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Country: Canada

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  • Jazz
  • Country
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Darin, Bobby Darin 1936-1973 74 Motown Good 15.00 m 813, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Davis, Danny & The Nashville Brass Play More Nashville Sounds 69 Rca Good 10.00 lsp 4176, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Dawn Chorale The Best Of Walt Disney  Rca Good 0.00 d 50016, cover good l, the trousdale strings Send Email 
Deep Purple Fireball 71 Wb Good 15.00 bs 2564, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Derringer, Rick Sweet Evil 77 Colu Good 15.00 pz 34470, cover vg, ac., l, blue sky records Send Email 
Dion Donna The Prima Donna 63 Colu Good 30.00 cl 2107, cover good, l Send Email 
Durante, Jimmy At The Copacabana -nc- 61 Roulette Good 20.00 r25123, -nc-, l Send Email 
Eddy, Duane In Person 63 Jamie Fair 30.00 jlpm 3025, cover goo, l Send Email 
Edwards, Tommy Step Out Singing -nc- 60 Mgm Good 20.00 e3822, nc, l Send Email 
Exile S/t 83 Epic Very Good 8.00 fe 39154, cover fair, l Send Email 
Fame Gang Solid Gold From Muscle Shoals 69 Fame Good 25.00 skao 4200, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Fender, Freddy Gilley, Mickey Milsap, Ronnie That Is  Pickw Good 0.00 js 6196, cover fair, l pretty good cuts Send Email 
Four Seasons Dawn 64 Philips Good 20.00 phm 200 124, cover vg,ac, l Send Email 
Francis, Connie Do The Twist 62 Mgm Fair 30.00 e4022, cover good, l, plays thru but well used Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Arethas Greatest Hits 71 Atl Good 15.00 sd 8295, cover good, l Send Email 
Garland, Judy Judy Thats Entertainment -nc- 60 Cap Good 25.00 t 1467, nc, l Send Email 
Garrett, Tommy 50 Guitars Of The Best Of 69 Liberty Good 12.00 lss 14045, cover good, l Send Email 
Gibson, Don Great Gibson Volume 1  Rca Good 0.00 lsp 4378, cover good, ll Send Email 
Gore, Lesley Sings Of Mixed Up Hearts 63 Merc Fair 30.00 mg 20849, cover good to vg, l Send Email 
Gorme, Eydie & Lawrence, Steve The Very Best Of -nc- 62 Ua Good 20.00 ual 3191, nc, l Send Email 
Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band Music For Non Thinkers  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 1721, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Hammersmith S/t  Merc Good 0.00 srm1 1040, cover good, l, canadian Send Email 
Hampshire, Keith The First Cut  A&m Good 0.00 sp 9006, cover good, cl Send Email 
Helm, Levon S/t  Abc Very Good 0.00 aa 1089, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Hill, Z.z Lets Make A Deal  Colu Very Good 0.00 pc 35030, cover good, l, need jc Send Email 
Hines, Earl "fatha" Earls Pearls 60 Mgm Germany Good 30.00 665 059, cover good, l, n.a. se 3832 Send Email 
Hunt, Pee Wee Swingin Around  Cap Good 0.00 t 492, cover fair, lc, regular 12 inch guide shows this # for a 10 inch Send Email 
Illes Add A Kezed  Pepita Good 0.00 slpx 17437, cover vg, l, hungarian Send Email 
James, Sonny 200 Years Of Country Music 76 Colu Good 12.00 kc 34035, cover vg, l Send Email 
James, Sonny Here Comes Honey Again 71 Cap Good 15.00 st 849, cover good, l Send Email 
James, Sonny True Loves A Blessing 66 Cap Good 20.00 t 2500, cover good, l Send Email 
James, Sonny When The Snow Is On The Roses 75 Colu Very Good 15.00 c 33627, cover vvg, l, double album Send Email 
Jan & Dean Surf City -nc-  Liberty Poor 0.00 lrp 3314, nc, l Send Email 
Jaye, Jerry My Girl Josephine 67 Hi Good 20.00 hl 12038, nc, l Send Email 
Jones, George Heartaches By The Number 69 Pickw/hilltop Good 15.00 js 6092, cover vvg, ac, ll Send Email 
Jordan, Will & Brown, Rhoda Tapped Wires  Roulette Very Good 0.00 sr 25204, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Kramer, Billy J. & Dakotas The Best Of 79 Cap Very Good 10.00 sm 11897, cover good, l Send Email 
Lanza, Mario Sings Christmas Carols -no-  Rca Excellent 0.00 knl1 7044, cover exc, ac, sealed Send Email 
Lawrence, Steve The Very Best Of -nc- 62 Ua Good 20.00 ual 3190, nc, l Send Email 
