-22133 Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Bachelor No.2 Or, The Last Remains Of The Dodo 1999 Superego  0.00 SE002 Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Charmer 2012 Superego/sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 3590 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Mann, Aimee Mental Illness 2016 Columbia/sony/superego  0.00 SICX-77 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Mann, Aimee With (v/a) Magnolia - Music From The Motion Picture 1999 Reprise  0.00 947583-2 Send Email 
Manning Jr., Roger Joseph Solid State Warrior 2006 Pony Canyon  0.00 PCCY-01764 Japan CD Send Email 
Manning Jr., Roger Joseph The Land Of Pure Imagination 2006 Cordless  0.00 CDL 29 Send Email 
Manning Jr., Roger Joseph Catnip Dynamite 2008 Pony Canyon  0.00 PCCY-01871 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Manning Jr., Roger Joseph/reitzell, Brian Logan's Sanctuary (soundtrack) 2000 Emperor Norton  0.00 EMN 7031 Send Email 
Marbles Pyramid Landing And Other Favorites 1997 Elephant 6/spinart/polystar  0.00 Trattoria menu.125 PSCR-5598 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Marbles Expo 2005 Spinart  0.00 SPART 161 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Marcy Playground S/t 1997 Emi  0.00 E2-53569 Send Email 
Marcy Playground Shapeshifter 1999 Capitol  0.00 CDP 823142-0 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Marcy Playground Mp3 2003 Reality Entertainment  0.00 RYE-111 Send Email 
Marcy Playground Leaving A Fit Of Rage 2009 Woz  0.00 0709 Send Email 
Marcy Playground Lunch, Recess & Detention 2012 Capitol/emi/woz  0.00 705787-2 Send Email 
Marriott, Steve Marriott 2007 A&m/universal  0.00 UICY-93226 Japan CD remastered Send Email 
Martin, Demetri These Are Jokes 2006 Comedy Central  0.00 CCR0044 w/DVD Send Email 
Material Issue International Pop Overthrow 2011 Hip-o Select/mercury  0.00 B0015362-02 20th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Material Issue Destination Universe 1992 Mercury/polygram  0.00 512333-2 Send Email 
Material Issue Freak City Soundtrack 1994 Mercury/polygram  0.00 518894-2 Send Email 
Material Issue Telecommando Americano + (1987) Ep 1997 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10384 Send Email 
Material Issue Gone But Not Forgotten 2000 Five Dolar  0.00 FDR 15 Send Email 
Matthews, Eric The Lateness Of The Hour 1997 Sub Pop/warner Music Japan  0.00 WPCR-1735 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Matthews, Eric It's Heavy In Here 1996 Sub Pop/warner Music Japan  0.00 WPCR-935 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Matthews, Eric Six Kinds Of Passion Looking For An Exit 2005 Empyrean/cara Way/hayabusa  0.00 HYCY-3007 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Matthews, Eric Foundation Sounds 2006 Empyrean  0.00 SKY 015 Send Email 
Matthews, Eric Limited Edition Ep 2006 Empyrean  0.00 SKY 021 Send Email 
Matthews, Eric The Imagination Stage 2008 Empyrean/transit Of Venus  0.00 SKY 031 Send Email 
Matthews, Eric Exactly Like Them Ep 2016 Lo-fidelity/orcsun  0.00 LOFICD042 Send Email 
Matthews, Eric Too Much World 2017 Lo-fidelity/orcsun  0.00 LOFICD047 Send Email 
Maxwell Embrya 1998 Columbia  0.00 CK 68968 Send Email 
Maxwell Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite 1996 Columbia  0.00 CK 66434 Send Email 
Maxwell Now 2001 Columbia  0.00 CK 67136 Send Email 
Maxwell Blacksummers'night 2009 Columbia  0.00 51853-2 Limited Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Mazzy Star So Tonight That I Might See 1993 Capitol  0.00 CDP 798253-2 Send Email 
Mazzy Star She Hangs Brightly 1990 Capitol  0.00 CDP 796508-2 Send Email 
Mazzy Star Among My Swan 1996 Capitol  0.00 CDP 827224-2 Send Email 
Mazzy Star Seasons Of Your Day 2013 Rhymes Of An Hour/fontana  0.00 Rhymes 003 Send Email 
Mcaloon, Paddy I Trawl The Megahertz 2003 Emi/liberty  0.00 583911-2 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Mccartney 2011 Mpl/hear/concord  0.00 HRM-32799-00 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No. 03535 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Mccartney Ii 2011 Mpl/hear/concord  0.00 HRM-32800-00 (3-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No. 04566 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Tug Of War 2015 Mpl/concord  0.00 HRM-37287-00 (3-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No. 12803 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Pipes Of Peace 1993 Mpl/parlophone  0.00 789267-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Ram 2012 Mpl/hear/concord  0.00 HRM-33450 (4-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Give My Regards To Broad Street 1993 Mpl/parlophone/emi  0.00 789268-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Press To Play 1993 Mpl/parlophone  0.00 789269-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Flowers In The Dirt 1993 Mpl/parlophone  0.00 789138-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Off The Ground 1993 Mpl/capitol  0.00 780362-2 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Flaming Pie: The Complete Works 2005 Capitol  0.00 no catalog number (2-CD set) w/DVD extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Pipes Of Peace 2015 Mpl/concord  0.00 HRM-37291-00 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No. 11899 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Flowers In The Dirt 2017 Mpl/capitol/universal  0.00 B0025988-00 (3-CD set) w/DVD and download remastered extra tracks No. 4127 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) Band On The Run 2010 Mpl/hear/concord  0.00 HRM-32565-00 (3-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/2-DVD Best Buy Exclusive remastered extra tracks No. 18458 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) Wings Wild Life 2018 Mpl/capitol/universal  0.00 B0028224-00 (3-CD boxset) w/DVD Deluxe Edition No. 11645 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) Red Rose Speedway 2018 Mpl/capitol/universal  0.00 B0028225-00 (3-CD boxset) w/DVD Deluxe Edition No. 14819 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) London Town 1993 Mpl/parlophone  0.00 789265-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) Back To The Egg 1993 Mpl/parlophone  0.00 789136-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) Venus And Mars 2014 Mpl/hear/concord  0.00 HRM-35652-00 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No. 10054 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul (wings) At The Speed Of Sound 2014 Mpl/hear/concord  0.00 HRM-35673-00 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No. 16301 Send Email 
Mcdonald, (steven) Group This Is Not A Rebellion... Ep 2002 Five Foot Two/oglio  0.00 FF2-002 582017-2 Send Email 
Mcdonald, Jeff Untitled (solo Album) 1999 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number packaged by Jeff Send Email 
Mcdonald, Jeff The Outrageous Incantations Of Beatrice Winters 2009 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Mcdonald, Jeff S/t 2017 Redd Kross Fashion  0.00 JMCDSCD1 Send Email 
Mclaren, Malcolm Duck Rock 1987 Virgin/charisma  0.00 MMCD 1 Send Email 
Mclennan, Grant In Your Bright Ray 1997 Beggars Banquet/tokuma  0.00 TKCB-71159 Japan CD Send Email 
Mclennan, Grant Horsebreaker Star 1994 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBQCD 162 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Mclennan, Grant Comet Scar (single) 1997 Beggars Banquet/cortex/shock  0.00 CORX 040 CD Send Email 
Mclennan, Grant (g.w.) Surround Me Ep 1992 White  0.00 D11237 Send Email 
Mclennan, Grant (g.w.) Watershed 1991 Beggars Banquet/alfa  0.00 ALCB-287 Japan CD Send Email 
Me & Stupid S/t 2011 In A Cabin With/v2  0.00 VVNL21822 Send Email 
Megadeth Killing Is My Business ... And Business Is Good! 1985 Combat  0.00 8015-2 Send Email 
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? 2011 Capitol/emi  0.00 029339-2 (4-CD boxset) remastered w/DVD 25th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
Megadeth Rust In Peace 1990 Capitol/combat  0.00 791935-2 Send Email 
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction 2012 Capitol/emi  0.00 978484-2 (2-CD set) remastered 20th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
Megadeth Youthanasia 1994 Capitol  0.00 829004-2 Send Email 
Megadeth Hidden Treasures 1995 Capitol  0.00 833670-2 Send Email 
Megadeth Cryptic Writings 1997 Capitol  0.00 838262-2 Send Email 
Megadeth Rust In Peace 2004 Capitol/emi  0.00 98619-2 remixed and remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Megadeth So Far, So Good ... So What! 1988 Capitol/combat  0.00 CDP 748148-2 Send Email 
Men At Work The Works 1992 Columbia  0.00 450349-2 Send Email 
Men Without Hats Rhythm Of Youth 1983 Statik  0.00 CDST 10 extra tracks Send Email 
Men Without Hats Folk Of The 80's (part Iii) 1984 Statik  0.00 CDST 18 Send Email 
Men Without Hats Pop Goes The World 1987 Mercury  0.00 832730-2 Send Email 
Men Without Hats Greatest Hats 1996 Aquarius  0.00 Q2-00579 Send Email 
Men Without Hats The Adventures Of Women & Men Without Hate... 1989 Polygram/mercury  0.00 842000-2 Send Email 
Men Without Hats Love In The Age Of War 2012 Cobraside  0.00 CSDCD 1128 Send Email 
Men Without Hats Collection 1996 Mca/oglio  0.00 81587-2 Send Email 
Men Without Hats No Hats Beyond This Point 2003 Cloud 9  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Mercury Rev The Secret Migration 2005 V2  0.00 VVR 1029238 Limited Edtion Send Email 
Mercury, Mark The Art Of Space 1996 Blue Chromium  0.00 102 Send Email 
Merritt, Stephin Obscurities 2011 Merge  0.00 MRG 430 Send Email 
Midnight Oil 20,000 Watt R.s.l. - Collection 1997 Columbia  0.00 CK 68848 Send Email 
Midnight Star Anniversary Collection 1999 Solar/right Stuff  0.00 520664-2 Send Email 
Millennium Magic Time: The Millennium/ballroom Recordings 2001 Sundazed/sony  0.00 SC 11102/A3 52137 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Miller, (steve) Band Greatest Hits 1974-78 1978 Capitol  0.00 CDP 746101-2 Send Email 
Minus 5 Let The War Against Music Begin 2001 Mammoth/malt  0.00 MT-65509-2 b/w Young Fresh Fellows CD Send Email 
Miss Angie Triumphantine 1999 Myrrh  0.00 85878-2 Send Email 
Miss Angie 100 Million Eyeballs 1997 Myrrh  0.00 7017024613 Send Email 
