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Country: Canada


this is my 45 collection. closed down when file became too large and slow

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Country
Youth Unit 6 Cut -ep-  True Excellent 0.00 41 of 300 on yellow vinyl, cover vg, ac preceded energetic action. Send Email 
Energetic Action Becoming 2013 Ear Excellent 0.00 003, cover exc, l, ws, set order, mp3 download code "our son the rock star" Send Email 
Wanted: 7" - 1, 12" - 1
Not For Trade
A La Carte River Blue/morning Songbird  Hansa Very Good 0.00 6x Send Email 
A-ha Take On Me/love Is Reason  Wb Very Good 0.00 92-90117 lc Send Email 
A's, The A Womans Got The Power/heart Of America  Arista Good 0.00 aso 609, lc Send Email 
Abba Chiquitita/lovelight 79 Atl Good 5.00 at 3629, lc Send Email 
Abba Waterloo/watch Out 74 Atl Poor 2.50 at 3035 Send Email 
Abba Sos/man In The Middle 75 Atl Very Good 2.50 at 3265 Send Email 
Abba Mamma Mia/tropical Loveland 76 Atl Fair 2.50 at 3315 Send Email 
Abba Fernanado/rock Me 76 Atl Fair 2.00 at 3346 Send Email 
Abba Dancing Queen/thats Me 76 Atl Fair 2.00 at 3372 Send Email 
Abba Knowing Me Knowing You/happy Hawaii -pc- 77 Atl Very Good 2.50 at 3387, pc fair Send Email 
Abba The Name Of The Game/i Wonder 77 Atl Fair 2.00 at 3449 Send Email 
Abba Take A Chance On Me/im A Marionette 78 Atl Bad 2.00 at 3457 Send Email 
Abba Does Your Mother Know/kisses Of Fire 79 Atl -pc- Very Good 2.50 ps at 3574 Send Email 
Abba Chiquita(spanish)/i Have A Dream 79 Atl Excellent 2.50 at 3630 Send Email 
Abba The Winner Takes It All/elaine  Atl Good 0.00 at 5546 Send Email 
Abba Gimme Gimme Gimme/the King Has Lost His Crown  Polyd- Ps-portugal Very Good 0.00 ps 200 1919 pc good Send Email 
Abba Dancing Queen/fernando  Atl Oldies Fair 0.00 os 13203 Send Email 
Abba Fernando/dancing Queen  Atl Gs Fair 0.00 45701, lc Send Email 
Abba Money Money Money/crazy World 77 Atl Good 5.00 3434 Send Email 
Abba The Winner Takes It All/super Trouper  Atl Gs Good 0.00 45829, lc Send Email 
Abbey Tavern Singers Off To Dublin In The Green/captain Of The Gallan  Arc-pc- Very Good 0.00 a1144, pc g Send Email 
Abbott, Gregory Shake You Down/wait Until Tomorrow 86 Colu Very Good 3.00 38 96191 lc Send Email 
Abc The Look Of Love/dpt 2  Neutron Good 0.00 sov 2311, c Send Email 
Abramson, Ronney S T O Please/baby Brown Eyes  True North Good 0.00 tn4 135 Send Email 
Abramson, Ronney Your Love Gets Me Around/the Best Friend Ive Eve  Tn Good 0.00 tn4-134 Send Email 
Ac / Dc What Do You Do For Money Honey/back In Black 80 Atl Good 5.00 at 3787, lc Send Email 
Ac/ Dc Heatseeker/go Zone 88 Atl Good 6.00 78 91367 Send Email 
Ac/ Dc You Shook Me All Night Long/have A Drink On Me 80 Atl Good 5.00 at 3761, c Send Email 
Accents Wiggle,wiggle/dreamin' & Schemin' 58 Brunswick Excellent 7.50 55100 Send Email 
Acuff, Roy Crazy Worried Mind/along The China Coast 55 Decca Good 20.00 9 29748 Send Email 
Acuff, Roy I Like Mountain Music/its Hard To Love 56 Decca Good 20.00 9 30141 Send Email 
Ad Libs The Boy From New York City/kicked Around 65 Barry/blue Cat Good 15.00 b 3317, lc Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Heat Of The Night/another Day-pc  A&m-pc Good 0.00 2921, pc good Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Its Only Love/the Only One -ps-  A&m Good 0.00 2791, a side with tina turner, ps good X2 Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Heaven/same Live  A&m Good 0.00 2729 Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Summer Of 69/the Best Was Yet To Come  A & M Good 0.00 2739, ps good, x2 Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Straight From The Heart/one Good Reason  A&m Very Good 0.00 2536, ll Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Run To You/im Ready  A&m Ps Very Good 0.00 2686, ps. Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Cuts Like A Knife/one Good Reason  A&m Very Good 0.00 602, lc Send Email 
Adams, Bryan Somebody/long Gone  A&m Very Good 0.00 2701, lc Send Email 
Adams, Donna Who Put The Love In Your Eyes/just A Run Of Hard  Damon (edmonton) Good 0.00 106 Send Email 
Adderley, Tommy I Just Dont Understand/whole Lotta Shakin Goin O  Chess Very Good 0.00 m 314, c, mr rock n roll new zealand Send Email 
Adler, Larry And His Harmonica Vol 1 -ep-  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2079, ep cover good Send Email 
Adler, Larry And His Harmonica Vol 2 -ep-  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2080, pc vg Send Email 
Adolph, Roy The Final Hour/escape  Sparton Fair 0.00 p 1706 Send Email 
Aerosmith Last Child/combination 76 Colu Good 5.00 3 10359, lc Send Email 
Aerosmith Angel/girl Keeps Coming Apart 87 Geffen Good 3.00 92 82497 Send Email 
Aerosmith Dude/simoriah 87 Geffen Good 3.00 92 82407 Send Email 
Air Supply Making Love/late Again  Big Time Good 0.00 btsc 113, c Send Email 
Air Supply All Out Of Love/old Habits Die Hard  Wizard Good 0.00 wzd 002, c Send Email 
Air Supply The One That You Love/i Want To Give  Big Time Very Good 0.00 btsc 104, ps good Send Email 
Air Supply Just As I Am/crazy Love  Arista Good 0.00 as1 9353, ll Send Email 
Air Supply Lost In Love/i Dont Want To Lose You  Wizard Very Good 0.00 wzd001 Send Email 
Air Supply Here I Am/ive Got Your Love  Big Time Good 0.00 btsc 105, c Send Email 
Akens, Jewel Birds & The Bees/tic Tac Toe 64 Era Fair 7.50 3141 Send Email 
Akens, Jewel Georgie Porgie/around The Corner 65 Era Poor 5.00 playable warp 3142 Send Email 
Alabama She And I/the Fans  Rca Very Good 0.00 pb 14281, pc Send Email 
Alabama Fire In The Night/rock On The Bayou  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13926 Send Email 
Alabama Tennessee River/old Flame  Rca Gg Very Good 0.00 gb 12369 Send Email 
Alabama Theres No Way/the Boy 85 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13992 Send Email 
Alabama Fallin Again/i Saw The Time  Rca Good 0.00 6902 7 r Send Email 
Alabama Cant Keep A Good Man Down/if It Aint Dixie 85 Rca Good 5.00 pb 14165 Send Email 
Alabama Mountain Music/never Be One 81 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13019 Send Email 
Alabama High Cotton/ole Baugh Road  Rca Good 0.00 8948 7 r Send Email 
Alabama Song Of The South/55  Rca Very Good 0.00 8744 7 r Send Email 
Alabama Southern Star/barefootin  Rca Good 0.00 9083 7 r, lc Send Email 
Alabama The Closer You Get/you Turn Me On 83 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13524 Send Email 
Alabama Feels So Right/see The Embers Feel The Flame 81 Rca Very Good 5.00 pb 12236, radiostation cover Send Email 
Alabama Tennessee River/cant Forget About You 82 Rca Good 5.00 pb 12018, rsc Send Email 
Alabama Touch Me When Were Dancing/hanging Up My Traveli  Rca Good 0.00 5003 7 r Send Email 
Alabama Dixieland Delight/very Special Love 83 Rca Good 5.00 pb 13446, c Send Email 
Alabama Highway Driving/the Ones You Love  Smile Good 0.00 sle 103 Send Email 
Alabama Feels So Right/mountain Music  Rca Gg Good 0.00 gb 13489 Send Email 
Alaimo, Steve Truer Than True/same 66 Abc Good 12.00 10805, a side should be "so much love" printing error by abc Send Email 
Alarm Reason 36/spirit Of 76  Irs Good 0.00 52792, small hole 45 Send Email 
Alberti, Willy Marina/cerase;;a  London Good 0.00 1888 Send Email 
Alive & Kicking Tighter,tighter/sunday Morning 70 Roulette Good 2.50 r 7078 Send Email 
All Dyrections On Top Of It/soul Makossa  Buddah Good 0.00 bda 362 Send Email 
Allen, Barry It's Alright With Me Now/never You Mind  Capitol Poor 0.00 72258 canadian-edmonton Send Email 
Allen, Barry A Penny A Teardrop/love Me Again   Good 0.00 72306 Send Email 
Allen, Barry Lovedrops/i Wont Be There   Fair 0.00 72345 Send Email 
Allen, Barry Armful Of Teddy Bears/sad Souvenirs   Poor 0.00 72430 Send Email 
Allen, Barry Wednesday In Your Garden/if You Look Away  Molten Good 0.00 mm 2 produced by randy bachman Send Email 
Allen, Barry Stumble And Fall/turn Her Down  Cap Fair 0.00 72391, lc Send Email 
Allen, Barry I Know/got Me Feelin Bad  Cap Good 0.00 72468 Send Email 
Allen, Barry Pretty Paper/hurry Santa Hurry  Cap Fair 0.00 72315, c Send Email 
Allen, Barry Hot Sunshine/easy Come Easy Go  Cap Bad 0.00 72214, burn hole effects both sides Send Email 
Allen, Barry Well All Right/christine  Barry Good 0.00 3512 Send Email 
Allen, Barry Over My Shoulder/flame Of Love  Qual Good 0.00 1654 Send Email 
Allen, Deborah Baby I Lied/time Is Taking You Away 83 Rca  5.00 pb 13600 Send Email 
Allen, Rex Jose Villa Lobo Alfredo Thomaso Vincente Lopez/t 68 Decca Good 6.00 32322, lc Send Email 
Allen, Rex Im A Young Cowboy/the Last Round-up  Decca Very Good 0.00 9-29729 Send Email 
Allen, Rex Morgen One More Sunrise/the Little Old Church  Spartan Poor 0.00 4-798 Send Email 
Allen, Rex Dont Go Near The Indians/touched So Deeply  Merc Poor 0.00 71997 Send Email 
Allen, Rex Only The Hangman/johnny Travers  Merc Good 0.00 72071, lc Send Email 
Allen, Rex Ep  Decca Fair 0.00 ed 2448, cuts wringle wrangle.ballad of john colter/im lonely my darling,westward ho the wagons Send Email 
Allen, Rex Tear After Tear/im Just Killin Time 64 Merc Good 8.00 72205, c Send Email 
Allen, Rex Marines Lets Go/heartaches Of A Fool 61 Merc Good 10.00 71844, c Send Email 
Allen, Rex Jr. Yippy Cry Yi/she Has My Heart  Wb Very Good 0.00 wbs 49168, interesting cover top singles artists of 1966 Send Email 
Allen, Rex Jr. No No No/i Got A Name  Wb Good 0.00 wbs 8541, lc Send Email 
Allen, Steve Impossible/dance Time  Dunhill Good 0.00 4127 Send Email 
Allen, Will Same Old Heartache/city Park  Quality Good 0.00 1328, and the country deputies Send Email 
Allin, G.g. Ep-up Against The Wall,nyc Tonight/no Rules,a Fu  Orange Good 0.00 ora 71, c Send Email 
Allisons Surfer Street/money   Very Good 0.00 1583x Send Email 
Allman Brothers Ramblin Man/pony Boy 73  Fair 2.50 cpr 0027 Send Email 
Allman Brothers Straight From The Heart/leavin 81 Arista Good 5.00 aso 618, lc Send Email 
Allman Brothers Hell & High Water/mystery Woman 81 Arista Good 5.00 aso 584, lc Send Email 
Almost Brothers Birds Of A Feather/same  Mtm Very Good 0.00 72062 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass The Mexican Shuffle/numero Cinco  Quality Fair 0.00 1636 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass What Now My Love/spanish Flea  Quality/a & M Good 0.00 1805 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Flamingo/so Whats New   Fair 0.00 813 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Wade In The Water/mexican Road Race   Fair 0.00 840 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass A Banda/miss Frenchy Brown   Poor 0.00 870 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Zazueira/treasure Of San Miguel   Poor 0.00 1043 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Sandbox/without Her   Good 0.00 1065 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Last Tango In Paris/nicest Things Happen  A&m Good 0.00 1420 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Lonely Bull/acapulco 1922   Poor 0.00 1465 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Mexican Drummer Man/the Great Manolet   Poor 0.00 1610 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Taste Of Honey/3rd Man Theme   Good 0.00 1758 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Taste Of Honey/3rd Man Theme  Quality/a&m Very Good 0.00 qgt 056, lcc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream/las Mananitas  Quality Good 0.00 1710, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Zorba The Greek/tijuana Taxi  Quality Very Good 0.00 1788, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Our Day Will Come/mame  A&m Very Good 0.00 823, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass The Work Song/plucky  A&m Good 0.00 805 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea/what Now My Love  A&m Very Good 0.00 8508 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream/up Cherry Street  Quality Gold Good 0.00 qgt058 Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Cabaret/this Guys In Love With You  A&m Very Good 0.00 8513, lc Send Email 
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Tijuana Taxi/zorba The Greek  Quality Good 0.00 qgt 060, c Send Email 
Alpert, Larry The Apartment Song/from The Sea Came The Fish   Good 0.00 70424 Send Email 
Alta Moda Julian/my Millionaire  Epic-pc- Excellent 0.00 e4 3015, pc vg Send Email 
Amazing Rhythm Aces The End Is Not In Sight/same Ole Me  Abc Good 0.00 1022-12202 Send Email 
Amazing Rhythm Aces Third Rate Romance/mystery Train 75 Abc Good 5.00 12078, c Send Email 
Amazing Rhythm Aces Amazing Grace Used To Be Her Favorite Song/the B 75 Abc Good 5.00 12142 Send Email 
Amazulu Excitable/a Little Love  Island Good 0.00 97026, small hole 45 Send Email 
Amazulu Montego Bay/only Love  Island Very Good 0.00 97052 lc Send Email 
Ambrose, James Robert Brand New Sunny Day/gotta Have Time  Hopi Good 0.00 pi 1002, c Send Email 
Ambrosia Youre The Only Woman/shape Im In  Wb Excellent 0.00 wbs 49508, lc Send Email 
Ambrosia Biggest Part Of Me/livin On My Own  Wb Very Good 0.00 wbs 49225, lc Send Email 
America Daisy Jane/tomorrow 75 Wb Fair 5.00 8118 Send Email 
America A Horse With No Name/everyone I Meet Is From Ca 72 Wb Good 6.00 7555, lc Send Email 
America Dont Cross The River/to Each His Own  Wb Good 0.00 wb 7670, lc Send Email 
America Tin Man/in The Country 74 Wb Fair 5.00 7839, lc Send Email 
America I Need You/riverside 72 Wb Very Good 5.00 7580 Send Email 
America Ventura Highway/saturn Nights 72 Wb Fair 5.00 7641 Send Email 
America Lonely People/mad Dog 74 Wb Fair 5.00 8048 Send Email 
America Sister Golden Hair/midnight 75 Wb Poor 5.00 8086 Send Email 
America Todays The Day/hideaway Part Ii 76 Wb Fair 5.00 8212 Send Email 
American Breed Bend Me,shape Me/mindrocker 67 Acta Very Good 12.00 811x, c Send Email 
American Breed Step Out Of Your Mind/same Old Thing 67 Acta Good 10.00 804, c Send Email 
American Breed Anyway That You Want Me/master Of My Fate 68 Acta Good 8.00 827 Send Email 
American Legion Band Ep  Decca Good 0.00 ed 576/,91170 cuts stars and stripes forever,semper fidelis/Washington post, hands across the sea Send Email 
American Legion Band Ep  Decca Good 0.00 ed 576 /91171, cuts the thunderer, high school cadet/el capitan, king cotton Send Email 
Ames Brothers My Bonnie Lassie/so Will I 55 Rca Very Good 10.00 47 6208, lc Send Email 
Ames Brothers Red River Rose/when The Summer Comes Again -pc- 58 Rca Good 10.00 47 7413, cover Send Email 
Ames Brothers Leave It To Your Heart/lets Walk And Talk 54 Rca Fair 10.00 5764 Send Email 
Ames Brothers My Love,your Love/the Next Time It Happens 55 Rca Good 10.00 6323 Send Email 
Ames Brothers 49 Shades Of Green/summer Sweet 56 Rca Fair 10.00 6608 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Tammy/rockin' Shoes 57 Rca Poor 10.00 6930 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Pussy Cat/no One But You 58 Rca Good 10.00 7315 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Dancin' In The Streets/only Your Love 59 Rca Fair 10.00 7474 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Someone To Come Home To/mason-dixie Line 59 Rca Good 10.00 7526 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Take Me Along/what Do I Hear 59 Rca  10.00 7604 Send Email 
Ames Brothers China Doll/christopher Sunday 59 Rca Very Good 10.00 7655 Send Email 
Ames Brothers A Happy Pair/carnival 60 Rca Good 8.00 7742 Send Email 
Ames Brothers A Kiss From Cara/asking For You 61 Rca Good 8.00 7836 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Sympathetic Eyes/sweet Brown Eyed Baby 55 Rca Blue Good 10.00 47-6044, lc Send Email 
Ames Brothers I Cant Believe That Youre In Love With Me/boogie 53 Rca Blue Good 12.00 5530, lc Send Email 
Ames Brothers The Man With The Banjo/man Man Is For The Woman 54 Rca Blue Good 10.00 47 5644 Send Email 
Ames Brothers One More Time/hopelessly 54 Rca Blue Good 10.00 5840 Send Email 
Ames Brothers Little Gypsy/in Love 58 Rca Very Good 10.00 7142, lc Send Email 
Ames Brothers Little Serenade/stay 58 Rca Good 10.00 7268, Send Email 
Ames Brothers Ring Them Bells/you Are My Love 60 Rca Good 8.00 7766, lc Send Email 
Ames Brothers Melodie Damour/so Little Time 57 Rca Good 10.00 47 7046 Send Email 
Ames, Ed My Cup Runneth Over/it Seems A Long Long Time 66 Rca Very Good 8.00 9002 Send Email 
Ames, Ed Three Good Reasons/honey Whats The Matter 70 Rca Fair 5.00 74 0329 Send Email 
Ames, Nancy I Dont Want To Talk About It/cry Softly 66 Epic Good 12.00 5 10056 Send Email 
Amesbury, Bill Virginia/that Close To Me Again 74 Yorkville Fair 5.00 45100, Casablanca us release listing Send Email 
Anders, Christian Geh Nicht Vorbei/sylvia  Colu Germany Fair 0.00 c006-28043 Send Email 
Andersen, Eric Sittin' In The Sunshine/sunshine And Flowers 70 Wb Very Good 6.00 7435 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Po' Folks/goodbye Cruel World  Decca Very Good 0.00 31262 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Mama Sang A Song/on &on&on  Decca Very Good 0.00 31404 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Still/you Made It Easy  Decca Good 0.00 31458 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill I Love You Drops/golden Guitar  Decca Good 0.00 31890, c Send Email 
Anderson, Bill No Ones Gonna Hurt You Anymore/papa  Decca Good 0.00 32146, c Send Email 
Anderson, Bill For Loving You/untouchables  Decca Fair 0.00 32197 with jan howard Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Quits/ill Live For You  Decca Poor 0.00 32850 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Dis-satisfied/knowing Your Mine  Decca Poor 0.00 32877, with jan howard Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Dont She Look Good/im Just Gone  Decca Fair 0.00 33002 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill World Of Make Believe/gonna Shine It On Again  Mca Excellent 0.00 40164 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Country Dj/we Made Love   Fair 0.00 40404 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Thanks/whyd The Last Time Have To Be The Best   Good 0.00 40443 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Liars One,believers Zero/same  Mca Promo Good 0.00 40661 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill I Cant Wait Any Longer/ Joana   Good 0.00 40893 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill And Im Still Missing You/love Is A Sometimes Thi  Decca Very Good 0.00 732643 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill 8x10/one Mile Over-two Miles Back  Decca Good 0.00 31521 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Bright Lights And Country Music/born  Decca Good 0.00 31825, c Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Wild Weekend/fun While It Lasted  Decca Good 0.00 32276 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill I Get The Fever/the First Mrs Jones  Decca Good 0.00 31999 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill You Can Have Her/certain  Decca Good 0.00 31743, c Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Ninety Nine/back Where I Started From  Decca Good 0.00 9 30914, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands/down Came The Ra  Decca Good 0.00 31358 Send Email 
Anderson, Bill I Love You Drops/still  Mca Good 0.00 60059, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Easy Come Easy Go/five Little Fingers  Decca Good 0.00 31577, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill The Corner Of My Life/home And Things  Mca Excellent 0.00 40070, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill I Love You Drops/i Get The Fever  Decca Gold Excellent 0.00 g 21042, c Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Its Not The End Of Everything/dead Or Alive  Decca Good 0.00 9 30993, pink label demo, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Bill Where Have All Our Heroes Gone/loving A Memory  Decca Good 0.00 732744, c Send Email 
Anderson, Bill & Howard, Jan Who Is The Biggest Fool/someday Well Be Together  Decca Good 0.00 32689, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Gurney Shoppin Bag Lady/if Im Gonna Stay  Maple Haze Good 0.00 806 Send Email 
Anderson, John Goin Down Hill/if A Broken Heart Could Kill  Wb Good 0.00 92 95857 Send Email 
Anderson, John Look Away/let Go Of The Stone  Bna Good 0.00 62410 7, lc Send Email 
Anderson, John Down In Tennessee/ive Got Me A Woman 85 Wb Good 5.00 92 88557, rsc Send Email 
Anderson, John Eye Of A Hurricane/chicken Truck 84 Wb Very Good 5.00 92 91277, rsc Send Email 
Anderson, John She Just Started Liking Cheatin Songs/ I Wish 80 Wb Very Good 5.00 wbs 49191 Send Email 
Anderson, John 1959/it Looks Like The Party Is Over 80 Wb Very Good 5.00 wbs 49582 Send Email 
Anderson, John Im Just An Old Chunk Of Coal/havin Hard Times 81 Wb Very Good 5.00 49699 Send Email 
Anderson, John Swingin/honky Tonk Saturday Night 82 Wb Good 5.00 97887 Send Email 
Anderson, John Black Sheep/call On Me 83 Wb Good 5.00 7 29497 Send Email 
Anderson, Leroy Fiddle Faddle/a Trumpeters Lullaby  Decca Good 15.00 9 28300, c, center piece in Send Email 
Anderson, Leroy Blue Tango/belle Of The Ball  Decca Very Good 0.00 9 27875 Send Email 
Anderson, Liz Fairytale/the Wife Of The Party  Rca Good 0.00 47 8999 Send Email 
Anderson, Liz Come Walk In My Shoes/thanks A Lot For Tryin Any  Rca Good 0.00 47 9378 Send Email 
Anderson, Liz Husband Hunting/all You Add Is Love  Rca Good 0.00 47 9796, lc Send Email 
Anderson, Liz To The Landlord/mama Spank  Rca Good 0.00 47 9163 Send Email 
Anderson, Liz & Lynn Mother May I/better Then Life Without You  Rca Fair 0.00 9445 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden/nothing Between Us  Colu Very Good 0.00 45252 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden/youre My Man  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 4-33206 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Im Alright/pick Of The Week  Chart Poor 0.00 ct 5098 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Interview  Colu Good 0.00 as7 1024, ps, 33rpm Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Thats A No No/if Silence Is Golden  Chart Good 0.00 ct 5021 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Be Quiet Mind/it Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk A  Chart Good 0.00 ct 5113 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn How Can I Unlove You/dont Say Things You Dont Me  Colu Good 0.00 4 45429 Send Email 
Anderson, Lynn Talkin To The Wall/i Want To Be A Part Of You  Colu Good 0.00 4 46056 Send Email 
Anderson, Randy Let Us Share/its Hard To Believe  Royalty Good 0.00 r1000 25, c Send Email 
Andrews Sisters Rum & Coca Cola/boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 74 Mca Excellent 5.00 60040. lc, with insert from mca Send Email 
Andrews Sisters Pennsylvania Polka/beer Barrel Polka  Decca Good 0.00 9 23609, lc Send Email 
Andrews, Chris Too Bad You Dont Want Me/yesterday Man 65 Atco Good 10.00 6385 Send Email 
Andrews, Julie A Spoonful Of Sugar/supercalifragilisticexpialid  Vista Good 0.00 f434, c Send Email 
Andrews, Lee & The Hearts Teardrops/the Girl Around The Corner Quality Good 6.00 k 1682, c Send Email 
Andy & The Bey Sisters You Cant Be Mine Anymore/trees  Rca Good 0.00 47-7832 Send Email 
Angel, Johnny T. Tell Laura I Love Her/the Way I Feel Tonite 74 Yorkville Good 3.00 45090 Send Email 
Angels My Boyfriends Back/(love Me) Now 63 Merc Good 16.00 s 1834 Send Email 
Angels I Adore Him/thank You And Goodnight 63 Merc Fair 15.00 1854 Send Email 
Angels Wow Wow Wee/snowflakes And Teardrops 64 Merc Very Good 15.00 1870, lc Send Email 
Animals Im Crying/take It Easy Baby 64 Mgm Fair 15.00 13274 Send Email 
Animals Boom Boom/blue Feeling 64 Mgm Good 15.00 13298, c Send Email 
Animals Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood/club A-go-go 64 Mgm Good 15.00 13311, l Send Email 
Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/i Cant Believe It 65 Mgm Fair 12.00 13382, c Send Email 
Animals Its My Life/ Im Going To Change The World 65 Mgm Fair 12.00 13414, c Send Email 
Animals Inside-looking Out/youre On My Mind 66 Mgm Good 12.00 13468, c Send Email 
Animals See See Rider/shell Return It 66 Mgm Good 10.00 13582, c Send Email 
Animals Help Me Girl/that Aint Where Its At 66 Mgm Fair 10.00 13636, c Send Email 
Animals When I Was Young/a Girl Named Sandoz 67 Mgm Fair 10.00 13721, c Send Email 
Animals San Franciscan Nights/good Times 67 Mgm Fair 10.00 13769, c Send Email 
Animals Monterey/aint It So 67 Mgm Excellent 10.00 13868, c Send Email 
Animals Sky Pilot/part 2 68 Mgm Good 10.00 13939, c Send Email 
Animals River Deep Mountain High/white Houses 68 Mgm Good 8.00 14013, c Send Email 
Animals House Of The Rising Sun/ Talking About You 64 Cap Good 15.00 72171 lc Send Email 
Animals Its My Life/im Going To Change  Quality Good 0.00 qgt 061 Send Email 
Animals House Of The Rising Sun/dont Let Me Be Misunders  Quality Good 0.00 069x Send Email 
Animals See See Rider/dont Bring Me Down  Mgm Fair 0.00 174x Send Email 
Animotion Obsession/turn Around  Merc Good 0.00 ms 76230 Send Email 
Anita & Th' So &so's Rinky Tinky Rhythm/joey Baby  Rca Good 0.00 7974 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Diana/dont Gamble With Love 57 Spartan/abc Poor 20.00 4-457, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul I Love You, Baby/tell Me That You Love Me 57 Sparton Good 30.00 4-497 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Lonely Boy/your Love 59 Sparton/abc Fair 15.00 4-767 rc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Crazy Love/let The Bells Keep Ringing 58 Abc P Fair 20.00 9907, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder/diana 75 Rca Gg Very Good 4.00 gb 10180 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Brought Up In New York/love Me Lady 78 Rca Good 4.00 pb 11351 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Cindy Go Home/ogni Volta 64 Rca Good 8.00 8441, Send Email 
Anka, Paul Sylvia/behind My Smile 65 Rca Good 8.00 8493 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Did You Have A Happy Birthday/for No Good Reason 63 Rca Good 10.00 8272 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Hey Girl/you And Me Today 73 Buddah Very Good 5.00 349 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Do I Love You/so Long City  Golden Treas Good 0.00 89 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder/dont Ever 59 Sparton/abc P Fair 15.00 4-800 c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Its Time To Cry/something Has Changed Me 59  Fair 15.00 4-829 rc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Puppy Love/adam And Eve 60  Good 15.00 4-865 c Send Email 
Anka, Paul My Home Town/something Happened 60  Fair 15.00 4-892 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Tonight My Love Tonight/iim Just A Fool Anyway 61  Fair 12.00 4-988 c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Dance On Little Girl/i Talk To You 61  Good 12.00 4-1012 c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Love Me Warm And Tender/id Like To Know 62 Rca Fair 10.00 47-7977 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine/i Never Knew 62 Rca Good 10.00 8030 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Eso Beso/give Me Back My Heart 62  Good 10.00 8097 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Love/crying In The Wind 62  Very Good 10.00 8115 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Hello Jim/youve Got The Nerve 63  Good 10.00 8195 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul From Rocking Horse To Rocking Chair/cheer Up 64 Rca Fair 8.00 8311 c Send Email 
Anka, Paul Midnight Mistress/medley 70  Good 8.00 9846 Send Email 
