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Toots And The Maytals Funky Kingston  Island Records  0.00 P. 1975 Send Email 
Wanted: 12" - 1
Not For Trade
Bathtub Shitter Skate Of Bulgaria  Hater Of God  0.00 Screenprinted sheet of toilet paper Send Email 
Knifethruhead & Straight Edge Kegger Split  Agromosh  0.00 Gray marbled vinyl, lyrics insert Send Email 
Slight Slappers & Lebensreform Split  Per Koro/bilharziose  0.00 Lyric booklet Send Email 
13 & Eyehategod Split  Ax/ction  0.00 Clear green vinyl, fold out sleeve Send Email 
A.n.s. & Seasick Billy In A Bearsuit Split  Headcount Records  0.00 White vinyl Send Email 
Aberrant & Unholy Grave Split  Selfish Fucker Fiend Club  0.00 clear yellow vinyl Send Email 
Against Me! Acoustic Ep  Sabot Productions  0.00 small insert Send Email 
Agents Of Satan Agents Of Satan  625 / Evil Noise / Funeria  0.00 First release Send Email 
Akkolyte & Septic Tumor Split  Chode Brand Music  0.00 Clear yellow vinyl, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Appalachian Terror Unit Armageddon Wont Be Brought By Gods  Profane Existence  0.00  Send Email 
Arctic Flowers Arctic Flowers  Self Release  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Artimus Pyle Artimus Pyle  Prank  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
Asbestosdeath Dejection Ep  Profane Existence  0.00 2,000 pressed Send Email 
Assembly Of God Submission Obedience Denial  Havoc Records  0.00 Fold out lyrics sleeve Send Email 
Assrash Save For Your Doomed Future  Profane Existence  0.00  Send Email 
Assrash & Fleas & Lice Split  Skuld Releases/profane Existence  0.00 Foldout Poster Sleeve Send Email 
Assrash & Misery Split  Clean Plate Records  0.00 Picture disc Send Email 
Authority Abuse & Kakistocracy Split  Anthem For Doomed Youth Records  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter One Fun  Power It Up  0.00 Fold out sleeve, mailorder insert Send Email 
Behead The Prophet, No Lord Shall Live Making Craters Where Buildings Stood...  Sound Pollution  0.00 Sleeve pulls out into full-size poster Send Email 
Belching Penguin Demos 1985/1988  Burrito Records  0.00 Huge fold out sleeve, poster insert, thanks insert Send Email 
Besthöven Just Another Warsong - Ep  Cries Of Pain/plague Bearer  0.00 lyric insert Send Email 
Betercore & Olho De Gato Fuck The Borders!  International Solidarity Release  0.00 insert Send Email 
Black Army Jacket The Path Of Two Swords As One  Chainsaw Safety  0.00 Trifold sleeve Send Email 
Black Army Jacket & Noothgrush Split  Reservoir  0.00  Send Email 
Blatz Cheaper Than The Beer - Test Pressing  Lookout! Records  0.00 Test pressing Send Email 
Blatz Cheaper Than The Beer  Lookout! Records  0.00 Folded sleeve Send Email 
Bleeding Kansas & The Great Redneck Hope Split  Self Release  0.00 hand screened cover, clear vinyl, ltd. 500 (tour) Send Email 
Bloody Phoenix & Question Split  Six Weeks Records  0.00  Send Email 
Blown To Bits Devastation Across The Land. . .  Disintegration Records  0.00 lyrics insert, BTB's first release Send Email 
Blurred Vision & Jobbykrust Split  Grinding Madness/castafiore Vox  0.00 fold out poster sleeve Send Email 
Born Dead Icons Unlearn  Heart First  0.00 small insert Send Email 
Born/dead & Peligro Social Split  Tankcrimes  0.00 Booklet, Cardboard Sleeve Send Email 
Boxed In Boxed In  Heart First  0.00  Send Email 
Bread And Water Future Memories  Burrito Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Brother Inferior Blasphemy And Treason  Sensual Underground Ministries  0.00 Full size poster, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Burned Up Bled Dry Cloned Slaves... For Slaves...  Slap A Ham  0.00  Send Email 
Burned Up Bled Dry Kill The Body... Kill The Soul...  Sensual Underground Ministries  0.00  Send Email 
C.f.d.l. & Hellnation Split  Sound Pollution Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Cape Of Bats Transylvania  Grim Winds, Holy Terror  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties The Art Of Ballistics  Slap A Ham  0.00 Capitalist Casualties' first release Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties & Discordance Axis Split  Bootleg  0.00 Originally on Pulp Records Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties & No Comply 'painful' Split  To Live A Lie  0.00 Fold out sleeve, insert for download code Send Email 
Citizen Fish, Embrace The Kill, Mdc, & Mouth Sew Solid Ep 4-way Split  Crash Assailant / Rodent Popsicl  0.00 2 small inserts Send Email 
Code 13 Doomed Society  Havoc  0.00 Clear vinyl Send Email 
Code Xiii Code Xiii  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Cognitive Dissonance Prison Under The Cross  Desolate Records / Mundo En Kaos  0.00 Limited edition out of 5 with silk screened beer box as cover Send Email 
Conflict Live At Centro Iberico  Mortarhate  0.00  Send Email 