Missing Persons Spring Session M 1995 One Way/capitol  0.00 S21-18499 extra tracks Send Email 
Missing Persons Rhyme & Reason 2000 One Way/capitol/emi  0.00 27881-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Missing Persons Color In Your Life 2000 One Way/capitol/emi  0.00 27880-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Missing Persons The Best Of 1987 Capitol  0.00 CDP 746628-2 Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni Hits 1996 Reprise  0.00 946326-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni The Studio Albums 1968-1979 2012 Warner Bros./reprise/asylum  0.00 812279717-8 (10-CD boxset) remastered Limited Edition Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni The Complete Geffen Recordings 2003 Geffen/universal  0.00 B0000819-02 (4-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni Turbulent Indigo 1994 Reprise  0.00 945786-2 Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni Taming The Tiger 1998 Reprise  0.00 946451-2 Send Email 
Moloko Do You Like My Tight Sweater? 1995 Echo  0.00 ECH CD 7 Send Email 
Moloko I Am Not A Doctor 1998 Echo/pony Canyon  0.00 PCCY-01249 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Moloko Things To Make And Do 2000 Echo  0.00 ECH CD 31 Send Email 
Moloko Statues 2002 Echo/pias  0.00 ECH CD 44 w/DVD Send Email 
Monroe, (bill) And His Blue Grass Boys The Very Best Of 2002 Mca Nashville/decca  0.00 112982-2 Send Email 
Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed 2006 Deram/universal  0.00 983215-0 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord 2006 Deram/universal  0.00 983214-7 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues On The Threshold Of A Dream 2006 Deram/universal  0.00 983215-3 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues To Our Children's Children's Children 2006 Threshold/universal  0.00 983215-6 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues A Question Of Balance 2006 Threshold/universal  0.00 983770-6 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues Every Good Boy Deserves Favour 2007 Threshold/universal  0.00 984550-6 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn 2007 Threshold/universal  0.00 984550-7 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues Octave 2008 Threshold/decca/universal  0.00 531279-0 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager 2008 Threshold/decca/universal  0.00 530933-0 remastered extra track Send Email 
Moody Blues The Present 2008 Threshold/decca/universal  0.00 531278-9 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moody Blues The Polydor Years 1986-1992 2014 Universal/polydor/threshold  0.00 378941-4 (6-CD boxset) w/2-DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Moog Cookbook S/t 1996 Restless  0.00 72914-2 Send Email 
Moog Cookbook Ye Olde Space Bande 1997 Restless/bmg Japan  0.00 BVCP-6103 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Moog Cookbook Bartell 2005 Cookbook Kitschen  0.00 MC-1205-01 Send Email 
Moore, Dicky It's About Time Ep 2007 Australopithecine  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Morcheeba Who Can You Trust? 1996 China/discovery  0.00 77050 Send Email 
Morcheeba Big Calm 1998 Sire/china  0.00 31020 Send Email 
Morissette, Alanis Havoc And Bright Lights 2012 Collective Sounds  0.00 CS018-2 Target Exclusive extra tracks Send Email 
Morphine Cure For Pain 1993 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10262 Send Email 
Morphine Like Swimming 1997 Rykodisc/video Arts Music  0.00 VACK-1115 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Morphine The Night 2000 Rykodisc/video Arts Music  0.00 VACK-1181 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Morphine Good 1993 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10263 Send Email 
Morphine Yes 1995 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 10320 Send Email 
Morphine B-sides And Otherwise 1997 Rykodisc/video Arts Music  0.00 VACK-1174 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Mould, Bob S/t 1996 Rykodisc/granary  0.00 RCD 10342 Send Email 
Move Shazam 2007 Salvo/fly/union Square/onward  0.00 SALVOCD012 Enhanced CD remastered extra tracks 40th Anniversary Series Send Email 
Move Anthology: 1966-1972 2008 Salvo/fly/union Square/onward  0.00 SALVOBX406 (4-CD set) Enhanced CD remastered extra tracks 40th Anniversary Series Send Email 
Mozart's Sister Field Of Love 2017 Arbutus  0.00 ABT 055 Send Email 
Mozart's Sister Being 2014 Paper Bag  0.00 PAPER084 Send Email 
Murphy, Peter Deep 1989 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 107 CD Send Email 
Murphy, Peter Should The World Fail To Fall Apart 1995 Beggars Banquet/tokuma  0.00 TKCB-70619 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Murphy, Peter Love Hysteria 1988 Beggars Banquet  0.00 BBL 92 CD Send Email 
Murphy, Peter Holy Smoke 1992 Beggars Banquet/bmg/rca  0.00 66007-2 Send Email 
Murphy, Peter Cascade 1995 Beggars Banquet/tokuma  0.00 TKCB-70618 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Murphy, Peter Dust 2002 Metropolis  0.00 MET 238 Send Email 
Murphy, Roisin If Were In Love (maxi-single) 2005 Echo/p.i.a.s.  0.00 ECSCD170 Send Email 
Murphy, Roisin Ruby Blue 2005 Echo  0.00 ECHCD63 Send Email 
Murphy, Roisin Overpowered 2007 Emi  0.00 507090-2 Send Email 
Murphy, Roisin Sow Into You (maxi-single) 2005 Echo/p.i.a.s.  0.00 ECSCD179 Send Email 
Murphy, Roisin Hairless Toys 2015 Pias  0.00 PIASR790CDX Send Email 
Murphy, Roisin Take Her Up To Monto 2016 Pias  0.00 PIASR875CDX Send Email 
Mute Math S/t 2006 Teleprompt  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Mute Math Reset Ep 2004 Word/warner/curb/teleprompt  0.00 WD2-886325 Send Email 
Mute Math Armistice 2009 Teleprompt/warner Bros.  0.00 WPCR-13559 Japan CD extra track Enhanced CD Send Email 
Mute Math Odd Soul 2011 Teleprompt/warner Bros.  0.00 WPCR-14237 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Mute Math Vitals 2015 Wojtek  0.00 WTK-150010CD Send Email 
Mute Math Play Dead 2017 Wojtek/hostess  0.00 WTK-150030CDJ HSU-10158 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything 2012 Sony  0.00 731208-2 Special Edition remastered Send Email 
My Bloody Valentine Loveless 2012 Sony  0.00 731211-2 Special Edition (2-CD set) remastered Send Email 
My Bloody Valentine Ep's 1988-1991 2012 Sony  0.00 194169-2 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
My Bloody Valentine Mbv 2013 Mbv  0.00 mbv cd 01 Send Email 
My Head Endless Bummer 1996 Capitol  0.00 835572-2 Send Email 
National High Violet 2010 4ad  0.00 CAD 3X03CD (2-CD set) Expanded Limited Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Nazz Open Our Eyes - The Anthology 2002 Sanctuary/bmg  0.00 84586-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Neon Indian Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed 2010 Fader/lefse/static Tongues  0.00 FL-0912-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Neon Indian Era Extraña 2011 Static Tongues/big Nothing  0.00 YRCG-90063 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Neon Indian Vega Intl. Night School 2015 Static Tongues/ultra-vybe  0.00 OTCD-4802 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Nevers S/t 1999 Sire  0.00  Send Email 
New Creation Troubled 2003 Companion  0.00 CR 1 Send Email 
New Pornographers Electric Version 2003 Matador/p-vine/mint  0.00 PCD-23390 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
New Pornographers Twin Cinema 2005 Matador/p-vine/mint  0.00 PCD-23657 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
New Pornographers Mass Romantic 2002 Matador/p-vine/mint  0.00 PCD-23248 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
New Pornographers Challengers 2007 Matador  0.00 OLE 774-2 Executive Editon (4-CD set) Send Email 
New Pornographers Together 2010 Matador  0.00 OLE 891-2 Send Email 
New Pornographers Brill Bruisers 2014 Matador  0.00 OLE 1047-2 Send Email 
New Pornographers Whiteout Conditions 2017 Collected Works/concord  0.00 CRE00413 Send Email 
New York Dolls S/t 2013 Culture Factory/universal  0.00 782052 remastered Limited Edition Send Email 
New York Dolls Too Much Too Soon 2013 Culture Factory/universal  0.00 782033 remastered Limited Edition Send Email 
Newman, A.c. The Slow Wonder 2004 Matador/p-vine  0.00 PCD-23521 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Newman, A.c. Get Guilty 2009 Matador  0.00 OLE 834-2 Send Email 
Newman, A.c. Shut Down The Streets 2012 Matador  0.00 OLE 992-2 Send Email 
Nilsson, Harry The Rca Albums Collection 2013 Sony/rca/legacy  0.00 791550-2 (17-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Nilsson, Harry Flash Harry 2013 Varese Sarabande  0.00 067195-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine 2010 Universal  0.00 HALO 02R remastered extra track Send Email 
Nineteen-ten (1910) Fruitgum Company Simon Says: The Best Of 2001 Buddha/bmg  0.00 99799-2 Send Email 
Nirvana "bleach" 2009 Sub Pop  0.00 SPCD 834 Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Nirvana Nevermind 2011 Dgc/universal/sub Pop  0.00 B0015885-00 (4-CD set) 20th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No.6624 of 10000 Send Email 
Nirvana Incesticide 1992 Dgc  0.00 DGCD-24504 Send Email 
Nirvana In Utero 2013 Dgc/universal  0.00 B0018824-00 (3-CD set) 20th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks No.10031 Send Email 
Nirvana With The Lights Out 2004 Dgc  0.00 B0003727-00 (3-CD set) w/DVD Send Email 
Noble, Mary Songs Of Devotion Ep 2003 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Noble, Paul Always Good Ep 2016 Self-released  0.00 954980-5 Send Email 
Now, Now Threads 2012 Village Again/trans  0.00 ZLCP-0175 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Nrbq Peek-a-boo - The Best Of - 1969-1989 1990 Rhino  0.00 R2 70770 (2-CD set) Send Email 
O'connor, Sinéad So Far... The Best Of 1997 Chrysalis/emi/capitol  0.00 823685-2 Send Email 
O'connor, Sinéad The Lion And The Cobra 1987 Chrysalis/ensign  0.00 F2 21612 Send Email 
O'connor, Sinéad I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got 2009 Chrysalis/ensign  0.00 96059-2 Limited Edition (2-CD set) Send Email 
O'connor, Sinéad Am I Not Your Girl? 1992 Chrysalis/ensign/emi  0.00 F2 21952 Send Email 