Anka, Paul While Were Still Young/this Is Your Song 73 Buddah Good 5.00 337 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Having My Baby/oaoa 74 Ua Very Good 4.00 uaxw 454 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul One Man Woman/let Me Get To Know You 74  Good 4.00 569 Send Email 
Anka, Paul I Dont Like To Sleep Alone/how Can 75  Excellent 4.00 615 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Anytime/something About You 76  Very Good 4.00 789 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Papa/wake Up   Excellent 0.00 809 Send Email 
Anka, Paul In My Imagination/its Easy To Say 64 Rca Very Good 8.00 47-8396 lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Do I Love You/so Long City 71 Buddah Good 5.00 252 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Let Me Get To Know You/flashback 73 Fame Good 4.00 xw345 Send Email 
Anka, Paul Gimme The Word/no Way Out 83 Colus Good 3.00 4187 Send Email 
Anka, Paul This Is Love/im By Myself Again 78 Rca Very Good 4.00 11395 Send Email 
Anka, Paul A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine/love Me Warm  Rca Special Products Excellent 0.00 1117 c Send Email 
Anka, Paul No No/my Babys Comin Home 64 Rca Good 8.00 47 8349, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Sincerely/next Year 69 Rca Good 8.00 74 0164, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul Its Christmas Everywhere/rudolph The Red Nosed 60 Abc P Fair 16.00 10169, c Send Email 
Anka, Paul As Long As We Keep Believing/headlines 79 Rca Good 4.00 pb 11662, lc Send Email 
Anka, Paul & Odia Coates Make It Up To Me In Love/you  Epic Good 0.00 8-50298 Send Email 
Ann-margret It Do Me So Good/gimme Love 61 Rca  10.00 47-7952 Send Email 
Ann-margret Bye Bye Birdie/take All The Kisses 63   10.00 8168 Send Email 
Ann-margret I Just Dont Understand/i Dont Hurt Anymore 61 Rca Good 15.00 47 7894, c Send Email 
Annette Hawaiian Love Talk/blue Muu Muu 61 Sparton/buena V Fair 30.00 4 1029, c Send Email 
Annette Funnicello Tall Paul/ma-hes Making Eyes At Me 59 Sparton Good 20.00 4-691 c Send Email 
Annette Funnicello First Name Initial/my Heart Became Of Age 59  Good 15.00 809 c Send Email 
Annette Funnicello Pineapple Princess/luau Cha Cha Cha 60  Fair 15.00 921 Send Email 
Annette Funnicello Promise Me Anything/treat Him Nicely 63 Vista Fair 15.00 f 427 Send Email 
Annette Funnicello Muscle Beach Party/i Dream About Frankie 64 Vista Good 15.00 433, c Send Email 
Ant, Adam Goody Two Shoes/crackpot History  Epic Very Good 0.00 34 03367 Send Email 
Anthony, Ray Poor Butterfly,i Cant Believe Youre In Love With  Cap Good 0.00 ebf 546, sides 1 & 4 of set, lc Send Email 
Antique Fair Fuddle-duddle/same  Tuesday Very Good 0.00 gh 107x Send Email 
Apollo 100 Joy/exercise In A Minor 71 Mega Good 5.00 0050 Send Email 
Appalachians Bony Maronie/it Takes A Man  Sparton Good 0.00 44-1156 c Send Email 
Applejacks Mexican Hat Rock/sophisticated Swing 58 Cameo Fair 20.00 cm 149, c Send Email 
Applejacks Baby Jane/tell Me When 64 London Good 12.00 9658, lc Send Email 
April Wine Enough Is Enough/aint Got Your Love-ps-  Aquarius Good 5.00 aq 6001, ps fair Send Email 
April Wine Shes No Angel/gimme Love  Aquarius Very Good 0.00 aq 5067 Send Email 
April Wine Say Hello/before The Dawn  Aquarius Good 0.00 aq 5087 Send Email 
April Wine You Could Have Been A Lady/teacher 72 Aquarius Good 8.00 aq 5021 Send Email 
April Wine Bad Side Of The Moon/believe In Me 72 Aquarius Good 6.00 aq 5022 Send Email 
April Wine Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game/im Alive  Aquarius Good 0.00 aq 5070, c Send Email 
April Wine Gimme Love/we Can Be More Than We Are  Aquarius Good 0.00 5056, c Send Email 
April Wine You Wont Dance With Me/holly Would  Aquarius Good 0.00 aq 5063, c Send Email 
April Wine This Could Be The Right One/same  Aquarius Very Good 0.00 aq 6009 Send Email 
April Wine Im On Fire For You Baby/come On Along  Aquar Good 0.00 5032, c Send Email 
Arbors Love Is The Light/symphony For Susan 66 Date  10.00 2-1529 Send Email 
Arbors The Letter/most Of All 69 Date Good 20.00 2 1638, label shows most of all on both sides Send Email 
Archies Bang Shang A Lang/truck Driver 68 Rca Good 8.00 63-1006 lc Send Email 
Archies Sugar Sugar/melody Hill 69  Good 10.00 63-1008 lc Send Email 
Archies Jingle Jangle/justine 69  Fair 8.00 63-5002 lc Send Email 
Archies Love Light/feelin So Good 68 Rca Good 8.00 63 1007, lc Send Email 
Argent Hold Your Head Up/closer To Heaven 72 Epic Poor 8.00 5-10852 Send Email 
Armen, Vik Not In Your Dreams/without Your Love  Remlap Good 0.00 769 Send Email 
Armen, Vik Last Summer/really Terrific  Apex Fair 0.00 76856...........born in winnipeg an edmonton dj Send Email 
Arms Russell Cinco Robles/the World Is Made Of Liza  London Good 0.00 fc 344 lc Send Email 
Armstrong Louis What A Wonderful World/game Of Love By Wayne Fon 88 A & M Good 4.00 3010 b side wayne fontana Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Ep- Spotlight  Colu Good 0.00 b 1523 pc Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Hello Dolly/a Lot Of Livin To Do  Kapp Good 0.00 573 Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis So Long Dearie/pretty Little Missy 64 Merc Good 8.00 72338, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Rockin Alone/im Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes  Rca Good 0.00 447 0505, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Here Comes The Rain Baby/the World I Used To Kno 68 Rca Good 6.00 47 9437, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Misty Blue/calling Mary Names 67 Rca Good 6.00 47 9182, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy I Dont Cry No More/i Thank My Lucky Stars 64 Rca Good 6.00 47 8445 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Molly/the Song Of The Coo Coo 63 Rca Good 8.00 47 8296, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Cuddle Buggin Baby/enclosed One Broken Heart 50 Rca Fair 50.00 48 0342, lc green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Theres Been A Change In Me/kentucky Waltz  Rca Blue Label Good 0.00 447 0516 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy The Richest Man In The World/i Walked Alone Last 55 Rca Blue Label Good 15.00 47 6290, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Mama And Daddy Broke My Heart/take Me In Your Ar 49 Rca Blue Label Good 50.00 48 0150, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Im Throwing Rice/show Me The Way Back To Your He 49 Rca Green Label Good 50.00 48 0080, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Ep Rca Good 20.00 epa 239, cuts that wonderful mother of mine, mother/wouldn't trade the silver in my mothers hair,my mothers sweet voice. Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy I Really Dont Want To Know/ill Never Get Over Yo  Rca Good 0.00 48 0628, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy I Want To Go With You/youd Better Stop Tellin Li 65 Rca Good 8.00 47 8749 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Its Over/no Matter Whose Baby You Are 68 Rca Very Good 6.00 47 9525 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy To My Sorrow/easy Rockin Chair 50 Rca Blue Label Good 50.00 48 0197, green vinyl, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy That Wonderful Mother Of Mine/mother 50 Rca Blue Label Good 50.00 48 0174 part of set wp 239, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Theres Been A Change In Me/tie Me To Your Apron  50 Rca Blue Label Good 50.00 48 0412, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy All Time Hits From The Hills 1949 Rca Green Label Good 0.00 wp 195 -3 record box set on green vinyl . cover in fair condition vinyl in good. 48 0016,48 0017(have already)0018 lc individually 50. each with cover valued at 25.?? Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy It Makes No Difference Now/molly Darling 49 Rca Fair 50.00 48-0017, green vinyl, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Gonna Find Me A Bluebird/little Bit 57 Rca Good 12.00 6905 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Somebody Like Me/taking Chances 66 Rca Good 6.00 8965, slight bend Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy The Days Gone By/im Letting You Go 65 Rca Good 6.00 8632 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Sings Them Again Ep  Rca Fair 0.00 lpc 115 lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Bouquet Of Roses Ep  Bad 15.00 epa 787 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Wanderin' Ep   Excellent 0.00 epa 912 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Ep Dont Fence Me In   Very Good 0.00 epa 913 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call/the Kentuckian Song 55  Very Good 20.00 blue label 47-6139 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Trouble In Mind/when You Said Goodbye 55  Good 15.00 blue label 47-6365 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Bayou Baby/do You Know Where God Lives 56  Very Good 15.00 blue label 47-6407 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy You Dont Know Me/the Rockin Mockin Bird 56  Good 15.00 blue label 47-6502 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Mutual Admiration Society/if 56  Fair 15.00 47-6708 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy One Grain Of Sand/the Worst Night Of My Life 61  Good 10.00 47-7926 lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Did It Rain/sittin By Sittin Bull 59   10.00 47-7619 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Tears Broke Out On Me/ill Do As Much 62  Good 8.00 47-7984 lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy A Little Heartache/after Loving You 62   8.00 47-8048 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Make The World Go Away/the Easy Way 65  Good 8.00 47-8679 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy The Tip Of My Fingers/long Long Friendship 66  Good 6.00 47-8869 lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Lonely Again/love On My Mind 67  Good 6.00 47-9080 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Ill Hold You In My Heart/after Loving You   Excellent 0.00 447-0737 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Bouquet Of Roses/texarkana Baby 49   50.00 48-0001 c green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Eddys Song/condemned Without Trial   Very Good 0.00 48-0564 blue label Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy This Is The Thanks I Get/hep Cat Baby   Good 0.00 48-0670 blue label Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Ive Been Thinking/dont Forget   Good 0.00 48-0700 blue label Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy That Do Make It Nice/just Call Me Lonesome   Good 0.00 48-0738 blue label Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Theres Not A Thing/dont Rob Another Mans Castle 49 Rca Green Label Good 50.00 48 0042, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Im Thinking Today Of My Blue Eyes/rockin Alone 49 Rca Green Label Good 50.00 48 0016, part of set wp 195, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane/the Last Word I  Rca Good 0.00 47 8818, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Christmas/will Santy Come To Shanty Town  Rca Blue Label Good 0.00 48 0127 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Christmas Cant Be Far Away/im Your Private Santa  Rca Blue Label Good 0.00 48 0692 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Christmas/will Santy Come To Shanty Town 49 Rca Green Label Good 50.00 48 0127, green vinyl, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Just A Ribbon/a Million Years Or So 63 Rca Good 8.00 47 8207, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere/when Jesus Beckons M 50 Rca  50.00 48 0166, wp 261 green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Please Dont Go/heaven Below 69 Rca Good 5.00 74 0120 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Too Soon To Know/i Need Somebody 58 Rca Good 12.00 47 7143, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy That Little Boy Of Mine/a Sinners Prayer 51 Rca Blue Label Good 20.00 47 4245 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Tennessee Stud/whats The Good 59 Rca Good 10.00 47 7542, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Peck A Cheek/before You Know It 58 Rca Good 12.00 47 7221, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Im Writing A Letter To The Lord/may The Good Lor  Rca Blue Good 0.00 447 0518 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Mama Come Get Your Baby Boy/if I Never Get To He  Rca Blue Good 0.00 48 0609 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy I Wanna Play House With You/something Old Someth  Rca Blue Good 0.00 447 0517 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/white Azal 51 Rca Blue Good 20.00 47 4243 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Chip Off The Old Block/ill Hold You In My Heart 59 Rca Good 10.00 47 7435, c Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Hills Of Tomorrow/softly And Tenderly 50 Rca Blue Label Very Good 50.00 48 0167, part of set wp 261, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Bring Your Roses To Her Now/i Wish I Had A Girl  50 Rca Blue Good 50.00 48 0175 part of set wp 239, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy In Time/two Kinds Of Love  Rca Blue Good 0.00 48 0717 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy My Mothers Sweet Voice/i Wouldnt Trade The Silve 50 Rca Blue Good 50.00 48 0176, part of set wp 239 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Evil Tempt Me Not/the Lily Of The Valley 50 Rca Blue Very Good 50.00 48 0165 part of set wp 261, c Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy A Full Time Job/shepherd Of My Heart  Rca Blue Good 0.00 48 0535, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Moonlight And Roses/the Missouri Waltz 53 Rca Excellent 20.00 47 5192, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy Little Sparrow/my Arms Are A House 60 Rca Good 10.00 47 7727 Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy When You And I Were Young Maggie/roll Along Kent 51 Rca Good 20.00 47 4244, lc Send Email 
Arnold, Eddy The Cattle Call/what Is Life Without Love  Rca Good 0.00 447 0502, lc Send Email 
Arrows Talk Talk/easy Street  A&m Very Good 0.00 688, lc Send Email 
Arrows, Davie Allan & Blue Guitar/apache 65   Poor 0.00 72217 Send Email 
Art Of Noise-duane Eddy Peter Gunn/something Always Happens  Chrys Very Good 0.00 42986, pc Send Email 
Artistics This Heart Of Mine/ill Come Running 88 Okeh  10.00 Apr-32 Send Email 
Ashcroft, Johnny Little Boy Lost/my Love Is A River  Capitol Good 0.00 f 4387 purple label australian true story Send Email 
Ashley, Leon & Singleton, Margie Four Oclock/hangin On 67 Sparton/ashley Good 10.00 p 1638, lc Send Email 
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke Resurrection Your Spiritual Breadman 71 Cap Very Good 6.00 3060, lc Send Email 
Ashworth, Ernest Talk Back Trembling Lips/thats How Much I Care  Hickory  0.00 1214 Send Email 
Ashworth, Ernest Crazy Me Foolish You/i Wish  Hickory Good 0.00 1358 Send Email 
Ashworth, Ernest The Dj Cried/scene Of Destruction  Hickory Good 0.00 h 1325 Send Email 
Ashworth, Ernest My Heart Would Know/i Love To Dance With Annie  Hickory Good 0.00 1265, Send Email 
Asia Heat Of The Moment/ride Easy-ps-  Geffen Good 0.00 kgef50040, ps good Send Email 
Asia Here Comes The Feeling/sole Survivor  Geffen Good 0.00 7 29871, c Send Email 
Asia Only Time Will Tell/time Again 82 Geffen Good 5.00 92 99707 Send Email 
Asleep At The Wheel Walk On By/sugarfoot Rag  Epic Good 0.00 34 07966 Send Email 
Association Are You Ready/dubuque Blues 69 Wb Good 8.00 7349 Send Email 
Association Windy/sometime 67 Wb Good 10.00 7041 Send Email 
Association Windy/never My Love  Wb Back To Back Hits Good 0.00 7119 Send Email 
Association Everything That Touches You/we Love Us 68 Wb Good 8.00 7163, c Send Email 
Association Cherish/dont Blame The Rain 66 Valiant Fair 12.00 747 Send Email 
Association Pandoras Golden Heebie Jeebies/ 66 Valiant  10.00 755 Send Email 
Association Never My Love/requiem For The Masses 67 Wb Fair 10.00 7074 Send Email 
Association Cherish/along Comes Mary 68 Wb Good 8.00 7105 gold label Send Email 
Association Six Man Band/like Always 68 Wb Excellent 8.00 7229 Send Email 
Association Just About The Same/look At Me, Look At You 70 Wb Good 6.00 7372 Send Email 
Astley , Rick Move Right Out/cry For Help  Rca  0.00 07863 62067 7 Send Email 
Astley, Rick Never Gonna Give You Up/same Instrumental  Rca Very Good 0.00 5347 7 r, lc Send Email 
Astley, Rick It Would Take A Strong Strong Man/you Move Me  Rca Very Good 0.00 8663 7 r, lc Send Email 
Astley, Rick Together Forever/ill Never Set You Free- Pc-  Rca Very Good 0.00 8319 7 r, pc Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Hey Mr Guitar/unchained Melody 55 Rca Good 15.00 47-6108, c Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Meet Mister Callaghan/chinatown My Chinatown  Rca Good 0.00 48 0543, ll, green vinyl Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Ep  Rca Good 0.00 599-9137 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Booboo Stick Beat/djangos Castle 59 Rca Good 12.00 7589 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Dark At The Top Of The Stairs/hocus Pocus 60 Rca Good 12.00 7796 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Silver Bell/ The Old Spinning Wheel  Rca Very Good 0.00 48-0706 blue label Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Somebody Stole My Gal/shine On Harvest Moon  Rca Very Good 0.00 48-0737 blue label Send Email 
Atkins, Chet The Poor People Of Paris/honey 55 Rca Very Good 15.00 47-6366 blue label guide shows jeans song as a side Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Country Gentleman/chets Tune  Rca Good 0.00 47 9229 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Frog Kissin/bill Cheatham 76 Rca Good 5.00 pb 10614, lc Send Email 
Atlanta Sweet Country Music/ 7 Bridges Road 84 Mca  5.00 52336 Send Email 
Austin, Bobby Do Die/this Song Is Just For You  Cap Good 0.00 2039, lc Send Email 
Austin,bobby Feet Keep Walking/ Some Of Us Never Learn  Capitol Very Good 0.00 5923 Send Email 
Austin,bobby Heartache Heartache Go Away/one More Time Around  Capitol Good 0.00 4931 Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Cupid/jivin With The Saints 57 Reo  20.00 k 8161 c Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Dede Dinah/ooh La La 58 Reo Good 15.00 8208 c have a copy of chancellor c1011 very poor condition Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Ginger Bread/blue Betty 58 Reo Poor 15.00 8260 c Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Venus/im Broke 59 Reo Fair 20.00 8335 rc Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Dont Throw Away All Those Teardrops/talk Talk 60 Chancellor Fair 15.00 c 1048 c Send Email 
Avalon, Frankie Togetherness/dont Let Love Pass Me By 60 Chancellor Fair 15.00 c 1056 c Send Email 
Axton, Hoyt Flash Of Fire/ Same  A & M Good 0.00 promo 1811 Send Email 
Axton, Hoyt Lion In The Winter/joy To The World  Vera Cruz Very Good 0.00 dj vcr 147 dj copy Send Email 
Axton, Hoyt Speed Trap/nashville 74 A&m Good 5.00 1657, lc Send Email 
Axton, Hoyt Boney Fingers/life Machine 74 A&m Good 5.00 1607, lc Send Email 
B-52s 6060-842/rock Lobster 80 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49173, lc Send Email 
B. Bumble & The Stingers Near You/boogie Woogie 61 Barry Good 15.00 b 3059, c Send Email 
B. Bumble & The Stingers Bumble Boogie/school Day Blues  Barry/rendezvous Good 0.00 b-3029 Send Email 
B. Bumble & The Stingers Bumble Boogie/nut Rocker  Barry/rendezvous Very Good 0.00 bagt 555 Send Email 
B. Bumble & The Stingers Nut Rocker/nautilus 62 Qual/rendezvous Good 15.00 1386, c Send Email 
Bachelors No Arms Can Ever Hold You/oh Samuel Dont Die 64 London Good 12.00 9724, lc Send Email 
Bachelors Marie/you Can Tell 65 London Good 10.00 l 9762 lc Send Email 
Bachelors I Believe/happy Land  Decca Very Good 0.00 f 11857 brit release Send Email 
Bachelors Diane/happy Land 64 London Fair 12.00 9639, lc, chip and slight warp Send Email 
Bachman - Turner Overdrive You Aint Seen Nothing Yet/free Wheelin' 74 Mercury Good 4.00 73622 Send Email 
Bachman - Turner Overdrive Woncha Take Me For A While/take It Like A Man 76 Merc Good 4.00 mc 73766, lc Send Email 
Bachman Turner Overdrive Takin' Care Of Business/stonegates 74 Mercury Good 4.00 m 73487 lc Send Email 
Bachman Turner Overdrive Hey You/flat Broke Love 75 Merc Good 4.00 m 73683, c Send Email 
Bachman Turner Overdrive Freeways/my Wheels Wont Turn 77 Merc Good 4.00 73903, lc Send Email 
Bachman Turner Overdrive End Of The Line/jamaica 79 Merc Good 5.00 m 74062, c Send Email 
Bachman- Turner Overdrive Let It Ride/tramp 74 Mercury Good 4.00 m-73457 Send Email 
Bachman- Turner Overdrive Quick Change Artist/shes Keepin' Time  Merc Poor 0.00 73710 Send Email 
Bachman- Turner Overdrive Down To The Line/shes A Devil 75 Merc Good 4.00 73724 Send Email 
Bachman-turner Overdrive Roll On Down The Highway/sledgehammer 75 Mercury Good 4.00 73656 Send Email 
Bad Company Rock N Roll Fantasy/crazy Circles 79 Swan Song Good 5.00 70119, c Send Email 
Bad English When I See You Smile/rockin Horse 89 Epic Very Good 5.00 34 69082 Send Email 
Badfinger No Matter What/carry On Till Tomorrow 70 Apple Good 6.00 1822, lc Send Email 
Badfinger Rock Of All Ages/come And Get It 69 Apple  6.00 1815 Send Email 
Badfinger Love Is Gonna Come At Last/sail Away 79 Elektra Good 5.00 e46025, demo Send Email 
Baez, Joan Maria Dolores/deportee 71 Vanguard Very Good 4.00 spv-6 l 33rpm Send Email 
Baez, Joan Forever Young/guantanamera 74 A & M Very Good 4.00 1516 lc Send Email 
Baez, Joan Lonesome Road/pal Of Mine 62 Vanguard Very Good 8.00 vrs 35013 rc Send Email 
Baez, Joan Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/when 71 Vang  8.00 vrs 35138 Send Email 
Baez, Joan Let It Be/i Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger 71 Vang Very Good 6.00 35145 rc Send Email 
Bailey, Charity Ep  Decca Childrens Good 0.00 9 88194,, cuts yes indeed my darling,big corral/el coqui, when johnny comes marching home Send Email 
Bailey, Jack Down On You/here Comes The Rain  Grt Good 0.00 1230 07 Send Email 
Bailey, Pearl You Gotta Dance/gee Baby  Roulette  0.00 4415 c Send Email 
Bailey, Philip Easy Lover/woman  Colu Good 0.00 38 04679, a side with phil collins Send Email 
Bailey, Razzy Anywhere Theres A Jukebox/friends 81 Rca Good 5.00 pb 12199, rsc Send Email 
Bailey, Razzy I Keep Coming Back/true Life  Rca  0.00 pb12120 Send Email 
Baillie And The Boys She Deserves You/the Only Lonely One  Rca Very Good 0.00 8796 7 r Send Email 
Baines, Vickie Country Girl/are You Kidding 66 Parkway Good 100.00 p 966 c Send Email 
Baker, Carroll I Cant Get Enough Of You Baby/its Late  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50342 Send Email 
Baker, George Selection Paloma Blanca/dreamboat 75 Wb Fair 4.00 8115 lc Send Email 
Baker, George Selection Little Green Bag/pretty Little Dreamer 70 Colossus Very Good 5.00 c 112x c Send Email 
Baker, Lavern Tiny Tim/for Love Of You 59 Atl Good 20.00 2041, c Send Email 
Baker, Laverne Jim Dandy/tra La La 56 Quality Good 25.00 k 1577 lc atlantic Send Email 
Baker, Vicky No More Foolish Stories/darling Say The Word  London Good 0.00 17313, Send Email 
Baldry, John Youve Lost That Loving Feeling/baldrys Out  Capitol Good 0.00 72805 lc Send Email 
Baldry, John The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore/carnival  Music Line Very Good 0.00 mls 003 small hole 45 ps Send Email 
Baldry, John Let The Hearaches Begin/annabella  Pye Good 0.00 7n 17385 small hole 45 Send Email 
Baldry, Long John A Thrill Is A Thrill/find You 79 Cap Very Good 5.00 72815, lc Send Email 
Baldwin, Tommy I Know/since Youve Been Gone  Rem Good 0.00 301, c, a copy sold nov of 2018 for 191. usd, with 26 bids, lexington ky label Send Email 
Ball, Marcia Big River/you  Cap Good 0.00 p 4469 Send Email 
Ballard, Hank Lets Go Lets Go Lets Go/if Youd Forgive Me 60 Regency Fair 25.00 r 838 Send Email 
Ballard, Hank The Continental Walk/what Is This I See 61 Regency Very Good 20.00 r 858 l Send Email 
Ballard, Hank Finger Poppin Time/i Love You I Love You Soo 60 Regency Poor 25.00 832 Send Email 
Ballard, Hank The Twist/teardrops On Your Letter  Golden Treasures Good 0.00 213 Send Email 
Ballard, Russ Look At Her Dance/what Does It Take  Epic Good 0.00 8 50609 Send Email 
Balloon Farm A Question Of Temperature/hurtin For Your Love  Laurie Bad 0.00 l-3405x l Send Email 
Baltimora Tarzan Boy/dub 85 Manhattan Very Good 10.00 50018, lc Send Email 
Bananarama Venus/white Train  London Good 0.00 lds 227, lc Send Email 
Band Out Of The Blue/the Well 78 Wb Good 4.00 wbs 8592 Send Email 
Band Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes/caledonia Mission 72 Capitol Very Good 5.00 3500 Send Email 
Band Dont Do It/rag Mama Rag 72 Capitol Fair 5.00 3433 Send Email 
Band Up On Cripple Creek/the Night They Drove Old Dix 69 Capitol Good 6.00 2635 lc Send Email 
Band Life Is A Carnival/the Moon Struck One 71 Cap Good 6.00 3199 Send Email 
Band Rag Mama Rag/the Unfaithful Servant 69 Cap Fair 6.00 2705, lc Send Email 
Band Aid Do They Know Its Christmas/feed The World 84 Colu Excellent 5.00 38-04749 ps Send Email 
Bandana Ocean Of Love/outdside Looking In  Wb Good 0.00 7 29524 Send Email 
Bandit The Wanderer/out In The Street  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50464, lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Shes Not Really Cheatin/the All American Dream  Colu Very Good 0.00 18-02966 lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Soft Lights And Hard Country Music/theres Nobody  Colu Very Good 0.00 3-10671 lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Yesterday Once More/i Just Cant Leave  Colu Good 0.00 1-11305 lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Till Im Too Old To Die Young/you Cant Straddle  Mca Curb Very Good 0.00 53033 lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe You Havent Heard The Last Of Me/i Forgot That I  Mca Curb Good 0.00 53132 lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Are We Making Love Or Just Making Friends/thats 78 Colu Good 5.00 3-10735, lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Rodeo Romeo/theres Nothing More Desperate 81 Colu Very Good 5.00 18 02532, lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe The Biggest Airport In The World/i Think Ive Got 76 Colu Very Good 5.00 3 10313, lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe The Champ/she Took Out The Outlaw In Me 80 Colu Very Good 5.00 1 11255, rsc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe Try My Love On For Size/its A Cheating Situation 79 Colu Good 5.00 3 10889, Send Email 
Bandy, Moe & Joe Stampley Hey Joe/two Beers Away  Colu Good 0.00 11 60508, lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe & Joe Stampley Tell Ole I Aint Here He Better Get On Home/only  80 Colu  5.00 1 11244 Send Email 
Bandy, Moe & Joe Stampley Just Good Ol Boys/thats What Makes The Juke Box  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13-33390 lc Send Email 
Bandy, Moe & Joe Stampley Holding The Bag/when It Comes To Cowgirls 79 Colu Good 5.00 1 11147 Send Email 
Bangles Manic Monday/in A Different Light  Colu Good 0.00 38 05757, lc Send Email 
Bangles Hazy Shade Of Winter/shes Lost You 87 Def Jam Excellent 3.00 07630 pc Send Email 
Bangles Walking Down Your Street/let It Go 87 Colu Good 3.00 38 06674, lc Send Email 
Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian/angels Dont Fall In Love 86 Colu Very Good 3.00 38 06257, lc Send Email 
Banks, Darrell Ive Got That Feelin/here Come The Tears 67 Atco Good 25.00 6471 l Send Email 
