Real Name: n/a
Country: Canada

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Country
For Trade
Durante, Jimmy At The Copacabana -nc- 61 Roulette Good 20.00 r25123, -nc-, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Just Sings 56 Decca Good 60.00 dl 8410, cover fair, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Whos Gonna Play This Old Piano 72 Merc Fair 15.00 sr 61366, cover good, cl Send Email 
Matthews, Ian A Spot Of Interference 80 Rso Very Good 10.00 rs1 3092, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Souvenir Album 55 Decca Good 30.00 dl 8148, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Paper Doll Pickw Good 10.00 spc 3220, price guides list this # as cab driver, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Mmmm 58 Dot Good 30.00 dlp 25103, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Say Si Si 64 Dot Good 12.00 dlp 3592, cover good, l Send Email 
Muldaur, Maria Southern Winds 78 Wb Good 10.00 bsk 3162, cover good, l Send Email 
Poindexter, Buster Hot Hot Hot -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 6737 1 rd, cover good, l Send Email 
Seals & Crofts S/t 69 Bell Good 25.00 ta 5001, cover good, l Send Email 
Shaw, Tommy Girls With Guns 84 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 5020, cover good, wl Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy The Cat -nc- 64 Verve Fair 25.00 v6 8587, nc-, l Send Email 
Temple, Shirley Curtain Call 66 Movietone Good 20.00 mtm 1012, cover fair, l Send Email 
Temple, Shirley Little Miss  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 5127, cover good, l Send Email 
Temptations Gettin Ready -nc-  Tamla Motown Fair 0.00 tml 11035, -nc-, l Send Email 
Ten Years After Greatest Hits 77 London Good 10.00 lc 50008, cover good, l Send Email 
Tyson, Ian Ol Eon  A&m Fair 0.00 sp 9017, cover good, l Send Email 
Ub 40 1980 1983  Dep/virgin Good 0.00 vl 2265, cover good, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3558, cover good, l Send Email 
Cap/cayo C&w Compiltation Big Four Country  Cap/cayo Good 0.00 cm2 7501, sl 6719-20, cover good, l, double album, 1 sude each for merle haggard, sonny james, buck owens and tennessee ernie ford. Send Email 
Colu R & R Compilations Havana Jam  Colu Good 0.00 pc2 36053 white label demo not for sale on label, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Kama Sutra R & R Compilation 1950s Rock And Roll Revival  Kama Sutra Good 0.00 ksbs 2015, cover fair, l Send Email 
Major Minor R&r Compilation A Bumper Bundle Of Hits  Major Minor Eng. Fair 0.00 mcp 5044, cover good, l Send Email 
Marble Arch R&r Compilations Stars Of 68 -nc-  Marble Arch Good 0.00 mals 762, -nc-, l Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Rock N Roll Revival  Pickw Good 0.00 sh 3306,cover good, l, 3 record set, no lable claim anywhere, # is pickw Send Email 
Smash R & R Compilations All Time Smash Hit  Smash Good 0.00 mgs 27052, cover good, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Goodies Vol 1  Wb Good 0.00 bs 2575, cover good, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Rock Classics  Wb Good 0.00 bs 2590, cover poor, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation All Meat Sampler  Wb Good 0.00 pro 604, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
For Trade 10": 1, Video: 2, Other: 6, Clothing: 1, Patch: 3, 8": 7, Zine: 5, Button: 5

7476091418's List Summary

For Trade 10": 1, Video: 2, Other: 6, Clothing: 1, Patch: 3, 8": 7, Zine: 5, Button: 5

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