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Country: Canada


continuation to my 45 collection.

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
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A-ha Driftwood/sun Always Shines On Tv 85 Wb Good 5.00 92 88467, lc Send Email 
Abba Honey Honey/dance While The Music 74 Atl Good 5.00 at 3209, lc Send Email 
Abc That Was Then But This Is Now/vertigo 83 Neutron Good 0.00 sov 2331, listed on mercury value 5. Send Email 
Abc All Of My Heart/overture Ps  Vertigo Very Good 0.00 sov 2317, ps good+ Send Email 
Abendroth, Hermann Blue Danube Waltz/gypsy Baron Overt  Urania Good 0.00 urep 54-1, pc vg, red vinyl Send Email 
Ace How Long/sniffin About 75 Anchor Good 5.00 anc 2100, c Send Email 
Acuff, Roy Just A Friend/a Satisfied Mind 73 Hickory Good 8.00 k 1664, c Send Email 
Adam Singers Under Moscow Skies/two Blue Pigeons  Palette Good 0.00 pz 5034, c Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Let Me Take You Dancing/dont Turn Me Away  A&m Good 0.00 468, lc Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Christmas Time/reggae Christmas -pc-  A&m Very Good 0.00 am 8651, pc vg green vinyl 2 copies Send Email 
Addrisi Brothers Slow Dancin Dont Turn Me On/same Longer Version 77 Buddah Good 5.00 good++ 566 Send Email 
Addrisi Brothers Weve Got To Get It On Again/you Make 72 Colu Good 5.00 4 45521 Send Email 
Aerial Tears That You Cry/up In The Air  Anthem Good 0.00 ans 024, c Send Email 
Aerial Moments Like This/tell Me  Anthem Good 0.00 ans 016, c Send Email 
Air Supply Sweet Dreams/dont Turn Me Away  Big Timer Very Good 0.00 btsc 107, c Send Email 
Air Supply Even The Nights Are Better/one Step Closer  Big Time Good 0.00 btsc 110 Send Email 
Air Supply Every Woman In The World/my Best Friend  Wizard Good 0.00 wzd 003 Send Email 
Alabama Hometown Honeymoon/homesick Fever  Rca Good 0.00 62495 7, lc Send Email 
Alabama Pictures And Memories/take A Little  Rca Good 0.00 62253 7, lc Send Email 
Alabama Lady Down On Love/lovin Man 83 Rca Very Good 5.00 pb 13590, lc Send Email 
Alan, Buddy Things/one Good Woman  Cap Fair 0.00 3427 Send Email 
Alan, Buddy Alabama Louisiana Or Maybe Tennessee/  Cap Good 0.00 2580 Send Email 
Albert, Morris Feelings/this World Today Is A Mess 75 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10279, Send Email 
Aldo Nova Fantasy/under The Gun  Portrait Good 0.00 e4 4299 Send Email 
Aldo Nova Ball And Chain/hot Love  Portrait Good 0.00 e4 8505, c Send Email 
Allanson, Susie Maybe Baby/hide Me In Your Love 78 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8534 Send Email 
Allen, Deborah Ive Been Wrong Before/fools Paradise 83 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13694, lc Send Email 
Allen, Rex Clarinet Polka/helena Polka  Merc Good 0.00 c30087 Send Email 
Allen, Rex A Woman/the Waltz That Never Ends  Decca Good 0.00 32072 Send Email 
Allen,rex Jr. Two Less Lonely People/i Gotta Remember  Wb Good 0.00 wbs 8297 Send Email 
Almond, Marc What Am I Living For/organ Grinder  Colu Good 0.00 4 45745 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb Third Man Theme/a Taste Of Honey  A&m Good 0.00 am 8506 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb Tthis Guys In Love With You/a Quiet  A&m Good 0.00 929x Send Email 
Alpert, Herb Bullish/oriental Eyes 84 A&m Good 5.00 +, 2655 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Marching Thru Madrid/struttin With Maria 63 Quality/a & M Good 8.00 1513, c Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Zorba The Greek/tijuana Taxi  A&m Good 0.00 am 8507, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Whistle Song/same  A&m Good 0.00 am 1762, white label promo Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Carmen/love So Fine  A&m Good 0.00 890x Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Casino Royale/the Wall Street Rag  A&m Good 0.00 850x, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass The Happening/town Without Pity  A&m Good 0.00 860x, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Slick/cabaret 68 A&m Good 5.00 925, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Miss Frenchy Brown/a Banda  A&m Good 0.00 gt 13x Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea/what Now My Love  A&m Fair 0.00 792 Send Email 
Amboy Dukes Journey To The Center Of Your Mind/mississippi M 68 Mainstream Good 18.00 684, c Send Email 
Ambrose & His Orchestra Ep Hors Doeuvres,copenhagen/the  London Good 0.00 bep 6032, pc vg Send Email 
America You Can Do Magic/right Before Your Eyes  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6312, lc Send Email 
America You Can Do Magic/even The Score 82 Cap Good 5.00 b 5142, lc Send Email 
America Right Before Your Eyes/inspector Mills  Capitol Fair 0.00 5177, lc Send Email 
America Sometimes Lovers/the Border  Capitol Good 0.00 b 5236, lc Send Email 
Ames Brothers 12 Days Of Christmas/wassail Song 50 Coral  15.00  Send Email 
Ames Brothers Undecided/sentimemtal Journey 73 Mca Good 4.00 60005, with les brown and his band Send Email 
Ames, Ed Who Will Answer/my Love Is Gone From Me 67 Rca Good 6.00 47 9400, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Something To Believe In/get While The Gettins Go  Decca Good 0.00 32077, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill The Tip Of My Fingers/no Mans Land  Decca Good 0.00 9 31092, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill To Be Alone/my Life  Decca Good 0.00 32445, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill But You Know I Love You/a Picture From Lifes Oth  Decca Good 0.00 732514, lc, both sides vg Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Happy State Of Mind/times Been Good To Me  Decca Good 0.00 32360, lc Send Email 
Anderson, John I Danced With San Antone Rose/would 82 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 50043, lc Send Email 
Anderson, John I Love You A Thousand Ways/chicken 81 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49772 Send Email 
Anderson, John Honky Tonk Hearts/wild And Blue 82 Wb Good 5.00 7 29917, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Liz Living One Day At A Time/astrology  Epic Good 0.00 5 10896, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Liz Tiny Tears/grandmas House  Rca Good 0.00 47 9271 Send Email 
Anderson, Liz Ekcedrin Headache No 99/the Rainy Seasons  Rca Very Good 0.00 74 0166, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden/no Love At All  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33198 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn If I Kiss You/then Go  Reo/chart Good 0.00 8987 Send Email 
Anderson, Vic It Its All I Can Have/chained And Bound  Mca Good 0.00 40036, lc Send Email 
Andrews Sisters Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/rum And Coca Cola  Abc Gold Oldies Good 0.00 1022 2705, c Send Email 
Andrews, Mark And The Gents Ep-when The Lilacs Bloom Again,  Promenade Good 0.00 a 18 a side canadian sunset, almost paradise/charmaine, autumn leaves, love is a many splendored thing, c Send Email 
Angel City Fashion & Fame/same  Epic Good 0.00 e4 8483, lc Send Email 
Animotion I Engineer/the Essence  Merc Good 0.00 ms 76241 Send Email 
Anka, Paul My Best Friends Wife/never Gonna 77 Ua Good 5.00 ua xw972 Send Email 
Anka, Paul One Man Woman One Woman Man/ 74 Ua Good 5.00 uaxw 569, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Times Of Your Life/water Runs Deep 75 Ua Good 4.00 xw737 y, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul You Are My Destiny/when I Stop Loving 58 Sparton/abc P Good 20.00 4 529r, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Kissin On The Phone/cinderella 61 Sparton/abc P Fair 25.00 4 1038, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Happier/closing Doors 76 Ua Good 6.00 uaxw 896y, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Dont Gamble With Love/diana  Pop Classics Good 0.00 pc 1046, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder/dont  Pop Classics Good 0.00 pc 1051, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul I Dont Like To Sleep Alone(spanish)/  Ua Good 0.00 45 397, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul & Odia Coates Theres Nothing Stronger Than Our Love/ 75 Ua Good 5.00 uaxw682y, lc, odia coates a side only Send Email 
Annette Jo Jo The Dog Faced Boy/lonely Guitar 59 Sparton/buena V Good 20.00 4 744, bv 336, c Send Email 
Anthony, Ray Cello Phane/the Lonely Trumpet 57 Cap Good 8.00 f 3739 Send Email 
Anthony, Ray Jam Session At The Tower -ep-  Cap Good 0.00 eap 2-749, cover vg, cuts night train/one oclock jump 1/20 Send Email 
Apaka, Alfred Farewell/blue Hawaiian Moonlight  Decca Good 0.00 9 28787 Send Email 
Arc Angels Sent By Angles/living In A Dream  Geffen Fair 0.00 dgcs7 19135 Send Email 
Arden, Toni Padre/all At Once 58 Decca Good 12.00 9 30628, lc Send Email 
Arena Twins Jambalaya/this Could Be The Night  Kapp Good 0.00 315 Send Email 
Arkade The Morning Of Our Lives/rhythm Of The 71 Rca Fair 6.00 d 4268 Send Email 
Armada Orch Same Old Song/band Of Gold  Scepter/contempo Good 0.00 sce 12418 Send Email 
Armatrading, Joan Drop The Pilot/business Is Business 83 A&m Good 5.00 2538 Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Muskrat Ramble/someday Youll Be Sorry 54 Decca Good 15.00 9 29280, c Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis When The Saints Go Marching In/bye And Bye  Decca Good 0.00 25153, c Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Plays Wc Handy -pc-  Colu Good 0.00 b 1933, pc vg, l, st louis blues/yellow dog blues Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis St James Infirmary/rockin Chair  Rca Good 0.00 447 0067, lc Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Basin Street Blues/when Its Sleepy Time  Rca Good 0.00 447 0066, lc Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Ill Wak Alone/kiss Of Fire 52 Decca Good 15.00 9 28177, c Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis White Christmas/winter Wonderland 52 Decca Good 15.00 9 28443, c Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Listen To The Mockingbird/chlo E 53 Decca Good 15.00 9 28524, c Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Basin Street Blues/ending Basin St Blues 54 Decca Good 15.00 9 29102, c Send Email 
Arnaud, Philippe Pour Ca Pour Ca/deux Parasols  Colu Good 0.00 c4 6955 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Here Comes Heaven/baby Thats Living 67 Rca Good 6.00 47 9368, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Anytime/just A Little Lovin  Rca Good 0.00 447 0509, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Seven Years With The Wrong Woman/  Rca Good 0.00 447 0507, lc Send Email 
Arrows Apache 65/blue Guitar  Capitol Good 0.00 72217 Send Email 
Ashworth, Ernest Each Moment/night Time Is Cry Time  Decca Good 0.00 9 31085 Send Email 
Ashworth, Ernest Pushed In A Corner/gooder Than Good  Hickory Good 0.00 h 1281 Send Email 
Asia Dont Cry/daylight 83 Geffen Good 5.00 92 95717 Send Email 
Asleep At The Wheel Quittin Time/dance With Who Brung You  Arista Good 0.00 as 2178 Send Email 
Asleep At The Wheel Way Down Texas Way/string Of Pars 87 Epic Good 5.00 34 06671 Send Email 
Asleep At The Wheel Hot6 Rod Lincoln/string Of Pars  Epic Good 0.00 34 08087, lc Send Email 
Asleep At The Wheel Blues For Dixie/miles And Miles Of 76 Capitol Good 5.00 4357, lc Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Yakety Axe/letter Edged In Black 65 Rca Good 10.00 47 8590 Send Email 
Atlanta Rhythm Section Who You Gonna Run To/doraville 74 Polydor Good 5.00 pd 14248, lc Send Email 
Atlantic Starr Secret Lovers/thank You 85 A&m Very Good 3.00 2788, lc, R&B P/G Send Email 
Atlantic Starr Always/same Instru 87 Wb Good 3.00 92 84557, R&B P/G Send Email 
Attractions Destination You/find Me 67 Bell Good 20.00 659, c Send Email 
Atwell, Winifred Stranger In Paradise!!17th Century Boogie  London Good 0.00 1561 Send Email 
Atwell, Winifred Dixie Boogie/britannia Rag  London Good 0.00 45 1279, lc 1/20 Send Email 
August, Jan Jalousie/where Or When  Merc Gold Good 0.00 c 30001x Send Email 
August, Jan Ep-peg O My Heart,miserlou/to Each His Own,  Merc Good 0.00 ep 1 3077 Send Email 
Austin, Sil Danny Boy/the Hungry Eye 59 Merc Good 12.00 71442, lc Send Email 
Autenrico.s Solo Para Ti/por Costumbre  Rca Fair 0.00 76 3268 Send Email 
Autry, Gene Buon Natale/nine Little Reindeer 59 London Good 12.00 17077, lc, listing for republic label Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Ill Wait For You/what Little Girl 58 Reo Good 15.00 8294, c Send Email 
Avant Garde Fly With Me/revelations Revolutions 68 Colu Good 8.00 4 44701, lc Send Email 
Axton, Hoyt No No Song/lion In The Winter 75 A&m Good 5.00 am 1683, lc Send Email 
B, Stevie In My Eyes/in My Eyes  A&m Good 0.00 789 lmr label 89-5 listing Send Email 
Babyface Someone To Love/bonafide  Epic Jamaica Good 0.00 7395??, lc jon b Send Email 
Babys Every Time I Think Of You/head First 78 Chrysalis Good 5.00 chs 2279, lc Send Email 
Bachelors Love Me With All Your Heart/theres No 66 London Good 10.00 l 9828 Send Email 
Backlash Robbed Blind/put Me On The Level  Attila Good 0.00 wrc3 2826, recorded june 4/83, promo copy Send Email 
Backus, Jim Magoo In Hi Fi -pc- 57 Rca Good 0.00 epa 1 1362, cover good, voice of jim backus music by dennis farnon orch no price listed for ep album lpm 1362 57-50. Send Email 
Baez, Joan Diamonds And Rust/wins Of The Old 75 A&m Good 5.00 1737 s, lc Send Email 
Bagdasarian, Ross Maria From Madrid/judy 59 London/liberty Good 16.00 f 55193, c, real name of david seville Send Email 
Bailey, Pearl So Long Dearie/before The Parade  Rca Good 0.00 47 9408, lc Send Email 
Bailey, Razzy Midnight Hauler/scratch My Back 81 Rca Good 5.00 pb 12268, lc Send Email 
Bailey, Razzy Loves Gonna Fall Here Tonight/singin 82 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13290 Send Email 
Bailey, Razzy After The Great Depression/guess Whos  Rca Fair 0.00 pb 13512, a side good, b side bad condition Send Email 
Baillie And The Boys Long Shot/you Fool  Rca Good 0.00 8631 7 r, lc Send Email 
Baillie And The Boys Id Love To/treat Me Like Aq Stranger  Rca Good 0.00 2720 7 r, lc Send Email 
Baillie And The Boys Lovin By Numbers/perfect  Rca Fair 0.00 2500 7 r Send Email 
Baillie And The Boys Fool Such As I/so Strong 90 Rca Good 5.00 2641 7 r, lc Send Email 
Baja Marimba Band Brasilia/yes Sir That6s My Baby  A&m Good 0.00 937x, lc Send Email 
Baker, Josephine Paris Mes Amours,moi/avec, Je Voudrais  Rca France Good 0.00 ep 76.320, pc good, pop 25. Send Email 
Baker, Lavern I Cried A Tear/dix A Billy 58 Atlantic Good 25.00 2007, c, vg songs Send Email 
Bakus, Jim I Need A Vacation/delicious  Jubilee Good 0.00 5330, c, mr. magoo, 1/20 Send Email 
Baldry Long John Morning Dew/i Want You I Love You  Emi Good 0.00 72848, lc Send Email 
Baldry, Long John Any Day Now/work For Me  Emi Good 0.00 72841, lc Send Email 
Ball, Kenny Midnight In Moscow/my Mothers Eyes  Pye Good 0.00 j 2049 Send Email 
Baltimore And Ohio Marching Band Lapland/condition Red  Jubilee Good 0.00 j 5592x Send Email 
Bananarama I Heard A Rumour/clean Cut Boy -pc-  London Very Good 0.00 lds 240, ps vg Send Email 
Bandit Keep On Laughin/ma Belle Ami 75 Abc Good 5.00 12146 Send Email 
Bandit Band Pickin Lone Star Style/lets Do 80 Mca Good 5.00 51004, label shows b side by burt reynolds-price guide says clint eastwood Send Email 
Bangles Let It Go/be With You  Colu Good 0.00 38 68744 Send Email 
Bangles In Your Room/bell Jar -ps-  Colu Good 3.00 38 08090, ps good Send Email 
Bangles Eternal Flame/what I Mean To Say  Colu Good 0.00 38 68533 Send Email 
Barber Jazz Band, Chris Petite Fleur/wild Cat Blues 58 Quality/laurie Good 15.00 k 1833 Send Email 
Barber, Chris +1-1 -ep-  Pye Nixa England Good 0.00 nje 1013, pc vg, cuts tuxedo rag, camp meeting blues/brown skin mama,blue sunshine Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Have I Stayed Away Too Long/more Than A Poor Boy 64 Rca Good 12.00 8358, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Back In Huntsville Again/warm And Free 75 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10223, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Four Strong Winds/take Me Home 64 Rca Good 12.00 47 8443 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Its Alright/you Picked A Perfect Day 65 Rca Fair 10.00 47 8571 Send Email 
Barlow, Jack Wake Up Anna/oh Woman  Dot Good 0.00 17468, c Send Email 
Barnett, Bobby This Old Heart/the Blues Said Hello 60 Sparton/razorback Fair 0.00 4 952, white label demo, recorded 4 albums Send Email 
Barnett, Bobby Drink Canada Dry/image On Your Mind  Colu Good 0.00 4 44861 Send Email 
Barrie, Keath Fly Little Dove/caribbea  Kaba Good 0.00 ka 791 Send Email 
Barrie, Keath Im Only Talking To The Wind/you Helped Me  Ua Very Good 0.00 uaxw 761, lc Send Email 
Barry And The Tamerlanes I Wonder What Shes Doing Tonight/dont Go/ 63 Wb Very Good 20.00 6034, c, listing is correct # on valiant label Send Email 
Barry, Claudja Dancin Shoes/forget About You  Lollipop Good 0.00 lg 2 Send Email 
Barry, Wayne Happy Thoughts/for Everyone A Season  Westmount Good 0.00 wstm 4516 Send Email 
Baxter, Les Ep-the Poor People Of Paris,theme 56 Cap Good 24.00 eap1 730, ps vg, cuts a helen of troy/the trouble with harry, if i can dream Send Email 
Bay City Rollers Saturday Night/marlina  Arista Good 0.00 0157/58, a side show 0157 i wrote the songs by barry manilow a side IS saturday night bside 0158 bay city rollers -mArlina correct b side for arista 0149 Send Email 
Bay City Rollers Rock & Roll Love Letter/shanghaid In Love 76 Arista Good 5.00 as 0185, lc Send Email 
Bay City Rollers The Way I Feel Tonight/love Power 77 Arista Good 5.00 as 0272, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Wendy/she Knows Me Too Well 64 Cap Good 25.00 5245, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfer Girl/surfin Safari  Quality Gold Good 0.00 gc 356x Send Email 
Beach Boys Mount Vernon And Fairway-ep-  Brothers Good 0.00 ms 2118 shown as sides 3 & 4, was included with album holland, full package value 15. Send Email 
Beach Boys Its Ok/had To Phone Ya 76 Brothrer Poor 5.00 rep 1368 Send Email 
Beach Boys Ep-little Honda,hushabye/wendy,dont  Cap Eng Good 160.00 eap1 5267, ps good, n.a. r 5267, 80 for ps 80 for vinyl Send Email 
Beach Boys Good Vibrations/i Can Hear Music  Underground Good 0.00 urc 1065, c Send Email 
Beach Boys Medley/god Only Knows 81 Cap Good 5.00 5030, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Help Me Rhonda/do You Wanna Dance  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6081, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Why Do Fools Fall In Love/fun Fun Fun  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6106, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfer Girl/little Deuce Coupe  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6107, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys I Get Around/dont Worry Baby  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6280,lc Send Email 
Beach Boys California Girls/let Him Run Wild  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 6289, lc Send Email 
Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love/cant Keep A 77 Rso Good 5.00 ras 882 Send Email 
Bee Gees Words/edge Of The Universe 77 Rso Good 5.00 rs 880, c Send Email 
Bee Gees One/wing And A Prayer  Wb Good 0.00 7 22899 Send Email 
Bee Gees Alive/paper Mache Cabbages And  Polydor Good 0.00 2058 304, lc Send Email 
Bee Gees Massachusetts/holiday  Pop Classics Good 0.00 pc 1015 Send Email 
Bee Gees Nights On Broadway/edge Of The Universe 75 Rso Good 5.00 515, lc Send Email 
Bee Gees Tragedy/until 79 Rso Good 5.00 rs 918, ls Send Email 
Bee Gees Stayin Alive/if I Cantn Have You 77 Rso Fair 5.00 rs 885 Send Email 
Beggars Opera Freedom Song/smilimg In A Summer Dress  Jupiter Very Good 0.00 16 354 at, pd vg, scottish progressive rock 1974 Send Email 
Beginning Of The End Funky Nassau/same Pt 2  Vpm Fair 0.00 4621 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Jamaica Farewell/once Was 56 Rca Good 12.00 47 6663, lc Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Marys Boy Child/venezuela  Rca Germany Good 0.00 47 6735, lc, permanent center piece Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Calypso 56 Rca Good 20.00 epb 1248, 2 ep set, cover good 1/20 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Ep Scarlet Ribbons,shenandoah/danny Boy,the Next 57 Rca Australia Good 20.00 20112, pc vg, Send Email 
Belew, Carl Thats What I Get For Loving You/too Much  Decca Good 0.00 9 31086, lc Send Email 
Bell & James Livin It Up/dont Let The Man Get To You 78 A&m Good 6.00 am 2069 Send Email 
Bells Shes A Lady/sweet Sounds Of Music 71 Polydor Good 0.00 2065 077 Send Email 
Bells Fly Little White Dove Fly/follow The Sun 70 Polydor Good 5.00 2065 040 Send Email 
Belmonte, Vicki Im Gonna Gt Him/the Secret Service  Cadence Good 0.00 1430, c, dj copy Send Email 
Bennett, Joe Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks/rocket 57 Sparton/abc P Good 30.00 4 514, c Send Email 
Bennett, Tony Smile/you Cant Love Em All 59 Colu Good 10.00 4 41434, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Bennett, Tony Something In Your Smile/for Once In My 67 Colu Good 6.00 4 44258 Send Email 
Bennett, Tony I Left My Heart In San Fran/once Upon A 62 Colu Good 10.00 4 42332 Send Email 
Benson, George Kisses In The Moonlight/open Your Eyes 86 Wb Very Good 3.00 92 86407, lc, small hole 45, promo, r&b p/g Send Email 
Benson, George On Broadway/we As Love 78 Wb Very Good 5.00 wbs 8542, lc Send Email 
Benson, George Turn Your Love Around/never Give Up On A Good Th  Wb Very Good 0.00 gwb 0428, lc Send Email 
Bent Fabric Alley Cat/markin Time  Atco Good 0.00 6226 Send Email 
Benton, Brook Where Does A Man Go To Cry/the Roach 66 Rca Good 10.00 47 8944, lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook Fools Rush In/someday Youll Want Me 60 Mercury Good 12.00 71722x, lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook & Damita Jo Stop Foolin/baby Youve Got It Made 63 Merc Good 10.00 72207, lc Send Email 
Berlin & Giorgio Moroder Take My Breath Away/radar Radio  Colu Good 0.00 38 05903, lc Send Email 
Berwick, Brad God Country And My Baby/are You Glad  Deem Good 0.00 101, c Send Email 
Bianco, Matt Whose Side Are You On/matts Mood  Wea Good 0.00 24 93197, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
Biddu Orchestra Girl Youll Be A Woman Soon/nirvana  Colu Jamaica Good 0.00 8 50379, c Send Email 
Bilk, Acker Never Love A Stranger/moonlight Tango 63 Atco Fair 8.00 6269 Send Email 
Bilk, Acker Stranger On The Shore/cielito Lindo 62 Atco Good 12.00 6217, c Send Email 
Bilk, Acker Only You/a Taste Of Honey 63 Atco Good 8.00 6247, c Send Email 
Bilk, Acker Ep-the Seven Ages Of Acker  Colu Eng. Good 0.00 seg 8029, ps good Send Email 
Birtles & Goble Youll Never Change Your Mind/lonely  Cap Good 0.00 4894 Send Email 
Bishop, Stephen On And On/little Italy 77 Abc Good 5.00 1022 12260, C Send Email 
Bishop, Stephen It Might Be You/metamorphosis Blues 83 Wb Good 5.00 92 97917, lc, b side by dave grusin Send Email 
Black Oak Arkansas Geat Balls Of Fire/highway Pirate  Mca Fair 0.00 40536 Send Email 
Black, Bill Blue Tango/willie 60 Hi Good 15.00 2027 Send Email 
Black, Bill Combo Dont Be Cruel/rollin 60 Hi Good 15.00 2026, c Send Email 
Black, Bill Combo Truck Stop/boilin Cabbage 75 Hi Good 5.00 hi 2283, c Send Email 
Black, Clint Nobodys Home/winding Down  Rca Good 0.00 9078 7 r Send Email 
Black, Clint Straight From The Factory/walkin Away  Rca Good 0.00 2520 7 r Send Email 
Black, Clint Put Yourself In My Shoes/live And  Rca Good 0.00 2678 7 r, lc Send Email 
Black, Clint Summers Comin/hey Hot Rod  Rca Good 0.00 64281 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint Untanglin My Mind/i Can Get By  Rca Good 0.00 62933 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint Wherever You Go/you Walked By  Rca Good 0.00 64267 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint Half Way Up/cadillac Jack Favor  Rca Good 0.00 64724 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint Where Are4 You Now/muddy Water  Rca Good 0.00 62016 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint A Bad Goodbye/the Hard Way  Rca Good 0.00 62503 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint No Time To Kill/happiness Alone  Rca Fair 0.00 62609 7, lc Send Email 
Black, Clint State Of Mind/tuckered Out  Rca Good 0.00 62700 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint One Emotion/you Made Me Feel  Rca Good 0.00 64381 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint Walkin Away/straight From The Factory  Rca Good 0.00 2520 7 r Send Email 
Black, Clint Half The Man/back To Back  Rca Good 0.00 62878 7 Send Email 
Black, Jeanne A Little Bit Lonely/oh How I Miss You  Cap Good 0.00 f4492, lc Send Email 
Black, Stanley Caribbean Carnival Ep  London Good 0.00 bep 6076, ps vg Send Email 
Blackfoot, J.d. Twilight/dove On The Ocean 75 Fantasy Good 8.00 f 741, c, promo copy Send Email 
Blanchard, Jack & Morgan, Misty Humphrey The Camel/a Place In My Mind 70 Wayside Good 5.00 ws 45 013 Send Email 
Bloch, Ray Jingle Bells/rudolph The Red Nosed  Coral Good 0.00 9 60865, vinyl g-vg Send Email 
Blondie Rapture/walk Like Me  Chrysalis Good 0.00 chs 2485 Send Email 
Blood , Sweat & Tears Blue Street/dreaming As One  Abc Good 0.00 1022 12325, c Send Email 
Blood Sweat & Tears Nuclear Blues/agitato 80 Mca Good 5.00 41198, lc Send Email 
Blue Northern 100%/vagabond  Polydor Fair 0.00 pds 2178, lc, some skipping a side Send Email 
Boezel, Ben Dynamic Pressure/double Dynamite  Generation Very Good 0.00 gn 015, c Send Email 
Bogaardt, Bros Riders In The Sky/river You Must Flow  Cavern Good 0.00 2214, c, label from independence missouri Send Email 
Bolger, Ray Make A Miracle/once In Love With Amy  Decca Good 0.00 9 40065 Send Email 
Bon Jovi Bad Medicine/99 In The Shade  Mercury Good 0.00 870 657 7 Send Email 
Boney M Baby Do You Want The Bump/pt 1 &2  Colu Good 0.00 c4 8112, lc Send Email 
Boomtown Rats I Dont Like Mondays/its All The Rage  Merc Good 0.00 m 74082, lc Send Email 
Boone, Daniel At The Third Stroke/same  Penny Farthing Good 0.00 ps 927, c, white promo copy Send Email 
Boone, Daniel Beautiful Sunday/truly Julie  Cap Good 0.00 72671, should be on merc Send Email 
Boone, Debby California/hey Everybody 78 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8511 Send Email 
Boone, Pat At My Front Door/no Arms Can Ever Hold You 55 Reo/dot Good 20.00 8056, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Welcome New Lovers/words 60 London Eng. Good 40.00 45 hld 9067, small hole 45 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Twixt Twelve And Twenty/rock Boll We 59 London Eng. Good 40.00 45 hld 8910, c, small hole 45 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Good Rockin Tonight/with The Wind And 59 Dot Good 15.00 15888, c Send Email 
Booth, Tony The Devil Made Me Do That/the Keys  Cap Good 0.00 3269, lc Send Email 
Borchers, Bobby They Dont Makeem Like That Anymore/i Cant Keep M  Playboy Good 0.00 p 6083, c Send Email 
Borge, Victor Phonetic Punctuation/a Mozart Opera-pc-  Philips England Good 0.00 bbe 12154, pc good Send Email 
Bostic, Earl Memories,what No Pearls/melancholy Serenade,the 54 Quality/king Good 40.00 xp 123 on cover, vinyl shows 124 with correct songs pc vg, songs of ep 245, 1/20 Send Email 
Bostic, Earl Song Of The Islands/liebestraum 54 Quality/king Good 20.00 k4307, c, r&b p/g Send Email 