Banks, Tommy Were All Weve Got/same Instrumental  Century 11 Good 0.00 no #, produced for united community fund of greater edmonton Send Email 
Bar Kays Soul Finger/knucklehead 67 Volt Fair 8.00 148, c Send Email 
Baracudas Free For All/yank Me  Volt Fair 0.00 v 123 l Send Email 
Barber, Glenn If Anyone Can Show Cause/stronger Than Dirt  Sparton/starday Good 0.00 4 1295, c Send Email 
Barden, Jimmy & Donna Byrd Til I Met You/its Never Easy    0.00 kr 0118 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Shame On Me/above And Beyond 62 Rca Good 12.00 47-8032 lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby I Dont Believe Ill Fall In Love Today/ 62 Rca  12.00 47-8083 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby 500 Miles From Home/it All Depends On Linda 63 Rca Good 15.00 47-8238 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Come Kiss Me Love/sandys Crying Again 67 Rca Fair 8.00 47-9191 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby The Jogger/the Gravy Train 83 Colu Good 4.00 38-03809 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Come Sundown/woman You Have Been A Friend To Me 70 Merc Fair 6.00 m-73148 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Short And Sweet/a Million Miles To The City 71 Merc Very Good 6.00 73236 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Millers Cave/jeannies Last Kiss 63 Rca Good 12.00 47-8294, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Margies At The Lincoln Park Inn/rainy Day In Ric 69 Rca Good 6.00 74 0110, Send Email 
Bare, Bobby 500 Miles Away From Home/detroit City  Rca Gg Very Good 0.00 447 0711 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Just To Satisfy You/memories 65 Rca Good 10.00 47 8654, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Detroit City/heart Of Ice  Rca Good 0.00 47 8183, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby God Bless America Again/baby What Else Can I Do 69 Rca Good 6.00 74 0264, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Tequila Sheila/qualudes Again 80 Colu Good 5.00 1 11259, rsc, both sides written by shel silverstein Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Take Me As I Am/white Freight Liner Blues  Colu Good 0.00 18 02414, lc Send Email 
Bare, Bobby Love Forever/what Am I Gonna Do 72 Merc Very Good 6.00 73279 Send Email 
Bare, Bobby When Im Gone/he Was A Friend Of Mine 64 Rca Good 12.00 47 8395, lc Send Email 
Barlow, Jack I Love Country Music/number One In The Nation  Dial Good 0.00 4012 Send Email 
Barlow, Randy 24 Hours From Tulsa/the Bottle Took His Mother 76 Gazelle Good 6.00 irda 330 Send Email 
Barok, Carl Bump The Bach/for You Anna Magdalena  Generation Good 0.00 gn 020, c, 1976 boot records Send Email 
Barracuda Dance At St Francis/lady Fingers 68 Rca Very Good 20.00 47 9660, lc Send Email 
Barron Knights Merry Gentle Pops  Colu Gr Britain Fair 0.00 db 7780, lc Send Email 
Barron Knights Pop Go The Workers/  Colu Gt Britain Fair 0.00 db 7525, lc Send Email 
Barry Sisters Saturday/yes My Darling  Apex  0.00 9-76473 Send Email 
Barry, Claudja Boogie Tonight/the Way You Are Dancing  Lollipop Very Good 0.00 lgx4 Send Email 
Barry, Joe Little Papoose/why Did You Say Goodbye 62 Merc Good 10.00 s 1745, lc Send Email 
Barry, Len Somewhere/its A Cryin Shame 66 Decca Good 10.00 31923, lc Send Email 
Barry, Len Like A Baby/happiness 66 Decca Good 10.00 31889 Send Email 
Barry, Len Love Is/i Struck It Rich 66 Decca  10.00 32011 c Send Email 
Barry, Len 1-2-3/bullseye 65 Decca Good 15.00 31827, lc Send Email 
Basil, Toni Mickey/hanging Around  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1148 Send Email 
Bass, Kenny Nothing To Lose But These Blues/mighty Thing Cal  Nsd Good 0.00 223 Send Email 
Bassey, Shirley Goldfinger/strange How Love Can Be  Ua Good 0.00 790 Send Email 
Bassey, Shirley Secrets/its Yourself 65 Ua Good 8.00 956 Send Email 
Bateman, Gil Daddy Walked In Darkness/sneakin Up On You  Jerden Very Good 0.00 779 Send Email 
Baugh, Phil Country Guitar/chattanooga  Sparton/longhorn Good 0.00 4 1358, lc Send Email 
Baxter, Duke Everybody Knows Matilda/i Aint No School Boy  Vmc Excellent 0.00 v 740, c Send Email 
Baxter, Eddie Fortune Cookie Pt 1/pt 2  Kapp Good 0.00 k357, c Send Email 
Baxter, Les April In Portugal/the Poor People Of Paris  Cap Star Line Good 0.00 45 6017, c Send Email 
Bay City Rollers Saturday Night/marlina 75 Arista Good 4.00 0158 Send Email 
Baysiders Comin Thru The Rye/the Bells Of St Marys 61 Everest Good 15.00 19393, c Send Email 
Beach Boys Sloop John B/youre So Good To Me 66 Cap Good 20.00 5602, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Little Honda/when I Grow Up  Cap Good 0.00 72182, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Little Saint Nick/the Lords Prayer 63 Cap Fair 30.00 5096, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Darlin'/here Today 67 Capitol Good 12.00 2068 Send Email 
Beach Boys Heroes And Villains/youre Welcome 67 Cap Good 12.00 1001 Send Email 
Beach Boys Do It Again/wake The World 68 Cap Good 12.00 2239 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys I Can Hear Music/all I Want To Do 69 Cap Very Good 12.00 2432 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Break Away/celebrate The News 69 Cap Good 12.00 2530 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfin Safari/409 62 Cap Good 25.00 4777 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Ten Little Indians/county Fair 62 Cap Very Good 30.00 4880 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Surfin Usa/shut Down  Cap Good 0.00 4932 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe/surfer Girl 63 Cap Good 25.00 5009 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys I Get Around/dont Worry Baby  Cap Very Good 0.00 5174 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Dance Dance Dance/the Warnth Of The Sun 64 Cap -pc- Good 120.00 5306 pc fair Send Email 
Beach Boys Help Me Rhonda/kiss Me Baby 65 Cap Good 25.00 5395 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys California Girls/let Him Run Wild  Cap Good 0.00 5464 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys The Little Girl I Once Knew/theres No Other 65 Cap Very Good 20.00 5540 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Rock N Roll To The Rescue/good Vibrations 86 Cap Very Good 3.00 5595 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys California Dreamin'/lady Liberty 86 Cap Excellent 3.00 5630 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Good Vibrations/lets Go Away For Awhile 66 Cap Good 20.00 5676 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Wouldnt It Be Nice/god Only Knows 66 Cap Good 20.00 5706 lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Kokomo/tutti Frutti 88 Elektra Very Good 3.00 96-93857 lc b side little richard Send Email 
Beach Boys Getcha Back/male Ego 85 Caribou Good 3.00 4913 Send Email 
Beach Boys Fun Fun Fun/why Do Fools Fall In Love 64 Cap Good 20.00 5118, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Do You Wanna Dance/please Let Me Wonder 65 Cap Good 20.00 5372 Send Email 
Beach Boys Barbara Ann/girl Dont Tell Me 65 Cap Good 20.00 5561,lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Wild Honey/wind Chimes 67 Cap Good 15.00 2028, lc Send Email 
Beach Boys Rock And Roll Music/the T M Song 76 Brother/reprise Good 5.00 rep 1354, rsc Send Email 
Beach Boys Livin With A Heartache/santa Ana Winds 80 Caribou Very Good 5.00 djzs9 9033, demo, c Send Email 
Bearfoot Molly/st Augustine  Colu Good 0.00 c4 4027 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right/paul Revere 87 Def Jam Good 6.00 38 06595, c Send Email 
Beau Brummels You Tell Me Why/i Want You 65 Reo/autumn Good 10.00 8864 Send Email 
Beau Brummels Just A Little/theyll Make You Cry 65 Autumn Good 15.00 10a c also have reo 8848, lc vg Send Email 
Beau Brummels Dont Talk To Strangers/in Good Time 65 Reo/autumn Good 8.00 8886 lc Send Email 
Beau Brummels Good Time Music/sad Little Girl 65 Reo/autumn Very Good 8.00 8903 Send Email 
Beau Brummels She Reigns/one Too Many Mornings  Wb Good 0.00 5813 lc Send Email 
Beau Marks Billy Billy Went A Walkin/cause We're In Love 60 Quality  20.00 1219 Send Email 
Bechamp, Debbie Assembly Line/all I Ever Need Is You  Big Peach Good 0.00 bpr 456, c, both sides decent Send Email 
Beckham, Bob Just As Much As Ever/your Sweet Love 59 Decca Good 12.00 9 30861, lc Send Email 
Beckham, Bob Only The Broken Hearted/mais Oui  Decca Good 0.00 9-31090 c Send Email 
Beckham, Bob Beloved/crazy Arms  Decca Fair 0.00 9 31029 Send Email 
Bee Gees Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You/h 67 Atco Poor 10.00 6521 Send Email 
Bee Gees Massachusetts/sir Geoffrey Saved The World 67  Very Good 10.00 6532 c Send Email 
Bee Gees Words/sinking Ships 68  Fair 10.00 6548 c Send Email 
Bee Gees Jumbo/the Singer Sang His Song 68  Poor 8.00 6570 Send Email 
Bee Gees Ive Gotta Get A Message To You/kitty Can 68  Fair 8.00 6603 rc Send Email 
Bee Gees I Started A Joke/kilburn Towers 69  Good 8.00 6639 c Send Email 
Bee Gees Tomorrow Tomorrow/sun In My Morning 69  Excellent 8.00 6682 Send Email 
Bee Gees Lonely Days/man For All Seasons 71  Good 6.00 6795 Send Email 
Bee Gees How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/country Woman 71  Good 6.00 6824 c Send Email 
Bee Gees My World/on Time 72  Good 5.00 6871 Send Email 
Bee Gees Run To Me/road To Alaska 72  Good 5.00 6896 Send Email 
Bee Gees Marley Purt Drive/suddenly Sound Of Love   Very Good 0.00 ep-st-c-4535 csg processes mono master Send Email 
Bee Gees Country Lanes/fanny 75 Rso Very Good 4.00 so 519 Send Email 
Bee Gees Night Fever/down The Road 78  Good 4.00 rs 889 Send Email 
Bee Gees Stayin Alive/if I Cant Have You    0.00 2090-267 Send Email 
Bee Gees To Love Somebody/words  Pop Classics Good 0.00 pc 1014 rc Send Email 
Bee Gees You Win Again/backtofunk 87 Wb Excellent 3.00 92 83517 Send Email 
Bee Gees Rest Your Love On Me/too Much Heaven 78 Rso Good 4.00 913 Send Email 
Bee, Molly Magic Mirror/im Going Steady With A Dream  Cap Promo Good 0.00 f 3865, lc Send Email 
Bee, Molly Some Tears Fall Dry/johnny Liar  Liberty  0.00 f 55631 Send Email 
Bee, Molly Fresh Out Of Tryin/sinners Wine  Mgm Good 0.00 k13864, c, promo to djs Send Email 
Beer Garden 4 Plus 1 Sauerkraut/new Generation  Merc Good 0.00 1778 Send Email 
Bel Canto's Feel So Right/same  Reo/downey Good 0.00 b856 l Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Dayo,man Smart,jamaica Farewell 61 Rca Good 10.00 lpc 127 pc 33 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Sylvie/in That Great Gettin Up Mornin,jump Down   Good 0.00 epa 694 lc german release Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Day O,will His Love Be Like His Rum/jamaica Fare 56 Rca Good 12.00 epa 768 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Haiti Cherie, Scratch Scratch 57 Rca Good 10.00 epa 1-1505 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Island In The Sun,lead Man Holler 57 Rca Good 12.00 epa 4084 lc Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Troubles/hello Everybody 55 Rca Good 12.00 47-6249 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Banana Boat/star O 56 Rca Good 12.00 47-6771 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Man Piabo/the Fox 56 Rca  10.00 47-6782 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Waterboy/noah 56 Rca Very Good 10.00 47-6789 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Island In The Sun/coconut Woman 57 Rca Excellent 10.00 47-6885, lc Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry The Marching Saints/did You Hear 58 Rca Good 8.00 47-7176 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Gotta Travel On/tarrytown 59 Rca Good 8.00 47-7445 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Darlin' Cora/turn Around 59 Rca Good 8.00 47-7491 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Fifteen/round The Bay Of Mexico 59 Rca Good 8.00 47-7550 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Roll On, Buddy/little Bit Of Rain 65 Rca Good 6.00 47-8717 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Annie Love/im Just A Country Boy 67 Rca Excellent 6.00 47-9406 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry By The Time I Get To Phoenix/sleep Late My Lady 68 Rca Good 6.00 47-9542 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Circle Round The Sun/something In The Way She Mo 71 Rca Good 5.00 74-0428 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Skin To Skin/monday To Monday  Emi Very Good 0.00 73063 lc Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Day O/beetlejuice  Geffen Very Good 0.00 78597 lc promo Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Marys Boy Child/venezuela 56 Rca White Prevue Good 12.00 47 6735 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Mama Look A Boo Boo/hurry Sundown 67 Rca Good 6.00 47 9075 Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Hold Em Joe/im Just A Country Boy Rca Good 10.00 447 0322. lc Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Take My Mother Home/noah,jump Down Spin Around 56 Rca Good 0.00 spd 24, c,sides5 & 16 of 10 record box set. complete set value 20. Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Mama Look At Bubu/dont Ever Love Me 57 Rca Good 12.00 47 6830, c Send Email 
Belafonte, Harry Scarlet Ribbons/shenandoah  Rca Good 0.00 447 0321, lc, some water damage to label Send Email 
Belew, Carl Hello Out There/together We Stand  Rca Good 0.00 47 8058 Send Email 
Bell Notes Ive Had It/be Mine 59 Reo/time Good 25.00 8326, c Send Email 
Bell Sisters Wheel Of Fortune/poor Whip Poor Will  Rca Good 0.00 4520, lc Send Email 
Bell, Archie & The Drells Tighten Up/dog Eat Dog 68 Atl Fair 12.00 at 2478 c Send Email 
Bell, Archie & The Drells Nothing Comes Easy/right Here Is Where... 76 Colu Good 5.00 zs8 3605 Send Email 
Bell, Archie & The Drells Love Will Rain On You/do The Choo Choo 68 Atl Very Good 7.00 2559, lc Send Email 
Bell, Benny Shaving Cream/the Girl From Chicago  Vanguard Very Good 0.00 vrs 35183 colourful label Send Email 
Bell, Jimmy She Wears My Ring/going Down To The River  Reo/hickory Good 0.00 rgt 017 Send Email 
Bell, Leigh And Chimes Terry/eternity  Quality/ Good 0.00 k 1948 Send Email 
Bellamy Brothers I Need More Of You/diesel Cafe  Mca Good 0.00 52518 Send Email 
Bellamy Brothers Kiss Of The Baby Boom/hard On A Heart  Mca Curb Good 0.00 53018 Send Email 
Bellamy Brothers Lie To You For Your Love/season Of The Wind  Curb Very Good 0.00 52668, rsc Send Email 
Bellamy Brothers Sugar Daddy/i Could Be Makin Love To You 80 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49160 Send Email 
Bellamy Brothers Youll Never Be Sorry/same  Mca Promo Good 0.00 53672, white label Send Email 
Bellamy Brothers If I Said You Have A /make Me Over 79 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8790, lc Send Email 
Belle Stars Iko Iko/las Vegas  Cap Very Good 0.00 44343, lc, b side by hans zimmer Send Email 
Bellus Tony Robbin' The Cradle/valentine Girl 59 Sparton/national Good 20.00 4-739 c Send Email 
Belly Star/feed The Tree  Sire Good 0.00 7 18570 Send Email 
Belvin, Jesse Funny/pledging My Love 58 Rca Good 20.00 47-7387 c Send Email 
Belvin, Jesse Guess Who/my Girl Is Just Enough 59  Fair 20.00 47-7469 lc Send Email 
Belvin, Jesse Give Me Love/ill Never Be Lonely 59 Rca Good 20.00 47-7596 c Send Email 
Ben-isaac, J. If You Were A Bluebird/darlin You Can Come And S  Blue Canyon(las Vegas N.m.) Good 0.00 bcs 124, promo Send Email 
Benatar , Pat We Live For Love/rated X-pc-  Chrys Excellent 0.00 chs 2428, pc good Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Everybody Lay Down/promises In The Dark  Chrys Good 0.00 s7 17592, for jukeboxes only. white label Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Treat Me Right/never Wanna Leave You 81 Chrysalis Good 5.00 chs 2487, lc Send Email 
Benatar, Pat We Belong/suburban King 84 Chrysalis Good 3.00 chs 42826, ll Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Hard To Believe/fire And Ice 81 Chrys Very Good 4.00 chs 2529, c Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Hit Me With Your Best Shot/prisoner Of Love 80 Chrys Good 4.00 2464 Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Love Is A Battlefield/hell Is For Children 83 Chrys Very Good 3.00 42732,,lc Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Heartbreaker/my Clone Sleeps Alone 79 Chrys Good 4.00 2395, lc Send Email 
Benatar, Pat Invincible/same Instrumental -pc- 85 Chrys Good 3.00 42877, pc good Send Email 
Benatar, Pat All Fired Up/cool Zero -pc- 88 Chrys Very Good 3.00 43268, pc excellent Send Email 
Beneke, Tex Over Three Hills/i Can Dream Cant I  Rca Blue Label Good 0.00 47 3046, lc Send Email 
Benjamin & Pol Looice/been Dere  Colu Book /record Library Good 0.00 cc 74002 Send Email 
Bennett, Boyd Boogie Bear/a Boy Can Tell 59 Merc Good 20.00 71479, lc Send Email 
Bennett, Joe Black Slacks/boppin' Rock Boogie 57 Sparton/abc Good 30.00 4-464r c Send Email 
Bennett, Joe Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks/rocket 57 Sparton/abc Good 30.00 4-514r Send Email 
Bennett, Tony Can You Find It In Your Heart/ 56 Colu  10.00 4-40667 Send Email 
Bennett, Tony My Heart Wont Say Good Bye/therell Be No Teardro  Colu Good 0.00 4 2384, lc Send Email 
Bennett, Tony In The Middle Of An Island/i Am 57 Colu Good 10.00 4-40965, lc Send Email 
Bennett, Tony I Wanna Be Around/i Left My Heart In San Fran  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33062 Send Email 
Bennett, Tony Blue Moon/love Look Away 58 Colu Good 10.00 4 41298, lc Send Email 
Benson, George Dinorah Dinorah/give Me The Night 80 Wb Very Good 4.00 wbs49505, lc Send Email 
Bentall, Barney Something To Live For/black Clouds -pc-  Epic Good 0.00 e4 3050, pc vg Send Email 
Bentall, Barney Come Back To Me/pale Blue Eyes-pc-  Epic Excellent 0.00 e4 3064, pc vg Send Email 
Benton, Brook Kiddio,your Love Alone/perfect For Love,rockys L  Vik Very Good 0.00 exa 300 ep Send Email 
Benton, Brook I Was The Last One To Know,/simply Heavenly  Vik Good 0.00 exa 301 ep Send Email 
Benton, Brook Its Just A Matter Of Time/hurtin Inside 59 Merc Good 15.00 71394 c Send Email 
Benton, Brook Thank You Pretty Baby/with All Of My Heart 59 Merc Good 15.00 71478 c Send Email 
Benton, Brook I Want You Forever/so Many Ways 59 Merc Excellent 15.00 71512 lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook Boll Weevil Song/your Eyes 61 Merc Very Good 12.00 71820 lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook Shadrack/the Lost Penny 61 Merc Good 12.00 71912 c Send Email 
Benton, Brook Hit Record/thanks To The Fool 62 Merc Good 10.00 71962 c Send Email 
Benton, Brook Hotel Happiness/still Waters Run Deep 62 Merc Fair 10.00 72055 Send Email 
Benton, Brook Two Tickets To Paradise/dont Hate Me 63 Merc Fair 10.00 72177 Send Email 
Benton, Brook Nothing Can Take The Place Of You/woman Without 69 Atlantic Good 8.00 44034 Send Email 
Benton, Brook Rainy Night In Georgia/where Do I Go From Here 69 Cotillion Fair 10.00 44057 c Send Email 
Benton, Brook Youre The Reason Im Living/laura Whats He Got 67 Reprise Good 8.00 0611 c Send Email 
Benton, Brook So True In Life Love/if You Only Knew 66 Rca Excellent 10.00 47-8995 Send Email 
Benton, Brook Too Late To Turn Back Now/another Cup Of Coffee 64 Merc Good 10.00 72266, lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook Lumberjack/dont Do What I Did 64 Merc Good 10.00 72333, lc Send Email 
Benton, Brook & Dinah Washington Baby/i Do 60 Merc Good 15.00 71565 Send Email 
Berg, Bj The Laughing Song/nobody Cares  Brocade Fair 0.00 qc 125, Edmonton label Send Email 
Berlin No More Words/rumor Of Love 84 Geffen Good 5.00 92 93607 Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Too Pooped To Pop/let It Rock 60 Quality/chess Good 25.00 1989, c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Things I Used To Do/promised Land 64 Chess Good 15.00 cs 1916, lc Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Johnny B Goode/rock And Roll Music  Merc Celebrity Good 0.00 cs 6002 Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Joe Joe Gun/sweet Little Rock And Roll 58 Quality/chess Good 30.00 k1808, c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck School Day/deep Feeling 57 Quality Good 50.00 k1611 c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Rock And Roll Music/blue Feeling 57 Quality Good 30.00 k 1663 c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Sweet Little Sixteen/reelin And Rockin 58 Quality Good 30.00 k 1703 c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Johnny B. Goode/around And Around 58 Quality Very Good 30.00 k 1727 c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Nadine/o Rangutang 64 Chess Fair 20.00 1883 lc Send Email 
Berry, Chuck No Particular Place To Go/you Two 64 Chess  20.00 cs 1898 c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Johnny B Goode/my Ding-a-ling  Chess Very Good 0.00 2228 c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Carol/hey Pedro 58 Quality/chess Good 30.00 1775, lc Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Ep-sweet Little 16,rock At The Philharmonic/reel 58 Quality/chess Good 120.00 xp 133, lc Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Ep-rock And Roll Music,blue Feeling/oh Baby Doll 57 Quality/chess Good 120.00 xp 135, c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck Im Talking About You/diploma For Two 63 Chess Good 30.00 c1853, c Send Email 
Berry, Chuck No Particular Place To Go/you Two 64 Chess Good 30.00 c 1898, c Send Email 
Betts, Harry Whos Afraid/two Lovers  20th Good 0.00 6650 Send Email 
Beverley Sisters The Little Drummer Boy/strawberry Fair  Decca Gt Britain Good 0.00 11107, Send Email 
Big Bopper Big Boppers Wedding/little Red Riding Hood 58 Merc Good 15.00 71375, lc Send Email 
Big Country In A Big Country/all Of Us  Vertigo Very Good 0.00 2329 Send Email 
Big Country King Of Emotion/the Travellers  Vertigo Very Good 0.00 870617 1 Send Email 
Big Moose Puppy Howl Blues/rambling Woman  The Blues Very Good 0.00 301 c Send Email 
Big Pig Hell Bent Heaven/breakaway 88 A&m Good 5.00 3014, lc Send Email 
Billie And Lillie Bells Bells Bells/honeymoonin 59 Quality/swan Fair 15.00 1929 Send Email 
Billy Joe & The Checkmates Percolator/round And Round 61 London/dore  15.00 m 17214, lc Send Email 
Birkin, Jane & Serge Gainsbourg Je Taime/jane B 69 Major Minor England Good 10.00 mm 645, c, n.a. release on fontana Send Email 
Bitter End Singers Crawdad/hard Times  Merc  0.00 72367 Send Email 
Black Crowes Hard To Handle/waitin Guilty  Def American Very Good 0.00 7 19245 Send Email 
Black Heat The Jungle Pt 1/pt 2 73 Atl Good 5.00 2934, c Send Email 
Black, Bill The Wheel/white Silver Sands 60 Hi Good 20.00 2021, c Send Email 
Black, Bill Ole Buttermilk Sky/yogi 61 Hi Fair 12.00 2036, c Send Email 
Black, Bill Hearts Of Stone/royal Blue 60 Hi Good 25.00 2028, lo Send Email 
Black, Bill Raunchy/tequila  Hi Fair 0.00 great hits gh 59014, c Send Email 
Black, Bill Tuxedo Jct/crankcase  Hi Good 0.00 2025 Send Email 
Black, Bill Twist Her/my Girl Josephine 61 Hi Good 12.00 2042 c Send Email 
Black, Cilla Anyone Who Had A Heart/just For You  Parlophone Gr Britain Fair 0.00 r 5101 Send Email 
Black, Cilla Alfie/night Time Is Here 66 Parlophone Gt Britain Fair 12.00 r 5427 Send Email 
Black, Cilla Ep-anyone Who Had A Heart-just For You/love Of T  Parlophone Poor 0.00 ep- gep 8901 Send Email 
Black, Clint Nothings News/live And Learn  Rca Excellent 0.00 2596-7-r c Send Email 
Black, Clint A Good Run Of Bad Luck/half The Man  Rca Good 0.00 62762 7 Send Email 
Black, Clint Killin Time/a Better Man  Rca Good 0.00 8945 7 r, lc Send Email 
Black, Jeanne He'll Have To Stay/under Your Spell Again  Capitol Excellent 0.00 f 4368 Send Email 
Black, Jeanne Lisa/journey Of Love  Cap Good 0.00 f 4396, lc Send Email 
Black, Roy I Need You/i Am Not Alone  Verve Folk  0.00 kf 5025 Send Email 
Black, Terry Little Liar/ordinary Girl  Arc Good 0.00 1090, c Send Email 
Black, Terry Only Sixteen/how Many Guys  Arc Good 0.00 1103, lc Send Email 
Black, Terry And Ward, Laurel Goin Down/oh Babe 72 Yorkville Good 5.00 yvm 45038, c Send Email 
Blair Athol Highlanders Amazing Grace/rock N Roll March  International Good 0.00 ia 114, c Send Email 
Blanc, Mel Yosemite Sam/i Taut I Taw A  Capitol  0.00 f 580 Send Email 
Blanc, Mel Bugs Bunny/porky Pig  Cap Good 0.00 30023 Send Email 
Blanc, Mel Daffy Duck  Cap Good 0.00 30024 Send Email 
Blanc, Mel Bugs Bunny Meets Elmer Fudd/porky Pig In Africa  Cap Fair 0.00 f 30022 side 1 and 6 of album ccf 3004, lc Send Email 
Blanchard, Jack Tennessee Bird Walk/the Clock Of St James  Wayside Excellent 0.00 ws 45010 lc with misty morgan Send Email 
Bland, Billy Let The Little Girl Dance/sweet Thing 60 Regency/old Town Good 25.00 r 827 c Send Email 
Bland, Billy You Were Born To Be Loved/pardon Me 60 Regency/old Town Fair 15.00 r 834 lc Send Email 
Bland,billy Chicken Hop/oh,you For Me 56 Regency/  20.00 510x Send Email 
Blane, Marcie Bobbys Girl/a Time To Dream 62 Seville Good 20.00 sv 120 rc Send Email 
Blane, Marcie What Does A Girl Do/how Can I Tell Him 63 Seville Good 16.00 sv 123, c Send Email 
Blessid Union Of Souls I Believe/let Me Be The One  Erg Very Good 0.00 s7 18737, for jukeboxes only Send Email 
Bleyer, Archie Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane/hernandos Hideaway  Cadence Good 0.00 g 21303 Send Email 
Bleyer, Archie Hernandos Hideaway/sil Vous Plait  Apex/cadence Good 0.00 9 76034, c Send Email 
Blondie Heart Of Glass/11:59 79 Chrys Good 4.00 2295 Send Email 
Blondie One Way Or Another/just Go Away 79 Chrys Very Good 4.00 2336 Send Email 
Blondie Dreaming/leaving In The Real World 79 Chrys Good 4.00 2379 Send Email 
Blondie Call Me/same 80 Chrys Very Good 3.00 2414 Send Email 
Blondie The Tide Is High/suzy And Jeffrey 80 Chrys Good 3.00 2465 Send Email 
Blood , Sweat & Tears Lucretia Mac Evil/lucretias Reprise 70 Colu Good 5.00 4 45235, lc Send Email 
Blood, Sweat & Tears And When I Die/sometimes In Winter 69 Colu Good 6.00 4 45008, lc Send Email 
Blood, Sweat & Tears Go Down Gamblin/valentines Day 71 Colu Good 5.00 4 45427, lc Send Email 
Blood, Sweat & Tears Hi-de-ho/the Battle 70 Colu Good 5.00 4-45204 Send Email 
Blood, Sweat & Tears Yesterdays Music/no Show 75 Colu Good 5.00 3 10189 Send Email 
Bloodrock D O A /childrens Heritage 71 Cap Good 8.00 3009, lc Send Email 
Bloom, Bobby Montego Bay/try A Little Harder 70 Earth Good 6.00 lp 157 Send Email 
Bloom, Bobby Heidi/sign Of The V 70 Earth Good 8.00 e 106, c Send Email 
Blow Monkeys Digging Your Scene/i Backed A Winner-ps  Rca Good 0.00 pb 40599, ps good Send Email 
Blue I Aint Gettin Mad/same  Alberta Good 0.00 ab 003, Edmonton record co. Send Email 
Blue Cheer Summertime Blues/out Of Focus 68 Philips Fair 12.00 ph 40516 Send Email 
Blue Diamonds Sukiyaki/summer Love  Decca  0.00 at 10 020 dutch release Send Email 
Blue Haze Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/anna Rossana  A & M Good 0.00 328 Send Email 
Blue Haze Blue Moon/little Lady Love Me  A & M Poor 0.00 amx 334 promo Send Email 
Blue Rodeo Try/piranha Pool  Risque Disque Very Good 0.00 25 82917, c Send Email 
Blue Rose Ill Never Be In Love Again/my Impersonal Life  Epic Good 0.00 5 10811 Send Email 
Blue Swede Hooked On A Feeling/gotta Have Your Love  Emi Excellent 0.00 3627 lc Send Email 
Blue Swede Silly Milly/lonely Sunday Afternoon  Emi Very Good 0.00 3893 Send Email 
Blue Swede Hooked On A Feeling/never My Love  Cap Starline Very Good 0.00 6229 Send Email 
Blue Swede Never My Love/pinewood Rally 74 Emi Good 5.00 3938, lc Send Email 
Blues Brothers Gimme Some Lovin/she Caught The Katy 80 Atlantic-pc- Very Good 3.00 pc at 3666 Send Email 
Blues Image Ride Captain Ride/pay My Dues 70 Atco Good 5.00 6746 c Send Email 
