Real Name: Sergio
Country: Spain

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Country
Not For Trade
Adorno / End Of A Year Split  Existencia Records/pine Records  0.00  Send Email 
Adorno / Syn*error Split    0.00  Send Email 
Adventures Clear My Head With You  No Sleep Records  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! Trash Unreal  Sire  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! The Disco Before The Breakdown  No Idea Excellent 0.00 Purple Vinyl Send Email 
Bridge & Tunnel Bridge & Tunnel  No Idea  0.00 Orange Vinyl Send Email 
Bridge & Tunnel / Young Livers Split  No Idea  0.00 Brown Vinyl Send Email 
Cheap Girls / Lemuria Split 2010 No Idea  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Chuck Ragan Ole Diesel  Rat Patrol  0.00 Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Chuck Ragan The Sawblade 2012 Side One Dummy  0.00 Sawblade-Shaped. Send Email 
Death Is Not Glamorous Demo 05  True North  0.00  Send Email 
Dowsing / Ratboys Split 2016 Topshelf  0.00 Cherry Cola (Opaque) Send Email 
Drag The River/chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves Split 2009 Hometown Caravan  0.00  Send Email 
Empire ! Empire! (i Was A Lonely Estate) On Time Spent Waiting, Or Placing The Weight Of  2011 Topshelf Records  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
End Of A Year End Of A Year 2009 Deathwish  0.00 Clear w/ White Send Email 
Everyone Everywhere A Lot Of Weird People Standing Around 2009 Evil Weevil Mint 0.00 Purple Vinyl Send Email 
Forgetters Forgetters 2010 Too Small To Fail  0.00 Double 7" Send Email 
Frustration I Can't Forget You / One Of Them? 2012 Born Bad Records  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Snakes Treat Yourself / Ungallant, Coarse And Rude 2018 Pu  0.00 Red Translucent. Pressed exclusively for the 2018 European tour. 574/1000. Send Email 
Hot Water Music The Fire / Up To Nothing 2011 Hwm Records  0.00 Coke Bottle Vinyl Send Email 
Hot Water Music / The Bouncing Souls Split 2011 Chunksaah  0.00 White Vinyl with Black & Red Splatter. Send Email 
La Plata Un Atasco 2017 Sonido Muchacho  0.00  Send Email 
Look Mexico Gasp Asp 2008 Tiny Engines  0.00 Green Vinyl Send Email 
Male Bonding Nothing Remains 2011 Sub Pop  0.00  Send Email 
Muletrain The Ansar Ep  Beat Generation  0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds Night Birds Ep 2010 Grave Mistake Records  0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds Midnight Movies 2010 No Way Records  0.00  Send Email 
Nothington More Than Obvious 2011 Red Scare  0.00  Send Email 
Nueva Vulcano Los Días Señalados Ep 2007 Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
Nueva Vulcano Pop Y Espiritualidad 2015 La Castanya / Bcore  0.00 Transparent and screen printed vinyl designed by Rick Froberg. Send Email 
Radioactivity Infected/sleep 2017 Wild Honey  0.00  Send Email 
Red Dons Notes On The Underground 2013 Taken By Surprise  0.00  Send Email 
Restorations Of Trees / Frankford  Evil Weevil Records  0.00  Send Email 
Rites Of Spring All Through Life 2011 Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Rvivr The Tide B/w Shaggy 2017 Dead Broke  0.00  Send Email 
Sheer Mag Ii 2014 Static Shock  0.00  Send Email 
Shoplifters Forgiver 2017 Brassneck, Waterslide, Bartolini  0.00  Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Composite Vol. 1 2009 No Idea  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Composite, Vol. 2 2010 No Idea  0.00 Purple Vinyl Send Email 
Spectres Visons Of A New World 2007 Whisper In Darkness  0.00  Send Email 
Teenage Bottlerocket/the Ergs! Under The Influence Vol. 4  Vinyl Collective  0.00 Green with Black Splatter Send Email 
Terrible Feelings Blank Heads Ep 2011 Erste Theke Tonträger  0.00  Send Email 
Texas Is The Reason Texas Is The Reason  Revelation  0.00  Send Email 
The Draft Well Never Know / Hard To Be Around It  No Idea  0.00 Purple Vinyl Send Email 
The Draft Stop Wastin My Time / Up All Night  No Idea  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
The Draft  Devil In The Shade / Na Na Na  No Idea  0.00 Green Vinyl Send Email 
The Ergs! / The Measure [sa] Split A/b 2009 No Idea  0.00 Purple Mix Vinyl Send Email 
