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Country: n/a

Unholy Grave Any Not Listed In Not For Trade    0.00 (all formats) Send Email 
Wanted: Other - 1
For Trade
Massgrav / Yacoepsae Split  Rsr  0.00 Swe / Ger; second copy Send Email 
Sermon Traitor  Superfi  0.00 great fast hardcore from Germany (second copy) Send Email 
Yacoepsae / Tumult Split  Spiral Objective  0.00 fucking ripping split between two of Germany's best fast hardcore bands (second copy) Send Email 
For Trade: 5" - 1, 7" - 2
Not For Trade
Bathtub Shitter Skate Of Bulgaria  Hater Of God  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Fantomas / Melt-banana Split  Unhip  0.00 US/CA / Jap Send Email 
Massgrav / Yacoepsae Split  Rsr  0.00 Swe / Ger Send Email 
Melt-banana Ai No Uta  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Trencher / Cutting Pink With Knives Split  Forget  0.00 UK / UK Send Email 
Trencher / Orthrelm Split  Forget  0.00 UK / US/? Send Email 
Melt-banana 666  Level Plane  0.00 Japan Send Email 
$krupel $krupel  Forget  0.00 Germany Send Email 
324 Soulwinter  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
50/50 50/50  625  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
9 Shocks Terror Mobile Terror Unit  Havoc  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
A.s.h.i.a.i.p. Nothing Gets My Dick Harder Than The Screams...  Lo Fi Or Die / T.g.s.  0.00 UK/Ger; Nothing Gets My Dick Harder Than The Screams Of A Dying American Send Email 
Abc Weapons Abc Weapons  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Abigail / Unholy Grave Tribute To Acid: Acidiehardmaniaxe Far East Ep  Capture  0.00 Jap / Jap; both bands cover a song by Belgian speed metallers Acid Send Email 
Abscess Open Wound  From Beyond  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Agathocles / Bad Acid Trip Split  Agitate 96  0.00 Bel / US/CA Send Email 
Agathocles / Black Army Jacket Split  Deaf American  0.00 Bel / US/NJ Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Untitled  Clean Plate  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Benumb Split  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) / US/CA Send Email 
Ahumado Granujo / Cad Split  Napalmed  0.00 both east European bands, I think one's Czech and the other Slovenian, but I forget Send Email 
American Nightmare The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter  Bridge Nine  0.00 US/(?); band changed name to Give Up The Ghost before splitting up recently Send Email 
Anal Cunt / Flaechenbrand Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 US/MA / Germany Send Email 
Anodyne / Napalm Pocket Monster Remixes - Gotta Catch 'em All  Forget  0.00 no idea where they're from Send Email 
Antigama / Rot Slimewave Series Vol. Whatever  Relapse  0.00 Pol / Bra Send Email 
Archagathus / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 Can/Jap Send Email 
Arkhon Infaustus Dead Cunt Maniac  Spikekult  0.00 France Send Email 
Arsedestroyer / Confusion Split  Forget  0.00 Swe / Col Send Email 
Asscavern / Grind Corps Split  Tetsubishi Gob Stopper  0.00 US/IL / Oz; blue vinyl Send Email 
Assuck Necro Salvation  Forget  0.00 US/CA(?) Send Email 
Atomgevitter / Filthpact Split  Forget  0.00 UK / UK Send Email 
Autoritaer Untitled  Forget  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Bad Acid Trip / Benumb Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / US/CA Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Fertilizer  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter One Fun  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Mark A Muck  Sounds Of Betrayal  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Angels Save Us  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter 97+3 Shit Points  Forget  0.00 Japan; reissue of demo and tracks from Dudman split EP Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Lifetime Shitlist  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter / Dudman Split  Mcr  0.00 Jap / Jap Send Email 
Behold... The Arctopus / Orthrelm Split  Forget  0.00 US/PA / ?? Send Email 
Beyond Description / Kontrovers Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Swe Send Email 
Birdflesh Carnage On The Fields Of Rice  Nuclear Bbq Party  0.00 Sweden; white vinyl Send Email 
Birdflesh / Hatebeak Split  Relapse  0.00 Swe / US/?? Send Email 
Birdflesh / The Kill Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Oz Send Email 
Black Market Fetus / Bodies Lay Broken Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Blood Duster Menstrual Soup  Bizarre Leprous  0.00 Australia; 7" picture disc re-issue of the demotape Send Email 
Blood I Bleed / Sound Like Shit Split  Forget  0.00 Hol / Jap Send Email 
Bloodred Bacteria / Total Fucking Destruction Split  Forget  0.00 Bel(?) / US/PA Send Email 
Bloody Phoenix / System Shit Split  Rsr  0.00 US/CA / Can; Bloody Phoenix = ex-ExTx Send Email 
Bodies Lay Broken / Head Hits Concrete Split  One Percent  0.00 US/MN / Can Send Email 
Boltstein / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Boxed In Untitled  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Bradyphagia / Neuro Visceral Exhumation Split  No Escape  0.00 Ger/Bra; translucent yellow vinyl Send Email 
Brain Dead Brain Dead  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Brain Dead Priest Killer  Forget  0.00 UK; green vinyl with special insert Send Email 
Brain Dead / Crash The Pose Split  What We Do Is Secret Et Al  0.00 UK / UK Send Email 
Brain Dead / Hangover Heartattack Split  Forget  0.00 UK / UK Send Email 
Brody's Militia / No Value Split  Rescued From Life  0.00 US/? / Jap Send Email 
Brutaltruth / Narcosis / Totalfuckingdestruction 3-way Tour Split  Calculated Risk  0.00 US/PA / UK / US/PA Send Email 
Candlemass Nimis  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Capitali$t Casualties / Stack Split  Six Weeks / ?  0.00 US/CA / Ger Send Email 
Catheter / Black Market Fetus Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Catheter / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / Japan Send Email 
Cause For Effect / Onanizer Split  Forget  0.00 Fin/Cze Send Email 
Cave In Anchor  Magic Bullet  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Cerebral Necrose / Soldableurkthal Split  Evil Biker  0.00 Fra/Fra Send Email 
Chainsaw Monopolized  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Circle Of Dead Children Exotic Sense Decay  Willowtip  0.00 US/(?); picture disc Send Email 
Cluster Bomb Unit ...and The Dirty Little Weapons  Havoc  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Cluster Bomb Unit / Raagg Split  Forget  0.00 Ger / Jap Send Email 
Cock And Ball Torture Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command  Forget  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Code 13 Doomed Society  Havoc  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Code 13 They Made A Wasteland And Called It Peace  Havoc  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran / Scrotum Grinder Split  Forget  0.00 US/FL / US/FL Send Email 
Cornucopia / Intestinal Disease Split  Moshi Moshi  0.00 Bel/Bel Send Email 
Corrupted Dios Injusto  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Corrupted La Victima Es Tu Mismo / Los Colores Del Cielo  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Creation Is Crucifixion Dethrone Or Devour  King Of Monsters  0.00 US/(?); reissue Send Email 
Cretin Cretanic Grind Ambush  Relapse  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Cripple Bastards / Regurgitate Split  Forget  0.00 Ita/Swe Send Email 
Cripple Bastards / Sublimecadavericdecomposition Split  Relapse  0.00 Ita / Fra; Slimewave Series vol. 2 Send Email 
Cripple Bastards / World Split  Forget  0.00 Ita/Jap Send Email 
Csso / Filth Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Oz Send Email 
Csso / The Bloody Vice Split  The Spew  0.00 Jap/Oz Send Email 
D.s.-13 Aborted Teen Generation  Havoc  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
D.s.-13 For The Kids, Not The Business  Insect / Communichaos  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
D.s.-13 / Code 13 Split  Havoc  0.00 Swe / US/? Send Email 
D.s.b. No Fight No Get  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
D.s.b. Wait Tremblingly!!!  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Dahmer / Ixrxf Split  Spineless  0.00 Can / Jap Send Email 
Dataclast / Pantalones Abajo Marinero Split  Discos Al Pacino  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?); first of the two split EPs by these bands (both splits are also on the same label!) Send Email 
Dead Infection / Csso Split  Morbid  0.00 Pol/Jap Send Email 
Dead Inside Dead Inside  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Dead Sea Fucking Scrolls / Hangover Heartattack Split  Forget  0.00 UK / UK Send Email 
Deal With It World Coming Down  Dead & Gone  0.00 UK Send Email 
Death Sentence / Cthuwulf Split  Forget  0.00 Aus / US/NY(?) Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity Corpse Juice & Lavander Kisses  Prolapse  0.00 Australia; spelling mistake in the title is the band's, not mine Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity At Last The Dolls Are Broken  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Demisor / Arseripper Split  Dry Retch  0.00 Mly/Oz Send Email 
Destroy! Burn This Racist System Down!  Havoc  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Disclose Apocalypse Of Death  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Disgorge / Gore Beyond Necropsy Split  Dry Retch  0.00 Oz/Jap Send Email 
Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx 30 Seconds Over Escondido  Forget  0.00 US/CA; one-sided EP which is (you guessed it) 30 seconds long... Send Email 
Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx Power Violence R.i.p.  Thrashbot  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx / Agx Split  Agromosh  0.00 US/CA / Bel; ran out of room in the Artist field, second band's full name is (of course) Agathocles Send Email 
Driller Killer / Impaled Nazarene Split  Solardisk  0.00 Fin/Fin; picture disc Send Email 
Dropdead / Unholy Grave Split  Mcr  0.00 US/(?) / Jap Send Email 
Drunkard / Cornucopia Split  Dry Retch  0.00 Oz/Bel Send Email 
Ear Bleeding Disorder / Laughing Dog Split  Bad People  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Eat Humans / Kill Yourself Split  Superfi  0.00 ? / ? Send Email 
Eat The Living / Fetus Eaters Split  Vomitcore  0.00 US/CA / US/CA Send Email 
El Bastardo / Slomatics Split  Self-released  0.00 Ire / Ire Send Email 
El Nudo / Quill Okra Split  You Study  0.00 Jap / Jap Send Email 
Electric Six Gay Bar  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Employer, Employee Mother Spain & The Wayfaring Myth  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Fab Cushion Channel Out  Sur La Plage  0.00 Japan; white vinyl Send Email 
Face Up To It! / Crucial Section Split  Forget  0.00 Fra / Jap Send Email 
Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side Someday...  Forget  0.00 Germany; title is longer but I forget the rest of it Send Email 
Fetus Eaters Untitled  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Fighting Shit Tuned For Thrash  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Final Exit / Bludge Split  Tvg  0.00 Jap/Swe Send Email 
Final Exit / Embalming Theatre Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Sui Send Email 
Final Exit / Ironia Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/? Send Email 
Final Exit / Ptao Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Cze Send Email 
Final Exit / Sterbehilfe Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Ger(?) Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach / Flaechenbrand Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Ger Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach / Yacoepsae Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Ger Send Email 
Fuck... I'm Dead Bring On The Dead    0.00 Australia; the fifteen new studio songs from the album of the same name Send Email 
Fuck... I'm Dead / Sanitys Dawn Split  No Escape  0.00 Oz/Ger Send Email 
Funeral For A Friend Juneau  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Funeral For A Friend Escape Artists Never Die  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Gate Soon To Be Sodomized  Selfish Fucker / Bad People  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Sounds Like Shit!!!  Blurred  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Fullthrottle Chaos Grind Machine  Blurred  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Wild & Frantic! Rock 'n' Roll Special!!!  Hg Fact(?)  0.00 Japan; rock 'n' roll covers EP Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy / Arsedestroyer Split  Devour  0.00 Jap/Swe Send Email 
Gride / Lycanthophy Split  Forget  0.00 Cze / Cze Send Email 
H-100s Texas Death Match  Havoc  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Haisha True Love Never Dies  Life Is Abuse  0.00 Send Email 
Hangover Heartattack S/t  Force Fed  0.00 UK Send Email 
Haymaker Fuck America  Deranged  0.00 Canada; translucent red vinyl Send Email 
Head Hits Concrete Hope, Fear And The Terror Of Dreams  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Head Hits Concrete Untitled  Sounds Of Betrayal  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Health Hazard / Sawn Off Split  Flat Earth  0.00 UK/UK Send Email 
Hellchild / Gomorrha Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/? Send Email 
Hellnation / Merda Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / ? Send Email 
Hermit / Napalmed Split  Forget  0.00 Can/Cze Send Email 
Hirax / Spazz Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / US/CA Send Email 
Idi Amin / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 ?/Jap Send Email 
Impetigo Faceless  Lordgodcheez  0.00 US/(?); picture disc Send Email 
Inhumate / Alienation Mental Split  Forget  0.00 Fra/Cze Send Email 
Insect Warfare / Carcass Grinder Split  Psychotherapy  0.00 US/TX / Jap Send Email 
Insult / Voorhees Split  Forget  0.00 Hol/UK; Insult do a Cryptic Slaughter cover and Voorhees do four by DYS Send Email 
Iron Maiden Run To The Hills  Emi  0.00 UK; 2002 'Rock In Rio' release Send Email 
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele / Bathtub Shitter Slimewave Series Vol. Who Cares  Relapse  0.00 Ger / Jap Send Email 
Jenny Piccolo / Su19b Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / Jap Send Email 
Kastrat / Fuck The Facts Split  Zas Autoproduzioni  0.00 Ita/Can Send Email 
Knuckledust In Yer Boat!  Household Name  0.00 UK; live EP Send Email 
Kobayashi / Programm C Split  Forget  0.00 Aus/Aus Send Email 
Kungfu Rick / Curtainrail Split  625  0.00 US/IL / Jap Send Email 
Kursk The Implication  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Limp Wrist Want Us Dead  Lengua Armada / Cheap Art  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Limp Wrist / Knifed Split  Forget  0.00 US/?? / Ire Send Email 
Looking For An Answer / Catheter Split  Forget  0.00 Spa / US/CO Send Email 
Lycosa Lycobra Command  Sounds Of Betrayal  0.00 US(?) Send Email 
Macabre / Capitali$t Casualties Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / US/CA Send Email 
Machetazo / Bodies Lay Broken Split  Forget  0.00 Spa / US/(?) Send Email 
Machetazo / Rise Above Split  Sterilized Decay  0.00 Spa/Jap Send Email 
Machetazo / Total Fucking Destruction Split  Relapse  0.00 Spa / US/PA Send Email 
Maggut / Intumescence Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Hol Send Email 
Magrudergrind Owned!!  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Mahogany/ Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx Split  Forget  0.00 ? / US/CA Send Email 
Malignant Tumour / Unholy Grave Split  Hyenzym  0.00 Cze/Jap Send Email 
Man In Shackles / Sewn Shut Split  Sounds Of Betrayal(?)  0.00 ?/Swe Send Email 
