Real Name: Nave GnaVel
Country: United States


I'm FIFTY! Well, actually, I'm FIFTY-SIX! And I can kick!

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
Not For Trade
Art Of Noise, The Best Of  Cdc 86  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Dead Can Dance The Labyrinth  Cdc 91  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Depeche Mode Violator 2007 Cdc 81  0.00 Natailis Send Email 
Descendents Everything Sucks  Cdc 87  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Descendents Cool To Be You  Cdc 88  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Dj Technorch Running Cost  Cdc 99  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Jack Off Jill Clear Hearts Grey Flowers  Cdc 84  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Lady Gaga Born This Way  Cdc 83  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Mindless Self Indulgance You'll Rebel To Anything  Cdc 90  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Moxy Früvous Bargainville  Cdc 89  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Negativeland Free 1993 Cdc 80  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
New Order Power, Corruption & Lies 1983 Cdc 85  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Rage Againest The Machine Renegades 2000 Cdc 94  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Rage Against The Machiene Battle Of Los Angeles, The 1999 Cdc 93  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Rage Against The Machine Evil Empire 1996 Cdc 92  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Swans Children Of God - World Of Skin  Cdc 95  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Swans Burning World, The  Cdc 96  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Swans The Great Annihilator  Cdc 97  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Swans Love Of Life  Cdc 98  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
System Of A Down Mezmerize  Cdc 83  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Venetian Snares My So-called Life 2010 Cdc 82  0.00 Natali's Send Email 
Not For Trade CD: 21

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Not For Trade CD: 21

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