Real Name: Elise Murray
Country: Canada


I was born with 12 toes and a tail, but got them chopped off and fed them to pigeons.

Most Wanted Records

Jerry's Kids    Is This My World?


Bellicose Minds, The The Bellicose Minds    0.00  Send Email 
Born Bad In The Dark    0.00  Send Email 
Discharge Fight Back    0.00  Send Email 
Discharge Realities Of War    0.00  Send Email 
Discharge Decontrol    0.00  Send Email 
Discharge Warning    0.00  Send Email 
Impact Unit My Friend The Pit    0.00  Send Email 
Knife Fight Knife Fight    0.00  Send Email 
Knife Fight Burning Bridges E.p.    0.00  Send Email 
Knife Fight Crisis    0.00  Send Email 
Knife Fight Isolated E.p.    0.00  Send Email 
Negative Approach Negative Approach    0.00  Send Email 
Night Birds Killer Waves    0.00  Send Email 
Organized Sports Hogtied    0.00  Send Email 
Organized Sports Organized Sports    0.00  Send Email 
Shark Attack Blood In The Water    0.00  Send Email 
Sorry Excuse Listen With Prejudice    0.00  Send Email 
Strung Up Warfucked    0.00  Send Email 
Strung Up Strung Up    0.00  Send Email 
Wilson, Delroy I've Been In Love    0.00  Send Email 
Aus-rotten The Rotten Agenda    0.00  Send Email 
Aus-rotten The System Works For Them    0.00  Send Email 
Black Flag Everything Went Black    0.00  Send Email 
Body Count Body Count    0.00  Send Email 
Chronic Sick Cutest Band In Hardcore    0.00  Send Email 
Cure, The Wish    0.00  Send Email 
Death In June All Pigs Must Die    0.00  Send Email 
Gg Allin Always Was, Is, And Always Shall Be    0.00  Send Email 
Gg Allin Dirty Love Songs    0.00  Send Email 
Jerry's Kids Is This My World?    0.00  Send Email 
Last Resort, The 'you'll Never Take Us' Skinhead Anthems Ii    0.00  Send Email 
Misfits Walk Among Us    0.00  Send Email 
Motörhead Overkill    0.00  Send Email 
Negative Fx Negative Fx    0.00  Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard Nigga Please    0.00  Send Email 
Plasmatics, The New Hope For The Wretched    0.00  Send Email 
Public Enemy Fear Of A Black Planet    0.00  Send Email 
Queers, The Grow Up    0.00  Send Email 
Queers, The Beat Off    0.00  Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. Run-d.m.c.    0.00  Send Email 
Skrewdriver All Skrewed Up    0.00  Send Email 
Slapshot Step On It    0.00  Send Email 
Slapshot Back On The Map    0.00  Send Email 
Smiths, The Meat Is Murder    0.00  Send Email 
Snfu Something Green & Leafy This Way Comes    0.00  Send Email 
Snfu Fyulaba    0.00  Send Email 
Snfu The Last Of The Big Time Suspenders    0.00  Send Email 
Snfu Better Than A Stick In The Eye    0.00  Send Email 
Strung Up Society Rot In Hell    0.00  Send Email 
Various This Is Boston, Not L.a.    0.00  Send Email 
Violent Minds Eyes Of Death    0.00  Send Email 
Withers, Bill Just As I Am    0.00  Send Email 
Boston Strangler, The Outcast Tape    0.00  Send Email 
Wanted: 7" - 20, 12" - 32, Tape - 1
For Trade
Beatles, The Nowhere Man / What Goes On  Capitol Bad 0.00  Send Email 
2001: A Space Odyssey Music From The Motion Picture  Mgm  0.00 S1E-13 ST Send Email 
Beatles, The Anthology 2  Emi  0.00 724383444816 Send Email 
Donovan A Gift From A Flower To A Garden  Epic  0.00 B2N 171 Send Email 
Harrison, George Living In The Material World  Apple  0.00 SMAS 3410 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Ram  Apple  0.00 SMAS-3375 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul Tug Of War  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Nilsson, Harry Son Of Schmilsson  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3812 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Blah-blah-blah  A&m  0.00 SP-5145 Send Email 
Spitfires, The Three  Longshot Music  0.00 LSLP10 Send Email 
Stewart Copeland Rumble Fish    0.00  Send Email 
Ten Years After Positive Vibrations  Chrysalis  0.00  Send Email 
Ten Years After Rock & Roll Music To The World  Chrysalis  0.00  Send Email 
Townshend, Pete White City  Atco  0.00  Send Email 
Townshend, Pete All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes  Atco  0.00  Send Email 
For Trade: 7" - 1, 12" - 14
Not For Trade
86 Mentality Final Exit  Deranged Records  0.00 DY-108 Send Email 
86 Mentality On The Loose  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 9 Send Email 
86 Mentality 86 Mentality  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE004 Send Email 
A-ha Take On Me / Love Is Reason  Warner Bros.  0.00 92 90117 Send Email 
Agnostic Front United Blood  Bridge Nine Records  0.00 B9R128 Send Email 
Allin, Gg & The Carolina Shitkickers Layin' Up With Linda  Zodiac Killer Records  0.00 ZKR082 Send Email 
Allin, Gg & The Jabbers For Those Who Can Take It Raw  Bootleg  0.00  Send Email 
Allin, Gg & The Jabbers Out For Blood  Tpos  0.00 TPOS 114 - 3rd Pressing Send Email 
Alternate Action Alternate Action  Longshot Music  0.00 LS741 Send Email 
Alternate Action / Marching Orders Alternate Action / Marching Orders Split  Longshot Music  0.00 LS733 Send Email 
Animals, The The House Of The Rising Sun / Talkin' 'bout You  Mgm Records  0.00 K 13264 Send Email 
Anti You Making Your Life Miserable  No Way Records  0.00 NW-25 Send Email 
Attak Today's Generation Ep  No Future Records  0.00 Oi 7 Send Email 
Badamps, The Two Face  Black Market/it's Alive Records  0.00 It's Alive #10 - Black Market #4 Send Email 
Baez, Joan Love Is Just A Four-letter Word / Love Minus...  Vanguard  0.00 VRS 35088 Send Email 
Bass, Fontella Rescue Me / Soul Of The Man  Checker  0.00 CH-1120 Send Email 
Beatles, The Let It Be / You Know My Name (look Up The...  Capitol  0.00 B-2764 Send Email 
Beatles, The Paperback Writer / Rain  Capitol  0.00 5651 Send Email 
Bog People/vivid Sekt Chaos Tribes  Fear Of War Records  0.00 #9 Send Email 
Born Bad Tie One On  Vinyl Addict  0.00 108964 Send Email 
Born Bad Born Bad  Fashionable Idiots  0.00 FASHIONABLE IDIOTS #9 Send Email 
Born Bad Moron Music  Fashionable Idiots  0.00 FIR014 Send Email 
Born/dead 24 Hostages  Prank  0.00 BD 1221 - Ltd Gold Vinyl Send Email 
Bowie, David Alabama Song / Space Oddity  Rca  0.00 BOW 5 Send Email 
Bowie, David White Light/white Heat / Cracked Actor  Rca  0.00 PB-13660 Send Email 
Bowie, David Space Oddity / The Man Who Sold The World  Rca  0.00 GB-10470 Send Email 
Bowie, David Fame / Right  Rca  0.00 PB-10320 Send Email 
Bowie, David Ashes To Ashes / It's No Game (part 1)  Rca  0.00 PB-12078 Send Email 
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust / The Jean Genie  Rca  0.00 RCA 2302 Send Email 
Brown, James There It Is  Polydor  0.00 2066-210 Send Email 
Brown, James Hot Pants  People  0.00 45-2501 Send Email 
Brown, James Papa's Got A Brand New Bag / I Got You (i Feel G  Polydor  0.00 TOP 007 Send Email 
Brown, James Get Up Offa That Thing / Release The Pressure  Polydor  0.00 PD 14326 Send Email 
Brown, James & The Famous Flames Cold Sweat  King  0.00 K-12403 Send Email 
Brown, James & The Famous Flames There Was A Time / I Can't Stand Myself  King  0.00 45-6144 Send Email 
Bukkake Boys Splendid Thoughts  Vile Minds / Danger Records  0.00 VMR001/LDR 002 Send Email 
C.c.s.s. Commun Chfeu Sa Soupe Ep  Ugly Pop  0.00 UP017 Send Email 
Cardiac Arrest Life's A Dead End  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 16 Send Email 
Cardiac Arrest Cardiac Arrest  Underestimated Records  0.00 UER-32 Send Email 
Cat Party Heartache Over Headache  Flat Black Records  0.00 FB 022 Send Email 
Chaos U.k. King For A Day  Vinyl Japan  0.00 FIST3 Send Email 
Chronic Sick Chronic Sick  No Way Records  0.00 NW-46 Send Email 
Citizens Patrol Sick Routine E.p.  Crucial Attack Records  0.00 CAR003 Send Email 
Clash, The Gates Of The West / Groovy Times  Epic  0.00 AE7 1178 Promo Send Email 
Cloak/dagger Kamikazes/she Cracked  Grave Mistake  0.00 No. 22 Send Email 
Cloak/dagger Pinata  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 Grave015 Send Email 
Commitment Crew Hisingen  Crucial Response Records  0.00 CRUCIAL RESPONSE 72 Send Email 
Commitment Crew Rock Against Cretins  Instigate Records  0.00 ISG.28 Send Email 
Crass How Does It Feel?  Crass Records  0.00 221984/6 + Fold-out sleeve Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Travelin' Band / Who'll Stop The Rain  Fantasy  0.00 637 Send Email 
Cross Laws Ancient Rites Ep  Sorry State Records  0.00 CL-02 - 262/500 Send Email 
Crystals, The / The Alley Cats Then He Kissed Me / Puddin' N' Tain  Philles  0.00 COL 3201 A Send Email 
Culo Military Trend E.p.  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 180 Send Email 
Culo Toxic Vision E.p.  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 185 - Red Send Email 
D.o.a. World War 3  Sudden Death  0.00 3495 Send Email 
D.o.a. Disco Sucks  Quintessence Records  0.00  Send Email 
D.o.a. General Strike B/w That's Life  Sudden Death Records  0.00 SD 004 - Ltd. 1000 copies Send Email 
D.o.a. The Prisoner / Thirteen  Wrong Records  0.00 Wrong 7 Send Email 
D.o.a. Human Bomb / Crossfire  Sudden Death Records  0.00 SDR 0060 Send Email 
D.o.a. & Friends Expo Hurts Everyone 1986 Sudden Death Records  0.00 IR-5052 Send Email 
Damage Deposit Do Damage  Havoc Records  0.00 HC7032 Send Email 