Blues Magoos We Aint Got Nothin Yet/gotta Get Away 66 Merc Fair 40.00 m 72622 c Send Email 
Blues Magoos Pipe Dreams/theres A Chance We Can Make It 67 Merc Good 20.00 72660, label shows blue magoos Send Email 
Blues Project Steves Song/no Time Like The Right Time 67 Verve Good 12.00 kf 5040, c Send Email 
Blushing Brides What You Talkin About/foreign Supplement  Rca Very Good 0.00 pb 50697 Send Email 
Bobbettes I Shot Mr Lee/billy 60 Raleigh/triple X Very Good 20.00 r 704, c Send Email 
Bobbettes Mr Lee/look At The Stars 57 Atl White Label Good 30.00 1144, c Send Email 
Bobbsey Twins Part Time Gal/a Change Of Heart  Cadence Good 0.00 1324 Send Email 
Boggs, Noel Make Believe Heart/how Long  Colu Good 0.00 4 2520 Send Email 
Bolton, Michael Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay/same 88 Colu Very Good 3.00 38 07680, lc Send Email 
Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive/id Die For You  Merc  0.00 76256 Send Email 
Bon Jovi Livin On A Prayer/wild In The Streets  Merc Good 0.00 ms 76254 Send Email 
Bon Jovi Love For Sale/born To Be My Baby  Merc Good 0.00 872 156 7 Send Email 
Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name/raise Your Hands  Merc Very Good 0.00 76250 Send Email 
Bond, Eddie They Say Were Too Young/youre Part Of Me 57 Merc Good 0.00 71067, c Send Email 
Bond, Johnny Sadie Was A Lady/the Great Figure 8 Race 65 Sparton/starday Good 8.00 4 1376, c Send Email 
Bond, Johnny They Got Me/silent Walls 66 Sparton/starday Good 8.00 p 1432, c Send Email 
Bond, Johnny Here Come The Elephants/take Me Back To Tulsa 70 Starday Very Good 6.00 4-916 c Send Email 
Bond, Johnny Hot Rod Lincoln/five Minute Love Affair 60 Republic Good 12.00 2005 c Send Email 
Bond, Johnny Hot Rod Surfin Hootlebeatnanny/dont Mama Count 64 Sparton/starday Good 15.00 4-1280 c promo Send Email 
Bond, Johnny 10 Little Bottles/let It Be Me 64 Sparton/starday Good 8.00 1321 c Send Email 
Bond, Johnny The Man Who Comes Around/sick, Sober And Sorry 65 Sparton/starday Good 8.00 1345 c Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. This Little Girl/way Back When 81 Emi Very Good 5.00 8079 Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. Out Of Work/bring Her Back 82 Emi Good 4.00 8117 Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. New Orleans/please Forgive Me 60 Reo/legrande Poor 15.00 8520 c Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. Quarter To Three/time Ole Story 61 Reo/legrande Good 15.00 8579 c Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. School Is In/trip To The Moon 61 Reo/legrand Very Good 20.00 8616 c Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. Dear Lady Twist/havin So Much Fun 62 Reo/legrand Good 15.00 8623 c Send Email 
Bonds, Gary U.s. Twist Twist Senora/food Of Love 62 Reo/legrand Good 15.00 8641 c Send Email 
Boney M Rivers Of Babylon/brown Girl In The Ring 78 Atlantic Excellent 6.00 1872 lc Send Email 
Boney M Rasputin/never Change Lovers  Atl Very Good 0.00 1990 lc Send Email 
Boney M Ma Baker/a Woman Can Change A Man 77 Atl Excellent 6.00 3422 lc Send Email 
Boney M Marys Boy Child/hooray Hooray Its A Holiday  Atl Very Good 0.00 5283 lc Send Email 
Boney M Daddy Cool/ Lovin Or Leavin 76 Atco Good 6.00 7063 c Send Email 
Boney M Little Drummer Boy/zions Daughter  Atl Very Good 0.00 5825 promo lc Send Email 
Boney M Brown Girl In The Ring/nightflight To Venus  Atl Very Good 0.00 5179 Send Email 
Boney M Bahama Mama/im Born Again  Atl Good 0.00 ms 5317 Send Email 
Bonney, Graham Super Girl/hill Of Lovin 66 Colu Gt Britain Poor 10.00 db 7843 Send Email 
Bonnie & Jo Ann Please Dont Take Him From Me/father  Tally Good 0.00 101, the kern county sweethearts, Bakersfield cal. label Send Email 
Bonnie Lou Dancin In My Socks/daddy-o 55 Quality/king Good 25.00 k 4354, c Send Email 
Booker T & Mg's Green Onions/behave Yourself 62 Stax  16.00 z127 Send Email 
Booker T & Mg's Hip Hug Her/summertime 67 Stax  10.00 211x Send Email 
Booker T & Mg's Soul Limbo/heads Or Tails 68 Stax Fair 8.00 sta-0001 Send Email 
Booker T & Mg's Time Is Tight/johnny I Love You 69 Stax Good 8.00 sta0028 Send Email 
Booker T & Mg's Be My Lady/red Beans And Rice 65 Stax Good 10.00 182, c Send Email 
Booker T & Mg's Jingle Bells/ 66 Stax Bad 12.00 203, c, split b side has tape on it. not playable Send Email 
Booker, Jameson Why Dont You Spend The Night/you Cant Buy My Lov  Vera Cruz Very Good 0.00 vcr 124, Edmonton record co. Send Email 
Boomtown Rats Banana Republic/man At The Top  Vertigo Very Good 0.00 sov 2302 Send Email 
Boomtown Rats House On Fire/europe Looked Ugly  Merc Very Good 0.00 91 ps small hole 45 embossed print Send Email 
Boone, Daniel Beautiful Sunday/sleepy Head  A&m Excellent 0.00 781, lc Send Email 
Boone, Daniel Annabelle/sleepy Head  Penny F Fair 0.00 pen 791 Send Email 
Boone, Daniel Beautiful Sunday/truly Julie -ps-  Bellaphon/ Penny Farthing-german Good 0.00 bf 18075, pc good Send Email 
Boone, Daniel Sunshine Lover/crying  Penny Farthing Good 0.00 pen 800, c Send Email 
Boone, Debby Are You On The Road To Lovin Me Again/when Its J 80 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 49176 Send Email 
Boone, Pat I Almost Lost My Mind/im In Love With You  Reo/dot Good 0.00 8103, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat New Lovers/words  Dot Good 0.00 16048, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Just Let Me Dream/ Johnny Will  Dot Good 0.00 16284, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Speedy Gonzales/moody River  Dot Gt Good 0.00 dgt 017 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Ep- Pats Great Hits  Dot Very Good 0.00 dep 1083, pc fair Send Email 
Boone, Pat Big Cold Wind/thats My Desire 61 Dot Good 12.00 16244, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat At My Front Door,/aint That A Shame,two Hearts 56 Dot Good 20.00 dep-1049 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Four By Pat Ep 57 Dot Very Good 20.00 1057 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Tutti Frutti/i'll Be Home 56 Reo/dot  20.00 8078 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Chains Of Love/friendly Persuasion  Reo/dot Fair 0.00 8112 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Dont Forbid Me/anastasia 56 Dot Fair 15.00 15521 c 8137 x reo good condition Send Email 
Boone, Pat Why Baby Why/im Waiting Just For You 57 Dot Very Good 15.00 15545 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Love Letters In The Sand/bernardine 57 Dot Good 15.00 15570 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Remember Youre Mine/theres A Gold Mine In The Sk 57 Dot Good 15.00 15602 Send Email 
Boone, Pat When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/april 57 Dot Good 15.00 15660 Send Email 
Boone, Pat A Wonderful Time Up There/its Too Soon To Know 58 Dot Good 15.00 15690 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Journey To The Center Of The Earth Ep  Dot Good 0.00 dep 1091 Send Email 
Boone, Pat For A Penny/the Wang Dang Taffy Apple Tango 59 Dot Fair 15.00 15914 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Walking The Floor Over You/spring Rain 60 Dot Good 12.00 16073 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Moody River/a Thousand Years 61 Dot Good 15.00 16209 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Speedy Gonzales/the Locket 62 Dot Good 12.00 16368 c Send Email 
Boone, Pat I Understand/rosemarie 64 Dot  8.00 16598x Send Email 
Boone, Pat July Youre A Woman/break My Mind  Polydor Very Good 0.00 541.028 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Gee Whittakers/take The Time 55 Reo Good 20.00 8063, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat If Dreams Came True/thats How Much I Love You 58 Dot Good 15.00 15785 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Ep A Closer Walk With Thee 57 Dot Good 20.00 dep 1056, Send Email 
Boone, Pat Dont Forbid Me/april Love  Abc Gold Oldies Very Good 0.00 1022 2714 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Sugar Moon/cherie I Love You 58 Dot Good 15.00 15750 Send Email 
Boone, Pat Alabam/dear John 60 Dot Good 12.00 16152, c Send Email 
Boone, Pat Merry Chirstmas -pc- 57 Dot -pc- Good 30.00 dep 1062, cover vg Send Email 
Boone, Pat Midnight/dcan You Feel The Love 79 Wb Very Good 5.00 49097, rsc Send Email 
Boone, Pat Ep-coax Me A Little,the Mockingbird In The 56 Dot Good 20.00 dep 1054, c, Send Email 
Boone, Pat I Wish You Were Here Buddy/love For Love 66 Dot Very Good 8.00 16933, lc Send Email 
Booth, Tony Dont Let True Love Slip Away/old Faithful  Cap Very Good 0.00 3639 Send Email 
Bop-cats Ep- Kiss Goodbye  Attic  0.00 pc hep 001 - ep- Send Email 
Boreson, Stan Frieda And Johann/catch A Pickled Herring  Kapp Good 0.00 k225 Send Email 
Boss Blues Takin Life Easy/could It Be True  Cobblestone Poor 0.00 cb702, c, playable on old rp Send Email 
Boston More Than A Feeling/smokin 76 Epic Very Good 5.00 8-50266 Send Email 
Boston Amanda/my Destination  Mca Very Good 0.00 52756 pc Send Email 
Boston More Than A Feeling/long Time  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 15 2355, lc Send Email 
Boston Peace Of Mind/foreplay 77 Epic Good 5.00 8 50381, lc Send Email 
Boston We're Ready/the Launch=pc  Mca- Pc-  0.00 52985, pc vg Send Email 
Boston "pops" Orchestra Warsaw Concerto/same  Rca Good 0.00 49 0252, red vinyl Send Email 
Boston Pops March Of The Little Lead Soldiers/marche Militai  Rca Good 0.00 49 1432, lc, red vinyl Send Email 
Boston Pops Jalousie/ritual Fire Dance  Rca Good 0.00 49 0526, lc, red vinyl Send Email 
Boston Pops Ep-all Time Favorites  Rca Good 0.00 era 20, pc vg Send Email 
Boston Pops Orpheus In Hades/same  Rca Good 0.00 49 0288, lc, red vinyl Send Email 
Boston Pops Danube Waves/treasure Waltz  Rca Very Good 0.00 wepr 24, lc, red vinyl Send Email 
Bouyea, Michael The Fury/just Slip Away  Colu Very Good 0.00 c4 8324, lc Send Email 
Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy/elimination Dancing-pc 82 Rca Excellent 6.00 pb 13204, pc vg Send Email 
Bowen, Jimmy Always Faithful/wish I Were Tied To You 58 Apex/roulette Good 20.00 9 76410, c Send Email 
Bowen, Jimmy Im Stickin With You/ever Lovin 57 Apex  20.00 9-76119 Send Email 
Bowen, Jimmy Warm Up To Me Baby/i Trusted You 57 Apex  20.00 9-76149 Send Email 
Bowes, Margie Poor Old Heartsick Me/blue Dream  Quality/hickory Good 0.00 k 1873 Send Email 
Bowes, Margie Day After Day/dont Turn On The Light  Quality/hickory Good 0.00 1209 Send Email 
Bowie, David Right/fame 75 Rca Poor 6.00 pb 10320 Send Email 
Bowie, David Golden Years/can You Hear Me 75 Rca Good 6.00 pb 10441 Send Email 
Bowie, David Lets Dance/cat People -ps- 83 Emi Ps Excellent 3.00 ps 8158 ps Send Email 
Bowie, David Blue Jean/dancing With The Big Boys 84 Emi Very Good 3.00 b 8231, pc Send Email 
Bowie, David Space Oddity/the Man Who Sold The World 75 Rca Gg Very Good 4.00 gb 10470, lc Send Email 
Bowie, David Cat People/pauls Theme  Backstreet Good 0.00 52024 Send Email 
Bowie, David Modern Love/live  Emi Good 0.00 8177 Send Email 
Bowie, David China Girl/shake It 83 Emi Good 0.00 b 8165, lc Send Email 
Bowie, David & Mick Jagger Dancing In The Street/same 85 Emi Excellent 3.00 ps 8288 ps Send Email 
Bowman, Don I Never Did Finish That Song/chet Atkins Make Me  Rca Fair 0.00 47-8384 Send Email 
Bown,alan Toyland/technicolour Dream  Music Factory Good 0.00 mu 402 Send Email 
Box Closer Together/without Love  Alert Very Good 0.00 bds 519 Send Email 
Box Tops The Letter/happy Times 67 Bell Very Good 12.00 mala 565 c Send Email 
Box Tops Neon Rainbow/everything I Am 67 Bell Good 10.00 mala 580 c Send Email 
Box Tops Cry Like A Baby/the Door You Closed To Me 68 Bell Good 12.00 mala 593 c Send Email 
Box Tops Choo Choo Train/fields Of Clover 68 Bell Good 10.00 mala 12005 c Send Email 
Box Tops I Met Her In Church/people Gonna Talk 68 Bell Good 10.00 mala 12017 rc Send Email 
Box Tops Sweet Cream Ladies/i See Only Sunshine 68 Bell Good 10.00 mala 12035 c Send Email 
Box Tops I Shall Be Released/i Must Be The Devil 69 Bell Excellent 10.00 mala 12038 c Send Email 
Box Tops Turn On A Dream/together 69 Bell Very Good 10.00 mala 12042 c Send Email 
Box, David If You Cant Say Nothing Nice/ive Had My Moments  Barry/candix Very Good 0.00 b 3117 Send Email 
Boxcar Willie We Made Memories/to My Baby Im A Big Star All Th 82 Main Street Good 5.00 b 952, a side with penny dehaven Send Email 
Boyce & Hart I Wonder What Shes Doing Tonite/ambushers 67 A & M Good 12.00 893 lc Send Email 
Boyce & Hart Goodbye Baby/where Angels Go 68 A & M Good 10.00 919 lc Send Email 
Boyce & Hart Alice Long/p.o. Box 9847 68 A & M Fair 10.00 948 lc Send Email 
Boyce & Hart I Wonder What Shes Doing Tonite/alice Long  A&m Very Good 0.00 8577, lc Send Email 
Boyce & Hart Out And About/my Little Chickadee 67 A&m Good 10.00 858 Send Email 
Boyce, Tommy Along Came Linda/you Look So 61 Rca  20.00 47-7975 Send Email 
Boyce, Tommy Have You Had A Change Of Heart/sweet 63 Rca  20.00 47-8126 Send Email 
Boyce, Tommy Too Late For Tears/ill Remember Carol  Rca Bad 0.00 47 8074, c, chunk taken out of it Send Email 
Boyd, Barry Goin Home To Memphis/walk With Me  Barry Good 0.00 3075 Send Email 
Boyd, Barry Who You Been Lovin/wishing  Donna Good 0.00 do-1363 Send Email 
Boyer, Dave Indian Summer Queen/my Wife  Boot Good 0.00 130 Send Email 
Boyer, Dave The Blues Keep Comin Back For More/if I Had A Pe  Rada Good 0.00 br 166, Burnaby bc label Send Email 
Boys Brigade Melody/africa  Anthem Very Good 0.00 ans 056, c vg Send Email 
Boys Dont Cry I Wanna Be A Cowboy/instrumental 86 Merc Very Good 4.00 mer 102, r&b listing on profile label Send Email 
Bradburn, Bob 1971 Review/ Instrumental  Bb  0.00 bb 1, Send Email 
Bradburn, Bob Tiny Tony/old Toy Trains  Damon Excellent 0.00 dc 001 pc iga presents Send Email 
Bradburn, Bob Tiny Tony/count Your Blessings  Grt Excellent 0.00 1230-01 Send Email 
Braddock, Bobby I Know How To Do It/get Along  Mgm Very Good 0.00 13737 Send Email 
Bradstreet, David This Ringing In My Ear/ballerinas  A&m Good 0.00 459,ll Send Email 
Brandon, Michael Snowtime/happiness Is Back With Us Again  Pollyanna Good 0.00 ps 102 Send Email 
Branigan, Laura Ti Amo/satisfaction  Atl Good 0.00 78 96087, lc Send Email 
Branigan, Laura Spanish Eddie/tenderness  Atl Very Good 0.00 78 95317 Send Email 
Branigan, Laura Self Control/silent Partners  Atl Good 0.00 78 96767 Send Email 
Branigan, Laura Gloria/living A Lie  Atl Good 0.00 kat 4048 Send Email 
Branigan, Laura How Am I Supposed To Live Without You/dont Show   Atl Good 0.00 78 98057 Send Email 
Brass Ring Lightening Bug/the Phoenix Love Theme  Dunhill Good 0.00 4023 Send Email 
Brault Et Frechette Les Ptits Coeurs/retenir Le Temps  Apex Good 0.00 af 98001, toutes en francaise Send Email 
Braun, Bob Till Death Do Us Part/so It Goes  Decca Good 0.00 31355 c Send Email 
Brave Belt Dunrobins Gone/ Another Way Out 72 Reprise  5.00 1083 Send Email 
Brave Belt Holy Train/crazy Arms Crazy Eyes 71 Reprise Good 5.00 1039, lc Send Email 
Bread Everything I Own/i Dont Love You 72 Elektra Good 5.00 e 45765, c, b side is good Send Email 
Bread It Dont Matter To Me/call On Me 70 Elektra Good 4.00 45701, c Send Email 
Bread The Guitar Man/just Like Yesterday 72 Elek Good 4.00 45803 Send Email 
Bread Sweet Surrender/make It By Yourself 72 Elektra Good 4.00 45818 Send Email 
Bread Baby Im A Want You/truckin 71 Elektra Good 5.00 45751 Send Email 
Bread If/take Comfort 71 Elektra Good 5.00 45720 Send Email 
Breathe How Can I Fall/monday Morning Blues  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1550, c, small hole 45 Send Email 
Bremers, Beverly Colors Of Love/were Free 72 Scepter Good 5.00 sce 12348 Send Email 
Bremers, Beverly I Just Need Some Music/let It Play On -ps- Brut Good 6.00 513, pc fair Send Email 
Brennan, Walter Henry Had A Merry Christmas/white Christmas  Liberty Good 0.00 f 55518 Send Email 
Brennan, Walter Dutchmans Gold/back To The Farm  Dot Very Good 0.00 16066 Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa A Womans World/ride A Roo 68 Barry/ Sss Very Good 5.00 3496, Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa She'll Never Never Love You/the Thrill Is Gone 63 Philips Good 8.00 40095 lc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa A Tear Fell/ Bo Weevil 56 Coral Good 10.00 9-61590 Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Mutual Admiration Soceity/crazy With Love 56 Coral Good 10.00 61737 rc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Empty Arms/ricky-tick Song 57 Coral  10.00 61805 Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Pickle Up A Doodle/ The Rain Falls On Evrybody 58 Coral Good 10.00 62013 rc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Bye Bye Baby Goodbye/chain Of Friendship 59 Coral Very Good 10.00 62126 rc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Anymore/that Piano Man 60 Coral Very Good 8.00 62219 rc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Ricochet/too Young To Tango 53 Coral Fair 12.00 9 61043, c Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Music Music Music/copenhagen 50 London Very Good 15.00 30023, c, center piece in Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Breakin In The Blues/dancin With Someone 53 Coral Good 12.00 9 60953 Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Ep  Coral Poor 0.00 ec 81510, c, needle gets stuck on empty arms, cuts empty arms,a tear fell/ricochet,tilll I waltz again with you Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa When Do You Love Me/have You Ever Been Lonely  Coral Good 0.00 9 62236, lc Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Baby Baby Baby/i Guess It Was You All The Time 53 Coral Good 12.00 9 61067 Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Milord/ive Got My Fingers Crossed 61 Coral Good 8.00 62265, c Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa One Heartbreaking Waltz/bell Bottom Blues 53 Coral Good 12.00 9 61066, c Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa How Do You Know Its Love/if There Are Stars In M 60 Coral Good 10.00 9 62197, c Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Music Music Music/till I Waltz Again With You  Philips Good 0.00 phgt 113 Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Till I Waltz Again With You/hello Bluebird 52 Coral Good 12.00 9 60873, c Send Email 
Brewer, Teresa Im Drowning My Sorrow/how Lonely Can One Be 57 Coral Good 10.00 9 61776, c Send Email 
Brickell, Edie & New Bohemians What I Am/i Do  Geffen Good 0.00 76967 Send Email 
Bridge Builders I Left My Heart In San Fran/same  Bay Fair 0.00 dip 332 Send Email 
Brinkman Brothers Hey Girl/maria  Zorbas Good 0.00 11-1167, L, Edmonton label Send Email 
Britt, Elton Acres Of Diamonds/prairieland Polka  Rca Fair 0.00 48 0302, and rosalie allen, green vinyl, lc Send Email 
Britten, Dave Falling Tears/but Then  Cap Good 0.00 72290 Send Email 
Brock, Bill Why Must I Be The One/lets Make New Memories  Pep Good 0.00 113, rivera , cal label Send Email 
Bronski Beat Memories/smalltown Boy  London Very Good 0.00 lds 215, lc Send Email 
Brooklyn Bridge Worst That Could Happen/your Kite, My Kite 68 Buddah Good 8.00 75 c Send Email 
Brooklyn Bridge Welcome Me Love/ Blessed Is The Rain 69 Buddah Very Good 6.00 95 Send Email 
Brooklyn Bridge Your Husband My Wife/everybodys Cookin 69 Buddah Good 6.00 126 Send Email 
Brooks & Dunn Well Burn That Bridge/heartbroke Out Of My Mind  Arista Good 0.00 12563 7 Send Email 
Brooks & Dunn Little Miss Honky Tonk/silver And Golfd  Arista Good 0.00 12790 7 Send Email 
Brooks & Dunn My Next Broken Heart/boot Scootin Boogie  Arista Good 0.00 12337 7, lc Send Email 
Brooks, Donnie He Stole Flo/mission Bell  Era Good 0.00 the 5001, c Send Email 
Brooks, Donnie Mission Bell/bo It For Me 60 London Good 20.00 m 17105 c Send Email 
Brooks, Donnie Doll House/round Robin 60 London Good 15.00 m 17129 c Send Email 
Brooks, Garth The Thunder Rolls/victim Of The Game 91 Cap Good 8.00 nr 44727, lc Send Email 
Brooks, Garth Against The Grain/shameless  Cap Good 0.00 nr 44800 Send Email 
Brooks, Garth Mr Blue/one Night A Day  Lib Excellent 0.00 s7 17972, for jukeboxes only Send Email 
Brooks, Garth Not Counting You/cowboy Bill 89 Cap Good 6.00 b 44492 Send Email 
Brooks, Norman Hello Sunshine/youre My Baby 53 Apex/zodiac Fair 0.00 9 76000, c. Canadian-Lebanese 1960 in oceans eleven Send Email 
Brothers Four Ellie Lou/my Tani  Colu Good 0.00 4-41692 lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Green Leaves Of Summer/beautiful Brown Eyes  Colu Bad 0.00 41808 lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Frogg/sweet Rosyanne  Colu Good 0.00 4-41958 lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Four Strong Winds/the John B. Sails  Colu Good 0.00 4-42888 lc Send Email 
Brothers Four Ballad Of Alvarez Kelly/we Can Work It Out  Colu Good 0.00 4-43811 lc Send Email 
Brown & Dana Joshua/it Was A Very Good Year  Mgm Good 0.00 k 13130 c dj copy not for sale Send Email 
Brown Jr., Les Drums Safari/swingin & Surfin  Gnp Crescendo Good 0.00 promo 191 Send Email 
Brown, Al Mo Madison/the Madison 60 London/amy Good 30.00 17093, c Send Email 
Brown, Al El Vaquero/orange Blossom Special  Sparton Good 0.00 p 1705, a side label water damaged Send Email 
Brown, Arthur Fire/rest Cure  Polydor Good 0.00 541.012, atl 68-10 Send Email 
Brown, Family Ribbon Of Gold/sing A Family Song  Rca Good 0.00 pb 50618 Send Email 
Brown, Family Sure Looks Good/family Man  Rca Excellent 0.00 pb 51032 Send Email 
Brown, Family Feel The Fire/comin From A Blue Place  Rca Very Good 0.00 pb 50837, rsc Send Email 
Brown, James We Got To Move On/you Are My Everything 91 Scotti Excellent 4.00 72392 75286 7. r&b p/g Send Email 
Brown, James Cold Sweat/same 67 Delta Fair 12.00 d3234, listed in r&b p/g king label Send Email 
Brown, James Licking Stick/same 68 Delta Good 12.00 d3243, r&b p/g on king label Send Email 
Brown, James Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose/ill Lose My Mind 69 Delta Good 10.00 d3249, king label 6213 Send Email 
Brown, James My Thang/ Public Enemy # 1 74 Polydor Very Good 5.00 pd14244, listing in r&b p/g Send Email 
Brown, James Get Up/same 70 King Good 8.00 6318 Send Email 
Brown, James Living In America/farewell 85 Scotti Br. Good 3.00 zs4 05682 b side by vince dicola Send Email 
Brown, James The Things That I Used To Do/out Of The Blue 64 Merc Good 15.00 1908, lc Send Email 
Brown, Jim Ed Morning/how To Lose A Good Woman 70 Rca Good 6.00 47 9909, lc Send Email 
Brown, Joe The Canada Waltz/the Key To Love  Sparton Good 0.00 4 595 Send Email 
Brown, Les Sentimental Journey/twilight Time  Colu Good 0.00 4 50002. doris day vocal a side Send Email 
Brown, Les Ep  Coral Good 0.00 ec 81010, c, cuts Ramona,montoona clipper/leap frog, my baby just cares for me Send Email 
Brown, Linda Country Blue/empty Closets  A&m Good 0.00 350, lc Send Email 
Brown, Maxine Life Goes On Just The Same/if You Have No Real O 62 Abc P Good 12.00 10388, c Send Email 
Brown, Maxine Harry Lets Marry/all In My Mind 60 Zirkon Fair 15.00 1030, c Send Email 
Brown, Roy Diddy Y Diddy O/let The Four Winds Blow 57 Imp Good 30.00 5439, c Send Email 
Brown, Ruth Show Me/i Hope We Meet 57 Atl Demo Good 25.00 1153, lc, white label demo Send Email 
Brown, Sam Blue Soldier/stop 88 A&m Very Good 5.00 am1234, ll Send Email 
Brown, T Graham Darlene,the Best Love I Never Had  Cap Good 0.00 44205, lc Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Anything Can Happen/lights And Virtue 89 Elektra Excellent 5.00 92847 small hole 45 Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Running On Empty/nothing But Time 78 Asylum Fair 4.00 45460 Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Boulevard/call It A Loan 80 Asylum Good 4.00 47003 Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Lawyers In Love/say It Isnt True 83 Asylum Very Good 3.00 96 98267, c Send Email 
Browne, Jackson Doctor My Eyes/looking Into You 72 Asylum Good 5.00 11004, c Send Email 
Browns I Heard The Bluebirds Sing/the Last Thing I Want  Rca Fair 0.00 47 6995, lc, slight warp Send Email 
Browns No Sad Songs For Me/i Feel Like Crying  Rca Good 0.00 8495 Send Email 
Browns Oh No/dear Teresa 63 Rca Good 10.00 47 8242, lc Send Email 
Browns Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/youre So Much A  60 Rca Good 12.00 47 7804, lc Send Email 
Browns, The Ep-looking Back,/down Yonder,  Rca Good 0.00 599-9140 sides 5 & 16 ep Send Email 
Browns, The Goo Goo Dada/i Take The Chance  Rca Good 0.00 47-6480 blue label Send Email 
Browns, The This Time I Would Know/beyond The Shadow  Rca Very Good 0.00 47-7427 Send Email 
Browns, The The Three Bells/beaven Fell Last Night  Rca Good 0.00 7555 lc Send Email 
Browns, The Scarlet Ribbons/blue Bells Ring  Rca Good 0.00 47-7614 lc Send Email 
Browns, The Old Lamplighter/teen-ex  Rca Good 0.00 47-7700 lc Send Email 
Browns, The Whiffenpoof Song/brighten The Corner Where You A  Rca Good 0.00 47-7780 Send Email 
Browns, The Foolish Pride/alpha And Omega  Rca Very Good 0.00 47-7969 Send Email 
Browns, The The Old Master Painter/its Just A Little Heartac  Rca Good 0.00 47-8066 Send Email 
Browns, The Morning/how To Lose A Good Woman  Rca Fair 0.00 47-9909 lc jim ed brown Send Email 
Brownsville Station Smokin In The Boys Room/barefootin 73 Big Tree Good 5.00 bt 16011 Send Email 
Brubeck, Dave Quartet Take Five/blue Rondo A La Turk 60 Colu Good 12.00 4 41479, lc Send Email 
Bruce, Ed Theme From Bret Maverick/ever Never Lovin You  Mca Very Good 0.00 52109, ll Send Email 
Bruno, Al Highland Rock/midnite Creep  Barry Good 0.00 3052 Send Email 
Brutus Oh Mama Mama/ride Cowboy Ride  Grt Good 0.00 1230 104 Send Email 
Bryan, Lenny Twistin Blues/geisha Doll  Canatal Good 0.00 ct 603 Send Email 
Bryan, Wes Tiny Spaceman/lonesome Love 57 Ua Red Label W. Black Very Good 30.00 ua 102 c Send Email 
Bryant, Anita Little George/till There Was You  Carlton Very Good 0.00 512 Send Email 
Bryant, Anita Paper Roses/mixed Emotions  Carlton Very Good 0.00 c 528 rc Send Email 
Bryant, Anita The Wedding/seven Kinds Of Lonesome  Colu Very Good 0.00 4-42148 lc Send Email 
Bryant, Anita Laughing On The Outside/welcome Welcome Home  Colu Very Good 0.00 4-43106 Send Email 
Bryant, David Christo Redentor Part 1/part 2  Brent Good 0.00 7055 Send Email 
Bryant, Don Shop Around/ill Go Crazy  Hi Good 0.00 2143, c Send Email 
Bryant, Ray Little Susie Part 2/part 4 60 Apex/signature Good 12.00 9 76650, c Send Email 
Bryce, Edison Countryfied Lover/love On The Vine-pc-  Trak Excellent 0.00 tr 001 86 pc vg, Edmonton label Send Email 
Bryson, Peabo If Ever Youre In My Arms Again/theres No Getting 84 Elek Good 3.00 96 97287, r&b p/g Send Email 
Bryson, Peabo & Flack, Roberta Tonight I Celebrate My Love/born To Love 83 Cap Good 3.00 5242 Send Email 
Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke And Sasafrass/lonely 69 Int. Artists Fair 20.00 1a 128 Send Email 
Bucci, Corinne Wildwood Flower/you Gotta Walk It By Yourself  Decca Good 0.00 31586 Send Email 
Buchanan And Goodman Flying Sauce The 2nd/martian Melody 57 Sparton/luniverse Good 40.00 4-469 c Send Email 
Buchanan And Goodman Flying Saucer/part 2 56 Luniverse Fair 50.00 101, c, both sides play despite warp Send Email 
Buchanan Brothers Medicine Man/ Same  Apex/event Fair 0.00 77097, c Send Email 
Buck, Gary Blossom/im Glad You Finally Got Around To Me  Tembo Good 0.00 ts 8703 Send Email 
Buck, Gary When The Final Change Is Made/rr No. 2  Rca Good 0.00 74 0720 Send Email 
Buck, Gary When I Want To Love A Lady/pokarekare Ana  Gb Good 0.00 gbp 1004 Send Email 
Buck, Gary Calgary Alberta/honey  Cap Fair 0.00 72539 Send Email 
Buck, Gary Sorry About That Chief/stepping Out Of The Pictu  Cap Good 0.00 72370, lc Send Email 
