Real Name: Travis Roberson
Country: United States

Not For Trade
A Global Threat In The Red 2000 Rodent Popsicle Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
A Global Threat Earache/pass The Time Ep 2002 Rodent Popsicle Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
A Global Threat/broken The Power/red Army Sessions 1999 Controlled Conscience Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
A Global Threat/toxic Narcotic The Split 7" 2001 Rodent Popsicle Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Aus-rotten Fuck Nazi Sympathy 2006 Havoc Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
Battle! Closer/further 2010 Burning Bridges Mint 0.00 Purple vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Beartrap Fueled By Self-hate 2008 Double Or Nothing Records Mint 0.00 Blue marble vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Beartrap Nailed Shut 2011 To Live A Lie Mint 0.00 Clear blue vinyl, limited to 100 w/ digital download card Send Email 
Beartrap Nailed Shut 2011 To Live A Lie Mint 0.00 Turquoise mess/marble vinyl, limited to 300 w/ digital download card Send Email 
Beartrap Nailed Shut 2011 To Live A Lie Mint 0.00 Coke bottle clear vinyl w/ record release cover, limited to 50. Hand numbered 11/50 w/ digital download card Send Email 
Brown Sugar Deportation Ep 2008 Feral Kid Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Caustic Christ Caustic Christ 2001 Havoc Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
Caustic Christ Government Job 2004 Havoc Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
Cellgraft Deception Schematic 2010 No Reprieve Records Mint 0.00 Clear vinyl, limited to 100 Send Email 
Cellgraft/drainland Split 7" 2011 Super Fi/ifb Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Ceremony Rohnert Park Ep: Sick 2010 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Clear vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Ceremony Scared People 2011 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Third press, marble gray vinyl Send Email 
Coke Bust Degradation E.p. 2010 Grave Mistake Excellent 0.00 White vinyl Send Email 
Crow's Foot/deserter Split 7" 2010 Never Give Up Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, hand stitched cover, numbered 21/500 Send Email 
Cursed The Last Session 2008 High Anxiety Mint 0.00 Bright pink vinyl, second press Send Email 
Dcoi! The Bleeding 2006 Glue Rot Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Dcoi! Dcoi 2008 Xtruex Records Excellent 0.00 White vinyl, gatefold cover w/ CD-R Send Email 
Dcoi! Vol. Ii 2010 Slambo Rat Mint 0.00 Gatefold cover, blue transparent vinyl w/black splatter Send Email 
Deep Sleep "manic Euphoria" 2008 Grave Mistake Records Mint 0.00 Orange vinyl, orange cover Send Email 
Deep Sleep "you're Screwed" 2006 Grave Mistake Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, red cover Send Email 
Deep Sleep "paranoid Futures" 2009 Grave Mistake Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, blue cover Send Email 
Deep Sleep "manic Euphoria" 2008 Grave Mistake Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, blue cover Send Email 
Defeater Lost Ground 2009 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Double 7", red vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Defeater Dear Father 2011 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Gray marble vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Econochrist Skewed 1993 Ebullition Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Exploited, The Dead Cities 1981 Secret Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Fast Death Fast Death 2010 Patac Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Fucked Up "no Epiphany" 2008 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, large center hole Send Email 
Fucked Up "police" 2003 Deranged Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Fucked Up "dangerous Fumes" 2006 Deranged Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, large center hole Send Email 
Fucked Up "crooked Head"/"i Hate Summer" 2008 Matador Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, large center hole Send Email 
Fucked Up "remember Me"/"what They Didn't Know" 2011 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/ large center hole Send Email 
Fucked Up "do All Words Can Do"/"what Would You Do?" 2011 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/large center hole Send Email 
Fucked Up "byrdesdale Garden City"/"into The Light" 2011 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/large center hole Send Email 