The Ergs! / The Measure [sa] Split C/d 2009 No Idea  0.00 Gray Mix Vinyl Send Email 
The Estranged Frozen Fingers 2018 Sabotage  0.00 Green Vinyl Send Email 
The Gaslight Anthem Señor And The Queen  Sabot  0.00 2 x 7" Send Email 
The Lawrence Arms Buttsweat And Tears 2009 Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
This Town Needs Guns Adventure, Stamina & Anger 2011   0.00  Send Email 
Thursday / Thrice Thursday / Thrice Split  Island  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Traveling End Of The Summer 2012 No Idea  0.00 Green Vinyl. Send Email 
Ulises Lima Ulises Lima 2011 Existencia Records  0.00 18/50 Send Email 
White Lung Two Of You / Hunting Holiday 2013 Sabotage Records  0.00  Send Email 
L’hereu Escampa / Her Only Presence Split 2012 Engineer Records  0.00 Burgundy Vinyl. Send Email 
Adolescents Adolescents (blue Album)  Frontier Records  0.00 Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Adorno Demo 12"  We Love Pandas  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Against Me! Reinventing Axl Rose  No Idea  0.00 Pink Vinyl Send Email 
Agent Orange Living In Darkness 2003 Get Back  0.00  Send Email 
Airbag Ensamble Cohetes 2018 El Ejército Rojo  0.00 Reissue, Blue Transparent Vinyl Send Email 
Airbag ¿quién Mató A Airbag? 2018 Wild Punk Records  0.00 Reissue, Orange Vinyl Send Email 
Algernon Cadwallader Parrot Flies 2011 Big Scary Monsters  0.00  Send Email 
Algernon Cadwallader Some Kind Of Cadwallader  Hot Green  0.00  Send Email 
Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music Split  No Idea  0.00 Picture Disc Send Email 
All Mass Nerder  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
American Football American Football  Polyvinyl  0.00 180 Gram Vinyl Send Email 
Archers Of Loaf Icky Mettle 2011 Fire Records  0.00 Blue Vinyl. Deluxe Edition. Send Email 
Bad Religion No Control  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Band Of Horses Everything All The Time 2006 Sub Pop  0.00  Send Email 
Band Of Horses Cease To Begin 2007 Sub Pop  0.00  Send Email 
Beach Slang Broken Thrills 2015 Big Scary Monsters  0.00 Dark Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Betunizer Gran Veta 2013 Bcore  0.00 White Vinyl. Send Email 
Big Kids Phone Home 2011 Protagonist Music  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Biznaga Centro Dramático Nacional 2014 Holy Cuervo  0.00  Send Email 
Biznaga Sentido Del Espectáculo 2017 Slovenly Recordings  0.00  Send Email 
Bob Marley And The Wailers Legend 1984 Island Records  0.00  Send Email 
Braid The Age Of Octeen 2010 Polyvinyl  0.00 180 gram blue vinyl. Send Email 
Braid Frame & Canvas  Polyvinyl Records  0.00 180 gram vinyl. Send Email 
Braid No Coast 2014 Topshelf Records  0.00 Opaque Orange w/ Black Splatter. Send Email 
Bridge & Tunnel East / West  No Idea  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Built To Spill Untethered Moon 2015 Warner Bros  0.00  Send Email 
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady 2014 Parlophone / Music On Vinyl  0.00 Reissue, 180 Gram. Send Email 
Cheap Girls Find Me A Drink Home 2008 Bermuda Mohawk  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Cheap Girls My Roaring 20's 2010 Paper + Plastick  0.00 Clear w/Pink Haze Send Email 
Cheap Girls Giant Orange 2012 Rise  0.00 Brown Vinyl. Send Email 
Cheap Girls Famous Graves 2014 Xtra Mile  0.00  Send Email 
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves  No Idea  0.00 180 Gram Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Chuck Ragan Feast Or Famine  Side One Dummy  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Cobra Skulls American Rubicon 2009 Red Scare  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Cordura El Incendio Más Largo Del Mundo 2009 In My Heart Empire, CarnÚs Rcs.,  0.00  Send Email 
Crusades The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In 2011 Razorcake / It's Alive  0.00 White Vinyl. Send Email 
Cuello Mi Brazo Que Te Sobre 2013 Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
Cuello Trae Tu Cara 2015 Bcore  0.00 Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Cursive The Ugly Organ 2003 Saddle Creek  0.00 180 Gram Green Vinyl. Send Email 
