Real Name: john Maskell
Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
Not For Trade
Allisons The Are You Sure/ There's One Thing More 1961 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Disc No H.294 Mono Matrix 267139 1F 267139 2F Send Email 
Amen Corner Bend Me Shape Me/ Satislek The Job's Worth 1968 Deram Very Good 0.00 Disc No DM 172 Mono Matrix DR 41854 DR 41890 Send Email 
Amen Corner High In The Sky/ Run, Run, Run 1968 Deram Very Good 0.00 Disc No DM 197 Mono Matrix XDR 42776 XDR 42578 Send Email 
America A Horse With No Name/everyone I Meet Is From California/sandman 1961 Warner Bros Records Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No K 16128 Matrix No K 16128 A/B Send Email 
Andrews Chris Yesterday Man/ Too Bad You Don't Want Me 1965 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.12236 Mono Matrix XDRF=36462-T1-1C XDRF-36463-T1-1C Send Email 
Animals, The Inside-lookingout/outcast 1966 Decca Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No F.12332 Matrix No XDR.37424/5 Send Email 
Anka Paul Lonely Boy/ Your Love 1959 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4324 Mono Matrix 45 AMP 3410 1N 45 AMP 3394 1N Send Email 
Ashton Gardener & Dyke The Resurection Shuffle/ Hymn To Everyone 1970 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Disc No CL 15665 Stereo Matrix CL15665 A1 SF 75255-1 Send Email 
Ashton, Bud/rikki Henderson Telstar/don't That Beat All 1962 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No 45-WB 525 Matrix No X.9578/9579 Send Email 
Atomic Rooster Tomorrow Night/ Play The Game 1970 B & C Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No CB-131 Stereo Matrix CB 131 A2 CB 131 B1 Send Email 
Badfinger Day After Day/ Sweet Tuesday Morning 1972 Apple Excellent 0.00 Disc No Apple 40 Stereo Matrix Apple 40 A1 Apple 40 B1 Produced By: G. Harrison Slide Guitar George Harrison Piano: Leon Russell Send Email 
Badfinger No Matter What/better Days 1970 Apple Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc (Solid Centre) No Apple 31 Matrix No Apple 31A/B Send Email 
Baldry Long John Baldry's Out/ Baldry's Out 1979 Emi America Excellent 0.00 Disc No P.8018 Stereo Matrix SPRO 9160 S500121 Send Email 
Baldry, Long John You'll Be Mine/up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air 1964 United Arttists Excellent 0.00 Original Cover Excellent Disc No DB-1056 Matrix No 45UP-1056 A/B Send Email 
Ball Kenny & His Jazzmen Wild Daffodil/ Don't Give Me Sympathy 1968 Pye Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7N.17536 Mono Matrix 7N 17536 A-1 7N 17536 B-1 Send Email 
Bananarama, -la Na Nee Nee Noo Noo Help/ Help 1989 London Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No LON 222 Stereo Matrix LON 222 J1 LON 223 J1 Send Email 
Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas ?/ Feed The World 1984 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Disc No Feed 1 Stereo Matrix Feed 1 A Feed 1 5 Send Email 
Barber, Chris Jazz Band New Orleans Parade/revival 1961 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No SCD 2166 Matrix No 7XCA25749/50 Send Email 
Barber's Chris Jazz Band Lonesome (si Tuvois Ma Mere)/there'll Be A Hot T 1959 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4333 Matrix No7XCA24894-1/2 Send Email 
Barron Knights The Pop Go The Workers 1965 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Cover Has Writing On It Disc No DB 7525 Matrix No 7XCA 28893/94 Send Email 
Barry John Seven & Orchestra Cutty Sark/ Lost Patrol 1962 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4806 Matrix No 7XoA-25946-1N/ 25770-1N Send Email 
Barry John Seven & Orchestra The James Bond Theme/ The Blacksmith Blues 1962 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4898 Mono Matrix 7XCA 25998-1N 7XCA26150-1N Send Email 
Barry John Seven & Orchestra The Human Jungle/ Onward, Christian Spacemen 1963 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7003 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26327 1N 7XCA 25896 1N Send Email 
Barry Seven John The Christella/ Twelth Street Rag 1959 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-R 4582 Matrix No 7XCE 16369-1N/ 16368-1N Send Email 
Bassey Shirley Hands Across The Sea/ As I Love You 1958 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No 326 323 BF Mono Matrix AA 326323 1F AA 326323 2F Send Email 
Beach Boys The Darlin'/ Country Air 1967 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Disc No CL 15527 Mono Matrix F 58585 F58686 Send Email 
Beach Boys The Do It Again/ Wake The World 1968 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Disc No CL 15554 Mono Matrix F 59902-1 F 59340-1 Send Email 
Beachcombers The Night Train/ The Keel Row 1964 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No DB 7200 Matrix No 7XCA27251-1N/ 27252-1N Send Email 
Beatles The Magical Mystery Tour 1968 Apple Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Booklet Insert Disc No MMT A1/B1 Mono 7XCE 18435-1/34-1/ 36-1/37-1 2 x 7" Discs Send Email 
Beatles The Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields Forever 1967 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Original Picture Cover Disc No R 5570 Mono 7XCE 18415-1/16-2 Send Email 
Beatles The Ticket To Ride/ Yes It Is 1966 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5265 Stereo Matrix 7XCE 18254-3/55-2 Send Email 
Beatles The Let It Be/ You Know My Name (look Up The Number) 1970 Apple Excellent 0.00 Original Picture Cover Disc No R 5833 Stereo Matrix 7YCE 21407-1/08-1 Send Email 
Beatles The A Hard Days Night/ Things We Said Today 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5160 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17714 1N/15 1N Send Email 
Beatles The She Loves You/ I'll Get You 1963 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R5055 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17395 1N/96/ 1N Send Email 
Beatles The Can't Buy Me Love/ You Can't Do That 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5114` Mono Matrix 7XCE 17657 1N/58 1N Send Email 
Beatles The From Me To You/ Thank You Girl 1963 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5015 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17329 1N/30 1N Send Email 
Beatles The Love Me Do/ P. S. I Love You 1987 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Swedish Release Generic Cover Replacement Centre Disc No 45-R 4949 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17144 2 7XCE 17145 2 Send Email 
Beatles The Hello Goodbye/ I Am The Walrus (no Your Not Said 1967 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R5655 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18433 1 7XCE 18454 1 Send Email 
Beatles The Hey Jude/ Revolution 1968 Apple Very Good 0.00 Disc No R5722 Mono Matrix 7XCE.21185 7XCE .21186 Send Email 
Beatles The We Can Work It Out/ Day Tripper 1965 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5389 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18341-1 7XCE 18342-1 Send Email 
Beatles The We Can Work It Out/ Day Tripper 1965 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5389 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18341-1 7XCE 18342-1 Send Email 
Beatles The I Feel Fine/ She's A Woman 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5200 Mono Matrix XCE 18171 1N XCE 18172 1N Send Email 
Beatles The Get Back/ Don't Let Me Down 1969 Apple Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5777 Stereo Matrix 7XCE 21296 1U 7XCE 21297 1U Send Email 
Beatles The Lady Madonna/ The Inner Light 1968 Apple Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5675 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18438-3 7XCE 18439-2 Send Email 
Beatles The The Ballad Of John And Yoko/ Old Brown Shoe 1969 Apple Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5786 Mono Matrix 7XCE .21306 7XCE.21307 Send Email 
Beatles, The Now And Then/love Me Do 2023 Apple/parlaphone Mint 0.00 Picture Cover Mint Disc No 4814586 A/45-R 451 4586 Barcode ASIN: B0CKZXNFB3 Send Email 
Bennett Cliff & The Rebel Rousers I Have Cried My Last Tear/ As Long As She Looks  1965 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No R 5317 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17888-1 7XCE 17889-1 Send Email 
Berries Rockin, The What In The World's Come Over You/you Don't Know What You Do 1965 Piccadilly Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Excellent Disc No 7N.35217 Matrix No P.45.1217-A/B Send Email 
Berry Dave The Crying Game/ Don't Gimme No Lip Child 1964 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.11937 Mono Matrix DRF-33562-T1-1C DRF-33563-T1-1C Send Email 
Berry, Dave Stranger/stick By The Book 1967 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover EX Disc No F.12579 Matrix No DR.39843/CPDR.39925 Send Email 
Berry, Mike Don't You Think It's Time/loneliness 1962 His Masters Voice Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-Pop 1105 Matrix No 7XEA 20553-1N P T 1/7XEA 20554-1N P T 1 Send Email 
Big Fun Blame It On The Boogie/ Blame It On The Boogie ( 1989 Zomba Records Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No JIVE 217 A/B Stereo Matrix JIVE 217 A1 JIVE 217 B1 Send Email 
Big Three The By The Way/ Cavern Stomp 1963 Decca Very Good 0.00 Replacement Centre Disc No F.11689 Mono Matrix CPDRF 31006-T1-1C CPDRF 31007-T1-1C Send Email 
Black Cilla Step Inside Love/ I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off Yo 1968 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5674 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18440-1 7XCE 15441-1 Send Email 
Black Cilla Surround Yourself With Sorrow/ London Bridge 1969 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5759 Matrix No 7XCE21263-1/2 Send Email 
Blackjacks The The Red Dragon/ Woo-woo 1963 Pye Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7N.15586 Matrix No 45.XX.1586-A/B Send Email 
Blue Mink Stay With Me/we'll Be There 1972 Regal Zonophone Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No RZ 3064 Matrix No7YCAR 7051/2 Send Email 
Blue Mink By The Devil (i Was Tempted)/i Can't Find The Answer 1973 Emi Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No EMI 2007 Matrix No EMI 2007 A/B Send Email 
Blunstone Colin I Don't Believe In Miracles/ I've Always Had You 1972 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No S EPC 8434 Stereo Matrix EPC 8434 A2 EPC 8434 B2 Send Email 
Blunstone Colin Say You Don't Mind/ Let Me Come Closer 1972 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No EPC 7765 Stereo Matrix EPC 7765 A1 EPC 7765 B1 Send Email 
Bo-belles I Wonder Who's Waiting Up For You Tonight/ Work 1976 Bell Excellent 0.00 Disc No Bell 1474 Stereo Matrix Bell 1474 A1 Bell 1474 B1 Send Email 
Bob And Marcia Young Gifted And Black/ Young Gifted And Black ( 1970 Harry J Excellent 0.00 Disc No HJ 6605-A/B Stereo Matrix HJ 6605 A3 HJ 6605 B3 Send Email 
Boone Pat The Main Attraction/ Amour Baciami 1962 London Dot Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLD 9620 Mono Matrix 45 MSD 6103 1T 45 MSD 6104 1T Send Email 
Boone Pat April Love/ When The Swallows Come Back To Capis 1957 London (tricorn Centre) Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-D.8512 Mono Matrix 45-MSD-2047-1C 45-MSD-2048-1C Send Email 
Boone Pat Quando, Quando, Quando/ Willing And Eager 1962 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLD 9543 Mono Matrix 45-MSD-5825-1C 45-MSD-5826-1C Send Email 
Bostic Earl Off Shore/ Don't You Do It 1953 King Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-4683 Mono Matrix K-45-9341-R1 K-45-5976-R1 Send Email 
Bowie David Starman/ Sufferagette City 1972 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Disc No RCA 2199 Stereo Matrix BGBS 0904 A2 AGBS 0905 Send Email 
Bowie, David Drive-in Saturday/round And Round 1973 Rca Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good (Slight nick) Disc No RCA 2352 Matrix No CGBS 1248/9 Send Email 
Brook, Brothers, The He's Old Enough To Know Better/win Or Lose 1962 Pye Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 7N.15409 Matrix No 45.XX.1409-A/B Send Email 
Brown Joe Always Laughing/ We Were Never That Kind 1976 Pinnacle Very Good 0.00 Disc No P 8434 Mono Matrix P 8434 A1 P 8434 B1 Send Email 
Brown Joe & The Bruvvers It Only Took A Minute/ All Things Bright And Bea 1962 Piccadilly Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.35082 Mono Matrix P 45 1082 A1 P 45 1082 B1 Send Email 
Brown Joe & The Bruvvers That's What Love Will Do/ Hava Nagila (the Hora) 1963 Piccadilly Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.35106 Mono Matrix P 45 1106 A3 P 45 1106 B3 Send Email 
Brown, Joe Your Tender Look/the Other Side Of Town 1962 Piccadilly Very Good 0.00 Cover Good Disc No 7N.35058 Matrix No P.45.1058-A/B Send Email 
Bruno Wander Boy/ Window In My Room 1966 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No R 5450 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18879 7XCE 18880 Send Email 
Bryson Peabo/flack Roberta Tonight I Celebrate My Love/ Born To Love 1983 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Disc No CL 302 Matrix No CL 302A/B Send Email 
Bucks Fizz The Land Of Make Believe/ Now You're Gone 1981 Rca Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No RCA 163 Stereo Matrix Town House RCA 153 A1 Town House RCA 153 B1 Send Email 
Burnette Johnny Little Boy Sad/ Pledge Of Love 1960 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-G 9315 Mono Matrix 45-MSX-5030-1C 45-MSX-5095-1C Send Email 
C.c.s. Tap Turns On The Water/ Save The World 1971 Rak Very Good 0.00 No Centre Disc No RAK 119 Martix No RAK 119A/B Send Email 
Campbell, Jean Many Tears Ago/sailor 1961 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Disc And |Cover Very Good Plus Disc No 45-WB 434 Matrix No X. 9395/9396 Send Email 
Candlewick Green Who Do You Think You Are/fingers In Your Ears 1973 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No F R 13480 Matrix No ZXDR.54783/4 Send Email 
Canned Heat On The Road Again/ World In A Jug 1968 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Disc No LBF 15090 Mono Matrix LBF 15090 A LBF 15090 B Send Email 
Cannon Freddie Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Fractured 1959 Top Rank Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-JAR-247 Matrix No 45-KR-437/8 Send Email 
Capaldi, Jim The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys/bathroom Jane 1980 Carrere Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Very Good Disc No Car 167 Matrix No WEA-TIP2 CAR 167 A-1/W-IKD CAR 167 B-2 Send Email 
Caravelles, The You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry/the Last One To Know 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No F.11697 Matrix No XDR.31158//9 Send Email 
Carle, Les The First Time/somebody Else's Girl 1963 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-WB 595 Matrix No X.9720/1 Send Email 
Carle, Les In Dreams/take These Chains From My Heart 1963 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-WB 563 Matrix No X.9666 (45)/7 (45) Send Email 
Carroll Ronnie If Only Tomorrow (could Be Like Today/ Think Of 1962 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No 326550 BF Mono Matrix 326550 1F 326550 2F Send Email 
Casuals, The Jesamine/ive Got Something Too 1968 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Very Good Disc Number F22784 Matrix Number XDR 42705/6 Send Email 
Chairman Of The Board Give Me Just A Little More Time/ Since The Days 1970 Invictus Good 0.00 Disc No INV 501 Stereo Matrix INV 501 A1 INV 501 B1 Send Email 
Chamberlin Richard Hi-lili,hi-lo/ All I Have To Do Is Dream 1963 Mgm Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-MGM-1189 Mono Matrix 62 XY 128 2N 62 XY 131 1N Send Email 
Charles & Eddie Would I Lie To You?/unconditional 1992 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No CL673 Matrix No CL 673A/B Send Email 
Charles Ray The Cincinnati Kid/ That's All I Am To You 1965 H.m.v. Demonstration Copy (not F Excellent 0.00 Disc No POP 1484 Matrix 45AMP 12768/12691 Send Email 
Charles Tina I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playin'/ Joe 1976 Mam Mint 0.00 (Demo Record Not For Sale) Disc No MAM 142 Stereo Matrix MAM 142 A-1 MAM 142 B-1 Send Email 
Charles, Ray Take These Chains From My Heart/no Letter Today 1963 His Masters Voice Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No POP 1161 Matrix No 45AMP 11070/11066 Send Email 
Chucks The Loo-be-loo/ Anytime Is The Right Time 1963 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11569 Mono Matrix XDRF 30107 T1 XDRF 30108 T1 Send Email 
Clapton Eric I Shot The Sheriff/ Give Me Strength 1974 Rso Excellent 0.00 Disc No 2090-132 Stereo Matrix 2090132 A1 2090132 B1 Send Email 
Clark Dave Five The Come Home/ Mighty Good Lovin' 1965 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7580 Mono Matrix No 7XCA 27617-1 7XCA 27618-1 Send Email 
Clark Dave Five The Bits & Pieces/ All Of The Time 1964 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7210 Mono Matrix 7XCA27266 1N 7XCA 27267-1U Send Email 
Clout Substitute/when Will You Be Mine 1978 Carrere Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Very good Disc No EMI 2788 Matrix No EMI 2788 A/B Send Email 
Coasters The Along Came Jones/ This Is Rock And Roll 1958 London Good 0.00 Dosc No 45-HLE 8882 Matrix No 45-MSM-3518-1C/19-1C Send Email 
Coasters The Charlie Brown/ Three Cool Cats 1958 London Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLE 8819 Matrix No 45-MSM-3260-1C/ 45-MSM-3261-2C Send Email 
Cole, Nat King Look No Further/but Beautiful 1958 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Generic Sleeve Disc No CL 15334 Matrix No F 37138 45/F 19066 45 Send Email 
Commodored The Just To Be Close To You 1978 Motown Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No TMG 1127 Matrix No STML 12100/12087 Send Email 
Como Perry Dream On Little Dreamer/ My Own Peculiar Way 1965 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Disc No RCA 1450 Mono Matrix SPKM-1137-1C SPKM-1130-1C Send Email 
Conley Arthur Funky Street/ Put Our Love Together 1968 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Disc No 584175 Stereo Matrix 584175 A 584175 B Send Email 
Conway Russ China Tea/ The Wee Boy Of Brussels 1959 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4337 Matrix 7XCA 24897 1N 7XCA 24897 2N Send Email 
Cooke Peter & Moore Dudley Goodbyee/ Not Only But Also 1965 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No F.12158 Mono Matrix DRF-35819-T1-1C DRF-35618-T1-1C Send Email 
Cooke Sam Another Saturday Night/ Love Will Find A Way 1963 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 Disc No RCA 1341 Mono Matrix PHKM-3718-1T PHKM-3719-1T Send Email 
Costello Elvis And The Attractions Pump It Up/ Big Tears 1978 Radar Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No ADA 10 Matrix ADA 101A/B Send Email 
Cunningham, Larry & The Mighty Avons I Dreamed About Mom Last Night/little Nell 1967 King Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No KG. 1070 Matrix No KG 337QAX/y Send Email 
Cupids Inspiration Yeterday Has Gone/ Dream 1968 Nems Very Good 0.00 Disc No 56-3500 Matrix 7486/7 Send Email 
Danes Tony Chapel In The Moonlight/ Echo Of Footsteps 1963 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No TF 433 Mono Matrix 267315 1F 267315 2F Send Email 
Danny & The Juniors At The Hop/rock & Roll Is Here To Stay 1976 Abc Records Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Very Good Disc No ABC 4123 Matrix Number ABC 4123 A/B Send Email 
Dante Troy Little Star/ These Are Not My People 1969 Mca Very Good 0.00 Disc No MU 1056 Mono Matrix LN-685-1C LN-703-1C Produced By Leapy Lee Produced By Gordon Mills Send Email 
Darin Bobby Dream Lover/ Bullmoose 1959 London (tricorn Centre) Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-E 8867 Mono Matrix 45 MSM 3436 2C 45 MSM 3437 3C Send Email 
Darin Bobby If A Man Answers/ A True True Love 1962 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-CL 15272 Mono Matrix F 38012-1 F 38011-1 Send Email 
Darin Bobby If I Were A Carpenter/ Rainnin' 1966 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Disc No 584051 Mono Matrix 584051 A1 584051 B1 Send Email 
Darin Bobby La Mer (beyond The Sea) 1960 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLK 9034 Matrix No MSM.3728/ MSM.3734 Send Email 
Darin Bobby Mack The Knife/ Was There A Call For Me 1959 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLK 8939 Matrix No MSM.3727/ MSM.3735 Send Email 
Darin Bobby What'd I Say/ain't That Love 1962 London Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-HL-K 9540 Matrix No MSM 5827/8 Send Email 
Darin Bobby Things/jailer Bring Me Water 1962 London Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-HLK 9575 Matrix No MSM 5900/01 Send Email 
Darin Bobby & His Orchestra Come September/walk Bach To Me 1961 London Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-HLK 9407 Matrix No MSM.5403/4 Send Email 
Darin, Bobby Be Mad Little Girl/since You Been Gone 1963 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Cover Very good Disc No CL 15328 Matrix No F 50065 45/F 50735 45 Send Email 
Davis Spencer Group The Gimme Some Lovin'/ Blues In F 1966 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Disc No TF 762 Mono Matrix 267647 1F 267647 2F Send Email 
Davis Spencer Group The Somebody Help Me/ Stevie's Blues 1966 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Disc No TF 679 Mono Matrix 267 561 1F 267 561 2F Send Email 
De Paul Lynsey Sugar Me/ Storm In A Teacup 1972 Mam Very Good 0.00 Disc No MAM 81 Matrix No ZXDR 51625/6 Send Email 
Dearie Blossom Sweet Georgie Fame/ One Note Samba 1967 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Disc No TF 788 Matrix 267673 1F/2F Send Email 
Dee Kiki Amoureuse/ Rest My Head 1973 The Rocket Record Company Excellent 0.00 Disc No PIG 4-A/B Stereo Matrix PIG 4A B-1 PIG 4B 2-1 Send Email 
Deodato, Eumir Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)/spirit Of Summer 1972 Cti Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No CTS 4000 Matrix No CTS 400 A/B Send Email 
Dexys Midnight Runners Come On Eileen/dubious 1982 Mercury Mint 0.00 Picture Cover Mint Disc No DEXYS 9 Matrix No DEXYS 9 A1/B1 Send Email 
Diamond, Neil I'm Glad Your Here With Me Tonight/as If 1978 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Promo Copy Cover Very Good Disc No S CBS 6288 Matrix No S CBS 6288 A/B Send Email 
Domino Fats Let The Four Winds Blow/ Good Hearted Man 1961 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-P 9415 Matrix No MSL.5413/ MSL.5414 Send Email 
Domino Fats Whole Lotta Loving 1958 London (tri Centre) Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-P 8759 Matrix No MSL-3062-1C/63-1C Send Email 
Domino Fats Jambalaya/ You Win Again 1958 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLP 9520 Matrix No MSL-5727-2C/ 5769-1C Send Email 
Domino Fats Be My Guest/ I've Been Around 1959 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLP 9005 Matrix No MSLF.3908/ MSLF.3907 Send Email 
Domino Fats What A Party/ Rockin' Bicycle 1961 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-P.9456 Mono Matrix 45-MSL-5524-1C 45-MSL-5525-1C Send Email 
Domino Fats Song For Rosemary/ Red Sails In The Sunset 1963 His Masters Voice Very Good 0.00 Disc No POP 1219 Mono Matrix 45 AMP 11474 45 AMP 11475 Send Email 
Don Duke/jean Campbell Get Lot /walkin' Back To Happiness 1961 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-WB 466 Matrix No X9459/9460 Send Email 
Donavan Jennifer Juniper/ Poor Cow 1968 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N17457 Mono Matrix 7N 17457 A 7N 17457 B Send Email 
Donegan, Lonnie Hit Parade 1956 Pye Nixa Very Good 0.00 E.P. Picture Cover Very Good Disc No NEP 24031 Matrix No VV 1031 A/B Send Email 
Donnegan Lonnie San Miguel/ Talking Guitar Blues 1959 Pye Nixa Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15237 Mono Matrix 45.XX.1237-A 45.XX.1237-B Send Email 
Douglas Craig Pretty Blue Eyes/ Sandy 1960 Top Rank Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-JAR-268 Mono Matrix 45 KR 481 1U 45 KR 482 1U Send Email 
Dupree Simon & The Big Sound Thinking About My Life/ Velvet And Lace 1968 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No R 5727 Mono Matrix 7XCE 21195-1 7XCE 21196-1 Send Email 
Dylan Bob Like A Rolling Stone/ Gates Of Eden 1965 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 201811 Mono Matrix A-5175-1 A-5176-1 Send Email 
Echoes The Got To Run/ Thanks A Lot 1966 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Disc No BF 1480 Mono Matrix 326 753 1F 326 753 2F Send Email 
Eddy Duane (dance With) The Guitar Man/ Stretchin' Out 1962 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-RCA 1316 Mono Matrix N70W-7788-1C N70W-3986-1C Send Email 
Eddy Duane Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar/ Joshin' 1963 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 Disc No RCA 1344 Mono Matrix N70W-7787-1C P4KM-7815-1C Send Email 
Eddy Duane Forty Mile Of Bad Road/ The Quiet Three 1959 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-W 8929 Matrix No 45-MST-3588-2C/ 1C Send Email 
Eddy Duane Caravan (parts 1 & 2) 1961 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover V.G. Disc No 45-R 4826 Matrix 45 GM SH 808/9 1-N Send Email 
Edwards Jackie Come Back Girl/ Tell Him You Lied 1967 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No WIP-6008-A Mono Matrix WIP 6008 A1 WIP 6008 B1 Send Email 
Edwards Tommy All In The Game/please Love Me Forever 1958 Mgm Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-MGM 989 Matrix No 58-XY-657/9 Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra The Showdown/ In Old England Town (instrumental) 1973 Harvest Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No HAR 5077 Stereo Matrix SHAR.5077A SHAR.5077B Send Email 