Fucked Up "octavio Made The Bomb" 2011 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black w/large center hole, blank B side Send Email 
Get Destroyed Burnt Offerings 2009 To Live A Lie Records/625 Record Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Get Destroyed Shut In 2011 To Live A Lie Mint 0.00 White vinyl, limited to 300 Send Email 
Get Destroyed Shut In 2011 To Live A Lie Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, /1200 Send Email 
Ghost Aquarium Light Cannot Escape 2008 Ripping Records Excellent 0.00 Gray marble vinyl Send Email 
Gomek What The Hell Happened? 2007 Dead Tank/drugged Conscience Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Grids Pgcobuibqtauwtcs 2009 Lunchbox Records Mint 0.00 Marble gray vinyl Send Email 
H.i.v. Hiv 2007 Slambo Rat Excellent 0.00 Turquoise marble vinyl, limited to 500 Send Email 
Kingdom Threads 2011 Dead Truth Recordings Mint 0.00 Half black/half white vinyl, limited to 150 w/ digital download card Send Email 
Knuckle Puck Never Die/suicide Party 2007 Slambo Rat Excellent 0.00 Black and red haze vinyl, hand numbered 104 out of 500 w/ poster and postcard Send Email 
Last Lights Last Lights 2008 Mightier Than Sword Excellent 0.00 Second press, orange transparent vinyl w/ "X1" stamped on Side A Send Email 
Last Lights Last Lights 2008 Mightier Than Sword Mint 0.00 First press, solid pink vinyl Send Email 
Last Lights Last Lights 2008 Mightier Than Sword Mint 0.00 First press, solid white vinyl Send Email 
Last Lights / Bad Habit Split 7" 2008 Neutral Terriroty Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Lemuria Ozzy/expert Herder 2009 Hex Records Mint 0.00 Cardboard cover/sleeve, baby blue vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Lemuria Chautauqua County 2010 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Clear gold vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Lemuria/cheap Girls Split 7" 2011 No Idea Records Mint 0.00 Half hot pink, half transparent red vinyl w/ digital download card. Send Email 
Lemuria/ergs!, The Split 7" 2007 Woah Oh Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Light Yourself On Fire/nadir Split 7" 2009 Pirate Press Mint 0.00 Blue vinyl Send Email 
Locust, The/arab On Radar Split 7" 1999 Gold Standard Laboratories Excellent 0.00 Green marble vinyl, awkwardly (awesomely) shaped. Send Email 
Mehkago N.t. / Religious As Fuck Split 7" 2006 No Idea Excellent 0.00 Grey marble vinyl Send Email 
Meth Mountain Monotony 2009 Lunchbox Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Modern Life Is War 2002 Life Line Excellent 0.00 White vinyl, re-issue Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Stagger Lee 2007 Equal Vision Records Excellent 0.00 Transparent vinyl w/ blue streaks Send Email 
Monster Squad All Out Of Control 2006 Glue Rot Records Excellent 0.00 Gray marble vinyl w/ poster Send Email 
Much Worse Proper Execute 2010 Pass Judgement Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, limited to 300, hand numbered; marked 132/300 Send Email 
Nausea Lie Cycle 1992 Graven Image Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
No Qualms ...own? 2011 Sea Turtle Loud Noise Mint 0.00 Brown/green marble vinyl Send Email 
Nofx Surfer 2001 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Nofx The P.m.r.c. Can Suck On This 1987 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Nofx Pods And Gods 2000 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Orange marble vinyl Send Email 
Nofx 13 Stitches 2003 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Yellow colored vinyl Send Email 
Paint It Black Amnesia 2009 Bridge 9 Mint 0.00 White vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Paint It Black Surrender 2009 Fat Wreck Chords Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Polar Bear Club The Summer Of George Ep 2009 Bridge Nine Excellent 0.00 Dark blue/green marble vinyl w/ digital download card Send Email 
Pulling Teeth 2009 Deathwish Inc. Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl w/ large center hole, blank on side B Send Email 
Punch Eyeless E.p. 2008 625/discos Huelga Mint 0.00 Purple vinyl Send Email 
Punch Nothing Lasts E.p. 2011 Deathwish Inc. Mint 0.00 Half black/half blue vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Republicorpse To The Dome 2007 Deathroll Records Excellent 0.00 "Weed green" vinyl, first press Send Email 
Riistetyt Tervetuloa Kuolema 2002 Havoc Records Excellent 0.00 Blue transparent vinyl Send Email 
Ruiner Dead Weight 2009 Bridge 9 Mint 0.00 Clear vinyl Send Email 