Cursive Domestica 2000 Saddle Creek  0.00 Remastered. 180 gram red vinyl Send Email 
Cyanide Pills Sliced And Diced 2017 Damaged Goods  0.00 Pink Vinyl Send Email 
Dag Nasty Can I Say  Dischord  0.00 Purple Cover and Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Descendents Everything Sucks  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Descendents I Don't Want To Grow Up  Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Descendents Milo Goes To College 1982 Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Dillinger Four Midwestern Songs Of The Americas  Hopeless Records  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Dillinger Four Versus God  Hopeless Records  0.00 Silver Vinyl Send Email 
Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy 2002 Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Dinosaur Jr You're Living All Over Me 2011 Jagjaguwar  0.00  Send Email 
Dinosaur Jr Where You Been  Warner Bros  0.00 Remastered, 180 Gram Vinyl Send Email 
Drag The River Closed 2010 Suburban Home  0.00  Send Email 
Drakulas Raw Wave 2016 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
Elliott False Cathedrals 2000 Revelation  0.00 180 gram vinyl. Send Email 
Elliott U.s. Songs 1998 Revelation  0.00 Red Vinyl. Send Email 
Embrace Embrace 1992 Dischord  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
End Of A Year Sincerely  Revelation  0.00  Send Email 
Everyone Everywhere Everyone Everywhere 2010 Tiny Engines  0.00 Orange Vinyl. Send Email 
Everyone Everywhere Everyone Everywhere 2012   0.00 Green Vinyl. Send Email 
Firehose Ragin', Full On  Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Frustration Uncivilized 2012 Born Bad Records  0.00  Send Email 
Fugazi Repeater  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Future Virgins Western Problems 2011 Plan-it-x South/starcleaner  0.00  Send Email 
Good Luck Into Lake Griffy 2008 No Idea  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Good Luck Without Hesitation 2011 No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Grown Ups More Songs 2010 Topshelf Records  0.00  Send Email 
Happy Meals Toaster 2013 Vinylove / La Agonía De Vivir  0.00 254 of 300 Send Email 
High Dive Ep 2014 Yo-yo Records  0.00 Screenprinted. Send Email 
Hot Snakes Audit In Progress  Swami  0.00 180g. heavy red vinyl Send Email 
Hot Water Musc Live In Chicago 2012 No Idea  0.00 3 x 12". White Vinyl. Send Email 
Hot Water Music No Division  No Idea  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Hot Water Music Forever And Counting  No Idea  0.00 Orange Vinyl Send Email 
Hot Water Music Exister 2012 Rise Records  0.00 Brown/Blue Vinyl. Send Email 
Hot Water Music Caution  No Idea  0.00 Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Hüsker Dü New Day Rising 1985 Sst  0.00  Send Email 
In The Red Volume I  Kiss Of Death  0.00 Blue Cobalt Vinyl Send Email 
Iron Chic Not Like This 2010 Dead Broke Rekerds  0.00 Pink Vinyl Send Email 
J Mascis Several Shades Of Why 2011 Sub Pop  0.00 Purple Vinyl. Send Email 
Jamie 4 President The Heartbreak Campaign 2017 Bcore Disc, La Agonía De Vivir,   0.00  Send Email 
Jawbox For Your Own Special Sweetheart (reissue) 2009 Desoto / Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Jawbreaker Unfun 2009 Blackball  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Jawbreaker Bivouac 2012 Blackball  0.00  Send Email 
Jawbreaker 24 Hour Revenge Therapy 2014 Blackball Records  0.00  Send Email 
Jeff Rosenstock Worry 2016 Sideonedummy  0.00 Baby Pink & Baby Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Jeff Rosenstock We Cool? 2015 Sideonedummy Records  0.00 Clear Blue Vinyl. Signed Send Email 
Joyce Manor Joyce Manor 2011 6131 Records  0.00  Send Email 
Juanita Y Los Feos Pesadilla Adulta 2011   0.00 + CD Send Email 
Juanita Y Los Feos Nueva Numancia 2014 La Vida Es Un Mus  0.00  Send Email 
Juventud Juché Movimientos 2016 Sonido Muchacho  0.00  Send Email 
La Urss Nuevo Testamento 2018 Humo  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Double Plaidinum  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Duh  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Latterman No Matter Where We Go..! 2011 No Idea  0.00 Remastered for vinyl in 2011. Grey vinyl. Send Email 