Bostic, Earl September Song/temptation  Regency Good 0.00 615x, c Send Email 
Boston Pops Artists Life Waltz/wiener Blut  Rca Good 0.00 49 0364 part of set wdm 445 Send Email 
Boston Pops Finlandia/espana Rapsodie  Rca Good 0.00 era 1, red vinyl Send Email 
Boston Pops Bolero/porgy And Bess Ps  Rca Good 0.00 era 179, ps fair Send Email 
Boston Pops Song Fest & Sousa Marches -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 ep era 58, cover vg Send Email 
Boston Pops Gaite Parisienne -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 erb 1817, cover fair 549-5107 & 8, 2 record ep set Send Email 
Boston Pops Pop Goes The Weaselpavanne  Rca Good 0.00 era 26, red vinyl, 5 cut ep Send Email 
Bottrell, Marie Lovers Moon/once Or Twice  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50766 Send Email 
Bow Valleys Bottle4 Of Wine/cannonball Yodel  Centurian Fair 0.00 no cat #, edmonton label Send Email 
Bower, Johnny Honky The Christmas Goose/banjo  Cap Good 0.00 72318, ps good. goalie for tml in 50- 60s, with little john and the rinky dinks Send Email 
Bowie, David Absolute Beginners/ Same -pc- 86 Emi America Good 6.00 b 8308, pc vg Send Email 
Bowie, David & Bing Crosby Peace On Earth/fantastic Voyage 82 Rca Fair 5.00 ph 13400, lc, bing on a side only Send Email 
Boyce, Tommy & Hart, Bobby Alice Long/po Box 9847 68 A&m Good 12.00 948, lc Send Email 
Bradburn, Bob What Is A Fireman/same  None Fair 0.00 no # c, on label is fd local 209 edmonton Send Email 
Bradley, Will Boogie Woogie -ep-  Epic Good 0.00 eg 7028, cover vg, 1/20 Send Email 
Braxton, Toni Youre Making Me High/let It Flow  La Face Very Good 0.00 24160 Send Email 
Braxton, Toni You Mean The World To Me/seven Whole Days  La Face Fair 0.00 24064 7, c, b side skips Send Email 
Bread Lost Without Your Love/change Of Heart 76 Elektra Good 5.00 e 45365, c Send Email 
Breathe How Can I Fall/monday Morning Blues  A&m Good 0.00 1224 Send Email 
Breathe Hands To Heaven/life And Times -pc-  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1427, ps good Send Email 
Bresh,tom Smoke Smoke Smoke/my Lickskillet  Abc Dot Good 0.00 12310 177838, c Send Email 
Brewer & Shipley Seems Like A Long Time/tarkio Road 71 Kama Sutra Good 5.00 ka 524x, c Send Email 
Brewer Teresa The One Rose/satelite 58 Coral Good 10.00 9 62057, lc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Heavenly Lover/fair Weather Sweethe 59 Coral Good 10.00 9 62084, c Send Email 
Bridges, Alicia I Love The Nightlife/self Applause 78 Polydor Fair 5.00 pd 14483 Send Email 
Broads, The Sing Sing Sing/same Ballroom Version  Attic Good 0.00 at 300 Send Email 
Bromberg, David The Holdup/suffer To Sing The Blues 72 Colu Fair 6.00 4 45612, label in bad shape Send Email 
Brooks, Alma Faye Thank You/gimme Your Love  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50504 Send Email 
Brooks, Norman Way Way Te Nan Go/goodbye Gal Goodbye  Good 0.00 4x 0179, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Brothers Four Wild Colonial Boy/it Was A Very Good  Colu Good 0.00 4 43493, lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Turn Around/somewhere  Colu Good 0.00 4 43211, lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Summer Days Alone/blue Water Line  Colu Good 0.00 4 42256, lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Nowhere Man/if I Fell  Colu Good 0.00 4 43621, cl Send Email 
Brown Family What If Its Right/love Goes On  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50851 Send Email 
Brown Family The Way I Love You/yesterdays Love  Rca Very Good 0.00 pb 50500, lc Send Email 
Brown Family I Am The Words/youll Never Be Alone My Love  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50102, lc, autographs of tracy and lawanda on a side?? Send Email 
Brown, Charity Aint No Hurt Love Cant Heal/same  A&m Good 0.00 425, lc, white promo Send Email 
Brown, Georgia Gonna Build A Mountain/african Waltz  London Good 0.00 l9551, lc Send Email 
Brown, James Living I9n America/farewell  Scotti Good 0.00 zs4 05682, c, b side by vince dicola Send Email 
Brown, James Get On The Good Foot/part 2 72 Polydor Fair 6.00 pd 14139, ls Send Email 
Brown, Nappy Little By Little/im Getting Lonesome 56 London Good 20.00 456fc 342, c Send Email 
Brown, Polly Im Saving All My Love/up In A Puff  Gto Good 0.00 gt 1002 Send Email 
Brown, Roy New Orleans Women/standing On Broadway 67 Bluesway Good 10.00 61002, c Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Somebodys Baby/redneck Friend  Asylum Gs Good 0.00 7 65997, lc Send Email 
Browns Then Ill Stop Loving You/i Know My Place 64 Rca Good 8.00 8348 Send Email 
Brownsville Station The Martian Boogie/mr Johnson Sez 77 Private Stock Good 4.00 psr 45167 Send Email 
Brumley, Al Its Not A Lot/welcome Home Again  Cap Good 0.00 4705 Send Email 
Bryant Trio, Ray Little Susie Pt 1/pt 2 60 Colu Good 10.00 4 41553 Send Email 
Buck, Gary Adam And The Slogans Of Life/what Do  Gb Good 0.00 gbp 1090 Send Email 
Buck, Gary Bright Morning Light/dont The Good  Gb Good 0.00 gbp 1003, c Send Email 
Buddy System Miracle Worker/just Look Back  Grt Good 0.00 gr 907 Send Email 
Buehler, Hank Here I Am Drunk Again/kokomoe  Maple Haze Good 0.00 no # Send Email 
Buffett, Jimmy Come To The Moon/bigger Then The Both Of Us 84 Mca Very Good 5.00 52499, white label promo Send Email 
Burke, Davidson The Lunatic/its 1984  Penguin Good 0.00 pb 84, c Send Email 
Burnette, Johnny Dreamin/cincinnati Fireball 60 London/liberty Good 20.00 f 55258, lc Send Email 
Burnette, Rocky Baby Tonight/because Of You 80 Emi Good 5.00 8050, c Send Email 
Burns, Sonny And Then Some/bricks And Mortar  Ua Good 0.00 ua 461 Send Email 
Bush, Johnny Whiskey River/right Back In Your Arms Again  Rca Good 0.00 74 0745, lc Send Email 
Bush, Terry Do You Know What Youre Doing/ I Want  Grt Gg Good 0.00 1233 02, lc Send Email 
Bush, Terry Do You Know What Youre Doing/fare Thee  Grt Good 0.00 1233 03 Send Email 
Butler, Carl Just A Message/im Hanging Up The Phone 64 Colu Good 8.00 4 43030 Send Email 
Butler, Carl & Pearl If You Should Ever Stop Loving Me/if 68 Colu Good 6.00 4 44447, lc Send Email 
Butler, Carl & Pearl Goodbye Tennessee/punish Me Tomo 68 Colu Very Good 6.00 4 44587, lc Send Email 
Butler, Johnathan More Than Friends/melodie  Jive Good 0.00 1174 7 j, Send Email 
Byrd, Bobby I Need Help/same Pt 2 70 King Good 6.00 4 6323 Send Email 
Byrd, Tracy Holdin Heaven/edge Of A Memory  Mca Good 0.00 7 54659 Send Email 
Byrd, Tracy Why Dont That Phone Ring/an Out Of  Mca Good 0.00 mcas7 54735 Send Email 
Byrd, Tracy Dont Love Make A Diamond Shine/tucson  Mca Good 0.00 mcas7 72002, lc Send Email 
Byrd, Tracy The First Step/no Ordinary Man  Mca Fair 0.00 mcas7 54945, lc Send Email 
C&c Music Factory Things That Make You Go Hmm/same  Colu Good 0.00 38 73687 Send Email 
Cabot, Chuck St Louis Blues/i Love New York  De Ville Good 0.00 cc 5 Send Email 
Cale, J.j. Deep Dark Dungeon/carry On 81 Mca Good 5.00 51095, c Send Email 
Calhoun, Charlie Smack Dab In The Middle/why The Car  Mgm Good 0.00 k 11989, c Send Email 
Camaleonti, Torna Liebelei/applausi  Colu Good 0.00 c4 2846 Send Email 
Camarata Conducting The Kingsways Symphony Music By Camarata Vol 3 -ep-  London Fair 0.00 bep 6073, cover fair Send Email 
Cameron, Doug Dont Tell Me/get Up -pc-  True North Good 0.00 tn 4 205, pc good Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Norwood/everything A Man Could 70 Cap Good 6.00 2843 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Its A Sin When You Love Somebody/if I Were Lovin 74 Cap Very Good 6.00 3988, lc Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Country Boy/record Collectors Dream 75 Cap Good 5.00 4155, lc Send Email 
Campbell, Glen I Will Never Pass This Way Again/we All Pull 72 Cap Fair 6.00 3411 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Less Of Me/private John Q 65 Cap Fair 10.00 5545 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen & Gentry, Bobbie Mornin Glory/less Of Me 68 Cap Very Good 6.00 2314, lc Send Email 
Campbell, Ross Turn It Off/youve Gotta Keep Beatin  Black Bear Good 0.00 bbr 2019 Send Email 
Canada Coochy Coo/i Dont Believe  Colu Fair 0.00 skipping on a side, coochy goo good cut Send Email 
Canned Heat Rockin With The King/i Dont Care What You Tell M 72 Ua Good 5.00 50892, c Send Email 
Canned Heat Going Up The Country/one Kind Favor 68 Liberty Good 8.00 f 56077, c Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Moanin The Blues/swanee River  Hi Fair 0.00 2070 Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Searchin/love Letters In The Sand  Hi Fair 0.00 2074 Send Email 
Cannon, Ace The Great Pretender/gone  Hi Fair 0.00 2078, c Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Here Comes Santa Claus/blue Christmas  Hi Fair 0.00 2084 Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Tuff/sittin  Hi Good 0.00 2040 Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Transister Sister/walk To The Moon 61 Quality/swan Fair 15.00 1330x, c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Abigail Beecher/all American Girl 64 Wb Good 12.00 5409, c Send Email 
Cano, Eddie Plays Mancini -ep-  Repriser Good 0.00 r40,047, ps vg ,ac, blank back cover Send Email 
Cantor, Eddie I Never See Maggie Alone/the Old Piano Roll Blue  Rca Good 0.00 54 0005, lc Send Email 
Cappello Kids Dondi/dream Your Tears Away  Decca Fair 0.00 31232 Send Email 
Captain & Tenille Do That To Me One More Time/deep In 79 Casablanca Good 5.00 nb 2215 Send Email 
Captain & Tennille Shop Around/butterscotch Castle 76 A&m Good 4.00 am 1817 Send Email 
Captain & Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together/gentle Stranger 75 A&m Good 5.00 am 1672, lc Send Email 
Captain & Tennille Muskrat Love/honey Come Love Me 76 A&m Good 5.00 1870, lc Send Email 
Captain & Tennille Come In From The Rain/same  A&m Good 0.00 1944, promo Send Email 
Captain & Tennille Lonely Night/smile For Me One More Time 76 A&m Good 5.00 am 1782, lc Send Email 
Cara, Irene Out Here On My Own/same Orch 80 Rso Good 5.00 rs 1048 Send Email 
Carisse, Terry We Could Make Beautiful Music  Mbs Good 0.00 1024 Send Email 
Carisse, Terry Windship/if Dreams Do Come True  Mbs Good 0.00 mbs 1029, c Send Email 
Carlisle, Bill What Kinda Deal Is This/shot Gun  Hickory Fair 0.00 h 1348 Send Email 
Carlisle, Steve Wkrp In Cincinnati/you Told A Lie  Mca Good 0.00 51205, lc Send Email 
Carlton Showband, The The Merry Ploughboy/up Went Nelson  Quality Very Good 0.00 qgt 075 Send Email 
Carlton Showband, The Any Dream Will Do/mikes Kathleen  Rca Fair 0.00 pb 50044 Send Email 
Carmen, Eric All By Myself/everything 75 Arista Good 5.00 as 0165, c Send Email 
Carmen, Eric She Did It/someday 77 Arista Good 5.00 as 0266, c Send Email 
Carmichael, Hoagy The Stardust Road-ps-  Decca Good 0.00 ed 534, 2 record st, ps good+ Send Email 
Carnes, Kim Draw Of The Cards/break The Rules Tonite 81 Emi Good 5.00 a 8087 Send Email 
Carnes, Kim Invisible Hands/ill Be Here Where The  Emi Good 0.00 b 8181 Send Email 
Carnes, Kim Mistaken Identity/jamaica Sunday 81 Emi Good 5.00 a 8098 Send Email 
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Am A Town/not Too Much To Ask  Col;u Good 0.00 38 74485 Send Email 
Carpenter, Mary Chapin When Shes Gone/going Out Tonite  Colu Good 0.00 38 74038, lc Send Email 
Carpenters Druscilla Penny/sing 73 A&m Good 4.00 1413 Send Email 
Carpenters I Have You/sweet Sweet Smile 78 A&m Very Good 4.00 2008 Send Email 
Carpenters This Masquerade/please Mr Postman 74 A&m Good 4.00 1646, lc Send Email 
Carpenters Top Of The World/heather 73 A&m Very Good 4.00 1468, lc Send Email 
Carpenters Weve Only Just Begun/all Of My Life 70 A&m Good 6.00 am 1217 Send Email 
Carr, Vikki With Pen In Hand/cant Take My Eyes Off You  Liberty Good 0.00 56092, c Send Email 
Carroll, David Melody Of Love/la Golondfrina 57 Merc Good 7.00 c 30004x, c Send Email 
Carson, Kit Band Of Gold/cast Your Bread Upon The  Capitol Fair 0.00 f 3283, lc Send Email 
Carson, Mindy Candy And Cake/my Foolish Heart 50 Rca Good 15.00 47 3204, lc Send Email 
Carson, Wayne The Grass Was Green/neon Rainbow  Monument Good 0.00 zs7 8547, c, promo copy Send Email 
Carter Family Early In The Morning,,fourteen Carat 62 Liberty Good 15.00 55501, c Send Email 
Carter Family For Lovin Me/i Walk The Line  Colu Good 0.00 4 43579 Send Email 
Carter, Carlene Swat Meat Rag/do It In A Heartbeat 79 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49083 Send Email 
Carter, Carlene Unbreakable Heart/wastin Time With You  Giant Good 0.00 7 18373, c Send Email 
Carter, Carlene I Fell In Love/guardian Angel 90 Reprise Good 5.00 7 19915 Send Email 
Carter, Clarence I Aint Leaving Girl/if You See My Lady  Ichiban Good 0.00 91 238, c Send Email 
Carter, June Tall Loverman/without A Love To Call My  Colu Good 0.00 4 43059, lc Send Email 
Carter, June Sweeter Than The Flowers/i Pitched My Tent  Colu Good 0.00 4 42864 Send Email 
Carter, Mel Love Is All We Need/i Wish I Didnt 65 Imperial Good 8.00 66148, c Send Email 
Carter, Mother Maybelle I Told Them What Youre Fighting For/san  Colu Good 0.00 4 43521 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Shackles And Chains/when The Ice Worms Nest Agai  Rca Good 0.00 48 0139, lc, green vinyl/blue label Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Im Ragged But Im Right/the Yodelin Song  Decca Good 0.00 9 29942 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf A Cashbox For A Heart/32 Wonderful  Rca Good 0.00 47 8205 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Theres A Bluebird On Your Windowsill/  Decca Good 0.00 9 31034 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny A Certain Kind Of Hurt,,the Sons Of Katie 65 Colu Good 10.00 4 43342, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Forgot To Remember To Forget/katy Too  Sun Gt Very Good 0.00 gt 39x Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne What We Really Want/portrait  Colu Good 0.00 38 73517, lc Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Seven Year Ache/runaway Train  Colu Good 0.00 38 07988, lc Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Black And White/never Be You  Colu Good 0.00 38 73054 Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Aint No Money/the Feelin  Colu Good 0.00 18 02937 Send Email 
Cassidy, Shaun Da Doo Ron Ron/holiday 77 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8365, lc Send Email 
Casuals, The So Tough/i Love My Darling 58 Apex/back Beat Good 40.00 9 76241 listed under original casuals Send Email 
Cates, George Moonglow+theme From Picnic/rio B 56 Coral Good 12.00 9 61618 Send Email 
Cavallaro, Carmen Arriverci Roma/i Remember It Well  Decca Good 0.00 25519 Send Email 
Cellos Under Your Spell/the Juicy Crocodile 57 Quality Good 50.00 k1635, lc Send Email 
Chalk Circle April Fool/big White Clouds -ps-  Duke Very Good 0.00 dsr 71024, ps vg Send Email 
Chamberlain, Richard April Love/joy In The Morning 65 Mgm Good 8.00 13340 Send Email 
Champs Limbo Dance/latin Limbo 62 Apex/challenge Good 15.00 76826, c, vinyl g+ Send Email 
Chapman, Ronnie Annie B Is Gone/in The Beginning  Colu Good 0.00 4 41469, lc Send Email 
Charles Singers, The Ray My Love Forgive Me/my Guitar And My Song 65 Command Very Good 6.00 rs 45 4073, seperate from ray charles singer Send Email 
Charles, Ray 3/4 Time/you Feel Good All Over  Colu Good 0.00 38 03810, lc Send Email 
Charles, Ray It Aint Gonna Worry My Mind/crazy  Colu Fair 0.00 38 04860. lc, a side with micky gilley, b side johnny cash Send Email 
Charles, Ray Here We Go Again/somebody Ought To Write A Book  67 Sparton/abc Good 8.00 p n1604, c Send Email 
Charles, Ray Crying Time/one Mint Julep  Abc Oldies Good 0.00 1255, c Send Email 
Charles, Ray What Would I Do Without You/hallelujah I Love He 56 Atl Good 20.00 1096, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Charlots Paulette/si Tous Les Hippies -ep-  Vogues Good 0.00 epl 8592, pc vg, ep, french comedy group Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Lets Twist Again/everythings Gonna Be  Parkway Gold Good 0.00 pgt 018x Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Down In Tennessee/this Side Of The Door  Decca Fair 0.00 drns7 55050, c Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye/texas Is Bigger Than  Mca Good 0.00 mcas7 54718, lc Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Blame It On Texas/danger At My Door  Mca Good 0.00 7 54053, lc Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Brother Jukebox/hey You There In The  Mca Poor 0.00 mcas7 53965, lc Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark I Just Wanted You To Know/aprils Fool  Mca Fair 0.00 mcas7 54768 Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark She Dreams/what A Way To Live  Decca Fair 0.00 drns7 54887 Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold At Home/life Of A Lucky Man  Mca Fair 0.00 79054 Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Goin Through The Big D/its Almost  Decca Good 0.00 drns7 54941, c Send Email 
Chic Pc-i Want Your Love/funny Bone 79 Atl Good 6.00 at 3557, ps good Send Email 
Chiffons One Fine Day/why Am I So Shy 63 Laurie Good 20.00 3179, c Send Email 
Chilliwack I Got You Fixed/rain O  Parrot Good 0.00 par2535 Send Email 
Chilliwack Baby Blue/something Better 77 Mushroom Good 5.00 m 7028, c, have this # with baby blue on both sides Send Email 
China Crisis Animalistic  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1266dj, 1 sided, condition good +, lc Send Email 
Chipman, Peter Rodeo Road Show Man/ghost Riders In  Capcan Good 0.00 2401 Send Email 
Chordettes Born To Be With You/love Never Changes 56 Apex/cadence Good 12.00 9 76090, c Send Email 
Christensen, Richard Clay Jesse/my Terry Girl  Cap Excellent 0.00 2529, lc, released 1 album and 2 singles in 1969. Send Email 
Christie, Dinah I Can Hear Canada Singing/justin Pierre  Molson Canadian Awards Good 0.00 kan 1009, c, b side hopefully not a welcome to our now prime minister Send Email 
Christopher, Gavin Back In Your Arms/could This Be The Night  Manhattan Good 0.00 b 50042, ps vg Send Email 
Ciari, Claude Loving Days/tower Bridge  Cap Good 0.00 72509 Send Email 
Clanton, Ike Sugar Plum/guilty  Merc Good 0.00 71975, c Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Tearing Us Apart/hold On 87 Wb Good 3.00 92 82797, lc, a side with tina turner Send Email 
Clapton, Eric All Our Pastimes/hello Old Friend 76 Rso Good 5.00 rs 861, lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Bits And Pieces/glad All Over  Cap Starline Good 0.00 22003, c Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Because/do You Love Me  Epic Memory Lane Good 0.00 5 2230, c Send Email 
Clark, Dave Five Please Tell Me Why/look Before You Leap  Cap Fair 0.00 72375, lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula Jai Tout Oublie/le Soleil Dans Les Yeux  Vogue Good 0.00 v 4121 Send Email 
Clark, Roy I Really Dont Want To Know/honeymoon 74 Dot Good 5.00 17498, c Send Email 
Clark, Roy Through The Eyes Of A Fool/sweet 64 Cap Very Good 10.00 5099, lc Send Email 
Clark, Roy Alabama Jubilee/down Yonder 64 Cap Good 10.00 5300, lc Send Email 
Classics Iv Everyday With You Girl/sentimental Lady 69 Imperial Fair 8.00 im 66378 Send Email 
Climax Blues Band Darlin/this Time Youre The Singer 81 Wb Good 4.00 wbs 49850 Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Walkin After Midnight/a Poor Mans Roses 57 Decca Good 20.00 9 30221, c Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary This Ole House/hey There 54 Colu Good 15.00 40266, lc Send Email 
Coates, Odia Dont Leave Me In The Morning/showdown  Ua Very Good 0.00 uaxw 601, c Send Email 
Cochran, Hank Lucy Let Your Loveliest Shine,,id Fight 62 Liberty Good 12.00 55498, light label Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce The Coldest Night Of The Year/joy Will  True North Good 0.00 tn4 160, c Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce Rumours Of Glory/you Get Better As You  True North Fair 0.00 tn4 156, c Send Email 
Cole, Clay Dont Twist With Anyone Else But Me/twist  Imperial Good 0.00 im 5804 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' That Sunday That Summer/mr Wishing Well 63 Cap Good 12.00 5027, lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Buon Natale/the Happiest Christmas 59 Cap Fair 12.00 f 4301 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Ep-forgive My Heart,annabelle/thats All,  Cap Fair 0.00 eap 696, lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Non Dimenticar/bend A Little My Way 58 Cap Good 10.00 f4056+ Send Email 
Cole, Nat King Jet/oo5rtrait Of Jennie  Cap Starline Good 0.00 6179, lc Send Email 
Cole, Natalie Inseparable/how Come You Wont Stay Here 75 Cap Good 5.00 4193, lc Send Email 
Cole, Natalie Miss You Like Crazy/good To Be Back 89 Emi Very Good 5.00 b 50185, lc Send Email 
Collectors The Beginning/i Must Have Been Blind  London Good 0.00 17379, c, early chilliwack Send Email 
Collins, Aaron If I Could Be Where You Are/you Hit The  Crazy Horse Very Good 0.00 1308, c Send Email 
Collins, Judy Amazing Grace/nightingale L 71 Elektra Good 5.00 e45708, c Send Email 
Collins, Judy Both Sides Now/someday Soon  Elektra Gs Very Good 0.00 gs 45509, lc Send Email 
Collins, Phil Take Me Home/only You Know And I 85 Atl Good 4.00 78 94727 Send Email 
Collins, Phil Two Hearts/the Robbery 89 Atl Fair 4.00 7 88980 Send Email 
Collins, Phil Do You Remember/i Wish It Would Rain  Atl Fair 0.00 7 87955, lc Send Email 
Collins, Phil In The Air Tonight/i Missed Again  Atlantic Gs Fair 0.00 gs 45840 Send Email 
Collins, Phil I Dont Care Anymore/the West Side 83 Atl Good 3.00 78 98777, promo, ll Send Email 
Collins, Phil Dont Lose My Number/we Said Hello Goodbye 85 Atl Very Good 3.00 78 95367, lc Send Email 
Collins, Phil Heat On The Street/another Day In 89 Atlantic Good 3.00 7 88774, lc Send Email 
Collins, Phil Something Happened On The Way  Atl Fair 0.00 7 87885, lc, a side skips gets better 2nd play Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Ep-you Gotta Have A License/you Better Not Do That  Cap Fair 0.00 eap1 607, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy High On A Hilltop/woman You Have  Colu Good 0.00 4 44664, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy I Made The Prison Band/no Love Have I  Colu Good 0.00 4 44386, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Sunny Side Of My Life/hes Gonna Have  Colu Good 0.00 4 44498, lc Send Email 
Commodores Three Times A Lady/look What Youve Done To Me 78 Motown Good 5.00 1443, c Send Email 
Commodores I Feel Sanctified/it Is As Good As You 74 Motown Good 5.00 m 1319f, c Send Email 
Commodores Oh No/lovin You 81 Motown Good 4.00 m 1527x Send Email 
Communards Dont Leave Me This Way/sanctified  London Good 0.00 lds 230 Send Email 
Como, Perry Over The Rainbow/youll Never Walk Alone  Rca Good 0.00 447 0107 Send Email 
Como, Perry When You Were Sweet Sixteen/a Hubba  Rca Good 0.00 447 0103, lc Send Email 
Como, Perry Youre Just In Love/its A Lovely Day Today  Rca Good 0.00 47 3945, turq label, lc Send Email 
Como, Perry Its Impossible/long Life Lots Of Happiness  Rca Good 0.00 74 0387 Send Email 
Como, Perry That Christmas Feeling/ill Be Home For Rca Good 5.00 447 0811, lc Send Email 
Como, Perry Love Dont Care/walk Right Back 73 Rca Good 4.00 apbo 0096, lc Send Email 
Compagnons De La Chanson Down At The Riverside/margoton  Capitol Good 0.00 4342 Send Email 
Comparsa Universitria De La Laguna Magic Trumpet/mas Alla De Mombasa  Rca Good 0.00 f4 6, lc mexico Send Email 
Confederate Railroad Jesus And Mama/daddy Never Was A  Atl Good 0.00 7 87273 Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Shadow Of A Doubt/i Wanna Be Loved  Rca Good 0.00 2826 7 r Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Ive Loved You Girl/fire And Smoke  Sunbird Good 0.00 sbr 7561x, c Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Too Many Times/changes Of Love 86 Rca Fair 4.00 pb 14380, a side with anita pointer Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Somewhere Between Right And Wrong/  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13320 Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas I Have Loved You Girl/bottled Up  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13414, lc Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Holding Her And Loving You/home So 83 Rca Fair 5.00 pb 13596 Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas I Have Loved You Girl/once In A Blue  Rca Good 0.00 pb 14282, lc Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Dont Make It Easy For Me/you Cant  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13702, lc Send Email 
Conniff, Ray Singers Invisible Tears/singing The Blues  Colu Good 0.00 4 43061 Send Email 
Connors, Stompin Tom The North Atlantic Squadron/take Me Down The Riv  Boot Good 0.00 bt 134, c Send Email 
Connors, Stompin Tom New Brunswick And Mary/zakuska Polka  Boot Good 0.00 bt 117 Send Email 
Connors, Stompin Tom My Stompin Grounds/the Bridge Came  Boot Good 0.00 bt 003, c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Feel It,, Its All Right 61 Rca Fair 15.00 7927, lc Send Email 
Coons, Johnny Uncle Mistletoe/uncle Mistletoes Christmas  Decca Good 0.00 9 88081, lc, character property of marshall field-chicago Send Email 
Cooper Brothers Show Some Emotion/mustard The Dog  Capricorn Very Good 0.00 cps 0330 Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Theres A Higher Power/this World Cant Stand Long  Hickory Good 0.00 1225, c, promo Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney I Gotta Laugh/train You Took My Baby  Quality/hickory Good 0.00 1274 Send Email 
Coralites Autumn Leaves/let It Be Me  Carib Good 0.00 1007 45 Send Email 
Corcoran, Noreen A Guy Is A Guy/paper Roses  Grt Gg Good 0.00 gg 110 Send Email 
Cornerstone Holly Go Softly/love Nothing More  Liberty Good 0.00 f 56148, lc Send Email 
Cott, Gerry Alphabet Town/that Girl Friday  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 2257 Send Email 
Cotton, Gene Youve Got Me Running/its Over Good 76 Abc Good 5.00 12227 Send Email 
Country Coalition Time To Get It Together/how Do I Love  Bluesway Good 0.00 bl 61034, c Send Email 
Country Gazette Down The Road/my Oklahoma  Ua Good 0.00 ua xw354, lc, vg Send Email 
Cowsills Gotta Get Away From It All/the Prophecy Of 69 Mgm Gb Good 8.00 1484, center piece in, lc Send Email 
Craddock, Billy Crash I Want That/since She Turned 17 60 Colu Good 30.00 4 41536, lc Send Email 
Craddock, Billy Crash Ruby Baby/walk When Love Walks 74 Abc Good 5.00 12036, c Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd Last Date/sweetie Baby  Rca Very Good 0.00 47 7775, lc Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd Java/melissa  Rca Very Good 0.00 47 8116, lc Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd Lovesick Blues/the First Hurt  Rca Good 0.00 47 8013, lc Send Email 
Crawford, Don Sleeping Beauty/beauty And The Beast  Reo/gone  0.00 8391, c Send Email 
Crawford, Johnny Rumors/no One Really Loves A Clown 62 Del Fi Fair 15.00 df 4188, c Send Email 
Cream Anyone For Tennis/pressed Rat And 68 Atco Good 8.00 45 6575 Send Email 
Crests, The A Year Ago Tonight/paper Crown 59 Quality/coed Good 25.00 1974 Send Email 
Crew Cuts Sh Boom/i Spoke Too Soon 54 Merc Good 30.00 70404, lc Send Email 
Crewcuts Ep-swing The Masters  Merc Good 0.00 ep1 3327, cover fair, otherrt crewcut eps close to this # value 20 Send Email 
Crewe, Bob Music To Watch Girls By/girls On The Rocks 66 Bell Good 8.00 229 Send Email 
Crewe, Bob Cool Time/quite A Picture 60 Warwick Good 12.00 m 534 Send Email 