Ruiner/attica Attica Under The Influence Vol. 14 Split 7" 2011 Suburban Home/vinyl Collective Mint 0.00 Sky blue vinyl, limited to 300 Send Email 
Runnamucks Untouchable 2006 Ripping Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl with large center hole, hand numbered 61 out of 75 Send Email 
Rvivr Belebend 2011 N/a Mint 0.00 White marble vinyl Send Email 
Saddest Landscape, The/pianos Become The Teeth Split 7" 2011 Top Shelf Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/ white stripe, limited to 75 Send Email 
Sayaka Conscript Me! 2007 Police And Thieves Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Severed Head Of State Charge Ahead 2003 La Vida Es Un Mus Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Static Thought/wartortle Split 7" 2010 Swamp Cabbage Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, limited to 500, hand numbered 296/500 Send Email 
Strike Anywhere Iron Front Ep 2009 Bridge 9 Mint 0.00 White vinyl w/ green splatter, large center hole Send Email 
Superaids Superaids 2005 Ripping Records Excellent 0.00 Blue colored vinyl Send Email 
Tampere Ss Sotaa E.p. 1998 Havoc Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
The Spark/deathcycle Split 7" 2005 Burning Bridges/complete Distort Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Black Panther Party 2001 Arkam Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, spray painted cardboard insert cover w/ lyric sheet insert Send Email 
Touche Amore 2008 Demo 2008 No Sleep Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, re-press Send Email 
Touche Amore/la Dispute Searching For A Pulse/the Worth Of The World 2010 No Sleep Records Mint 0.00 White vinyl, re-press Send Email 
Touche Amore/make Do And Mend Smoke Signals And Hideaways/hand Me Downs And Co 2010 Panic Records/6131 Mint 0.00 Coke bottle blue vinyl Send Email 
Toxic Narcotic/the Unseen Boston's Finest Split 1998 Add/rodent Popsicle Records Good 0.00 1st pressing, black vinyl Send Email 
Trash Talk Plagues 2008 Trash Talk Collective Excellent 0.00 White colored vinyl, blank on side B, third pressing Send Email 
Trash Talk Walking Disease 2007 Six Feet Under Records Excellent 0.00 Purple splatter/white vinyl w/ large center hole, second pressing Send Email 
Trash Talk Walking Disease 2007 Six Feet Under Records Excellent 0.00 Purple/black vinyl w/ large center hole, original pressing Send Email 
Trash Talk East Of Eden 2009 Holy Roar Records Mint 0.00 Completely transparent vinyl, second/UK press Send Email 
Trash Talk Awake E.p. 2011 True Panther Sounds Mint 0.00 Black/white splatter vinyl Send Email 
V/a The Gift Of The Mogwai Story Book 1984 Warner Bros. Fair 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
V/a Gizmo And The Gremlins Story Book 1984 Warner Bros. Fair 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Virus, The Benefits Of War 2003 Dirty Punk Records Excellent 0.00 Gray/black splatter vinyl Send Email 
War Of Words A Tale Of Friendship 2004 Welfare Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl with large center hole Send Email 
War Of Words Revenge 2006 Slab-o-wax Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Weak Teeth Weak Teeth 2010 The Cottage Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Wednesday Night Heroes Move To Press 2005 Charged Records Excellent 0.00 Red/black splatter vinyl Send Email 
Wednesday Night Heroes Fit The Description E.p. 2008 Problem Child Music Excellent 0.00 large center hole, black on side A, black w/ white on side B Send Email 
Weekend Nachos Black Earth 2011 A389 Recordings Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Weezer Keep Fishin' 2002 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 Light green vinyl Send Email 
Weezer Hash Pipe 2001 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Witch Hunt/to What End? Split 7" 2008 Final Attempt Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Asshole Parade Live In Rostock, Germany September 8th, 2009 2011 To Live A Lie Mint 0.00 Bright pink vinyl Send Email 
Beer Zone/suburban Lockdown Kingdom Of The Dead 2008 Durty Mick Records Excellent 0.00 Blue transparent vinyl Send Email 
Lagwagon Let's Talk About Feelings 1998 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Magrudergrind Crusher Ep 2010 Scion Audio Visual Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/slip mat Send Email 
Mountain Man One. 2010 Mightier Than Sword Mint 0.00 Orange vinyl Send Email 
Wednesday Night Heroes Superiority Complex 2008 Longshot Music Excellent 0.00 Orange transparent splatter vinyl Send Email 
