Real Name: n/a
Country: Canada

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Country
For Trade
Dalbello Whoman Four Says 84 Cap Good 0.00 st 12318, cover vg, wl, vinyl g++ Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Greatest Hits 84 Colu Good 8.00 fc 38883, cover good, l Send Email 
Damian, Michael Love Is A Mystery  Colu Very Good 0.00 pcc 90710, cover vg, l, ws Send Email 
Damon, Liz Orient Express S/t 70 White Whale Very Good 20.00 ms 5003, cover good, l Send Email 
Damone, Vic The Voice Of  Mercury Good 0.00 mg 20194, cover fair, l Send Email 
Damone, Vic Linger Awhile With 62 Cap Good 12.00 t 1646, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Damron, Dick Honky Tonk Angel  Rca Good 0.00 kkl, cover vg, l Send Email 
Damron, Dick High On You  Rca Good 0.00 kkl1 0334, cover good, l Send Email 
Dance Nation Sunshine 2001 Jive Electro Good 0.00 01241 42962 1, cover good Send Email 
Daniels, Charlie Te John Grease & Wolfman Epic Good 8.00 pe 34665, cover good, l Send Email 
Daniels, Charlie Volunteer Jam Vi  Epic Good 0.00 ke2 36438, cover good, l, double album vinyl good++ Send Email 
Dantes Inferno S/t -no-  Infinity Excellent 0.00 9014, cover exc sealed Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Darin 1936-1973 74 Motown Good 15.00 m 813, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Dark City S/t  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vl 2395, cover vg, l Send Email 
Darling Put It Down To Experience 79 Charisma Very Good 0.00 9211 1144, cover good, l british new wave/pop only album Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Thats The Way Love Should Be  Rca Good 0.00 cpl1 2477, cover vg, l, enjoyable album Send Email 
Dave & Sugar New York Wine Tennessee Shine  Rca Very Good 0.00 ahl1 3623, cover good, l Send Email 
Davis Group, Spencer Gluggo 73 Vertigo Good 12.00 vel 1015, cover good, l Send Email 
Davis, Danny & The Nashville Brass Play More Nashville Sounds 69 Rca Good 10.00 lsp 4176, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Davis, Mac Stop And Smell The Roses 74 Colu Fair 10.00 kc 32582, cover good, l Send Email 
Davis, Paul Cool Night 81 Arista Good 10.00 al 9578, cover vg, l Send Email 
Davis, Reverend Gary The Legendary  Biograph Good 0.00 blp 12030, cover vg, l Send Email 
Davis, Sammy Jr. Show 65 Reprise Very Good 15.00 rs 6188, cover vg, l Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Youve Got A Friend 72 Rca C England Good 10.00 cds 1173 n.a. cas 2607, cover vg, l Send Email 
Davis, Stu Invites You To Saddle Your Worries To A Song  London Fair 0.00 eb2, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Dawn Candida 70 Bell Good 12.00 6052, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dawn Chorale The Best Of Walt Disney  Rca Good 0.00 d 50016, cover good l, the trousdale strings Send Email 
Day, Dennis Christmas Is For The Family  Design Good 0.00 dlp x 1, cover fair, with jack benny Send Email 
Day, Doris The Best Of  Spot England Good 0.00 spr 8533, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Day, Doris Day By Night 58 Colu Very Good 20.00 cl 1053, cover vg, l Send Email 
Day, Doris & Previn, André Duet 62 Colu Good 20.00 cl 1752, cover good, l Send Email 
Dayne, Taylor Tell It To My Heart 87 Arista Good 10.00 al 8529, cover vg, l Send Email 
De Cormier, Robert Heritage  Command-sparton Good 0.00 rs 884 sd, cover vg, ll Send Email 
De Lory, Al Mash  Cap Good 0.00 sn 66132, cover vg, l Send Email 
De Lory, Al Plays Midnight Cowboy  Cap Good 0.00 st 394, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dean, Eddie Sings Country And Western  Crown Very Good 0.00 cst 583, cover good, l Send Email 
Dean, Jimmy Gotta Travel On  Harmony Good 0.00 hs 11356, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Deardorff, Danny Chameleon  Maiden Voyage Good 0.00 mvl 2019, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Dee, Lenny In Hollywood 62 Decca Good 12.00 dl 74315, cover good, l Send Email 
Deep Purple Fireball 71 Wb Good 15.00 bs 2564, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Delgado, Roberto Vacation In The Sun  Polydor Good 0.00 ptv 1007, cover good, l Send Email 
Delgado, Roberto Hits A La Fiesta  Polydor Good 0.00 2371 851, cover vg, l Send Email 
Denjean, Claude Moog  London Good 0.00 sp 44155, cover good, l Send Email 
Denny, Martin Quiet Village 59 Liberty Good 40.00 lst 7122, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Denver, Bobby City Lights  Larriot Good 0.00 ls 563, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Deodato Prelude 72 Cti Good 12.00 6021, cover good, l Send Email 
Depeche Mode Some Great Reward 84 Sire Good 12.00 92 51941, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Depeche Mode Catching Up With 85 Sire Very Good 10.00 92 53461, cover vg, al Send Email 
Depeche Mode 101 89 Sire Very Good 15.00 1 25853, cover vg, liner, pamphlet, aids info card, double album, promo stamp on front cover Send Email 
Derringer, Rick Sweet Evil 77 Colu Good 15.00 pz 34470, cover vg, ac., l, blue sky records Send Email 
Desrosiers, Marie Michele Aimer Pour Aimer  Polydor Good 0.00 2424 252, cover vg, ac, l, ws, en francaise Send Email 
Devo Oh No Its Devo 82 Wb  10.00 92 37411, cover good, ll Send Email 
Dexys Mdnight Runners Too Rye Ay  Vertigo Good 0.00 vog1 3318, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Searching For The Young Soul Rebels 80 Emi America Very Good 0.00 sn 66127, cover vg, l, re release Send Email 
Di Meola, Al Land Of The Midnight Sun  Colu Good 0.00 pc 34074, cover good, l Send Email 
Dickens, "little" Jimmy Alone With God  Harmony Good 0.00 hl 7326, cover good Send Email 
Dickies The Incredible Shrinking Dickies 79 A&m Good 15.00 sp 4742, cover good, ll Send Email 
Diddley, Bo / Berry, Chuck Two Great Guitars 85 Chess Very Good 10.00 ch 9170, cover vg, l Send Email 
Diesel Park West When The Hoodoo Comes/same -ep-  Emi Good 0.00 spro 04215, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dilcher, Cheryl Blue Sailor  Rca/butterfly Good 0.00 fly 003, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dion Donna The Prima Donna 63 Colu Good 30.00 cl 2107, cover good, l Send Email 
Dirty Tricks Hit & Run  Polydor Good 0.00 pd1 6104, cover vg, l vinyl good++ , late 70s Send Email 
Divine Native Love/these Memories -ep-  Unidisc Good 0.00 spec 1214,generic cover, l, 2 cuts Send Email 
Divine Hard Magic/same  Proto Good 0.00 enat 131, cover fair, l, with bonus 1 sided second record love reaction, both play at 45 rpm Send Email 
Dixie Dregs Dregs Of The Earth 1980 Arista Good 0.00 al 9528, cover ggod, al jazz rock from georgia, 5th release Send Email 
Dj Xl Ep-lyrics Of A Gangster-words Of Reality/ Unknow  Uar Good 0.00 0850 700191, cover good, l Send Email 
Djsammy Rise Again/why -ep- 2005 Super M Good 0.00 spgvl 166, generic cover, l, 4 cut 2 songs Send Email 
Doggett, Bill The Band With The Beat 61 Wb Good 20.00 w 1421, cover good, l Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas Dolbys Cube -ep-  Parlophone England Very Good 0.00 12r 6100, cover vg, l, 2 cut ep guest vocals by george clinton and lene lovich, 45 rpm Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas The Search For The Truth Part1/part2 84 Cap Good 8.00 v75061, cover good, l, 45 rpm Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas Wireless 82 Harvest Very Good 12.00 st 12271, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dolby, Thomas The Flat Earth 84 Cap Very Good 10.00 st 12309, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Dollie De Luxe Rock Vs Opera  A&m Good 0.00 sp 9131, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Domino, Fats Swings 64 Imp Good 20.00 lp 12091, cover good, l Send Email 
Domino, Fats His Greatest Hits  Polytel Good 0.00 b29 240, cover vg, l Send Email 
Doors The Best Of 85 Elektra Very Good 15.00 96 03451, cover vg, ac, l, double album Send Email 
Doppelganger Communication Breakdown  Manhattan Good 0.00 v 75094, cover good, l, 3 cut 12' single, 45 rpm Send Email 
Dorsey Brothers Their Shining Hour  Design Good 0.00 dlp 20, cover good, l Send Email 
Dorsey Brothers Sentimental And Swinging 58 Colu Good 0.00 cl 1240, cover good++, l, vinyl red 6 eyes label Send Email 
Double Woman Of The World/same  Polydor Very Good 0.00 djp 196, generic cover good, l 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
Double Devils Ball/same -ep-  Polydor Excellent 0.00 djp 242, generic cover vg, l 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
Douglas, Carol Let You Come Into My Life/night Fever -ep-  Midsong Good 0.00 mca 13905, cover good, 2 cut ep, 45 rpm Send Email 
Downchild Blues Band Dancing 74 Special Very Good 0.00 9230 1049, cover good, l, 3rd album, vvg Send Email 
Doyle, Geraldine Stand On Your Man  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1175, cover vg, vinyl almost vg, l Send Email 
Dream Academy The Edge Of Forever/ Same -ep- 86 Wb Very Good 12.00 pro 2439, cover generic fair, l 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
Drusky, Roy Doin Something Right  Merc Good 0.00 sr 61377, cover good, l Send Email 
Dudes, The Were No Angels  Colu Good 0.00 kc 33577, cover good, l Send Email 
Dudley, Dave Presents  Ua Good 0.00 ua la675 g, cover good, l, vg Send Email 
Dudley, Dave George And The North Woods  Merc Good 0.00 sr 61242, cover good, l Send Email 
Dudley, Dave Country 67 Merc Good 20.00 sr 61133, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Dudley, Dave Oh Lonesome Me/seven Lonely Days  Hilltop/pickw Good 0.00 js 6095, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Dukes Of Dixieland Minstrel Time With The Phenomenal Volume 5 57 Audio Fidelity Good 15.00 aflp 1861, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dukes Of Dixieland Marching Along With The Phenomenal Volume 3  Audio Fidelity Good 0.00 aflp 1851, cover vg, l Send Email 
Dukes Of Dixieland You Have To Hear It To Believe It Vol 2 Audio Fidelity Good 0.00 aflp 1840, cover vg, l Send Email 
Durante, Jimmy At The Copacabana -nc- 61 Roulette Good 20.00 r25123, -nc-, l Send Email 
Durante, Jimmy Songs For Sunday  Light Good 0.00 ls 5565, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Durbin, Deanna Movie Songs  Mca England Good 0.00 mcl 1668, cover good, l, as close to opera as i care to get Send Email 
Easton, Sheena You Could Have Been With Me 81 Emi America Good 10.00 sw 517061, cover good, l Send Email 
Easy Club Scottish Rhythm & Swing  Abbey Hill Good 0.00 abb 1001, cover good, l Send Email 
Ebstein, Katja The Star Of Mykonos  Ua Good 0.00 uala 322g, cover good, l Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Songs To Learn And Sing  Korova Good 0.00 24 07671, cover vg, wl vinyl good+ Send Email 
Eddy, Duane In Person 63 Jamie Fair 30.00 jlpm 3025, cover goo, l Send Email 
Eddy, Duane The Roarin Twangies 67 Reprise Good 30.00 r 6240, cover vg, l, vinyl condition good ++ Send Email 
Edmonson, Travis Travelin With  Tradition Good 0.00 tr 2074, cover vg, l, of bud and travis Send Email 
Edmunds, Dave Tracks On Wax 78 Swan Song Good 15.00 kss 8505, cover good, l, vg lively album. vinyl condition good ++ Send Email 
Edward & Harding S/t  Celebration Very Good 0.00 cel 1857, cover vg, l Send Email 
Edwards, Jonathan Sailboat 77 Wb Good 10.00 bs 3020, cover good, l Send Email 
Edwards, Tommy Step Out Singing -nc- 60 Mgm Good 20.00 e3822, nc, l Send Email 
Eight Seconds Almacantar  Polydor Good 0.00 831 119, cover vg, al Send Email 
Eight Seconds Wheres Bula -ep-  Polydor Very Good 0.00 djp 216, cover good, l, 1 cut ep Send Email 
Eleventh House, The Introducing 74 Vanguard Good 12.00 vsda 79342, with larry coryell, cover good, l, jazz Send Email 
Elfman, Danny Gratitude -ep- 84 Mca Good 10.00 23532, cover good, ll, 3 versions 1 song Send Email 
Elgart, Larry Never Better 59 Rca Good 15.00 lpm 1961, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Ellington, Duke Hi Fi Uptown 56 Colu Good 40.00 cl 830, cover vg, l Send Email 
Emerson, Bill Banjo Pickin N Hot Fiddlin  Coronet Good 0.00 cx 188, cover poor, l Send Email 
Emigre Poison/instrumental  Attic Good 0.00 att 1217, cover good, 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
England Dan & John Ford Coley Dowdy Ferry Road 77 Big Tree Good 10.00 kbt 76000, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Etheridge, Melissa S/t 88 Island Good 0.00 isl 1143, cover vg, l Send Email 
Etheridge, Melissa Like The Way I Do/same -ep- 88 Island Very Good 15.00 pr 2466, cover vg, l, 1 cut 1 version Send Email 
Eurogliders This Island 84 Colu Very Good 10.00 fc 39588, cover good, l Send Email 
Eurythmics I Need A Man -ep- 87 Rca Good 8.00 6820 1 rd, cover good, l, 3 cuts 2 songs Send Email 
Eurythmics Savage 87 Rca Very Good 12.00 6694 1 r, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Everly Brothers End Of An Era 71 Barnaby Good 15.00 zg 30260, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Exile S/t 83 Epic Very Good 8.00 fe 39154, cover fair, l Send Email 
Exile All There Is 79 Wb Very Good 10.00 qbs 3323, cover good, l Send Email 
Fagen, Donald The Nightfly 82 Wb Very Good 8.00 92 36961, cover good, wl Send Email 
Fahey, John The New Possibility Guitar Solo 68 Takoma Good 25.00 1020, promo, cover fair, l Send Email 
Fame Gang Solid Gold From Muscle Shoals 69 Fame Good 25.00 skao 4200, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Fancy Slice Me Nice/come Inside -ep-  Polydor Good 0.00 pdsx 2260, cover generic-fair, l 45 rpm Send Email 
Fantasy S/t  Pavillion Good 0.00 jz 37151, cover vg, l, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Fargo, Donna Fargo Country 77 Wb Good 10.00 bs 2996, cover vg, l Send Email 
Fargo, Donna Miss Donna Fargo 74 Abc Dot Good 12.00 dosd 2002, cover vg, l Send Email 
Farnham, John Whispering Jack 86 Rca Very Good 10.00 6300 1 r, cover exc, ac, wl Send Email 
Farr Brothers Texas Crapshooter  Jemf Good 0.00 jemf 107, cover exc, ac, l, with booklet Send Email 
Fat Mattress S/t 69 Atco Good 20.00 sd 33 309, cover good, l Send Email 
Fat Mattress Ii  Polydor Good 0.00 2383 025, cover good, l, need atco lable Send Email 
Fawn, Charlie S/t  Hansa Good 0.00 ha 5504, cover vg,ac, l Send Email 
Fearing, Stephen Out To Sea  Vancouver Folk Music Very Good 0.00 atr 301, cover vg, l, ws Send Email 
Feliciano, Jose S/t 70 Rca Good 15.00 lsp 4421, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Fender, Freddy Rock N Country 76 Abc Dot Good 12.00 9710 2050, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Fender, Freddy Gilley, Mickey Milsap, Ronnie That Is  Pickw Good 0.00 js 6196, cover fair, l pretty good cuts Send Email 
Ferrante & Teicher A Man And A Woman 67 Ua Good 12.00 uas 6572, cover exc, ac, l Send Email 
Ferrante & Teicher Midnight Cowboy 67 Ua Good 10.00 uas 6725, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Ferrante & Teicher A Bouquet Of Hits 68 Ua Good 10.00 uas 6659, cover vg Send Email 
Fields, W.c. Original Voice Tracks  Decca Good 0.00 dl 7 9164, cover vg, l Send Email 
Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy -ep- 89 Irs Good 7.00 irs 23926, cover vg, l, 1 cut 4 version s Send Email 
Finn, Mickie Americas No 1 Speakeasy  Rca Good 0.00 ds 50009, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Finn, Tim Escapade 83 A&m Good 10.00 sp 4972, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Fiori-séguin Deux Cents Nuits A Lheure  Cbs Good 0.00 pfs 90456, cover good, wl, pics inside a cnr?? coach Send Email 
Fire And Ice Danger/same Instrumental -ep-  Boulevard Good 0.00 blvd 032, generic cover with sticker, ac Send Email 
Firefall Clouds Across The Sun 80 Atl Good 10.00 xsd 16024, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Firefall Undertow 80 Atl Very Good 10.00 xsd 16006, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Firesign Theatre Dear Friends 72 Colu Good 20.00 kg 31099, cover good, l, double album surreal comedy, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Fisher & Marks Its A Beatle Cooccoo World 64 Swan Good 40.00 lp 514, cover good, l Send Email 
Fitzgerald, Ella Lullabies Of Birdland 55 Decca Good 50.00 dl 8149, cover fair, l, excellent album lots of scat Send Email 
Fitzgerald, Ella & Peterson, Oscar Ella And Oscar  Pablo Good 0.00 2310 759, cover good, l Send Email 
Five Star Luxury Of Life 85 Rca Good 10.00 nfl1 8052, cover good, l Send Email 
Fivepenny Piece Songs We Like To Sing  Emi England Good 0.00 scx 6554 cover fair, l Send Email 
Fixx Reach The Beach 83 Mca Very Good 8.00 5419, cover vg, l, re issue Send Email 
Fixx Phantoms 84 Mca Very Good 8.00 mca 5507, cover vg, al Send Email 
Fixx Shuttered Room 82 Mca Very Good 10.00 5345, cover vg, l Send Email 
Fjellgaard, Gary Time And Innocence  Slim Creek Good 0.00 scr 323, cover vg, al, from b.c. Send Email 
Flack, Roberta Feel Like Makin Love 74 Atl Good 10.00 sd 18131, cover vg, l Send Email 
Flame Queen Of The Neighborhood  Rca Good 0.00 cpl1 2160, cover vg, l Send Email 
Flatt & Scruggs Hard Travelin 63 Colu Fair 20.00 cl 1951, cover fair, l Send Email 
Flatt & Scruggs The World Of 72 Colu Good 15.00 kg 31964, cover vg, l, double album vinyl good+ Send Email 
Flatt & Scruggs Hear The Whistle Blow  Colu L.e. Good 0.00 le 10522, cover vg, l Send Email 
Flock Of Seagulls S/t 82 Jive Good 12.00 jv 6600, cover vg,l Send Email 
Flock, The Dinosaur Swamps 70 Colu Good 20.00 c 30007, cover fair, l Send Email 
Flowers, Phil Sings Nat King Cole  Design Very Good 0.00 dlp 162 , cover good, l, good covers not usual songs Send Email 
Flying Pickets Groovin,summer At Home/ -ep-  Virgin Good 0.00 vsx 1284, cover good, l, 4 cut ep, 45 rpm b side sealed with a kiss, summer in the city Send Email 
Flynn, Pierre Le Parfum Du Hasard  Audiogram Very Good 0.00 ad 10 014, cover vg, ac, wl, en francaise Send Email 
Fm Black Noise  Passport/cbc Very Good 0.00 pl 4001, cover vg, l Send Email 
Fogelberg, Dan Souvenirs 74 Epic Good 12.00 ke 33137, cover fair, l Send Email 
Foghat Live 77 Bearsville Good 10.00 kbr 6971, cover good, al Send Email 
Foghat Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce 81 Bearsville Good 10.00 xbr 3578, cover vg, l vinyl good+ Send Email 
Foghat Fool For The City 75 Bearsville Good 12.00 br 6959, cover vg, ac, l bay pricetag 5.70 Send Email 
Foley, Red Songs For The Soul 67 Decca Good 12.00 dl 4849, cover good, l Send Email 
Folle Avoine Au Rythme Du Courant  Cbc Very Good 0.00 fa 101, cover exc, wl Send Email 
Fontaine, Frank Songs I Sing On The Jackie Gleason Show 63 Sparton/abc Very Good 15.00 abc 442, cover exc, ac, l Send Email 
Fontanna And His Orchestra Memories Are Made Of These  Masterseal Good 0.00 ms 33 1810, cover good Send Email 
Foot In Coldwater A Foot In Coldwater  Daffodil Good 0.00 sba 16012, cover fair, l Send Email 
Ford, "tennessee" Ernie I Love To Tell The Story 62 Cap Good 12.00 t1751, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Ford, "tennessee" Ernie A Friend We Have 59 Cap Good 15.00 t 1272, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Let Me Walk With Thee 65 Cap Good 12.00 t2296, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sing We Now Of Christmas 65 Cap Very Good 12.00 t2394, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Wonderful Peace 66 Cap Good 15.00 st2557, cover good, cl Send Email 
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Best Of The Hymns 68 Cap Good 12.00 skao 2949, cover good, ll Send Email 
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Hymns 56 Cap Good 25.00 t756, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Ford, Tennessee Ernie O Come All Ye Faithfull 68 Cap Good 12.00 st2968, cover good, ll Send Email 
Forever Young Elizabeth Troy 4 Vini -ep-  Botchit & Fair 0.00 no #, 3 cuts, cover Send Email 
Foster & Lloyd Hard To Say No/same -ep-  Rca Very Good 0.00 6622 1 rdaa, promo, cover vg, l Send Email 
Fosterchild Troubled Child  Colu Very Good 0.00 pcc 80003, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Fountain, Pete On Tour 61 Coral Good 20.00 crl 57357, cover fair, l Send Email 
Fountain, Pete Plenty Of Pete 63 Coral Very Good 15.00 crl 757424, cover vg, l Send Email 
Four Aces Golden Hits Of 60 Decca Good 20.00 dl 4013, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Four Seasons Dawn 64 Philips Good 20.00 phm 200 124, cover vg,ac, l Send Email 
Four Seasons Entertain You 65 Philips Fair 20.00 phm 200 164, cover fair, l Send Email 
Four Seasons Sherry 62 Reo Good 40.00 rlp 653, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Fowley, Kim Good Clean Fun 69 Imperial Good 40.00 lp 12443, cover good, l Send Email 
Fox, Samantha Touch Me 86 Jive Very Good 12.00 j1 1012, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Foxx, Redd Matinee Idol  King/diamond Good 0.00 ks 1135, cover good, l Send Email 
Francis, Connie Do The Twist 62 Mgm Fair 30.00 e4022, cover good, l, plays thru but well used Send Email 
Francis, Connie Connies Christmas 66 Mgm Good 30.00 se 4399, cover vg, l Send Email 
Francis, Connie Jealous Heart 66 Mgm Poor 30.00 se 4355, cover good, l, skips in couple of spots a side on old rp Send Email 
Francis, Connie & Williams, Hank Jr Sing Great Ccountry Favorites 64 Mgm Good 30.00 e 4251, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes 84 Ztt Good 10.00 is 1002, cover good, l, not the # listed Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Arethas Greatest Hits 71 Atl Good 15.00 sd 8295, cover good, l Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Whos Zoomin Who 85 Arista Good 8.00 al8 8286, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Soul 69 69 Atl Good 15.00 sd 8212, cover good, ll Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha 2 Originals Of  Atl Good 0.00 k80007, cover good, l, double album aretha arrives and i never loved a man... Send Email 
Fraser & De Bolt With Pleasure  Colu Good 0.00 kc 32130, cover fair, l, allan fraser and daisy de bolt Send Email 
Freq Nasty Vs Public Enemy Amp The Noise -ep-  Y4k Good 0.00 nasty1, cover generic, 45 rpm 2 cut ep Send Email 
Frida Something Going On 82 Atl Good 10.00 98 00181, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Funt, Allen Candid Camera-candid Mike  Jubilee Good 0.00 ks2, cover vg, l, produced by kermit schafer Send Email 
Fureys & Davey Arthur The Sound Of  Polydor England Very Good 0.00 2490 160, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gale, Eric Blue Horizon  Elektra Musician Good 0.00 xe1 60022, cover vg, cl Send Email 
