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Most Wanted Records

2008    Panic At The Disco    Pretty. Odd.

1973    who, the    Quadrophenia

2002    mu330    Ultra Panic

2015    Punch Brothers    The Phosphorescent Blues

Counting Crows Somewhere Under Wonderland 2014 Capitol Records  0.00  Send Email 
Features, The Exhibit A 2004   0.00  Send Email 
Features, The Some Kind Of Salvation 2008   0.00  Send Email 
Features, The The Features 2013   0.00  Send Email 
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 1977 Warner Bros.  0.00  Send Email 
Foo Fighers There Is Nothing Left To Lose 1999   0.00  Send Email 
Foo Fighters In Your Honor 2005   0.00  Send Email 
Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker 2016 Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Mu330 Ultra Panic 2002 Asian Man Records  0.00  Send Email 
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats 2015 Staxx  0.00  Send Email 
Panic At The Disco Pretty. Odd. 2008   0.00  Send Email 
Paul Simon Graceland 1986 Warner Bros.  0.00  Send Email 
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures 2009   0.00  Send Email 
Weezer Blue Album 1994 Dgc Records  0.00  Send Email 
Whigs, The Mission Control 2008   0.00  Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic "weird Al" Yankovic In 3d 1984   0.00  Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Polka Party 1986   0.00  Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Even Worse 1988   0.00  Send Email 
Fall Out Boy From Under The Cork Tree 2005   0.00  Send Email 
Maroon 5 Songs About Jane 2002   0.00  Send Email 
2x 12"
Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues 2015 Nonesuch Records  0.00  Send Email 
Who, The Quadrophenia 1973   0.00  Send Email 
Yellowcard Yellowcard 2016 Hopeless Records  0.00  Send Email 
Wanted: 12" - 15, CD - 5, 2x 12" - 3
For Trade
Blackfoot Strikes 1979 Atco Records Very Good 0.00 Compact Discovery, Cookeville. Paid ~$5. Send Email 
Eric Clapton Money And Cigarettes 1983 Duck Records Poor 0.00 No sleeve :( Send Email 
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Sing In Japanese 2011 Fat Wreck Chords Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $10. Send Email 
Mott The Hoople Mott 1973 Columbia Good 0.00 Media Rerun, M'boro. Send Email 
Backstreet Boys Black & Blue 2000 Jive Very Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75. Send Email 
Buck-o-nine Twenty-eight Teeth 1997 Tvt Records Good 0.00 Essex, Cookeville. Paid $2. Send Email 
Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera 1999 Rca Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75 Send Email 
Good Charlotte The Chronicles Of Life And Death 2004 Daylight Fair 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
I Voted For Kodos My New Obsession 2006  Good 0.00 McKay, Knoxville. Paid $0.89. Send Email 
Kings Of Leon Come Around Sundown 2010 Rca Excellent 0.00 Gift. Send Email 
Nelly Furtado Whoa, Nelly! 2000 Dreamworks Very Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75. Send Email 
Planet The, The You Absorb My Vision 2005  Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75. It looked so weird I had to buy it; still can't make myself finish the album. Send Email 
Shaggy Hotshot 2000 Mca Records Fair 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.50. Send Email 
2x 12"
Mountain Twin Peaks 1974 Columbia Windfall Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records. Paid $3. Send Email 
For Trade: 12" - 4, CD - 9, 2x 12" - 1
Not For Trade
Features, The Rambo 2011 Bug Music, Serpents And Snakes Excellent 0.00 Signed by Matt Pelham. MTSU concert, spring 2012. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic "weird Al" Yankovic 1983 Rock 'n Roll Records, Scotti Bro Fair 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid $15. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic "weird Al" Yankovic In 3-d 1984 Rock 'n Roll Records, Scotti Bro Very Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid $15. Send Email 
Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds 1966  Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Boston Boston 1976  Good 0.00 Gift! Send Email 
Chuck Mangione Fun And Games 1979 A&m Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid ~$5. Send Email 
Clash, The London Calling 1979  Mint 0.00 Gift! Send Email 
Counting Crows Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did On Our Summe 2012 Collective Sounds Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, 3/16 Send Email 
Decemberists, The The King Is Dead 2011 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, 3/16 Send Email 