A Global Threat Until We Die 2011 Jailhouse Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Ac/dc Powerage 1978 Atlantic Records Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Adicts, The Sound Of Music 2006 Taang! Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, reissue Send Email 
Antischism Still Life 2000 Prank Records Excellent 0.00 White colored vinyl, reissue Send Email 
Beatles, The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Parlophone Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing, gatefold cover Send Email 
Beatles, The Let It Be 1970 Apple Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Beatles, The Abbey Road 1969 Emi Good 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Beatles, The Rarities 1980 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, gatefold cover Send Email 
Beatles, The Rock 'n' Roll Music 1976 Parlophone Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, gatefold cover Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite Tighten Up Vol. 88 1988 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Big Audio Dynamite No. 10 Upping St. 1986 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Bloc Party Bloc Party 2004 V2 Excellent 0.00 Red cover, black vinyl Send Email 
Blondie Parallel Lines 1978 Chrysalis Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, 1st pressing Send Email 
Bob Marley & The Wailers Rastaman Vibration 1976 Tuff Gong/island Records Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Burning Love Songs For Burning Lovers 2010 Deranged Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Casualties, The Die Hards 2001 Side One Dummy Records Very Good 0.00 Picture disc vinyl Send Email 
Caulfield Caulfield 2010 A389 Recordings Mint 0.00 Dark purple vinyl w/ digital download card and lyric booklet Send Email 
Ceremony Rohnert Park Lp 2010 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Clear vinyl Send Email 
Ceremony Still, Nothing Moves You 2008 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Olive green vinyl, 3rd press (?) Send Email 
Ceremony 6 Cover Songs 2011 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Transparent red picture disc w/screen printed side Send Email 
Clash, The Combat Rock 1982 Epic Records Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Clash, The Give Em Enough Rope 1978 Epic Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Coke Bust Lines In The Sand 2009 Six Weeks Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Conflict The Ungovernable Force 1986 Motarhate Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Crass Yes Sir, I Will 2003 Crass Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, re-issue Send Email 
Dcoi When History Rpeats 2011 Voltage Records Mint 0.00 Transparent blue vinyl Send Email 
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust Inc. 1981 Alternative Tentacles Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Deep Sleep "turn Me Off" 2010 Grave Mistake Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, test press, limited to 60, hand numbered, marked 34/60. Send Email 
Despise You/agoraphobic Nosebleed And On And On... 2011 Relapse Records Mint 0.00 Green vinyl, re-release Send Email 
Die Young Graven Images 2007 Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records Excellent 0.00 White vinyl w/ light blue splatter Send Email 
Dillinger Four The Bootleg: The Bbc Sessions 2010 Chickwithdick Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Dillinger Four This Shit Is Genius 2002 No Idea Excellent 0.00 Gray marble vinyl Send Email 
Doors, The Greatest Hits 1980 Elektra Good 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Doors, The The Soft Parade 1969 Elektra Good 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Dropdead Dropdead (2nd Lp) 1998 Armageddon Label Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Earth Crisis To The Death 200 Century Media Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Echo & The Bunneymen Songs To Learn & Sing 1985 Sire/korova Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Electric Moog Orchestra, The Music From Star Wars 1977 Musicor Records/springboard Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original 1977 release Send Email 
Forgotten, The Control Me 2002 Byo Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, 1st pressing Send Email 
From Ashes Rise Silence 2000 Feral Ward Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Fucked Up Year Of The Ox/solomon's Song 2010 Merge Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/ digital download Send Email 