Confrontation Confrontation  Tribal War Records  0.00 Fold out poster, feat. members of Dystopia, artwork by Dino (Dystopia) Send Email 
Contravene Prison Sells  Catchphraze Records  0.00 Lyric sheets, Vegan Outreach booklet Send Email 
Contravene Contravene  Feast Of Freedom Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Contravene Contravene  Self Release  0.00 Tour edition, hand numbered 62/100  Send Email 
Contravene & Svart Aggression Split  Catchphraze Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Contravene & Uprising Split  Catchphraze/incendiary Sound  0.00 Fold out sleeve, individual inserts Send Email 
Corrupted Morals 'chet' Ep  Lookout! Records  0.00 Folded sleeve Send Email 
Crisis Of Conformity Fist Fight!  Drag City  0.00  Send Email 
Cropknox Just Cant Live...  Glue Rot Records  0.00 Mini poster, 500 pressed Send Email 
D.i.r.t. Object Refuse Reject Abuse  Crass Records  0.00 huge fold out sleeve Send Email 
D.i.r.t. & Mankind Split  Tribal War Records  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
D.s. - 13 & Code 13 Split  Havoc Records  0.00 original pressing, clear orange vinyl Send Email 
Daybreak & The Ultimate Warriors Split  Robodog Records  0.00  Send Email 
Dead Stare & Hummingbird Of Death Split  Unholy Thrash Records  0.00 Fold out cover, No Comment cover on either side Send Email 
Deceived Smash Patriarchy  Reiterate Records  0.00  Send Email 
Deep Shit & Have Fun Split  Give Praise, Lurk Sleep Kill  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Despise You & Stapled Shut Split  Pessimiser/theologian  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Despise You & Suppression Split  Slap A Ham  0.00  Send Email 
Destroy Burn This Racist System Down!  Havoc Records  0.00 Lilac vinyl Send Email 
Die Kruezen Cows And Beer  Barbarian Records  0.00 Fold out lyrics insert Send Email 
Disaffect & Sedition "work As One" Split  Flat Earth Records & Nabate  0.00 Small lyrics poster Send Email 
Discharge Realities Of War  Clay Records  0.00 fan club repress Send Email 
Discider Discider  Self Release  0.00 fold out sleeve, insert (lyrics + cider making instructions) Send Email 
Discordance Axis & Plutocracy Split  Slap A Ham  0.00 ~3,000 made Send Email 
Disfear Disfear  Finn/rodel  0.00 repress, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Dödsdömd Seven Deadly Sins  Havoc Records  0.00 Swedish version Send Email 
Doomsday Hour & Mouth Sewn Shut Split  Swissed Off / Despotic  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Dripfed No Light At The End Of The Tunnel  Less Art Records  0.00 Silkscreened canvas cover, folded insert, light brown vinyl Send Email 
Dropdead Self Titled  Crust Records  0.00 Animal testing poster insert, Dropdeads first release Send Email 
Dropdead & Look Back And Laugh Split  Armageddon Label  0.00  Send Email 
Dysmorfic & Population Reduction Cross Continental Grind Chaos Tour Split  Selfish Satan Recordings  0.00 Glow in the dark ink, rainbow splatter vinyl Send Email 
Dysmorfic & Repulsione Rettifica A Ovest / Grinding Out West  Agromosh Records  0.00 2 covers, insert Send Email 
Dystopia Backstabber  Lifeisabuse/misanthropic/commonc  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
Dystopia & Grief Split  Misanthropic & Life Is Abuse  0.00 includes razor blade, Grief + Dystopia stickers Send Email 
Econochrist Skewed  Ebullition  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Econochrist Another Victim  Ebullition  0.00 Fold out lyrics insert Send Email 
Egg Hunt Me And You  Dischord Records  0.00  Send Email 
Enemy Soil Live At Fiesta Grande #5  Clean Plate Records  0.00 Flexi Send Email 
Enemy Soil War Parade  Slap A Ham  0.00 Salmon vinyl, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Entrails Massacre & Godstomper Split (boredom Junkie 666)  Self Released  0.00  Send Email 
Extinction Of Mankind Weakness  Skuld Releases  0.00 EOMs first release, repress? Send Email 
Eyehategod Ruptured Heart Theory  Wheelchair Publishing / Bovine  0.00 Numbered 29/300, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Eyehategod & Anal Cunt In These Days: A Tribute To Black Sabbath  Hydra Head  0.00  Send Email 
Eyehategod & Soilent Green Split  Incision Records  0.00 Cardboard frame sleeve Send Email 
Filth Live The Chaos  Lookout! Records  0.00 Original pressing Send Email 
Flächenbrand & Fuck On The Beach Split  Self Release  0.00 Last F.O.B. with My Send Email 
Flash Gordon Flash Gordon  Skippy  0.00 Lyrics insert, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck! Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!  Give Praise Records  0.00 Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach & Godstomper Split  Get The Axe Records  0.00 Full-sheet Godstomper insert, label insert Send Email 
Funeral Shock Funeral Shock  Tankcrimes  0.00  Send Email 
