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For Trade
Armageddon Clock/silent Majority Armageddon Clock Vs. Silent Majority  Audio Riot  0.00  Send Email 
For Trade: 7" - 1
Not For Trade
7 Seconds Skins, Brains, And Guts.  Alternative Tentacles  0.00  Send Email 
9 Shocks Terror Mobile Terror Unit  Havoc  0.00 Clear Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
A-bombs The Claw  Norton Records  0.00  Send Email 
Another Way Of Living Another Way Of Living!e.p.  Reaper Records  0.00  Send Email 
Anti-christ Demon Core He Had It Coming  Militant/dood Records  0.00  Send Email 
Antidote Thou Shalt Not Kill  Antidote Records Inc.  0.00  Send Email 
Army Of Jesus Rats In The Walls   0.00  Send Email 
Army Of Jesus Book Bomb  Criminal I.q.  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Army Of Jesus  Bullshit Delux Records  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Asshole Assination Squad Get The Fuck Out  Go Records  0.00 screened covers and clear red vinyl Send Email 
Assholeparade Say Goodbye  No Idea  0.00 Pink Vinyl Send Email 
Assholeparade/ansojuan Assholeparade/ansojuan  Belladonna  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Aus Rotten Fuck Nazi Sympathy  Havoc Records  0.00 Clear Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Authority Abuse Authority Abuse  Lengua Armada/anthem For Doomed  0.00  Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter One Fun  Power It Up  0.00  Send Email 
Bayonettes Stuck In This Rut B/w Sour  Deranged  0.00  Send Email 
Big Boys Frat Cars   0.00  Send Email 
Bill Bondsmen Bill Bondsmen  Acme Records  0.00  Send Email 
Black Flag Louie Louie/damaged I  Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Boiling Man Roadkill Museum  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Born/dead Repitition  Prank Records  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl Send Email 
Brain Handle S/t  Fashionable Idiots  0.00  Send Email 
Brainia Disgrace To The Corpse Of Eric Wood  625  0.00  Send Email 
Breaks Get Saved  Firestarter Records  0.00  Send Email 
Bxuxsxhx Buy Us Some Heroin  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties Dope And War  Slap A Ham  0.00  Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties/the Dread Split Personality E.p.  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Carbonas Frothing At The Mouth  Douche Master Records  0.00  Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Cardiac Arrest S/t  Underestimated  0.00  Send Email 
Career Suicide Signals E.p.  Slasher Records  0.00  Send Email 
Career Suicide Sars  Deranged Records  0.00  Send Email 
Cattle Decapitation Ten Torments Of The Damned  Human Attrocities  0.00 Clear Turqoise Vinyl Send Email 
Caustic Christ/r.a.m.b.o. Caustic Christ/r.a.m.b.o.  Havoc  0.00 Clear Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Charles Bronson Diet Rootbeer  Youth Attack  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Charles Bronson/ice Nine Charles Bronson/ice Nine  Bovine Records  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Charles Bronson/unanswered Charles Bronson/unanswered  Track Star Records  0.00  Send Email 
Christian Club Christian Club  Get Revenge  0.00  Send Email 
Chronic Seizure Brainsick E.p.  Fashionable Idiots  0.00 Green Vinyl Send Email 
Code 13 A Part Of America Died Today  Havoc  0.00 Purple Marble Vinyl Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran/scrotum Grinder Combatwoundedveteran/scrotum Grinder  Burrito Records  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Damage Deposit S/t  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Damage Deposit Straight To The Bottom  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Deadfall Keep Telling Yourself It's Okay  Tankcrimes  0.00 Blue/Black Vinyl Send Email 
Deadfall Comrades Ep  625 Thrash  0.00  Send Email 
Deathreat Deathreat  Prank  0.00 Red Wax Send Email 