Gallagher & Lyle Love On The Airwaves  A&m Good 0.00 sp 4620, cover good, ll, ws Send Email 
Gallagher & Lyle Breakaway  A&m England Good 0.00 amlm 68348, cover good, l, ws Send Email 
Gallagher, Rory Top Priority 79 Chrys Good 15.00 chr 1235, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gang Of Four Ep  Wb Good 0.00 mini 3494, cover good+, l 4 cut ep 1978-80 Send Email 
Gap Band Iv 82 Total Experience Good 8.00 te 3001, cover good, wl Send Email 
Garland, Judy Judy Thats Entertainment -nc- 60 Cap Good 25.00 t 1467, nc, l Send Email 
Garrett, Tommy 50 Guitars Of The Best Of 69 Liberty Good 12.00 lss 14045, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gary, John Choice 66 Rca Good 15.00 lsp 3501, cover exc, ac, ll Send Email 
Gatlin Brothers Greatest Hits 80 Colu Good 8.00 jc 36488, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gatlin, Larry Rain Rainbow 82 Colu Fair 8.00 wpc 38339, cover good, l, warp playable on old rp Send Email 
Gault, Jonna Watch Me 68 Rca Good 25.00 lsp 4081, cover good, ll popsike sale of 2 avg 36, min 27 max 47 Send Email 
Gaye, Marvin I Want You 76 Motown Good 15.00 t342pi, cover g, ll Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Nobody Wants To Be Alone 84 Wb Good 10.00 92 51541, cover good, wl Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal When I Dream 78 Ua Good 10.00 uala 858h, cover good, l Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Love Songs  Hallmark Very Good 0.00 shm 3125, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Cage The Songbird 83 Wb Good 10.00 92 39581, cover vg, wl vinyl good+ Send Email 
Geldof, Bob This Is The World Calling -ep-  Merc Good 0.00 bobx 101, cover good, l, 45 rpm, 2 cut 12 inch ep Send Email 
Genesis And Then There Were Three 78 Atl Very Good 10.00 ksd 19173, cover good, l Send Email 
Genesis Three Sides Live 82 Atl Very Good 12.00 sd2 2000, cover good , l, double album Send Email 
Genesis Selling England By The Pound 81 Atl Good 8.00 sd 19277, cover vg, l, require chrysalis label Send Email 
Gentry, Bobbie Fancy 70 Cap Good 15.00 st 428, cover vg, l Send Email 
Giant Steps The Book Of Pride 88 A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 5190, cover good, ll british pop duo only album Send Email 
Gibbs, Terry Free And Easy  Maverick Very Good 0.00 mlp 1001, cover vg, l, half speed mastered Send Email 
Gibson, David S/t  A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 9148, cover vg, ac, wl Send Email 
Gibson, Don Great Gibson Volume 1  Rca Good 0.00 lsp 4378, cover good, ll Send Email 
Gibson, Don Girls Guitars And Gibson 61 Rca Good 30.00 lpm 2361, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Gibson, Don Sings All Time Country Gold 69 Rca Good 15.00 lsp 4169, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Gibson, Don & Thompson, Sue The 2 Of Us Together  Hickory Good 0.00 st 95021, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gilder, Nick Frequency 79 Chrysalis Very Good 10.00 chr 1219, cover vg, l, nvg Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey City Lights -promo- 74 Playboy Good 20.00 pb 403, cover good g-, ll Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Golden Treasures  Ahed Very Good 0.00 as 8212, cover fair, l Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Room Full Of Roses 74 Playboy Good 20.00 pb 128, vover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Christmas At Gilleys 81 Epic Very Good 10.00 fe 37595, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Because I Love You  Broadland Good 0.00 br 1984, cover good, l, cover shows title because i love you. on vinyl shown as welcome to gilleys Send Email 
Gina, Dean & Scoundrel S/t  Cea Good 0.00 dwm 3331, cover vg, autographs on back cover, pic of the main 2 and rodney dangerfield Send Email 
Gleason, Jackie Music To Remember Her 55 Cap Good 25.00 w 570, cover vg Send Email 
Glover, Roger Elements 78 Polydor Good 0.00 pd1 6137, cover vg, l deep purple bassist Send Email 
Golden Avatar A Change Of Heart -no-  Sudarshan  0.00 sd1, cover vvg, sealed, 2nd copy vg, vg Send Email 
Goldsboro, Bobby Muddy Mississippi Line 69 Ua Good 20.00 uas 6735,cover fair, l Send Email 
Goodman, Benny The Hits Of  Cap Sl Good 0.00 t 1514, cover vg, l Send Email 
Goodman, Steve Jessies Jig & Other Favorites 75 Asylum Very Good 12.00 7es 1037, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gordon, Robert Rock Billy Boogie 79 Rca Good 12.00 afl1 3294, cover good, al Send Email 
Gordon, Robert Bad Boy 80 Rca Good 12.00 afl1 3523, cover fair, al Send Email 
Gore, Lesley Sings Of Mixed Up Hearts 63 Merc Fair 30.00 mg 20849, cover good to vg, l Send Email 
Gorme, Eydie Gorme Country Style 64 Colu Good 20.00 cs 8920, cover good, l Send Email 
Gorme, Eydie & Lawrence, Steve The Very Best Of -nc- 62 Ua Good 20.00 ual 3191, nc, l Send Email 
Gosdin, Vern If Youre Gonna O Me Wrong Do It Right 83 Compleat Good 10.00 cpl1 1004, cover vg, l Send Email 
Goto,yoshiko With Inaba A Touch Of Love  Three Blind Mice Good 0.00 tbm54, cover good, l Send Email 
Grand Funk Hits 81 Cap Good 8.00 sn 16138, re issue, cover vg, l Send Email 
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel White Lines -ep-  Castle Good 0.00 shrm t 001, cover good, l, 1 cut 3 versions, 45 rpm, listing is for a sugar hill release with 4 versions 83-20 Send Email 
Grant, Bob Song Hits Of 1922 -ep-  Decca Good 0.00 dl 5166, cover poor Send Email 
Grant, Earl Gently Swingin 68 Decca Fair 20.00 dl 4937, cover good, cl Send Email 
Grant, Earl Its So Good 67 Vocalion  12.00 vl 73793, cover good, l Send Email 
Grant, Earl At Basin Street East 62 Decca Good 12.00 dl 4299, cover fair, l Send Email 
Grant, Earl Midnight Sun 63 Decca Fair 15.00 dl 74338, cover vg, l Send Email 
Grant, Eddy Cant Get Enough  Abraham/ice Good 0.00 icel 21, cover good, l Send Email 
Grapes Of Wrath S/t  Nettwerk Very Good 0.00 wrc1 4144l, cover vg, l Send Email 
Grapes Of Wrath Treehouse  Cap Very Good 0.00 clt 48018, cover vg, al Send Email 
Greaves, Teddy Living It Up -no-  Art Excellent 0.00 alp 64, cover exc, ac, sealed Send Email 
Greaves, Teddy Heres -no-  Art Excellent 0.00 alp 76, cover exc, ac, sealed Send Email 
Green, Peter. Little Dreamer  Attic Very Good 0.00 lat 1088, cover vg, ac, l us on sail label 80-12. Send Email 
Greenwood, Lee Christmas To Christmas 85 Mca Good 10.00 5623, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Greger, Max Tumpets  Polydor Good 0.00 2371 198, cover good Send Email 
Griff, Ray Expressions 74 Abc Dot Fair 12.00 dosd 2011, cover good, l, autographed?? Send Email 
Griff, Ray The Entertainer  Grt Good 0.00 9230 1014, cover vg, l Send Email 
Griff, Ray The Middle Of The Road  Grt Good 0.00 9230 1026, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Griffin, Ken At The Organ -ep-  Quality Good 0.00 v22, 10 inch ep, cover fair Send Email 
Grisman, David Mondo Mando 82 Wb Good 10.00 bs 3618, cover vg, al Send Email 
Gross, Henry S/t 73 A&m Good 12.00 sp 4416, cover vg, l, ws Send Email 
Guadalcanal Diary Flip Flop 89 Elektra Very Good 10.00 96 08481, cover vg, l Send Email 
Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band Music For Non Thinkers  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 1721, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Guitar, Bonnie Green Green Grass Of Home Pickw Good 12.00 spc 3144, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Gulliver S/t 70 Elektra Good 20.00 eks 74070, cover good, l vinyl condition good+, daryl hall a member of this group john oates joined later Send Email 
Guthrie, Woody Vol 2  Joker Italy Very Good 0.00 sm 3961, cover vg, l, with cisco houston and sonny terry Send Email 
Guy & Ralna Lovelight  Ranwood Good 0.00 r 8146, cover vg, l Send Email 
Gwendal S/t  Emi Good 0.00 064 13075, cover fair, l Send Email 
Gwendal Mon Joli Scooter  Pathe Good 0.00 2c 066 14403, cover vg, l Send Email 
Haggard, Merle Christmas Present 73 Cap Good 12.00 st 11230, cover vg, l Send Email 
Haircut One Hundred Pelican West 82 Arista Good 15.00 al 6600, cover vg, l Send Email 
Haley, Bill Greatest Hits  Quality Good 0.00 sv 2078, cover good, l Send Email 
Hall & Oates Abandoned Luncheonette 73 Atl Good 12.00 sd 7269, cover vg, l Send Email 
Hall, Chris Lifeline  Cap Good 0.00 st 6486, cover good, wl Send Email 
Hall, Daryl Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine 86 Rca Good 8.00 ajl1 7196, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Hall, Tom T. In Concert 83 Rca Very Good 10.00 ahl1 4749, cover good, l Send Email 
Hamblen, Stuart I Believe  Harmony Good 0.00 hl 7403, cover fair, l Send Email 
Hamilton, George Iv Trendsetter  Rca Good 0.00 kpl1 0002, cover vg, l Send Email 
Hammersmith S/t  Merc Good 0.00 srm1 1040, cover good, l, canadian Send Email 
Hammond, Johnny Breakout 71 Kudu Good 12.00 ku 01, cover good, l Send Email 
Hampshire, Keith The First Cut  A&m Good 0.00 sp 9006, cover good, cl Send Email 
Hampton, Lionel Moonglow 56 Decca Good 50.00 dl 8230, cover fair, l Send Email 
Hann, Paul High Test  Stony Plain Very Good 0.00 spl 1028, cover good, l Send Email 
Hardcastle, Paul 19 -ep-  Chrysalis Good 0.00 cs 42875, cover good, l, 12 inch single Send Email 
Harley, Steve The Phantom Of The Opera -ep-  Polydor Very Good 0.00 djp 225, generic cover good, promo, with sarah brightman Send Email 
Harmonicats In The Land Of Hi Fi  Merc Good 0.00 mg c 20362, cover vg, l Send Email 
Harmonicats S/t  Design Good 0.00 sdlp 202, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Harmonium Les Cinq Saisons  Celebration Good 0.00 cel 1900, cover good, insert, en francaise Send Email 
Harris, Eddie & Mccann, Les Second Movement 71 Atl Good 15.00 sd 1583, cover good, l Send Email 
Harris, Rolf At The Arctic Club  Colu Australia Good 0.00 osx 7675, cover vg, l Send Email 
Harris, Sam Sam I Am  Motown Good 0.00 mot 6165, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Harris, Simon -ep- Here Comes That Sound/its A Girl  London Good 0.00 ffrx 12, generic cover, 45 rpm Send Email 
Harrison, Mike Rainbow Rider  Island Good 0.00 ilps 9359, cover good, l Send Email 
Hassles, The S/t 68 Ua Good 25.00 ual 3631, cover good, l, billy joel was a member Send Email 
Hawkins, Ronnie The Hawk  Hawk Good 0.00 9205 9039, cover vg, l Send Email 
Hawkwind S/t 71 Ua Good 20.00 uas 5519, cover good, l, popsike avg 40 min 19, max103 Send Email 
Haymes, Dick Look At Me Now  Hollywood Very Good 0.00 lph 138, cover fair, l Send Email 
Haza, Ofra Im Nin'alu -ep-  Wea Good 0.00 24 77710, 3 versions of 1 song, cover good, l, 45 rpm Send Email 
Head, Roy Head First 76 Abc Dot Very Good 12.00 9310 2051, cover good, l Send Email 
Headhunters Survival Of The Fittest 75 Arista Very Good 60.00 al 4038, cover good, l, popsike median 32 mean 36 Send Email 
Heart Brigade 90 Cap Good 12.00 c1 91820, cover good, wl Send Email 
Helbig, Herbie A Classical Gas  Candian Talent Library Good 0.00 477 5106, cover good, l, vinyl good++ Send Email 
Helm, Levon S/t  Abc Very Good 0.00 aa 1089, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Hendrix, Jimi & Little Richard Freinds From The Beginning  Ala Good 0.00 1972, cover good, l Send Email 
Hennig, Jack Canadian Breed  Birchm Fair 0.00 bm 581, cover good, l Send Email 
Hernandez, Patrick Born To Be Alive/locomotion-ep-  Sex Very Good 0.00 sx 1248,generic cover with sticker vg, l Send Email 
Heywood, Eddie S/t 55 Emarcy Good 40.00 mg 36042, cover fair?, l Send Email 
Hi-los, The Listen 56 Starlite Good 40.00 st 7006, cover vg, l Send Email 
Hibbs, Harry Join Us At The Caribou  Arc Good 0.00 as 813, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Hibbs, Harry All Kinds Of Everything  Marathon Good 0.00 mms 76026, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Highland Line Introducing  Century 21 Good 0.00 csps 940, cover good, l, winnipeg label Send Email 
Hill, Z.z Lets Make A Deal  Colu Very Good 0.00 pc 35030, cover good, l, need jc Send Email 
Hillman, Chris Desert Rose 84 Sugarhill/stony Pl Good 12.00 spl 1071, cover vg, l Send Email 
Hines, Earl "fatha" Earls Pearls 60 Mgm Germany Good 30.00 665 059, cover good, l, n.a. se 3832 Send Email 
Hobbits Down To Middle Earth 67 Decca Good 50.00 dl 74920, cover good, cl Send Email 
Hodgson, Roger You Make Me Love You/same  A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 17506, cover generic good, l Send Email 
Hogg, Smokey Original Folk Blues 70 United Good 12.00 us 7745, cover good, l Send Email 
Hollies S/t 74 Epic Very Good 10.00 ke 32574, cover vg, l Send Email 
Holly, Buddy Showcase 64 Coral Fair 80.00 crl 757450, cover fair, l Send Email 
Holly, Buddy Reminiscing 63 Coral Good 200.00 crl 57426, cover good , l, popsike median 43, mean 54, high 239 Send Email 
Holmes, Cecil Soulful Sounds Black Motion Picture Experience 73 Buddah Good 12.00 bds 5129, nc, ll Send Email 
Holmes, Rupert Partners In Crime 79 Infinity Good 10.00 inf 9020 cover vg, wl Send Email 
Homer & Jethro The Best Of 66 Rca Good 30.00 lsp 3474, cover good, ll, vvg album Send Email 
Homer & Jethro Wanted For Murder 66 Rca Good 25.00 lsp 3673, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Hooker, John Lee Portrait  Bellaphon Germany Good 0.00 bls 5577, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Horn, Paul Inside Ii  Epic Good 0.00 ke 31600, cover good, l Send Email 
Horn, Paul Inside The Magic Of Findhorn-no-  Golden Flute Excellent 0.00 gfr 2003, cover exc sealed Send Email 
Horslips Short Stories Tall Tales 79 Merc Good 10.00 srm1 3809, cover good, l Send Email 
Hot Butter Popcorn 72 Musicor Good 12.00 ms 3242, cover good, l Send Email 
House, Sam Death Letter  Edsel Very Good 0.00 ed 167, cover vg, l Send Email 
Houston, David Best  Impact Very Good 0.00 bc 264, cover vg, l Send Email 
Houston, David The World Of 70 Epic Good 20.00 egp 502, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Howard, Jan The Real Me 68 Tower Good 15.00 dt 5119, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Howard, Jan Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel  Decca Good 0.00 75333, cover good, l Send Email 
Human League Fascination  Virgin Very Good 0.00 bep 319, cover good. l, 6 cut Send Email 
Humperdinck, Engelbert Release Me  Pickw England Good 0.00 cn 2034, cover fair, l, a greatest hits album totally different then n.a. release release me Send Email 
Hundley Trio, Craig Arrival Of A Young Giant 68 World Pacific Good 15.00 wps 21880, cover good, l Send Email 
Hunt, Pee Wee Swingin Around  Cap Good 0.00 t 492, cover fair, lc, regular 12 inch guide shows this # for a 10 inch Send Email 
Hunter, Tommy Anniversary Sessions -no-  Rca Excellent 0.00 kkl1 0600, sealed, ac, eatons 10.99 price tag Send Email 
Hurt, Mississippi John Folk Songs And Blues 63 Piedmont Good 80.00 plp 13157, cover good, l vinyl condition good + Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Sings The Songs Of Music City Usa 66 Cap Good 15.00 t 2439, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Ramblin Rose  Pickw/hilltop Good 0.00 js 6135, cover vg, l Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Freckles And Polliwog Days 74 Abc Good 12.00 abcx 818, cover good, l Send Email 
Hyman, Phyllis Cant We Fallin Love Again 81 Arista Very Good 12.00 al 9544, cover good, wl Send Email 
Ian, Janis Between The Lines 79 Colu Good 8.00 pc 33394, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Icehouse Man Of Colours 87 Chrysalis Very Good 10.00 chs 41592, cover vvvg, ac, wl Send Email 
Icicle Works, The Seven Horses Deep  Vertigo Very Good 0.00 t1w1, cover vg, l Send Email 
Icon Night Of The Crime  Cap Good 0.00 st 12395, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Idle Race Imposters Of Lifes Magazine  Daffodil Good 0.00 ddaf 10046, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Idol, Billy To Be A Lover -ep- 86 Chrysalis Very Good 10.00 cs 43025, 45 rpm, 2 cut ep, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Idol, Billy White Wedding  Chrys Good 0.00 cds 5002, cover vg, l Send Email 
Illes Add A Kezed  Pepita Good 0.00 slpx 17437, cover vg, l, hungarian Send Email 
Illusion The Illusion 69 Steed Good 20.00 st 37003, cover good, l,1/3 Send Email 
Imagination In The Heat Of The Night  Black Sun Good 0.00 sun 6, cover vg, l Send Email 
Incredible String Band Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air 72 Elektra Very Good 15.00 eks 74112, cover good, l Send Email 
Ingram, James Never Felt So Good 86 Qwest Very Good 8.00 92 54241, cover good, wl Send Email 
Ink Spots 18 Hits King/gusto Very Good 10.00 k 5001, cover exc, ac, l Send Email 
Ink Spots Volume 1 -ep- 50 Decca Good 50.00 dl 5056, cover vg, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Ink Spots Greatest Vol 2 58 Sparton/grand Award Good 25.00 ga 33 354, cover vg, l Send Email 
Inkspots The Fabulous  Periwinkle Good 0.00 per 7330, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ives, Burl Softly And Tenderly 69 Colu Good 12.00 cs 9925, cover good, l Send Email 
Ives, Burl The Big Country Hits 68 Decca Good 12.00 dl7 4972, cover good, l Send Email 
Ivory Coasters Ep-mungaka Makossa/the Bogo That Ate Pik  Recreational France Good 0.00 sport 62, cover g, l, 3 cut Send Email 
Jackson, Janet Call On Me-6 Versions 2006 Virgin Very Good 0.00 0496 3 69123 1 8, cover good, l title janet and nelly promo ep "call on me" Send Email 
Jackson, Janet Control 86 A&m Good 10.00 sp 5106, cover good, al Send Email 
Jackson, Joe Will Power 87 A&m Good 12.00 sp 3908, cover vg, al, orchestra music Send Email 
Jackson, Mahalia Christmas With Mahalia 68 Colu Good 12.00 cs 9727, cover good, l Send Email 
Jackson, Mahalia Abide With Me 70 Harmony Good 10.00 hs 11372, cover vg, ac, l, sears price tag 1.98 reduced to 1.69 Send Email 
Jackson, Millie I Had To Say It 81 Spring Good 10.00 sp 1 6730, cover vg, l, blues Send Email 
Jackson, Millie Still Caught Up -no- 75 Spring Excellent 10.00 spr 6708, cover exc, sealed Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall The Old Country Church 69 Colu Good 25.00 cs 9754, cover vg, l Send Email 
Jackson, Wanda Wonderful Wanda 62 Cap Good 25.00 t 1776, cover good, cl Send Email 
Jackson, Wanda Right Or Wrong 62 Cap Good 20.00 t 1596, cover good, ll Send Email 
Jacksons Destiny 79 Epic Good 8.00 elps 3954, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Jagger, Mick Lucky In Love -ep- 85 Colu Very Good 15.00 12cxp 05214, cover good, l, 45 rpm, 1 cut 3 versions Send Email 
Jagger, Mick Lets Work -ep- 87 Colu Very Good 15.00 12cxp 06926, cover vg, l, 2 cuts Send Email 
James Band, Paul Almost Crazy  Lickin Stick Good 0.00 csps 2340, cover vg, l vinyl good++ Send Email 
James, Etta Her Greatest Sides 84 Chess Good 10.00 ch 9110, cover vg, l, vinyl good++ vvg album Send Email 
James, Harry Swinging With  Joker Italy Good 0.00 sm 3058, cover vg,, l Send Email 
James, Joni Country Style 62 Mgm Good 60.00 se4101, cover good, l Send Email 
James, Joni Joni Swings Sweet 59 Mgm Good 60.00 e3772, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
James, Sonny 200 Years Of Country Music 76 Colu Good 12.00 kc 34035, cover vg, l Send Email 
James, Sonny True Loves A Blessing 66 Cap Good 20.00 t 2500, cover good, l Send Email 
James, Sonny When The Snow Is On The Roses 75 Colu Very Good 15.00 c 33627, cover vvg, l, double album Send Email 
James, Sonny Southern Gentleman 57 Cap Good 50.00 t 779, cover fair, ll Send Email 
James, Sonny Here Comes Honey Again 71 Cap Good 15.00 st 849, cover vg, l Send Email 
James, Sonny Till The Last Leaf Shall Fall 66 Cap Good 25.00 st 2561, cover vg, ac, cl Send Email 
James, Sonny To My Wife With Love 74 Colu Very Good 12.00 kc 33056, cover vg, l a mi esposa con amor Send Email 
James, Sonny Ill Never Find Another You 67 Cap Good 20.00 t 2788, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Jan & Dean Surf City -nc-  Liberty Poor 0.00 lrp 3314, nc, l Send Email 
Jarreau, Al Heart Horizon 88 Reprise Very Good 10.00 92 57781, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Jay Z Hawaiian Sophie -no-  Emi Excellent 0.00 v 56126, cover exc sealed, ac, pop min 27 hi 45 2nd copy good-vg, l Send Email 
Jaye, Jerry My Girl Josephine 67 Hi Good 20.00 hl 12038, nc, l Send Email 
Jazzy Jeff King Heroin -ep-  Jive Good 0.00 jvd 030, cover good, l 1 cut 4 versions Send Email 
Jeffreys, Garland Ghost Writer 77 A&m Good 12.00 sp 4629, cover good, ll Send Email 
Jellybean The Mexican -ep-  Cap Very Good 0.00 v 75069, cover exc, ac, l 5 cut,,2 song ep Send Email 
Jenkins, Ella This Is Rhythm  Folkways Very Good 0.00 fc 7652, cover vg, ac, l, eatons pricetag 4.78 reduced from 5.98, instructional Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon Country Folk 69 Rca Good 25.00 lsp 4180, cover good, l, WITH THE KIMBERLYS Send Email 
Jenson Interceptor Cosmetics  Rca Good 0.00 kkl1 0505, cover good, l Send Email 
Jesus & Mary Chain Psycho Candy 85 Wea Good 0.00 24 07901 cover g, al,scottish alternative rock 1/3 on vinyl Send Email 
Jesus And Mary Chain Just Like Honey -ep-  Blancoynegro Good 0.00 neg 17t, cover vg, l 4 cut ep 45 rpm Send Email 
Jett, Joan Light Of Day -ep-  Cbs Very Good 0.00 12 cdn 339, cover generic with sticker vg, l Send Email 
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons Cha -no- 83 A&m Excellent 8.00 sp 4968, cover exc sealed Send Email 
John, Elton & Jackson, Millie Act Of War -ep- 85 Geffen Very Good 8.00 92 03470, cover vg, l, 45 rpm Send Email 
Johnson, Eric Tones  Reprise Good 0.00 92 53751, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Johnson, Linton Kwesi Dread Beat An Blood  Heartbeat Good 0.00 01, cover vg, l Send Email 
Johnson, Linton Kwesi Forces Of Victory  Island Good 0.00 mlps 9566, cover good, l Send Email 
Joli, France Tonight  Tgd Good 0.00 tgo 7002, cover vg, l Send Email 
Jolson, Al Jolson Sings  Silver Eagle Very Good 0.00 se 1014, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Jolson, Al In Songs He Made Famous -ep- 49 Decca Good 30.00 dlp 5026, cover vg, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Jolson, Al Souvenir Album Volume V -ep- 51 Decca Good 30.00 dl 5314, cover fair, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Jones, George Heartaches By The Number 69 Pickw/hilltop Good 15.00 js 6092, cover vvg, ac, ll Send Email 
Jones, George The Great 66 Ua Fair 30.00 ual 3457, cover good, l Send Email 
Jones, George 16 Greatest Hits  Birchm Good 0.00 bm 855, cover good, l Send Email 