O'connor, Sinéad Theology (dublin Sessions/london Sessions) 2007 Koch  0.00 KOC-CD-4244 (2-CD set) Send Email 
O'connor, Sinead Universal Mother 1994 Chrysalis/ensign/emi  0.00 830549-2 Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Nexterday 2005 Bmg Japan/inverse/sanctuary  0.00 BVCM-41044 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Beatitude 1982 Geffen  0.00 GEFD-2022 Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric This Side Of Paradise 1986 Geffen  0.00 24098-2 Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Fireball Zone 1991 Reprise  0.00 926552-2 Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Quick Change World 1993 Reprise  0.00 945248-2 Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Negative Theater 1993 Reprise  0.00 245248-2 Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Troublizing 1997 Sony/columbia  0.00 CK 67962 Send Email 
Octagrape Aura Obelisk 2015 Sounds Familyre  0.00 SF52 Send Email 
Octagrape Red Ufo 2013 Thing Thing Thing  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Old 97's Hitchhike To Rhome 1994 Big Iron  0.00 BI0002 Send Email 
Old 97's Too Far To Care 1997 Elektra  0.00 62050-2 Send Email 
Old 97's Fight Songs 1999 Elektra  0.00 62373-2 Send Email 
Olms S/t 2013 Harvest  0.00 73786-1 Send Email 
Olson, Mark The Salvation Blues 2007 Hacktone  0.00 R2 205884 Limited Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Olson, Mark Many Colored Kite 2010 Rykodisc  0.00 RCD 11022 Send Email 
Olson, Mark Good-bye Lizelle 2014 Glitterhouse  0.00 GRCD816 Send Email 
Olson, Mark Spokeswoman Of The Bright Sun 2017 Glitterhouse  0.00 GRCD918 Send Email 
Olson, Mark & Louris, Gary Ready For The Flood 2009 New West  0.00 NW6162 extra tracks Send Email 
Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker! 2000 Vroom Sound/vivid Sound  0.00 VRCD-3306 Japan CD different tracklist Send Email 
Optiganally Yours De-composed (remixes By V/a) 2001 Vroom Sound/vivid Sound  0.00 #015 VRCD-3315 Japan CD Send Email 
Optiganally Yours Spotlight On 1997 Headhunter/cargo  0.00 HED-065 Send Email 
Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker! 2000 Absolutely Kosher  0.00 AK010 Send Email 
Orbison, Roy The All-time Greatest Hits Of 1989 Cbs/columbia/monument  0.00 AGK 45116 Send Email 
Orr, Benjamin The Lace 2006 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 460 Send Email 
Orton, Beth Trailer Park 2009 Arista/sony/legacy/heavenly  0.00 35722-2 (2-CD set) Legacy Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Orton, Beth Superpinkymandy 1993 Toshiba-emi  0.00 TOCP-7984 Japan CD Send Email 
Orton, Beth Central Reservation 2014 3 Loop/sony  0.00 3RANGE-27 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Orton, Beth Daybreaker 2002 Astralwerks/heavenly/emi  0.00 ASC39918 Send Email 
Orton, Beth Comfort Of Strangers 2006 Emi  0.00 353401-2 Limited Editon (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Orton, Beth Sugaring Season 2012 Anti-/epitaph/sony  0.00 EICP 1589 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Orton, Beth Kidsticks 2016 Anti-  0.00 7426-2 Send Email 
Orzabal, Roland Tomcats Screaming Outside 2000 Eagle  0.00 EAGCD159 Send Email 
Osmond, Jimmy (little) Killer Joe/little Arrows 2009 7t's/universal/mgm  0.00 GLAM CD 77 Send Email 
P.p. Arnold The Turning Tide 2017 Kundalini  0.00 KNDCD2 Send Email 
Palmer, Amanda Theatre Is Evil 2012 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Limited Backer Edition Send Email 
Papas Fritas S/t 2000 Minty Fresh/rock  0.00 mfj-2007 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Papas Fritas Helioself 2000 Minty Fresh/rock  0.00 mfj-2008 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Papas Fritas Buildings And Grounds 2000 Minty Fresh/rock  0.00 MF-35 RCCZ-1001 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Papas Fritas Pop Has Freed Us 2003 Minty Fresh  0.00 MF-51 w/DVD Send Email 
Papas Fritas Passion Play (maxi-single) 1995 Minty Fresh  0.00 MF-13 Send Email 
Papas Fritas Pop Has Freed Us 2003 62tv/minty Fresh  0.00 30937 Custom digipack w/DVD Send Email 
Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain : La's Desert Origins 2004 Matador  0.00 OLE 610-2 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Pavement Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition 2006 Matador  0.00 OLE 722-2 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Pavement Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition 2008 Matador  0.00 OLE 805-2 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Pavement Slanted And Enchanted: Luxe And Reduxe 2002 Matador  0.00 OLE 557-2 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Pearl Jam No Code 1996 Epic  0.00 EK 67500 Send Email 
Pearl Jam Binaural 2000 Epic  0.00 EK 63665 Send Email 
Pearl Jam Riot Act 2002 Epic  0.00 EK 86825 Send Email 
Pearl Jam S/t 2006 J/sony  0.00 71467-2 Send Email 
Pearl Jam Ten 2009 Epic/legacy  0.00 37587-2 (2-CD boxset) Collector's Edition w/DVD, 4 LP's, 1 cassette remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Pearl Jam Lost Dogs 2003 Epic/sony  0.00 EICP-316-7 Japan CD (2-CD set) Send Email 
Pearl Jam Vs./vitalogy 2011 Epic/legacy  0.00 84307-2 (3-CD boxset) Collector's Edition w/5 LP's, 1 cassette remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Peppers Pepper Box 2006 Repressed/rpm/cherry Red  0.00 Repeat 3 Send Email 
Perfume Genius Learning 2010 Matador/turnstile  0.00 OLE 942-2 Send Email 
Perfume Genius Put Your Back N 2 It 2012 Hostess/matador/turnstile  0.00 OLE 964-2J Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Perfume Genius Too Bright 2014 Matador/hostess/turnstile  0.00 OLE10282J Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Perfume Genius No Shape 2017 Matador  0.00 OLE-1113-2 Send Email 
Perrey, Jean Jacques The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound Of... 1968 Vanguard  0.00 79286-2 Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys Discography - The Complete Singles Collection 1991 Emi  0.00 CDP 797097-2 Send Email 
Phair, Liz Exile In Guyville 2008 Ato  0.00 ATO0059 w/DVD Send Email 
Phair, Liz Juvenilia Ep 1995 Matador  0.00 OLE 129-2 Send Email 
Phair, Liz Girly Sound To Guyville 2018 Matador  0.00 OLE-1305 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Phillips, Heidi Minutes Ep 2009 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Phonograph S/t 2006 Arclight  0.00 ar17 Send Email 
Pinback Blue Screen Life 2001 Ace Fu  0.00 Ace 015 Send Email 
Pinback Offcell Ep 2003 Absolutely Kosher  0.00 AK025 Send Email 
Pinback Summer In Abaddon 2004 Touch And Go  0.00 TG237CD Send Email 
Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 2007 Emi  0.00 503919-2 (3-CD set) 40th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Pink, Ariel Pom Pom 2014 4ad/hostess  0.00 BGJ-10222 Japan CD extra downloadable track Send Email 
Pink, Ariel Dedicated To Bobby Jameson 2017 Kemado/hostess/mexican Summer  0.00 MEX240J Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Pink, Ariel And Weyes Blood Myths 002 2016 Kemado/hostess/mexican Summer  0.00 HSE-8016 Japan CD Send Email 
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti Before Today 2010 4ad/hostess  0.00 CAD3X15CDJ Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti Round And Round (single) 2010 4ad  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti Mature Themes 2012 4ad/hostess  0.00 CAD3230CDJ Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti The Doldrums W/vital Pink Ep 2004 Paw Tracks  0.00 PAW 4 (Series 2) Send Email 
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti Worn Copy 2005 Paw Tracks  0.00 PAW 05 (Series 8) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti House Arrest 2006 Paw Tracks  0.00 PAW 8 (Series 5) Send Email 
Pixies Death To The Pixies - 1987-1991 1997 4ad/elektra  0.00 62118-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Pixies Complete 'b' Sides 2001 4ad  0.00 GAD 2103 CD Enhanced CD Send Email 
Pixies Minotaur 2009 Artist In Residence/4ad  0.00 no catalog number Limited Edition No. 1674 of 3000 (5-CD boxset) w/5-LPs, 2-DVDs, Blu-ray Send Email 
Pixies Indie Cindy 2014 Self-released  0.00 830785-1 (2-CD boxset) Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Pixies Head Carrier 2016 P.i.a.s.  0.00 LC07800/PM018LPDX Deluxe Edition w/LP Send Email 
Placebo Battle For The Sun 2009 Dreambrother/p.i.a.s.  0.00 Battle01BS Deluxe Edition (2-CD boxset) w/2 DVD's and 2 LP's Send Email 
Placebo The Hut Recordings 2009 Virgin/emi/hut/elevator Music  0.00 965526-2 (10-CD set) boxset w/2 DVD's Send Email 
Placebo Meds 2006 Astralwerks/emi/elevator Music  0.00 ASW 53051 Special Edition w/DVD Audio extra tracks Send Email 
Placebo S/t 2006 Virgin/emi/elevator Music  0.00 364681-2 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Placebo Come Home (maxi-single) 1996 Deceptive  0.00 Bluff 024CD Send Email 
Placebo B3 Ep 2012 Universal/vertigo  0.00 371584-7 Send Email 
Placebo Loud Like Love 2013 Vertigo/capitol/universal  0.00 374180-2 Limited Super Deluxe Edition boxset w/2-DVDs Send Email 
Pluto Cool Way To Feel 1995 Mint  0.00 MRD-006 Send Email 
Pluto Shake Hands With The Future 1998 Virgin Music Canada  0.00 846771-2 Send Email 
Podington Bear (crouch, Chad) Box 2008 Poly Free/hush  0.00 no catalog number (10-CD boxset) Send Email 
Poe Hello 1995 Atlantic/modern  0.00 92605-2 Send Email 
Poe Haunted 2001 Atlantic/fishkin  0.00 CD 83362 (2-CD set) Don't Be Scared promo CD with readings from "House of Leaves" book by Mark Danielewski Send Email 
Poe W/levar Halter Rise And Shine (maxi-single) 1998 Atlantic/fishkin  0.00 2-97994 Send Email 
Polara C'est La Vie 1997 Interscope  0.00 INTD-90074 Send Email 
Polara Formless/functional 1998 Interscope  0.00 INTD-90182 Send Email 
Polara Jetpack Blues 2002 Susstones  0.00 IMCD 2501 Send Email 
Polara Green Shoes Ep 2005 Susstones  0.00 IMCD 1206 Send Email 