Gas Rag Human Rights Ep  Beach Impediment Records  0.00  Send Email 
Gasp & Noothgrush Split  Clean Plate Records  0.00 Hand numbered 192/200 Fiesta Grande #6 edition on yellow vinyl, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Global Holocaust & Mass Grave Revenge / Global Grave Split Ep  Unrest Records  0.00 Red vinyl, printed inner sleeve, 1,000 pressed Send Email 
God's America Our Bones Will Bleach In The Sun  A389 Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Godstomper Godstomper  625 / Cesspool Records / Open Wo  0.00 First release Send Email 
Godstomper & Nocomply Split  Satan's / False Sense  0.00 Fold out sleeve, marbled grey vinyl Send Email 
Godstomper & Skrupel Split  Rescued From Life Records  0.00 Purple wax, #216/300 Send Email 
Gorilla Biscuits Gorilla Biscuits  Revelation Records  0.00 Lyric Sheet, repress Send Email 
Grimple Get Me Out Of My Van, I Have No Key  Prank  0.00 Grimple's first release Send Email 
Guns N' Rosa Parks Antifreeze Ep  Give Praise Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve, booklet Send Email 
Guyana Punch Line Irritainment For The Masses  X - Mist  0.00 Poster insert, GPL's first release Send Email 
Guyana Punchline Youth For Smashism  Coalition Records  0.00 clear red vinyl, insert Send Email 
Hangnail Nightmare In Painesville  Hibachi  0.00 Chinese restaurant menu lyric insert Send Email 
Hasrat & Ummm... Split  Self Release  0.00 Lyric sheets Send Email 
Hat Trickers Come On United...  Knock Out Records  0.00  Send Email 
Hellshock Warlord E.p.  Profane Existence  0.00 White vinyl Send Email 
Hot Cross & Lickgoldensky Split  Level Plane  0.00 clear vinyl Send Email 
I Object! & F.p.o. Split  To Live A Lie  0.00 Pink/Black swirl vinyl, lyric sheet, ltd. 500 Send Email 
I Willl Kill You Fucker! Iwkyfm Radio Volume 2  Tankcrimes  0.00 Brown vinyl, poster, stickers, metallic ink/triangular fold packaging Send Email 
Icons Of Filth Not On Her Majestys Service  Mortarhate  0.00 fan club press Send Email 
In Defence & Mother Speed Split  Mullet Death Records  0.00 2 inserts Send Email 
Infest & P.h.c. Split  Slap A Ham  0.00 Clear blue vinyl Send Email 
Instant Asshole & Mouth Sewn Shut Split  Tank Crimes  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Iskra The Terrorist Act  Unrest Records  0.00 Lyric sheet Send Email 
Kakistocracy And So You Spill Your Childrens Blood...  Ponk/arson/uncorporate Prod.s  0.00 clear blue vinyl Send Email 
Kicker Broke  Inimical  0.00 Thick cardboard sleeve Send Email 
L.e.a.r.n. First Lesson  Self Release  0.00 Pink vinyl, ltd. 500 Send Email 
Lack Of Interest & Spazz Split  Deep Six  0.00 Fold out sleeve, green paper version Send Email 
Lärm Extreme Noise Terrorism  Kaal / Left Wing  0.00 fold out sleeve, inserts Send Email 
Life's Torment Bloodshed.  Panic Inc.  0.00 lyrics sheet Send Email 
Little Bastards Greed Slaves  Dewa Records  0.00 lyrics insert Send Email 
Löc, Morning Glory, F-minus, Bent Outta Shape The Kids Are Gonna Pay...  Blacknoise  0.00 White vinyl, band sheet, ltd. 1000, hand numbered 633 Send Email 
Magrudergrind & Sylvester Staline Split  Bones Brigade  0.00 red/black splatter vinyl Send Email 
Mankind? Won't You Join The Army Now So You Can Fight...  Eugene Records  0.00 Foldout sleeve Send Email 
Mass Grave Survival Of The Richest  Barrage Of Salt  0.00 Clear green vinyl, ltd. 420 Send Email 
Massgrave & Pretty Little Flower Split  Endless Sprawl Records  0.00 Shit and urine swirl vinyl, ltd. 200 Send Email 
Masskontrol Warpath Ep  Havoc  0.00 Clear blue vinyl, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Masterbleed Masterbleed  Invention/blood Wrench  0.00  Send Email 
Mdc Multi Death Corporations  R Radical Records  0.00 original US release, 1983 Send Email 
Misery Children Of War  Gxtxgxpx  0.00 Opaque red vinyl, ltd.500 Send Email 
N.o.y.f.b. Skirts Raised & Asses Hazed  Agromosh  0.00  Send Email 
Nausea Cybergod  Allied Recordings  0.00 p. 1991, lyrics insert Send Email 
Nausea Live Bootleg  F4f Records  0.00 clear red vinyl, insert, hand numbered #291/350 Send Email 
Night Birds Midnight Movies  No Way Records  0.00 Small lyrics insert Send Email 
Night Birds Monster Surf  Wallride  0.00  Send Email 
No Comment No Comment  Noise Patch  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
No Less & Agents Of Satan Split  Riotous Assembly/bad People  0.00 Black vinyl press Send Email 
Nocomply & Xbrainiax Split  To Live A Lie/625 Thrashcore/...  0.00 ltd. 1500 Send Email 
Of Faith And Fire Battleborn  Helicopter  0.00 Double 7", Hand numbered #76/100, lyrics & band inserts Send Email 
Operation Ivy Hectic  Lookout! Records  0.00 Lyric booklet, repress Send Email 
P.h.c. Gravel Truck 1989 New Beginning  0.00 Original pressing on clear yellow vinyl, lyrics insert Send Email 