Deep Sleep You're Screwed  Grave Mistake  0.00 Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Deep Wound Deep Wound  Radiobeat Records  0.00 Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Despise You/stapled Shut Despise You/stapled Shut  Pessimiser/theologian  0.00  Send Email 
Devoid Of Faith/mainstrike Devoid Of Faith/mainstrike  Paralogy  0.00 White Vinyl, and songs are from a live radio show Send Email 
Dicks Hate The Police   0.00  Send Email 
Die Kreuzen Cows And Beer  Version Sound  0.00  Send Email 
Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow  Sorry State Records  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Discreet Doll Band Deny Everything  Rich Bitch  0.00  Send Email 
Down In Flames Start The Fucking Fire  Gloom  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Drinkers Purgatory S/t   0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Dropdead/look Back And Laugh Dropdead/look Back And Laugh  Armegeddon  0.00  Send Email 
Dudman Dudman  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Epileptic Terror Attack We Are The Attack  Deranged  0.00  Send Email 
Eske Big Trouble In Little Village  Southkore Records  0.00  Send Email 
Evolved To Obliteration Evolved To Obliteration  Hemorrhage Reords  0.00  Send Email 
Final Solutions S/t  Shit Sandwich  0.00  Send Email 
Final Solutions Return To The Motherland  Frick And Frack  0.00  Send Email 
Final Solutions My Love Is Disappointing  Shattered Records  0.00 Pink Vinyl Send Email 
Find Him And Kill Him You Can't Fuck With The Kids E.p.  Dead Is Dead/costal Access  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Fleas And Lice Parasites    0.00  Send Email 
Formaldehyde Junkies ....are A Total Wreck  Firestarter Records  0.00  Send Email 
Formaldehyde Junkies S/t  Fashionable Idiots  0.00  Send Email 
Fucked Up Baiting The Public  Deranged Records  0.00  Send Email 
Fucked Up Litany  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Fucked Up Dance Of Death  Deranged  0.00  Send Email 
Fucked Up Police  Deranged  0.00  Send Email 
Fugazi 3 Songs  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Gauze Gauze  Prank  0.00  Send Email 
Germs(the) Forming  Alive  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl Send Email 
Ghidra Ghidra  Get Revenge  0.00  Send Email 
Gorilla Angreb Long Island/supersyn  Armageddon Label  0.00  Send Email 
Gorilla Angreb/lokum Split In Half  Armageddon Label  0.00  Send Email 
Haymaker Lost Tribe[11/30/04]  Deranged/bored To Death  0.00  Send Email 
I Attack American Dream  Criminal I.q.  0.00  Send Email 
Infest Mankind  Draw Blank/deep Six  0.00 blue cover, blue and grey swirl vinyl Send Email 
Jenny Piccolo Lowest Common Denominator  31g  0.00 Picture Disk Send Email 
Jenny Piccolo/su19b Jenny Piccolo/su19b  Deep Six  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Jfa Blatant Localism  Placebo  0.00  Send Email 
Jihad/inourselves Jihad/inourselves    0.00  Send Email 
John Brown's Army/reagan Ss We Do Our Part  Gloom Records  0.00 Yellow/Black Vinyl Send Email 
John Browns Army/curtainrail John Browns Army/curtainrail  Gloom  0.00  Send Email 
Jury I Hate The Future  Gloom  0.00 Purple/Grey Send Email 
Kaaos Nukke E.p.  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Kill The Man Who Questions/del Cielo Split E.p.  Ed Walters  0.00  Send Email 
Killers(the) The Killers  Evil Noise  0.00  Send Email 
Killers(the) 4.  Hater Of God  0.00 Picture Disk Send Email 
Killers(the)/9 Shocks Terror The Killers/9 Shocks Terror  Gloom Records  0.00 Orange Vinyl Send Email 
Knuckle Scraper Max Isn't The Bastard  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Krunchies S/t  Criminal I.q.  0.00  Send Email 
Kungfu Rick Acceptance  Ea/up Jumps The Devil Records  0.00  Send Email 
Kungfu Rick Statues To Stones, Soildiers To Bones  Gloom Records  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Kungfu Rick/last In Line Kungfu Rick/last In Line  D.c./e.a. Records  0.00  Send Email 