Crockett, Howard Break Away Billy Boy,,out Of Bounds Again 62 Smash Good 40.00 1750, Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Drifting And Dreaming -box Set  Decca Good 0.00 set 9 113, case fair records 9 25185 drifting and dreaming/its been a g-ls 9 25186 where the blue of the nightmeets the gold of the day g-ls 9 25187 when youre a long long way from home/when i lost g-ls 9 25188 im drifting back to dreamland/the singing Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Around The World/same Instr 57 Decca Good 8.00 9 30262, b side victor young orch Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Did Your Mother Come From Ireland/ 50 Decca Good 12.00 9 23787, lc Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Pistol Packin Mama/dont Fence Me In 55 Decca Good 10.00 9 23484, lc vinyl g+. 1/20 Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Jingle Bells/santa Claus Is Coming To 50 Decca Good 12.00 9 23281, with andrews sisters Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Box Set Sings Cole Porter  Decca Good 0.00 set 9 120. 9 23972 begin the beguine/night and day 9 24201 ive got you under my skin/easy to love 9 25400 i love you/just one of those things 9 24202 rosalie/i never realized box fair condition, l Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Im An Old Cowhand/theres A Gold Mine  Decca Good 0.00 9 25001, lc, no listing for this Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Silver Threads Among The Gold/now  Decca Good 0.00 9 24279, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bing My Girls An Irish Girl/galway Bay  Decca Good 0.00 24295, lc Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Seven Nights A Week/man On Fire 57 Cap Good 12.00 f 3695. Send Email 
Crosby, Bing, With The Andrew Sisters Yodelin Jive,ciribiribin/south America Take It A  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2037, pc vg Send Email 
Crosby, Bing,and Andrew Sisters Forsaking All Others/sparrow In The 51  Good 10.00 9 27477, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bob Ep Jazz Me Bluesslow Mood, Do You  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2136, ps vg Send Email 
Crosby, Bob Ep Big Foot Jump, March Of The Bob Cats  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2137, pc vg Send Email 
Crosby, Bob Ep All By Myself, I Hear You Talking  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2138, ps good Send Email 
Crosby, Gary & Friend Ep-sams Song, Play A Simple Melody/  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2001, friend is bing crosby Send Email 
Crosley, Doug Love Me Forever/come Back To Me  Rca Good 0.00 47 8697 Send Email 
Crowbar Happy People/mountain Fire  Dafodil Good 0.00 dfs 1009 Send Email 
Crowbar Newspaper Song/fly Away  Daffodil Good 0.00 dfs 1014, c Send Email 
Cryan Shames First Train To California/a Masters Fool 69 Colu Good 8.00 4 44759, lc Send Email 
Crystal Mansion Hallelujah/the Thought Of Loving You  Cap Good 0.00 2275, lc Send Email 
Crystal, Billy The Christmas Song/same -ps- 85 A&m Good 5.00 2795, ps vg Send Email 
Cugat, Xavier Ep-cherry Pink,cha Cha Cha/walter  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 b 2561, ps vg Send Email 
Cugat, Xavier My Shawl/siboney  Rca Good 0.00 447 0100, lc Send Email 
Culture Club Miss Me Blind/colour By Numbers  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1199, lc Send Email 
Culture Club Church Of The Poison Mind/man Shake  Virgin Fair 0.00 vs 1173, slight bend on record does not effect playing Send Email 
Culture Club Ill Tumble 4 Ya/same  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1169 Send Email 
Cupid, Earl The Measure Of A Man,,salt Ste Marie  Dot Fair 0.00 16650 Send Email 
Curless, Dick A Tombstone Every Mile/heart Talk  Tower Good 0.00 124, lc Send Email 
Curless, Dick & Adams, Kay No Fool Like An Old Fool/a Devil Like Me  Cap Good 0.00 72367 Send Email 
Curtis, Mac Gulf Stream Line/id Run A Mile 71 Grt Good 5.00 grt 41, lc Send Email 
Curtis, Sonny Red Headed Stranger/talk About My Baby 60 Coral Good 40.00 9 62207, c Send Email 
Curtiss, Clint An Angel In Disguise/stop The World  Rca Good 0.00 75 1005 Send Email 
Daisy, Pat Everybodys Reaching Out For Someone/  Rca Good 0.00 74 0637, lc Send Email 
Dal Bello, Lisa Still In Love/hollywood  Talisman Very Good 0.00 tal 101, c Send Email 
Dal Bello, Lisa Pretty Girls/miracle Maker  Talisman Good 0.00 talx 100, c Send Email 
Dalbello Tango/why Stand Alone  Cap Good 0.00 b 73074 Send Email 
Dale & Grace Im Leaving It Up To You/stop And  Quality Gold Fair 0.00 qgt 043x Send Email 
Dale, Alan Im Sincere/cherry Pink  Coral Good 0.00 9 61373 Send Email 
Dalida Les Grilles De La Maison/pauvre Coeur  Barclay Very Good 0.00 b 265, c Send Email 
Dalton, Dan And The Hummers Male Chauvinist Pig/what Did You Bring Down The   Cap Very Good 0.00 3742, lc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Beer Drinkin Song/tennessee Waltz 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11190, lc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Dream Baby/hold Me Again  Colu Good 0.00 38 03926, lc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Hard Luck Ace/turn To The One  Uviversal Good 0.00 uvl 66015, c Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Golden Memories/takin It Easy  Colu Good 0.00 18 02188, lc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Cant See Me Without You/working Class Man  Colu Good 0.00 38 06098, lc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Carolina Come On/losing Kind Of Love 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11253, lc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Me N You/hillbilly Girl With The Blues 80 Colu Good 5.00 11 11410, lc Send Email 
Daltrey, Roger Satin And Lace/say It Aint So Joe 77 Mca Good 4.00 40765 Send Email 
Damaso, Fernanda La La La, Livre E Feliz/cancao Para Ti,  Alvorada Portugal Good 0.00 ep 60 1035, ps good, possible autograph back cover Send Email 
Dameron, Dick Waylons T Shirt/north Country Blues  Condor Good 0.00 c97 133 Send Email 
Damian, Michael Rock On/same  Cypress Good 0.00 cp 106 Send Email 
Damian, Michael Rock On/where Is She  Cypress Fair 0.00 yy 1420, c, b side by blue future Send Email 
Damita Jo Sweet Georgia Brown/do What You Want 61 Mercury Good 12.00 71793, lc Send Email 
Damon, Liz Orient Express 1900 Yesterday/youre Falling In Love 70 White Whale Good 6.00 ww 368 Send Email 
Damron, Dick The Ballad Of Tjs/slightly Out Of Tune  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50544 Send Email 
Dana Channel Breeze/all Kinds Of Everything  London Very Good 0.00 l 1026, lc Send Email 
Dana, Vic Thats Why Im Sorry/more  Doltong Good 0.00 81, c Send Email 
Dana, Vic Sunny Skies/i Love You Drops  Dolton Good 0.00 do 319 Send Email 
Dana, Vic Red Red Wine/another Dream Shot Down  Liberty Very Good 0.00 f 56163, c Send Email 
Dana, Vic Sad Day Song/if I Never Knew Your  Liberty Very Good 0.00 f56150 Send Email 
Dana, Vic I Love You Drops/sunny Skies  Dolton Good 0.00 do 319, c Send Email 
Daniels, Charlie Band Sweet Home Alabama/falling In Love For The Night 81 Epic Good 4.00 14 02185, lc, b side with crystal gayle Send Email 
Darensbourg, Joe Yellow Dog Blues/martinque  Quality/lark Fair 0.00 k 1691 Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Clementine/tall Story 60 Atco Good 20.00 6161, c Send Email 
Darin, Bobby The Things In This House/wait By The Water 64 Cap Good 10.00 5257, Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Splish Splash/queen Of The Hop  Atl Gs Very Good 0.00 gs 45731, lc Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Milord/golden Earrings 64 Atco Good 10.00 6297, c Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Plain Jane/while Im Gone 59 Atco Fair 20.00 6133, c Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Wont You Come Home Bb/mack The  Atlantic Gs Good 0.00 gs 45733, lc Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Irresistible You/multiplication 61 Atco Good 12.00 6214, c Send Email 
Darrell, Johnny With Pen In Hand/poetry Of Love 68 Ua Fair 6.00 50292 Send Email 
Darrell, Johnny River Bottom/aint That Livin 69 Ua Good 6.00 ua 50572 Send Email 
Darts Daddy Cool/too Hot In The Kitchen  Ua Good 0.00 uaxw 1125 Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Golden Tears/feel Like A Little Love 78 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11427 Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Its A Heartache/it Aint Easy Lovin Me 81 Rca Good 5.00 pb 12168 Send Email 
Dave & Sugar The Door Is Always Open/queen Of  Rca Good 0.00 gb 10930, lc Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Im Gonna Love You/im Leavin The 76 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10768, lc Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Im Knee Deep In Loving You/livin At 77 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11141, lc Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Gotta Quit Lookin At You Baby/we Are 78 Rca Good 5.00 pb 112512, lc Send Email 
Dave & Sugar Stay With Me/what I Feel Is You 79 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11654, lc, very lively-well done Send Email 
David & Jonathan Shes Leaving Home/one Born Every 67 Cap Fair 8.00 5934 Send Email 
David & Jonathan Michelle/how Bitter The Taste Of Love 65 Cap Fair 10.00 5563, lc Send Email 
Davidson, John Save The Last Dance For Me/patch It 76 20th Good 5.00 1209 2326 Send Email 
Davies, Gail Grandmas Song/mamas Gonna Give  Wb Fair 0.00 wbs 49790 Send Email 
Davis Jr, Sammy Somethings Gotta Give/love Me Or 55 Decca Good 12.00 9 29484, c Send Email 
Davis, Danny The Glory Bugle/beauty And The Beast 59 Liberty Promo Good 10.00 f 55213 Send Email 
Davis, Mac Lucas Was A Redneck/fall In Love With Your Wife 71 Colu Good 5.00 4 45355 Send Email 
Davis, Mac Sweet Dreams And Sarah/poem For My 71 Colu Good 5.00 4 45404 Send Email 
Davis, Sammy Jr. The Candy Man/i Want To Be Happy 71 Mgm Fair 6.00 14320x Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Someday Someday/the Hand Youre Holding Now 61 Rca Fair 12.00 47 7863 Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Im Falling Too/no Never 60 Rca Good 12.00 47 7767, lc Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Homebreaker/give Me Death 59 Rca Good 12.00 47 7570 Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter Im A Lover/i Didnt Cry Today 69 Rca Fair 6.00 74 0292 Send Email 
Davis, Skeeter From Her Arms Into Mine/bus Fare To 71 Rca Good 5.00 47 9961 Send Email 
Davis, Spencer Group Im A Man/i Cant Get Enough Of It 67 Stone Good 12.00 sx 705, c ua release na Send Email 
Dawn I Play And Sing/get Out From Where We 71 Bell Good 5.00 970x, c Send Email 
Dawn What Are You Doing Sunday/the Sweet 71 Bell Good 5.00 45141, c Send Email 
Dawn Runaway-happy Together/dont Act 72 Bell Good 5.00 45175 Send Email 
Dawn Mornin Beautiful/dance Rosie Dance 75 Elektra Good 5.00 e 45260 Send Email 
Dawn Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman/my Love Has No Prid 74 Bell Good 4.00 45620, Send Email 
Dawn Youre All I Need To Get By/he Dont Love You  Elektra Sg Very Good 0.00 e 45078, lc Send Email 
Dawn Knock Three Times/candida  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 66 Send Email 
Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon/say Has Anybody Seen  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 81 Send Email 
Dawn Knock Three Times/home  Bell Gt Good 0.00 gt 75 Send Email 
Dawson, Ronnie Hazel/aint That A Kick In The Head 60 Swan Good 20.00 s4047 Send Email 
Day, Dennis Clancy Lowered The Boom,mama Macushla/st Patrick  Rca Good 0.00 epa 402, pc vg, 1/20 Send Email 
Day, Dennis My Wild Irish Rose -ep-  Rca Very Good 0.00 wp 191 set 47 2983-4 and 5, lc, box set vg Send Email 
Day, Doris Ill See You In My Dreams 51 Colu Good 48.00 b 289, box set 4 45s box fair, 4 39622 g aint we got fun/ill see you in my 4 39623 g makin whoopee/the one i love 4 39624 g i wish i had a girl/my b  Send Email 
Dayne, Taylor Heart Of Stone/wait For Me  Arista Good 0.00 as 2057 Send Email 
Dayne, Taylor Dont Rush Me/in The Darkness  Arista Good 0.00 as1 9722 Send Email 
Dayne, Taylor Ill Be Your Shelter/aint No Good  Arista Good 0.00 2005, lc Send Email 
De Los Rios Waldo Mozarts 21st/mozarts 13  Dafodil Good 0.00 dfs 1011 Send Email 
De Paul, Lynsey Getting A Drag/brandy  Mam Good 0.00 3627, c Send Email 
De Weille, Benny Hoch In Kurs  Polydor Good 0.00 20 244, epc fair, hoch im kurs translates to high in price?? Send Email 
Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round/misty Circles 85 Epic Good 5.00 34 04894, lc Send Email 
Dead Or Alive Brand New Lover/in Too Deep  Epic Good 0.00 34 06374 Send Email 
Dean, Jimmy A Hammer And Nails/i Taught Her 68 Rca Good 0.00 47 9652 Send Email 
Deaton, Billy I Heard Jenny Singin/is It Teally Over  Shannon Good 0.00 777 Send Email 
Debarge Rhythm Of The Night/queen Of My Heart 85 Gordy Good 3.00 1770, r&b p/g Send Email 
Def Leppard Animal/i Wanna Be Your Hero  Vertigo Good 0.00 sov 2399, c Send Email 
Def Leppard Hysteria/ride Into The Sun  Vertigo Good 0.00 sov 2402, c Send Email 
Defranco Family Heartbeat/sweet Sweet Loretta 73 20th Good 5.00 1209 2030 Send Email 
Defranco Family Save The Last Dance For Me/because We 74 20th Good 5.00 1209 2088 Send Email 
Delgado, Roberto Elisabethan Reggae/liquidator  Polydor Good 0.00 2041 057 Send Email 
Demarco Sisters Five The Hot Barcarolle/sailor Boys Have Talk  Decca Good 0.00 9 29607. lc Send Email 
Denison, Roger This Just Doesnt Seem To Be My Day/  Cap Good 0.00 72455, lc Send Email 
Denny, Martin Martinique/sake Rock  London Good 0.00 f 55199 Send Email 
Denny, Martin Stranger In Paradise/the Enchantes  London Fair 0.00 f 55212 Send Email 
Denny, Martin A Taste Of Honey/the Brighter Side  Liberty Good 0.00 f 55470, c Send Email 
Denver, John Back Home Again/its Up To You 74 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10065 Send Email 
Denver, John Take Me Home Country Roads/poems Prayers And 71 Rca Good 8.00 74 0445, lc Send Email 
Denver, John Annies Song/cool An Green An Shady 74 Rca Good 4.00 apbo 0295 Send Email 
Denver, John Spirit/it Makes Me Giggle 76 Rca Good 4.00 pb 10687, white label promo Send Email 
Denver, John Sweet Surrender/summer 74 Rca Good 4.00 pb 10148 Send Email 
Denver, John Thank God Im A Country Boy/my Sweet 75 Rca Fair 4.00 pb 10239 Send Email 
Denver, John Around And Around/sunshine On My Shoulders 74 Rca Good 5.00 apbo 0213, lc Send Email 
Derek & The Dominos Layla/i Am Yours  Polydor Very Good 0.00 2001 172, lc Send Email 
Desert Rose Band In Another Lifetime/just A Memory  Mca Good 0.00 53804 Send Email 
Desert Rose Band Will This Be The Day/our Babys Gone  Mca Good 0.00 s7 54002, lc Send Email 
Desmond, Johnny Just Lookin/a White Sport Coat 57 Coral Good 10.00 9 61835, c Send Email 
Desmond, Johnny Shenandoah Rose/consideration 57 Coral Good 10.00 9 61846, c Send Email 
Detergents Leader Of The Laundromat/ulcers 64 Roulette Good 20.00 4590, c Send Email 
Deuringer, Hubert German Polka Ep  Polydor Very Good 0.00 21 467, cover vg Send Email 
Device Hanging On A Heart Attack/same Ext  Chrys Good 0.00 42996, lc Send Email 
Diamonds Dont Let Me Down/high Sign 58 Merc Bad 15.00 71291, lc Send Email 
Diamonds Dont Let Me Down/high Sign 58 Merc Good 15.00 71291, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Dickens, "little" Jimmy Youve Destroyed Me/country Music Lover  Colu Good 0.00 4 44025 Send Email 
Diddley, Bo Hey Good Lookin/you Aint Bad 65 Checker Good 15.00 ch 1098, c Send Email 
Diddley, Bo Hey Bo Diddley/who Do You Love  Quality Good 0.00 gc380, c Send Email 
Dion I Cant Help But Wonder Where Im Bound/southern T 68 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 44719, lc Send Email 
Dion & The Belmonts Dont Pity Me/just You 58 Laurie Good 30.00 3021, c Send Email 
Dire Straits Twisting By The Pool/eastbound Train  Polygram Uk Good 0.00 sov 2320 Send Email 
Dolenz, Micky Huff Puff/fate 67 Challenge Good 20.00 59372, c, b side by the obvious Send Email 
Domino, Fats I Want You To Know/the Big Beat -ps- 57 Imperial Good 60.00 im 5477m c good Send Email 
Domino, Fats Whiskey Heaven/beers To You 80 Wb Fair 5.00 wbs 49610, b side credited to the texas opera company Send Email 
Domino, Fats Walking To New Orleans/dont Come Knockin 60 Imp Good 20.00 5675, c Send Email 
Donegan, Lonnie Have A Drink On Me/lost John  Ua Good 0.00 uaxw 1219, lc, both sides with guests Send Email 
Donohue, Dane Woman/casablanca  Colu Good 0.00 3 10883, lc Send Email 
Doobie Brothers Real Love/thank You Love 80 Wb Good 4.00 wbs 49503, lc Send Email 
Doobie Brothers Eyes Of Silver/you Just Cant Stop It 74 Wb Good 5.00 wb 7832, lc Send Email 
Doobie Brothers The Doctor/too High A Price  Capitol Good 0.00 b 44376 Send Email 
Doobie Brothers Rockin Down The Highway/jesus Is Just Alright 72 Wb Good 5.00 wb 7661, lc Send Email 
Doonican, Val French Waltz/follow Me  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50606, lc Send Email 
Dorsey, Tommy Washboard Blues/panama  Rca Good 0.00 47 3715 part of set wp 279 Send Email 
Dorsey, Tommy & His Orchestra Opus No 1/boogie Woogie  Rca Fair 0.00 447 0119, lc Send Email 
Dottsy Storms Never Last/follow Me  Rca Good 0.00 pb 10280 Send Email 
Double The Captain Of Her Heart/your Prayer  Polydor Good 0.00 pols 115, c Send Email 
Doucette Nobody/all Over Me  Mushroom Good 0.00 m 7042 Send Email 
Doug & The Slugs White Christmas/same  A&m Very Good 0.00 ams 107, ps vg Send Email 
Doug & The Slugs Chinatown Calculation/if I Fail  Ritdong Very Good 0.00 pb 50595, c Send Email 
Douglas, Carol Baby Dont Let This Good Love Die/doctors Orders 74 Rca Jamaica Good 4.00 mb 10113, lc, r&b p/g Send Email 
Douglas, Mike The Men In My Little Girls Life/sunrise Sunset  Epic Memory Lane Good 0.00 5 2252 Send Email 
Dourakine, Dimitri Casatschok/toi Toi Toi  Philips Good 0.00 370 746 Send Email 
Doval, Jim And The Gauchos Shes So Fine/mama Keep Yo Big Mouth 65 Diplomacy Good 20.00 17, c Send Email 
Dove, Ronnie Ill Make All Your Dreams Come True/i Had To Lose 65 Diamond Good 8.00 188, c Send Email 
Downchild Blues Band Tryin To Keep Her 88s Straight/oh Oh  Attic Good 0.00 at 227, c Send Email 
Drake, Pete Im Sorry/im Just A Guitar  Mercury Good 0.00 1910, and his talking steel guitar Send Email 
Dreamers Teenage Vows Of Love/natalie 61 Zirkon Fair 30.00 1028, c, listing for goldisc label Send Email 
Drifters Didnt It/one Way Love 64 Atl Good 15.00 45 2225, lc Send Email 
Drifters A Rose By Any Other Name/be My Lady 71 Atlantic Good 10.00 at 2786, lc Send Email 
Drupi Sambario/aiutami  Dischi Good 0.00 srl 10792 Send Email 
Drupi Vado Via/same  A&m Good 0.00 amx 351, lc, white label promo Send Email 
Drusky, Roy Three Hearts In A Tango/id Rather Loan 61 Decca Good 12.00 9 31193, lc Send Email 
Dubs, The Could This Be Magic/such Lovin 57 Reo/gone Good 25.00 8186, c Send Email 
Dudley, Dave Me And Olecb/i Cant Remember You 75 Ua Good 6.00 ua xw 722y Send Email 
Dudley, Dave Long Time Gone/i Feel A Cry Comin On 66 Merc Good 8.00 72618 Send Email 
Dudley, Dave One More Mile/angel 69 Merc Good 8.00 72902 Send Email 
Dudley, Dave Six Days On The Road/i Feel A Cry Coming On 63 Golden Wing Good 30.00 gw 3020, c Send Email 
Duncan, Johnny Louisville Nashville Southbound Train/i  Colu Very Good 0.00 4 44693, lc Send Email 
Duncan, Johnny Hello Mexico/i Watched An Angel 78 Colu Good 5.00 3 10783, lc Send Email 
Duncan, Johnny Wine Oh Wine/im Gonna Love You 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11280, lc Send Email 
Duncan, Johnny Stranger/thinkin Of A Rendezvous  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33340, lc Send Email 
Duncan, Johnny & Stearns, June The True And Lasting Kind/jackson Aint  Colu Good 0.00 4 44656, lc Send Email 
Dupree, Robbie Steal Away/hot Rod Hearts  Elektra Gs Good 0.00 gs 45515, lc Send Email 
Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf/same 82 Harvest Good 3.00 5195, lc Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Wigwam/copper Kettle 70 Colu Good 6.00 4 45199, lc Send Email 
E. Sheila A Love Bizarre/part 2  Wb Good 0.00 92 88907 Send Email 
Eagles Lyin Eyes/lookin For Love 80 Asylum Good 5.00 e 47004, c, b side johnny lee Send Email 
Eagles Please Come Home For Christmas/funky New Year 84 Asylum Good 3.00 e45555, l Send Email 
Earth Wind & Fire Loves Holiday/september  Colu Good 0.00 3 10854, lc Send Email 
Earth, Wind & Fire Speed Of Love/magnetic 83 Colu Good 5.00 38 04210 Send Email 
Earth, Wind & Fire Shining Star/thats The Way Of The World  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 13 33335, c Send Email 
Earth, Wind & Fire Getaway/instrumental 76 Colu Good 5.00 3 10373 Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Morning Train/calm Before The Storm 81 Emi America Good 5.00 8071, lc Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Telefone/wish You Were Here Tonight 83 Emi America Good 5.00 8172, lc Send Email 
Easton, Sheena Modern Girl/summers Over -pc- 81 Emi Good 5.00 8080, ps good Send Email 
Eddy, Duane Rebel Rouser/stalkin 58 Reojamie Good 25.00 8252, c, vvvg well done a side Send Email 
Eddy, Duane Ramrod/the Walker 58 Reo/jamie Good 25.00 8280, c Send Email 
Eddy, Duane Bonnie Came Back/lost Island 59 London/jamie Good 20.00 17079, lc Send Email 
Eddy, Nelson Oklahoma Vol 1  Colu Good 0.00 a 1727, ps good Send Email 
Eddy, Nelson Oklahoma Vol Ii  Colu Good 0.00 a 1728, ps fair Send Email 
Edmunds Band, Dave The Wanderer/here Comes The 87 Colu Good 3.00 38 06599, lc Send Email 
Edmunds, Dave Almost Saturday Night/youll Never  Swan Song Good 0.00 ss72000 Send Email 
Edward Bear Last Song/close Your Eyes  Cap Sl Very Good 0.00 b 6223, lc Send Email 
Edwards, Bobby Whats The Reason/walk Away Slowly 61 Cap Good 8.00 4674, lc Send Email 
Edwards, Cliff Uncle Dad And Auntie Mom/hold Me  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 150, lc Send Email 
Edwards, Cliff & Ann Carry On/hold Me  Polydor Very Good 0.00 2065 194, lc Send Email 
Edwards, Jackie Come On Home/that Lucky Old Sun  Stone Good 0.00 sx 702, c Send Email 
Edwards, Jonathan Carolina Caroline/never Together 77 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8364, lc Send Email 
Edwards, Tommy Love Is All We Need/mr Music Man 58 Mgm Fair 15.00 k 12722, lc Send Email 
Egan, Walter Only The Lucky/magnet And Steel  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33353, lc Send Email 
Eight Seconds Kiss You/land Of The Monster -pc-  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 2297, pc vg Send Email 
Eikhard, Shirley Smiling Wine/together  Cap Good 0.00 3281, lc Send Email 
Eikhard, Shirley Wherever You Go/right On Believin  Cap Good 0.00 3578, lc Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra Julie Dont Live Here/twilight 81 Jet Good 5.00 zs5 02559 Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra Confusion/poker 79 Jet Good 5.00 zs9 5064, c Send Email 
Elegants Little Star/getting Dizzy 58 Sparton/apt Good 40.00 4 620 r, c, value 40-50 depending on the apt label Send Email 
Ellery, Diane Willin/dont It Make You Wanna Dance  Boomtown Good 0.00 prp 1823 Send Email 
Elliman, Yvonne Love Me/i Keep Hangin On 76 Rso England Fair 5.00 2090 205, small hole 45, c, some skipping a side Send Email 
Ellington, Duke Take The A Train/perdido  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 b 5292, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Elliot, Peter Three Little Peggies/the Devils Workshop  Honey Hit Gb Good 0.00 tb 2123, ps fair Send Email 
Ellis, Shirley The Name Game/the Nitty Gritty  Mca Good 0.00 60024 Send Email 
England Dan & John Ford Coley The4 Time Has Come/its Sad To Belong 77 Big Tree Good 5.00 bts 16088 Send Email 
England Dan & John Ford Coley Nights Are Forever Without You/showboat 76 Big Tree Good 5.00 bts 16079, c Send Email 
Equals Instant Love/viva Bobby Joe  President Good 0.00 14 402 at, c, released in germany Send Email 
Erikson, Karl Aint No Telling/carnival Town  Ua Good 0.00 uaxw 252w Send Email 
Esmeralda, Santa Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood/youre 77 Casablanca Good 5.00 nb 902, c Send Email 
Esquires Why Should I Care/love Hides A Multi  Colu Good 0.00 c4 2705, lc Send Email 
Essex The Eagle/moonlight Music And You 66 Bang Fair 8.00 slight warp playable b537, c, white label Send Email 
Etheridge, Melissa Similar Features/bring Me Some Water  Island Fair 0.00 7 99251, c, skipping on b side Send Email 
Etzel, Roy Il Silenzio/melancholie 65 Mgm Good 8.00 13381 Send Email 
Eurythmics Babys Gonna Cry/same 90 Arista Good 6.00 as1 9939, lc Send Email 
Evans, Skip Freckles Freckles/dusty Road  Quality Good 0.00 1765x Send Email 
Everett, Betty I Cant Hear You/can I Get To Know You 64 Vj Good 15.00 vj 599, c Send Email 
Everette, Leon Just Give Me What You Think Is Fair/over 82 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13079 Send Email 
Everly Brothers Love Is Strange/man With Money 65 Wqb Good 12.00 5649, lc Send Email 
Everly Brothers Crying In The Rain/im Not Angry 61 Wb Good 15.00 5250, c Send Email 
Everly, Phil Sweet Southern Love/in Your Eyes  Eoic Good 0.00 zs6 02116, c Send Email 
Everyday People I Get That Feeling/experience In Love  Grt Good 0.00 1233 05 Send Email 
Everyready Gospel Singers All My Sins/hell Bring Peace  Peacock Good 0.00 1802 Send Email 
Ewing, Skip If A Man Could Live On Love Alone/shes  Mca Good 0.00 53777 Send Email 
Expose Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue/ 90 Arista Good 5.00 as 2011 Send Email 
Fabares, Shelley Lost Summer Love/i Know Youll Be There 64 Vj Good 40.00 vj632, c Send Email 
Fabric, Bent Chicken Feed/that Certain Party 62 Atco Good 8.00 6245, c Send Email 
Faith, Percy The Last Dance 57 Colu Good 10.00 4 40826, lc Send Email 
Faithful, Marianne Sweetheart/for Beauties Sake 81 Island Good 5.00 is 49873, c Send Email 
Falcon, Billy Oh Boy/power Windows  Merc Good 0.00 868 672 7, c Send Email 
Falcon, Max Im Passing Troubles Out/showplace Of  Grt Good 0.00 gr 904 Send Email 
Family Pride Something To Smile About/same 86 Saddle Up For Calgary Good 0.00 no #, 100th birthday of fort calgary, with write up Send Email 
Farago, Johnny Cest Toi Mon Grand Amour/de La Fenetre Du  Nobel Good 0.00 n 5696, lcl Send Email 
Fargo, Donna You Were Always There/he Can Have 73 Dot Good 5.00 17460, c Send Email 
Fargo, Donna Do I Love You/dee Dee 77 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8509 Send Email 
Fargo, Donna You Cant Be A Beacon If Your Light Dont Shine/ju 74 Dot Good 5.00 17506 Send Email 
Feehan, Tim Jamie/thanks I Needed That  Mustard Good 0.00 m 132 Send Email 
Felder, Don Heavy Metal/all Of You 81 Asylum Good 5.00 e 47175 Send Email 
Feliciano José The Little Drummer Boy/feliz Navidad  Rca Gg Good 0.00 447 0936, lc Send Email 
Feliciano, Jose Light My Fire/hi Heel Sneakers  Rca Gs Good 0.00 447 0822, lc Send Email 
Felts, Narvel My Prayer/if Ever Two Were One 76 Abc Dot Good 5.00 1310 17643, c Send Email 
Fender, Freddy Living It Down/take Her A Message 76 Abc Dot Good 4.00 1310 17652, c Send Email 
Fender, Freddy Youll Lose A Good Thing/im To Blame 76 Abc Dot Good 4.00 1310 17607, c, white label promo Send Email 
Fendermen Dont You Just Know It/beach Party 60 Apex/soma Good 25.00 9 76710, c Send Email 
Fenholt, Jeff Simple Man/billy Is Dead  Colu Good 0.00 4 45604 Send Email 
Ferguson, Maynard Gonna Fly Now/the Fly  Colu Good 0.00 3 10468 Send Email 
Ferrante & Teicher Can You Read My Mind/ski Fever 79 Ua Good 5.00 x1272 y Send Email 
Fifth Dimension Flashback/diggin For A Livin 73 Bell Good 4.00 45425 Send Email 