Fucked Up David's Town Compilation 2011 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, Record Store Day 2011 release Send Email 
Gang Of Four Solid Gold 1981 Emi Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original UK pressing Send Email 
Gbh City Baby's Revenge 1984 Clay Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Germs, The Lion's Share 1988 Ghost O Darb Records Mint 0.00 black vinyl, Australian fan club bootleg release Send Email 
Green Day Kerplunk! 1992 Lookout! Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Green Day 39/smooth 1990 Lookout! Records Excellent 0.00 Green transparent vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Grids White Walls 2010 Inkblot Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Grids Kansas 2010 Made In Kansas Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, blue cover Send Email 
Haunted Like A House Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground 2010 Burning Mill Records Mint 0.00 Clear vinyl w/ etching, two lyric inserts and printed sleeve, limited to 500 Send Email 
Havoc, The Our Rebellion Has Just Begun 2003 Punkcore Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone Fifteen Counts Of Arson 1996 Prank Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Holy Mountain, The Here Is No Exit 2010 No Idea Records Mint 0.00 Picture disc vinyl, skull face on Side A, dead child on Side B w/ digital download card. Send Email 
Jefferson Airplane The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane 1970 Rca Good 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Jimi Hendix Experience, The Electric Ladyland 1968 Reprise Fair 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Jimi Hendix Experience, The Smash Hits 1969 Mca Fair 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
John Lennnon Imagine 1971 Apple Fair 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Joy Division Preston 28 February 1980 1999 Get Back Excellent 0.00 Picture disc vinyl Send Email 
Judas Priest Stained Class 1978 Columbia Good 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Khann Erode 2011 Blackmarket Activities Mint 0.00 Transparent red vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Kid Dynamite Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems 2003 Jade Tree Excellent 0.00 Dark yellow vinyl Send Email 
Kinks, The Word Of Mouth 1984 Arista Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, worst Kinks album ever. Send Email 
Kraftwerk The Man-machine 1993 Kling Klang Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, re-issue Send Email 
Last Lights No Past No Present No Future 2009 Think Fast! Excellent 0.00 180 gram black vinyl limited to 100, w/ gatefold cover, artwork and lyric booklet, and poem booklet by Dominic Mallary Send Email 
Last Lights No Past No Present No Future 2009 Mightier Than Sword Mint 0.00 Half solid green/half black vinyl, limited to 375 Send Email 
Last Lights No Past No Present No Future 2009 Mightier Than Sword Mint 0.00 Translucent splatter vinyl, splatter colored red, yellow, and blue, limited to 375 Send Email 
Lemuria Get Better 2008 Asian Man Records Mint 0.00 Transparent yellow vinyl, second press. Send Email 
Lemuria The First Collection 2008 Asian Man Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, Asian Man re-issue Send Email 
Lemuria Pebble 2011 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Lemuria Get Better 2008 Asian Man Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, re-press Send Email 
Magrudergind Rehashed 2007 Six Weeks Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Magrudergrind Magrudergrind 2009 Six Weeks Records Mint 0.00 Clear vinyl Send Email 
Mehkago N.t. Mehkago N.t. 2007 Makeshift Origami/s.o.y. Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/fold out lyric insert/poster Send Email 
Men, The Leave Home 2011 Sacred Bones Mint 0.00 Black vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones A Jackknife To A Swan 2002 Sideonedummy Records Excellent 0.00 Green transparent vinyl, 1st pressing Send Email 
Misfits, The Misifts 1986 Caroline/plan9 Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Modern Life Is War Witness 2005 Deathwish Excellent 0.00 Transparent purple vinyl Send Email 
Monster Squad Fire The Faith 2007 Punkcore Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Mountain Man Grief 2011 Think Fast! Mint 0.00 Blue/red splatter vinyl (limited to 100) w/digital download card and lyric booklet and cover art poster Send Email 