Path Of Destruction Path Of Destruction  Sin Fronteras Records  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
Population Reduction At The Throats Of Man Forever  Tankcrimes  0.00 Black/green split vinyl, lyric sheet Send Email 
Regulations Different Needs E.p.  Havoc Records  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Resist Free  Scream Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve w/ lyrics Send Email 
Rhino Charge Rhino Charge  To Live A Lie  0.00 Repress, lyrics insert, label inserts Send Email 
Riisteterror Tääbajärä Härdcöre  Hardcore Holocaust  0.00 Clear yellow vinyl Send Email 
Roskopp & Eviscerated Soul Split  Self Release  0.00 Pink vinyl, fold out sleeve, small insert Send Email 
Ruido Ruido  Six Weeks  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Sanctum Enslaved  Barrage Of Salt  0.00  Send Email 
Scalp-lock Scalp-lock  Satan's Pimp  0.00  Send Email 
Scarver's Calling Killed  Self Release  0.00 marbled red vinyl Send Email 
Schnauzer & Hangnail Split  Hibachi  0.00  Send Email 
Scholastic Deth Shackle Me Not! Ep  Six Two Five  0.00 Misprint cover (blank interior) + normal cover Send Email 
Shikabane Age And Desire  Agipunk  0.00 fold out poster sleeve Send Email 
Signal Lost You'll Never Get Us Down Again  Prank  0.00 Light blue vinyl Send Email 
Skarp Skarp  Pull The Trigger  0.00 Clear green vinyl Send Email 
Skrupel Skrupel  Regurgitated Semen Records  0.00  Send Email 
Slight Slappers Over Come Pain  Crust Records  0.00  Send Email 
Slight Slappers Change  Mcr Company  0.00 Small insert Send Email 
Sorrower Sorrower  Buriedinhell Records  0.00 Fold out sleeve, hand numbered 52/500 Send Email 
Sound Like Shit Once Upon The Metal  Six Weeks  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Spazm 151 Power Songs For The Kidz  Havoc  0.00 Light purple vinyl Send Email 
Spine Wrench Heeldrag/green As A Dying Whore  After The Bomb Records  0.00  Send Email 
State No Illusions Ep  Havoc Records  0.00 Repress Send Email 
State Of Fear State Of Fear  Profane Existence  0.00 State of Fear's first release Send Email 
Stigmathe Lo Sguardo Dei Morti  Meccano Records  0.00 Same centerlabel on both sides, insert Send Email 
Strung Up Warfucked  Tankcrimes  0.00  Send Email 
Subhumans Demolition War Ep  Spider Leg Records  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
Taste Of Fear & Unholy Grave Split  Clean Plate Records  0.00 fold out sleeve Send Email 
The Bill Bondsmen The Swinging Sounds Of The Bill Bondsmen  Fourteegee Productions  0.00  Send Email 
The Exploited Attack Alternative  Secret Records  0.00  Send Email 
The Locust The Locust  Gold Standard Laboratories  0.00 Yellow vinyl Send Email 
The Locust Flight Of The Wounded Locust  Gold Standard Laboratories  0.00  Send Email 
The Pink Lincolns & The Queers Split  Just Add Water  0.00 live recordings Send Email 
The Pist Destroy Society  Eugene Records  0.00 fold out sleeve, The Pists first release Send Email 
The Shilling Haunting The Dancehalls Of Hell  High Fidelity Records  0.00 Multicolor vinyl, lyric insert Send Email 
The Specials & The Selecter Split  Chrysalis  0.00  Send Email 
The Ultimate Warriors In The Sign Of Evil  Zhengaya Records  0.00 ltd. 50, hand numbered 35, rainbow splatter vinyl Send Email 
The Ultimate Warriors & Abathakothie Split  Moo Cow Records  0.00 1000 pressed Send Email 
Think I Care Think I Care  Deadalive  0.00 Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Thulsa Doom Desensitized  Doomed Recordz  0.00  Send Email 
Thulsa Doom & Distraught Split  Doomed Recordz  0.00 Thulsa Doom insert Send Email 
Toxic Narcotic Beer In The Shower  Rodent Popsicle Records  0.00 Picture disc Send Email 
Toxic Narcotic Had It Coming!  Rodent Popsicle Records  0.00 Purple vinyl Send Email 
Unholy Grave Terror  Blurred Records  0.00 clear orange vinyl, fold out sleeve Send Email 
Various Artists Tomorrow Will Be Worse Volume 1  Sound Pollution  0.00 4X EP, Boxed, purple splatter vinyl Send Email 
Various Artists Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! A Music War  Slap A Ham  0.00 Clear Purple Vinyl, 84 Tracks Send Email 
Various Artists Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!  Slap A Ham  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl, 70 Tracks Send Email 
Various Artists Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record  Slap A Ham  0.00 Baby Blue Vinyl, 63 Tracks Send Email 
Various Artists Deutschland In Decline  Heart First  0.00 Clear red vinyl, lyric poster, ltd. 500 (2nd press) Send Email 
Various Artists Partnership For Survival  Dont Waste It  0.00  Send Email 
Various Artists Cry Now, Cry Later Volume 4  Pessimiser/theologian  0.00 2x7" Send Email 
Various Artists Reproach  Ugly Pop  0.00 tribute to Negative Approach featuring covers by 8 bands Send Email 
Various Artists Reality  Deep Six  0.00 Excrutiating Terror, Lack of Interest, Despise You, Spazz, Crom, Man is the Bastard Send Email 
