Real Name: adilson silva
Country: Brazil

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Jazz
  • Classical
Not For Trade
Automal Automal 1978 E M I Odeon Poor 0.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Canned Heat Historical Figures And Ancients Heads 1974 United Arts Records Poor 0.00 printed in Brazil Send Email 
Edgar Varèse Arcana Deserts 1960 Columbia Records Fair 0.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Gene Krupa Classics In Percussion 1960 Verve Fair 0.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Helmet Meantime 2011 Noise Amphetamine Excellent 50.00 180 gram Printed in USA Send Email 
Moder Jazz Quartet At Birdland 1976 Imagem Jazz Bad 0.00 Printed in brasil Send Email 
Orquestra Sinfonica De Boston The Sea Debsy 1970 Living In Stereo Bad 0.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Paris Big Towne,2061 1976 Capitol Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Ravel, The Concerto Id D Major For The Left Hand1970 1970 Orion Records Fair 0.00 Printed in Usa Send Email 
Test Disc This Is Hight Fidelity 1955 Vox Bad 0.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Vanguard Stereolab Vanguard Stereolab Test 1960 Vanguard Poor 0.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Not For Trade: 12" - 11
For Sale
Abercrombie Quartet 1981 E C M Very Good 40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
African Music Machine Black Water Gold 2005 Soul Power Excellent 60.00 !80 grams Printed in USA Send Email 
Al Demeola Project Tiramisu 1987 Manhattan Records Good 50.00 Printed In Usa Send Email 
Al Di Meola / John Mclaughlin / Paco De Lucia Friday Night In San Francisco Live 1981 Columbia Excellent 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Andy Narell Stickman 1981 Windham Hill Records Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Arch Shepp Yasmina, A Black Womn 1971 Charly Records Poor 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Arild Andersen Group Shimri 1977 E C M Very Good 30.00 Printed in Germany Send Email 
Art Lande Rubisa Patrol 1976 E C M Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Art Lande Shift In The Wind 1981 E C M  40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Arthu Rubintein Concerto N 2 In Op.22g Minor 1960 R C A Victor  0.00 Living Sterero Send Email 
Autopsy The Headless Ritual 2013 Peaceville Excellent 100.00 180 gram Printed in Germany Send Email 
Barre Phillips Tree Day Moon 1979 E C M Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Barre Phillips Mountainscapes 1976 E C M  30.00 Printed IN USA Send Email 
Beethoven Sinfonia N.5 Do Menor.op.67 1978 Deutche Grammphon Poor 5.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Bela Bartok Piano Concert 1 & 2 1979 Deutche Grammphon Fair 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Ben Webster Duke's In Bed 1965 Black Lion Good 50.00 Printed in England Send Email 
Bill Evans The Paris Concerts 2 1979 W E A Records Good 20.00 Prined in Brazil Send Email 
Bill Evans The Paris Concerts 1 1979 Elektra Musicians Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Bill Eves The Tokio Concert 1979 Fantasy Records Poor 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Billy Bobham Alive Mother Forya 1978 Columbia Records  70.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Billy Cobham Lige & Times 1977 W E A Records Fair 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Billy Cobham Warning 1985 Grp Records Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Billy Cobham Inner Concflits 19787 Atlantic Fair 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Billy Cobram B.c 1979 C B S Records Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Billy Michell De Lawd's Blues 1980 Xanadu Records Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Billy Mitchell Live 1976 Catalyst Records Good 30.00 prrintednin USA Send Email 
Bireli Lagrene Foreign Affairs 1988 Blue Note Good 50.00 Printed in brazil Send Email 
Bob Cooper Tenor Sax Jazz Impressions 1979 Trend Records Good 70.00 Direct to Disc Printed in USA Send Email 
Bobo Stenson Arild Andersen Jon Christensen Underwer 1971 E C M Very Good 50.00 German Press Send Email 
Brandx Do They Hurt 1980 Passport Records Good 30.00 PRINTED IN USA Send Email 
Brandx Masques 1978 Passport Records Good 50.00 PRINTED IN USA Send Email 
Branford Marsalis Renaissance 1987 Cbs Fair 10.00 Printed in Brasil Send Email 
Brew Moore The Brew Moore Quintet 1984 Fantasy Records Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Charles Mingus Moves 1974 A T C O Records Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Chic Corea Piani Improvisations Vol.1 1970 E C M Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Chic Corea & Nicolas Economu On Trio Pianos 1984 Gramophon Good 10.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Chick Corea Jazzman 1979 51 West Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Chick Corea The Song Of Singing 1984 Blue Note Excellent 100.00 Printed in France DMM excelente Quality Send Email 