Fina, Jack Ten Talented Fingers -ep-  Merc Very Good 0.00 a17x45, 3 record album 1023-4-5, cover fair Send Email 
Fine Young Cannibals Wade In The Water/im Not Satisfied  Irs Good 0.00 irs 53789, c Send Email 
Finn, Mickie Tiger Rag/thoroughly Modern Millie  Rca Good 0.00 d 4076, plc Send Email 
Fireballs Vaquero/chief Whoopin Koff 60 Top Rank Good 20.00 tr 2054, c Send Email 
Firehouse Five Plus Two Everybody Loves My Baby/brass Bell  Good Time Jazz Good 0.00 45005, c Send Email 
First Choice I Love You More/doctor Love 77 Salsoul Good 5.00 gm 4004 Send Email 
Fisher, Climie Rise To The Occasion/same -pc-  Cap Very Good 0.00 b 44197, pc vg Send Email 
Fisher, Eddie A Girl A Girl/anema E Core 54 Rca Good 12.00 47 5675, lc 1/20 Send Email 
Fisher, Eddie Thinking Of You/if You Should Leave Me 50 Rca Good 15.00 47 3901, c Send Email 
Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Sings Gershwin-ep-  Brunswick England Good 0.00 oe 9048, cover vg, no n.a. listing value 25-30 Send Email 
Five Man Electrical Band Good/riverboat 69 Cap Good 6.00 2628, lc Send Email 
Five Satins Shadows/toni My Love 59 Ember Good 30.00 e 1056 Send Email 
Fixx One Thing Leads To Another/opinions 83 Mca Good 5.00 52264, LC Send Email 
Flack, Roberta When Its Over/come Share My Love 78 Atlantic Good 5.00 at 3521, white label promo Send Email 
Flack, Roberta Feel Like Makin Love/when You Smile 74 Atl Good 5.00 at 3025 Send Email 
Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway The Closer I Get To You/love Is The Healing 78 Atl Good 5.00 3463 promo, lc, a side with hathaway Send Email 
Flatt & Scruggs Just Aint/cold Cold Loving 62 Col Good 15.00 4 42280 Send Email 
Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown/like A Rolling  Colu Good 0.00 13 33152, c, grey label Send Email 
Fleetwood Mac Gypsy/cool Water 82 Wb Very Good 3.00 92 99187, lc Send Email 
Fleischman, Robert Far Too Long/part Of Me  Arista Good 0.00 as 0447 Send Email 
Fleischman, Robert Never Never Land/all For You  Arista Good 0.00 as 0411 Send Email 
Fletcher, Sam Time Has A Way/no Such Luck 59 Mgm Good 30.00 k 9032, listing is for cub label Send Email 
Flirtations Need Your Loving/south Carolina 69 Deram Good 6.00 85048, c Send Email 
Fogelberg, Dan The Language Of Love/windows And  Epic Good 0.00 34 04314 Send Email 
Fogelberg, Dan Make Love Stay/hearts And Crafts 83 Epic Good 5.00 34 03525 Send Email 
Fogelberg, Dan The Sand And The Foam/run For The Roses 82 Epic Good 5.00 14 02821 Send Email 
Fogelberg, Dan Beggars Game/heart Hotels 80 Epic Good 5.00 9 50862 Send Email 
Fogelberg, Dan Rhythm Of The Rain/ever On 90 Full Moon Good 5.00 34 73513 Send Email 
Fogerty, John Change In The Weather/my Toot Toot 86 Wb Good 5.00 92 85357, lc, b side with rockin sidney Send Email 
Foggy River Band Edmonton/foggy River Waltz  Foggy River Good 0.00 fr001, c Send Email 
Foghat Third Time Lucky/love In Motion 79 Bearsville Good 4.00 bss 49125, c Send Email 
Foghat Stone Blue/chevrolet 78 Bearsville Good 5.00 bss 0325, c Send Email 
Foghat High On Love/sweet Home Chicago 78 Bearsville Good 4.00 bss 0329 Send Email 
Foghat Live Now Pay Later/love Zone  Bearsville Good 0.00 bss 49792, c Send Email 
Foghat I Just Want To Make Love To You/fool 77 Bearsville Fair 5.00 bss 0319, c Send Email 
Foley, Red When The Saints Go Marching In/  Decca Good 0.00 46411, c Send Email 
Foley, Red Croce Di Oro/sweet Kentucky Rose  Decca Good 0.00 9 29704, lc Send Email 
Foley, Red Jilted/pin Ball Boogie  Decca Fair 0.00 9 29100, c, plays on old rp Send Email 
Fontaine Sisters Chanson Damour/coconut Grove 58 Dot Good 10.00 15736, c Send Email 
Fontaine, Eddie Cool It Baby/into Each Life Some Rain 56 Decca Good 25.00 9 30042, lc Send Email 
Fontane Sisters Mississippi Mud/idve Baked A Cake 50 Rca Fair 12.00 47 3713 Send Email 
Footloose Leaving For Maui/dancin Feelin  Mustard Good 0.00 m 123 Send Email 
Forbert, Steve Make It All So Real/romeos Tune 79 Epic Good 5.00 zs9 7525 Send Email 
Ford, "tennessee" Ernie Have You Seen Her/first Born 56 Cap Fair 12.00 f 3553 Send Email 
Ford, Dwayne Seven Men From Texas/darlin Its You  Hot Vinyl Fair 0.00 hv 1006 Send Email 
Ford, Frankie I Want To Be Your Man/time After Time 60 Quality/rank Good 25.00 1988 Send Email 
Ford, Frankie Roberta/sea Cruise  Collectables Good 0.00 1180, lc Send Email 
Foreigner Dirty White Boy/rev On The Red Line 79 Atlantic Good 4.00 at 3618 Send Email 
Forester Sisters Drive South/you Cant Have A Good  Wb Good 0.00 7 19874, a side with bellamy bros Send Email 
Forester Sisters You Again/whatever You Do Dont  Wb Fair 0.00 92 83687 Send Email 
Forester Sisters Too Many Rivers/if Im Gonna Fall  Wb Good 0.00 92 84427, lc Send Email 
Forester Sisters Just In Case/men  Wb Good 0.00 7 19450, lc Send Email 
Foster & Lloyd Fair Shake/after Im Gone 68 Rca Good 0.00 8795 7 r, lc Send Email 
Foster & Lloyd Dont Go Out With Him/what Do You  Rca Good 0.00 8633 7 r, lc Send Email 
Foster & Lloyd Texas In 1880/token Of Love  Rca Good 0.00 6900 7 r Send Email 
Foster, Jimmy 18 Miles From Wittleton To Wattleton/shirley  Del Fi Good 0.00 df 4220, c, popsike had 2 sell 2016 32 cad 2018 25 cad Send Email 
Foster, Larry My Christmas Message To The World/  20th Good 0.00 325, lc, b side my son theb folk monster Send Email 
Fosterchild Play The Game To Win/let Me Down  Colu Fair 0.00 c4 4147 Send Email 
Fountain, Pete Licorice Stick/estrellita 64 Coral Good 8.00 62413 Send Email 
Fountain, Pete Yellow Dog Blues/tailgate Blues  Brunswick Good 0.00 55045, c Send Email 
Fountain, Pete Yes Indeed/while We Danced At The Mardi Gras 62 Coral Good 8.00 65549, c Send Email 
Four Aces Dreamer/i Only Know I Love You 56 Decca Good 15.00 9 29989, c Send Email 
Four Aces Waltzing Matilda/the Wonder Of It All 59 Decca Good 10.00 9 30989 Send Email 
Four Aces Saturday Swing Out/take My Heart 58 Decca Good 12.00 9 30649, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Four Aces Organ Grinders Swing/honey In The Horn 53 Decca Good 15.00 9 28691, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Four Aces Poor Butterfly/you Are Music 60 Decca Good 10.00 9 31081, lc Send Email 
Four Aces Youre Mine/bahama Mama 57 Decca Good 12.00 9 30242, lc Send Email 
Four Five One Degrees Santa Anna Wind/china  Intercan Good 0.00 can 10012 Send Email 
Four Five One Degrees Its Alright/ive Got The Power  Intercan Good 0.00 can 10020 Send Email 
Four Knights I Get So Lonely/i Couldnt Stay Away From You  Cap Good 0.00 f 1257, lc Send Email 
Four Lads Harmony Brown/gotta Go To The Fais Do Do 53 Colu Good 15.00 4 2356, lc, 1/20, listing for diff # Send Email 
Four Seasons December 63/who Loves You  Seasons Very Good 0.00 lm 0007, c Send Email 
Fowler, Wally Hear Them Bells/the 4th R(religion)  Decca Good 0.00 9 30033, lc Send Email 
Fox, Kent New York Calling Miami/have Patience  Mca Good 0.00 40038, lc Send Email 
Fox, Samantha Tou8ch Me/drop Me A Line 86 Jive Good 5.00 1006 7 j Send Email 
Frampton, Peter Show Me The Way/shine On 76 A&m Good 5.00 1795, lc Send Email 
Francis, Connie La Paloma/tango Della Gelosia  Mgm Gold Good 0.00 lsi 52 Send Email 
Francis, Connie Whos Sorry Now/youre Gonna Miss Me  Mgm Gold Good 0.00 gc 141, c Send Email 
Francis, Connie Spanish Nights And You/games That 66 Mgm Fair 10.00 13610, c Send Email 
Francis, Connie Where The Boys Are/frankie  Polydor Good 0.00 top 041 Send Email 
Francis, Connie Where The Boys Are/no One 61 Mgm Good 15.00 12971, lc Send Email 
Francis, Connie Fallin/among My Souvenirs  Mgm Gold Fair 0.00 gc 148x, slight warp Send Email 
Francis, Connie Breaking In A Brand New/many Tears Ago  Mgm Gold Fair 0.00 gc 152x, lc Send Email 
Francour, Chuck Under The Boulevard Lights/dont Call  Emi Good 0.00 8053 Send Email 
Franke & Knockouts Youre My Girl/tell Me Why 81 Millenium Good 5.00 yb 11808 Send Email 
Franke & The Knockouts Sweetheart/dont Stop  Millennium Very Good 0.00 yb 11801 Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha With Everything I Feel In Me/sing It Again 75 Atl Good 8.00 at 3249 Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Something He Can Feel/loving You Baby 76 Atl Good 6.00 at 3326, lc Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha This You Can Believe/more Than Just A Joy 79 Atl Good 8.00 3495, lc Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Freeway Of Love/until You Say You Love Me -pc- 85 Arista Good 3.00 as1 9354, pc vg Send Email 
Frazier, Dallas Only A Fool/everybody Oughta Sing A 67 Sparton Good 10.00 p 1642 Send Email 
Freddie And The Dreamers I Will/i Understand  Cap Good 0.00 72206, lc Send Email 
Free All Right Now/mouthful Of Grass 70 Polydor Good 5.00 2001 079, lc, listing is for an a&m release Send Email 
Freeman, Bobby Mary Ann Thomas/love Me 59 Jubilee Good 15.00 j863, c, josie # Send Email 
Freeman, Stan I Love A Piano -ep-  Epic Good 0.00 eg 7036, ep cover fair, cuts poor papa, youre such a heart throb/ i love a piano, you didnt want me when you had me 1/20 Send Email 
Frey, Glenn Soul Searchin/its Cold In Here 88 Mca Good 3.00 53452 Send Email 
Frey, Glenn Smugglers Blues/new Love  Mca Good 0.00 52546 Send Email 
Fricke, Janie Ill Need Someone To Hold Me/its  Colu Good 0.00 18 02197, lc Send Email 
Fricke, Janie Shes Single Again/the Only Thing You  Colu Good 0.00 38 04896, lc Send Email 
Fricke, Janie Heart To Heart Talk/you Dont Know Love  Colu Good 0.00 38 03498, lc Send Email 
Fricke, Janie Easy To Please/party Shoes  Colu Good 0.00 38 05781, lc Send Email 
Fricke, Janie Pass Me By/this Aint Tennessee And 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11224, lc Send Email 
Fricke, Janie If The Fall Dont Get You/wheres The Fire  Colu Good 0.00 38 04454 Send Email 
Frizzell, David Sweet Sweet Sin/a Million Light Beers  Wb Good 0.00 92 94987 Send Email 
Frizzell, David Black And White/all The Kings Memor  Viva Good 0.00 92 93887 Send Email 
Frizzell, David L A International Airport/just Passing  Colu Good 0.00 4 45139, lc Send Email 
Frizzell, David Where Are You Spending Your Nights  Wb Good 0.00 92 96177, lc Send Email 
Frizzell, David And West, Shelly A Texas State Of Mind/lets Duet 81 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49745, lc Send Email 
Frizzell, David And West, Shelly Husbands And Wives/yours For The 81 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49825, lc Send Email 
Frizzell, Lefty My Blues Will Pass/shes Gone 60 Colu Good 15.00 4 41635, lc Send Email 
Frizzell, Lefty Forbidden Lovers/a Few Steps Away 63 Colu Good 12.00 4 42676 Send Email 
Frizzell, Lefty Time Out For The Blues/tell Me Dear 57 Colu Good 20.00 4 41080 Send Email 
Fuller, Bobby Four Loves Made A Fool Of You/dont Ever Let Me Know 66 Regency/mustang Good 15.00 969, c Send Email 
Gabriel, Peter Biko/no More Apartheid  Geffen Good 0.00 pro 81647, c Send Email 
Gallant, Patsy Angie/from New York To L.a.  Attic Good 0.00 at 133, c Send Email 
Gallant, Patsy Sugar Daddy/its Raining This Morning  Attic Good 0.00 at 161 Send Email 
Gallion, Bob Aint Got Time For Nothin/the Wrong Side Of Town  Hickory Good 0.00 1220 Send Email 
Gallion, Bob World By The Tail/not Once But A Hundred Times  Hickory Good 0.00 1367 Send Email 
Garber, Jan The Object Of My Affection/red River Valley  Decca Good 0.00 25517 Send Email 
Garber, Jan On A Slow Boat To China/a Beautiful  Decca Good 0.00 25509 Send Email 
Garfunkel Mary Was An Only Child/all I Know 73 Colu Good 5.00 4 45926 Send Email 
Garfunkel Traveling Boy/old Man 74 Colu Good 5.00 4 46030 Send Email 
Garfunkel, Art Woyaya/second Avenue 74 Colu Good 5.00 3 10020, lc Send Email 
Garner, Errol I Only Have Eyes For You/i Cant Believe  Savoy Good 0.00 45 723 Send Email 
Garrett, Tommy 50 Guitars Of Maria Elena/south Of The Border  Liberty Good 0.00 9in 102 Send Email 
Gary & Dave Could You Ever Love Me Again/where 73 Axe Good 6.00 axe 10, c, listing is for london label Send Email 
Gary, John Hang On To Me/sleeping Beauty 67 Rca Good 6.00 47 9119 Send Email 
Gates, David Goodbye Girl/took The Last Train  Elektra Very Good 0.00 e 45096, lc, elektra spun gold label Send Email 
Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi Keep On Lovin Me Honey/you Aint Livin 68 Tamla Good 6.00 t 54173 Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Talking In Your Sleep/paintin This Old  Ua Good 0.00 uaxw 1214 Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Aint No Sunshine/livin In These  Colu Good 0.00 18 03048 Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Ready For The Times To Get Better/beyond You 78 Ua Good 5.00 1136, lc Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Why Have You Left The One You Left Me 78 Ua Good 5.00 uax 1259y, Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Doesnt It Make My Brown Eyes Blue/ 77 Ua Good 5.00 u8axw 1016y Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Tennessee Nights/when Love Is New  Wb Good 0.00 7 27682 Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Hello I Love You/when I Dream 79 Ua Good 5.00 1288 y, c Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Your Old Cold Shoulder!we Should Be Together 79 Ua Good 5.00 1329y Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Your Kisses Will/time Will Prove That 79 Ua Good 5.00 x1306 Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Take It Easy/aint No Love In The Heart 81 Colu Very Good 5.00 11 11436, lc Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Danger Zone/the Blue Side 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11270, lc Send Email 
Gayle, Crystal Half The Way/room For One More  Colu Very Good 0.00 1 11087, lc Send Email 
Gayłe, Crystal Too Many Lovers!help Yourselves To 81 Colu Good 5.00 11 02078, lc Send Email 
Geddes, David Run Joey Run/same  Big Tree Good 0.00 bt 16044, c, promo Send Email 
Geddes, David Run Joey Run/honey Dont Blow It  Big Tree Very Good 0.00 bts 16044, c Send Email 
Gee, Art Tea Gardens/bottled Up Daydreams  Dominion Very Good 0.00 98, c Send Email 
Genesis Misunderstanding/behind The Lines 80 Atl Good 5.00 at 3662, lc Send Email 
Genesis Turn It On Again/evidence Of Autumn 80 Atl Good 4.00 3751 Send Email 
Genesis I Cant Dance/on The Shoreline 92 Atl Good 4.00 7 87532, lc Send Email 
Genesis In Too Deep/id Rather Be You  Atl Good 0.00 78 93167 Send Email 
Gentlemen Latin Afternoon/slavic Afternoon  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 180 Send Email 
Gerhardt, Ann Pretty Love Song/missing You  Shooting Star Good 0.00 ss 101, ps Send Email 
Gerry & The Pacemakers Dont Let The Sun Catch You Crying/show Me That Y 64 Cap Good 15.00 72157, lc Send Email 
Gibb, Andy Let It Be Me/shadow Dancing 78 Rso Fair 4.00 rs 893 Send Email 
Gibb, Andy All I Have To Do Is Dream/good Feeling  Rso Good 0.00 rs 1065, a side with victoria principal Send Email 
Gibb, Barry Shine Shine/she Says 84 Mca Good 3.00 52443 Send Email 
Gibbs, Georgia Wait For Me Darling/whistle And Ill 54 Merc Good 12.00 70386, lc Send Email 
Gibson Trio, Johnny Beachcomber/swanky  Twirl Fair 0.00 t 2012 Send Email 
Gibson Trio, Johnny Beachcomber/swanky  Twirl Fair 0.00 t2012 Send Email 
Gibson, Don Woman/if You Want Me To Ill Go 72 Hickory Good 8.00 k1638, c, center piece in Send Email 
Gibson, Don Lonesome Old House/i Couldnt Care Less 59 Rca Fair 15.00 47 7505 Send Email 
Gilbert & Sullivan Patience  Lonjdon Good 0.00 rep 8013, ep cover fair Send Email 
Gilbert & Sullivan Hms Pinafore  London Good 0.00 rep 8016, ep cover fair Send Email 
Gilbert & Sullivan The Gondoliers -ep-  London Good 0.00 rep 8017, cover fair, ep- Send Email 
Gilder, Nick Electric Love/worlds Collide 79 Chrysalis Very Good 5.00 chs 23 57 Send Email 
Gilder, Nick Catch 22/rock America  Casablanca Good 0.00 nbs 2302 Send Email 
Gildo, Rex Copacabana/wenn Es Sein Mus,kann  Electrola Fair 0.00 e 22 904 Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Ill Sail My Ship Alone/overnight Sensation 75 Playboy Good 5.00 p6055, c Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Just Long Enough To Say Goodbye/  Playboy Good 0.00 zs8 5833x, c Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue/honky 77 Playboy Good 5.00 zs8 5807, c Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey You Dont Know Me/jukebox Argument 81 Epic Good 3.00 14 02172, c Send Email 
Gilley, Mickey Fool For Your Love/shakin A Heartache 83 Epic Good 3.00 34 03783 Send Email 
Glahe, Will Liechensteiner Polka/beer Barrel Polka  London Good 0.00 gh 59051, c Send Email 
Glaser, Tompall & Brothers A Girl Like You/ive Got Troubles  Decca Good 0.00 31632, orange demo label Send Email 
Goffin,louise Remember/trapeze  Asylum Good 0.00 e 46521 Send Email 
Gold, Andrew Lonely Boy/thank You For Being A Friend  Elektra Sg Very Good 0.00 e 45087, lc Send Email 
Golden Earring Radar Love/just Like Vince Taylor 74 Mca Good 8.00 40202, c Send Email 
Goldsboro, Bobby With Pen In Hand/southern Fried Singin Sunday Mo 72 Ua Good 5.00 50938 Send Email 
Good Feelins Im Captured/end Of A Love  Liberty Fair 0.00 55981, c, b side does not play thru Send Email 
Goodman, Al Every Day Is Ladys Day With Me/moonbeams  Rca Fair 0.00 52 0044, part of box set wk 1, on blue vinyl Send Email 
Goodman, Al Orchestra For You Alone -ep-  Rca C Good 0.00 cae 383, cover vg cuts anniversary song-long ago and far away some enchanted evening/gypsy love song Send Email 
Goodman, Benny Down South Camp Meetin -pc-  Columbia Masterworks Good 0.00 a 1874, pc vg, cuts always, down south camp meetin/someday sweetheart, minnie moochers wedding day, 1/20 Send Email 
Goodwin Ron Swinging Sweethearts/ill Find You 57 Cap Very Good 10.00 f 3746, lc Send Email 
Goose Creek Symphony Guitars Pickin Fiddles Playin/broken 72 Cap Good 5.00 3371, lc Send Email 
Gordy, John Isle Of Capri/bye Bye Blues  R5ca Good 0.00 47 5750 Send Email 
Gore, Lesley Its My Party/you Dont Own Me  Rebound Very Good 0.00 230, c Send Email 
Gosdin, Vern I Can Tell By The Way You Dance/my 84 Compleat Good 5.00 cp 122, c Send Email 
Gosdin, Vern Slow Burnin Memory/ive Got A Heart 84 Compleat Good 5.00 cp 135 Send Email 
Gosdin, Vern Dim Lights Thick Smoke/for A Minute 85 Compleat Good 5.00 cp 142, c Send Email 
Gosdin, Vern Set Em Up Joe/that Just About Does  Colu Fair 0.00 38 69084, lc, a side skips Send Email 
Gosdin, Vern This Aint My First Rodeo/if Youre  Colu Good 0.00 38 73491 Send Email 
Gracie, Charlie I Love You So Much It Hurts/wanderin Eyes 57 Cameo Good 20.00 111, c Send Email 
Grammer, Billy Peace On Earth Begins Today/jesus Is A 69 Stop Good 6.00 st 321 Send Email 
Grammer, Billy Love Gets Better With Time/lonesome Life 63 Decca Good 10.00 31514 Send Email 
Grand Funk The Locomotion/shinin On  Cap Sl Good 0.00 b6249, lc Send Email 
Grant, Earl The End/hunky Dunky Doo 58 Decca Good 15.00 9 30719, lc Send Email 
Grant, Earl Ep-swingin Gently,beyond The Reef/yellow Bird, Decca Good 10.00 ed 2722 Send Email 
Grapefruit Dead Boot/dear Delilah 67 Rca Canada International Fair 12.00 e 7000, c, equinox in us of a Send Email 
Graves, George The World Is Far Away/you Have Funny Ways  Wb Good 0.00 9 5141, lc Send Email 
Gray, Billy We Just Dont See Things Alike/farther On Down Th  Decca Good 0.00 9 29271, c, 1/20 Send Email 
Gray, Claude Too Many Rivers/house Of Tears 64 Colu Good 10.00 4 43150 Send Email 
Gray, Claude I Never Had The One I Wanted/effects 66 Decca Good 8.00 32039 Send Email 
Gray, Claude Go Home Cheater/im Gonna Lie Again 63 Merc Good 12.00 72156 Send Email 
Grecco, Cyndi Making Our Dreams Come True/watching You  Private Stock Good 0.00 psr 45086x, lc Send Email 
Green River Boys Divorce Me Cod/dark As A Dungeon  Capitol Good 0.00 4990, featuring glen campbell Send Email 
Green, Jack Look At It Rain/walking In My Sleep  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50756 Send Email 
Green, Larry Our Christmas Waltz/follow The Swallow  Rca Good 0.00 47-3074, Send Email 
Greene, Jack Until My Dreams Come True/well Try 68 Decca Good 8.00 32423 Send Email 
Greene, Jack Love Takes Care Of Me/your Favorite Fool 68 Decca Very Good 8.00 32352, lc Send Email 
Greene, Jack You Are My Treasure/if God Can Forgive You  Decca Good 0.00 32261 Send Email 
Greene, Jack There Goes My Everything/the Hardest 66 Decca Good 8.00 32023, c Send Email 
Greene, Jack & Seely Jeannie Much Oblige/the First Day 71 Decca Good 7.00 32898 Send Email 
Greenwood, Lee Dont Underestimate My Love For You/ 85 Mca Fair 4.00 52741 Send Email 
Greenwood, Lee God Bless Canada/same  Mca Good 0.00 8918, lc Send Email 
Greenwood, Lee Iou/another You 83 Mca Good 5.00 52199 Send Email 
Gregory, Clinton Id Go Crazy/darlin Does He  Step One Good 0.00 sor 427 Send Email 
Griffin Things That Are To Come/classical Gas  Colu Good 0.00 4 45067 Send Email 
Griffin, Ken -ep-stormy Weather,freight Train Boogie  Colu Very Good 0.00 b 1690, b side cuts the glow worm, turkey in the straw, cover vg, 1/20 Send Email 
Gross, Henry Shannon/pokey 76 Lifesong Good 5.00 ls45002, c Send Email 
Groundhog Take It Off/blues To Take It Off By  Jad Good 0.00 j 219, c Send Email 
Guitar, Bonnie Im Living In Two Worlds/goodtime Charlie  Dot Good 0.00 16811 Send Email 
Guitar, Bonnie(a) Get Your Lie The Way You Want It/would 66 Dot Good 6.00 16872 Send Email 
Gunderson, Tracy Help You To Forget/hes Just An Old Love  Royalty Good 0.00 r 1000 83 Send Email 
Guthrie, Arlo City Of New Orleans/alices Rock& Roll Restaurant  American Pie Very Good 0.00 9001, c Send Email 
Guthrie, Sheila Takes My Breath Away/roll Your Love Along  Periwinkle Excellent 0.00 3798, c Send Email 
Haggard, Merle The Fugitive/someone Told My Story 66 Cap Good 12.00 5803, lc Send Email 
Haggard, Merle Branded Man/you Dont Have Very Far To Go 67 Cap Very Good 8.00 5931, lc Send Email 
Haggard, Merle Im Gonna Break Every Heart I Can/falling For You 65 Sparton Good 10.00 4 1374 r, Send Email 
Haggard, Merle I Started Loving You Again/the Legend Of 68 Sparton Good 8.00 p 1661, lc Send Email 
Haggard, Merle Strangers/please Mr Dj 64 Quality/tally Good 15.00 1698, lc Send Email 
Haggard, Merle And Bonnie Owens Just Between The Two Of Us/slowly But Surely 64 Quality/tally Fair 20.00 1693, chip missing from lead in Send Email 
Haley, Bill Birth Of The Boogie/mambo Rock 55 Decca Good 25.00 9 29418, c Send Email 
Haley, Bill Rock A Beatin Boogie/burn That Candle 55 Decca Good 40.00 9 29713, c Send Email 
Haley, Bill See You Later Alligator/the Paper Boy 56 Decca Good 40.00 9 29791, c Send Email 
Haley, Bill The Dipsy Doodle/miss You 57 Decca Good 35.00 9 30394, c Send Email 
Haley, Bill & His Comets Rock Around The Clock/thirteen Women 73 Mca Good 5.00 60025, lc Send Email 
Haley, Bill & His Comets Hook Line And Sinker/forty Cups Of Coffee 57 Decca Good 40.00 9 30214, lc Send Email 
Haley, Bill & His Comets Rock Around The Clock/shake Rattle  Decca Gold Fair 0.00 g 21017, c, skipping on rock around side Send Email 
Hall, Connie Dont Tempt Me/its Not Revenge I Want  Decca Good 0.00 31484, pink label Send Email 
Hall, Connie Fool Me Once/we Dont Have Much In  Decca Good 0.00 31438, a side wd douglas favorite saying Send Email 
Hall, Daryl Foolish Pride/whats Gonna Happen To Us 86 Rca Good 6.00 5038 7 r, ps vg Send Email 
Hall, Jimmy Im Happy That Love Has Found You/  Epic Good 0.00 9 50931 Send Email 
Hall, Phil At Atlantic City On Easter Sunday/miss  Delaware Valley Good 0.00 dv 100, b side by tom perkins both sides with don nicholas orch Send Email 
Hall, Tom T. Faster Horses/no New Friends Please 75 Merc Good 4.00 m 73755, lc Send Email 
Hall, Tom T. Forget It/that Song Is Driving Me Crazy 74 Merc Good 4.00 m 73488, lc Send Email 
Hamilton Iv, George Onlynthe Best/feelm Like A Million 78 Anchor Very Good 0.00 1308 1051 Send Email 
Hamilton Iv, George Break My Mind/something Special To Me 67 Rca Fair 8.00 47 9239 Send Email 
Hamilton, George Iv Before This Day Ends/loneliness All Around 60 Abc P Fair 20.00 10125 Send Email 
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds So Good At Lovin You/fallin In Love 75 Playboy Bad 5.00 6024, chunk missing Send Email 
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds Annabella/goin Down 71 Abc Dunhill Good 5.00 d 4287 Send Email 
Hamilton, Lynn On The Inside/love Theme From  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50527, lc, b side by william motzing orch Send Email 
Hamilton, Marc Comme Jai Toujours Envie Daimer/tapis  Trans Canada Good 0.00 tc 3323, en francaise Send Email 
Hamilton, Russ I Found You/my Unbreakable Heart 59 Kapp Good 12.00 k 281 Send Email 
Hamlisch, Marvin The Entertainer/solace  Mca Good 0.00 40174, lc Send Email 
Hammersmith Funky As She Goes/feelin Better  Merc Good 0.00 73717, c Send Email 
Hammond, Albert Brand New Day/im A Train 74 Colu Good 5.00 zs 7 6026, lc Send Email 
Hampton, Lionel Air Mail Special/midnight Sun  Verve Jazz Essentials Good 0.00 vk 111, c, vvg Send Email 
Hann, Paul Queen Of The May/workin Up The  London Good 0.00 m 17471 Send Email 
Hann, Paul The Heart Of Saturday Night/hometown  Intercan Good 0.00 can 10015 Send Email 
Happy Feeling Happy Feeling/if Theres A Thought  Mala Fair 0.00 12 034, also barry 3499 fair Send Email 
Happy Feeling Still Hill/four Oclock  Barry Fair 0.00 b 3517, c Send Email 
Harden, Arlene You're Not Free And I'm Not Easy!do 78 Elektra Good 5.00 E 45463 Send Email 
Harding, Rock He Always Let Me Down So Easy/you  Cap Good 0.00 72611, 1970? perhaps canadian Send Email 
Harmonicats Night Train/twelfth Street Rag  Mercury Good 0.00 c 30098, jerry murads harmonicats Send Email 
Harms, Dallas Ruby Lips!ol Fashioned Love  Colu Good 0.00 C4 4053,,PC, no print on a side, title, artist, record# etc all missing Send Email 
Harms, Dallas Master Of The Classical Guitar/the Old  Broadland Good 0.00 br 2262x, c Send Email 
Harnell Joe Hud/come Away With Me 63 Kapp Fair 6.00 k 541 Send Email 
Harrington, Bob Ive Lost My Girl/atlantis  Cap Good 0.00 72126, lc, b side by the esquires Send Email 
Harrington, Bob Gee Whiz Its You/man From Adano  Cap Good 0.00 72137, lc, b side the esquires Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Making Believe/ill Be Your San 77 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8388 Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Easy From Now On/youre Supposed 78 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8623 Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Too Far Gone/tulsa Queen 79 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8732 Send Email 
Harris, Emmy Lou Beneath Still Waters/till I Gain Control 80 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49164, lc Send Email 
Harris, Emmy Lou Evangeline/gulf Coast Highway  Reprise Fair 0.00 7 19870, lc Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Wayfaring Stranger 80 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49239, lc Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou If I Needed You/ashes By Now 81 Wb Good 4.00 wbs 49809, lc, a side with don williams Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Tennessee Rose/mama Help  Wb Fair 0.00 wbs 49892 Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Heartbreak Hill/icy Blue Heart  Reprise Good 0.00 7 27635, lc Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou I Dont Have To Crawl/colors Of Your Heart  Wb Good 0.00 wbs 49739 Send Email 
Harris, Emmylou Drivin Wheel/good News 83 Wb Good 5.00 923 94437 Send Email 
Harris, Phil Is It True What They Say About Dixie/after Youve  Rca Good 0.00 wp 254 47 3066, lc, b side count basie 1/20 Send Email 
Harris, Phil Thats What I Like About The South/look Out Stran  Rca Good 0.00 wp 199 47 2846, lc 1/20 Send Email 