Polara Beekeeping 2008 Susstones  0.00 IMCD 1212 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert From A Compound Eye 2006 Merge  0.00 MRG 272 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Jack Sells The Cow 2012 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-23 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Honey Locust Honky Tonk 2013 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-35 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Blazing Gentlemen 2013 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-39 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Faulty Superheroes 2015 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-57 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Of Course You Are 2016 Fire  0.00 FAME004CD Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Mouseman Cloud 2012 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-19 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Lord Of The Birdcage 2011 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-14 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Space City Kicks 2011 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-13 Send Email 
Pollard, Robert Moses On A Snail 2010 Guided By Voices, Inc.  0.00 GBVi-11 Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny Hi My Name Is Jonny 1996 American/funhouse  0.00 FHCA-1012 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny S/t Ep 1999 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number (4 tracks) Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny There Is Something Wrong With You Ep 2001 Eggbert  0.00 ER 80031 Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny The Power Of Sound 2004 Loveless  0.00 LOV 018 Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny S/t Ep 2005 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number (6 tracks) Send Email 
Polonsky, Jonny Unreleashed: Demos And Rarities 1996-2018 2018 Jett Plastic  0.00 JPR-057-B Send Email 
Poly Styrene Translucence 1990 Receiver  0.00 RRCD 128 Send Email 
Poly Styrene Flower Aeroplane 2004 Film Media & Entertainment Co.  0.00 XPS01 Send Email 
Poly Styrene Generation Indigo 2011 Future Noise  0.00 FNMDX001 Limited Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree The Beginning Stages Of... 2003 Good/hollywood  0.00 62409-2 (2-CD set) extra tracks Enhanced CD Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree Together We're Heavy 2004 Good/cutting Edge/maximum 10  0.00 CTCM-65073 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree Wait Ep 2006 Good  0.00 GRR 010 Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree The Fragile Army 2007 Gut/good  0.00 GUTCD63 Limited Edition Enhanced CD extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree Together We're Heavy 2004 Hollywood  0.00 62455-2 Enhanced CD w/alternate cover (signed) and w/DVD Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree The Beginning Stages Of... 2003 679/good  0.00 679L022CDLP extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree Yes, It's True. 2013 Good  0.00 GRR 27K w/alternate cover (signed) No. 47 of 150 Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree Yes, It's True. 2013 Good/p-vine/holiday Revolution  0.00 PCD-20280 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Polyphonic Spree With Elliott Smith Thumbsucker Ost 2005 Hollywood/good  0.00 2061-62542-2 Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Multiple Orgasm 1991 Fierce  0.00 Fright 047 CD Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Formula One Generation 1990 Sympathy For The Record Industry  0.00 SFTRI 58 Send Email 
Pooh Sticks The Great White Wonder 1991 Zoo/bmg/fierce  0.00 511029-2 Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Million Seller 1993 Zoo/bmg  0.00 511043-2 Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Optimistic Fool 1995 Seed  0.00 92513-2 Send Email 
Pooh Sticks Cool In A Crisis (maxi-single) 1995 Seed  0.00 Seed 13 Send Email 
Porno For Pyros Good God's Urge 1996 Warner Bros.  0.00 WPCR-271 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Porno For Pyros S/t 1993 Warner Bros.  0.00 945228-2 Send Email 
Portishead S/t 1997 Go! Discs(beat)/london  0.00 539189-2 Send Email 
Portishead Dummy 1994 Go! Discs(beat)/london  0.00 828553-2 Send Email 
Portishead Third 2008 Go! Discs/mercury  0.00 B001141-02 Send Email 
Posies Failure 2003 Houston Party  0.00 HPR091 extra tracks Enhanced CD 15th Anniversary Send Email 
Posies The Best Of - Dream All Day 2000 Dgc  0.00 490555-2 Send Email 
Posies Success 1998 Pop Llama/bandai  0.00 APCY-8433 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Posies Nice Cheekbones And A Ph.d. Ep 2001 Houston Party  0.00 HPR-037 Send Email 
Posies Every Kind Of Light 2005 Rykodisc/videoarts  0.00 VACK-1293 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Posies Blood/candy 2011 Rykodisc/this Time  0.00 XQER-1028 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Posies At Least At Last 2000 Not Lame  0.00 NLA-006 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Posies Solid States 2017 My Music Empire/ca Va/hayabusa  0.00 HYCA-3059 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Posies The Geffen Years 2018 Omnivore/geffen/universal  0.00 OVCD-310 (6-CD set) remastered Send Email 
Possum Dixon S/t 1993 Interscope/surf Detective  0.00 792291-2 Send Email 
Possum Dixon Star Maps 1996 Interscope/surf Detective  0.00 INTD-92625 Send Email 
Possum Dixon Sunshine Or Noir? Ep 1996 Surf Detective  0.00 SD-003 Send Email 
Possum Dixon A Tropic Of Celso Ep 1996 Interscope/surf Detective  0.00 INT5P-6025 SD-004 Send Email 
Possum Dixon New Sheets 1998 Interscope  0.00 INTDE-90221 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Possum Dixon Extra Tracks Ep 1993 Interscope/atlantic  0.00 PRCD 5382 Send Email 
Powhida, (john) International Airport Airport Life 2014 Self Released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Steve Mcqueen 2007 Legacy/sony Bmg/kitchenware  0.00 KWCD3-25 remastered (2-CD set) Send Email 
Prefab Sprout From Langley Park To Memphis 1988 Columbia/kitchenware  0.00 460124-2 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Jordan: The Comeback 1990 Columbia/kitchenware  0.00 467161-2 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Swoon 1984 Columbia/kitchenware  0.00 460908-2 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Protest Songs 1989 Columbia/kitchenware  0.00 465118-2 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Let's Change The World With Music 2009 Sony/kitchenware  0.00 KWCD41 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Andromeda Heights 1997 Epic/sony Japan  0.00 ESCA 6678 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Electric Guitars Ep 1997 Columbia/kitchenware  0.00 COL664722-2 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout The Gunman And Other Stories 2001 Emi/liberty  0.00 532613-2 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Crimson/red 2013 Kitchenware/icebreaker  0.00 IBRLBS13001 (2-CD boxset) Limited Edition Send Email 
Prefab Sprout 38 Carat Collection 1999 Columbia/kitchenware  0.00 496285-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Cars And Girls (maxi-single) 1988 Kitchenware/cbs  0.00 CDSK35 Send Email 
Prefab Sprout Hey Manhattan! (maxi-single) 1988 Kitchenware/cbs  0.00 CDSK38 Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Ii 1996 Sony  0.00 SRCS 8186 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Freaked Out And Small 2000 Cutting Edge/music Blitz  0.00 CTCR-14193 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Love Everybody 2005 Pusa Inc.  0.00 PSA 4 21103-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America These Are The Good Times People 2008 Fugitive/emi Japan  0.00 TOCP-66800 Japan CD extra track Enhanced CD Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America S/t 2004 Pusa Inc./pop Llama  0.00 PSA 2 w/DVD 10th Anniversary Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Pure Frosting 1998 Sony  0.00 SRCS 8609 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Eps (ladybug/bad Times/rot In The Sun) 2008 Cooking Vinyl  0.00 FRYDL383-CDR Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Freaked Out And Small 2004 Pusa  0.00 PSA 3 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Presidents Of The United States Of America Kudos To You! 2014 Self-released  0.00 PUSACD006 Send Email 
Presley, Elvis S/t 2005 Rca/bmg  0.00 66058-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Preteen Zenith Rubble Guts And Bb Eye 2012 Good  0.00 GRR 24 Send Email 
Pretenders S/t 2006 Sire/real/rhino  0.00 R2 74178 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Pretenders Ii 2006 Sire/real/rhino  0.00 R2 74177 (2-CD set) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Pretenders 1979-1999 2015 Edsel/rhino  0.00 PRETBOX01 (14-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks w/8-DVDs Send Email 
Pretenders Get Close 2007 Sire/real/rhino/wea  0.00 R2 101049 expanded and remastered Send Email 
Pretenders Break Up The Concrete 2008 Shangri-la  0.00 10101-3 First Edition with seed paper extra tracks Send Email 
Pretty & Twisted S/t 1995 Warner Bros.  0.00 945910-2 Send Email 
Prick S/t 1995 Interscope/nothing/atlantic  0.00 92395-2 Send Email 
Prick The Wreckard 2002 Lucky Pierre Music  0.00 LPM 002 Send Email 
Prieboy, Andy Upon My Wicked Son 1990 Doctor Dream/mca  0.00 DDCD 9030 Send Email 
Prieboy, Andy Montezuma Was A Man Of Faith Ep 1991 Doctor Dream/mca  0.00 DDCD 9145 Send Email 
Prieboy, Andy Sins Of Our Fathers 1995 Doctor Dream  0.00 DD 0110 Send Email 
Primal Scream Screamadelica 2011 Sony/creation  0.00 81104-2 #97 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition (4-CD boxset) w/2 LP's, DVD Send Email 
Primal Scream Give Out But Don't Give Up 2009 Sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 1893-4 Japan CD (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream Vanishing Point 2009 Sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 1895-6 Japan CD (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream Xtrmntr 2009 Sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 1897-8 Japan CD (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream Evil Heat 2009 Sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 1899-1900 Japan CD (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream Riot City Blues 2009 Sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 1901-2 Japan CD (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream Beautiful Future 2008 B-unique  0.00 429429-2 Enhanced CD extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream More Light 2013 Ignition/first International  0.00 SCRMCD003X (2-CD set) Limited Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Primal Scream Chaosmosis 2016 First International  0.00 428503-1 Send Email 