Various Artists Cry Now, Cry Later Volume 2  Pessimiser/theologian  0.00 2X7" , Fold out sleeve, inserts Send Email 
Various Artists A Product Of Six Cents  A Product Of Six Cents  0.00 1,000 pressed, "standard sleeve" (900 p.) Send Email 
Vile Gash Vile Gash  Self Release  0.00 2nd press on red, inner sleeve printed on thick paper, sealed sticker bag. Ltd 500 Send Email 
Waking Terror & Unholy Grave Split  Reprocreate  0.00  Send Email 
World Burns To Death The Life-long Process Of Dying  Prank Records  0.00 Clear red vinyl, 3,000 pressed Send Email 
Xbrainiax & Dead Radical Split  Ideal Records  0.00  Send Email 
Youth Enrage Destructive Process  Vinyl Japan  0.00  Send Email 
Zegota Zegota  Crimethinc  0.00 Handmade, handscreened packaging/inserts Send Email 
Assholeparade Live In Rostock  To Live A Lie  0.00 Gold foil cover, flier insert, extra center labels Send Email 
Dripfed Unexploded Ordinance  Lessart Records  0.00 Lyrics sheet Send Email 
Holy Molar Holy Molar  Youth Attack!  0.00 Clear vinyl/picture disc Send Email 
Paroxysm The Distance Between  Panic Inc  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Plutocracy Dankstahz  Anomie/rødel  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
Scott Baio Army & The Lumps Fuck Peace... Let's Kill Split  Bad People Records  0.00  Send Email 
Voetsek, Conga Fury, & Chainsaw 3-way Split  625 Thrashcore  0.00 large lyric insert Send Email 
Abrasive Wheels When The Punks Go Marching In!  Get Back  0.00  Send Email 
Acid Witch Witchtanic Hellucinations  Hell's Headbangers  0.00 Gatefold, purple/green swirl vinyl, full size poster, artwork insert Send Email 
Adolescents Adolescents  Frontier  0.00  Send Email 
Against-empire The Ones Who Strike The Blows Forget. . .  Threat To Existence Records  0.00 Lyric booklet + fullsize poster Send Email 
Against-empire & Iskra Split  Deep Six Records  0.00 Limited Tour Pressing #22/150, Clear green vinyl, cloth sleeve, lyrics insert Send Email 
Agothocles & Unholy Grave Agothograve Split Lp  Death, Agony, & Screams  0.00 Foil cover Send Email 
Aldebaran ...from Forgotten Tombs  Kreation Records  0.00  Send Email 
Aldebaran & Sod Hauler Split  Inimical Records  0.00 Lyrics sleeve Send Email 
Amebix No Sanctuary - The Spiderleg Recordings  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 Includes 7" w/ Winter/Beginning of the End, full-size lyrics/history insert Send Email 
Amebix Monolith  Back On Black  0.00 Gatefold, repress Send Email 
Amqa Mutant Cats From Hell  Ever Rat/medusa  0.00  Send Email 
Antediluvian Revelations In Excrement  Bird Of Ill Omen Recordings  0.00 Poster insert, clear yellow vinyl (200 on yellow) Send Email 
Antediluvian Under Wing Of Asael  Parasitic Records  0.00 Glossy printed dust sleeve Send Email 
Appalachian Terror Unit Greenwashing  Profane Existence / Vex  0.00 Lyric booklet Send Email 
Appendix Money Is Not My Currency  Hohnie Records  0.00 Repress Send Email 
Archagathus Canadian Horse  To Live A Lie  0.00 Full size poster, lyrics sheet, download code Send Email 
Arctic Flowers Reveries  Inimical  0.00 2nd press of 300 on light green vinyl Send Email 
Asschapel Fire And Destruction  Self Release  0.00 Insert Send Email 
Asunder & Like Flies On Flesh Split  Life Is Abuse  0.00 Clear vinyl, 2 poster inserts, lyrics insert Send Email 
Basil Poledouris Conan The Barbarian Original Motion Picture Soun  Mca Records  0.00  Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Lifetime Shitlist  Ramen Factory  0.00 Brown/white swirled vinyl, lyrics insert Send Email 
Behind Enemy Lines One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God  Profane Existence  0.00 48 page book, Clear red vinyl (mailorder exclusive, 400 on red) Send Email 
Bi-marks The Golden Years  Mata La Musica Discos  0.00 Trifold insert Send Email 
Big Bubba American Trend  Smart Ass Records  0.00 Small lyrics poster Send Email 
Black Army Jacket 222  Reservoir / Chainsaw Safety  0.00 Printed inner sleeve Send Email 
Blatz & Filth The Shit Split  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 Repress, booklet insert Send Email 
Bone Awl Not For Our Feet  Klaxon Records  0.00 Lyrics insert, Nuclear War Now! insert Send Email 
Bone Sickness Alone In The Grave  20 Buck Spin  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Burn Your Bridges Burn Your Bridges  Deep Six  0.00 Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory  Rough Trade/independent Project  0.00 Includes insert Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties Dissassembly Line  Six Weeks Records  0.00 repress Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties & Man Is The Bastard Split  Six Weeks  0.00 lyrics insert, repress Send Email 
Carcass Live At St. George's Hall, Bradford, Uk November  Distorted Harmony  0.00 #75/300 Send Email 
