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Country: n/a

For Trade
Cress From Vilence To Consumerism  Flay Eath  0.00 Black Send Email 
Mine In Vacuo  Xkikix Records  0.00 Black Send Email 
A Day In Black & White My Heroes Always Killed Cowboys  Level-plane  0.00 White Send Email 
Hot Cross Cryonics  Level-plane  0.00 Black Send Email 
Ignite Our Darkest Days  Abacus - Think Fast  0.00 Black Send Email 
Petrograd Nineoneone  Skul Releases  0.00 Black Send Email 
Welcome The Plage Year Seld Titled  Electric Human Proyect  0.00 Black Send Email 
For Trade: 7" - 2, 12" - 5
Not For Trade
Converge Unloved And Weeded Out  Deathwish  0.00 4 7": Yellow, Clear, Green and Red Send Email 
Converge - Coalesce Among The Dead We Pray For Light  Edison/life Records  0.00 Clear Red Send Email 
Converge - Playing Enemy - Coalesce Black On Black, A Tribute To Black Flag  Initial Records  0.00 Clear Send Email 
Limp Wrist Whats Up  Paralogy  0.00 Black Send Email 
Raein Döden Marscherar á Väst    0.00 Purple Black Send Email 
Ramallah But A Whinper  Bridge Nine  0.00 2 x Cream Orange Send Email 
Redencion 911 - Homage To Catalonia Piensa Globalmente, Actua Localmente: Vol I  Amor Y Lucha  0.00 Cream Pink Send Email 
Shai Hulud A Profound Hatred Of Man  Revelation  0.00 Black Send Email 
Sin Apoyo - Los Dolares Contra Esta Paz Contra Esta Guerra  Sedicion Acrata Discos  0.00 Black Send Email 
Fiskales Ad-hok Fiesta  Cfa  0.00 Black Send Email 
Orchid Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow  Ebullition  0.00 Black Send Email 
Sin Apoyo La Ciudad Del Espectaculo  Sedicion Acrata Discos  0.00 Black Send Email 
Altercado El Ruido Y La Rabia  Les Nains Aussi  0.00 Black Send Email 
At The Drive-in Relationship Of Command  Grand Royal  0.00 Black Send Email 
Bbs Paranoicos - Ego Meas Survival Split Lp  Take Sale Xstay Truex  0.00 Black Send Email 
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning  Saddle Creek  0.00 Black Send Email 
Bright Eyes Digital Ash In A Digital Urn  Saddle Creek  0.00 Black Send Email 
Converge You Fail Me  Deathwish Epitaph  0.00 Red Clear Send Email 
Converge No Heroes  Deathwish Epitaph  0.00 White Pink Send Email 
Converge No Heroes  Deathwish Epitaph  0.00 Brown Pink Send Email 
Converge Unloved And Weeded Out  Deathwish  0.00 Black Send Email 
Converge & Hellchild Deeper The Wound  Deathwish Bastardized  0.00 Clear Smoke Red spots Send Email 
Envy A Dead Sinking Story  Level-plane  0.00 2 x Black Send Email 
Los Crudos - Reversal Of Man Split Lp  Ebullition  0.00 Black Send Email 
Zegota Movement In The Music  Crimethinc  0.00 Black Send Email 
Not For Trade 7": 9, 10": 3, 12": 13

burnme's List Summary

For Trade: 7" - 2, 12" - 5
Not For Trade 7": 9, 10": 3, 12": 13

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