Leatherface The Stormy Petrel 2010 No Idea  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Leatherface Mush 2012 Black Label Records  0.00  Send Email 
Lemuria Get Better 2007 Asian Man  0.00  Send Email 
Lemuria The First Collection  Yo-yo Records  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers 2010 No Idea  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Look Mexico This Is Animal Music  Lujo Records  0.00  Send Email 
Male Bonding Endless Now 2011 Sub Pop  0.00  Send Email 
Martha Courting Strong 2014 Salinas Records  0.00  Send Email 
Mike Hale Broken With No Hope  Asian Man  0.00  Send Email 
Muletrain The Worst Is Yet To Come  Beat Generation  0.00  Send Email 
Nervosas S/t 2015 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds The Other Side Of Darkness 2011 Taken By Surprise  0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds Born To Die In Suburbia 2013 Taken By Surprise  0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds Mutiny At Muscle Beach 2015 Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Ninja Gun Restless Rubes  Suburban Home  0.00 Transparent Green Vinyl Silk-screened Jacket Send Email 
No More Lies In The Shade Of Expectation 2014 Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
No Use For A Name Live In A Dive  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx Ribbed  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx Liberal Animation  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nothington Roads, Bridges & Ruins 2009 Byo  0.00  Send Email 
Nothington In The End 2017 Red Scare  0.00  Send Email 
Nueva Vulcano Juego Entrópico 2005 Bcore/la Castanya  0.00  Send Email 
Nueva Vulcano Los Peces De Colores  Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
Off With Their Heads From The Bottom  No Idea  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Off With Their Heads In Desolation 2010 Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain  Domino  0.00 180 Gram Vinyl Send Email 
Pennywise About Time  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Pennywise Unknown Road  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Pup Pup 2014 Sideonedummy  0.00  Send Email 
Pygmy Lush Old Friends 2011 Lovitt  0.00  Send Email 
Radioactivity Radioactivity 2013 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
Radioactivity Silent Kill 2015 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
Rata Negra Oído Absoluto 2017 Beatgeneration/la Vida Es Un Mus  0.00  Send Email 
Rata Negra Justicia Cósmica 2018 La Vida Es Un Mus  0.00  Send Email 
Rites Of Sping End On End  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Rozwell Kid Good Graphics 2016 Sideonedummy Records  0.00 Hot Pink w/Heavy Oxblood Splatter. Send Email 
Rozwell Kid Precious Art 2017 Sideonedummy  0.00 Orange/Purple Half and Half Send Email 
Rvivr Lp 2010 Rumbletowne  0.00  Send Email 
Rvivr The Joester Sessions '08 - '11 2011 Rumbletowne  0.00  Send Email 
Rvivr The Beauty Between 2013 Yo-yo Records  0.00  Send Email 
Rvivr Bicker And Breathe 2014 Yo-yo Records  0.00  Send Email 
Shopping Why Choose 2015 Fatcat  0.00  Send Email 
Sonic Avenues Television Youth 2012 Taken By Surprise / Sabotage  0.00  Send Email 
Sonic Avenues Mistakes 2014 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
Spectres Nothing To Nowhere 2012 Sabotage  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Spectres Utopia 2016 Sabotage  0.00  Send Email 
Superchunk Majesty Shredding 2010 Merge  0.00  Send Email 
Superchunk Here's Where The Strings Come In  Merge  0.00 180 gram vinyl Send Email 
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists The Brutalist Bricks 2010 Matador  0.00 Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Texas Is The Reason Do You Know Who You Are?  Revelation  0.00  Send Email 
The Ergs! Dork Rock Cork Rod 2004 Don Giovanni Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Arrivals Volatile Molotov 2010 Recess Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Bananas New Animals 2008 Recess Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
