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Country: United States

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  • Jazz
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Adderley, Cannonball At The Lighthouse  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Adderley, Cannonball Presenting Cannonball  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Adderley, Cannonball Cannonball's Bossa Nova  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Adderley, Nat Branching Out  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Adderley, Nat Work Song  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Alexander, Eric & Halliday, Lin Stablemates  Delmark  0.00  Send Email 
Ammons, Gene Blue Gene  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Ammons, Gene All - Star Session With Sonny Stitt  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Ammons, Gene & Stitt, Sonny We'll Be Together Again  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Ammons, Gene & Stitt, Sonny Boss Tenors  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Axelrod, David The Axelrod Chronicles  Fantasy  0.00  Send Email 
Ayler, Albert Spiritual Unity  E S P  0.00  Send Email 
Ayler, Albert Love Cry  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Chet  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Once Upon A Summertime  Galaxy  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Milestone  King Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Chet Baker & Strings  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet The Best Of Chet Baker Plays  Pacific Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Baker's Holiday  Emarcy  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet The Italian Sessions  Bmg  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Complete Studio Sessions With Dick Twardzik  Lonehill Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Young Chet  Pacific  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Deep In A Dream  Pacific Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet Sessioni In Italia  Kings Road  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet & Pepper, Art The Route  Pacific  0.00  Send Email 
Baker, Chet & Shank, Bud 1958 And 1959 Milano Sessions  Promo Sound  0.00  Send Email 
Barbieri, Gato Chapter One: Latin America  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Bechet, Sidney In Paris Vol. 1  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Bechet, Sidney At Storyville  Black Lion  0.00  Send Email 
Bechet, Sidney The Legendary  Bluebird  0.00  Send Email 
Bechet, Sidney & Manone, Wingy Together, Town Hall 1947  Masters Music  0.00  Send Email 
Benson, George Bad Benson  C B S  0.00  Send Email 
Benson, George The Other Side Of Abbey Road  A & M  0.00  Send Email 
Benson, George Compact Jazz  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Blake, Ron Sonic Tonic  Mac Avenue  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] Hard Drive  Bethlehem  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] Ugetsu  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] At The Cafe Bohemia Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] At The Cafe Bohemia Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] Orgy In Rhythm  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] Moanin  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] Holiday For Skins  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] A Night In Tunisia  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] A Night At Birdland Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] A Night At Birdland Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] New World  Collectables  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] Paris 1958  Bluebird  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] A Jazz Message  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Blakey, Art [ Jazz Messengers ] & Monk, Thelonio Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers With Thelonious Mon  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Bluiett, Hamiet [ Bluiett Baritone Nation ] Liberation For The Baritone Saxophone Nation  Justin Time  0.00  Send Email 
Brand, Dollar Duke Ellington Presents The Dollar Brand Trio  Reprise  0.00  Send Email 
Brown, Clifford Memorial Album  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Brown, Clifford Study In Brown  Emarcy  0.00  Send Email 
Brown, Clifford The Beginning & The End  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Brown, Clifford Memorial  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Brown, Clifford And Roach, Max Jazz Masters 44  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Brubeck, Dave Jazz Impression Of New York  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Brubeck, Dave 25th Anniversary Reunion  A & M Records  0.00  Send Email 
Brubeck, Dave Jazz Goes To College  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Burns, Ralph Bijou  Period  0.00  Send Email 
Burrell, Kenny On View At The Five Spot Cafe  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Burrell, Kenny Laid Back  32 Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Burton, Gary / Metheny, Pat / Swallow, Steve / S Quartet Live  Concord  0.00  Send Email 
Byard, Jaki On The Spot!  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Byas, Don The Best Of Byas 1938 - 1949 [ 2 C D ]  Acrobat  0.00  Send Email 
Byrd, Charlie Guitar Artistry  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Byrd, Donald Byrd In Hand  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Byrd, Donald A New Perspective  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Byrd, Donald Places And Spaces  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Byrd, Donald Electric Byrd  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Carter, Benny Sax A La Carter  Capitol Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Carter, Benny Harlem Renaissance [ 2 C D ]  Music Masters Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Carter, James In Carterian Fashion  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Carter, James Conversin' With The Elders  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Carter, James Gardenias For Lady Day  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Carter, Ron Dear Miles  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Chaloff, Serge The Fable Of Mabel  Black Lion  0.00  Send Email 
Chambers, Paul Bass On Top  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Cherry, Don Symphony For Improvisers  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Christian, Charlie The Genius Of The Electric Guitar  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Clark, Sonny Cool Struttin  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Clark, Sonny Sonny's Crib  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Clark, Sonny Cool Struttin'  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Clarke, Kenny & Boland, Francy / Mitchell - Ruff Jazz Is Universal / After This Message  Collectables  0.00  Send Email 