Damage Deposit Straight To The Bottom  Havoc Records  0.00 HC-7034 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia / Police Truck  I.r.s.  0.00 IR 9016 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To Fuck  Fringe Product  0.00 FP1701 Send Email 
Deep Sleep Manic Euphoria  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 21 Send Email 
Desmond Dekker & The Aces Israelites / My Precious World (the Man)  Uni Records  0.00 55129 Send Email 
Destroy L.a. Vandalize E.p.  No Way Records  0.00 NW-14 Send Email 
Dils, The Made In Canada  Rogelletti Records  0.00 RR 001 - 2x7" Send Email 
Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow E.p.  Sorry State Records  0.00 SSR-01 - Green Send Email 
Direct Control Direct Control  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE026 Send Email 
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Violent Pacification  Beer City Records  0.00 BCR166 Send Email 
Disable / Warvictims Split  Charged//distorted  0.00 C//D 004 Send Email 
Donovan Atlantis / To Susan On The West Coast Waiting  Epic  0.00 5-10434 Send Email 
Double-o Double-o  Dischord Records  0.00 Dischord 10½, #14467 Send Email 
Everett, Betty The Shoop Shoop Song (it's In His Kiss) / Hands   Vee Jay  0.00 63-3723 Send Email 
Exploited, The Race Against Time/sex & Violence  Anarchy Music  0.00 ary 8086 - Ltd Red Vinyl 170/300 Send Email 
Fear Of Tomorrow No Fucking Future No Way  Charged/distorted  0.00 #2 - 7/15 Send Email 
Five Stairsteps, The O-o-h Child / Dear Prudence  Buddah Records  0.00 BDA 165 Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Think / You Send Me  Atlantic  0.00 AT 2518X Send Email 
Freeze, The The Freeze  Schizophrenic Records  0.00 Schiz 26 Send Email 
Freeze, The Guilty Face  Schizophrenic Records  0.00 SCHIZ 28 Send Email 
Fuck Me Dead Circling Ahead  Clarence Thomas Records  0.00 CTR 04 Send Email 
Funeral Shock Iii  Cowabunga Records  0.00 CBR-007 Send Email 
G.b.h. Give Me Fire / Man-trap  Clay Records  0.00 CLAY 16 Send Email 
Geister Night Terrors  Moloch Records  0.00 GEISTER-01 Send Email 
Germ Attak A Bleak Future  Capitalicide Records  0.00 Capitalicide 04EP Send Email 
Germ Attak Death To Cops  Capitalicide Records  0.00 Capitalicide 05 Send Email 
Government Warning No Way Out E.p.  No Way Records  0.00 NW-01 - Yellow Send Email 
Government Warning Executed  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 36 Send Email 
Government Warning Arrested  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 18 Send Email 
Green, Al Sha-la-la (make Me Happy) / School Days  Hi  0.00 HI 2274 Send Email 
Green, Al Livin' For You / It Ain't No Fun To Me  Hi / London  0.00 HLU 19443 Send Email 
Green, Al Never Met Nobody But You / Higher Plane  Hi Records  0.00 HI UK 45 7003 Send Email 
Hard Skin Make My Tea  Feral Ward  0.00 YAN-038 Send Email 
Insomnio Walking On The String Ep  No Way Records  0.00 NW-22 Send Email 
Instängd Konkret Och Brutal E.p.  Adult Crash  0.00 #2 Send Email 
Instängd Mitt Svar På Ingenting  Sorry State Records  0.00 SSR-10 Send Email 
Isotopes Around The Horn/you Gotta Freeze  Iprbc  0.00 196/300 Send Email 
Jackson 5, The I Want You Back / Abc  Motown  0.00 Y 443X Send Email 
James, Rick Super Freak  Gordy  0.00 G 7205X Send Email 
Jolts, The Born Speedin' / Gimme Gasoline  Eat Shit & Die Records  0.00 Red Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Jolts, The Kaminari Lover / (baby I'm A) Loser  Meaty Beaty Records  0.00 MBR-09 Send Email 
Kaaos / Cadgers Kytät On Natsisikoja E.p.  Assel Records  0.00 ASSI-015 Send Email 
Kinks, The Tired Of Waiting For You / Come On Now  Pye  0.00 PYE 771 Send Email 
Lennon, John Happy Xmas (war Is Over)  Apple  0.00 92 98557 Send Email 
Let's Dance Calling All Cars  Meaty Beaty/no Front Teeth Recor  0.00 MBR-04/NFTR062 Send Email 
Let's Dance/avenue Rose Crazy/sweet Kiss  Provincial State  0.00 PSR001 Send Email 
Life Trap Bleak Reality E.p.  No Way Records  0.00 NW-15 Send Email 
Lipps, Inc. Funkytown / All Night Dancing  Casablanca Records  0.00 NB 2233 Send Email 
Loser Life Loser Life  Thrashbastard/yellow Dog Records  0.00  Send Email 
Lush Vegetation Not In My Backyard  Tfd Records  0.00 TFD RECORDS 001 Send Email 
Martha & The Vandellas Dancing In The Street / There He Is (at My Door)  Gordy  0.00 G-7033 Send Email 
Mayfield, Curtis Freddie's Dead (theme From Superfly)/underground  Curtom  0.00 1975X - White label Send Email 
Mclean, Don American Pie  United Artists  0.00 UA 50856 Send Email 
Mdc Multi Death Corporations  R Radical Records  0.00 MDC-2 Send Email 
Middle Class, The Out Of Vogue  Frontier Records  0.00 FRT 107 Send Email 
Minor Threat First Demo Tape  Dischord Records  0.00 DIS 140 V Send Email 
Miracles, The Mickey's Monkey / Whatever Makes You Happy  Tamla  0.00 T-54083 Send Email 
Mob 47 Ep  Havoc Records  0.00 HC 7047 Send Email 
Motherfuckers I Wanna Be A Cop... So I Can Fuck You Up!!  Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-005 - Green Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Nightstick Justice Nightstick Justice  Way Back When Records  0.00 EW11 Send Email 
Nightstick Justice Mindless Violence  Way Back When Records  0.00  Send Email 
Nightstick Justice Claustrophobic E.p.  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 23 Send Email 
No Problem Your Eyes E.p.  Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-008 Send Email 
No Problem Paranoid Times  Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-010 Send Email 
Noose It's Your Time...  React!  0.00 RXR-019 Send Email 
Parton, Dolly Jolene/love, You're So Beautiful Tonight  Rca  0.00 APB0-0145 Send Email 
Point Break Point Break  Harvest King Records  0.00 HKR008 Send Email 
Poison Control The Violent Years  Deranged Records  0.00 DY106 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Run Like A Villian / Platonic  Animal Records  0.00 CH FLY 2634 + Picture sleeve Send Email 
Psyched To Die Sterile Walls  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE029 Send Email 
Psycho 6 Song E.p. - Son Of 8 Song E.p.  Ax/ction Records  0.00 ACT 3 Send Email 
Ramones I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/judy Is A Punk  Norton Records  0.00 45-065 Send Email 
Reality Crisis Who Is Your Messiah?  Crust War  0.00 Crust War-026 Send Email 
Redding, Otis (sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay/sweet Lorene  Atco  0.00 ATCO 157 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Miss You / Far Away Eyes  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 RS 19307 Send Email 
Ronettes, The Be My Baby / Tedesco & Pitman  Philles Records  0.00 PH. 116 Send Email 
Rottenfux Rottenfux  Six Weeks  0.00 SW-104 Send Email 
Sheglank'd Shoulders The Final Grind  Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-004 Send Email 
Shirelles, The Baby It's You / The Things I Want To Hear (prett  Reo / Scepter  0.00 8621X Send Email 
Siouxsie & The Banshees Hong Kong Garden / Voices  Polydor  0.00 2059 052 Send Email 
Sly & The Family Stone Dance To The Music / Let Me Hear It From You  Epic  0.00 5-10256 Send Email 
Sorry Excuse Sorry Excuse 2011 Lifeline Records  0.00 LLR-020 - Brown Send Email 
Spastic Panthers Rock And Roll Beasts  Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-006 Send Email 
Spastic Panthers / Teenage Rampage Split 2011 Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-011 Send Email 
Spastic Panthers / The Throwaways Split 7"  Handsome Dan Records  0.00 HANDSOME-007 Send Email 
Spectres / Arctic Flowers Rats In Walls / Pattern Recognition  Charged//distorted  0.00 CHARGED//DISTORTED 003 Send Email 
Springfield, Dusty Son-of-a Preacher Man / The Windmills Of Your Mi  Atlantic  0.00 OS 13046 Send Email 
State No Illusions E.p.  Havoc Records  0.00 HC 7038 Send Email 
Struggle Struggle  Ebullition Records  0.00 Ebullition 05 Send Email 
Supremes, The Baby Love / Ask Any Girl  Tamla  0.00 M-1066 Send Email 
Tear It Up Tear It Up  Havoc Records  0.00 HC 7024 Send Email 
Templars, The / Stomper 98 We Stick Together  Dss Records  0.00 DSS99700 Send Email 
Temptations, The Just My Imagination (running Away With Me) / You  Tamla Motown  0.00 G 7105 Send Email 
Temptations, The Papa Was A Rollin' Stone / Instrumental  Tamla Motown  0.00 G 7121 F Send Email 
Temptations, The Ain't Too Proud To Beg / You'll Lose A Precious  Tamla Motown  0.00 G-7054 Send Email 
Terminal State Sick  Deranged Records  0.00 DY92 Send Email 
Tex, Joe Men Are Gettin' Scarce / You're Gonna Thank Me,   Dial  0.00 45-4069 Send Email 
Tex, Joe I Gotcha / Bad Feet  Dial  0.00 D-3200 Send Email 
Tex, Joe Keep The One You Got / Go Home And Do It  Dial  0.00 45-4083 Send Email 
Tex, Joe Ain't Gonna Bump No More (with No Big Fat Woman)  Epic  0.00 EPC5035 + Original sleeve Send Email 
Time To Escape E.p.  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE019 Send Email 
Tommy James & The Shondells Crimson & Clover/some Kind Of Love  Roulette  0.00 R-7028 Send Email 
Trashmen, The Surfin' Bird / Bird Dance Beat  Mca Records  0.00 21803 Send Email 
Troggs, The Wild Thing / From Home  Fontana  0.00 F-1548 Send Email 
Urban Blight Urban Blight  Deranged Records  0.00 DR - 0068 Send Email 
Vacant State Internal Conflict E.p.  Deranged Records  0.00 DY144 - Red Vinyl Send Email 
Vacant State State Of Confusion E.p.  None  0.00  Send Email 