Jones, George Best Of  Musicor Good 0.00 mux 4602, cover fair, l, double album Send Email 
Jones, George The Best Of  Ktel Good 0.00 nc 488, cover good, l Send Email 
Jones, George Music Is My Life  Ktel Very Good 0.00 nc 566, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Jones, George & Wynette, Tammy Golden Ring 76 Epic Good 12.00 ke 34291, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Jones, George & Wynette, Tammy Were Gonna Hold On  Epic Fair 0.00 ke 32757, cover fair, l Send Email 
Jones, Grandpa Story  Cmh Good 0.00 cmh 9007, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Jones, Grandpa 20 Of The Best  Rca Good 0.00 nl 89415, cover vg, l, poor sound on some cuts Send Email 
Jones, Grandpa Live  Monument Very Good 0.00 slp 18138, cover good, l Send Email 
Jones, Howard Action Replay 86 Wea Good 8.00 96 04661, cover good, l Send Email 
Jones, Howard Humans Lib  Wea Good 0.00 24 03351, cover vg, wl, listing for elektra label 84-8 Send Email 
Jones, Howard The 12 " Album  Wea Very Good 0.00 24 05431, cover g, l Send Email 
Jones, Howard One To One 86 Wea Good 10.00 60499, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Jones, Howard New Song -ep- 83 Wea Very Good 8.00 96 69770, cover vg, l, 4 cuts 2 versions of title song Send Email 
Jones, Oran "juice" Juice 86 Colu Good 12.00 fc 40367, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Jones, Rickie Lee Girl At Her Volcano/same -ep- 83 Wb Very Good 8.00 92 38051, cover vg, l 10 inch ep 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
Jones, Tom Somethin Bout You Baby I Like 74 Parrot Good 12.00 pas 71066, cover good, al Send Email 
Jones, Tom Very Best Of  J&b England Very Good 0.00 jb 151, cover good, l Send Email 
Joolz Love Is -ep-  Cap Very Good 0.00 s 75154, cover vg, l 45 rpm, 3 cuts Send Email 
Jordan, Louis Look Out Its  Charly Very Good 0.00 crb 1048, cover vg, l Send Email 
Jordan, Louis Greatest Hits Mca Very Good 10.00 274, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Jordan, Will & Brown, Rhoda Tapped Wires  Roulette Very Good 0.00 sr 25204, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Jordana, Michaele Romance At The Roxy  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1101, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Jostyn, Jay Klondike Nights  Golden Crest Good 0.00 cr 3058, cover vg, l the poems of robert service see pierre berton Send Email 
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 79 Factory England Good 0.00 fact 10, cover vg, al Send Email 
Judas Priest Point Of Entry 81 Colu Good 8.00 fc 37052, cover good, wl Send Email 
Judge Jules So Special/three Drives  Massive Drive Good 0.00 spgvl 169, cover generic, 4 cuts Send Email 
Kaja Googoo White Feathers 83 Emi America Good 12.00 st 17094, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Kaleidoscope Story Theatre Four To Go  Story Theatre Company Very Good 0.00 stc 54373, cover vvg, ac, l, ws Send Email 
Kansas Monolith 79 Kirshner Very Good 10.00 fz 36008, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Kasenetz-katz Super Circus Quick Joey Small 69 Buddah Good 15.00 bds 5028, cover good, l Send Email 
Katrina And The Waves S/t  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1210, cover good, l, good album Send Email 
Kaye, Danny For Children  Mca Good 0.00 525, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Kaye, Debbie Lori Hey Little One  Colu Good 0.00 els 329, cover good, l Send Email 
Kc & The Sunshine Band Do It Good 74 Rca Good 12.00 dxl1 4000 tk 500, cover good, ll Send Email 
Kelly, Casey S/t 72 Elektra Good 15.00 eks 75040, cover good, l, ws Send Email 
Kenney, Mart & His Western Gentlemen The West A Nest And You  Rca C Good 0.00 cal 776, cover vg, l Send Email 
Kenny, Bill Sings The Golden Hits Of The Ink Spots  Merc Good 0.00 mg 20691, cover good, l Send Email 
Kenny, Bill Precious Memories -ep- 51 Decca Fair 50.00 dl 5333, cover fair, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Kershaw, Nik Human Racing 84 Mca Very Good 10.00 39020, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Kids From C.a.p.e.r. S/t  Kirshner Good 0.00 pz 34347, cover good, l,tv show sept 76 13 episodes popsike 5 sold avg 31 minimum 27 high 41 Send Email 
Kilowatt S/t  Dallcorte Very Good 0.00 dlp 0701, cover vg, wl, greg leskiw x of guess who lead vocals and guitar. he was also with crowcus Send Email 
King, B.b King Size 77 Abc Good 12.00 ab 977, cover vg, ll Send Email 
King, Claude Chip N Dales Place 71 Colu Fair 15.00 c 30804, cover fair, l Send Email 
King, Gino Songs I Sand With Ray Price And Faron Young  Arc Good 0.00 a640, cover good Send Email 
King, Pee Wee Western Hits Rca Good 80.00 lpm 3071, cover fair Send Email 
Kingbees S/t 80 Rso Good 15.00 rs1 3075, cover good, l Send Email 
Kiss Dynasty 79 Casablanca Poor 10.00 nblp 7152, cover good, l, deep cut into 1st cut side 1 Send Email 
Kiss Animalize  Merc  0.00 srm1 4096, cover good, wl different # 84-12 Send Email 
Kissing The Pink Radio On -ep-  Magnet Good 0.00 12 ktp 6, cover vg, l 3 cut 45 rpm Send Email 
Knowles, Karen Wish I Was Loving You  J&b England Good 0.00 145, cover vg, l Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Emergency  De Lite Good 0.00 dsr 8509, cover good, al, diff # 84-8 Send Email 
Kosmin, Lee Stop The Clock  Duke Good 0.00 79 00711, cover good, l Send Email 
Kottke, Leo The Best 79 Cap Good 12.00 swbc 11867, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Kottke, Leo ,peter Lang, John Fahey Kottke,lang, Fahey 74 Takoma Good 12.00 c1040, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Kramer, Billy J. & Dakotas The Best Of 79 Cap Very Good 10.00 sm 11897, cover good, l Send Email 
Krupa, Gene / Rich, Buddy The Original Drum Battle 62 Verve Fair 30.00 2304 308, cover good, l, warp plays thru on old rp Send Email 
Kunz, Charlie Piano Medley -ep-  London Good 0.00 lpb 261, 10 inch ep, cover good Send Email 
Kunz, Charlie Piano Medley No. 4-ep-  London Good 0.00 lb 678, cover fair, woodwards price tag 4.20 Send Email 
La Fleche, Georges S/t  Rada Good 0.00 rst 1121, cover good, l, with 6 autographs on front cover Send Email 
Labeef, Sleepy Rockabilly 77 Sun Very Good 12.00 1004, cover good, l Send Email 
Labelle, Patti Dont Get Stopped In Beverly Hills/stir It Up -ep  Mca Very Good 0.00 lsp 1, cover generic no sticker, l Send Email 
Labyrinth Featuring Julie Loco  21 Good 0.00 21 90477, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lackawanna & Erie Express Ban Chattanooga Choo Choo  Rca C Good 0.00 cas 2227, cover good, l Send Email 
Ladd, Cheryl Dance Forever 79 Cap Good 12.00 st 11927, cover good g-,al Send Email 
Laine, Cleo Live At Carnegie Hall  Rca Good 0.00 lpl1 5015, cover good, l Send Email 
Laine, Cleo Gonna Get Through  Rca Good 0.00 afl1 2926, cove vg, ac, l Send Email 
Laine, Frankie Twenty Incredible Performances  Abc Dunhill Good 0.00 abcx 790 2, cover vg, ac, l, double album Send Email 
Laine, Frankie Im Gonna Live Till I Die 69 Harmony Good 12.00 hs 11345, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Laine, Frankie Thats My Desire Harmony Very Good 12.00 hs 11182, cover vg, ac, l different from wing release, same name Send Email 
Laine, Frankie Concert Date 57 Merc Good 40.00 mg 20085, cover vg, l Send Email 
Laine, Frankie The Roving Gambler Harmony Good 12.00 hl 7329, cover good, l Send Email 
Lake Ii  Colu Good 0.00 pc 35289, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Lake, Greg S/t 81 Chrysalis Very Good 8.00 chr 1357, cover good, wl Send Email 
Lamm, Robert Skinny Boy 74 Colu  12.00 kc 33095, cover good, l, ws Send Email 
Lane, Cristy Heart Touching Songs  Ktel/cap Good 0.00 sl 8484, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lanza, Mario Sings Christmas Carols -no-  Rca Excellent 0.00 knl1 7044, cover exc, ac, sealed Send Email 
Lara, Catherine La Rocheuse De Diamauts  Trema Good 0.00 310 153 x, cover vg, ac, wl, en francaise Send Email 
Lara, Catherine Au Milieu De Nulle Part  Trema Very Good 0.00 trm 3003, cover vg, ac, wl, en francaise Send Email 
Lavoie, Daniel Tension Attention  Kebec Very Good 0.00 kd584, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lavoie, Daniel Vue Sur La Mer  Trafic Good 0.00 tfx 1986 19, cover vg, wl, en francaise Send Email 
Lawrence, Eddie The Kingdome Of 58 Coral Good 30.00 crl 57203, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lawrence, Steve The Very Best Of -nc- 62 Ua Good 20.00 ual 3190, nc, l Send Email 
Lawrence, Steve Heres -nc-  Coral Fair 0.00 crl 57204, l, -nc- Send Email 
Laws, Hubert The Best Of 81 Colu Good 10.00 fc 36365, cover good, al Send Email 
Laws, Hubert Crying Song  Cti Good 0.00 6000, cover good, l Send Email 
Le Forestier, Maxime S/t  Polydor Very Good 0.00 2473 025, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Le Forestier, Maxime S/t 75 Polydor France Very Good 0.00 2473 046, cover vvg, l, ws, toutes en francaise Send Email 
Ledernacken Drums Of Matumba/real Treat -ep-  Virgin Good 0.00 vsx 1285, generic label cover, 2 cut ep 45 rpm Send Email 
Lee, Arthur Vindicator 72 A&m Good 30.00 sp 4356, cover good, lcl with the group band-aid Send Email 
Lee, Brenda La Sessions -no- 76 Mca Excellent 10.00 mca 2233, cover exc sealed Send Email 
Lee, Byron And The Dragonaires Carnival Fever  Dynamic Very Good 0.00 dy 3467, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Lee, Peggy In Love Again 63 Cap Good 20.00 t 1969, cover good, ll Send Email 
Lee, Peggy Rendezvous 54 Cap Good 50.00 t 151, cover good, l Send Email 
Lehrer, Tom More Of 58 Lehrer Good 40.00 tl 102, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lennon, John Stand By Me/same Ep 88 Cap Excellent 40.00 spro 79453, cover generic white with a sticker, l Send Email 
Lennon, John Borrowed Time/youre The One-never Say Goodbye  Polydor Very Good 0.00 pdsx 2252, cover exc, l, b side yoko ono, 45 rpm ep Send Email 
Lennon, John Rock And Roll People/same -ep- 86 Cap Very Good 60.00 spro 9917, generic label cover no sticker, cover good, l Send Email 
Lennon, John Imagine/come Together -ep- 86 Cap Very Good 40.00 spro 9585/6, cover generic with sticker vg.l 45 rpm Send Email 
Lennon, John Sometime In New York City Cap Good 20.00 svbb 3392, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Lettermen Goin Out Of My Head 68 Cap Good 15.00 st 2865, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lettermen The Best Of 66 Cap Sl Good 15.00 st 2554, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Level 42 Lessons In Love/same -ep- 87 Polydor Good 12.00 djp 217, advance promo copy, generic cover no sticker, l listing is for a different # Send Email 
Level 42 Its Over -ep-  Polydor Very Good 0.00 djp 241, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lewis, Cappy Get Happy With Cappy  Hifi Jazz Good 0.00 j 611, cover good, l Send Email 
Lewis, Huey & The News Bad Is Bad/same -ep- 85 Chrys Excellent 10.00 vas 2032, cover generic label vg, ll Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Just Sings 56 Decca Good 60.00 dl 8410, cover fair, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Sings For Children  Vocalion Good 0.00 vl 73781, cover good, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Whos Gonna Play This Old Piano 72 Merc Fair 15.00 sr 61366, cover good, cl Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Original Golden Hits Volume 2 69 Sun Good 15.00 sun 103, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee I 40 Country 74 Merc Good 15.00 srm1 710, cover fair, l Send Email 
Lightfoot, Gordon 2 Originals Of  Reprise Germany Good 0.00 64022,, cover good, lcl, don quixote and summer side of life Send Email 
Lighthouse 10 Great Hits Vol 2  Ktel Good 0.00 nc 440b, cover good, l Send Email 
Lilo Lifes So Real  Mca Very Good 0.00 13058, promotional use only not 4 sale, generic cover with sticker "lil'o straight outta houston,tx, 3 cuts 2 versions of each Send Email 
Lipps Inc Mouth To Mouth 80 Casablanca Good 10.00 nblp 7197, cover vg. l Send Email 
Little Anthony & The Imperials The Best Of 65 Ua/dcp Fair 20.00 dcl 3809, cover good, l Send Email 
Little Boy Blues In The Woodland Of Weir 68 Fontana Good 30.00 srf 67578, cover good, l, popsike median 49, mean 53 Send Email 
Little Feat Sailin Shoes  Wb Good 0.00 k 46156, cover good, l Send Email 
Little Richard The Explosive 86 Epic Good 10.00 e 30390, ac, l Send Email 
Little Richard Greatest Hits  Impact Good 0.00 bc 224, cover vvg, ac, l, vinyl g++ Send Email 
Ll Cool J Going Back To Cali -ep- 87 Def Jam Good 15.00 44 07563 Send Email 
Lloyd, Charles Geeta 73 A&m Good 20.00 sp 3046, promo, cover vg, ll, vinyl g+, jazz Send Email 
Locklin, Hank Sings Eddy Arnold 65 Rca Good 20.00 lpm 3391, cover good, ll Send Email 
Locklin, Hank Sings  Stampede Good 0.00 aks 210, cover good, l Send Email 
Locklin, Hank Send Me The Pillow You Dream On  Rca C/pickw Good 0.00 cas 2562, cover vg, l Send Email 
Loft, The Wake The World -ep-  Rca Very Good 0.00 74321 22523 1, cover vvg, ac, l, 3 cuts Send Email 
Loggins & Messina The Best Of Friends Colu Good 8.00 pc 34388, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lois And Lane Turn On The Night -ep-  Boulevard Very Good 0.00 blvd 037, cover good, l, 45 rpm, 3 versions of 1 song Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy Plays  Rca C Good 0.00 cal 255, cover good, l Send Email 
London Symphony Orchestra Music From The Galaxies  Cbs Good 0.00 fm 37266, cover good, l Send Email 
Lonely Boys S/t  Harvest Very Good 0.00 st 12030, cover fair, l Send Email 
Longet, Claudine Love Is Blue 68 A&m Good 12.00 sp 4142, cover vg, l Send Email 
Looking Glass Subway Serenade 73 Epic Good 15.00 ke 32167, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Lopez, Trini The Sing Along World Of 65 Reprise Very Good 15.00 rs 6183, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Lords Of The New Church Killer Lords 86 Irs Very Good 12.00 5726, cover vg, l Send Email 
Los Chacos Des Andes A Js Bach Volume 4  Barclay France Good 0.00 920 345, cover good, l Send Email 
Los Lobos By The Light Of The Moon 87 Wb Very Good 10.00 w1 25523, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Lost In Vegas Oh La La -ep-  Awesome Good 0.00 pr1 3251, cover good, l, 1 song 4 versions Send Email 
Louie Louie Rodeo Clown -ep-  Wtg Very Good 0.00 41 73456, generic cover, 1 cut x7 Send Email 
Louvin Brothers Satan Is Real 60 Cap Good 80.00 t 1277, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Louvin Brothers The Family Who Prays 58 Cap Good 80.00 t1061, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Louvin, Charlie Country Souvenirs  Accord Good 0.00 sn 7104, cover good, l Send Email 
Love And Rockets Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven 88 Vertigo Good 0.00 vog1 3362, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lowe, Nick Rose Of England 85 Colu Good 12.00 fc 39958, cover fair, l Send Email 
Lulu Belle & Scotty The Sweethearts Of Country Music 63 Starday Good 30.00 slp 206, cover fair, l, only listing is in oldest price guide Send Email 
Lynn, Donna Java Jones, My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut 64 Cap Good 30.00 t 2085, cover good, cl Send Email 
Lynn, Judy Show 64 Ua Good 15.00 ual 3390, cover good, l Send Email 
Lynn, Judy Show Act 2 65 Ua Good 15.00 ual 3443, cover vg, l Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Here I Am Again 72 Decca Good 20.00 dl7 5381, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Youre Lookin At Country 71 Decca Good 20.00 dl 75310, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Lynn, Vera 50 Golden Greats -no-  Ahed/cap Excellent 0.00 tvlp79053, slb 8212, cover exc. sealed Send Email 
Lyons, Liz Live At The Club Morocco  Angelo Good 0.00 no #, cover good, autographed? Send Email 
Macisaac, Joan Wintersong  Mad Mansion Very Good 0.00 mmm 001, cover vg, wl wrc1 2236, edmonton label Send Email 
Maclaren, Artie May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose  Arc Fair 0.00 a663, cover good, l, front cover shows # as 669 Send Email 
Maddox, Johnny Old Fashioned Love 59 Dot Good 15.00 dlp 3198, cover vg, l Send Email 
Madness S/t 83 Geffen Very Good 10.00 xghs 4003, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Mahavishnu Orchestra Visions Of The Emerald Beyond Colu Good 8.00 pc 33411, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mahogany Rush Strange Universe 75 Kotai Good 0.00 kot 3308, cover bad, wl Send Email 
Makeba, Miriam The World Of 63 Rca Very Good 20.00 lpm 2750, cover good, ll Send Email 
Makem & Clancy Concert  Colu Good 0.00 gcc 90471, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Mamas & Papas 2 Records Of Mamas And Papas Greatest Hits  Pickw Good 0.00 ptp 2076, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Manchester, Melissa Singin 77 Arista Good 10.00 al 4136, cover fair, l Send Email 
Manchester, Melissa Better Days & Happy Endings 76 Arista Good 10.00 al 4067, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Manchester, Melissa Greatest Hits 83 Arista Good 10.00 al 9611, cover vg, al Send Email 
Mancini, Henry Mancini Country  Rca Very Good 0.00 lsp 4307, cover good, l Send Email 
Mancini, Henry The Concert Sound Of  Rca Good 0.00 lsp 2897, cover good+, ll Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Loves Ups And Downs 77 Abc Dot Good 12.00 9310 2098, cover good, l Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Moments  Mca Good 0.00 5769, cover vvg, ll Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Precious Memories  Quality Good 0.00 rsp 186, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Christmas At Our House 84 Mca Good 12.00 5519, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara This Is 76 Abc Dot Very Good 12.00 9310 2045, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Lovers Friends And Strangers 76 Mca Very Good 0.00 do 2076, cover good, ll Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Looking Back 82 Colu Very Good 10.00 fc 37437, cover good, l Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Youre All I Need  Orbit Good 0.00 rb 17207, cover vg, l, cbs records Send Email 
Mann, Herbie Discotheque 75 Atl Very Good 12.00 sd 1670, cover good, l Send Email 
Manteca Perfect Foot  Duke Very Good 0.00 dsr 31055, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mantovani Romantic Melodies  London Good 0.00 ll 979, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mantovani Operatic Arias  London Good 0.00 ll 1331, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mantovani The Touch  London Good 0.00 ps 526, cover vg Send Email 
Manzanera, Phil Diamond Head  Atco Good 0.00 sd 36 113, cover good, l, cover pic union pacific train going thru mtns Send Email 
Mareen, Mike Love Spy -ep-  Chateau Good 0.00 cxd 016, generic cover , l, 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
Mariners Hymns By 55 Colu Good 40.00 cl 609, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Marley, Rita Harambe  Shanachie Good 0.00 shan 43010, cover vg, l Send Email 
Marr, John Randolph S/t 70 Wb Good 0.00 ws 1844, white label promo, cover fair, ll popsike 2 copies 36 & 42 Send Email 
Martin, Bobbi For The Love Of Him 69 Ua Good 12.00 uas 6700, cover vg, l Send Email 
Martin, Dean Once In A While -no- 78 Reprise Excellent 12.00 msk 2267, cover vg, sealed Send Email 
Martin, Dean Memories Are Made Of This  Mfp England Good 0.00 mfp 50531, cover vg, ac, l sears price tag 6.99 Send Email 
Martin, Dean A Winter Romance 59 Cap Good 20.00 t 1285, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Martin, Moon Escape From Domination  Cap Good 0.00 st 11933, cover fair, l Send Email 
Martin, Paul Countrys Greatest Love Songs  Plantation Good 0.00 plp 509, cover vg, lcl, possible autograph on front cover Send Email 
Martino, Al I Love You Because 63 Cap Good 12.00 t1914, cover good, cl Send Email 
Martino, Al A Merry Christmas 64 Cap Fair 15.00 st2165, cover good, ll Send Email 
Mason, Bobby & Dixon, Tony Our Thing  Tower Good 0.00 st 5136, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mason, Dutch Blues Band Special Brew  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1093, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Material One Down  Elektra Good 0.00 96 02061, cover vg, l vinyl good ++ Send Email 
Mathis, Country Johnny S/t 65 Hilltop Gospel Fair 25.00 g 7004, cover good, l Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny You Light Up My Life -no- 86 Colu Excellent 0.00 pc 35259, cover exc, sealed Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny The First Time Ever 72 Colu Good 12.00 kc 31342, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny Christmas With  Colu Sp Good 0.00 csps582, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny Merry Christmas 58 Colu Good 40.00 cl1195, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny Rhythms Of Broadway 64 Colu Good 12.00 cl 2224, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Walk The Way The Wind Blows 86 Merc Good 10.00 830 405, cover good, wl Send Email 
Matthews, Ian A Spot Of Interference 80 Rso Very Good 10.00 rs1 3092, cover good, l Send Email 
Matthews, Ian Siamese Friends 79 Mushroom Good 10.00 mrs 5014, cover good, wl Send Email 
Mauriat, Paul S/t  Philips Good 0.00 840 585, cover vg, l Send Email 
Max S/t  Chrys Good 0.00 chr 1278, cover good, l, max gronenthal Send Email 
Maxwell, Robert Shangri La 64 Decca Very Good 12.00 dl 4421, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mc Corison, Dan S/t  Mca Good 0.00 mca 2276, cover vg, l, insert Send Email 
Mc Gilpin Bob Superstar  Butterfly Good 0.00 fly 010, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcauliffe, Leon The Dancin Est Band Around 64 Cap Good 40.00 t 2016, cover good, ll Send Email 
Mcbride, Bob S/t  London Very Good 0.00 cm 501, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Mccann, Les & Eddie Harris Swiss Movement 69 Atl Very Good 15.00 sd 1537, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mccauley, Mavis Racer  Vera Cruz Very Good 0.00 vcr 1007, cover vg, wl, edmonton Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly The Woman In Me 84 Epic Very Good 10.00 fe 38979, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly Charly 84 Epic Good 8.00 fe39425, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly Ten Year Anniversary 87 Epic Very Good 8.00 fe 40907, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mcclinton, Delbert Live From Austin 89 Alligator Very Good 12.00  Send Email 