Coleman, Ornette Tomorrow Is The Question  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Coleman, Ornette Something Else!!!  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Coleman, Ornette Change Of The Century  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coleman, Ornette At The Golden Circle Stockholm Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Coleman, Ornette At The Golden Circle Stockholm Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Coleman, Ornette Town Hall 1962  E S P  0.00  Send Email 
Coles, Johnny Little Johnny C  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Selections From The Classic Quartet  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings [ 4 C  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Lush Life  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John My Favorite Things  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Coltrane's Sounds  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Coltrane Plays The Blues  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Giant Steps  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Complete Lee Kraft Sessions  Lone Hill Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Master Tapes  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Coltrane For Lovers  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Newport 1963  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Gentle Side Of John Coltrane  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Expression  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John My Favorite Things: Coltrane At Newport  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recordings  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Live At The Village Vanguard - The Master Takes  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Very Best Of John Coltrane  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The European Tour  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Black Pearls  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John John Coltrane  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Settin' The Pace  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Paris Concert  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Ultimate Blue Train  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Live At The Village Vanguard Again  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Complete Paul Chambers Sessions Transitions  Gambit Records  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Coltrane  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Traneing In  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Standard Coltrane  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Best Of John Coltrane  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Live In Seattle [2 C D ]  Impluse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Ole  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John The Art Of John Coltrane  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John Afro Blue Impressions [ 2 C D ]  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John & Cherry, Don The Avant - Garde  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John & Ellington, Duke Duke Ellington & John Coltrane  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John & Quinichette, Paul Cattin' With Coltrane & Quinichette  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, John & Shepp, Archie New Thing At Newport  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Coltrane, Ravi Blending Times  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Cook, Junior Junior's Cookin'  Jazzland  0.00  Send Email 
Corea, Chick Remembering Bud Powell  Stretch  0.00  Send Email 
Cox, Kenny Introducing Kenny Cox & The Contemporary Jazz Qu  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Criss, Sonny Out Of Nowhere  32 Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Criss, Sonny This Is Criss!  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Curtis, King Live At The Filmore West  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Davis Jr, Walter Davis Cup  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Eddie Lockjaw Cookbok Vol. 1  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Eddie Lockjaw The Best Of  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Eddie Lockjaw & Griffin, Johnny Tenor Scene  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Jesse As We Speak  Concord  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Jesse Young At Heart  Concord  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles Davis & The Jazz Giants  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles A Tribute To Jack Johnson  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Collectors' Items  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Nefertiti  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Water Babies  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles Ahead  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Blue Haze  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Nonet 1948 - Jam 1949  R J D  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles First Miles  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles Ahead  Poll Winners  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles In The Sky  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Porgy And Bess  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Sorcerer  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles In A Silent Way  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Milestones  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Broadcast Sessions 1958 - 1959  Acrobat Music  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Bags' Groove  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Birdland 1951  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Relaxin' With Miles  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Workin' With The Miles Davis Quintet  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Blue Moods  Debut  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Walkin'  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles The Musings Of Miles  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Miles Davis & Milt Jackson Quintet / Sextet  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Steamin' With The Miles Davis Quintet  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Jazz At The Plaza Vol. 1    0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Seven Steps To Heaven  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles At Newport 1958  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Hi - Hat All Stars Guest Artist: Miles Davis  Fresh Sounds Records  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Ballads & Blues  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Sketches Of Spain  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & Coltrane, John The 1960 German Concert  Jazz Lips  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & Coltrane, John Live In St. Louis 1956  Disconforme  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & Dameron, Tadd In Paris Festival De Jazz  Disconforme  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & Forrest, Jimmy Our Delight  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & Jones, Quincy Live At Montreux  Warner Brothers  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & Rollins, Sonny The Classic Prestige Sessions 1951 - 1956  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles & The Lighthouse All - Stars At Last!  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Davis, Miles Featuring Sonny Rollins Dig  Dig  0.00  Send Email 