Chickcorea Round Trip 1974 Cbs Records Very Good 70.00 Printed in Japan Send Email 
Clinford Brown Brownie Eyes 1974 Blue Note  30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Collin Walcott/don Cherry/nana Vasconcelos Codona  E C M Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Crosby Sttil Nash & Young Dejavu 1970 Atlantic Fair 10.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Crusader Steet Life 300s 1979 Mca  30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Daniel Hummair Triple Hip Trip 1979 Owl Records Good 100.00 Printed in France Send Email 
Danny Stiles 5 In Tadem 1974 Famous Door Records Very Good 50.00 Printed in Usa Send Email 
Dave Grusin Discovry Again 1976 Sheffield Records Good 50.00 Direct to Disc Printed in USA Send Email 
Dave Valentine Kalahari 1984 Grp Records  20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Dave Mckenna Left Hand Complement 1980 Concord Jazz Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
David Darling Journal October 1979 E C M Very Good 40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Deodado Prelude 1972 C T I Records Poor 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Dewey Redman Soudsigns 1981 Galaxy Very Good 30.00 American press Send Email 
Dexter Gordon Great Encouters 1979 Cbs Columbia  30.00 Printed in USa Send Email 
Didier Lockwood Newword 1979 Mps Records Fair 30.00 Printed inBrazil Send Email 
Don Shirley Down In My Ouw Tears 1962 Cadence Bad 5.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Double Image Dawn 1979 E C M Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Double Image Dawn 1979 E C M Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Dregs Industri Standard 1982 Arista Records Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Duke Jordan Trio Wait End See 1985 Imagem Jazz Good 50.00 Pritende In Brazil Send Email 
Earl Hines/ Jaki Byard Duet 1975 Mps Records  30.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Eberhard Weber Colours Litle Movements 1980 E C M Very Good 40.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Ed Gomes New Directions 1978 E C M  40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Eddie Harris & Les Mccann Second Movement 1971 Atlantic Jazz  50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Eiji Kitamura Seven Stars 1981 Concord Jazz Very Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Flora Purin Open Your Eyes You Can Fly 1976 Milestone Records Good 10.00 printed in Brazil Send Email 
Frank Foster Here And Now  1976 Versatile Records Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Fredddie Hubbard Sky Dive 1973 Cti Good 30.00 printed in brazil Send Email 
Freddie Redd Trio Jazz Is 1977 Trio Records Very Good 80.00 Printed in Japan Send Email 
Garry Karr Basso Cantante 1980 Seven Seas Excellent 60.00 Japanese Press Send Email 
Gary Peacock December Poems 1979 E C M Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Genesis Wind And Wuthering 1977 Poligram Fair 10.00 Printed in Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Genesis Trespass 1974 Phonogram Fair 10.00 Printe in brazil Send Email 
Genesis Where The Sours To Sweeet 1969 Phonogram Fair 10.00 Printedin brazil Send Email 
Genesis Invisible Touch 1986 Rca Fair 2.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Genesis Duke 1980 Virgin Poor 5.00 printed in Brasil Send Email 
George Duke I Love The Blues- She Head My Criy 1975 Mps Records Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
George Duke Liberated Fantasies 1976 Mps Records Fair 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
George Duke The 1976 Solo Keybord Albun 1976 Cbs Mint 30.00 PRINTED IN BRASIL Send Email 
George Shearing Marian Mcpartland 1981 Concord Jazz  40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
George Winston Autumn Piano Solos 1980 Poligram Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Gianni Basso Quartetto 2009 Vedette Records Excellent 80.00 Made in Italy 180Gram Send Email 
Glass Harp Synergy  Mca Poor 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Hamiet Bluiett The Clarinet Family 1987 Black Saint Very Good 50.00 Printed i Italy Send Email 
Hank Jones + Tommy Fla I"m Allsmiles 1984 Mps Records Good 10.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Helmet Strap It On 1993 Amphetamine Reptilcordse Re Excellent 60.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Henry Franklin The Skipper 1973 Black Jazz  100.00 Printed inBrazil Send Email 
High Life High Life 1986 Elektra Musicians Good 10.00 printed in Brazil Send Email 
Hubert Laws Afro Classic 1973 Cti Good 30.00 PRINTED IN BRAZIL Send Email 