Vacant State Internal Conflict E.p.  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 144 Send Email 
Various No Bullshit Vol. 1  No Way Records  0.00 NW-03 Send Email 
Vicious Cycles, The The Vicious Cycles  Teenage Rampage Records  0.00 TRR 013 Send Email 
Vile Nation No Exit  Cowabunga Records  0.00 CBR 19 Send Email 
Violent Arrest Criminal Record  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE-027/NW-32 - 2x7" Send Email 
Violent Arrest Violent Arrest  Deranged Records  0.00 DY #109 Send Email 
Violent Minds Riot E.p.  Parts Unknown  0.00 PUR-008 Send Email 
Violent Minds Just Kicked In  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 101 Send Email 
Violent Minds Violent Minds  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 102 Send Email 
Warkrime Give War A Chance  No Way Records  0.00 NW-10 Send Email 
Wasted Time No Shore E.p.  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 17 Send Email 
Wasted Time No Shore West Coast Tour E.p.  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 No. 17 / #130/150 Send Email 
Womack, Bobby Nobody Wants You When You're Down And Out  United Artists  0.00 UA-XW255-W Send Email 
Womack, Bobby Everything's Gonna Be Alright / Where There's A   United Artists  0.00 UA-XW735-Y Send Email 
Zip Guns, The The Zip Guns  Meaty Beaty Records  0.00 MBR-01 - Pink Splatter Vinyl Send Email 
Snfu The Ping Pong Ep  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 VIRUS 239 Send Email 
4 Skins From Chaos To 1984 (the 4 Skins Live)  Syndicate Records  0.00 SYN LP 5 Send Email 
Ac/dc Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  Atlantic  0.00 XSD 16033 Send Email 
Ac/dc High Voltage  Atco  0.00 SD 36-142 Send Email 
Ac/dc Highway To Hell  Atlantic  0.00 QSD 19244 Send Email 
Ac/dc Let There Be Rock  Atco  0.00 SD 36-151 Send Email 
Ac/dc If You Want Blood  Atlantic  0.00 KSD 19212 Send Email 
Ac/dc Powerage  Atlantic  0.00 KSD 19180 Send Email 
Adicts, The This Is Your Life  Fallout  0.00 FALL LP 021 Send Email 
Adicts, The Songs Of Praise  Fallout Records  0.00 FALL LP 006 Send Email 
Adolescents Adolescents  Frontier Records  0.00 31003-1/FLP 1003 Blue Vinyl Send Email 
Agnostic Front Victim In Pain  Bridge Nine Records  0.00 B9R129 Send Email 
Agression Don't Be Mistaken  Better Youth Organization  0.00 BYO 003 Send Email 
Allin, Gg Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies  Awareness Records  0.00 MVDLP4811 Send Email 
Allin, Gg You Hate Me + I Hate You  Bootleg  0.00 None Send Email 
Allin, Gg Hated In The Nation  Roir  0.00 RUSLP 8242 Send Email 
Allin, Gg Res-erected  Roir  0.00 RUSLP 8258 Send Email 
Allman Brothers Band, The Eat A Peach  Capricorn Records  0.00 2 CP 0102 Send Email 
Antidote Thou Shalt Not Kill  Ilegal Y Que Discos  0.00 Ilegal Y Que Discos 01 Send Email 
B-52's, The The B-52's  Warner Bros.  0.00 QBS 3355 Send Email 
B-52's, The Wild Planet  Warner Bros.  0.00 XBS-3471 Send Email 
Bad Brains Black Dots  Caroline  0.00 CAR 07534-1 Send Email 
Bad Brains I Against I  Sst  0.00 SST 065 Send Email 
Bad Brains Bad Brains  Roir  0.00 RUSLP 8223 Send Email 
Bad Brains Rock For Light  Line Records  0.00 LILP 4.00113 J Send Email 
Band, The The Band  Capitol  0.00 STAO-132 Send Email 
Band, The Music From Big Pink  Capitol  0.00 SKAO 2955 Send Email 
Bar-kays, The Too Hot To Stop  Mercury  0.00 SRM-1-1099 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds  Capitol  0.00 T 2458 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The The Beach Boys Today!  Capitol  0.00 DT 2269 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Surfer Girl  Capitol  0.00 SM-1981 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The All Summer Long  Capitol  0.00 SN-16016 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Surfin' Safari  Capitol  0.00 SN 66101 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!)  Capitol  0.00 T 2354 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Shut Down, Vol. Ii  Capitol  0.00 T 2027 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Surfin' Usa  Capitol  0.00 SM-1890 Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Surf's Up  Brother Records / Reprise Record  0.00 RS 6453 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill  Def Jam  0.00 FC 40238 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Intergalactic  Grand Royal / Capitol  0.00 12CL 803 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Body Movin'  Grand Royal / Capitol  0.00 12CL 809 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Remote Control / 3 Mcs & 1 Dj  Grand Royal / Capitol  0.00 12CL 812 Send Email 
Beastie Boys To The 5 Boroughs  Capitol Records  0.00 7243 5 84571 1 7 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique  Capitol  0.00 077779174317 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty  Capitol / Grand Royal  0.00 509996 94239 18 - 2LP Send Email 
Beastie Boys Check Your Head  Capitol / Grand Royal  0.00 2 LP - EST 2171 Send Email 
Beatles, The Revolver  Capitol  0.00 CLJ-46441 Send Email 
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  Capitol  0.00 SMAS 2653 Send Email 
Beatles, The The White Album  Capitol  0.00 SWBO 101 Send Email 
Beatles, The Abbey Road  Capitol  0.00 SO-383 Send Email 
Beatles, The Let It Be  Apple  0.00 SOAL-6351 Send Email 
Beatles, The Something New  Capitol  0.00 ST 2108 Send Email 
Beatles, The Long Tall Sally  Capitol  0.00 T 6063 Send Email 
Beatles, The Beatles '65  Capitol  0.00 T 2228 Send Email 
Beatles, The 1962 - 1966  Capitol  0.00 SKBO 3403 Send Email 
Beatles, The 1967 - 1970  Capitol  0.00 SKBO 3404 Send Email 
Beatles, The Hey Jude  Capitol  0.00 SW-385 Send Email 
Beatles, The Vi  Capitol  0.00 ST 2358 Send Email 
Beatles, The Beatlemania!  Capitol  0.00 T6051 Send Email 
Beatles, The Please Please Me  Capitol  0.00 CLJ-46435 Send Email 
Beatles, The Meet The Beatles!  Capitol  0.00 ST 2047 Send Email 
Beatles, The With The Beatles  Capitol  0.00 CLJ-46436 Send Email 
Beatles, The A Hard Day's Night  Capitol/emi  0.00 CLJ-46437 Send Email 
Beatles, The Help!  Capitol/emi  0.00 PCS 3071 Send Email 
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine  Capitol  0.00 SW 153 Send Email 
Beatles, The Twist And Shout  Capitol  0.00 T 6054 Send Email 
Beatles, The The Beatles' Second Album  Capitol  0.00 ST 2080 Send Email 
Beatles, The Yesterday And Today  Capitol  0.00 ST 2553 Send Email 
Beatles, The A Hard Day's Night  United Artists  0.00 UAS 6366 Send Email 
Beatles, The Beatles '65  Capitol  0.00 ST 2228 Send Email 
Beatles, The Rubber Soul  Emi Records  0.00 CLJ-46440 Send Email 
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour  Capitol  0.00 SMAL 2835 Send Email 
Beatles, The Beatles For Sale  Capitol  0.00 CLJ-46438 Send Email 
Beatles, The Help!  Capitol  0.00 2386 Send Email 
Beatles, The Rubber Soul  Capitol  0.00 SW-12442 Send Email 
Beethoven, Ludwig Van The Best Of Beethoven  Quality  0.00 RSP 135 Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's Golden Decade  Chess  0.00 2CH-1514 Send Email 
Big Brother & The Holding Company Cheap Thrills  Columbia  0.00 kcs 9700 Send Email 
Black Flag Jealous Again  Sst Records  0.00 SST 003 Send Email 
Black Flag White Minority  Hc Live Classics  0.00 HCLC-105 Send Email 
Black Flag The First Four Years  Sst Records  0.00 SST 021 Send Email 
Black Flag Slip It In  Sst Records  0.00 SST 029 Send Email 
Black Flag My War  Sst Records  0.00 SST 023 Send Email 
Black Flag Tv Party  Sst Records  0.00 SST 012 Send Email 
Black Flag Damaged  Sst Records  0.00 SST 007 Send Email 
Black Sabbath Paranoid  Warner Bros.  0.00 WS 1887 Send Email 
Black Sabbath Master Of Reality  Warner Bros.  0.00 BS 2562 Send Email 
Booker T. & The Mgs Green Onions  Stax  0.00 STAX 701 Send Email 
Booker T. & The Mgs Mclemore Avenue  Stax  0.00 STS 2027 Send Email 
Bowie, David The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust...  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3843 Send Email 
Bowie, David Pin Ups  Rca  0.00 AYL1-4653 Send Email 
Bowie, David Hunky Dory  Rca  0.00 LSP-4623 Send Email 
Bowie, David Diamond Dogs  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3889 Send Email 
Bowie, David Space Oddity  Rca  0.00 LSP-4813 Send Email 
Bowie, David "heroes"  Rca  0.00 AFL1-2522 Send Email 
Bowie, David Aladdin Sane  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3890 Send Email 
Bowie, David Young Americans  Rca  0.00 CPL1-0998 Send Email 
Bowie, David Low  Rca  0.00 CPL1-2030 Send Email 
Bowie, David Scary Monsters  Rca  0.00 AQL1-3647 Send Email 
Bowie, David Changesonebowie  Rca  0.00 CPL1-1732 Send Email 
Bowie, David Station To Station  Rca  0.00 CPL1-1327 Send Email 
Bowie, David Changestwobowie  Rca  0.00 AFL1-4202 Send Email 
Bowie, David Lodger  Rca  0.00 AQL1-3254 Send Email 
Bowie, David Let's Dance  Emi America  0.00 SO-17093 Send Email 
Bowie, David The Man Who Sold The World  Rca  0.00 LSP-4816 Send Email 
Bowie, David John, I'm Only Dancing  Rca  0.00 BOW12 4 Send Email 
Bowie, David Another Face  London  0.00 MIP-1-9324 Send Email 
Bowie, David David Live  Rca  0.00 CPL2-0771 Send Email 
Bowie, David Tonight  Emi  0.00 SJ-17138 Send Email 