Dejohnette, Jack Dejohnette Complex  Milestone  0.00  Send Email 
Desmond, Paul Take Ten  Blue Bird  0.00  Send Email 
Desmond, Paul Polka Dots And Moonbeams  Blue Bird  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Out To Lunch  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Five Spot Vol. 1  New Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Five Spot Vol. 2  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Conversations  Celluloid  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Berlin Concerts  Enja  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Out There + Looking Ahead  American Jazz Classics  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric The Illinois Concert  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Out There  New Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Dolphy, Eric Outward Bound  New Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Donaldson, Lou Good Gracious  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Donaldson, Lou Gravy Train  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Dorham, Kenny 2 Horns / 2 Rhythm  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Dorham, Kenny Kenny Dorham Quintet  Debut  0.00  Send Email 
Dorham, Kenny Jazz Contrasts  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Dorham, Kenny Whistle Stop  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Dorham, Kenny Afro - Cuban  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Dorham, Kenny Jazz Contemporary  Time  0.00  Send Email 
Earland, Charles Black Talk  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Earland, Charles Intensity  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Eastern Rebellion Simple Pleasure  Music Masters  0.00  Send Email 
Ecksteine, Billy Stormy / Feel The Warm  Staxx  0.00  Send Email 
Edison, Harry [ Sweets ] Sweets  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Edwards, Terry & Person, Houston Horn To Horn  Muse  0.00  Send Email 
Ellington, Duke At Newport  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Ellington, Duke Duke Ellington And His Orchestra At Newport  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Ellington, Duke Jazz Party  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Ellington, Duke Money Jungle  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Ellington, Duke & Hodges, Johnny Side By Side  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Ellington, Duke And Basie, Count First Time! The Count Meets The Duke  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Ervin, Booker The Freedom Book  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Ervin, Booker Structurally Sound  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Ervin, Booker / Poindexter, Pony / Young, Larry Gumbo  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill Conversations W/myself  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill Further Conversations With Myself  Folio  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill Portrait In Jazz  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill Waltz For Debby  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill Bill Evans Trio '65  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill Sunday At The Village Vanguard  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Evans, Bill & Hall, Jim Undercurrent  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Farmer, Art Brass Shout/aztec Suite  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Feldman, Victor In London Vol. 1  Jasmine  0.00  Send Email 
Feldman, Victor In London Vol. 2  Jasmine  0.00  Send Email 
Foster, Frank Manhattan Fever  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Foster, Frank & Wallington, George Here I Come/showcase  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Fulks, Jack Follow Your Dreams  Independent  0.00  Send Email 
Gale, Eddie Ghetto Music  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gale, Eric Ginseng Woman / Multiplication  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Garland, Red Solar  Jazzland  0.00  Send Email 
Garland, Red Groovy  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Garland, Red Red Garland's Piano  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Garner, Errol Concert By The Sea  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Garner, Errol The Savoy Recordings [ 2 C D ]  Brilliant Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Garrett, Kenny Beyond The Wall  Nonesuch  0.00  Send Email 
Gaynair, Wilton " Bogey " Blue Bogey  Jasmine  0.00  Send Email 
Gaynair, Wilton " Bogey " Africa Calling  Candid  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Reflections  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Quartets  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Complete Savoy Recordings [ 2 C D ]  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Soul Eyes  Concord Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Captain Marvel  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Focus  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Stan Getz & The Cool Sounds  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan Move: Live At Birdland 1952 - 1953  Natasha  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan The Best Of The Verve Years Vol. 2 [ 2 C D ]  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Baker, Chet Stan Meets Chet  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Gilberto, Joao Getz / Gilberto  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Hampton, Lionel Hamp & Getz  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Johnson, J J Getz & J J At The Opera House  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Mulligan, Gerry Getz Meets Mulligan In Hi - Fi  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Peterson, Oscar Stan Getz & The Oscar Peterson Trio  