Mcclinton, Delbert Genuine Cowhide 76 Abc Good 20.00 9022 959, cover good, ac, al Send Email 
Mccluskey A Long Time Coming  Grt Good 0.00 9230 1081, cover vg, ac ,al Send Email 
Mccoy, Van Rhythms Of The World 76 H&l Good 10.00 hl 69014, cover good, l Send Email 
Mccoy, Van The Disco Kid 75 Avco Good 10.00 av 69009, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcdaniel, Mel Take Me To The Country 82 Cap Good 10.00 st 12208, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcdaniel, Mel Spanish Lace 63 Liberty Good 25.00 lrp 3275, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mcdaniels,gene Hit After Hit 62 Liberty Fair 30.00 lrp 3258, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mcdonald And Giles S/t  Cotillion Good 0.00 sd 9042, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mcdougall, Robbie S/t  Nimbus 9 Good 0.00 lsp 4788, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcdowell, Ronnie The King Is Gone  Birchm Good 0.00 bm 892, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcdowell, Ronnie I Love You -no- 78 Scorpion Excellent 15.00 9185 8028, cover exc sealed Send Email 
Mcdowell, Ronnie Going Going 80 Epic Good 10.00 je 36821, cover good, l Send Email 
Mcgee, Jay One Draw/same Instrumental -ep-  Scorpio Good 0.00 dk 1006, cover generic good, l,bside by skatalites band Send Email 
Mcgovern, Maureen S/t 79 Wb Good 10.00 qbs 3327, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mcilwaine, Ellen Everybody Needs It  Blind Pig Very Good 0.00 bp 1081, cover good, l Send Email 
Mclaren, Malcolm Duck Rock  Charisma Good 0.00 mmlp 1, cover vg, l, ws Send Email 
Mclaughlin, John Electric Guitarist 78 Colu Good 0.00 pc 35326, cover good, l, require jc Send Email 
Mcpartland, Jimmy Dixieland Volume 2  Palace Good 0.00 m 751, cover vg, l Send Email 
Mctell, Blind Willie The Early Years 1927-1933  Yazoo Good 0.00 l 1005, cover good, l Send Email 
Meek, Billy The Irrepressible  Arc Very Good 0.00 771, cover vg, ac, cover possibly autographed Send Email 
Mel & Tim Starting All Over Again 72 Stax Good 20.00 sts 3007, cover fair, l Send Email 
Melveen The Hawaiian Country Girl  Lehua Good 0.00 sl 7025, cover vg, l, melveen leed Send Email 
Men Without Hats Pop Goes The World  Merc Good 0.00 832 730 1, cover good, al Send Email 
Mendez, Rafael Trumpet Extraordinary  Decca Good 0.00 dl 78427, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mendez, Rafael Mendez In Madrid  Decca Good 0.00 dl 4497, cover good, l Send Email 
Mendez, Rafael Worlds Most Versatile Trumpeter  Decca Good 0.00 dl 8624, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mental As Anything Creatures Of Leisure  Solid Gold Very Good 0.00 sgr 1018, cover good+. wl Send Email 
Meredith, Kitty And Her Banjos And Brass  British Good 0.00 br 3104, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Midler, Bette The Best Of Bette  Atl Australia Very Good 0.00 sd 361974, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning/the Dead Heart -ep-  Colu Good 0.00 12cxp 07852, cover generic with sticker, ac, l Send Email 
Miller, Glenn The Sound Of 56 Rca Good 40.00 lpm 1189, cover fair, l Send Email 
Miller, Glenn The Unforgettable 68 Readers Digest Good 20.00 650es, cover vg, 6 record box set, ll Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Plays Selections From The Film The G. M. Story 54 Rca Good 60.00 lpt 3057, cover vg, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Miller, Jacob Tenement Yard  Jam Sounds Good 0.00 no #, cover vg, l, ska Send Email 
Miller, Jody Sings The Great Hits Of Buck Owens 66 Cap Good 15.00 t 2446, cover good, l Send Email 
Miller, Jody Queen Of Country  Stampede Good 0.00 js 6038, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Miller, Mitch Sing Along With Mitch 58 Colu Good 15.00 cl 1160, cover fair, l Send Email 
Miller, Roger Wild Child 65 Starday Good 30.00 slp 318, cover vg, l Send Email 
Miller, Roger S/t 86 Mca Good 10.00 5722, cover vvg, ac, ll Send Email 
Milli Vanilli Girl You Know Its True 89 Arista Good 10.00 al8592, cover vg Send Email 
Mills Brothers Souvenir Album 55 Decca Good 30.00 dl 8148, cover fair, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Paper Doll Pickw Good 10.00 spc 3220, price guides list this # as cab driver, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Mmmm 58 Dot Good 30.00 dlp 25103, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Say Si Si 64 Dot Good 12.00 dlp 3592, cover good, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers Memory Lane 56 Decca Poor 30.00 dl 8219, cover fair, l, stuck needle 3 times on new rp Send Email 
Mills Brothers Till We Meet Again  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3158, cover good Send Email 
Mills Brothers Famous Barber Shop Ballads -ep- 50 Decca Good 50.00 dl 5050, cover good Send Email 
Mills Brothers Wonderful Words-ep- 51 Decca Fair 50.00 dl 5337, cover good, ,10 inch ep Send Email 
Mills Brothers Dream A Little Dream Of Me Pickw Good 10.00 spc 3137, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Mills Brothers The Best Of The -no-  Tee Vee Excellent 0.00 9240 1004, ta 1073 cover exc sealed, ac Send Email 
Minglewood S/t  Epic Very Good 0.00 pec 80071, cover good, ac,wl Send Email 
Minglewood Best Of Smokers  Rca Good 0.00 kkl1 0472, cover good, l Send Email 
Miracles Dont Cha Love It 75 Motown Good 12.00 t6 336s1, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni Shadows And Light 80 Asylum Good 12.00 2xbb 704, cover good, al, double album, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Modern Jazz Quartet Pyramid  Atl Bad 0.00 at 1325, cover good, l, purple label silver print Send Email 
Modernaires Something New  Wb Good 0.00 w 1505, cover fair, l, with tex beneke, ray eberle Send Email 
Money, Eddie S/t 77 Colu Very Good 12.00 pc 34909, cover good, al Send Email 
Money, Eddie Life For The Taking Colu Very Good 8.00 pc 35598, cover vg, al Send Email 
Monkees The Best Of  Mfp England Good 0.00 50499, cover vg, l, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Monks Suspended Animation  Polydor Very Good 0.00 pds 1 6314, cover vg, l Send Email 
Monroe, Bill And Friends 84 Mca Very Good 12.00 5435. cover vg, l Send Email 
Monroe, Bill Knee Deep In Blue Grass  Stetson Very Good 0.00 hat 3002, cover vg, l Send Email 
Monroe, Vaughn Greatest Hits Vo 2 64 Dot Good 12.00 dlp 3584, cover fairm l, previous owner chose to stagger cutting album cover opening Send Email 
Montez, Chris Time After Time 66 A&m Good 20.00 4120, cover good, l, nvg Send Email 
Montgomery, Little Brother Blues  Folkways Good 0.00 fg 3527, cover vg, l, with info sheet from folkways catalogue and info on artist Send Email 
Montoya, Carlos The Incredible  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 2566, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Montoya, Carlos Malaguena  Rca Fair 0.00 lpm 2380, cover good, ll Send Email 
Mooney, Art, And His Orchestra Dancetime Spinorama Good 10.00 s 93, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Moore, Lee Wwva Coffee Drinking Nighthawk  Arc Good 0.00 606, cover good Send Email 
Moore, Tiny & Burns, Jethro Back To Back  Kaleidoscope Good 0.00 f9, cover vg, l Send Email 
Morales Mambo With Morales  Harmony Fair 0.00 hl 7039, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Morgenstern, Rick Americas Gone Country  Heart Good 0.00 hrt 813302, cover good, l, singer and label from calgary?? Send Email 
Morning S/t 70 Vault Good 20.00 slp 138, cover vg, l, pysch, popsike avg 50. min 26 max 102 listed in old book only Send Email 
Morris, Gary Faded Blue  Wb Good 0.00 92 50691, cover good, l Send Email 
Morrison, Van The Best Of 70 Bang Good 15.00 blp 222, cover fair, l Send Email 
Moses Quintet, Ted The Farther You Go  Mother Necessity Music Very Good 0.00 mnm 001, cover good, l Send Email 
Motello, Elton Victim Of Time  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1063, cover good, l Send Email 
Motels All Four One 82 Cap Very Good 10.00 st 12177, cover good+, wl Send Email 
Mothers Finest Another Mother Further 77 Epic Very Good 0.00 pe 34699, cover good, l u.s. funk rock fom atlanta album 3 of 8 Send Email 
Moyet, Alison Invisible -ep- 84 Cbs England Very Good 8.00 ta 4930, cover vg, l, 45 rpm, 2 cut Send Email 
Mr Mister Kyrie -ep-  Rca Germany Good 0.00 pt 49928, cover good, l, 45 rpm, 3 cut kyrie, run to her, hunters of the night Send Email 
Mr. Banjo & The New Orleans Redheads Banjos Roar And Swing  Int Award Good 0.00 aks 180, cover good, l Send Email 
Muldaur, Maria Southern Winds 78 Wb Good 10.00 bsk 3162, cover good, l Send Email 
Mullican, Moon Good Times Gonna Roll Again 66 Hilltop Good 25.00 jm 6033, cover good, l Send Email 
Mulligan, Gerry At Storyville 58 World Pacific Good 80.00 pj 1228, cover fair, l Send Email 
Murphy, Eddie S/t 82 Colu Good 10.00 fc 38180, cover good, l Send Email 
Murphy, Turk, And His Jazz Band Barrelhouse Jazz 55 Colu Good 0.00 cl 595, cover fair, l, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Murray, Anne Keeping In Touch 76 Cap Very Good 10.00 st 11559, cover vg, l Send Email 
Murray, Anne S/t  Cap Sp Very Good 0.00 sl 6693, cover vg, l, b side by sounds of our times instrumentals Send Email 
Murray, Anne Highly Prized Possession 74 Cap Very Good 10.00 st 11354, cover good, wl Send Email 
Murray, Anne Dannys Song  Cap Good 0.00 st 6393, cover good, l Send Email 
Murray, Anne Love Song 74 Cap Very Good 10.00 st 6409, cover good, wl Send Email 
Murray, Arthur Cha Cha Mambos  Cap Good 0.00 t 578, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Murray, Bruce S/t  Quality Very Good 0.00 sv 1920, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Murray, Bruce Theres Always A Goodbye  Colu Good 0.00 pcc 80015, cover vg, ac, wl Send Email 
Murray, Ruby Irish And Proud Of It  Cap Good 0.00 t 6018, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Myles, Alannah S/t 89 Atl Very Good 12.00 78 19561, cover vg, l Send Email 
N Joi Malfunction/techno Gangsters  Rca Good 0.00 07863 62006, cover generic, l, 3 cuts 33 rpm Send Email 
Naked Eyes Fuel For The Fire 84 Emi America Good 10.00 st 17116, cover vg, l Send Email 
Narnia Aslam -no-  Masters Collection Excellent 0.00 tmc 7071, sealed Send Email 
Nelson, Rick Sings For You 64 Imperial Good 25.00 lp 12251, cover good, l Send Email 
Nelson, Rick Best Always 65 Decca Fair 30.00 dl 4660, cover fair, ac, l, includes ladies choice Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Rebirth Of The Beat 69 Imp Very Good 12.00 lp 12424, cover vvg, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Drummin Up A Storm 62 Imperial Good 20.00 lp 9189, cover good, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Golden Hits 62 Imperial Good 20.00 lp 9202, cover poor, l Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Let There Be Drums 62 Imperial Good 30.00 lp 9159, cover fair, l Send Email 
Nelson, Willie The Promiseland 86 Colu Very Good 10.00 fc 40327, cover vg, l Send Email 
Nena 99 Red Balloons/99 Luftballoons -ep- 83 Epic Very Good 8.00 12exp 04109, cover generic with sticker Send Email 
Neo A4 Whats Up -ep-  A4 Very Good 0.00 a4,cover vg, 45 rpm 4 cut ep edmonton label Send Email 
Neufeld, Rick Manitobasongs  Prairie Dog Good 0.00 pd 1001, cover good, l , vvg album of course subject of the songs does it Send Email 
New Christy Minstrels Christmas With The Christies 66 Colu Good 20.00 cl2556, cover vg, l Send Email 
New Order Brotherhood 86 Polygram Good 10.00 830 527 1, cover vg, l Send Email 
New Order Shellshock -ep- 86 Wb Good 10.00 no #, cover good, al Send Email 
New Order Fine Time- Ep- 88 Polygram Good 10.00 827 277, cover good, l, 2 songs 3 versions of fine time 33 rpm, listing is for a qwest release Send Email 
New Order Touched By The Hand Of God/  Factory Good 0.00 facx 28, cover good, al Send Email 
Newman, Randy S/t 70 Reprise Good 12.00 rs 6286, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy 12 Songs 70 Reprise Very Good 10.00 rs 6373, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Live 71 Reprise Very Good 10.00 rs 6459, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Good Old Boys 74 Reprise Good 10.00 ms 2193, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Born Again 79 Wb Very Good 10.00 xhs 3346, cover good, l Send Email 
Newman, Randy Trouble In Paradise 83 Wb Very Good 10.00 92 37551, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Newman, Thunderclap Hollywood Dream  Mca Very Good 0.00 354, cover vg, l Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Long Live Love  Emi Italy Good 0.00 062 95394, cover fair, l Send Email 
Newton-john, Olivia Clearly Love 75 Mca Good 10.00 2148, cover good, ll Send Email 
Newton, Wayne The Midnight Idol  Birchm Good 0.00 bm 835, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Live At The Frontier Las Vegas  Mgm Good 0.00 se 4608, cover good, l Send Email 
Nichols, Red & The Five Pennies The All Time Hits Of 62 Cap Sl Good 20.00 t 1803, cover fair, ac, lcl, vg lively album Send Email 
Nine Nine Nine Concrete  Polydor Good 0.00 pd1 6323, cover vg, l Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Hold On 87 Wb Good 8.00 92 55731, cover vg, l Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Stars And Stripes Forever 74 Ua Good 15.00 ua la184 j2, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Partners Brothers And Friends 85 Wb Good 8.00 92 53041, cover vg, al Send Email 
Nolan, Dick I Want To Live  Arc Good 0.00 as 776, cover good, l Send Email 
Nomads Hits Of  Point Poor 0.00 p 333, cover fair, l, plays thru on old rp. vinyl in bad shape median 156 mean 173 low 49 hi 464 Send Email 
Nomo The Great Unknown 85 Atco Good 0.00 79 02581, cover good, l, pop/new wave fronted by california singer-songwriter david batteau. best known for 1985 minor hit red lipstick Send Email 
Noren, Clarence His Songs For You  Sunflower Good 0.00 si 1005, cover good, l, the highwayman Send Email 
Norma Jean It Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels 72 Rca C Very Good 15.00 cas 2411, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Nu Shooz Poolside 86 Atl Very Good 10.00 a1 81647, cover good, l Send Email 
Nuance Vivre Dans La Nuit  Isba Very Good 0.00 is 2007, cover vg, ac, wl, toute en francaise Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys The Best Of 78 Colu Good 10.00 kc 35302, cover good, l, poorly titled Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys American Made 83 Mca Very Good 10.00 5390, cover vg, al Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Monongahela -no- 88 Mca Excellent 10.00 42205, cover vg, sealed Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Country Harmony  Quality Very Good 0.00 rsp 165, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Ocean, Billy Love Zone  Jive Good 0.00 jv 90741, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Octavian Simple Kinda People -no-  Mca Excellent 0.00 2168, cover exc, ac, sealed Send Email 
Oklahoma S/t  Cap Good 0.00 st 11646, cover good, al, 1977 2 45s released whatcha treatin me so bad for and magic/tracey all from this sole album Send Email 
One Way Shine On Me/same -ep- 83 Mca Good 8.00 mcat 832, 3 cuts with 2 versions of shine on me Send Email 
Opus Live Is Life 85 Polydor Good 7.00 pdsx 2285, cover vg, l Send Email 
Orbison, Roy The Legendary  Polytel Good 0.00 840 183 1, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark The Pacific Age  Virgin Good 0.00 vl 2398, cover vg, al Send Email 
Ordge, Jimmy "arthur" Storytime And Prayers -no-  Royalty Excellent 0.00 r2000 7, cover exc, ac sealed Send Email 
Ordge, Jimmy "arthur" & Smith, Joyce King And Queen Of Country Music  Point Good 0.00 ps 360, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Oregon Distant Hills 74 Vanguard Good 25.00 vsq 40031, QUADRAPHONIC, cover fair, ll enclosed is bay receipt for 6.39 purchase no year shown listing is for vanguard quad release as # Send Email 
Osmonds Homemade  Polydor Good 0.00 2424 027, cover fair, l Send Email 
Outlaws Greatest Hits Of The 82 Arista Very Good 10.00 al 9614, cover vvg, ll Send Email 
Outlaws Soldiers Of Fortune 86 Pasha Very Good 8.00 fz 40512, cover vg, l, ws Send Email 
Overstreet, Tom Ill Never Let You Down 79 Elektra Good 10.00 6e 178, cover good-, l, white label promo Send Email 
Owens, Buck Christmas With 65 Cap Good 20.00 t2396, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Owens, Buck 16 Big Hits  Trip Very Good 0.00 top 16 10, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Oz, William S/t  Cap Good 0.00 st 12015, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Pablo Cruise Part Of The Game 79 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 3712, cover vg, wl, pic sheet Send Email 
Pablo Cruise Lifeline 76 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 4575, cover good, ll, ws Send Email 
Page, Patti The Waltz Queen Wing Good 12.00 mgw 12121, cover fair, l, different from mercury same title Send Email 
Page, Patti Id Rather Be Sorry 71 Merc Fair 12.00 sr 61344, cover good, l Send Email 
Page, Patti On Stage 63 Merc Fair 20.00 mg 20758, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Page, Patti You Go To My Head 55 Merc Good 30.00 mg 20098, cover good, l Send Email 
Parker Jr. Ray  Sex And The Single Man 85 Arista Very Good 10.00 al8 8280, cover vg, l Send Email 
Parker, Charlie Yardbird  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3054, cover good, ll Send Email 
Parker, Fess Three Adventures Of Davy Crockett 68 Disneyland Good 25.00 1315, cover vg, l, re issue Send Email 
Parks, Michael Closing The Gap 69 Mgm Good 15.00 se 4646, cover good-fair, l Send Email 
Parks, Norman Tribute To Al Jolson  Coronet Good 0.00 cx45, cover good, l Send Email 
Parliament Chocolate City 75 Casablanca Good 75.00 nblp 7014, cover fair, l Send Email 
Parsons, Gene Melodies  Sierra Briar Good 0.00 srs 8703, cover fair, l Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Just Because Im A Woman 68 Rca Good 30.00 lsp 3949, cover fair, ll, vinyl g-vg Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Sings My Favorite Songwriter Porter Wagoner 72 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4752, cover vg, l Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Bargain Store 75 Rca Good 12.00 apl1 0950, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Parton, Dolly In The Beginning -no- Monu Excellent 12.00 pes 7623, cover sealed, ac Send Email 
Parton, Dolly The Great Vol 2  Rca C England Good 0.00 cds 1184, cover vg, l Send Email 
Payne, Roy Willies Yellar Pick Up Truck  Rca Good 0.00 kxl1 0095, cover good, l Send Email 
Peabody, Eddie Roses Of Picardy  Capri Good 0.00 cs 472, cover good, l Send Email 
Peaches & Herb 2 Hot 78 Polydor Very Good 10.00 pd1 6172, cover vg, l Send Email 
Perkins, Carl Ol Blue Suedes Back 78 Jet Good 15.00 jt la856, cover good, l Send Email 
Persuasions Comin At Ya  Stony Plain Good 0.00 spff 1027, cover vg, l Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys Actually 87 Emi Very Good 10.00 elj 46972, cover vg, al Send Email 
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Long After Dark 82 Backstreet Good 10.00 bsr 5360-mca 3178, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Phillips, Anthony Sides  Passport Good 0.00 9167 9834, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Piaf, Edith Au Carnegie Hall Le 13 Janvier 1957  Pathe Very Good 0.00 spbo 67 386, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Merry Go Round World 70 Decca Good 20.00 7 5210, cover vg ,l Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Golden Hits Volume 2  Plantation Good 0.00 plp 26, cover vg, ac, l, woodwards price tag 5.88 reduced to 2.98 Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Greatest Hits 68 Decca Good 25.00 dl 74999, cover good, l, vinyl good- Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Half Heaven Half Heartache  Cambra England Good 0.00 cr 041, cover vg, ac, l double album Send Email 
Pitney, Gene & Montgomery, Melba Being Together 66 Musicor Fair 25.00 mm2077, cover good, l Send Email 
Platters Greatest Hits Series Vol 1  Hallmark Good 0.00 shm 843, cover good, l Send Email 
Platters Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 60 Merc Good 30.00 sr 60245, cover good, l Send Email 
Platters Golden Hits  Merc Good 0.00 135 951 mcy, cover vg, ac, l merc england ?? Send Email 
Platters Sing Gospel  Ahed Good 0.00 as 8211, cover vg, ac, l, vinyl good ++ Send Email 
Poindexter, Buster Hot Hot Hot -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 6737 1 rd, cover good, l Send Email 
Poindexter, Buster Buster Goes Berserk 89 Rca Very Good 12.00 9665 1 r, cover vg, l Send Email 
Police Synchronicity Ii -ep-  A&m Very Good 0.00 amx 153, cover exc, ac, l, 45 rpm 2 cuts Send Email 
Police King Of Pain/tea In The Sahara -ep-  A&m Good 0.00 amx 176, cover vg, ac, l, 45 rpm, 2 cut ep Send Email 
Poppy Family The World Of  London Good 0.00 spa 160, cover good, l Send Email 
Prado, Perez Mambos  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 1067, cover good, l, prepared by fred astaire dance studios, bands tito rodriguez, alemaro romero, noro morales, tony martinez and perez prado. as per popsike 1 copy sold for 111. us Send Email 
Premek & Gina Sounds Of The World  Iona Very Good 0.00 irs 77 022, cover vg, l, from vancouver Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Elvis Country 81 Rca Good 8.00 ayl1 3956, cover poor, l Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Vol 1 75 Rca Good 40.00 lpm 6401, cover fair, pcl, 4 record box set Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Flaming Star 76 Rca Good 10.00 cas 2304, cover fair, pcl Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Gold Records Vol 5 84 Rca Good 10.00 afl1 4941, cover vg, l Send Email 
Presley, Elvis How Great Thou Art 75 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 3758, cover vg, pcl Send Email 