Hubert Laws Crnigie Hall 1973 Cti Good 40.00 PRINTED IN BRASIL Send Email 
Indiscreet Dificult To Contribute Silence 1985 Nabel Records Very Good 100.00 Printed in Germany DMM Mastering Send Email 
Jack De Johnette Special Edition 1980 E C M  50.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Jack Dejohnette Pictures 1977 Ecm Very Good 70.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Jackie Mclean Consequence 1980 Blue Note  30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Jamaaladeen Tacuma Showstopper 1983 Gramavision Inc Very Good 50.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
James Brown The Popcorn 1969 Polydor Excellent 80.00 2013 180grms edition Printed in USA Send Email 
Jan Abercrombie Noght 1984 E C M Good 30.00 Printed in Usa Send Email 
Jan Gabarek Group It's Ok To Listen To Gray Voice 1985 E C M Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Jan Gaberek Group Jan Gabarek Group 1979 E C M Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Jan Garbarek Eventyr 1981 E C M Very Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Jasper Van't Hoff Flowers Allover 1977 M P S Excellent 30.00 W Germany Press Send Email 
Jasper Van"t Hof Flowers Allover 1977 Mps Records Excellent 60.00 Printed in Germany Send Email 
Jean Pierre Rampal Japanese Melodies 1982 C B S Records Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Jean Pierre Rampal Franck Sonata In A Major 1977 Columbia Records  10.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Jean Pierre Rampal Suite For Flute And Jazz Piano 1980 Cbs Columbia Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Jean Pirre Rampal /ransom Wilson Tree Concerts Fo Two Flutes 1978 R C A Victor  10.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Jethro Thull Heavy Horses 1978 Phonogram Fair 10.00 Printed in brazil Send Email 
Jimmie Rowles Grand Paws 1976 Inner City Records Good 40.00 Printedin USA Send Email 
Joachim Kuhn Easy To Read 1985 C M P Very Good 50.00 France Press Send Email 
Joanne Brackeen Snooze 1975 Choice Records Very Good 60.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Joe Farrell Canned Funk 1975 C T I Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Joe Farrell Outback 1971 C T I Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Joe Farrell Quartet 1973 C T I Records Good 50.00 Printed in Brasil Double Cover Send Email 
John Linderberg Trilogy Of Works For Eleven Instrumentalists 1985 Black Saint Excellent 30.00 Made in Italy Send Email 
John Mc Laughlin Eletric Dreams 1979 Columbia Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
John Mclaughlin Music Spoken Here 1982 Warner Bros Records Very Good 40.00 Printed in brazil Send Email 
John Mlauglin Extrpolation 1976 Polidor Very Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
John Neptune Kaizan 1982 D A M Darchi Kateidedenki Audio  Very Good 100.00 45 rpm high quality printed in japan Send Email 
Kazumi Watanabe The Spice Of Life Too 1988 Gramavision Inc Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Keith Jarrett And Dennis Russell Davies Piano 1982 E C M Good 40.00 Printed in Usa Send Email 
Ken Mcintyre Hindsight 1976 Inner City Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Kenny Drew Trio Dark Beauty 1976 Inner City Good 40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
King Crimson Islands 1971 Atco Poor 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
King Crimson King Crinson 1971 Atlantic  30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Koko Taylor Off The Record 1988 Mca Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Kraft Werk Radio-activity 1975 Capitol Records Very Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
L A 4 L A 4 1976 Concord Jazz Very Good 70.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Laurindo De Almeida Latin Odyssey 1983 Concord Records Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Lee Ritenour Friendship 1978 Jvc High Quality Records Very Good 100.00 Direct Disck Printed in Japan Send Email 
Lee Ritenour Out Of Line 1983 Elektra Musicians Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Lennny White Streamline 1978 Elektra Musicians Good 40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Lester Bowie The Great Pretender 1981 E C M Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Lew Tabackin Rites Of Pain 1978 Inner City Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Mahavishinu Orchestra John Mc Lauglin 1976 C B S Records Good 50.00 Printed In USA Send Email 
Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin Adventures In Radioland 1986 Relativity Records Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Marc Johnsons Bass Desires Second Sight 1987 E C M Very Good 40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Marilion Fugasi 1984 Emi Odeon Poor 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Marilion Script For A Jesters Tear 1983 Emi Odeon Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Mauler Symphony N.1 1978 E M I Odeon Poor 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Mccoy Tyner 13th House 1984 Fantasy Records Good 40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Mccoy Tyner Passion Dance 1979 Milestone Records Good 40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Michael Breacker Michael Breacke 1988 Mca Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Michael J Smith Jonas Hellborg All Ours Steps 1983 Day Eight Music Very Good 50.00 Sweden press Send Email 
Michel Debost Three Rococo Flute Concerts 1975 E M I Odeon  10.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Mike Bloomfield / Al Kooper / Steve Stills Supersession 1965 C B S Records Excellent 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Mike Stern Time In Place 1988 Atlantic Jazz Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Miles Daves& Marcus Miller Siesta 1988 Wanner Bros Records Very Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Milt Jackson Sun Floer 1973 Cti Good 30.00 PRINTED IN BRAZIL Send Email 
Mingus Dynasty Chair In The Sky 1980 W E A Records Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Minnie Rperton Lovin"n You 1975 Epic Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Miroslav Vitous First Meeting 1980 E C M Very Good 70.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Mozart Quinte Forstrings In E Flat K 614 1950 Westminter Record Fair 10.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
New York Jazz Quartet Surge  Inner City Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Oregon Muic Of Another Present Era 1973 Vanguard Good 60.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Orlando Quartet Schubert Death And The Maiden 1985 Philips Fair 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Oscar Peterson Reunion Blues 1971 Mps Records Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Oscar Peterson Night Train 1985 Verve Records Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Oscar Peterson Another Day 1975 Mps Records Good 30.00 Printed In Brazil Send Email 
Oscar Peterson Face To Face 1982 Pablo Records Fair 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Oscar Peterson Trio Plays 1970 Verve Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Oscar Peterson Trio West Side Story 1982 Pligram Discos  40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Otb Live At Mt Fuji 1987 Blue Note Good 40.00 Printwd in Brazil Send Email 
Paris Big Towne 2061 1976 Emi Fair 10.00 printed in Brazil Send Email 
Pascoal Meireles Anna 1985 Som Da Gente Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Pascoal Meireles Tamba 1983 Vento De Raio Produções Artistic Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Passport Man In The Mirror 1983 Atlantic Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Passport Eartborn 1984 Atlantic  20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Passport Cross-colateral 1978 Atlantic Fair 5.00 printed in Brazil Send Email 
Passport Infinity Machine 1976 Atalntic Fair 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Pat Martino Joyous Lake 1976 Wanner Bros Records Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Paul Horn Connections 1984 Gramavision Inc Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Virgin Vinyl Send Email 
Pet Rebillot Free Fall 1974 Atlantic Jazz Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel 1980 Virgin Records Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Phil Woods And His European Rhythm Machine At The Frankfurt Jazz Festival 1971 Embryo Good 40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Pierre Boulez Rituel Eclat/multiples 1983 C B S Records Very Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Ralph Tower Solo Concert Live 1983 E C M Very Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Ralph Towner Solstice 1975 E C M Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Randy Weston Blue Moses 1973 Cti Good 20.00 pRINTED IN bRAZIL Send Email 
Ravel Piano Trio In A Minor 1980 E M I Odeon Fair 10.00 Printed in Great Britain Send Email 
Red Garland Red Alert 1977 Galaxy Very Good 50.00 printed in USA Send Email 
Red Garland Trio Groovy 1976 Victor Company Very Good 90.00 Printed in Japan Mono edition Send Email 
Renaissance Prloloque 1972 Emi Harvest Fair 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Rhasaan Roland Kirk Kirkatron 1977 W E A Records  40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Richard Beirach E O N 1975 E C M Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Richie Cole Alto Madness 1978 Muse Records Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Richie Kamuca Drop Me Off In Harlem 1977 Concord Jazz Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Rick Wakeman Contry Airs 1986 Jem Records  20.00 Printed in Canada Send Email 