Lack Of Interest/slave State Lack Of Interest/slave State  Slap A Ham  0.00  Send Email 
Last In Line Congested  Gloom  0.00 Purple Vinyl Send Email 
Le Face S/t  Smokin' Barrel Records  0.00  Send Email 
Life Crisis Unpeaceful Protest  Get Revenge  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Life Crisis Churchstate  Deep Six  0.00 Grey Vinyl Send Email 
Look Back And Laugh Street Terrorism  Deranged  0.00  Send Email 
Machine Gun Romantics/s.s.e. Dead Reagan Era Hxc Split E.p.  Dangerously Small Records  0.00  Send Email 
Magrudergrind/a Warm Gun Magrudergrind/a Warm Gun  Misfire/mccarthyism  0.00 blue and purple swirl vinyl Send Email 
Magrudergrind/godstomper A Killer Combo  Nuclear Bbq Party/to Live A Lie  0.00 Orange Vinyl Send Email 
Makeout Party Wreckless Epic/it's Alright  Kapow  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Minor Threat Salad Days  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Mitten Spider Lo-fi Or Die(discography)  Agromosh  0.00 Neon Green Wax Send Email 
My Lai Pony Soldier  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Necros Sex Drive  Fan Club Release  0.00 Clear Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Negative Fx Government War Plans E.p./1982 Demo Tape  Distortions  0.00  Send Email 
No Comment Downsided  Slap A Ham  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
No Dice Suffer  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Oath Transatlantic Thrash Terror  Youth Attack/coalition/gloom Rec  0.00  Send Email 
Oath/total Fury The Oath/total Fury  Youth Attack  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Opstand Opstand  Praxis/murderecords  0.00  Send Email 
Orphans Electrics/w.w.w.d.  Vinyl Dog Records  0.00  Send Email 
Out Of Vogue Chewed Up, Spit Out  World Is Square  0.00  Send Email 
Out Of Vogue/hit Me Back The Thrashy Slumber Party Pillow Fight Split E.p  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Outraged No Somos Igual  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Pink Eye Pink Eye  Slasher Records  0.00 Hot Pink Vinyl Send Email 
Point Of Few Point Of Few  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Poison Idea Pick Your King  American Leather  0.00  Send Email 
Pretentious Assholes Pretentious Assholes  Self Released  0.00 25 copy repress with different cover  Send Email 
Punch In The Face S/t  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Punch In The Face Dumb Hardcore  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Race Against Time/reason Of Insanity Race Against Time/reason Of Insanity  Burrito Records  0.00  Send Email 
Reds S/t  Rip Off Records  0.00  Send Email 
Regress Look Who's Pulling The Strings  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Regulations S/t  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00  Send Email 
Repos/14 Or Fight The Repos/14 Or Fight  Gloom  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl Send Email 
Reproach Is What It Is  Deep Six  0.00  Send Email 
Restless Youth State Of Confusion  Painkiller  0.00  Send Email 
Rites Death Of The Party  Gloom Records  0.00 Pink Vinyl Send Email 
Rites S/t  Dead Alive  0.00  Send Email 
Rites Pissing On Your Grave  6 Feet Under Records  0.00  Send Email 
Rolling Blackouts S/t  Kapow  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Rorschach Needlepack  Wardance Records  0.00  Send Email 
Rorschach/1.6 My War/band Trying  Chainsaw Safety Records  0.00 both songs are covers Send Email 
Rosenbombs Rosenbombs E.p.  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Ruido 13 Song Ep  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Running For Cover Human Ruins  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Severed Head Of State Fucking Butchery  Hardcore Holocaust  0.00  Send Email 
Shes Dead/cadaver Dogs Shes Dead/cadaver Dogs  Get Revenge  0.00  Send Email 
Short Hate Temper/godstomper Short Hate Temper/godstomper  El Grito Records  0.00  Send Email 
Slave State Slave State  Sludge Records  0.00  Send Email 