Buck, John Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair/jalisco  Wb Good 0.00 5288 Send Email 
Buckingham, Lindsay Trouble/mary Lee Jones 83 Asylum Excellent 5.00 47223 Send Email 
Buckinghams, The Kind Of A Drag/you Make Me Feel So Good 66 Quality/usa Very Good 15.00 1862x c Send Email 
Buckinghams, The Dont You Care/why Dont You Love Me 67 Colu Fair 8.00 4-44053 Send Email 
Buckinghams, The Mercy Mercy Mercy/you Are Gone 68 Colu Very Good 8.00 4-44182 lc Send Email 
Buckinghams, The Hey Baby/and Our Love 67 Colu Good 8.00 4-44254 Send Email 
Buckinghams, The Back In Love Again/you Misunderstand 68 Colu Very Good 8.00 4-44533 Send Email 
Buckinghams, The Susan/foreign Policy 67 Colu Good 8.00 4 44378, lc Send Email 
Bud & Travis Cloudy Summer Afternoon/e La Bas  Liberty Promo White Label Poor 0.00 f 55235 c Send Email 
Buffalo Springfield For What Its Worth/i Have To Come Right 67 Atco Poor 15.00 6459 c Send Email 
Buffalo Springfield Bluebird/same  Atco Fair 0.00 6499 Send Email 
Buffalo Springfield Rock And Roll Woman/a Childs Claim To Fame 67 Atco Fair 10.00 6519 c Send Email 
Buffett, Jimmy Margaritaville/miss You So Badly 77 Abc Very Good 4.00 1022-12254 Send Email 
Buffett, Jimmy Come Monday/the Wind And I Know 74 Abc Dunhill Good 5.00 d 4385, c Send Email 
Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star/kid Dynamo  Island Good 0.00 49114 Send Email 
Bumblebee Unlimited Love Bugpart 1/part 2  Amour Good 0.00 am 8411 Send Email 
Bunny Boppers Bunny Beat/same  Blue Jeans Good 0.00 bj 810 Send Email 
Burdon & War, Eric Home Cookin/they Cant Take Away Our Music  Mgm Good 0.00 14196 Send Email 
Burdon, Eric Band Letter From The County Farm/the Real Me  Cap Very Good 0.00 3997 Send Email 
Burdon, Eric And War Spill The Wine/magic Mountain 70 Mgm Good 6.00 14118 c Send Email 
Burgess, Dave Take This Love/maybelle 58 Sparton/challenge Good 20.00 4 536, c Send Email 
Burgess, Wilma Turn Around Teardrops/dont Touch Me  Decca Good 0.00 31941 Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Proud Mary/what Am I Living For 69 Bell Very Good 8.00 783 c Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Someone Is Waiting/dance Dance Dance 65 Atl Good 12.00 2299 lc Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Only Love/little Girl That Loves Me 65 Atl Good 12.00 2308 lc Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Baby Come On Home/cant Stop Lovin You Now 65 Atl Good 12.00 2314 lc Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Keep Looking/i Dont Want You No More 66 Atl Very Good 10.00 2349 lc Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Its Been A Change/detroit City 67 Atl Good 10.00 2459 lc Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Yes I Do/wont You Give Him 64 Atl Fair 15.00 2254, c Send Email 
Burke, Solomon Just Out Of Reach/be Bop Grandma 61 Atl Good 20.00 at 2114, c Send Email 
Burnette, Dorsey Hey Little One/big Rock Candy Mountain 60 London Fair 20.00 17102, c Send Email 
Burnette, Dorsey Darling Jane/im A Waitin For You Baby 62 Reprise Good 15.00 20 121, lc Send Email 
Burnette, Johnny Little Boy Sad/i Go Down To The River 61 London Bad 15.00 f 55298 Send Email 
Burnette, Johnny Youre Sixteen/i Beg Your Pardon 60 London Liberty Good 20.00 f 55285, c Send Email 
Burnette, Rocky Tired Of Toein The Line/boogie Down In Mobile Al 80 Emi Very Good 5.00 8043, lc Send Email 
Burns, George I Wish I Was 18 Again/one Of The Mysteries Of Li  Merc Excellent 0.00 57011 Send Email 
Burns, Jessie One Less Lonely Night/last Chance For Paradise  Churchill Very Good 0.00 94022, rsc. recorded 1 album 2 singles. from alberta Send Email 
Burns, Sonny Patches On My Heart/blue House  Ua Good 0.00 395 Send Email 
Burns, Sonny I Just Slipped Your Mind/never Never Land  Ua Good 0.00 634 Send Email 
Burrage, Harold Got To Find A Way/how You Fix Your Mouth 63 M-pac Very Good 0.00 3128 Send Email 
Burrell, Kenny & Smith, Jimmy Whatd I Say/any Number Can Win 63 Verve Good 8.00 10299, c, listed under smith Send Email 
Burrito Brothers Im Drinkin Canada Dry/howd We Ever Get This Way  Epic Good 0.00 zs6 03023 Send Email 
Bush I Can Hear You Calling/grand Commander  Rca Very Good 0.00 d 4252 Send Email 
Bush, Johnny You Gave Me A Mountain/undo The Right  Golden Treasures Very Good 0.00 205 Send Email 
Busters Bust Out/astronauts 63 Reo Good 20.00 8733, lc Send Email 
Butler, Carl Dont Let Me Cross Over/wonder Drug 62 Colu Poor 10.00 4 42593, lc, start of a split Send Email 
Butler, Carl & Pearl Just Thought Id Let You Know/wed Destroy Each Ot 65 Colu Good 8.00 4 43210, c Send Email 
Butler, Carl & Pearl Cell 29/little Pedro  Colu Good 0.00 4 43685, lc Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Whats The Use Of Breaking Up/a Brand New Me 69 Merc Fair 8.00 72960, lc Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Moon River/aware Of Love 61 Vee Jay Good 15.00 405 c Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Just A Little Bit/a Woman With Soul 63 Vee Jay Promo Bad 12.00 556 Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Good Times/ive Grown Accustomed 65 Vj Good 12.00 651 c Send Email 
Butler, Jerry I Wanna Do It To You/i Dont Wanna Be Reminded 77 Motown Very Good 5.00 m1414f Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Only The Strong Survive/just Because I.... 69 Merc Good 8.00 72898 lc Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Dont Let Love Hang You Up/walking Around In Tear 69 Merc Good 8.00 72991 Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Got To See If I Cant Get Mommy/i Forgot To Remem 70 Merc Good 8.00 73015 c Send Email 
Butler, Jerry The Girl In His Mind/true Love Dont Come Easy  Merc Green Label Very Good 0.00 6052-525 Send Email 
Butler, Jerry Giving Up On Love/ive Been Trying 64 Vee Jay Good 12.00 588 Send Email 
Butler, Jerry & Betty Everett Let It Be Me/aint That Loving You Baby 64 Vj Excellent 12.00 613 c Send Email 
Butler, Marty Time/with All The Love In My Heart  Colu Very Good 0.00 c4 3054 Send Email 
Butler, Marty If You Wanna Go To New York City/a Petal From He  Colu Fair 0.00 c4 4020 Send Email 
Butler, Marty We Gotta Make It Together/evergreen Winter  Colu Good 0.00 c4 3025 Send Email 
Butterfield, Paul, Blues Band One More Heartache/run Out Of Time 67 Elektra Very Good 12.00 ek 45620 Send Email 
By Liners Mary Lou Brown/archies Melody  Felsted Very Good 0.00 8631 c Send Email 
Bygraves, Max Ep Ps  Scoop 33 Very Good 0.00 5009 ps, 33 rpm cuts deck of cards,gentle on my mind,walk right back/youre my everything,rolling round the world,for the good times Send Email 
Byrds Turn Turn Turn/eight Miles High  Colu Hof Good 0.00 13 33097 Send Email 
Byrds Turn Turn Turn/she Dont Care About Time 65 Colu Good 15.00 4 43424, lc Send Email 
Byrds, The Mr. Tambourine Man/i Knew Id Want You 65 Colu Good 15.00 4-43271 lc Send Email 
Byrds, The All I Really Want To Do/ill Feel A Whole Lot Bet 65 Colu Excellent 15.00 4-43332 lc Send Email 
Byrds, The It Wont Be Wrong/set You Free This Time 65 Colu Very Good 12.00 4-43501 lc Send Email 
Byrds, The Eight Miles High/why 66 Colu Very Good 12.00 4-43578 lc Send Email 
Byrds, The 5d/captain Soul 66 Colu Mint 12.00 4-43702 lc Send Email 
Byrds, The Mr. Spaceman/whats Happening 66 Colu Good 12.00 4-43766 lc Send Email 
Byrds, The So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star/everybodys 67 Colu Good 12.00 4-43987 Send Email 
Byrnes, Edward Kookie Kookie/youre The Top 59 Wb Good 20.00 5047 Send Email 
Byrnes,edd Like I Love You/kookies Mad Pad 59 Wb Good 16.00 9 5087, c Send Email 
Byron, David Baby Faced Killer/acetylene Jean  Arista Good 0.00 as 0401 Send Email 
C & C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat/here We Go  Colu Good 0.00 38 73772 Send Email 
C Company Featuring Terry Nelson Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley/routine Patrol  Sss Int. Good 0.00 pla 73 c Send Email 
Cafferty, John On The Dark Side/wild Summer Nights  Scotti Br. Excellent 0.00 4107 c Send Email 
Cafferty, John C-i-t-y/where The Action Is  Scotti Br. Good 0.00 5452 c Send Email 
Cafferty, John Song And Dance/burn The Roadhouse Down  Scotti Br. Very Good 0.00 7903 c Send Email 
Cagle, Buddy Once Again/your Mothers Prayer  Cap Good 0.00 4923 Send Email 
Caiola, Al The Magnificent Seven/the Lonely Rebel  Ua Good 0.00 889 c Send Email 
Cale, Jj Crazy Mama/dont Go To Strangers 71 Shelter Bad 6.00 7314 c Send Email 
Callies, Ken Wild Rose/dark Dawn  Wild Rose Good 0.00 wr008, bonnyville ab. label, b side good instrumental Send Email 
Calloway, Cab The Voice/little Child  Abc Param Good 0.00 9671 Send Email 
Calloway, Cab After Taxes/history Repeats Itself  Boom Good 0.00 60,006 Send Email 
Camel Rain Dances  Decca England Very Good 0.00 txs r 124 Send Email 
Camel Drivers Sunday Morning 6 O'clock/give It A Try  Buddah Very Good 0.00 bda 61 c Send Email 
Cameo Candy/shes Strange  Merc Good 0.00 pms7, c,r&b p/g lists on atlanta artists 86-3 Send Email 
Cameo Word Up/instrumental  Merc Good 0.00 pms2, r&b p/g lists on atlanta artists 86-3 Send Email 
Cameron, Jim Scottish Dances -ep-  Beltona Very Good 0.00 sep 33, cover good Send Email 
Campbell, Archie Hockey Here Tonight/rindercella  Rca Good 0.00 47 8546 Send Email 
Campbell, Archie Ol Man Mose/dont Jump From The Bridge  Rca Good 0.00 47 7807 Send Email 
Campbell, Cecil Tennessee Ramblers Proud Papa Polka/serenade Of The Winds  Rca Blue Label Good 0.00 48 0376, green vinyl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Honey Come Back/where Do You Go 70 Cap Good 6.00 2718, lc Send Email 
Campbell, Glen I Wanna Live/thats All That Matters 68 Cap Bad 7.00 2146 yellow and orange swirl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife/kelli Hoedown 68 Cap Very Good 7.00 2224 y and o swirl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Wichita Lineman/fate Of Man 68 Cap Good 6.00 2302 y and o swirl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Galveston/every Time I Itch 69 Cap Good 6.00 2428 y and o swirl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Wheres The Playground Susie/arkansas 69 Cap Good 6.00 2494 o and r cirlce Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Try A Little Kindness/lonely My Lonely Friend 69 Cap Good 6.00 2659 r and o circle Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Its Only Make Believe/pave Your Way 70 Cap Good 6.00 2905 r and o circle Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Dream Baby/here And Now 71 Cap Good 6.00 3062 r and o circle Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Rhinestone Cowboy/lovelight 75 Cap Very Good 4.00 4095 solid orange Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Southern Nights/william Tell Overture 76 Cap Good 4.00 4376 orange Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Sunflower/how High Did We Go 77 Cap Good 4.00 4445 orange Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Why Dont We Just Sleep On It Tonight/its Your Wo 81 Cap Good 4.00 4986 purple Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Burning Bridges/only The Lonely 66 Cap Good 10.00 5773 y and o swirl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Universal Soldier/spanish Shades 65 Cap Good 10.00 5504 y and o swirl Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Hand That Rocks The Cradle/arkansas 87 Mca Very Good 3.00 53108 with steve wariner small hole 45(?) promo Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Gentle On My Mind/just Another Man 69 Cap Good 6.00 5939 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen By The Time I Get To Phoenix/youve Still Got A P 67 Cap Good 7.00 2015 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Hava Nagila/true Grit 69 Cap Very Good 6.00 2573 Send Email 
Campbell, Glen Oh Happy Day/someone Above 70 Cap Good 6.00 2787, lc Send Email 
Campbell, Jean Many Tears Ago/sailor  Embassy Gr Britain Good 0.00 434 Send Email 
Campbell, Michael Edward Roll It Over/roxanne  Motown Good 0.00 m 1289f, promo Send Email 
Campus Kids Stretch Pants/i Still Love You All  Sparton/abc P Very Good 0.00 4-1112 c Send Email 
Candlebox You/pull Away  Maverick Good 0.00 7 18304 Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Drunk/chicken Fried Soul  Hi Good 0.00 2187, lc Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Blues/blues In My Heart  Hi Very Good 0.00 2051 Send Email 
Cannon, Ace Volare/looking Back  Hi Fair 0.00 hi 2057 Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Action/beachwood City 65 Wb Good 15.00 5645, lc Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Muskrat Ramble/two Thousand -88 61 Quality/swan Good 15.00 1262, c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Betty Jean/patty Baby 63 Qual/swan Good 12.00 1522, c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/boston 60 Quality/swan Good 15.00 1001 Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Teen Queen Of The Week/wild Guy 62 Quality/swan Good 15.00 1372 c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Palisades Park/june, July And August 62 Quality/swan Good 16.00 1411 c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Tallahassie Lassie/you Know 59 Quality/swan Good 20.00 1897 c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Okefenokee/kookie Hat 59 Quality/swan Fair 20.00 1939 c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/fractured 59 Quality/swan Good 20.00 1968 c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Greatest Show On Earth/hokie Pokie Girl 66 Wb Orange Good 12.00 5810 c Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy Rock N Roll A-b-c's/superman 74 Mca Good 15.00 40269 Send Email 
Cannon, Freddy If You Were A Rock And Roll Record/the Truth Rut 62 Quality/swan Good 15.00 1464, c Send Email 
Cano Carrie/spirit Of The North  A&m Good 0.00 487 Send Email 
Capaldi, Jim Thats Love/runaway 83 Atl Very Good 4.00 7 89849, pc Send Email 
Cape Canary West Virginia/upon You  Kangi Good 0.00 k cca 12 Send Email 
Capris Theres A Moon Out Tonight/indian Girl  Delta Very Good 0.00 d3118 c, r&b p/g released on diff labels some valuable, cheapest lost nite 101 6?-8 Send Email 
Cara, Irene What A Feeling/love Theme From Flashdance 83 Casablanca Good 4.00 nbs 2366, b side helen st john, r&b p/g Send Email 
Caravelles Have You Ever Been Lonely/dont Blow Your Cool 64 Merc Good 12.00 1869, lc Send Email 
Caravelles You Dont Have To Be A Baby To Cry/the Last One T 63 Merc Very Good 15.00 s-1852x lc Send Email 
Cardwell, Jack The Death Of Hank Williams/two Arms  King Good 0.00 1172 Send Email 
Carefrees We Love You Beatles/hot Blooded Lover  London Int Poor 0.00 10614 c Send Email 
Carey, Tony A Fine Fine Day/say Its All Over  Mca Good 0.00 52343 Send Email 
Cargill, Henson None Of My Business/same 69 Monu Fair 6.00 1122, c Send Email 
Cargill, Henson Skip A Rope/a Very Well Travelled Man  Monu Good 0.00 mn 1041 c Send Email 
Carl, Eddie The Wonderful Secret Of Love/i Wonder I Wonder  Decca Good 0.00 9 30869 Send Email 
Carlisle, Belinda Heaven Is A Place On Earth/we Can Change 87 Mca Very Good 3.00 53181, lc Send Email 
Carlisle, Belinda Circle In The Sand/we Can Change-pc 88 Mca Excellent 3.00 53308, pc vg Send Email 
Carlisle, Belinda Pc- Mad About You/i Never Wanted A Rich Man 86 Irs Pc Very Good 3.00 52815, pc good Send Email 
Carlton Show Band Leaving Tipperary/march Of The Maple Leaf  Rca Canada Int Poor 0.00 warp at starting edge,57 3455, c Send Email 
Carlton Showband, The Glorious Green/west Meath Bachelor  Rca Very Good 0.00 75-1000 Send Email 
Carlton Showband, The Merry Ploughboy/reillys Daughter  Casl Good 0.00 cc 2106 Send Email 
Carlton, Carl Everlasting Love/i Wanna Be Your Main Squeeze 74 Abc/back Beat Good 5.00 bb 27001, c Send Email 
Carlton, Eddie It Will Be Done/misery  Reo/swan Very Good 0.00 8862 Send Email 
Carlyle, Russ Point Of No Return/my Mom  Good 0.00 4x 0181 Send Email 
Carmen, Eric Make Me Lose Control/thats Rock N Roll/ 88 Arista Excellent 3.00 1 9686, lc Send Email 
Carmen, Eric Hungry Eyes/where Are You Tonight  Rca Very Good 0.00 5315 7 r, lc, b side by tom johnston Send Email 
Carmichael, Ralph Scramble/via Veneto  Kapp Good 0.00 k798 Send Email 
Carnes, Kim Young Love/hangin On By A Thread  Emi Good 0.00 77012 Send Email 
Carnes, Kim Bette Davis Eyes/miss You Tonite  Emi Very Good 0.00 8077 lc Send Email 
Carnes, Kim Crazy In The Night/oliver  Emi Very Good 0.00 8267, lc Send Email 
Carnes, Kim He Makes The Sun Rise/abadabadango  Emi Good 0.00 b 8281 Send Email 
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Tender When I Want To Be/john Doe No 24  Colu Good 0.00 38 77780 Send Email 
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Take My Chances/come On Come On  Colu Good 0.00 38 77476 Send Email 
Carpenters Close To You/i Kept On Loving You 80 A&m Good 6.00 am 1183 Send Email 
Carpenters Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft/cant S 77 A&m Good 4.00 1978, lc Send Email 
Carr, Cathy First Anniversary/with Love 59 Apex/roulette Good 12.00 9 76416, c Send Email 
Carr, Lorne When Shadows Fall Again/trade Winds  Fedora Good 0.00 1001, c, Covina , cal label Send Email 
Carr, Valerie When The Boys Talk About The Girls/padre  Apex/roulette Good 0.00 9 76281, c Send Email 
Carr, Vikki Forget You/her Little Heart Went  Liberty Good 0.00 f 55736 Send Email 
Carr, Vikki It Must Be Him/thats All  Liberty Good 0.00 55986 c Send Email 
Carrack, Paul Call Me Tonight/i Need You 82 Epic Good 5.00 14 03146 Send Email 
Carrell, Rudi Goethe Wargut/mein Dorf -pc-  Music Very Good 0.00 mrc 6666, pc vg Send Email 
Carroll, David Mexico/caribbean  Merc Gold Good 0.00 30109 Send Email 
Carroll, David Ship That Never Sailed/i Love You Truly  Merc Good 0.00 71069 Send Email 
Cars Lets Go/thats It  Elek Good 0.00 46063 Send Email 
Cars Hello Again/instrumental  Elek Good 0.00 96 96817 Send Email 
Cars Dont Terll Me No/dont Go To Pieces 80 Elektra Good 5.00 47080 Send Email 
Cars Since Youre Gone/think It Over 82 Elek Promo Very Good 5.00 ke 47433, c, white label promo Send Email 
Cars Tonight She Comes/just What I Needed  Elek Good 0.00 96 95897, lc Send Email 
Cars Shake It Up/since Youre Gone  Elek Gold Standard Good 0.00 gs 45539, lc Send Email 
Cars Touch And Go/down Boys 80 Elek Good 5.00 47039, lc Send Email 
Cars Magic/i Refuse  Elektra Good 0.00 96 97247, c Send Email 
Cars You Might Think/heartbeat City  Elektra Good 0.00 96 97447, c Send Email 
Cars Drive/stranger Eyes  Elektra Very Good 0.00 96 97067, c Send Email 
Carson, Mindy Water Wheel/sweet Georgie Brown  Colu Very Good 0.00 4 41021 lc Send Email 
Carter, Anita Go Away Johnnie/blue Doll  Apex/cadence Good 0.00 9 76183, c Send Email 
Carter, Clarence Slip Away/funky Fever 68 Atl Good 8.00 at 2508 Send Email 
Carter, Clarence Snatching It Back/making Love 69 Atl Excellent 6.00 2605 lc Send Email 
Carter, Clarence The Feeling Is Right/you Cant Miss 69 Atl Good 6.00 2642 Send Email 
Carter, Clarence Patches/say It One More Time 70 Atl Fair 6.00 2748 lc Send Email 
Carter, Clarence Strokin/love Me With A Feeling 87 Ichiban Very Good 8.00 86 108 Send Email 
Carter, June Overalls And Dungarees/waving From The Hill  Liberty White Label Good 0.00 55504, demo Send Email 
Carter, Mel Hold Me,thrill Me,kiss Me/a Sweet Little Girl 65 Imperial Good 10.00 66113 c Send Email 
Carter, Mel My Heart Sings/when I Hold 65 Imp Fair 8.00 66138 c Send Email 
Carter, Mel When A Boy Falls In Love/so Wonderful 63 Reo/derby Good 12.00 8727 c Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Xs From Down In Texas/let A Little Sunshine In Y  Decca Good 0.00 9 30633 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Walkin The Streets Of Calgary/my Alberta Rose  Rca Very Good 0.00 pb 50462 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Huggin Squeezin Kissin Teasin/sweet Little Lover  Rca Blue Good 0.00 48 0556 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Guilty Conscience/where The Sleepy Rios Flowing  Rca Good 0.00 48 0680 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf What Cigarette Is Best/ol Lonely  Rca Blue Label Good 0.00 48 0648 Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Unfaithful One/give A Little Take A Little  Rca Blue Very Good 0.00 48 0180, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Carter, Wilf Ep  Decca Good 0.00 ed 2204, cuts one golden curl, im gonna tear down the mail box/I bought a rock for a rocky mountain gal, the alpine milkman Send Email 
Cartwright, Lionel In My Eyes/same  Mca Promo Good 0.00 53723, white label Send Email 
Caruso, Dick If I/de De Dum  Mgm Good 0.00 12852 Send Email 
Cascades For Your Sweet Love/jeannie 63 Rca Good 12.00 47 8268, lc Send Email 
Cascades, The Rhythm Of The Rain/let Me Be 62 Wb Good 20.00 6026 c Send Email 
Casey, Al Surfin Hootenanny/easy Pickin 63 Barry/stacy Good 20.00 3196, c Send Email 
Casey, Al Jivin Around/doin The Shotish 62 Barry/stacy Very Good 15.00 3124, lc Send Email 
Cash , Johnny The Junkie And The Juicehead/crystal Chandeliers 74 Colu Good 5.00 3 10011 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Folsom Prison Blues/daddy Sang Bass  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33153 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Boa Constrictor/the One On The Right  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33109 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep 59 Colu Good 12.00 b 12841. cuts, are all the children in, the old account/it was jesus,i saw a man. Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep 59 Colu Fair 12.00 b 13393, lc. cuts, old apache squaw,dont step on mothers roses/my grandfathers clock,it could be you Send Email 
Cash, Johnny In The Jailhouse Now/a Little At A Time 62 Colu Good 12.00 4 42425, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Kate/miracle Man 72 Colu Very Good 5.00 4 45590 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny All Around Cowboy/look At Them Beans 75 Colu Good 5.00 3 10177, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny My Old Kentucky Home/hard Times Comin 75 Colu Good 5.00 3 10116 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Rosannas Going Wild/roll Call 67 Colu Good 6.00 4 44373, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Folk Singer/folsom Prison Blues 68 Colu Good 6.00 44513, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Man In Black/little Bit Of Yesterday 71 Colu Good 5.00 4 45339, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Straight A's In Love/i Love You Because 60 Lond Fair 20.00 17086, c, listing is for sun label Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Matador/still In Town 63 Colu White Label Fair 20.00 4 42880, c, something pink spilt on b side. plays thru it, red vinyl. 2nd copy usual orange label black vinyl Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep Jc Sings Hank Williams Pc 56 Qual/sun Good 60.00 xp 138, pc vg, sun release, cuts I cant help it,you win again/hey good lookin,i could never be ashamed of you Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep Ways Of A Woman In Love,next In Line/guess Th 58 Quality Good 40.00 xp 141, c, sun release Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep Country Boy Pc 56 Qual Good 60.00 xp 139, cuts country boy, rock island line/I heard that lonesome whistle, if the good lords willing. pc fair Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep Songs Of Our Soil Vol Ii Pc 59 Colu Good 15.00 b 13392, pc fair, cuts clementine, the great speckle bird/I want to go home, the caretaker Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep I Still Miss Someone,supper Time/run Softly  58 Colu Good 15.00 b 12531, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Hey Porter/cry Cry Cry 55 Quality/sun Good 50.00 k 1573, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Luther Played The Boogie/thanks A Lot 59 Quality/sun Good 25.00 k 1858, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Story Of A Broken Heart/down The Street To 301 60 London/sun Good 25.00 17106, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Mean Eyed Cat/port Of Lonely Hearts 60 London/sun Good 25.00 m 17130, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Life Goes On/oh Lonesome Me 61 London/sun Fair 25.00 17144, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Second Honeymoon/honky Tonk Girl 60 Colu Good 18.00 4 41707, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep-frankies Man Johnny, The Troubadour/dont Take 58 Colu Good 15.00 b 12532, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Got Stripes/five Feet High And Rising 59 Colu Good 18.00 4 41427, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Little Drummer Boy/ill Remember You 59 Colu Fair 18.00 4 41481, lc, slight split Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Rebel Johnny Yuma/forty Shades Of Green 61 Colu Good 15.00 4 41995, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Orange Blossom Special/all Of Gods Children Aint 65 Colu Good 10.00 4 43206, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Busted/send A Picture Of Mother 63 Colu Good 15.00 4 42665, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Pickin Time/happy To Be With You 65 Colu Good 10.00 4 43420, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Singing In Viet Nam Talking Blues/youve Got A Ne 71 Colu Good 6.00 4 45393, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Blues For Two/jeri And Ninas Melody 60 Colu Good 0.00 4 41926, lc, artist shown as Tennessee two and friend Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Wind Changes/red Velvet 67 Colu Good 8.00 4 44288, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Hey Porter/get Rhythm 69 Sun Very Good 6.00 1103, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny You Beat All I Ever Saw/put The Sugar To Bed 66 Colu Good 6.00 4 43921, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Cry,cry,cry, Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/i Walk Th  London Very Good 0.00 ep 104 c ep Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/big River 58 Sun Poor 25.00 33x rc gold label, also have a copy of quality k 1692 good condition Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Sugartime/my Treasurer  London Very Good 0.00 m 17191 c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Walk The Line/get Rhythm 56 Quality/ Good 40.00 k 1492 rc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Train Of Love/there You Go 56 Quality Good 30.00 k 1585 c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Give My Love To Rose/home Of The Blues 57 Quality Good 30.00 1644 c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Guess Things Happen That Way/come In Stranger 58 Quality/sun Fair 25.00 k1742 c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Katy Too/i Forgot To Remember To Forget 59 Quality/sun Poor 20.00 1922 rc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Goodbye Little Darlin/you Tell Me 59 Quality/sun Good 20.00 1955 rc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Dont Take Your Guns To Town/i Still Miss Someone 59 Columbia Very Good 15.00 4-41313 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Frankies Man Johnny/you Dreamer You 59 Colu Good 15.00 41371 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Tennessee Flat Top Box/tall Men 61 Colu. 4 Eye Good 12.00 4-42147 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire/ Id Still Be There 63 Colu. Good 10.00 4-42788 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Pick A Bale O' Cotton/bonanza 62 Colu. 4 Eyes Good 12.00 4-42512 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ballad Of Ira Hayes/bad News 64 Colu Fair 10.00 4-43058 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Understand Your Man/dark As A Dungeon 64 Colu Good 10.00 42964 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny It Aint Me Babe/time And Time Again 64 Colu Good 10.00 43145 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny One On The Right/cotton Pickin Hands 65 Colu Good 8.00 43496 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Bottom Of A Mountain/boa Constrictor 66 Colu Excellent 6.00 43763 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Daddy Sang Bass/he Turned The Water Into Wine 68 Colu Very Good 6.00 44689 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny San Quentin/boy Named Sue 69 Colu Good 6.00 44944 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Blistered/see Ruby Fall 69 Colu Fair 6.00 45020 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny What Is Truth/sind A Travelling Song 70 Colu Excellent 5.00 45134 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Sunday Morning Coming Down/im Gonna Try 70 Colu Fair 5.00 45211 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Flesh And Blood/this Side Of The Law 70 Colu Good 5.00 45269 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny A Thing Called Love/daddy 72 Colu Good 5.00 45534 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Oney/country Trash 72 Colu Very Good 5.00 45660 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Lady Came From Baltimore/lonesome To The Bone 74 Colu Good 5.00 10066 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny One Piece At A Time/go On Blues 76 Colu Good 5.00 10321 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Would Like To See You Again/lately 78 Colu Good 5.00 10681 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny There Aint No Good Chain Gang/i Wish I Was Crazy  Colu Good 0.00 10742, with Waylon jennings Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Will Rock And Roll With You/a Song For The Lif 79 Colu Good 5.00 10888 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Riders In The Sky/im Gonna Sit On The Porch 79 Colu Good 5.00 10961 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Bull Rider/lonesome To The Bone 80 Colu Very Good 4.00 11237 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Baron/i Will Dance With You 81 Colu Good 4.00 60516 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Orange Blossom Special/i Walk The Line  Colu H Of F Fair 0.00 13-33101 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny If I Were A Carpenter/what Is Truth  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4-33182 lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Understand Your Man/it Aint Me Babe  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 4-33091 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Girl In Saskatoon/locomotive Man 60 Colu Good 15.00 4-41920, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Big Battle/when Ive Learned 62 Colu Fair 12.00 4-42301, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Children/last Supper 73 Colu Good 5.00 4-45786 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ways Of A Woman In Love/youre The Nearest Thing 58 Quality/sun Good 25.00 k1772 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Blue Train/born To Lose 62 London/sun Good 20.00 17235, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ep The Rebel Johnny Yuma 61 Colu Good 15.00 b-2155, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Seasons Of My Heart/smiling Bill Mccall 60 Colu Fair 15.00 4-41618, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World/sam  Colu Book And Record Library Good 0.00 cc 71032 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Next In Line/dont Make Me Go 57 Quality/sun Poor 30.00 k1620, lc, split and sm warp Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Its Just About Time/i Just Thought Youd Like To 58 Quality/sun Good 25.00 k1815, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny What Do I Care/all Over Again 58 Colu Good 15.00 4 41251, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire/it Aint Me Babe  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 13 33089, c Send Email 