Rick Wakrman The Burning 1982 Pligram Discos Good 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Robert Fripp Exposure 1979 Eg Records Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Robin Trower Passion 1987 Gnp Crescendo Fair 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Robin Trower Live 1975 Chysalis Good 30.00 pInted in Brazil Send Email 
Ron Carter Carnaval 1983 Galaxy Very Good 30.00 Printed in usa Send Email 
Ros Tompkins Llost On The Stars 1977 Concord Jazz  50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Roy Eldridge Richie Kamuca Quintet Omin'home Baby 1978 Pumpkin Production Very Good 60.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Sadao Watanabe Parkers Mood 1986 Wea Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Sam Most Mike Wofford Flute Talk 1979 Imagem Jazz Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Schuman Kreisleriana 1980 Pligram Discos Fair 5.00 Printed in Brasil Send Email 
Scott Hamilton Aples And Oranges 1981 Concord Jazz Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton 2 1978 Concord Jazz Very Good 50.00 Printe in USA Send Email 
Seawind High 1976 Cti Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Shakar Who"s To Know 1981 E C M Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Shankar Jan Gabarek Pale Mikkelborg Visions 1983 E C M Very Good 50.00 Printed IN USA Send Email 
Shannon Jackson When Colors Ploay 1987 Caravanof Dreams Production Very Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Shorty Rogers & His Giants Re Entry 1983 Atlas Record Very Good 30.00 Japanese Press Send Email 
Sir Lord Baltimore Kingdom Come 1970 Tapestry Records Excellent 80.00 !80 Garm printed in USA Send Email 
Sonny Stit / Red Hjoloway Forecast 1976 Versatile Records Good 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Sonny Stitt Previously Unrealeased Recordings 1973 M G M Records Good 50.00 Printed in USa Send Email 
Sonny Stitt &the Top Of Brasss Arranged And Conducted By Tadd Dameron Jimmy Mun 1984 Atlantic Good 10.00 Printed in Brazil coletania Send Email 
Sony Rollyns Nest Albun 1972 Milestone Records  40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Spyro Gyra Breakout 1986 Mca Fair 20.00 Printed in Brasil Send Email 
Spyro Gyra Point Of View 1989 Mca Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Spyro Gyra Alternating Currents 1985 Mca  20.00 Printed inBrazil Send Email 
Stanley Turrentine Wonderland 1987 Blue Note Very Good 40.00 DMM Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Steps Ahead N.y.c 1989 E M I Odeon Poor 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Steve Hackett Highly Strung 1983 Poligram Poor 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Stewart Copeland The Equalizer &other Cliff Hangers 1987 Irs Records Fair 20.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Stomu Yamashta Go 1976 Island Records Very Good 50.00 Printed in Japan Send Email 
Stu Goldebert Solos Duos Trio 1978 Mps Records Good 40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Stuart Copeland The Rhythmatist 1985 Amrecords Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Sutart Hamm King Of Sleeps 1988 Relativyty Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Takuya Fujioka Presents Let"sswing Now 1976 Victor Company Fair 20.00 Printed in Japan Send Email 
Tangerine Dream Firestarter 1984 Mca Good 30.00 printed in brazil Send Email 
Tempo Jazz Tempo Jazz 1980 Right Tempo Good 30.00 Printed in Italy Send Email 
Terje Rypdal Descendre 1980 E C M Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
The Police Ghost In Machine 1981 Am Records Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
The Alan Parsons Project Piramid 1978 Arista Records Fair 30.00 Printed in Brasil Send Email 
The Art Of Esemble Of Chicafo Fanfare For The Warriors 1982 Atlantic Jazz Poor 10.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
The Black Keys The Big Come Up 2002 Alive Records Excellent 70.00 180 gram Printed in USA Send Email 
The George Shearing Trio 500 Miles Hight 1979 Mps Records  40.00 Printes in Brazil Send Email 
The Jamsey Lewis Trio At Bohemian Caverns 1970 Cadet Records Fair 20.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
The John Scofield Band Live 1987 Gramavision Inc Very Good 50.00 printed in Usa Send Email 
The L.a.four Scores Recorded Live At The Concord Summer Festival 1975 Concord Jazz Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
The Moodydy Blues Sevensojoun 1973 London Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
The Pentagon The Pentagon 1976 E W Records  150.00 DIRECT CUTING Printed in Japan Send Email 