Presley, Elvis The Sun Years 77 Sun Good 18.00 sun 1001, cover good, l Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Medley 82 Rca Good 12.00 ahl1 4530, cover vg, l Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Frankie And Johnny  Rca Good 0.00 apl1 2559, cover vg, pcl Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Elvis Sings Inspirational Favorites -no- 83 Readers Digest Excellent 20.00 not showing sealed album, cover exc. sealed Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Paradise Hawaiian Style 66 Rca Good 60.00 lpm 3643, cover vg, ac, pcl Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Classic Love Ballads  Quality Good 0.00 rsp 119, cover good, l Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Something For Everybody 61 Rca Good 150.00 lpm 2370, cover good, ll, with video store 4 page ad for release of elv is memories national release date nov 12/86 Send Email 
Price, Kenny Northeast Arkansas Misissippi County Bootlegger 70 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4373, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Price, Ray Talk To Your Heart 58 Colu Fair 40.00 cl 1148, cover exc, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley Charley Sings Everybodys Choice 82 Rca Very Good 10.00 ahli 4287, cover vg, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley From Me To You 71 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4468, cover good, ll Send Email 
Pride, Charley The Best Of 69 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4223, cover vg, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley Charley Prides Country 79 Readers Digest Good 40.00 757, cover fair, l, 6 record box set Send Email 
Pride, Charley Burgers And Fries 78 Rca Good 12.00 apl1 2983, cover good, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley The Incomparable 72 Rca C Good 15.00 casx 2584, cover good Send Email 
Pride, Charley Best Of Vol 2 72 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4682, cover good, ll Send Email 
Pride, Charley Pride Of America 74 Rca Good 15.00 apl1 0757, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Pride, Charley In Person 69 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4094, cover good, ll Send Email 
Pride, Charley Songs Of Pride...charley That Is 68 Rca Very Good 20.00 lsp 4041, cover good, l Send Email 
Prince Purple Rain  Wb Good 0.00 92 51101, cover good, wl Send Email 
Prince Batman Soundtrack 89 Wb Good 10.00 92 59361, cover vg, wl, Send Email 
Principle, Jamie Waiting On My Angel  Zyx Germany Good 0.00 r 5303, cover good, l, 45 rpm Send Email 
Prine, John Pink Cadillac 79 Asylum Fair 12.00 q6e 222, cover good, al, warp plays thru on old rp Send Email 
Pringle, Peter Rain Upon The Sea  A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 9054, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Prism Small Change  Cap Good 0.00 st 12184, cover vg, l Send Email 
Prism Young And Restless  Cap Good 0.00 st 12072, cover vg, al Send Email 
Procol Harum A Salty Dog  Mfp England Good 0.00 5277, cover vg, cl Send Email 
Propaganda Duel -ep-  Island Fair 0.00 is 1030 cover good, l Send Email 
Prophet, Ronnie Country  Rca Good 0.00 kkl1 0253, cover good, l Send Email 
Pryor, Richard Here And Now 83 Wb Very Good 10.00 92 39811, cover fair, l Send Email 
Pryor, Richard Wanted 78 Wb Good 12.00 2bsk 3364, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Psk Sun Over Miami -ep-  Amato England Good 0.00 07779 659340, cover genetic, all 1 song Send Email 
Puckett, Gary The Album 71 Colu Good 15.00 c 30862, cover good, l Send Email 
Pumphrey, Ron Ha So You Sleep On Your Belly Eh Baby  Audat Good 0.00 477 9083, cover vg, ac, l, comedy? lecturer? advise? Send Email 
Pursuit Of Happiness Im An Adult Now -ep-  Unknown Good 0.00 tpoh 009, cover good, l, 2 cut ep 45 rpm Send Email 
Quadrophonia S/t -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 07863 62027, cover vg, ac, l, 1 song 4 versions Send Email 
Quatro, Suzi Story Golden Hits  Colu Italy Good 0.00 36 064 96904, cover good, l Send Email 
Quist, Bill Piano Solos Of Erik Satie -no-  Windham Hill Excellent 0.00 wh 1008, cover exc, ac, sealed Send Email 
R.e.m Green 88 Wb Good 12.00 92 57951, cover vg. al Send Email 
Rabbitt, Eddie Greatest Hits Vol Ii  Wb Good 0.00 92 39251, cover fair, wl Send Email 
Rabbitt, Eddie Greatest Hits Vol 2  Wb Good 0.00 92 39251, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Rafferty, Gerry S/t  Passport Good 0.00 9167 9832, cover good, l, visa 78-12?? Send Email 
Ragtimers, The Let The Good Times In  Rca C Very Good 0.00 cas 2150, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Rainbow Straight Between The Eyes  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 1 6348, cover vg, wl, originals 1982 on mercury Send Email 
Rainbow Press Theres A War On 68 Mr G Good 30.00 g 9003, cover good, l Send Email 
Rampart Street Paraders Real Dixieland  Harmony Good 0.00 hl 7214, cover good Send Email 
Rare Earth Willie Remembers 72 Rare Earth Good 12.00 r 543l, cover good, l Send Email 
Rare Earth Dreams Answers 68 Verve Good 50.00 v6 5066, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rational Youth Heredity  Cap Good 0.00 st 12399, cover good, l Send Email 
Ravan, Genya-ten Wheel Drive Brief Replies 70 Polydor Good 12.00 2425 022, cover good, l Send Email 
Ravyns The Ravyns  Rdm Very Good 0.00 rdm 39015, cover vg, l, promo only on back cover Send Email 
Raydio S/t  Arista Good 0.00 ab 4163, cover good, l Send Email 
Raye, Susan Whatcha Gonna Do With A Dog Like That  Cap Fair 0.00 st 11393, cover good, ll Send Email 
Re Flex The Politics Of Dancing 83 Cap Good 10.00 st 12314, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Real Life Heartland 83 Mca Curb Good 10.00 5459, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Red Rockers Good As Gold  Colu Good 0.00 fc 38629, cover good, l Send Email 
Red Rockers China -ep-  Colu Good 0.00 12 cxp 03629, cover good, l, 3 songs Send Email 
Redbone Potlatch 70 Epic Good 15.00 e 30109, cover vg, l 2 of 9 studio albums Send Email 
Reddy, Helen Well Sing In The Sunshine 78 Cap Very Good 10.00 st 11759, cover good, wl Send Email 
Reddy, Helen Music Music 76 Cap Good 10.00 st 11547, cover good, wl Send Email 
Reed, Jimmy 12 String Guitar Blues 63 Vee Jay Good 40.00 vjlp 1073, cover fair, l Send Email 
Reeves, Del Out In The Country 70 Sunset Good 12.00 sus 5321, cover vvg, l Send Email 
Reeves, Del Girl On The Billboard 65 Ua Good 25.00 ual 3441, cover good, l Send Email 
Reeves, Jim Collectors Series -no- 85 Rca Excellent 12.00 ahl1 5424, cover exc, sealed Send Email 
Reilly, Tommy Melody Fair  Polydor Germany Good 0.00 222 002, cover vg, ac, l, with kai warner singers and orch Send Email 
Renaud Mistral Gagnan  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vl2368, cover vg, wl, toute en francaise Send Email 
Restless Heart Wheels 86 Rca Very Good 8.00 5648 1 r, cover vg, l Send Email 
Revere, Paul & The Raiders Christmas Present...and Past 67 Colu Good 25.00 cs 9555, cover good, l, not the usual carols,vg Send Email 
Revolutionaries Well Charge  Revolutionary Sounds Good 0.00 no #, cover good, l popsike median 49 low 24 hi 228 from jamaica Send Email 
Reyes, Chuy Arthur Murray Favorites Rhumbas  Cap Good 0.00 t 259, cover good, ll Send Email 
Reyes, Chuy Arthur Murray Favorites Sambas  Cap Good 0.00 t 260, cover good, l, also enric madriguera orchestra Send Email 
Rhinoceros Better Times Are Coming 70 Elektra Good 20.00 eks 74075, cover fair, l Send Email 
Rhodes, Todd Boogie Woogie -ep-  Manhattan Good 0.00 sr 006, 10' ep, cover good, with sobby lewis Send Email 
Rich, Charlie Very Special Love Song 74 Epic Good 12.00 ke 32531, cover good, l Send Email 
Rich, Charlie Very Special Love Song  Epic Fair 0.00 ke32531, cover good, l, warped plays thru on old rp Send Email 
Rich, Charlie Golden Treasures 74 Sun Good 12.00 sun 134, cover good, l Send Email 
Richard, Cliff Now You See Me Now You Dont 82 Emi America Good 10.00 st 17081, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Richard, Cliff Wired For Sound 81 Emi America Good 10.00 sw 17059, cover good, wl Send Email 
Richard, Cliff The Best Of  Cap Very Good 0.00 sl 8482, cover vg, l Send Email 
Richard, Cliff Rock And Roll Juvenile  Harvest Good 0.00 st 6461, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Riley, Jeannie C Things Go Better With Love 69 Plantation Good 15.00 plp 3, cover good, l Send Email 
Riley, Jeannie C When Love Has Gone Away 73 Mgm Good 12.00 se 4891, cover good, l Send Email 
Ritter, Tex Border Affair 63 Cap Good 20.00 t 1910, cover fair, ll, all spanish except for 1 Send Email 
Ritter, Tex Deck Of Cards  Camay Good 0.00 ca 3044, cover good, l Send Email 
Ritter, Tex Love You Big As Texas Hilltop Good 12.00 js 6075, cover vg, ac, l workin mans prayer vibrations price tag 6.49 Send Email 
Rivers, Johnny Rocks The Folk 65 Imperial Good 20.00 9293, cover good, l, good album Send Email 
Rivers, Johnny 20 Greatest Hits  Tee Vee/sunset Very Good 0.00 ta 1062, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rivers, Johnny Blue Suede Shoes 73 Ua Good 12.00 ua la075 f, cover good, l Send Email 
Rob Base & D.j. E-z Rock It Takes Two -ep-  Merc Very Good 0.00 888 799 1, cover generic no sticker, 2 cut ep Send Email 
Robbins, Marty Come Back To Me 82 Colu Good 12.00 fc37995, cover good, l Send Email 
Robbins, Marty Files Vol 2 1953-54  Bear Family/cbs Very Good 0.00 lsp 15300, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Robbins, Marty Return Of The Gunfighter 63 Colu Good 20.00 cl 2072, cover good, l Send Email 
Robbins, Marty Song Of The Islands 72 Harmony Good 20.00 h 31258, cover fair, l Send Email 
Robertino O Sole Mio 62 Kapp Good 15.00 kl 1252, cover vg, l Send Email 
Roberts, Kenny Yodelin With  Point Good 0.00 p 210, cover good Send Email 
Robertson, Carter Shoot The Moon  Abc Very Good 0.00 9022 1052, cover good, al Send Email 
Robeson, Paul Scandalize My Name  Classics Record Library Good 0.00 30 5647, cover fair, booklet. l, 3 record box set Send Email 
Robin, Alen Supershrink  Janus Good 0.00 jxs 7001, cover good, l, comedy Send Email 
Robinson, Smokey Being With You 81 Tamla Very Good 10.00 t375, cover good, wl Send Email 
Rockets No Ballads 80 Rso Good 12.00 rs 1 3071, cover vg, l, former members of mitch ryder & detroit wheels Send Email 
Rockwell Somebodys Watching Me 84 Motown Good 10.00 m6052, cover good, l Send Email 
Rodgers, Jimmie Travellin Blues -ep- 52 Rca Good 500.00 lpt 3073, cover good 10 inch ep Send Email 
Rodgers, Jimmie Troubled Times 70 A&m Good 15.00 sp 4242, cover good, ll Send Email 
Rogers, Kenny I Prefer The Moonlight 87 Rca Good 8.00 6484 1 r, cover vg, al Send Email 
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Every Time Two Fools Collide  Ua Good 0.00 uala 50864, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition Monumental 74 Jolly Rogers Good 15.00 jr 5004, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Rokl, Rudolf The Way I Feel It  Supraphon Czech Good 0.00 1113 3496, cover vg, l Send Email 
Romantics In Heat 83 Nemperor Very Good 10.00 fz 38880, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rose Royce Iii Strikes Again 78 Wb Good 12.00 whk 3227, cover good, l Send Email 
Ross, Diana Why Do Fools Fall In Love 81 Rca Very Good 10.00 afl1 4053, cover vg, al Send Email 
Ross, Diana Touch Me In The Morning 73 Motown Good 15.00 m 772l, cover good, ll Send Email 
Ross, Nedra Full Circle  New Song Good 0.00 ns005, cover good, al, did not get much of a listen (under 20 secs.)kept for inner liner with info on ronettes which she was a member of. Send Email 
Rostad, Wayne Again  Stag Creek Good 0.00 sclp 1112, cover good, wl, ??autographed Send Email 
Rough Trade Shakin The Foundations  True North Very Good 0.00 tn 50, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Roxcity S/t -ep-  Silver Star Very Good 0.00 hrl 105 81, cover good, l, 4 cut ep, vancouver label Send Email 
Roxy S/t  Elektra Good 0.00 eks 74063, cover fair, ll, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Roxy Music Greatest Hits 77 Atco Very Good 10.00 ksd 38 103, cover vg, l Send Email 
Royal, Billy Joe Hush 67 Colu Good 25.00 cs 9581, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rudi & Trudi Country & Western  Avenue England Very Good 0.00 ave 046, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rufus Rufusized 74 Abc Good 10.00 abcd 837, cover good, l Send Email 
Run Dmc Raising Hell 86 London Very Good 0.00 830 377 1, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Rush Archives 78 Merc Good 20.00 srm3 9200, cover good, l, triple album, with sticker from bruces antique mall area in my printing from the time i worked for him. bought at a garage sale off 82 ave Send Email 
Rusk, Harry The Country Favorites Of  Point Good 0.00 p 288, cover good, l Send Email 
Russell, Johnny Mr & Mrs Untrue  Rca Good 0.00 lsp 4588, cover good, ll, vinyl g- Send Email 
Russell, Johnny Here Comes  Rca Good 0.00 apl1 1211, cover vg, ll, vinyl g+ Send Email 
Ruzicka, Bob Cold Hands Warm Heart  Mca Good 0.00 319, cover good, ll Send Email 
S-express Superfly Guy/lollipop -ep-  Cap Good 0.00 v 15409, generic cover, 45 rpm, 3 cut ep Send Email 
S-express Nothing To Lose -ep- 90 Rhythm King England Good 0.00 sexy 01t, cover vg, l, 3 cut ep Send Email 
Saga Heads Or Tales  Maze Good 0.00 ml 8007, cover good, wl Send Email 
Sainte-marie, Buffy Fire & Fleet & Candlelight 67 Vanguard Good 20.00 vsd 79250, cover vg, l Send Email 
Sandler & Young Together  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3388, cover good, l Send Email 
Sandler & Young More & More Of 67 Cap Good 12.00 st 2802, cover good, l Send Email 
Sandpipers Foursider  A&m Good 0.00 sp 3525, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Santana Silver Dreams Golden Reality 79 Colu Good 10.00 jc 35686, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Scarbury, Joey Americas Greatest Hero -no-  Elektra Excellent 0.00 x5e 537, exc sealed Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit Pardon My Blooper  Quality Good 0.00 v29, 10 inch ep, cover fair, an album of radio and tvs most hilarious boners on the air Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit Pardon My Blooper 2nd Series The Best Of  Bloopers Good 0.00 pmb 3-4, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit All Time Great Bloopers Vol 1  Brookville Good 0.00 406, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit Pardon My Blooper 3rd Series  Bloopers Very Good 0.00 pmb 0056, cover good+, l, double album Send Email 
Schafer, Kermit Super Bloopers Vol 1  Ktel Good 0.00 nc 417, cover good, double album Send Email 
Schilling, Peter Error In The System 83 Wea Very Good 10.00 24 02131, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Schlamme, Martha Jewish Folk Songs  Tikva Good 0.00 t 7, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Scott, Freddie Everything I Have Is Yours 64 Colu Good 20.00 cl 2258, cover good, l Send Email 
Scott, Jack Burning Bridges  Cap Good 0.00 n 66121, cover vg, l, re issue Send Email 
Scritti Politti Cupid & Psyche 85 85 Wea Very Good 8.00 92 53021, cover vvg, wl Send Email 
Scruggs, Earl Live At Kansas State  Colu Good 0.00 c 31758, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Seals & Crofts S/t 69 Bell Good 25.00 ta 5001, cover good, l Send Email 
Seals & Crofts Takin It Easy 78 Wb Good 10.00 bsk 3163, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Seals, Dan Rage On 88 Cap Very Good 8.00 c1 46976, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Seatrain S/t 70 Cap Good 15.00 smas 659, cover good, l, lively -unique Send Email 
Sedaka, Neil Steppin Out  Polydor Good 0.00 2383 383, cover good, l, need rocket label Send Email 
Sedaka, Neil Solitaire 76 Rca Good 12.00 apl1 1790, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Sedaka, Neil Circulate 60 Rca Good 80.00 lpm 2317. cover fair, ll Send Email 
Seeger, Pete Folk Songs By 64 Cap Good 20.00 w 2172, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Segovia, Andres My Favorite Spanish Encores  Rca Very Good 0.00 krl1 0043, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Seguin, Richard Journee Damerique  Audiogram Very Good 0.00 ad 10024, cover exc, ac, wl, en francaise Send Email 
Seguin, Richard Double Vie  Saisons Very Good 0.00 sns 90 006, cover vg, wl, toute en fransaise Send Email 
Sellars, Marilyn One Day At A Time  Mega Good 0.00 mlps 602, cover good, l Send Email 
Sellman, Barbara Anne Hold On  Sunshine Very Good 0.00 sslp 4024, cover good, l Send Email 
Sha Na Na Now  Birchm Poor 0.00 bm 798, cover good, l, nvg Send Email 
Shadows Hit Parade  Arc Fair 0.00 hp 29, cover good Send Email 
Shakira La Tortura -ep-  Epic Very Good 0.00 eas 55670, generic cover with sticker, l 4 cut ep 33 rpm Send Email 
Shamen Move Any Mountain -ep-  One Little Indian France Very Good 0.00 52tp12, cover vg, l, 4 cut ep 33 rpm Send Email 
Shankar, Ravi Indias Master Musician 65 World Pacific Good 15.00 st 1422, cover good, l Send Email 
Shannon Let The Music Play -ep-  Unidisc Good 0.00 12mm 006, generic label cover, 2 versions 1 song Send Email 
Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra By Members Of His Orchestra  Bright Orange Good 0.00 xbo 808, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Shaw, Tommy Girls With Guns 84 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 5020, cover good, wl Send Email 
Sheer, Anita Flamenco  Ringside Good 0.00 ms 542, cover vg Send Email 
Shola Ama You Might Need Somebody -ep-  Wb Good 0.00 pro a 8921, promo , cover generic, l, 4 versions of 1 song 33 rpm Send Email 
Shore, Dinah Lower Basin Street Revisited 65 Reprise Good 15.00 rs 6150, cover fair, l Send Email 
Shore, Dinah/ Horne, Lena Lower Basin Street  Rca C Good 0.00 cal 321, cover good, l Send Email 
Shrapnel S/t  Elektra Very Good 0.00 96 02811, cover good, l Send Email 
Shriekback Oil And Gold  Island Good 0.00 isl 1044, cover vg, al Send Email 
Side Street Strutters Available In The Lobby  Stop & Time Good 0.00 sss 002, cover good, l, bio sheet Send Email 
Silverlode S/t  Raintown Good 0.00 666, cover good, l Send Email 
Simple Minds Alive & Kicking -ep-  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vsx 1287, cover vg, l, 1 cut 2 versions, 45 rpm Send Email 
Simple Minds Someone Somewhere/king Is White And In The Crowd  Virgin Good 0.00 v8 538-12, cover vg, ac, l, 45 rpm ep Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank That Old Feeling 56 Colu Fair 25.00 cl 902, cover fair, l Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank All The Way 61 Cap Good 20.00 w 1538, cover poor, ll Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank Point Of No Return 62 Cap Good 20.00 w1676, cover vg, ac, cl Send Email 
Siouxsi & The Banshees Once Upon A Time-the Singles  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 1 6338, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Siouxsie & The Banshees Kaleidoscope 80 Polydor Very Good 0.00 pds 1 6292, cover vg, l Send Email 
Skaggs, Ricky Favorite Country Songs 85 Epic Good 10.00 fe 39409, cover good, l Send Email 
Skaggs, Ricky Lonesome River  Maverick Very Good 0.00 mlp 1002, cover vg, l, half speed mastered Send Email 
Sky  Arista Good 0.00 ab 4288, cover vg, al Send Email 
Slade, Mark New Hat 69 Tetragrammaton Good 0.00 t 5003, cover poor, l, tv actor high chaparrel popsike 36. Send Email 
Slane, Charlie Miramihi-folk Songs Of New Brunswick  Miramichi Pioneer Good 0.00 st 57315, cover vg, l Send Email 
Slow Children S/t  Ensign Very Good 0.00 nxl1 8001, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Smith, Cal Goin To Cals Place 67 Kapp Fair 20.00 ks 3537, cover good, l Send Email 
Smith, Carl Sunday Down South 57 Colu Good 60.00 cl 959, cover fair, l Send Email 
Smith, Connie I Love Charley Brown 68 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4002, cover vg, cl Send Email 
Smith, Connie Sings Bill Anderson 67 Rca Good 25.00 lpm 3768, cover good, ll Send Email 
Smith, Ernie To Behold Jah  Generation Very Good 0.00 gen 3011, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Smith, Ernie Skareggae  Generation Very Good 0.00 gen 3013, cover vg, l Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy The Cat -nc- 64 Verve Fair 25.00 v6 8587, nc-, l Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy Plays  Crown Good 0.00 cst 469, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Smith, Kate Here & Now  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 3821, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Smith, R Harlan & Nielsen, Chris Stolen Moments  Royalty Good 0.00 r2000 37, cover vg, possible autographs from both Send Email 
Smith, Sammi Mixed Emotions 77 Elektra Good 10.00 7es 1108, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Smith, Sammi As Long As Theres A Sunday 76 Elektra Good 10.00 7es 1058, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Smith, Sammi Greatest Hits 74 Mega Good 12.00 mlps 604, cover good, l Send Email 
Smith, Sammi & Davis, Skeeter Queens Of Country Music  Impact Very Good 0.00 bc 253, cover vg, l Send Email 
Smiths That Joke Isnt Funny Anymore -ep- 85 Rough Trade Very Good 0.00 rtt 186, cover vg, l , 5 cut ep, 45 rpm Send Email 
Smiths S/t 84 Sire Very Good 15.00 92 50651, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Snow, Hank Somewhere Along Lifes Highway 68 Rca C Very Good 12.00 cal 2235, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Snow, Hank The Hits Of Vol 2  Rca Very Good 0.00 kel1 8098, cover vg, l Send Email 
Snow, Hank Down The Trail Of Achin Hearts  Rca Sp Very Good 0.00 spc 33 42, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Snow, Hank Country Classics -ep- 52 Rca Good 200.00 lpm 3026, cover fair Send Email 
Snow, Hank Hello Love 74 Rca Good 15.00 apl1 0441, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Snow, Hank Sings -ep- 52 Rca Good 180.00 lpm 3070, cover fair, 10 ' ep Send Email 
Soft Cell Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing  Vertigo Good 0.00 1 3313, cover good, l, 6 cut Send Email 
Soft Cell Non Stop Erotic Cabaret 81 Vertigo Good 12.00 vog 1 3309, cover vg, wl, listing is on sire label Send Email 
Soft Cell The Art Of Falling Apart  Vertigo Very Good 0.00 vog 1 3320, cover vg, al Send Email 
Solley, David Great Songs Of Scotland  Lismor Scotland Very Good 0.00 lilp 5076, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Sons Of The Pioneers Western Country  Attic Good 0.00 mlat 1020, cover vg, l Send Email 
Sons Of The Pioneers Empty Saddles  Mca Very Good 0.00 1563, cover vg, ac,l Send Email 
Sons Of The Pioneers Cowboy Classics -ep- 52 Rca Fair 100.00 lpm 3032, cover fair, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Sons Of The Pioneers The Best Of 66 Rca Good 15.00 lpm 3476, cover vg,ac,l Send Email 