Primal Scream Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis 2018 Sony  0.00 581574-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Prince The Hits/the B-sides 1993 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 945440-2 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Prince Purple Rain 2017 Warner Bros/npg  0.00 547374-2 (3-CD set) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Prince For You 1978 Warner Bros.  0.00 3150-2 Send Email 
Prince S/t 1979 Warner Bros.  0.00 3366-2 Send Email 
Prince Dirty Mind 1980 Warner Bros.  0.00 3478-2 Send Email 
Prince Controversy 1981 Warner Bros.  0.00 3601-2 Send Email 
Prince 1999 1982 Warner Bros.  0.00 923720-2 Send Email 
Prince Around The World In A Day 1985 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 925286-2 Send Email 
Prince Parade: Music From Under The Cherry Moon 1986 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 925395-2 Send Email 
Prince Sign "o" The Times 1987 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 925577-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Prince Batman - Music From The Motion Picture 1989 Warner Bros.  0.00 925936-2 Send Email 
Prince Lovesexy 1988 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 925720-2 Send Email 
Prince S/t (black Album) 1994 Warner Bros.  0.00 2-45793 Send Email 
Prince Graffiti Bridge 1990 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 927493-2 Send Email 
Prince Diamonds And Pearls 1991 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 925379-2 Send Email 
Prince S/t (the Love Symbol Album) 1992 Paisley Park/warner Bros.  0.00 945121-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
Prince Chaos And Disorder 1996 Warner Bros.  0.00 946317-2 Send Email 
Prince Emancipation 1996 Npg  0.00 854982-2 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Prince Come 1994 Warner Bros.  0.00 945700-2 Send Email 
Prince Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999 Arista/npg  0.00 14624-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Prodigy The Fat Of The Land 1997 Maverick/warner Bros./mute  0.00 946606-2 Send Email 
Pulp We Love Life 2002 Rough Trade/sanctuary  0.00 83204-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Pulp This Is Hardcore 2006 Island/universal  0.00 9840048 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Send Email 
Pulp His 'n' Hers 2006 Island/universal  0.00 9840045 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Send Email 
Pulp Different Class 2006 Island/universal  0.00 9840051 remastered extra tracks (2-CD set) Send Email 
Pulp Separations 2002 Fire  0.00 SFIRE025CD remastered Send Email 
Pulp Intro: The Gift Recordings 1993 Island  0.00 IMCD 159/518451-2 Send Email 
Pulp Freaks 2002 Fire  0.00 SFIRE013CD remastered Send Email 
Pulsars S/t 1997 Almo Sounds/pioneer  0.00 PICP-3016 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Pulsars Inland Empire Ep 1997 Almo Sounds/pioneer  0.00 PICP-3018 Japan CD Send Email 
Pure Feverish 1998 Mammoth  0.00 980181-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Pure Generation 6 Pack 1994 Reprise  0.00 CDW45747 Send Email 
Queen 40 2011 Island  0.00 276645-6 (30-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
R.e.m. Murmur 2008 I.r.s./universal  0.00 B0012251-02 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) Send Email 
R.e.m. Reckoning 2009 I.r.s./universal  0.00 B0013032-02 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) Send Email 
R.e.m. Fables Of The Reconstruction 2010 I.r.s./capitol  0.00 46071-2 (2-CD set) 25th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Lifes Rich Pageant 2011 I.r.s./capitol  0.00 82447-2 (2-CD set) 25th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Dead Letter Office 1987 I.r.s./a&m  0.00 CD 70054 Send Email 
R.e.m. Document 2012 I.r.s./capitol  0.00 72006-2 (2-CD set) 25th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Green 1988 Warner Bros.  0.00 PRO-CD-3292 Promotional Hardbound Cover Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Out Of Time 1991 Warner Bros.  0.00 2-26527 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Automatic For The People 1992 Warner Bros.  0.00 945122-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Monster 1994 Warner Bros.  0.00 945763-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. New Adventures In Hi-fi 1996 Warner Bros.  0.00 946321-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Up 1998 Warner Bros.  0.00 947151-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Reveal 2001 Warner Bros.  0.00 948078-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Green 2013 Warner Bros.  0.00 79657-0 (2-CD set) 25th Anniversary Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Around The Sun 2004 Warner Bros.  0.00 48906-2 Limited Edition Send Email 
R.e.m. Accelerate 2008 Warner Bros.  0.00 49877-2 Limited Edition w/DVD extra tracks Send Email 
R.e.m. Out Of Time 2016 Concord Bicycle  0.00 CRE00233 (3-CD set) w/Bluray 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
R.e.m. Collapse Into Now 2011 Concord Bicycle  0.00 525611 Send Email 
R.e.m. Automatic For The People 2017 Craft/concord  0.00 CR00045 (3-CD boxset) w/Blu-ray 25th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
R.ring Ignite The Rest 2017 Sofaburn  0.00 SBR 026 Send Email 
Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldiers 2006 V2/third Man  0.00 V2CP-275 Japan CD extra track Enhanced CD Send Email 
Raconteurs Consolers Of The Lonely 2008 Third Man/warner Bros.  0.00 2-456060 Send Email 
Radiohead Pablo Honey 2009 Parlophone/emi  0.00 693606-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Radiohead The Bends 2009 Parlophone/emi  0.00 693620-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Radiohead Ok Computer 2009 Parlophone/emi  0.00 693629-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Radiohead Kid A 2009 Parlophone/emi  0.00 697107-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Radiohead Amnesiac 2009 Parlophone/emi  0.00 697104-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Radiohead Hail To The Thief 2009 Parlophone/emi  0.00 697094-2 (2-CD set) w/DVD Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Radiohead In Rainbows 2007 _xurbia_xendless Limited  0.00 _X_X001 (2-CD boxset) Deluxe Edition w/2 LP's Send Email 
Radiohead The King Of Limbs 2011 Ticker Tape  0.00 TICK001S w/2-LPs Newspaper Edition Send Email 
Radiohead The Daily Mail (single) 2011 Ticker Tape  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool 2016 Lllp Llp/xl Recordings  0.00 LLLPLLPLP01 (2-CD set) w/2-LP Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Radiohead Ok Computer - Oknotok 1997-2017 2017 Xl  0.00 040868-2 (2-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Rafferty, Gerry Right Down The Line - The Best Of 1989 Emi  0.00 CDP 793264-2 Send Email 
Ramones S/t 2001 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 74306 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Leave Home 2001 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 74307 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Rocket To Russia 2001 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 74309 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Road To Ruin 2001 Warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 74308 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones End Of The Century 2002 Sire/warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 78155 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Pleasant Dreams 2002 Sire/warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 78156 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Subterranean Jungle 2002 Sire/warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 78157 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Too Tough To Die 2002 Sire/warner Bros./rhino  0.00 R2 78158 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Brain Drain 2004 Captain Oi!  0.00 AHOY CD 244 remastered extra track Send Email 
Ramones Mondo Bizarro 2004 Captain Oi!  0.00 AHOY CD 245 remastered extra track Send Email 
Ramones Acid Eaters 2004 Captain Oi!  0.00 AHOY CD 246 remastered extra track Send Email 
Ramones Adios Amigos 2004 Captain Oi!  0.00 AHOY CD 247 remastered extra track Send Email 
Ramones S/t 2016 Sire/rhino  0.00 R2 555356 (3-CD set) w/LP 40th Anniversary Deluxe Limited Edition No. 11413 of 19760 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Leave Home 2017 Sire/rhino  0.00 R2 559753 (3-CD set) w/LP 40th Anniversary Deluxe Limited Edition No. 14744 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Rocket To Russia 2017 Sire/rhino  0.00 R2 563470 (3-CD set) w/LP 40th Anniversary Deluxe Limited Edition No. 11552 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ramones Road To Ruin 2018 Sire/rhino  0.00 R2 570998 (3-CD set) w/LP 40th Anniversary Deluxe Limited Edition No. 2554 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Raveonettes Pe'ahi 2014 Beat Dies  0.00 RAV-00004-2 Send Email 
Raveonettes Into The Night Ep 2012 The Orchard  0.00 RAV-00002-2 Send Email 
Raveonettes Observator 2012 Vice/beat Dies  0.00 VCA 80329-2 Send Email 
Raveonettes In And Out Of Control 2009 Vice  0.00 VCA 80013-2 Send Email 
Raveonettes The Chosen One/planes Do Crash (single) 2009 Vice  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Raveonettes Rarities And B-sides 2011 Self-released  0.00 RAVE01CD Send Email 
Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust 2008 Vice  0.00 VCA 80002-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Raveonettes Whip It On Ep 2002 Columbia/orchard  0.00 510753-9 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Raveonettes Chain Gang Of Love 2003 Sony/orchard  0.00 SICP 416 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Raveonettes Pretty In Black 2005 Columbia/orchard  0.00 COL 519426-9 extra tracks Send Email 
Raveonettes 2016 Atomized 2017 Beat Dies/orchard  0.00 RAV-00005-2 Send Email 