Massgrave Survival Of The Richest  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Mclusky To Hell With Good Intentions  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Mclusky Alan Is A Cowboy Killer  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Melt-banana / Killout Trash Split  Kool.pop / Roedel  0.00 Jap/Ger; Killout Trash's side is an industrial hardcore(!) cover of Minor Threat - Straight Edge Send Email 
Melt-banana / Narcosis Split  Superfi  0.00 Jap/UK Send Email 
Melt-banana / Pencilneck Split  Anti-music  0.00 Jap / US/MI Send Email 
Mesrine Shot To Death  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Minch / Breathilizor Split  Forget  0.00 US/? / US/? Send Email 
Minch / Gore Beyond Necropsy Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / Jap Send Email 
Mind Of Asian Akai Hana  Sound Pollution  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Minor Threat First Demo Tape  Dischord  0.00 US/DC; reissue of first demo tape (duh) Send Email 
Misery Index / Bathtub Shitter Split  Forget  0.00 US/?? / Jap Send Email 
Mocovy Khameni / Green Beret Split  Forget  0.00 Cze / US/(?) Send Email 
Monolith / Agathocles Split  Ubble Gubble  0.00 Aus/Bel Send Email 
Monolith / Total Fucking Destruction Split  Forget  0.00 Aus / US/PA Send Email 
Monster X To The Positive Youth  Forget  0.00 US/NY; covers of old-school hardcore tracks Send Email 
Monster X / Capitali$t Casualties Split  Hater Of God  0.00 US/NY / US/CA Send Email 
Mood Naname Nicaca / Napalmed Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Cze Send Email 
Morose / Narcosis Split  Deathstill  0.00 UK/UK Send Email 
Mourmansk-150 Resistance Strategies  Evil Biker  0.00 France Send Email 
Naer Mataron A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes  Aphelion  0.00 Greece Send Email 
Narcosis / Swarrrm Split  Crucificados Pelo Sistemo(?)  0.00 UK/Jap; clear vinyl Send Email 
Nausea / Unholy Grave Split  Awesome Moshpower  0.00 US/CA / Jap Send Email 
Nee / Jet Jaguar Kr3 Kill Spree Split  T.g.s.  0.00 Hol / US/? Send Email 
Negligent Collateral Collapse Feynman  Hyenzym  0.00 Czech Send Email 
Neuro-visceral Exhumation / Mesrine Split  Forget  0.00 Bra/Can Send Email 
Neuropathia / Mixomatosis Split  Forget  0.00 ?/Spa Send Email 
New York Against The Belzebu / Final Exit Split  Forget  0.00 Bra/Jap Send Email 
Nihil Fist We Will Defy!  Forget  0.00 dunno where Nihil Fist is from Send Email 
Nikudorei / Anal Massaker Split  Nat / Total Question  0.00 Jap/Ger Send Email 
Nikudorei / Corrupted Split  Hg Fact  0.00 Jap/Jap; flexi vinyl; Nikudorei appears as Meat Slave (the English translation of Nikudorei) Send Email 
Nikudorei / Dxixe Split  Bloodbath / Harshit  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Nikudorei / Toirenohanakosanbando Split  Sskl  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Noyfb / Hatebox Split  Fudgeworthy  0.00 US/CA / Ita Send Email 
Nunslaughter Blood Devil  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Nunslaughter / Dr Shrinker Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Nunwhore Commando 666 World Whore Iii  Forget  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Open Wound Stranglehold  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Open Wound / Captain Cleanoff Split  In League Wit' Satan  0.00 Oz/Oz Send Email 
Operation Eat Shit / Youssouf Today Forget  Forget  0.00 Fra / Fra Send Email 
Pageninetynine Document #11  Robotic Empire  0.00 US/(?); reissue of document #3 and document #4 on one 7" Send Email 
Paintbox Cry Of The Sheeps  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Pantalones Abajo Marinero Liu Zhi Qin Mo  Noise-quatch  0.00 think they're American...? Send Email 
Peeping Tom Mojo  Ipecac  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Phantomsmasher / Venetian Snares Split  Double H Noise Industries  0.00 US/(?) / Can Send Email 
Pisschrist Pisschrist  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Pisschrist Total Fucking Pisslickers  Endless Blockades  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Plus-tech Squeeze Box Early Riser  Sur La Plage  0.00 Japan; white vinyl Send Email 
Psychoneurosis / Brutal Insanity Split  Forget  0.00 ?/UK Send Email 
Purulent Spermcanal / Smothered Brothers Split  Murder The World  0.00 Cze / US/IL Send Email 
Quill / George Bitch, Jr. Split  You Study  0.00 Jap/Fra Send Email 
Raise The White Flag Calling All Cynics  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Realized / Dxixe Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 Jap / Jap Send Email 
Regurgitate / Filth Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Oz Send Email 
Regurgitate / Gore Beyond Necropsy Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Jap; translucent red vinyl Send Email 
Regurgitate / Noisear Split  Forget  0.00 Swe / US/(?) Send Email 
Regurgitate / Realized Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 Swe/Jap Send Email 
Retaliation Boredom & Frustration  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Sweden; reissue of their first demo Send Email 
Retaliation / Exhumed Split  Headfucker  0.00 Swe / US/CA Send Email 
Retaliation / The Kill Split  Mortville  0.00 Swe/Oz Send Email 
Roskopp Roskopp  Crucificados Pelo Sistema  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Ruido Untitled  Six Weeks  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ruido De Odio / Dxixe Split  Forget  0.00 ?/Jap Send Email 
Running Guts / Flatulation Split  Evil Biker  0.00 Fra/Fra; green/purple marbled vinyl; also features 'hidden' track by Commando Kitsch on the Running Guts side Send Email 
Rupture Gus Chamber And The Ruptured Wank Sparx  No Fucking Labels  0.00 dunno where they're from; Rupture playing GG Allin covers Send Email 
S.t.r.e.e.t.s. / Rammer Split  Forget  0.00 Can / Can Send Email 
Sabbat Sabbatical Demonslaught  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sayyadina Solace Denied  Sounds Of Betrayal(?)  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Sayyadina / Bruce Banner Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Swe(?) Send Email 
Sayyadina / No Value Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Jap Send Email 
Scrotum Grinder Untitled  Forget  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Scurvy / Death Reality Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Ger Send Email 
Senseless Apocalypse / Harsh Split  Mink  0.00 Jap/Fin Send Email 
Sermon Sermon  Superfi  0.00 Send Email 
Severed Head Of State Fucking Butchery  Hardcore Holocaust  0.00 US/OR / US/TX Send Email 
Shank / Unholy Grave Split  Sterilized Decay  0.00 UK/Jap Send Email 
Shikabane Ego And Desire  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Shit On Command / Wadge Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 ?/Can Send Email 
Slayer / Tsol Abolish Government  Sub Pop  0.00 US/CA / US/CA; Slayer covering Abolish Government and another TSOL song, and TSOL's originals plus one other Send Email 
Soar Throat An Attribute Of Higher Intelligence...  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Sound Like Shit Once Upon The Metal  Six Weeks  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Spazm 151 Power Songs For The Kids  Havoc  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Squash Bowels / Cock And Ball Torture Split  Forget  0.00 Cze/Ger Send Email 
Sss Sss  Dead & Gone / Thrashgig  0.00 UK Send Email 
Stack / Narsaak Split  Forget  0.00 Ger/Ger(?) Send Email 
Stand Against / Excreted Alive Split  Forget  0.00 Oz(?)/Spa(?) Send Email 
Straight Edge Kegger Fuck The Kids Ep  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Su19b Untitled  Blurred  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Suppression Burnt Out Receptacles  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Suppression With Crank Sturgeon / Misopsychia Split  Total Question / Nat  0.00 US/?? / ? Send Email 
Swallowing Shit Let My Struggling Spirit In Itself Be Free  Spiral Objective  0.00 Canada(?) Send Email 
Swarrrm Dance / Swirl / Doom  Crucificados  0.00 Japan; 7" picture disc Send Email 
Swarrrm / Crowpath Split  Crucificados Pelo Sistema  0.00 Jap / Swe Send Email 
The Endless Blockade Come Friendly Bombs  Dada Drumming  0.00 Canada Send Email 
The Gerogerigegege Early Dream Exit  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
The Index / Unholy Grave Split  Deathstill  0.00 US/(?) / Jap Send Email 
The Kill Demo Release  625 Thrashcore  0.00 Australia; reissue of demo (duh) Send Email 
The Locust Untitled  Gsl  0.00 US/CA; half black, half clear vinyl Send Email 
The Locust / Melt-banana Split  Gsl  0.00 US/CA / Jap Send Email 
The Ocean / Burst Split  Forget  0.00 ? / Swe Send Email 
The Spades / Maximum Rnr Split  Relapse  0.00 ?? / ?? Send Email 
Third Degree / Unholy Grave Split  Selfmadegod  0.00 Cze / Jap Send Email 
Transplants Diamonds And Guns  Hellcat  0.00 US/CA; picture disc Send Email 
Transplants Dj, Dj  Hellcat  0.00 US/CA; picture disc Send Email 
Unholy Grave Never Repeat  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Unholy Grave Aussie Disorder  Agromosh  0.00 Japan; live double 7" Send Email 
Unholy Grave Against Terrorism  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Unholy Grave Chaotic Raw Madness  Forget  0.00 Japan; live EP Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Aberrant Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/CO Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Blindspot A.d. Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / Ger Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Cad Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Slk Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Capitali$t Casualties Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/CA Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Chickenshit Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Oz Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Depressor Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / ? Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Deranged Insane Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Bra Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Disgust Split  Agromosh  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Embalming Theatre Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Sui Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Gang Up On Against Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Godstomper Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/CA Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Gorgonized Dorks Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/CA Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Gyarandu Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/? Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Kadaverficker Split  Power It Up  0.00 Jap/Ger Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Kerum Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/(?) Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Matka Teresa Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/? Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Mitten Spider Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/CA Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Pretty Little Flower Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/TX Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Sewn Shut Split  Power It Up  0.00 Jap/Swe Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Terrorism Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / ? Send Email 
Unholy Grave / The Mad Thrashers Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Fra Send Email 
Unholy Grave / The Vanishing Act Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / US/? Send Email 
Unholy Grave / Unbiased Split  Forget  0.00 Jap / ? Send Email 
Uphill Battle / The Quest For Quintana Roo Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / ? Send Email 
V/a I'm Going Ape #2  No Fucking Labels  0.00 C.S.M.D. / Gorgonized Dorks / Straight Edge Kegger / N.O.Y.F.B. Send Email 
V/a Unlawful Grindcore Assembly  Forget  0.00  Send Email 
V/a At War Now  Forget  0.00 hardcore/grind compilation Send Email 
V/a The Bloodbath Is Coming  Sounds Of Decay  0.00 double 7"; hardcore/grind compilation Send Email 
V/a Onslaught  G7 Welcoming Committee  0.00 20 band hardcore compilation Send Email 
V/a Wrong Side Of The Tracks  Dry Retch  0.00 4-way compilation featuring Lucifer D Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death, The Kill, Needful Things and Dahmer Send Email 
V/a I'm Going Ape  No Fucking Labels  0.00 CSMD (Hol) / Nihilist Commando (Fin) / Kanibalbloodbath (UK) / Noise (Bra) Send Email 
Vehemence / Total Fucking Destruction Split  Deathstill  0.00 UK / US/PA Send Email 
Violent Headache / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 Spa/Jap Send Email 
Viscera / Decomposing Serenity Split  Forget  0.00 Oz/Oz Send Email 
Vivisick Punks Were Made Before Sounds  Busted Heads  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Vomit Spawn / Viscera Split  Forget  0.00 US/FL / Oz Send Email 
Wadge / Pantalones Abajo Marinero Split  Discos Al Pacino  0.00 Can/? Send Email 
Waking Terror / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 ? / Jap Send Email 
Walhalla War Over Nordland  Forget  0.00 Finland(?); clear yellow vinyl Send Email 
Warsore Brutal Reprisal  Psychotherapy  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Warsore / Gore Beyond Necropsy Split  Sterilized Decay  0.00 Oz/Jap Send Email 
Warsore / Ixrxf Split  Forget  0.00 Oz/Jap Send Email 
Warsore / Nee Split  Nat / Total Question  0.00 Oz/Hol Send Email 
Wartorn Nation / Evol Split  In League Wit' Satan  0.00 ?/Jap Send Email 
World Why Who What  Meaningless Sounds  0.00 Japan; one-sided EP, clear vinyl Send Email 
World Space  Mcr  0.00 Japan Send Email 
World Downfall Untitled  Agromosh  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Worlds Ab-art Phantomgeräusche  Forget  0.00 Send Email 
Xbrainiax Disgrace To The Corpse Of Eric Wood  625  0.00 US/MI Send Email 
Yacoepsae / Bizarre X Split  Forget  0.00 Ger/? Send Email 
Yacoepsae / Tumult Split  Forget  0.00 Ger/Ger Send Email 
Yacoepsae / Vaseline Split  Forget  0.00 Ger/Ger(?) Send Email 
Yacoepsae / Your Kingdom Is Doomed! Split  Institut Fuer Mental Hygiene  0.00 Ger / Tur Send Email 
Yesmeansyes / Oedeema Split  Forget  0.00 Fin/Fin Send Email 
Yesmeansyes / World Split  Nat / Total Question  0.00 Fin/Jap; green and white marbled vinyl Send Email 
Zyklon / Red Harvest Split  Nocturnal Art  0.00 Nor/Nor; both tracks are remixes Send Email 
Abscess / Deranged Split  Listenable  0.00 US/CA / Sweden Send Email 
Agents Of Abhorrence Covert Lobotomy  Forget  0.00 Australia; clear wax; this is actually a 9" Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter War Of World Is Words  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Crossed Out Fuck Grindcore  Bootleg  0.00 US/?; discog Send Email 
Fast Forward / Jet Jaguar Kr3 Kill Spree Split  Lo-fi Or Die  0.00 France / UK(?); translucent purple vinyl Send Email 
Gonorrhoeaction / Anal Whore Split  Cripple Bitch Squad  0.00 Ger/Ger Send Email 
Head Hits Concrete / My Minds Mine Split  Sounds Of Betrayal  0.00 Can(?)/Hol Send Email 
Infest Mankind  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Lymphatic Phlegm Bloodsplattered Pathological Dysfunctions  Last House On The Right  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Man Is The Bastard / Locust Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / US/CA; The Locust before they added the 'The' Send Email 
Short Hate Temper / Harsh / Quill Split  Forget  0.00 US/TX / Fin / Jap; pink vinyl Send Email 
Swarrrm / Dimlaia Split  Superfi / Crucificados  0.00 Jap / US/TX Send Email 