Slushfund/parfanalia Splitting Headache  Peep Show Records  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl Send Email 
Smartut Kahol Lavan Magnetic Storm  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
Social Coma Social Coma E.p.  Nat Records  0.00  Send Email 
Soul Swallower Soul Swallower  Collapse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Street Trash Five Dirty Fingers  My War  0.00  Send Email 
Suicide Party You're All Invited  Dead Alive  0.00  Send Email 
Surf Nazis Must Die Anti-everything E.p.  Youth Attack  0.00 Clear Gold Vinyl Send Email 
T. Valentine Hello Lucille. . . Are You A Lesbian?  Norton Records  0.00  Send Email 
Tarpit Checkmate E.p.  Collapse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Tear It Up S/t  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Terrorain 1988 Demo  Burrito Records  0.00  Send Email 
Threatener The Fastening  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Unanswered/entropy Unanswered/entropy  Self Released?  0.00  Send Email 
Unholy Grave/pretty Little Flower Harmonized/fist Of Concrete Justice  Rescued From Life/psycho Wolf  0.00  Send Email 
Unholy Grave/taste Of Fear Death Now Death  Clean Plate  0.00  Send Email 
Urban Blight Urban Blight  Deranged Records  0.00  Send Email 
Uzi Suicide Uzi Suicide E.p.  625 Thrashcore  0.00 Marbled Blue Vinyl Send Email 
V/a Mein Comp  Youth Attack  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl Send Email 
V/a Socal Thrash Demolition 5  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record  Slap A Ham  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
V/a Cr Now, Cry Later Vol. 2  Pessimiser Fanzine  0.00 2xE.P. Send Email 
V/a Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 4  Sound Pollution  0.00 3xE.P. boxset, all of the 7"s are colored, the first is turqoise, the second is white, and the third is orange. Send Email 
V/a Internationally Pist 2  Punx Before Profit  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Reality  Deep Six  0.00 Clear Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
V/a Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 3  Sound Pollution  0.00 three 7" comp. Send Email 
V/a Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 1  Sound Pollution  0.00 4x 7" s Send Email 
V/a No Bullshit!  No Way  0.00 Puple Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Vagrant Vinny And The Instigators S/t  Back Flip Records  0.00  Send Email 
Wade Curtis And The Rhythm Rockers Electric's Theme  Norton Records  0.00 Green Vinyl Send Email 
Weekend Nachos Torture  Tooth Decay  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Wound Up Wound Up  Painkiller  0.00  Send Email 
Charles Bronson Youth Attack  Coalition Records  0.00  Send Email 
Jenny Piccolo/asterisk* Jenny Piccolo/asterisk*  31g  0.00 Orange Marbled Vinyl Send Email 
Kent Brockman/massick On The Loose, So Young, So Tough, So Wild!!!  Selfish Fucker  0.00 Blue and White Swirl Vinyl and Really a 9" Send Email 
Killers(the) Manual For Self-destruction  Hater Of God  0.00  Send Email 
Locust/man Is The Bastard Locust/man Is The Bastard  King Of Monsters  0.00  Send Email 
Oath(the) Korper Kultur  Coalition Records  0.00 Really a 9" Send Email 
Phobia Destroying The Masses  Pessimiser  0.00  Send Email 
9 Shocks Terror Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass  Havoc Records  0.00 Purple Mess Vinyl Send Email 
Adolescents Adolescents  Frontier  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Agent Orange Living In Darkness  Get Back  0.00  Send Email 
Agnostic Front Victim In Pain  Combat Core Records  0.00  Send Email 
Artimus Pyle Fucked From Birth  Prank  0.00  Send Email 
Bad Brains Bad Brains  Roir Records  0.00  Send Email 
Behind Enemy Lines Know Your Enemy  Tribal War Records  0.00 Clear Red Vinyl Send Email 
Black Flag Jealous Again  Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Born Against 9 Patriotic Hymns For Children  Prank Records  0.00  Send Email 
