Real Name: Joe Forsyth
Country: New Zealand


Just another record collection in Alexandra nz

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Metal
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
Not For Trade
Acdc Dirty Deeds 1976 Emi Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
Acdc For Those About To Rock 1981 Emi Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
Big Pig Bonk 1988 Musshroom Excellent 14.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Billy Bragg Talking With The Taxman About Poetry 1986 Chrysalis Excellent 13.50 G McNabb Send Email 
Billy Joel Innocent Man 1983 Cbs Good 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Bruce Hornsby & The Range Scenes From The Southside 1988 Bmg Excellent 16.50 G McNabb Send Email 
Chicago Smoke Shop Chicago Smoke Shop 1988 Pagan Excellent 17.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Dance Exponents Amplifier 1986 Zulu Excellent 12.75 G McNabb Send Email 
David Bowie Changesonebowie 1972 Rca Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
David Gilmour About Face 1984 Cbs Excellent 14.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Don Mclean American Pie 1980 Emi Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Dr Feelgood Brilleaux 1987 Stiff Good 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Erc Claptopn Money & Cigarettes 1983 Duck Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Eric Clapton The Cream Of Eric Clapton 1987 Polydor Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Eurythmics Be Yourself Tonight 1985 Rca Good 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Eurythmics Revenge 1986 Rca Good 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Fleetwod Mac Rumours 1977 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Liverpool 1986 Zang Tuum Tumb Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Gary Moore Wild Frontier 1987 Virgin Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Gary Moore After The War 1989 Virgin Excellent 17.50 G McNabb Send Email 
George Thorogood & The Destroyers Live 1986 Emi Very Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
George Thorogood And The Destroyers George Thorogood And The Destroyers 1977 Rca Very Good 10.00 jf Send Email 
George Thorogood And The Destroyers Bad To The Bone 1982 Emi Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
Georgia Satellites Georgia Satellites 1986 Elektra Good 14.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Gerry Rafferty North And South 1988 Polygram Good 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Grace Jones Night Clubbing 1979 Island Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Grace Jones Living My Life 1982 Island Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Hunters And Collectors Whats A Few Men 1987 White Label Excellent 13.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Ian Dury New Boots & Panties 1977 Stiff Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Ian Moss Matchbook 1989 Mushroom Good 16.55 G McNabb Send Email 
Iehouse Primitive Man 1982 Wea Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Inxs Inxs 1980 Deluxe Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Inxs The Swing 1984 Wea Excellent 12.75 D Mount Send Email 
Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat 1987 Cypress Very Good 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Jethro Tull War Child 1974 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Jethro Tull Aqualung 1974 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Jethro Tull Crest Of A Knave 1987 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Jj Cale 1979 Shelter Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Joe Jackson Body & Soul 1984 Wea Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
John Hiatt Slow Turning 1988 Festival Excellent 14.95 D Mount Send Email 
John Lee Hooker The Healer 1989 Chameleon Excellent 18.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Johnny Clegg & Savuka Third World Child 1987 Emi Good 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Johnny Clegg & Savuka Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World 1989 Emi Good 19.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Joy Division She's Lost Control  Fracture Excellent 6.00 D Mount. 45rpm Send Email 
Joy Division Transmission  Emi Excellent 5.99 D Mount. 45rpm Send Email 
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart 1982 Emi Excellent 5.50 D Mount Send Email 
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 1983 Emi Excellent 10.99 D Mount Send Email 
Joy Division Substance 1988 Factory Excellent 15.95 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke Change/requiem 1980 Energy Excellent 8.00 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke Killing Joke 1980 En Excellent 11.99 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke What's This For 1981 Energy Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke Night Time 1985 Energy Excellent 11.99 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke Revelations 1982 Energy Excellent 16.99 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke Fire Dances 1983 Polygram Excellent 13.99 D Mount Send Email 
Killing Joke Brighter Than A Thousand Suns 1986 Energy Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Knobz Sudden Exposure 1980 Wea Excellent 10.99 D Mount Send Email 
Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine An Audience With Thequeen 1987 Alligator Excellent 16.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Laughing Clowns Law Of Nature 1984 Jayrem Excellent 12.99 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin  Atlantic Very Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin  Atlantic Very Good 5.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Coda  Swansong Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Physical Grafitti  Atlantic Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin  Atlantic Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Black Dog/stairway To Heaven  Atlantic Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy  Atlantic Very Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin  Atlantic Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
Lime Spiders Headcleaner 1988 Virgin Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Lou Reed New York 1989 Sire Excellent 16.35 J F Send Email 
Lou Reed Rock And Roll Diary 1980 Arista Very Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Love/hate Blackout In Thered Romm 1990 Cbs Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Lyle Lovett And His Large Band 1988 Curb Very Good 17.50 G McNabb Send Email 
