Real Name: Dave
Country: United States

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
Not For Trade
Alabama Mountain Music 1982 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 AHL1-4229 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Wanderin' With Eddy Arnold 1955 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-1111 - Second version of album cover (Railroad Tracks) Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy All-time Favorites 1955 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-1223 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Christmas With Eddy Arnold 1962 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-2554 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call 1963 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-2578 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy The Best Of Eddy Arnold 1967 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-3565 -- 12 songs Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy The Romantic World Of Eddy Arnold 1968 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-4009 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy She's Got Everything I Need 1973 Mgm Records  0.00 SE-4912 - Cover is in fair condition Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Pure Gold 1975 Rca Records Very Good 0.00 ANL1-1078 - a reissue of LSP-3565, but w/ only 10 songs. Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Finger- Style Guitar 1957 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-1383 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet At Home 1958 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-1544 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Hum And Strum Along With Chet Atkins 1961 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-2025 - Living Stereo Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Hum And Strum Along With Chet Atkins 1961 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-2025 - Mono Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Teensville 1961 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-2161 - Living Stereo, reissue Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Christmas With Chet Atkins 1961 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-2423 - nice cover, except for bad seam-splits Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Down Home 1962 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-2450 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Our Man In Nashville 1963 Rca Victor  0.00 LPM-2616 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet The Guitar Genius 1963 Rca Camden  0.00 CAS-753 - Living Stereo Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Guitar Country 1964 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-2783 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet The Best Of Chet Atkins 1964 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-2887(e) Send Email 
Atkins, Chet More Of That Guitar Country 1965 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-3429 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet The Pops Goes Country 1966 Rca Victor  0.00 LSC-2870 - w/ Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Send Email 
Atkins, Chet The Best Of Chet Atkins Volume 2 1966 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-3558 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet It's A Guitar World 1967 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-3728 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Chet Atkins Picks The Best 1967 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-381 - cover is in fair condition Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Class Guitar 1967 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-3885 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Chet 1967 Rca Camden  0.00 CAS-2182 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Hometown Guitar 1968 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-4017 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Relaxin' With Chet 1969 Rca Camden  0.00 CAS-2296 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Chet Picks On The Pops 1969 Rca Victor  0.00 LSC-3104 - w/ Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Yestergroovin' 1970 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-4331 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet For The Good Times And Other Country Moods 1971 Rca Victor  0.00 LSP-4464 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Nashville Gold 1972 Rca Camden  0.00 CAS-2555 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Finger Pickin' Good 1972 Rca Camden  0.00 CAS-2600 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Now And... Then 1972 Rca Victor  0.00 VPSX-6079 - (Double LP) Has large promo labels on front cover. Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Chester & Lester 1976 Rca Victor  0.00 APL1-1167 - w/ Les Paul Send Email 
Atkins, Chet The Best Of Chet Atkins And Friends 1976 Music For Pleasure  0.00 MFP 5766 - UK import Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Chet, Floyd And Danny 1977 Rca Victor  0.00 APL1-2311 - w/ Floyd Cramer & Danny Davis Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Gentle On My Mind 1967 Capitol Very Good 0.00 ST-2809 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen By The Time I Get To Phoenix 1967 Capitol  0.00 ST-2851 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Highwayman 1979 Capitol  0.00 SOO 12008 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous 1958 Sun  0.00 SLP 1235 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Fabulous Johnny Cash 1958 Columbia  0.00 CL 1253 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Greatest! 1959 Sun  0.00 SLP 1240 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Now, There Was A Song! 1960 Columbia  0.00 CL 1463 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire 1963 Columbia  0.00 CL 2053 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Story Of A Broken Heart 1963 Design Records Fair 0.00 DLP-610 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Orange Blossom Special 1965 Columbia  0.00 CS 9109 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Sings The Ballads Of The True West 1965 Columbia  0.00 C2S 838 - (Double LP) Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash's Country Round- Up 1965 Hilltop Good 0.00 JS-6010 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny From Sea To Shining Sea 1968 Columbia  0.00 CS 9447 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Heart Of Johnny Cash 1968 Columbia  0.00 STS 2004 - (Double LP) Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash At San Quentin 1969 Columbia  0.00 CS 9827 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash At San Quentin 1969 Cbs  0.00 S 63629 - 1970's Spain reissue on CBS label Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Story Songs Of The Trains And Rivers 1969 Sun  0.00 SUN 104 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Hello, I'm Johnny Cash 1970 Columbia  0.00 KCS 9943 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The World Of Johnny Cash 1970 Columbia  0.00 GP 29 - (Double LP) Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Rough Cut King Of Country Music 1970 Sun  0.00 SUN 122 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Blue Train 1970 Share Records  0.00 5002 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Sings The Greatest Hits 1970 Share Records  0.00 5003 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ragged Old Flag 1974 Columbia  0.00 KC 32917 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny One Piece At A Time 1976 Columbia  0.00 KC 34193 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Rainbow 1985 Columbia  0.00 FC 39951 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny American 4: The Man Comes Around 2002 American Recordings Excellent 0.00 440 063 336-1 - (Double LP) American IV Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Original Sun Sound Of Johnny Cash 2002 Get Back Excellent 0.00 GET7511 - Italy 2002, 180-gram reissue. Send Email 
Cash, Johnny 16 Biggest Hits 2008 Legacy Excellent 0.00 88697335701 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny American 3: Solitary Man 2014 American Recordings Excellent 0.00 B0019197-01 reissue - American III: Solitary Man Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Out Among The Stars 2014 Columbia Excellent 0.00 88883712831 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny American Recordings 1 - 6 2015 American Recordings Excellent 0.00 B0020627-01 - (Box set) American Recordings I - VI Send Email 
Cash, Johnny All Aboard The Blue Train 2016 Sun Excellent 0.00 ORGM-2062- limited edition reissue on blue vinyl Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Now Here's Johnny Cash 2016 Sundazed Excellent 0.00 LP 5240 - limited edition reissue on red vinyl Send Email 
Not For Trade 12": 71

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Not For Trade 12": 71

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