Career Suicide Career Suicide  Deranged Records  0.00 Full size insert, repress Send Email 
Christ On Parade Sounds Of Nature  Pusmort  0.00 Printed record sleeve, original pressing Send Email 
Christian Death Only Theatre Of Pain  Frontier  0.00 Pink vinyl, repress Send Email 
Common Rider Last Wave Rockers  Panic Button  0.00 Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Contravene A Call To Action  Tribal War Records  0.00 Booklet insert Send Email 
Cop On Fire Discography  Inimical Records/dogma Destroyer  0.00 Lyrics sheet Send Email 
Crucial Unit & Municipal Waste Thrashaholics Unanimous  Six Weeks  0.00 Printed lyrics insert Send Email 
Culo My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less  Deranged Records  0.00 Full size booklet, download code Send Email 
D.s. 13 Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget?  Deranged  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
David Peel An Evening With David Peel  Orange Records  0.00  Send Email 
Dead And Gone T.v. Baby  Prank Records  0.00 Clear green vinyl, full size lyrics insert Send Email 
Decrepit Tired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon  Aftermath / Profane Existence  0.00 Lyrics booklet, 12x12 poster, 1,000 pressed Send Email 
Defiance No Future No Hope  Skuld Releases  0.00  Send Email 
Deprived Discography 89-92 - Resistance In The 1980s  Threat To Existence  0.00 Pink vinyl, huge fold out poster Send Email 
Desolation Angels Desolation Angels  Buried By Time And Dust Records  0.00 Includes 7", two poster inserts Send Email 
Destruction Sentence Of Death  Metal Blade/enigma  0.00 Includes LP sized insert Send Email 
Dio Holy Diver  Warner Brothers  0.00 P 1983 Send Email 
Disaffect Powerless With A Guitar  Axiome  0.00 marbled gray vinyl, booklet insert, hand numbered 655/2000 Send Email 
Disrupt & Nausea Split  Bootleg  0.00 Live bootleg, 189 pressed Send Email 
Don Drummond In Memory Of Don Drummond  Coxsone  0.00 P. 1969 Send Email 
Dystopia Dystopia  Life Is Abuse  0.00 Clear vinyl, full color booklet Send Email 
E.t.a. No Faith 12"  Deranged Records  0.00 Lyric insert Send Email 
Embrace Embrace  Dischord  0.00 Repress Send Email 
Endless Struggle In The Day...  Charged Records  0.00 Baby Blue/White Swirl Vinyl, Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Ennio Morricone The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Original Motion P  United Artists  0.00  Send Email 
Excruciating Terror Expression Of Pain  Insane Society  0.00 Printed sleeve, poster insert Send Email 
Eyehategod Take As Needed For Pain    0.00 Bootleg Send Email 
F.p.o. & Seein' Red Split  625 & Selfish Satan  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Frustration Paranoia And Regret  Inimical Records  0.00 Lyrics sheet, translucent smoke colored vinyl Send Email 
Funeral Parade Funeral Parade  Mata La Musica Discos  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Gas Rag "beats Off"  Beach Impediment Records  0.00  Send Email 
Gasp Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People  Slap A Ham  0.00 lyric insert Send Email 
Generacion Suicida Con La Muerta A Tu Lado  Going Underground Records  0.00 lyric sheet Send Email 
Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown  Megaforce Records/important  0.00 promotional copy Send Email 
Gray Matter Take It Back  Dischord  0.00 2007 Repress Send Email 
Gray Matter Food For Thought  Dischord  0.00 2009 Repress Send Email 
Grim Reaper See You In Hell  Ebony Music/rca  0.00  Send Email 
Grimple Grimple Up Your Ass  Prank  0.00  Send Email 
Grimple & Logical Nonsense Split  East Bay Menace  0.00  Send Email 
Iron Maiden Powerslave  Capitol / Emi  0.00 Printed sleeve Send Email 
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast  Emi  0.00  Send Email 
Iskra Iskra  Profane Existence  0.00 Poster insert Send Email 
Jobbykrust & Viktors Hofnarren Split  Maximum Voice Productions  0.00 Poster insert Send Email 
Jobbykrust & Wisigoth Split  Funai Records  0.00 large fold out poster/lyric sheet Send Email 
John Carpenter John Carpenter's Lost Themes  Sacred Bones  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
Joy Division Closer  London/rhino  0.00 Repress, printed inner sleeve Send Email 
Judas Priest Sin After Sin  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Kafka Prosess Ingen Fattige, Ingen Rike  Skuld Releases  0.00 Poster Send Email 
Kakistocracy Self Titled  Profane Existence  0.00 lyrics insert Send Email 
Katastrophobia Age Of Aquarius  Nabate, Active, Morning Star  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
Kent Brockman & EdÖra Split  Tvg Records  0.00 Orange vinyl, lyrics insert Send Email 
Kreator Extreme Aggression  Epic Records  0.00 Lyrics printed on inner sleeve, 'Promotion Only' stamped on bar code Send Email 