New Order The Perfect Kiss 1985 Qwest Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, re-issue Send Email 
New Order Blue Monday 1988 1988 Qwest Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, re-issue Send Email 
New Order Movement 1981 Factory Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Nofx So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes 1997 Epitaph Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Nofx The Decline 1999 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
None More Black Icons 2010 Fat Wreck Chords Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, gatefold Send Email 
Off With Their Heads From The Bottom 2008 No Idea Mint 0.00 Grayish blue marble vinyl Send Email 
Off With Their Heads All Things Move Toward Their End 2007 No Idea Excellent 0.00 Bright pink vinyl Send Email 
Off With Their Heads In Desolation 2010 Epitaph Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Paint It Black New Lexicon 2008 Jade Tree Excellent 0.00 Blue vinyl Send Email 
Public Image Ltd. First Issue 1978 Virgin Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Pulling Teeth Martyr Immortal 2007 Deathwish Excellent 0.00 Original press, gatefold cover, Coke bottle blue vinyl. Send Email 
Punch Punch 2009 Assault Records Mint 0.00 White vinyl Send Email 
Punch Push, Pull 2010 625, Discos Huelva Mint 0.00 Transparent sea green vinyl Send Email 
Pygmy Lush Bitter River 2007 Robotic Empire Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Pygmy Lush Old Friends 2011 Lovitt Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Queen A Day At The Races 1976 Elektra Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original US pressing Send Email 
Radio 4 Stealing Of A Nation 2004 Astralwerks Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, first pressing Send Email 
Ramones, The Animal Boy 1985 Sire Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Rancid ...and Out Come The Wolves 2004 Rancid Records Very Good 0.00 Picture disc vinyl Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Made In The Shade 1975 Rolling Stones/atlantic Records Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You 1981 Rolling Stones/virgin Records Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Ruiner Hell Is Empty 2009 Bridge 9 Mint 0.00 Blue/pink vinyl, gatefold cover w/ digital download card Send Email 
Ruiner Prepare To Be Let Down 2007 Bridge Nine Excellent 0.00 Record release edition w/ record release fold-over cover. Hand numbered, limited to 85, marked 35/85. Red splatter vinyl. Send Email 
Runnamucks Clawing Back 2008 Six Weeks Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Rvivr Rvivr 2010 Rumbletowne Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Rvivr The Joester Sessions: '08-'11 2011 Rumbletowne Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Salvation Mortality Interactions 2011 Youth Attack! Mint 0.00 Purple marble vinyl, gatefold w/ poster Send Email 
Siege Drop Dead 2004 Deep Six Mint 0.00 Gray/black splatter vinyl, re-issue Send Email 
Strike Anywhere Dead Fm 2006 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Strike Anywhere Exit English 2003 Jade Tree Excellent 0.00 Yellow marble vinyl Send Email 
Strike Anywhere Iron Front 2009 Bridge 9 Mint 0.00 Pink marble vinyl, gatefold cover w/ digital download card Send Email 
Strike Anywhere Chorus Of One 2000 No Idea Records Excellent 0.00 Purple vinyl Send Email 
Subhumans Rats!+time Flies 1990 Bluurg Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Front Seat Solidarity 2007 No Idea Records Mint 0.00 Black/gray splatter vinyl, re-issue. Send Email 
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Convertible 2008 No Idea Records Mint 0.00 Transparent green vinyl w/ digital download card, re-issue Send Email 
Tin Machine Tin Machine 1989 Emi Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original press Send Email 
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Damn The Torpedoes 1979 Backstreet Very Good 0.00 Black vinyl, original pressing Send Email 
Touche Amore The Beat Of A Dead Horse... 2009 6131/collect Records Mint 0.00 Blue marble vinyl Send Email 
Touche Amore Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me 2011 Deathwish Inc Mint 0.00 White vinyl w/digital download card Send Email 
Tragedy Tragedy 2000 Tragedy Records Excellent 0.00 1st pressing, black vinyl Send Email 
Tragedy Nerve Damage 2006 Tragedy Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl, red gate fold cover, limited tour edition Send Email 