Sons Of The Pioneers Our Men Out West 63 Rca Good 20.00 lpm 2603, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Sorta Crackers Band Dance Little Bir  Mustard Good 0.00 m1008, cover good, edmonton damon label Send Email 
Soul, David S/t 77 Private Stock Good 10.00 ps 2019, cover good, l Send Email 
Southern Comfort S/t  Colu Good 0.00 cs 1011, cover bad, ac, l Send Email 
Sovine, Red Woodrow Wilson Sovine -no- 77 Starday Excellent 15.00 sd 970x, cover exc, ac, sealed woolco price tag 6.49 Send Email 
Spandau Ballet Paint Me Down -ep-  Chrys Good 0.00 cds 2560, cover vg, l, 2 cut ep Send Email 
Spanish Air Force Military Band Heroes Of The Bull Ring  Decca Good 0.00 dl 9840, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Spears, Billie Jo Help Me Make It Through The Night  Pickw/hilltop Fair 0.00 js 6126, cover fair, l, playable on old rp Send Email 
Specials More 80 Chrysalis Good 12.00 chr 1303, cover vg,wl Send Email 
Spillane Band, Davy Out Of The Air  Cooking Vinyl Good 0.00 cook 016, cover good, l, irish jazz group?? Send Email 
Spirit Of The West Tripping Up The Stairs  Stony Plain Good 0.00 spl 1098, cover vg, l, wl Send Email 
Spizzles, The Spikey Dream Flowers  A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 04861, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Split Enz Corroboree  Mushroom Austrailia Good 0.00 rml 53001, cover good, al Send Email 
Split Enz Time And Tide 82 A&m Very Good 12.00 sp 4894, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Springfield, Dusty Son Of A Preacher Man  Spot England Good 0.00 spr 8539, cover vg, l Send Email 
Springfield, Rick Beautiful Feelings 84 Merc Good 10.00 srm 1 4104, cover vg, l, listed under a different merc # Send Email 
Springfield, Rick Success Hasnt Spoiled Me Yet 82 Rca Very Good 10.00 afl1 4125, cover vg, ac, al Send Email 
Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975-85 86 Colu Very Good 60.00 c5x 40558, cover good, l, booklet, 5 record box set Send Email 
Squier, Billy Emotions In Motion  Cap Good 0.00 st 12217, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Stafford, Jo Greatest Hits 68 Decca Good 15.00 dl 74973, cover good, l Send Email 
Stagg, Barry S/t  Rca Good 0.00 kkl1 0273, cover good, l Send Email 
Stampley, Joe Soul Song  Dot Good 0.00 dos 26007, cover vg, l Send Email 
Starr, Kay Again 74 Cap Good 10.00 st 11323, cover vg, l Send Email 
Statesmen Quartet The Sensational  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 2989, cover good, ll Send Email 
Statler Brothers Greatest Hits  Ktel Good 0.00 nc 568, cover vg, l Send Email 
Status Quo Hello 74 A&m Good 15.00 sp 3615, cover good, ll, vvg Send Email 
Steagall, Red Texas Red 76 Abc Dot Good 12.00 9310 2068, cover good, l Send Email 
Steel Breeze S/t  Rca Good 0.00 afl1 4424, cover good, l Send Email 
Steel Pulse Handsworth Revolution  Mango Good 0.00 mlps 9502, cover good, l Send Email 
Steele, Tommy So This Is Broadway  Cap Good 0.00 t 6124, cover vg, ll, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Stephany Dont Let Me Down -ep- 86 Flarenasch France Good 0.00 722 848, cover vg, ac, l, kept for the label pic Send Email 
Stevens, Cat Foreigner  A&m Good 0.00 sp 4391, cover good, ws, insert and postcard Send Email 
Stevens, Shakin The Bop Wont Stop 83 Epic Good 10.00 fe 39286, cover good, l Send Email 
Stevens, Shakin Get Shakin 81 Epic Good 15.00 fe 37415, cover vg, l, hey mae Send Email 
Stevenson, Scotty And The Canadian Nighthawks  Arc Fair 0.00 703, cover vg, ac, featuring bernie and ruth maclean, johnny brown and buddy ackers Send Email 
Stevie B Pump That Body -ep-  Epic Very Good 0.00 49 74369, cover vg, ac, l, 1 song 6 cuts Send Email 
Stevie B Ill Be By Your Side -ep-  Polydor England Very Good 0.00 pz 145, cover vg, ac, 45 rpm Send Email 
Stewart, Rod Maggie May  Pickw England Good 0.00 cn 2045, cover vg, l Send Email 
Stewart, Wynn Let The Whole World Sing It With Me 69 Cap Good 20.00 st 214, cover good, cl Send Email 
Stocktons Wing Light In The Western Sky  Tara Good 0.00 3009, cover vg, l Send Email 
Stocktons Wing American Special  Tara Very Good 0.00 4001, cover vg, l Send Email 
Stolz, Harvey Id Rather Be Sorry  Damon Good 0.00 xspd 100, cover good, l Send Email 
Stone Four, Kirby The Go Sound 59 Colu Very Good 20.00 cl 1290, cover vg, l Send Email 
Stoughton, David Transformer  Elektra Good 0.00 eks 74034, cover good, ll, white label promo popsike median 38 mean 46 nvg Send Email 
Straight Eight Shuffle N Cut  El Mocambo Very Good 0.00 elmo 756, cover vg, l Send Email 
Straight Lines Run For Cover  Epic  0.00 fe 37560, cover vg, l Send Email 
Strait, George Merry Christmas Strait To You 86 Mca Very Good 10.00 5800, cover good, ll Send Email 
Strange Advance Love Games/kiss In The Dark -ep-  Cap Very Good 0.00 75032, cover vg, l, 45 rpm 2 cut Send Email 
Strange Advance Worlds Away  Cap Good 0.00 st 12232, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Streetheart Dancing With Danger  Cap Good 0.00 st 6499, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Streisand, Barbra The Way We Were 74 Colu Fair 12.00 pc 32801, cover fair, l Send Email 
Streisand, Barbra Till I Loved You 88 Colu Very Good 10.00 c 40880, cover good, wl Send Email 
Striker S/t  Arista Good 0.00 ab 4165, cover good, l vinyl good+ Send Email 
Stuarti, Enzo Thats A Nice  Evolution Very Good 0.00 2019, cover good, l Send Email 
Style Telephone -ep-  Sire Good 0.00 92 03280, cover good, l, 2 cut ep, 45 rpm Send Email 
Style Council Introducing 83 Polydor Very Good 8.00 pep 320, cover vg, l, book shows different # Send Email 
Style Council Home & Abroad  Polydor Good 0.00 polr 2012, cover vg, al, book lists geffen label, this title Send Email 
Sugarhill Gang Rappers Delight/same Shorter Version 79 Sugarhill Good 50.00 sh 542, cover good generic label cover Send Email 
Summer, Donna Mac Arthur Park Suite 78 Casablanca Very Good 15.00 nbd 20148, generic label cover, l, blank b side, 33 rpm Send Email 
Summer, Donna She Works Hard For The Money  Merc Good 0.00 srm1 4071, cover vg, wl vinyl good++ Send Email 
Summer, Henry Lee Ive Got Everything  Cbs Good 0.00 oz 45124, cover good, l, ws Send Email 
Sundholm, Roy East To West -no-  Rca Excellent 0.00 bxl1 4181, cover exc, sealed Send Email 
Supremes New Ways But Love Stays 70 Tamla Motown Good 15.00 ms 720, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Surrender No Surrender -ep-  Cap Very Good 0.00 dlp 3002, cover good, l 4 cut ep Send Email 
Survivor Vital Signs 84 Scotti Good 8.00 fz 39578, cover good, l Send Email 
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver Dream Kid 74 Island Good 10.00 sw 9341, cover good, wl Send Email 
Suzuki, Pat The Many Sides Of 58 Vik Fair 30.00 lx 1127, cover good, l Send Email 
Swan, Billy Youre Ok Im Ok 78 A&m Good 10.00 sp 4686, cover good, al Send Email 
Swarbrick S/t  Kicking Mule Good 0.00 km/tra 337, cover good Send Email 
Sweet Level Headed 78 Cap Good 12.00 skao 11744, cover good+. wl Send Email 
Swift, T And The Electric Bag Are You Experienced  Custom Good 0.00 cs 1115, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Sykes, Keith It Dont Hurt To Flirt  Backstreet Poor 0.00 bsr 5277, cover good, l, stuck needle last cut both sides Send Email 
Sykes, Roosevelt The Original Honeydripper  Blind Pig Very Good 0.00 bp 005 78, cover vg, l Send Email 
Sylum Im Impressed -ep-  Alert Good 0.00 mbd 005, cover vg, l, 45 rpm Send Email 
T Boy King Of The Land -ep-  Sacred Good 0.00 011t, cover generic, 1 song 2 versions Send Email 
T Rex Light Of Love 74 Casablanca Good 15.00 nb 9006, cover good, ll Send Email 
Talk Talk S/t  Emi America Very Good 0.00 st 17074, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tannahill Weavers Passage  Green Linnet Good 0.00 sif 3031, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tannahill Weavers The Old Womans Dance  Plant Life Good 0.00 plr 010, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tannahill Weavers Land Of Light  Green Linnet Good 0.00 sif 1067, cover vg, l, ws possibly autographed x5 Send Email 
Tarzen S/t 85 Valentino Good 0.00 79 02771, cover vg, ac, wl, spanish group 1/2 Send Email 
Tasha Take You To The Top -ep-  Dance Pool Holland Good 0.00 662294 6, generic cover with sticker, good, l 45 rpm Send Email 
Taylor, James Mud Slide Slim 71 Wb Good 10.00 bs 2561, cover good, l Send Email 
Taylor, James S/t 70 Apple Good 20.00 skao 3352, cover good, l Send Email 
Taylor, Johnnie Taylored In Silk 73 Stax Good 20.00 sts 3014, cover good, l Send Email 
Tchaikovsky, Bram Funland  Arista Good 0.00 ab 4292, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Tchaikovsky, Bram Pressure  Polydor Good 0.00 pd1 6273, cover vg, l Send Email 
Telegram True Myth -nc-  Intercan Good 0.00 ic 1015, nc, al Send Email 
Temple, Shirley Curtain Call 66 Movietone Good 20.00 mtm 1012, cover fair, l Send Email 
Temple, Shirley Little Miss  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 5127, cover good, l Send Email 
Temptations Gettin Ready -nc-  Tamla Motown Fair 0.00 tml 11035, -nc-, l Send Email 
Ten Cc S/t 73 Uk Good 15.00 uks 53105, cover good, l Send Email 
Ten Years After Greatest Hits 77 London Good 10.00 lc 50008, cover good, l Send Email 
Tenants, The S/t  Epic Good 0.00 npec 80076, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Terry, Sonny&mcghee, Brownie Back To New Orleans 72 Fantasy Good 15.00 24708, cover vg, ac, l, double album Send Email 
Tex, Joe Soul Country 68 Atl Good 20.00 sd 8187, cover good, l, vg record Send Email 
Texas Playboys The Original  Cap Good 0.00 st 11917, cover vg, l Send Email 
The Village Stompers Washington Square 63 Epic  15.00 ln 24078, cover good, l Send Email 
Thee Prophets Playgirl 69 Kapp Good 20.00 ks 3596, cover vg, l Send Email 
Thirty Eight Special Special Forces  A&m Good 0.00 sp 4888, cover good, al vinyl & cover good+ Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Lovin You Accord Good 10.00 sn 7106, cover fair, l Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Greatest Hits Of  Excelsior Good 0.00 xmp 6019, cover vg, l Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Dont Worry Baby 77 Mca Very Good 10.00 2286, cover good, ll Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Sings His Favorites  Springboard Good 0.00 sp 4007, cover good, l Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Shining 84 Colu Very Good 10.00 fc 39337, cover good, l Send Email 
Thomas, B.j. Everybody Loves A Rain Song 78 Mca Good 10.00 3035, cover good, ll Send Email 
Thomas, Ian The Runner  Anthem Good 0.00 anr1 1032, cover good, wl Send Email 
Thomas, Ray From Mighty Oaks 75 Threshold/london Good 15.00 ths 16, cover good, l, with ws, moody blues member 1 of 2 solo albums Send Email 
Thomas, Rufus Did You Heard Me 72 Stax Good 25.00 sts 3004, cover vg, l Send Email 
Thompson, Hank Luckiest Heartache In Town 65 Cap Good 25.00 st 2342, cover fair, l Send Email 
Thompson, Hank Songs Of The Brazos Valley -ep- 53 Cap Fair 120.00 h 418, cover vg, l, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Thompson, Sue Two Of A Kind 62 Hickory/reo Good 30.00 rlp 646, cover good, l Send Email 
Thoreson, Roy The Happy Whistler  Ahed Good 0.00 as 8226, cover exc, ac, l, front cover autographed Send Email 
Three Degrees Live 75 Colu Philadelphia Int Good 12.00 kz 33840, cover vg, l Send Email 
Three Degrees Maybe 70 Roulette Good 40.00 sr 42050, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tillis, Mel Me And Pepper 79 Elektra Very Good 10.00 q6e 236, cover poor, l Send Email 
Tillis, Mel California Road 85 Rca Very Good 8.00 ahl1 5483, cover vvg, ac, l Send Email 
Tillis, Mel Greatest Hits 73 Mca Very Good 12.00 66, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Tillis, Mel Live At Sam Houston Coliseum Houston 71 Mgm Good 15.00 se 4788, cover good, l Send Email 
Tillis, Mel Love Revival 76 Mca Very Good 12.00 2204, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Tillis, Mel Detroit City  Pickw Good 0.00 js 6153, cover good, l Send Email 
Tillis, Mel Mr Entertainer 79 Mca Very Good 12.00 3167, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Tillman, Floyd Sings His Greatest Hits Of Lovin Stampede Good 15.00 js 6017, cover vg, ac listing is for hilltop release , stampede using their # Send Email 
Tillotson, Johnny Talk Back Trembling Lips 64 Mgm Good 20.00 e4188, cover good, l Send Email 
Tilmans, Jon Toots & Desmedt, Billy Harmonica Harmonies  Decca Good 0.00 dl 5409, cover fair Send Email 
Toby Beau More Than A Love Song 79 Rca Good 12.00 afl1 3119, cover good, wl Send Email 
Tokens Re Doo Wop  Rbi Good 0.00 rbir 404, cover poor, l Send Email 
Tones On Tail S/t  Situation Two Very Good 0.00 situ 12, cover vg, l, british post punk 82-84 Send Email 
Tony Toni Toné For The Love Of You -ep- 89 Wing Very Good 8.00 871 935 1, cover good, l, 4 versions of 1 cut Send Email 
Torero Band Tijuana Trumpets  Arc Good 0.00 ast 11, cover good Send Email 
Tornados Beach Boys Biggest Beach Hits  Rca C Good 0.00 cas 2371, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Toronto Head On  Solid Gold Good 0.00 sgr 1005, cover fair, l Send Email 
Toto Iso La Tion 84 Colu Very Good 10.00 oc 38962, cover vg, al Send Email 
Toto Turn Back 81 Colu Very Good 10.00 fc 36813, cover good, wl, pic sheet Send Email 
Tower Bridge Out Of My Mind -ep-  Barkfish Good 0.00 jd 5025, cover vg, l, 1982 edmonton group Send Email 
Tower Of Power Bump City 72 Wb Good 15.00 bs 2616, cover good, l Send Email 
Tq Bye Bye Baby -ep-  Epic Good 0.00 eas 41526, cover basic good, 2 cuts , 3 versions of title song Send Email 
Trammell, Bobby Lee Love Isnt Love 72 Souncot Good 15.00 scs 141, cover vg, l Send Email 
Trans X Living On Video  Image Good 0.00 mlp 016, cover good, l Send Email 
Trans X Living On Video -ep-  Image Good 0.00 12ma 052, cover basic good, l, 1 cut 2 versions Send Email 
Trask, Diana Miss Country Soul  Ember England Very Good 0.00 nr 5074, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Trask, Diana Lean It All On Me 74 Dot Very Good 15.00 dos 26022, cover good, l Send Email 
Trask, Diana Believe Me Now Or Believe Me Later 76 Abc Good 12.00 abdp 948, cover good, ll Send Email 
Travis, Randy An Old Time Christmas 89 Wb Very Good 12.00 92 59721, cover vg, al Send Email 
Trickster Back To Zero  Jet Good 0.00 jz 35968, cover good, l Send Email 
Triumph The Sport Of Kings  Mca Very Good 0.00 5786, cover vvg, wl Send Email 
Triumph Never Surrender  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1150, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Troggs Wild Thing 66 Fontana Good 30.00 mgf 27556, cover good, l Send Email 
Troiano, Domonic Fret Fever  Cap Very Good 0.00 st 11932, cover good, wl Send Email 
Trooper Two For The Show  Mca Very Good 0.00 mca 2214, cover good, ll Send Email 
Trooper S/t  Mca Very Good 0.00 2149, cover good, ll Send Email 
Tsol Revenge 86 Enigma Good 0.00 st 73211, cover vg, l, true sound of liberty american punk rock 4 of 6 Send Email 
Tubb, Ernest The Family Bible 63 Decca Good 25.00 dl4397, cover fair, l Send Email 
Tubb, Ernest Stand By Me  Vocalion Good 0.00 vl 73765, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tubb, Justin The Best Of 65 Starday/sparton Good 25.00 slp 334, cover vg, ac, l, vvg album Send Email 
Tubes The Tubes  A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 69872, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Tucker, Tanya Tennessee Woman  Cap Good 0.00 1p 8012, cover good, l Send Email 
Turner, Tina Whats Love Got To Do With It -ep-  Cap Very Good 0.00 v 75063, cover good, l, wrong # for listing 84-8 Send Email 
Twitty, Conway & Loretta Lynn Feelins 75 Mca Good 15.00 mca 2143, cover good, ll Send Email 
Two Rude Featuring Stone P When Youre Hot -ep-  Illvibe Very Good 0.00 no #, generic cover , 4 versions of 1 cut Send Email 
Tyla, Sean Just Popped Out  Polydor Good 0.00 pd1 6281, cover vg, wl, vg album Send Email 
Tyler, Billy J Honey  Custom Good 0.00 cs 1116, cover fair, l, some vg cuts like little boy in love Send Email 
Tyler, T. Texas His Great Hits  Hilltop Good 0.00 jm 6042, cover good, l Send Email 
Tyson, Ian Ol Eon  A&m Fair 0.00 sp 9017, cover good, l Send Email 
Tyson, Ian I Outgrew The Wagon  Stony Plain Good 0.00 spl 1131, cover good, wl Send Email 
U2 War 83 Island Very Good 10.00 79 00671, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ub 40 1980 1983  Dep/virgin Good 0.00 vl 2265, cover good, l Send Email 
Ub 40 Red Red Wine/sufferin -ep-  Dep Good 0.00 dep 7-12, cover good, generic Send Email 
Ub40 Dont Slow Down/dont Let It Pass You By  Dep Very Good 0.00 12 dep 1, cover vg, l 45 rpm Send Email 
Ultra Vivid Scene Mercy Seat  4ad Very Good 0.00 bad 906, cover vg, ac, l, questionable pics on cover goodwill sold record for 5.00. over double normal price Send Email 
Ultravox Vienna 80 Chrysalis Good 12.00 chr 1296, cover vg ,l Send Email 
United Scottish Clansmen Neil Linden A Song A Wee Dram And A Lassie  Saga England Good 0.00 eros 8083, cover vg, l Send Email 
Utopia Adventures In 79 Bearsville Good 12.00 qbr 6991, cover vg, al Send Email 
Valdy Notes From Places  Duke Fair 0.00 dsr 31010, cover g, wl Send Email 
Valdy 1001  Sloth Very Good 0.00 sl 1001, cover good, l with discography.7/11 Send Email 
Vale, Jerry Greatest Hits 61 Colu Good 15.00 cl 1529, cover good, l Send Email 
Vale, Jerry I Have But One Heart 62 Colu Good 15.00 cs 8597, cover good, l Send Email 
Vale, Jerry More 71 Harmony Good 10.00 kh 30759, cover vg, l Send Email 
Valente, Caterina Now  Pye Very Good 0.00 nspl 18470, cover good, l Send Email 
Valiquette, Gilles Chansons Pour Un Cafe  Trans World Good 0.00 zox 6008, cover fair, l Send Email 
Vangelis Heaven And Hell  Rca Germany Very Good 0.00 lpl 1 5110, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vanity Under The Influence -ep-  Motown Good 0.00 ms 4558, cover vg, ac, l, 45 rpm 1 song,3 versions Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino Brother To Brother 78 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 4722, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino Storm At Sunup 75 A&m Good 10.00 sp 4533, cover good, al Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino Brother To Brother 78 A&m Good 10.00 sp 4722, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino Nightwalker 81 Arista Good 10.00 al 9539, cover good, al Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino The Best Of  A&m Good 0.00 sp 9043, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino A Pauper In Paradise  A&m Good 0.00 sp 4664, cover good, wl, fold out pic Send Email 
Vannelli, Gino The Gist Of The Gemini 76 A&m Good 10.00 sp 4596, cover good, ll Send Email 
Vaughan, Sarah Golden Hits 61 Merc Good 20.00 mg 20645, cover fair, l Send Email 
Vaughan, Sarah Pop Artistry 66 Merc Good 15.00 mg 21069, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vaughan, Sarah Star Eyes 63 Roulette Good 20.00 sr 52100, cover fair, l Send Email 
Vaughan, Sarah Deep Purple  Harmony Good 0.00 hs 11318, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3558, cover good, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Moon River  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3213, cover good Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Sail Along Silvry Moon  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3100, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy The Best Of  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3811, cover good, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Plays  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3156, cover fair, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Plays The Million Sellers  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 25119, cover good, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Wheels  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 25366, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Moon Over Naples  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3654, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Berlin Melody  Dot Fair 0.00 dlp 25396, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vaughn, Billy Thats Life  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 25788, cover good, l Send Email 
Veary, Emma Volume Ii  Music Of Polynesia Good 0.00 mop 18000, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vee, Bobby Legendary Master #7 73 Ua Good 300.00 ua la025 g2, cover good, ac, l, double album Send Email 
Velvet Elvis S/t 78 Enigma Very Good 12.00 di 73300, cover vvg, l Send Email 
Ventures S/t 63 Dolton Good 20.00 blp 2004, cover fair, l, maroon label unsure of value Send Email 
Ventures Flight Of Fantasy 68 Liberty Good 20.00 lst 8055, cover good, l Send Email 
Ventures Play Guitar With 65 Dolton Good 30.00 bst 17501, cover fair, l Send Email 
Ventures The Horse 68 Liberty Good 20.00 lst 8057, cover good, l Send Email 
Ventures Rock And Roll Forever 72 Ua Good 12.00 uas 5649, cover fair, l Send Email 
Vicious Pink Cccant You See -ep-  Parlophone Fair 0.00 s75129, cover good, l, warp plays thru on new rp Send Email 
Video, Monte & The Cassettes S/t  Geffen Good 0.00 xghs 4015, cover vg, l Send Email 
Village Lads S/t  Villa Good 0.00 vp 001, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vinson, Laura & Red Wyng Many Moons Ago  Royalty Good 0.00 rp 200 8602, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vinton, Bobby The Many Moods Of  Colu House Very Good 0.00 1p 6267, cover vg, l Send Email 
Vinton, Bobby Melodies Of Love 74 Abc Good 10.00 abcd 851, cover good, l Send Email 
Vinton, Bobby The Many Moods Of  Colu House Good 0.00 2p 6266, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Vinton, Bobby Summer Seranade 79 Epic Very Good 10.00 je 35999, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Vis A Vis Shadow Play -ep-  Somersault Good 0.00 som 1204, cover vg, l, 45 rpm Send Email 
Visage The Damned Dont Cry -ep-  Polydor Good 0.00 pdsx 2201, cover good, l, 45 rpm 2 cut ep Send Email 