Kromosom Nuclear Reich  Distort Reality  0.00  Send Email 
Kromosom 8 Tracks  Hardcore Victim/d-takt & RÅpunk/  0.00  Send Email 
Kykloopien Sukupuutto Likanna Valikoimassanne  Primitive Air-raid  0.00 Fold out sleeve Send Email 
L.s.d. Lustmord, Snatch, Death'ein Bodie = L.s.d.  Schizophrenic Records  0.00 Clear red vinyl Send Email 
Le Scrawl Snowblind  Obscene  0.00 White Vinyl, 500 pressed Send Email 
Lee Scratch Perry Scratch And Company - Chapter 1: The Upsetters  Clock Tower Records  0.00  Send Email 
Lords Of Light Energy  Little Deputy/625/life Is Abuse  0.00 white vinyl Send Email 
Los Crudos & Spitboy "roughly Living" Split  Ebullition  0.00 Silkscreened cover, includes newsprint zine with lyrics Send Email 
Lugubrum Face Lion Face Oignon  Aphelion Productions  0.00 Poster insert, label insert Send Email 
Manbiki Chocolate Super Dimensional Hardcore  Not Very Nice & General Speech  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Martyrdöd In Extremis  Havoc  0.00 Lyrics poster Send Email 
Masskontrol Will You Ever Learn  Mindcontrol Records  0.00 Gatefold LP Send Email 
Medication Time One Free Miracle Ticket  Ruinous Records / Life Is Abuse  0.00 Gatefold LP Send Email 
Mind Of Asian & Straight Edge Kegger Split  Torture Garden Picture Company  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Minor Threat Minor Threat  Dischord Records  0.00 Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Mouth Sewn Shut Doomed Future Today  Profane Existence  0.00 Poster insert, 800 on black Send Email 
Municipal Waste Waste 'em All  Six Weeks  0.00 Clear vinyl, lyric insert Send Email 
Night Birds Fresh Kills Vol. 1  Grave Mistake  0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds Born To Die In Suburbia  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 Printed sleeve, poster, flier, sticker Send Email 
Noothgrush Erode The Person  Parasitic  0.00 White vinyl, lyrics insert + small poster Send Email 
Operation Ivy Energy  Lookout!  0.00  Send Email 
Order Of The Vulture Order Of The Vulture  Aborted Society  0.00  Send Email 
Palatka The End Of Irony  No Idea  0.00 Purple Vinyl, Etching on B-Side Send Email 
Part 1 Funeral Parade  Sacred Bones  0.00 'Limited Deluxe Paraworm Edition' silk screened sleeve, wax seal, gatefold sleeve, zine Send Email 
Peter Tosh Legalize It  Cbs/columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Phobia Get Up And Kill  Deep Six  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl, Lyric Sheet + Full-Size Poster, ltd. 200 Send Email 
Plasmatics Coup D'etat  Capitol/emi  0.00  Send Email 
Poison Idea Kings Of Punk  Taang!  0.00 Clear vinyl, Taang repress Send Email 
Preying Hands Through The Dark  Inimical  0.00 Fold out insert Send Email 
Protestant The Hate. The Hollow.  Halo Of Flies / Rimbaud  0.00 Lyrics sleeve Send Email 
Provoked Prepare For The Cold...  Profane Existence  0.00 Clear vinyl, poster, lyrics insert Send Email 
Psudoku Space Grind  625 Thrash/crucificados  0.00 Printed sleeve, window in cover Send Email 
Puke Back To The Puke Age  A20 Records  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
Randy Uchida Group Deathly Fighter Anthology  Gism Appreciation Society  0.00 white vinyl, 333 made Send Email 
Raspberry Bulbs Nature Tries Again  Hospital Productions  0.00 Lyrics booklet Send Email 
Regulations Electric Guitar  Havoc Records  0.00 Lyrics sheet Send Email 
Repulsion Horrified  Relapse  0.00 Rotting flesh colored vinyl Send Email 
Robot Has Werewolf Hand The Endless Lp  Art Of The Underground  0.00 Etching on B-Side, Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Samothrace Reverence To Stone  20 Buck Spin  0.00 Printed dust jacket Send Email 
SarcÓfago I.n.r.i.  Greyhaze Records, Cogumelo Recor  0.00 Gatefold, 'orange' edition, poster Send Email 
Saxon Denim And Leather  Carrere Records  0.00 promotional copy Send Email 
Slight Slappers Ashita Hi Wa Mata Nobori Masuka?  H.g.fact / Six Two Five  0.00 lyrics insert Send Email 
Slightly Less Than Nothing Slightly Less Than Nothing  Inimical Records  0.00 Green/clear splatter vinyl, full size poster insert Send Email 
Soothsayer To Be A Real Terrorist  Nuclear War Now Productions / Ga  0.00 Clear vinyl, patch, sticker, poster, booklet Send Email 
Sore Throat Unhindered By Talent  Weasel Records  0.00 US pressing Send Email 
Spazz Crush, Kill, Destroy  625 Thrash  0.00 Light yellow vinyl repress, full size lyrics insert Send Email 
Spazz La Revancha  625 Thrash  0.00 Repress, silkscreened cover Send Email 
The Cars Shake It Up  Elektra  0.00  Send Email 
The Fartz Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 Lyrics insert Send Email 
The Misfits Static Age  Caroline Records  0.00 Printed sleeve Send Email 
The Pogues Rum, Sodomy, & The Lash  Stiff Records  0.00 Original pressing, printed vinyl sleeve Send Email 