Bury The Living Bury The Living  Soul Is Cheap  0.00  Send Email 
Bury The Living All The News That's Fit To Scream  Prank  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties Disassembly Line  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Career Suicide Career Suicide  Parts Unknown  0.00  Send Email 
Career Suicide Invisible Eyes  Feral World Records  0.00  Send Email 
Career Suicide S/t  Derranged  0.00 first 7" on 12" Send Email 
Career Suicide/jed Whitey Career Suicide/jed Whitey  Deranged Records  0.00  Send Email 
Cattle Decapitation Human Jerky  31g  0.00 Picture Disc Send Email 
Circle Jerks Group Sex  Frontier  0.00 Clear Gold Vinyl Send Email 
Clorox Girls This Dimension  Smartguy Records  0.00  Send Email 
Conflict Increase The Preasure  Moterhate Records  0.00  Send Email 
Crass Stations Of The Crass  Crass Records  0.00 Double LP Send Email 
Cut The Shit Harmed And Dangerous  Gloom  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
D.o.a. Hardcore 81  Sudden Death Records  0.00  Send Email 
Dead Boys Youn, Loud, And Snotty  Sire Records  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Deadfall Destroyed By Your Own Device  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Del Tha Funky Homosapien No Need For Alarm  Electra  0.00 Double LP Send Email 
Descendents Milo Goes To College  Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Devoid Of Faith Devoid Of Faith  Crust Records  0.00  Send Email 
Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur  Baked Goods Records  0.00  Send Email 
Direct Control You're Controlled  No Way Records  0.00  Send Email 
Down In Flames What The Fuck!?  625 Thrashcore  0.00  Send Email 
Dropdead First Album  Armageddon  0.00  Send Email 
Ds-13 Killed By The Kids  Havoc  0.00 Purple Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Dystopia Human=garbage  Life Is Abuse/misanthropic  0.00 Clear Vinyl Send Email 
Econochrist Trained To Serve  Ebullition  0.00  Send Email 
Epsilons Epsilons  Young Cubs  0.00 Red and White vinyl Send Email 
Eyehategod Southenr Discomfort  Eyeball Records  0.00  Send Email 
F.u.'s My America/kill For Christ  Reflex  0.00 Two LPs for one Send Email 
Flakes Back To School  Drr  0.00 fuck yeah! Send Email 
Frantic Attaque Of The Grizzlie  Die Slaughterhaus/douche Master  0.00  Send Email 
Fugazi 7 Songs  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Fugazi Repeater  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Funeral Shock Funeral Shock  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Gasp Dome Of Puzzle Zoo People  Slap A Ham  0.00 Blue Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Gate Crashers(the) ...are A Bunch Of Mother Fuckers  Parts Unknown  0.00  Send Email 
Germs(the) G.i.  Slash Records  0.00  Send Email 
Gorilla Angreb Bedre Tider  Feral Ward  0.00  Send Email 
Harpoon Guns 12" E.p.  Square Wave Vinyl  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Hieroglyphics 3rd Eye Vision  Ground Level  0.00 2xLP Send Email 
Husker Du Everything Falls Apart  Reflex Records  0.00  Send Email 
Husker Du Land Speed Records  Sst Records  0.00  Send Email 
Inamtes Assholes Unanimous Presents..  Painkiller  0.00  Send Email 
Infest Live On Klxu  Deep Six  0.00  Send Email 
Infest No Man's Slave  Deep Six/draw Blank  0.00  Send Email 
Iron Lung Life.iron Lung.death  625 Thrashcore/boredom Noise  0.00  Send Email 
Jam In The City  Poly Gram  0.00  Send Email 
Jenny Piccolo Information Battle To Denounce The Genocide  31g  0.00  Send Email 
Jfa Beyond The Valley Of The Yakes  Placebo Records  0.00  Send Email 
Joan Of Arc So Much For Staying Alive And Lovelessness  Jade Tree  0.00  Send Email 
King Uszniewiezc And His Uszniewicztones Doin' The Woo Hoo  Norton Records  0.00  Send Email 
Kraut An Adjustment To Society  New Red Archive  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Krunchies In De Winkel  Criminal I.q.  0.00  Send Email 