Vogues Greatest Hits 69 Reprise Good 0.00 rs 6371, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wagner Chorale, Roger Songs Of Stephen Foster  Cap Good 0.00 p 8267, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Wagoneers Stout And High 88 A&m Good 8.00 sp 5200, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter What Aint To Be Just Might Happen 72 Rca Good 15.00 lsp 4661, cover vg, ll, different choice of songs for him Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter Tore Down 74 Rca Good 15.00 apl1 0496, cover fair, l Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter On The Road 66 Rca Good 20.00 lpm 3509, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton Porter & Dolly 80 Rca Good 12.00 ahl1 3700, cover good, ll Send Email 
Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton Always Always 69 Rca Good 20.00 lsp 4186, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Wailers Burnin  Island Good 0.00 xilp 9256, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wailers Best Of The Wailers  Beverley Good 0.00 blp 011, cover vg, l Send Email 
Waite, John Mask Of Smiles 85 Emi America Very Good 8.00 st 17164, cover vvg, ac, al Send Email 
Waits, Tom Nighthawks At The Diner 75 Asylum Good 12.00 7e 2008, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Wakely, Jimmy Country Million Sellers Shasta/sparton Fair 15.00 sh lp 501, cover fair, l Send Email 
Walker Brothers Introducing 65 Smash Good 70.00 mgs 27076, cover fair, ll Send Email 
Walker, Billy The Big Country Hits 67 Harmony Good 15.00 hl 7410, cover good, l Send Email 
Walker, Billy Cross The Brazos At Waco 65 Colu Fair 15.00 cl 2331, cover good, l Send Email 
Walker, Jerry Jeff Jerry Jeff 78 Elektra Very Good 10.00 6e 163, cover good,wl Send Email 
Walker, Jr. & The All Stars Live 67 Tamla Motown Good 30.00 s tm 705, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Walker, T-bone T Bone Blues 70 Atl Very Good 20.00 sd 8256, cover vg, l, reissue Send Email 
Walklin, Wally Sings  Pink Pearl Good 0.00 ct 33556, cover good, l Send Email 
Wallace, Jerry The Best Of  Point Fair 0.00 p 309, cover good, l Send Email 
Wallace, Jerry I Wonder Whose Baby 75 Mca Good 12.00 462, cover good, ll Send Email 
Wallace, Jerry Primrose Lane/dont Give Up On Me 73 Mca Good 12.00 366, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Wallace, Jerry Do You Know What Its Like To Be Lonesome 73 Mca Good 12.00 301, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Waller, "fats" Aint Misbehavin  Rca Good 0.00 lpm 1246. cover vg, ll Send Email 
Waller, "fats" Handful Of Keys 57 Rca Good 50.00 lpm 1502, cover good, ll Send Email 
Waller, Fats Piano Solos 1929-41  Bluebird Good 0.00 axm2 5518, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Waller, Fats The Indispensable Vol 3/4  Rca France Good 0.00 pm 43696, cover fair, l, double album cover needs glue, vinyl good+ Send Email 
Waller, Fats The Real  Rca C Good 0.00 cal 473, cover fair, l Send Email 
Warwick, Dionne Track Of The Cat 75 Wb Good 12.00 bs 2893, cover good, l Send Email 
Washington Jr., Grover Greatest Perfomances 83 Motown Good 10.00 m 307, cover good, l Send Email 
Washington, Grover Jr Come Morning 81 Elektra Good 10.00 x5e 562, cover vg, al Send Email 
Waters, Muddy Hard Again Blue Sky Very Good 8.00 pz 34449, cover vg, l Send Email 
Waters, Muddy Sings Big Bill 60 Chess Good 300.00 lp 1444, cover good, l Send Email 
Watson, Gene Beautiful Country 77 Cap Good 12.00 st 11715, cover fair, l Send Email 
Weavers On Tour 57 Vanguard Good 40.00 vrs 9013, cover vg, ac, l, vinyl g-vg Send Email 
Weavers Greatest Hits 71 Decca Good 12.00 dl 75169, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Weedon, Bert King Size Guitar  Top Rank Fair 0.00 buy 026, cover good, l Send Email 
Weedon, Bert Honky Tonk Guitar Party  Starline Good 0.00 srs 5198, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Welk, Lawrence Baby Elephant Walk  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3457, cover vg, l Send Email 
Welk, Lawrence Apples & Bananas  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3629, cover vg, l Send Email 
Weller, Freddy Games People Play 69 Colu Good 15.00 cs 9904, cover vg, l Send Email 
Weller, Freddy The Roadmaster 72 Colu Very Good 12.00 kc 31769, cover good, l Send Email 
Werth, Howard & The Moonbeams King Brilliant  Rocket Good 0.00 pig 2180, cover good, l, ws Send Email 
West Bam The Cabinet  Swanyard Good 0.00 syr lp 2, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
West, Dottie A Legend In My Time 71 Rca C Good 12.00 cas 2454, cover good, l Send Email 
West, Dottie When Its Just You And Me 77 Ua Very Good 10.00 ua la 740, cover vg, cl Send Email 
West, Shelly Red Hot 83 Viva Very Good 8.00 92 39831, cover vg, l Send Email 
West, Shelly Dont Make Me Wait On The Moon 85 Viva Good 8.00 92 51891, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wet Willie Greatest Hits 78 Capricorn Good 10.00 cpn 0200, cover fair, l Send Email 
Wham Fantastic  Colu Good 0.00 pcc 90688, cover good, wl Send Email 
Wham Music From The Edge Of Heaven 86 Colu Very Good 10.00 oc 40285, cover vg, ac, al Send Email 
Wham Im Your Man -ep- 85 Colu Poor 8.00 12cxp 05322, cover vg, 3 cut ep, b side bad shape a side good Send Email 
Wham Make It Big 84 Colu Good 10.00 fc 39595, cover vg, l Send Email 
White, John At The Caribou Club  Arc Good 0.00 as 804, cover good, l Send Email 
White, Tony S/t  Harmony Good 0.00 hes 6035, cover good, l, autographed ?? back cover Send Email 
Whitesnake David Coverdale White Snake  Attic Good 0.00 lat 1026, cover good, l Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Best Of Vol 1  Liberty Germany Good 0.00 l 84 048, cover vg, l Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Ghost Riders In The Sky 81 Liberty Good 8.00  Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Happy Anniversary 78 Pickw Good 10.00 spc 3590, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Christmas Album  Liberty Good 0.00 sn 66060, cover good Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Sings 59 Imperial Good 30.00 lp 9064, cover good, l Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Sings 58 Imp Fair 50.00 9056, maroon label, cover fair, l Send Email 
Whitman, Slim Sings And Yodels -ep- 54 Rca Fair 300.00 lpm 3217, cover good, 10 inch ep Send Email 
Whittaker, Roger La Ballade De Lamour  Rca Good 0.00 pcs 4018, cover vg, ac, l, le toute en francaise Send Email 
Who Pete Meaden Band Captured Live -nc- 1979 Creative Artistry Good 0.00 fd 59140, nc, l, popsike mean 41. Send Email 
Whodini Ep Rap Machine  Jive Good 0.00 t 45, cover vg, l, 45 rpm, 1 cut 3 versions Send Email 
Widowmaker Too Late To Cry 77 Ua Good 0.00 uala 723 g, cover good, l, british hard rock active 75-77 2 albums Send Email 
Wiggins, Little Roy Mister Steel Guitar 62 Starday Good 30.00 slp 188, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wilcox, David Bad Reputation  Cap Good 0.00 st 6513, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wilde, Kim Another Step 87 Mca Good 10.00 5903, cover vg, l Send Email 
Williams Jr., Hank Habits Old And New 80 Elektra Good 10.00 x6e 278, cover fair, l Send Email 
Williams Jr., Hank Sings The Songs Of Hank Williams 64 Mgm Good 20.00 e 4213, cover good, l Send Email 
Williams, Allyson Not On The Outside  Colu Obr Very Good 0.00 44 73188, 5 cut, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Love Theme From The Godfather 72 Colu Good 10.00 kc 31303, cover fair, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Warm And Willing 62 Colu Very Good 15.00 cs 8679, cover vg, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Christmas Album 63 Colu Very Good 12.00 cs 8887, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Love Theme From Godfather 72 Colu Quadraphonic Good 15.00 cq 31303, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Newest Hits 66 Colu Good 12.00 cl 2383, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Andy... 69 Colu Sp Good 12.00 css 966, cover fair, l, exclusive for woolworth Send Email 
Williams, Andy In The Arms Of Love 67 Colu Good 15.00 cs 9333, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Williams, Andy Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head 70 Colu Good 12.00 cs 9896, cover vg, l Send Email 
Williams, Don Yellow Moon 83 Mca Very Good 10.00 5407, cover vg, l Send Email 
Williams, Don Cafe Carolina 84 Mca Very Good 10.00 5493, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Williams, Don Especially For You 81 Mca Good 10.00 5210, cover good, wl Send Email 
Williams, Don Portrait 80 Mca Good 10.00 mca 3192, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Williams, Don Pozo Seco Singers Featuring  Pickw Very Good 0.00 shm 3021, cover vg, l Send Email 
Williams, Hank His Original Hits -no-  Showcase Excellent 0.00 hc 713, cover exc, sealed Send Email 
Williams, Hank Life To Legend 70 Mgm Good 12.00 se 4680, cover good, l Send Email 
Williams, Hank Wait For The Light To Shine 60 Mgm Fair 40.00 e 3850, cover good, l Send Email 
Williams, Hank The Collectors Volume One  Polydor Good 0.00 mip 1 9399, cover vg, l Send Email 
Williams, Hank The Legend Album No. 1  Suffolk Very Good 0.00 smi 1 110, cover fair, l Send Email 
Williams, Hank Memories Of 1  Ktel Good 0.00 wc 305a, cover good Send Email 
Williams, John Collection  Cbs England Good 0.00 73784, cover vg, cl Send Email 
Williams, Paul A Little Bit Of Love 74 A&m Good 10.00 sp 3655, cover g, ll, ws Send Email 
Williams, Paul Ordinary Fool 75 A&m Very Good 10.00 sp 4550, cover good, ll, ws Send Email 
Williams, Ralph Vaughan Unknown -no-  Cbc Mint 0.00 sm 5044, williams, alexander brott, edward elgar, pierre mercure cover vvg, ac sealed Send Email 
Williams, Roger Till 58 Kapp Very Good 15.00 kl 1081, cover good, cl Send Email 
Williams, Roger By Special Request Vol 2 Kapp Good 12.00 ks 4, cover good, l vinyl good+ Send Email 
Willie And The Poor Boys S/t  Passport Very Good 0.00 pb 6047, cover vg, l Send Email 
Willis Brothers Bob And Other Songs To Make The Juke Box Play 67 Starday Good 25.00 slp 403, cover vg, l Send Email 
Willis Brothers The Sensational  Hilltop Good 0.00 js 6035, cover fair, ac, l Send Email 
Wilson, Al Searching For The Dolphins 69 Soul City Good 25.00 scs 92006, cover good, l Send Email 
Wilson, Deirdre Tabac  Rca Good 0.00 lsp 4283, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Wilson, Nancy Broadway My Way 63 Cap Bad 15.00 t 1828, cover vg, needle gets stuck side 1 start cut 4 Send Email 
Winchester, Jesse Talk Memphis 81 Bearsville Good 10.00 xbr 6989, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wind In The Willows, The S/t 68 Cap Good 100.00 skao 2956, cover vg, ac, l an early deborah harry Send Email 
Wiseman, Mac Country Music Memories Cmh Good 12.00 cmh 6202, cover good, l Send Email 
Wiseman, Mac Sings Old Time Country Favorites  Rural Rhythm Good 0.00 rrmw 158, cover good, l Send Email 
Wishbone Ash Just Testing 80  Very Good 10.00 3221, cover good+. al Send Email 
Wolf, Brandon Not Guilty -ep-  A&m Good 0.00 sp 23501, cover vg, l, 5 cut ep Send Email 
Wolfetones Rifles Or The Ira 70 Cynda/boot Good 0.00 cns 1008, cover vg, l, 4/15 Send Email 
Womack, Bobby Across 110th Street 72 Ua Good 12.00 uas 5225, cover good, l, soundtrack Send Email 
Womenfolk Never Underestimate The Power Of The 64 Rca Very Good 20.00 lpm 2919, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Wonder, Stevie Fulfillingness First Finale 74 Motown Good 0.00 t 332 v1, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Wood, Del Down Yonder  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3127, cover vg Send Email 
Wood, Del Up Right Low Down  Colu Good 0.00 cs 9339, cover good Send Email 
Wreckless Eric S/t  Stiff Very Good 0.00 srl 910 028, cover vg, ac, al Send Email 
Wright, Gary Light Of Smiles 76 Wb Good 10.00 bs 2951, cover good, wl Send Email 
Wright, Gary Footprint 71 A&m Good 15.00 sp 4296, cover poor, ll Send Email 
Wright, Lorna Circle Of Love  Rocket Good 0.00 bxl1 2902, cover good, l Send Email 
Wright, Richard Wet Dream  Colu Good 0.00 pc 5559, cover good, lneed jc 78-25 Send Email 
Wurges, Paul Der Rocker  Bear Family/ariola Good 0.00 203 079 or bfx 15 059, cover good, l the german bill haley Send Email 
Wynette, Tammy Sometimes When We Touch 85 Epic Very Good 10.00 fe 39971, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wynette, Tammy The Ways To Love A Man 70 Epic Good 20.00 bn 26519, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wynette, Tammy Greatest Hits 69 Epic Good 20.00 bn 26486, cover vg, l Send Email 
Wynette, Tammy Another Lonely Song 74 Epic Good 12.00 ke 32745, cover fair, l Send Email 
Ya Kid K Rock My World -ep-  Tycoon Very Good 0.00 ty9620, generic cover, l Send Email 
Yankovic, Frankie Dancing Round The World  Colu Good 0.00 cl2095, cover good, l, dolls of the world cover Send Email 
Yaz Upstairs At Erics 82 Sire Very Good 10.00 92 37371, cover good, wl Send Email 
Yellowman King  Colu Very Good 0.00 fc 39301, cover vg, l, jamaican rapper Send Email 
Yellowman Zunggu  Greensleeves Good 0.00 cgr 57, cover vg, l, popsike 6 sold, avg 34 min 30 max 52 Send Email 
Yes Relayer 74 Atl Good 10.00 sd 18122, cover vg, wl Send Email 
Young Canadians This Is Your Life -ep-  Quintessence Very Good 0.00 qep 1205, cover good, al, vancouver label 45 rpm 4 cut Send Email 
Young Canadians Of The Calgary Stampede A Burst Of Pride  Calgary Stampede Good 0.00 yc 001, cover vg, ac, l, likely from 1973 Send Email 
Young Holt Unlimited Just A Melody 69 Brunswick Good 15.00 bl 754150, cover good, lcl Send Email 
Yuro, Timi Make The World Go Away 63 Liberty Good 20.00 lst 7319, cover good, l, vvg album Send Email 
Zentner, Si The Stripper 62 Liberty Good 15.00 lst 7247, cover vg, l Send Email 
Zep, Jo Jo Step Lively  Colu Good 0.00 fc 37047, cover good, l Send Email 
Zinn, Don The Worlds Worst Yodeler  Afton Good 0.00 af 90205, cover good, l Send Email 
Zombies The Best Of  London Good 0.00 mip 1 9373, cover vg, l Send Email 
Zon Back Down To Earth  Epic Good 0.00 pec 80026, cover vg, wl from toronto 3 albums Send Email 
Airplane Soundtrack Airplane  Regency Good 0.00 ry 9601, cover good, l Send Email 
Almost Soundtrack Almost Summer 78 Mca England Good 25.00 mcf 2840, cover good, ll Send Email 
Anne Soundtrack Anne Of Green Gables  Attic Very Good 0.00 lat 1225,charlottetown festival production, cover vg, l Send Email 
Boeing Soundtrack Boeing Boeing 65 Rca Good 30.00 lso 1121, cover good,ac, ll Send Email 
Book Soundtrack Book Of Numbers 73 Brut Good 15.00 6002, cover good, l, old pg listing sonny terry and brownie mcghee Send Email 
Cabaret Soundtrack Cabaret Mca Very Good 8.00 37125, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Crossroads Soundtrack Crossroads 86 Wb Very Good 10.00 ry cooder, 92 53991, cover vg, l Send Email 
Emman Soundtrack Emmanuelle 4  Saisons Good 0.00 sns 80 010, cover good, l Send Email 
Fame Soundtrack Fame  Rso Good 0.00 rx1 3080, cover good, l Send Email 
Fantasticks Soundtrack The Fantasticks 63 Mgm Good 20.00 e 3872 oc, cover vg, l Send Email 
Fiddler Soundtrack Fiddler On The Roof Australia  Axis Very Good 0.00 6422, cover vg, l with an emi catalogue sheet starring bernard spear and stella moray Send Email 
Finians Soundtrack Finians Rainbow  Colu Very Good 12.00 ol 4062, original cast, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Gone Soundtrack Gone With The Wind  Rca Good 0.00 arl1 0452, cover vg, ac, l, 4 pg folder Send Email 
History Of Soundtrack History Of The World Part I  Wb Good 0.00 bs 3579, cover fair, l Send Email 
Hotel Soundtrack Hotel New Hampshire  Cap Very Good 0.00 st 12337, cover vg, l Send Email 
Idol Soundtrack Idolmaker  A&m Very Good 0.00 sp 4840, cover good, ll Send Email 
Interlude Soundtrack Interlude 68 Rca Good 40.00 coso 5007, cover fair, l, title song by timi yuro Send Email 
Irma Soundtrack Irma La Douce 63 Ua Good 20.00 ual 4109 cover vg, l, andre previn Send Email 
Lillies Soundtrack Lillies Of The Field 64 Epic Good 20.00 ln 24094, cover good, l Send Email 
Littlest Angel Soundtrack The Littlelest Angel/lullaby Of Christmas  Decca Good 0.00 dl 78009, cover good, l, a side loretta young b side gregory peck Send Email 
Love Soundtrack The Love Machine  Scepter Good 0.00 sps 595, cover good, l, dionne warwicke Send Email 
Man Of Soundtrack Man Of La Mancha 72 Ua Good 20.00 uas 9906, cover good, l, insert Send Email 
Medicine Soundtrack Medicine Ball Caravan 71 Wb Good 12.00 bs 2565, cover fair, l Send Email 
Molly Soundtrack The Molly Maguires  Paramount Good 0.00 pas 6000, cover good, l, henry mancini Send Email 
My T Soundtrack My Tutor  Rca Very Good 0.00 r1 8506, cover vg, l Send Email 
New York Soundtrack New York New York  Liberty Good 0.00 750l2, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Nicholas Soundtrack Nicholas Nickleby  Drg Very Good 0.00 sbl 12583, tv soundtrack, cover vg, l Send Email 
Oliver Soundtrack Oliver  Mfp England Good 0.00 mfp 1073, cover vg, l, lionel barts theatre production Send Email 
Other Soundtrack Other Side Of The Mountain  Mca Good 0.00 2086, cover good, ll Send Email 
Porgy Soundtrack Porgy & Bess  Philips Holland Good 0.00 r 07522, cover vg, need colu Send Email 
Quick Soundtrack Quicksilver  Atl Good 0.00 78 16311, cover good, l Send Email 
Say One Soundtrack Say One For Me 59 Colu Good 40.00 cl 1337, cover fair, l vinyl good++ Send Email 
Ship Of Soundtrack Ship Of Fools  Rca Good 0.00 lm 2817, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Song Without Soundtrack Song Without End 60 Colpix Good 20.00 cp 506, cover fair, l, story of franz liszt with dirk bogarde and genevieve page Send Email 
Stardust Soundtrack Stardust  Arista Good 0.00 al 5000, cover vg, l double album Send Email 
State Fair Soundtrack State Fair 62 Dot Good 30.00 dlp 29011, cover vg, l Send Email 
Sweeney Todd Soundtrack Sweeney Todd:the Demon Barber Of Fleet Street  Rca Good 0.00 cbl2 3379, cover fair, l, double album with booklet Send Email 
The Boy Soundtrack The Boy Friend  Decca Good 0.00 dl 79177, cover vg, l, listing for a rca release Send Email 
They Call It Soundtrack They Call It An Accident  Island Very Good 0.00 xilp 9757, cover fair, l Send Email 
Turning Soundtrack Turning Point  20th Century Good 0.00 9209 549, cover good, l Send Email 
What Makes Soundtrack What Makes Sammy Run 64 Colu Very Good 30.00 kol 6040, cover vg, l, broadway cast, steve lawrence, sally ann howes, robert alda Send Email 
Whos Afraid Soundtrack Whos Afraid Of Virginia Woolf 66 Wb Good 30.00 bs 1656, cover good, l Send Email 
Windj Soundtrack Windjammer  Colu Good 0.00 cl 1158, cover vg, l Send Email 
A&m Pre R&r Compilation Singalong Banjo Party  A&m Good 0.00 sp 99016, cover vg, l, ws, double album Send Email 
A&m Rock And Roll Compilations Rock Now  A&m/neo Sonic Good 0.00 st 5003, cover good, l Send Email 
A&m Rock And Roll Compilations Audiophile Series  A&m Fair 0.00 sampler 1a, cover fair, ll, warp but plays through Send Email 
Abc Dot C&w Compilation Country Comes To Carnegie Hall  Abc Dot Good 0.00 2310 2087, cover good, l, double album, roy clark, freddy fender,hank thompson, don williams a side each Send Email 
Ahed Rock & Roll Disco Dancing  Ahed Good 0.00 tvlp 79046, cover good, double album Send Email 
Arc C&w Compilations Country Jamboree  Arc Good 0.00 a824, cover front and back shows 8024, cover fair, l, includes 2 songs each from bill haley, bob luman, don gibson, billy bird, roy acuff and jimmy newman Send Email 
Arc Pre R&r A Night Out At The Pig And Whistle  Arc Good 0.00 acs 5020, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Arc R & R Compilation 16 Top Hits  Arc Fair 0.00 742, cover fair, mix of c & w and rock, known and unknown Send Email 
Arcade R & R Compilations 20 Fantastic Hits  Arcade Good 0.00 2891 109, cover fair, l Send Email 
Atl Blues, Soul Motown Compilations Solid Gold Soul Volume 2 67 Atl Fair 15.00 sd 8137, cover fair, l, 6 artists 12 cuts Send Email 
Baby Boomer Rock And Roll Compilations Party Time Fifties  Baby Boomer Good 0.00 bblp 7, cover vg, l Send Email 
Blues Classics Blues Compilation Texas Blues The Early 50s  Blues Classics Good 0.00 bc 16, cover fair, l median 31, mean 36, low 24, hi 66 Send Email 
Cap C&w Compilation The Best Of The Great Songs With A Folk Country   Cap Good 0.00 sl 6599, cover good, l, folk yes but country??? Send Email 
Cap R&r Compilations A Galaxy Of Stars  Cap Good 0.00 sl 6744, cover vg, l Send Email 
Cap R&r Compilations Ky 58 Winnipegs Favourite Gold-solid Gold  Cap Good 0.00 sl 8422, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Cap/cayo C&w Compiltation Big Four Country  Cap/cayo Good 0.00 cm2 7501, sl 6719-20, cover good, l, double album, 1 sude each for merle haggard, sonny james, buck owens and tennessee ernie ford. Send Email 
Chrysalis R&r Compilation 28 Hot Hits Out Now  Chrysalis Very Good 0.00 outv1, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Cml C&w Compilations 16 Country Legends  Cml Good 0.00 cml 2, cover good, l Send Email 
Colu House C & W Compilation 23 Original Nashville Hits  Colu House Good 0.00 rc 105, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Colu Pre R&r Stars For A Summer Night -22 Brilliant Performer 61 Colu Good 25.00 pm 1000 & 1001, cover vg, ac l, double album cover shows pm 1 vinyl side 1 -2 with maroon label 3-4 blue shown as 1000 & 1001 Send Email 
Colu Pre R&r The Best Of The Gold Vol 1  Colu Very Good 0.00 c 32389, cover exc, ac, l Send Email 
Colu Pre R&r Best Of The Gold Vol 2  Colu Good 0.00 c 32390, cover exc, ac, l Send Email 
Colu Pre R&r Best Of The Gold Vol 4  Colu Good 0.00 c 32392, cover exc, ac, l vinyl good + Send Email 
Colu R & R Compilations Havana Jam  Colu Good 0.00 pc2 36053 white label demo not for sale on label, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Colu R & R Compilations Best Of The Gold Vol 10  Colu Good 0.00 c 32398, cover vg, l, michele lee doing l david sloane Send Email 
Colu Sp C&w Compilation Songs With A Railroad Ring  Colu Sp Good 0.00 csp 12 de1, cover good, l, power train 66, john deere is going places Send Email 
Colu Sp Pre R&r Fleetwood Presents Stereo Highlights From The Wo  Colu Good 0.00 csps 10 322f, cover fair, l, 10 record box set, 2 strictly classical, crooners, big bands, some early rockers. no country Send Email 
Colu Sp Pre R&r Philco Presents Just Listening  Colu Sp Good 0.00 csps 283, cover vg, l Send Email 
Colu Sp Pre R&r Philco Presents Remembering  Colu Sp Good 0.00 csps 282, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Colu/emi R&r Compilations Impact  Colu/emi England Good 0.00 stwo 2j, cover good, l Send Email 