The Ultimate Warriors Wrestling Is Our Gimmick  Doppelganger  0.00 Clear blue vinyl, lyrics insert Send Email 
The Wizar'd Pathways Into Darkness  Bbtad  0.00  Send Email 
The Zarkons Riders In The Long Black Parade  Time Coast  0.00  Send Email 
Townes Van Zandt Townes Van Zandt  Fat Possum Records  0.00  Send Email 
Toxic Narcotic 89 - 99  Rodent Popsicle Records  0.00 Picture disc Send Email 
Tsol Dance With Me  Nitro  0.00 Marbled purple vinyl, printed sleeve Send Email 
U.s.v. Choke Slammed Back To Life Tour Edition  Deranged Records  0.00 #26/400, silk screened, hand made Send Email 
Uriah Heep Demons And Wizards  Mercury  0.00 Gatefold sleeve Send Email 
Various Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1  Sacred Bons  0.00  Send Email 
Various Artists New York Thrash  Reachout International Records  0.00  Send Email 
Various Artists No Hold Back... All Attack!!!  Self Release  0.00 3X LP, Booklet Send Email 
Various Artists Possessed To Skate  Pessimiser/theologian  0.00 Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Various Artists No Royalties  Bad People Records  0.00 Comp. feat. Capitalist Casualties, MK-Ultra, Homesick Abortions, Charles Bronson, Sistema Nervioso, Clusterfux, Abstain, Cephalic Carnage, Short Hate Temper, No Less, more. Dollar bill cover Send Email 
Various Artists Reality Part #2  Deep Six Records  0.00 Lyrics insert, comp. feat. Asshole Parade, Excruciating Terror, Dystopia, Infest, Despise You, Lack of Interest, Gasp, Suppression, Noothgrush, No Comply, Spazz, MITB, Capitalist Casualties, Stapled Shut, Enemy Soil, Bad Acid Trip Send Email 
Various Artists Fiesta Comes Alive!  Slap A Ham  0.00 Insert, feat. Lack of Interest, Dystopia, Plutocracy, No Comment, MITB, Spazz, MDC, Capitalist Casualties, more Send Email 
Various Artists Tomorrow Will Be Worse, Vol. 2  Sound Pollution  0.00 Full-size insert, features Real Reggae, Krigshot, MKULTRA, Mukeka di Rato, 9 Shocks Terror, Uncurbed, Scalplock, Ruido Send Email 
Various Artists Europe In Decline  Six Weeks  0.00 Fold out sleeve, 25 bands Send Email 
Various Artists A Vile Peace  Peaceville  0.00 Peaceville's first release ft. Axegrinder, Chumbawamba, Deviated Instinct, Doom, Electro Hippies, Hellbastard, Revulsion, Sore Throat + more Send Email 
Venom Welcome To Hell  Earmark Records  0.00 clear vinyl Send Email 
Warcollapse Defy!  Profane Existence  0.00 Splatter grey vinyl Send Email 
Warfair? Earmageddon  Mangled Ankle  0.00 Sewn-together cover Send Email 
Ween The Mollusk  Plain Recordings  0.00 Printed inner sleeve Send Email 
Slight Slappers Very Best Of Slight Slappers  Slap A Ham  0.00 2" record Send Email 
2x 12"
Antediluvian Through The Cervix Of Hawaa  Nuclear War Now  0.00 Hardcover gatefold, clear green vinyl (etched on D side), includes sticker and faux leather embroidered patch Send Email 
Bauhaus Crackle  Beggars Banquet Records  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
Eyehategod Take As Needed For Pain  Emetic Records  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
Eyehategod In The Name Of Suffering  Emetic Records  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
Judas Priest Priest... Live!  Columbia  0.00 Printed inner sleeves Send Email 
Misery From Where The Sun Never Shines  Inimical  0.00 Marbled grey vinyl Send Email 
Nausea Punk Terrorist Anthology Volume 1  Hell Bent Records  0.00 Screenprinted (Black ink) Canvas Bag Send Email 
Noothgrush Failing Early, Failing Often  Emetic Records  0.00 Gatefold, grey vinyl Send Email 
Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden  Profound Lore  0.00 Gatefold sleeve Send Email 
Panopticon Collapse  Pagan Flames/flenser/lundr  0.00 Gatefold, gold/red/black splatter vinyl Send Email 
Rush All The World's A Stage  Anthem  0.00  Send Email 
Scatha After The Dust Settles  Agipunk  0.00 Gatefold, booklet Send Email 
Sunn Meets Nurse With Wound The Iron Soul Of Nothing  Ideologic Organ & Editions Mego  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
The Cure Disintegration  Fiction/elektra/rhino  0.00 Printed inner sleeves Send Email 
Townes Van Zandt Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas  Fat Possum Records  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
Various Artists Riot Ska  Beer Records  0.00  Send Email 
Various Artists Whispers!  Skuld/profane Existence  0.00 Feat. Hellkrusher, Naytia, Angst, Anarcrust, Fleas & Lice, Hiatus, Sedition, Disaffect, Misery, Healthhazard, Hellbastard, ABC Diablo, Zygote, Dystopia, Accion Mutante, Jobbykrust, DOOM, EOM, Masskontrol, incl. 7" feat. Warcollapse, Counterblast Send Email 
Not For Trade 5": 3, 7": 208, 10": 7, 12": 158, Other: 1, 2x 12": 17

frankjmelly's List Summary

Wanted: 12" - 1
Not For Trade 5": 3, 7": 208, 10": 7, 12": 158, Other: 1, 2x 12": 17

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