Bowie, David The Beginning Vol. 2  Deram  0.00 NDM 770 - Germany Send Email 
Bowie, David Stage  Rca  0.00 CPL2-2913 Send Email 
Bowie, David Never Let Me Down  Emi  0.00 PJ-17267 Send Email 
Brand Nubian The Return / Brand Nubian  Arista  0.00 ADP-3532 Send Email 
Brown, James Hot Pants  Polydor  0.00 2425 086 Send Email 
Brown, James Sex Machine  Polydor  0.00 2612 013 Send Email 
Brown, James Live At The Apollo  King Records  0.00 KS 826 Send Email 
Brown, James Live At The Apollo, Volume Ii  King  0.00 1022 Send Email 
Buckley, Tim Happy Sad  Elektra  0.00 EKS-74045 Send Email 
Buckley, Tim Goodbye & Hello  Elektra  0.00 EKS-7318 Send Email 
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield  Atco/atlantic  0.00 SD 33-200 Send Email 
Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around  Atco  0.00 SD 33-256 Send Email 
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady  I.r.s. Records  0.00 SP 001 Send Email 
Byrds, The The Notorious Byrd Brothers  Columbia  0.00 CS 9575 Send Email 
Byrds, The Turn! Turn! Turn!  Columbia  0.00 CL 2454 Send Email 
Byrds, The Younger Than Yesterday  Columbia  0.00 CS 9442 Send Email 
Byrds, The Fifth Dimension  Columbia  0.00 CL 2549 Send Email 
Byrds, The Mr. Tambourine Man  Columbia  0.00 CS 9172 Send Email 
Career Suicide Career Suicide  Deranged Records  0.00 DY48 Send Email 
Career Suicide Attempted Suicide  Deranged Records  0.00 DY #85 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Now, There Was A Song!  Columbia  0.00 CS 8254 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Now Here's Johnny Cash  Sun  0.00 SU 1255 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Get Rhythm  Sun  0.00 SUN 105 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny At San Quentin  Columbia  0.00 CS 9827 Send Email 
Cat Party Cat Party  Flat Black Records  0.00 FBR017 Send Email 
Channel 3 I've Got A Gun  Get Back  0.00 GET104 Send Email 
Cheap Trick At Budokan  Epic  0.00 PE 35795 Send Email 
Church, The Starfish  Arista  0.00 AL-8521 Send Email 
Clash, The The Clash  Epic  0.00 JE 36060 - Blue Send Email 
Clash, The London Calling  Cbs  0.00 E2 36328 Send Email 
Clash, The Give 'em Enough Rope  Epic  0.00 WPE 35543 Send Email 
Clash, The Combat Rock  Epic  0.00 PE 37689 Send Email 
Clash, The Black Market Clash  Epic  0.00 12EXP-304 Send Email 
Clash, The The Clash  Epic  0.00 PE 36060 - Green Send Email 
Coasters, The Juke Box Giants  Phoenix20  0.00 P20-602 Send Email 
Cochran, Eddie Legendary Masters Series  United Artists  0.00 UAD 60017/8 Send Email 
Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me  Taang!  0.00 T151LP - 2LP Send Email 
Cohen, Leonard Songs Of Leonard Cohen  Columbia  0.00 CS 9533 Send Email 
Cohen, Leonard Songs Of Love And Hate  Columbia  0.00 C 30103 Send Email 
Cohen, Leonard Songs From A Room  Columbia  0.00 CS 9767 Send Email 
Cohen, Leonard Live Songs  Columbia  0.00 KC 31724 Send Email 
Cohen, Leonard Recent Songs  Columbia  0.00 JC 36264 Send Email 
Commitment Crew What Are You?  Crucial Response Records  0.00 CRR 78 Send Email 
Cooke, Sam The Best Of Sam Cooke  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3863 Send Email 
Costello, Elvis This Year's Model  Columbia  0.00 PC 35331 Send Email 
Crass The Feeding Of The 5000 (the Second Sitting)  Crass Records  0.00 621984 Send Email 
Crass Penis Envy  Crass Records  0.00 321984/1 Send Email 
Cream Wheels Of Fire  Polydor  0.00 543-004/5 Send Email 
Cream Disraeli Gears  Polydor  0.00 CP 5008 Send Email 
Cream Live Cream Volume Ii  Rso  0.00 RS-1-3015 Send Email 
Cream Fresh Cream  Atco  0.00 SD 33-206 Send Email 
Cream Goodbye  Polydor  0.00 583 053 Send Email 
Cream Live Cream  Polydor  0.00 2383 016 Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle, Vol. 1: The 20 Greatest Hits  Fantasy  0.00 526079 Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory  Fantasy  0.00 8402 Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River  Fantasy  0.00 ORC-4514 Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy & The Poorboys  Fantasy  0.00 8397 Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country  Fantasy  0.00 8387 Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival  Fantasy  0.00 8382 Send Email 
Cro-mags The Age Of Quarrel  Rock Hotel/gwr Records  0.00 RR 9613 Send Email 
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash  Atlantic  0.00 SD-8229 Send Email 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Deja Vu  Atlantic  0.00 KSD-19118 Send Email 
Culo Life Is Vile... So Are We  Deranged Records  0.00 DY200 Send Email 
D.o.a. Triumph Of The Ignoroids  Friends Records  0.00 FR001 Send Email 
D.o.a. Live Free Or Die  Social Bomb/sudden Death  0.00 SBR-008/SDR-0056 Send Email 
D.o.a. War On 45  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 VIRUS 24 Send Email 
D.o.a. Bloodied But Unbowed  C.d. Presents, Ltd.  0.00 CD016 Send Email 
D.o.a. Something Better Change  Sudden Death Records  0.00 SDR-0025 - Red Send Email 
D.o.a. Hardcore 81  Sudden Death Records  0.00 SDR-0049 Send Email 
D.o.a. & Jello Biafra Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 VIRUS 78 Send Email 
Dale, Dick & His Del-tones Greatest Hits  Crescendo  0.00 K22P 237 Send Email 
Damned, The Damned Damned Damned  Earmark  0.00 40002 Send Email 
Dayglo Abortions Feed Us A Fetus  Fringe Product  0.00 FPL3021 Send Email 
Dayglo Abortions Out Of The Womb  God/unrest  0.00 LP015 Send Email 
Dayglo Abortions Death Race 2000  Unrest / God Records  0.00 Unrest LP021 Send Email 
Dayglo Abortions Two Dogs Fucking  Unrest / God Records  0.00 Unrest LP018 Send Email 
Dayglo Abortions Holy Shiite  Unrest / God Records  0.00 Unrest LP022 Send Email 
Dayglo Abortions Here Today Guano Tomorrow  Unrest Records/god Records  0.00 Unrest LP017 Send Email 
Dead Boys We Have Come For Your Children  Sire/rhino  0.00 SRK 6054 Send Email 
Dead Boys Night Of The Living Dead Boys  Bomp!  0.00 BLP 4017 Send Email 
Dead Boys Young Loud & Snotty  Sire  0.00 SR 6038 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables 1980 Manifesto  0.00 MFO 42907 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist  Manifesto  0.00 MFO 42902 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Mutiny On The Bay  Manifesto  0.00 MFO 42905 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust, Inc  Fringe  0.00 FP-3002 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters  Manifesto  0.00 MFO 42901, + Booklet Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death  Fringe Product  0.00 FPL 3046 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia  Cherry Red  0.00 12 Cherry 13 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Bedtime For Democracy  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 VIRUS 50 Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Halloween  Alternative Tentacles/statik Rec  0.00 VIRUS 28/STAT 2712 Send Email 
Dean Dirg ...raus!  Six Feet Under Records  0.00 76770M2 Send Email 
Death Sentence Not A Pretty Sight  Fringe Product  0.00 FPE3032 Send Email 
Decontrol In Trenches...  Iron Bastard Records  0.00 IBR001 Send Email 
Delfonics, The Super Hits  Hilly Groove / Bell  0.00 PG 1152 Send Email 
Descendents Milo Goes To College  Sst Records  0.00 SST 142 Send Email 
Descendents Bonus Fat  Sst Records  0.00 SST 144 Send Email 
Descendents I Don't Want To Grow Up  Sst Records  0.00 SST 143 Send Email 
Devo Freedom Of Choice  Warner Bros.  0.00 XBS-3435 Send Email 
Devo Q: Are We Not Men? 1978 Warner Bros.  0.00 SK 3239 Send Email 
Die Kreuzen Die Kreuzen  Touch And Go  0.00 T&GLP #4 Send Email 
Direct Control You're Controlled  Kangeroo Records  0.00  Send Email 
Direct Control Bucktown Hardcore  Tankcrimes Records  0.00 TC-41 Send Email 
Discharge Never Again  Earmark  0.00 40022 - Italy Send Email 
Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing  Earmark  0.00 40008 P Send Email 
Discharge Why?  Havoc Records  0.00 HC1244 Send Email 
Disorder Perdition E.p.  Puke N Vomit Records  0.00 PNV45-SR008 Send Email 
Dixon, Willie I Am The Blues  Columbia  0.00 CS 9987 Send Email 
Donnas, The American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine  Lookout!  0.00 LK191, + Insert Send Email 
Donnas, The Bitchin'  Purple Feather  0.00 PFR1001, 2xLP Purple Marble Vinyl Send Email 
Donnas, The Spend The Night  Atlantic  0.00 7567-93165-1 Send Email 
Donovan Sunshine Superman  Epic  0.00 BN 26217 Send Email 
Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven  Epic  0.00 BN 26349 Send Email 
Donovan Universal Soldier  Marble Arch  0.00 MAL 718 Send Email 
Donovan Mellow Yellow  Epic  0.00 BN 26239 Send Email 
Donovan Barabajagal  Epic  0.00 BN 26481 Send Email 
Donovan What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid  Marble Arch  0.00 MAL 795 Send Email 
Donovan What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid  Pye  0.00 NPL 30060 Send Email 
Donovan Fairytale  Marble Arch  0.00 MALS 867 Send Email 
Donovan For Little Ones  Epic  0.00 BN 26350 Send Email 
Donovan The Hurdy Gurdy Man  Epic  0.00 BN 26420 Send Email 
Doors, The Strange Days  Elektra  0.00 EKS-74014 Send Email 
Doors, The The Doors  Elektra  0.00 EKS-74007 Send Email 
Doors, The L.a. Woman  Elektra  0.00 EKS-75011 Send Email 