Elias And His Zig Zag Jive Flutes Tom Hark/ry-ry 1958 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-DB 4109 Matrix No 7XCEA 5060/59 Send Email 
Elliott Bern & The Fenmen Money/nobody But Me 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No F. 11770 Matrix No DRF 31750-T-1C/31751-T-1C Send Email 
Elliott, Bern & The Fenmen New Orleans/everybody Needs A Little Love 1964 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No F.11852 Matrix No DR.32635/DR.31819 Send Email 
Ellis Shirley The Clapping Song/ This Is Beautiful 1965 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No HLR 9961 Mono Matrix 45-MSV-7197-1T 45-MSV-7158-1T Send Email 
Equals The Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys/ Ain't Got Nothing To  1970 President Very Good 0.00 No Centre Disc No PT 325 Matrix No PT 325 A1/ B1 Send Email 
Estefan Gloria 123/surrender 1988 Epic Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No 652958 7 Matrix No 652958 7 A1/B1 Send Email 
Estelle Don & Davies Windsor Paper Doll/ When I Learn To Love Again 1975 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No EMI 2361 Stereo Matrix EMI 2361 A1 EMI 2361 B1 Send Email 
Eva Little Loco Motion/ He Is The Boy 1962 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL 9581 Mono Matrix 45-MSC-5959-1T 45-MSC-5960-T1 Send Email 
Everly Brothers The Bird Dog/ Devoted To You 1958 London (tricorn Centre Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLA 8685 Mono Matrix 45-MSK 2798 2C 45 MSK 2797 1C Send Email 
Faith Adam A Message To Martha (kentucky Bluebird)/ It Soun 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5201 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17875-1N 7XCE 17877-1N Send Email 
Faith Adam If He Tells You/talk To Me 1964 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No R5109 Matrix No 7XCE 7577 7XCE 7380 Send Email 
Faith, Adam Lonesome/watch Your Step 1962 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-R 4864 Matrix No 7XCE16645/7XCE17000 Send Email 
Faithful, Marianne Yesterday/oh Look Around You 1965 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No F.12268 Matrix No DR 36787/36459 Send Email 
Faithful, Marianne Summer Nights/the Sha La La Song 1965 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No F.12193 Matrix No DR 36078/35769 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Ali Shuffle/ Round Two 1974 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No WIP.6218-A/B Stereo Matrix No WIPX 1366 2U WIPX 1367 2U Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Hurricane/ The Hurricane Part 2 1982 My Records Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No MY 001 Stereo Matrix MY-001-A/B Send Email 
Fame Georgie Yes Honestly/ Lily 1976 Island Records (dj Copy Only) Excellent 0.00 DJ Copy Only Disc no WIP 6279A/B Stereo Matrix WIPK 1498/9 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde/ Beware Of The Do 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No CBS 3124 Stereo Matrix 7228 1/7229 1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Go For It/ I Still Care About Us 1990 Food For Thought Mint 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No Yum 119 Stereo YUM 119A/B Send Email 
Fame Georgie Because I Love You/ Biding My Time 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 202587 Stereo Matrix 5766-2/5767-2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Seventh Son/ Fully Booked 1969 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 4659 Stereo Matrix 4659 A/B Send Email 
Fame Georgie Everlovin' Woman Test Pressing 1974 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Two Sided Test Pressing Matrix WIPX 1356/LPFP Send Email 
Fame Georgie Fire And Rain/ The Movie Star Song 1970 Epic Very Good 0.00 Radio Station Copy Disc no 5-10640 Stereo Matrix JZSS 153897/153898 No Centre Send Email 
Fame Georgie / Simon Paul & Garfunkel Art By The Time I Get To Phoenix/ Sound Of Silence 1968 Cbs (get Lucky) Excellent 0.00 Disc No WB 732 Stereo Matrix WB 732A/B Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Boulaye Patti Swinging On A Star/ I Feel Like Loving You 1984 Record Hollywood Excellent 0.00 Disc No HWD 016 Stereo Matrix HWD 016 A/B Send Email 
Fardon Don Indian Reservation/ Hudson Bay 1970 Young Blood Very Good 0.00 Disc No YB 1015 Matrix No YB 1015 A - 1 KT/ YB 1015 B - 1 KT Send Email 
Farlowe Chris Out Of Time/ Baby Make It Soon 1966 Immediate Excellent 0.00 Disc No IM 035 Mono Matrix IM 035 1F IM 035 2F Send Email 
Feldman Marty A Joyus Time Of Year/ The B Side 1968 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F 12857 Mono Matrix DR-45830-T1-1C DR-43851-T1-1C Send Email 
Fentones The The Breeze And I/ Just For Jerry 1962 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-R 4937 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17132-1N 7XCE 17133=1N Send Email 
Fitzgerald, Ella The Lady Is A Tramp (live)/ Misty (live) 1961 Hmv (not For Sale Demo Disc) Excellent 0.00 Demonstration Record/Not For Sale Cover Generic Excellent Disc No 45-POP 849 Matrix No 7XE A2003 45/7XE A20004 45 Send Email 
Fontana Wayne Pamela, Pamela/something Keeps Calling Me Back 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No TF 770 Matrix No 267 654 1F/2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne 24 Sycamore/ From A Boy To A Man 1967 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 827 Mono Matrix 267 715 1F 267 715 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne Never An Everyday Thing/ Waiting For A Break In  1968 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 976 Mono Matrix 267 894 1F 267 894 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne It Was Easier To Hurt Her/ You Made Me What I Am 1965 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 642 Mono Matrix 267523 1F 267523 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne Come On Home/ My Eyes Break Out In Tears 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 684 Mono Matrix 267565 1F 267565 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne Goodbye Bluebird/ The Sun's So Hot Today 1965 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Disc No TF 737 Mono Matrix 267 616 1F 267 616 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders It's Just A Little Bit Too Late/ Long Time Comin 1965 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 579 Mono Matrix 267463 1F 267453 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um/ First Taste Of Love 1964 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 497 Mono Matrix 267383 1F 267383 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders She Needs Love/ Like I Do 1965 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 611 Mono Matrix 267494 1F 267494 2F Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders The Game Of Love/ Since You've Been Gone 1965 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Disc No TF 535 Mono Matrix 267420 1F 267420 2F Send Email 
Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders For You, For You/love Potion No 9 1963 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No TF 418 Matrix No 267302 1F/2F Send Email 
Foster Ian Out For The Count/ Out For The Count (dub Versio 1987 Mca Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No MCA 1183 Stereo Matrix MCA 1183 A1 MCA 1183 B1 Send Email 
Four Pennies The Do You Want Me To/miss Bad Daddy 1963 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No BF 1296 Matrix No 326619 1F/2F Send Email 
Four Pennies, The Trouble Is My Middle Name/way Out Love 1966 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No BF 1469 Matrix No 326745 1F//2 420/ 326745 2F//2 420 Send Email 
Four Seasons The Rag Doll/ Silence Is Golden 1964 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No BF 1347 Mono Matrix 304047 1F 304047 2F Send Email 
Four Tops The Reach Out I'll Be There/ Until You Love Someone 1966 Tamala Motown Very Good 0.00 Disc No TMG 579 Mono Matrix TMG 579 A1 TMG 579 B1 Send Email 
Francis Connie Who's Sorry Now/ You Were Only Fooling(while I W 1958 Mgm Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-MGM-975 Mono Matrix 57-XY-622-1N 57-XY-624-1N Send Email 
Francis Connie Stupid Cupid/ Carolina Moon 1958 Mgm Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-MGM-985 Mono Matrix 58-XY-693 1N 58-XY-653 1N Send Email 
Franklin Aretha I Say A Little Prayer For You/ See-saw 1968 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Disc No 584206 Mono Matrix 584206 A1 584206 B1 Send Email 
Free Travellin In Style/easy On My Soul 1973 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No WIP 6160 Matrix No WIPX 1250/1252 Send Email 
Free My Brother Jake/only My Soul 1971 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Small Tear On Label A Side Disc No WIP 6100 Matrix No WIP x1111/1112 Send Email 
Generation X King Rocker/gimme Some Truth 1979 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 Cover very Good Disc No CHS 2261 Matrix No CHS 2261 A//1 CHS 2261 B//2 Send Email 
Gentry Bobbie Ode To Billy Joe/mississippi Delta 1967 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No CL 15511 Matrix No F 57529 - 1 RH KT  F 57421 - 1 AM KT Send Email 
Gentry, Bobbie/glen Campbell All I Have To Do Is Dream/walk Right Back 1969 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Very Good Disc No CL 15619 Matrix No CL 15619AB Send Email 
Gerry & The Pace Makers It's Gonna Be Alright/ It's Just Because 1964 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7353 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26565 7XCA 26566 Send Email 
Gerry & The Pacemakers I Like It/ It's Happened To Me 1963 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7041 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26447 1N 7XCA 264478 1N Send Email 
Gerry & The Pacemakers Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/ Show Me That 1964 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7268 Mono Matrix7XCA 26559 1N 7XCA 26560 1N Send Email 
Gerry & The Pacemakers How Do You Do It ?/ Away From You 1963 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 4987 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26378 7XCA 26379 Send Email 
Gerry & The Pacemakers Ferry Across The Mersey/ You You You 1964 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7437 Mono Matrix 7XCA 28811 7XCA 28812 Send Email 
Gibb, Robin Saved By The Bell/mother And Jack 1969 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No 56337 Matrix No 56337 A/B Send Email 
Gladiators The Tovarich/ Bleak House 1963 His Masters Voice Very Good 0.00 Disc No POP 1134 Matrix No 7XEA 20576/ 7XEA 20578 Send Email 
Goldsboro, Bobby Summer (the First Time)/childhood-1949 1973 United Artists Excellent 0.00 Plain Card Cover Disc No UP 35558 Matrix No 45 UP 35558 A1/B1 Send Email 
Gorme, Eydie Colpa Della Bossa Nove /guess I Should Have Loved Him More 1963 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Italian Release Picture Cover Poor Disc No BA121.019 Matrix No BA121.019-1/-2 Send Email 
Grant Julie Up On The Roof/ When You Ask About Your Love 1962 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15483 Mono Matrix 45 XX 1483 A1 45 XX 1483 B1 Send Email 
Grant Julie Come To Me/ Can't Get You Out Of My Mind 1964 Pye Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7N.15684 Mono Matrix 45 XX1684-A1R 45 XX1684-B1R Send Email 
Grapefruit C'mon Marianne/ A'int It Good 1968 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Disc No RCA 1716 Mono Matrix WGBK-0087-1C WGBK-0088-1C Send Email 
Group X There Are 8 Million Cossack Melodies And This Is 1963 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No 267274 TF Matrix No 267274 1F/ 2F Send Email 
Group X Roti-calliope (pronounced Kal-ee-o-pee)/ Cross B 1963 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 417 Matrix No 267301-1F/ 2F Send Email 
Guess Who The His Girl/ It's My Pride 1966 King Excellent 0.00 Disc No KG 1044 Mono Matrix No KG 3344 A KG 3344 B Send Email 
Hamilton, Russ We Will Make Love/rainbow 1957 Oriole Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-1359 Matrix No O.6187 (45)/O.6188 (45) Send Email 
Hardin Tim Hang On To A Dream/ Reason To Believe 1967 Verve Excellent 0.00 Disc No VS 1504 Mono Matrix 45VS.15044 45VS.15048 Send Email 
Harris Jet Main Title Theme/ Some People 1962 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11488 Mono Matrix CPDRF-29307-T1-1C CPDRF-29362-T1-1C Send Email 
Harris Jet Meehan Tony Diamonds/ Footstomp 1963 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11563 Mono Matrix CPDRF-30068-T1-1C CPDRF-30069-T1-1C Send Email 
Harris Jet Meehan Tony Scarlet O'hara/ (doing The) Hully Gully 1963 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.11644 Mono Matrix DRF-30678-T1-1C XDRF-30067-T1-1C Send Email 
Harris, Jet & Meehan, Tony Diamonds/footstomp 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No F11563 Matrix No CPDR.30068/9 Send Email 
Harrison Noel Noel Harrison 1965 Decca Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No DFE 8616 Mono Matrix EFF-2797 1K/98 1K Send Email 
Henderson Rikki Wild In The Country/a Little Bit Of Soap 1961 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-WB 463 Matrix No X. 9453/4 Send Email 
Henderson Rikki Wild In The Country/a Little Bit Of Soap 1961 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-WB 463 Matrix No X. 9453/4 Send Email 
Henderson Rikki My Love For You/just As Much As Ever 1960 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc no 45-WB 423 Matrix No X.9372/9373 Send Email 
Henderson, Rikki Be Mine/do You Mind 1960 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-WB 388 Matrix No X9302 (45)/03 (45) Send Email 
Hendrix Jimmy Hey Joe/ Stone Free 1966 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Disc No 56139 Mono Matrix XPX 56139 A1 56139 B1 Send Email 
Hendrix Jimmy Purple Haze/ 51st Anniversary 1967 Track Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 604001 Mono Matrix 604001 A1 604001 B1 Send Email 
Henry, Clarence Frogman But I Do 1961 Pye International Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Excellent Disc No 7N.25078 Matrix No 1.45.1078-A/B Send Email 
Herd The I Don't Want Our Loving To Die/ Our Fairy Tale 1968 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 925 Mono Matrix 267 832 1F 267 832 2F Send Email 
Herman's Hermits No Milk Today/my Reservation's Been Confirmed 1966 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Australian Pressing Cover Good Disc No DB-4726 Matrix No 7XCA30647 7XCT2590/7XCA30648 7XCT2591 Send Email 
Hermans Hermits This Door Swings Both Ways/for Love 1966 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No DB 7947 Matrix No 7XCA 30560-2/61-1 Send Email 
Hermans Hermits I'm Into Something Good/ Your Hand In Mine 1964 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7338 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26603 7XCA 26604 Send Email 
Hermans Hermits Silhouettes/can't You Hear My Heartbeat 1965 Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Hermans Hermits Silhouettes/can't You Hear My Heartbeat 1965 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc Number DB 7475 Matrix Number 7XCA.28186/7 Send Email 
Hill Benny Harvest Of Love 1963 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15520 Mono Matrix 45 XX 1520 A1 45 XX 1520 B1 Send Email 
Holliday, Michael It Only Takes A Minute/have I Told You Lately That I Love You 1962 Columb Excellent 0.00 Demonstration Record Promo (White Label) Cover Excellent Disc No 45-DB 4890 Matrix No 7XCA260088 45/ 89 45 Send Email 
Hollies The Just One Look/ Keep Off That Friend Of Mine 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5104 Matrix No 7 XCE 17612/ 7 XCE 17613 Send Email 
Hollies The Were Through/ Come On Back 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5178 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17552 1N 7XCE 17753 1N Send Email 
Holly Buddy Bo Didley/ It's Not My Fault 1963 Coral Good 0.00 Disc No Q.72463 Mono Matrix 45-VC-112764-1C 45-VC-112769-1C Send Email 
Hook Dr.& The Medicine Band Sylvia's Mother/makin' It Natural 1972 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No CBS S 7929 Matrix No S7929 A/B Send Email 
Hopkins Mary Temma Harbour/lantani Dagli Occhi 1970 Apple Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Good Disc No Apple 22 Matrix No Apple 22A/B Send Email 
Hot Chocolate I Believe (in Love) 1971 Rak Very Good 0.00 Not Original Centre Disc No RAK 118 Matrix No RAK 118A/ B Send Email 
Humble Pie Natural Born Boogie/wrist Job 1969 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No IM 082 Matrix No IM 082 1F/2F Send Email 
Humblebums The Shoeshine Boy/ My Apartment 1970 Transatlantic Records Very Good 0.00 Disc No BIG 130 Stereo Matrix BIG T 130 A1 BIG T 130 B1 Send Email 
Ides Of March The Vehicle/ Lead Me Home Gently 1970 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Disc No WB 7378 Stereo Matrix WB 7378 A1 WB 7378 B1 Send Email 
Ifield Frank The Wayward Wind/ I'm Smiling Now 1963 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4960 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26223 1N 7XCA26224 1N Send Email 
Jackson, Michael One Day In Your Life/take Me Back 1975 Tamla Motown Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No TMG 976 Matrix No TMG 976 A 1/B 1 Send Email 
Jam The All Around The World/ Carnaby Street 1977 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 2058 903 Stereo Matrix 2058903 A2 2058903 B2 Send Email 
Jam The News Of The World/ Aunties And Uncles (impulsive 1978 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 2058 995 Stereo Matrix 2058995 A4 2058995 B2 Send Email 
Jam The Going Underground/ Dreams Of Children 1980 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover No Centre Disc No 2058 995 Stereo POSP 113 Stereo Matrix POSP 113 A POSP 113B Send Email 
Jam The In The City/ Takin' My Love 1977 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 2058 866 Stereo Matrix 2058 866 A3 2058 866 B4 Send Email 
Jam The David Watts/ "a" Bomb In Wardour Street 1978 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 2059 054 Stereo Matrix 2059 054 A1 2059 054 B1 Send Email 
Jam The That's Entertainment/ Down The Tube Station At M 1980 Metronome Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover No Centre Disc No 30.364 Stereo Matrix 30.364 S1 30.364 S2 Send Email 
Jam The Start/ Liza Radley 1980 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 2059 266 Stereo Matrix 2059 266 A Polygram 2059 266 B Polygram Send Email 
Jam The Away From The Numbers/ Modern / Down The Tube St 1980 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No 2059 266 Stereo Matrix 2059 266 A Polygram 2059 266 B Polygram Send Email 
James Etta I Got You Babe/ I Worship The Ground You Walk On 1968 Chess Excellent 0.00 Disc No CRS 8076 Mono Matrix CRS 8076.A CRS 8076.B Send Email 
Jay Peter & The Jaywalkers Totem Pole/ Jaywalker 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11593 Matrix No XDRF - 30198 - T1 - 1C/ 30199 - T1 - 1C Send Email 
Jay Peter & The Jaywalkers You Girl/ If You Love Me 1964 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No F.11840 Matrix No DRF-32405-T1-1C/ 31953-T1-1C Send Email 
Jerry Mungo In The Summertime/ Mighty Man/ Dust Pneumonia Bl 1970 Dawn Excellent 0.00 Disc No DNX.2502 Stereo Matrix NX 2502A1 DNX 2502B1 Send Email 
Jerry, Mungo Baby Jump/the Man Behind The Piano/live From Hollywood 1971 Dawn Very Good 0.00 Played At 33.33rd Cover Very Good Disc No DNX 2505 Matrix No DNX 2505 A/B Send Email 
Jerusalem/when The Apple Blossom Bloom In The Wi Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1973 Manticore Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No K 13503 Matrix No K 13503 A/B Send Email 
Joan Baxter/the Music Men You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/cast Your Fate To The Wind 1965 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No WB 676 Matrix No X.9892/9893 Send Email 
Johnny And The Hurricanes Beatnik Fly/ Sand Storm 1959 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-1 9072 Matrix No MSCI.4213/ MSCI.4214 Send Email 
Jones Jimmy Good Timin'/ Too Long Will Be Too Late 1960 Mgm Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-MGM-1078 Mono Matrix 60 OR 10 1N 7XSM 1350 1N Send Email 
Jones Paul I've Been A Bad Bad Boy/ Sonny Boy Williamson 1967 His Masters Voice Very Good 0.00 Disc No POP 1576 Mono Matrix 7XEA 22033 1 7XEA 22034 1 Send Email 
Justice Jimmy Ain't That Funny/ One 1962 Pye Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15443 Matrix No 45.XX.1443-A/ 45.XX.1443-B Send Email 
Kalin Twins Three O'clock Thrill/when 1978 Mca Records Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc Number MCA-60031 Matrix Number 104,654/5 Send Email 
Kane Eden Get Lost/i'm Telling You 1961 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-F 11381 Matrix No XDR.28353/4 Send Email 
Kane Eden Boys Cry/ Don't Come Crying To Me 1964 Phillips Good 0.00 Disc No TF 438 Mono Matrix 267319 1F 267319 2F Send Email 
Kane Eden Well I Ask You/ Forget Me Not 1978 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F 13765 Mono Matrix XDR 27966 XDR 28798 Send Email 
Karlins, The The Hawkmoth And The Flame/ 1967 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No R5607 Matrix No 7XCE 18946/7 Send Email 
Kaye Sisters The Paper Roses/ If Only You'd Be Mine 1960 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No 326409 BF Mono Matrix AA 326409 1F AA 326409 2F Send Email 
King Love & Pride/don't Stop 1984 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No A4988 Matrix No A 4998 A/B Send Email 
King, Carole It Might As Well Rain Until September/nobody's Perfect 1962 London Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-HLU 9591 Matrix No MSC 5981/2 Send Email 
Kinks The Waterloo Sunset/ Act Nice And Gentle 1967 Pye Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7N.17321 Mono Matrix 7N 17321 A2 7N 17321 B1 Send Email 
Kinks The You Really Got Me/ It's Alright 1964 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15673 Mono Matrix 45XX16738 3A 45XX16738 1M Send Email 
Knack The My Sharona/ Let Me Out 1979 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Disc No CL 16087 Matrix No SF 95904-1U/ 05-1U Send Email 
Kool & The Gang Cherish/celebration 1985 De-lite Records Ltd Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Excellent Disc No DE 20 Matrix No DE 20 A/B Send Email 
Laine, Cleo There Is Nothing Left To Say/life Is A Wheel 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 759 Matrix 267642 Cover Generic Excellent Send Email 
Le Hooker, John/raitt, Bonnie I'm In The Mood/my Dream 1990 Silvertone Records Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No ORE 018 Matrix No DFI 90-5 O RE 18 A 1/DFI 90-5 O RE 18 B Send Email 
Lee Brenda Is It True/ What'd I Say 1964 Brunswick Very Good 0.00 Disc No O5915 Mono Matrix 45 11562 1C 45 11562 2C Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry Mean Woman Blues/ 1957 London (tricorn Centre Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLS 8529 Mono Matrix 45-MSY 2055 1C 45-MSY 2118 2C Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry I've Been Twistin'/ Ramblin Rose 1962 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-S.9526 Matrix 45-MSY-5785-1C 45-MSY-5786-1C Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry As Long As I Live/ When I Get Paid 1961 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLS 9446 Mono Matrix 45-MSY-5546-1C 45-MSY-5561-1C Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry It Won' Happen To Me/ Cold Cold Heart 1961 London  0.00 Disc No 45-HLS 9414 Matrix 45-MSY-5409-1C 45-MSY-5410-1C Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry What'd I Say/ Livin' Lovin' Wreck 1960 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLS 9335 Mono Matrix 45-MSY-5126-1C 45-MSY-5127-1C Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry Lovin' Up A Storm/ Big Blon' Baby 1959 London (tri Centre) Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-S 8840 Matrix No 45-MSY-3363-1C/ 64-1C Send Email 
Lee, Alvin Band Rock 'n' Roll Guitar Picker/dangerous World 1981 Avatar Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No AAA 117 Matrix No AAA117 A/B Send Email 
Lee, Brenda As Usual 1963 Decca Us Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 31570 Matrix No 111, 154/113, 364 Send Email 
Lee, Brenda As Usual/lonely Lonely Lonely Me 1963 Brunswick Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 05899 Matrix No 114154/113364 Send Email 
Lee, Brenda Sweet Impossible You/the Grass Is Greener 1963 Brunswick Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 05896 Matrix No 113365/113200 Send Email 
Lennon, John/ono Yoko Nobody Told Me /o Sanity 1984 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Excellent Disc No POSP 700 Matrix No POSP 7 A/B Send Email 
Level 42 Running In The Family/ Dream Crazy 1987 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No POSP 842 Stereo Matrix POSP 842 A4 POSP 842 B1 Send Email 
Liquid Gold Dance Yourself Dizzy/dance Yourself Dizzy (instr 1980 Polo Excellent 0.00 Cover VG Disc No Polo 1 Matrix Polo 1A/1B Send Email 
Lomax Jackie Sour Milk Sea/ The Eagle Laughs At You 1968 Apple Excellent 0.00 Tear On A side Label Disc No APPLE 3 Mono Matrix APPLE 3A APPLE 3B Send Email 
London Laurie He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/ The Cradl 1957 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-R 4359 Mono Matrix 7XCE 15909-1N 7XCE 15908-1N Send Email 