Eagles Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) 1976 Asylum Very Good 0.00 Digital Planet, M'boro. Send Email 
Eels Hombre Lobo 2009   0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Send Email 
Features, The Wilderness 2011 Bug Music, Serpents And Snakes Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Paid ~$15. Send Email 
Fitz And The Tantrums Pickin' Up The Pieces 2010 Dangerbird Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid ~$20. Send Email 
Kansas Point Of Know Return 1977 Kirshner, Legacy/epic Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Send Email 
Kansas Leftoverture 1976 Kirshner, Legacy/epic Fair 0.00 Digital Planet. Paid ~$7. Send Email 
Killers, The Sam's Town 2006 Island, Vertigo Excellent 0.00 Picture disc. Gets stuck in a loop about 10 seconds in first track. Hastings, M'boro. Paid $16. Send Email 
Mumford & Sons Babel 2012 Island Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid ~$15. Send Email 
Mumford & Sons Sigh No More 2009 Island, Grassnote Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid ~$18. Send Email 
Phil Collins No Jacket Required 1985 Atlantic Poor 0.00 No sleeve :( Send Email 
Postal Service Give Up 2003 Sub Pop Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, 2/16 Send Email 
Queen A Night At The Opera 1975 Emi, Parlophone Fair 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid $8. Send Email 
Queen A Day At The Races 1976  Excellent 0.00 21st birthday gift! Send Email 
Red Fang Murder The Mountains 2011  Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Send Email 
Roger Miller Golden Hits 1965 Smash Poor 0.00 No sleeve :( Send Email 
Steppenwolf The Second 1968  Good 0.00 Gift! Send Email 
Supertramp Breakfast In America 1979 A&m Very Good 0.00 Compact Discovery, Cookeville. $4. Send Email 
Whigs, The Enjoy The Company 2012 New West Records Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Paid ~$18. Send Email 
Whigs, The In The Dark 2010 Ato Records Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Paid ~$18. Send Email 
Whigs, The Modern Creation 2014  Excellent 0.00 Gift! Send Email 
Yellowcard Southern Air 2012 Hopeless Excellent 0.00 Hastings, Knoxville. 11/15 Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Mandatory Fun 2014  Mint 0.00 Pre-ordered from Amazon. Paid $10. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Alpocalypse 2011  Very Good 0.00 Deluxe edition with music videos. Amazon. Paid $12. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic The Essential "weird Al" Yankovic 2009  Excellent 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Straight Outta Lynwood 2006  Good 0.00 Dual-disc. DVD side is scratched and won't play :( Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Poodle Hat 2003  Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Running With Scissors 1999  Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Bad Hair Day 1996  Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Alapalooza 1993  Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Off The Deep End 1992  Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Uhf Soundtrack 1988  Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic "weird Al" Yankovic 1983  Mint 0.00 Unopened (I just listen to the vinyl.) Hastings, M'boro. Paid $5. Send Email 
"weird Al" Yankovic Dare To Be Stupid 1985  Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. $5 new Send Email 
Ace Troubleshooter It's Never Enough 2004  Very Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Alan Jackson A Lot About Livin' (and A Little 'bout Love) 1992  Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid $1. Send Email 
Andre W.k. I Get Wet 2002 Island Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid $2.50. Send Email 
Aquabats, The Charge!! 2005 Nitro Records Very Good 0.00 Great Escape, Nashville. Send Email 
Aquabats, The Hi-five Soup! 2011 Fearless Records Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Audio Adrenaline Audio Adrenaline 1992  Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Audio Adrenaline Adios: The Greatest Hits 2006  Very Good 0.00 Outreach Thrift, M'boro. Paid $1.50. Send Email 
Backstreet Boys The Hits, Chapter One 2001 Jive Poor 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. No case :( Send Email 
Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out 2000 S-curve Records Fair 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $0.95. Send Email 
Barenáked Ladies Gordon 1992 Reprise/sire Good 0.00 Peavine Records, Crossville. Send Email 
Blink-182 Blink-182 2003 Geffen Very Good 0.00 Bargain Hunt/Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Brooks & Dunn Red Dirt Road 2003  Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $5. Send Email 