The Killers Manual For Self Destruction  Hater Of God  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
The Meads Of Asphodel / Mayhem Jihad / Carnage/freezing Moon  Supernal  0.00 UK/Nor; picture disc, Mayhem side is their only studio material with Dead (RIP) on vocals Send Email 
Trencher / Esquilax Split  Superfi / Crucificados  0.00 UK / UK Send Email 
Unholy Grave Tortured Alive  Forget  0.00 Japan; live in Europe Send Email 
Wadge Untitled  Regurgitated Semen(?)  0.00 Canada Send Email 
!!! Pardon My Freedom  Warp  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Abc Weapons Process Of Decay  Endless Blockades  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Accüsed The Return Of Martha Splatterhead  Earache / Subcore  0.00 Send Email 
Anacrusis Suffering Hour  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Arsedestroyer Xxx!teenass Revolt!xxx  Devour  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Arsedestroyer / Gore Beyond Necropsy / Nikudorei Split  Forget  0.00 Swe/Jap/Jap Send Email 
Asphyxia Exit: Reality  Forget  0.00 Send Email 
Bodies Lay Broken Eximinious Execration Of Exiguous Exiquies  Discos Al Pacino / One Percent  0.00 US/MN Send Email 
Brutal Truth Need To Control  Earache(?)  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Brutal Truth / Spazztic Blurr Split  Forget  0.00 US/PA / US/CA; bootleg split featuring each band's first demo Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos  Forget  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Crow Hametsu No Haoto  Self-released  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Crow Bloody Tear  Prank  0.00 Japan Send Email 
D.a.m. Human Wreckage  Noise  0.00 dunno where they're from Send Email 
Da Lench Mob Planet Of Da Apes  Priority  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Damage Digital Moss  Self-released  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Deathrow Deception Ignored  Noise(?)  0.00 dunno where they're from Send Email 
Destruction Release From Agony  Noise  0.00 Germany Send Email 
E-x-e Stricken By Might  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Fucked Up Hidden World  Deranged  0.00 Canada; double LP Send Email 
Gride Tanec Blaznu  Chimieres  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Hydra Vein Rather Death Than False Of Faith  Metalother  0.00 UK Send Email 
Kerum Twilight Of The Apocalypse  Torture Garden Picture Company  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Knifed / Scientific Bong Split  Forget  0.00 Ire / Ire Send Email 
Ladyscraper Cunt Kicker  Wrong Music  0.00 UK Send Email 
Los Crudos / Spitboy Split  Ebullition  0.00 US/IL / US/? Send Email 
Mind Of Asian / Straight Edge Kegger Split  Torture Garden  0.00 Jap / US/CA Send Email 
Mourmansk-150 Logic Of War  Forget  0.00 France Send Email 
Muga Muga  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Murder Corporation Lager  Spatter / ?  0.00 Italy Send Email 
Napalmed Strident Abrasive Auricular Erosion  Lo-fi Or Die  0.00 Czech Republic; compilation of early stuff Send Email 
Nasum Industrislaven  Yellow Dog  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Nihil Fist Think & Destroy  Praxis  0.00 dunno where Nihil Fist is from Send Email 
Nuclear Assault Survive  Under One Flag(?)  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Nuclear Assault Good Times, Bad Times  Under One Flag  0.00 US/(?); EP; title track is a cover... Led Zeppelin...? Send Email 
Orthrelm Ov  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Phobia / Resist And Exist Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / US/CA Send Email 
Pig Destroyer Explosions In Ward 6  Clean Plate  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Q Project Champion Sound  Forget  0.00 UK; both sides of this release are remixes Send Email 
React / Spazm 151 Split  Forget  0.00 ? / US/TX Send Email 
Regurgitate Hatefilled Vengeance  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Retaliation Violence Spreads Its Drape  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Roni Size Featuring Rahzel Out Of Breath   0.00 UK Send Email 
Sawn Off Sawn Off  Flat Earth  0.00 UK Send Email 
Shikabane Why Do You Live?  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Siege Drop Dead  Deep Six  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Squarepusher Welcome To Europe  Warp  0.00 UK Send Email 
Straight Edge Kegger Fuck Fresno  Torture Garden Picture Company  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Structure Of Lies / Misery Index Split  Six Weeks  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Tankard Chemical Invasion  Noise  0.00 Germany Send Email 
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity  Relapse / Hydrahead  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
The Locust The Locust  Gsl  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Unholy Grave Raw Chaos  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Unholy Grave Uk Discharge  Forget  0.00 Japan; live Send Email 
V/a Doomsday News  Noise  0.00 '80s thrash metal compilation Send Email 
V/a Doomsday News 2  Noise  0.00 '80s thrash metal compilation Send Email 
V/a Maximum Subjectivity  Flowerviolence / Hombre Loco  0.00 punk/hardcore compilation Send Email 
V/a Polar Grinder  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Swedish grindcore compilation Send Email 
V/a Dedication From Inspiration: A Tribute To Heresy  Forget  0.00  Send Email 
V/a Gettin' Down 2 Bizness  Here's My Card  0.00 Can / UK Send Email 
Warzone Womyn / The Endless Blockade Split  Forget  0.00 US/? / Can Send Email 
Xentrix Dilute To Taste  Roadracer  0.00 UK Send Email 
!!! Myth Takes  Warp  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
!!! Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard  Warp  0.00 US/? Send Email 
!!! !!!  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
!!! Louden Up Now  Forget  0.00 US/(?); double CD; Japanese release Send Email 
!t.o.o.h.! Pod Vládou Bice  Forget  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
!t.o.o.h.! Order And Punishment  Earache / Elitist  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
...and Oceans A.m.g.o.d.  Century Media  0.00 Finland(?) Send Email 
(fake) Failure Breeds Within The Minds Of The Weak  Self-released  0.00 UK Send Email 
[...] Sans Titre  Demo  0.00 France Send Email 
+1 Anabolske Stereolyde  Illphabetik  0.00 Send Email 
$krupel $krupel  Forget  0.00 Germany; I think the title is actually different but I can't remember what it is Send Email 
$krupel / Phobia Another Four Years Of Murder (split)  Forget  0.00 Ger / US/CA Send Email 
13 Steps This Is The Reality That We Confront  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
13 Steps The Curse Upon Liars  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
2 Lone Swordsmen A Bag Of Blue Sparks  Warp  0.00 Send Email 
25 Ta Life Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment  Forget  0.00 US/NY(?) Send Email 
25 Ta Life Best Of Friends/enemies  Age Of Venus  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
2nd Gen Irony Is  Novamute  0.00 UK Send Email 
2nd Gen Flicknives  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
2nd Gen Musicians Are Morons  Novamute  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
2pac Changes  Death Row  0.00 US/CA; single Send Email 
2pac Greatest Hits  Interscope / Death Row  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
2pac 2pacalypse Now  Jive  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
2pac All Eyez On Me  Death Row  0.00 US/CA; 2CD Send Email 
2pac Me Against The World  Jive  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
2pac Strictly 4 My N.i.g.g.a.z...  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
2pac (as Makaveli The Don Killuminati) The 7 Day Theory  Death Row  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
3 1/2" Floppy Look Mum, No Talent  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
3 Ant Riot Equi-cerebrium  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
3 Random Wordz Gabbers Are Gay  Here's My Card  0.00 Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
324 Rebelgrind  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
324 Boutokunotaiyo  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
324 Across The Black Wings  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
3g Projekt Gay Gabba G.i. Joes  Industrial Jazz  0.00 Send Email 
48 Demo  Demo  0.00 Japan; name pronounced 'yonjuuhachi' (Japanese for 48) Send Email 
49 Morphines Most Important Value...  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
4hero Star Chasers  Reinforced  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
4hero Star Chasers  Reinforced  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
4hero Two Pages  Reinforced  0.00 UK; double CD Send Email 
64revolt 64revolt  D-trash  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
64revolt Ballads Of Malice And Discontent  D-trash  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
666 Amokk  Forget  0.00 Fra/Ger; single Send Email 
666 Diablo  Forget  0.00 Fra/Ger; single Send Email 
99anger Who Comes First?  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
A Death For Every Sin In A Time Where Hope Is Lost  Alveran  0.00 Canada Send Email 
A Perfect Murder Cease To Suffer  Goodfellows  0.00 US or Canada, I forget Send Email 
Aaron Dilloway Boggs Vol. Two  Hanson  0.00 US/MI; a member of Wolf Eyes Send Email 
Abandoned Grave Purulent Purgation  Demo  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Abigail Intercourse & Lust  Modern Invasion  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Abigail Welcome All Hell Fuckers  Drakkar  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Abigor Satanized  Forget  0.00 Austria Send Email 
Abosranie Bogom Coprotherapy  Forget  0.00 Russia/Israel Send Email 
Above The Law Legends  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Abscess Horrorhammer  Peaceville / Tyrant Syndicate  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Abscess Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh  Necroharmonic  0.00 US/CA; compilation of rare/previously unavailable tracks Send Email 
Abscess Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men  Relapse  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Abscess Urine Junkies  Relapse  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Abscess Through The Cracks Of Death  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Abstinence Darkness Falls To The Ground  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Accept Death Accept Death  Retribute  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.f.o. Myth Of The Love Electrique  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Aconite Thrill 504 Hrs  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Adam F Kaos: The Anti-acoustic Warfare  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Adam F Circles  Positiva / F-jams  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Adam F Colours  Positiva / F-jams  0.00 UK Send Email 
Adam F Music In My Mind  Positiva / F-jams  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Admiral Crumble Duncan - How Can We Get Distro And Have Fun?  Here's My Card  0.00 ??; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Adumus Besieging Abominations  Demo  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Afi A Fire Inside  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Afi All Hallow's Ep  Nitro  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Afi The Art Of Drowning  Nitro  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Afi Black Sails In The Sunset  Nitro  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Afx Hangable Auto Bulb  Warp  0.00 UK; AFX = Aphex Twin Send Email 
Afx Chosen Lords  Rephlex  0.00 UK; "best of" for the Analords series of EPs Send Email 
Agata Spike  Tzadik  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers  Bones Brigade  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Agathocles To Serve... To Protect  Vacation House  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Agathocles Mincer  Displeased  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Agathocles / Unholy Grave Split  Bloodbath  0.00 Bel/Jap; each band covers songs by the other Send Email 
Agents Of Abhorrence Character Dissection  Forget  0.00 Australia; 3"CD-R in slimline DVD case Send Email 
Agnostic Front Something's Gotta Give  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Pcp Torpedo / Anbrx  Hydrahead  0.00 US/MA; 2CD Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Altered States Of America  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); 3" CD Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Honky Reduction  Relapse  0.00 US/VA Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Bestial Machinery  Relapse  0.00 US/MA, VA; 2CD semi-discography (everything recorded up to 1998) Send Email 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Converge The Poacher Diaries  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) / US/MA Send Email 
Akercocke Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone  Earache  0.00 UK; CD & bonus 7" Send Email 
Akercocke Antichrist  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Akercocke Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene  Goat Of Mendes  0.00 UK Send Email 
Akercocke The Goat Of Mendes  Peaceville  0.00 UK Send Email 
Akercocke Choronzon  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Alchemist Embryonics  Relapse  0.00 Australia; 2CD 'early stuff' compilation Send Email 
Alec Empire The Destroyer  Digital Hardcore  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Alec Empire Addicted To You  Digital Hardcore(?)  0.00 Germany; single; raw mixes CD Send Email 
Alec Empire Vs. Merzbow Live At Cbgb's Nyc 1998  Digital Hardcore  0.00 Ger/Jap Send Email 
Alice In Chains Dirt  Columbia  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Alienation Mental Ball Spouter  Forget  0.00 Czech Send Email 
All Out Assault Riotous  R.i.p. The System  0.00 Canada Send Email 
All Out Assault Tactile Forces  Dtrash  0.00 Send Email 
Ambassador 21 Ambassador 21 Vs. The World  D-trash  0.00 Russia Send Email 
Ambassador 21 Akcija! - Tour 2004  D-trash  0.00 Russia; live album Send Email 
Amen Amen  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Amen Coma America  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Amen We Have Come For Your Parents  Virgin  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Amen The Price Of Reality  Virgin  0.00 US/CA; single Send Email 
Amen Too Hard To Be Free  Virgin  0.00 US/CA; single Send Email 
Amoebic Dysentery Hospice Orgy  Deathgasm  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Amoebic Dysentery Frothy Piss Drinkers  Deathgasm (demo)  0.00 US/GA Send Email 
Amor Antiquita Metallic Sonatas  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Amputated Gargling With Infected Semen  Sevared / Grindethic  0.00 UK Send Email 
Anaal Nathrakh The Codex Necro  Mordgrimm  0.00 UK Send Email 
Anaal Nathrakh Total Fucking Necro  Rage Of Achilles  0.00 UK; both their demos on one CD Send Email 
Anaal Nathrakh When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will  Mordgrimm  0.00 Reap As It Has Sown (ran out of room in the Title section); UK Send Email 
Anaemia Stupidity Of The Lambs  Soulreaper  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Anal Cunt 40 More Reasons To Hate Us  Earache  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Anal Cunt It Just Gets Worse  Earache  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Anal Cunt I Like It When You Die  Earache  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Anal Cunt Morbid Florist  Relapse  0.00 US/MA; original release Send Email 