Cash, Johnny Everybody Loves A Nut/austin Prison 66 Colu Good 6.00 4 43673, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny I Walk The Line 58 Quality Poor 30.00 xp 140, c, cuts I walk the line and the wreck of the old 97/folsom prison blues and doin my time. needle gets stuck Send Email 
Cash, Johnny & Carter, June If I Were A Carpenter/cause I Love You 70 Colu Good 5.00 4 45064, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny & Carter, June Jackson/pack Up Your Sorrows 67 Colu Good 6.00 4 44011, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny & Carter, June Long Legged Guitar Pickin Man/youll Be All Right 67 Colu Good 6.00 4 44158, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny & Carter, June Jackson/long Legged Guitar Pickin Man  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33120, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny & Carter, June Allegheny/were For Love 73 Colu Poor 5.00 4 45929 Send Email 
Cash, Johnny & Mother Maybelle Pick The Wildwood Flower/diamonds In The Rough 73 Colu Very Good 5.00 4 45938, lc Send Email 
Cash, Johnny, Jennings, Nelson,kristofferson Desperados Waiting For A Train/the Twentieth Cen 85 Colu Good 3.00 38 05594, lc, bside cash and nelson Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Tennessee Flat Top Box/why Dont You Quit Leaving  Colu Good 0.00 38 07624, lc Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Oh Yes I Can/i Wonder  Colu Very Good 0.00 38 03283, rsc Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne My Baby Thinks Hes A Train/i Cant Resist 81 Colu Good 5.00 18 02463 Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Second To No One/never Alone  Colu Good 0.00 38 06159 Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Seven Year Ache/same  Colu Promo Good 0.00 11-11426 lc white labeled promo Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne The Way We Make A Broken Heart/707  Colu Very Good 0.00 38-07200 lc Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne If You Change Your Mind/somewhere Sometime  Colu Good 0.00 07746 lc Send Email 
Cash, Rosanne Seven Year Ache/blue Moon With Heartache  Colu Good 0.00 11 11426 Send Email 
Cash, Tommy Six White Horses/i Owe The World To You  Epic Good 0.00 5 10540, c Send Email 
Cash, Tommy Rise And Shine/the Honest Truth  Epic Good 0.00 5 10590 Send Email 
Cash, Tommy One Song Away/the Ramblin Kind  Epic Good 0.00 5 10630,lc Send Email 
Cassidy, David How Can I Be Sure/rickys Tune 72 Bell Good 5.00 45220, c Send Email 
Cassidy, David Cherish/all I Wanna Do Is Touch You 71 Bell Very Good 5.00 45150 Send Email 
Cassidy, David Could It Be Forever/blind Hope 72 Bell Good 5.00 45187 Send Email 
Cassidy, Shaun Thats Rock N Roll/i Wanna Be With You 77 Wb Good 5.00 wbs 8423, lc Send Email 
Castaways, The Liar,liar/sam 65 Apex/soma Good 15.00 76969 c Send Email 
Castaways, The Poor Boys Dream/run Charlie Run  Star Delta Fair 0.00 st 805 c Send Email 
Castor Bunch, Jimmy Troglodyte/i Promise To Remember 72 Rca Good 6.00 48-1029 lc Send Email 
Castor Bunch, Jimmy Potential/daniel 75 Atl Good 5.00 3270 Send Email 
Castro, Frankie Why Baby Why/steamboat  Wing Very Good 0.00 w 90051 c Send Email 
Caswell, Johnny At The Shore/gotta Dance  Merc Good 0.00 1833, lc Send Email 
Cat Mother And The All Night News Boys Good Old Rock N Roll/bad News 69 Polydor Good 10.00 541 046, c Send Email 
Catalinas Gonna Tell/your Tender Lips 64 Original Sound Very Good 12.00 OS 48, lc Send Email 
Cathy & Joe I See You/ Its All Over Now  Merc Very Good 0.00 s 1929 c Send Email 
Cats Can Fly Flippin To The A Side/one Way Or The Other-pc-  Epic Very Good 0.00 e4 7132, pc vg Send Email 
Cetera, Peter Glory Of Love/on The Line 86 Wb Very Good 3.00 92 86627, lc Send Email 
Cetera, Peter Holy Moly/the Next Time I Fall 86 Wb Very Good 3.00 92 85977, b side with amy grant, lc Send Email 
Chad & Jeremy Yesterdays Gone/lemon Tree 64 World Artists Good 10.00 1021 c Send Email 
Chad & Jeremy Willow Weep For Me/if She Was Mine 64 Ember Very Good 10.00 1034 c Send Email 
Chad & Jeremy If I Loved You/donna Donna 65 World Artists Very Good 10.00 1041 c Send Email 
Chad & Jeremy A Summer Song/no Tears For Johnnie 64 World Artists Good 10.00 1027, c Send Email 
Chad & Jeremy Fare Thee Well/before And After 65 Colu Very Good 10.00 4 43277, lc Send Email 
Chairman Of The Board Give Me Just A Little More Time/since The Days O 70 Invictus Good 6.00 9074 c Send Email 
Chairman Of The Board Pay To The Piper/bless You 70 Invictus Fair 5.00 9081 Send Email 
Chairman Of The Board Dangling On A String/ill Come Crawling 70 Invictus Good 5.00 9078, c Send Email 
Chairmen Of The Board Everybody's Got A Song To Sing/working On A Buil 72 Invictus Good 5.00 9122, c Send Email 
Chairmen Of The Board Chairmen Of The Board/when Will She Tell Me She  71 Invictus Fair 5.00 9086, c Send Email 
Chalk Circle This Mourning/village  Duke Good 0.00 71035, c Send Email 
Challengers Bulldog/torquay 63 Barry/vault Good 20.00 b 3179 Send Email 
Chamaeleon Church Your Golden Love/camillia Is Changing 68 Mgm Poor 12.00 k13929, c, chevy chase member of the group Send Email 
Chamberlain, Charlie Macnamaras Band/its The Same Old Shillelagh  Apex Very Good 0.00 9 26304, c, centerpiece in Send Email 
Chamberlain, Richard Love Me Tender/all I Do Is Dream Of You 62 Mgm Fair 10.00 k 13097, c Send Email 
Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today/people Get Ready 68 Colu Good 10.00 4 44414, lc Send Email 
Champs Latin Limbo/limbo Dance  Apex/challenge Good 0.00 76826, c Send Email 
Champs El Rancho Rock/midnighter 58 Sparton/challenge Fair 20.00 4 580r, slight warp Send Email 
Champs Too Much Tequila/limbo Rock  Apex Good 0.00 21801 Send Email 
Champs Limbo Rock/tequila Twist 61 Apex/challenge Good 20.00 76788, c Send Email 
Champs Varsity Rock/that Did It 62 Apex/challenge Good 15.00 76840, c Send Email 
Champs Too Much Tequila/twenty Thousand Leaguesd 60 Apex/challenge Good 20.00 9 76643, c Send Email 
Champs , The Limbo Dance/latin Limbo 62 Challenge Good 15.00 9162 c Send Email 
Champs , The Tequila/train To Nowhere 58 Sparton/challenge Good 25.00 4-537 c Send Email 
Chandler, Gene Duke Of Earl/kissin In The Kitchen 61 Vee Jay Bad 25.00 vj 416 c Send Email 
Chandler, Gene What Now/if You Cant Be True 64 Constellation Good 10.00 c 141 Send Email 
Chandler, Gene Nothing Can Stop Me/the Big Lie 65 Constellation Good 8.00 c149 Send Email 
Chandler, Gene Groovy Situation/not The Marryin Kind 70 Mercury Very Good 6.00 m 73083 Send Email 
Chandler, Gene No One Can Love You/good Times 65 Constellation Good 10.00 160 Send Email 
Chandler, Gene Fool For You/buddy Aint It A Shame 66 Constellation Good 8.00 167 Send Email 
Chandler, Kenny Heart/wait For Me 63 Laurie Good 10.00 l 3158x, c Send Email 
Change Of Pace Bring My Buddies Back/bloods Much Thicker  Stone Lady Excellent 0.00 sl006 lc Send Email 
Change Of Pace Our Forefathers/hello Darling  Stonelady Excellent 0.00 sl 008 lc Send Email 
Channel, Bruce No Other Baby/night People 63 Mercury Good 15.00 s 1826 x c Send Email 
Channel, Bruce Number One Man/if Only I Had Known 62 Merc Good 15.00 1752 Send Email 
Channel, Bruce Hey Baby/dream Girl 62 Merc Good 20.00 1731, lc Send Email 
Channel, Bruce Somewhere In This Town/stand Tough 62 Merc Good 15.00 1780, lc Send Email 
Chantays Pipeline/move It 63 Dot Good 25.00 16440 c Send Email 
Chantels, The Look In My Eyes/glad To Be Back 61 Carlton Good 20.00 c 555 c Send Email 
Chanters No No No/i Make This Pledge 61 Regency/de Luxe Good 30.00 870, c Send Email 
Chants Respectable/kiss Me Goodbye 61 Mgm Good 20.00 13008 c Send Email 
Chaparral Brothers The Rain/  Capitol Good 0.00 2323 Send Email 
Chapin , Harry Coreys Coming/if My Mary Were Here  Elektra Very Good 0.00 45368 c Send Email 
Chapin, Harry Sequel/i Finally Found It Sandy  Epic Good 0.00 5700 c Send Email 
Chapin, Harry Cats In The Cradle/taxi  Elektra Gs Very Good 0.00 45508, lc Send Email 
Chapin, Harry Taxi/empty 72 Elektra Good 5.00 45770, c Send Email 
Chapin, Harry Cats In The Cradle/vacancy 74 Elektra Good 5.00 45203, c Send Email 
Chapin, Tom I Call You/circle  Sri Good 0.00 22 Send Email 
Chapins Workin On My Life/  Epic Promo Very Good 0.00 5-10761 white label promo Send Email 
Chaplain Paul Shortnin Bread/nicotine  Zirkon Fair 0.00 1013 c Send Email 
Chapman, Tracy Talkin About A Revolution/behind The Wall  Elektra Very Good 0.00 93837 small hole 45 Send Email 
Chapman, Tracy Fast Car/for You  Elektra Very Good 0.00 94127 c Send Email 
Charlene Ive Never Been To Me/somewhere In My Life 82 Motown Good 3.00 1611, rsc, r&b p/g Send Email 
Charles, Jerry Fiery Eyes/sweet Sugar Woman  Jc Good 0.00 1001 Send Email 
Charles, Jimmy A Million To One/hop Scotch Hop 60 Reo/promo Good 15.00 8494 c Send Email 
Charles, Jimmy The Age For Love/follow The Swallow 60 Reo/promo Good 15.00 8529 Send Email 
Charles, Norman Climb Every Mountain/youll Never Walk Alone  Vee Jay Good 0.00 vj 445, c Send Email 
Charles, Ray Little Hotel Room/two Old Cats Like Us 85 Colu Good 3.00 38 05575, lc a side with merle haggard b side with hank Williams jr r&b p/g Send Email 
Charles, Ray What'd I Say/ Same 59 Atlantic Good 20.00 at 2031 c Send Email 
Charles, Ray Together Again/youre Just About To Lose Your Clo 66 Abc P Good 12.00 10785 lc Send Email 
Charles, Ray Please Say Youre Fooling/dont Need No Doctor 66 Abc Very Good 8.00 10865 c Send Email 
Charles, Ray I Want To Talk About You/something Inside Me 67 Abc Good 8.00 10901 Send Email 
Charles, Ray Hit The Road Jack/the Danger Zone 61 Sparton/abc P Good 15.00 4-1044 c Send Email 
Charles, Ray I Cant Stop Loving You/born To Lose 62 Sparton/abc P Good 15.00 1094 c Send Email 
Charles, Ray Busted/making Believe 63 Sparton/abc P Good 15.00 1207 c Send Email 
Charles, Ray That Lucky Old Sun/ol Man Time 63 Sparton/abc P Good 12.00 1233 c Send Email 
Charles, Ray In The Heat Of The Night/somethings Got To Chang 67 Sparton/abc Very Good 8.00 p 1623 Send Email 
Charles, Ray Yesterday/never Had Enough Of Nothin Yet 67 Sparton/abc Good 8.00 1641 Send Email 
Charles, Ray Eleanor Rigby/understanding 68 Sparton/abc Good 8.00 1673 Send Email 
Charles, Ray Come Rain Or Come Shine/tell Me Youll Wait For M 68 Atl Fair 10.00 2470 lc Send Email 
Charles, Ray Seven Spanish Angels/who Cares 84 Colu Good 3.00 38-04715 lc a side with willie nelson b side with janie fricke Send Email 
Charles, Ray I Wonder/them That Got 60 Sparton/abc P Good 12.00 4 975r, c Send Email 
Charles, Ray You Dont Know Me/careless Love 62 Abc P Fair 15.00 10345, c Send Email 
Charles, Ray My Baby Dont Dig Me/somethings Wrong 64 Abc P Good 12.00 10557, c Send Email 
Charles, Ray Crying Time/when My Dreamboat Comes Home 65 Sparton/abc P Good 15.00 P 1416, lc Send Email 
Charles, Sonny & The Checkmates Black Pearl/lazy Susan 69 A And M Green Label Good 10.00 1053 lc Send Email 
Chas & Dave Aint No Pleasing You/give It Some Stick Mick  Rockney Good 0.00 kor 14 ps small hole 45 Send Email 
Chase Get It On/river  Epic Good 0.00 5 10738, lc Send Email 
Cheap Trick Everything Works If You Let It/blank 80 Epic Good 5.00 ae7 1206, lc, demo, listing for same both sides, this is blank side 2 Send Email 
Cheap Trick The Flame/through The Night -pc-  Epic Very Good 0.00 34 07745, ps vg Send Email 
Cheap Trick Mighty Wings/dog Fight #3  Colu Good 0.00 38 06137, lc Send Email 
Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me/aint That A Shame  Epic Hof Good 0.00 e4 1056, c Send Email 
Cheap Trick Surrender/dream Police  Epic Hof Good 0.00 15 2389 Send Email 
Cheap Trick Pc- Dont Be Cruel/i Know What I Want 88 Epic Good 3.00 34 07965, ps vg Send Email 
Checker, Chubby The Twist/toot 60 Reo/parkway Good 20.00 8505, c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Mess Around/good Good Lovin 61 Parkway Orange Label Good 15.00 p 822 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Slow Twistin/la Paloma Twist 62 Parkway Fair 15.00 835 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Dancin Party/gotta Get Myself Together 62 Parkway Good 15.00 842 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Limbo Rock/popeye 62 Parkway Good 15.00 849 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Twenty Miles/lets Limbo Some More 63 Parkway Good 15.00 862 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Loddy Lo/hooka Tooka 63 Parkway Good 15.00 890 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Spread Joy/sippin Cider Through A Straw 64 Parkway Very Good 15.00 907 Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Lazy Elsie Molly/rosie 64 Parkway Promo Bad 15.00 920 c warp Send Email 
Checker, Chubby The Twist/the Hucklebuck  Parkway Good 0.00 pgt 017 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Pony Time/twistin Usa  Parkway Very Good 0.00 019 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Twist-a-long/twistin Bones  Parkway Gold Label Fair 0.00 020 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Dancin Party/gotta Get Myself Together  Parkway Gold Label Good 0.00 022 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Limbo Rock/man Smart Woman Smarter  Parkway Good 0.00 023 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Lets Limbo Some More/twenty Miles  Parkway Gold Label Good 0.00 027 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Hey Bobba Needle/tzena Tzena  Parkway Gold Label Very Good 0.00 028 c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby She Want T Swim/you Better Believe It Baby 64 Parkway Fair 12.00 p922, c Send Email 
Checker, Chubby The Fly/thats The Way It Goes 61 Parkway Fair 15.00 830 Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Twenty Miles/jamaica Farewell  Parkway Fair 0.00 846 Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Lovely Lovely/all Through The Night 64 Parkway Good 12.00 936 Send Email 
Checker, Chubby Pony Time/oh Susannah 60 Reo/parkway Good 15.00 8539 Send Email 
Checkers Blue Saturday/cascade 61 Delta/skyla Good 20.00 d 3155, c Send Email 
Cheech & Chong Framed/pedros Request  Ode Good 0.00 66124 Send Email 
Cher Bang Bang/our Day Will Come 66 Imperial Good 12.00 66160 c Send Email 
Cher You Better Sit Down Kids/elusive Butterfly 67 Imperial Fair 12.00 66261 c Send Email 
Cher Gypsys Tramps And Thieves/he'll Never Know  Kapp Good 0.00 k2146 c Send Email 
Cher Half Breed/melody 73 Mca Good 4.00 40102 Send Email 
Cher Dark Lady/two People Clinging To A Thread 73 Mca Very Good 4.00 40161 Send Email 
Cher Rescue Me/dixie Girl 75 Mca Good 4.00 40375 Send Email 
Cher Just Like Jesse James/starting Over 89 Geffen Very Good 3.00 28447 Send Email 
Cher If I Could Turn Back Time/some Guys 89 Geffen Good 3.00 28867 Send Email 
Cher After All/dangerous Times 89 Geffen Good 3.00 27529 a side with peter cetera Send Email 
Cher Bang Bang/you Better Sit Down Kids  Ua Silver Spotlight Series Very Good 0.00 xw 107 Send Email 
Cher I Hate To Sleep Alone/i Saw A Man And He Danced 74 Mca Good 4.00 40273 Send Email 
Cher Train Of Thought/dixie Girl 74 Mca Good 4.00 40245 Send Email 
Cher The Way Of Love/dont Put It On Me 72 Kapp Good 4.00 2158 Send Email 
Cher I Found Someone/dangerous Times 87 Geffen Excellent 3.00 92 81917 Send Email 
Cher We All Sleep Alone/working Girl 88 Geffen Good 0.00 92 79867 Send Email 
Cherry People And Suddenly/imagination 68 Heritage Good 10.00 801, c, Washington dc psychedelic, hard rock band Send Email 
Cherry, Don Band Of Gold/bumble Boogie 55 Colu Very Good 15.00 4-40597 lc Send Email 
Chesnut, Jim Just Let Me Make Believe/let Me Just Say I Love  Mca Very Good 0.00 41015 Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Broken Promise Land/friends In Low Places  Mca Good 0.00 54256 Send Email 
Chesnutt, Mark Bubba Shot The Jukebox/its Not Over  Mca Good 0.00 7 54471 Send Email 
Chester Make My Life A Little Bit Better/but Maybe The N  Celebration Gt Good 0.00 cel gt 148 Send Email 
Chi-lites Have You Seen Her/yes Im Ready 71 Brunswick Good 6.00 55462, c Send Email 
Chi-lites, The We Are Neighbors/what Do I Wish For 71 Brunswick Very Good 8.00 55455 Send Email 
Chi-lites, The Oh Girl/being In Love 72 Brunswick Very Good 6.00 55471 c Send Email 
Chi-lites, The Coldest Days Of My Life/same 72 Brunswick Fair 6.00 55478 Send Email 
Chi-lites, The Stoned Out Of My Mind/someone Elses Arms 73 Brunswick Very Good 6.00 55500 Send Email 
Chi-lites, The There Will Never Be Any Peace/too Good To Be For 74 Brunswick Very Good 6.00 55512 Send Email 
Chi-lites, The Hot On A Thing/whole Lot Of Good 82 20th Excellent 4.00 tc 2600 c Send Email 
Chicago Dialogue/now That Youve Gone 72 Colu Good 5.00 45717 lc Send Email 
Chicago Feelin Stronger Every Day/jenny 73 Colu Good 5.00 45880 lc Send Email 
Chicago Colour My World/make Me Smile 70 Colu Good 5.00 4s 45127 lc Send Email 
Chicago Old Days/hideaway 75 Colu Bad 5.00 warp 3-10131 lc Send Email 
Chicago If You Leave Me Now/together Again 76 Colu Very Good 5.00 10390 lc Send Email 
Chicago Baby What A Big Surprise/takin It On Uptown 77 Colu Very Good 5.00 10620 lc Send Email 
Chicago We Can Last Forever/one More Day  Reprise Good 0.00 29857 lc small hole 45 Send Email 
Chicago Look Away/come In From The Night 88 Reprise Very Good 3.00 77667 lc Send Email 
Chicago Hard Habit To Break/remember The Feeling 84 Wb Good 3.00 92147 Send Email 
Chicago Im A Man/colour My World  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 33210 lc Send Email 
Chicago Along Comes A Woman/we Can Stop The Hurtin 85 Wb Very Good 3.00 92 90827, lc Send Email 
Chicago Youre The Inspiration/once In A Lifetime 84 Wb Excellent 3.00 92 91267, lc Send Email 
Chicago Will You Still Love Me/25 Or 6 To 4  Wb Very Good 0.00 92 85127 Send Email 
Chicago Hard To Say Im Sorry/sonny Think Twice 82 Full Moon -ps- Good 5.00 k79301, ps good condition Send Email 
Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4/where Do We Go From Here 70 Colu Good 5.00 4 45194, lc Send Email 
Chicago Saturday In The Park/alma Mater 72 Colu Good 5.00 4 45657, lc Send Email 
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Gayne Ballet Suite Sabre4 Dance/masquerade  Rca Good 0.00 49 0137, red vinyl Send Email 
Chiffons, The Hes So Fine/oh My Love 63 Laurie Good 20.00 l 3152 c Send Email 
Chiffons, The A Love So Fine/only My Friend 63 Laurie Good 12.00 l 3195 Send Email 
Chiffons, The Sweet Talkin Guy/did You Ever Go 66 Laurie Good 15.00 l 3340 Send Email 
Children Of Paradise Hey You Got Somethin/what Am I Doing Here  Colu Very Good 0.00 4-44265 lc Send Email 
Chilliwack Fly At Night/mary Lou And Me 77 Mushroom Good 5.00 m 7024 Send Email 
Chilliwack My Girl(gone Gone Gone)/sign Here  Solid Gold Good 0.00 sgs 712 Send Email 
Chilliwack Baby Blue/same 77 Mushroom Good 5.00 7028 Send Email 
Chilliwack Lonesome Mary/ridin 71 A&m Very Good 8.00 321, Send Email 
Chilliwack Whatcha Gonna Do/really Dont Mind-pc- 82 Solid Gold Good 4.00 sgs 725, pc good Send Email 
Chilliwack Groundhog/me & You 72 A&m Poor 8.00 1395, lc Send Email 
Chilliwack Crazy Talk/in And Out 74 Goldfish Very Good 5.00 gs 110, c Send Email 
Chilliwack California Girl/reach 76 Mushroom Good 5.00 mrs 7022, c Send Email 
China Crisis Working With Fire And Steel/dockland  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1179, pc Send Email 
Chipmunks Pc- Sleigh Ride/chipmunk Song 81 Rca Good 5.00 pb 12354, pc fair Send Email 
Chordettes Zorro/love Is A 2 Way Street 59 Apex/cadence Good 12.00 9-76290, c, b side is the better side Send Email 
Chordettes, The Never On Sunday/faraway Star 61 Cadence Good 10.00 1402 c Send Email 
Chordettes, The Eddie My Love/whistlin Willie 56 Apex/cadence Good 12.00 76084 Send Email 
Chordettes, The Just Between You And Me/soft Sands 57 Apex/cadence Very Good 12.00 76172 Send Email 
Chordettes, The Lollipop/baby Come-a Back-a 58 Apex/cadence Fair 15.00 76250 lc Send Email 
Choya Id Be Happy/linda Write Me A Letter  Realistic Good 0.00 68 8200, radio shack presents Send Email 
Christie Yellow River/down The Mississippi Line 70 Epic Good 5.00 5-10626 Send Email 
Christie, David Israel/maria  Philips Good 0.00 6009 190, c, le toutes en francais Send Email 
Christie, Lou Lightnin Strikes/cryin In The Streets 65 Mgm Good 15.00 13412 c, also a 2nd copy "special disc jockey record" yellow label Send Email 
Christie, Lou If My Car Could Only Talk/song Of Lita 66 Mgm Good 10.00 13576 c Send Email 
Christie, Lou Painter/du Randa 66 Mgm Fair 10.00 13533 Send Email 
Christie, Lou Rhapsody In The Rain/trapeze  Mgm Good 0.00 13473 Send Email 
Christie, Lou Rhapsody In The Rain/lightnin Strikes  Mgm Excellent 0.00 mvg 519 c Send Email 
Christie, Lou Two Faces Have I/all That Glitters Isnt Gold  Roulette Very Good 0.00 4481 Send Email 
Christie, Lou Im Gonna Make You Mine/im Gonna Get Married 69 Buddah Very Good 6.00 116 Send Email 
Christie, Lou Rhapsody In The Rain/trapeze -ps- 66 Mgm Good 20.00 k 13473, ps fair Send Email 
Christie, Lou The Gypsy Crired/red Sails In The Sunset 63 Roulette Good 15.00 r 4457, c Send Email 
Christie, Susan I Love Onions/take Me As You Find Me 66 Colu Fair 10.00 4-43595 Send Email 
Chuck & Bill Way Out There/watch Your Step  Brunswick Very Good 0.00 9 b55011, c. chuck johnstone and William pentz aka the kentuckians Send Email 
Chuck & Bill Tears/i Wanna Move A Little Closer  Brunswick Good 0.00 9 b55034, c Send Email 
Church, Loreen I Want To Stand Up On The Mountain/thats What Yo  Barry Poor 0.00 3222 Send Email 
Church, Loreen You Cant Cry/lonely One  Barry Good 0.00 3235, c Send Email 
Church, Loreen Put Down/i Dont Want Your Love  Barry Good 0.00 3355, c Send Email 
Chwill, Eddie & Sauer, Ray California Girl/reflections Of A Fool  Barry Good 0.00 b 3501, c Send Email 
Circuit Rider Just Wanna Dance/pick Me Up On Your Way Down  Homestead Good 0.00 wrc3 4626 Send Email 
Cities Service Band Of America Barnum And Baileys Favorites/colonel Bogey March  Rca Good 0.00 447 0089 Send Email 
Cities Service Band Of America The High School Cadet/the Fairest Of The Fair  Rca Good 0.00 447 0094, center piece in Send Email 
City Boy The Day The Earth Caught Fire/ambition 79 Atl Good 5.00 at 3612 Send Email 
Clancy Brothers, The Beer Beer Beer/jennifer Gentle  Colu Very Good 0.00 4-45014 Send Email 
Clanton, Ike Im Sorry/down The Aisle  Quality/ram Good 0.00 1027, c Send Email 
Clanton, Jimmy Go Jimmy Go/i Trusted You 59 Reo/rank Int. Good 20.00 8443 c Send Email 
Clanton, Jimmy What Am I Gonna Do/if I 61 Reo/rank Int. Good 15.00 8536 c Send Email 
Clanton, Jimmy My Own True Love/little Boy In Love 59 Reo/ace Poor 15.00 8394, c Send Email 
Clanton, Jimmy A Million Drums/for Loving You 64 Philips Good 10.00 40208, c Send Email 
Clanton, Jimmy Just A Dream/you Aim To Please 58 Ace Good 25.00 546, c Send Email 
Clapton, Eric After Midnight/easy Now 70 Polydor Fair 6.00 2001 096 lc Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Layla/same  Polydor Promo Good 0.00 2001 172 c derek and the dominos Send Email 
Clapton, Eric I Shot The Sheriff/give Me Strength 74 Rso Good 5.00 so 409 lc Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Wonderful Tonight/peaches And Diesel 78 Rso Good 4.00 rs 895 Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Promises/watch Out For Lucy 78 Rso Good 4.00 rs 910 Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Tulsa Time/cocaine 80 Rso Very Good 4.00 rss 1039 lc Send Email 
Clapton, Eric I Cant Stand It/black Rose 81 Rso Good 4.00 rs 1060 lc Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Ive Got A Rock N Roll Heart/man In Love 83 Wb Good 5.00 92 97807, lc Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Motherless Child/driftin 94 Repr Very Good 0.00 7 18044 Send Email 
Clapton, Eric Lay Down Sally/next Time You See Her 78 Rso Good 4.00 rs 886, lc Send Email 