The Bouncing Souls How I Spent My Summer Vacation 2001 Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
The Destroyed Room The Magic Indian Scene 2012 Boston Pizza  0.00 + CD Send Email 
The Ergs! Upstairs/downstairs 2007 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
The Estranged The Subliminal Man 2010 Sabotage Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Estranged Static Thoughts  Sabotage  0.00  Send Email 
The Estranged The Estranged 2014 Sabotage Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Gaslight Anthem The 59 Sound  Side One Dummy  0.00 Blue Vinyl Send Email 
The Gaslight Anthem American Slang 2010 Side One Dummy  0.00 180 Gram Vinyl Send Email 
The Love Triangle Clever Clever 2013 Static Shock Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Marked Men Fix My Brain 2006 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
The Marked Men Ghosts 2008 Dirtnap  0.00  Send Email 
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart S/t  Fortuna Pop!  0.00 Clear Vinyl. Send Email 
The Replacements Tim  Sire  0.00  Send Email 
The Replacements Let It Be 2016 Rhino  0.00  Send Email 
The Sidekicks Runners In The Nerved World 2015 Epitaph  0.00 + CD Send Email 
Tigercats Isle Of Dogs 2012 Fika Recordings  0.00  Send Email 
Tim Barry Manchester  Suburban Home  0.00 Brown/Black Half and Half Vinyl Send Email 
Tim Barry Rivanna Junction  Chunksaah Records  0.00  Send Email 
Tribute To Nothing How Many Times Did We Live? 2006 Lockjaw Records  0.00  Send Email 
Ulises Lima Waiting For The Summer 2012 Caleiah  0.00  Send Email 
Ulises Lima For All That Matters 2015 Caleiah  0.00  Send Email 
Ulises Lima / Shonen Bat Split 2013 La Agonía De Vivir / Caleiah  0.00  Send Email 
V.a. Delicious Vinyl Fest Lp  Suburban Home  0.00  Send Email 
Wild Animals First Songs Ep 2015 La Agonía De Vivir  0.00  Send Email 
Wild Animals Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy 2016 La Agonía De Vivir / Bcore ...  0.00 Green Vinyl Send Email 
Wild Animals The Hoax 2018 La Agonía De Vivir / Bcore ...  0.00 Greenmint Vinyl Send Email 
Wipers Is This Real? 2006 Jackpot / Zenorecords  0.00  Send Email 
Young Livers The New Drop Era  No Idea  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Zinc Divagando 2008 Rumble Records  0.00 Limited Edition (Numbered: 57 of 300), Clear Vinyl. Send Email 
5000 R.p.m. [héroe] De Unxs...[tirano De Otrxs]  Miusichole Records  0.00  Send Email 
A Wilhelm Scream Mute Print  Nitro  0.00  Send Email 
A Wilhelm Scream Ruiner  Nitro  0.00  Send Email 
Afi Black Sails In The Sunset  Nitro  0.00  Send Email 
Afi The Art Of Drowning  Nitro  0.00  Send Email 
Afi Sing The Sorrow  Dreamworks  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! Searching For A Former Clarity  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! New Wave  Sire  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Alexisonfire Alexisonfire  Equal Vision  0.00  Send Email 
Alexisonfire Watch Out!  Vagrant  0.00  Send Email 
Algernon Cadwallader Some Kind Of Cadwallader  Be Happy  0.00  Send Email 
Alkaline Trio From Here To Infirmary  Vagrant  0.00  Send Email 
Alkaline Trio Crimson  Vagrant  0.00 Deluxe Edition With bonus CD Send Email 
Alkaline Trio Goddamnit  Asian Man  0.00 Remastered + DVD Send Email 
All Problematic  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
All / Descendents Live Plus One  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Avail Over The James  Jade Tree  0.00 Remastered With Bonus Tracks Send Email 
Bad Religion Suffer  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Bad Religion Against The Grain  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Bad Religion The Empire Strikes First  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Bad Religion The Process Of Belief  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Bayside The Walking Wounded  Victory  0.00  Send Email 
Belvedere Fast Forward Eats The Tape  Union 2112 Records  0.00  Send Email 
Blink 182 Enema Of The State  Mca  0.00  Send Email 
Blink 182 Dude Ranch  Mca  0.00  Send Email 
Bob Marley & The Wailers Uprising  Island  0.00  Send Email 
Boy Sets Fire After The Eulogy  Wind Up  0.00  Send Email 