Los Crudos Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras  Lengua Armada  0.00 screened cardboard cover, with a newspaper as an insert Send Email 
Los Crudos/spit Boy Viviendo Asperamente Roughly Living  Ebulition  0.00 split Send Email 
M.d.c. Millions Of Dead Cops  Radical Records  0.00  Send Email 
Man Is The Bastard Thoughtless  Gravity  0.00 Picture Disk Send Email 
Mind Eraser Cave  Painkiller/collapse Records  0.00  Send Email 
Minutemen Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat  Sst  0.00  Send Email 
Modern Lovers Modern Lovers  Lo-cost/ Get Back Records  0.00 Red Vinyl Send Email 
Mummies Never Been Caught  Telstar Records  0.00  Send Email 
Negative Fx Negative Fx  Reflex Records  0.00  Send Email 
Negative Fx Government War Plans  Parts Unknown  0.00  Send Email 
Neighbors(the) Negative Attraction  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
No Hope For The Kids No Hope For The Kids  Feral Ward  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
Oath Das Oath  Dim Mak  0.00  Send Email 
Orphans(the) Everybody Loves You When You're Dead  Unity Squad Records  0.00 Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Pagans Pink Album  Crypt  0.00  Send Email 
Patti Smith Horses  Arista  0.00  Send Email 
Pedestrians Future Shock  Criminal I.q.  0.00  Send Email 
Pissed Jeans Shallow  Parts Unknown  0.00  Send Email 
Poison Girls Hex  Crass Records  0.00  Send Email 
Really Red Teaching You The Fear  Empty Records  0.00  Send Email 
Regulations S/t  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Repos The Repos  Youth Attack  0.00  Send Email 
Repos Hearts And Heads Explode  Youth Attack  0.00  Send Email 
Retards Not Fucked Enough  Empty Records  0.00  Send Email 
Rites The Rites  Dead/alive Records  0.00  Send Email 
Rorschach Remain Sedate  Vermiform  0.00  Send Email 
Siege Drop Dead  Deep Six  0.00  Send Email 
Spazz La Revancha  Sound Pollution  0.00  Send Email 
Stitches 8 X 12"  Jd  0.00 purple vinyl Send Email 
Straight Edge Kegger Fuck Fresno  Torture Garden Picture Company  0.00  Send Email 
Street Trash Street Trash  Kapow Records  0.00 green vinyl, one sided lp, blank side has a screenprinted design Send Email 
Subhumans From Cradle To The Grave  Bluurg  0.00  Send Email 
Tear It Up Just Cant Stand It  Deranged Records  0.00 Clear Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Tear It Up Taking You Down With Me  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Terminal State Your Rules  Deranged Records  0.00  Send Email 
V/a El Guapo  625/same Day  0.00  Send Email 
V/a No Royalities  Bad People Records  0.00 coke bottle clear vinyl Send Email 
V/a Possessed To Skate  Pessimiser  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Fiesta Comes Alive!  Slap A Ham  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Histeria 2  Lengua Armada  0.00  Send Email 
V/a No New York  Something In Russian  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol.2  Sound Pollution  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Killed By Death Vol. 1  Redrum Records  0.00 White Vinyl Send Email 
V/a Bloodstains Across Sweden   0.00  Send Email 
V/a Bloodstains Across Germany    0.00  Send Email 
Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground And Nico  Verve Records  0.00  Send Email 
Verbal Abuse Just An American Band  No Way  0.00  Send Email 
Victims Blood  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Violent Headache Bombs Of Crust  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Voorhees Spilling Blood Without Reason  Armed With Anger Records  0.00  Send Email 
Wire Pink Flag  4 Men With Beards  0.00  Send Email 
Los Angeles  Slash  0.00  Send Email 
Youth Of Today Cant Close My Eyes  Revelation  0.00  Send Email 
Zero Boys Vicious Circle  Rifle Man Records  0.00  Send Email 
Not For Trade 7": 178, 10": 7, 12": 117

colefagan's List Summary

For Trade: 7" - 1
Not For Trade 7": 178, 10": 7, 12": 117

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