Mary Coughlan Under The Influence 1987 Wea Very Good 15.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Men At Work Business As Usual 1981 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Mi-sex 79-85 Greatest Hits 1985 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Michelle Shocked Short Sharp Shocked 1988 Polygram Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Midnight Oil Midnight Oil 1978 Powderworks Good 12.99 D Mount Send Email 
Midnight Oil Red Sails In The Sunset 1984 Cbs Good 7.99 D Mount Send Email 
Midnight Oil Diesel And Dust 1987 Cbs Good 13.95 D Mount Send Email 
Midnight Oil Place Without A Postcard 1981 Cbs Good 12.99 D Mount Send Email 
Midnight Oil Head Injuries 1979 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Midnight Oil 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... 1982 Cbs Good 11.99 D Mount Send Email 
Muddy Waters Roling Stone 1981 Rca Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Rust Never Sleeps 1979 Wea Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Neil Young And The Shocking Pinks Everybody's Rockin 1983 Geffen Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
New Order Movement 2 Fact 50 1981 Rtc Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
New Order Everythings Gone Green 1982 Emi Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
New Order Low-life 1985 Fac Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Nirvana Heart Shaped Box 1993 Geffen Very Good 1.99 D Mount EP 45rpm Send Email 
Paul Simon Graceland 1986 Warner Bros Excellent 14.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Peter Tosh Mama Africa 1983 Emi Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Pink Floyd The Final Cut 1983 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Pink Floyd Momentay Lapse Of Reason 1987 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Pink Floyd Animals 1977 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 1975 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Pink Floyd A Collection Of Great Dance Songs 1981 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon 1973 Emi Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Rem Dead Letter Office 1987 International Record Syn Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Rem Document 1987 Irs Excellent 14.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Rem Green 1988 Wb Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Sade Promise 1985 Epic Excellent 11.50 G McNabb Send Email 
Shawn Colvin Steady On 1989 Cbs Good 19.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Sinead O'connor The Lion 1987 Chrysalis Excellent 13.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Split Enz See Ya Round 1984 Mushroom Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Steve Forbert Streets Of This Town 1988 Geffen Very Good 16.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood 1983 Epic Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble Soul To Soul 1985 Epic Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Supertramp Crisis? What Crisis 1975 A&m Very Good 17.99 jf Send Email 
Supertramp Surely 1970 A&m Very Good 5.50 jf Send Email 
Talk Talk Spirit Of Eden 1988 Parlophone Excellent 17.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Talking Heads Remain In Light 1980 Sire Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
The Cure Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 1987 Fiction Excellent 18.75 G McNabb Send Email 
The Cure Standing On The Beach Singles 1986 Wea Good 13.95 G McNabb Send Email 
The Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead 1967 Wb Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
The Jam Sound Effects 1980 Polydor Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
The Jam Snap 1983 Polygram Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
The Jam In The City 1977 Polydor Very Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
The Jam Thie Is The Modern World 1977 Polydor Very Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
The Jam Sound Effects 1980 Polygram Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
The Jeff Healey Band See The Light 1988 Arista Excellent 17.95 G McNabb Send Email 
The Johnnys Highlights Of A Dangerous Life 1986 Mushroom Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
The Motels Shock 1985 Capitol Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
The Narcs N Coconut Rough Whistle While You Work 1983 Cbs Good 11.99 D Mount Send Email 
The Only Ones Special View 1980 Cbs Fair 2.99 D Mount Send Email 
The Pogues If I Should Fall From Grace With God 1988 Festival Excellent 12.99 G McNabb Send Email 
The Pogues Rum, Sodomy & The Lash 1985 Stiff Excellent 12.99 G McNabb Send Email 
The Police Zenyatta Mondatta 1980 A&m Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
The Pretenders Get Close 1986 Wea Excellent 13.00 G McNabb Send Email 
The Pretenders Learning To Crawl 1982 Wea Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
The Robert Cray Band False Accusations 1985 Hightone Records Very Good 15.99 jf Send Email 
The The Mind Bomb 1989 Epic Excellent 16.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman 1988 Wea Excellent 14.95 G McNabb Send Email 
U2 Unforgettable Fire 1984 Island Excellent 10.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Van Morisson Poetic Champiions Compose 1987 Polygram Very Good 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Van Morrison Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart 1983 Phonogram Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Van Morrison Beautiful Vision 1982 Polygram Excellent 11.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Van Morrison & The Chieftains Irish Heartbeat 1988 Rca Good 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
Warumpi Band Go Bush! 1987 Festival Excellent 13.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Working Week Payday 1988 Virgin Excellent 0.00 G McNabb Send Email 
2x 12"
Joe Jackson Big World 1986 A&m Excellent 13.99  Send Email 
Joy Division Still  Emi Excellent 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Physical Grafitti 1975 Swansong Very Good 0.00 jf Send Email 
New Order Substance 1987 Factory Good 18.00 D Mount Send Email 
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls Gossip 1986 Mushroom Very Good 15.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Pink Floyd The Wall 1979 Cbs Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Pink Floyd A Nice Pair :: A Saucerful Of Secrets 1967 Emi Good 0.00 D Mount Send Email 
Not For Trade: 12" - 138, 2x 12" - 7
For Sale
Clannad Macalla 1985 Rca Very Good 12.75 G McNabb Send Email 
Enya Enya 1985 Emi Very Good 17.95 G McNabb Send Email 
Mica Paris So Good 1988 Festival Very Good 13.99 G McNabb Send Email 
Tanita Tikaram Ancient Heart 1988 Wea Very Good 17.50 G McNabb Send Email 
For Sale 12": 4

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Not For Trade: 12" - 138, 2x 12" - 7
For Sale 12": 4

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