Real Name: Terry Bennett
Country: Canada


Been around the Internet before most people knew there was an Internet, which of course means I'm a craggy old fool. Have run "The Edge" from it's birth which in turn gave birth to "Muslimgauze: The Messenger", which I am still responsible for, & "Rapoon Net" that I ran for many years but have since passed the reigns over to Robin (Storey) himself. Met so many amazing people via this electronic medium & can gladly list many of them as great friends today. Lived listening to music my whole life, which has chartered it rather interestingly & lead ultimately to all else. It's strange how "the music" has interfaced so well with my decades of work with computers.

The absolute and total perfection of stream of consciousness. Making for possibly the most confusing entity outside of asylums.

Favorite Genres

  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Jazz

Most Wanted Records

2004    Muslimgauze    Syrinjia
In light blue silk folder w/Muslimgauze printed upside down on front of silk folder.

2009    Muslimgauze    Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass
In black cover version.

2006    Muslimgauze    Speaker Of Turkish
Printing on the back cover is in white not gold.

1982    E.g Oblique Graph    Piano Room
Version w/the second half of track A6 "Off Chance" not on side A but on side B, mixed with "The Piano Room" as some sort of introduction.

1982    E.g Oblique Graph    Extended Play
Version with Extreme Faction track on B side.


Rapoon Fallen Gods 1993 Syntactic Very Good 0.00 Version with different hand-made sleeve artwork, different T-shirt and original signed Rapoon artwork. Send Email 
Rapoon Birethen / Amüz 1996 Syntactic Very Good 0.00 Special edition (franz19s) with same handmade signed cover on different coloured card (brown) and with signed and numbered circular wooden handcrafted artwork by Lisa Neukirchner. Send Email 
Zoviet France Gris 1985 No Man`s Land Very Good 155.00 Subscribers edition with an unnumbered screen printing (45x63), an unsigned painting (acryl on cardboard, 38x50) and an unnumbered woodcut (28x36). Send Email 
Bill Nelson Northern Dream 1971 Smile Very Good 0.00 Numbered edition with inserts. Send Email 
Conrad Schnitzler Rot 2002 Very Good Very Good 0.00 Promo version. Send Email 
Muslimgauze Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass 2009 Waystyx Very Good 155.00 In black cover version. Send Email 
Bill Nelson The Summer Of God's Piano 1989 Cocteau Excellent 0.00 UK CD release. Send Email 
Bill Nelson The Dead We Wake With Upstairs Drums 1992 Venture Excellent 0.00 UK CD single. Send Email 
Bill Nelson Map Of Dreams 1987 Cocteau Excellent 0.00 UK CD release. Send Email 
Bill Nelson Sounding The Ritual Echo (atmospheres For Dreami 1989 Cocteau Excellent 0.00 UK CD release. Send Email 
Bill Nelson A Catalogue Of Obsessions 1989 Cocteau Excellent 0.00 UK CD release. Send Email 
Bill Nelson Pavilions Of The Heart And Soul 1989 Cocteau Excellent 0.00 UK CD release. Send Email 
Conrad Schnitzler Rot  Plate Lunch Excellent 0.00 CDR re-issue of the 1997 release. Send Email 
Muslimgauze Syrinjia 2004 Soleilmoon Excellent 77.00 In light blue silk folder w/Muslimgauze printed upside down on front of silk folder. Send Email 
Muslimgauze Speaker Of Turkish 2006 Soleilmoon Excellent 77.00 Printing on the back cover is in white not gold. Send Email 
Scala Featuring Bill Nelson & Daryl Runswick Secret Ceremony (theme From Brond) 1987 Cocteau Excellent 0.00 UK CD single. Send Email 
Wyrm + Rapoon 'dreamtime Pantheist' 2008 Dis's Pfifa Very Good 0.00 In jewel-cased CD-R with rubber stamped disc and hand-made Thai art paper insert/tray-card insert. Send Email 
Conrad Schnitzler The Red Cassette 1973  Very Good 0.00 German cassette release. Send Email 
Conrad Schnitzler Con `86 1987 Egk Very Good 0.00 Spanish cassette release. Send Email 
Conrad Schnitzler & Jörg Thomasius Tolling Toggle 1991  Very Good 0.00 German cassette release. Send Email 
E.g Oblique Graph Extended Play 1982 Kinematograph Tapes Very Good 0.00 Version with Extreme Faction track on B side. Send Email 
E.g Oblique Graph Piano Room 1982 Kinematograph Tapes Very Good 0.00 Version w/the second half of track A6 "Off Chance" not on side A but on side B, mixed with "The Piano Room" as some sort of introduction. Send Email 
Wyrm + Rapoon 'dreamtime Pantheist' 2008  Excellent 0.00 Advance "promo" copy. Send Email 
Wanted 7": 2, 10": 1, 12": 3, CD: 11, Other: 5, DVD: 1

TheEdge's List Summary

Wanted 7": 2, 10": 1, 12": 3, CD: 11, Other: 5, DVD: 1

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