Anal Cunt Everyone Should Be Killed  Earache  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Anal Cunt Old Stuff, Part Two  Devour  0.00 US/MA; contains material from split EPs w/Psycho and Meatshits, Unplugged EP, Another EP & Masters Of Noise compilation Send Email 
Anal Cunt Defenders Of The Hate  Menace To Sobriety  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Anal Cunt Very Rare Rehearsal From February 1989  Shipman Records  0.00 US/MA; as the title says Send Email 
Anal Cunt Top 40 Hits  Earache  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Anal Cunt / Fear Of God / Stench Of Corpse Split  Bootleg  0.00 US/MA / Sui / ? Send Email 
Anal Dissection Anal Bum  Demo  0.00 Send Email 
Anal Gorecum Pissflap Slap Bukkake  Traumatized  0.00 UK Send Email 
Anal Whore Sexual Perversion  Demo  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Anal Whore Latex Skin  Demo  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Anarchus / Csso Split Live Cd  Obliteration  0.00 Mex/Jap Send Email 
Anathema Serenades  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Anathema Alternative 4  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Anathema A Fine Day To Exit  Music For Nations  0.00 UK Send Email 
Anatomi-71 / Nemo Split  Rage Of Achilles  0.00 Swe / US/(?) Send Email 
Anatomia Dissected Humanity  Necroharmonic  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Anatomia Demo 2003  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Ancient Buttgrease Spermed Teenage Whores  Demo  0.00 Croatia Send Email 
Ancient Chinese Secret Caveat Emptor  Slap A Ham  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
And Believe Demo #01  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots Liebestod  In At The Deep End  0.00 UK Send Email 
Anger Regiment Aces And Eights  Bridge 9  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Antaeus De Principii Evangelikum  Osmose  0.00 France Send Email 
Antaeus Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan  Osmose  0.00 France; reissue Send Email 
Anti-kati Videodrone  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
Anti-kati Life In Cpu  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
Anti-kati Quiet Please  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
Anti-kati Ak Vs. Tha World  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand; remixes of other stuff by A-K and of A-K stuff by other people Send Email 
Anti-kati Reserved Wank Of New Zealand  Here's My Card  0.00 New Zealand; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Antipop Consortium Ghostlawns  Warp  0.00 US/NY; CD single Send Email 
Antipop Consortium The Ends Against The Middle  Warp  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Antipop Consortium Arrhythmia  Warp  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Apartment 213 Ninety Three - Ninety Seven  625  0.00 US/OH; discog comp Send Email 
Apartment 213 Cleveland Power Violence  Retribute  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Apathy Eastern Philosophy  Babygrande  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Apathy & Celph Titled No Place Like Chrome  Forget  0.00 US/PA(?) Send Email 
Aphex Twin Come To Daddy  Warp  0.00 UK Send Email 
Aphex Twin Drukqs  Warp  0.00 UK; double CD Send Email 
Aphex Twin ...i Care Because You Do  Warp  0.00 UK Send Email 
Apollofourforty Electroglide In Blue  Forget  0.00 UK? Send Email 
Apollofourforty Lost In Space  Forget  0.00 UK?; single Send Email 
Arab On Radar Rough Day At The Orifice  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Arbitrator Demo  Demo  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Arcturus La Masquerade Infernale  Misanthropy / Music For Nations  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia / Constellation / My Angel  Forget  0.00 Norway; reissue of all three releases in one double CD package Send Email 
Army Of The Pharaohs The Torture Papers  Babygrande  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Arsedestroyer Arsedestroyer  Distortion  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Art Of Burning Water The Voyage Of The Pessimistic Philosoph  Superfi  0.00 UK; full title The Voyage Of The Pessimistic Philosoph: An Ode To Believers Of The Prevailing Law Of Sod Send Email 
As I Lay Dying Frail Words Collapse  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Enemy Of The Enemy  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Buzzin'  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Buzzin'  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Rafi's Revenge  Ffrr  0.00 UK Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Black White  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Black White  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Naxalite / Culture Move Ep  Ffrr  0.00 UK Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Real Great Britain  Forget  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Asian Dub Foundation Real Great Britain  Forget  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Asscavern Gingy Billigus Motamuchki  Self-released(?)  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Asscavern / Jet Jaguar Kr3 Kill Spree / Hinyouki Split  Lo-fi Or Die / Tgs  0.00 US/IL / US/? / Spain Send Email 
Assholeparade Student Ghetto Violence  No Idea  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Assuck Anticapital / Blindspot / +3  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/(?); CD release of Anticapital, includes Blindspot EP and tracks from O.L.D. split 7" Send Email 
Assuck Misery Index  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Asunder Works Will Come Undone  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Asure Wallbreaker  D-trash  0.00 Russia(?) Send Email 
Asure Zone Beyond Reality  D-trash  0.00 Russia(?) Send Email 
At The Drive-in Relationship Of Command  V2  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul  Earache  0.00 Sweden; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out  Digital Hardcore  0.00 Germany; special edition with a bonus CD containing a live set from 1997 Send Email 
Atari Teenage Riot Live At Brixton Academy 1999  Digital Hardcore  0.00 Germany; live noise improv set Send Email 
Atari Teenage Riot Delete Yourself  Digital Hardcore  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Atari Teenage Riot The Future Of War  Digital Hardcore  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Atari Teenage Riot Live @ Club Lek - October 27th, 1999  Bootleg  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Atom And His Package Hair:debatable  Hopeless  0.00 US/(?); live album; includes bonus DVD Send Email 
Atomsmasher Atomsmasher  Double H Noise Industries  0.00 US/(?); project now called Phantomsmasher Send Email 
Autechre Untilted  Warp  0.00 UK Send Email 
Autopsy Acts Of The Unspeakable  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Autopsy Ridden With Disease  Necroharmonic  0.00 US/CA; reissue of Autopsy's two demos plus a couple of bonus live tracks Send Email 
Autopsy Torn From The Grave  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA; 'best of' compilation Send Email 
Autopsy Fiend For Blood  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Autopsy Dead As Fuck  Necroharmonic  0.00 US/CA; compilation of live double 7" and live 12" Send Email 
Autopsy Shitfun  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA; digipak reissue Send Email 
Autopsy Severed Survival  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA; digipak reissue Send Email 
Autopsy Mental Funeral  Peaceville  0.00 US/CA; digipak reissue Send Email 
Av3rs1on Full Tang  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Avorza Vindication  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Axegrinder Rise Of The Serpent Men  Peaceville  0.00 UK Send Email 
Axis Of Advance The List  Osmose  0.00 Canada(?) Send Email 
Axis Of Perdition The Ichneumon Method (andlesswelcometechniques)  Rage Of Achilles  0.00 UK Send Email 
B.c.t. The Life And Times Of Steven Character  Yawn Factory  0.00 US/NY(?) Send Email 
Babylon Disco Natsukashii  D-trash  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Babylon Disco Viva Life!  D-trash  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Bad Acid Trip For The Weird By The Weird  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Bad Acid Trip Lynch The Weirdo  Serjical Strike  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Bad Brains I Against I  Sst  0.00 US/DC Send Email 
Bad Brains Banned In D.c.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs  Caroline  0.00 US/DC Send Email 
Bad Brains Build A Nation  Forget  0.00 US/DC Send Email 
Bad Brains Bad Brains  Roir  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Bad Brains Rock For Light  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Baechigi (second Album, I Cant Read The Chinese Title)  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Baechigi Giant  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Bag Lady Bharata  Forget  0.00 Send Email 
Balzac Zennou-naru Musuu-no Me-wa Shi-wo Yubi-sasu  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bane It All Comes Down To This  Equal Vision  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Bane The Note  Equal Vision  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Bane Give Blood  Equal Vision  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Basket Of Death Origami Jigoku  Fecal Matter Discorporated  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Basket Of Death / Princess Army Wedding Combat Split  Fecal Matter Discorporated  0.00 Japan / US/(?) Send Email 
Bastard Noise The Analysis Of Self-destruction  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Bastard Squad Never Mind The Weapon, Heres Bastard Squad  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Bastard Squad / Napalm Noise Split  Asberg 8  0.00 UK / Fra Send Email 
Bastards United Really? Fuck You!  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Bastards United Bastards United  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Bathory Hammerheart  Black Mark  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark  Black Mark  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Bathory Blood Fire Death  Black Mark  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Bathory Bathory  Black Mark  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Shitter At Salzgitter  Power It Up  0.00 Japan; live album Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Early Yeah(s)  Shit Jam  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Wall Of World Is Words  Power It Up  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Angels Save Us + Mark A Muck  Shit Jams  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Xmas  Tumult  0.00 Japan; 3"CD Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Dance Hall Grind  Shit Jams  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Bathtub Shitter Lifetime Shitlist  Shit Jam  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Beans Tomorrow Right Now  Warp  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Beartrap / Cunts Split  ... (aka Dotsmark)  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Beartrap / Napalm Death Is Dead Split  Fecal Matter Discorporated  0.00 Japan / Japan Send Email 
Beastie Boys Check Your Head  Grand Royal  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Beastie Boys Intergalactic  Forget  0.00 US/NY; single Send Email 
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty  Forget  0.00 US/NY; Japanese release Send Email 
Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill  Def Jam / Grand Royal  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Beastie Boys Some Old Bullshit  Grand Royal  0.00 US/NY; Pollywog Stew and Cooky Puss EPs reissued on CD Send Email 
Beastie Boys Ill Communication  Grand Royal  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Beastie Boys To The 5 Boroughs  Capitol  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Beastie Boys An Open Letter To Nyc  Forget  0.00 US/NY; single; CD1 Send Email 
Beastie Boys An Open Letter To Nyc  Forget  0.00 US/NY; single; CD2 Send Email 
Beastie Boys Pauls Boutique  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Beastie Boys The Mix-up  Forget  0.00 US/NY; instrumental album Send Email 
Beecher Breaking The Fourth Wall  Calculated Risk Products  0.00 UK Send Email 
Beecher This Elegy, His Autopsy  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Beecher Resention Is A Big Word In A Small Town  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Beef Conspiracy Hung, Drawn And Quarter-poundered  Grindethic  0.00 UK Send Email 
Behemoth Satanica  Avantgarde  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Behemoth Grom  Forget  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Belladonnakillz More Core 4 Your 4 Door  Here's My Card  0.00 ?; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Belphegor Lucifer Incestus  Napalm  0.00 Austria; digipak version Send Email 
Belphegor Infernal Live Orgasm  Phallelujah  0.00 Austria; live album with a couple of bonus studio tracks Send Email 
Benighted Leams Obombrid Welkins  Supernal  0.00 UK Send Email 
Benighted Leams Ferly Centesms  Supernal  0.00 UK Send Email 
Bentley Rhythm Ace Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out!!! / Run On The Spot  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Bentley Rhythm Ace Theme From 'gutbuster'  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Benumb / Pig Destroyer Split  Robotic Empire  0.00 US/CA / US/(?); 3" CD Send Email 
Between The Buried And Me Between The Buried And Me  Victory  0.00 US/(?); reissue Send Email 
Between The Buried And Me The Silent Circus  Victory  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Between The Buried And Me Alaska  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Billy Crystal Meth Demo  Demo  0.00 US/IA Send Email 
Binaerpilot Defrag  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Biohazard Urban Discipline  Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY; gold disc reissue Send Email 
Birdflesh Alive Autopsy / Trip To The Grave  Razorback  0.00 Sweden; reissue of two named releases onto CD Send Email 
Birdflesh Mongo Musicale  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Birdflesh Night Of The Ultimate Mosh  Razorback  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Birdflesh / Catheter Time To Face Extinction  Civilization  0.00 Swe / US/CO Send Email 
Birth Decline Biomechanoid Deathstrike  Demo  0.00 France Send Email 
Bitch Scream Therapy Audio Tour Through A Serial Killer's Brain  Chaos Kill  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Bizarre Hannicap Circus  Forget  0.00 US/MI / US/GA Send Email 
Björk Medulla  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Björk Post  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Björk Homogenic  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Björk Vespertine  Polydor  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Björk Debut  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Bjork Telegram  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Bjork Selmasongs  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Bjork Volta  Pias  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Bl00dsuck1ng Fr34k S1ck K1nk G4me5  Dramacore  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Bl00dsuck1ng Fr34k / N0123 Split  Dramacore  0.00 Pol / Pol Send Email 
Black Army Jacket 222  Forget  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Black Flag Family Man  Sst  0.00 US/?; spoken word and instrumental stuff Send Email 
Black Flag Damaged  Sst  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Black Flag The First Four Years  Sst  0.00 US/?; compilation of early EPs Send Email 