Lopez Trini Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now/ Love Letters 1966 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Disc No RS.20547 Mono Matrix RS 20547 A1 RS 20547 B1 Send Email 
Lordan, Jerry I'll Stay Single/can We Kiss 1959 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Excellent Disc No 45-R 4588 Matrix No 7XCE 16384-1N L ET1 A/B Send Email 
Loss Joe & His Orchestra Let's Kick/ Just For Kicks 1965 His Masters Voice Very Good 0.00 Disc No POP 1470 Mono Matrix 7XEA 21445 1 7XEA 21437 1 Send Email 
Love Sculpture Sabre Dance/think Of Love 1968 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No R 5744 Matrix No 7XCE 21232-1/3-1 RD KT 1 Send Email 
Lulu & The Lovers Shout/ Forget Me Baby 1964 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.11844 Mono Matrix DRF-32884-T1-1C DRF-32885-T1-1C Send Email 
Luman Bob Let's Think About Living/ You've Got Everything 1960 Warner Bros Good 0.00 Disc No 45-WB.18 Matrix No C.11503/ C.11504 Send Email 
Lynton, Jackie Teddy Bears Picnic/jeannie With The Light Brown Hair 1963 Piccadilly Very Good 0.00 Cover Ok, Tear One Side Disc No 7N.35140 Matrix No 7N. 35140 A/B Send Email 
Maisonettes, The Heartache Avenue/the Last One To Know 1982 Ready Steady Go Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover VG Disc No RSG 1/2 Matrix No RSG 1A/1B Send Email 
Manfred Mann Do Wah Diddy Diddy/ 1964 His Masters Voice Very Good 0.00 Disc No POP 1320 Mono Matrix 7XEA.20991 7XEA.20992 Send Email 
Manfred Mann Earth Band Joybringer/ Can't Eat Me 1973 Vertigo Excellent 0.00 Disc No 6059 083 Stereo Matrix 6059 083 1F 6059 083 2F Send Email 
Mann, Manfred Semi-detached Suburban Mr. James/ Morning After The Party 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Cover VG Disc No TF 757 Matrix No2676401F/2F Send Email 
Marbles, The Only One Woman/by The Light Of A Burning Candle 1968 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 56272 Matrix No 56272 A/ B Send Email 
Martin Dean Gentle On My Mind/ That Old Time Feelin' 1968 Reprise Very Good 0.00 Disc No RS.23343 Mono Matrix RS 23343 A RS 23343 B Send Email 
Maughan Susan Bobby's Girl/ Come A Little Closer 1962 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No 326544 BF Mono Matrix 326544 1F 326544 2F Send Email 
Mccartney Paul No More Lonely Nights 1984 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No 6080T 1-3-1 Stereo Matrix 2003497-A2-C 2003497-B2-C Send Email 
Mccartney Paul & Wings Helen Wheels 1973 Apple Excellent 0.00 Disc No R 5993 Stereo Matrix 7YCE 21734 7YCE 21735 Send Email 
Mccoy, Van & The Soul City Symphony The Hustle/hey Girl, Come And Get It 1975 Avco Excellent 0.00 Disc No 6105 038 Matrix No 420 03 1 5 1 0/420 04 1 4 11 Cover Generic Send Email 
Mckenzie, Scott San Francisco (be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)/what's The Difference 1967 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Very Good Disc Number 2816 (Finnish) Matrix Number 5964/5 Send Email 
Mctell Ralph Streets Of London/ Summer Lightening 1974 Reprise Records Good 0.00 Disc No K 14380 Stereo Matrix K 14380 A3 K14380 B3 Send Email 
Medicine Head One And One Is One/ Out On The Street 1973 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Disc No 2001-432 Stereo Matrix 2001 432 A1 2001 432 B2 Send Email 
Meehan Tony Song Of Mexico/ Kings Go Fifth 1964 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.11801 Matrix No DRF-32348-T1-1C/ DRF-32349-T1-1C Send Email 
Mendez, Sergio Featuring Joe Pizzulo & Leza Mill Never Gonna Let You Go/carnival 1983 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good + Disc No AM 118 Matrix No AM 118 A1/B1 Send Email 
Merseys The Sorrow/ Some Other Day 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 694 Mono Matrix 267575 1F 267575 2F Send Email 
Mfsb Tsop (the Sound Of Philadelphia)/something For Nothing 1974 Philadelphia International Records Very Good 0.00 Label Very Good TSOP Features The Three Degrees Disc No S PIR 2289 Matrix No S PIR 2289 A/B Send Email 
Mindbenders The A Groovy Kind Of Love/ Love Is Good 1965 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 644 Mono Matrix 267525 1F 267525 2F Send Email 
Mindbenders The Can't Live With You Can't Live Without You/ One  1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No TF 697 Mono Matrix 267578 1F 267578 2F Send Email 
Miracles, The Don't Let It End (until You Let It Begin)/i Wanna Be With You 1974 Tamala Motown Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Very Good Disc No TMG 891 Matrix No YTMG 891 A/B Send Email 
Mixtures The The Pushbike Song/ Who Loves Ya ? 1970 Polydor International Very Good 0.00 Disc No 2058 083 A/B Stereo Matrix 2058 083 A1 2058 083 B1 Send Email 
Mojos, The Everythings Allright/give Your Lovin' To Me 1964 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No F.11853 Matrix No XDR.32740/69 Send Email 
Moontrekkers, The Night Of The Vampire/melodie D'amoure 1961 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-R 4814 Matrix No 7XCE 16861 45/ 62 45 Send Email 
Morgan Jane The Day That The Rains Came Down/ Le Jour Ou La  1958 London (tricorn Centre) Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-R 8751 Mono Matrix MSV 2866 1C MSV 2867 1C Send Email 
Move The I Can Hear The Grass Grow/ Wave The Flag And Sto 1967 Deram Very Good 0.00 Disc No DM.117 Mono Matrix XDR.39965 XDR 39966 Send Email 
Move The Fire Brigade/walk Upon The Water 1968 Regal Zonophone Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Very Good Disc No RZ 30005 Matrix No 7XCAR 6934-1/5-1 Send Email 
Move, The Night Of Fear/disturbance 1966 Deram Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No DM.109 Matrix No XDR.39428/39429 Send Email 
Move, The California Man/do Ya/ella James 1972 Harvest Very Good 0.00 Side Two Good + Generic Cover Disc No HAR 5050 Matrix No SHAR 5050A/.B Send Email 
Myles Alana Black Velvet/ If You Want To 1989 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No A8742 Stereo Matrix A8742 A A8742 B Send Email 
Nelson, Ricky Garden Party/so Long Mama 1972 Mca Excellent 0.00 Plain Card Cover Disc No MU 1165 Matrix No 16079-1C/16077-1C Send Email 
Nero And The Gladiators The Trek To Rome/ In The Hall Of The Mountain Ki 1961 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-F. 11367 Matrix No XDRF-28148-T1-1C/ 9-T1-1C Send Email 
New Seekers The I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (in Perfect  1971 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Disc No 2058-104 Stereo Matrix 2058 104 A 2058 104 B Send Email 
Nilsson Harry Midnight Cowboy/ Fun City 1980 United Artists Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No UP634 Matrix No UP 634 A-1U/ UP 634 B-1U Send Email 
O'sullivan Gilbert Doing What I Know/ I, Of Course, Replied 1976 Mam Excellent 0.00 Labelled: Factory Sample Not For Sale Disc No MAM 139 Stereo Matrix MAM 139 A1 MAM 139 B1 Send Email 
Odessey 2 If You're Looking For A Way Out/never Had It At All 1980 Rca Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc Promo Printed AA on One Side Disc No RCA 5 Matrix No Send Email 
Orbison Roy You Got It/ The Only One 1989 Virgin Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No VS 1166 Stereo Matrix VS 1166 A1 VS 1166 B1 Send Email 
Orbison Roy Pretty Woman/ Yo Te Amo Maria 1964 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No HL-U.9919 Mono Matrix 45-MSCM-7025-1C HL-U.9919 45-MSCM-7026-1C Send Email 
Overlanders The Michelle/cradle Of Love 1965 Pye Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 7N.17034 Matrix No 7N 17035 A/B Send Email 
Owen, Reg Manhattan Spiritual/ritual Blues 1958 Pte International Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 7N.25009 Matrix No 1009A-2WM 2 X/T A/1009B-2WM | X/T H Send Email 
Palmer, Robert Looking For Clues/good Care Of You 1980 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No WIP 6651 Matrix No WIP 6651 A/B Send Email 
Peaches & Herb Soothe Me With Your Love/ Were So Much In Love 1970 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 5249 Stereo Matrix S 58 5249 A1 S28 5249 B1 Send Email 
Pilgrim, Ray Twist And Shout/bobby Tomorrow 1963 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Disc & Cover Very Good Plus Disc No 45-WB 576 Matrix No X.9692/9693 Send Email 
Pilgrim, Ray/starlings, The You'll Never Walk Alone/ain't Gonna Kiss Ya 1963 Embassy Good 0.00 Cover Generic Excellent Disc No 45-WB 597 Matrix No X.9734/5 Send Email 
Pilot Come Round/do Me Good 1975 Emi Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No EMI 2287 Matrix No EMI 2287A/B Send Email 
Pilot The Lady Luck/ Dear Artist 1975 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No EMI 2377 Stereo Matrix EMI 2377 A1 EMI 2377 B1 Send Email 
Piltdown Men The Mcdonalds Cave/ Brontosaurus Stomp 1960 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-CL 15149 Matrix No F 33813 45/ F 33814 45 Send Email 
Piltdown Men, The Gargantua/fossil Rock 1961 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-CL 15211 Matrix No F. 35712 45/35711 45 Send Email 
Piltdown Men, The The Great Imposter/goodnight Mrs. Flintstone 1967 Capital Very Good 0.00 Sleeve Very Good Disc No 45-CL 15186 Matrix No F 35095/6 45 Send Email 
Piltdown Men, The A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody/big Lizzard 1962 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-CL 15245 Matrix No F36976/7 45 Send Email 
Pinkertons Assorted Colours Mirror, Mirror/she Don't Care 1965 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover VG Disc No F.12307 Matrix No DR.37112/37115 Send Email 
Police The Can't Stand Losing You/ Dead End Job 1979 A & M Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover (Good) Disc No AMS 7381 Stereo Matrix AMS 7381 A4 AMS 7381 B4 Send Email 
Pony Tails The Born Too Late/ Come On Joey Dance With Me 1958 His Masters Voice Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLA 8685 Mono Matrix 45-MSK 2798 2C 45 MSK 2797 1C Send Email 
Poole Brian & The Tremeloes Candy Man/ I Wish I Could Dance 1964 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.11823 Mono Matrix DRF-32470-T1-2C DRF-32002-T1-1C Send Email 
Post, Mike With Larry Carlton Theme From Hill Street Blues/aaron's Tune 1981 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No K 12576 Matrix No K 12576 A/B Send Email 
Presley Elvis It's Now Or Never (o Solo Mio)/ Make Me Know It 1960 Rca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-RCA-1207 Mono Matrix L2WW-0100-1T L2PW-8109-1T Send Email 
Presley Elvis Stuck On You/ Fame And Fortune 1960 Rca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-RCA-1187 Mono Matrix L2WW-0083 1C L2WW-0084-2C Send Email 
Presley Elvis Surrender (torna A Surriento)/ Lonely Man 1961 Rca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-RCA 1227 Mono Matrix L2WW-0377-1C L2PW-0377-1C Send Email 
Preston Billy & Syreeta It Will Come In Time/all I Wanted Was You 1979 Motown Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No TMG 1175 Matrix No TMG 1175A/B Send Email 
Price Alan Love Story/ My Old Kentucky Home 1968 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F 12808 Mono Matrix XDR-43019-T1-1C XDR-43020-T1-1C Send Email 
Price Alan Baby Of Mine/ Just For You (45 Rpm Red Heart Sha 1979 Jet Records Very Good 0.00 Disc No Jet 12.135 Stereo Matrix Strawberry2/3 Send Email 
Price Alan Set Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear/ Tickle 1967 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.12570 Mono Matrix XDR-39796-T1-1C XDR-39797-T1-1C Send Email 
Price, Alan The Trimdon Grange Explosion/falling In Love Again 1969 Deram Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No DM.263 Matrix No XDR 45150-TI-IC/51-THC Send Email 
Price, Lloyd Stagger Lee/you Need Love 1958 His Masters Voice Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-POP 580 Matrix No 45AMP 3416 45/3415 Send Email 
Procol Harem Whiter Shade Of Pale/ Lime Street Blues 1967 Deram Good 0.00 Disc No DM 126 Mono .Matrix XDR 40348 T1 XDR 40349 T1 Send Email 
Proctor, Judd Palamino/nola 1961 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-R 4809 Matrix No 7XCE 16829 45/16830 45 Send Email 
Rebounds, The Help Me/the World Is Mine 1964 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No TF 461 Matrix No 267343 1TF/2TF Send Email 
Reed Les Piano The Minuet Mash/ Nightfall 1963 Piccadilly Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7N. 35097 Matrix No P.45.1097-A/ P.45.1097-B Send Email 
Revere Paul & The Raiders Good Thing/ Undecided Man 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 202502 Mono Matrix 5668 5669 Send Email 
Rich Paul Venus/wonderful Secret Of Love 1959 Embassy  0.00 Cover VG Disc No 45-WB 330 Matrix X.9186/7 Send Email 
Rich, Paul The Purple People Eater/the Book Of Love 1958 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover, Generic Disc No 45-WB 288 Matrix No X.9102 (45)/03 (45) Send Email 
Rich, Paul Memphis Tennessee/fools Rush In 1963 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-WB 600 Matrix No X.9740/1 Send Email 
Richard Cliff & The Shadows Don't Talk To Him/ Say You're Mine 1963 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB 7150 Mono Matrix 7XCA 27190 1N 7XCA 27192 1N Send Email 
Richard Cliff & The Shadows The Next Time/ Batchelor Boy 1962 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4950 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26193 1N 7XCA 26197 1N Send Email 
Richard Cliff & The Shadows A Girl Like You/ Now's The Time To Fall In Love 1961 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-DB 4667 Mono Matrix 7XCA 25632-1N 7XCA 25633-1N Send Email 
Robbins Marty Devil Woman/ April Fool's Day 1962 Cbs Good 0.00 Disc No AAG 114 Matrix No AAG - 114.1F/ AAG - 114.2F Send Email 
Robbins Marty El Paso/running Gun 1959 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 263 091 TF Matrix No AA263091 1F/2F Send Email 
Robbins, Marty I Walk Alone/lily Of The Valley 1968 Cbs Promo Very Good 0.00 Disc No CBS 3828 Matrix No 7822/3 Send Email 
Rockingham Lord X1 The Hoots Mon/ Blue Train 1976 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F 13663 Mono Matrix DR 25043 DR 25044 Send Email 
Rodgers, Jimmy Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/better Loved You'll Never Be 1957 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-DB 4052 Matrix No 7XR 12435-1N/7XR 12429-1N Send Email 
Ronettes The Be My Baby/ Tedesco And Pitman 1963 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No HL-U.9793 Mono Matrix 45-MSC-6589-2T 45-MSC-6590-1T Send Email 
Roulettes The Bad Time/ Can You Go 1964 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No R 5110 Mono Matrix 7XCE 17628 1N 7XCE 17629 1N Send Email 
Roulettes, The The Long Cigarette/junk 1965 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good. Disc No R 5382 Matrix No7XCE 18743/18744 Send Email 
Santana All I Ever Wanted/ Love 1979 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Disc No S CBS 8160 Stereo Matrix CBS.S 8160 A1 CBS.S 8160 B1 Send Email 
Sardstedt, Robin My Resistance Is Low/love While The Music Plays 1976 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No F 13624 Matrix No ZXDR 58778/9 Send Email 
Sarne Mike Featuring Richards Wendy Come Outside/ Fountain Of Love 1962 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-R 4902 Mono : Matrix 7XCE 16951-1N Send Email 
Searchers The Needles And Pins/ Saturday Night Out 1964 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15594 Mono Matrix 45XX1594A-2 45XX1594B-1 Send Email 
Secrets The I Wanna Dance (version 1)/ I Wanna Dance (versio 1975 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No EMI 2355 Stereo Matrix EMI 2355 A EMI 2355 B Produced By G. Harrison Miki Dallon Send Email 
Sedaka Neil Beautiful Lady /anywhere You're Gonna Be (leba's 1972 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Disc No RCA 2269 Stereo Matrix BYKS 4739 1E BYKE 4741 1E Send Email 
Sedaka Neil Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ As Long As I Live 1962 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-RCA-1298 Mono Matrix K2PW-0800-1C N2PW-1312-1C Send Email 
Sedaka Neil Oh! Carol/ One Way Ticket 1959 Rca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-RCA 1152 Matrix No K2PW-5361-1C/2C Send Email 
Shadows The Rhythm & Greens/the Miracle 1964 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No DB 7342 Matrix No 7XCA 26664/5 Send Email 
Shadows The Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/ Little Princess 1964 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Disc No DB.7416 Mono Matrix 7XCA 26726-1N KT 7XCA 26727-1N KT Send Email 
Shadows, The Kon-tiki/36-24-36 1961 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No 45-DB 4698 Matrix No 7XCA 25510-1N RL ET 4/7XCA 25678-1N GA ET 3 Send Email 
Shannon Del The Big Hurt/ I Got It Bad 1966 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Disc No LIB 55866 Mono Matrix LIB 55866 A1 LIB 55866 B1 Send Email 
Shaw Sandie I'd Be Far Better Off Without You/ Girl Don't Co 1964 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.15743 Matrix No 45.XX.1743-A/ 45.XX.1743-B Send Email 
Sherbet Howzat/motor Of Love 1976 Epic Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No S EPC 4574 Matrix No S EPC 4574 A/B Send Email 
Simba Africa (version 1)/ Africa (version 2) 1975 Emi Mint 0.00 Disc No EMI 2364 Stereo Matrix EMI 2364 A1 EMI 2364 B1 Send Email 
Sly & The Family Stone Runnin' Away/ Brave And Strong 1972 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No R 5674 Mono Matrix 7XCE 18440-1 7XCE 15441-1 Send Email 
Small Faces Lazy Sunday/rollin Over 1968 Immediate Excellent 0.00 Label on "A" side A Bit Grubby Cover Generic Disc No IM 064 Matrix No IM 064 1F/2F Send Email 
Smith Hurricane Oh Babe, What Would You Say/getting To Knoe You 1972 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No DB 8878 Matrix No 7XCA 33055/6 Send Email 
Smith O. C. The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp/ On A Clear Da 1968 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 3343 Mono Matrix 7422 7423 Send Email 
Smoke The My Friend Jack/ We Can Take It 1966 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No DB 8115 Mono Matrix 7XCA 30074-3U 7XCA 30075-1U Send Email 
Smokie Take Good Care Of My Baby/i Wanna Kiss Your Lips 1980 Rak Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Excellent Disc No Rak309 Matrix No Rak 309 A/B 45 Send Email 
Sonny & Cher All I Ever Need Is You/i Got You Babe 1971 Mca Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No MU 1145 Matrix No MSV 8352/3 Send Email 
Sounds Incorperated Keep Moving/ Order Of The Keys 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No F.11723 Matrix No XDRF-31522-T1-1C/53-T1-1C Send Email 
Sounds Incorporated Taboo/ Sounds Like Locomotion 1962 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11540 Matrix No XDR.29975/ XDR.29976 Send Email 
Spotnicks The Hava Nagila/highflyin' Scotsman 1963 Oriole Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-CB 1790 Matrix No J 715 5/ J 716 CMI Send Email 
Spotnicks The Galloping Guitars/ The Rocket Man 1962 Oriole Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-CB 1755 Matrix No J 607/ J 606 Send Email 
Spotnicks The Just Listen To My Heart/ Pony Express 1963 Oriole Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-CB 1818 MAtrix No J 760/ J 763 Send Email 
Spotnicks, The Orange Blossom Special/the Spotnicks Theme 1962 Oriole Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-CB 1724 Matrix No J 565-45/44-45 Send Email 
Spotnicks, The Just Listen To My Heart/pony Express 1963 Oriole Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Excellent Disc No 45-CB 1818 Matrix No J760/J763 Send Email 
Springfield Tom Orchestra The Theme From The Troubleshooters/homage To Spewdle 1965 Phillips (not For Sale) White La Excellent 0.00 White Label Promotional (Not For Sale ) Disc No BF 1759 Matrix No 326 716 1F/2F Send Email 
Squeze, The Labelled With Love/squabs On Forty Fab 1981 A&m Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No AMS 8166 Matrix No AMS 8166 A/B Send Email 
St Peters Crispian You Were On My Mind/ What I'm Gonna Be 1965 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No F.12287 Mono Matrix XDRF-36824-T1-1C XDRF-36823-T1-1C Send Email 
Stafford Jim Spiders & Snakes/ Undecided 1973 Mgm Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 2006 374 Stereo Matrix 2006 374 A 2006 374 B Send Email 
Stanhard, Steve & His Orchestra Stranger On The Shore/let There Be Drums 1961 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Disc & Cover Very Good Plus Disc No 45-WB 487 Matrix No X. 9502/9503 Send Email 
Starr Ringo Only You 1974 Apple Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No R6000 Stereo Matrix 7YCE 21753 3 7YCE 21754 3 Send Email 
Status Quo Down The Dustpipe/ Face Without A Soul 1970 Pye Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N 17907 Stereo Matrix 7N 17907 A 7N 17907 B Send Email 
Steam Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye/ It's The Magic  1966 Fontana  0.00 Disc No TF 1058 Mono Matrix 278 838 1F 278 838 2F Send Email 
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme I Want To Stay Here/aint Love 1963 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No AAG 163 Matrix No AAG 163 1F/2F Send Email 
Stevens, Bobby Good Luck Charm/i'm Looking Out Of The Window 1962 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover, Generic Disc No 45-WB 505 Matrix NoX.9538 (45)/39 (45) Send Email 
Stevens, Bobby Good Luck Charm/i'm Looking Out The Window 1962 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Disc No a45-WB 505 Matrix No X.9538/9 Cover Good Send Email 
Stevens, Bobby Forget Me Not/lonesome 1962 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-WB 493 Matrix No X.9514 45/15 45 Send Email 
Stevens, Bobby/barry, Kay Never Goodbye/speak To Me Pretty 1962 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-WB 501 Matrix No X.9530 (45)/31 (45) Send Email 
Stewart Rod Oh No Not My Baby/ Jodie 1973 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Tartan Cover Disc No 6052371 Stereo Matrix 6052371 1F 6052371 2F Send Email 
Stoller Rhet Chariot/ Night Theme 1960 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11302 Matrix No DR.27555/ DR.27554 Send Email 
Storm Robb Group The Here Today/ But Cry 1966 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No DB 7993 Mono Matrix 7XCA 30019 2U 7XCA 30020 1u Send Email 
String-alongs The Wheels/ Am I Asking Too Much 1960 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HLU-9278 Mono Matrix 45-MSCI-4950-1C 45-MSCI-4951-1C Send Email 
Sun Wanna Make Love/boogie Bopper 1978 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Pomo (Not For Sale ) Disc Cover Generic Disc No CL 16019 Matrix No YCL 16019A/B Send Email 
Supremes The You Can't Hurry Love/ Put Yourself In My Place 1966 Tamala Motown Good 0.00 Disc No TMG 575 Mono Matrix TMG 575 A-1 TMG 575 B-1 Send Email 
Supremes The You Keep Me Hanging On/ Remove This Doubt 1966 Tamala Motown Very Good 0.00 Disc No TMG 585 Mono Matrix TMG 585 A-1 TMG 585 B-1 Send Email 
Supremes The Where Did Our Love Go/ He Means The World To Me 1964 Stateside Very Good 0.00 Disc No SS 327 Mono Matrix 45 KR 4355 1N 45 KR 4356 1N Send Email 
Sweet, The Ballroom Blitz/wig Wam Bam 1981 Rca Golden Grooves Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 551 Matrix No Gold 551 A/ B Send Email 
Tears For Fears Everybody Want's To Rule The World/ Everybody Wa 1986 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No RACE 1 Stereo Matrix RACE 1 A1 RACE 1 B2 Send Email 
Teddy Bears The To Know Him Is To Love Him/ Don't You Worry My L 1958 London (tricorn Centre) Very Good 0.00 Disc No 45-HL-N 3733 Mono Matrix MSCF 2978 1C MSCF 2979 1C Send Email 
The Blue Flames The Blue Flames Ep 2023 Bgp Mint 0.00 Cover Mint E.P. Disc No LTDEP 029 Matrix No LTDEP 029 A/B Send Email 
The Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight/when Time Stood Still 1981 Jet Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No Jet 7011 Matrix No AA-AF ZS5 02408-3/AA-AF ZS5 02408-4 Send Email 
The John Barry Seven Black Stockings/get Lost Jack Frost 1960 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-DB 4554 Matrix No 7XCA 25359 45/60 45 Send Email 
The Starlings/kenny Bardell Island Of Dreams/say Wonderful Things 1963 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Disc & Cover Very Good Plus Disc No 45-WB 555 Matrix No X.9650/9651 Send Email 
The Typhoons/leslie Carle Sweets For My Sweet/you Can Never Stop Me Loving You 1963 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Disc & Cover Very Good Plus Disc No 45-WB 577 Matrix No X.9694/9695 Send Email 
They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul (l.p. Version)/ Hot Cha 1990 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No EKR 104 Stereo Matrix 755 969239 7 A 755 969239 7B Send Email 
Thunderclap Newman Something In The Air/ Wilhemina 1969 Track Records Very Good 0.00 Replaced Centre Disc No 604031 Stereo Matrix 604 031 A1 604 031 B1 Send Email 
Timebox Beggin'/ A Woman That's Waiting 1968 Deram Excellent 0.00 Disc No DM 194 Mono Matrix DR-42446-T1-1C DR-41827-T1-1C Send Email 
Titanic Sultana/ Sing Fool Sing 1971 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 5365 Stereo Matrix 5365 A 5365 B Send Email 
Tomita, Isao Bolero Part 1/bolero Part 2 1979 Rca Very Good 0.00 Cover Not Original Send Email 
Tornados The The Ice Cream Man/ Theme From "the Scales Of Jus 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No F.11662 Matrix No XDR.30892/ XDR.30893. Send Email 
Tornados The Globetrotter/ Locomotion With Me 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No 45-F 11562 Matrix No XDR.30006/5 Send Email 
Tornados The Robot/ Life On Venus 1963 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No F.11606 Matrix No XDR.30480/30481 Send Email 