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Sims, Zoot The Brothers  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Getz, Stan & Tjader, Cal Stan Getz With Cal Tjader  Fantasy  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie With Gil Fuller & The Monterey J  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy Gillespie & His Big Band (1948 Pasadena)  Gnp Crescendo  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Memorial Album: Ooh Shoo Be Doo  Natasha  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Pleyel Jazz Concert 1953  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy School Days  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy In South America Vol. 1  Consolidated Artists  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy In South America Vol. 2  Consolidated Artists  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Gillespiana & Carnegie Hall Concert  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy The Cool World / Dizzy Goes Hollywood  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy The Champ  Jazz Heritage  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Bebop Professor  Bluebird  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy Jivin' In Be Bop  Jazz Up  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy At Newport  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Gillespie, Dizzy / Rollins, Sonny / Stitt, Sonny Duets  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Giuffre, Jimmy The Jimmy Giuffre 3  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Golson, Benny Quartet  Laserlight  0.00  Send Email 
Golson, Benny One Day, Forever  Arkadia Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Goodfellas Goodfellas 2  Evidence  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Best Of.....  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Our Man In Paris  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Go!  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Gettin' Around  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Doin' Allright  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Dexter Calling  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Dexter's Mood [ 1945 - 1947 ]  Cool N' Blue  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Live At Carnegie Hall  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter The Chase! Dial Sessions  Stash  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter Dexter Rides Again  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter The Tower Of Power  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter More Power  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Gordon, Dexter The Panther  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Graf, Bob The Bob Graf Sessions  Fresh Sounds Records  0.00  Send Email 
Gray, Wardell Light Gray [ 1948 - 1950 ]  Cool N' Blue  0.00  Send Email 
Green, Grant Idle Moments  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Green, Grant Iron City  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Green, Grant Grantstand  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Green, Grant The Latin Bit  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Green, Grant Feelin' The Spirit  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Griffin, Johnny A Blowing Session  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Griffin, Johnny Do Nothing 'till You Hear From Me  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Griffin, Johnny Dance Of Passion  Antilles  0.00  Send Email 
Griffin, Johnny White Gardenia  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie The Best Of  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie Madien Voyage  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie Takin' Off  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie Speak Like A Child  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie Head Hunters  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie Thrust  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie / Brecker, Michael / Hargrove, R Directions In Music  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Hanna, Roland Destry Rides Again  Wounded Bird Records  0.00  Send Email 
Hargove, Roy Roy Hargrove With Strings  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Hargrove, Roy Approaching Standards  Novus  0.00  Send Email 
Hargrove, Roy Habana  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Hargrove, Roy Of Kindred Souls  Novus  0.00  Send Email 
Harper, Billy Soul Of An Angel  Metropolitan  0.00  Send Email 
Harris, Barry Barry Harris At The Jazz Workshop  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Harrison, Donald / Carter, Ron / Cobram, Billy New York Cool  Half Note Records  0.00  Send Email 
Hart, Antonio For Cannonball & Woody  Novus  0.00  Send Email 
Hawes, Hampton At The Piano  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Hawes, Hampton Bird Song  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Hawkins, Coleman The Hawk Relaxes  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Hawkins, Coleman & Hodges, Johnny In Paris  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Hawkins, Coleman & Russell, Pee Wee Jam Session In Swingville  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Hayes, Louis Louis At Large  Sharp Nine Records  0.00  Send Email 
Hayes, Tubby Live In London  Harkit Records  0.00  Send Email 
Hayes, Tubby Night And Day  Ronnie Scott's Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Hayes, Tubby Three Classic Albums Plus  Avid  0.00  Send Email 
Haynes, Roy Out Of The Afternoon  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Henderson, Bill His Complete Vee Jay Recordings Vol. 1  Koch Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Henderson, Eddie Dark Shadows  Milstone  0.00  Send Email 
Henderson, Joe Page One  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Henderson, Joe So Near, So Far  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Henderson, Joe Porgy & Bess  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
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Hicks, John & Drummond, Ray Two Of A Kind  Evidence  0.00  Send Email 
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Hill, Andrew Point Of Departure  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hodges, Johnny Used To Be Duke  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
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Holliday, Billie Ken Burns Jazz  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Holloway, Red Brother Red  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Hollyday, Christopher And I'll Sing Once More  Novus  0.00  Send Email 
Hope, Elmo Trio & Quintet  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Horn, Paul Inside 2  Sony  0.00  Send Email 
Horn, Shirley Live At The Monterey Jazz Festival  Monterey Jazz Records  0.00  Send Email 