Black Flag My War  Sst  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Black Flag Slip It In  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Black Flag In My Head  Sst  0.00 US/ Send Email 
Black Flag Annihilate This Week  Sst  0.00 US/?; live single/promo Send Email 
Black Flag Loose Nut  Sst  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Black Swans Limited Excess  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Black Witchery Upheaval Of Satanic Might  Osmose  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Blades Of Unity Backpack Full Of C4  Rucktion  0.00 UK Send Email 
Blockheads Human Parade  Bones Brigade(?)  0.00 France Send Email 
Blockheads Shapes Of Misery  Overcome  0.00 France Send Email 
Blockheads From Womb To Genocide  Bones Brigade(?)  0.00 France; reissue of older material onto one disc Send Email 
Blood Duster Yeest  Relapse  0.00 Australia; Relapse release includes Knee Deep In Menstrual Blood Send Email 
Blood Duster Cunt  Relapse  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Blood Duster Kill Kill Kill  Forget  0.00 Australia; live album Send Email 
Blood Duster Str8 Outta Northcote  Relapse  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Blood Duster Blood Duster  Ritual  0.00 Australia; Japanese release with bonus tracks Send Email 
Blood For Blood Outlaw Anthems  Victory  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Blood For Blood Wasted Youth Brew  Victory  0.00 US/MA; compilation of older/live stuff Send Email 
Bloodbath Breeding Death  Century Media  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Bloody Puppies Yar's Revenge  Forget  0.00 dunno where the project is from Send Email 
Blower / Wadge Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 US/? / Can Send Email 
Bludge You Probably Suck  Demo  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Bludgeoning Sexperimental Ear-drum Psycho Trauma Bloody Lobe  Traumatized Records  0.00 UK Send Email 
Blue Holocaust / Cativeiro Split  Promo  0.00 Fra/Mex(?) Send Email 
Bodies Lay Broken Eximinious Execration Of Exiguous Exequies  Deathvomit  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Bodies Lay Broken Discursive Decomposing Disquisitions Of Moldered  One Percent  0.00 US/??; discog compilation; title continues: ...Malapropisms And Sedulous Solecisms 2000-2002 Send Email 
Bolesno Grinje Nitko Nas Ne Vidi... Ali Mi Ipak Postojimo!  Deathbag  0.00 Croatia Send Email 
Bolesno Grinje Pobjeda Je Naša  Endless Brutality Of Men  0.00 Croatia Send Email 
Bollock Swine Empress Orchid's Joobachi Quantum Drive...  Tetsubishi Gob Stopper  0.00 UK; full title: Empress Orchid's Joobachi Quantum Drive Indictment Committee Send Email 
Bolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Bolt Thrower The Ivth Crusade  Earache(?)  0.00 UK Send Email 
Bomb20 Field Manual  Dhr  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Bone Thugs N Harmony E.1999 Eternal  Forget  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Bone Thugs N Harmony Thug Stories  Forget  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Bone Thugs N Harmony Creepin On Ah Come Up  Ruthless  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Bone Thugs-n-harmony Thug World Order  Forget  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Boogie Down Productions Edutainment  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Boogie Down Productions By All Means Necessary  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Boredoms Onanie Bomb Meets The Sexpistols  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Boredoms Wow2  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun  Birdman  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Boris Pink  Southern Lord  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Boris Boris At Last (feedbacker)  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Boris Dronevil (final)  Forget  0.00 Japan; 2CD - designed for both CDs to be played simultaneously Send Email 
Boris Amplifier Worship  Southern Lord  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Botch An Anthology Of Dead Ends  Hydrahead(?)  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Botch American Nervosa  Hydrahead  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Botch Unifying Themes Redux  Hydrahead  0.00 US/WA; rarities compilation Send Email 
Botch 061502  Hydrahead  0.00 US/WA; live CD & DVD Send Email 
Boxed In 2001-2005  Flat Earth  0.00 UK Send Email 
Brainchoke Migraine Music  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Brainchoke Mental Clarity Ep  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Break It Up No Sides  Dead & Gone  0.00 UK Send Email 
Breakbeat Era Bullitproof  Forget  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Breakbeat Era Bullitproof  Forget  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Breakbeat Era Ultra-obscene  Full Cycle / Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
Britch Probe  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Broken Bones Bonecrusher  Relapse  0.00 UK Send Email 
Brotha Lynch Hung Lynch By Inch  Siccmade Musicc  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Brujeria Matando Gueros  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Brujeria Raza Odiada  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Brutal Insanity Society-kill-catalyst  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Brutal Truth Goodbye Cruel World!  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); double CD; live stuff and rarities Send Email 
Brutal Truth Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses  Earache  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Brutality Reigns Supreme Back From The Dead  Bloodbath  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Brutality Reigns Supreme / Gruesome Stuff Relish Brothers In Gore  Bizarre Leprous(?)  0.00 Hol/Spa Send Email 
Burning Skies Premonition Of Things To Come  Self-released  0.00 UK Send Email 
Burnt By The Sun Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution  Relapse / Ritual  0.00 US/NJ; Japanese release with s/t EP as bonus Send Email 
Burnt By The Sun Burnt By The Sun  Relapse  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Burst In Coveting Ways  Chrome Saint Magus  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Burst Conquest:writhe  Prank  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Burst Prey On Life  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Burzum Burzum / Aske  Misanthropy  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front  Elektra  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Busta Rhymes The Coming  Elektra  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Busta Rhymes Turn It Up (remix) / Fire It Up  Flipmode / Elektra  0.00 US/??; single Send Email 
Busta Rhymes Gimme Some More  Flipmode / Elektra  0.00 US/??; single Send Email 
Butcher Abc Butchered At Birth Day  Obliteration  0.00 Japan; reissue with bonus live audio & video Send Email 
Butcher Abc Butchered At Birth Day  Obliteration  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Butcher Abc Promotion Live Demo Cd-r  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Butcher Abc Promo Cd Limited In Maryland Deathfest 2006  Self-released / Obliteration  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Butcher Abc Butchered Feast Of Being  Obliteration  0.00 Japan Send Email 
C.s.m.d. / Kanibalbloodbath Split  Voltagestress*r  0.00 Hol / UK Send Email 
Cadaver Crush Machine Just Do Grindcore  Demo  0.00 France Send Email 
Cadaver Inc Discipline  Earache  0.00 Norway; band has now gone back to their original name, Cadaver Send Email 
Cadaver Removal Technician Promo 1999  Demo  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Candiru Unreleased And Dug Out  Dtrash  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Cannibal Corpse Tomb Of The Mutilated  Forget  0.00 US/NY(?); Japanese release Send Email 
Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein  Def Jux  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Canvas Canvas  Household Name(?)  0.00 UK Send Email 
Canvas Lost In Rock  Household Name  0.00 UK Send Email 
Capitali$t Casualties Disassembly Line  Slap A Ham  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Capitali$t Casualties Capitali$t Casualties  Six Weeks  0.00 US/CA; compilation of rare 7" and split 7" tracks Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties 1996-1999: Years In Ruin  Six Weeks  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Capricorns Ruder Forms Survive  Rise Above  0.00 UK Send Email 
Capricorns Capricorns  Rise Above  0.00 UK Send Email 
Captain 3 Leg Boombox Days: 1995-1996  Mortville  0.00 US/IA Send Email 
Captain 3 Leg The Birth Of The Creatures To Conquer  Mortville  0.00 US/IA Send Email 
Captain 3 Leg / Pantalones Abajo Marinero Split  Mortville / Discos Al Pacino  0.00 US/IA / US/? Send Email 
Captain Bootbois All For One  Gmc (?)  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Captain Cleanoff Captain Cleanoff  No Escape  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction  Earache  0.00 UK; censored artwork edition Send Email 
Carcass Symphonies Of Sickness  Earache  0.00 UK; reissue with original artwork Send Email 
Carcass Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Carcass Grinder / Hashdum Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Carnival Of Carnage Wheres The Beef?  Forget  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Carpathian Forest Fuck You All!!!!  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Catasexual Urge Motivation Nekronicle  Razorback  0.00 Japan; rarities compilation Send Email 
Catasexual Urge Motivation The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders  Razorback  0.00 Japan; now known as Vampiric Motives Send Email 
Catatonic Existence / Meatshits Split  Motel Hell  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Catheter Preamble To Oblivion  Six Weeks  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Catheter Do You Love Grind?  Civilisation  0.00 US/CO; collection of material from early splits Send Email 
Catheter Preamble To Oblivion  Selfmadegod  0.00 US/CO; European release with 10 bonus live tracks Send Email 
Catheter Dimension 303  Selfmadegod  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Catheter / F.u.b.a.r. Split  Selfmadegod  0.00 US/CO / Hol Send Email 
Catheter / Laughing Dog Split  Bad People / ?  0.00 US/CO / US/CO Send Email 
Cave In Jupiter  Hydrahead  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Cave In Untitled Ep  Hydrahead  0.00 US/MA; bonus CD EP that came packaged with Jupiter for a while Send Email 
Cave In Perfect Pitch Black  Hydrahead  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Cave In Tides Of Tomorrow  Hydrahead  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Cave In Antenna  Forget  0.00 US/MA; includes bonus DVD Send Email 
Cave In Anchor  Forget  0.00 US/MA; single; CD1 Send Email 
Cave In Anchor  Forget  0.00 US/MA; single; CD2 Send Email 
Cavity On The Lam  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Ceephax Exidy Tours  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Ceephax Volume One  Rephlex  0.00 UK Send Email 
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales  Forget  0.00 Switzerland Send Email 
Cephalic Carnage Exploiting Dysfunction  Relapse  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Cephalic Carnage Xenosapien  Relapse  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Cephalic Carnage Lucid Interval  Relapse  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Cephalic Carnage Halls Of Amenti  Willowtip  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Cephalic Carnage Conforming To Abnormality  Highbryd Records  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Cephalic Carnage Anomalies  Relapse  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Chain Of Strength The One Thing That Still Holds True  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Chainsaw Louder Than God!!  Blood Sucker  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Chainsaw Believe  Six Weeks  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Chainsaw Enema Axed Off Limbs  Traumatized  0.00 UK Send Email 
Champion Promises Kept  Bridge 9  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Champion Different Directions: The Last Show  Bridge 9  0.00 US/WA; live CD & DVD Send Email 
Champion Time Slips Away  Forget  0.00 US/WA; EPs compilation Send Email 
Chaos Destroy / Kamikaze Noise Split  Demo  0.00 US/MD(?) Send Email 
Charger The Foul Year Of Our Lord  Undergroove  0.00 UK Send Email 
Charles Bronson Complete Discocrappy  625 And A Few Others  0.00 US/IL; like the title says; double CD Send Email 
Chicken Knife Demo  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Children Of Bodom Tokyo Warhearts  Spinefarm / Toy Factory  0.00 Finland; live album; Japanese release Send Email 
Children Of Bodom Hatebreeder  Spinefarm / Nuclear Blast  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Children Of Bodom Follow The Reaper  Nuclear Blast  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Chris Dodge & Dave Witte East-west Blast Test  Slap A Ham  0.00 US/CA / US/NJ Send Email 
Chthonic Relentless Recurrence  Forget  0.00 Taiwan Send Email 
Chthonic Seediq Bale  Forget  0.00 Taiwan Send Email 
Circle Jerks Group Sex  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Circle Of Dead Children Starving The Vultures  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Circle Of Dead Children Zero Comfort Margin  Earache / Willowtip  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Circle Of Dead Children Human Harvest  Displeased  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Circle Takes The Square As The Roots Undo  Robotic Empire  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Circle Takes The Square Circle Takes The Square  Hyperrealist  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
City Of Caterpillar City Of Caterpillar  Forget  0.00 US/(?); Japanese release Send Email 
Cky Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild  Forget  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Cky An Answer Can Be Found  Forget  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Cky Volume 1  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Clutch Blast Tyrant  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Clutch Jam Room  Spitfire(?)  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Clutch Slow Hole To China: Rare And Unreleased  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Clutch From Beale Street To Oblivion  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Cock And Ball Torture Sadochismo  Ablated  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Cock And Ball Torture Opus(sy) Vi  Shredded  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Cock And Ball Torture / Filth / Downthroat / Neg Ligent Collateral Collapse - Split  Bizarre Leprous / Dosb  0.00 Ger/Oz/Por/Cze; ran out of room in the Artist section Send Email 
Cock And Ball Torture / Last Days Of Humanity Split  Forget  0.00 Ger/Hol Send Email 
Cock And Ball Torture / Libido Airbag Split  Bones Brigade  0.00 Ger/Ger Send Email 
Cockrasher Kids Return Now  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Code 13 Discography 1994-2000  Havoc  0.00 US/MN Send Email 
Coleco Music Confessions In A Chatroom  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 Argentina(?); 3"CD-R Send Email 
Combat Wombat Goatboy  Demo  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran Duck Down For The Torso  No Idea!  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Comeback Kid Wake The Dead  Victory  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Comeback Kid Broadcasting...  Victory  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Comeback Kid Turn It Around  Facedown /  0.00 Canada; Japanese release Send Email 