Doors, The Morrison Hotel  Elektra  0.00 EKS-75007 Send Email 
Doors, The Waiting For The Sun  Elektra  0.00 EKS-74024 Send Email 
Doors, The The Soft Parade  Elektra  0.00 K 42079 Send Email 
Dr. Dre The Chronic  Interscope Records  0.00 P1 50611 Send Email 
Dr. Know Dr. Know  Mystic Records  0.00 MLP 06 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Blonde On Blonde  Columbia  0.00 C2S 841 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan  Columbia  0.00 KCS 8786 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline  Columbia  0.00 KCS 9825 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Bringing It All Back Home  Columbia  0.00 CS 9128 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Revisited  Columbia  0.00 CS 9189 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Blood On The Tracks  Columbia  0.00 PC 33235 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Another Side Of Bob Dylan  Columbia  0.00 CS 8993 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob New Morning  Columbia  0.00 KC 30290 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob John Wesley Harding  Columbia  0.00 CS 9604 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob The Times They Are A-changin'  Columbia  0.00 KCS 8905 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Desire  Columbia  0.00 PC 33893 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Planet Waves  Columbia  0.00 7ES-1003 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan  Columbia  0.00 KCS 8579 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits  Columbia  0.00 KCL 2663 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits, Vol. Ii  Columbia  0.00 PG 31120 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid  Columbia  0.00 KC 32460 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Dylan  Columbia  0.00 PC 32747 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Oh Mercy  Columbia  0.00 OC 45281 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Self Portrait  Columbia  0.00 C2X 30050 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Modern Times  Columbia  0.00 82876876061 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob At Budokan  Columbia  0.00 PC2 36067 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob Hard Rain  Columbia  0.00 PC 34349 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob & Johnny Cash Nashville Skyline Outtakes 1969  Clarke  0.00 CS17 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob & The Band The Basement Tapes  Columbia  0.00 C2X 33682 Send Email 
Dylan, Bob & The Band Before The Flood  Asylum  0.00 AB-201 Send Email 
E.t.a. No Faith 12"  Deranged Records  0.00 DERANGEDYOUTH - 12 Send Email 
Eazy-e Eazy-duz-it  Bcm Records  0.00 33202 Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Songs To Learn & Sing  Korova  0.00 24 07571 Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain  Korova  0.00 240 388-1 Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Porcupine  Korova  0.00 24 00271 Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Echo & The Bunnymen  Wea  0.00 24 21371 Send Email 
Echo & The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here  Korova  0.00 XSR 3569 Send Email 
English Beat, The I Just Cant Stop It  I.r.s.  0.00 SP70606 Send Email 
Eno, Brian Taking Tiger Mountain (by Stategy)  Island  0.00 ILPS 9309 Send Email 
Eno, Brian Before And After Science  Island  0.00 ILPS-9478 Send Email 
Estranged, The Static Thoughts  Dirtnap Records  0.00 ZZZ - 74 Send Email 
Exploited, The Troops Of Tomorrow  Secret Records  0.00 RR 9981 Send Email 
Exploited, The Horror Epics  Konexion  0.00 KOMA 788012 Send Email 
Exploited, The Totally Exploited  Taang! Records  0.00 TAANG! 155 Send Email 
Exploited, The Punks Not Dead  Secret Records  0.00 SEC1 Send Email 
Exploited, The Let's Start A War...  Dojo  0.00 DOJOLP 10 Send Email 
Explosions In The Sky Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Te  Temporary Residence Limited  0.00 TRR 34 Send Email 
Fantastic Johnny C, The Boogaloo Down Broadway  Phil L.a. Of Soul  0.00 SPLP 4000 Send Email 
Fear The Record  Rhino Records  0.00 R1 79941 Send Email 
Fear More Beer  Restless Records/fear Records  0.00 72039-1 Send Email 
Flying Burrito Brothers, The The Gilded Palace Of Sin  A&m  0.00 SP 4175 Send Email 
Flying Burrito Brothers, The Burrito Deluxe  A&m  0.00 SP 4258 Send Email 
Flying Burrito Brothers, The The Flying Burrito Brothers  A&m  0.00 SP 4295 Send Email 
Forgotten Rebels In Love With The System  Star Records  0.00 SR 1846 Send Email 
G.b.h. Midnight Madness And Beyond.......  Rough Justice  0.00 JUST 2 Send Email 
G.b.h. Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys...  Clay Records  0.00 CLAY LP 5 Send Email 
G.b.h. City Baby Attacked By Rats  Roadrunner Records  0.00 RR 9949 - Netherlands - No misprint Send Email 
G.b.h. City Baby's Revenge  Earmark  0.00 40020 - Italy Send Email 
G.b.h. No Need To Panic  Fringe/rough Justice  0.00 FPL3043 Send Email 
Gang Of Four Entertainment!  Warner Bros.  0.00 XBS 3446 Send Email 
Gaye, Marvin What's Going On  Tamla  0.00 TS310 Send Email 
Gaye, Marvin Lets Get It On  Motown  0.00 T329V1 Send Email 
Generation Gap, The "theme From Shaft" And Other Hits  Rca/camden  0.00 CAS-2548 Send Email 
Germ Attak Ouroboros  Capitalicide Records  0.00 #002 Send Email 
Germ Attak They Live We Sleep  Yellow Dog Records  0.00 YD080 Send Email 
Germs (gi)  Rhino Records  0.00 R1 78602 Send Email 
Gg Allin & The Murder Junkies Terror In America, Live 1993  Alive Records  0.00 ALIVE0012 Send Email 
Gism Document One 1982-1984  Time Span Records  0.00  Send Email 
Gloom Recomendation Of Perdition  Mcr Company  0.00 MCR-113 Send Email 
Government Warning No Moderation  Feral Ward  0.00 YAN-0012-034-2006 Send Email 
Government Warning Paranoid Mess  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE035 Send Email 
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five The Message 1982 Sugarhill Records Excellent 0.00 SH 268 Send Email 
Grateful Dead American Beauty  Warner Bros.  0.00 WS 1893 Send Email 
Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead  Warner Bros. Records  0.00 WS 1869 Send Email 
Green, Adam Friends Of Mine  Rough Trade  0.00 06076-83223-1 Send Email 
Green, Al Gets Next To You  Hi Records  0.00 SHL 32062 Send Email 
Green, Al Let's Stay Together  Hi Records  0.00 SHL 32070 Send Email 
Guthrie, Arlo Alice's Restaurant  Reprise  0.00 RS-6267 Send Email 
Guthrie, Arlo Running Down The Road  Reprise  0.00 6346 Send Email 
Hancock, Herbie Monster  Columbia  0.00 JC 36415 Send Email 
Hard Skin Same Meat Different Gravy  Feral Ward  0.00 YAN-0012-054-2009 Send Email 
Harrison, George All Things Must Pass  Apple  0.00 STCH 639 Send Email 
Hell, Richard & The Voidoids Blank Generation  Sire  0.00 SR 6037 Send Email 
Hell, Richard & The Voidoids Destiny Street  Get Hip Recordings  0.00 GH-1102 Send Email 
Hendrix, Jimi Band Of Gypsys  Reprise  0.00 MS 5195 Send Email 
Hives, The Veni Vidi Vicious  Gearhead  0.00 RPM040 - Blue Send Email 
Hives, The The Black & White Album  A&m  0.00 B0010030-01 Send Email 
Hives, The Barely Legal  Gearhead  0.00 RPM030 Send Email 
Hooker, John Lee The Best Of John Lee Hooker  Gnp/crecendo  0.00 GNPS/2-10007 Send Email 
Hugo Montenegro Music From The Good, The Bad & The Ugly  Rca  0.00  Send Email 
Ice Cube Amerikkka's Most Wanted  Priority  0.00 SL57120 Send Email 
Ice Cube Death Certificate  Priority  0.00 7243 5 43341 1 5 - 2LP Send Email 
Idol, Billy Rebel Yell  Chrysalis  0.00 FV 41450 Send Email 
Idol, Billy Billy Idol  Chrysalis  0.00 FV 41377 Send Email 
Iggy & The Stooges (i Got) Nothing  Skydog  0.00 France - SGIS 12 Send Email 
Iggy & The Stooges Metallic K.o.  Visa Records  0.00 IMP 1015 Send Email 
Iggy & The Stooges I'm Sick Of You  Line Records  0.00 LLP 5126 AS Send Email 
Iggy & The Stooges California Bleeding  Bomp!  0.00 BLP 4069 Send Email 
Iguanas, The The Iguanas  Norton  0.00 ED 251 Send Email 
Ill Repute What Happens Next  Mystic Records  0.00 MVP 33005 - Green Send Email 
Infa Riot Still Out Of Order  Link Records  0.00 LINK LP 079 Send Email 
Insurance Risk Violence In Our Minds  Crucial Response Records  0.00 CRUCIAL RESPONSE 77 Send Email 
Isaac Hayes Shaft  Enterprise  0.00 2 LPs Send Email 
Jackson, Michael Ben  Tamla Motown / Ampex  0.00 M 755L Send Email 
Jam, The The Gift  Polydor  0.00 PD-1-6349 Send Email 
Jam, The This Is The Modern World  Polydor  0.00 PD-1-6129 Send Email 
Jam, The All Mod Cons  Polydor  0.00 PD-1-6188 Send Email 
Jam, The In The City  Polydor  0.00 2383 447 Send Email 
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3738 Send Email 
Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane Takes Off  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3739 Send Email 
Jesus & Mary Chain, The Psychocandy  Wea  0.00 24 07901 Send Email 
Jett, Joan Bad Reputation  Boardwalk Records  0.00 FW 37065 Send Email 
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Axis: Bold As Love  Reprise  0.00 RS 6281 Send Email 
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Smash Hits  Reprise  0.00 MS 2025 Send Email 
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Are You Experienced?  Reprise  0.00 RS-6261 Send Email 