Harris, Richard How To Handle A Woman/i Wonder What The King  Wb Bad 0.00 7215, lc Send Email 
Harris, Rolf I Iknow A Man/living It Up  Cap Good 0.00 72114, lc Send Email 
Harris, Rolf Two Little Boys/love My Love  Cap Good 0.00 72601 Send Email 
Hart, Corey Boy In The Box/silent Talkin -pc-  Aquarius Very Good 0.00 aq6019, ps vg Send Email 
Hart, Corey Cant Help Falling In Love/broken Arrow- Ps-w  Aquarius Good 0.00 aq 6024, ps vg Send Email 
Hart, Freddie The Wall/davy Jones 59 Colu Good 12.00 4 41345, lc Send Email 
Hart, Freddie Just Another Girl/one More Mountain To Climb 70 Cap Good 8.00 2768 Send Email 
Hart, Freddie Chain Gang/rock Bottom 59 Colu Good 12.00 4 41456, lc Send Email 
Hartman, Dan Instant Replay/same 78 Epic Fair 5.00 zs8 2772 Send Email 
Hartman, Lisa Pickin Up The Pieces/same  Kirshner Good 0.00 zs8 4260 Send Email 
Haverland, Kelita Too Hot To Handle/same  Bookshop Good 0.00 bsr 45 717, c Send Email 
Hawkins, Hawkshaw With This Pen/dark Moon 57 Rca Good 20.00 47 6910, lc Send Email 
Hawkins, Hawkshaw Twenty Miles From Shore/big Ole Heartache 61 Colu Good 15.00 4 42223 Send Email 
Hawkins, Hawkshaw Bad News Travels Fast/let Them Talk 62 Delta/king Good 15.00 d 3184 Send Email 
Hayes, Isaac The Look Of Love/ikes Mood I 70 Enterprise Good 8.00 ena 9028, c Send Email 
Hayes, Isaac I Cant Help It/never Can Say Goodbye 71 Enterprise Fair 6.00 ena 9031, c Send Email 
Hayes, Wade Im Still Dancin With You/its Gonna  Colu Good 0.00 38 77842 Send Email 
Hayward, Justin & Lodge, John I Dreamed Last Night/remember Me 75 London Good 5.00 th 67019, lc Send Email 
Haywire Dance Desire/seperate Dreams  Attic Good 0.00 at 360, c Send Email 
Head East Never Been Any Reason/same 75 A&m Good 5.00 1718, lc, white label promo Send Email 
Heart Dreamboat Annie/sing Child 76 Mushroom Good 12.00 m 7023, c Send Email 
Heifetz, Jascha Hora Staccato/la Fille Aux Cheveux De  Rca Good 0.00 49 3312 Send Email 
Heights Walkin Nerve/how Do You Talk To An  Cap Good 0.00 s7 56783, for jukeboxes only Send Email 
Helix Rock You/you Keep Me Rockin  Cap Good 0.00 b 72949, lc Send Email 
Helms, Bobby Love My Lady/just A Little Lonesome 58 Decca Good 20.00 9 30557, c Send Email 
Helms, Bobby New River Train/miss Memory 59 Decca Good 15.00 9 30831, c Send Email 
Hendrix, Jimi Somewhere/power Of Soul-no- 2013 Experience Hendrix Excellent 0.00 no 1512 ps sealed exc Send Email 
Hendrix, Jimi-band Of Gypsys Stepping Stone/izabella 70 Reprise Good 100.00 0905, l Send Email 
Hennig, Jack Pappa Told Me/brink Of Temptation  Quality Very Good 0.00 1983, lc, possible autograph on sleeve Send Email 
Henry Four Georgia Waltz/from The Bottomofr My  Decca Good 0.00 9 30567, c, vvvgt both sides a sample copy sold on ebay in 2012 for 27. usd Send Email 
Herman, Michael La Raspa And Other Folk Dances-ep-  Rca Good 0.00 epa 4139, ps vg Send Email 
Hermans Hermits Mrs Brown Youve Got A Lovely Daughter/i Gotta Dr  Quality Good 0.00 qgt 062, c Send Email 
Hermans Hermits Listen People/got A Feeling  Quality Good 0.00 qgt 059, c Send Email 
Herndon, Ty I Want My Goodbye Back/heart Half  Epic Good 0.00 34 77946 Send Email 
Hester, Benny We All Know Hes Coming/love Never Dies  Vmi Good 0.00 572 Send Email 
Heywood, Eddie Just One Of Those Things/summertime  Rca Good 0.00 61 7367 Send Email 
Heywood, Eddie Soft Summer Breeze/heywoods Bounce 56 Merc Good 10.00 70863 Send Email 
Heywood, Eddie Canadian Sunset/the Good Life 63 Liberty Good 8.00 55575, c Send Email 
Higgins, Bertie Key Largo/just Another Day In Paradise  Epic Hall Of Fame Good 0.00 e4 1094, lc Send Email 
Highway 101 Cry Cry Cry/one Step Closer 88 Wb Good 4.00 92 81057, lc Send Email 
Highway 101 If Love Had A Heart/this Side Of Goodbye  Wb Good 0.00 7 198929, lc Send Email 
Highway 101 Whiskey If You Were A Woman/ill Take  Wb Good 0.00 92 837237 Send Email 
Highway 101 Honky Tonk Heart/desperate Road  Wb Good 0.00 7 22955 Send Email 
Highway 101 W3hos Lonely Now/dont It Make Your  Wb Good 0.00 7 22779 Send Email 
Highway 101 Bing Bang Boom/baby Im Missing You  Wb Good 0.00 7 19346 Send Email 
Hildebrand, Ray Mr Balloon Man/little Old Fashion  Metromedia Good 0.00 mm 175 Send Email 
Hill, Dan Love In The Shadows/thru To You  Merc Good 0.00 ms 76204, c Send Email 
Hill, Goldie Whats Happened To Us/yankee Go Home  Decca Good 0.00 9 30826 Send Email 
Hill, Vince When The World Is Ready/when You Go  Cap Good 0.00 72501 Send Email 
Hilltoppers Till Then/i Found Your Letter 54 Dot Good 16.00 15132, c 1/20 Send Email 
Hilltoppers Ps I Love You/id Rather Die Young 53 Quality Good 16.00 k 1124, c 1/20 Send Email 
Hilltoppers Marianne/youre Wasting Your Time 57 Dot Good 12.00 15537 Send Email 
Hilltoppers The Joker/chicken Chicken 57 Dot Good 12.00 15662, c Send Email 
Hirt, Al Java/i Cant Get Started 63 Rca Good 8.00 8280, lc Send Email 
Hirt, Al Cotton Candy/walkin 64 Rca Good 8.00 8346, lc Send Email 
Ho, Don Sunny Days Starry Nights/remembering 68 Reprise Good 6.00 0754 Send Email 
Holiday, Chico Fools/god Country And My Baby  Coral Good 0.00 62291, c Send Email 
Holiday, Chico Cuckoo Girl/young Ideas  Rca Good 0.00 47 7499, lc Send Email 
Holland Into The Night/try Breakin Away  Bronze Star Fair 0.00 bsr 0001 Send Email 
Holloway, Loleatta Dreamin/worn Out Broken Heart  Salsoul Good 0.00 gm 4000, c Send Email 
Holly, Buddy Love Me/you Are My One Desire 58 Decca Good 300.00 9 30543, lc Send Email 
Holly, Doyle Cinderella/ill Be All Right Tomorrow  Cap Good 0.00 2756, lc, bass guitar with buck owens buckaroos Send Email 
Hollywood Argyles Hully Gully/so Fine 60 Lute Good 20.00 l 6002, c Send Email 
Holmes, Rupert Him/get Outtya Yourself 80 Mca Good 4.00 41173 Send Email 
Honeymoon Suite Still Lovin You/lookin Out For Number 1  Wea Good 0.00 25 73527, c Send Email 
Honeymoon Suite Lethal Weapon/take My Hand 87 Wb Very Good 5.00 92 83797 Send Email 
Honeymoon Suite Feel It Again/wounded 86 Wb Very Good 5.00 25 87717, promo, lc Send Email 
Hoodoo Gurus Whats My Scene/on My Street  Merc Good 0.00 mer 109 Send Email 
Hooper, Danny Fathers Hide Your Daughters/lookin Out The Windo  Royalty Good 0.00 r1000 75, c, both sides good+ Send Email 
Hooters Nervous Night/where Do The Children  Colu Good 0.00 38 05854, lc Send Email 
Horlick, Harry Strauss Waltzes-ep-  Mgm Good 0.00 x1040, ps good Send Email 
Horton, Jamie My Little Marine/missin  Quality Good 0.00 1976, lc Send Email 
Horton, Johnny All For The Love Of A Girl/im A One Woman Man  Colu Very Good 0.00 c4 8078, lc Send Email 
Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing/amazing Skin Song 75 Big Tree Good 5.00 bts 16047, l Send Email 
Hotel Losing My Mind/hold On To The Night  Mca Good 0.00 41113, lc , Send Email 
Houston, David Lullaby To A Little Girl/my Womans Good 68 Epic Good 6.00 5 10430, lc Send Email 
Houston, David You Mean The World To Me/dont 67 Epic Good 6.00 5 10224, lc Send Email 
Houston, David Im Down To My Last I Love You/watching 69 Epic Good 6.00 5 10488 Send Email 
Houston, David Where Love Used To Live/i Love A Rainbow 68 Epic Good 6.00 5 10394 Send Email 
Houston, David Sweet Sweet Judy/with One Exception 67 Epic Good 6.00 5 10154 Send Email 
Houston, Joe Off Beat, Corn Bread And Cabbage Greens  Tops Fair 0.00 12 607, also on side 1 teenage boogie/all night long,goofin, Send Email 
Houston, Whitney One Moment In Time/olympic Joy 88 Arista Good 3.00 b side by kashif, as1 9743, lc Send Email 
Houston, Whitney Greatest Love Of All/thinking About You 85 Arista Very Good 3.00 1 9466 Send Email 
Howard, Chuck A Thing Called Sadness/dont Let Them Move  Barry/fraternity Good 0.00 b 3273 Send Email 
Howard, Jan Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel/i Never Once Stopp  Decca Good 0.00 32905 Send Email 
Howard, Jan You And Me And Tears And Roses/roll  Decca Good 0.00 32154, c Send Email 
Howard, Jan But Not For Love My Dear/count Your  Decca Good 0.00 32269, lc Send Email 
Hughes, Jeff If I Had The Right/sorrows Tearing Down The House  Tillis Good 0.00 ti 1002 Send Email 
Human League Hard Times/love Action  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1134, lc Send Email 
Human League Dont You Want Me/seconds  Virgin Fair 0.00 vs 1139, c, a side skips Send Email 
Humble Pie I Dont Need No Doctor/a Song For Jenny 71 A&m Good 5.00 am 1282, lc Send Email 
Humperdinck, Engelbert Born To Be Wanted/sweetheart 70 Parrot Good 6.00 par 40054, c Send Email 
Hunter, Audrey & The Homesteaders Roughneck/amazing Grace  Mytown Good 0.00 ms 7309 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin I Promised You The World/you Should 68 Cap Fair 8.00 2154 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Loves Been Good To Me/white Fences 68 Cap Good 8.00 2288 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Every Steo Of The Way/thats What Id Do 69 Cap Fair 8.00 2666 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Ep Songs Of Home And Heart  Cap Good 0.00 eap 3 718, lc, a side i dreamed of an old love affair, daddys little girl/farther and farther apart, never have never will Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin All Of The Time/i Will 58 Cap Good 12.00 f4046 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin I Could Sing All Night/what Does Your 66 Cap Good 10.00 5615 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin Love Looks Good On You/the Face Of A 63 Cap Good 10.00 5067 Send Email 
Husky, Ferlin You Hurt Me/my Reason For Living 63 Cap Good 10.00 4908 Send Email 
Hyland, Brian Run Run Look And See/why Did You Do It 66 Philips Good 8.00 40405, lc Send Email 
Hyland, Brian Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow 60 Leader Good 30.00 l 805, c Send Email 
Hyland, Brian Itsy Bitst Teenie/dont Dilly Dally Sally 60 Kapp Good 15.00 k 342, c Send Email 
Ian, Janis Societys Child/letter To Jon 66 Verve Good 12.00 kf 5027, c Send Email 
Icehouse We Can Get Together/not My Kind 81 Chrysalis Good 5.00 chs 2530 Send Email 
Icehouse No Promises/into The Wild 86 Chrys Good 5.00 42978, lc Send Email 
Idol , Billy Dancing With Myself/love Calling 83 Chrysalis Good 5.00 chs 42723, lc Send Email 
Idol, Billy White Wedding/dead On Arrival 82 Chrys Good 5.00 chs 2648 Send Email 
Iggy Pop Real Wild Child/little Miss Emperor 87 A&m Good 5.00 2909, lc Send Email 
Impacts, The They Say/canadian Sunset  Rca Good 50.00 47 7609, lc Send Email 
Indios Tabajaras, Los St Louis Blues/marta 64 Rca Good 6.00 47 8401 Send Email 
Informer I Know You Know/hold It  Village Good 0.00 vr 8101 Send Email 
Ingmann, Jørgen Apache/echo Boogie 60 Atco Very Good 15.00 6184, lc Send Email 
Ingmann, Jørgen Apache/anna  Atlantic Gs Good 0.00 gs 45768, lc Send Email 
Ink Spots Ep Well Meet Again,,my Greatest Mistake/  Decca Fair 0.00 91115, c, b side ill get by, just for a thrill Send Email 
Ink Spots If I Didnt Care/into Each Life Some Rain Swift Fair 15.00 sr 1001, c, 5 autographs? on label, 3 cut ep Send Email 
Ink Spots Ep Vol 3 Decca Good 25.00 ed 2048, ps vvg Send Email 
Inman, Autry You Dont Live There Anymore/the Drinks 64 Jubilee Good 8.00 9001, c Send Email 
Inman, Autry Unlucky Am I/the Volunteer 63 Barry/sims Good 10.00 b 3178, c Send Email 
Inxs This Time/im Over You -ps-  Atl Very Good 0.00 78 94977, ps vg Send Email 
Inxs What You Need/sweet As Sin  Atl Good 0.00 78 94607 Send Email 
Isley Brothers Who Loves You Better/part 2 76 T Neck Very Good 5.00 zs8 2260 Send Email 
Iturbi, Amparo & Jose Classical  Rca Good 0.00 49 3236 part of set wdm 1516, on red vinyl Send Email 
Iturbi, Amparo & Jose Rhapsody In Blue/  Rca Good 0.00 wdm 1366, sides 1&4 only of boxed set 49 1214, on red vinyl Send Email 
Ives, Burl Ep-mary Ann Regrets, The Same Old 62 Decca Good 10.00 ed 2741, c Send Email 
Ives, Burl Dogs Are Friends To Owls And Cats  Colu Book Good 0.00 cc 74001 Send Email 
Jacks, Susan Id Rather Know You/youre A Part Of Me  Goldfish Good 0.00 gs 113 Send Email 
Jacks, Susan Id Rather Know You/love Has No Pride  Casino Good 0.00 c7 102 Send Email 
Jacks, Terry Where Evil Grows/season In The Sun  A&m Good 0.00 am590 Send Email 
Jacks, Terry Rock An Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Lif  Goldfish Good 0.00 gx 111, pc vg Send Email 
Jackson, Chuck I Only Get This Feeling/slowly But Surely 73 Abc Dunhill Good 20.00 11368, c, r&b p/g 73-6 Send Email 
Jackson, Freddie Rock Me Tonight/same 85 Cap Good 4.00 b 5459 Send Email 
Jackson, Mahalia Im On My Way/dig A Little Deeper 59 Sparton Good 15.00 4 703, c Send Email 
Jackson, Michael Man In The Mirror/same Instrumental -ps- 88 Epic Very Good 6.00 34 07668, ps vg, r&b p/g Send Email 
Jackson, Michael I Cant Help It/dont Stop Until You 79 Epic Good 4.00 9 50742 Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Mary Dont You Weep/run 59 Colu Good 15.00 4 41533, lc Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall I'm Gonna Find You,,a Little Guy Named 60 Colu Good 15.00 4 41785 Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Sixteen Fathoms,,thirty Links Of Chain 60 Colu Good 15.00 4 41695, lc Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Promises And Hearts/while The Daisies 67 Colu Good 10.00 4 44121 Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Angry Words/red Roses Blooming Back 68 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 44625, lc Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Somebodys Always Leaving/recess Time 69 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 44726, lc Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Its Not Me/dont Be Angry 64 Colu Good 12.00 4 43076, lc Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall If Heartaches Were Wine/nothing Takes 58 Colu Good 10.00 4 44416, lc Send Email 
Jackson, Stonewall Minit Men Thats Why Im Walkin/snowball  Colu Good 0.00 4 44492, lc Send Email 
Jackson,,stonewall Slowly,,cant Hang Up The Phone 62 Colu Good 12.00 4 42628 Send Email 
Jacksons Style Of Life/enjoy Yourself 76 Epic Good 5.00 8 50289, c, condition g++ Send Email 
Jacobs, Dick Summertime In Venice/fascination  Coral Good 0.00 9 61864, lc Send Email 
Jamal, Ahmad Music Music Music/poinciana  Chess Golden Treasure Good 0.00 chgt 329 Send Email 
James, Bob Marco Polo 84 Colu Good 5.00 38 04532 Send Email 
James, Harry Ciribiribin,back Beat Boogie/music Makers  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 b 2505, 4 cut ep, ll Send Email 
James, Harry The Very Thought Of You/limehouse  Colu Good 0.00 4 38729, doris day on a side Send Email 
James, Rick Super Freak Part 1/part 2 81 Gordy Good 6.00 7205 Send Email 
James, Sonny True Loves A Blessing/just Ask Your Heart 65 Cap Good 12.00 5536, lc Send Email 
James, Sonny If She Just Helps Me Get Over You/i Wont Think A 73 Colu Good 6.00 4 45871, lc Send Email 
James, Sonny Woodbine Valley/dont Keep Me Hangin 70 Cap Good 8.00 2834 Send Email 
James, Sonny Ill Think About That Tomorrow/i Love 73 Colu Good 7.00 4 45770, lc Send Email 
Jamul Tobacco Road/sunrise Over Jamul  Lizard Fair 0.00 x21001 Send Email 
Jan & Dean Linda/when I Learn How To Cry 63 Liberty Good 25.00 f 55531, c Send Email 
Jankowski, Horst Black Forest Holiday/elmers Tune 56 Merc Good 6.00 m 72567 Send Email 
Jankowski, Horst A Walk In The Black Forest/nola 65 Merc Good 8.00 72425, WHITE LABEL DJ COPY Send Email 
Jarreau Al Mornin/not Like This 83 Wb Good 4.00 92 97207 Send Email 
Jarreau, Al Our Love/the Christmas Song 83 Wb Good 5.00 92 94467, lc Send Email 
Jarreau, Al Breakin Away/were In This Love Together  Wb Very Good 0.00 gwb 0423, lc Send Email 
Jay & The Techniques Change Your Mind/are You Ready For This 69 Smash Very Good 8.00 s 2217, lc Send Email 
Jeanne & Janie Under Your Spell Again/he'll  Cap Good 0.00 f 4368, lc Send Email 
Jefferson Starship Count On Me/show Yourself 78 Grunt Good 5.00 fb 11196, c Send Email 
Jefferson Starship Runaway/hotwater 78 Grunt Good 5.00 fb 11274 Send Email 
Jenkins, Gordon When I Grow Too Old To Dream/charmaine 51 Decca Good 15.00 9 27886 Send Email 
Jenkins, Gordon Ps I Love You-ep  Decca Good 0.00 ed 734, ps good, ep 91555-all the things you are,the touch of your hand/they didnt bekieve me,maybe youll be there 91554-ps i love you,the way you look tonight/my funny valentine,you have taken my heart Send Email 
Jennings , Waylon Never Could Toe The Mark/talk Good Boogie 84 Rca Good 5.00 pb13827 Send Email 
Jennings , Waylon Mammas Dont Let Your Babies Grow  Rca Gs Good 0.00 gb 11996, lc Send Email 
Jennings Waylon Good Hearted Woman/sweet Dream  Rca Gs Good 0.00 447 0945, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon My Rough And Rowdy Ways/a Love Song 87 Mca Good 3.00 53158, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon Anita Youre Dreaning/look Into My Teardrops 65 Rca Good 10.00 47 8729, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way/bob Wills Is  75 Rca Good 6.00 pb 10379, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon I May Be Used/so You Want To Be A 84 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13729, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon Only Daddy Thatll Walk The Line/right Before 68 Rca Good 10.00 47 9561 Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon & Colter, Jessi Wild Side Of Life/ill Be Alright  Rca Good 0.00 pb 12245, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon & Colter, Jessi Suspicious Minds/i Aint The One  Rca Good 0.00 pb10653, lc Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon & Willie Nelson Good Hearted Woman/suspicious Minds  Rca Gg Good 0.00 gb 10928 Send Email 
Jennings, Waylon & Willie Nelson Good Hearted Woman/heaven Or Hell  Rca Good 0.00 pb 10529, lc Send Email 
Jerome, Henry Show Me The Way To Go Home/diamond Heels  Apex/roulette Good 0.00 9 76291, c Send Email 
Jerome, Henry It Had To Be You/march Of The Toys  Decca Good 0.00 25552 Send Email 
Jersey Artists For Mankind(jam 86) Weve Got The Love/save Love Save Life 86 Arista Good 0.00 as1 9498, ps fair, with info insert Send Email 
Jets I Do You/cross The Line  Mca Good 0.00 53193, lc Send Email 
Jets You Got It All/burn The Candle  Mca Very Good 0.00 52968, lc Send Email 
Jett, Joan (& The Blackhearts) Victim Of Circumstance/do Wanna Touch Me  Boardwalk Good 0.00 nb7 11150, c Send Email 
Jett, Joan (& The Blackhearts) Love Is All Around/rubber & Glue  Wb Good 0.00 7 17637 Send Email 
Jim & Jean Changes/strangers In A Strange Land  Verve Good 0.00 kf 5005, c, folk Send Email 
Jimenez, Jose Jose And Cleopatra/part Ii  Kapp Good 0.00 k 540, white label radio station copy, l Send Email 
Joel, Billy Piano Man/the Entertainer  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33267 Send Email 
Joel, Billy Pressure/laura 82 Colu Very Good 5.00 38 03244 Send Email 
Joel, Billy Keeping The Faith/shes Right On Time 84 Colu Very Good 3.00 38 04681, lc Send Email 
Joel, Billy All Shook Up/wear Your Ring Around  Epic Good 0.00 34 74422, b side instrumental by ricky van shelton Send Email 
Joel, Billy Shes Always A Woman/vienna 78 Colu Good 5.00 3 10788, lc Send Email 
Joel, Billy Honesty/the Mexican Connection 79 Colu Good 5.00 3 10959 Send Email 
Joel, Billy Easy Money/tell Her About It 83 Colu Fair 4.00 38 04012 Send Email 
Joel, Billy The Longest Time/christie Lee 84 Colu Good 3.00 38 04400, g- Send Email 
Joel, Billy Its Still Rock & Roll To Me/you May  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 c4 1072, lc Send Email 
John, Elton Club At The End Of The Street/sacrifice 90 Mca Good 3.00 79026, lc Send Email 
John, Elton Wrap Her Up/the Man Who Never Died 85 Geffen Very Good 3.00 92 88737 Send Email 
John, Elton Healing Hands/dancing In The End 89 Mca Good 3.00 53692 Send Email 
John, Elton Crocodile Rock/elderberry Wine 72 Mca Fair 0.00 40000, lc Send Email 
John, Little Willie Right There/let Them Talk 59 Delta/king Good 20.00 d 3092, c Send Email 
John, Robert Hey There Lonely Girl/you Could Have 80 Emi Good 4.00 8049, c Send Email 
Johnnie And Jack Goodnight Its Time To Go/honey I Need  Rca Good 0.00 48 0663 Send Email 
Johnnie And Jack I Want To Be Loved/feet Of Clay  Rca Good 0.00 47 6395, blue label Send Email 
Johnnie And Jack Three Ways Of Knowing/when You Want A  Rca Good 0.00 48 0528, blue label, green vinyl Send Email 
Johnny & Jack Love Problems/smiles And Tears  Decca Good 0.00 31517 Send Email 
Johnny & Jimmy Love My Love Waltz/you Cant Be True Dear  Thunderbird Very Good 0.00 501 Send Email 
Johnson, Betty If Its Wrong To Love You/i Dreamed 56 Bally Good 12.00 7 1020, c, have the canadian release Send Email 
Johnson, Betty Little White Lies/1492 57 Bally Good 12.00 7 1033, c Send Email 
Johnson, Jesse Every Shade Of Love/change Your Mind  A&m Good 0.00 1214 Send Email 
Jolson, Al Songs He Made Famous  Decca Good 0.00 9-9, 4 record box set 9 23470 april showerrs/swanee 9 23612 california here i come/rock a bye your baby 9 23613 you made me love you/ma blushin rosie 9 23614 sonny boy/my mammy, box set good, l Send Email 
Jolson, Al Im Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/pretty Baby 50 Decca Good 20.00 9 24681, c side 1 & 2 of album 9-4 Send Email 
Jolson, Al After Youve Gone/chinatown My Chinatown 50 Decca Good 20.00 9 24683, lc, sides 5 & 6 of set 9-4 Send Email 
Jones, Allan Sings -ep-  Rca Good 0.00 era 54, -ep- the donkey serenade,giannina mia/night and day,in the still of the night, cover vg Send Email 
Jones, Anthony Armstrong The Only Girl I Cant Forget/proud Mary  Chart Very Good 0.00 ct 5017, lc Send Email 
Jones, Casey Dont Ha Ha/long Gone Train  Bellaphon Fair 0.00 1013, c, vvg, casey jones and his engineers Send Email 
Jones, Casey So Long Baby/jack The Ripper  Golden 12 Fair 0.00 g 12/35, c, german label Send Email 
Jones, David Lynn High Ridin Heroes/living In The Promiseland  Merc Good 0.00 112 Send Email 
Jones, George The Race Is On/walk Through This World  Colu Good 0.00 mu4 1938, lc Send Email 
Jones, George The Race Is On/take Me  Gusto Good 0.00 gt4 2187, c Send Email 
Jones, George If Drinkin Dont Kill Me Her Memory Will/ 80 Epic Good 5.00 19 50968, lc Send Email 
Jones, George A Good Year For The Roses/ive Still 94 Mca Good 4.00 54969, lc Send Email 
Jones, George The Bird/im Goin Home Like I Never Di9d Before 87 Epic Good 3.00 34 07655, lc Send Email 
Jones, George The Door/wean Me 74 Epic Good 5.00 8 50038, c Send Email 
Jones, George Sparkling Brown Eyes/accidentally On 60 Merc Fair 20.00 71583 Send Email 
Jones, George The Old Old House/wrong Number 65 Ua Good 10.00 ua 858, lc Send Email 
Jones, George Things Have Gone To Pieces/wearing My Heart Away 65 Colu/musicor Good 12.00 mu4 1067, lc Send Email 
Jones, George Color Of The Blues/eskimo Pie 58 Merc Good 25.00 71257 Send Email 
Jones, George Just One More/gonna Come Get You  Sparton/merc Good 30.00 4 331 r, c Send Email 
Jones, George Where Does A Little Tear Come From/something 64 Ua Good 10.00 ua 724 Send Email 
Jones, George New Baby For Christmas/maybe Next 57 Merc Good 20.00 71225 Send Email 
Jones, George Poor Mans Riches/i Cant Get There From 67 Colu Good 8.00 mu4 1243 Send Email 
Jones, George & Haggard, Merle Cc Waterback/after I Sing All My Songs 82 Epic Good 3.00 34 03405, c Send Email 
Jones, George & Margie Singleton Waltz Of The Angels/talk About Lovin 62 Merc Good 12.00 71955 Send Email 
Jones, George & Wynette, Tammy Southern California/keep The Change 77 Epic Good 5.00 8 50418, lc Send Email 
Jones, George With Size Seven Round/all I Want To Do In  Epic Good 0.00 37 04876, lc, a side w3ith lacy j dalton, b side withjanie fricke Send Email 
Jones, George, And Virginia Spurlock Flame In My Heart/no No Never  Merc Fair 0.00 71141, c Send Email 
Jones, Grandpa The All American Boy/pickin Time  Decca Very Good 0.00 9 30823, c Send Email 
Jones, Howard All I Want/same  Wea Very Good 0.00 24 84817, lc Send Email 
Jones, Jack Where Love Has Gone/the Lorelei  Kapp Good 0.00 k 608 Send Email 
Jones, Jack Open For Business As Usual/the Mood 67 Kapp Good 6.00 k 860, c Send Email 
Jones, Jack Emily/dear Heart  Kapp Good 0.00 k 635 Send Email 
Jones, Jack The First Night Of The Full Moon/far Away 64 Kapp Good 6.00 k589 Send Email 
Jones, Jonah Ep-jumpin With Jonah Cap Good 12.00 eap3 1039, cuts night train,jumpin with jonah/just a gigolo,its a good day Send Email 
Jones, Lottie Jo Ill Drown In My Own Tears/you Are My  Cap Good 0.00 5856, lc, blues Send Email 
Jones, Quincy Stuff Like That/theres A Train Leavin -pc- 78 A&m Good 10.00 2043, pc fair Send Email 
Jones, Rickie Lee Chuck E's In Love/on Saturday Afternoons In 1963 79 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8825, lc Send Email 
Jones, Spike Ep-christmas Fun With  Rca Good 0.00 wy 417 47 0254, lc, blue label, yellow vinyl, rudolph/my 2 front teeth Send Email 
Jordan, Marc New York Kids/same  Cbs Good 0.00 djc4 4080 Send Email 
Jordan, Marc New York New York/potential And Air  Rio Good 0.00 rio 708 Send Email 
Journey People And Places/walks Like A Lady  Colu Very Good 0.00 1 11275, lc Send Email 
Journey Good Morning Girls/line Of Fire  Colu Fair 0.00 1 11339, lc Send Email 
Judas Priest Diamonds And Rust/youve Got Another Thing Comin 82 Colu Good 5.00 18 03168, lc Send Email 
Judd, Wynonna I Saw The Light/when I Reach The Place  Curb Mca Good 0.00 mcas7 54407, lc Send Email 
Judds Had A Dream/dont You Hear Jerusalem 83 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13673, lc Send Email 
Judds Mama Hes Crazy/down Home 84 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13772, lc Send Email 
Judds My Babys Gone/maybe Your Babys  Rca Good 0.00 5255 7 r, lc Send Email 
Judds Love Can Build A Bridge/this Countrys 90 Rca Curb Good 5.00 2708 7 r, lc Send Email 
Judds Born To Be Blue/rompin Stompin Blues 90 Rca Curb Good 5.00 2597 7 r, lc Send Email 
Judds Guardian Angels/cadillac Red 90 Rca Curb Good 5.00 2524 7 r Send Email 
Judds Cow Cow Boogie/young Love  Rca Curb Good 0.00 8820 7 r, lc Send Email 
Judds Change Of Heart/i Wish She Wouldnt  Rca Good 0.00 8715 7 r, lc Send Email 
Judds Turn It Loose/cow Cow Boogie  Rca Good 0.00 5329 7 r, lc Send Email 
Juicy Beat Street Strut/same Instr  Atl Good 0.00 78 96557 Send Email 
Julien, Pauline Jpensais Jamais Qu Jpourrais Faire Ca/  Kebecdisc Fair 0.00 kd 9080 Send Email 
Jump N The Saddle The Curly Shuffle/jump For Joy  Atl Good 0.00 78 97187 Send Email 
Just Friends Maybe Tonight/easy Done  Mustard Good 0.00 m 112 Send Email 
Kaempfert Bert  Echo In The Night/afrikaan Beat  Decca Good 0.00 31350, c Send Email 
Kaempfert Bert  Gentleman Jim/tipsy Gypsy  Decca Good 0.00 31463 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Red Roses For A Blue Lady/lonely  Decca Good 0.00 31722 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Three Oclock In The Morning/nothings  Decca Good 0.00 31778 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Only Those In Love/now And Forever  Decca Fair 0.00 31279 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Without Your Love/tenderly  Decca Good 0.00 31236 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Bye Bye Blues/remember When  Decca Good 0.00 31882 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Happy Trumpeter/tootie Flutie  Decca Fair 0.00 31439 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Blue Midnight/love  Decca Good 0.00 31638 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert Treat For Trumpet/almost There  Decca Good 0.00 31666 Send Email 
Kaempfert, Bert You Are My Sunshine/love For Love  Decca Good 0.00 32204 Send Email 
Kajagoogoo Take Another View/too Shy -ps- 83 Emi America Good 6.00 b 8161, ps vg Send Email 
Kansas Play The Game Tonight/play On 82 Kirshner Good 5.00 zs5 02903 Send Email 