Boy Sets Fire Tomorrow Come Today  Wind Up  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Boy Sets Fire The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years  Equal Vision  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Bracket Novelty Forever  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Break The Silence Near Life Experience  Hopeless  0.00  Send Email 
Bruce Springsteen The Essential  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Bruce Springsteen Darkness On The Edge Of Town  Cbs/sony  0.00  Send Email 
Bruce Springsteen Born To Run  Cbs  0.00  Send Email 
Bullseye July Night  Fragment Music  0.00  Send Email 
Coheed & Cambria The Second Stage Turbine Blade  Equal Vision  0.00  Send Email 
Coheed & Cambria In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3  Equal Vision  0.00  Send Email 
Critikers Critikers  Musichole Records  0.00  Send Email 
Cry Havoc The Outcome Of Misery    0.00  Send Email 
Daylight In Red Daylight In Red  Arindelle Records / El Diablo  0.00  Send Email 
Death By Stereo Into The Valley Of Death  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Deftones White Pony  Maverick  0.00  Send Email 
Deftones Deftones  Maverick  0.00  Send Email 
Deviates Time Is The Distance  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Día De Furia Corea  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Dinosaur Jr Beyond  Pias  0.00  Send Email 
Down By Law All Scratched Up!  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Down By Law Punkrockacademyfightsong  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Dredg Catch Without Arms  Interscope  0.00  Send Email 
Enemy You Where No One Knows My Name  Panic Button / Lookout  0.00  Send Email 
G.a.s. Drummers Proud To Be Nothing  Slide Chorus  0.00  Send Email 
G.a.s. Drummers Dialectics  Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
G.a.s. Drummers The True Charm Of Bourgeoisie  Wild Punk Records  0.00  Send Email 
Glass & Ashes Aesthetic Arrest  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Glass & Ashes Glass & Ashes  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Goblins Carry On Screaming  Slide Chorus  0.00  Send Email 
Good Riddance Operation Phoenix  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day 1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours  Lookout  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day Kerplunk  Lookout  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day Dookie  Warner  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day Imsomniac  Warner  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day Nimrod  Warner  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day Warning  Warner  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day International Superhits!  Warner  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day American Idiot  Warner  0.00  Send Email 
Green Day Bullet In A Bible  Warner  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Gunmoll Board Of Rejection  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Hedtrip About Useless Needs  Zero  0.00  Send Email 
Hedtrip Roma  Aloud Music  0.00  Send Email 
Hi-standard Making The Road  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Hi-standard Growing Up  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Hiperkorë Pierdo, Luego Existo  Slide Chorus  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Water Music Fuel For The Hate Game  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Water Music A Flight And A Crash  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Water Music Caution  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Water Music The New What Next  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Hot Water Music Till The Wheels Fall Off  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Ignite Our Darkest Days  Century Media  0.00  Send Email 