Horne, Lena & Szabo, Gabor Watch What Happens!  Dcc Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Hubbard, Freddie Breaking Point  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hubbard, Freddie Open Sesame  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hubbard, Freddie Night Of The Cookers  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hubbard, Freddie Ready For Freddie  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hubbard, Freddie Bolivia  Music Masters  0.00  Send Email 
Humphrey, Bobbi Fancy Dancer  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Hutcherson, Bobby Happenings  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Ilori, Solomon African High Life  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Javon Easy Does It  Palmetto  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Javon Pleasant Valley  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Milt Reverence & Compassion  Qwest  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Milt Burnin' In The Woodhouse  Qwest  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Milt The Harem  Music Masters  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Milt Early Modern  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Milt Milt Jackson  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Jackson, Milt & Hawkins, Coleman Bean Bags  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Jacquet, Illinois Illinois Jacquet  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Johnson, J J The Eminment Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Johnson, J J The Eminiment Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Johnson, J J Heroes  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Johnson, J J Standards [ Live At The Village Vanguard ]  Antillies  0.00  Send Email 
Johnson, J J Vivian  Concord  0.00  Send Email 
Johnson, J J & Winding, Kai Jay & Kai  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Jones, Thad The Magnificent  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Jordan, Sheila Portrait Of Sheila  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Kelly, Wynton Kelly Blue  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Kendrick, Rodney We Don't Die We Multiply  Gitanes  0.00  Send Email 
Kenton, Stan Cuban Fire  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Kirk, Rahassan Roland Introducing Roland Kirk  Chessmates  0.00  Send Email 
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Kirk's Work  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Petite Fleur  Moon  0.00  Send Email 
Krupa, Gene / Rich, Buddy Drum Battle At Jatp  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
La Porta, John Theme & Variations  Fantasy  0.00  Send Email 
Lacy, Steve Plays Monk  New Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Lambert, Hendricks, Ross Sing A Song Of Basie  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Land, Harold The Fox  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Lateef, Yusef Cry! - Tender  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Lewis, George Jazz Funeral In New Orleans  Tradition  0.00  Send Email 
Lincoln, Abbey Abbey Is Blue  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Lloyd, Charles Forest Flower/soundtrack  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Lovano, Joe Joyous Encounter  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Lovano, Joe I'm All For You  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Lovano, Joe Viva Caruso  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Lovano, Joe 52nd St. Themes  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Lovano, Joe Quartets  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Lovano, Joe & Rubalcaba, Gonzalo Flying Colors  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
M J Q The Sheriff  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
M J Q Concorde  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
M J Q No Sun In Venice  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
M J Q Modern Jazz Quartet  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
M J Q At Music Inn Vol. 2 Guest Artist: Sonny Rollins  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
M J Q Longing For The Continent  L R C  0.00  Send Email 
Mangione Brothers Jazz Brothers  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Mann, Herbie & Most, Sam Herbie Mann - Sam Most Quintet  Bethlehem  0.00  Send Email 
Manne, Shelly Shelly Manne & His Men At The Black Hawk Vol. 2  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Mathews, Ronnie & Alexander, Roland & Hubbard, F Ronnie Matthews Roland Alexander Freddie Hubbard  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Mayfield, Irvin Live At The Blue Note  Half Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mcduff, Jack Honnydripper  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Mcfarland, Gary America The Beautiful, An Account Of Its Disappe  D C C Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Mclaughlin, John & Pastorius, Jaco & Williams, T Trio Of Doom  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie 4, 5 & 6  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie Right Now!  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie Bluesnik  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie New & Old Gospel  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie Let Freedom Ring  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie Fire & Love  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mclean, Jackie Rhythm Of The Earth  Antilles  0.00  Send Email 
Mcpartland, Marian On 52nd St  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Mcrae, Carmen Alive!  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Michelot, Pierre Round About A Bass  Mercury  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Town Hall Concert  Jazz Workshop  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Changes One  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Cornell 1964  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Complete Town Hall Concert  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Tonight At Noon  Label M  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Mingus Ah Um  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Mingus  Candid  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles A Modern Jazz Symposium Of Music & Poetry With C  Bethlehem  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Presents Charles Mingus  Candid  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles A Night At The Cafe Bohemia + Pithecanthropus Er  Giant Steps  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Mingus At Antibes  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles Changes Two  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles New Tijuana Moods  Bluebird  0.00  Send Email 