Commit Suicide Human Larvae (earthly Cleansing)  Willowtip  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Commit Suicide Synthetics  Willowtip  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Comptons Most Wanted Music To Driveby  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Concord Dawn Uprising  Forget  0.00 Send Email 
Confusion Colombian Terrorizer Hc  Tomas Canceras (bootleg)  0.00 Colombia; bootleg discography CD-R Send Email 
Congress The Legacy  Goodlife  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Congress Angry With The Sun  Goodlife  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Congress Resurrection  Goodlife  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Contra Nemesis Enforcer  D-trash  0.00 Russia Send Email 
Contra Vector Sigma  D-trash  0.00 Russia Send Email 
Contra Social Darwinism  D-trash  0.00 Russia Send Email 
Contra Mall Monarchy  Contra  0.00 ?; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Contra Unknown Animals  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Contrastic Contrastic  Shindy  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Converge You Fail Me  Epitaph  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Converge Jane Doe  Equal Vision / Ritual  0.00 US/MA; Japanese release Send Email 
Converge Petitioning The Empty Sky  Equal Vision  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Converge When Forever Comes Crashing  Equal Vision  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Converge No Heroes  Forget  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Converge Unloved And Weeded Out  Deathwish  0.00 US/MA; rarities compilation Send Email 
Converge Caring And Killing  Hydrahead  0.00 US/MA; compilation of early stuff Send Email 
Convicted Felons The Year Of The Ho Niggas Is Over  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Corrupted El Mundo Frio  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Corrupted Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Corrupted Llenandose De Gusanos  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan; 2CD Send Email 
Count Me Out Permanent  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Count Of Strength Demo #3  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Cpuwar Live Vancouver 2005  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Cpuwar Trashstar Remixes  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Cpuwar Decimate Ep  Dtrash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Cpuwar Disaffected Malcontents  Dtrash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Craft Fuck The Universe  Southern Lord  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Craft Total Soul Rape  Moribund  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Craft Terror Propaganda  Selbstmord  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Crass The Feeding Of The 5,000  Self-released  0.00 UK Send Email 
Creation Is Crucifixion Child As Audience  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Creation Is Crucifixion Re-recorded Tracks From The Vinyl Splits  Willowtip  0.00 US/(?); the title says it all Send Email 
Cretin Freakery  Relapse  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Crimetime Orchestra Life Is A Beautiful Monster  Jazzaway  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Cripple Bastards Desperately Insensitive  Deathvomit  0.00 Italy Send Email 
Cripple Bastards Live To Hate People  Forget  0.00 Italy; live 3" CD Send Email 
Cripple Bastards Misantropo A Senso Unico  Deaf American  0.00 Italy Send Email 
Cripple Bastards Your Lies In Check  Crimes Against Humanity  0.00 Italy; reissue Send Email 
Cripple Bastards / C.h.c. / Total Fucking Destru Ction - Split  Forget  0.00 Ita / Bra / US/PA Send Email 
Crovac / Himitsuking / Bollockswine / Finalexit 4-way Split  Lo-fi Or Die  0.00 ? / Jap / UK / Jap Send Email 
Crucial Unit These Colors Get The Runs  Six Weeks  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Crucial Unit Everything Went Strunk  Six Weeks  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Crushkill Diamonds Are Forever  Here's My Card  0.00 Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Crushkill Seaforth  Here's My Card  0.00 Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Crushkill / Skeeter Riker Vs. Picard  Here's My Card  0.00 Can / Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Cryptopsy Blasphemy Made Flesh  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Cryptopsy None So Vile  Victor  0.00 Canada; Japanese release Send Email 
Crystal Lake / Extinguish The Fire / Loyal To Th E Grave - Blood Of Judas  Blood Axe 168  0.00 Jap/Jap/Jap Send Email 
Csmd / Armenia Split  Forget  0.00 Hol/? Send Email 
Csso Are You Excrements?  Morbid  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Csso Collection  Forget  0.00 Japan; rarities compilation Send Email 
Csso / Ghetto Blaster / Smes Split  Forget  0.00 Jap/?/Hol Send Email 
Ctrler Noize 4 America  D-trash  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Cult Of Luna The Beyond  Earache  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Cult Of Luna Somewhere Along The Highway  Earache  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Curlupanddie We May Be Through With The Past...  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Curlupanddie But The Past Ain't Through With Us  Revelation  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Curse Of The Golden Vampire Mass Destruction  Ipecac  0.00 UK Send Email 
Cut The Shit Harmed And Dangerous  Gloom  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Cut The Shit Marked For Life  Gloom  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Cutthroat Rape Rape Rape  Forget  0.00 Japan; members of Sigh and Abigail doing '80s thrash covers Send Email 
Cutting Pink With Knives !alef Alef Alef!  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Cyantific Ghetto Blaster  Hospital  0.00 UK Send Email 
Cynic Focus  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Cypress Hill Iii (temples Of Boom)  Columbia  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Cypress Hill Black Sunday  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill  Columbia  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Cypress Hill Dr Greenthumb  Columbia  0.00 US/CA; single Send Email 
Cypress Hill What's Your Number?  Columbia  0.00 US/CA; single Send Email 
Cypress Hill Iv  Columbia  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Cypress Hill Skull & Bones  Columbia  0.00 US/CA; double CD Send Email 
D.k. Dance D.k. Dance  D-trash  0.00 France Send Email 
D.r.i. Dealing With It  Metal Blade / Roadrunner  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
D.r.i. The Dirty Rotten Cd  Beer City  0.00 US/TX, US/CA Send Email 
D.s.-13 The Asian Album  Forget  0.00 Sweden; Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget album plus lots of bonus stuff Send Email 
D.s.-13 Killed By The Kids  Havoc  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
D.s.-13 No One Will Thank You When You're Dead  Forget  0.00 Sweden; compilation of EP/compilation tracks Send Email 
D12 Devil's Night  Forget  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
D12 D12 World  Forget  0.00 US/MI; 2CD Send Email 
Da Lench Mob Guerillas In Tha Mist  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Daft Punk Homework  Forget  0.00 France Send Email 
Dahmer / Diarrhee Mentale / Carcass Grinder 3-way Split  Forget  0.00 Can / ? / Jap Send Email 
Dalek Absence  Ipecac  0.00 US/NY(?) Send Email 
Dalek Abandoned Language  Ipecac  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Dangerdoom The Mouse And The Mask  Forget  0.00 USA; collaboration between Dangermouse and MF Doom Send Email 
Danmush From Here...  Sound Pollution  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Dark Tranquillity The Gallery  Osmose  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Darkane Insanity  Nuclear Blast  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Darkane Rusted Angel  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Darkest Hour Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation  Victory  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Darkthrone Soulside Journey  Peaceville  0.00 Norway; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Darkthrone A Blaze In The Northern Sky  Peaceville  0.00 Norway; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Darkthrone Under A Funeral Moon  Peaceville  0.00 Norway; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger  Peaceville  0.00 Norway; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Das Oath Untitled Mini-lp  Dim Mak  0.00 US/? / Hol Send Email 
Das Oath Deaf Ears  Coalition  0.00 US/NY / US/CA / Holland; Japan Tour 2002 release Send Email 
Das Oath Das Oath  Dim Mak  0.00 US/NY / US/CA / Holland Send Email 
Daughters Canada Songs  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Daughters Hell Songs  Hydrahead  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Daz Dillinger Retaliation, Revenge And Get Back  Death Row  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dazzle Demo  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
De La Soul 3 Feet High And Rising  Tommy Boy  0.00 US/(?); 2CD Send Email 
De La Soul The Grind Date  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Dead At Birth Genesis Of A Madman: Book 1  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Dead Clan The Hunger  A-klass  0.00 Canada(?) Send Email 
Dead Horse Horsecore:anunrelatedstorythat'stimeconsuming  Relapse  0.00 US/TX; Relapse reissue; not enough room in the Title section so I took out the spaces Send Email 
Dead Horse Peaceful Death And Pretty Flowers  Forget  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Dead Infection Misdirected Stagedive (live In Europe 1995-97)  Bootleg  0.00 Poland; compiles s/t live tape, split live tape with Haemorrhage and CSSO, and split live tape with Infected Pussy Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables  Forget  0.00 US/CA; reissue with six-track bonus CD Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, Inc  Forget  0.00 US/CA; reissue onto one CD Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Mutiny On The Bay  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist  Decay Music  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Bedtime For Democracy  Decay Music  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Live At The Deaf Club  Decay Music  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death  Decay Music  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dead Prez Lets Get Free  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Dead Prez Rbg  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Dead Prez Turn Off The Radio Mixtape Vol. 2  Forget  0.00 US/??; subtitled "Get Free Or Die Tryin'" Send Email 
Dead Prez Turn Off The Radio: Mixtape Volume 1  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Dead Prez & Outlawz Can't Sell Dope Forever  Forget  0.00 US/FL / US/CA Send Email 
Dead To Fall Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces  Victory  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Deadisdeadisdead Suture Self  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Death The Sound Of Perseverance  Nuclear Blast  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Death Symbolic  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Deathcount / Noizedipsia No More Peace... Disintegrate The World!!!  Demo  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Deathpeed The Day Of Doom  Captured  0.00 Japan; pre-Unholy Grave live-and-demos compilation CD Send Email 
Deathwitch Violence Blasphemy Sodomy  Earache / Wicked World  0.00 Sweden(?); promo copy Send Email 
Decapitated The Negation  Earache / Wicked World(?)  0.00 Poland; slipcase version Send Email 
Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis  Earache  0.00 Poland; dual-disc Send Email 
Decapitated Winds Of Creation  Wicked World / Earache  0.00 Poland; this item is currently missing Send Email 
Decapitated Nihility  Wicked World / Earache  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Deceased Supernatural Addiction  Relapse  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
December Praying, Hoping, Nothing  Forget  0.00 US/NV; reissue Send Email 
December 12 Promo  Self-released  0.00 Japan Send Email 
December Wolves Blasterpiece Theater  Earache / Wicked World  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Deche-charge The Preps Suck  Fecal Matter Discorporated  0.00 Canada; 3" CD Send Email 
Deche-charge Complete 7" Vinyl Collection  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Decimate In The Name Of A God  Blackfish  0.00 UK Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity We'll Stop After You're Dead (maybe)  Forget  0.00 Australia; reissue of the Lavander Kisses... and At Last The Dolls Are Broken EPs onto one CD Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity Let Us Show You How To Draw Blood  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity Please Don't Die Yet... I'm Not Done  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity / Microphallus Split  Forget  0.00 Oz / US/(?) Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity / Mortuary Hacking Session Split  Vomitnoise / Lasthouseontheright  0.00 Oz/? Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity / Sugar Plum Fairy Split  Forget  0.00 Oz/? Send Email 
Decomposing Serenity / Vomito Split  Forget  0.00 Oz/Bra(?) Send Email 
Defacing Spitting Savagery  Xtreem Music  0.00 Chile; promo Send Email 
Defecation Purity Dilution  Nuclear Blast  0.00 UK / US/NV Send Email 
Deicide Deicide  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL; this item is currently missing Send Email 
Deicide Serpents Of The Light  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Deny Everything Demo '03  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Deranged Rated-x  Listenable  0.00 Sweden; reissue containing their two early EPs as bonus tracks Send Email 
Deranged Plainfield Cemetary  Listenable  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Desecration Murder In Mind  Copro  0.00 UK Send Email 
Desecration Gore And Perversion 2  Copro  0.00 UK; re-recording of their banned first album Send Email 
Desecration Inhuman  Copro  0.00 UK Send Email 
Desecration Pathway To Deviance  Copro  0.00 UK Send Email 
Desecration Process Of Decay  Copro  0.00 UK Send Email 
Despise You West Side Horizons  Pessimiser / Theologian  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Destroy! Discography 1990-1994  Havoc  0.00 US/MN Send Email 
Destroyer Of Cunts / Congenitalized / Nikudorei Split  Bloodbath  0.00 Spa/Jap/Jap Send Email 
Dëünga Demo  Demo  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Devin Townsend Physicist  Sme / Sony Japan  0.00 Canada; Japanese release Send Email 
Dhc Meinhof Bring Chaos To Order  Dtrash  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Dhc Meinhof Way Of Death Ep  D-trash  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Diabolic Emo Destroyer / Spike Pile Driver Split  Asberg 8  0.00 Cro / UK Send Email 
Diabolical Masquerade Nightwork  Peaceville  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Die You Bastard! Zenshin Zenrei  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Die You Bastard! Underground Is A Only Truth!!  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Dignity Dies First With Our Blood We Shall Water These Fields  Staunch  0.00 UK Send Email 
Dim Mak Intercepting Fist  Mighty Music  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Dim Mak Knives Of Ice  Willowtip  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Dim Mak Enter The Dragon  Forget  0.00 US/FL(?) Send Email 