Coral 40's Compilation We Like Bands  Coral Fair 0.00 crl 57229, cover good, l Send Email 
Decca Rock And Roll Compilations World Of Hits Vol 5  Decca Gb Good 0.00 spa 177, cover good, l, not well known groups -white plains,amen corner, dana, arrival, applejacks, east of eden Send Email 
Design C&w Compilations Orange Blossom Special  Design Good 0.00 sdlp 652, cover good Send Email 
Dot Pre R&r Compilation The Great Millions  Dot Good 0.00 dlp 3181, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Elektra C & W Compilation Christmas Country  Elektra Good 0.00 x5e 554, cover vg, l Send Email 
Elektra Comedy Compilation A Childs Garden Of Grass:a Pre Legalization Come 71 Elektra Good 0.00 eks 75012, cover vg, l based on book by jack s margolis & jere alan brian 2 shown selling on popsike at 31 and 44 cad Send Email 
Emi R&r Compilation The Rock And Roll Collection  Emi Australia Very Good 0.00 rock 1 1, cover fair, l triple album, with pamphlet Send Email 
Epic C&w Compilations 19 Hot Country Requests Vol Ii  Epic Good 0.00 fe 40175, cover good, l Send Email 
Epic C&w Compilations All American Cowboys  Epic Good 0.00 fz 38126, cover vg, l Send Email 
Epic Pre R&r 12 Gh From The 1960 San Remo Festival  Epic Good 0.00 ln 3687, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Era C&w Compilations Good Ol Country Christmas  Era Good 0.00 bc700, cover vg, ac Send Email 
Era R&r Compilations Great Hits Of The 60s  Era Very Good 0.00 bc 513, cover vg, l Send Email 
Exclusive C&w Compilation Country Hits Vol 1  Exclusive Good 0.00 94525, cover good, ac, l, considered to be a decent mix Send Email 
Guest Star C & W Compilation All Star Jamboree  Guest Star Good 0.00 g 1493, cover vg, l, 10 cuts 1 each , buck owens on cover Send Email 
Guest Star R&r Compilations Shindig  Guest Star Good 0.00 gs 1488, cover good, l, 25 late 50s early 60s Send Email 
Harlem Hit Parade R & B Compilation R&b Super Stars  Harlem Hit Parade Very Good 0.00 hhp 5003, cover good, l Send Email 
Harmony C&w Compilation A Country Salute To Hank Williams 60 Harmony Good 20.00 hl 7265, cover vg, l Send Email 
Harmony Pre R&r Golden Songs Of The 50s Vol 1  Harmony Good 0.00 hl 7366, cover good, l Send Email 
Hello Solly Soundtrack Hello Solly  Cap Good 0.00 w 2731, cover fair, l, mickey katz new york cast Send Email 
Hilltop C & W Compilation 12 Great Country Hits 12 Great Country Artists  Hilltop Good 0.00 jm 6000, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Hilltop C & W Compilation Guest Stars Of The Hee Haw Show  Pickw/hilltop Good 0.00 js 6083, cover fair, l Send Email 
History Of Country Music C&w Compilation 50 Golden Years Of Country Music Vol 3  History Of Country Music Good 0.00 no number, cover good, l Send Email 
History Of Country Music C&w Compilation 50 Golden Years Of Country Music Vol 5  History Of Country Music Good 0.00 sm 1500 5, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Home Shoppe R&r Compilation Americas Top Rock  Home Shoppe Good 0.00 cmpi 1016, cover good, l, 4 record set Send Email 
Homestead R&r Compilation Convoy  Homestead Good 0.00 hm 2001, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Hurrah C & W Compilation C &w Star Jamboree Vol 1  Hurrah Good 0.00 h 1039, cover good, l Send Email 
Impact Rock And Roll Compilations Party Dolls -no-  Impact Excellent 0.00 bc 227, cover exc, sealed, ac Send Email 
Island Rock And Roll Compilations Nice Enough To Eat  Island Good 0.00 iwps 6, cover fair, l Send Email 
Jemf Folk Compilation Works Many Voices Vol 1  Jemf Very Good 0.00 jemf 110, cover vg, l, unknown artists Send Email 
Kama Sutra R & R Compilation 1950s Rock And Roll Revival  Kama Sutra Good 0.00 ksbs 2015, cover fair, l Send Email 
Ktel C&w Compilation Swingin Country  Ktel Good 0.00 wc 362, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ktel C&w Compilation Super Country 84  Ktel Good 0.00 wc 369, covdr vg, ac, l Send Email 
Ktel C&w Compilation Country Dreams  Ktel Good 0.00 wc 373, cover vg, l, zellers 8.99 no wonder i havent seen this one before Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Superstars  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 227, cover fair, l, double album Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Todays Super Greats Part 1  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 211, cover fair, l, also have 3 record set with this included same # Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Todays Super Greats Part 2  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 211-2, cover fair, l, also have 3 record set with this included, same # Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Todays Super Greats Part 3  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 211 3, cover good, l, have 211 3 record set and 211 1 and 211 2 Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Disco Rocket  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 244, colu csps 1238, cover fair, l, double album Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Disco Eclipse  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 256 colu #1450, cover good, l Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Disco Motion  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 241, csps 1208, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations High Energy  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 255, cover good, l Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Rainbow  Ktel Good 0.00 nc 525, cover good Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Pure Gold Collection  Ktel Good 0.00 tc 242, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Ktel Rock And Roll Compilations Night Flight  Ktel Excellent 0.00 nc 552, sealed exc Send Email 
Lion Soundtracks Original Sound Track Hits  Lion Good 0.00 70122, cover good, l Send Email 
London Pre Rock Compilation New Orleans Horns -ep- 53 London Gr Brit Good 80.00 al 3509, 10 inch ep, cover vg, a riverside record Send Email 
Major Minor R&r Compilation A Bumper Bundle Of Hits  Major Minor Eng. Fair 0.00 mcp 5044, cover good, l Send Email 
Mango R & R Compilations More Intensified Volume 2  Mango Good 0.00 mlps 9597, cover vg, l popsike median and mean 30 low 24 hi 38 Send Email 
Marble Arch R&r Compilations Stars Of 68 -nc-  Marble Arch Good 0.00 mals 762, -nc-, l Send Email 
Merc Pre R&r Compilation 1812/wellingtons Victory -no-  Merc Excellent 0.00 srd 19, cover exc, sealed Send Email 
Merc R&r Compilations Twist With The Stars 62 Merc Good 50.00 mg 20687,cover vg, condition g-, l Send Email 
Meter R & R Compilations Hulla Baloo  Meter Good 0.00 sdlp 191, cover good, l, 10 cuts including gene pitney, brook benton, roy orbison Send Email 
Mfp Pre R&r Compilation Breakthrough  Mfp England Good 0.00 1334, cover good, ac,l Send Email 
Mfp R & R Compilations Music For Pleasure  Mfp Holland Good 0.00 1a 022 58122, cover vvg, l Send Email 
Nashville C&w Compilation Four Kings Of Country Music Vol 3  Nashville Good 0.00 nlps 2088, cover good, l Send Email 
Paragon Pre R&r Compilation Golden Age Of Dance Bands Vol 1  Paragon Good 0.00 pgs 531, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Pentagon C&w Compilation The Nashville Sound  Pentagon Good 0.00 als 121, cover good, l, hawkshaw hawkins, cowboy copus and don gibson Send Email 
Pickw C & W Compilations Jingle Bell Rock  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 1017, cover good Send Email 
Pickw C&w Compilation Nitty Gritty Guitar Of  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3148, cover good, l, mason williams, glen campbell, billy strange etc Send Email 
Pickw C&w Compilation 16 Country Legends Sing Their Original Hits  Pickw Good 0.00 cml 3, cover good, l Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Rock N Roll Revival  Pickw Good 0.00 sh 3306,cover good, l, 3 record set, no lable claim anywhere, # is pickw Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Miller,roger Orbison,roy Lewis, Jerry Lee  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3027, cover poor, l, 4 cuts each Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Golden Oldies Vol Iii  Spectrum/pickw Good 0.00 sdlp 703, cover vg, l Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Vital Vinyl Volume One  Pickw England Very Good 0.00 shm 3036, cover vg, ll Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Golden Rock N Rollers  Pickw Good 0.00 acl 7032, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations Hits Of The Rocking 70s  Pickw/contour Good 0.00 cn 2011, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Pickw R&r Compilations The Original 50s & 60s  Pickw Good 0.00 spc 3535, cover vg, l Send Email 
Plantation C&w Compilation Country Superstars Vol 2  Plantation Good 0.00 plp 55, cover good+, l Send Email 
Polytel Country Compilation Country Girls  Polytel Very Good 0.00 840 577 1, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Polytel Country Compilation Rock It Country Style  Polytel Very Good 0.00 816 491 1, cover vg, l Send Email 
Polytel Country Compilation Real Country  Polytel Good 0.00 816 788 1, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Probe R & R Compilation Handle With Care  Probe Gt Brit Fair 0.00 spss 1, cover good, l Send Email 
Quality C&w Compilation Country Gold Vol 2  Quality Very Good 0.00 qrsp 1084, cover vg, l Send Email 
Quality C&w Compilation Country Christmas  Quality Very Good 0.00 qrsp 1096, cover vg Send Email 
Quality C&w Compilation Born To Boogie 2  Quality Very Good 0.00 qrsp 1091, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Quality C&w Compilation Todays Most Requested Country Love Songs  Quality Very Good 0.00 qrsp 1085, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Quality R & R Compilations Rock 86  Quality Good 0.00 qrsp 1034, cover vg, l Send Email 
Quality R & R Compilations The Ultimate  Quality Good 0.00 qrsp 1069, cover good, l Send Email 
Quality R & R Compilations Wild Ones  Quality Very Good 0.00 qrsp 1092, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Rca C Country Compilation All Night Sing  Rca C Good 0.00 cal 767, cover good, l Send Email 
Rca C Pre R&r Compilation All Star Spectacular  Rca C Good 0.00 cal 441, cover fair, ac Send Email 
Rca C Pre R&r Compilation Adventures In Stereo Vol Iii  Rca Very Good 0.00 spcs 1001, 10 record box set, jim reeves, al hirt complete albums of 10 artists,cover good, l Send Email 
Rca C R&r Compilation Golden Era Series Vol 1  Rca C Good 0.00 cas 2343, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rca C&w Compilation 3 Country Gentlemen 63 Rca Fair 30.00 lpm 2723, cover good, , ll, listen under hank snow, hank locklin and porter wagoner Send Email 
Rca C&w Compilation Great Moments At The Grand Ole Opry  Rca Good 0.00 cpl2 1904, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Rca C&w Compilation A Country Christmas  Rca Good 0.00 cpl1 4396, cover vg, l Send Email 
Rca C&w Compilation Country Love  Rca/dynamic House Good 0.00 spcs 214, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Rca Camden C&w Compilation Country Girls  Rca C Good 0.00 cas 2403, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Rca Comedy Funny You Dont Look It  Rca Very Good 0.00 lpm 3433, cover vg, ac, ll Send Email 
Rca Pre R&r The Decade Of The 40s  Rca Good 0.00 vpm 6059, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Rca R & R Compilations Old N Golden Goodies 63 Rca Fair 0.00 lpe 2740, cover fair, l, require lpm or lsp Send Email 
Rca Sp Country Compilation Country Gold  Rca Sp Very Good 0.00 dpl1 0561, cover vg, l Send Email 
Readers D C&w Compilation Take Me Home Country Roads  Readers Digest Good 0.00 rd4 142 1to8, cover good, l 8 record box set Send Email 
Readers D Pre R&r Remembering The 40s  Readers Digest Good 0.00 2 763, cover vg, ll, 7 record box set Send Email 
Ringside C&w Compilation Favorites  Ringside Good 0.00 ms 572, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Rok R & R Compilation Lucky 13  Rok Good 0.00 rok 801, cover good, l, passable covers Send Email 
Ronco R&r Compilations Far Out  Ronco Good 0.00 r 1975915 cover good Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1960  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4104, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1961  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4105, cover vg, ac, l, vinyl good++ Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1967  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4111, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1956  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4100, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1957  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4101, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1958  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4102, cover good, l Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1959  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4103, cover good, l Send Email 
Ruby C&w Compilation Country Cruisin 1962  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4106, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ruby R&r Compilation Party Rock -no-  Ruby Excellent 0.00 pc3 0009, cover exc sealed, triple album Send Email 
Ruby R&r Compilation Cruisin 1958  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4077, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ruby R&r Compilation Cruisin 1972  Ruby Good 0.00 rr3 4095, cover vg, l Send Email 
Sin Qua Non Blues Compilation The Best Of The Blues  Sin Qua Non Good 0.00 sqn 103, cover good, l, triple album Send Email 
Smash R & R Compilations All Time Smash Hit  Smash Good 0.00 mgs 27052, cover good, l Send Email 
Starday C&w Compilations The Country Music Hall Of Fame 62 Starday/sparton Good 30.00 slp 164, cover bad, l, double album Send Email 
Starday C&w Compilations Diesel Smoke-dangerous Curves 63 Starday Good 25.00 slp 250, cover bad, ac, l, gusto label Send Email 
Starpak R&r Rock Requests  Starpak Good 0.00 sk 120, cover good, l Send Email 
Stereoplay R & R Compilation Highlights 13  Stereoplay Germany Very Good 0.00 296 160, cover vg, ac, l, half speed mastering digital Send Email 
Sunbury/dunbar R & R Compilation Contemporary And Country Hits Of The 70s  Sunbury/dunbar Good 0.00 sdm 100, cover good, l, canadian artits mostly unknown, dj sampler Send Email 
Tee Vee R&r Compilation Cant Stop Dancin  Tee Vee Fair 0.00 ta 1013m cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Tele House R&r Compilation No. 1 Hits Of The 60s  Tele House/roulette Good 0.00 1013-1016, cover good, l, 4 record set Send Email 
Telstar Techno Mix Megabass  Telstar Good 0.00 star 2448. cover vg, ac, l, with insert sheet Send Email 
Ti Amo R & R Compilation Superbomba Hits  Ti Amo Good 0.00 amo 157, cover vg, l, julio iglesias and 2 others Send Email 
Top Hits R&r Compilations The Best In Pop Hit Tunes  16 Top Hits Good 0.00 lp 30, acceptable covers, cover vg, l Send Email 
Ua R & R Compilation Very Best Of The Oldies Vol Iv  Ua Good 0.00 ua la518, cover vg, l Send Email 
Unart R&r Compilation Unforgettable Oldies Volume Two  Unart Good 0.00 ms 21027, cover good, l Send Email 
Unart R&r Compilation 15 Golden Hits 62 Ua Fair 30.00 uas 6192, cover fair, l, 2 gene pitney, 1 marv johnson, phil upchurch Send Email 
Valiant Pre R & R Compilations Dance Party  Valiant Good 0.00 4901, cover fair, l, a salute to the big bands Send Email 
Vocalion C&w Compilation Christmas Time  Vocalion Good 0.00 vl 3812, cover good ,l Send Email 
Warner Comedy Lbj In The Catskills  Wb Good 0.00 w 1662, cover good, l Send Email 
Warner Sp Country Compilation Country Blue  Wb Very Good 0.00 op 1512, cover good, l, double album Send Email 
Wb Forties Compilations You Aint Heard Nothin Yet 59 Wb Good 40.00 xs 1307, cover fair, l, roger smith, efrem zimbalist, james garner, edd kookie byrnes do "the cavalcade of sound" from vitaphone to stereo Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Goodies Vol 1  Wb Good 0.00 bs 2575, cover good, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Rock Classics  Wb Good 0.00 bs 2590, cover poor, l Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation All Meat Sampler  Wb Good 0.00 pro 604, cover vg, l, double album Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Secret Love  Wb/sessions Good 0.00 cp 4505, cover vg, ac, l, 4 record set Send Email 
Wb R&r Compilation Original Golden Instrumental Hits 65 Wb Good 20.00 ws 1725, cover good, l, listed in oldest book Send Email 
Ww R&r Compilation Some Of The Best Hits From Detroit  Ww Good 0.00 ww vol 1, cover poor, l, covers Send Email 
Yorkville R&r Compilation After Four  Yorkville Good 0.00 yvm 33003, cover vg, l. ctv . stitch in tyme, ugly ducklings, ronnie hawkins, sugar shoppe, big town boys, terry black, susan taylor, majestics. scarlet ribbon, willapuss wallapuss,patrician anne, bob francis, bonnie and clyde, teak wood, ritchie knight  Send Email 
2x 12"
Tv Cinderella Soundtrack Cinderella 57 Colu Good 30.00 ol 5190, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tv, History Winston Churchill  London Good 0.00 rb 100, cover good, l, with national geographic bendable 33, the funeral; of january 30, 1965 Send Email 
Tv, History Apollo 11 -we Have Landed On The Moon  Cap Good 0.00 skao 326, cover poor(most of back cover cut off) l Send Email 
Tv, History Ethnic La Harpe Indienne  Polydor France Good 0.00 657 037, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Canadiana Vaudeville Is Really Alive And Well In Barkervil  Natural Sounds Good 0.00 ns8002, cover vg, l, barkerville b.c. Send Email 
Tv, History, Cartoons Mickey And The Beanstalk  Disneyland Fair 0.00 dq 1248, cover fair Send Email 
Tv, History, Cartoons Mickey Mouse And His Friends  Disneyland Good 0.00 1321, cover fair Send Email 
Tv, History, Cartoons The Mouse Factory  Disneyland Good 0.00 dq 1342, cover fair Send Email 
Tv, History, Cartoons Merry Christmas With The Smurfs  Poly Good 0.00 ptv 1032, cover good, wl Send Email 
Tv, History, Cartoons Bugs Bunny  Peter Pan Good 0.00 8134, cover good, mel blanc Send Email 
Tv, History, Comedy Saturday Night Live 76 Arista Good 0.00 al 4107, cover vg, ac, l Send Email 
Tv, History, How To Feeling Better In Your Body: Structural Awarenes  Gateway Very Good 0.00 gslp 7612, cover good, l Send Email 
Tv, History, How To Lost Soles -no-  Revenue Canada Excellent 0.00 info on re entry to canada. sealed, ac put out by revenue canada?? Send Email 
Tv, History, How To Learn Code The Easy Way  Archer Good 0.00 20 025, cover vg, l, booklet on morse code Send Email 
Tv, History, Movies Great Motion Picture Themes  Ua Good 0.00 ual 3158. cover good, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Movies Star Wars-rebel Mission To Ord Mantell  Buena Vista Good 0.00 2104, cover good, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Poetry Poetry Of Robert Burns And Scottish Border  Caedmon Good 0.00 tc 1103, cover fair, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Radio Fibber Mcgee & Molly  Nostalgia Lane Good 0.00 nlr1006, cover vg, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Radio Nick Carter Master Detective  Mark 56 Good 0.00 619, cover fair, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Sound Effects Sound Effects Vol Ii  Cook Good 0.00 s 102, cover good, l Send Email 
Tv, History, Sound Effects Fisher Fidelity Standard  Fisher Good 0.00 fiq 51072, cover good, l. a low distortion musical program source for evaluating high fidelity equipment Send Email 
Tv, History, Sound Effects Environments  Atl Very Good 0.00 sd 66001, cover vg side 1 the psychologically ultimate seashore/optimum aviary Send Email 
Tv, History,world Music Percussion Around The World  London Good 0.00 sp 44010, cover vg, with phase 4 stereo catalogue folder Send Email 
Tv, Sports, Activities The Fundamentals Of Square Dancing -n0-  Wagon Wheel Excellent 0.00 lp 6001, cover exc sealed Send Email 
Tv, Sports, Activities Hear How To Touch Type  Brother Good 0.00 no #, cover vg, with typing copy Send Email 
Tv, Sports, Canadiana Saskatchewan Story 1980 Heritage Very Good 0.00 1330, cover vvg, ac, l, saskatchewan at 75 Send Email 
Tv, Sports, Canadiana Alberta Story 80 Heritage Good 0.00 1250, cover vg, l, alberta 75th anniversary Send Email 
Tv, Sports, Foreign Musical Memories Of Australia  London Internaional Good 0.00 tw 91330, cover fair, l Send Email 
Tv, Sports, Instructions Speak Italian  Coles Excellent 0.00 no #, cover vvg, double album with booklet Send Email 
Tv,history,travel Folklore De Mexico  Musart Fair 0.00 603, cover good, l, triple album, various artists, 2 of l are ll 1 of which is cl, stuck needle side 3 1st cut at start Send Email 
Tv,sports-hockey Lets Talk Hockey  Unknown Good 0.00 t 53704, cover good, l, hockey instruction from punch imlach, dave keon,andy bathgate,tim horton and johnny bower, with pamphlet, popsike 3 have sold all over 30. Send Email 
Tv,sports, Car Racing Bonneville 1960 60 Riverside Good 100.00 rs 95506, cover good, ac, l Send Email 
Tv,sports, Cartoons Pac Man Family -pd-  Bally Midway Very Good 0.00 no #, generic cover Send Email 
Tv,sports, How To Relaxation Conducted By Swami Sivananda Radha   Good 0.00 no #, cover vg Send Email 
Tv,sports, Huckleberry Hound Here Comes Huckleberry Hound 61 Colpix Good 180.00 cp 207, cover fair, l Send Email 
Tv,sports, Star Wars Return Of The Jedi  Buena Vista Good 0.00 62103, cover good, l, no inserts Send Email 
Tv,sports,games Theyre At The Post -no-  Ronco Excellent 0.00 no #, cover exc, sealed have a 2nd copy has 1 record for 1st and 2nd race, instruction booklet, money, bet chits race program Send Email 
Tv,sports,radio Ray Eppert Month  Unknown Good 0.00 label says june is bustin out all over for ray eppert month and extra effort for eppert. one sided red vinyl Send Email 
Tv,sports,scooby Doo Exciting Christmas Stories  Peter Pan Good 0.00 8214, cover poor, ac, l Send Email 
For Trade 10": 97, 12": 119, CD: 153, Tape: 128, Video: 93, Other: 162, Clothing: 148, Sticker: 88, Patch: 166, 8": 148, DVD: 141, Book: 43, Zine: 82, Button: 83, 2x 12": 39

7476091418's List Summary

For Trade 10": 97, 12": 119, CD: 153, Tape: 128, Video: 93, Other: 162, Clothing: 148, Sticker: 88, Patch: 166, 8": 148, DVD: 141, Book: 43, Zine: 82, Button: 83, 2x 12": 39

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