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Frank Sinatra Higher And Higher    0.00  Send Email 
Jesse Green The Best Of Jesse Green: Nice And Slow 1995   0.00  Send Email 
Natural Four Natural Four / Heaven Right Here On Earth 2010 Solid (jp) / Soul Brother (uk)  0.00 Remastering, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Pharoah Sanders Elevation 2007 Universal Music Japan  0.00 Remastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯 Send Email 
Radka Toneff Butterfly 2008 Bomba  0.00 デジパック Send Email 
Radka Toneff & Steve Dobrogosz Fairytales 2005 Victor Entertainment (jp)  0.00 Remastering, デジパック, 帯 Send Email 
Ren Woods Out Of The Woods +3 2013 Dizzare Add (jp) / Funkytowngroo  0.00 Remastering, 帯 Send Email 
Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour Gemini Lady 2005 Soul Junction  0.00  Send Email 
The Jones Girls Get As Much Love As You Can / Keep It Comin' 2004   0.00  Send Email 
Wanted: CD - 9
For Trade
94 East Featuring Prince 94 East Featuring Prince 2016 Msi (jp) / Charly (uk)  0.00 Remastering, 見開き紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
A Train A Train 2010 Think! (jp)  0.00 Vinyl Rip Remastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Alice Coltrane Ptah, The El Daoud 2004 Universal Music Japan  0.00 24-Bit 96kHz Remastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説 紙ジャケット傷み Send Email 
Alton Mcclain & Destiny Gonna Tell The World (expanded Edition) 2013 Dizzare Add (jp) / Expansion  0.00 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Ann Burton With Louis Van Dyke Ballads & Burton 2013 Sony Music Japan  0.00 1999 DSD Mastering, Blu-spec CD2, 帯 Send Email 
Ann Burton With The Louis Van Dyke Trio Blue Burton 1999 Sony Music Entertainment  0.00 Remastering 傷 Send Email 
Babyface Grown & Sexy 2005 Bmg Japan  0.00 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Bill Evans From Left To Right 2008 Universal Music Japan  0.00 1-bit DSD Remastering, 紙ジャケット 帯無し Send Email 
Breakwater Splashdown 2008 Bmg Japan  0.00 K2 24bit Mastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Brian Mcknight Anytime 1997 Motown  0.00 裏ジャケット折れ Send Email 
Brian Mcknight Superhero 2001 Motown Eu  0.00 CD傷 Send Email 
Bridge Crying For Love 2014 Dizzare Add (jp) / Chump Change  0.00 帯, 解説 裏ジャケット折れ Send Email 
Danny Introducing Danny Johnson 2011 Vivid Sound (jp)  0.00 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞 CD傷 Send Email 
Darwin's Theory Darwin's Theory 2009 Magnum Cat (jp) / Lotus Land  0.00 帯, 解説 傷 Send Email 
Dionne Warwick Love At First Sight 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 2013 Remastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Everything Is Everything Everything Is Everything Featuring Chris Hills 1997 Vivid Sound (jp)  0.00 帯 Send Email 
Family Underground Once In A Lifetime 2009 Bbq (jp)  0.00 Remastering, デジパック, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Garry Glenn Feels Good To Feel Good 2004 Celeste  0.00 帯, 解説・歌詞 CD傷 Send Email 
Georgie Fame Going Home 2006 Sony Music Direct (jp)  0.00 2006 DSD Mastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Gil Scott-heron And Brian Jackson Secrets 2008 Bmg Japan  0.00 K2 24bit Mastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Greg Perry One For The Road 2000 Vivid Sound (jp) / Soul Brother  0.00 帯, 解説 ホチキス Send Email 
Greg Perry Smokin' 2010 Solid (jp) / Reel Music  0.00 Remastering, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Heatwave Always & Forever 1995 Mastertone  0.00 Audio CD + Video CD CD傷 ジャケット傷み Send Email 
Horizon San Antonio's Own Horizon 2013 Bbq (jp)  0.00 Remastering, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Jewel Bass / Dorothy Moore Malaco Soul Sisters 2010 Clinck (jp) / Soulscape  0.00 Remastering, 帯付き解説 ホチキス錆 Send Email 
Jorge Santana Love The Way: The Solo '70s Recordings 2018 Omnivore  0.00 Remastering Send Email 