Karas, Anton The Third Man Theme/the Cafe Mozart  London Good 0.00 30005, lc Send Email 
Karas, Anton Third Man Theme, Cafe Mozart Waltz/  London Good 0.00 bep 6035, ps fair Send Email 
Karazov, Alexandrow Casatchok/jacobuska  Avril Very Good 0.00 a4 103 Send Email 
Karri, Dean & Al Dont Come Crying To Me Anymore/ive  Karri Good 0.00 kr 1, a side dean Send Email 
Kaye, Danny Tubby The Tuba Song/popo The Puppet  Decca Good 0.00 1 131, ps fair, p 88058 Send Email 
Kaye, Danny Tonguetwisters/rileys Daughter  Decca Good 0.00 9 27822 Send Email 
Kaye, Danny Sings Hans Christian Andersen -ep-  Decca Fair 0.00 ed 556, sides 1 &2 vg, 3&4 warp bad, pc vg 1/20 Send Email 
Kaye, Gloria Dr Love/you Are The Sweetest  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50133 Send Email 
Kaye, Sammy Wanderin/the Bicycle Song/ 50 Rca Fair 15.00 47 3203 Send Email 
Kaye, Sammy Tiddley Winkie Woo/roses 50 Rca Poor 15.00 47 3754, c, stick needle on tiddley Send Email 
Kaye, Sammy Echoes/careless Kisses  Rca Good 0.00 47 3101 Send Email 
Kc & The Sunshine Band Baby I Love You/keep It Comin Love 77 Rca/tk Good 5.00 1023 Send Email 
Kc & The Sunshine Band Do You Feel All Right/i Will Love You Tomorrow 78 Tk Very Good 5.00 1030, pc fair Send Email 
Kean, Sherry I Want You Back/sever The Ties -pc-  Cap Good 0.00 72937, pc good Send Email 
Keanie, Chic If The Sun Couldnt Shine In Hawaii/  Brothers Good 0.00 bp 1065, b side jim goligher-sweet kelowna Send Email 
Kellem, Manny Love Is Blue/claudine 68 Epic Good 6.00 5 10282 Send Email 
Keller, Jerry My Name Aint Joe/white For You And Blues For Me 60 Kapp Good 12.00 k 337 Send Email 
Kelly, R. & Dion, Celine Im Your Angel/same 98 Jive Good 3.00 01241 42557 7, c, r&b p/g Send Email 
Kemp, Hal Ep-remember Me  Rca Good 0.00 epa 5130, ps good-got a date with an angel, lamplight/love for sale, remember me Send Email 
Kemp, Johnny Birthday Suit/instru  Colu Good 0.00 38 68569 Send Email 
Kemp, Wayne Love Goes To Hell When It Dies/same 80 Merc Good 5.00 57023, promo Send Email 
Kendall Sisters Im Available/dont Bother Me 57 Reo Good 20.00 8185, c, listing for argo label Send Email 
Kendalls, The Heavens Just A Sin Away/live And Let Live 77 Ovation Good 6.00 ovs 1103, c Send Email 
Kendalls, The Pittsburgh Stealers/when Can We Do This Again 78 Ovation Good 5.00 ovs 1109, c Send Email 
Kenny, Bill Let Me Cry/two Little Candles  Vik Good 0.00 4x 0195, c 1/20 Send Email 
Kenton, Stan Tenderly/the Creep 50 Cap Good 20.00 f 1279, lc Send Email 
Kershaw, Sammy National Working Womans Holiday/the Heart  Merc Good 0.00 422 858 722 7, Send Email 
Kershaw, Sammy Southbound/better Call A Preacher  Mercury Good 0.00 422 856 410 7 Send Email 
Kershaws Cheated Too/so Lovely Baby 61 Quality/hickory Good 30.00 1405x, c, as rusty and doug Send Email 
Kidd Country Rock N Roll Girl/buckaroo  Dmt Good 0.00 88 002, edmonton label Send Email 
Kihn, Greg Lucky/sad Situation -pc- 85 Emi Good 5.00 b 8255, pc good Send Email 
Kilgore, Merle Whiskey Road/five Miles Down The Road 63 Mgm Good 15.00 13168 Send Email 
Kilgore, Merle Everydays A Holiday/its All Over Now 65 Epic Good 12.00 5 9762 Send Email 
Kilgore, Merle Nevada Smith/too Many Mountains 66 Epic Good 12.00 5 10049 Send Email 
Kilgore, Merle I Am/when It Rains The Blues On You 63 Parkway Fair 15.00 p 864 Send Email 
Kim, Andy Baby I Love You/gee Girl 69 Dot/steed Good 8.00 716, c Send Email 
Kim, Andy Hang Up Those Rock N Roll Shoes/the Essence Of J 75 Ice Good 4.00 ic3, c Send Email 
Kim, Andy A Love Song/love The Poor Boy 72 Uni Fair 5.00 55353 Send Email 
King Errison Champagne Cherie/same  Trent Town Very Good 0.00 tt 1 Send Email 
King, B. B. You Put In On Me/the Bb Jones 68 Sparton/bluesway Good 10.00 p 1688, c Send Email 
King, Ben E. Tears Tears Tears/spanish Harlem  Atco Gold Good 0.00 acgt 606, c Send Email 
King, Carole Sweet Seasons/pocket Money  Ode Good 0.00 ode 66022 Send Email 
King, Carole Sweet Seasons/pocket Money 71 Ode Good 4.00 66022 Send Email 
King, Claude Ive Got The World By The Tail/shopping Center 62 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 42630, lc Send Email 
King, Claude Ninety Nine Years/yellow Haired Woman  Colu Good 0.00 4 44340, c Send Email 
King, Claude A Lace Mantilla And A Rose Of Red/thats What  Colu Good 0.00 4 42959 Send Email 
King, Claude Whirlpool/this Land Of Yours And Mine 64 Colu Good 8.00 4 43157 Send Email 
King, Evelyn Dancin Dancin Dancin/shame 77 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11122 Send Email 
King, Floyd Nova Scotia Old Home Summer/same  Nova Scotia Good 0.00 pb 50680 Send Email 
King, Pee Wee Tennessee Waltz/helegged Hilegged 51 Rca Good 25.00 48 0407, lc Send Email 
King, Pee Wee The Crazy Waltz/tennessee Tango  Rca Good 0.00 48 0553, green vinyl Send Email 
King, Pee Wee Slow Poke/tennessee Waltz  Rca Good 0.00 447 0538, lc Send Email 
King, Wayne Three Oclock In The Morning, Sweethearts/alice B  Rca Good 0.00 epa 419, pc vg Send Email 
King, Wayne 2 Record Ep  Rca Good 0.00 epb 3010, 547 0202 and 0203, pc vg Send Email 
King, Wayne Girl Of My Dreams/the Rose And The Butterfly  Decca Good 0.00 25597 Send Email 
Kings Kounty Karnival Dont Vote For Luke Mccabe/the Proof Of  Ua Fair 0.00 50479 Send Email 
Kingston Trio A Worried Man/san Miguel 59 Cap Good 20.00 f 4271, lc Send Email 
Kirby Stone Four Sweet Nothings/the I Had A Dream Dear Rock  Colu Good 0.00 4 41315 Send Email 
Kiss Hard Luck Woman/mr Speed 76 Casablanca Good 6.00 nb 873, c Send Email 
Kissoon, Mac And Katie Freedom/show Me -ps-  Carrere France Fair 0.00 6061 203, ps fair Send Email 
Kissoon, Mac And Katie Dream Of Me/the Two Of Us 76 State Good 5.00 21 Send Email 
Klaatu California Jam/doctor Marvello  Daffodil Good 0.00 dil 1057, 75 -10 on island label Send Email 
Knickerbockers One Track Mind/i Must Be Doing 66 Apex/challenge Good 15.00 76997 Send Email 
Knight, Gladys & The Pips Its A Better Than Good Time/pot Of Jazz 78 Buddah Fair 5.00 bda 598 Send Email 
Knight, Gladys & The Pips Sorry Doesnt Make It Right/you Put A New Life In 77 Buddah Good 5.00 bda 584, c Send Email 
Knight, Gladys & The Pips Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me/once In A Li 74 Buddah Good 5.00 403, c Send Email 
Knight, Jean You Think Youre Hot Stuff/dont Talk About Jody 71 Stax Good 5.00 sta 0105 Send Email 
Knox, Buddy Open/chi Hua Hua 62 Liberty Good 12.00 55411, c Send Email 
Koffman, Moe The Swingin Shepherd Blues/hambourg 58 Quality Good 10.00 k 1690 Send Email 
Kongos, John Hes Gonna Step On You Again/sometimes 71 Elektra Good 8.00 eks 45729 Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Joanna/place For Us 83 De Lite Good 3.00 de 829 Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Celebration/morning Star 80 De Lite Good 4.00 807 Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Cherish/ Same Instrumental 85 De Lite Very Good 3.00 des 834, c Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Fresh/home Is Where The Heart Is 85 De Lite Very Good 3.00 833, c, R&b listing for diff # 45 Send Email 
Korven, Mark Ordinary Man/the Hard Road  Duke Good 0.00 71033 Send Email 
Kunz, Charlie Piano Medley-ep-  London Good 0.00 bep 6110 -ep- no cover Send Email 
Labelle Lady Marmalade/space Children 74 Epic Fair 6.00 8 50048 Send Email 
Labelle, Patti On My Own/stir It Up/ 86 Mca Good 3.00 52770, lc, vinyl g+, a side with michael mcdonald. R&B P/G Send Email 
Ladd, Cheryl Good Good Lovin/skinnydippin 78 Cap Good 5.00 4650 Send Email 
Lai, Francis Theme From Love Story/skating In Central Park  Paramount Good 0.00 paa gt 93 Send Email 
Laine, Frankie Mule Train/the Cry Of The Wild Goose  Merc Gold Good 0.00 c 30018 Send Email 
Laine, Frankie I Believe/your Cheatin Heart 53 Colu Fair 15.00 4 2132, lc, listing for diff # 45 Send Email 
Laine, Frankie That Lucky Old Sun/shine  Mercury Gold Good 0.00 30017, c Send Email 
Lambrettas Daaance/feel The Beat  Rocket-france Fair 0.00 xpress 33, small hole 45 Send Email 
Lance, Major Um Um Um Um Um Um/sweet Music 64 Epic Good 20.00 5 7187, c, listed is for okeh release same # Send Email 
Lancers Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall/were You Ever Mine To L 53 Quality/trend Good 24.00 k 1204, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Land, Billy Four Wheels/shimmy Shake  Wb Good 0.00 9 5083, lc Send Email 
Lane, Cristy Im Gonna Love You Anyway/i Cant 78 Ls Good 5.00 grt 156 Send Email 
Lane, Cristy One Day At A Time/cheatin Is Still On  Liberty Good 0.00 77004 Send Email 
Lane, Cristy Sweet Sexy Eyes/maybe Im Thinkin 80 Ua Good 5.00 ua x 1369y Send Email 
Lane, Cristy One Day At A Time/i Knew The Mason 80 Ua Poor 5.00 1342, c, playable on old rp Send Email 
Lane, Robbie Sandy/where Has Love Gone  Cap Fair 0.00 72253 Send Email 
Lanza, Mario Younger Than Springtime/arrivederci Roma  Rca Good 0.00 47 7164, white label demo Send Email 
Last, James The Seduction/night Drive  Polydor Good 0.00 pd 2071 Send Email 
Laurel & Hardy With Avalon Boys The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine/honolulu  Ua Good 0.00 up 36026 Send Email 
Laurentian High School St James Infirmary/school Song  Les Smith Good 0.00 lsp 6338, toronto hs?? band Send Email 
Lautrec, Donald Hey Friend Say Friend/same -ps- 67 Jupiter Very Good 0.00 jp 1077, ps vg, expo 67 theme song Send Email 
Lawhorne, Ed When You Touch Me/our Love Is Just History  Plumbers Good 0.00 6015 15, wilmington n.c. label Send Email 
Lawrence, Steve Fabulous/cant Wait For Summer 57 Coral Good 12.00 9 61834, c Send Email 
Lawrence, Steve The Banana Boat Song/long Before I Knew You 56 Coral Good 12.00 9 61761, c Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll/four Stick 72 Atl Good 10.00 at 2865, c Send Email 
Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy/western Skies  Liberty Good 0.00 s7 57885, jukebox only Send Email 
Lee, Brenda Born To Be By Your Side/take Me 67 Decca Good 8.00 32119, lc Send Email 
Lee, Brenda Im Sorry/all Alone Am I Mca Good 4.00 60070, lc Send Email 
Lee, Brenda As Usual/too Many Rivers  Mca Good 0.00 60088, lc Send Email 
Lee, Brenda Hello Love/i Think I Love You Again 71 Decca Good 6.00 732675, lc Send Email 
Lee, Brenda If This Is Our Last Time/everybodys 71 Decca Good 6.00 32848, lc Send Email 
Lee, Brenda That Aint Right/always On My Mind  Decca Good 6.00 Send Email 
Lee, Brenda The Cowgirl And The Dandy/do You 80 Mca Good 5.00 41187, lc Send Email 
Lee, Brenda Tell Me What Its Like/let Your Love Fall 79 Mca Good 5.00 41130 Send Email 
Lee, Brenda Youre Gonna Love Yourself/what Did  Monument Good 0.00 ws4 03781, a side wth willie nelson, b side w dolly parton,c Send Email 
Lee, Dickey She Thinks I Still Care/baby Bye Bye 72 Rca Good 5.00 74 0798, lc Send Email 
Lee, Dickey Rocky/the Closest Thing To You 75 Rca Good 4.00 pb 10361, lc Send Email 
Lee, Dickey Pretty White Dress/good Girl Goin Bad 65 Tcf Good 10.00 tcf 118 Send Email 
Lee, Dickey The Day The Sawmill Closed Down/she Wants 63 Merc Good 12.00 1844, c Send Email 
Lee, Dickey 9999999 Tears/i Never Will Get Over You 76 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10764, lc Send Email 
Lee, Dickey The Busiest Memory In Town/a Way To Go On 74 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10091, c Send Email 
Lee, Garry, And Showdown Rodeo Cowboy/cajun Boogie  Damon Good 0.00 d 124 Send Email 
Lee, Johnny When You Fall In Love/crossfire 82 Full Moon Good 5.00 ke 47444 Send Email 
Lee, Johnny Looking For Love/one In A Million  Asylum Spun Gold Very Good 0.00 e 45109, lc Send Email 
Lefevre, Raymond Soul Coaxing/remember Summer  Riviera Good 0.00 r 513 Send Email 
Leigh, Mitch From The Modern Medicine Man Kit/blank  Mm Good 0.00 1 min 1 sided ad for vicks medicated cough drops Send Email 
Lemon Pipers Rice Is Nice/blueberry Blue 68 Buddah Fair 10.00 31x, c Send Email 
Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Shes Just My Style/i Wont Make That 65 Liberty Good 10.00 f 55846, lc Send Email 
Lewis, Hugh Bloody Harlan/two Of A Kind  Fern Very Good 0.00 802, c, 1960 kentucky label, not verified but likely hugh x lewis Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Touching Home/woman Woman 71 Merc Good 8.00 m 73192, c Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Turn On Your Love Light/lonely Weekends 72 Mercury Good 8.00 m 73296, c Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Whos Gonna Play This Old Piano/no 72 Mercury Good 8.00 m 73328 Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee No More Hangin On/the Mercy Of A 73 Mercury Good 8.00 73361 Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Invitation To Myour Party/i Could Never 69 Sun Good 6.00 1101x, c Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee She Still Comes Around/slipping Around 68 Smash Good 10.00 2186, c Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee Great Balls Of Fire/you Win Again  Golden Treasures Good 0.00 266, lc Send Email 
Lewis, Jerry Lee & Linda Gail Lewis Roll Over Beethoven/secret Places 69 Smash Good 10.00 2254 Send Email 
Liberace, George A Musical Journey  Colu Good 0.00 b 1893, ps fair Send Email 
Light, Ben Hindustan,twelfth Street Rag/blue Skies, Ida Swe  Cap Good 0.00 eap 1-631, pc vg, 1/20 Send Email 
Light, Ben Speed Of Light -pc-  Cap Good 0.00 eap2 670, pc vg Send Email 
Lightfoot, Gordon Rainy Day People/cherokee Bend 75 Reprise Good 4.00 rep 1328, c Send Email 
Lightning Seeds All I Want/persuasion 90 Mca Good 5.00 79059 Send Email 
Limelighters A Dollar Down/when Twice The Moon 61 Rca Fair 8.00 47 7859, lc Send Email 
Lindy Farne Lady Eleanor/down  Elektra Good 0.00 e 45799 Send Email 
Lipps Inc All Night Dancing/funkytown  Casablanca Good 0.00 nb 2233 Send Email 
Little Daddie & The Bachelors Too Much Monkey Business/juniors 64 Rca Canada International Good 250.00 57 3363, c 63 band formed in vancouver 64 voted besr band at pne this is their only single, popsike value 250. tommy chong in the band went by many names most of which unappropriate for today Send Email 
Little Eva The Loco Motion/lets Turkey Trot  London Good 0.00 top 048 Send Email 
Little Richard Great Gosh Almighty/the Ride  Mca Good 0.00 52780 Send Email 
Little Richard Tutti Frutti/long Tall Sally  Quality/golden Tr Good 0.00 qgt 295x, c Send Email 
Little Richard Shes Got It/heeby Jeebies 56 Regency Good 50.00 538x, c, listing for a specialty release Send Email 
Little River Band Youre Driving Me Out Of My Mind/mr 83 Capitol Good 5.00 b 5256 Send Email 
Little Texas My Love/only Thing Im Sure Of  Wb Good 0.00 7 18295 Send Email 
Little Texas Bad For Us/long Way Down  Wb Good 0.00 7 17391 Send Email 
Little, Peggy My Hearts Not In It Anymore/sweet  Dot Good 0.00 45 17259 Send Email 
Liverpool Five What A Crazy World/new Directions  Rca Good 0.00 47 8906 Send Email 
Living Colour Should I Stay Or Should I Go/type 90 Epic Good 5.00 34 73575 Send Email 
Lobo She Didnt Do Magic/im The Only One  Big Tree Good 0.00 bt 116, c Send Email 
Locklin, Hank The Last Thing On My Mind/the Best 66 Rca Good 10.00 47 8928, lc Send Email 
Locklin, Hank The Girls Get Prettier/to Him 65 Rca Good 10.00 47 8695 Send Email 
Locklin, Hank The Girls Who Wait/where The Blue Of The 69 Rca Very Good 8.00 47 9710, lc Send Email 
Locklin, Hank Love Has A Mind Of Its Own/imagination 72 Rca Good 6.00 74 0634. lc Send Email 
Loggins & Messina My Music/a Love Song 73 Colu Good 5.00 4 45952, lc Send Email 
Loggins & Messina Peacemaker/when I Was A Child 76 Colu Fair 5.00 3 10311, lc Send Email 
Loggins, Dave Please Come To Boston/someday  Epic Hall Of Fame Very Good 0.00 15 02152, lc Send Email 
Loggins, Kenny Danger Zone/im Gonna Do It Right -ps-  Colu Very Good 0.00 38 05893, ps vg Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy Its Great To Be Alive/marry The One You Love  Decca Good 0.00 9 29215 Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy Love Me Sweet And Love Me Long/cannon Ball  Cap Good 0.00 f 3540 Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy Jingle Bells  Decca Good 0.00 4 record box set 9 362 records 9 27802 hell be coming down the 9 27802 g ls 9 28408 jingle bells/santa claus is comin to town g-ls 9 28409 white christmas/the merry christmas waltz g-ls 9 28410 frosty the snowman/rudolph the red nosed g-ls Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy The Jones Boy/woman  Decca Very Good 0.00 9 28985, lc 1/20 Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy Moonlight Saving Time/swingin In A Hammock  Decca Good 0.00 9 27016, lc Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy Valencia/orchids In The Moonlight  Decca Good 0.00 9 25270, c Send Email 
Lombardo, Guy 3 Record Album Set 9-11,  Decca Good 0.00 9-11, 9 23765-66-68, box fair Send Email 
London, Laurie Gospel Train,boomerang/in His Hands,handed Down 58 Cap Good 20.00 eap 1 10182, lc Send Email 
Long, Johnny & His Orchestra In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town/happy Birthday  Coral Good 0.00 9 65505 Send Email 
Lopez, Trini Pretty Little Girl/made In Paris 65 Reprise Good 8.00 0435 Send Email 
Lopez, Trini La Bamba/trinis Tune 66 Reprise Fair 8.00 0480 Send Email 
Lopez, Trini Somethin Bout You Baby I Like/sweet 75 Private Stock Good 5.00 psr 45024x Send Email 
Lopez, Trini Love Story/games People Play 69 Reprise Good 6.00 0879, lc Send Email 
Loranger, Sandi My Little Spark Of Love/tears Of Joy Fell  Jury Good 0.00 jr 3001, c, vancouver singer also recorded as sandi shore. released 7 45s this is 1959 and earliest release Send Email 
Lord, Bobby It Only Hurts When Im Laughing/losers 66 Hickory Fair 8.00 45 1389, plays thru on orp Send Email 
Lord, Bobby Life Can Have Meaning/pickin White Gold 63 Hickory Good 10.00 h 1232 Send Email 
Loren, Donna Ninety Day Guarantee/ten Good Reasons  Cap Good 0.00 5337 Send Email 
Loring, Gloria You Always Knew/friends And Lovers 86 Epic Good 5.00 zs4 06122 Send Email 
Lorrie, Myrna Die I Thought I Would/thats What Sweethearts  Rca Good 0.00 47 6807, white label prevue Send Email 
Loudermilk, John D. Th Wife/nothing To Gain 64 Rca Fair 12.00 47 8389, lc Send Email 
Loudermilk, John D. Thou Shalt Not Steal/mister Jones 62 Rca Good 12.00 47 7993 Send Email 
Louvin Brothers Ep Tragic Songs Of Life  Cap Good 0.00 eap 1 769, cuts katie dear, my brothers will/kentucky, ill be all smiles Send Email 
Louvin, Charlie My Book Of Memories 64 Cap Good 10.00 5173 Send Email 
Louvin, Charlie Tiny Wings/i Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow 70 Cap Fair 8.00 2770 Send Email 
Louvin, Ira And Charley Plenty Of Everything But You/the First One 57 Cap Good 20.00 f 3715 Send Email 
Love Unlimited Orchestra Loves Theme/sweet Moments 73 20th Century Fair 5.00 tc 2069 Send Email 
Love, Mary If You Change Your Mind/the Hurt Is  Josie Good 0.00 999, c Send Email 
Loveless, Patty On Down The Line/feelings Of Love  Mca Good 0.00 79004, lc Send Email 
Loveless, Patty Hurt Me Bad/god Will  Mca Good 0.00 s7 54178, lc Send Email 
Loveless, Patty Im That Kind Of Girl/some Morning Soon 90 Mca Good 5.00 s7 53977, lc Send Email 
Loveless, Patty You Will/you Dont Know How Lucky  Epic Good 0.00 34 77271 Send Email 
Loveless, Patty How Can I Help You Say Goodbye/how  Epic Fair 0.00 34 77416 Send Email 
Loveless, Patty Chains/im On Your Side 89 Mca Good 5.00 53764 Send Email 
Loveless, Patty The Nights Too Long/overtime 90 Mca Good 5.00 s7 52895 Send Email 
Loveless, Patty Halfway Down/feelin Good About Feelin Bad  Epic Good 0.00 34 77956 Send Email 
Loveless, Patty You Dont Even Know Who I Am/over  Epic Good 0.00 34 77856 Send Email 
Loveless, Patty When The Fallen Angels Fly/here I Am  Epic Good 0.00 34 77734 Send Email 
Loverboy Lucky Ones/gangs In The Street 82 Colu Good 5.00 c4 4314, lc, listing for diff # Send Email 
Loverboy Lady Of The 80s/doa  Colu Good 0.00 c4 4272, lc Send Email 
Loverboy Working For The Weekend/emotional 81 Colu Good 5.00 c4 4291, lc Send Email 
Loverboy Jump/take Me To The Top -ps- 82 Colu Good 5.00 38 03346, ps vg Send Email 
Ltd Stranger/sometimes 79 A&m Good 5.00 2192, lc Send Email 
Luba Everytime I See Your Picture/ravens Eyes  Cap Good 0.00 72899, lc Send Email 
Luba Innocent/take It Like A Woman -pc-  Cap Good 0.00 b 73003, sleeve vg Send Email 
Luboff Choir, The Norman Dance De Limbo,yellow Bird/balance,  Colu Good 0.00 b10002, lc Send Email 
Lulu Boy/sad Memories 68 Epic Good 8.00 5 10346, lc Send Email 
Lulu Shout/when He Touches Me 67 Parrot Good 10.00 par 40021, c Send Email 
Luman, Bob The File/bigger Men Than I 64 Hickory Good 12.00 h 1238, c Send Email 
Luman, Bob Old George Dickel/fire Engine Red 64 Hickory Fair 12.00 h 1277 Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Keep On Putting On/why Cant He Be You 77 Mca Good 5.00 40747 Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Weve Ome A Long Way Baby/i Cant 78 Mca Fair 5.00 40954 Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Ive Got A Picture Of Us On My Mind/ 79 Mca Fair 5.00 41129 Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Pregnant Again/youre A Cross I Cant 80 Mca Fair 4.00 41185 Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta Count On Me/same  Sesame St Good 0.00 sc 1, with the count Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty From Seven Till Ten/youre The Reason Our Kids 78 Mca Good 5.00 40920, lc Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty God Bless America Again/the Letter 76 Mca Very Good 5.00 40572, lc Send Email 
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty The Bed Im Dreaming On/i Cant Love 77 Mca Good 5.00 40728, lc Send Email 
Lynn, Vera Sincerely Yours -ep-  London Good 0.00 bep 6042, pc vg, cuts auf wiedersehn sweetheart,from the time you say goodbye/yours, the love of my life 1/20 Send Email 
Lynne, Shelby Ill Lie Myself To Sleep/what About The  Epic Good 0.00 34 73716 Send Email 
Mack, Lonnie Wham/suzie Q 63 Barry/fraternity Good 15.00 b 3206, c Send Email 
Mack, Onesy I Do Believe That Im Losing You/dollar To A Dime  Atl Fair 0.00 2938, c Send Email 
Mack, Warner The Bridge Washed Out/the Biggest Part  Decca Fair 0.00 31774, c, some skipping both sides Send Email 
Mackinnon, Charlie The Satellite Song/the Cumberland Mine  Rodeo Good 0.00 ro 222 Send Email 
Maddox, Johnny Hands Off/hop Scotch Boogie 55 Dot Good 15.00 15432 Send Email 
Maddox, Johnny Dont Get Around Much Anymore/sym 58 Dot Good 10.00 15730, c Send Email 
Maddox, Rose Let Me Kiss You For Old Times/somebody  Cap Good 0.00 5038 Send Email 
Madonna Papa Dont Preach/pretender  Sire Good 0.00 92 86607 Send Email 
Madonna Lucky Star/i Know It 84 Sire Good 8.00 92 91777 Send Email 
Madonna Dress You Up/shoo Bee Doo 85 Sire Good 0.00 92 89197, c, ps this # 85-50. Send Email 
Maggard, Cledus The White Knight/same  Merc Good 0.00 m73751, lc Send Email 
Magnificent Men, The I Could Be So Happy/you Changed My 67 Cap Good 8.00 5905, lc Send Email 
Main Ingredient Everybody Plays The Fool/who Can I Turn To 72 Rca Good 6.00 74 0731, lc Send Email 
Maltby, Richard Strictly Instrumental -ep-  Good 0.00 exa 76, cover good, 1/20 Send Email 
Manchester, Melissa Fire In The Morning/lights Of Dawn 80 Arista Good 5.00 as 0485 Send Email 
Manchester, Melissa My Boyfriends Back/looking For The  Arista Good 0.00 as1 9014, diff # listed Send Email 
Manchester, Melissa Midnight Blue/i Got Eyes  Arista Good 0.00 as 0116 Send Email 
Mancini, Henry A Shot In The Dark/the Shadows Of Paris  Rca Fair 0.00 8381 Send Email 
Mancini, Henry Love Theme From Romeo And Jul/windmills  Rca Good 0.00 74 0131 Send Email 
Mancini, Henry Moon River/breakfast At Tiffanys  Rca Good 0.00 47 7916 Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara The Best Of Strangers/sometime  Mca Good 0.00 51001 Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Happy Birthday Dear Heartache/a Mans  Mca Good 0.00 52340, lc Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Sleeping Single In A Double Bed/just 78 Abc Fair 5.00 1022 12403 Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara I Dont Want To Be Right/i Feel The Hurt Comin On 79 Mca Good 5.00 mab 12451, lc Send Email 
Mandrell, Barbara Crackers/using Him To Get To You  Mca Good 0.00 41263, lc Send Email 
Manhattan Transfer Spice Of Life/the Night That Monk  Atl Good 0.00 78 97867 Send Email 
Manhattan Transfer Operator/tuxedo Junction 75 Atl Good 5.00 3292, lc Send Email 
Manhattan Transfer Trickle Trickle/foreign Affair 80 Atl Good 10.00 at 3772, lc Send Email 
Manhattan Transfer Boy From New York City/confirmation 81 Atl Good 5.00 at 3816, lc Send Email 
Manhattans Everybody Has A Dream/happiness 78 Colu Good 5.00 3 10766, lc, vinyl g++ Send Email 
Manhattans Here Comes The Hurt Again/dont Say Goodbye 79 Colu Good 5.00 3 10921, lc Send Email 
Manhattans Shining Star/ill Never Run Away From 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11222, lc Send Email 
Manilow, Barry Looks Like We Made It/new York City Rhythm 77 Arista Good 4.00 as 0244, lc Send Email 
Manilow, Barry Some Kind Of Friend/heaven 83 Arista Good 5.00 as 1046, c Send Email 
Manilow, Barry Beautiful Music/tryin To Get The 76 Arista Good 4.00 as 0172 Send Email 
Manilow, Barry Mandy/somethings Comin Up 74 Bell Good 5.00 45613 Send Email 
Mann, Barry Talk To Me Baby/amy 64 Red Bird Good 15.00 b 3300, c, different record # Send Email 
Mann, Gloria Why Do Fools Fall In Love/partners For 56 Decca Fair 20.00 9 29832, c Send Email 
Mann, Manfred Sha La La/john Hardy  Cap Good 0.00 72199, lc Send Email 
Mann, Manfred Do Wah Diddy Diddy/sha La La  Cap Very Good 0.00 b0048, c Send Email 
Mann, Peter & The Lonely Shes The One I Want/do You Know What I Mean  A&m Good 0.00 xm 737 Send Email 
Mantovani Ep Tales From The Vienna Woods,morning Papers/  London Good 0.00 bep 6002, ps vg Send Email 
Mantovani Mexicali Rose, Lovely Lady/love Here  London Good 0.00 bep 6005, ps vg Send Email 
Mantovani Ep-diane,babette/charmaine, Just For  London Good 0.00 bep 6013, ps vg Send Email 
Mantovani Ep-barcarolle,so Deep Is The Night/  London Good 0.00 bep 6117, ps fair Send Email 
Mantovani Take The A Train/the Bowery  London Good 0.00 9626 Send Email 
Mantovani Music Of Victor Herbert -pc-  London Fair 0.00 bep 6075, ep, cover fair Send Email 
Mantovani & His Orchestra Ep Big Four  London Good 0.00 bep 6148 Send Email 
Mantovani & His Orchestra Dance Contrasts/cont -ep-  London Good 0.00 bep 6166, 4 cuts Send Email 
Manuela Helicopter Us Navy 66/monopoly  Telefunken Good 0.00 u 56074 Send Email 
Marcel Tom Hawk Henry & The Country Royals Give Your Head A Shake/its Raining Over Morley  Horizon Good 0.00 wstm 457607 Send Email 
Maresca, Ernie Shout Shout/crying Like A Baby Over You 62 Seville Good 25.00 sv 117, c, see r&b p/g7?-6 Send Email 
Marks, Guy Loving You Has Made Me Bananas/ 68 Sparton/abc Good 8.00 p 1668 Send Email 
Marlo, Micki What Youve Done To Me/thats Right 57 Sparton/abc Good 30.00 4 479r, lc, vocal assist by paul anka Send Email 
Marterie, Ralph Shish Kebab/dop A Doo Bop A Doo 57 Mercury Good 10.00 71092 Send Email 
Marterie, Ralph In A Persian Market/  Mercury Celebrity Good 0.00 c 30069 Send Email 
Marterie, Ralph Dry Marterie/skokiaan  Mercury Gold Good 0.00 c 30021 Send Email 
Martin, Barry When Youre Smiling/hello Love  London Good 0.00 f 55137, c, 1/20 Send Email 
Martin, Dean Volare/outta My Mind 58 Cap Good 8.00 f 4028, lc Send Email 
Martin, Freddy The Aba Daba Honeymoon/beautiful Madness  Rca Good 0.00 47 4065, lc-vg a side Send Email 
Martin, Grady Anniversary Song/happy Birthday  Decca Good 0.00 28472 Send Email 
Martin, Grady Ep-people Will Say Were In Love, Beer Barrel Polka/  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2298 Send Email 