Traffic Hole In My Shoe/paper Sun 1978 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Excellent Disc No IEP JB 7-A Matrix No IEPJB 7 A-1U/IEPJB 7 B-1U Send Email 
Travelling Wilburys Nobody's Child/ Lumiere 1990 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Dave Stewart B Side Disc No 5439-19773-7 Matrix No MX304925/ MX304926 Send Email 
Troggs The Wild Thing/ From Home 1966 Fontana Good 0.00 Disc No TF 689 Mono Matrix 267570 1F 267570 2F Send Email 
Tull Jethro Living In The Past/ Driving Song 1969 Island Records Very Good 0.00 Replacement Centre Disc No WIP-6056 Mono Matrix WIP 6056 A1 WIP 6056 B1 Send Email 
Turtles The Happy Together/ We'll Meet Again 1966 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No HL-U.10115 Mono Matrix MSS-7691-1C MSS-7692-1C Send Email 
Turtles The Eleanor/ Surfer Dan 1968 London Very Good 0.00 Disc No HLU 10223 Mono Matrix MSS 7983 MSS 7984 Send Email 
Typhoons, The Diane/i Think Of You 1954 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Cover Good Disc No WB 617 Matrix No X.9774/5 Send Email 
Uggams, Leslie One More Sunrise/the Eyes Of God 1959 Phillips Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-PB.954 Matrix No AA 322477 1F/2F Send Email 
Union Gap, The Featuring Gary Puckett Young Girl/i'm Loosingyou 1968 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Solid Centre Cover Generic Disc No CBS 3365 Matrix No 7384/5 Send Email 
Unit Four Plus Two Concrete And Clay/when I Fall In Love 1965 Decca Very Good 0.00 Cover Good Disc No F.12071 Matrix No XDR.34933/4 Send Email 
Valance, Ricky Tell Laura I Love Her/once Upon A Time 1960 Columbia Mint 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 45-DB 4493 Matrix No 7XCA 25227/8 Send Email 
Various Artists (grange Hill Cast) Just Say No/ Just Say No (instrumental) 1986 Bbc Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No RESL 183 Stereo Matrix RESL 183 A1 RESL 183 B1 Send Email 
Vaughan Frankie The Heart Of A Man/ Sometime Somewhere 1959 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No 326 351 BF Mono Matrix AA 326351 1F AA 326351 2F Send Email 
Ventures The Walking With Pluto/ Journey To The Stars 1964 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Disc No LIB 91 Matrix No LIB-91 A-1N/B-1N Send Email 
Waikiki's The Hilo Kiss/ Pacific Punch 1962 Pye International Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7N.25188 Mono Matrix 45 1188 B4 45 1188 B3 Send Email 
Walker Brothers The Make It Easy On Yourself/ But I Do 1965 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Disc No BF 1428 Mono Matrix 320198 1F 320198 2F Send Email 
Walker John If I Promise/ I See Love Is You 1967 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Disc No BF 1612 Mono Matrix 326832 1F 326382 2F Send Email 
Washington, Dinah September In The Rain/wake The Town And Tell The People 1961 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No 45-AMT 1162 Matrix No 7XYW 20643/21165 Send Email 
Wayne, Carl You're A Star/bluebird 1973 Pye Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 7N 45290 Matrix No 7N 45290 A-1 1 MA F/7N 45290 B-1 1 L Send Email 
Wayne, Redd & The Beatmen/the Typhoons On The Beach/ A Hard Days Night 1964 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Minus Disc No WB 644 Matrix No X.9828/X.9829 Send Email 
Wayne, Thomas Tragedy/saturday Date 1958 London (tricorn) Excellent 0.00 Cover Poor Disc No 45-HLU 8846 Matrix No MSC.3379/80 Send Email 
Weedon Bert Ginchy/ Yearning 1961 Top Rank Very Good 0.00 Disc No JAR-537 Matrix No45-KR8016/7 Send Email 
Weedon Bert Twelth Street Rag 1960 Top Rank Very Good 0.00 Disc No JAR-360 Matrix No45-KR-5850/5854 Send Email 
West Keith Excerpt From A Teenage Opera/ Theme From “a Teen 1967 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No EMI R 5623 Mono Matrix YXCE 18952 1 YXCE 18953 1 Send Email 
Who The Pictures Of Lily/ Doctor, Doctor 1967 Track Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 604002 Mono Matrix 604002 A1 604002 B3 Send Email 
Williams Andy Can't Take My Eyes Off You/ You Are Where Everyt 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Disc No 3298 Mono Matrix 7322 7323 Send Email 
Williams Mason Classical Gas/ Long Time Blues 1968 Warner Bros Very Good 0.00 Disc No WB 7190 Stereo Matrix WB 7190 B1 WB 7190 A1 Send Email 
Williams. Mason Classical Gas/long Time Blues  Warner Bros Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good + Disc No K.16011 Matrix No K.16011 1A/2B Send Email 
Wings Mary Had A Little Lamb 1972 Apple Very Good 0.00 Picture Disc & Picture Cover (Cover Good) Disc No Stereo Matrix 7YCE 215645-1U 1972 Send Email 
Wings Hi Hi Hi/c Moon 1972 Apple Excellent 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No R 5973 Matrix No 7YCE 23692/3 Send Email 
Wings Mull Of Kintyre/girls School 1977 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No R 6018 Matrix No 7YCE 21793/4 Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Bonus Record 1975 Motown Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No STME 2020 Stereo Matrix STME 2020 A1 STME 2020 B1 Send Email 
Wood, Roy Oh What A Shame/bengal Jig 1975 Jet Records Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No Jet 754 Matrix No Jet 754 A/B Send Email 
Worth, Johnny/gordon Franks Sextet Handy Man/beatnik Fly 1960 Embassy Mint 0.00 Plays Mint - Generic Cover Disc No 45-WB 389 Matrix No X.9304 (45)/9305 (45) Send Email 
Wynter, Mark Girl For Ev'ry Day/the Best Time For Love 1961 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 45-F 11380 Matrix No DR.28320/DR.28114 Send Email 
Zager & Evans In The Year 2525 (exordium & Terminus)/little Ki 1969 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Sleeve Generic Disc No RCA 1860 Matrix No XPKM 5615-1C/6-1C Send Email 
Durante, Jimmy In Person 1952 M-g-m Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No MGM Send Email 
Fury Billy The Sound Of Fury 1981 Decca Excellent 0.00 Album No ffrr LFT 1329 Mono Matrix DRL + 4799-2/4800-1 Featuring: Rae Guest Piano Joe Brown Electric Guitar Alan Weighell Electric Bass Alan White Drums Send Email 
Morton, Jelly Roll And His Red Hot Peppers 1955 Hmv Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No DLP 1071 Matrix No OXAV 197 1N/98 1N Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank Swing Easy 1954 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No LC 6689 Matrix No H 528 Y/Z Send Email 
Various Artists Top Pop Club 1959 Society Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Plus Disc No TPC 14 Matrix No TPC 14 A 2/TPC 14 3 Send Email 
10cc Greatest Hits 1972-1978 1979 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Disc No 9102 504 Matrix No 9102 504 1Y/2Y Send Email 
Abba Arrival 1976 Epic Excellent 0.00 Composers B. Andersson/B.Ulvaeus/ Stig Anderson. Album No S EPC 85018 Matrix EPC S 86018 A3/B3 Send Email 
Abba The Album 1977 Epic Excellent 0.00 Composers B. Andersson/Stig Anderson/B.Ulvaeus. Album No EPC86052 Matrix EPC+S86052 A7/B5 Gatefold Sleeve Send Email 
Abba Greatest Hits 1976 Epic Excellent 0.00 Composers B. Andersson/ S. Anderson /B.Ulvaeus. Album No S EPC 69218 Matrix EPC S 69218A4/B4 Gatefold Sleeve Send Email 
Abba Super Trooper 1980 Epic Excellent 0.00 Composers B. Andersson /B.Ulvaeus. Album No EPC 10022 Matrix 01-10022-8A-1/7B-1 Send Email 
Abba The Visitors 1981 Epic Excellent 0.00 Composers B. Andersson /B.Ulvaeus. Album No EPC10032 Matrix EPC S10032 A4/B2 Send Email 
Abdul Paula Forever Tour Girl 1988 Siren Records Excellent 0.00 Album No SRNLP 19 Stereo Matrix SRNLP 19 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Alpert Herb Beyond 1980 A & M Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLK 63717 Matrix AMLK 63717 A2/B1 Send Email 
Ananta Night And Daydream 1978 Touchstone Mint 0.00 Album No BBT 112T Stereo Matrix BBT 112 A/B Send Email 
Astaire Fred Starring 1973 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Composers Irving Berlin/Johnny Mercer/Fred Astaire /Dorothy Fields/Jerome Kern/George And Ira Gershwin Album No M 80246/m 80247 2 x 12" Matrix M 80246 A1/B1/m 80247 A1/B1 Gatefold Sleeve Send Email 
Astaire Fred Easy To Dance With 1975 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Composers Cole Porter/Irving Berlin/Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer /Fred Astaire/Warren/Freed/Arlen/Shore/Amsterdam. Album No MCFM 2698 Matrix MCFM 2698 A1/B1 Send Email 
Atkins, Chet Down Home 1962 Rca Camden Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good But Grubby Disc No SND-5016 Matrix No M2WY-0779/80 Send Email 
Average White Band Awb 1974 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Album No K 50058 Stereo Matrix K 50058 A3/B3 Send Email 
Bacharach Burt Portrait Of Music 1971 A & M Very Good 0.00 Gatefold Cover Disc No AMLS 2010 Matrix No AMLS 2010A1/B1 Send Email 
Bananarama The Greatest Hits Collection 1988 London Records Excellent 0.00 Album No Rama 5 Stereo Matrix Rama 5 A-4U-1/5U-1 Send Email 
Bangles The Different Light 1985 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Disc No CBS 26659 Matrix No CBS 26659 A/B Lyrics On Inside Sleeve Send Email 
Beach Boys The Best Of 1966 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Composers Wilson/Love/Berry/Christian/Usher. Album No ST 20856 Matrix ST1 20856-2 ST2 20856-2 Send Email 
Beatles The White Album And Esher Demos 2018 Apple Records Mint 0.00 Anniversary Edition Boxed Set With 2 x Gatefold Covers Inside 4 x 12" Glossy Introduction and Fold Out Lyrics And Pictures Disc No 0602567572015/0602567571995 Matrix No B132800-01-A1/B1 B13280A1-01-A/B1 B1 32082-01-A1/B1 B132803-01-A2/B2 Send Email 
Beatles The A Collection Of Beatles Oldies 1966 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No PCS 716 Matrix No  YEX 619-1G/620-1G Send Email 
Beatles The The Untold Story Of The Decca Tapes 2016 Virgin Vinyl Mint 0.00 Picture Disc Album No DOS634MB-HP Mono Send Email 
Beatles The Please Please Me 1963 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Album No PMC 1202 Mono Matrix XEX 421 1N/422/1N Send Email 
Beatles The Please Please Me 1985 Parlaphone Emi Mint 0.00 Album No PCS 3042 Stereo Matrix YEX94-4/95-4 Send Email 
Beatles The With The Beatles 1976 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PCS 3045 Stereo Matrix YEX 110-5/110-6 Send Email 
Beatles The With The Beatles 1963 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 1206 Mono Matrix XEX 447 N/448 N Send Email 
Beatles The A Hard Days Night 1964 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 1230 Mono Matrix XEX 481 3N/482 3N Send Email 
Beatles The A Hard Days Night 1976 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PCS 3058 Stereo Matrix YEX 126-3/127-4 Send Email 
Beatles The Beatles For Sale 1964 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No PCS 3058 Mono Matrix PMC 1240 XEX 503 4N/504 4N Send Email 
Beatles The Beatles For Sale 1975 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No PCS 3062 Stereo Matrix YEX 142 6/143 6 Send Email 
Beatles The Help! 1965 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 1255 Mono Matrix XEX 549 2/550 2 Send Email 
Beatles The Help! 1980 Parlaphone Emi Mint 0.00 Album No PCS 3071 Stereo Matrix YEX 168 4/169 4 Send Email 
Beatles The Rubber Soul 1965 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 1267 Stereo Matrix XEX 579 4/580 4 Send Email 
Beatles The Rubber Soul 1980 Parlaphone Emi Mint 0.00 Album No PCS 3075 Stereo Matrix YEX 178 5/179 6 Send Email 
Beatles The Revolver 1966 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 7009 Mono Matrix XEX 605 2/ 606 2 Send Email 
Beatles The Revolver 1988 Parlaphone Emi Mint 0.00 Album No PCS 7009 Stereo Matrix YEX 605 7/606 8 Send Email 
Beatles The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Inserts (Some Used) Album No PMC 7027 Stereo Matrix XRX 637 1/638 1 Send Email 
Beatles The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 1984 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Inserts Album No PCS 7027 Stereo Matrix YEX 637 6/638 6 Send Email 
Beatles The The White Album 1968 Apple Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Inserts & Pictures Album No PCS 7067/8 Mono 2 x 12" Matrix XEX 709 1/710 1 XEX 711 1/712 1 Numbered 0166660 Send Email 
Beatles The Abbey Road 1969 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PCS 7088 Stereo Matrix YEX 749 2/750 1 Send Email 
Beatles The Abbey Road Picture Disc 2019 Apple Mint 0.00 Album No 6.02508E+11 Stereo Matrix 195197E1/8 BJ75098-01-B1 Send Email 
Beatles The Let It Be 1970 Apple Excellent 0.00 With Book (No Box) Album No PCS 7096 Stereo Matrix YEX 773 1/774 2 Send Email 
Beatles The Magical Mystery Tour 1967 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Insert Booklet SMAL2835 Stereo Matrix ST1 2835-A35 1967 Los Angles Pressing Send Email 
Beatles The Live Im Star-club 1962 1977 Berllaphon Excellent 0.00 Album No BI 15223 Stereo Matrix BI 15223 A/B Send Email 
Beatles The Early Years (2) 1981 Phoenix Excellent 0.00 Album No PHX 1005 Stereo Matrix PHXUK 1005 A1/B1 Send Email 
Beatles The Live At The Bbc 1994 Apple Mint 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No PCSP726 Mono PCSP 726 A/B/C/D Send Email 
Beatles The Anthology 1 1995 Apple Mint 0.00 Triple Fold Cover Album No PCSP 727 1A/1B/ Mono & Stereo Matrix H 344461 A/B 2A/2B/3A/3B H 344471 A/ B H 362341 A/B 3 x 12" Discs Send Email 
Beatles The Anthology 2 1996 Apple Mint 0.00 Triple Fold Cover Album No PCSP 728 1A/1B/ Mon & Stereo PCSP 728 1A/1B/ 2A/2B/3A/3B 2A/2B/3A/3B 3 x 12" Send Email 
Beatles The Anthology 3 1996 Apple Mint 0.00 Triple Fold Cover Album No PCSP 729 A1/B1 Mono & Stereo Matrix PCSP 729 A1/B1 A2/B2A3/B3 A2/B2A3/B3 3 x 12" Discs Send Email 
Beatles The 2000 Apple Mint 0.00 Album No 7243 5 29325 1 Stereo Matrix 5 29326 1A/27 1A/1B 2 x 12" Send Email 
Beatles The “on Air-live At The Bbc Volume 2 2013 Apple Mint 0.00 Gatefold With Insert & Posters Album No 3750506 Mono Matrix BD 2707-01 A1/B1/3750506 BD 2707-01 A1/B1/ C1/D1/E1/F1 3 x 12" Discs Send Email 
Beatles The Live At The Hollywood Bowl (remastered) 2017 Apple Mint 0.00 Gatefold Album No 6.02557E+11 Mono Matrix BG44532-01 A/B 2017 Send Email 
Beatles The Featuring Tony Sheridan The Early Years 1962 Contour Excellent 0.00 Album No 2870-111 Stereo Matrix 2870-111 A/B Send Email 
Beatles, The Early Years (1) 1981 Phoenix Records Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No PHX 1004 Matrix No PHX 1004+A/+B Send Email 
Beatles, The On Tour In Japan 2022 Rhythm & Blues Mint 0.00 Cover Mint Disc No R&B 110 Matrix No 250656 E1/E2 Mono Send Email 
Beck Jeff Group Got The Feeling 1972 Cbs Embassy Excellent 0.00 Composers. Jeff Beck Album No S CBS 31546 Matrix S CBS 31546 A2/B2 Send Email 
Bee Gee's The Best Of 1969 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Composers Barr Gibb/Robin Gibb/Maurice Gibb. Album No ST 33 583063A/B Matrix 583063 A / 2. 420 13/11 1 Send Email 
Bennett Cliff And The Rebel Rousers Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers 1965 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 1242 Mono Matrix XEX 511-1 N/512-1N Send Email 
Bennett Cliff And The Rebel Rousers Drivin' You Wild 1966 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Album No MFP 1121 Mono Matrix MFP 1121 A-1/B-1 Chas Hodges On Guitar Send Email 
Bennett Tony Tony's Greatest Hits 1967 Cbs  0.00 Album No SBPO 62821 Stereo Matrix SBPO 62821 A2/B3 Send Email 
Benson George In Your Eyes 1983 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No 92-3744-1 Matrix 953744-1 A/B . Send Email 
Benson George Give Me The Night 1980 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Composers Temperton/Moody/Chater/Russ Ballard /Lins/Martins/Wolinski. Album No K 56823 Matyrix K 56823 A/B Send Email 
Benson George Livin' Inside Your Love 1979 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No WB 66 085 Matrix WEA 66085A/B/C/D Gatefold Sleeve Send Email 
Benton Brook The Best Of 1984 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Album No Time 1 Matrix Time 1 A/1 B With Dinah Washington On Track 9 Send Email 
Berry Chuck Spotlight On 1980 Chess Records Excellent 0.00 Album No SPOT 1003-1/2/3/4 2 x 12" Matrix SPOT 1003-A+/B+/C+/D Send Email 
Berry Dave This Strange Effect 1986 See For Miles Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Signed By Dave Berry On Rear Of Cover Disc No CM 122 Matrix Cm 122 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Best Pete/donegan Lonnie La Grande Story Of Rock 38 1982 Armando Curcio Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Sleeve Cover Printed In Italy Recorded In America Disc No GSR-38 Matrix No GRS 38A/B Send Email 
Black Cilla Sings A Rainbow 1966 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PMC 7004 Matrix XEX 595-1/596-1 Send Email 
Black, Cilla Cilla 1965 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No PMC 1243 Matrix No XEX 515/6 Send Email 
Blondie The Best Of 1981 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 Album No CDL TV1-1 Matrix CDL TV-1 A3/B2 Send Email 
Bloom Bobby The Bobby Bloom Album 1970 Polydor Super Excellent 0.00 Album No 2310-058A/B Matrix 2310-058 A1/B1 Send Email 
Blunstone Colin Cry An Ocean/make It Easy/what Becomes Of The Broken Hearted 1988 I.r.s. Records Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Excellent Disc No ORMT 151 Matrix No 151 A-1U-1-2 1 RMT/ 151 B-1U-1-2 1 RMT Send Email 
Bob & Marcia Pied Piper 1971 Trojan Excellent 0.00 Album No TRLS-26A/B . Matrix TRLS-26A/B Gatefold Sleeve Send Email 
Bolan Marc And T-rex The Ultimate Collection 1991 Telstar Excellent 0.00 Album No Star 2539 Stereo Matrix Star 2539 A/B Send Email 
Boney M Nightflight To Venus 1978 Atlantic Hansa International Excellent 0.00 Album No K 50498 Matrix K 40547 A2/B3 Send Email 
Booker T & The M G's Universal Language 1977 Asylum Records Excellent 0.00 Album No 7E-1093-A SP Matrix 7E 1093 A/B SP Send Email 
Boone Pat Friendly Persuasion 1982 Cambra Excellent 0.00 2 x 12" Cover Excellent Disc No CR 042 Matrix CR 042 A/B/C/D Send Email 
Bostic Earl The Best Of 1963 Contour Excellent 0.00 Album No 2870 115 Mono Matrix 2870 115 A-1/b-1 Send Email 
Bowie David Lets Dance 1983 Emi America Excellent 0.00 Album No AML 3029 Matrix AML 3029 A-2/B-1 Send Email 
Bowie David Changes One 1976 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Album No RS 1055 Matrix RS 1055 A-56/B-32 Send Email 
Bread The Best Of 1972 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Album No K 42115 Matrix K 42115 A/B Send Email 
Brooks Elkie Pearls 1981 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No ELK 1981 Stereo Matrix ELK 1981 A2/B1 Send Email 
Brooks, Elkie Two Days Away 1977 A & M Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No AMLH 68409 Matrix No AMLH 19-68409-1A-1/B1 Send Email 
Brooks. Elkie Two Days Away 1977 A&m Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No AMLH 68409 Matrix No AMLH 68409A/B Send Email 
Brown, Joe A Picture Of Joe Brown 1962 Ace Of Clubs (decca) Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No ACL 1127 Matrix No ARL 5593 1A/3A Send Email 
Brubeck Dave Greatest Hits 1966 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S CBS 32046 Matrix CBS S 32046 Send Email 
Buggles The Age Of Plastic 1980 Island Fair 0.00 Album No ILPS 9585 Matrix ILPS 9585 A-20/B-20 Send Email 
Burnette Johnny The Best Of 1989 Liberty Mint 0.00 Album No EMS 1324 Stereo + Matrix EMS 1324 A/B Send Email 
Byrds The The Best Of 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 63107 Matrix S 63107 1-ZZ/2-ZZ Send Email 
Calloway, Cab Minnie The Moocher 1933-1934 1981 Rca International Very Good 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No INTS 5121 Matrix No INTS 5121 A1/B1 Send Email 
Cars Greatest Hits 1985 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Album No 960 464-1 Stereo Matrix R/S Alsdorf 960 464-1 A3/1B Send Email 
Cass Mama Mama's Big Ones 1976 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Album No MFP 50252 Stereo Matrix SMFP 50252 A1/B1 Send Email 
Charles Ray Heart To Heart 1980 London Records Excellent 0.00 Album No RAYTV 1 Matrix ACRZ 3892/3893 Send Email 
Cher Half Breed 1973 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCF .2501A/B Matrix MCF 2501 A1/B1 Send Email 
Chicago Chicago 1970 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 63928/ S 63943 2 x 12" Matrix S 63928 A1/B1/S 63943 A1/B1 Gatefold With Inserts Send Email 
Clapton Eric August 1986 Duck Records Excellent 0.00 Album No 925476-1 Matrix 925476-1 A1/B1 Gatefold Drums Phil Collins Send Email 
Clapton Eric No Alibis 1989 Duck Records Excellent 0.00 12" 45 rpm Single Record No W 9981 (T) Matrix W 9981 (T) A/B Send Email 
Clark Dave Five The 25 Thumping Great Hits 1978 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good + Disc No POLYTV 7 Matrix No POLYTV 7 A3/B4 Send Email 
Cochran Eddie The Best Of 1985 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Album No EG 2607571 Mono Matrix EG 2607571 A2/B2 Send Email 
Commadores The Machine Gun 1974 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STML 11273 Stereo Matrix STML 11273 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Como Perry Perry 1974 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Album No APLI 0585 Stereo Matrix APLI 0585 A/B Send Email 
Como Perry And I Love You So 1973 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Album No SF 8360 Stereo Matrix SF 8360 A/B Send Email 
Cooder Ry The Slide Area 1983 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Album No WB 56 976 Stereo Matrix Alsdorf 56976 A2/B2 Send Email 
Cooder Ry Bop Till' You Drop 1979 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No WB 56 691 Matrix BSK-1-3358 GER-E/2-3358 GER Send Email 
Cooke Sam A Man And His Music 1986 Rca Excellent 0.00 Album No PL87127(2)-1/2 2 x 12" Matrix DM-B 4248 A/B/4249A/B Gatefold Send Email 
Craig Wendy Bedtime Stories And Lullaby's 1973 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Album No MFP 50081 Matrix SMFP 50081 A1/B1 Send Email 
Craig Wendy Tales Of Beatrix Potter 1971 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Album No MFP 5241 Matrix SMFP 5241 A4/B4 Send Email 
Cramer Floyd 20 Of The Best 1986 Rca Excellent 0.00 Album No NL89850 Stereo Matrix PM B 4303a/B Send Email 
Crawford Randy Secret Combinations 1981 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No K 56904 Matrix K 56904 A/B Send Email 
Crawford Randy Abstract Emotions 1986 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No 925 423-1 Matrix 925 423-1 A/B Send Email 
Cray Robert Strong Persuader 1986 Mercury-hightone Very Good 0.00 Album No MERH 97 Stereo Matrix MERH-97-A2/A1 Send Email 
Cray Robert Band Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark 1986 Mercury Very Good 0.00 Album No MERH97 Stereo Matrix MERH-97 B1/A2 Send Email 
Crusaders The The Crusaders 1972 Blue Thumb Records Incorporated Excellent 0.00 Album No ILPS-9218A/B Matrix ILPS 9218 A-1U/B-1U The Crusaders Are Stix Hooper Drums Joe Sample Instruments Wilton Felder Tenor Sax Electric Bass Wayne Henderson Trombone Guest: Larry Carlton Guitar (Solo's) Send Email 
Crusaders The At Their Best 1973 Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No M 796V1 Matrix M-796V-1 Send Email 
Crusaders The Hollywood 1972 Mowest Excellent 0.00 Album No MWS 7004 Matrix MWS 7004 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Crusaders The Street Life 1979 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCL 1815 Matrix MCL 1815 A-4U/B //2 Send Email 
Crusaders The Scratch 1974 Abc Records Excellent 0.00 Cover VG Disc No ABCL 5181 Matrix No ABCL 5181 A/B Send Email 
Crusaders The Images 1978 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No MCL 1625 Matrix No MCL 1625 A2/2B Send Email 
Daltrey, Roger The Pride You Hide 1986 10" Records Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc Number Tent 103 Matrix Tent 103 A/B Send Email 
Darin Bobby The Bobby Darin Story 1961 Atco Excellent 0.00 Album No SD33-131 Matrix LJXP7 STC 61365/6 G 1A Send Email 
Darin Bobby Greatest Moments 1974 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Album No K 40547 Matrix K 40547 A1/B1 Send Email 
Davies Dave Dave Davies 1980 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Album No AFL1-3603-A/3603-B Matrix AFL1-3603 A-10/B-10 Not For Sale Album Gatefold Send Email 
De Los Rios Waldo Wonderful World 1972 A & M Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLB 51039 Matrix AMLB 51039 A1/B1 Send Email 
Deodato Artistry 1974 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCF 2587 Matrix MCF 2587 A/ B Send Email 
Deodato Very Together 1976 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCF 2774 Matrix MCF 2774 A/ B Guitar John Tropea Side 1 Track 1 Guitar John Tropea Side 2 track 3 Send Email 
Deodato Deodato 2 1973 Cti Records Excellent 0.00 Album No CTI 6029 Matrix RVG SQ 87686 A-2/B-2 A. Gatefold Guitar John Tropea Side 1 Track 1 Send Email 
Deodato Prelude 1972 Cti Records Excellent 0.00 Album No CTL 10 Matrix CTL 10-A/10-B Gatefold Guitar Tracks Side 1Track 1 John Tropea Guitar Side two Tracks 1 & 3 John Tropea Send Email 
Deodato First Cuckoo 1975 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCF 2728 Matrix MCF 2728 A-1/B-1 Guitarists John Tropea/Hugh McCracken/Elliot Randall Send Email 
Deodato Knights Of Fantasy 1979 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No BSK 3321 Matrix BSK-1-3321-RE1-LW2/LW1 Gatefold Guitarists John Tropea, Ray Gomez, Cliff Morris Send Email 
Deodato Whirlwinds 1974 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCG 3518 Matrix MCG 3518 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Deodato S.o.s. Fire In The Sky 1984 Warner Bros  0.00 Special 12" Disarmamix Disc No 920 287-0 Matrix R/S 920287- A/B Send Email 