Lawrence, Steve Heres -nc-  Coral Fair 0.00 crl 57204, l, -nc- Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Just Sings 56 Decca Good 60.00 dl 8410, cover fair, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Sings For Children  Vocalion Good 0.00 vl 73781, cover good, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Whos Gonna Play This Old Piano 72 Merc Fair 15.00 sr 61366, cover good, cl Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Original Golden Hits Volume 2 69 Sun Good 15.00 sun 103, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Little Richard The Explosive 86 Epic Good 10.00 e 30390, ac, l Send Email 
Looking Glass Subway Serenade 73 Epic Good 15.00 ke 32167, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Makeba, Miriam The World Of 63 Rca Very Good 20.00 lpm 2750, cover good, ll Send Email 
Mamas & Papas 2 Records Of Mamas And Papas Greatest Hits  Pickw Good 0.00 ptp 2076, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Loves Ups And Downs 77 Abc Dot Good 12.00 9310 2098, cover good, l Send Email 
Matthews, Ian A Spot Of Interference 80 Rso Very Good 10.00 rs1 3092, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcclinton, Delbert Live From Austin 89 Alligator Very Good 12.00  Send Email 
Mcclinton, Delbert Genuine Cowhide 76 Abc Good 20.00 9022 959, cover good, ac, al Send Email 
Mendez, Rafael Trumpet Extraordinary  Decca Good 0.00 dl 78427, cover fair, l Send Email 
Miller, Mitch Sing Along With Mitch 58 Colu Good 15.00 cl 1160, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Souvenir Album 55 Decca Good 30.00 dl 8148, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Paper Doll Pickw Good 10.00 spc 3220, price guides list this # as cab driver, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Mmmm 58 Dot Good 30.00 dlp 25103, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Say Si Si 64 Dot Good 12.00 dlp 3592, cover good, l Send Email 
Minglewood S/t  Epic Very Good 0.00 pec 80071, cover good, ac,wl Send Email 
Monroe, Vaughn Greatest Hits Vo 2 64 Dot Good 12.00 dlp 3584, cover fairm l, previous owner chose to stagger cutting album cover opening Send Email 
Morales Mambo With Morales  Harmony Fair 0.00 hl 7039, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Muldaur, Maria Southern Winds 78 Wb Good 10.00 bsk 3162, cover good, l Send Email 
Nelson, Rick Sings For You 64 Imperial Good 25.00 lp 12251, cover good, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Rebirth Of The Beat 69 Imp Very Good 12.00 lp 12424, cover vvg, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Drummin Up A Storm 62 Imperial Good 20.00 lp 9189, cover good, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Golden Hits 62 Imperial Good 20.00 lp 9202, cover poor, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Let There Be Drums 62 Imperial Good 30.00 lp 9159, cover fair, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy S/t 70 Reprise Good 12.00 rs 6286, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy 12 Songs 70 Reprise Very Good 10.00 rs 6373, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Live 71 Reprise Very Good 10.00 rs 6459, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Good Old Boys 74 Reprise Good 10.00 ms 2193, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Born Again 79 Wb Very Good 10.00 xhs 3346, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Trouble In Paradise 83 Wb Very Good 10.00 92 37551, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Orbison, Roy The Legendary  Polytel Good 0.00 840 183 1, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Osmonds Homemade  Polydor Good 0.00 2424 027, cover fair, l Send Email 
Page, Patti The Waltz Queen Wing Good 12.00 mgw 12121, cover fair, l, different from mercury same title Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Yardbird  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3054, cover good, ll Send Email 
Parks, Michael Closing The Gap 69 Mgm Good 15.00 se 4646, cover good-fair, l Send Email 
Parliament Chocolate City 75 Casablanca Good 75.00 nblp 7014, cover fair, l Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Just Because Im A Woman 68 Rca Good 30.00 lsp 3949, cover fair, ll, vinyl g-vg Send Email 
Peabody, Eddie Roses Of Picardy  Capri Good 0.00 cs 472, cover good, l Send Email 