Clapton, Richard Katys Leaving Babylon/cry Mercy Sister  Duke(toronto) Good 0.00 dsr 81016 Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Glad All Over/i Know You 64 Cap Fair 15.00 72138, lc, require epic Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Bits And Pieces/all Of The Time 64 Cap Good 12.00 72148 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Do You Love Me/chaquita 64 Cap Good 12.00 72154 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave I Like It Like That/hurting Inside 65 Cap Very Good 12.00 72267 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Catch Us If You Can/move On 65 Cap Good 12.00 72279 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Ive Got To Have A Reason/good Time 66 Cap Very Good 12.00 72443 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave You Got What It Takes/small Talk  Cap Good 0.00 72458 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave A Little Bit Now/you Dont Play Me Around 67 Cap Good 15.00 72499 lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Glad All Over/i Know You 64 Colu Gr Britain Bad 15.00 db 7154, ll Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Come Home/mighty Good Loving 65 Colu Gr Britain Fair 0.00 db 7580, wrong b side for n america price Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Over And Over/ill Be Yours 65 Cap Good 12.00 72317, lc Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Nineteen Days/sitting Here Baby 66 Cap Good 12.00 72422 Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave At The Scene/i Miss You 66 Cap Good 12.00 72324, lc, listing is for epic release Send Email 
Clark Five, Dave Having A Wild Weekend/no Stopping  Cap Good 0.00 72299, lc Send Email 
Clark, Chris From Head To Toe/the Beginning Of The End 67 Tamla Mo Fair 15.00 m1114 Send Email 
Clark, Chris I Love You/i Want To Go Back There Again 66 Tamla Mo Good 15.00 v 25041 Send Email 
Clark, Claudine Party Lights/disappointed 62 Chancellor Good 20.00 c 1113 c Send Email 
Clark, Claudine The Telephone Game/walkin Through A Cemetary 62 Chancellor Good 12.00 c 1124 Send Email 
Clark, Dee Just Keep It Up/whispering Grass 59 Reo/abner Good 25.00 8369 c Send Email 
Clark, Dee Nobody But You/im Going Back To School 62 Vee Jay Good 15.00 vj 462, c Send Email 
Clark, Petula Downtown/youd Better Love Me  Wb Good 0.00 5494 Send Email 
Clark, Petula I Know A Place/jack And John 65 Wb Very Good 10.00 5612 lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula Youd Better Come Home/heart 65 Wb Very Good 10.00 5643 lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula My Love/where Am I Going 65 Wb Good 10.00 5684 lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula A Sign Of The Times/time For Love 66 Wb Good 10.00 5802 lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula I Couldnt Live Without Your Love/your Way 66 Wb Very Good 10.00 5835 lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula Who Am I/love Is A Long Journey 66 Wb Poor 10.00 5863 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Color My World/take Me Home Again 66 Wb Very Good 10.00 5882 lc Send Email 
Clark, Petula This Is My Song/high 67 Wb Good 10.00 7002 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Dont Sleep In The Subway/here Comes The Morning 67 Wb Good 10.00 7049 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Kiss Me Goodbye/ive Got Love Going For Me  Wb Good 0.00 7170 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Dont Give Up/every Time I See A Rainbow 68 Wb Good 8.00 7216 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Downtown/i Know A Place  Wb Good 0.00 g 21608 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Round Every Corner/two Rivers 65 Wb Good 10.00 5661 Send Email 
Clark, Petula Other Mans Grass Is Always Greener/at The Crossr 67 Wb Very Good 10.00 7097 Send Email 
Clark, Petula American Boys/look To The Sky 68 Wb Fair 8.00 7244, lc, playable on old rp Send Email 
Clark, Roy The Tip Of My Fingers/spooky Movies 63 Cap Good 10.00 4956 lc Send Email 
Clark, Roy Yesterday When I Was Young/just Another Man 69 Dot Good 5.00 17246 c Send Email 
Clark, Roy Right Or Left At Oak Street/i Need To Be Needed 69 Dot Good 5.00 17324 c Send Email 
Clark, Roy I Never Picked Cotton/lonesome Too Long 70 Dot Good 5.00 17349 c Send Email 
Clark, Roy Heart To Heart/someone Cares For You 75 Dot Very Good 4.00 17565 Send Email 
Clark, Roy The Happy Days/shoulder To Shoulder 78 Abc Good 4.00 1022-12402 Send Email 
Clark, Roy Come Live With Me/darbys Castle 73 Dot Good 5.00 17449 Send Email 
Clark, Roy Yesterday When I Was Young/september Song  Abc Golden Oldies Very Good 0.00 1022 2700 Send Email 
Clark, Roy Riders In The Sky/malaguena  Abc Golden Oldies Very Good 0.00 1022 2749 Send Email 
Clark, Roy Thank God & Greyhound/strangers 70 Dot Good 5.00 17355 Send Email 
Clark, Sanford The Fool/lonesome For A Letter  Reo Good 0.00 8109 c Send Email 
Clarke, Tony The Entertainer/this Heart Of Mine  Chess Good 0.00 cs 1924 lc Send Email 
Clash London Calling/train In Vain  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 e4 1077, ll Send Email 
Classics Till I Met You/it Didnt Take Much 64 Jaguar Good 30.00 j 2002, c, Burnaby bc label original for this group Send Email 
Classics Iv Stormy/spooky  Ua Silver Spotlight Series Good 0.00 125 dennis yost and Send Email 
Claud, Vernon Babys Gone/foolish Pride  Decca Good 0.00 9 30692, lc Send Email 
Clay, Cassius I Am The Greatest/stand By Me 64 Colu Good 25.00 4-43007 lc Send Email 
Clay, Joe Duck Tail/sixteen Chicks 56 Vik Fair 100.00 4x 0211 c Send Email 
Clay, Otis Shes About A Mover/you Dont Miss Your Water 68 Atl Good 8.00 44001 lc Send Email 
Clay, Tom What The World Needs Now/the Victors  Tamla Mot Very Good 0.00 mw5002f lc Send Email 
Clay, Tom What The World Needs Now Is Love/whatever Happen  Motown Yesteryear Good 0.00 551 Send Email 
Clay, Tom What The World Needs Now/the Victors 71 Mowest Good 5.00 5002, c Send Email 
Clayton, Paul The Convent At Ronda/wings Of A Dove  Monu Good 0.00 mn 432, c Send Email 
Clement, Jack My Voice Is Changing/time After Time After Time 63 Merc Good 15.00 1796, lc Send Email 
Cliff, Jimmy Wondrful World,beautiful People/waterfall 69 A & M Good 8.00 1146 lc Send Email 
Clifford, Buzz Baby Sittin Boogie/driftwood 60 Colu Good 25.00 4 41876, lc Send Email 
Clifford, Mike Close To Cathy/shes Just Another Girl 62 Ua Good 12.00 ua 489 c Send Email 
Climax Blues Band I Love You/horizontalized 81 Wb Good 5.00 49669 lc Send Email 
Climax Blues Band Makin Love/gospel Singer 78 Wb Very Good 4.00 sre 1026, ll Send Email 
Climax Blues Band Couldnt Get It Right/savry Gravy 77 Sire Good 6.00 1147 736 Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Shes Got You/strange 61 Decca Good 12.00 31354, c Send Email 
Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces,lovin In Vain/lovesick Blues,th 61 Decca Ep Good 15.00 2703 ep Send Email 
Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces/lovin In Vain 61 Decca Poor 12.00 31205 c Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Crazy/who Can I Count On 61 Decca Fair 12.00 31317 c Send Email 
Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces/he Called Me Baby  Mca Very Good 0.00 60062 lc Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Leavin On Your Mind/crazy  Decca Gold Good 0.00 21018 Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Tra Le La Le La Triangle/leavin On Your Mind 63 Decca Good 10.00 31455, c Send Email 
Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces/walking After Midnight  Decca Gold Good 0.00 21002 Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Heartaches/why Cant He Be You 62 Decca Very Good 12.00 31429, lc Send Email 
Cline, Patsy When I Get Thru With You/imagine That 62 Decca Fair 12.00 31377, c Send Email 
Cline, Patsy Sweet Dreams/back In Babys Arms 63 Decca Good 10.00 31483, c Send Email 
Cline, Patsy & Reeves, Jim I Fall To Pieces/so Wrong  Mca Very Good 0.00 52052, rsc. reeves on a side only Send Email 
Clique Ill Hold Out My Hand/soul Mates 69 White Whale Good 10.00 333 Send Email 
Clique Sugar On Sunday/superman 69 White Whate Poor 15.00 ww 323 c Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary Give Myself A Party/if I Can Stay 61 Rca Good 10.00 47-7948 c Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary I Could Have Danced All Night/ive Grown Accustom 56 Colu Very Good 12.00 4-40676 lc Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary Prisoners Song/mixed Emotions 63 Repr Promotion Fair 8.00 20 173 c Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary Come On A My House/this Ole House  Rebound Very Good 0.00 217, c Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary This Ole House/hey There 54 Colu Good 15.00 2516, value listing for different # Send Email 
Clooney, Rosemary Half As Much/poor Whip Poor Will 52 Colu Good 15.00 4 39710, lc Send Email 
Clovers, The Love Potion #9/stay Awhile 73 Ua Golden Circle Very Good 4.00 xw133, c Send Email 
Club 93 Rebels Pink Canary/road Block  Quality Good 0.00 1982 Send Email 
Coachmen Bald Mountain/those Brown Eyes 53 Sparton/orbit Good 0.00 4 775, c Send Email 
Coasters Wake Me Shake Me/stewball 60 Atco Good 25.00 6168, c Send Email 
Coasters Searchin/young Blood 57 Atco Good 25.00 6087 lc Send Email 
Coasters Charlie Brown/three Cool Cats 59 Atco Good 25.00 6132 c Send Email 
Coasters Along Came Jones/that Is Rock And Roll 59 Atco Excellent 20.00 6141 c Send Email 
Coasters Poison Ivy/im A Hog For You 59 Atco Good 20.00 6146 c Send Email 
Coasters Yakety Yak/zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 58 Atco Gold Label Good 25.00 6116 c Send Email 
Coasters Run Red Run/what About Us 59 Atco Good 20.00 6153, lc Send Email 
Coasters Little Egypt/keep On Rolling 61 Atco Good 20.00 6192, lc Send Email 
Coates, Harold Ep  Rca C Very Good 0.00 cae 131, cuts Missouri waltz,let me call you sweetheart/three oclock in the morning,beautiful ohio. center piece in Send Email 
Cochran, Eddie Sittin In The Balcony/dark Lonely Street 57 London Good 30.00 369, lc Send Email 
Cochran, Eddie Summertime Blues/cut Across Shorty 73 Liberty Very Good 4.00 xw 014 c Send Email 
Cochran, Eddie Drive In Show/am I Blue 57 Liberty Good 30.00 f 55087, lc Send Email 
Cochran, Eddie Cmon Everybody/ 58 London Fair 40.00 55166, c Send Email 
Cochran, Hank Private John Q/i Remember  Liberty Good 10.00 f 55520, c Send Email 
Cochran, Hank I Just Buried A Dream/all Of Me Belongs To You 67 Monument Good 6.00 mn 994, c Send Email 
Cochran, Hank Sally Was A Good Old Girl/the Picture Behind The 62 Liberty Good 12.00 f 55461, c Send Email 
Cochrane, Tom Sinking Like A Sunset/brave And Crazy  Capitol Good 0.00 57-56944 lc from lynn lake until 4 Send Email 
Cochrane, Tom Softly Walk Away/same  Daffodil Good 0.00 1216-1070 Send Email 
Cock Robin When Your Heart Is Weak/because It Keeps On Work  Colu Good 0.00 38 04875, lc Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce See How I Miss You/berlin Tonight  True North Pc Very Good 0.00 209 pc Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce One Day I Walk/high Winds White Sky  True North Good 0.00 tn 4-105 Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce Tokyo/incandescent Blue  True North Good 0.00 149 Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce Call It Democracy/dancing In Paradise  True North Good 0.00 208 Send Email 
Cockburn, Bruce If A Tree Falls/the Gift-pc-  True North -pc- Excellent 0.00 tn4 212, pc, vg Send Email 
Cocker, Joe Bird On The Wire/honky Tonk Women  A & M Good 0.00 amx 312 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/change I 69 A And M Good 5.00 1147 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe The Letter/space Captain 70 A And M Good 5.00 1174 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe Cry Me A River/give Peace A Chance 70 A & M Good 5.00 1200 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe High Time We Went/black Eyed Blues 71 A & M Very Good 4.00 1258 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe With A Little Help From My Friends/delta Lady  A & M Good 0.00 8541 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe Shelter Me/tell Me Theres A Way 86 Capitol Good 3.00 5557 lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe You Can Leave Your Hat On/same  Capitol Very Good 0.00 b 5589 pc g+ Send Email 
Cocker, Joe All Our Tomorrows/isolation  Capitol Good 0.00 73049 Send Email 
Cocker, Joe Fun Time/watching The River Flow  Asylum Good 0.00 45540 Send Email 
Cocker, Joe High Time We Went/you Are So Beautiful  A&m Memories Excellent 0.00 8588, lc Send Email 
Cocker, Joe & Jennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong/sweet Lil Woman 82 Island Good 4.00 99 99967 lc Send Email 
Coe, David Allan The Ride/son Of A Rebel Son  Colu Good 0.00 38 03778 lc Send Email 
Coe, David Allan You Never Even Called Me By My Name/would You La  Colu Very Good 0.00 3-10159 lc Send Email 
Coe, David Allan Living On The Run/when Shes Got Me  Colu Good 0.00 3-10323 lc Send Email 
Coe, David Allan Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands/what Can I Do  Colu Good 0.00 11277 lc Send Email 
Coe, David Allan You Never Even Called Me By My Name/cheap Thrill 83 Colu Good 5.00 38 03997, lc Send Email 
Colder, Ben Almost Persuaded No 2/packets Of Pencils 66 Mgm Fair 8.00 13590 c Send Email 
Colder, Ben Detroit City No. 2/ring Of Fire Smoke  Mgm Good 0.00 13167, lc Send Email 
Colder, Ben There Goes My Everything #2/great Men Repeat The  Mgm Very Good 0.00 k13668, lc Send Email 
Colder, Ben May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Snoot/make   Mgm Good 0.00 13444, lc Send Email 
Colder, Ben Dont Go Near The Eskimos/louisiana Trapper 62 Mgm Good 10.00 13104, c Send Email 
Coldwell, Douglas Wayne The Freedom They Won/your Grandad  Unknown Good 0.00 wrc3 917, with form letter label to radio station, c Send Email 
Cole, Cozy Turvy 1/turvy 2 58 Quality/love Good 12.00 k 1818 c Send Email 
Cole, Cozy Topsy 1/11 58 Sparton/love Good 15.00 4-638 rc Send Email 
Cole, Don & Alleyne Somethings Got Hold Of Me/gotta Find My Baby  Barry/tollie Good 0.00 b 3288 Send Email 
Cole, Georgie Never Part/make That Deream Come True  Brunswick Fair 0.00 b 55232 c Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Too Young To Go Steady/never Let Me Go 56 Capitol Good 10.00 f 3390 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Angel Smile/back In My Arms 57 Capitol Good 10.00 f 3860 lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Come Closer To Me/nothing In The World 58 Capitol Fair 10.00 f 4004 lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Send For Me/my Personal Possession 57 Capitol Good 15.00 f 3737 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' With You On My Mind/raintree County 57 Capitol Good 10.00 f 3782 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Ramblin Rose/the Good Times 62 Capitol Good 12.00 4804 lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' All Over The World/nothing Goes Up 63 Capitol Good 8.00 4919 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' My True Carrie Love/a Rag,a Bone And A Hank Of H 64 Capitol Good 8.00 5125 lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Ballad Of Cat Ballou/they Cant Make Her Cry 65 Capitol Good 8.00 5412 lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' I Dont Want To Be Hurt Anymore/people 64 Cap Good 8.00 5155, lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Too Young/thats My Girl 51 Cap Good 12.00 f 637, lc, listing is for a diff # Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Pretend,a Blossom Fell/ Can Not Play  Cap Bad 0.00 ma1 1579, 33 rpm, lc, a side is a wreck Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Orange Colored Sky/jam Bo 50 Cap Good 15.00 f 492, b side stan kenton, R&b p/g Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' In The Cool Of The Day/those Lazy Hazy Crazy Day 63 Cap -pc- Good 20.00 4965, pc good Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Love/i Dont Want To See Tomorrow 64 Cap Good 8.00 5261, lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Mona Lisa/too Young  Cap Sl Good 0.00 6003 Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' When Rock And Roll Came To Trinidad/china Gate 57 Cap Good 15.00 f 3702, lc Send Email 
Cole, Nat 'king' Ep Around The World 57 Cap Green Label Very Good 12.00 eap 1 813, lc, cuts around the world, fascination/an affair to remember,theres a goldmine in the sky Send Email 
Cole, Natalie This Will Be/joey 75 Cap Good 5.00 4109 Send Email 
Collectors Looking At A Baby/old Man 67 New Syndrome Good 30.00 ns 16, c, early chilliwack, listing is for valiant label Send Email 
Collie, Mark Born To Love You/the Heart Of The Matter  Mca Good 0.00 54515 Send Email 
Collier, Mitty I Had A Talk With My Man/free Girl  Chess Good 0.00 cs 1907 c Send Email 
Collier, Mitty Together/no Faith, No Love  Chess Good 0.00 1918 Send Email 
Collins, Dorothy Sing It Children Sing It/soft Sands  Coral Good 0.00 9 61865 Send Email 
Collins, Judy Both Sides Now/who Knows Where The Time Goes  Elektra Good 0.00 45639 c Send Email 
Collins, Judy Cook With Honey/so Begins The Task 73 Elektra Good 4.00 45831 c Send Email 
Collins, Judy Both Sides Now/amazing Grace  Elektra Gold Label Good 0.00 e 45053 Send Email 
Collins, Judy Almost Free/bright Morning Star 80 Elektra Very Good 4.00 46623, white label promo copy Send Email 
Collins, Judy Where Or When/dorothy 79 Elektra Very Good 4.00 46050 Send Email 
Collins, Judy Send In The Clowns/houses 75 Elek Good 5.00 45253 Send Email 
Collins, Judy Someday Soon/my Father 69 Elek  6.00 45649 Send Email 
Collins, Phil I Wish It Would Rain Down/youve Been In Love  Atl Good 0.00 7 88730 Send Email 
Collins, Phil In The Air Tonight/the Roof Is Leaking 81 Atl Good 3.00 at 3824 Send Email 
Collins, Phil Against All Odds/the Search 84 Atl Very Good 3.00 78 97007 ps b side larry carlton and michael colombier Send Email 
Collins, Phil One More Night/the Man With The Horn-pc- 85 Atl -pc- Very Good 3.00 78 95887, pc good Send Email 
Collins, Phil Groovy Kind Of Love/big Noise 88 Atl Excellent 3.00 78 90177, lc Send Email 
Collins, Phil Seperate Lives/i Dont Wanna Know 85 Atl Good 3.00 78 94987, lc, a side with Marilyn martin Send Email 
Collins, Ricky Dance With Me/whats The Deal  A&m Good 0.00 485, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy My Last Chancve With You/black Cat  Cap Good 0.00 4495 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy You Better Not Do That/high On A Hilltop  Cap Good 0.00 f 1301 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Man Machine/if You Cant Bite Dont Growl  Colu Good 0.00 4-43489 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy What Kind Of A Sweetheart Are You/wait A Little   Cap Very Good 0.00 f 3370, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Thats The Way Love Is/no Love Have I  Cap Very Good 0.00 f 3466 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy It Tickles/let Down  Cap Very Good 0.00 f 3082, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy I Always Get A Souvenir/let Me Love You  Cap Good 0.00 f 1329 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy You Oughta See Pickles Now/i Guess Im Crazy  Cap Good 0.00 f 3190, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy I Love You More And More Each Day/ill Be Gone  Cap Good 0.00 f 3289 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Ill Never Never Let You Go/i Wish I Had Died In   Cap Good 0.00 f 3591 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy All Of The Monkeys Aint In The Zoo/dont You Love  Cap Good 0.00 f 3665 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy A Love Is Born/im Nobodys Fool But Yours  Cap Good 0.00 f 3789 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Little June/a Hundred Years From Now  Cap Good 0.00 f4263 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Wreck Of The Old 97/you Belong In My Arms  Cap Good 0.00 f4327 Send Email 
Collins, Tommy Keep Dreaming/summers Almost Gone  Cap Good 0.00 f4421, lc Send Email 
Collins, Tommy All Of The Monkeys Aint In The Zoo/dont Let Me S  Cap Good 0.00 5345 Send Email 
Colonna, Jerry Down By The Old Mill Stream/youre The Flower Of   Decca Very Good 0.00 9 28633, c Send Email 
Colter, Jessi Im Not Lisa/for The First Time 74 Cap Good 5.00 4009, lc Send Email 
Coltrane, Chi Thunder And Lightning/time To Come In  Colu Good 0.00 45640 lc Send Email 
Colwell Brothers Write The Thought Down,this Is It/morgans Poison  Philips Ep Good 0.00 nbe 11048 ep british release Send Email 
Colwells Joan Of Arc/how Much Do You Care  Dare Good 0.00 col 102 Send Email 
Comer, Chuck Little More Lovin/shall We Dance  Vaden Good 0.00 302, c, label out of trumann, arkansas Send Email 
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen Hot Rod Lincoln/my Home In My Hand 72 Paramount Good 6.00 paa 0146 c Send Email 
Commodores The Bump/slippery When Wet  Motown Yesteryear Good 0.00 y591f, c Send Email 
Commodores, The Night Shift/i Keep Running 85 Motown Good 3.00 m 1773 Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep For Me And My Gal/i Believe 57 Rca Ep Good 8.00 ep 599-9156 Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep Its A Good Day/hello Young Lovers 57 Rca Ep Good 8.00 599-9158 ep Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep Look Out The Window/temptation 57 Rca Ep Good 8.00 599-9160 ep Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep Whatll I Do/hot Diggity 57 Rca Ep Good 8.00 599-9163 Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep With A Song In My Heart/breezin Along With Th 57 Rca Ep Good 8.00 ep 599-9164 Send Email 
Como, Perry South Of The Border/youll Never Walk Alone 57 Rca Ep Good 20.00 ep spd 28 Send Email 
Como, Perry I Believe/kol Nidrei  Rca Ep Good 0.00 epa 735 ep Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep Because/temptation 55 Rca Ep Good 12.00 epa 738 ep Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep South Of The Border/honey Honey, Angry 57 Rca Ep Good 10.00 epa1-1463 Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep Red Sails In The Sunset/it Has To Be You 58 Rca Ep Good 20.00 epa 4285 Send Email 
Como, Perry May Never Pass This Way Again/hes Got The Whole 58 Rca Ep Good 10.00 esp 4326 ep Send Email 
Como, Perry Hot Diggity/juke Box Baby 56 Rca White Label Not For Sale Fair 10.00 47-6427 Send Email 
Como, Perry Please Believe Me/did Anyone Ever Tell You 49 Rca Turquoise ? Label Good 15.00 47-3211 Send Email 
Como, Perry Because/if You Had All The World 49 Rca Blue Lable Good 15.00 47-2728 Send Email 
Como, Perry All At Once You Love Her/the Rose Tattoo 55 Rca Blue Good 10.00 47-6294 Send Email 
Como, Perry More/glendora 56 Rca Blue Good 10.00 47-6554 Send Email 
Como, Perry Dream Along With Me/somebody Up There 56 Rca Blue  10.00 47-6590 Send Email 
Como, Perry Twas The Night Before Christmas/the 12 Days Of C 53 Rca Poor 15.00 wby 43 Send Email 
Como, Perry Moonlight Love/chincherinchee 56 Rca Good 10.00 47-6670 Send Email 
Como, Perry Round And Round/mi Casa Su Casa 57 Rca Good 10.00 47-6815 Send Email 
Como, Perry Girl With The Golden Braids/my Little Baby 57 Rca Good 10.00 47-6904 chipped Send Email 
Como, Perry Just Born/ivy Rose 57 Rca Good 10.00 47-7050 Send Email 
Como, Perry Bless This House/the Rosary  Rca Good 0.00 447-0104 Send Email 
Como, Perry Kewpie Doll/dance Only With Me 58 Rca Fair 10.00 47-7202 Send Email 
Como, Perry Moon Talk/beats There A Heart So True 58 Rca Good 10.00 47-7274 Send Email 
Como, Perry Love Makes The World Go Round/mandolins In The M 58 Rca Good 10.00 47-7353 Send Email 
Como, Perry Tomboy/kiss Me And Kiss Me 59 Rca Good 10.00 47-7464 Send Email 
Como, Perry Chee Chee Oo Chee/two Lost Souls 55 Rca Bad 10.00 warp 47-6137 Send Email 
Como, Perry I Know/you Are In Love 59 Rca Very Good 10.00 47-7541 c Send Email 
Como, Perry I May Never Pass This Way Again/a Still Small Vo 59 Rca Good 10.00 47-7628 Send Email 
Como, Perry Delaware/i Know What God Is 60 Rca Fair 8.00 47-7670 Send Email 
Como, Perry Make Someone Happy/gone Is My Love 60 Rca Good 8.00 47-7812 Send Email 
Como, Perry Stop And Think It Over/how Beautiful The World 67 Rca Good 6.00 47-9165 Send Email 
Como, Perry Ep-his Favorite Songs Of Worship Rca Good 12.00 epa 293, pc Send Email 
Como, Perry Dont You Forget It/one More Mountain 63 Rca Fair 8.00 8186, Send Email 
Como, Perry Caterina/island Of Forgotten Lovers 62 Rca Good 8.00 8004 Send Email 
Como, Perry Oowee Oowee/summer Wind  Rca Good 8.00 47 8636, lc Send Email 
Como, Perry God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/home For The Holiday Rca Good 5.00 447 0812, lc Send Email 
Como, Perry The Lords Prayer/ave Maria 49 Rca Fair 12.00 52 0071, no b side label Send Email 
Como, Perry I Believe/onward Christian Soldiers  Rca Good 0.00 447 0113 Send Email 
Como, Perry Lies/dont Let The Stars Get In Your 52 Rca Fair 12.00 47 5064 Send Email 
Como, Perry When You Were Sweet 16/song Of Songs 49 Rca Green Label Very Good 15.00 wp 237 or47 2888, lc, center piece in Send Email 
Como, Perry Magic Moments/prisoner Of Love  Rca Gg Good 0.00 gb 10176, lc Send Email 
Como, Perry Seattle/sunshine Wine 69 Rca Good 5.00 47 9722 Send Email 
Como, Perry Dream On Little Dreamer/my Own Peculiar Way 65 Rca Good 8.00 47 8533 Send Email 
Como, Perry 59 Highlighter -ep- 58 Rca Ep- Very Good 20.00 45-55, pc, with perez prado, kay starr,eddie Heywood, gogi grant, pc vg, sponsored by Kleenex tissure Send Email 
Comstock, Bobby Lets Stomp/i Want To Do It 63 Reo/lawn Good 15.00 8697, c Send Email 
Comstock, Bobby Sweet Talk/tennessee Waltz 59 Reo/blaze Good 25.00 8425x Send Email 
Congregation Softly Whispering I Love You/when Susie Takes Th 71 Colu Gt Britain Good 0.00 db 8830, ll Send Email 
Conlee, John I Dont Remember Loving You/two Hearts  Mca Good 0.00 52116 lc Send Email 
Conlee, John Miss Emilys Picture/love Is What You Need  Mca Good 0.00 51164 Send Email 
Conlee, John She Cant Say That Anymore/always True  Mca Good 0.00 41321 lc Send Email 
Conlee, John Rose Colored Glasses/ill Be Easy 78 Abc Good 5.00 1022 12356, lc Send Email 
Conlee, John Could You Love Me/when It Hurts You Most 81 Mca Very Good 5.00 51112, rsc Send Email 
Conlee, John In My Eyes/dont Count The Rainy Days 83 Mca Good 5.00 52282, rsc Send Email 
Conlee, John Years After You/but She Loves Me 84 Mca Good 5.00 52470, rsc Send Email 
Conlee, John Blue Highway/de Island 85 Mca Good 5.00 52625, rsc Send Email 
Conlee, John Backside Of Thirty/hold On  Mca Good 0.00 mab 12455 Send Email 
Conlee, John Common Man/rose Colored Glasses 83 Mca Good 5.00 52178 Send Email 
Conlee, John Lady Lay Down/something Special 78 Abc Good 5.00 1022 12420 Send Email 
Conlee, John Im Only In It For The Love/lay Down Sally 83 Mca Good 5.00 52231, lc Send Email 
Conley, Arthur Sweet Soul Music/lets Go Steady 67 Atco Fair 10.00 6463, c Send Email 
Conley, Arthur People Sure Act Funny/burning Fire 68 Atco Good 8.00 6588 Send Email 
Conley, Arthur Ob La Di, Ob La Da/otis Sleep On 68 Atco Good 8.00 6640 x Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Loves On The Move Again/i Cant Win For Losin You  Rca Good 0.00 5064 7 r Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Feels Like A Saturday Night/chance Of Lovin You  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13877 Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Love Dont Care/turn This Bus Around  Rca Very Good 0.00 pb 14060, rsc Send Email 
Conley, Earl Thomas Dont Make It Easy For Me/you Cant Go On  Rca Good 0.00 pb 13702 Send Email 
Connie And The Cones No Time For Tears/take All The Kisses  Roulette Fair 0.00 r 4313, c Send Email 