Jawbreaker Dear You  Blackball Records  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Live In A Dive  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Blaze  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Lets Talk About Leftovers  My Records  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Lets Talk About Feelings  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Hoss  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Lagwagon Trashed  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Lavodrama Its Close, Thats What Matters  Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
Like Peter At Home :volumen:  Overcome Records  0.00  Send Email 
Madee Secret Chamber  Bcore  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Madee L Antarctica  Bcore  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Maple The Daily Charm 2003 Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
Moneen The Red Tree  Vagrant  0.00  Send Email 
Much The Same Survive  Nitro  0.00  Send Email 
Muletrain Crashbeat  Beat Generation  0.00 + DVD Send Email 
Muse Absolution  East West / Taste Media  0.00  Send Email 
No More Lies 41º 46º, 5n - 3º1,9e  Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
No More Lies ][  Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
No Use For A Name Hard Rock Bottom  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
No Use For A Name More Betterness!  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
No Use For A Name Making Friends  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
No Use For A Name Leche Con Carne  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx White Trash, Two Heebs And A Been  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx Punk In Drublic  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx Heavy Petting Zoo  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx The Decline  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx Pump Up The Valuum  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx The War On Errorism  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Nofx / Rancid Byo Split Series / Volume Iii  Byo  0.00  Send Email 
Nothington All In  Byo  0.00  Send Email 
Nothink Bipolar Age  El Diablo  0.00  Send Email 
Nothink Spotlights  Aloud Music  0.00  Send Email 
Nuevenoventaicinco B.s.o. 1999/2000  Fragment Music  0.00  Send Email 
Nunnery Friends At Work  El Diablo  0.00  Send Email 
Nunnery Wall Of Clouds  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Offspring Smash  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Osker Treatment 5  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Pennywise Full Circle  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Pennywise Land Of The Free?  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Radiohead Ok Computer  Emi  0.00  Send Email 
Rancid ... And Out Come The Wolves  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Rancid Rancid  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Randy You Cant Keep A Good Band Down  Locomotive  0.00  Send Email 
Refused The Shape Of Punk To Come  Burning Heart  0.00  Send Email 
Rise Against The Unraveling  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Rise Against Revolution Per Minute  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Rise Against Sireng Song Of The Counter Culture  Geffen  0.00  Send Email 
Rise Against The Sufferer & The Witness  Geffen  0.00  Send Email 
Same Old Contrafacto  Lâbatelkuëyo Records  0.00  Send Email 
Samiam Clumsy  Burning Heart  0.00  Send Email 
Samiam You Are Freaking Me Out  Burning Heart  0.00  Send Email 
Samiam Astray  Hopeless  0.00  Send Email 
Saves The Day Stay What You Are  Vagrant  0.00  Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Dead Reckoning  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Small Brown Bike Nail Yourself To The Ground  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Solea Solea  Defiance Records  0.00  Send Email 
Standstill The Ionic Spell  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Still Life From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes  Ebullition  0.00  Send Email 
Strike Anywhere Exit English  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Strung Out Twisted By Design  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Strung Out Live In A Dive  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Strung Out Exile In Oblivion  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Strung Out Blackhawks Over Los Angeles  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