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Electric Ladyland  Reprise  0.00 2RS 6307 Send Email 
John, Elton Madman Across The Water  Uni/mca  0.00 93120 Send Email 
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers L.a.m.f.  Track Record  0.00 2409-218 - UK Send Email 
Jolts, The Haute Voltage  Haute Voltage Records  0.00 HVR213 Send Email 
Joplin, Janis Pearl  Columbia  0.00 PC 30322 Send Email 
Joy Division Still  Factory  0.00 FACD 07/08 Send Email 
Joy Division Closer  Factory  0.00 FACT XXV Send Email 
Joy Division Heart & Soul  None  0.00 FAC 204 Send Email 
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart  Factory Canada  0.00 FACX II XII Send Email 
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures  Edigsa  0.00 19L0106 Send Email 
Kaaos Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos  Havoc Records / Fight Records  0.00 HC 1212 / Fight Records 42 Send Email 
Kingsmen, The In Person  Reo Records  0.00 RLP-667 Send Email 
Kinks, The Kinda Kinks  Earmark  0.00 642002 Send Email 
Kinks, The The Village Green Preservation Society  Pye  0.00 NSPL 18233 Send Email 
Kinks, The Muswell Hillbillies  Rca  0.00 AYL1-4558 Send Email 
Kinks, The Face To Face  Pye  0.00 NSPL-30092 Send Email 
Kinks, The The Kink Kontroversy  Pye  0.00 NSPL-30083 Send Email 
Kinks, The The Live Kinks  Reprise  0.00 RS-6260 Send Email 
Kinks, The Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneyground Part 1  Reprise  0.00 RS 6423 Send Email 
Kinks, The Arthur  Pye  0.00 NSPL 18317 Send Email 
Kinks, The Live At Kelvin Hall  Pye/allied  0.00 NSPL 30107 Send Email 
Kiss Love Gun  Casablanca  0.00 NBLP 7057 Send Email 
Kiss Destroyer  Casablanca  0.00 NBLP 7025 Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Wild And Peaceful  De-lite  0.00 9088-2013 Send Email 
Koro Speed Kills  Sorry State Records  0.00 SSR-12001 Send Email 
Last Rights No Guts, No Glory  Reflex Records  0.00 Reflex 07 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin  Atlantic  0.00 SD 8216 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Iii  Atlantic  0.00 SD 7201 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Iv  Atlantic  0.00 KSD 19129 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy  Atlantic  0.00 SD 7255 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti  Swan Song  0.00 2SS-200 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door  Swan Song  0.00 XSS 16002 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Coda  Swan Song  0.00 79 00511 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Ii  Atlantic  0.00 SD 8236 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Ii  Atlantic Records  0.00 KSD 19127 Send Email 
Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door  Swan Song  0.00 XSS 16002 - Paper Sleeve Send Email 
Lennon, John Imagine  Apple  0.00 SW 3379 Send Email 
Lennon, John Plastic Ono Band  Apple/capitol  0.00 SW 3372 Send Email 
Lennon, John Imagine  Apple  0.00 7243 5 24858 1 9 Send Email 
Lennon, John Double Fantasy  Geffen  0.00 XGHS 2001 Send Email 
Lennon, John Rock & Roll  Apple  0.00 SK-3419 Send Email 
Lennon, John Shaved Fish  Capitol  0.00 SW-3421 Send Email 
Lennon, John Walls And Bridges  Capitol  0.00 SW-3416 Send Email 
Lennon, John Mind Games  Capitol  0.00 SW 3414 Send Email 
Libertines, The The Libertines  Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADELP065 Send Email 
Libertines, The Up The Bracket  Rough Trade  0.00 RTRADLP166 Send Email 
Lightfoot, Gordon Sit Down Young Stranger  Reprise  0.00 6392 Send Email 
Lightfoot, Gordon Summertime Dream  Warner Bros.  0.00 MS 2246 Send Email 
Lightfoot, Gordon Lightfoot!  United Artists  0.00 UAS 6487 Send Email 
Limp Wrist Limp Wrist  La Vida Es Un Mus  0.00 MUS28 Send Email 
Little Walter The Best Of Little Walter  Chess  0.00 CH-9192 Send Email 
Lively Ones, The Surf City  Del-fi  0.00 DFLP-1237 Send Email 
Lively Ones, The Surf Drums  Del-fi  0.00 DFST 1231 Send Email 
Ll Cool J Going Back To Cali / Jack The Ripper  Def Jam  0.00 12 CXP 07563 Send Email 
Love Forever Changes  Sundazed  0.00 LP 5102 Send Email 
Love Da Capo  Elektra  0.00 EKS-74005 Send Email 
Love Four Sail  Elektra  0.00 EKS-74049 Send Email 
Love Love  Sundazed  0.00 LP 5100 Send Email 
Lovin' Spoonful, The The Pick Of...  Jet  0.00 JET-8210 Send Email 
Madness One Step Beyond...  Sire  0.00 QSR-6085 Send Email 
Mamas & The Papas, The The Mamas & The Papas  Rca  0.00 DS 60010 Send Email 
Mamas & The Papas, The The Papas & The Mamas  Rca  0.00 DSD-50031 Send Email 
Matthews Southern Comfort Later That Same Year  Pickwick  0.00 SPC-3698 Send Email 
Mayfield, Curtis Superfly  Curtom Records  0.00 CRS 8014-ST Send Email 
Mayfield, Curtis Curtis  Curtom Records  0.00 CRS 8005 Send Email 
Mayfield, Curtis Curtis / Live!  Curtom  0.00 2LP - CRS 8008 Send Email 
Mayfield, Curtis Back To The World  Curtom  0.00 CRS 8015 Send Email 
Mccartney, Paul & Wings Band On The Run  Apple/capitol  0.00 SO 3415 Send Email 
Mclean, Don American Pie  Liberty  0.00 LN-10037 Send Email 
Meatmen We're The Meatmen... And You Suck!  Touch And Go  0.00 TGRLP001 Send Email 
Minor Threat Out Of Step  Dischord Records  0.00 DISCHORD 10 Send Email 
Minor Threat Minor Threat  Dischord Records  0.00 Dischord 12 - Green Vinyl Send Email 
Minutemen Double Nickels On The Dime  Sst Records  0.00 SST 028 Send Email 
Minutemen What Makes A Man Start Fires?  Sst Records  0.00 SST 014 Send Email 
Misfits Die, Die My Darling  Plan 9  0.00 PL9-03 Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni Blue  Reprise Records  0.00 MS 2038 Send Email 
Mitchell, Joni Ladies Of The Canyon  Reprise Records  0.00 RS 6376 Send Email 
Modern Lovers, The The Modern Lovers  4 Men With Beards  0.00 4m523 Send Email 
Modernettes, The Teen City  Quintessence Records  0.00 QEP 1204 - EP Send Email 
Modernettes, The Get Modern Or Get Fucked  Sudden Death  0.00 LadyKKK07LP05 - 580/1100 Send Email 
Monks, The Bad Habits  Harvest  0.00 SN 66140 Send Email 
Morrison, Van Astral Weeks  Warner Bros.  0.00 WS 1768 Send Email 
Morrison, Van Blowin' Your Mind!  Bang  0.00 S125020 Send Email 
Morrison, Van Moondance  Warner Bros.  0.00 1835 Send Email 
Motörhead No Remorse  Bronze/island Records  0.00 BRSP-6 - 2LP Send Email 
Motörhead Ace Of Spades  Mercury/bronze  0.00 SRM-1-4011 - 180g Send Email 
Mundo Muerto Que Asko!  Mata La Musika Discos  0.00  Send Email 
N.w.a. Straight Outta Compton  Priority Records  0.00 BRLP 534 Send Email 
N.w.a. Efil4zaggin / 100 Miles And Runnin'  Priority Records  0.00 7243-5-37937-1-5 Send Email 
Negative Approach Tied Down  Touch & Go  0.00 T&GLP#3 Send Email 
Negative Approach Ready To Fight  Reptilian Records  0.00 REP081 - 2LP Send Email 
Negative Approach Pressure  Recollect Records  0.00 01 Send Email 
Nena 99 Luftballons  Epic  0.00 FE 39294 Send Email 
New Order Substance  Factory  0.00 832 616-1 Send Email 
New Order Power, Corruption & Lies  Factus 12  0.00 FACTUS 12C Send Email 
New Order Blue Monday  Factory Canada  0.00 FACX 10 Send Email 
New Order Low Life  Factory Canada  0.00 FACD 21 Send Email 
New York Dolls Too Much Too Soon  Mercury  0.00 SRM-1-1001 Send Email 
Night Birds The Other Side Of Darkness  Grave Mistake Records  0.00 GRAVE050 Send Email 
Nilsson, Harry Nilsson Schmilsson  Rca  0.00 ANL1-3464 Send Email 
No Problem And Now This  Deranged Records  0.00 DY191 Send Email 
No Statik We All Die In The End  Prank  0.00 PRANK 118 Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version  Elektra  0.00 61659-1, 2xLP + Insert Send Email 
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells  Virgin Music  0.00 V2001 Send Email 
Orbison, Roy Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits  Monument  0.00 X M 4009 Send Email 
Orbison, Roy The Very Best Of Roy Orbison  Monument  0.00 SLP 18045 Send Email 
Organized Sports I'm So Proud Of Him  Bulkhead/hivtown Records  0.00 BH002/HIV002 Send Email 
Out Cold Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One  Kangeroo Records  0.00 KR-25 LP Send Email 
Personality Crisis Creatures For Awhile  War On Music  0.00 WOM003 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon  Harvest  0.00 SMAS-11163 Send Email 
Pink Floyd The Wall  Columbia  0.00 AL 36183 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here  Columbia  0.00 PC 33453 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Animals  Columbia  0.00 JCX 34474 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Meddle  Harvest  0.00 SMAS-832 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds  Harvest  0.00 ST-11078 Send Email 
Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn  Harvest  0.00 ST 6242 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Ummagumma  Harvest  0.00 STBB-388 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother  Harvest  0.00 SKAO-382 Send Email 
Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Secrets  Capitol  0.00 ST 6279 Send Email 
Pink Floyd Soundtrack From The Film "more"  Emi Music  0.00 ST 6318 Send Email 
Plasmatics Beyond The Valley Of 1984  Stiff Canada  0.00 RIP-2006 Send Email 
Police, The Outlandos D'amour  A&m  0.00 SP-4753 Send Email 
Police, The Ghost In The Machine  A&m  0.00 SP-3730 Send Email 
Police, The Zenyatta Mondatta  A&m  0.00 SP 4831 Send Email 