Dimlaia Dimlaia  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Dirty Small Town All Together Now  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Discharge Anthology: Free Speech For The Dumb  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Discharge Society's Victims  Sanctuary  0.00 UK; 3CD compilation box set Send Email 
Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing  Sanctuary  0.00 UK; reissue including EP tracks Send Email 
Disclose Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 2  No Fashion Hc (bootleg?)  0.00 Japan; 2CD Send Email 
Disclose Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 1  No Fashion Hc (bootleg?)  0.00 Japan; 2CD Send Email 
Discordance Axis Original Sound Version 1992-1995  Hydrahead  0.00 US/NJ; reissue of Ulterior, other early material, and unreleased early material in DVD packaging Send Email 
Discordance Axis Jouhou  Hydrahead  0.00 US/NJ; reissue in DVD packaging with Melt-Banana split tracks as bonus Send Email 
Discordance Axis Our Last Day  Hydrahead  0.00 US/NJ; DVD packaging Send Email 
Discordance Axis The Inalienable Dreamless  Hydrahead  0.00 US/NJ; DVD-style packaging Send Email 
Discordance Axis / Corrupted / 324 Split  Hg Fact  0.00 US/NJ / Jap / Jap Send Email 
Disease Noise Collapse Bomb System  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Diseased Maggotectomy / C.v.i. / Dicksnot Buttcr Ust / Spasticated Razor Masturbator - Split  Forget  0.00 ? / Bra / ? / UK Send Email 
Disembowelment Disembowelment  Relapse  0.00 Australia; 2CD discography compilation Send Email 
Dislimb Bleeding Anxiety  Demo  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Disrupt Disruptdead  Relapse  0.00 US/MA; 4CD box - 3CD full discography and live DVD Send Email 
Disrupt Unrest  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); reissue Send Email 
Disrupt Crusting The Life  Bootleg  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane  Nuclear Blast  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Divag Gameboy Tunes  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 France; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Dj Fresh Escape From Planet Monday  Breakbeat Kaos  0.00 UK Send Email 
Dj Jesus Christ / Not Half Half Of Christ  D-trash  0.00 Russia / ??; split Send Email 
Dj Methodist Radio St. Dogmaels  Post Office  0.00 UK Send Email 
Dj Muggs Vs. Gza/genius Grandmasters  Forget  0.00 US/CA / US/NY Send Email 
Dj Quik Da Finale: The Best Of Dj Quik  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dj Rabies Kick A Skinhead In The Face E.p.  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Dj Rabies Rabies Television Systems  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Dj Rap Bad Girl  Higher Ground  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Dj Rap Good To Be Alive  Higher Ground  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Dj Rap Everyday Girl  Higher Ground  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Dj Scotch Egg Kfc Core  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Dj Scotch Egg Scotch Hausen  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Dj Shadow The Outsider  Forget  0.00 US/CA(?) Send Email 
Dj Shadow Endtroducing....  Mo Wax  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Dog Eat Dog All Boro Kings  Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Doom Total Doom  Peaceville  0.00 UK; compilation of early stuff Send Email 
Dr. Dre The Chronic  Death Row  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dr. Dre 2001  Interscope / Aftermath  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Dread Demo 2004  Demo  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Dream Theater Live Scenes From New York  Elektra  0.00 US/NY; 3CD live album Send Email 
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos  Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Dream Theater When Dream And Day Unite  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater Images And Words  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater Live At The Marquee  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater Awake  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater Once In A Livetime  Forget  0.00 US/(?); double CD Send Email 
Dream Theater Train Of Thought  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt Ii: Scenes From A Memory  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Dream Theater Score  Forget  0.00 US/NY; 3CD live album, third CD with symphony orchestra Send Email 
Dream Theater Octavarium  Atlantic  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Dream Theater Live At Budokan  Forget  0.00 US/NY; 3CD Send Email 
Drogheda / Dysmorfic Split  Extremist  0.00 US/OH / Ita Send Email 
Drogheda / Intense Hammer Rage Split  Extremist  0.00 US/OH / Oz Send Email 
Drogheda / Morticite Split  Extremist  0.00 US/OH / US/(?) Send Email 
Dropdead Untitled  Armageddon  0.00 US/?; first album Send Email 
Dropdead Untitled  Armageddon  0.00 US/?; second album Send Email 
Dropdead Discography 1991-1993  Armageddon  0.00 US/RI Send Email 
Drowning Age Old Nemesis  Bones Brigade  0.00 France Send Email 
Drowning / Brodequin / Aborted / Misery Index Created To Kill  Bones Brigade  0.00 Fra / US/(?) / Bel / US/(?) Send Email 
Drowningman How They Light Cigarettes In Prison  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Drowningman Rock And Roll Killing Machine  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Drowningman Drowningman Still Loves You  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Drowningman Learn To Let It Go  Forget  0.00 US/?; demos/EPs thing Send Email 
Drugs Of Faith Drugs Of Faith  Selfmadegod  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Drumcorps Grist  Ad Noiseam / Cock Rock Disco  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith Nature Of The Beast  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Drunken Tiger Sky Is The Limit  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Duck Stab Songs 6-13  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Duck Stab Songs 1-5  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Duckygore 300 Thousand Ducks Of Ultimate Spam  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Duran Duran Duran Balloon Animals  Here's My Card  0.00 ?; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Dxcxrx Shout 'til Death  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Dxixe The Beep Sessions  Donmai  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage / Gross Split  Forget  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Dysrhythmia Pretest  Relapse  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Dystopia Human = Garbage  Life Is Abuse / Misanthropic  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Dystopia The Aftermath...  Life Is Abuse / Misanthropic  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
E.n.s.c. Electric Noise Signal Control  D-trash  0.00 Portugal Send Email 
E.v.s. Exactly Violent Style  Negative Federal Fund  0.00 Japan Send Email 
East-west Blast Test Popular Music For Unpopular People  Ipecac  0.00 US/CA / US/VA Send Email 
Eazy-e It's On (dr. Dre) 187umkilla  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Eazy-e Eazy-duz-it  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Eazy-e Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton  Ruthless  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ebola Flaccid Breaks Vol. 1  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Ec8or The One And Only High And Low  Digital Hardcore / ?  0.00 Germany; Japanese release Send Email 
Ed Rush & Optical The Creeps  Forget  0.00 UK; 2CD Send Email 
Ehafh Keep Talking Shit And Il Glue Dildos On Your...  Irk Media  0.00 ?; Keep Talking Shit And Il Glue Dildos On Your Windshield Send Email 
Ehafh Beautiful Octopus Happy Tenticles  Mode Of Proof  0.00 Send Email 
Ehafh Some Give In Some Give Up Some Grow Old  Brokecore  0.00 Send Email 
Ehafh Ten Years Old Is How I Rock And Roll  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Ehafh Esoteric Cryptic  Mode Of Proof  0.00 Send Email 
Ehafh Keyboards Cadillacs And My Commodore 64!  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Ehafh Anything About Nothing In Particular As...  Forget  0.00 ?; Anything About Nothing In Particular As Percieved At Random Send Email 
Ehafh Autumn In Bondage  Dramacore  0.00 Send Email 
Ehafh I Bet Cthulhu Plays Nintendo  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
El-p I'll Sleep When You're Dead  Def Jux  0.00 US/? Send Email 
El-p Fantastic Damage  Def Jux  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Electric Six Gay Bar  Forget  0.00 US/(?); single Send Email 
Electro Hippies The Only Good Punk... Is A Dead One  Peaceville  0.00 UK; semi-discography Send Email 
Electrocutionerdz Live 28/12/2003 At Balafre, Montreal  Bootleg  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Elvis Vs Jxl A Little Less Conversation  Forget  0.00 US/TN / Hol; JXL remix of the Elvis original Send Email 
Embalmer There Was Blood Everywhere  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); reissue Send Email 
Embalmer 13 Faces Of Death  Pathos  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Emergency Instructions Safety First!  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Eminem The Slim Shady Lp  Interscope  0.00 US/MI; 2 CD special edition Send Email 
Emor Grain Of Sand  Forget  0.00 Slovakia Send Email 
Emperor Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk  Candlelight  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Emperor Emperial Live Ceremony  Candlelight  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Emperor Scattered Ashes: A Decade Of Emperial Wrath  Candlelight  0.00 Norway; best-of compilation Send Email 
Emperor Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant  Candlelight  0.00 Norway; material from the Enslaved split and Emperor's demo on one CD Send Email 
Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse  Candlelight  0.00 Norway; reissue(?) Send Email 
Emperor Ix Equilibrium  Candlelight  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Enapa Grovkornigkt Och Fastbränndt  D-trash  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Enapa Distkrypen Anfaller  D-trash  0.00 Sweden; 2CD Send Email 
Enemy Soil The Ruins Of Eden  Clean Plate  0.00 US/(?); includes Live At Fiesta Grade #7 flexi 7" tracks as bonus Send Email 
Enemy Soil Smashes The State!  Bones Brigade  0.00 US/(?); huge double CD semi-discography Send Email 
Enslaved Frost  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Enslaved Eld  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Enslaved Ruun  Tabu  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Enslaved Blodhemn  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Ephel Duath Pain Necessary To Know  Earache / Elitist  0.00 Italy Send Email 
Ephel Duath Rephormula  Elitist / Earache  0.00 Italy; reissue with demo as bonus tracks Send Email 
Ephel Duath The Painter's Palette  Earache / Elitist  0.00 Italy Send Email 
Eraserhead V.0.1  Demo  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Eric B. & Rakim Paid In Full  Island Masters  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Eric W. Brown Ravishing Grindness  Demo  0.00 US/?; 3"CD-R Send Email 
Every Time I Die Last Night In Town  Ferret  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Every Time I Die Hot Damn!  Ferret / Roadrunner  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Evestus Destiny In Life  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Evidence Of Trauma Purge To Evolve  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Eviscerate Ad / Broken Oath What Lies Ahead  Unity Worldwide  0.00 UK/UK Send Email 
Exclaim Critical Exploder  Sound Pollution  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Excruciating Terror Expression Of Pain  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Excruciating Terror Divided We Fall  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Executive Distraction Tasks Demo '05  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Exhibit A Sensory Integration Training  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Exhumed Slaughtercult... Fester Forever  Relapse / Ritual  0.00 US/CA; Japanese release of Slaughtercult, with bonus tracks Send Email 
Exhumed Platters Of Splatter  Relapse  0.00 US/CA; double CD semi-discography Send Email 
Exhumed Garbage Daze Re-regurgitated  Listenable  0.00 US/CA; covers album Send Email 
Exhumed Anatomy Is Destiny  Relapse  0.00 US/CA; includes bonus 'Live In Japan' CD Send Email 
Exist Exist  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Exist The Tension & The Darkness  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Exit-13 ...just A Few More Hits  Relapse  0.00 US/PA(?) Send Email 
Extasick Extasick And This Dirty Musick  Dtrash  0.00 Send Email 
Extinguish The Fire No Emancipation Eternal Suffering  Alliance Trax  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Extreme Noise Terror Retro-bution  Forget  0.00 UK; re-recordings of earlier material Send Email 
Eyehategod Take As Needed For Pain  Century Media  0.00 US/LA Send Email 
Eyehategod Preaching The "end-time" Message  Forget  0.00 US/LA Send Email 
Eyehategod In The Name Of Suffering  Century Media  0.00 US/LA Send Email 
F_noise F_noise  D-trash  0.00 Russia(?) Send Email 
Facedowninshit Shit Bloody Shit  Crimes Against Humanity  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Facedowninshit Nothing Positive Only Negative  Relapse  0.00 US/NC Send Email 
Facedowninshit Passing Times  Exutoire  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Faith No More Ricochet  Forget  0.00 US/??; CD single Send Email 
Faith No More I Started A Joke  Forget  0.00 US/??; CD single Send Email 
Faith No More Introduce Yourself  London  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Faith No More Angel Dust  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Faith No More King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Faith No More The Real Thing  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Falkenbach Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty  Napalm  0.00 Iceland via Germany Send Email 
Falkenbach Heralding The Fireblade  Napalm  0.00 Ice/Ger Send Email 
Fall Of Empyrean Anhedonia  Self-released  0.00 US/AZ Send Email 
Fall Of Empyrean Fall Of Empyrean  Demo  0.00 US/AZ Send Email 
Fantomas Fantomas  Ipecac  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Fantomas The Director's Cut  Ipecac  0.00 US/(?); movie theme covers Send Email 
Fantomas Delirium Cordia  Ipecac(?)  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Fantômas Suspended Animation  Ipecac  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Fantômas / Melt-banana Split  Unhip  0.00 US/CA / Japan; 2" square CD Send Email 
Fastviolentshitkiller Prepare To Get Violated!!!  Demo  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Faux Pride Suburban Anxiety Nightmares  D-trash  0.00 UK Send Email 
Faux Pride Faux Pride  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Fc Five Come To The End  Roadrunner Japan  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Fckn' Bstrds Misbaksels  Smell The Stench  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Fckn' Bstrds Pregnated By The Fckn' Bstrds  Forget  0.00 Holland; remixes 3" CD-R Send Email 
Fear Factory Demanufacture  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Fear Factory Concrete  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA; compilation of pre-first-album material Send Email 
Fear Factory Soul Of A New Machine  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Feast Of Ishtar Feast Of Ishtar  Voltagestress*r  0.00 UK Send Email 