Conniff, Ray Lookin For Love/somewhere My Love  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 13 33104 Send Email 
Conniff, Ray S Wonderful/say It With Music  Colu H Of F Good 0.00 4 33033 Send Email 
Conniff, Ray Please/love Is A Many Splendored Thing  Colu Good 0.00 s7 30447, small hole 33 rpm Send Email 
Conniff, Ray Somewhere My Love/midsummer In Sweden  Colu Good 0.00 4 43626 Send Email 
Conniff, Ray Je Taime/love Made A Fool Of Me  Colu Good 0.00 4 45002 Send Email 
Conniff, Ray Invisible Tears/happiness Is  Colu H Of F Very Good 0.00 4 33102 Send Email 
Connolly, Billy D I V O R C E/cuckoo  Polydor Good 0.00 2058 652 Send Email 
Connors, Stompin Tom Poor Poor Farmer/ketchup Song  Dominion Good 0.00 115 c Send Email 
Conrad, Bob Noahs Ark/keep It Up  Wb Good 0.00 5267, lc Send Email 
Contino, Dick Pledge Of Love/two Loves Have I  Merc Good 0.00 71079 Send Email 
Contino, Dick Granada/whispering  Merc Good 0.00 71647 Send Email 
Contours, The Do You Love Me/move Mr. Man 62 Tamla Very Good 20.00 g 7005 c Send Email 
Contours, The Just A Little Misunderstanding/determination 66 Gordy Good 12.00 7052 Send Email 
Contours, The Do You Love Me/shake Shake Sherrie-pc- 88 Motown Very Good 5.00 448, pc vg Send Email 
Cook, Little Joe Dont You Have Feelings/hold On To Your Money  Loma Good 0.00 2026, c,little joe and the thrillers-peanuts fame Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Somebody Have Mercy/nothing Can Change This Love 62 Rca Fair 15.00 8088, lc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam You Send Me/summertime 57 Keen Good 25.00 34013 c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Love You Most Of All/blue Moon 58 Reo/keene Good 25.00 8319 c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Chain Gang/i Fall In Love Every Day 60 Rca Good 15.00 47-7783 lc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Sad Mood/love Me 60 Rca Good 15.00 7816 Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Thats It, I Quit, Im Movin On/what Do You Say 61 Rca Good 15.00 7853 lc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Having A Party/bring It On Home To Me 62 Rca Fair 15.00 8036 lc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Send Me Some Lovin/baby Baby Baby 63 Rca Fair 15.00 8129 c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Another Saturday Night/love Will Find A Way 63 Rca Good 15.00 8164 lc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Shake/a Change Is Gonna Come 64 Rca Fair 12.00 8486 rc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam When A Boy Falls In Love/ The Piper 65 Rca Good 10.00 8586 rc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Its Got The Whole World Shakin/ease My Troublin 65 Rca Fair 10.00 8539 rc Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Sugar Dumpling/bridge Of Tears 65 Rca Good 10.00 8631 Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Cupid/farewell My Darling 61 Rca Gt Britain Good 15.00 1242, c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam For Sentimental Reasons/desire Me 58 Keen Good 25.00 34002, c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Ill Come Running Back To You/forever 57 Delta/specialty Good 30.00 3016, c Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Teenage Sonata/if You Were The Only Girl 60 Rca Good 20.00 47 7701, lc, 1st rca release Send Email 
Cooke, Sam Sugar Dumpling/its Got The Whole World Shakin  Rca Good 0.00 447 0579, lc Send Email 
Cookies, The Dont Say Nothing Bad/softly In The Night 63 Dimension Good 20.00 d1008 c, r&b p/g Send Email 
Cookies, The Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys/only To Other Peo 63 Dimension Good 15.00 d1020 c Send Email 
Cooley, Spade Empty Saddles/the Old Spinning Wheel  Rca Blue Label Excellent 0.00 wp 275 or47 3197, lc,center piece in Send Email 
Cooley, Spade Call Me Darlin Do/four Fiddle Polka  Rca Good 0.00 48 0032, lc, green vinyl Send Email 
Coolidge, Rita Southern Lady/were All Alone  A & M Good 0.00 1965 Send Email 
Coolidge, Rita The Way You Do The Things You Do/i Feel The Burd 77 A&m Good 5.00 2004 Send Email 
Coolidge, Rita I Believe In You/mud Island  A&m Good 0.00 1271 Send Email 
Coolidge, Rita Only You Know And I Know/you  A&m Good 0.00 2058 Send Email 
Cooper Brothers Rock And Roll Cowboys/portrait  Capricorn Good 0.00 cps 0303, c Send Email 
Cooper Brothers The Dream Never Dies/crazy Sundays  Capricorn Excellent 0.00 cps 0308, c Send Email 
Cooper, Alice Hello Hurray/generation Landslide 72 Wb Good 5.00 7673, lc Send Email 
Cooper, Alice Schools Out/gutter Cat 72 Wb Good 5.00 7596, lc Send Email 
Cooper, Alice I Never Cry/go To 4377 76 Wb Very Good 4.00 8228 Send Email 
Cooper, Alice You And Me/its Hot Tonight 77 Wb Fair 4.00 8349 Send Email 
Cooper, Alice How You Gonna See Me Now/ 78 Wb Good 5.00 8695 Send Email 
Cooper, Alice Only Women/cold Ethyl 75 Atl Good 5.00 3254 Send Email 
Cooper, Alice You And Me/i Never Cry  Wb Gs Very Good 0.00 45117, ll Send Email 
Cooper, Alice Trash/poison 89 Epic Very Good 3.00 34 68958, c Send Email 
Cooper, Ken Fruit Jar/sweet Janie Girl  Great Western Grmaphone Co. Good 0.00 Send Email 
Cooper, Les Dig Yourself/wiggle Wobble 63 Barry/everlast Good 15.00 3141, lc Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Big Midnight Special/x Marks The Spot  Quality/hickory Good 0.00 k1921 Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney This Old House/heartbreak Street  Qual/hickory Good 0.00 1220 Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Come Walk With Me/is It Right  Quality/hickory Good 0.00 1801 Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Rachels Guitar/theres A Big Wheel  Quality/hickory Poor 0.00 k1959 Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney I Tell My Heart/diamond Joe  Quality Very Good 0.00 k 1672, c Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Johnny My Love/more Love  Quality/hickory Good 0.00 1029, c Send Email 
Cooper, Wilma Lee &stoney Pirate King/big Johns Wife  Hickory Good 0.00 1257, c Send Email 
Copas, Cowboy Alabam/i Can 60 Sparton/starday Good 20.00 4-915 c Send Email 
Copas, Cowboy Flat Top/true Love 61 Sparton/starday Good 15.00 4 999, c Send Email 
Copas, Cowboy South Pacific Shore/thats All I Can Remember 60 Sparton/starday Good 12.00 4 883, c Send Email 
Copas, Cowboy Bury Me Face Down/heart On The Run 62 Sparton/starday Good 15.00 4 1132 Send Email 
Copas, Cowboy The Gypsy Girl/goodbye Kisses 63 Sparton/starday Good 12.00 4 1159, c Send Email 
Copper Penny Sitting On A Poor Mans Throne/bad Manners  Sweet Plum Fair 0.00 spl 9914, c Send Email 
Corda, Christine Mademoiselle/petite Pierre  Polydor France Very Good 0.00 2056 810, lc, le toutes en francaise Send Email 
Cordalis, Costa Anita/schau Doch Heut Abend  Cbs Germany Good 0.00 s 4705, c Send Email 
Corey, Jill Egghead/i Love My Baby  Colu Good 0.00 4 40794 Send Email 
Corey, Jill Love Me To Pieces/love  Colu Good 0.00 4-40955 lc Send Email 
Corey, Jill Exactly Like You/i Told A Lie To My Darlin  Colu Fair 0.00 4-41068, ll Send Email 
Corley, Al Square Rooms/dont Play With Me  Merc Swiss-pc- Very Good 0.00 822 241 7, pc vg Send Email 
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too Late To Turn Back Now/lift Your Love Higher 72 Ua Good 5.00 50910, c Send Email 
Cornell, Don Mama Guitar/a Face In The Crowd  Coral Good 0.00 9-61819 lc Send Email 
Cornell, Jack Good To Be By You/in Your Eyes  Rca Good 0.00 kpb0 0016 Send Email 
Corries Scotland Will Flourish/massacre Of Glencoe  Dara Very Good 0.00 spa029 ps small hole 45 Send Email 
Corsairs, The Smoky Places/thinkin 61 Quality/tuff Good 25.00 1382 lc Send Email 
Cortez, Baby Rinky Dink/getting Right 62 Chess Very Good 10.00 1829x c Send Email 
Cosburn Collection My Lonely Woman/same  Silver Steed Poor 0.00 149-127 Send Email 
Cosby, Bill Little Ole Man/hush Hush 67 Wb Good 8.00 7072 lc, r&b p/g Send Email 
Cosby, Bill Funky North Philly/stop Look And Listen 68 Wb Fair 8.00 7171, r&b p/g Send Email 
Cosby, Bill Ben/yes Yes Yes 76 Cap  5.00 4258, lc Send Email 
Costa, Don Ill Walk The Line/catwalk  Ua Good 0.00 190 Send Email 
Costa, Don Never On Sunday/theme From Unforgiven  Ua Gold Label Good 0.00 g 21501 Send Email 
Costa, Don How In The World/thats The Way With Love 61 Ua Good 10.00 318 Send Email 
Costa, Don Never On Sunday/the Sound Of Love 60 Ua Good 10.00 234 Send Email 
Costello, Elvis Watching The Detectives/accidents Will Happen, A 79 Colu Demo Good 3.00 ae7 1171, pc good, white label demo, 33 rpm Send Email 
Count Five Psychotic Reaction/theyre Gonna Get You 66 Double Shot Good 15.00 104 c Send Email 
Country Cousins Amanda/left Alone Again  North Of 53 Very Good 0.00 cc2, lc Send Email 
Country Lads Anything/lonely Lover  Colu Good 0.00 4 41212, lc Send Email 
Courriers I 'se The B 'ye/cherry Bough Tree  Rca Good 0.00 57-3328 Send Email 
Courtney, Bill Theres Still Time Brother/id Like Her To Be  Rca Good 0.00 7658 Send Email 
Courtney, Lou Do The Thing/the Man Is Lonely 67 Riverside Good 10.00 4589 Send Email 
Covay, Don Popeye Waddle/one Little Boy Had Money 62 Cameo Good 12.00 239 c Send Email 
Covington, Julie Dont Cry For Me Argentina/rainbow High  Mca Good 0.00 40648, lc evita Send Email 
Covington, Warren And Tommy Dorsey Orch Charleston/the Bunny Hop  Mca Very Good 0.00 60104 Send Email 
Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane/200 More Miles 89 Rca Very Good 5.00 8879 7 r, lc Send Email 
Cowsills There Is A Child/on My Side 71 London Good 8.00 149 Send Email 
Cowsills Poor Baby/meet Me At The Wishing Well 68 Mgm Good 8.00 13981, lc Send Email 
Cowsills The Rain The Park And Other Things/river Blue 67 Mgm Good 10.00 13810 c Send Email 
Cowsills Indian Lake/newspaper Blanket 68 Mgm Very Good 8.00 13944 c Send Email 
Cowsills Hair/what Is Happy 69 Mgm Good 12.00 14026 Send Email 
Cowsills Silver Threads And Golden Needles/love American 69 Mgm Good 10.00 14084 Send Email 
Craddock, Billy Crash What He Dont Know Wont Hurt Him/i M Gonna Knock   Colu Fair 0.00 c4 3059, lc Send Email 
Craddock, Billy Crash Stay A Little Longer In Your Bed/still Thinkin B 75 Abc Very Good 5.00 12068 Send Email 
Craig, Francis Near You/stars And Stripes Medley  Decca Very Good 0.00 9 28089, c, center piece in Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd On The Rebound/mood Indigo  Rca Poor 0.00 47-7840 Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd Hang On/your Last Goodbye  Rca Good 0.00 47-7907 Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd Chattanooga Choo Choo/lets Go  Rca Good 0.00 47 7978 Send Email 
Cramer, Floyd The Young Years/kaapsedraai  Rca Good 0.00 47 8171 Send Email 
Crampton Sisters I Cried When I Found You Gone/i Didnt Know What   Dcp International Good 0.00 1001, c Send Email 
Crane, Les Desiderata/a Different Drummer  Wb Good 0.00 7520 lc Send Email 
Crawford, Caroline Coming On Strong/a Love Song For You 78 Merc Very Good 5.00 74036 caroline on merc releases otherwise carolyne Send Email 
Crawford, Johnny Cindy's Birthday/something Special 62 Del Fi Good 15.00 4178 c Send Email 
Crawford, Johnny Your Nose Is Gonna Grow/mr Blue 62 Del Fi Fair 15.00 4181 c Send Email 
Crawford, Johnny Proud/lonesome Town 63 Del Fi Good 15.00 4193 c Send Email 
Crawford, Johnny Judy Loves Me/living In The Past 63 Del Fi Good 15.00 4231 c Send Email 
Crawford, Johnny Sandy/ol Shorty 63 Del Fi Good 15.00 df 4229, c Send Email 
Crazy Elephant Gimme Gimme Good Lovin/hips And Lips  Bell Good 0.00 763 Send Email 
Cream Sunshine Of Your Love/swalbr 68 Polydor Fair 8.00 541-001 Send Email 
Cream White Room/those Were The Days 68 Polydor Good 8.00 541-016 lc Send Email 
Cream Crossroads/passing The Time 69 Polydor Poor 8.00 warp 541-029 lc Send Email 
Cream Crossroads/white Room  Pop Classics Good 0.00 pc 1002 Send Email 
Cream I Feel Free/nsu 67 Reaction Gt Britain Good 15.00 591011, c, n.a. release on atco Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Lookin Out My Back Door/long As I Can See The Li 70 Fantasy Very Good 6.00 645 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain/hey Tonight 71 Fantasy Good 6.00 655 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Sweet Hitchhiker/door To Door 71 Fantasy Good 6.00 665 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Suzie Q/same 68 Fantasy Fair 6.00 616 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Proud Mary/born On The Bayou 69 Fantasy Solid Green Label Good 6.00 619 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising/lodi 69 Fantasy Good 6.00 622 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River/commotion 69 Fantasy Good 6.00 625 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Down On The Corner/fortunate Son 69 Fantasy Good 6.00 634 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Travelin Band/wholl Stop The Rain 70 Fantasy Good 6.00 637 rc Send Email 
Creedence Clearwater Revival Run Through The Jungle/up Around The Bend 70 Fantasy Very Good 6.00 641 rc Send Email 
Creeps Bums And Scum/same  Mootown Fair 0.00 moo 1140, released in calgary Send Email 
Crescendos, The Oh Julie/my Little Girl 57 Sparton/nasco Good 25.00 4 525r, c Send Email 
Crescent Street Stompers Judy Played The Jukebox/wasting Time  Aquarius Very Good 0.00 5034 rc Send Email 
Crests, The Trouble In Paradise/step By Step  Pop Classics Polyd Very Good 0.00 pc 1083, c Send Email 
Crests, The Step By Step/gee 60 Qual/coed Good 25.00 1005, c Send Email 
Crests, The 16 Candles/beside You 58 Qual/coed Good 30.00 1816, c Send Email 
Crew Cuts Unchained Melody/two Hearts, Two Kisses 55 Mercury Purple Very Good 15.00 70598 Send Email 
Crew Cuts Angels In The Sky/mostly Martha 55 Mercury Black Very Good 15.00 70741 lc Send Email 
Crew Cuts, The The Shrine On Top Of The Hill/american Beauty Ro 60 Rca Good 12.00 47 7734, lc Send Email 
Crewe, Bob After The Ball/one More Tear 67 Bell/dynavoice Good 6.00 231 Send Email 
Crewe, Bob Whiffenpoof Song/lets Pretend 59 Warwick Good 20.00 519 Send Email 
Critters Younger Girl/gone For A While 66 Kapp Good 12.00 752 rc Send Email 
Critters Younger Girl/mr Dieingly Sad  Mca Very Good 0.00 60016, ll Send Email 
Critters Mr Dieingly Sad/it Just Wont Be That Way 66 Kapp Good 12.00 k 769, c Send Email 
Croce, Jim I Got A Name/alabama Rain 73 Abc Dunhill Very Good 5.00 11389, lc Send Email 
Croce, Jim Operator/rapid Roy 72 Abc/dun Good 5.00 11335, c Send Email 
Croce, Jim You Dont Mess Around With Jim/photographs And Me 72 Abc D Very Good 4.00 11328 rc Send Email 
Croce, Jim Bad Bad Leroy Brown/a Good Time Man  Abc D Good 0.00 11359 rc Send Email 
Croce, Jim Time In A Bottle/hard Time Losin Man 73 Abc D Excellent 4.00 11405 rc Send Email 
Croce, Jim Workin At The Car Wash Blues/thursday 74 Abc D Good 4.00 11447 Send Email 
Crockett, Howard Last Will And Testimony/house Where Momma Lived 73 Dot Very Good 6.00 17457, c Send Email 
Crockett, Howard That Old Juke Box/steamboat Bill 61 Manco Good 30.00 ml 1012, c Send Email 
Crofford, Cliff There Aint Nothin Happenin To Me/another Love Ha  Tally Good 0.00 104, Bakersfield calif label Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Ep Decca Very Good 12.00 ed2000, cuts red sails in the sunset, far away places/harbor lights,on treasure island Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Ep  Decca Very Good 0.00 ed 2128, c, cuts secret love,i love paris/changing partners,yall come Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral/ill Take You Home Again Ka 50 Decca Very Good 12.00 9 23789, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Silver On The Sage/mexicali Rose  Decca Very Good 0.00 9 25002, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Stardust -ep- Decca Good 44.00 ed581 set cover 20. records 91168 and 91169 each 12 Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Silent Night Holy Night/adeste Fideles 55 Decca Good 10.00 9 23777, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bing White Christmas/god Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 55 Decca Good 10.00 23778 Send Email 
Crosby, Bing I Love You Whoever You Are/never Be Afraid  Kapp Very Good 0.00 k195, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bing How Lovely Is Christmas/my Own Individual Star 57 Kapp Good 12.00 k 196, c Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Open Up Your Heart/you Dont Know What Lonesome I 52 Decca Good 10.00 9 28470 Send Email 
Crosby, Bing Anniversary Song/happy Birthday,auld Lang Syne  Decca Excellent 0.00 9 24273, lc Send Email 
Crosby, Bing & Armstrong, Louis Now You Has Jazz/true Love  Cap Sl Fair 0.00 6032, lc, b side bing and grace kelly Send Email 
Crosby, Bing & Sinatra,frank Well Did You Eveh/true Love 56 Cap Good 15.00 f3507, lc, b side with grace Kelly, price guide under sinatra Send Email 
Crosby, Chris Young And In Love/raindrops In My Heart  Mgm Fair 0.00 13191, lc Send Email 
Crosby, Stills & Nash Marrakesh Express/helplessly Hoping 69 Atlantic Very Good 6.00 2652 lc Send Email 
Crosby, Stills & Nash War Games/shadow Captain 83 Atl Good 3.00 small hole 45 98127 Send Email 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Our House/deja Vu 70 Atl Good 6.00 2760 lc Send Email 
Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young American Dream/compass 88 Atl Good 3.00 90037 Send Email 
Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young Teach Your Children/carry On 70 Atl Very Good 6.00 2735 lc Send Email 
Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young Ohio/find The Cost Of Freedom 70 Atl Good 6.00 2740 lc Send Email 
Crosby, Stills,nash And Young Woodstock/helpless 70 Atlantic Good 6.00 2723 lc Send Email 
Cross Country In The Midnight Hour/a Smile Song 73 Atco Good 8.00 6934 Send Email 
Cross, Chistopher Ride Like The Wind/minstrel Gigolo  Wb Very Good 0.00 49184 lc Send Email 
Cross, Chistopher Sailing/poor Shirley  Wb Good 0.00 49507 lc Send Email 
Cross, Chistopher Arthurs Theme/minstrel Gigolo  Wb Very Good 0.00 17847 pc Send Email 
Crothers, Scatman Walkin My Baby Back Home/honeysuckle Rose  Decca Poor 0.00 28895 rc Send Email 
Crow Evil Woman Dont Play Your Games With Me/gonna Le 69 Amaret Good 8.00 am 112, c Send Email 
Crowbar Hey Baby/the Beaver And The Eagle  Daffodil Good 0.00 dfs 1021, c Send Email 
Crowbar Oh What A Feeling/murder In The First Degree  Daffodil Good 0.00 dfs 1004, c Send Email 
Crowded House Into Temptation  Cap Good 0.00 44226 Send Email 
Crowded House Dont Dream Its Over/thats What I Call Love 86 Cap Good 5.00 5614 Send Email 
Crowded House Something So Strong/i Walk Away  Cap Very Good 0.00 b 5695, lc Send Email 
Crowded House Better Be Home Soon/kill Eye-ps-  Cap Very Good 0.00 b44164, ps good Send Email 
Crowell, Rodney Above And Beyond/she Loves The Jerk  Colu Very Good 0.00 38 68948 Send Email 
Crowell, Rodney Crazy Baby/its Such A Small Worl  Colu Good 0.00 38 07693, lc, small world with rosanne cash Send Email 
Cruickshank, Ralph Mon Cher/firebrand  Berandol Very Good 0.00 ber 9053, toronto label Send Email 
Cruickshank, Ralph Parlor Piano/tears  Berandol Good 0.00 ber 9085 Send Email 
Crum, Simon Bop Cat Bop/muki Ruki 56 Cap Bad 20.00 f 3460 split aka ferlin husky Send Email 
Crum, Simon Dont Be Mad/little Red Webb  Cap Good 0.00 4966 Send Email 
Cryan Shames It Could Be Were In Love/i Was Lonely When 67 Colu Fair 10.00 4 44191, ll Send Email 
Cryan Shames, The Sugar And Spice/ben Franklins Almanac 66 Barry/destination Good 15.00 3433 c Send Email 
Crystal Poor Boy/pauvre Gars  Crazy Fox Good 0.00 003/88. label from lac la biche alta., b side same song in french Send Email 
Crystals Da Doo Run Run/git It 63 Philles Very Good 30.00 112, c Send Email 
Crystals, The Then He Kissed Me/brother Julius 63 Philles Good 25.00 ph 115 c Send Email 
Crystals, The Uptown/what A Nice Way To Turn 17 62 Quality/philles Good 40.00 1403x c Send Email 
Crystals, The Hes A Rebel/i Love You Eddie 64 Quality/philles Good 25.00 1441x rc Send Email 
Cuff Links When Julie Comes Around/sally Ann 69 Decca Good 5.00 732592 Send Email 
Cuff Links, The Tracy/where Do You Go 69 Decca Fair 6.00 32533 rc Send Email 
Cult She Sells Sanctuary/no. 13  Vertigo Good 0.00 2361 Send Email 
Cult Fire Woman/automatic Blues  Vertigo Good 0.00 888 778 7 Send Email 
Culture Club Karma Chameleon/thats The Way  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1176, ps Send Email 
Culture Club Time/white Boys Cant Control It  Virgin Good 0.00 vs 1160 Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Mother Keep Your Daughters In/bad News 81 Epic Very Good 4.00 e4-4294 lc Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Stand Tall/burch Magic 76 Portrait Good 5.00 6-70001 rc Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Im Scared/sugartime Flashback Joys 77 Portrait Good 5.00 70002 c Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Never Had A Lady Before/timeless Love 77 Portrait Good 5.00 70003 c Send Email 
Cummings, Burton My Own Way To Rock/a Song For Him 77 Portrait Good 5.00 70007 rc Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Break It To Them Gently/roll With The Punches 78 Portrait Good 5.00 70016 rc Send Email 
Cummings, Burton I Will Play A Rhapsody/when A Man Loves A Woman  Portrait Good 0.00 70024 rc Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Mile A Second/where Are You  Epic Good 0.00 e4 4257, c Send Email 
Cummings, Burton One And Only/wakin Up Today  Epic Very Good 0.00 e4 4262, c Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Fine State Of Affairs/had To Be You  Epic Good 0.00 e4 4248 Send Email 
Cummings, Burton You Saved My Soul/nothin Wrong With The Road  Epic Good 0.00 e4 4284 Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Your Back Yard/is It Really Right 78 Portr Good 5.00 6 70011 Send Email 
Cummings, Burton Takes A Fool To Love A Fool/meanin So Much  Portr Very Good 0.00 e4 4207, c Send Email 
Cunningham Norma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star/cross My Min  Cap Haven Very Good 0.00 7005, c Send Email 
Cunningham, Karen Fool For You/take The Pain Away  20-20 Good 0.00 dwm 4570 Send Email 
Cunningham, Larry Tribute To Jim Reeves/take My Hand Precious Lord  King England Good 0.00 kg 1016, c Send Email 
Curtis, Sonny A Beatle I Want To Be/so Used To Loving You 64 Dimension Good 25.00 d 1024, c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby While Im Away/not Till Now  Tartan Very Good 0.00 60 1031, c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Its Not Funny Honey/tattletale Heart  Tartan Good 0.00 ta60 1034, c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Little Girl Blue/how M I Gonna Tell Ya  Tartan Good 0.00 1019, c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Alone And Lonely/youll Be Falling In Love Someda  Tartan Good 0.00 ta 60 1025, c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Hand In Hand With You/indian Giver  Tartan Good 0.00 60 1015, c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Johnny Take Your Time/hand In Hand With You  Tartan Good 0.00 ta-60-1001 c side 1 shows by the don trio side 2 shows bobby curtola and don trio Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Call Me Baby/it Started When You Stopped  Tartan Blue Good 0.00 1004 Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Dont You Sweetheart Me/my Hearts Tongue Tied  Tartan Blue Good 0.00 1005 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Hitchhiker/my Love  Tartan Blue Good 0.00 1007 Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Fortune Teller/johnny Take Your Time  Tartan Blue Good 0.00 1008 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby You Must Belong To Me/nothings The Same  Tartan Blue  0.00 1009 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby I Cry And Cry/big Time Spender  Tartan White/red Tartan Good 0.00 1010 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Three Rows Over/dream Wishes  Tartan White Fair 0.00 1016 Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Move Over/they Say  Tartan White Good 0.00 1018 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Id Do Anything For You/as Long As Im Sure  Tartan White Excellent 0.00 1022 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Mean Woman Blues/deveil May Care Angel  Tartan White Excellent 0.00 1027 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Donna/makin Love  Tartan White Good 0.00 1029 Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Suddenly/the Real Thing  Tartan White Excellent 0.00 1032 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Wildwood Days/without Your Love  Tartan White Excellent 0.00 1033 c Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Have You Ever Really Been There/lady With The Ro  Tartan Grey Very Good 0.00 w 009 pc Send Email 
Curtola, Bobby Walkin With My Angel/midnight  Tartan Fair 0.00 60-1028, c Send Email 
Cutting Crew Died In Your Arms/for The Longest Time-pc_  Virgin Very Good 0.00 vs 1341, pc good Send Email 
Cycle All I Really Need Is You/looking At Each Other  Tamarac Good 0.00 ttm 646 c Send Email 
Cymarron Rings/like Children  Colu Excellent 0.00 zs7 7500 lc Send Email 
Cymbal Johnny Mr Bass Man/sacred Lovers Vow 63 Kapp Good 20.00 k 503 lc Send Email 
Cyrkle Red Rubber Ball/how Can I Leave Her 66 Colu Good 12.00 4 43589, ll Send Email 
Cyrkle, The Turn Down Day/big Little Woman 66 Colu Good 10.00 4-43729 lc Send Email 
Cyrus, Billy Ray Achy Breaky Heart/wherem I Gonna Live  Merc Good 0.00 866 522 7 Send Email 
Cyrus, Billy Ray Im So Miserable/couldve Been Me  Merc Good 0.00 866 998 7 Send Email 
D-drifters Its Fun To Be Ukrainian/dis Go Here,dis Go Dere  Perogy Records Excellent 0.00 101 pc Send Email 
D'arby , Terence Trent Wishing Well/as Yet Untitled -pc-  Colu Good 0.00 ic4 3024, ps good, b side vvg Send Email 
Daddy Dewdrop Chick-a-boom/john Jacob Bingleheimer Smith  Sunflower Good 0.00 sf 105 c Send Email 
Dahl, Steve Do You Think Im Disco/coho Lip Blues  Ovation Good 0.00 ovs 1132 Send Email 
Daigle, Ted I Miss You/in A World Of Our Own  Rodeo Good 0.00 238 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Pedros Pad/side Winder  Ua Good 0.00 722 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Honeybun/come On Down  Cap Good 0.00 72259 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Pedros Pad/side Winder  Quality Good 0.00 1631 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Feel Good/hoochi Coochi Coo  Cap Good 0.00 72305 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Las Vegas Scene/sour Biscuits  Quality Good 0.00 1660 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes El Ringo/creepy  Qual Good 0.00 1250 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Hobo/rolling Rock  Cap Good 0.00 72213 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Midnight Hour/mommas Boy  Cap Good 0.00 72442 Send Email 
Dakus, Wes Taboo/remind Me  Quality/ Good 0.00 1023 Send Email 
Dale & Grace Im Leaving It Up To You/thats What I Like 63 Quality/montel Excellent 12.00 1564 lc, have a second copy for play Send Email 
Dale & Grace Stop And Think It Over/bad Luck 63 Quality/montel Good 12.00 1594 c Send Email 
Dale & Grace Im Leaving It Up To You/stop And Think It Over  Quality Gold Good 0.00 043, c Send Email 
Dale & Grace The Loneliest Night/im Not Free 64 Qual/montel Good 12.00 1620 Send Email 
Daley, Jimmy & Ding A Lings Ep 57 Decca Good 50.00 ed 2481, c, cutsrockabye lullabye blues,teen age bop, the most/can I steal a little love,juke box rock,the saints rock n roll.from movie soundtrack rock pretty baby Send Email 
Dalida Romantica/milord  Ariola Germany Good 0.00 35 330 Send Email 
Dallas Stage Of Life/ob La Di Ob La Da  Rca Good 0.00 75 1015 Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. Everybody Makes Mistakes/wild Turkey  Colu Very Good 0.00 18 02637, rsc Send Email 
Dalton, Lacy J. 16th Avenue/you Cant Take The Texas