Reatard, Jay Singles 06-07 2008 In The Red  0.00 ITR 151 w/DVD Send Email 
Reatard, Jay Singles 08 2008 Matador  0.00 OLE 822-2 Send Email 
Reatard, Jay Watch Me Fall 2009 Matador  0.00 OLE 800-2 Send Email 
Reatard, Jay Blood Visions 2009 Fat Possum  0.00 FP1203-2 Send Email 
Records The Records/shades In Bed 2002 On The Beach/virgin  0.00 Foam CD5 Send Email 
Records Crashes 2004 On The Beach/virgin  0.00 Foam CD7 Send Email 
Records Music On Both Sides 2007 On The Beach/virgin  0.00 Foam CD8 Send Email 
Redd Kross Neurotica 2002 Five Foot Two/oglio  0.00 FF2003CD OGL82016-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Redd Kross Third Eye 1990 Atlantic  0.00 782148-2 Send Email 
Redd Kross Phaseshifter 1993 This Way Up/mercury  0.00 518167-2 Send Email 
Redd Kross Show World 1997 This Way Up/island/polygram  0.00 PHCR-1468 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Redd Kross Krossing The Redd Sea 1998 Tendolar  0.00 TDR-092 Send Email 
Redd Kross Super Sunny Dreams From The Front Row 1997 Punk Vault  0.00 no catalog number (bootleg) (4-CD set) Send Email 
Redd Kross Researching The Blues 2012 Merge/hostess  0.00 HSE-50075 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Redd Kross Teen Babes From Monsanto 2016 Redd Kross Fashion  0.00 TBFMCD1 extra tracks Send Email 
Redd Kross Oh Canada! Hot Issue Vol. 2 2016 Redd Kross Fashion  0.00 HIOC-2 Send Email 
Redd Kross Hot Issue 2018 Merge  0.00 MRG647 Send Email 
Reduction Agents The Dance Reduction Agents 2006 Honorary Bedouin/lil Chief  0.00 LCR 014 Send Email 
Reef 93/03 2012 Metropolis  0.00 566332 (9-CD boxset) w/LP, cassette and DVD Limited Edition No. 356 Send Email 
Reef Barking At Trees (single) 2014 Self-released  0.00 BAT02 Send Email 
Reef How I Got Over (single) 2016 Self-released  0.00 REEFBAND_001 Send Email 
Reef Revelation 2018 Ear Music  0.00 0212808EMU Send Email 
Refreshments Wheelie 1994 Epiphany  0.00 EPY 1001-2 Send Email 
Refreshments The Bottle & Fresh Horses 1997 Mercury  0.00 536203-2 Send Email 
Relaxed Muscle A Heavy Nite With... 2003 Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADECD131 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Rentals Return Of 1995 Maverick/reprise  0.00 946093-2 Send Email 
Rentals Songs About Time W/films About Weeks And Photo 2009 Artist In Residence  0.00 435308-0 (4-CD boxset) w/DVD Send Email 
Rentals Lost In Alphaville 2014 Only In Dreams/polyvinyl  0.00 ODCP-007 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Rentals Seven More Minutes 1999 Maverick  0.00 WPCR-10212 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Rentals The Last Little Life Ep 2007 Boompa  0.00 BPA019 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Rentals Friends Of P (maxi-single) 1996 Maverick/reprise  0.00 9362-43632-2 Send Email 
Ride The Box Set 2001 Ignition  0.00 IGN CD13 (3-CD set) Send Email 
Ride Nowhere 2010 Sire/rhino  0.00 RHM2 525247 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ride Going Blank Again 2012 Ride  0.00 RIDEMSC03L Deluxe Edition w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ride Smile Ep 2012 Ride  0.00 RIDEMSC01 remastered Send Email 
Ride Carnival Of Light 2012 Ride  0.00 RIDEMSC04 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ride Tarantula 2012 Ride  0.00 RIDEMSC05 Send Email 
Ride Weather Diaries 2017 Wichita/p.i.a.s./hostess  0.00 WEBB510CDJ HSE-4100 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Ridgway, Stan The Big Heat 1993 I.r.s.  0.00 13125-2 Expanded Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Ridgway, Stan Mosquitos 2012 Raven  0.00 RVCD-355 extra tracks Send Email 
Ridgway, Stan Black Diamond 1995 Birdcage  0.00 SRDI 11007 Send Email 
Ridgway, Stan Partyball 1991 Geffen  0.00 GEFD-24385 Send Email 
Ridgway, Stan Anatomy 1999 New West/ultra Modern  0.00 NW 6010 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Rilo Kiley The Execution Of All Things 2002 Saddle Creek  0.00 LBJ-47 Send Email 
Rilo Kiley Take Offs And Landings 2001 Barsuk  0.00 Bark19 Send Email 
Rilo Kiley Under The Blacklight 2007 Warner Bros.  0.00 189372-2 Send Email 
Rilo Kiley More Adventurous 2005 Warner Bros./brute/beaute  0.00 48876-2 Send Email 
Rilo Kiley Rkives 2013 Little  0.00 CD-LRC008 Send Email 
Rin, Manda My Dna 2008 Retard Disco  0.00 RET-019 extra tracks Send Email 
Ringside S/t 2005 Flawless/geffen  0.00 B0003525-02 Send Email 
Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus Live At Tomfest 2000 Self-released  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus Big Star Logistics 2001 Sovereign  0.00 SP70007-2 Send Email 
Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus Welcome To 2002 Epic/vertical Music  0.00 EK 86604 (2-CD set) Enhanced CD Send Email 
Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus A Beautiful Glow 2003 Ino/epic  0.00 EK 90534 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Rocket From The Crypt Scream, Dracula, Scream! 1995 Interscope  0.00 92596-2 Send Email 
Roe, Tommy Greatest Hits 1993 Mca  0.00 MCAD-10884 Send Email 
Rollerskate Skinny Horsedrawn Wishes 1996 Warner Bros.  0.00 945943-2 Send Email 
Ronald Of Orange S/t Ep 2009 Velvet Blue Music  0.00 VBM 124 Send Email 
Roxy Music S/t 1999 Virgin  0.00 847447-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 1999 Virgin  0.00 847449-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music Stranded 1999 Virgin  0.00 847451-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music Country Life 1999 Virgin  0.00 847453-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music Siren 1999 Virgin  0.00 847455-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music Avalon 1999 Virgin  0.00 847460-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music The Thrill Of It All 1995 Virgin  0.00 840970-2 (4-CD set) Send Email 
Roxy Music Manifesto 1999 Virgin  0.00 847458-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music Flesh + Blood 1999 Virgin  0.00 847459-2 remastered Send Email 
Roxy Music S/t 2018 Virgin/emi  0.00 473438-9 (3-CD boxset) w/DVD Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Royal Trux Veterans Of Disorder 1999 Drag City  0.00 DC168 CD Send Email 
Royal Trux Pound For Pound 2000 Drag City  0.00 DC188 CD Send Email 
Royal Trux White Stuff 2019 Fat Possum  0.00 FP1704-2 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey These Days Are Old (maxi-single) 1997 Emi/tvt  0.00 884142-2 CDEM 478 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Modes Of Transportation Vol.1 1995 Tvt/quattro  0.00 QTCY-2080 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey What's A Boy To Do? - Modes Of Trans. Vol.2 1998 Tvt/quattro  0.00 QTCY-73002 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Brunch 2001 Quattro Disc/hi-hat  0.00 ARQD-003 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Alone At The Zoo 2003 Hi-hat  0.00 no catalog number No.6 of 900 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Ausfahrt Walsrode Ep 2006 Lamm  0.00 LRC 003 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Running Away (maxi-single) 1996 Emi/tvt  0.00 883255-2 CDEM 444 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Mechanical Royalty (pre-release) 2008 Hi-hat  0.00 HAT-2112 No. 41 of 200 (different tracklisting) Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Mechanical Royalty 2009 Hi-hat/sonic Unyon  0.00 HAT 0901-2 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Shackleton Ep 2010 Hi-hat  0.00 HAT 1001-2 No. 5 of 50 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Wendy Mcdonald - Live In Japan Ep 1996 Tvt  0.00 TVT 5413-2 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Bed 2001 Hi-hat  0.00 HAT 1488-2 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Breakfast 2001 Hi-hat  0.00 HAT 1489-2 Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Modes Of Transportation Vol. 1 2016 Hi-hat  0.00 HAT 1501-2 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Ruben, Spookey Modes Iii 2016 Rescord/hi-hat  0.00 HAT 1601-2 Send Email 
Rudds Get The Femuline Hang On 2005 Self-released  0.00 89374-2 Send Email 
Rudds S/t 2003 Sodapop  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Runt 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 659 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Runt. The Ballad Of 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 660 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Something/anything? 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 672 (2-CD set) remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd A Wizard, A True Star 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 673 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Todd 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 674 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Faithful 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 702 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Hermit Of Mink Hollow 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 703 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Healing 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 705 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 706 remastered Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Demos And Lost Albums 2001 Rhino/panfish/nippon Crown  0.00 CRCL 7707/08 Archive Series Vol. 4(2-CD set) Japan CD Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd A Cappella 1985 Rhino/warner Bros.  0.00 R2 75761 Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Nearly Human 1989 Warner Bros.  0.00 925881-2 Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd The Very Best Of 1997 Rhino  0.00 R2 72811 Send Email 
Rundgren, Todd Initiation 1999 Bearsville/essential/castle  0.00 ESM CD 701 remastered Send Email 
Ruth Ruth Laughing Gallery 1995 American/ventrue  0.00 943039-2 Send Email 
Ruth Ruth The Little Death 1996 Deep Elm/epitaph/ventrue  0.00 86480-2 Send Email 
Ruth Ruth Are You My Friend? 1998 Rca/bmg  0.00 67669-2 Send Email 
Ruth Ruth Right About Now 2004 Flaming Peach  0.00 25879-2 Send Email 
Sade Diamond Life 2000 Epic/sony  0.00 EK 85240 remastered Send Email 
Sadier, Laetitia The Trip 2010 Drag City  0.00 DC440CD Send Email 
Sadier, Laetitia (source Ensemble) Find Me Finding You 2017 Drag City  0.00 DC672CD Send Email 