Bush Razorblade Suitcase 1996  Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Coldplay Mylo Xyloto 2011 Parlophone, Capitol Excellent 0.00 Amazon. Paid $10. Send Email 
Counting Crows August And Everything After 1993  Good 0.00 McKay, Knoxville. Paid $1.45. Send Email 
Counting Crows Recovering The Satellites 1996  Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
Counting Crows Films About Ghosts: The Best Of... 2003  Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
Counting Crows This Desert Life 1999 Geffen Fair 0.00 Goodwill, Cookeville. $2. Send Email 
David Gray White Ladder 2000  Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Dc Talk Jesus Freak 1995  Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Deep Blue Something Home 1995 Interscope Very Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Dirty Vegas Dirty Vegas 2002  Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
Eels Saturday Morning 2003  Fair 0.00 McKay, Knoxville. Paid $0.68. Send Email 
Eels Daisies Of The Galaxy 2000  Very Good 0.00 Little Shop of Records, M'boro. Paid $1. Send Email 
Eels Electro-shock Blues 1998  Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $11. Send Email 
Eiffel 65 Europop 1999  Good 0.00 Alternate cover. Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra Out Of The Blue 1977 Jet Records Good 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Paid $3. Send Email 
Features, The The Features (lp) 2013 Bug Music, Serpents And Snakes Excellent 0.00 Ordered from artist website. Paid ~$10. Came with stickers!! Send Email 
Features, The Wilderness 2011  Excellent 0.00 Last album I bought at Peavine Records before it closed down :( Send Email 
Features, The Some Kind Of Salvation 2009  Excellent 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Features, The Exhibit A 2004  Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Features, The The Beginning 2004  Very Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Features, The Contrast 2006  Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Features, The The Features (ep) 1997  Very Good 0.00 Compact Discovery, Cookeville. Paid $6. Send Email 
Foo Fighters Wasting Light 2011  Excellent 0.00 Target. Came with a strip of film from the master tape! Send Email 
Gin Blossoms Congratulations I'm Sorry 1996  Good 0.00 Essex, Knoxville. Paid $0.51. Send Email 
Hawk Nelson Live Life Loud! 2009  Very Good 0.00 3D art design. Came with red/cyan glasses! Target, Knoxville. Paid ~$11. Send Email 
Hockey Mind Chaos 2009  Excellent 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Hootie & The Blowfish Cracked Rear View 1994 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $5. Send Email 
Howard Baer Celtic Mystique 2001  Very Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $2. Send Email 
Howie Day Australia 2000  Fair 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Jeremy Kittel Chasing Sparks 2010  Very Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Lemaitre Relativity 3 2013  Excellent 10.00 Picked up at a show, Nashville. Send Email 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Don't Know How To Party 1993 Polygram Very Good 0.00 I think Peavine Records. Send Email 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Let's Face It 1997 Mercury Very Good 0.00 Peavine Records, Crossville. Send Email 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Pay Attention 2000 Island Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Ska-core, The Devil, And More 1993  Very Good 0.00 McKay, Nashville. Paid $0.68. Send Email 
Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News 2004  Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
Mxpx Let It Happen 1998  Fair 0.00 Peavine Records, Crossville. Send Email 
Mxpx The Ever Passing Moment 2000  Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Myron Floren Polka Favorites 1994  Very Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.50. Send Email 
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom 1995 Trauma, Interscope Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Ok Go Oh No 2005  Very Good 0.00 One of the last CD's I bought before going digital for a few years. Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Owl City Ocean Eyes 2009 Universal Republic Excellent 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. Paid ~$12. Send Email 
Panic At The Disco Pretty. Odd. 2008  Excellent 0.00 Peavine Records, Crossville. Send Email 