The Phillwoods Quartet More Live 1981 Adelphi Records  30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
The Three The Three 1975 Inner City Records Very Good 40.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Thelonious Monk Monk 2012 Columbia Excellent 50.00 !80 Gram Printed in USA Send Email 
Thelonius Monk Piano Solos 1982 Imagem Jazz  20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Therio Don Shirley Trio In Concert 1970 Columbia Records  30.00 Printe in Usa Send Email 
Toad Toad  Akarma Records Excellent 100.00 180 grams Printent in England Send Email 
Tom Splitt Elan 1984 Quaver Records Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Tom Van Der Geld Patience 1977 E C M Very Good 30.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Tom Van Der Geld Bill Connors Path 1979 E C M Fair 10.00 Pinted in USA Send Email 
Tomasz Stanko Balladyna 1976 E C M  50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Tommy Flanagan Ballads Lues 1978 Inner City Good 40.00 printed in usa Send Email 
Toshiko Akiyoshi Finesse 1978 Concord Jazz Good 50.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Traffic Welcome To The Canteen 1987 Island Records Fair 30.00 Printed in Bazilr Send Email 
Triball Tech Nomad 1990 Relativity Records Very Good 60.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Trilh Sonora Less Than Zero 1987 Cbs Records Fair 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Uakti Uakiti 2 1982 Ariola Very Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Uli Lenz Midnight Candy 1985 Enja Records Excellent 80.00 Printed in Germany DMM Mastering Excellent Send Email 
Vangelis Albedo 0.39 1976 R C A Victor Good 20.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Victorbiglione Victor Biglione 1986 Elektra Musicians Good 30.00 printed in Brazil Send Email 
Walter Carlos Swiitched On Bach 1971 C B S Records Fair 10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Wayner Shorter Joy Ryder 1988 C B S Records Fair 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Word Saxophone Quartet Dance And Balads 1987 Nonesuch Digital Very Good 40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Yana Purin Bird Of Brazil 1990 Young Records  10.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Yehudi Menuhin Ravi Shankar West Meets East 1985 E M I Odeon Good 30.00 Prined in Brazil Send Email 
Yellow Jackets Shades 1987 Mca Fair 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Yo Yo Ma Kreiler Paganini 1982 C B S Records Good 5.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Brandx Is There Anything About 1982 Poligram Fair 30.00 PRINTED IN BRAZIL Send Email 
2x 12"
Branford Marsalis Trio Jeepy 1989 C B S Records Good 60.00 Printed in Brazil Bonus track Stardust Send Email 
Carmen Mcraee At The American Music Hall 1977 Blue Note Good 100.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Chick Corea Trio Music 1982 E C M Very Good 100.00 Printed iN Germany Send Email 
Crosby Stlls, Nash & Young 4 Way Street 1978 Atlantic Fair 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Gyorgy Pauk Peter Frankl Mozart Sonatas For Violin & Piano 1963 Vox Good 70.00 Box Set 3 x 12" Ultra High Fidelity Printed in USA Send Email 
Jug & Dodo Ammons & Marmarosa 1972 Fantasy Records Very Good 60.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Keirh Jarreth Eyes Of The Heart 1979 E C M Very Good 70.00 Printed in Brazil tre sides record Send Email 
Keith Jarret Nude Ants 1983 Ecm Very Good 70.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Madeski Martin & Wood Combusticationb 2014 Blue Note  70.00 180 grams Printed in USA Send Email 
Marillion The Thieving Magpie 1988 Emi Odeon Fair 40.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Mcmcoy Tyner In Concert 1979 Milestone Records Good 60.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Metalica Black Albun 1991 Vertico Fair 20.00 Printed in brazil Send Email 
Michel Petrucciani Trio Live At The Villagge Vanguard 1985 Concord Jazz Good 70.00 Printed in Usa Send Email 
Pantera Cowboys From Hell 1990 Rhino Atco Records  60.00 180-gram Printed in USA Send Email 
Queens Of The Stone Age Like Clockwork 2013 Magic Music Bullet Very Good 70.00 180 grm Printed in USA Send Email 
Sonny Stitt I Cover The Waterfront 1973 Cadet Records Good 100.00 Printed in USA Send Email 
Supertrtamp Paris 1980 Pligram Discos Fair 30.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Terence Blanchard Flow 2005 Blue Note Excellent 60.00 !80 Grams Printed in U SA Send Email 
The Who Quadrophenia 1972 Polydor Good 50.00 Printed in Brazil Send Email 
Thelonious Monk Monk 1980 Prestigie Fair 50.00 Printed in brazil Mono Send Email 
For Sale 12": 258, CD: 1, 2x 12": 20

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Not For Trade: 12" - 11
For Sale 12": 258, CD: 1, 2x 12": 20

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