Police, The Synchronicity  A&m  0.00 SP-03075 Send Email 
Police, The Regatta De Blanc  A&m  0.00 SP-4792 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy The Idiot  Rca  0.00 INST 5172 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Lust For Life  Rca  0.00 AFL1-2488 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy I Got A Right  Invasion/enigma  0.00 E 1019 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Soldier  Arista  0.00 AB 4259 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy New Values  Arista  0.00 AB 4237 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Sister Midnight  Anarchy Music  0.00 ARY 8006-1 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Zombie Birdhouse  Animal Records  0.00 APE 6000 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Instinct  A&m  0.00 SP-5108 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Party  Arista  0.00 AL 9572 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy Brick By Brick  Virgin  0.00 VL 3108 Send Email 
Pop, Iggy & James Williamson Kill City  Radar  0.00 RAD 2 Send Email 
Presley, Elvis Elvis Presley  Rca  0.00 LPE-1254 Send Email 
Problem Children The Future Of The World Is Up To Us  Irate Faction Records  0.00 IFR 002 Send Email 
Public Enemy It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back  Def Jam  0.00 FC 44303 Send Email 
Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush The Show  Def Jam  0.00 BFC 40658 Send Email 
Public Image Limited Public Image - First Issue  Virgin  0.00 V 2114 Send Email 
Public Image Ltd. Live In Tokyo  Elektra  0.00 96 04911 Send Email 
Public Image Ltd. This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get  Elektra/asylum  0.00 96 03651 Send Email 
Public Image Ltd. This Is Not A Love Song  Virgin  0.00 VS529-12 Send Email 
Queen The Game  Elektra  0.00 X5E-513 Send Email 
Queen A Night At The Opera  Elektra  0.00 7ES-1053 Send Email 
Queen Jazz  Elektra  0.00 6E-166 Send Email 
Queen Sheer Heart Attack  Elektra  0.00 7ES-1026 Send Email 
Queen A Day At The Races  Elektra  0.00 K6E-101 Send Email 
Queen News Of The World  Elektra  0.00 6E-112 Send Email 
Queers, The Love Songs For The Retarded  Lookout! Records  0.00 Lookout 66 Send Email 
Ramones Rock & Roll Radio Vol 1  Acmé Recording Co.  0.00 DD-J-FRVR1 Send Email 
Ramones Ramones  Sire  0.00 SASD-7520 Send Email 
Ramones Rocket To Russia  Sire  0.00 SR 6042 Send Email 
Ramones Road To Ruin  Sire  0.00 SRK 6063 Send Email 
Ramones Leave Home  Sire  0.00 SA 7528 Send Email 
Ramones End Of The Centruy  Sire  0.00 QSR 6077 Send Email 
Ramones Pleasant Dreams  Sire  0.00 SRK 3571 Send Email 
Razors Razors  Vince Lombardy Highschool Record  0.00 Vince 022 Send Email 
Reagan Youth Volume 1  New Red Archives  0.00 NRA11 - Red Vinyl Send Email 
Redding, Otis The Otis Redding Story - Volume One: Mr. Pitiful  Atco  0.00 SD2 807 - 2LP Send Email 
Redding, Otis The Otis Redding Story Volume Two: Deep Soul  Atco  0.00 2LP - SD2 808 Send Email 
Reed, Lou Rock N Roll Animal  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3664 Send Email 
Reed, Lou The Blue Mask  Rca  0.00 AFL1-4221 Send Email 
Reed, Lou Transformer  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3806 Send Email 
Reed, Lou Lou Reed Live  Rca  0.00 AYL1-3752 Send Email 
Reed, Lou Berlin  Rca  0.00 KYL1-0447 Send Email 
Reed, Lou The Bells  Arista  0.00 AB 4229 Send Email 
Reed, Lou Street Hassle  Arista  0.00 AB 4169 Send Email 
Riistetyt As A Prisoner Of State  Höhnie Records  0.00 HO 64 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed  London  0.00 NPS-4 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Out Of Our Heads  London  0.00 LL 3429 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Aftermath  London  0.00 LL 3476 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 COC 59100 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The December's Children (and Everyone's)  London  0.00 PS 451 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Beggars Banquet  London  0.00 PS 539 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 XCOC 16052 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Get Yer Ya-ya's Out!  London  0.00 NPS-5 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The It's Only Rock & Roll  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 COC 79101 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Their Satanic Majesties Request  London  0.00 NPS-2 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Big Hits (high Tide And Green Grass)  London  0.00 NP-1 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The 12x5  London  0.00 PS 402 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The England's Newest Hitmakers  London  0.00 PS 375 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The The Rolling Stones, Now!  London  0.00 PS 420 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Between The Buttons  London  0.00 PS 499 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Some Girls  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 COC 39108 - White Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Exile On Main St.  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 2 COC 2900 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Flowers  London  0.00 PS 509 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Goats Head Soup  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 COC 59101 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Metamorphosis  Abkco  0.00 ANA 1 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Through The Past, Darkly (big Hits Vol. 2)  London  0.00 NPS-3 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Got Live If You Want It!  London  0.00 PS 493 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Black And Blue  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 VFC 40495 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Rarities 1972-2003  Emi  0.00 0946 3 47092 1 7 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The More Hot Rocks (big Hits & Fazed Cookies)  London/polygram  0.00 2 PS 626/7 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Hot Rocks 1964-1971  London  0.00 2PS 606/7 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 COC 59100 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 FC 40488 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Some Girls  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 COC 39108 Send Email 
Rolling Stones, The Emotional Rescue  Rolling Stones Records  0.00 XCOC-16015 Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. Raising Hell  Profile / London  0.00 830 377-1 - Green Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. You Be Illin' (remix) / Hit It Run  London  0.00 LDSX233 Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. Run's House / Beats To The Rhyme  Profile  0.00 PRO-7202 Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. My Adidas / Peter Piper  Profile  0.00 LDSX 225 Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. Raising Hell  Profile / London  0.00 830 377-1 - Purple Send Email 
Run-d.m.c. Tougher Than Leather  Profile / London  0.00 828 070-1 Send Email 
Runaways, The Waitin' For The Night  Mercury  0.00 SRM-1-3705 Send Email 
Runaways, The The Runaways  Mercury  0.00 SRM-1-1090 Send Email 
Runaways, The Queens Of Noise  Mercury  0.00 SRM-1-1126 Send Email 
Runaways, The And Now... The Runaways  Quality  0.00 SV 2039 Send Email 
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs The Best Of Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs  Mgm  0.00 E-4422 Send Email 
Santana Abraxas  Columbia  0.00 PC 30130 Send Email 
Scott-heron, Gil Pieces Of A Man  Flying Dutchman  0.00 FDS 10143 Send Email 
Scott-heron, Gil Moving Target  Arista  0.00 204 921 - Germany Send Email 
Sham 69 Live And Loud Volume 2  Link Records  0.00 LINK LP 025 Send Email 
Sham 69 Tell Us The Truth  Get Back  0.00 GET36 Send Email 
Shins, The Oh, Inverted World  Sup Pop  0.00 SP 550 Send Email 
Shins, The Chutes Too Narrow  Sup Pop  0.00 SP 625 Send Email 
Siege Siege  Deep Six Records  0.00 #55 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water  Columbia  0.00 PC 9914 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Sounds Of Silence  Columbia  0.00 WKCS 9269 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme  Columbia  0.00 KCS 9363 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel The Graduate Soundtrack  Columbia  0.00 OS 3180 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Wednesday Morning, 3am  Columbia  0.00 CL 2249 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Bookends  Columbia  0.00 PC 9529 Send Email 
Simone, Nina Wild Is The Wind  Philips  0.00 PHS 600-207 Send Email 
Sly & The Family Stone Stand!  Epic  0.00 BN 26456 Send Email 
Sly & The Family Stone Dance To The Music  Epic  0.00 E 30334 Send Email 
Smith, Elliott Elliott Smith  Kill Rock Stars  0.00 KRS 246 Send Email 
Smith, Patti Horses  Arista  0.00 AL 4066 Send Email 
Smiths, The Louder Than Bombs  Sire / Rough Trade  0.00 92 55691 Send Email 
Smiths, The The Queen Is Dead  Sire  0.00 25426-1 Send Email 
Smiths, The The Smiths  Rhino Records  0.00 R1 520968 Send Email 