Deodato Love Island 1976 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Sleeve Disc No K 56416 Matrix No K 56416 A1/B1 Track One Listed As Area Code 807 Track Listing On Inside Cover Not In Line With Label On Disc Guitarists Larry Carlton Tracks 1,2,4,5,7 & 8 Al McKay Track 3 John Tropea Track 6 Send Email 
Deodato/ Moreira Airto Deodato In Concert Airto 1974 Cti Records Excellent 0.00 Album No CTL 21 Matrix CTL 21-A/-B Guitar Solo's On Deodato John Tropea Send Email 
Dion & The Belmonts "live" At Madison Square Garden 1972 "reunion" 1972 Warner Bros Very Good 0.00 Gatefold Cover Good Album No WB 46 208 Stereo Matrix 40312-1E/F 1972 Send Email 
Dire Straits Love Over Gold 1982 Vertigo Excellent 0.00 Album No 6359 109 Matrix 6359 109 A/B Send Email 
Dire Straits On Every Street 1991 Vertigo Excellent 0.00 Album No 510 160-1 Matrix 510 160 A/B Send Email 
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms 1985 Vertigo Excellent 0.00 Album No VERH 25 Matrix VERH 25 A/B Send Email 
Domino Fats Lbug 77-b-1 1985 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Album No EG 2607621 Matrix EG 2607621 A-1/B-2 Send Email 
Doobie Brothers The What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits 1974 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Album No K 56026 Matrix K 56026 A1/B1 Send Email 
Doors The L. A. Woman 1971 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Album No K 42090 Matrix K 42090 A1/B1 Send Email 
Doors The 13 1970 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Album No K 42062 Matrix K 42062 A1/B1 Send Email 
Doors The Soft Parade 1969 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Album No K 42079 Matrix K 42079 A2/B2 Gatefold Send Email 
Doors The Morrison Hotel 1970 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Album No EKS 75007 Matrix EKS 75007 A//1/B//1 Gatefold Send Email 
Douglas Craig Craig Douglas 1984 See For Miles Excellent 0.00 Album No See 34 Matrix see 34A/34B Send Email 
Downliner Sect The The Rock Sects In 1976 Charley Records Excellent 0.00 Album No CR 30140 Matrix CR30140 A1/B1 Send Email 
Duran Duran Rio 1982 Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3411 A/B Matrix EMC 3411 A-2/B-1 Send Email 
Durbin Deanna Can't Help Singing 1963 Ace Of Hearts Excellent 0.00 Album No AH.60 Matrix BWK-119-1B/120-1B Send Email 
Durbin Deanna A Date With 1965 Ace Of Hearts Excellent 0.00 Album No AH93 Matrix BWK 185-1K/186-1K Send Email 
Dylan Bob Dylan 1973 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 69049 Matrix S 69049 A/B Send Email 
Eddy Duane £1,000,000 Of Twang 1962 London Excellent 0.00 Album No HA-W 2325 Matrix ATL-1800-1B/1801B Cover Good Send Email 
Eddy Duane Duane Eddy His Twangy Guitar And Friends 1987 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Album No EST 2034 Matrix EST 2034 A-1/B-1 Guitarists : J. Burton/J. Fogerty/S. Cropper/ George Harrison/Ry Cooder/ Other Gusts: Paul McCartney/Jeff Lynne / Send Email 
Eddy Duane Forever 1984 Rca Excellent 0.00 Album No Nl89246-1/2 2 x 12" Matrix DMB1185 A-1/B-1/1186 A-1/B-1 Gatefold Send Email 
Edmunds, Dave Repeat When Necessary 1979 Swan Song Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc Number SSK 59409 Matrix Number SSK 59409 A/B Send Email 
Egan, Joe Out Of Nowhere 1979 Ariola Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No ARL 5021 ARL 5021 A/B Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra Out Of The Blue 1977 Jet Records Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No UAS 1100/2100 Stereo Matrix UAS 1100 A-1/B1/2100 A-1/B-1 1977 Send Email 
Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record 1976 Jet Records Excellent 0.00 Album No UAG 30017 Stereo Matrix UAG 30017 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Elliott, Bern & The Fenmen The Beat Years 1988 See For Miles Ltd Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No SEE 239 Matrix No SEE 239 A/B Send Email 
Ernie Ford, Tennessee The Very Best Of 1974 Capital Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No E-ST 23301 Matrix No E ST1 23301-1 A 1/E ST2 23301-1 H 1 Send Email 
Esetfan Gloria Cuts Both Ways 1989 Epic Excellent 0.00 Album No 465145 1 Matrix 465145 A4/B5 Send Email 
Estefan Gloria & The Miami Sound Machine Anything For You 1988 Epic Excellent 0.00 Album No 463125 1 Matrix 465125 1 A4/B4 With Inserts Send Email 
Faces The A Nods As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse 1971 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Album No K 56006 Stereo Matrix K 56006 A/B With Insert Send Email 
Fairweather Low Andy Spider Jiving 1974 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Disc No MFP 50440 Matrix No AMLH 68263A/B Among Others Henry McCullough Plays Send Email 
Faith Adam Adam 1960 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Album No PMC1128 Mono Matrix XEX313/14-IN Arranged & Conducted By John Barry Send Email 
Faith Adam 24 Golden Greats 1981 Warwick Excellent 0.00 Album No WW5113 Mono Matrix WW5113A1/A2 Send Email 
Faith Adam I Survive 1974 Warner Bros Mint 0.00 Album No K56054 Stereo Matrix K56054A1/B2 Send Email 
Faith Adam With The Roulettes On The Move 1964 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PMCJ 1228 Matrix XEX 475-1N XEX 476-1N South African Pressing Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Ross Annie In Hoagland 1981 Bald Eagle Records Excellent 0.00 Album No BELP 181 Stereo Matrix BELP 181 A1/B1 Includes Hoagy Carmichael Send Email 
Fame Georgie With The Harry South Big Band The Two Faces Of Fame 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No BPG 63018 Mono Matrix 63018 A1/B1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Rhythm And Blues At The Flamingo 1964 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Signed by Clive Powell "Take 2" Album No 33SX 15998 Mono Matrix XAX 2575-1N/76-1N Send Email 
Fame Georgie Fame At Last 1964 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Album No 33SX 1638 Mono Matrix XAX 2669-1N/70-1N Send Email 
Fame Georgie Sweet Things 1966 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Album no SX 6043 Mono Matrix XAX 3068-1/69-1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Hall Of Fame 1967 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Album No SX 6120 Mono Matrix XAX 3297-1/98-1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Third Face Of Fame 1968 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No 63293 Stereo Matrix 63293 A1/B1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Bonnie & Clyde 1973 Embassy Excellent 0.00 Album No S EMB 31033 Stereo Matrix S EMB 31033 A1/B1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Georgie Fame 1975 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Album ILPS 9293-A/B Stereo Matrix ILPS 9293A PE/B PE Send Email 
Fame Georgie Daylight/three Legged Mule 1977 Island Records Mint 0.00 Disc No IDJ 25-A/B Stereo Matrix DJ 25 A1/B1 12" Limited Edition Send Email 
Fame Georgie Samba 1986 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 Album No ENYW 605-A Stereo Matrix ENYW 605 A 1 4201 One Sided Test Pressing Send Email 
Fame Georgie Samba/ Samba/ Willow King 1986 Ensign Excellent 0.00 Disc No ENYX 605-A Matrix No ENYX 605A/B Picture Sleeve Signed By Clive Powell Toda Menina Baiana Mix Send Email 
Fame Georgie Give A Little More/give A Little More (dub Versi 1980 Piccadilly Excellent 0.00 12 "Picture Disc One Side Disc No 12p 194 Stereo Matrix 12P 194A/B 45 RPM Send Email 
Fame Georgie And The Harry South Band Sound Venture 1966 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Album No SX 6076 Mono Matrix XAX 3069-1/70-1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Price Alan Fame & Price/price & Fame/together 1971 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 64392 Stereo Matrix S 64392 A1/B1 Send Email 
Fame, Georgie Georgie Does His Thing With Strings 1969 Cbs Mint 0.00 Plays M - Cover Very Good Disc No CBS 63650 Matrix No CBS 63650 A/B Send Email 
Fardon, Don On Tour In Scandanvia 1972 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No MFP5279 Matrix No SMFP 5279A/B Send Email 
Farlowe Chris And The Thunderbirds Stormy Monday 1966 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Album No MFP 1186 Mono Matrix XAX 3044/5 -1 Send Email 
Farlowe Chris With The Hill From Here To Mama Rosa 1970 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Album No 24-4041 Stereo Matrix POLP 80123/4 Send Email 
Farlowe Chris The Art Of 1966 Immediate Very Good 0.00 Cover Damaged Album No IMLP 006 Mono Matrix IMLP 006 1/ ½ // 1 Send Email 
Felder Wilton Bullitt 1969 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No ST-20152 Stereo Matrix ST-20152 1/2 Send Email 
Felder, Wilton Secrets 1985 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No MCF 3237 Matrix No MCF 3237 A/B Send Email 
Feliciano José Sings And Plays The Beatles 1985 Rca Excellent 0.00 Album No NL 89 715 Stereo Matrix DMB 3419-A/-B Send Email 
Focus Moving Waves 1971 Polydor Super (blue Horizon) Excellent 0.00 Disc No 2931-002 Stereo Matrix No 2931-002 A/B Send Email 
Fontana Wayne Wayne One 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Album No TL.5351 Mono Matrix 687391 1/2 Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders 1964 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Album No TL.5230 Mono Matrix 687336 1/2 Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders Eric, Rick, Wayne And Bob 1965 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Album No TL.5257 Mono Matrix 687352 1/2 Send Email 
Ford Tennessee Ernie Ford Favourites 1975 Stetson Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Slight Tear In Top Edge. Disc No HAT 3051 Matrix HAT 3051 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Foremost The First And Foremost 1982 See For Miles Excellent 0.00 Album No CM 104 S&M Matrix CM 104/A/B Send Email 
Four Seasons The Golden Edition (edizione D'oro) 1968 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No DBL.003-A/B Stereo Matrix 652128 1Y/2Y/652129 1Y/2Y Send Email 
Francis, Connie 20 All Time Greats 1977 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 2391 290 Matrix No 2391290 A//1 P 14 9/2391290 B//1 P 12 24 Send Email 
Fury Billy The Billy Fury Hit Parade 1982 Decca Excellent 0.00 Album No TAB 37 Mono Matrix ARL 17229 1 A/30 2V Send Email 
Gabriel, Peter Games Without Frontiers/jetzt Kom Die Flut (here Comes The Flood) 1980 Charisma Excellent 0.00 Side 1 Matrix A Porky Prime Cut Side 2 Matrix Das Ist Ein Porky Primen Kutt Promo Copy Cover Generic Excellent Send Email 
Gallagher & Lyle Breakaway 1976 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLH.68348 Stereo Matrix AMLH 68348 A1/B1 With Insert Send Email 
Gallagher Rory Tattoo 1973 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No 2383-230 A/B Stereo Matrix 2383 -230 A/B Send Email 
Garner Errol A New Kind Of Love 1963 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Album No Bl.7595 Stereo Matrix MG20959 A/B Send Email 
Garner, Erroll Move ! 1964 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No FJL 103 Matrix No 683 253 1L/2L Send Email 
Garrett Amos Go Cat Go 1980 Waterfront Music Excellent 0.00 Disc No WF006 Matrix No WF006 A1/B1 Send Email 
Garrett Tommy The Fifty Guitars Of 1967 Liberty Very Good 0.00 Album No LBS 83006 Stereo Matrix LBS 83006 A/B Cover Poor Send Email 
Garrett, Amos/sahm, Doug/taylor Gene The Return Of The Formerly Brothers 1987 Stony Plain Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good, A few Marks Disc No SPL 1104 Matrix No SPL 1104 A1/B1 Send Email 
Gerry & The Pacemakers How Do You Like It ? 1967 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Album No MFP 1153 Mono Matrix XAX 2537-1 N/2538-1 N Send Email 
Goons The Goon Show Classics Vol 3 1975 Bbc Records Very Good 0.00 Album No REB 246 Mono Matrix REB 246A/B Send Email 
Hailey Bill And The Comets Rock Around The Clock 1968 Hallmark Excellent 0.00 Album No SHM 668 Stereo Matrix SHM- 668-A6 5 0 D SHM 668 B6 0 0 V Send Email 
Harris Jet The Last Concert (inside Jet Harris) 1978 Ellie Jay Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EJSP 8622A Stereo Matrix EJSP 5622 A/B Send Email 
Harris, Wee Willie Goe's Ape 1983 Ace Records Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Cover Excellent (Signed) Disc No CHA 178 Matrix No CHA 178 A/B Send Email 
Harrison George Extra Texture 1975 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PAS10009 Stereo Matrix YEX 947 2U/1U Send Email 
Harrison George Extra Texture 1975 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PAS10009 Stereo Matrix YEX 947 2U/1U Send Email 
Harrison George Cloud Nine 1987 Dark Horse Records Excellent 0.00 Album No 925 643-1 Stereo Matrix 925643-1A/B Contributions By: Jeff Lynne Eric Clapton Elton John Gary Wright Ringo Starr Jim Keltner Jim Horn Bobby Kok James Burton Duane Eddy Send Email 
Harrison George All Things Must Pass 1970 Dark Horse Records Excellent 0.00 Boxed Set With Inserts 3 x 12" L.P.'s Album No STCH 1-639/2-639 Stereo Matrix YEX 817/818/819/820/821/822 Percussion: Ringo Starr/ Andy White Bass: Klaus Voorman/Carl Radle Keyboard's: Gary Wright/Bobby Whitlock Billy Preston/Gary Brooker Send Email 
Harrison George Got My Mind Set On You 1987 Dark Horse Records Excellent 0.00 Album No W8178(T) Stereo Matrix W8178 A/B 12" Single Send Email 
Heep Uriah Live 1973 Bronze Records Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No ISLD1A/1B ISLD2A/2B Stereo Matrix ISLD 1 1A-2/1B-2 ISLD 2 1A/2B Send Email 
Hendrix Jimmy At The Isle Of Wight 1971 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No 2302016 A Stereo Matrix 2302016 A/B Send Email 
Hermans Hermits The Best Of 1971 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No MFP 5216 Matrix No BWK 295 3A/296 1B Send Email 
Hollies, The This Is It/you Gave Me Strength/you're All Woman 1987 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Jumps on This is It But Minor. Disc No 12DB 9146 Send Email 
Holly Buddy Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits 1968 Coral Very Good 0.00 Cover VG Disc No CP 8 Matrix BWK 295/296 Send Email 
Hyland, Brian Greatest Hits 1986 Rhino Excellent 0.00 Cover BG+ Disc No RNLP 70226 Matrix No RNLP 70226A/B Send Email 
Jackson Michael Thriller 1982 Epic Excellent 0.00 Album No EPC 85930 Stereo Matrix EPC 85930 A5/B8 Send Email 
Jackson Michael Dangerous 1991 Epic Excellent 0.00 Album No 465802 1 Stereo Matrix 465802 9A1/4B1/45/5C1/6D1 Send Email 
Jam The 4 Side Effects 12” Ep 45rpm 1981 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Disc No 2141 392 Stereo 2141 392 1 / 2 12" EP Send Email 
Jam The In The City 1977 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No 2383 447 A/B Stereo Matrix 2383 447 A1/B2 Send Email 
James, Etta The Best Of 2015 Not Now Music Mint 0.00 Cover Mint Disc No CATLP110 Matrix No 122057E1/C/2/B Send Email 
Jan & Dean The Jan & Dean Story 1980 K Tel Very Good 0.00 Album No NE 1084 Stereo Matrix NE 1084 A/B Send Email 
Joel Billy The Stranger 1980 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No 450914 1 Stereo Matrix 451914 1 A8/B8 Send Email 
Joel Billy Streetlife Serenade 1974 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S CBS 32035 Stereo Matrix CBS S 80766 A2/B1 Send Email 
Jones Tom Along Came Jones 1965 Decca Excellent 0.00 Album No LK 4693 Mono Matrix ARL 6781 A/6782 A Send Email 
Jordan Louis Choo Choo Ch'boogie 1982 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Album No MFP 50557 Mono Matrix MFP 50557A/B Send Email 
Jordan Louis And The Tympany Five Look Out Its 1983 Charly Very Good 0.00 Album No CRB 1048 Mono Matrix CRB 1048 A/B Send Email 
K. C. & The Sunshine Band Do It Good 1974 Jay Boy Excellent 0.00 Album No JSL 4 Stereo Matrix JSL 4 A/B Send Email 
Kaempfert Bert & His Orchestra Lullaby For Lovers 1965 Contour Excellent 0.00 Album No 2870-165 Stereo Matrix 2870-165 1Y//1.420 11 3/4 Send Email 
King Carole Tapestry 1971 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLS 2025 Stereo Matrix AMLS 52025-1 Send Email 
King, Solomon She Wears My Ring 1968 Columbia/emi Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good New Zealand Pressing Disc No SCXM 6250 Matrix No YAX.3627/3628 Send Email 
Kinks The Well Respected 1965 Marble Arch Excellent 0.00 Album No MAL 612 Stereo Matrix MAL 612 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Kinks, The Good Day/don't Forget To Dance/too Hot 1984 Arista Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Excellent Disc No Arsit 12577 Matrix No Arist 12577 A/B Send Email 
Kramer Billy J. With The Dakotas The Best Of 1979 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Album No SM-11897 Stereo Matrix SM 1-118971 SM 2 118971 Send Email 
Krupa, Gene Drum Boogie 1985 Big Band Era Very Good 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No LP 20178 Matrix No 20178A/B Send Email 
Last James The James Last Album 1971 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No 2891 101 A/B Stereo Matrix 2871101 A/B 1971 With Insert Send Email 
Lee Hooker John Plays And Sings The Blues 1986 Chess Records Green Line Records Excellent 0.00 Album No GCH 8019 Stereo Matrix GCH 8019 A/B Send Email 
Lee Hooker John The Healer 1989 Silverstone Records Excellent 0.00 Album No ORE LP 508 Stereo Matrix ORE 508 A/B 1989 With C. Santana & The Carlos Santana Band With Bonnie Raitt With Robert Cray With Canned Heat With Los Lobos With George Thorogood With Charlie Musslewhite Send Email 
Lee Lewis Jerry Southern Roots 1974 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Album No 6338 452 Stereo Matrix 6338 452 1?2 Send Email 
Lefevre Raymond And His Orchestra Volume 2 1968 Major Minor Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MMLP 13 Stereo Matrix LP 013-A/-B Send Email 
Lefevre Raymond And His Orchestra This Is Vol 2 1972 Barclay Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No DPS 2032 Stereo Matrix BOPY 9955/6/7/8 1972 Send Email 
Lennon John Rock 'n' Roll 1975 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PCS 7169 Stereo Matrix YEX 943-1/944-1 Send Email 
Lennon John The Collection 1989 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDP 7915162 Stereo Send Email 
Level 42 Running In The Family 1987 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No POLH 42 Stereo Matrix POLH 42 A6/B7 Send Email 
Lewis Huey & The News Fore 1986 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 Album No CDL 1534 Stereo Matrix CDL 1534 A1/B2 Send Email 
Lewis Dee / Gordon Coral & Guest Fame Georgie Mondo Kane 1986 Pwl Sound Excellent 0.00 Picture Sleeve Disc No DOLEQ2 Stereo Matrix DOLEQ2A/B Tracks Side One New York Afternoon 5.39 Featuring Georgie Fame New York Afternoon 2.37 Side Two New York Afternoon 2.36 Man Send Email 
Lewis Ramsey The Best Of 1972 Chess Excellent 0.00 Disc No 6310 114 Matrix 6310 114.1/2 Send Email 
London Philharmonic Orchestra The Power Of Classic Rock 1985 Portrait Excellent 0.00 Album No PRT 10049 Stereo Matrix PRT 10049 A1/B3 Send Email 
Longthorne Joe Especially For You 1989 Telstar Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No STAR 2365 Matrix STAR-2365-A-1/ B-1 Send Email 
Lovin' Spoonful The Greatest Hits 1985 Wea Excellent 0.00 Album No 252 274-1 Stereo Matrix 252274-1 A2/B1 With Insert Send Email 
Mamas & Papas The The Best Of 1974 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Album No SPR 90025 Stereo Matrix SSPR 90025 A1/B1 Send Email 
Manchester Melissa Hey Ricky 1982 Arista Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No AL 9574 Matrix AL 9574 SA/SB Send Email 
Mann, Manfred Semi-detached Suburban 1987 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No EMTV 19 Matrix No EMTV 19 A/B Send Email 
Martin Dean Greatest Hits Vol 2 1968 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Album No RLP 6320 Stereo Matrix RLP 6320 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Martin Dean Greatest Hits 1968 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Album No RLP 6301 Stereo Matrix RLP 6301 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Marvin Hank Words And Music 1982 Polydor Mint 0.00 Album No POLD 5054 Stereo Matrix POLD 5054 A2/B2 Send Email 
Mccartnay Paul The Family Way Soundtrack 1967 Decca Excellent 0.00 Album No SKLA.48457 Stereo Matrix XZAL7598/7599 Send Email 
Mccartney Paul Mccartney 1970 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PCS2102 Stereo Matrix YRX 755 3/754 4 Send Email 
Mccartney Paul Mccartney 2 1970 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No PCTC 258 Stereo Matrix PCTC 258 A/B Send Email 
Mccartney Paul Tug Of War 1982 Parlaphone Emi Very Good 0.00 Album No PCTC 259 Stereo Matrix PCTC 259 A/B Send Email 
Mccartney Paul Flowers In The Dirt 1989 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PCSD 106 Stereo Matrix PCSD 106 A/B With Insert Send Email 
Mccartney Paul Press To Play 1986 Parlaphone Emi Very Good 0.00 Gatefold Album No PCSD 103 Stereo Matrix PCSD 103 A/B Send Email 
Mccartney Paul Pipes Of Peace 1983 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Album No PCTC1652301 Stereo Matrix PCTC 1652301 A/B Send Email 
Mccartney Paul & Linda Ram 1971 Apple Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No PAS 10003 Stereo Matrix YEX 837-1/838-1 Send Email 
Mccartney Paul & Wings Band On The Run 1973 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PCS2102 Stereo Matrix YRX 755 3/754 4 Send Email 
Mccrae George The Best Of 1975 Jay Boy Excellent 0.00 Album No JSB 100 Stereo Matrix JSB 100 A2/B2 Send Email 
Mckendree Spring Get Me To The Country 1975 Pye Very Good 0.00 Album No PYE 12108 Stereo Matrix PYE 12108 A/B Send Email 
Mcphatter, Clyde A Tribute To 1973 Atlantic Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good with Clipped Corner Disc No K30033 Matrix No K30033 A1/B1 Send Email 
Mcwilliams David The Days Of Pearly Spencer 1969 Starline Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No SRS 5075 Stereo Matrix SRS 5075 a-1/B-1 Send Email 
Medicine Head Thru' A Five 1974 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No 238272 A Stereo Matrix 238272 A/B Send Email 
Mendes Sergio & Brazil 77 In Concert 1973 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLS 64378 Stereo Matrix AMLS 64378 A/B Send Email 
Mendes Sergio Portrait Of 1973 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No AMLC 4002-1/4002-2 Stereo Matrix AMLC 4002 A/B/C/D Send Email 
Mfsb (mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers. The Sound Of Philadelphia 1973 Philadelphia International Recor Excellent 0.00 Album No S PIR 80154 Stereo Matrix S PIR 80154 A1/B1 Send Email 
Mindbenders The The Mindbenders 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Album No TL.5324 Mono 687 389 TL/1L Send Email 
Mitchell Warren Songs Of World War One 1967 Allegro Excellent 0.00 Disc No All 840 Matrix No All 840 A-2/B-2 Send Email 
Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn Monroe 1963 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc Number MFP 1176 Matrix Number SRX 3095-2N T 2/SRX 3096-1 N GR I Send Email 
Montez Chris The More I See You 1975 Music For Pleasure  0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No MFP 50435 Matrix MFP 30435 A/B Send Email 
Montez, Chris The More I See You 1970 A & M Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No AMLB 1011 Matrix No AMLB 1011 A-1/B1 Send Email 
Montgomery Marion Sometimes In The Night 1969 C 5 Records Excellent 0.00 Album No C5-532/A/B Stereo C5 532/A/B Send Email 
Moody Blues The The Magnificent Moodies 1965 Decca Excellent 0.00 Album No LK.4711 Mono Matrix XRAL 6869 1A/701A Send Email 
Moreira Airto Fingers 1973 Ctl (pye Records) Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Sleeve Album No CTL16 Stereo Matrix CTL 18 A-14G/B-14G6 Send Email 
Move The Fire Brigade 1972 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Album No MFP 5276 Stereo SMF 5273 A1/B3 Send Email 
Muldaur, Geoff& Garrett, Amos Muldaur, Geoff& Garrett, Amos 1978 Flying Fish Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No Flying Fish 061 Matrix No 77 FF-061-AS MASTERDISK DC/BS NASTERDECK DC Send Email 
Muldaur, Maria Southern Winds 1978 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Clipped Cover VG Disc No BSK 3162 Matrix No K-56463-A-1/B-2 Send Email 
Mulduar Maria Southern Winds 1978 Warner Brothers Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No BSK 3162 Matrix No K 56463-A1/B2 Send Email 
Murry Anne & Cmpbell Glen Anne Murray & Glen Campbell 1971 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No MFP 41 5689 Matrix E-SW 1 869/ 2 869 Send Email 
Nelson Ricky The Best Of 1985 Liberty Excellent 0.00 Album No EG 2607581 Matrix M/St EG 2607581 A/B Send Email 
Nelson Ricky The Singles Album 1979 Fame Very Good 0.00 Album No FA 3045 Mono Matrix UAK 30246 A-1U UAK 30246 B-1U Send Email 
Nelson Sandy Drums A Go Go 1965 Imperial Very Good 0.00 Cover Good Disc No LP-12287 Matrix LP-12287-A1/B1 Send Email 
New Kids On The Block Step By Step 1990 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No 466686 1 Stereo Matrix 466686 1 A/B Send Email 
New Ventures The Rocky Road 1976 United Artists Excellent 0.00 Disc No UA-LA586-G Stereo Matrix UA-LA586-G 1-1/2-2 Send Email 
Newley Anthony Tony 1961 Decca Very Good 0.00 Album No ffrr LK4406 Mono Matrix ARL 5176 A1 ARL5177 A1 Judd Proctor Guitarist Send Email 
Nicholls, Billy Under One Banner  Expression Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good With Lyric Sheet Disc No EXPAL 3 Matrix No EXPAL 3 A1/B1 Send Email 
Nilsson Harry Nilsson Schmilsson 1972 Rca Excellent 0.00 Includes Poster Disc No SF8242/LSP4515 Matrix No APRS-8010/8011 Send Email 