Martin, Shane I Keep It Hid/come Into My Heart  Epic Good 0.00 5 10431 Send Email 
Martin, Tony Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye/you Call It  Rca Good 0.00 47 3049, lc Send Email 
Martin, Tony Circus/no No And No  Rca Good 0.00 47 2947 Send Email 
Martin, Tony Memories -ep-  Mercury Good 0.00 a32 x45, box set 1059-60-61, cover good Send Email 
Martin, Vincent Cindy Oh Cindy/only If You Praise The 56 Apex/glory Good 20.00 9 76100 Send Email 
Martindale, Wink Deck Of Cards/now You Know How It Feels 59 Dot Good 12.00 15968 Send Email 
Martino, Al To The Door Of The Sun/mary Go Lightly 74 Cap Good 5.00 3987, lc Send Email 
Martino, Al The Minute Youre Gone/wiedersehn 66 Capitol Good 6.00 5652 Send Email 
Martino, Al Think Ill Go Somewhere And Cry 66 Cap Good 6.00 5598 Send Email 
Martino, Al Daddys Little Girl/i Love You More And  Starline Good 0.00 6225 Send Email 
Martino, Al We Could/sunrise To Sunrise 64 Cap Good 8.00 5293 Send Email 
Marx, Richard Hold On To The Nights/lonely Heart  Emi Good 0.00 b 50106, lc Send Email 
Master Singers Weather Forecast/roadilore  Cap Very Good 0.00 72466 Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny Ep-come To Me,wild Is The Wind/no Love, 57 Colu Fair 15.00 b 2143, lc Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny Its Not For Me To Say/warm And Tender 57 Colu Good 12.00 4 40851, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Mathis, Johnny Misty/the Story Of Our Love 59 Colu Good 10.00 4 41483, lc Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy 18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses/liks S 88 Mercury Good 5.00 870 148 7, c Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Nobodys Gonna Rain On Our Parade/grand Canyon  Mercury Good 0.00 422 858 800 7 Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Burnin Old Memories/hills Of Albam  Mercury Good 0.00 874 672 7 Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Come From The Heart/true North  Mercury Good 0.00 872766 7, c Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Listen To The Radio/standing Knee Deep  Mercury Good 0.00 864 810 7, c Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Heres Hopin/she Came From Fort Worth  Mercury Fair 0.00 876 746 7 Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Time Passes By/what Could Of Been  Mercury Good 0.00 878 934 7 Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy A Few Good Things Remain/evenin 90 Mercury Good 5.00 878 246 7 Send Email 
Mattea, Kathy Leaving West Virginia/the Battle Hymn Of  Mercury Good 0.00 875 692 7 Send Email 
Matthews, Ian Shake It/stealin Home 78 Mushroom Good 5.00 m 7039, c Send Email 
Mauriat, Paul San Francisco/i Waited For You 68 Philips Good 6.00 40550 Send Email 
Maye, Marilyn Feelin/mr Clown  Rca Good 0.00 47 9689, lc Send Email 
Mcauley, Jackie Its Alright/turning Green  Dawn Good 0.00 dns 1011 Send Email 
Mcbride And The Ride Can I Count On You/turn To Blue  Mca Good 0.00 s7 54022, lc Send Email 
Mcbride And The Ride Hurry Sundown/just The Thought Of  Mca Good 0.00 mcas7 54688 Send Email 
Mcbride, Martina True Blue Fool/independence Day  Rca Good 0.00 62828 7, lc Send Email 
Mcbride, Martina Heart Trouble/that Wasnt Me  Rca Good 0.00 62961 7, lc Send Email 
Mcbride, Martina Life #9/safe In Th Arms Of Love  Rca Good 0.00 64345 7, lc Send Email 
Mcbride, Martina Two More Bottles Of Wine/wild Angels  Rca Good 0.00 64437 7, lc Send Email 
Mcbride, Martina Swingin Doors/phhones Are Ringin  Rca Good 0.00 64610, lc Send Email 
Mcbride, Martina Beyond The Blue/phones Are Ringin All  Rca Good 0.00 64487 7 Send Email 
Mccall, C. W. Roses For Mama/columbine 77 Polydor Good 5.00 pd 14420, lc Send Email 
Mccall, C. W. Green River/there Wont Be No Country 76 Polydor Good 5.00 pd 14310 Send Email 
Mccall, Darrel Dear One/ive Been Known  Philips Good 0.00 40015 Send Email 
Mccall, Darren A Stranger Was Here/im A Little Bit Lonely 62 Philips Good 10.00 40079, c, listed as darrel and on wikipedia as darrel on vinyl darren Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly Love Left Over/the Very Best Is You  Epic Good 0.00 14 02656, c Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly Surround Me With Love/hes Back  Epic Good 0.00 19 01045 Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly Radio Heart/you Make Me Feel So  Epic Good 0.00 34 04777, c Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly & Gilley, Mickey Paradise Tonight/the Four Seasons Of Love  Epic Good 0.00 34 04007, c Send Email 
Mcclain, Charly & Gilley, Mickey The Right Stuff/we Got A Love Thing  Epic Good 0.00 34 04489 Send Email 
Mccoo, Marilyn, & Billy Davis, Jr. Wonderful/hard Road Down 77 Abc Good 5.00 1022 12316 Send Email 
Mccoo, Marilyn, & Billy Davis, Jr. You Dont Have To Be A Star/weve Got To Get It On 76 Abc Good 5.00 1022 12208 Send Email 
Mccoy, Clyde Ive Found A New Baby/sugar Blues  Decca Good 0.00 9 25014 Send Email 
Mccoy, Neal The City Put The Country Back In Me/why  Atl Good 0.00 7 87213, lc Send Email 
Mccoy, Neal Youre Backin Up/for A Change  Atl Good 0.00 7 87176, lc Send Email 
Mccoy, Neal You Gotta Love That/if I Was A Drinkin Man  Atl Good 0.00 7 87120, lc Send Email 
Mccoys, The Jesse Brady/resurrection 68 Mercury Good 8.00 72843 Send Email 
Mccrae, George Rock Your Baby/ Pt 2 74 Rca Good 5.00 kpbo 1004 Send Email 
Mccready, Mindy A Girls Gotta Do/maybe Hell Notice  Bna Good 0.00 64757 7, lc Send Email 
Mcdaniel, Luke Money Bag Woman/hurts Me So  Quality/king Fair 0.00 4259, label unreadable except for song titles, real name jeff daniels rockabilly of value Send Email 
Mcdowell, Ronnie I Never Felt So Much Love/step Back 82 Epic Good 5.00 14 03203 Send Email 
Mcdowell, Ronnie Worlds Greatest Lover/i Just Cut 82 Epic Fair 5.00 14 02884, c Send Email 
Mcenearney Mano Marcellin Do Dem Back/leh Me Go  Artillana Good 0.00 1025 recorded in trinidad, barbados label Send Email 
Mcentire, Pake Heart Vs Heart/good For You  Rca Good 0.00 5092 7 r Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Cathys Clown/walk On 89 Mca Good 5.00 53638, lc Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba The Night The Lights Went Out In Geogia/  Mca Good 0.00 mcas7 54386 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba And Still/i Wont Stand In Line  Mca Good 0.00 55047, lc Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Rumor Has It/you Remember Me 90 Mca Good 5.00 53970 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Fallin Out Of Love/now You Tell Me  Mca Good 0.00 54108 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Whoevers In New England/cant Stop Now 85 Mca Fair 5.00 52767 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Love Will Find Its Way To You/someone Else  Mca Good 0.00 53244 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba I Know How He Feels/so So So Long  Mca Good 0.00 53402 Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Walk On/it Always Rains On Saturday  Mca Good 0.00 79009, lc Send Email 
Mcentire, Reba Somebody Should Leave/dont You Believe Him 85 Mca Good 5.00 52527, lc Send Email 
Mcgovern, Maureen The Morning After/nice To Be Around  Casablanca Very Good 0.00 814 604 7 Send Email 
Mcgraw, Tim One Of These Days/just To See You Smile  Curb Good 0.00 d7 73056 Send Email 
Mcgraw, Tim I Like It I Love It/same  Curb Good 0.00 d7 76961, c Send Email 
Mcgraw, Tim Refried Dreams/not A Moment Too Soon  Curb Good 0.00 d7 76931 Send Email 
Mcguinn, Clark & Hillman Sad Boy/dont You Write Her Off 79 Cap Good 5.00 4693 Send Email 
Mcguire, Barry Eve Of Destruction/hang On Sloopy  Rca Gg Good 0.00 d 1425, lc Send Email 
Mckinney, Pat Pour Me A Little More Wine/thats Not Going To Ch  Mega Very Good 0.00 615 0073, c Send Email 
Mclauchlan, Murray Little Dreamer/sane  True North Good 0.00 demodjtn4 126 Send Email 
Mclean, Don Castles In The Air/crazy Eyes 81 Millennium Good 5.00 yb 11819 Send Email 
Mclean, Don Its Just The Sun/words And Music 81 Millennium Good 5.00 yb 11809 Send Email 
Mclean, Don It Doesnt Matter Anymore/if We Try 78 Arista Good 5.00 as 0379, lc Send Email 
Mclennan, James White Lies/meet Me On The Ledge  Bird Mountain Good 0.00 no #, c Send Email 
Mcnarland, Darcy Frank Slide/forever Lasting Love -ps-  Chinook Good 0.00 wrc3 3858, ps vg, alberta label Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde A Lovers Question/treasure Of Love  Atl Good 0.00 a 3117, lc, re release Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde Come What May/let Me Know 58 Atl Good 30.00 1185, c Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde Teasure Of Love/when Youre Sincere 56 Quality/atl Good 40.00 k1486, c Send Email 
Medeiros, Glenn Nothings Gonna Change My Love For  A&m Good 0.00 721 Send Email 
Medley, Bill I Still Do/ive Got Dreams To Remember  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13753 Send Email 
Mehta, Zubin Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture/romeo And  London Good 0.00 69670, conducting la philharmonic orch Send Email 
Meisner, Randy Deep Inside My Heart/i Need You Bad 80 Epic Good 4.00 9 50939 Send Email 
Melachrino, George Christmas In High Fidelity  Rca Good 0.00 epc 1045 547 0440-1-2, 3 record box st, cover vg Send Email 
Melanie Record People/id Rather Leave While Im In Love 78 Midsong Good 5.00 40858, c Send Email 
Mellencamp, John Cougar Small Town/same -ps-  Riva Good 0.00 rs 218, ps vg Send Email 
Mellons, Ken Workin For The Weekend/keepin It Country  Epic Good 0.00 34 778861 Send Email 
Mellons, Ken Jukebox Junkie/rub A Dubbin  Epic Good 0.00 34 78066, lc Send Email 
Mellons, Ken Jukebox Junkie/the Pleasures All Mine  Epic Good 0.00 34 77579 Send Email 
Melvin, Harold, & The Blue Notes If You Dont Know Me By Now/let Me Into 72 Colu Phila Int Good 5.00 zs7 3520, lc Send Email 
Men At Work Dr Heckyll & Mr Jive  Colu Good 0.00 38 04111, lc. p/g shows as demo only Send Email 
Mendes, Sergio Alibis/confetti  A&m Good 0.00 am 2639 Send Email 
Mendez, Rafael Ep-musetta,dance Of The Comedians/  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2612 Send Email 
Mercey Brothers Fancy Cars And Late Night Bars/comin  Mbs Good 0.00 mbs 1008 Send Email 
Mercey Brothers Makin The Night The Best Part Of My Day/  Mbs Good 0.00 1025 Send Email 
Mercey Brothers Sweet Harmony/the Same Mistake  Mbs Good 0.00 1030 Send Email 
Mercy Mercy It Must Be Heaven/pt 2  Island Good 0.00 97019, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
Meredith, Buddy Almost Out Of My Mind/trapper Man 64 Apex/rice Good 12.00 76910, c Send Email 
Merian, Leon Bing Bang Bong/one Day Ill Buy A Trumpet  Decca Good 0.00 9 30700, c 1/20 Send Email 
Merrie Musette Orchestra Where Are You Blue Eyes/play Hurdy Gurdy Play  Rca Good 0.00 51 0019, blue vinyl, vocal refrain by the continental capers Send Email 
Merril, Lee The Ballad Of The Green Hornet/off The Wall  Boom Good 0.00 bm 60 013 Send Email 
Merryweather Curiosity/feeling Of Freedom  Capitol Good 0.00 2537, lc Send Email 
Messer, Don Little Rubber Dollie/hill Lilly  Apex Good 0.00 9 26292 Send Email 
Messina, Jo Dee Walk To The Light/heads Carolina Tails  Curb Good 0.00 d7 76982, c Send Email 
Miami Sound Machine Bad Boy/surrender Paradise 86 Epic Very Good 4.00 34 05805 Send Email 
Midler, Bette Married Men/bang Youre Dead 79 Atl Good 5.00 at 3582 demo Send Email 
Midler, Bette Night And Day/the Girl Is On To You 90 Atl Good 5.00 7 87825 Send Email 
Midler, Bette The Rose/when A Man Loves A Woman  Atlantic Gs Good 0.00 gs 45775, also copy on atl oldies series os 13222 Send Email 
Midnight Call Me/its Never Too Late  Unison Very Good 0.00 un 3901, c Send Email 
Midnight Star Operator/playmates 84 Solar Good 3.00 96 96847, r&b p/l Send Email 
Midnite Rodeo Band Nashville Just Wrote/hobo Without A  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50609 Send Email 
Midnite Rodeo Band Fast Love/lay It Easy  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50641 Send Email 
Midnite Rodeo Band Slow Lovin/sometimes Good  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50767 Send Email 
Mighty Clouds Of Joy Mighty High/touch My Soul 76 Abc Fair 5.00 1022 12164, c Send Email 
Mighty Clouds Of Joy Time/youre Doin It On Your Own 74 Abc Dunhill Good 5.00 d 15012, lc Send Email 
Migil 5 Near You/dont Wanna Go On Shaking 64 Pye Fair 20.00 738, c Send Email 
Miles, Shan Soul People/pt 2  Shout Fair 0.00 222, c Send Email 
Miller, Eddie "piano" Why Worry//funny Melody  Rca Good 0.00 47 4641, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn In The Mood/little Brown Jug  Rca Good 0.00 wp148, 47 2853 Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Pennsylvania Six Five Thousand/star  Rca Very Good 0.00 wp 148, 47 2854, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn American Patrol/song Of The Volga  Rca Fair 0.00 wp 148, 47 2852, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-st Louis Blues, Tiger Rag/everybody  Rca Good 0.00 side 2 &3 of ep epb 1193, by itself 547 0823, ps fair Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Side 6-15 Set Spd 18  Rca Fair 0.00 cuts moon over miami,a million dreams ago,aloha,baby me, rainbow rhapsody/boulder buff,sweet eloise,caribbean clipper Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Side 9 & 12 Set Spd 18  Rca Fair 0.00 599 9111, cuts devil may care,sleepy town train,one oclock jump/sun valley jump,string of pearls, flagwaver Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Chattanooga Choo Choo/kalamazoo  Rca Good 0.00 27 0026, c Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Spd 18 Side 1& 20  Rca Fair 0.00 cuts moonlight serenade, perfidia, wonderful one/love with a capital you,down for the count, bless you Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Juke Box Saturday Night/that Old Black Magic  Rca Good 0.00 27 0035 Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-moonlight Serenade,perfidia, Wonderful One/  Rca Good 0.00 spd 18 599 9103, lc, set of 10 records Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina  Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9104, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-japanese Sandman,whats The Matter With Me  Rca Good 0.00 spd 18 599 9105, sides 3 & 18 10 record set Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-little Street In Singapore,fools Rush In,  Rca Good 0.00 spd18, 599 9106, sides 4 & 17, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-guess Ill Have To Change My Plan  Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9107, sides 5 & 16, 10 record set, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-moon Over Miami,a Million Dreams  Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9108, sides 6&15, 10 record set. as per popsike 2 sold in 2019 for 20. and 25 cad for set Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-my Darling,blueberry Hill,i Cant Get 54 Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9109, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-chattanooga Choo Choo,american Patrol 54 Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9110, sides 8 &13, 10 record set Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Ep-devil May Care,sleepy Town Train,one 54 Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9111, lc Send Email 
Miller, Glenn Skiphorn Jive,little Brown Jug,farewell 54 Rca Good 0.00 spd 18, 599 9112, sides 10-11 of set, lc Send Email 
Miller, Kathy Put Your Head On My Shoulder/make  Deltron Good 0.00 79040 Send Email 
Miller, Mitch Happy Whistlin Blues/ Same Instrumen  Colu Good 0.00 4 42305 Send Email 
Miller, Ned From A Jack To A King/parade Of Broken Hearts  Quality Gold Good 0.00 qgt 037 Send Email 
Miller, Roger Dang Me/chug A Lug  Merc Cel Series Good 0.00 cs 6024, lc Send Email 
Miller, Steve Rock N Me/shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma 76 Cap Good 5.00 4323, lc Send Email 
Miller, Steve Fly Like An Eagle/lovin Cup 76 Cap Good 5.00 4372 Send Email 
Milli Vanilli Baby Dont Forget My Number/too Much Monkey Busin  Arista Good 0.00 as1 9832 Send Email 
Mills Brothers My Shy Violet/the Flower Road  Dot Good 0.00 17096 Send Email 
Mills Brothers Famous Barber Shop Ballads -ep-  Decca Very Good 0.00 ed 563 91121 & 22, cover vg, 2 ep set Send Email 
Mills Brothers Caravan,solitude/it Dont Mean A Thing,georgia On Decca Good 30.00 ed 2046, ep cover vg 1/20 Send Email 
Mills, Frank On The Move/breakaway  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 2125 Send Email 
Mills, Frank The Happy Song/wish I Werent Alone  Polydor Good 0.00 pds 2153 Send Email 
Mills, Stephanie Never Knew Love Like This Before/still Mine 81 20th Very Good 5.00 tc 2460, c Send Email 
Mills, Stephanie Never Knew Love Like This Before/what Cha Gonna   Casablanca Very Good 0.00 814 678 7, lc Send Email 
Milsap, Ronnie Daydreams About Night Things/play Born To Lose A  Rca Good 0.00 pb 10335, lc Send Email 
Milsap, Ronnie Snap Your Fingers/same  Rca Good 0.00 5169 7 r Send Email 
Milsap, Ronnie Selfish/what A Difference Youve Made In My Life 77 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11146, lc Send Email 
Milsap, Ronnie No Gettin Over Me/i Live My Whole 81 Rca Fair 0.00 pb 12264 Send Email 
Mink Deville You Better Move On/she Was Made In  Atl Good 0.00 at 3864, lc Send Email 
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra Music Of Johann Strauss  Rca Good 0.00 wdm 262, 49 0269-73, 5 record box set, red vinyl, box good Send Email 
Mirage No Place To Hide,takin Over/im All Right  Big Cheese Good 0.00 ep 1004, last cut see me through the night, california label Send Email 
Mirettes In The Midnight Hour/to Love Somebody 68 Revue Good 10.00 r 11004, c Send Email 
Mitchell, Guy Ridin Around In The Rain/sunshine Guitar 60 Colu Fair 8.00 4 41853, lc Send Email 
Mitchell, Kim Rocklandwonderland/o Mercy Louise  Alert Good 0.00 bd8 538 Send Email 
Mizzy, Vic The Addams Family/kentucky Jones 64 Rca Good 20.00 47 8477, lc Send Email 
Molly Hatchet Gunsmoke/flirtin With Disaster 80 Epic Good 5.00 9 50822, lc Send Email 
Molly Hatchet Satisfied Man/same  Epic Very Good 0.00 34 04648, lc, white label demo Send Email 
Money, Eddie Two Tickets To Paradise/dont6 Worry 78 Colu Good 5.00 3 10765 Send Email 
Money, Eddie Backtrack/the Big Crash  Colu Good 0.00 38 04199, lc Send Email 
Money, Eddie I Wanna Go Back/broken Down Chevy  Colu Good 0.00 38 06569 Send Email 
Money, Eddie Bad Boy/the Love In Your Eyes  Colu Good 0.00 38 68532 Send Email 
Monitors Time Is Passing By/step By Step 68 Soul  15.00 35049 Send Email 
Monkees Last Train To Clarksville/monkees Theme  Flashback Very Good 0.00 flb 70, c Send Email 
Monkees Im A Believer/pleasant Valley Sunday  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 71, c Send Email 
Monkees Daydream Believer/steppin Stone  Flashback Good 0.00 flb 72, c Send Email 
Monks Drugs In My Pocket/love In Stereo  Cap Good 0.00 72831, lc Send Email 
Monro, Matt Around The World/walk Away  Cap Good 0.00 72190 Send Email 
Monro, Matt Softly As I Leave You/is There Anything 62 Liberty Good 10.00 f 55449 Send Email 
Monroe, Bill Brand New Shoes/sally Jo  Decca Good 0.00 9 30647 Send Email 
Monroe, Vaughn On The Moon Beam  Rca Very Good 45.00 wp 142, cover vg, 47 2830-31-32 box set vg, listed individually 49-15 each Send Email 
Monroe, Vaughn Look For The Silver Lining/a Kiss In 49 Rca Good 15.00 47 2944 part of box set wp 246 Send Email 
Monroes What Do All The People Know/yamarock  Colu Good 0.00 alf 7119 Send Email 
Monte Video & The Cassettes Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop/dont  Geffen Good 0.00 92 94947 Send Email 
Montgomery , Melba Hes Out There With Her Somewhere/my 66 Musicor/colu Good 10.00 mu4 1182 Send Email 
Montgomery, Melba Hallelujah Road/life Beyond Death 68 Colu Good 10.00 mu 4 1324, lc Send Email 
Montgomery, Melba Whats To Become Of Whats Left Of Me/everydays 69 Colu Good 10.00 mu 4 1344, lc Send Email 
Mooney, Art, And His Orchestra Paddlin Madelin Home/alabama Jubilee 55 Mgm Good 12.00 k 12000 Send Email 
Moonglows, Harvey & Unemployment/mama Loocie 59 Chess Good 25.00 1738, c, record shows harvey and p/g listing under moonmglowe Send Email 
Moore, Dorothy Love Me/i Believe You  Rca Jamaica Good 0.00 1042 Send Email 
More, Joan Rain/swiss Chalet  Felsted Fair 0.00 8500 Send Email 
Morgan, George Dear John/happy Endings  Colu Good 0.00 4 43216, lc Send Email 
Morgan, Jane Till I Waltz Again With You/side By  Epic Good 0.00 5 9847, c Send Email 
Morgan, Jane Lord And Master/wheres The Boy 60 Kapp Good 10.00 k351, c Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie Except For Monday/hand Over Your Heart  Rca Good 0.00 62105 7 Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me/shes Takin Him Back Again  Bna Good 0.00 62333 7, c Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie What Part Of No/you Leave Me Like This  Bna Good 0.00 62414 7, lc Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie My Night To Howl/evening Up The Odds  Bna Good 0.00 62767 7 Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie If You Came Back From Heaven/exit 99  Bna Good 0.00 62864 7 Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie Heart Over Mind/the Hard Part Was Easy  Bna Good 0.00 62946 7 Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie Out Of Your Shoes/one More Last Time  Rca Good 0.00 9016 7 r Send Email 
Morgan, Lorrie Five Minutes/ill Take The Memories 90 Rca Good 5.00 9118 7 r, lc Send Email 
Morgan, Russ Till I Waltz Again With You/must I Cry  Decca Good 0.00 9 28539 Send Email 
Morgan, Russ Say You Do/the Hokey Pokey  Decca Good 0.00 9 28994 Send Email 
Morgan, Russ Cruising Down The River,you You You Are The One/  Decca Good 0.00 ep- ed 2009, cover vg 1/20 Send Email 
Morrison, Rick Dont Cry For Me Argentina/childs Play  Tembo Good 0.00 ts 8604 Send Email 
Morrow, Buddy I Wonder Why/heap Big Beat  Rca Fair 0.00 47 5295, blue vinyl Send Email 
Morrow, Buddy Rio Rita/shadow Waltz  Rca Good 0.00 47 3994, c Send Email 
Morse, Peter Think Its Gonna Rain/ballad For Ophey  Cap Very Good 0.00 2307, lc Send Email 
Mosby, Johnny & Jonie Trouble In My Arms/whos Been Cheatin 64 Colu Good 10.00 4 42841 Send Email 
Motels Take The L/mission Of Mercy  Cap Good 0.00 b 5149, lc Send Email 
Motels Change My Mind/only The Lonely 82 Cap Good 4.00 b 5114, lc Send Email 
Motels Envy/whose Problem 80 Cap Good 5.00 4937, lc Send Email 
Mouskouri, Nana Come With Me/lullabye Of Love  Grand Good 0.00 gs 8000 Send Email 
Mouskouri, Nana Keeping The Love Alive/maybe This  Philips Very Good 0.00 104 Send Email 
Mouskouri, Nana Carry Me On/chanter La Vie  Philips Good 0.00 101 Send Email 
Mouskouri, Nana Rosers Love Sunshine/nickels And  Cachet Good 0.00 cs4 4500 Send Email 
Moving Pictures What About Me/joni And The Romeo  Network Good 0.00 96 99527 Send Email 
Mr. T Dont Talk To Strangers/same  Colu Good 0.00 38 04701, lc, white label demo Send Email 
Muldaur, Maria Im A Woman/cool River 74 Reprise Good 5.00 rep 1319 Send Email 
Munn, Frank Favorite Love Songs -ep-  Camden Good 0.00 cae 252, cover vg Send Email 
Munro, Bev Hello Operator/be Nice To Everybody  Cap Good 0.00 72543, lc Send Email 
Murphey, Michael A Mansion On The Hill/renegade 76 Epic Good 5.00 8 50184 Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin Let The Cowboy Dance/red River Valley  Wb Good 0.00 7 19412 Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Logic/spanish Is The Lovin Tongue  Wb Good 0.00 7 19724 Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin A Face In The Crowd/uoure History  Wb Good 0.00 92 84717 Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin Rollin Nowhere/face To Face With The Night  Wb Good 0.00 92 86947 Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin Disenchanted/sacred Heart  Liberty Good 0.00 b 1517 Send Email 
Murphey, Michael Martin Wildfire/a Mansion On The Hill  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 15 2348, lc Send Email 
Murphy, David Lee Every Time I Get Around You/pirates Cove  Mca Good 0.00 55186 Send Email 
Murphy, David Lee Dust On The Bottle/mama N Them  Mca Good 0.00 54944 Send Email 
Murphy, David Lee Genuine Rednecks/same  Mca Good 0.00 55269 Send Email 
Murphy, Mark The Best Is Yet To Come/come Rain Or  Fontana Good 0.00 f 1510, white label not for sale Send Email 
Murphy, Turk, And His Jazz Band Ep-ace In The Hole,silver Dollar/the Torch,frank  Colu Good 0.00 ep b 1686, lc, 1/20 Send Email 
Murphy, Walter Band Themes From E.t./your Planet Or  Mca Fair 0.00 52099 Send Email 
Murphy, Walter Band A Fifth Of Beethoven/california Strut 76 Private Stock Good 5.00 psr 45073x Send Email 
Murray, Anne Daydream Believer/do You Think Of Me 79 Capitol Good 5.00 4813 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Lucky Me/somebodys Waiting 80 Capitol Good 5.00 4848 Send Email 
Murray, Anne You Needed Me/i Still Wish The Very Best For You 78 Cap Good 5.00 4574 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Dannys Song/drown Me 72 Cap Good 4.00 3481 Send Email 
Murray, Anne I Just Fall In Love Again/just To Feel This 79 Cap Very Good 5.00 4675 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Snowbird/rain  Cap Fair 0.00 72623 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Could I Have This Dance/somebodys 80 Cap Good 5.00 4920 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Cotton Jenny/destiny  Cap Good 0.00 72657, lc Send Email 
Murray, Anne Song For The Mira/fallin In Love  Cap Good 0.00 72910 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Its All I Can Do/if A Heart Must Be 81 Capitol Good 5.00 a 5023 Send Email 
Murray, Anne On And On/gotcha 86 Capitol Good 3.00 b5655 Send Email 
Murray, Anne Somebodys Always Saying Goodbye/ 82 Capitol Good 3.00 b 5183, lc Send Email 
Murray, Anne Snowbird/put Your Hand In The Hand  Cap Starline Good 0.00 617s Send Email 
Murray, Anne Blessed Are The Believers/only Love 81 Cap Good 5.00 4987, ps vg Send Email 
Mustapha Spanish -ep-  Barclay Good 0.00 bcge 28219, bob azzam, ps good, center piece in Send Email 
Myrth We Got To Get Together/get It Straight  Rca Very Good 0.00 74 0191, lc Send Email 
Mysner, Billy Little Ol Rock N Roll Band/one Fine  Astra Good 0.00 as 456319 Send Email 
Nabors, Jim It Wont Hurt To Try It/the End  Colu Good 0.00 4 45636 Send Email 
Naked Eyes The Time Is Now/always Something There To Remind 83 Emi America Good 5.00 b 8155 Send Email 
Nash The Slash 1984/same  Quality Good 0.00 sq 703, c, promo Send Email 
Nash, Johnny Kisses/somebody 60 Abc Param Good 15.00 45 10 160, c Send Email 
Natural Its Good To Have A Friend/in My Life  Celebration Good 0.00 cel 2013, c Send Email 
Nazareth This Flight Tonite/love Hurts  A&m Good 0.00 8585, lc, a&m memories, double hit Send Email 
Nazareth Holiday/ship Of Dreams 80 A&m Good 5.00 2219, lc Send Email 
Nelson, Phyllis Move Closer/take Me Nowhere  Carrere Good 0.00 104414, aussie/new z? Send Email 
Nelson, Rick Be Bop Baby/have I Told You Lately 57 Imperial Good 50.00 im 5463, c Send Email 
Nelson, Rick Believe What You Say/travelin Man  Silver Spotlight Good 0.00 x 74, lc, vinyl good++ Send Email 
Nelson, Ricky Stood Up/waitin In School -ps- 57 Imperial Good 70.00 im 5483, c good, ac Send Email 
Nelson, Sandy Teen Beat 65/kittys Theme 64 Imperial Fair 12.00 im 66060, c Send Email 
Nelson, Willie Im Gonna Sit Right Down And/over The Rainbow 81 Colu Good 4.00 18 02187, lc Send Email 
Nelson, Willie If I Were A Painting/nothing I Can Do  Colu Good 0.00 38 68923 Send Email 
Nelson, Willie Living In The Promiseland/bach Minuet  Colu Fair 0.00 38 05834 Send Email 