Tragedy Vengeance 2002 Tragedy Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Trash Talk Trash Talk 2008 Trash Talk Collective Excellent 0.00 Green marble vinyl, first press Send Email 
Trash Talk Shame 2009 Trash Talk Collective Mint 0.00 180 gram black vinyl w/ fold-out poster. Still sealed. Send Email 
Trash Talk Eyes & Nines 2010 Trash Talk Collective Mint 0.00 White/pink and blue marble vinyl Send Email 
V/a Bridge Nine Summer 2009 Compilation 2009 Bridge Nine Excellent 0.00 Grey marble vinyl Send Email 
Varukers, The Still Bollox But Still Here 1995 We Bite Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Void Sessions 1981-83 2011 Dischord Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Wednesday Night Heroes The Wednesday Night Heroes 2008 Longshot Music Excellent 0.00 Blue transparent splatter vinyl, gatefold cover Send Email 
Weekend Nachos Unforgivable 2009 Deep Six Excellent 0.00 Transparent red vinyl Send Email 
Weekend Nachos Punish And Destroy 2007 Cowabunga Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Weekend Nachos Worthless 2011 Deep Six Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Weekend Nachos Two Things At Once 2011 Cowabunga Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Weezer Weezer (blue Album) 1994 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Weezer Maladroit 2002 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
Weezer Weezer (green Album) 2001 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 Transparent green vinyl Send Email 
At The Heart Of The World Flesh And Death 2010 Self Released Mint 0.00 Black tape, limited to 100 Send Email 
Beartrap Nailed Shut 2010 Drenched In Cum Mint 0.00 White tape Send Email 
Caulfield Caulfield 2011 Mind Melt Enterprises Mint 0.00 Clear tape, limited to 100, hand numbered 41/100 Send Email 
Ceremony 6 Cover Songs 2011 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 White tape, /500 Send Email 
Crow's Foot Manifest 2009 Hold The Fort Mint 0.00 Black tape Send Email 
Faith Addiction Demo 2011 No Reprieve Records Mint 0.00 White tape, limited to 100 Send Email 
Foul Intent Foul Intent 2010 Self Released Mint 0.00 Lime green tape, limited to 300 Send Email 
God Harvest Demo 2011 2011 Self Released Mint 0.00 Translucent red tape, 77/100 Send Email 
James Horner Star Trek Iii: The Search For Spock 1984 Capitol Records Excellent 0.00 Official motion picture soundtrack, light blue tape Send Email 
James Horner Star Trek Ii: The Wrath Of Khan 1982 Atlantic Records Excellent 0.00 Original motion picture soundtrack, white tape Send Email 
John Williams Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi 1983 Polygram Records Excellent 0.00 Official motion picture soundtrack, 12 page booklet, gray tape Send Email 
Mauser 2010 Summer Tour Ep 2010 Self Released Mint 0.00 Black tape w/ handwritten Mauser logo, limited to 200, hand numbered and marked 25(2five)/200 Send Email 
Pulling Teeth Demo 2005 2005 Silly Girl Records Excellent 0.00 Transparent yellow tape Send Email 
Snotty Kids Snotty Kids 2011 Self Released Mint 0.00 Transparent red tape, pink cover Send Email 
The New American Orchestra Blade Runner: Official Soundtrack 1982 Warner Brothers Records Excellent 0.00 White tape Send Email 
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Southern Accents 1985 Mca Very Good 0.00 Cream colored tape Send Email 
V/a Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits Sampler 1995 Mca Mint 0.00 Promotional single, still sealed Send Email 
2x 12"
Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. Ii 1971 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Double LP, gatefold cover, original pressing Send Email 
Danny Elfman The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack) 1993 Walt Disney Records Very Good 0.00 Double picture disc LP Send Email 
Defeater Empty Days & Sleepless Nights 2011 Bridge Nine Mint 0.00 Double LP on black vinyl, etching on side D w/64-page lyric booklet and poster Send Email 
Fucked Up David Comes To Life 2011 Matador Records Mint 0.00 Black vinyl, gatefold cover w/ digital download card and exclusive pre-order poster Send Email 
Fucked Up The Chemistry Of Common Life 2008 Matador Records Excellent 0.00 Black vinyl Send Email 
La Dispute Wildife 2011 No Sleep Records Mint 0.00 Dark yellow/ clear vinyl Send Email 
Not For Trade 7": 113, 10": 6, 12": 136, Tape: 17, 2x 12": 6

FelixHoenikker's List Summary

Not For Trade 7": 113, 10": 6, 12": 136, Tape: 17, 2x 12": 6

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