Nilsson Harry A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night 1973 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No Sf=8371-A/B Stereo Matrix APL 1-0097-A/-B 1973 Track 6 Judd Proctor on Guitar Send Email 
O'sullivan Gilbert Himself 1971 Mam Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No MAM-SS.501 Stereo Matrix XZAL-10749-P-7W/P-8W Send Email 
Orbison Roy In Dreams The Greatest Hits 1987 Virgin Records America Excellent 0.00 Album No 90604-1 Stereo 2 x 12" Matrix ST-VR-B7-395-A/396-B/397-A/398-B Send Email 
Osmond Little Jimmy Killer Joe 1973 Mgm Very Good 0.00 Album No 2315157 A/B Stereo Matrix 2315157 A/B Send Email 
Outlaws, The Rare Items Vol 6 1985 Gibson Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 3178 Matrix No Gibson 3178 A/B Send Email 
Owlcreek Incident Prelude 1975 Pye Records Very Good 0.00 Album No PYE 12120 Stereo Matrix PYE 12120 AS/BS Send Email 
Parker Robert Barefootin'/let's Go Baby (where The Action Is)/ 1987 Charly Records (white Label) Very Good 0.00 12" White Label Disc No CYZ 121 Matrix No CYZ 121 A1/B1 Send Email 
Paul Billy War Of The Gods 1973 Philidelphia International Recor Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No AL 32409 Stereo Matrix AL32409 B1/X Send Email 
Paul Billy Ebony Woman 1973 Philidelphia International Recor Excellent 0.00 Album No S PIR 65931 Stereo Matrix PIR 65931 A1/B1 Send Email 
Peddlers The The Fantastic Peddlers 1968 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Album No SFL.13016 Stereo Matrix 859 005 1Y/2Y Send Email 
Peddlers The Live At The Pickwick 1967 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Album No SBL.7768 Stereo Matrix 840 665 1Y/2Y Send Email 
Peddlers The Three For All 1970 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Album No 6308 028 Stereo Matrix 6308 02 1/2 Send Email 
Peddlers The Three In A Cell 1968 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 63411 Stereo Matrix SBPG 63411 A1/B1 Send Email 
Peddlers The Freewheelers 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Flap Top Cover Album No 63813 Stereo Matrix 63183 A1 B3 O 63183 B1 A3 O Send Email 
Peddlers, The Georgia On My Mind 1967 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 6382 066 Matrix No 6382 066 1/2 Send Email 
Pilot Second Flight 1975 Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3075 Stereo Matrix YAX 49501/49502 Send Email 
Pilot From The Album Of The Same Name 1974 Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3045 Stereo Matrix YAX 4833/4834 Send Email 
Pitney Gene The Best Of 1975 Hallmark  0.00 Album No SHM 842/SHM 866/SHM879 Stereo Matrix SMH 842 A1/B1/866 A1/B1/879 A1/B1 3 x 12" Send Email 
Presley Elvis Greatest Hits 1978 Rca Excellent 0.00 Box Set With Booklet And Guarantee All Sleeves Pictured, One Side Of Each Makes A Giant Picture Of Elvis. 6 x 12" Discs + 1 x 12" Bonus Disc Album No GELV-6A Matrix No RDES 2789 RDES 2790 RDES 2791RDES 2792 RDES 2793 RDES 2794 RDES 2795 RD Send Email 
Preston Billy Music Is My Life 1972 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No SP-3519 Stereo Matrix SP 3547/8 Send Email 
Price Alan Between Today And Yesterday 1974 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Album No K56032 Stereo Matrix 56032 A K 56032 B Send Email 
Price Alan Metropolitan Man 1975 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No 2442 133 De Luxe Stereo Matrix 2442133 A//3 AP/B//3 Send Email 
Procol Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale/homburg 1989 Cube Records Very Good 0.00 Disc No LBUG77 Matrix LBUG77A/B Send Email 
Queen Greatest Hits 1981 Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No EMTV30 Stereo Matrix EMTV30 A/B Send Email 
Rafferty Gerry City To City 1978 United Artists Records Excellent 0.00 Album No UAS 30104 Stereo Matrix UAS 30104 A/B Send Email 
Raye Sol Not Nat 1959 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Album No MFP 1338 Stereo Matrix SMFP 1338 A1/B1 Send Email 
Rea Chris The Road To Hell 1989 Magnet Records Excellent 0.00 Album No WX 317 Stereo Matrix 246235-1-A5X/ -1-B3 Send Email 
Reed Les Orchestra The International Pop Proms 1976 Granada Tv Excellent 0.00 Album No GTVB 101 Stereo Matrix GVTB 101 A/B Send Email 
Reese, Della Live 1966 Abc Paramount Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No ABC S 569 Matrix No ABC S 569 A/B Send Email 
Remember The.... Yardbirds The 1971 Starline Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc Number SRS 5069 Matrix Number SRS 5069 A/B Send Email 
Revere Paul & The Raiders Revolution ! 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No 63095 Stereo Matrix 63095 A1/B1 Send Email 
Richard Cliff Every Face Tells A Story 1977 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3172 Stereo Matrix YAX 5249-1/50-1 1975/7 Brian Bennett Drums Tony Rivers Vocal Arrangements Send Email 
Richard Cliff I'm Nearly Famous 1976 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3122 Stereo Matrix YAX 5125-3/5126-2 For Kipper & Who's Kipper Inscribed By The Matrix Vocal Arrangements Tony Rivers Insert Booklet Send Email 
Richard Cliff Small Corners 1978 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3219 Stereo Matrix YAX 5377-1/5378-3 Vocal Arrangements Tony Rivers Send Email 
Richard Cliff Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile 1979 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3307 Stereo Matrix YAX 5636/7 Tony Rivers Vocal Harmony Herbie Flowers Bass Except Last Track Peter Skellern Meloton/Piano Solo Send Email 
Richard Cliff Love Songs 1981 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EMTV 27 Stereo Matrix EMTV 27 A-12/27 b-5 Send Email 
Richard Cliff Wired For Sound 1981 Emi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No EMC 3377 Stereo Matrix EMC 3377 A/B Send Email 
Richard Little 22 Original Hits 1977 Warwick Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No WW 5034 Matrix WW 503 4 A EG/B EG Send Email 
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down 1983 Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Cover Excellent Disc No ZL 72020 Matrix No DM B - 0548 A -7/84 S 11 III/DM B - 0548 B - 13/2 - 88 Send Email 
Ritenour Lee Portrait 1987 Drp Records Excellent 0.00 Album No GR-1042 Stereo Matrix GTP 1042-A/-B Send Email 
Robinson, Tom Collection 1977-1987 1987 Emi Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No EMC 3540 Matrix No EMC 3540 A/B Send Email 
Rolling Stones The Through The Past, Darkly (big Hits Vol 2) 1969 Decca Very Good 0.00 Octagon Gatefold Album No SKL.5019 Stereo Matrix XZAL.9067 P/9068 P Send Email 
Rooftop Singers, The Walk Right In 1963 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good/Good Disc No 680 999TL Matrix No 680999 1L 2//420 1/680999 2L 1//420 1 Send Email 
Ross Diana And The Supremes Greatest Hits 1967 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STML 11063 Stereo Matrix STML 11063 A2/B2 Send Email 
Ross Diana Greatest Hits 1972 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No STMA 8006 Stereo Matrix STMA 8006 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Ross Diana And The Supremes Greatest Hits Vol 2 1970 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STML11146 Stereo Matrix STML 11146 1G Send Email 
Roulettes The Stake And Chips 1982 Gi Records Excellent 0.00 Album No WAX 1 Stereo Matrix Wax-1-A/-1-B Send Email 
Russell, Leon Leon Russell And The Shelter People 1971 A&m Very Good 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No AML S 65003 Matrix No AML S 65003 A/B Includes A Lyric Sheet Send Email 
Sally James Once Upon A Time Stories 1980 Tempo Very Good 0.00 Album No TMP 9012 Stereo Matrix TMP 9012 A1/B1 Send Email 
Sandpipers The A Gift Of Song 1971 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLS 64328 Stereo Matrix AMLS 64328 A/B Send Email 
Santana Festival 1976 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S CBS 86020 Stereo Matrix CBS S 86020 A1/B2 Send Email 
Santana Moonflower 1977 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No CBS 22180 Stereo Matrix CBS 22180A/B/C/D Send Email 
Santana Inner Secrets 1978 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent, With Insert Disc No CBS 86075 Matrix No CBS 86075 A1/B1 Send Email 
Sayer Leo Another Year 1975 Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 Album No CHR.1087-A Stereo Matrix CHR 1087 A/B Send Email 
Scaggs Boz Silk Degrees 1976 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 81193 Stereo Matrix CBS 81195 A5/B5 Send Email 
Scaggs Boz Down Two Then Left 1977 Cbs Mint 0.00 Album No S CBS 86028 Stereo Matrix CBS S 86028 A/B1 With Insert Send Email 
Scaggs, Boz Other Roads 1988 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No CBS 461121 1 Matrix No 461121.1 1A/B Send Email 
Searchers The Spotlight On 1983 Prt Excellent 0.00 2 x 12" Discs Not For Resale Stamped On Record 1 Side 2 Disc No SPOT 1014 Matrix SPOT 1014 A/B SPOT 1014 C/D Send Email 
Sedaka Neil Oh Carol 1970 Rca International Excellent 0.00 Album No INTS 1131 Stereo Matrix ZNPY 2010-1/2947-2 Send Email 
Sedaka Neil Live At The Royal Festival Hall 1974 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No 2383-299 A/B Stereo Matrix 2383-299 A2/B1 Send Email 
Shadows The Greatest Hits 1963 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Cover Good Album No 33SX 1522 Mono Matrix XAX 2465 1N/2N Send Email 
Shadows The Life In The Jungle 1983 Polydor Excellent 0.00 Album No Shads 1 Stereo Matrix 2478 163 Send Email 
Shadows, The Mustang 1972 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No MFP 5266 Matrix No SMFP 5266 A/B Send Email 
Shadows, The Mustang 1972 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc Number MFP 5266 Matrix Number SMFP 5266 A/B Send Email 
Shannon Del Del Shannon 1982 Dakota Records Mint 0.00 Cover Mint Disc No COUNT 8 Matrix COUNT 8 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Shapiro, Helen 25th Anniversary Album 1986 Music For Pleasure Mint 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No MFP 415741 1 Matrix 414751 1A/B Send Email 
Siffre Labi The Singer And The Song 1971 Pye International Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No NSPL.28147 Stereo Matrix NSPL28174 A/B Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1970 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 63699 Stereo Matrix S 63699 A6/B7 Send Email 
Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits 1972 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 69003 Stereo Matrix S 69003 A3/B6 Send Email 
Simply Red A New Flame 1989 Wea Excellent 0.00 Album No WX242 Stereo Matrix 244689 1A/2B Send Email 
Sinatra Frank Close To You 1957 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No LCT 6130 Matrix No WI 789/W2 789 Send Email 
Sinatra Frank And His Greatest Hits 1968 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Album No RSLP 1025 Stereo Matrix RSLP 1025 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Sinatra Frank Greatest Hits Vol 2 1973 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Album No RSLP 1032 Stereo Matrix RSLP 1032 A/B Send Email 
Sinatra Frank Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back 1973 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No FS 2155 Stereo Matrix FS 2155-31644-1/45-1 Send Email 
Sinatra Frank Twenty Golden Greats 1978 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Album No EMTV 10 Stereo Matrix EMTV 10 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Sinatra Frank The Rare Sinatra 1978 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Disc No E-ST 24311 Matrix No E-ST1 24311/E-ST2 24311 Send Email 
Sinatra Frank The Sinatra Touch 1969 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Box Set With Booklet 6 x 12" Album Nos SM 137-142 Matrix DNFR 1 7630-1G DNFR 12 7630-1G DNFR 2 7630-1G DNFR 11 7630-1G DNFR 3 7630-1G DNFR 10 7630-1G DNFR 4 7630-1G DNFR 9 7630-1G DNFR 5 7630-1G DNFR 8 7630-1G DNFR 6 7630-1G DNFR 7  Send Email 
Sinatra, Nancy Greatest Hits 1977 Private Stock Records Ltd Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No PVLP 1018 Matrix No PVLP 1018 A/B Send Email 
Skellern Peter Skellern 1978 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Album No 9109 701 Stereo Matrix 9109 701 1/2 Send Email 
Skellern Peter Astaire 1979 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Cover Disc No MERH 111 Matrix No MERH 111 A2/B-3 Send Email 
Skellern Peter Right From The Start 1981 Decca Very Good 0.00 Disc No TAB 9 Stereo Matrix No ZAL 16786 1G/4X Send Email 
Small Faces Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake 1980 Immediate Excellent 0.00 Circular Gatefold Album No IML 2001 Stereo Matrix IML 2001 A/B Send Email 
Smith Jimmy Bashin' The Unpredictable 1962 Verve Very Good 0.00 Album No CLP 1596 Mono Matrix V8474A/B Send Email 
Smith Jimmy Groove Drops 1970 Verve Excellent 0.00 Album No SVLP.9253 Stereo Matrix MGS 2128 1G/2129 1G Send Email 
Spector Phil Echoes Of The 60's 1977 Phil Spector International Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 2307 013 Matrix No 2307 013 A/B Send Email 
Spector's Phil Top Twenty 1977 Phil Spector International Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No 2307 013 Matrix No 2307 013A/B Send Email 
Spotnicks The In Spain 1963 Oriole Excellent 0.00 Disc No PS40054 Matrix PS40054A/B Send Email 
Springfield Dusty Dusty In Memphis 2017 Mercury Records Mint 0.00 Disc No 5707137 Stereo Matrix No 5707137 A/B Send Email 
Starr Edwin War And Peace 1970 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STML 11171 Stereo Matrix STML 11171 A1/B1 Send Email 
Status Quo The Anniversary Waltz 12” 45rpm 1990 Phonogram Excellent 0.00 Disc No Quo2812 Stereo Matrix Quo 2812 A/B Send Email 
Staus Quo Golden Hour Of 1973 Golden Hour Excellent 0.00 Album No GH 556 Stereo Matrix GH556 A/B Send Email 
Stealers Wheel Ferguslie Park 1973 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Album No AMLH 68209-A Stereo Matrix AMLH 68209 A-3/B4 Send Email 
Steenhuis Wout Guitars For Girl Friday 1967 Columbia Studio 2 Stereo Excellent 0.00 Disc No TWO 156 Matrix No YAX 3270-1U/2U Send Email 
Stevens Cat Tea For The Tillerman 1970 Island Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No ILPS=9135 Stereo Matrix ILPS-9135-A3/B3 Send Email 
Stewart Rod Every Picture Tells A Story 1971 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Album No 6338 063 Stereo Matrix 6338 063 1/2 Send Email 
Stewart Rod Gasoline Alley 1970 Vertigo  0.00 Gatefold Album No 6360 500 Stereo Matrix 6360 500 1/2 Send Email 
Stewart Rod Never A Dull Moment 1972 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Book Form Cover Album No 6499 153 Stereo Matrix 6499 153 1/2 1972 Send Email 
Strange Billy 12 String Guitar 1963 Vocalion Very Good 0.00 Album No VA 8022 Mono Matrix VGMT 1969 1B/1970 1B Send Email 
Streisand Barbra Barbra Streisand  Cbs Excellent 0.00 Box Set 3 x 12" Discs Album No S CBS 86104, CBS ‎– S 63921, CBS ‎– S CBS 10012 Matrix CBS S 8610 4 A4/B2 CBS S 63921 A5/B2 CBS S 100 A5/B6 Send Email 
Streisand Barbra The Way We Were 1974 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S 69057 Stereo Matrix S 69057 A1/B1 Send Email 
Streisand Barbra Guilty 1980 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Sleeve Album No S CBS 86122 Stereo S CBS 86122 A7/B4 Duet with Barry Gibb Send Email 
Streisand Barbra Superman 1977 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S CBS 86030 Stereo Matrix S CBS 86030 A1/B2 Send Email 
Streisand Barbra/ Kristofferson Kris A Star Is Born 1976 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Sleeve Album No S 86021 Stereo Matrix S86021 A1/B2 1976 Send Email 
Stylistics The Thank You Baby 1975 Avco Excellent 0.00 Album No 9109 005 Stereo Matrix 9105 005 A/B Send Email 
Stylistics The The Best Of 1975 Avco Excellent 0.00 Album No 9109 003 Stereo Matrix 9109 003 A/B Send Email 
Sullivan, Big Jim Plays Gilbert O'sullivan 1973 Mam Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No MAM 6 Matrix No XZAL 12306 AL/07 AL Send Email 
Swing Out Sister Kaleidoscope World 1989 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Album No 838 293-1 Stereo Matrix 838 2931 A/B Send Email 
Taylor R. Dean Indiana Wants Me 1973 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Album No SPR 90007 Stereo Matrix SSPR 90007 A/B Send Email 
Teagarden Jack At The Roundhouse 1959 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Cover V.G. Disc No 32SX 1235 Matrix RLP 109A-1S/B-1S Send Email 
Temptations The Special 1977 Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STMX 6002 Stereo Matrix STMX 6002 A/B Send Email 
Tex, Joe The King Story Vol 5 1979 Bellaphon Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No BI 15240 Matrix No 15240 A/B Send Email 
The Spencer Davis Group Every Little Bit Hurts 1968 Wing Excellent 0.00 Cover Good Disc No WL 1165 Matrix No 687 343 1L/2L Send Email 
The World Of Harrison, Noel 1969 Decca Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No SPA 26 Matrix No ZAL 8919P/20P Send Email 
Therapy One Night Stand 1973 Indigo Sound Studio's Excellent 0.00 Album No IRS 5124 A/B Stereo Matrix IRS 5124 A/B 1973 Signed By Dave Shannon & Fiona Simpson Send Email 
Therapy Bringing The House Down 1975 Magnum Productions Excellent 0.00 Album No MAG 0009 Stereo Matrix MAG 009 A/B 1975 Signed By Dave Shannon & Fiona Simpson Send Email 
Thorogood George & The Destroyers Born To Be Bad 1988 Emi Manhattan Records Mint 0.00 Album No E1-46973 Stereo Matrix E1-46973 Z2/Z1 Send Email 
Thorogood George & The Destroyers Maverick 1985 Emi America Mint 0.00 Album No ST-17145 Stereo Matrix ST-1-17145-Z5/Z2 Send Email 
Three Degrees The The Three Degrees 1973 Philadelphia International Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No S PIR 65858 Stereo Matrix SPIR 65858 A1/B1 Send Email 
Three Dog Night Seven Separate Fools 1972 Probe Excellent 0.00 Box Cover With Card Inserts (One Card Missing Jimmy Greenspoon) Album No SPTC 1/2 Stereo Matrix SPTC A/B 1/2 1972 Send Email 
Titanic Ballad Of A Rock'n Roll Loser 1975 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No CBS 80786 Stereo Matrix 80786 A/B Send Email 
Tomita Isao Snowflakes Are Dancing 1974 Rca Red Seal Excellent 0.00 Album No ARL1 0488 Stereo Matrix ARL1 0488 A/B All Music Produced Without Musical Instruments Send Email 
Traffic Best Of 1969 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Cover Poor Disc No ILPS 9112 Matrix No ILPS 9112 A2/B2 Send Email 
Transvision Vamp Pop Art 1988 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Album No MCF 3421 Stereo Matrix MCF 3421 A/B Send Email 
Travelling Wilburys The The Travelling Wilburys Volume 1 1988 Wilbury Record Company Excellent 0.00 Album No WX 224 Stereo Matrix Alsdorf 925716 A/B Lucky Wilbury-Bob Dylan Otis Wilbury-Jeff Lynne Charlie Jnr Wilbury-Tom Petty Nelson Wilbury-George Harrison Lefty Wilbury-Roy Orbison Send Email 
Travelling Wilburys The Travelling Wilburys The Volume 3 1990 Wilbury Record Company Excellent 0.00 Album No 7599-26324-1 Stereo Matrix Alsdorf 7599 26324-1 A/B Lucky Wilbury-Bob Dylan Otis Wilbury-Jeff Lynne Charlie Jnr Wilbury-Tom Petty Nelson Wilbury-George Harrison Lefty Wilbury-Roy Orbison Send Email 
Troggs, The From Nowhere 1966 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No TL 5355 Matrix No 886197 1Y/2Y With Troggs Signatures on Paper Send Email 
Trower, Robin In City Dreams 1977 Chrisalis Excellent 0.00 Disc No CHR 1148 Matrix No CHR 1148-A/-B Cover Excellent Send Email 
Turner Tina Foreign Affair 1989 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No ESTU 2103 Stereo Matrix ESTU 2103 A/B Send Email 
Vandross Luther Any Love 1988 Epic Excellent 0.00 Album No 462908 1 Stereo Matrix 462908-1 A1/B1 Send Email 
Various Artist Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang Original Cast Soundtr 1968 United Artists Very Good 0.00 Gatefold Album No SULP 1200 Stereo Matrix SULP 1200 A1/B1 Cast: Potts-Dick Van Dyke Children-Adrian Hall/Heather Ripley Truly Scrumptious-Sally Ann Howes Grandpa-Lionel Jeffries Childcatcher-Robert Helpman Baron-Gert Frobe Baroness-Anna Quayl Send Email 
Various Artists Stars On 45's 1981 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No S CBS 86132 Stereo Matrix CBS S 86132 A/B Send Email 
Various Artists Super Bad 1974 K-tel Excellent 0.00 Album No NE 499 Stereo Matrix K-Tel S A/B Send Email 
Various Artists Vital Vinyl Volume 2 1990 Pickwick Excellent 0.00 Album No SHM 3037 Stereo Matrix SHM 3037 A3/B3 Send Email 
Various Artists Rock And Roll Giants 1979 Chevron Excellent 0.00 Album No CHVL 098 E.R Stereo Matrix CHVL 098A/B Send Email 
Various Artists Stars Of 68 1967 Marble Arch Very Good 0.00 Album No MAL 762 Mono Matrix MAL 762 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Various Artists More Stars Of 68 Vol 2 1968 Marble Arch Very Good 0.00 Album No MAL 860 Mono Matrix Mal 860A-1*1/B1 Send Email 
Various Artists Nice 'n' Easy 1972 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No 6830119/6830120 Stereo Matrix 6830119 1&2/6830120 1&2 Send Email 
Various Artists Pop Party Vol 3 Top Of The Tots 1974 Hallmark Very Good 0.00 Album No SHM 808 Stereo Matrix SHM 808 A1/B1 Send Email 
Various Artists Fings Ain't What They Used To Be 1960 Decca Excellent 0.00 Disc No LK 4346 Matrix No ARL 4737-1A/4738-1A Original Cast Glynn Edwards, Miriam Karlin, Paddy Joyce, Tom Chatto, Toni Palmer, Barbara Windsor, James Booth, Edward Caddick, Yootha Joyce, Wallas Eaton, George Sewell, Michael O'Brien, Rudi Patters Send Email 
Various Artists Capitol Classics 1942-1958 1983 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Disc No MFP 5610 Mono Matrix No MFP 50610A/B Send Email 
Various Artists Guitar Heroes 2014 Stony Plain Records Mint 0.00 180grm Vinyl Disc No SPLP 1381 Matrix No 11989 A/B Artists: James Burton, Albert Lee, Amos Garrett & David Wilcox. Send Email 
Various Artists The Kids From Fame Again 1982 Rca Excellent 0.00 Disc No RCALP 6057 Stereo Matrix No RCALP 6057 A5/B5 Send Email 
Various Artists The Art Of Mccartney 2014 Arctic Poppy Excellent 0.00 Box Set With Booklet 4 x 12" Discs Disc No APVINLP1402 Matrix 10756 1A/1B 10756 1C/1D10756 1E/1F 10756 1G/1H Disc 1 Orange Marbled Disc 2 Turquoise Marbled Disc 3 Red Marbled Disc 4 Blue Marbled Send Email 
Vee Bobby The Very Best Of 1974 Sunset Records Excellent 0.00 Album No SLS 50271 Stereo Matrix SLS 50271 A2/B3 Send Email 
Ventures The The Jim Croce Song Book 1974 United Artists Excellent 0.00 Disc No UA-LA217-G Stereo Matrix No UA-LA217-G-1/G-2 Send Email 
Ventures The Only Hits 1973 United Artists Very Good 0.00 Gatefold Cover 2 x 12" Discs Disc No UA-LA147-G2 Matrix No UA-LA-G2-1/2/3/4 Send Email 
Vincent, Gene Pioneers Of Rock Vol 1 1972 Starline Very Good 0.00 Cover Good Disc No SHS 5117 Matrix No SHS 5117 A-2/B-2 Send Email 
Walker Scott The Best Of 1982 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Album No 6381 073 Stereo Matrix 6381 073 A/B Send Email 
Waller Fats The Vocal 1972 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 Cover Very Good Disc No LSA 3112 Matrix No B2PP 9969/9970 Send Email 
Waller, Fats The Vocal Fats Waller 1972 Rca Victor Very Good 0.00 Cover VG Disc No LSA 3112 Matrix No B2PP 9969/70 Send Email 
Warkwick Dionne The Collection 1973 Arista Excellent 0.00 Gatefold 2 x 12" Album No DIONE 1 Stereo Matrix DIONE-1-A/1-B/1-C/1-D Send Email 
Washington Geno & The Ram Jam Band Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin' Funky-but Live! 1966 Piccadilly Excellent 0.00 Album No NPL.38026 Stereo Matrix NPL 38026 A1/B1 Send Email 
Weedon Bert 22 Golden Great Guitar Hits 1976 Warwick Excellent 0.00 Album No WW5019 Stereo WW-5019-A-1/-B1 Drums: Andy White Send Email 
Weedon Bert Rockin' At The Roundhouse 1970 Fontana Special Very Good 0.00 Album No 6438 031 Stereo Matrix 438 031-1/-2 Send Email 
Wells, Mary Greatest Hits 1973 Sounds Superb Very Good 0.00 Cover very Good Disc Number SPR 90008 Matrix Number SSPR 90008 A/B Send Email 
White Barry Just Another Way To Say I Love You 1975 20th Century Records Excellent 0.00 Album BT 466 Stereo Matrix BT 466 A-16/B 16 Send Email 
White Barry Can't Get Enough 1974 20th Century Records Excellent 0.00 Album No BT 444 Stereo Matrix BT 444A A-16/B-16 Send Email 
White Barry Rhapsody In White 1974 Pye International Excellent 0.00 Album No NSPL 28191 Stereo Matrix NSPL 28191 A-1/B-1 With The Love Unlimited Orchestra Send Email 
Who The The Story Of 1976 1976 Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Booklet 2 x 12" Album No 2478 091 A/B 2478 092 A/B Stereo Matrix 2478 091 A/B 2478 092 A/B Send Email 
Wilde Marty Good Rockin' Then-and Now 1974 Phillips International Excellent 0.00 Album No 6382 102 Stereo Matrix 6382 102 1/2 Send Email 
Williams Andy Born Free 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No SBPG 63027 Stereo Matrix SBPG 63027 A1/B1 Send Email 
Williams Andy The Best Of  Readers Digest Excellent 0.00 Box Set With Guarantee 6 x 12" Disc + 1 x 12" Bonus Disc Album No GAND-6A Matrix RDES-5137-1 ALLEN 0 B RDES-5138-1 ALLEN 1 0 A RDES-5139-1 ALLEN OB RDES-5140-1 ALLEN 2 0 A RDES-5141-1 ALLEN 2 B RDES-5142-1 ALLEN 1 2 B RDES-5143-A-2 Send Email 
Williams Larry Original Hits 1972 Specialty Records Inc Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No SNTF 5008 Matrix SNTF 5008 A/B Send Email 
Wilson Philips Wilson Phillips 1990 Sbk Records Excellent 0.00 Album No SBKLP 5 Stereo SBKLP 5 A/B Send Email 
Windwood Stevie Arc Of A Diver 1980 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Album No ILPS 9576 Stereo Matrix ILPS 9573 A2U/B2U Send Email 
Wings Red Rose Speedway 1973 Apple Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Booklet Album No PCTC 251. Stereo Matrix YEX 903 3/904 3 Send Email 
Wings London Town 1978 Apple Excellent 0.00 Album No PAS 10012 Stereo Matrix YEX 975-1/976-1 With Insert Send Email 