Mingus, Charles The Jazz Experiments Of Charlie Mingus  Bethlehem  0.00  Send Email 
Mitchell, Blue Blue Soul  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Mitchell, Blue Out Of The Blue  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Mitchell, Blue Blues On My Mind  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Mizell Brothers Mizell  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mobley, Cohn, Coltrane, Sims Tenor Conclave  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Mobley, Hank Roll Call  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mobley, Hank Another Workout  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mobley, Hank Dippin'  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mobley, Hank Soul Station  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Mobley, Hank The Turnaround  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, T S Changing Of The Guard  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, T S Take One  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, T S Monk On Monk  Encoded Music  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Evidence [ Live ]  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Monk 'round The World  Hyena  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Piano Solo  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Monk's Dream  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Criss-cross  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Monk  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Thelonious Monk  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Live At The 5 Spot Discoery!  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Solo Monk  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious At The Blackhawk  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious The Essential [ 2 C D ]  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Genius Of Modern Music: Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Monk  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Monk's Mood  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Underground  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious Genius Of Modern Music: Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious The London Collection Vol. 1  1201 Music  0.00  Send Email 
Monk, Thelonious & Coltrane, John At Carnegie Hall  E M I  0.00  Send Email 
Monterose, J R J R Monterose  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Montgomery, Wes Incredible Guitar  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Montgomery, Wes California Dreaming  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Montgomery, Wes Wes Montgomery Trio  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Moody, James At Jazz Workshop (folio)  Chess  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Frank You Must Believe In Spring  Antilles  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Frank Raising The Standards  High Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee Leeway  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee Cornbread  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee Search For The New Land  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee Candy  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee The Sidewinder  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee The Rajah  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee Here's Lee Morgan  Vee - Jay  0.00  Send Email 
Morgan, Lee Introducting Lee Morgan  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry Pleyel Concert 1954 Vol. Ii  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry Two Times Four Plus Six  Jazz Band  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry At Storyville  Pacific Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry Live Olympia 6 October 1962  Trema  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry The Gerry Mulligan Quartets In Concert  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry In Paris Vol. 1  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry California Concerts Vol. 2  Pacific Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry '63 The Concert Band  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry New York December 1960  Jazz Anthology  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry In Paris Vol. 2  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry & Baker, Chet Reunion  E M I  0.00  Send Email 
Navarro, Fats Nostalgia  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Navarro, Fats Vol. 1 1946 - 1947  Blue Moon  0.00  Send Email 
Nelson, Oliver The Kennedy Dream  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Nelson, Oliver Blues & The Abstract Truth  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Nelson, Oliver More Blues & The Abstract Truth  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Newman, David & Gillespie, Dizzy The Weapon / At Home & Abroad  Collectables  0.00  Send Email 
Niehaus, Lennie Vol. 4 Quintets & Strings  Contemporary  0.00  Send Email 
Nistico, Sal Heavyweights  Milestone  0.00  Send Email 
Norvo, Red The Savoy Years  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Savoy Recordings Vol. 2  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Boston 1952  Uptown  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Original Recordings Of Charlie Parker  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Now's The Time  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Swedish Schnapps  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Complete Bird At The Bandbox  R L R  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Bird You Never Heard  Stash  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie J A T P 1946  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie J A T P 1949  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Washington Concerts  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Legendary Dial Masters  Jazz Classics  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Savoy Recordings ( Master Takes ) Vol. 1  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Memorial Vol. 1  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Genius Of Charlie Parker  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Bird At St. Nick's  Jazz Workshop  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Bird On 52nd St  Jazz Workshop  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Montreal 1953  Uptown  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie At Storyville  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie In Sweden 1950  Storyville  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Complete Storyville Performances  Disconforme  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Complete Live At Massey Hall  Disconforme  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie An Evening At Home With The Bird  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Washington, D C, May 23, 1948  Uptown  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Live Performances Vol. 2  Esp  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie The Complete Legendary Rockland Palace Concert 1  Jazz Classic Records  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Bird At The Hi-hat  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie " Bird " Is Free  Collectables  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Charlie Parker With Strings: The Master Takes  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie / Gillespie, Dizzy / Powell, Bud The Quintet  Debut  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie & Baker, Chet Inglewood Jam  Jazz Door  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie & Domnerus, Arne In Sweden Novemeber 22, 1950  O K T A V  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie & Gillespie, Dizzy Bird & Diz  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie & Gillespie, Dizzy Diz N' Bird At Carnegie Hall  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Parker, Charlie & Gillespie, Dizzy Town Hall, New York City, June 22, 1945  Uptown  0.00  Send Email 
Parson, Dion Live At Dizzy's Club Coca - Cola Vol. 2  D P 2 1  0.00  Send Email 
Pelt, Jeremy Identity  Maxjazz  0.00  Send Email 
Pepper, Art Renascence  Galaxy  0.00  Send Email 
Pepper, Art Modern Art  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Pepper, Art Modern Art  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Perkins, Bill Quietly There  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Peterson, Oscar The More I See You  Telarc  0.00  Send Email 
Peterson, Oscar & Jackson, Milt Very Tall  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Pettiford, Oscar Sextet  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Pettiford, Oscar & Talbert, Tom Bix, Duke, Fats  Lonehill Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Pine, Courtney The Vision's Tale  Island  0.00  Send Email 
Pine, Courtney Within The Realms Of Our Dreams  Antillies  0.00  Send Email 
Pope, Odean Locked & Loaded  Half Note  0.00  Send Email 
Pope, Odean Universal Sounds  Porter Records  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud The Amazing Bud Powell  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud The Scene Changes  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud Jazz At Massy Hall Vol. 2  Debut  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud Blues In The Closet  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud Jazz Giant  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud Strictly Powell  Rca  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud Bud Plays Bird  Roulette  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud Time Waits - The Amazing Bud Powell Vol. 4  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Powell, Bud The Genius Of Bud Powell  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Priester, Julian Keep Swingin'  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Quebec, Ike It Might As Well Be Spring  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Ra, Sun Concert For The Comet Kohoutek  Esp  0.00  Send Email 
Ra, Sun The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra  Savoy  0.00  Send Email 
Rawls, Lou Capitol Jazz & Blues Sessions  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Redman, Joshua Live At The Village Vanguard  Warner Brothers  0.00  Send Email 
Redman, Joshua Beyond  Warner Brothers  0.00  Send Email 
Reece, Dizzy Asia Minor  New Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Reece, Dizzy A New Star  Jasmine  0.00  Send Email 
Roach, Max 3/4 Time  Emarcy  0.00  Send Email 
Roach, Max Award Winning Drummer  Time Records  0.00  Send Email 
Roach, Max Bitter Sweet  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Roach, Max Max Roach Plus Four  Emarcy  0.00  Send Email 
Roberts, Howard The Magic Band Ii  Vsop Records  0.00  Send Email 
Roditi, Claudio Milestones  Candid  0.00  Send Email 
Rodney, Red Red Alert!  Continum  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Volume 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Freedom Suite  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Moving Out  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Tenor Madness  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Worktime  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Rollins Plays For Bird  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Plus Four  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Sonny Rollins & The Big Brass  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny On Impulse!  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny Sonny Rollins & C O - 1964  Bluebird  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny What's New?  Blue Bird  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny The Solo Album  Milestone  0.00  Send Email 
Rollins, Sonny & Mjq Sonny Rollins W/the Mjq  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Roney, Wallace Munchin'  Muse  0.00  Send Email 
Roney, Wallace Seth Air  Muse  0.00  Send Email 
Ross, Ronnie Stompin' With The Ronnie Ross Quintet  Fantastic Voyage  0.00  Send Email 
Rouse, Charlie Bossa Nova Bacchanal  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Russell, George Ezz-thetics  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Russell, George New York, Ny  Decca  0.00  Send Email 
Sanders, Pharoah Pharoah's First  E S P  0.00  Send Email 
Scott, Ronnie Birth Of A Legend  Giant Steps  0.00  Send Email 
Shaw, Artie Last Recordings (2 Cd)  Music Masters  0.00  Send Email 
Shaw, Woody Rosewood  Cbs  0.00  Send Email 
Shepp, Archie Kwanza  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Shorter, Wayne Adam's Apple  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Shorter, Wayne Night Dreamer  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Shorter, Wayne The All Seeing Eye  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Shorter, Wayne Super Nova  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Shorter, Wayne Speak No Evil  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Shorter, Wayne The Soothsayer  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Silver, Horace Further Explorations  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Silver, Horace Blowin' The Blues Away  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Silver, Horace Horace Siler & The Jazz Messengers  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Silver, Horace Silver's Serenade  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Silver, Horace The Cape Verdean Blues  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Silver, Horace Jazz Has A Sense Of Humor  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Sims, Zoot Down Home  Bethlehem  0.00  Send Email 