Sagittarius Present Tense 1997 Sundazed/sony  0.00 SC 11053 extra tracks Send Email 
Said Fantasy Horse Of Faded Grandeur (maxi-single) 2010 Eep Society  0.00 no catalog number Send Email 
Said Fantasy Chariot Of God 2017 Plastiq Musiq  0.00 PM-041 Send Email 
Said Fantasy Carols Gloria 2017 Plastiq Musiq  0.00 pm043 Send Email 
Salas-humara, Walter Work: Part One 2015 Sonic Pyramid  0.00 SPY103 Send Email 
Salas-humara, Walter Explodes And Disappears 2015 Sonic Pyramid  0.00 SPY104 Send Email 
Salas-humara, Walter Curve And Shake 2014 Blue Rose  0.00 BLU DP0638 Send Email 
Salas-humara, Walter Work: Part Two 2017 Blue Rose  0.00 BLU DP0694 Send Email 
Salas-humara, Walter Walterio 2018 Rhyme & Reason  0.00 RAR-031 Send Email 
Sandoval, Hope & The Warm Inventions Through The Devil Softly 2010 Nettwerk/imperial  0.00 TECI-24584 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Sandoval, Hope & The Warm Inventions Bavarian Fruit Bread 2001 Rough Trade/avant Garden  0.00 AG-031 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Sandoval, Hope & The Warm Inventions Until The Hunter 2016 Tendril Tales/ingrooves  0.00 TT 03 Send Email 
Sandoval, Hope & The Warm Inventions Bonus Tracks 2016 Tendril Tales/ingrooves  0.00 TT 03B Send Email 
Santana Greatest Hits 1974 Cbs/columbia  0.00 CK 33050 Send Email 
Sauropod Roaring At The Storm 2016 Popup  0.00 PR3616CD Send Email 
Scarce Deadsexy 1996 A&m  0.00 40561-2 Send Email 
Schmitt, Adam World So Bright 1991 Reprise  0.00 926551-2 Send Email 
Schmitt, Adam Illiterature 1993 Reprise  0.00 945265-2 Send Email 
Schmitt, Adam Demolition 2001 Parasol  0.00 PAR CD 033 Send Email 
Scritti Politti Cupid & Psyche 85 1985 Warner Bros.  0.00 925302-2 Send Email 
Scritti Politti Provision 1988 Warner Bros.  0.00 W2 25686 Send Email 
Scritti Politti Anomie & Bonhomie 1999 Virgin  0.00 VJCP-68129 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Scritti Politti Songs To Remember 2001 Virgin  0.00 CDV2944 811024-2 remastered Send Email 
Scritti Politti White Bread Black Beer 2006 Rough Trade/imperial  0.00 TECI-28378 Japan CD w/DVD Send Email 
Scritti Politti Three Unreleased Tracks 2006 Nonesuch/rough Trade  0.00 PRO 302274 Send Email 
Scritti Politti First Boy In This Town (maxi-single) 1988 Virgin  0.00 VSCD 1082 Send Email 
Scritti Politti Absolute (best Of) 2011 Virgin  0.00 32044-2 Send Email 
Scruffs "wanna' Meet The Scruffs?" 2000 Northern Heights/nippon Crown  0.00 CRCL-4525 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sebadoh Harmacy 1996 Sub Pop  0.00 SPCD 370 Send Email 
Seed Ling 1994 Giant/mechanic  0.00 924551-2 Send Email 
Seinking Ships Sinking Ships Ep 2007 Empyrean  0.00 SKY 027 Send Email 
Seinking Ships Museum Quality Capture 2010 S-curve  0.00 51501-2 Send Email 
Self The Half-baked Serenade 1997 Spongebath  0.00 006 Send Email 
Self Super Fake Nice Ep 2014 El Camino  0.00 ECM021-2 Send Email 
Self Subliminal Plastic Motives 1995 Spongebath/zoo  0.00 11116-2 Send Email 
Self Breakfast With Girls 1999 Dreamworks/spongebath  0.00 DRMD-50053 Send Email 
Self Ornament & Crime 2017 El Camino  0.00 ECM056-2 Send Email 
Self Porno, Mint & Grime 2017 El Camino  0.00 ECM060-2 Send Email 
Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols 2012 Universal  0.00 SexPissbox1977 (3-CD boxset) 35th Anniversary Edition w/DVD, 7" extra tracks Send Email 
Sextus Stranger Than Fiction 2008 Dramapants  0.00 DP-0002 Send Email 
Sextus Devil Angel Ep 2010 Dramapants  0.00 DP-004 Send Email 
Shaggs Philosophy Of The World 1999 Rca Victor/bmg  0.00 63371-2 Send Email 
She-devils S/t 2017 Secretly Canadian  0.00 SC347 Send Email 
Sheloom The Baron Of The Fjord 2016 Ray  0.00 166691-5 Send Email 
Shins Chutes Too Narrow 2003 Sub Pop  0.00 SPCD 625 Send Email 
Shins Wincing The Night Away 2007 Sub Pop/pony Canyon  0.00 PCCY-01820 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Shins Port Of Morrow 2012 Sony Music Japan  0.00 SICP 3449 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Shins Oh, Inverted World 2001 Sub Pop/spunk  0.00 URA049 extra track Send Email 
Shins Heartworms 2017 Aural Apothecary/columbia  0.00 41202-2 Send Email 
Shins The Worms Heart 2018 Aural Apothecary/columbia  0.00 49470-2 Send Email 
Shoes Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 2018 Cherry Red  0.00 CRCDBOX60 (3-CD set) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Shoes Present Tense 2009 Air Mail  0.00 AIRCD-100 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Shoes Tongue Twister 2009 Air Mail  0.00 AIRCD-101 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Shoes Boomerang 2009 Air Mail  0.00 AIRCD-102/3 (2-CD set) Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Shoes Silhouette 1991 Black Vinyl  0.00 BV15191-2 extra tracks Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Out Ill Wills 2007 Merge/bud Fox  0.00 MRG 310 (2-CD set) extra tracks Enhanced CD Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Howl Howl Gaff Gaff 2005 Capitol/bud Fox  0.00 60139-2 different tracklisting Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Tonight I Have To Leave It (maxi-single) 2007 Merge/bud Fox  0.00 MRG 311 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Our Ill Wills 2007 Bud Fox/kurofune/toy's Factory  0.00 TFCK-86605 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Impossible (maxi-single) 2008 Merge/bud Fox  0.00 MRG 331 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Work 2010 Universal/bud Fox/vertigo  0.00 273167-1 Limited Edition extra tracks w/DVD Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Howl Howl Gaff Gaff 2003 Bud Fox  0.00 BUD004 Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Shut Your Eyes (single) 2003 Bud Fox/emi  0.00 BUD003 Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Combines Ep 2006 Capitol/emi/bud Fox  0.00 66645-2 Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Optica 2013 Merge  0.00 MRG 460 Send Email 
Shout Out Louds Ease My Mind 2017 Merge  0.00 MRG 610 Send Email 
Sideways Oblivion And Points Beyond 2002 Susstones  0.00 IMCD 2502 Send Email 
Silos Heater 1998 Checkered Past  0.00 CPR 010 Send Email 
Silos Cuba 2002 Dualtone/record Collect  0.00 201129-2 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Silos S/t 1990 Rca/bmg  0.00 2051-2-R Send Email 
Silos Hasta La Victoria! 2003 Sonic Pyramid  0.00 SPY-012 extra tracks Send Email 
Silos Florizona 2011 Sonic Pyramid  0.00 SPY99 Send Email 
Silos/salas-humara, Walter Ask The Dust: Recordings 1980-1988 1995 Watermelon/record Collect  0.00 CD-1024 Send Email 
Silversun Pickups Swoon 2009 Dangerbird  0.00 DGB035 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel The Collection 2007 Sony/bmg/columbia  0.00 713446-2 (5-CD boxset) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Simon, Carly Anthology 2002 Arista/elektra/bmg/rhino  0.00 R2 78167 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Simon, Paul Surprise 2006 Warner Bros.  0.00 49982-2 Send Email 
Simon, Paul The Studio Recordings: 1972-2000 2004 Warner Bros.  0.00 R2 78909 (9-CD boxset) expanded and remastered Send Email 
Simon, Paul The Essential 2006 Warner Bros.  0.00 159420-2 Deluxe Limited Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD Send Email 
Simon, Paul So Beautiful Or So What 2011 Hear/concord  0.00 HRM-32836-00 Deluxe Limited Edition w/DVD Send Email 
Simon, Paul Graceland 2012 Sony/legacy  0.00 195583-2 (3-CD boxset) w/2-DVDs 25th Anniversary Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Simon, Paul Stranger To Stranger 2016 Concord  0.00 723980-3 Deluxe Edition extra tracks Send Email 
Simon, Paul In The Blue Light 2018 Sony/legacy  0.00 584144-2 Send Email 
Simpsons Songs In The Key Of Springfield 1997 Rhino  0.00 R2 72775 Send Email 
Six Finger Satellite Severe Exposure 1995 Sub Pop  0.00 SP 299b Send Email 
Sixths (the 6ths) Wasps' Nests 1995 London  0.00 828592-2 Send Email 
Sixths (the 6ths) Hyacinths And Thistles 2000 Merge  0.00 MRG 185 Send Email 
Skillet Ardent Worship: Live 2000 Ardent  0.00 ARD 2502R Enhanced CD Send Email 
Skillet Alien Youth 2001 Ardent  0.00 ARD 2507 Send Email 
Slash's Snakepit It's Five O'clock Somewhere 1995 Geffen/mca Victor  0.00 MVCG-169 Japan CD Send Email 
Sloan Twice Removed 1994 Geffen/murder/universal Victor  0.00 MVCF-18001 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Sloan One Chord To Another W/ Bonus Live Cd 1997 The Enclave  0.00 55281-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Sloan Navy Blues 1998 Murder/universal Victor  0.00 MVCE-24105 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan Between The Bridges 1999 Murder/universal Victor  0.00 MVCE-24182 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan Pretty Together 2001 Murder/bmg/funhouse  0.00 BVCP-21233 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan Action Pact 2004 Koch  0.00 KOC CD 9568 USA CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan Smeared 1992 Murder/universal Victor  0.00 MVCE-18002 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan One Chord To Another 1997 Enclave/toshiba-emi  0.00 VJCP 25310 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sloan Never Hear The End Of It 2006 Murder/red Ink/sony/bmg  0.00 80514-2 Send Email 
Sloan A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005 2005 Imperial  0.00 TECI-24322 Japan CD extra tracks w/Bonus DVD Send Email 
Sloan Parallel Play 2008 Yep Roc/murder  0.00 YEP 2180 Send Email 
Sloan Peppermint Ep 1992 Murder  0.00 MUR CD001 Send Email 
Sloan Underwhelmed (maxi-single) 1993 Geffen  0.00 GFSTD 36 Send Email 
Sloan The Double Cross 2011 Yep Roc/murder  0.00 MUR 050/YEP 2230 Send Email 
Sloan Commonwealth 2014 Yep Roc  0.00 YEP-2392 Send Email 
Sloan 12 2018 Murder/yep Roc  0.00 MUR 062 YEP 2588 Send Email 
Small Faces S/t (1966) 2012 Decca/nice/universal  0.00 276528-0 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Small Faces From The Beginning 2012 Decca/nice/universal  0.00 278134-1 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Small Faces The Darlings Of Whapping Wharf Launderette 1999 Immediate/sequel/castle  0.00 NEECD 311 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Small Faces Playmates 1992 Repertoire  0.00 REP 4267-WY Send Email 