Nelson, Willie If Youve Got The Money Ive Got The Time/ 76 Colu Good 5.00 3 10383. lc Send Email 
Nelson, Willie The Pilgrim Chapter 33/help Me Make 79 Colu Good 4.00 1 11126 Send Email 
Nelson, Willie Midnight Rider/so You Think Youre A 80 Colu Good 4.00 1 11257, lc Send Email 
Nelson, Willie Always On My Mind/the Partys Over  Colu Good 4.00 18 02741, lc Send Email 
Nelson, Willie & Pierce, Webb Back Street Affair/in The Jailhouse Now 82 Colu Good 4.00 38 03231, lc Send Email 
Nena Just A Dream/kino  Epic Good 0.00 ie4 7011 Send Email 
Nesbitt, Jim Husband In Law/new Frontier  Merc Good 0.00 s 1746x, lc Send Email 
Nevil, Robbie Wots It To Ya/same 87 Manhattan Good 10.00 b50075, lc Send Email 
Nevil, Robbie Back On Holiday/too Soon  Manhattan Very Good 0.00 b 50152 Send Email 
Neville, Aaron Everybody Plays The Fool/house Onj A  A&m Good 0.00 75021 1563 7, lc Send Email 
New Edition Earth Angel/with You All The Way 86 Mca Good 3.00 52905, lcr&b p/g Send Email 
New Kids On The Block Hangin Tough/didnt I  Colu Good 0.00 38 68960 Send Email 
New Monkees What I Want/corner Of My Eye  Wb Good 0.00 92 81887, lc, small hole 45 Send Email 
New Yorkers Mary Poppins Polka/forever & Ever  Pan Good 0.00 45-157, pc good Send Email 
Newman, Jimmy Carmelita/born To Love You  Decca Very Good 0.00 32366, lc Send Email 
Newman, Jimmy Give Me Heaven/alligator Man  Decca Fair 0.00 31324 Send Email 
Newman, Jimmy Walkin Down The Road/angels Cryin  Mgm Good 0.00 12830 Send Email 
Newman, Jimmy C. Angel On Leave/summer Skies And  Decca Good 0.00 31609, c Send Email 
Newman, Jimmy C. The Potato Song/lache Pas La Patate  Deram Good 0.00 df 518, c Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Please Mr Please/and In The Morning 75 Mca Good 10.00 40418, ps good Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Heart Attack/strangers Touch  Mca Very Good 0.00 52100, ps vg Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Hes My Rock/something Better To Do 75 Mca Good 5.00 40459 Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Make A Move On Me/falling 82 Mca Very Good 5.00 52000, pc fair Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia I Honestly Love You/home Aint Home Anymore 74 Mca Good 5.00 40280 Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia If You Love Me/brotherly Love  Mca Good 0.00 40209, lc Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Let Me Be There/maybe Then Ill Think Of You 73 Mca Good 5.00 40101 Send Email 
Newton John , Olivia Magic/fool Country 80 Mca Good 5.00 41247 Send Email 
Newton John, Olivia Suddenly/you Made Me Love You 80 Mca Good 4.00 51007, a side with cliff richard Send Email 
Newton, Juice Heart Of The Night/love Sail Away 82 Cap Good 4.00 5192 Send Email 
Newton, Juice Hurt/eye Of Ba Hurricane  Rca Good 0.00 pb 14199, lc Send Email 
Newton, Juice Old Flame/one Touch  Rca Good 0.00 pb 14295 Send Email 
Newton, Juice Dirty Looks/twenty Years Ago 83 Cap Good 5.00 b 5289, lc Send Email 
Newton, Juice Break It To Me Gently/adios Mi Corazon 82 Cap Good 4.00 b 5148, lc Send Email 
Newton, Juice Cheap Love/old Flame  Rca Good 0.00 pb 14417, lc Send Email 
Newton, Juice What Can I Do With My Heart/let Your  Rca Good 0.00 5068 7 r Send Email 
Newton, Juice Ride Em Cowboy/the Sweetest Thing 81 Cap Good 5.00 a 5046, lc Send Email 
Newton, Wayne How Dya Talk To A Girl/happy Is Gone 66 Cap Good 8.00 5793 Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Red Roses For A Blue Lady/one More 65 Capitol Good 8.00 5366 Send Email 
Newton, Wayne The Hungry Years/in Dreams  Chelsea Good 0.00 ch 3041 Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Just Yesterday/while Were Still Young  Rca Very Good 0.00 78 0116, lc Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Fool/anthem 72 Chelsea Very Good 4.00 78 0109 Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Pour Me A Little More Wine/may The Road Rise To   Rca Good 0.00 bcbo 0091, lc Send Email 
Newton, Wayne Daddy Dont You Walk So Fast/echo Valley 2-6809 72 Chelsea Good 5.00 78 0100, c Send Email 
Nicks, Stevie Stop Draggin My Heart Around/kind Of Woman 81 Modern Fair 6.00 mr 7336, pc fair,a side with tom petty Send Email 
Nielsen Pearson Band On The Spot/home  Epic Good 0.00 8 50502, lc Send Email 
Nielsen/pearson The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore/  Cap Good 0.00 a 5032, lc Send Email 
Nilsson Everybodys Talkin/dont Leave Me 68 Rca Good 12.00 47 9544, lc Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band From Small Things/blues Berry Hill 90 Mca Good 3.00 79013 Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band The Rest Of The Dream/snowballs 90 Mca Fair 3.00 s7 53964, lc, b side skips Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Fishin In The Dark/keepin The Road Hot 87 Wb Good 3.00 92 83117, lc Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Cadillac Ranch/fire In The Sky 86 Wb Good 3.00 92 85477 Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Fishin In The Dark/babys Got A Hold On  Wb Back To Back Hits Good 0.00 7 21952, lc Send Email 
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band You Made Life Good Again/snowballs 90 Mca Good 3.00 79075, lc Send Email 
Nolan, Kenny Loves Grown Deep/i Like Dreamin  Eric Very Good 0.00 274, lc Send Email 
Norma Jean Put Your Arms Around Her/im A Walkin  Rca Good 0.00 47 8328 Send Email 
Norma Jean Heaven Help The Working Girl/your  Rca Good 0.00 47 9362 Send Email 
Nu Shooz I Cant Wait/make Your Mind Up 86 Atl Good 5.00 78 94467, lc Send Email 
Nutter, Mayf Never Had A Doubt/chattanoogie Shoeshine  Cap Good 0.00 3812 Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys No Matter How High/bed Of Roses  Mca Good 0.00 53757, lc Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Change My Mind/our Love Is Here To  Rca Good 0.00 62013 7 Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Dream On/sometimes The Rain Wont 79 Mca Good 5.00 41078 Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Gonna Take A Lot Of River/private Lives  Mca Good 0.00 53381 Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Bridges And Walls/never Together  Mca Good 0.00 53460 Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys An American Family/too Many Heartaches  Mca Good 0.00 53705 Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys I Nwish You Could Have Turned My Head/back In Yo 82 Mca Good 5.00 52095, lc Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Make My Life With You/break My Mind  Mca Good 0.00 52488, lc Send Email 
Oak Ridge Boys Love Song/heart On The Line 83 Mca Good 5.00 52224, lc Send Email 
Oakey Philp & Giorgio Moroder Goodbye Bad Times/same Instru 85 Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1271 Send Email 
Obanion, John Love You Like I Never Loved Before/shes 81 Elektra Good 5.00 e 47125, lc Send Email 
Ocasek, Ric Emotion In Motion/pfj  Geffen Very Good 0.00 92 86177, c Send Email 
Ocean Put Your Hand In The Hand/tear Down The Fences 71 Kama Sutra Good 6.00 2013 017 Send Email 
Ocean, Billy Suddenly/lucky Man -ps-  Jive Very Good 0.00 90, ps good Send Email 
Ocean, Billy Licence To Chill/pleasure -pc- 89 Jive Very Good 6.00 1283 7 j, ps fair, r&b p/g Send Email 
Ocean, Billy Love Really Hurts Without You/youre 76 Ariola Good 6.00 ag 7621 Send Email 
Oconnor, Donald & Reynolds, Debbie Movie Soundtrack I Love Melvin 53 Mgm Very Good 50.00 k 190,k 30734-5-6-7, 4 record box set, value from album price guide for 45s, box vg Send Email 
Oconnor, Hazel Dont Touch Me/bring It On Home To Me  Rca England Very Good 0.00 387, pc vg Send Email 
Oday, Alan Undercover Angel/just You 77 Atl Good 5.00 pc 001 Send Email 
Ogerman, Claus Zorba/no Boom Boom  Cap Good 0.00 2313, lc Send Email 
Ogwynn, James Thats How It Is/dont We All Have The Right  Merc Good 0.00 72053 Send Email 
Ogwynn, James I Wont Love You Anymore/youre Too Easy  Merc Good 0.00 71640, lc Send Email 
Ogwynn, James Cupids High Powered Rifle/power Of A Lie  Ua Good 0.00 ua 690 Send Email 
Ohio Express Mercy/roll It Up 69 Buddah Good 8.00 102x Send Email 
Ojays Deeper/ive Got The Groove 70 Neptune Good 8.00 n 22, c Send Email 
Oliver Good Morning Starshine/cant You See  Jubilee Good 0.00 j 5659 Send Email 
Ollson, Bruce Journey/bobbi Lynn  Headset Good 0.00 hrs 01, drayton valley label Send Email 
Olson, Greg Raging River/dreams Are Never Ended  Dyna West Good 0.00 dw 8029, ps vg Send Email 
Olson, Greg Last And Lovin Kiss/love And Honor  Boomtown Good 0.00 bt 8102, edmonton Send Email 
Olsson, Nigel Dancin Shoes/living In A Fantasy 78 Bang Good 5.00 b 740 Send Email 
One Horse Blue One Horse Blue/love Like A Fire  Vera Cruz Good 0.00 vcr 106, c Send Email 
One Hundred Proof Aged In Soul 90 Day Freeze/not Enough Love To 71 Buddah Good 6.00 7108, c, r&b p/g Send Email 
One To One There Was A Time/wheres The Answer  Wea Very Good 0.00 25 88577, lc Send Email 
Ono, Yoko Walking On Thin Ice/it Happened  Geffen Good 0.00 gef 49683, pc fair Send Email 
Orbison, Roy Blue Angel/todays Teardrops 60 Monument Fair 20.00 425, c Send Email 
Orbison, Roy Oh Pretty Woman/its Over Monu Gs Good 5.00 zs 8910, c Send Email 
Orchestral Maneouvers In The Dark Joan Of Arc/the Romance Of The  Dindisc Good 0.00 vs 1133 Send Email 
Orchestral Manoeuveres In The Dark Live And Die/this Town  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1335, ps vg Send Email 
Ordge, Jimmy "arthur" Hutchinson Jail/shes Dreaming  Apex Good 0.00 77101, c Send Email 
Original Caste One Tin Soldier/live For Tomorrow  Bell Good 0.00 ta 186 Send Email 
Originals Down To Love Town/just To Be Closer To You 76 Motown Good 6.00 35119 Send Email 
Orr, Benjamin Stay The Night/thats The Way -ps-  Elektra Very Good 0.00 7 69506, ps good Send Email 
Orrall, Robert Ellis I Couldnt Say No/the Message  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13431, lc, a side with carlene carter Send Email 
Osborne, Jeffrey Stay With Me Tonight/baby 83 A&m Good 5.00 am 2591 Send Email 
Osborne, Jeffrey On The Wings Of Love/i Really Dont Need No Light  A&m Memories Good 0.00 8639, lc Send Email 
Oskar, Lee Feelin Happy/more Than Words Can Say 78 Elektra Good 6.00 e46002 Send Email 
Oslin, K.t. This Woman/younger Men  Rca Good 0.00 8943 7 r, lc Send Email 
Oslin, K.t. Didnt Expect It To Go Down This Way/  Rca Good 0.00 9029 7 r Send Email 
Oslin, K.t. Truly Blue/come Next Monday 90 Rca Good 5.00 2667 7 r, lc Send Email 
Oslin, K.t. Two Hearts/jealous  Rca Good 0.00 2567 7 r, lc Send Email 
Oslin, K.t. Hold Me/she Dont Talk Like Us No More  Rca Good 0.00 8725 7 r, lc Send Email 
Oslin, K.t. Hey Bobby/where Is A Woman To Go  Rca Good 0.00 8865 7 r, lc Send Email 
Osmond, Donny Yo Yo/keep On My Side  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 082, lc Send Email 
Osmond, Donny Let My People Go/puppy Love 72 Polydor Fair 6.00 2065 108, lising for a mgm release Send Email 
Osmond, Donny Too Young/love Me  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 133, listed under mgm 72-6 Send Email 
Osmond, Donny Puppy Love/let My People Go  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 108 Send Email 
Osmond, Donny Love Me/too Young  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 133 Send Email 
Osmond, Marie Paper Roses/least Of All You 73 Mgm Good 5.00 k 14609 Send Email 
Osmond, Marie Think With Your Heart/paper Roses 90 Curb Good 5.00 nr 76851 Send Email 
Osmond, Marie Whos Sorry Now/paper Roses  Polydor Gold Very Good 0.00 pdg 105, lc Send Email 
Osmonds Yo Yo/keep On My Side  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 082, Send Email 
Osmonds Double Lovin/chilly Winds  Polydor Good 0.00 2065 066 Send Email 
Osullivan, Gilbert You Got Me Going/call On Me 77 Epic Very Good 4.00 8 50415, lc Send Email 
Otoole, Knuckles Ep Ragtime Piano  Fdr Good 0.00 mh45 153, ps good Send Email 
Otoole, Knuckles Honky Tonk Piano -ep-  Fdr Good 0.00 mh 45 162, ps good Send Email 
Otoole, Knuckles Ep-down Home Rag,after Your Gone/  Grand Award/sparton Good 0.00 ps vg ga 2002, sold by yellowknife radio and record shop for 1.65 Send Email 
Outfield Everytime You Cry/tiny Lights  Colu Poor 0.00 38 06295, c, skipping on a side Send Email 
Outlaws The I Cant Stop Loving You/wishing Wells 81 Arista Good 5.00 aso 597+ Send Email 
Overstreet, Tom Ill Never Break These Chains/woman  Dot Fair 0.00 17474 Send Email 
Overstreet, Tom Send Me No Roses/your Love Controls  Dot Good 0.00 17455 Send Email 
Owens, Buck Tall Dark Stranger/big In Vegas  Cap Starline Good 0.00 6189, lc Send Email 
Owens, Buck Put A Quarter In The Jukebox/dont Let 89 Cap Good 5.00 b 44356, lc Send Email 
Owens, Buck Hot Dog/second Fiddle 88 Cap Good 5.00 b 44248 Send Email 
Owens, Buck I Cant Stop/kickin Our Hearts Around 62 Cap Good 15.00 4826 Send Email 
Owens, Buck Act Naturally/over And Over Again 63 Cap Good 15.00 4937 Send Email 
Owens, Buck Together Again/my Heart Skips A Beat 64 Cap Good 12.00 5136, lc Send Email 
Owens, Buck Hot Dog/sweethearts In Heaven 58 New Star Good 0.00 45 6418 1441, 1 sold for 56 usd in 2008 in 1956 they appeared on different pep label records hot dog value 250. sweethearts 50.also hot dog released on dixie label value 400. Send Email 
Owens, Buck Everlasting Love/second Fiddle 59 Cap Good 20.00 f 4172, lc Send Email 
Owens, Buck & Susan Raye The Good Old Days/when You Get To Heaven 73 Cap Good 6.00 3601 Send Email 
Owens, Dusty Cure That Shyness/a Place For Homeless Hearts  Regency Good 0.00 543 Send Email 
Pablo Cruise I Want You Tonight/family Man 79 A&m Fair 5.00 am 2195, c, a side skips Send Email 
Page, Patti Would I Love You/sentimental Music  Merc Good 0.00 5571, lc Send Email 
Page, Patti No Aces/everytime You Touch Me 81 Plantation Good 5.00 pl 197x Send Email 
Page, Patti You Belong To Me/i Went To Your Wedd  Mercury Good 0.00 5899, lc Send Email 
Page, Tommy Youre The Best Thing/when I Dream Of You 90 Sire Good 5.00 7 19839 Send Email 
Pagliaro I Dont Believe Its You/same  Cbs Good 0.00 djc4 4116, demo Send Email 
Pagliaro Revolution/illusion  Much Good 0.00 ch 1015, c Send Email 
Paper Lace Billy Dont Be A Hero/celia 74 Polyd Good 6.00 2065 228, lc, listing on mercury label Send Email 
Parker Jr. Ray  I Still Cant Get Over/she Still Feels 83 Arista Good 4.00 as1 9048 Send Email 
Parsons, Alan Project Eye In The Sky/gemini 82 Arista Good 5.00 as 0696, c Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Love Is Like A Butterfly/we Used To  Rca Gg Good 0.00 gb 50191, lc Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Starting Over Again/sweet Agony 80 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11926 Send Email 
Parton, Dolly White Limozeen/the Moon The Stars  Colu Fair 0.00 38 73341 Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Traveling Man 73 Rca Good 5.00 74 0950, lc Send Email 
Parton, Dolly The House Of The Rising Sun/working Girl 81 Rca Good 4.00 pb 12282, lc Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Single Women/barbara On Your Mind 82 Rca Good 4.00 pb 13057 Send Email 
Parton, Dolly The Great Pretender/downtown 84 Rca Good 3.00 pb 13756, lc Send Email 
Parton, Dolly The Moon The Stars And Me/time For Me 90 Colu Good 3.00 38 73226 Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Slow Healing Heart 90 Colu Good 3.00 38 73498 Send Email 
Parton, Dolly I Will Always Love You/speakin Of The Devil 95 Colu Good 3.00 38 78079, lc, a side with vince gill Send Email 
Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner Together Always/loves All Over 72 Rca Good 5.00 74 0773 Send Email 
Pastor, Tony -ep-i Wonder,bread And Butter Woman/ive Got A Lo  Epic Good 0.00 eg 7141, ep Send Email 
Patterson, Rick I Need Your Company/keep This Show On The Road  Damon Good 0.00 d137, pc Send Email 
Paul, Billy I Trust You/love Wont Come Easy 77 Philadelphia Int Good 5.00 sz8 3630 Send Email 
Paul, Les & Mary Ford Amukiriki/magic Melody 55 Capitol Good 12.00 f 3248, lc Send Email 
Paycheck, Johnny Dont Start Countin On Me/id Rather Be Your Fool 64 Hilltop Good 20.00 3002, c, white label radio station copy Send Email 
Peaches & Herb I Pledge My Love/back Together 80 Polydor Good 5.00 pd 2053, lc Send Email 
Peels Juanita Banana/fun 66 Karate Good 12.00 kt 522 Send Email 
Peerce, Jan May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You/sing Everyo  Rca Good 0.00 49 3274, red vinyl Send Email 
Peoples Choice If You Wanna Do It/same Part 2 77 Tsop Good 5.00 zs8 4786, lc Send Email 
Pepper Tree Put A Smile Upon Your Face/funky Music  Cap Good 0.00 72708, lc Send Email 
Perfect Gentlemen Rated Pg/ooh La La  Colu Good 0.00 38 73379 Send Email 
Perkins, Carl The Monkeyshine/let My Baby Be 64 Decca Good 15.00 31709, c Send Email 
Perkins,tony Moonlight Swim/first Romance 57 Rca Good 12.00 47 7020, lc Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys Love Comes Quickly/thats My Impression 86 Emi America Good 4.00 b 8338, pc vg Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys Its A Sin/you Know Where You Went Wrong -ps-  Emi America Good 0.00 b 73038, psgood Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys What Have I Done To Deserve This/a 87 Emi Good 6.00 b 50107, lc, white label with black and yellow squares, emi manhattan Send Email 
Peter & Gordon To Know You Is To Love You/i Told You So 65 Cap Good 10.00 5461, lc Send Email 
Peter Paul & Mary Dont Think Twice Its Alright/autumn To May 63 Wb Good 10.00 5385, lc Send Email 
Peters & Lee Rainbow/our Song  Philips Good 0.00 6006 406 Send Email 
Peterson, Kris Mamas Little Baby/same Instrumental  Cap Good 0.00 2014 b side instrumental by soul thythm band Send Email 
Pfeifer, Diane Just When I Needed A Love Song/wishful 80 Cap Good 5.00 4916 Send Email 
Pharis, Hod Video Mania Blues/just Me Your Regular Bum  Circa Good 0.00 cs 1323, calgary label Send Email 
Phillip & Lloyd I Shot The Sheriff/here I Am Come And  Scepter Fair 0.00 sce 12422, reggae blues busters Send Email 
Phillips, Bill The Outsider/love Never Dies  Colu Good 0.00 4 42158, lc Send Email 
Pickering Brothers Autumn In June/i Cant Hurt Her 72 Stonewaay Good 0.00 1068, white label dj, houston tx label Send Email 
Pickering Brothers Lady Luck My Love/the Surviving Half Of  Daffan Good 0.00 202, white label dj copy, houston tx label Send Email 
Pickett, Wilson Dont Let The Green Grass Fool You/ 71 Atl Fair 6.00 at 2781, lc Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Back Street Affair/ill Always Take Care 52 Decca Good 25.00 28369, c Send Email 
Pierce, Webb A Loner/loves Something 66 Decca Good 10.00 31982, c Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Who Do I Think I Am/hobo And The Rose 65 Decca Good 10.00 31816, c Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Saturday Night/i Tried Everything To Please 68 Decca Good 8.00 32388, lc Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Love Come To Me/waiting A Lifetime 64 Decca Good 10.00 31582, lc Send Email 
Pierce, Webb Ep-i Aint Never,shanghied/a Thousand  Decca Fair 40.00 ed 2668, pc good, value 20 +20 Send Email 
Pillow, Ray No Milk Today/gone With The Wine  Cap Good 0.00 2030 Send Email 
Pillow, Ray And I Like That Sorta Thing/volkswagen  Cap Fair 0.00 5735 Send Email 
Ping Pong Space Gloria/same Instru  Orfeu Portugal Good 0.00 ksat 641 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Learning To Fly/terminal Frost -pc- 87 Colu Good 4.00 38 07363, pc good Send Email 
Pink Floyd Run Like Hell/dont Leave Me Now 80 Colu Good 4.00 1 11265, lc Send Email 
Pirates Of The Mississippi Feed Jake/til Im Holding You Again  Liberty White Label Good 0.00 s7 57704 Send Email 
Pitman It Takes Tea/thexxxx Farm  Pitman Good 0.00 no #, small hole 45, british rap Send Email 
Pitman Jungle Pit/pitman Sez  Pitman Good 0.00 no #, 3 cut label shows a side at 45 rpm, b side at 33 Send Email 
Pitman Witness The Pitness/ Same  Pitman Good 0.00 no # Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Im Going To Listen To Me/for Me This 67 Colu Fair 10.00 mu 4 1233, lc Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Billy Youre My Friend/lonely Drifter 68 Colu Good 8.00 mu4 1331, lc Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Shes A Heartbreaker/conquistador 68 Colu/musicor Very Good 10.00 mu 4 1306, lc Send Email 
Pitney, Gene 24 Hours From Tulsa/lonely Night Dreams 63 Ua Good 15.00 ua 1034, lc Send Email 
Pitney, Gene Aladdins Lamp/im Gonna Be Strong 64 Colu Good 20.00 mu4 1045, lc Send Email 
Pitney, Gene & Jones, George Your Old Standby/big Job 65 Colu Good 12.00 mu4 1115, c Send Email 
Pitney, Gene(billy Bryan) Cradle Of My Arms/going Back To My Love 58 Quality/blaze Good 30.00 1972, c, gene p first solo release 2 yrs before gene pitney hit the scene Send Email 
Planets Mile High/iron For The Iron  Rialto Fair 0.00 treb 109, c, some skipping a side Send Email 
Platinum Blonde Contact/tough Enough -pc-  Epic Good 0.00 e4 3017, ps vg, vinyl good++ Send Email 
Platters To Each His Own/down The River Of 60 Mercury Very Good 20.00 71697, lc Send Email 
Platters Harbor Lights/only You  Golden Treasures Fair 0.00 113x Send Email 
Platters Love Of A Lifetime/remember When 59 Merce Good 20.00 71467, lc Send Email 
Player If Looks Could Kill/born To Be With You 81 Rca Good 4.00 pb 13006 Send Email 
Plotnikoff, Serge There Is So Much Life To ,live/ashcroft On My  Sunfest Good 0.00 sft 4501 Send Email 
Pointer Sisters How Long/easy Days 75 Bluen Thumb Good 5.00 bta 265x Send Email 
Pointer Sisters Hes So Shy/movin On 80 Planet Good 5.00 p 47916 Send Email 
Pointer Sisters Jump/heart Beat 84 Planet Good 5.00 yb 13780 Send Email 
Pointer Sisters Automatic/nightline 84 Planet Good 5.00 yb 13730 Send Email 
Pointer Sisters Fairytale/love In Them There Hills 74 Blue Thumb Good 5.00 bta 254, c Send Email 
Poison Your Mama Dont Dance/look What The Cat Dragged I  Enigma Good 0.00 b 44293 Send Email 
Pollock, Ronnie & Natalie 6 Times-turn Me On Woman  Wmc Good 0.00 no #., pink label, b side by stumpwater Send Email 
Pop Go/waiting For The Night  Arista Good 0.00 as 0475 Send Email 
Popi Fuoco/te Ne Vai  Colu Very Good 0.00 c4 2852, lc Send Email 
Pourcel, Franck I Will Follow You/champagne  Cap Good 0.00 4916 Send Email 
Pourcel, Frank Every Time/tango Militaire  Cap Good 0.00 f4242 Send Email 
Prado, Perez Patricia/why Wait 58 Rca Fair 10.00 47 7245 Send Email 
Prado, Perez The Mill;ionaire/catalania 59 Rca Prevue Good 8.00 47 7456 Send Email 
Presnell, Harve They Call The Wind Maria/whoop Ti Ayi  Paramount Very Good 0.00 paa 0012, c Send Email 
Preston, Billy Billys Bag/good Rockin Daddy  Grt Good 0.00 gg32, c Send Email 
Preston, Robert Chicken Fat/same  Cap Good 0.00 cf 1000, the youth fitness song, small hole Send Email 
Pretenders Thin Line Between Love And Hate/time The Avenger  Sire Good 0.00 92 92497, c Send Email 
Pretty Rough Tonight Tonight/only A Star  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50686, lc Send Email 
Previn, Andre Three Little Words -ep- 50 Rca Good 15.00 47 3836, no cover wp 291 Send Email 
Previn, Andre All Alone Monday/whos Sorry Now  Rca Fair 0.00 wp 291, 47-3837-38 Send Email 
Previn, Andre Where Did You Get That Girl/nevertheless  Rca Fair 0.00 wp 291, no cover 47 3838 Send Email 
Price, David Invite Only Close Friends/national Everybody  Rice Good 0.00 5013, dj copy Send Email 
Price, Gene Across This Town And Gone/the Day Love  Cap Fair 0.00 2702 Send Email 
Price, Kenny The Sheriff Of Boone County/six String  Rca Good 0.00 47 9932 Send Email 
Price, Lloyd Just Call Me/who Could Ve Told You 60 Abc P Fair 15.00 10139, c Send Email 
Price, Lloyd Question/if I Look A Little Blue 60 Sparton/abc P Good 15.00 4 909r, lc Send Email 
Price, Ray I Wont Mention It Again/for The Good Times  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33196 Send Email 
Price, Ray I Wont Mention It Again/kiss The World Goodbye 71 Colu Good 5.00 4 45329, lc Send Email 
Price, Ray Take Me As I Am/in The Summer 67 Col;u Good 8.00 4 44374, lc Send Email 
Price, Ray Crazy/im Still Not Over You 67 Colu Good 12.00 4 44195, lc Send Email 
Price, Ray Roses And Love Songs/the Closest Thing To Love 75 Myrrh Good 5.00 ms 150, c Send Email 
Price, Ray Oh Yes Darling/if You Dont Somebody Else 54 Colu Good 20.00 4 21315, lc Send Email 
Price, Ray Big Shoes/ive Just Destroyed The World 62 Colu Good 10.00 4 42310 Send Email 
Price, Ray Crazy Arms/you Done Me Wrong 56 Colu Good 15.00 4 21510, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Piroque Joe/wonder Could I Live There Anymore 70 Rca Good 6.00 47 9855, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley I Know One/best Banjo Picker 67 Rca Good 12.00 47 9162, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Its Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer/youre Wanting 72 Rca Good 5.00 74 0707 Send Email 
Pride, Charley Im Just Me/a Place For The Lonesome 71 Rca Good 6.00 47 9996 Send Email 
Pride, Charley Then Who Am I/completely Helpless  Rca Poor 0.00 pb 10126 Send Email 
Pride, Charley The Power Of Love/ellie 67 Rca Good 8.00 pb 13821, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley The Day The Bworld Stood Still/gone On 67 Rca Good 8.00 47 9403, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Evry Heart Should Have One/lovin It Up  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13648, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Love On A Blue Rainy Day/the Late Show 84 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13732 Send Email 
Pride, Charley All I Have To Offer You/a Brand New 69 Rca Good 8.00 74 0167, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley A Shoulder To Cry On/im Learning To 73 Rca Good 5.00 74 0884, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley All His Children/youll Still Be The One  Rca Good 5.00 74 0624, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Kiss An Angel Good Morning/no One 71 Rca Good 6.00 74 0550, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley The Easy Parts Overt/the Right To Do 68 Rca Good 8.00 47 9514 Send Email 
Pride, Charley My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You/oklahoma  Rca Fair 0.00 pb 10592, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley More To Me/heaven Watches Over Fools 77 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11086, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Amys Eyes/i Made Love To You In My 89 16 Th Avenue Good 5.00 b 70435 Send Email 
Pride, Charley Where Do I Put Her Memory/the Best 79 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11477, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Youre My Jamaica/let Me Have A Chance 79 Rca Good 5.00 pb 11655, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley You Almost Slipped My Mind/ghost  Rca Good 0.00 pb 12100, lc Send Email 
Pride, Charley Never Been So Loved/i Call Her My Girl  Rca Good 0.00 pb 12294 Send Email 
Pride, Charley Night Games/i Could Let Her Get Close  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13542 Send Email 
Prince Mountains/alexa De Paris -ps- 86 Paisley Park Good 6.00 92 87117, pc good, r&b p/g Send Email 
Prince Raspberry Relish/shes Always In My Hair 85 Paisley Park Very Good 3.00 92 89727, lcr&b p/g Send Email 
Prince Sign O The Times/he He Hee 87 Paisley Park Fair 3.00 92 83997 Send Email 
Prism Young And Restless/deception  Cap Good 0.00 72829 Send Email 
Pruett, Jeanne One More Time/just Like Your Daddy 74 Mca Good 5.00 40340, lc Send Email 
Pruitt, Lewis Ill Never Forget You/this Little Girl  Decca Good 0.00 31295 Send Email 
Pugh, Laurence Darlin/blues Blues Go Away  Wild Rose Good 0.00 wr003 Send Email 
Pure Prairie League Still Right Here In My Heart/dont Keep 81 Casablanca Good