Sims, Zoot Zoot  Riverside  0.00  Send Email 
Sims, Zoot & Edison, Harry "sweets" Just Friends  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy At The Club Baby Grand Vol. 1  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Softly As A Summer Breeze  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy The Sermon  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy House Party  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Cool Blues  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy The Sounds Of Jimmy Smith  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Home Cookin'  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Back At The Chicken Shack  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Jimmy Smith At The Organ  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Live At The Village Gate  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Root Down  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Damn!!  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Midnight Special  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Standards  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy & Montgomery, Wes Dynamic Duo  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Johnny Moonlight In Vermont  Roulette  0.00  Send Email 
Smith, Louis Here Comes Louis Smith  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Stitt, Sonny Sits In W/the Oscar Peterson Trio  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Stitt, Sonny In Boston 1954  Fresh Sounds  0.00  Send Email 
Stitt, Sonny I Should Care  Jewel Records  0.00  Send Email 
Stitt, Sonny The Last Sessions Vol. 1 & 2  32 Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Stitt, Sonny New York Jazz  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Stitt, Sonny / Powell, Bud / Johnson, J J Sonny Stitt / Bud Powell / J J Johnson  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Tatum, Art Complete Capitol Recordings Vol. 2  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Tatum, Art Live 1949 - 1951 Vol. 4  Storyville  0.00  Send Email 
Taylor, Billy Music Keeps Us Young  Arkadia Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Taylor, Cecil Conquistador  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Thompson, Lucky Just One More Chance  Proper Records  0.00  Send Email 
Thompson, Lucky & Gigi Gryce In Paris  Vogue  0.00  Send Email 
Thompson, Malachi The Jaz Life  Delmark  0.00  Send Email 
Thompson, Sir Charles Takin' Off  Delmark  0.00  Send Email 
Tjader, Cal Latin Kick  Fantasy  0.00  Send Email 
Tjader, Cal Compact Jazz  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Tjader, Cal The Best Of The Concord Years [ 2 C D ]  Concord  0.00  Send Email 
Tolliver, Charles With Love  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Tough Young Tenors Alone Together  Antilles  0.00  Send Email 
Tristano, Lennie Wow  Jazz Records  0.00  Send Email 
Tristano, Lennie Lennie Tristano / The New Tristano  Atlantic  0.00  Send Email 
Turrentine, Stanley Joyride  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Turrentine, Stanley Look Out!  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Turrentine, Stanley That's Where It's At  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Turrentine, Stanley Sugar  C T I  0.00  Send Email 
Tyner, Mccoy The Real Mccoy  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Tyner, Mccoy Nights Of Ballads & Blues  Impulse  0.00  Send Email 
Tyner, Mccoy Land Of Giants  Telarc  0.00  Send Email 
Tyner, Mccoy 44th Street Suite  Red Baron  0.00  Send Email 
Various Blue Break Beats Vol. 2  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Various Roots Of Afro-cuban Jazz  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Various Blue 70's  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Various For Monk  Bmg  0.00  Send Email 
Various Gitanes Jazz - Jazz Bossa Nova  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Various Verve // Unmixed  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Various Classics In Jazz  Cbs  0.00  Send Email 
Various Vital Organs  Groovy Sounds  0.00  Send Email 
Various Best Of Chess Jazz  Chess  0.00  Send Email 
Various Jazz Of The Sixties [ 2 Cd ]  Vee Jay  0.00  Send Email 
Various J A T P Frankfurt 1952  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Various J A T P Best Of The 1940 Concerts  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Various West Coast Classics Sampler  Pacific Jazz  0.00  Send Email 
Various Endless Miles: A Tribute To Miles Davis  Encoded Music  0.00  Send Email 
Various Birdland Stars 1956  Blue Bird  0.00  Send Email 
Ventura, Charlie Bop For The People [ 4 C D ]  Proper Records  0.00  Send Email 
Walden, Myron Momentum Live  Demi Sound Records  0.00  Send Email 
Ware, David S Go See The World  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Washington Jr, Grover Mister Magic  Mojazz  0.00  Send Email 
Washington Jr, Grover Inner City Blues  Motown  0.00  Send Email 
Watkins, Julius & Rouse, Charlie [ The Jazz Mode The Jazz Modes  Koch  0.00  Send Email 
Watkins, Julius & Rouse, Charlie [ The Jazz Mode The Most Happy Fella  Koch  0.00  Send Email 
Webster, Ben King Of The Tenors  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Webster, Ben My Man [ Live At Montmartre 1973 ]  Steeple Chase  0.00  Send Email 
Webster, Ben Soulville  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Webster, Ben & Edison, Harry "sweets" Ben & " Sweets "  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Williams, Cootie In Hi - Fi  Rca  0.00  Send Email 
Wilson, Jack Something Personal  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Wilson, Nancy & Adderley, Cannonball Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Winding, Kai & Johnson, J J Green W/strings  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Winding, Kai, Johnson, J.j., Green, Bennie Trombone By Three  Prestige  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Larry Unity  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester In Washington, D C 1956 Vol. 3  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester The Kansas City Sessions  Commodore  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester Lester Young Trio  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester Prez Conferences  Jass  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester In Washington, D C 1956 Vol. 5  Pablo  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester The Complete Aladdin Sessions [ 2 C D ]  Blue Note  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester & Edison, Harry Pres & Sweets  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
Young, Lester & Wilson, Teddy Pres & Teddy  Verve  0.00  Send Email 
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Not For Trade CD: 697

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