Perkins, Carl Ol Blue Suedes Back 78 Jet Good 15.00 jt la856, cover good, l Send Email 
Pitney, Gene & Montgomery, Melba Being Together 66 Musicor Fair 25.00 mm2077, cover good, l Send Email 
Poindexter, Buster Hot Hot Hot -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 6737 1 rd, cover good, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley Charley Sings Everybodys Choice 82 Rca Very Good 10.00 ahli 4287, cover vg, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley From Me To You 71 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4468, cover good, ll Send Email 
Ravan, Genya-ten Wheel Drive Brief Replies 70 Polydor Good 12.00 2425 022, cover good, l Send Email 
Rhinoceros Better Times Are Coming 70 Elektra Good 20.00 eks 74075, cover fair, l Send Email 
Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition Monumental 74 Jolly Rogers Good 15.00 jr 5004, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Rusk, Harry The Country Favorites Of  Point Good 0.00 p 288, cover good, l Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit Pardon My Blooper  Quality Good 0.00 v29, 10 inch ep, cover fair, an album of radio and tvs most hilarious boners on the air Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit Pardon My Blooper 2nd Series The Best Of  Bloopers Good 0.00 pmb 3-4, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Scott, Freddie Everything I Have Is Yours 64 Colu Good 20.00 cl 2258, cover good, l Send Email 
Scott, Jack Burning Bridges  Cap Good 0.00 n 66121, cover vg, l, re issue Send Email 
Seals & Crofts S/t 69 Bell Good 25.00 ta 5001, cover good, l Send Email 
Shaw, Tommy Girls With Guns 84 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 5020, cover good, wl Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank That Old Feeling 56 Colu Fair 25.00 cl 902, cover fair, l Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank All The Way 61 Cap Good 20.00 w 1538, cover poor, ll Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy The Cat -nc- 64 Verve Fair 25.00 v6 8587, nc-, l Send Email 
Smith, R Harlan & Nielsen, Chris Stolen Moments  Royalty Good 0.00 r2000 37, cover vg, possible autographs from both Send Email 
Snow, Hank Somewhere Along Lifes Highway 68 Rca C Very Good 12.00 cal 2235, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Temple, Shirley Curtain Call 66 Movietone Good 20.00 mtm 1012, cover fair, l Send Email 
Temple, Shirley Little Miss  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 5127, cover good, l Send Email 
Temptations Gettin Ready -nc-  Tamla Motown Fair 0.00 tml 11035, -nc-, l Send Email 
Ten Years After Greatest Hits 77 London Good 10.00 lc 50008, cover good, l Send Email 
Thompson, Hank Luckiest Heartache In Town 65 Cap Good 25.00 st 2342, cover fair, l Send Email 
Tyson, Ian Ol Eon  A&m Fair 0.00 sp 9017, cover good, l Send Email 
Ub 40 1980 1983  Dep/virgin Good 0.00 vl 2265, cover good, l Send Email 
Valdy Notes From Places  Duke Fair 0.00 dsr 31010, cover g, wl Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino Brother To Brother 78 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 4722, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino Storm At Sunup 75 A&m Good 10.00 sp 4533, cover good, al Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3558, cover good, l Send Email 
Vee, Bobby Legendary Master #7 73 Ua Good 300.00 ua la025 g2, cover good, ac, l, double album Send Email 
Ventures S/t 63 Dolton Good 20.00 blp 2004, cover fair, l, maroon label unsure of value Send Email 
Ventures Flight Of Fantasy 68 Liberty Good 20.00 lst 8055, cover good, l Send Email 
Ventures Play Guitar With 65 Dolton Good 30.00 bst 17501, cover fair, l Send Email 
Ventures The Horse 68 Liberty Good 20.00 lst 8057, cover good, l Send Email 
Wakely, Jimmy Country Million Sellers Shasta/sparton Fair 15.00 sh lp 501, cover fair, l Send Email 
Soundtrack Huckleberry Hound Here Comes Huckleberry Hound 61 Colpix Good 180.00 cp 207, cover fair, l Send Email 
Soundtrack Medicine Medicine Ball Caravan 71 Wb Good 12.00 bs 2565, cover fair, l Send Email 