Juicy Juicy (expanded Edition) 2012 Solid (jp) / Funkytowngrooves  0.00 Remastering, 帯 Send Email 
Kurtis Blow Kurtis Blow +2 2014 Universal Music Japan  0.00 Remastering, 帯 Send Email 
Lamont Dozier Right There 2014 Warner Music Japan  0.00 2014 Remastering, 帯 帯傷 Send Email 
Les Mccann Comment 2012 Warner Music Japan  0.00 24bit Remastering, 帯 Send Email 
Lou Ragland And The Great Lakes Orchestra Lou Ragland And The Great Lakes Orchestra 2013 Bbq (jp)  0.00 帯 裏ジャケット傷み Send Email 
Luther Vandross Original Album Classics 2013   0.00 5CD Send Email 
Nancy Wilson This Mother's Daughter / I've Never Been To Me 2012  0.00 Remastering ジャケットよれ Send Email 
Natural Four Natural Four / Heaven Right Here On Earth 2010 Soul Brother (uk)  0.00 CD傷 Send Email 
Ohio Players Angel / Jass-ay-lay-dee 2010 Superbird  0.00 Remastering Send Email 
Paulinho Da Costa Happy People 2002 Victor Entertainment (jp)  0.00 帯 Send Email 
Perfect Touch Touching You... 2004 Dizzare Add (jp)  0.00 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Pockets So Delicious 2016 Expansion (uk)  0.00 ジャケット傷 Send Email 
Radka Toneff & Steve Dobrogosz Fairytales 2017 Odin  0.00 MQA-CD, スリップケース ホチキス Send Email 
Ren Woods Out Of The Woods (expanded Edition) 2013 Solid (jp) / Funkytowngrooves  0.00 Remastering, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Roberta Flack Chapter Two 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 2013 Remastering, SHM-CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Roberta Flack First Take 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 2013 Remastering, SHM-CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Roberta Flack Oasis 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 SHM-CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Roberta Flack Quiet Fire 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 SHM-CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Roberta Flack Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 SHM-CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Roberta Flack And Peabo Bryson Live & More 2013 Warner Music Japan  0.00 2CD, SHM-CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 傷 Send Email 
Sunrize Sunrize 2009 Solid (jp) / Funkytowngrooves  0.00 2009 Remastering, 帯 Send Email 
T-connection Totally Connected 2014 Warner Music Japan  0.00 2014 Remastering, 帯, 解説・歌詞 Send Email 
The 5th Dimension Live!! 2009 Bmg Japan  0.00 Remastering, 変形見開き紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
The Dells Ultimate Collection 2004 Hip-o  0.00 Remastering Send Email 
The Four King Cousins Introducing... The Four King Cousins 2006 東芝emi  0.00 24bit Remastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
The Friends Of Distinction Love Can Make It Easier / Reviviscence "live To 2017 Disk Union (jp) / Expansion (uk)  0.00 帯, 解説 ホチキス Send Email 
The New Lamont Dozier Album Love And Beauty +10 2018 Solid (jp)  0.00 2018 Remastering, 帯 Send Email 
The Wooden Glass Recorded Live Featuring Billy Wooten (完全版) 2009 P-vine (jp)  0.00 Blu-spec CD, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説 Send Email 
Tom Brock I Love You More And More 2003 Solid (jp) / Soul Brother (uk)  0.00 帯, 解説 帯傷み Send Email 
Va Aor Global Sounds Vol.4 (1977-1986) 2019 Favorite (fr)  0.00 デジパック Send Email 
Va Free Soul Lovers (15th Anniversary Edition) 2009 Sony Music Japan  0.00 帯 Send Email 
Va Serge Gamesbourg Presents Boston Goes Disco! 2018 Ultra-vybe (jp) / Bbe (uk)  0.00 2CD, デジパック, 帯 Send Email 
Va The Lost Soul Gems 2008 Sony Music Japan  0.00 2CD, 2008 DSD Mastering, 紙ジャケット, 帯, 解説・歌詞・対訳 Send Email 
Va Free Soul Eyes    0.00  Send Email 
Zingara Zingara 2001 Sanctuary (uk)  0.00 ジャケット擦れ Send Email 
For Trade CD: 61

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Wanted: CD - 9
For Trade CD: 61

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