Wings Wild Life 1971 Apple Very Good 0.00 Album No PCS7142 Stereo Matrix YEX 871-1/872-1 Send Email 
Wings Back To The Egg 1979 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PCTC 257 Stereo Matrix YEX 987 2/988 1 Send Email 
Wings At The Speed Of Sound 1976 Parlaphone Emi Excellent 0.00 Album No PCTC 257 Stereo YEX 987 2/988 1 Send Email 
Wings (2) Venus & Mars 1975 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Gatefold With Inserts Album No PCTC 254 Stereo Matrix YEX 945 2/1 Send Email 
Womack & Womack Conscience 1988 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No BRLP 519 Stereo Matrix BRLP 519 A/B Send Email 
Wombles The The Best Of 1976 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Album No S 10001 Stereo Matrix CBS S 10001 A1/B1 Send Email 
Wombles The Wombling Songs 1973 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Album No S 65803 Stereo Matrix S65803 A1/B2 Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Greatest Hits Vol 2 1972 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STML 11196 Stereo Matrix STML 11196 A/B Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Talking Book 1972 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No STMA 8007 A Stereo Matrix STMA 8007 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Music Of My Mind 1972 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No STMA 8002 A Stereo Matrix STMA 8002 A2/B2 Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Innervisions 1973 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No STMA 8011 Stereo Matrix STMA 8011 A/B Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Fullfillingness' First Finale 1974 Tamala Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No STMA 8019 Stereo Matrix STMA 8015 A/B Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Hotter Than July 1980 Motown Excellent 0.00 Album No STMA 8035 Stereo Matrix STMA 8035 A/B Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Characters 1987 Motown Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No ZL72001 Stereo Matrix 6248ML A/B Send Email 
Wonder Stevie Light My Fire 1979 Music For Pleasure Very Good 0.00 Cover V.G. Disc No MFP 50420 Matrix SMFP 50420 A-1/B-1 Send Email 
Wonder Stevie I Just Called To Say I Love You/ Instrumental 1984 Motown Excellent 0.00 12" Single Disc No TMGT 1349 Stereo Matrix TMGT 1349 A2/B3 Send Email 
World Of Your Hundred Best Tunes Thevolume 2 Various Artists 1971 Decca Excellent 0.00 Album No SPA.155 Stereo Matrix ZAL.10576 1/2 Send Email 
Yes The Yes Album 1971 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No 2400101 Stereo Matrix 2400101 A/B Send Email 
Young Paul The Secret Of Association 1985 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Album No CBS 26234 Stereo Matrix CBS 26234 A6/B3 Send Email 
Zamfir George Beautiful Dreams 1988 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Album No 836 056-1 Stereo Matrix 836 056-1 1/2 Dutch Pressing Send Email 
Zombies The Time Of The 1973 Epic Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Album No EPC 65727/8 Matrix Side One MS 65727 A/B S65728 A/B Side 1 Mono 2 x 12" Side 2, Stereo Side 3 Stereo Side 4 Stereo Send Email 
Adeva Love Or Lust ? 1991 Cooltempo Excellent 0.00 Disc No CCD 1866 Stereo Send Email 
Aerosmith Young Lust The Aerosmith Anthology 2001 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 493 119-2 2 x Cd's Stereo Send Email 
Alberto Vito Half Truth's And Guesswork ? 2009 Paper Stone Studio Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Signed By: Gareth Bidder Bass Player Disc No ZD8898-CDR A80A Stereo Send Email 
Alexander, Arthur You Better Move On 1993 Dot Records Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No MCD 30493 Send Email 
Allison Mose V-8 Ford Blues 1994 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 88985346382 Stereo Send Email 
Amerinca En Concierto Volume 1 1994 Ega Excellent 0.00 Disc No SN-28 Stereo Send Email 
Animals The The Most Of 1992 Music For Pleasure Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDP 7 984412 Mono Send Email 
Appleby Kim Mama (cd Single) 1991 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDR 6291 CD Single Stereo Send Email 
Armstrong Louis We Have All The Time In The World (cd Single) 1999 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 8 818132 7 Stereo Send Email 
Armstrong, Louis Hotter Than That 1995 Jazz Cd Excellent 0.00 Case Very Good Disc No Jazz CD 003 Send Email 
Beatles The 2000 Apple Very Good 0.00 Case Very Good Disc No 7243 5 29970 2 Send Email 
Beatles, The The White Album 1987 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Gatefold Case Excellent No 25203 With Booklet Send Email 
Beatles, The Free As A Bird 1995 Apple Excellent 0.00 Case Very Good 4 Tracks Disc No 7243 8 82587 2 2, Send Email 
Beck, Jeff Jeff 2003 Epic Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No 510820 2 Send Email 
Beck, Jeff Jeff 2003 Epic Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 510820 2 Send Email 
Bennett Brian Band Rock Dreams 1977 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Bennett Cliff & The Rebel Rousers Live On Tour  Excellent 0.00 Purchased At The Tivoli Theatre Wimborne Dorset Performance No Information On CD Signed by Cliff Bennett Send Email 
Berry Chuck Gold 2005 Geffen Records Excellent 0.00 2 x Cd's Disc No B000436402 Stereo Send Email 
Black Keys The Compilation (copy)   Excellent 0.00 CD Stereo Send Email 
Bloodshot Wynona The Best Of Bloodshot Eyes 1994 King Excellent 0.00 Disc No R2 71544 Mono Send Email 
Blunstone & Argent Out Of The Shadows 2001 Redhouse Excellent 0.00 Disc No REDHCD 2 Stereo Send Email 
Bolton Michael The Hunger 1987 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 460163 2 Stereo Send Email 
Boo Radleys Wake Up! 1995 Creation Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No CRECD179 Stereo Send Email 
Booker T & The Mg's Green Onions 1995 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7567-82255-2 Stereo Send Email 
Bostic Earl Flamingo 2013 Retrospective Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No RTR 4211 Send Email 
Bowie David Blackstar 2016 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Slip Sleeve Disc No 88875173862 Stereo Send Email 
Bowie David Best Of Bowie 2002 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Bowie David Best Of Bowie 2002 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Bowie David Bowie At The Beeb 2000 Bbc Excellent 0.00 3 Disc Box Set Disc No 7243 528629 2 4 Stereo Send Email 
Brown Joe A Picture Of You 2013 Hallmark Very Good 0.00 Disc No 712882 Stereo Send Email 
Buble Michael Crazy Love Hollywood Edition 2010 Reprise Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No 9362-49627-7 Stereo Send Email 
Caine Daniel American Tv Themes Vol 2 1991 Silver Screen Recordings Excellent 0.00 Disc No TVPMCD 401 Stereo Send Email 
Charles Ray The Essential Collection 2005 Metro Excellent 0.00 Disc No METRCD147 Stereo Send Email 
Charles Ray Ray Charles 2007 Signature Excellent 0.00 Disc No SIGNCD2348 Stereo Send Email 
Clapton Eric Clapton Chronicles (the Best Of Eric Clapton) 1999 Reprise Excellent 0.00 Disc No 9362-47564-2 Stereo Tracks Featuring: Guitar: Robert Cary Keyboards & Vocals: Gary Booker Guitar: Andy Fairweather-Low Bass Guitar: Donald "Duck" Dunn Backing Vocals Chaka Khan Send Email 
Cocker Joe Hard Knocks 2010 Columbia Seven One Music Excellent 0.00 Disc No 88697636982 Stereo Send Email 
Coldplay Their Best Yet 2005 Parlaphone Excellent 0.00 Disc No 4747862 Stereo Send Email 
Cole Nat King The Unforgetable 1991 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDP 7977782 Stereo Send Email 
Costello Elvis & The Attractions The Very Best Of 1999 Universal Music Tv Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set Case Very Good Disc No 546 490-2 Send Email 
Craven Beverley Beverley Craven 1990 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 467053-2 Stereo Send Email 
Cray Robert Sweet Potato Pie 1997 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Disc No 534 698-2 Stereo Send Email 
Cray Robert Band, The Shoulda Been Home 2001 Rtko Excellent 0.00 Case Gatefold Excellent Disc No RCD 10611 Send Email 
Crow Sheryl C'mon C'mon 2002 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Crow Sheryl The Globe Sessions 1998 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 540 974 2 (11) Stereo Send Email 
Dandy Warhols The Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia 2000 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDP 7243 8 57787 2 8 Stereo Send Email 
Darin Bobby Sings Ray Charles 2013 Hallmark Excellent 0.00 Disc No 713202 Mono Send Email 
Darin Bobby The Absolute Essential Collection 2015 Big 3 Excellent 0.00 Cd Set Folding Case Disc No BT3100 Send Email 
Day Doris Doris Day 2003 Signature Excellent 0.00 Disc No SIGNCD2345 Mono Send Email 
Day, Doris Gold 2020 Sony Crimson Mint 0.00 3 CD Set Three Fold Case Disc No CRIMCD681 Send Email 
Dee Dave, Dosey, Beakey Mick & Titch Greatest Hits  Mcps Excellent 0.00 Disc No JHD102 Send Email 
Dee Kiki Gold 2019 Sony Crimson Excellent 0.00 3 CD Set Three Fold Sleeve CD No CRIMCD631 Send Email 
Deodato Eumir Plays Marcos Valle 2002 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Send Email 
Deodato Eumir Os Catedraticos & Ataque 1965 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Dido Life For Rent  Excellent 0.00 Disc No ? Stereo Send Email 
Drifters The The Very Best Of 1996 Camden Excellent 0.00 Disc No 74321 446742 Stereo Send Email 
Drizabone Conspiracy 1994 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No BRCD 593/524 056-2 Send Email 
Estefan Gloria Destiny 1996 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 483932 2 Stereo Send Email 
Estefan Gloria Into The Light 1991 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 457782-2 Stereo Send Email 
Eurythmics Greatest Hits  Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Everly Brothers The The Golden Years Of 1993 Wea International Excellent 0.00 Disc No 9548-31992-2 Stereo Send Email 
Faith Adam Midnight Postcards 1993 Polygram Tv Excellent 0.00 Case Very Good Disc Number 821 398-2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Ross Annie In Hoagland 1981 Bald Eagle Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No BELP 181 Includes Tracks And Voice Of Hoagy Carmichael Send Email 
Fame Georgie & The Blue Flames R & B At The Camden Theatre & Soul 2015 Rhythm & Blues Records Mint 0.00 Disc No R&B3 Send Email 
Fame Georgie & The Last Blue Flames Tone Wheels A Turnin' 2009 Three Line Whip Excellent 0.00 Disc No TLW 008 Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Van Morrison & Friends That's Life 1996 Verve Records Exile Mint 0.00 Disc No 576 205-2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie With Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Studio Time 2018 Edsel Records Mint 0.00 Disc No EDSL 0019 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Whole Worlds Shaking 2015 Polydor Mint 0.00 5 CD Box Set Complete With Posters And Book. Complete Recordings From 1963-1966 Box No 4739865 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Charlestons 2002 Three Line Whip Mint 0.00 Signed By Clive Powell Disc no TLW 006 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Blues And Me 1992 Go Jazz Mint 0.00 Disc No vBr 2104 2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Poet In New York 2000 Go Jazz Mint 0.00 Signed By Clive Powell Disc No GO 6044 2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Three Line Whip 1993 Three Line Whip Mint 0.00 Disc No TLW 001 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Cool Cat Blues 1990 Go Jazz Mint 0.00 Disc No vBr 2043 2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Funny How Time Slips Away 2001 Sanctuary Records Mint 0.00 Disc No CMRCD 292 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Mod Classics 1964-1966 2010 Ace Records Mint 0.00 Disc No CDBGPD 206 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Best Of 1967-1971 1996 Columbia Mint 0.00 Disc No 485127 2 Send Email 
Fame Georgie A Portrait Of Jet 1989 Four Leaf Records Mint 0.00 Disc No FLC-CD 108 Send Email 
Fame Georgie That's What Friends Are For 1979 Pye Excellent 0.00 Disc No N 119 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Odds And Ends   Excellent 0.00 Assorted tracks from Georgie's Listings Send Email 
Fame Georgie Fame Around The World   Excellent 0.00 Various Tracks From Georgie's Listings Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Flamingo & Island Years   Excellent 0.00 Various Tracks From The Flamingo Island Years Send Email 
Fame Georgie Lost In A Lovers Dream 2012 Three Line Whip Mint 0.00 Disc No TLW 009 Send Email 
Fame Georgie No Worries 1988 Four Leaf Clover Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No FLC-CD 5099 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Celebrating Georgie Fame At 70 2013  Mint 0.00 Tracks From Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2013 For Friday Night Is Music Night BBC 2 Featuring: Guy Barker ^ BBC Big Band Madeline Bell Zoot money Alan price Send Email 
Fame Georgie Tell Me Something 1996 Polygram Excellent 0.00 Disc No 533 203-2 With: Van Morrison Mose Allison Ben Sidran Send Email 
Fame Georgie Closing The Gap 1980 Sanctuary Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No BVCM 37870 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Rhythm And Blues At The Ricky Tick 2017 Rhythm & Blues Records Mint 0.00 Disc No R&B11 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Two Faces Of Fame 2017 Rpm Records Mint 0.00 2 x CD Set Tri-Fold Cover with Booklet Disc Number Retro D990 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Relationships 2001 Three Line Whip Excellent 0.00 Disc No TLWCD 005 Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Island Years 2008 Island Records (copy Discs) Excellent 0.00 2 x CD's Disc No's UICY-93412/3 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Bill Wyman's King 2016 Copy Disc X 2 Mint 0.00 Copy Disc x 2 Compilation of tracks performed by Georgie Fame with the Rhythm King's Send Email 
Fame Georgie The Complete Live Broadcasts At The Bbc 1964-1967 2021 Rhythm & Blues Mint 0.00 CD Set x 2 Complete With 24 Page Booklet Disc No RANDB065 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Name Droppin 1997 Go Jazz Mint 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Fame Georgie Walking Wounded 1998 Go Jazz Mint 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Fame Georgie Going Home 1971 Cbs Mint 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Krog Karin On A Misty Night 2018 Odin Mint 0.00 Disc No ODINCD 9566 Send Email 
Fame Georgie & Bell Madeline Singer (the Musical) 2014 Proper Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No PRPCD 120 Musical Written By Steve Grey & Georgie Fame Send Email 
Fame Georgie & The Blue Flames Yeh Yeh 1991 Double Play Mint 0.00 Disc No GRF082 Send Email 
Fame Georgie And The Last Blue Flames Swan Songs 2013 Three Line Whip Mint 0.00 Disc No TLW 010 Send Email 
Fame Georgie/ Sidran Ben / Malach Bob / Pete Live In Japan 1992 Go Jazz Excellent 0.00 Disc No vBr GoJ 6007-2 Send Email 
Fame, Georgie In Goodmansland 1986 Copy Disc Mint 0.00 Georgie Fame with Sylvia Vrethammer Send Email 
Fame, Georgie Shorty 2010 Rev-ola Mint 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Fame, Georgie Georgie Does His Things With Strings 1969 Cbs Mint 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Fame, Georgie Summertime In The Park 2002 Capitol Excellent 0.00 Cardboard Envelope Excellent Disc Floriade 2002 Send Email 
Farlowe Chris At Rockpalast 2006 In- Acustic Excellent 0.00 Signed By Chris Farlowe when On Tour At The Tivoli Theatre Wimborne Dorset Disc No INAK 9077 CD Stereo Send Email 
Ferrer Ibrahim The Buena Vista Social Club 1999 World Circuit Excellent 0.00 Slip Sleeve Cover Disc No WCD055 Stereo Producer Ry Cooder Send Email 
Ferry, Bryan & Roxy Music More Than This 1995 Virgin Records Very Good 0.00 Disc No CDV2791 Stereo Send Email 
Fitzgerald, Ella Gold 2003 Verve Records Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set Case Excellent Disc No 0654842 Send Email 
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 1998 Warner Bros Very Good 0.00 Disc No 7599-25838-2 Stereo Send Email 
Fortunes The Storm In A Teacup 1994 Javelin Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No HADCD113 Mono Recording Quality Suspect Send Email 
Franklin, Aretha Early Years 2014 Big3 Excellent 0.00 CD Set Tri-Fold Case Disc No BT 3079 Send Email 
Garner Errol Piano Man 2000 Planet Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No PML 1018 Stereo Send Email 
Garrett Amos Amosbehavin' 1982 Stoney Plain Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No SPCD1189 Stereo Send Email 
Garrett Amos Jazz Trio 2013 Stoney Plane Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No SPCD1368 Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Garrett Amos I Make My Home In My Shoes 1989 Cuppamore Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No883-256-907 Send Email 
Garrett Amos Michigan Water Blues 2004 Voodoo Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No VDCD 128 Send Email 
Garrett, Amos Third Man In 1992 Stony Plain Records Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No 67273 Send Email 
Garrett, Amos Off The Floor Live! 1996 Stoney Plain Records Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No SPCD 1255 Send Email 
Gray, Macy On How Life Is 1999 Epic Very Good 0.00 Disc No 494423 2 Send Email 
Gypsy Kings Greatest Hits 1994 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No Col 477242 2 Stereo Send Email 
Hammer Jan Escape From Television 1991 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No MCLD 19133 Stereo Send Email 
Hardy, Francois Modes D'emploi 1996 Canal (virgin) Excellent 0.00 Slip Case Excellent Promo CD E.P. Disc No Visa 3890 With Booklet Send Email 
Harris Wynona Don't You Want To Rock 2015 King Excellent 0.00 2 x Cd Set Disc No CDTOP2 1124 Mono Send Email 
Harris Wynona Rockin' The Blues 2001 Proper Records Excellent 0.00 4 x CD Box Set With Booklet Disc No P1177 Mono Send Email 
Hollies, The Best Of The 60's 2000 Disky Excellent 0.00 Disc No 990752 Send Email 
Holly Buddy Heartbeat 2009 Signature Excellent 0.00 Disc No SIGNCD2873 Stereo Send Email 
Holly Buddy & The Crickets Words Of Love 1993 Mca Excellent 0.00 Disc No 514 487-2 Mono Send Email 
Hook Dr. The Best Of Sharing The Night Together 1996 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 8 52968 2 6 Stereo Send Email 
Houston Whitney The Greatest Hits 2000 Arista Excellent 0.00 2 x Cd Slip Sleeve Set Disc No 74321-75739-2 Stereo Send Email 
Interstate Impressions Of Stevie Wonder 1989 State Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No BGTD034 Stereo Send Email 
Jackson Janet Design Of A Decade 1986/1996 1995 A & M Records Excellent 0.00 No Original Case Disc No 540 400 2 Stereo Send Email 
Jackson Michael Blood On The Dance Floor History In The Mix 1997 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 487500 2 Stereo Send Email 
James Billionaire 1999 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Disc No 546 386-2 Stereo Send Email 
James The Best Of 1998 Fontana Excellent 0.00 Disc No 536 898-2 Stereo Send Email 
Jay Peter & The Jaywalkers Jaywalkin'  Rpm Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Mono Send Email 
Jayhawks The Rainy Day Music 2003 American Recordings Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Slip Set Cover Disc No B0000080-02 Stereo Send Email 
Jinda George Between Dreams 1996 Shanachie Excellent 0.00 Disc No 5020 Stereo Send Email 
Jinda George And The World News Reliable Sources 1993 Jvc Excellent 0.00 Disc No JVC-2023-2 Stereo Send Email 
Kaiser Chiefs Employment 2005 B-unique Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No BUN093CD Stereo Send Email 
Karaoke Swinging Sixties 1998 Music Collection International L Excellent 0.00 Disc No KRKCD 008 Send Email 
Katie Melua Call Off The Search 2003 Dramatico Excellent 0.00 Disc No DRAMCD0002 Stereo Send Email 
Kidd Johnny & The Pirates 25 Greatest Hits 1998 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 4 95480 2 2 Stereo Send Email 
King B. B. The Best Of 1973 Mca Excellent 0.00 Disc No MCLD 19099 Stereo Send Email 
King Ben E. & The Drifters The Hits Collection 1997 Cmc Entertainment Excellent 0.00 Disc No 10171-2 Stereo Send Email 
Kinks The The Singles Collection 2001 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No SMRCD024 Send Email 
Lee Hooker John The Best Of 1996 Music Club Excellent 0.00 Disc No MCCD 020 Stereo Send Email 
Lee Peggy At Her Best 1997 Pulse Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No PDS CD 543 Stereo Send Email 
Lee Peggy Greatest Hits 2009 Not Now Music Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Case Excellent Disc No NOT2CD284 Send Email 
Leitch, Donovan Greatest Hits 1999 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No EK 65730 Send Email 
Lewis Jerry Lee Legends 1994 Wisepack Excellent 0.00 Disc No LECD D79 Stereo Send Email 
Lighthouse Family The Ocean Drive 1995 Polydor Wild Card Excellent 0.00 Disc No 523787-2 Stereo Send Email 
Lighthouse Family The Postcard From Heaven 1998 Polydor (limited Edition) Excellent 0.00 CD Single Limited Edition Disc No 563 395-2 Stereo Send Email 
Los Amigos Invisibles The Venezuelan Gozadera The New Sound Of 1998 Luaka Bop (copy Disc) Excellent 0.00 Copy Disc Disc No 9362 46839-2 Stereo Send Email 
Maccoll, Kirsty The Best Of 2005 Emi Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDV 3008 Stereo Send Email 
Madness Divine Madness 1992 Virgin Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDV2692 354 517 Stereo Send Email 
Manilow Barry Greatest Hits The Platinum Collection 1990 Arista Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7432117545 2 Stereo Send Email 
Marley Bob & The Wailers Legend (the Best Of) 1999 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Copy Disc Disc No BMWCD 1 Stereo Send Email 
Martin Ricky Sound Loaded 2000 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 2 497769 Stereo Send Email 
Mercury Freddie The Album 1992 Emi Very Good 0.00 Disc No 0777 7 80999 2 5 Stereo Send Email 
Merseybeats The Mersey Sounds 1996 Javelin Excellent 0.00 Disc No HADCD202 Stereo Send Email 
Michael George Faith 1987 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 460000 2 Stereo Send Email 
Midler Bette It's The Girls 2014 Eastwest Excellent 0.00 Disc No 8.25646E+11 Stereo Send Email 
Mike & The Mechanics Hits 1996 Virgin Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 72438 4144821 Stereo Send Email 
Millington Steve Feng Shui 2000 Global Journey Excellent 0.00 Disc No GJ45021. Stereo Send Email 
Millington, Steve Feng Shui 2000 Global Journey Excellent 0.00 Disc No GJ45021 Stereo Send Email 
Milton, Little Stand By Me 1992 Editions Atlas Excellent 0.00 Case Very Good Disc NOBLU-CD 3029 Send Email 
Mo' Keb' Keb' Mo' 1994 Okeh (epic) Excellent 0.00 Disc No EK 57863 Send Email 
Moyet Allison The Essential 2001 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 504638 2 Stereo Send Email 
N Ben "live A Fip" 2005 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No 05 11 01 Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Newley Anthony The Very Best Of 1997 Spectrum Music Excellent 0.00 Disc No 552 090-2 Mono Send Email 
Nutini Paolo Sunny Side Up 2009 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 82564901371 Stereo Send Email 
Outlaws The Dream Of The West 2012 Coronet Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No CCD2002 Send Email 
Palmer Robert Addictions Vol 1 1989 Island Excellent 0.00 Disc No CID 9944 Stereo Send Email 
Pet Shop Boys The Very Best 1998 Emi  0.00 Disc No PSB-41096-VB Stereo Send Email 
Petty Tom Wildflowers 1994 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Slip Case Cover Disc No 9362-45759-2 Stereo Send Email 
Petty Tom Full Moon Fever 1989 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No MCD06034 Stereo Send Email 
Petty Tom & The Heartbreakers She's The One 1996 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Disc No 9362-46285-2 Stereo Send Email 
Petty Tom & The Heartbreakers Echo 1999 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Disc No 9362-47294-2 Stereo Send Email 
Petty Tom & The Heartbreakers Into The Great Wide Open 1991 Mca Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No MCD10317 Stereo Send Email 
Pirates The Live In Japan 2015 Gonzo Multimedia Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No HST 332CD Send Email 
Presley Elvis Love Me Tender 2010 Signature Excellent 0.00 Disc No SIGNCD2875 Stereo Send Email 
Presley Elvis Elvis Gold The Very Best Of The King 1995 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 2 x Cd Set Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Pretenders The The Singles 1987 Wea Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 242 229-2 Stereo Send Email 
Price Alan Based On A True Story 2002 Ap Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No AP1002 Stereo Send Email 
Price Alan Live In Concert 1993 Merlin Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No MER012 Stereo Send Email 
Prince The Very Best Of 2001 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Disc No 8122-74272-2 Stereo Send Email 
Pro Arte Guitar Trio Brazileira 1993 Asv Excellent 0.00 Disc No CD WHL 2079 Stereo Send Email 
Pro Arte Guitar Trio Brazileira 1993 Asv Excellent 0.00 Disc No CD WHL 2079 Stereo Send Email 
Pure Sax State Of The Heart 1998 Virgin Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 8 41493 2 1 Stereo Send Email 