Smiths, The The Old Guard - Bbc Tapes 1983-1986  Alti Philosophi  0.00  Send Email 
Snfu ...and No One Else Wanted To Play  Better Youth Organization  0.00 BYO 009 - Xmas Massacre Cover Send Email 
Snfu If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish  Better Youth Organization  0.00 EFA LP 0725406 Send Email 
Snfu The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed  Epitaph Records  0.00 86441-1 Send Email 
Snfu In The Meantime And In Between Time  Rake Records/reluctant Recording  0.00 RK001/RR005 Send Email 
Snfu ... And No One Else Wanted To Play  Better Youth Organization  0.00 BYO 009 Send Email 
Sons Of Ishmael Hayseed Hardcore  Schizophrenic Records  0.00 Schiz. 051 Send Email 
Soul Mann & The Brothers Shaft  Pickwick  0.00 SPC-3290 Send Email 
Spectres Last Days  Whisper In Darkness  0.00 DARKNESS 023 Send Email 
Springsteen, Bruce The River  Columbia  0.00 XPC2 36854 Send Email 
Steppenwolf Steppenwolf  Dunhill  0.00 50029 Send Email 
Steppenwolf The Second  Mca  0.00 MCA 37046 Send Email 
Steve Miller Band Book Of Dreams  Capitol  0.00 SW-11630 Send Email 
Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle  Capitol  0.00 ST-11497 Send Email 
Stevens, Cat Tea For The Tillerman  A&m  0.00 SP 4280 Send Email 
Stevens, Cat Teaser And The Firecat  A&m  0.00 SP 4313 Send Email 
Stevens, Cat Mona Bone Jakon  A&m  0.00 SP 4260 Send Email 
Stiff Little Fingers Inflammable Material  Rough Trade  0.00 ROUGH 1 Send Email 
Stooges, The The Stooges  Sundazed  0.00 LP 5149 Send Email 
Stooges, The Fun House  Sundazed  0.00 LP 5150 Send Email 
Stooges, The Raw Power  Columbia  0.00 KC 32111 Send Email 
Stooges, The No Fun  Elektra/wea  0.00 X6E 7095 Send Email 
Stranglers, The La Folie  Liberty/emi  0.00 LBG 30342 Send Email 
Stray Cats, The Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats  Emi  0.00 SO-17102 Send Email 
Stray Cats, The Built For Speed  Emi America  0.00 ST-17070 Send Email 
Strokes, The Room On Fire 2003 Rca  0.00 82876 554 971 Send Email 
Strokes, The Is This It 2001 Rca  0.00 07863 68045-1 Send Email 
Strokes, The First Impressions Of Earth 2006 Rca  0.00 82876 73177-1 Send Email 
Strung Up / Direct Control Split 12"  No Way Records  0.00 NW08TC16 Send Email 
Subhumans The Day The Country Died  Bluurg  0.00 XLP1 Send Email 
Subhumans Death Was Too Kind  Alternative Tentacles  0.00 VIRUS 391 Send Email 
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies  Frontier  0.00 FLP 1011 - Yellow Vinyl Send Email 
Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army  Caroline  0.00 FPL3041 Send Email 
Suicide Suicide  Red Star  0.00 RS 7001-1 Send Email 
T. Rex Electric Warrior  Reprise  0.00 RS 6466 Send Email 
T. Rex T. Rex  Reprise  0.00 RS-6440 Send Email 
T. Rex Dandy In The Underworld  Ariola  0.00 28 876 XOT Send Email 
T.s.o.l. Dance With Me  Nitro Records  0.00 NTO015868 - Gray Marbled Send Email 
Taylor, James Sweet Baby James  Warner Bros.  0.00 WS 1843 Send Email 
Tear It Up Just Can't Stand It  Deranged Records  0.00 DERA08A Send Email 
Television Foxhole  Elektra  0.00 Red Vinyl - K12287 Send Email 
Television Marquee Moon  Four Men With Beards  0.00 4M501 Send Email 
Television Adventure  Four Men With Beards  0.00 4M507 Send Email 
Ten Years After A Space In Time  Columbia  0.00 WKC 30801 Send Email 
Terminal State Your Rules  Deranged Records  0.00 DY-67 Send Email 
Tex, Joe The Best Of Joe Tex  Atlantic  0.00 SD 8144 Send Email 
The Faith / Void Split  Dischord Records  0.00 Dischord No. 8 Send Email 
Them Them Featuring Van Morrison  London/polygram  0.00 MIP-1-9375 Send Email 
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak  Mercury  0.00 SRM-1-1081 Send Email 
Toots & The Maytals Funky Kingston  Dragon  0.00 DRLS 5002 Send Email 
Townshend, Pete Empty Glass  Atco  0.00 XSD 32-100 Send Email 
Townshend, Pete Who Came First  Track/decca  0.00 DL 7-9189 Send Email 
U.k. Subs Recorded 1979-1981  Abstract Sounds  0.00 AABT 300 Send Email 
U.k. Subs Another Kind Of Blues  Gem/rca  0.00 AFL1-3527 Send Email 
U.k. Subs Brand New Age  Get Back  0.00 GET133 Send Email 
Vacant State Fill The Void 2011 Deranged Records  0.00 DY 197 Send Email 
Various Strength Thru Oi!  Decca  0.00 SKIN1 Send Email 
Various Jimmy Cliff In 'the Harder They Come' Ost  Island  0.00 MLPS-9202 Send Email 
Various Four Old Seven Inches On A Twelve Inch  Dischord Records  0.00 DIS 14 V Send Email 
Various Easy Rider Soundtrack  Reprise  0.00  Send Email 
Various The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack    0.00  Send Email 
Various A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack    0.00  Send Email 
Various Midnight Cowboy Soundtrack    0.00  Send Email 
Various Studio One Classics  Soul Jazz Records  0.00 SJR LP 096 - 2LP Send Email 
Various The Warriors - Ost  A&m  0.00 SP-4761 Send Email 
Various Kill Bill Vol. 2 - Original Soundtrack  Maverick  0.00 9362 48676 1, + Insert Send Email 
Various Oi! Chartbusters Vol. 2  Link Records  0.00 LINK LP 016 Send Email 
Various Something To Believe In  Better Youth Organization  0.00 BYO 004 Send Email 
Various Flex Your Head  Dischord Records  0.00 Dischord 7 Send Email 
Various The Secret Life Of Punks  Secret  0.00 SEC 10 Send Email 
Various Jackie Brown Soundtrack  Maverick/a Band Apart  0.00 9 46841-1 Send Email 
Various Killed By Death #2  Redrum Records  0.00 02 - 1/700 - Red Vinyl Send Email 
Various Killed By Death - Rare Punk 77-82  Redrum Records  0.00 01 - White Vinyl Send Email 
Various Phil Spector's Greatest Hits  Warner Bros.  0.00 2SP 9104 - 2LP Send Email 
Various Screams From The Gutter  Dss Records  0.00 DSS99300 Send Email 
Various Rat Music For Rat People  Go! Records  0.00 GO 003 Send Email 
Various Killed By Death #6 - Great Punk Shits  Redrum Records  0.00 KILL 002 - White Vinyl Send Email 
Various Killed By Death #3  Redrum Records  0.00 Send Email 
Various Someone Got Their Head Kicked In!  Better Youth Organization  0.00 BYO 001 Send Email 
Various Killed By Death #5  Redrum Records  0.00 Send Email 
Various Toronto's Burning  Schizophrenic Records  0.00 Schiz #44 Send Email 
Velvet Underground, The The Velvet Underground  Verve  0.00 MIP-1-9446 Send Email 
Velvet Underground, The The Velvet Underground & Nico  Verve  0.00 MIP-1-9379 Send Email 
Velvet Underground, The White Light/white Heat  Verve  0.00 V/V6-5046 Send Email 
Velvet Underground, The Loaded  Atlantic  0.00 K40113 Send Email 
Ventures, The Surfing  Dolton  0.00 BST-8022 Send Email 
Ventures, The Golden Greats By The Ventures  Liberty  0.00 LST-8053 Send Email 
Vibrators, The Pure Mania  Columbia  0.00 PES 90433 Send Email 
Vicious Cycle Pale Blue Dot  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 148 Send Email 
Violent Minds We Are Nothing  Deranged Records  0.00 DY 103 Send Email 
Vitamin X Down The Drain  Havoc Records  0.00 HC1207 Send Email 
Vitamin X Bad Trip  Havoc Records  0.00 HC1218 Send Email 
Waits, Tom Rain Dogs  Island  0.00 ISL 1065 Send Email 
War Why Can't We Be Friends?  United Artists  0.00 UA-LA441-G, + Poster Send Email 
War Deliver The Word  United Artists  0.00 UA-LA128-F Send Email 
Warkrime Get Loose  No Way Records  0.00 NW-16 - Brown Send Email 
Waters, Muddy Hard Again  Blue Sky  0.00 WPZ-34449 Send Email 
Who, The Tommy  Mca  0.00 MCA2-10005 Send Email 
Who, The Who's Next  Mca  0.00 MCA-37217 Send Email 
Who, The Quadrophenia  Track/mca  0.00 MCA2-10004 Send Email 
Who, The Odds & Sods  Track/mca  0.00 MCA-2126 Send Email 
Who, The The Who By Numbers  Mca  0.00 MCA-2161 Send Email 
Who, The Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy  Decca  0.00 DL 79184 Send Email 
Who, The A Quick One/sell Out  Mca  0.00 MCA2-4067 Send Email 
Who, The Live At Leeds  Decca  0.00 DL-79175 Send Email 
Who, The Magic Bus/my Generation  Track/mca  0.00 MCA2-4068 Send Email 
Who, The Who Are You  Mca  0.00 MCA-3050 Send Email 
Who, The It's Hard  Warner Bros.  0.00 92 37311 Send Email 
Who, The Face Dances  Warner Bros.  0.00 XHS 3516 Send Email 
Who, The The Who Sell Out  Decca  0.00 DL 4950 Send Email 
Who, The My Generation  Polydor  0.00 MONO 2478144 Send Email 
Who, The Happy Jack  Decca  0.00 DL 4892 Send Email 
Withers, Bill Still Bill  Sussex  0.00 SXBS 7014 Send Email 
Womack, Bobby Facts Of Life  United Artists  0.00 UA-LA043-F Send Email 
Wonder, Stevie Talking Book  Tamla  0.00 T 319 Send Email 
Wonder, Stevie Songs In The Key Of Life  Tamla  0.00 T13-340C2 - USA 2LP & 7" Send Email 
Wonder, Stevie Innervisions  Tamla  0.00 T 326L Send Email 
Wu-tang Clan Enter The Wu-tang (36 Chambers)  Loud Records  0.00 07863-66336-1 Send Email 
Los Angeles  Slash  0.00 SR-104 Send Email 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones  Interscope  0.00 b0006337-01 Send Email 
Youth Brigade Sound & Fury  Better Youth Organization  0.00 BYO 002R Send Email 
Zombies, The Odessey & Oracle  Big Beat  0.00 WIKD 181 Send Email 
Zombies, The The Best Of...  London  0.00 MIP-1-9373 Send Email 
Point Break All Bunged Up Tape 2010   0.00  Send Email 
Not For Trade 7": 183, 10": 1, 12": 702, Tape: 1

underture's List Summary

Wanted: 7" - 20, 12" - 32, Tape - 1
For Trade: 7" - 1, 12" - 14
Not For Trade 7": 183, 10": 1, 12": 702, Tape: 1

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