Sunny Day Real Estate Diary  Sub Pop  0.00  Send Email 
The Beatles  Emi  0.00  Send Email 
The Destroyed Room Cringe For Two Years In... 2009 The Time Threat Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Destroyed Room The Eastern Winds 2010 E The Time Threat Records  0.00 Cloud Cover Send Email 
The Destroyed Room / (shortfin) Mako Shark Split 2009 The Time Threat Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Draft In A Million Pieces  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
The Gaslight Anthem Sink Or Swim  Xoxo Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Get Up Kids Something To Write Home About  Vagrant  0.00  Send Email 
The Lawrence Arms Apathy And Exhaustion  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
The Lawrence Arms The Greatest Story Ever Told  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
The Lawrence Arms Oh! Calcutta!  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
The Unfinished Sympathy Rock For Food  Bcore  0.00  Send Email 
The Unfinished Sympathy We Push You Pull  Subterfuge  0.00  Send Email 
The Unfinished Sympathy Avida Dollars  Subterfuge  0.00  Send Email 
Thrice The Ilusion Of Safety  Sub City  0.00  Send Email 
Thrice The Artist In The Ambulance  Island  0.00  Send Email 
Thrice Vheissu  Island  0.00 Deluxe Edition Send Email 
Thursday Full Collapse  Victory  0.00  Send Email 
Thursday War All The Time  Island  0.00  Send Email 
Thursday A City By The Light Divided  Island  0.00  Send Email 
Undeclinable Sound City Burning  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Undeclinable Ambuscade One For The Money  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Undeclinable Ambuscade Their Greatest Adventures  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
V.a. Serial Killer Compilation  Fearless Records  0.00  Send Email 
V.a. Fat Music Volume Vi; Uncontrollable Fatulence  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00  Send Email 
V.a. Punk-o-rama Iii  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Vision Tunel Vacío    0.00  Send Email 
Wallride Will Last Forever...  Bronco Bullfrog Records  0.00  Send Email 
Wallride A Fistfull Of Songs  Bronco Bullfrog Records  0.00  Send Email 
Wallride Old Ways For The New Times  Bronco Bullfrog Records  0.00  Send Email 
Weezer S/t "blue Album"  Geffen  0.00  Send Email 
Woodoo Glow Skulls Firme  Epitaph  0.00  Send Email 
Zoo Zoo  La Incubadora Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Big Kids Hoop Dreams 2010 Mountain Man Records  0.00 2nd pressing of 200 Send Email 
The Destroyed Room Weird Tape: Demos, Rarities And Live 2011 Boston Pizza Records  0.00  Send Email 
2x 12"
Avail 4 Am Friday  Jade Tree / Suburban Home  0.00 Brown Vinyl Send Email 
Big Drill Car A Never Ending Endeavour 2009 Boss Tuneage, Rookie Records  0.00 1 Clear With Orange Splatter Vinyl and 2 Clear With Blue Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Braid Lucky To Be Alive  Big Wheel Recreation  0.00 Gray Vinyl Send Email 
Dinosaur Jr Farm 2009 [pias]  0.00 180 Gram Vinyl. Send Email 
Jimmy Eat World Clarity  Capitol  0.00 180 gram vinyl Send Email 
Mineral The Power Of Failing 2014 Xtra Mile  0.00 White & Cyan Blue Vinyl. Send Email 
The Lawrence Arms Cocktails And Dreams 2005 Asian Man  0.00 Blue/White Vinyl [Gatefold] Send Email 
The Replacements For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986 2017 Rhino Records / Sire  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
The Weakerthans Left And Leaving 2011 Epitaph  0.00 Custom Buffalo Etching on the D side. Send Email 
Not For Trade: 7" - 56, 10" - 1, 12" - 174, CD - 176, Tape - 2, 2x 12" - 9
For Sale
Sad Man Said The Value Of Simple Things  Zero Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
The Hardboiled ... The Damage Is Done  Fragment Music Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
For Sale CD: 2

greendog's List Summary

Not For Trade: 7" - 56, 10" - 1, 12" - 174, CD - 176, Tape - 2, 2x 12" - 9
For Sale CD: 2

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