Quebec, Ike The Ike Quebec Collection 2000 Hmv Jazz Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No HMV 5304302 Send Email 
Rawls, Lou At Last 1989 Blue Note Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No CDP 7 91937 2 Send Email 
Rea Chris Blue Guitars 2005 Earbooks Excellent 0.00 Boxed Set With Integral Booklet 11 x CD's + 1 DVD Manufactured By Optimal Media Production A529951 A529952 A529953 A529954 A529955 A529956 A529957 A529958 A529959 A529960 A529961 D532515 Send Email 
Richie Lionel Encore 2002 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Disc No 063 348-2 Side Send Email 
Richie Lionel Back To Front 1992 Motown Excellent 0.00 Disc No 530 018-2 Stereo Send Email 
Rimes, Leann The Best Of 2004 Club (london) Excellent 0.00 Disc No 5046714812 Send Email 
Ros, Edmundo Mambo Jambo 2011 Nostalgia Naxos Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No 8.120551 Send Email 
Sam & Dave Soul Man & Other Great Hits  Hollywood Nittes Excellent 0.00 Case Mint Disc No HNC 0022 Send Email 
Santana Santana Jam Vol 2 1990 The Collection Excellent 0.00 Disc No 0R0091 Stereo Send Email 
Santana The Ultimate Collection 1998 Sony Tv Columbia Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No 4913472000 Stereo Send Email 
Sarstedt, Peter The Best Of 2005 Emi Gold Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No 8297622 Send Email 
Scaggs Boz Some Change 1994 Virgin Records America Incoperat Excellent 0.00 Disc No CDVUS 73 Stereo Features: Booker "T" William Smith Booker "T" Send Email 
Script The The Script 2008 Copy Disc Very Good 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Searchers The A Golden Hour Of 1990 Knight Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No KGH CD 101 Stereo Send Email 
Shins The Chutes Too Narrow 2003 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Shins The Oh Inverted World 2001 Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Simone Nina After Hours 1995 Verve Excellent 0.00 Disc No 526 702-2 Stereo Send Email 
Simone Nina Feeling Good The Very Best Of 1994 Verve Excellent 0.00 Disc No 522 669-2 Stereo Send Email 
Simply Red Stars 1991 Eastwest Excellent 0.00 Disc No 9031-75284-2 Stereo Send Email 
Sinatra, Frank The Early Years 2000 Emporio Excellent 0.00 3 CD Set Box Cover Excellent Disc No EMBTX 321 Send Email 
Sister Sledge Live 1995 Abracadabra Excellent 0.00 Disc No AB 3032 Stereo Send Email 
Smokie The Best Of 1997 Camden Excellent 0.00 Disc No 74321 475832 Stereo Send Email 
Snow Patrol Up To Now 1997 Polydor Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No Fiction 2720709 Stereo Featuring Martha Wainwright Send Email 
Spearsa Britney Greatest Hits My Prerogative 2004 Zomba Label Group Excellent 0.00 Disc No 8287666616-2 Stereo Send Email 
Spice Girls Best Hit Singles'99 1998 Virgin Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No S.G.-9901-17 Stereo Send Email 
Springfield Dusty The Very Best Of 1998 Phillips Excellent 0.00 Disc No 538 345-2 Stereo Send Email 
Staton Candi Candi Staton 2003 Capitol Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 594 4322 5 Stereo Send Email 
Stewart Rod If We Fall In Love Tonight Greate.hit Ballads 1996 Warner Bros Excellent 0.00 Disc No 8362-46467-2 Stereo Send Email 
Stranglers The Greatest Hits 1977-1990 1990 Epic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 467541 2 Stereo Send Email 
Streisand Barbra Streisand Partners 2014 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 88875016402 Stereo Guest Singers: In Order Michael buble, Stevie Wonder, Babyface Billy Joel, Blake Shelton, Lionel Richie Andsea Bocelli, Jason Gould, John Legend Josh Groban, Elvis Presley, Babyface Frank Sinatra, Bryan Adams, Barry M Send Email 
Streisand Barbra Walls 2018 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Disc No 19075895482 Stereo Send Email 
T-rex Copy Disc  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Send Email 
Take That The Ultimate Collection Never Forget 2005 Rca Excellent 0.00 Disc No 82876748522 Stereo Last Track Previously Unreleased Send Email 
Thomas Kenny Wait For Me 1993 Cooltempo Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 8 27209 2 8 Stereo Send Email 
Torme Mel Comin Home Baby 2004 Atlantic Excellent 0.00 Disc No 8122731822 Send Email 
Travelling Wilburys Collection 2007 Rhino Records Excellent 0.00 2 x Cd + 1 DVD Set Gatefold Out Box Disc No 8172-79982-4 Stereo Send Email 
Travis The Man Who 1999 Indipendiente (copy Disc) Excellent 0.00 Disc No 4946242000 Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Tunstall Kt Drastic Fantastic 2007 Relentless Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 94639561827 Stereo Send Email 
Tunstall Kt Eye To The Telescope 2005 Relentless Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7.24386E+11 Stereo Send Email 
Twain Shania Come On Over 1999 Mercury Excellent 0.00 Disc No 170 081-2 Stereo Send Email 
Un Known Artists A Tribute To The Beatles 2006 Red Box Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No THERB208 Send Email 
Unknoown In Memory Of-tom Petty 2020 Digital Legends Mint 0.00 Case Mint Disc No DL 8080 Manufactured in Ireland Send Email 
Van Morrison With Georgie Fame & Friends How Long Has This Been Going On? 1995 Verve 529 136-2 Mint 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Various Artists Struttin' Our Stuff 1997 Rca Victor Excellent 0.00 Disc No 74321 51441 2 Stereo Appearances By Drums Graham Bond Guitar Albert Lee Guitar Eric Clapton Organ Gary Booker Guitar Peter Frampton Vocals & Organ Georgie Fame Send Email 
Various Artists Studio Time 2018 Copy Disc Edsel Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Artists Geof Grange Harmonica (T3 & 8) Chris Johnson Drums Bill Wyman Bass (V T1) Terry Taylor Guitar (T11) Andy Fairweather Low Guitar (T4) Nicky Hopkins Piano Nick Payne Saxophone Track 3 Georgie Fame Organ & Vocal Send Email 
Various Artists 20 Original Mod Classics 2004 Demon Music Excellent 0.00 Disc No MCCD557 Send Email 
Various Artists John, Paul, George, Dave, Brian, Tony & More 2013 Rockhistory Mint 0.00 Cover Excellent 2 Disc Set Disc No RHGB 24 Send Email 
Various Artists The Super Sixties 2006 Metro Excellent 0.00 CD No METRD187 Send Email 
Various Artists Fab Gear 2018 Rpm Records Mint 0.00 A5 Glossy Hard back Book Includes 55 Pages 6 x CD set Disc No RPMBX541 Send Email 
Various Artists Summertime Blues 2012 One Day Music Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Cover Very Good Disc No Day2CD175 Send Email 
Various Artists Six Five Special 2011 Delta Leisure Group Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No 26655 Send Email 
Various Artists This Is Mersey Beat 1963  Mastersound Excellent 0.00 Case Very Good Disc No MS. CD. 688 Send Email 
Various Artists The London American Story 1960 2011 One Day Music Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set 3 Fold Case Excellent Disc No Day2CD101 Send Email 
Various Artists Twanging, Honking, Plinking & Stomping 2014 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 Trifold Cover 2 x CD Set Disc No RHGB34 Send Email 
Various Artists Don't Knock Upon My Door 2016 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Trifold Case Disc No RHGB 48 Send Email 
Various Artists Bouffants, Beehives & Backcombing 2013 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 X CD Set Trifold Case Excellent Disc No RHGB25 Send Email 
Various Artists The Wonder Of Woolworths! 2024 Jasmine Records (embassy Releases) Mint 0.00 2 x CD Set Embassy Releases 1955-1962 Disc No JASMCD2817 Send Email 
Various Artists Jules Holland Rhythm & Blues Orchestra & Friends  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists A Christmas Gift For You 1991 Phil Spector Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No PSCD 1005 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Adam, Craig And Cliff  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Copy Disc Various Tracks From Each Artist Adam Faith, Craig Douglas And Cliff Richards Send Email 
Various Artists Adam, Craig And Cliff  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Copy Disc Various Tracks From Each Artist Adam Faith, Craig Douglas And Cliff Richards Send Email 
Various Artists A Night In Havana 2003 Metro Doubles Excellent 0.00 2 x Cd With Slip Sleeve Cover Disc No METROCD522 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists The Best Of Bond 2002 Signature Excellent 0.00 Disc No SIGNCD2029 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Bowie Etc  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Mono/Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Buena Vista Social Club 1997 World Circuit Excellent 0.00 Slip Sleeve Cover And Booklet Disc No WCD 050 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Discover Blues 2004 Crimson Productions Excellent 0.00 5 x CD Box Set Disc No DISCOVBXO1/1 Mono Artists: John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Muddy Waters And Robert Johnson Send Email 
Various Artists Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll 1960 1995 Readers Digest Excellent 0.00 3 x CD Set Disc No RDCD 1231 Mono Send Email 
Various Artists Great British Instrumentals Of The 50's/60's 2015 One Day Music Excellent 0.00 3 x CD Set Disc No DAY3CD075-1 Mono Send Email 
Various Artists 20 Original Mod Classics No 64 2010 Spectrum Music Mint 0.00 Disc No Spec 2039 Send Email 
Various Artists The Great Soul Legends 1995 Mcps Excellent 0.00 Disc No HHOCD1005 Send Email 
Various Artists High School Hop 1996 Charly (the Sunday Times) Excellent 0.00 Disc No STCD 208 Mono Send Email 
Various Artists Instrumental Moods 1995 Circa Records Ltd (virgin) Excellent 0.00 Disc No VTCD 65 7243 8 41123 25 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Jukebox Collection Sweet Talkin' Guy The Sound O 1989 Old Gold Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No OG 3712 Mono Send Email 
Various Artists Mega Jukebox Hits' 1999 Disky Excellent 0.00 10 x CD Box Set Disc No BX 248792 BX 248802 BX 248812 BX 248822 BX 248832 BX 248842 248852 BX 248862 BX 248872 BX 248882 Send Email 
Various Artists Music Box Cuba 2000 Sony Excellent 0.00 4 x CD Set Disc No SMM500706 2 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Music To Your Ears Volume 1  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Various Artists Music To Your Ears Volume 2  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Copy Disc Send Email 
Various Artists Perfect Day 1997 Bbc (cd Single) Chrysalis Excellent 0.00 Disc No 7243 8 84934 2 0 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Rhythm Del Mundo (cuba) 2006 Ape (universal) Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Case Disc No 1709595 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Various Singles  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Send Email 
Various Artists Sixties Classics Volume 1  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Send Email 
Various Artists Sixties Legends 2002 Virgin Records Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No 7243 8 3094 2 Send Email 
Various Artists Something For The Weekend 2004 Uncut Excellent 0.00 Disc No UNCUT 2004 07 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists The Cat Was Clean The Mod Side Of Jazz 2014 Not Now Music Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Slip Sleeve Cover Disc No NOT2CD559-1 NOT2CD559-2 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Times Of Your Life Vol 2 1993 Castle Communications Excellent 0.00 Disc No STCD 102 Send Email 
Various Artists Time Of Your Life Vol 3 1993 Castle Communications Excellent 0.00 Disc No STCD 104 Send Email 
Various Artists Twang A Tribute To Hank Marvin & The Shadows 1996 Pangaea Excellent 0.00 Disc No 72438 33928 2 7 Send Email 
Various Artists While My Guitar Gently Weeps 2002 Universal Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No 583 444-2 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists While My Guitar Gently Weeps 11 2003 Universal Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No 980 776-0 Stereo Send Email 
Various Artists Compilation  Copy Disc Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Send Email 
Various Artists The London American Story 1961 2012 One Day Music Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Trifold Case Very Good Disc No Day2CD145 Send Email 
Various Artists Chicago Calling 2015 Rockhistory Mint 0.00 Tri Fold Cover Mint 2 x CD Set Disc No RHGB41 Send Email 
Various Artists Samwell, Goddard, Worth, Lennon, Mccartney & More 2013 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Trifold Cover Excellent Disc No RHGB 28 Send Email 
Various Artists Hank, Bruce, Bert, Joe, Big Jim, & More 2012 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Trifold Cover Excellent Disc No RHGB 21 Send Email 
Various Artists Like I Do 2015 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set Cover Trifold Excellent Disc No RHGB 36 Send Email 
Various Artists The London American Story 1959 2.11 One Day Music Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set 3-Fold Cover Disc No Day2CD119 Send Email 
Various Artists Like I Do 2.15 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 CD set Tri Fold Cover Disc No RHGB 36 Send Email 
Various Artists Lost & Forgotten Jukebox, Tranny & Turntable Hits 2014 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 Cd Set Trifold Cover Disc No RHGB 32 Send Email 
Various Artists Our Favourite Melodies 2016 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set Trifold Cover Excellent Disc No RHGB 50 Send Email 
Various Artists That'll Be The Day 2015 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set Trifold Cover Excellent Disc No RHGB 42 Send Email 
Various Artists Tab Collars, Slim Jim Ties, Drainpipes & Winklepickers 2013 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 CD Set Trifold Cover Disc No RHGB 27 Send Email 
Various Artists The London American Ep Collection 2012 One Day Music Mint 0.00 3 x CD Set Trifold Cover Disc No DAYCD009 Send Email 
Various Artists Mr. Parnes Shillings & Pence 2012 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 x CD set Trifold Cover Very Good Disc No RHGB 22 Send Email 
Various Artists Phantoms, Meteorites, Moonshots & Devil Herd's 2017 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Case Trifold Disc No RHGB 52 Send Email 
Various Artists The Epic Records Story 2013 One Day Excellent 0.00 3 CD Set Trifold Case Excellent Disc No DAY3CD019 Send Email 
Various Artists Telstars, Mexicans, Manhunts & Wonderful Lands 2013 Rockhistory Excellent 0.00 2 X CD Set Tri-fold Case Disc No RHGB 30 Send Email 
Various Artists The Epic Records Story 2013 One Day Music Excellent 0.00 3 CD Set Tri-Fold Case Disc No Day3CD019 Send Email 
Various Artists (the Rat Pack) On The Sunny Side Of The Street 2000 Delta Music Excellent 0.00 Disc No CD6213 Stereo Send Email 
Various Atrists War Of The Worlds 1978 Cbs Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Disc No CDCBS 96000 Stereo Bass Guitar: Herbie Flowers Send Email 
Varoius Artists In Memory Of Tom Petty 2020 Digital Legends Mint 0.00 CD No DL 8080 Send Email 
Varous Artists Smooth Jazz 2008 United Audio Entertainment Excellent 0.00 3 x Cd Tin Box Set Disc No TC 53042 (1) TC 53042 (2) TC 53042 (3) Mono Send Email 
Vinton Bobby The Best Of 1994 Curb Music Company Very Good 0.00 Disc No ROJOC 1015 Mono Send Email 
Weller Paul The Greatest Hits 1998 Island Records Mint 0.00 Disc No CID 8080 524 558-2 Send Email 
Westlife Coast To Coast 2000 Rca Excellent 0.00 Slip Sleeve Cover Disc No 74321824302 Stereo Send Email 
White Tony Joe The Best Of 1993 Warner Archives Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent 2 Disc Set Disc No 9362-45305-2 Send Email 
Williams Robbie Swing When Your Winning 2001 Chrysalis (copy Disc) Excellent 0.00 Disc No Copy Disc Stereo Send Email 
Wilson, Jackie The Masters 1997 Eagle Masters Excellent 0.00 Disc No EAB CD 064 Send Email 
Winehouse Amy Back To Black 2006 Island Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No 171 304-1 Stereo Send Email 
Wynter, Mark Venus In Blue Jeans/the Sixties Collection 2006 Pulse (castle) Excellent 0.00 2 x CD Set Case Excellent Disc No PLSCD 788 Send Email 
Young, Neil Greatest Hits 2004 Reprise Records Excellent 0.00 Case Excellent Disc No 9362-48935-2 Send Email 
Zombies The Beathe Out, Breathe In 2011 Red House Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No REDHCD 6 Stereo Send Email 
Zombies The Odessey & Oracle 2001 Repertoire Records Excellent 0.00 Disc No REP 4940 Stereo Send Email 
Fame Georgie & The New Blue Flames The Live Sessions 1999 Visible Jazz Excellent 0.00 Recorded In Pizza Express Jazz Club London Send Email 
Allison Mose Sings The Blues 1962 Epic Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No SEG 8353 Mono Matrix 7TCA 2240-1N/2241-1N Send Email 
Amen Corner (if Paradise Is) Half As Nice 1980 Virgin Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Cover (Excellent) 2 x 7" E.P. Full Listing: Side 1&2 (If Paradise) Is Half As Nice Hello Susie Side 3&4 Bend Me Shape Me (Live) Gin House Blues (Live) High In The Sky (Live) Disc No SV104 Matrix No SV104/A/B/C/D Send Email 
Andrews, Chris Chris Andrews 1984 Scoop Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good (Slight Tear On Right Hand Front Bottom) Disc No 7SR 5051 Matrix No D-1566 A1/B1 Send Email 
Ashton, Bud & His Group More Swinging Guitars 1963 Embassy Excellent 0.00 E.P. Picture Cover Excellent Disc No WEP 1088 Matrix No WEP 1088A/B Send Email 
Ashton, Bud & His Group Swinging Guitars 1961 Embassy Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No WEP 1058 Matrix WEP 105 A/B Send Email 
B. Bumble & The Stingers Nut Rocker 1962 La Voie De Son Maitre Excellent 0.00 E.P. Picture Cover Excellent French Pressing Disc No 7 EMF 316 Matrix No M3 220941 7TLA 1590 21/1591 21 Send Email 
Barber Chris Jazz Band Vol 3 1957 Pye Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E. P. Disc No NJE 1075 Matrix KK 1075 A-1 KK 1075 B-2 Send Email 
Barber's Chris Jazz Band At The Royal Festival Hall No 2 1954 Decca (tricorn Centre) Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No DFE 6344 Matrix EFF 852/3 Send Email 
Barber's Chris Jazz Band Jazz Parade Vol 1 1958 Pnixa Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No NJE.1068 Mono Matrix KK 1068 A1/B1 Send Email 
Barry John Seven Plus Four The John Barry Sound 1960 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover (Poor) E. P. Disc No SEG 8069 Matrix 7TCA 1649-1N 7TCA 1650-1N Send Email 
Beatles The Twist And Shout E.p. 1963 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 Disc No GEP 8882 Mono Matrix 7TCF 762-1N Send Email 
Broonzy Big Bill Big Bill's Guitar Blues 1956 Columbia Very Good 0.00 Generic Cover Disc No SEG 7790 7TCL 608-1N/609-1N Send Email 
Brown Joe & Winter Mark The Big Hits Of 1963 Pye Golden Guinea Very Good 0.00 Woman's Own Special Cover Mint Disc Very Good + Disc No Wo.1 Matrix WO.1A/1B Send Email 
Brubeck, Dave Quartet Take Five 1962 Cbs Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No AGG320026 Matrix No AGG 320026A/B Send Email 
Carmichael, Hoagy Hoagy Sings Carmichael 1956 Vogue Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No VE 170113 Matrix No VEP-656-1C/657-1C Send Email 
Clark Dave Five The Glad All Over 1993 Emi Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Disc No EMCT 8 Matrix No EMCT A1/B1 Send Email 
Cougars The Saturday Night With The Cougars 1977 Emi Nut Excellent 0.00 7" E.P. Picture Cover (Excellent) Disc No EMI 2833 Matrix EMI 2833 A/B Send Email 
Dakotas, The Meet The Dakotas 1963 Parlaphone Very Good 0.00 E.P. Picture Cover Very Good Disc No GEP 8888 Matrix No 7TCE.776/7 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Knock On Wood Ep 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No EP6363 Mono Matrix 6363 A1/B1 Send Email 
Fame Georgie Getaway Ep 1966 Columbia Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover (Very Good But Creased) E.P. Disc No SEG 8518 Mono Matrix 7TCA 2579/2580 Send Email 
Fame Georgie / Harris Anita/ Peddler The/ Simon  Poster Pack Ep 1967 Cbs Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No WEP 1135 Mono Matrix WEP 1135 A/B Send Email 
Fontana Wayne & The Mindbenders Game Of Love/since You've Been Gone/she's Got The Power/one More Time 1964 Fontana Very Good 0.00 Cover Generic Disc No TE.17449 Matrix No 465273 1E/2E Send Email 
Free Free 1978 Island Records Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E. P. Disc No IEP 6 Matrix IEP 6 A-1U IEP 6 B-1U Send Email 
Goldsborough Bobby The Talented 1965 United Artists Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No UEP 1016 Mono Matrix UEP 1016 A1/B1 Send Email 
Gore, Leslie It's My Party 1963 Mercury Excellent 0.00 French Pressing E.P. Cover Very Good Disc No 126.116 MCE Matrix No MER AA 126116 1E 380/MER AA 126116 2E 380 Send Email 
Harris Jet Jet Harris 1962 Decca Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No DFE 8502 Mono Matrix EFF-2497 1C/98 1C Send Email 
Jam The The Modern World 1977 Polydor Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No 2058 945 Stereo Matrix 2058 945 A3/A4 Send Email 
Kinks The Kinksize Session 1964 Pye Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No NEP.24200 Mono Matrix VV 1200 A4/B3 Send Email 
Kinks The Kwyet Kinks 1965 Pye Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No NEP.24221 Mono Matrix NEP24221 A1/B1 Send Email 
Lee Peggy Presenting 1956 Brunswick (tricorn Centre) Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E. P. Disc No OE 9282 Matrix BFF 132 1C/133 1C Send Email 
Leyton John John Leyton 1977 Emi Nut Ep Series Excellent 0.00 7" EP Cover Excellent Disc No EMI 2699 Matrix No EMIM 2699 A1/B1 Send Email 
Love Affair, The Love Affair 1984 Scoop Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No 7SR 5037 Matrix No 7SR 5037 A1/B1 Send Email 
Move The Something Else From 1968 Regal Zonaphone Excellent 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No TRZ 2001 Stereo Matrix TRZ 2001 A2/B2 Send Email 
Paul & Paula Young Lovers 1962 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Minor Glitch On Track Two Side One Picture Cover Good Disc No Be 12539 Matrix No 452 021 1BE/452 021 2BE Send Email 
Shadows The The Shadows 1961 Columbia Excellent 0.00 No Original Cover Disc No SEG 8061 Matrix 7TCA 1638/9 Tracks: Side 1 Mustang/Theme From Shane Side 2 Shotgun/Theme From Giant Send Email 
Sinatra Frank Songs For Swinging Lovers 1956 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Picture Disc E. P. Disc No EAP1-653 Matrix F I 653 - I F 8 653 - I Send Email 
Smith, Keely Sings The John Lennon-paul Mccartney Somg Book 1965 Reprise Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Plays Very Good Minus. Disc No R30042 Matrix No R30042 A1/2 Send Email 
Spotnicks The At The Olympia Paris 1963 Oriole Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Excellent Disc Very Good Disc No EP 7079 Matrix No EP 7079 A/B Send Email 
Swinging Blue Jeans/mersybeats Swinging Blue Jeans/mersybeats 1978 K-tel Excellent 0.00 French Pressing E.P. Picture Cover Excellent Disc No BEP 17803 Matrix No BEP 17803 A1/B1 Send Email 
Various Artists Liverpool Beat 1963 Embassy Excellent 0.00 E.P. Picture Cover Excellent Disc No WEP 1104 Matrix No WEP 1104 A2/B2 Send Email 
Various Artists Applejack/then He Kissed Me/i Want To Stay Here/do You Love Me/still/shindig 1962 Cannon Pops Excellent 0.00 Cover Excellent Disc No EP 016 Matrix No Can 1031/2 Send Email 
Various Artists Poster Pack 1967 Cbs Special Products Very Good 0.00 Disc No WEP 1165 Stereo Matrix WEP 1135 A1/B1 Send Email 
Various Artists Oaklahoma Part 1 1955 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No EAP1-595 Mono Matrix F1 595 1/F5 595 1 Send Email 
Various Artists Knight's Of The Blues Table 2000 Seagull Excellent 0.00 Norwegian Pressing Disc No 111107-207 Stereo Track Four: Mick Jagger On Harmonica Send Email 
Various Artists The King And I 1957 Capitol Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover E.P. Disc No EAP3 740 Mono Matrix F3 740 1/F6 740 1 Send Email 
Various Artists (unknown) Top 6 1964 Top 6 Excellent 0.00 Cover Songs E.P. (Artists Unknown) Original Cover Disc No T6506 Matrix No T6506-A1/B1 Send Email 
Walker, John & Scott Solo John & Scott 1966 Phillips Very Good 0.00 Picture Cover Very Good Disc No BE 12597 Matrix No 433694 1E1 420 1 1/1 11 Send Email 
2x 12"
Chapin, Harry Greatest Stories "live" 1976 Elektra Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Cover Very Good Disc Number 7E-2009 Matrix Number 2009A 1A/2A 7E-2009 Side 3 1A 2G/Side 4 1A 2G Send Email 
Shannon Del The Very Best Of 1975 Contempo Rarities Excellent 0.00 Gatefold Cover Excellent Disc No CRMD 1001 Matrix No CRMD 1001 A2/B2/C2/D2 Send Email 
Smith, Jimmy/montgomery, Wes Spotlight 1964 Verve Very Good 0.00 2 L.P. Boxed Set (Box Very Good) Dis No 2622006 Matrix No 2352 009 S1/S2 2352 010 S1/S2 Send Email 
Vaughan, Frankie 100 Golden Greats 1977 Ronco Excellent 0.00 Cover Gatefold Excellent Disc No RTDX 2024 Matrix No RTDX 2024 A1/B1/C1/D1 Send Email 
Not For Trade: 7" - 494, 10" - 5, 12" - 486, CD - 310, Video - 1, Other - 47, 2x 12" - 4
For Sale
New Kids On The Block This Ones For The Children/ Cover Girl (remix)/ 1990 Look In Flexi Disc Very Good 8.00 Generic Cover Stereo Send Email 
O'sullivan Gilbert Doing What I Know/ I, Of Course, Replied 1976 Mam Excellent 10.00 Labelled Factory Sample Not For Sale Disc No MAM 139 Stereo : Matrix MAM 139 A1 MAM 139 B1 Send Email 
For Sale 7": 2

jaskell's List Summary

Not For Trade: 7" - 494, 10" - 5, 12" - 486, CD - 310, Video - 1, Other - 47, 2x 12" - 4
For Sale 7": 2

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