Paper Route Absence 2009  Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Pax217 Twoseventeeen 2000  Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Proclaimers, The Sunshine On Leith 1988  Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75. Send Email 
Ray Stevens Lend Me Your Ears 2005  Fair 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Ray Stevens His All-time Greatest Comic Hits 1990  Fair 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Ray Stevens Box Set 2006  Very Good 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. Paid ~$13. Send Email 
Relient K Five Score And Seven Years Ago 2007  Very Good 0.00 McKay, Nashville. Paid $2. Send Email 
Rippingtons, The Curves Ahead 1991  Very Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $1. Send Email 
Robbie Williams Sing When You're Winning 2000  Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75. Send Email 
Robinella And The Ccstringband No Saint, No Prize 2001  Very Good 0.00 Outreach Thrift, M'boro. Paid $1.50. Send Email 
Rush Gold 2006 Mercury Very Good 0.00 Compact Discovery, Cookeville. Paid $12. Send Email 
Save Ferris It Means Everything 1997 Epic, Starpool Very Good 0.00 Peavine Records, Crossville. Send Email 
Shania Twain Come On Over 1997  Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Side Walk Slam Give Back 2002  Fair 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Send Email 
Smash Mouth Fush Yu Mang 1997 Interscope Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $0.95. Send Email 
Specials, The The Singles Collection 1991 2 Tone Fair 0.00 McKay's, Knoxville. Send Email 
Sponge Wax Ecstatic 1996  Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $0.75. Send Email 
Stellar Kart Life Is Good: The Best Of 2009  Excellent 0.00 I have two copies for some reason. Send Email 
Sugar Ray The Best Of Sugar Ray 2005 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Sugar Ray Sugar Ray 2001 Atlantic Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Sugar Ray 14:51 1999 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected? 2002 Island/mercury Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
System Of A Down Toxicity 2001  Very Good 0.00 Compact Discovery, Cookeville. Paid $8. Send Email 
Tally Hall Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum 2008 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Amazon. Send Email 
Thousand Foot Krutch The Art Of Breaking 2005  Poor 0.00 Beat the heck out this CD as an angsty pre-teen. Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Toasters, The Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down 1997 Moon Ska Good 0.00 Compact Discovery, Cookeville. Paid $5. Send Email 
Tobymac Welcome To Diverse City 2004  Good 0.00 Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Various Artists Freaky Friday Soundtrack 2003 Hollywood Records Very Good 0.00 Might be horrible but this CD got me into Andrew WK as a kid. Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Various Artists Grammy Nominees 2007 2007 Sony Bmg Very Good 0.00 One of the last CD's I bought before going digital in my teens. Also the highest charting Grammy album to date. Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Various Artists Garden State Soundtrack 2004  Excellent 0.00 Essex, Nashville. Paid $1.95. Send Email 
Various Artists The Swing Era 2002  Very Good 0.00 Book Cellar, Crossville. Paid $1. Send Email 
Various Artists O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack 2000  Good 0.00 One of the best soundtracks out there. Walmart, Crossville. Send Email 
Various Vegetable Artists Veggietales Greatest Hits 2008  Very Good 0.00 Essex, M'boro. Send Email 
Whigs, The Modern Creation 2014 New West Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Paid $9. Send Email 
Whigs, The Mission Control 2005 Ato Records Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, Nashville. Send Email 
Whigs, The In The Dark 2010  Very Good 0.00 Came with vinyl. Send Email 
Will Smith Greatest Hits 2002 Columbia Fair 0.00 Outreach Thrift, M'boro. Paid $1.50. Send Email 
2x 12"
Allman Brothers Band, The At Fillmore East 1971 Capricorn Good 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $10. Send Email 
Baroness Red Album 2007 Relapse Excellent 0.00 Grimey's, 2/16 Send Email 
Daft Punk Discovery 2001 Virgin Excellent 0.00 Digital Planet, M'boro. Paid $20. Send Email 
Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace 2007 Roswell, Rca Excellent 0.00 Hastings, M'boro. Paid $20. Send Email 
Not For Trade 7": 1, 12": 29, CD: 104, 2x 12": 4

mcarson's List Summary

Wanted: 12" - 15, CD - 5, 2x 12" - 3
For Trade: 12" - 4, CD - 9, 2x 12" - 1
Not For Trade 7": 1, 12": 29, CD: 104, 2x 12": 4

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