A&m Rock And Roll Compilations Rock Now  A&m/neo Sonic Good 0.00 st 5003, cover good, l Send Email 
Abc Dot C&w Compilation Country Comes To Carnegie Hall  Abc Dot Good 0.00 2310 2087, cover good, l, double album, roy clark, freddy fender,hank thompson, don williams a side each Send Email 
Cap C&w Compilation The Best Of The Great Songs With A Folk Country   Cap Good 0.00 sl 6599, cover good, l, folk yes but country??? Send Email 
Cap/cayo C&w Compiltation Big Four Country  Cap/cayo Good 0.00 cm2 7501, sl 6719-20, cover good, l, double album, 1 sude each for merle haggard, sonny james, buck owens and tennessee ernie ford. Send Email 
Colu R & R Compilations Havana Jam  Colu Good 0.00 pc2 36053 white label demo not for sale on label, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Coral 40's Compilation We Like Bands  Coral Fair 0.00 crl 57229, cover good, l Send Email 
Emi R&r Compilation The Rock And Roll Collection  Emi Australia Very Good 0.00 rock 1 1, cover fair, l triple album, with pamphlet Send Email 
Harlem Hit Parade R & B Compilation R&b Super Stars  Harlem Hit Parade Very Good 0.00 hhp 5003, cover good, l Send Email 
Home Shoppe R&r Compilation Americas Top Rock  Home Shoppe Good 0.00 cmpi 1016, cover good, l, 4 record set Send Email 
Island Rock And Roll Compilations Nice Enough To Eat  Island Good 0.00 iwps 6, cover fair, l Send Email 
Kama Sutra R & R Compilation 1950s Rock And Roll Revival  Kama Sutra Good 0.00 ksbs 2015, cover fair, l Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Superstars  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 227, cover fair, l, double album Send Email 
London Pre Rock Compilation New Orleans Horns -ep- 53 London Gr Brit Good 80.00 al 3509, 10 inch ep, cover vg, a riverside record Send Email 
Major Minor R&r Compilation A Bumper Bundle Of Hits  Major Minor Eng. Fair 0.00 mcp 5044, cover good, l Send Email 
Marble Arch R&r Compilations Stars Of 68 -nc-  Marble Arch Good 0.00 mals 762, -nc-, l Send Email 
Merc R&r Compilations Twist With The Stars 62 Merc Good 50.00 mg 20687,cover vg, condition g-, l Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Rock N Roll Revival  Pickw Good 0.00 sh 3306,cover good, l, 3 record set, no lable claim anywhere, # is pickw Send Email 
Rca C&w Compilation 3 Country Gentlemen 63 Rca Fair 30.00 lpm 2723, cover good, , ll, listen under hank snow, hank locklin and porter wagoner Send Email 
Smash R & R Compilations All Time Smash Hit  Smash Good 0.00 mgs 27052, cover good, l Send Email 
Starpak R&r Rock Requests  Starpak Good 0.00 sk 120, cover good, l Send Email 
Tele House R&r Compilation No. 1 Hits Of The 60s  Tele House/roulette Good 0.00 1013-1016, cover good, l, 4 record set Send Email 
Unart R&r Compilation Unforgettable Oldies Volume Two  Unart Good 0.00 ms 21027, cover good, l Send Email 
Wb Forties Compilations You Aint Heard Nothin Yet 59 Wb Good 40.00 xs 1307, cover fair, l, roger smith, efrem zimbalist, james garner, edd kookie byrnes do "the cavalcade of sound" from vitaphone to stereo Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Goodies Vol 1  Wb Good 0.00 bs 2575, cover good, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Rock Classics  Wb Good 0.00 bs 2590, cover poor, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation All Meat Sampler  Wb Good 0.00 pro 604, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Yorkville R&r Compilation After Four  Yorkville Good 0.00 yvm 33003, cover vg, l. ctv . stitch in tyme, ugly ducklings, ronnie hawkins, sugar shoppe, big town boys, terry black, susan taylor, majestics. scarlet ribbon, willapuss wallapuss,patrician anne, bob francis, bonnie and clyde, teak wood, ritchie knight  Send Email 
2x 12"
Tv,sports,scooby Doo Exciting Christmas Stories  Peter Pan Good 0.00 8214, cover poor, ac, l Send Email 
For Trade 10": 7, 12": 8, CD: 12, Tape: 10, Video: 9, Other: 16, Clothing: 24, Sticker: 4, Patch: 11, 8": 16, DVD: 1, Book: 2, Zine: 16, Button: 11, 2x 12": 1

7476091418's List Summary

For Trade 10": 7, 12": 8, CD: 12, Tape: 10, Video: 9, Other: 16, Clothing: 24, Sticker: 4, Patch: 11, 8": 16, DVD: 1, Book: 2, Zine: 16, Button: 11, 2x 12": 1

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