Small Faces 78 In The Shade 1993 Repertoire  0.00 REP 4392-WY Send Email 
Small Faces S/t (1967) 2012 Immediate/nice/universal  0.00 278134-5 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Small Faces Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake 2012 Immediate/charly  0.00 CHARLY 914B (3-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Small Sins S/t 2006 Astralwerks/boompa  0.00 ASW 59844 Send Email 
Small Sins Mood Swings 2007 Astralwerks/boompa  0.00 ASW 01254 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Small Sins The Mellow Ep 2007 Astralwerks/boompa  0.00 08422-2 Send Email 
Small Sins Pot Calls Kettle Black 2010 Arts & Crafts  0.00 ACD5016 Send Email 
Smalley, Stuart You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough... 1992 Bmg/bantam  0.00 353CD Send Email 
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 2011 Virgin/emi  0.00 679289-2 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Smashing Pumpkins Pisces Iscariot 2012 Virgin  0.00 623740-2 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD and cassette remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Smashing Pumpkins Gish 2011 Virgin/emi  0.00 909596-2 Deluxe Edition (2-CD set) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 2012 Virgin  0.00 978524-2 Deluxe Edition (5-CD boxset) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Smashing Pumpkins The Aeroplane Flies High 2013 Virgin/universal  0.00 B0018549-00 Deluxe Edition (6-CD boxset) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Smashing Pumpkins Adore 2014 Virgin/universal  0.00 B0020851-00 Deluxe Edition (6-CD boxset) w/DVD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sneakers Nonsequitur Of Silence 2007 Collectors' Choice  0.00 CCM-733 Send Email 
Soft Cell Non-stop Erotic Cabaret 2008 Mercury/universal  0.00 530321-6 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edtion remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Soft Cell The Art Of Falling Apart 1998 Mercury/some Bizarre  0.00 558266-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Soft Cell This Last Night... In Sodom 1998 Mercury/some Bizarre  0.00 558267-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Solex Pick Up 1999 Matador  0.00 OLE 336-2 Send Email 
Son Volt Trace 1995 Warner Bros.  0.00 946010-2 Send Email 
Soul Asylum Grave Dancers Union 1992 Columbia  0.00 CK 48898 Send Email 
Soul Asylum Let Your Dim Light Shine 1995 Columbia  0.00 CK 57616 Send Email 
Soul Asylum Candy From A Stranger 1998 Sony  0.00 SRCS-8608 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Soul Asylum Losin' It (single) 1998 Columbia  0.00 CSK 41080 Send Email 
Soul Asylum The Silver Lining 2006 Sony  0.00 SICP 1101 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Soul Asylum Delayed Reaction 2012 429  0.00 FTN 17908 Best Buy Exclusive extra tracks Send Email 
Soul Asylum Change Of Fortune 2016 Eone  0.00 EOM-CD-5455 Send Email 
Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom 1994 Slash/warner Bros.  0.00 945752-2 Send Email 
Soul Coughing Irresistable Bliss 1996 Polydor/slash/london  0.00 POCD-1242/3 (2-CD set) Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Soul Coughing El Oso 1998 Polydor/slash/london  0.00 POCD-1280 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Soul-junk 1952 (part 1) 1995 Homestead/dutch East India  0.00 HMS 227-2 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1955 1998 Jackson Rubio  0.00 JRD-111 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Soul-junk 1956 2000 5 Minute Walk/sarabellum  0.00 FMD 2404 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1957 2002 Sounds Are Active  0.00 SAA 1105 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1958 2003 Sounds Are Active/familyre  0.00 SAA 1113 SF012 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1942 Ep 2001 Sounds Familyre  0.00 SF006 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1959 (psalms 1-23) 2006 Quiver Society  0.00 015 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1953/1954 1996 Homestead/dutch East India  0.00 HMS 236-2 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1941 Ep 2001 Absalom  0.00 ABS-007 (3" CD) Send Email 
Soul-junk 1960 2009 Sounds Familyre  0.00 SF022 Send Email 
Soul-junk 1938 Ep 2002 Salad Dressing/in Transit Audio  0.00 ITI01/SDR016 No. 6 of 500 Send Email 
Sound Of Music, The Original Soundtrack 2005 Rca/legacy  0.00 72556-2 40th Anniversary Special Edition Send Email 
Soviet We Are Eyes, We Are Builders 2001 Plastiq Musiq  0.00 PM010 Send Email 
Soviet We Are Eyes, We Are Builders 2001 Head  0.00 HD001 remixed and different tracklisting Send Email 
Soviet Spies In The House Of Love 2004 Sounds Red  0.00 796144-7 Send Email 
Soviet Life Begins At Rewirement Ost 2012 Sounds Red  0.00 674544-9 Send Email 
Soviet Ghosts 2015 Sounds Red  0.00 111489-3 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot 1995 Capitol  0.00 CDP 832816-2 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Chords I've Known Ep 1996 Slow River/capitol  0.00 DPRO-11198 SRR14 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Dreamt For Lightyears In The Belly Of A Mountain 2006 Astralwerks/emi  0.00 ASW 70946 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Someday I Will Treat You Good (maxi-single) 1996 Parlophone  0.00 882684-2 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Good Morning Spider 1999 Capitol  0.00 CDP 836671-0 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Sparklehorse Rainmaker (maxi-single) 1996 Capitol/parlophone  0.00 883180-2 (2-CD set) Send Email 
Sparklehorse Painbirds (maxi-single) 1998 Capitol-emi/parlophone  0.00 885855-0 Enhanced CD Send Email 
Sparklehorse Sick Of Goodbyes (maxi-single) 1998 Capitol-emi/parlophone  0.00 886190-2 CD#1 Send Email 
Sparklehorse Sick Of Goodbyes (maxi-single) 1998 Capitol-emi/parlophone  0.00 886191-2 CD#2 Send Email 
Sparks Kimono My House 2006 Universal/island  0.00 984341-7 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Propaganda 2006 Universal/island  0.00 984341-0 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Indiscreet 2006 Universal/island  0.00 984341-1 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Introducing 2009 Imperial  0.00 TECI-26546 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Big Beat 2006 Universal/island  0.00 984341-2 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks No.1 In Heaven 2009 Imperial  0.00 TECI-26547 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Terminal Jive 2009 Imperial  0.00 TECI-26548 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Whomp That Sucker 2009 Imperial  0.00 TECI-26549 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Angst In My Pants 2009 Imperial  0.00 TECI-26550 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks In Outer Space 2009 Imperial  0.00 TECI-26551 Japan CD remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Music That You Can Dance To 2011 Repertoire  0.00 REP 5229 Send Email 
Sparks Interior Design 1988 Victor  0.00 VDP-1346 Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins 1995 Logic/bmg  0.00 BVCP-827 Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Sparks Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat 2013 Repertoire  0.00 REP 5287 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Sparks Plagiarism 1997 Roadrunner  0.00 RR 8791-2 Send Email 
Sparks Balls 2000 Festival Mushroom  0.00 33332-2 extra track w/ Bonus CD "Live in London" Send Email 
Sparks S/t 2006 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 2048 Send Email 
Sparks A Woofer In Tweeters Clothing 2006 Wounded Bird  0.00 WOU 110 Send Email 
Sparks Lil' Beethoven 2003 Lil' Beethoven/universal  0.00 LBRCD 101 Deluxe Editon extra tracks Enhanced CD Send Email 
Sparks Hello Young Lovers 2006 In The Red  0.00 ITR131 Send Email 
Sparks Exotic Creatures Of The Deep 2008 Lil' Beethoven/imperial  0.00 TECI-32490 Japan CD extra track w/DVD Send Email 
Sparks The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman 2009 Lil' Beethoven  0.00 LRRV4X boxset w/ 4LP's Send Email 
Sparks The Heaven Collection/the Hell Collection 1993 Columbia/sony/underdog  0.00 COL 473523-2 (2-CD boxset) Send Email 
Sparks Hippopotamus 2017 Bmg/hostess  0.00 538279612J Japan CD extra track Send Email 
Spencer, John Blues Explosion Now I Got Worry 2010 Major Domo/shout! Factory  0.00 1176-7 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Spoon A Series Of Sneaks 2002 Merge  0.00 MRG 211 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Spoon 30 Gallon Tank (maxi-single) 1998 Elektra  0.00 PRCD 1104-2 Send Email 
Spoon Kill The Moonlight 2002 Merge  0.00 MRG 215 Send Email 
Spoon Gimme Fiction 2005 Merge  0.00 MRG 265 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga 2007 Merge  0.00 MRG 295 (2-CD set) extra tracks Send Email 
Spoon Loveways Ep 2000 Merge  0.00 MRG 191 Send Email 
Spoon Got Nuffin (maxi-single) 2009 Merge  0.00 MRG 345 Send Email 
Spoon Transference 2010 Anti-  0.00 ANTI 7050-2 extra track Send Email 
Spoon Soft Effects Ep 1997 Matador  0.00 OLE 236 Send Email 
Spoon Girls Can Tell 2001 Merge  0.00 MRG 195 Send Email 
Spoon They Want My Soul 2014 Loma Vista/republic  0.00 B002136-02 Send Email 
Spoon "telephono" 1996 Matador  0.00 OLE 201-2 Send Email 
Spoon Hot Thoughts 2017 Matador/beat  0.00 OLE-1137-2 (2-CD set) Japan CD extra tracks Send Email 
Springer, Rita Created To Worship 2001 Floodgate/rocketown/word  0.00 FGR070301-1 Send Email 
Springer, Rita Effortless 2002 Floodgate/wea/word  0.00 886226-2 Send Email 
Squad Five-o Bombs Over Broadway 2000 Tooth And Nail  0.00 TND 1169 Send Email 
Squad Five-o S/t 2002 Tooth And Nail  0.00 TND 1220 Send Email 
Squad Five-o What I Believe 1997 Bulletproof  0.00 D3000 Send Email 
Squeeze Six Of One... 1997 A&m  0.00 540801-2 (6-CD boxset) remastered extra tracks No. 4995 Send Email 
Squeeze Argybargy 2008 A&m/universal/mercury  0.00 983283-5 (2-CD set) Deluxe Edition remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Squeeze Sweets From A Stranger 2008 A&m/universal/mercury  0.00 983283-8 remastered extra tracks Send Email 
Squeeze Babylon And On 1987 A&m  0.00 CD 5161 Send Email 
Squeeze Annie Get Your Gun (live) (maxi-single) 1990 I.r.s./deptford Fun City  0.00 IRSD-74007