Feculent Goretomb / Amoebic Dysentery / Disgusti Ng / Tartopoil - 4-way Split  Rotten Foetus Productions  0.00 Bra / US / Bra / Fra Send Email 
Feculent Goretomb / Die Human Race / Dysmenorrhe Ic Hemorrhage - Split  Some Brazilian Label  0.00 Bra/Bra/US; ran out of room in the Artist field! Send Email 
Feeble Minded / Fuck The Facts Split  Grodhaisn  0.00 Cze / Can Send Email 
Festering Cack 5-track Promo  Traumatized  0.00 UK; promo (duh) Send Email 
Fetus Eaters Vomitcore  Self-released(?)  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Fetus Eaters / Brainchoke Split  Grindethic  0.00 US/CA / UK Send Email 
Fetus Eaters / Diorrhea Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / Ita Send Email 
Fidel Villeneuve Kill Life!!!  Dhr <20  0.00 UK Send Email 
Fifty On Red Fifty On Red  Dead & Gone  0.00 UK Send Email 
Fighting Shit Forgotten Daughters, Abandoned Sons  Cat N Cakey  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Final Exit The Best (s)hit Fe's  Merciless Core  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Firebreather Give It War  Demo  0.00 Switzerland Send Email 
Flaechenbrand Voelkermord  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 Germany; 3" CD Send Email 
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation Promo  Demo For Promo Purposes Only  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation Demo  Demo  0.00 Japan; first demo Send Email 
Flesh Parade Kill Whitey  Relapse  0.00 US/LA Send Email 
Floorpunch Fast Times At The Jersey Shore  Equal Vision  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Focus Moving Waves  Forget  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Foo Fighters Breakout  Forget  0.00 US/(?); single Send Email 
For The Worse Blood, Guts, Going Nuts  Bridge Nine  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Fortitude Demo  Demo  0.00 Japan; Osaka grindcore Send Email 
Forward While You Alive  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Forward Burn Down The Corrupted Justice  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Forward Just Go Forward To Death  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Forward We Need The Truth  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Forward Fucked Up!!  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck! Demo  Demo  0.00 Russia Send Email 
Freebase Nothing To Regret  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Frightmare Midnight Murder Mania  Razorback  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Frost Talking To God  Rage Of Achilles  0.00 UK Send Email 
Frost Cursed Again  Rage Of Achilles(?)  0.00 UK Send Email 
Frost Filthy Black Shit  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach Power Violence Forever  Slap A Ham  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach The Very Best Of Hero Fuck On The Beach  Killed By Fast  0.00 Japan; 30 different versions of their self-titled song Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach Live At Fiesta Grande #7  Killed By Fast  0.00 Japan; 7" style packaging Send Email 
Fuck The Facts Backstabber Etiquette  Grind It!  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Fuck The Facts Legacy Of Hopelessness  Ghetto Blaster / Capital Kill  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Fuck The Facts Collection Of Splits 2002-2004  Great White North  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Fuck The Facts Mullet Fever  Sonic Deadline  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Fuck The Facts Discoing The Dead  Ghetto Blaster  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Fuck The Facts Stigmata High-five  Relapse  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Fuck The Facts / Banzai 606 Split  Forget  0.00 Can / Mly(?) Send Email 
Fuck The Facts / Narcosis / Miget Parade /archer Split  Priveliged To Fail  0.00 Can / UK / US/IL / UK Send Email 
Fuck The Facts / Sergent Slaughter Overseas Connection (split)  Meat 5000  0.00 Can/Fra Send Email 
Fuck The Facts / Smes Split  Fecal Matter Discorporated  0.00 Can/Hol; both the split tapes reissued on two CDs in DVD packaging Send Email 
Fuck... I'm Dead Bring On The Dead  Razorback  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Fuck... I'm Dead / Engorged Split  No Escape  0.00 Oz / US/(?) Send Email 
Funeral For A Friend Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Funeral For A Friend Between Order And Model  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Funeral For A Friend Seven Ways To Scream Your Name  Ferret  0.00 UK Send Email 
Funeral For A Friend Escape Artists Never Die  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Funeral Mongoloids Retardation Nation  Demo  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Funeral Mongoloids N.w.o.m.h.m.  Demo  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Furze Utd  Season Of Mist(?)  0.00 Norway; full title is too long to even type in here Send Email 
Future Sound Of London We Have Explosive  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Future Sound Of London Lifeforms  Virgin  0.00 UK Send Email 
Future Sound Of London Isdn  Virgin  0.00 UK Send Email 
Future Sound Of London Dead Cities  Virgin  0.00 UK; 2CD Send Email 
Gadget Remote  Relapse / Ritual  0.00 Sweden; Japanese release with bonus tracks taken from Swedish Assault compilation Send Email 
Gallhammer Endless Nauseous Days  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gallhammer Gloomy Lights  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gallhammer The Dawn Of...  Peaceville  0.00 Japan; demos Send Email 
Gang Up On Against The Rain Of Sloughter In 88 Seconds...  Forget  0.00 Japan; full title - The Rain Of Sloughter In 88 Seconds & A Lot Of Our Dics Send Email 
Ganja Kru Super Sharp Shooter Ep  True Playaz  0.00 UK Send Email 
Ganja Kru Fuck The Millennium Ep  True Playaz  0.00 UK Send Email 
Ganksta N-i-p The South Park Psycho  Rap A Lot  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Garbage Guts Demo  Demo  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Gehenna Seenthroughtheveilsofdarkness (the Second Spell)  Cacophonous(?)  0.00 Norway Send Email 
General Surgery Left Hand Pathology  Listenable  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Genghis Tron Cloak Of Love  Crucial Blast  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Genghis Tron Dead Mountain Mouth  Crucial Blast  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Genital Masticator Ultimate Collection  Mortville  0.00 Spain; 2CD Send Email 
Genius/gza Liquid Swords  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Gethsemane Code Of Silence  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Geto Boys Making Trouble  Rap-a-lot (bootleg?)  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Geto Boys The Foundation  Forget  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Ghostface The Pretty Toney Album  Def Jam  0.00 US/NY; he dropped the Killah for this album Send Email 
Ghostface Killah Bulletproof Wallets  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ghostface Killah More Fish  Def Jam  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ghostface Killah Shaolin's Finest  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ghostface Killah Ironman  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ghostface Killah Fishscale  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Give Up The Ghost We're Down 'til We're Underground  Forget /  0.00 US/MA(?); Japanese release with bonus tracks Send Email 
Glassjaw Worship And Tribute  Warner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Glassjaw Cosmopolitan Bloodloss  Warner  0.00 US/NY; single Send Email 
Glassjaw Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence  Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Godflesh Streetcleaner  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Godstomper / Irritate Split  Forget  0.00 US/CA / Finland; 7" packaging Send Email 
Gogol Bordello Voi-la Intruder  Rubric  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Gogol Bordello Super Taranta!  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Gogol Bordello Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony  Forget  0.00 US/NY(?) Send Email 
Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks  Sideonedummy  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Gojira From Mars To Sirius  Listenable  0.00 France Send Email 
Goldie Timeless  Ffrr  0.00 UK; white cover single disc version Send Email 
Goldie Saturnz Return  Ffrr  0.00 UK; double CD Send Email 
Goldie Temper Temper  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Goldie Temper Temper  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Goldie Believe  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Goldie Believe  Ffrr  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Goldie Ring Of Saturn  Ffrr  0.00 UK Send Email 
Goldie Timeless  Ffrr / Metalheadz  0.00 UK; 2CD reissue Send Email 
Goldie Featuring Krs-one Digital  Ffrr  0.00 UK / US/NY; single Send Email 
Gonkulator Second War In Heaven  Fudgeworthy  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Good Clean Fun Shopping For A Crew  Phyte  0.00 US/DC Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Noisexcretass Asshole  Tomeras Canceras  0.00 Japan; bootleg Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Live 2001 & Unreleased Shits  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Bux An Bungal  Lo Fi Or Die  0.00 Japan; bootleg Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy Noise-a-go Go!!!  Relapse  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gore Beyond Necropsy / Nunwhore Commando 666 Split  Prolapse  0.00 Jap/Ger Send Email 
Gorerotted Only Tools And Corpses  Metal Blade  0.00 UK Send Email 
Gorerotted Mutilated In Minutes  Dead Again  0.00 UK; original release Send Email 
Gorerotted Her Gash I Did Slash  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Gorerotted / Gruesome Stuff Relish / Gronibard Split Your Guts Vol. 1  Deep Send  0.00 UK/Spa/Fra Send Email 
Gorf 0131cc65  Here's My Card  0.00 ??; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Gorgasm Bleeding Profusely  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Gorgoroth Antichrist  Forget  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Gorgoroth Twilight Of The Idols (in Conspiracy With Satan)  Nuclear Blast  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Gorilla Biscuits Gorilla Biscuits  Revelation  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Gorillaz Kids With Guns / El Manana  Emi  0.00 UK; CD single Send Email 
Gorillaz G-sides  Emi  0.00 UK; collection of B-sides Send Email 
Gorillaz Feel Good Inc  Emi  0.00 ?; single Send Email 
Gorillaz Gorillaz  Emi  0.00 Send Email 
Gorillaz Demon Days  Emi  0.00 Send Email 
Gorillaz Dirty Harry Cd1  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Gorillaz Dirty Harry Cd2  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Gorillaz 19/2000  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Goto80 Contech  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Government Alpha Artificial Pomegranate  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Government Alpha Spontaneous Combustion  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gravediggaz The Pick, The Sickle And The Shovel  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Green Beret Out Of Control  Prolapse  0.00 Send Email 
Gride 1996-2003  Plazzma  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Gronibard Satanic Tuning Club  Bones Brigade  0.00 France Send Email 
Gronibard Gronibard  Bones Brigade  0.00 France Send Email 
Grooverider Mysteries Of Funk  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Gross / Serrando Codos Split  Forget  0.00 US/?? / Spa Send Email 
Gruesome Stuff Relish Teenage Giallo Grind  Razorback  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Gu Guai Xing Qiu Gu Guai Xing Qiu  Forget  0.00 France Send Email 
Guilty Connector Brutality Of The Gloomy Days  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Guilty Connector Mother's Bloated Corpse  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Guilty Connector Beats, Noise, And Life  Planet Mu  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Gut The Singles Collection  Bootleg  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Gut / Rompeprop Masters Of Gore  Forget  0.00 Ger / Hol Send Email 
Gza/genius Legend Of The Liquid Sword  Forget  0.00 US/NY; fuck knows why he switched the order of his name from Genius/GZA to GZA/Genius Send Email 
Gza/genius Beneath The Surface  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Haemorrhage Apology For Pathology  Morbid  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Halo Live 06:06:01  Forget / Self-released  0.00 Australia; live self-released 'bootleg' CD-R Send Email 
Halo Guattari (from The West Flows Grey Ash And...)  Relapse  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Halo Body Of Light  Relapse  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Halo Of Knives Eat God  Forget  0.00 Send Email 
Hansel Lorentzian Lineshaper  D-trash  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Hansel Respond_violence  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Hansel Studies  D-trash  0.00 ?; three CDs - one of unreleased material, one of Hansel tracks remixed and a live/video CD Send Email 
Hansel Sub Atomic Particles  D-trash  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Harakiri Twilight Of The Idols  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Hate Forest Sorrow  Supernal  0.00 Ukraine Send Email 
Hate Forest Purity  Supernal  0.00 Ukraine Send Email 
Hate Forest Battlefields  Supernal  0.00 Ukraine Send Email 
Hatestar The Last Day  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Hatestar Reinvent Self-destruction  D-trash  0.00 ?; includes bonus remixes disc Send Email 
Haymaker Haymaker  Deranged  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Head Automatica Decadence  Warner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Head Automatica Popaganda  Warner Bros  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Head Hits Concrete Thy Kingdom Come Undone  Self-released  0.00 Canada; complete discography release Send Email 
Headcrash Anusbash  Forget  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Heads Kicked Off Discography 1996-1999  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Health Hazard / Suffer Discography  Prank  0.00 UK Send Email 
Heartworm Items Of Ill Repute  D-trash  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Hecate The Magick Of Female Ejaculation  Praxis  0.00 Switzerland(?) Send Email 
Hellchild Circulating Contradiction  Howling Bull  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Hellchild Bareskin  Howling Bull  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Hellhammer Apocalyptic Raids  Forget  0.00 Switzerland Send Email 
Hellnation Dynamite Up Your Ass  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Hellnation Fucked Up Mess  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Hellnation Cheerleaders For Imperialism  Slap A Ham  0.00 US/KY; recording session with Chris Dodge from Spazz on bass Send Email 
Hellnation Thrash Wave  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/KY; EPs compilation Send Email 
Hemdale Rad Jackson  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); discography compilation Send Email 
Henry Rollins Hot Animal Machine / Drive By Shooting  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Hentai Cum Dungeon Food Product  Brokecore  0.00 ?; 3"CD-R Send Email 
Hercklekot Samoloty Kamikadze  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Heresy 1985-'87  Speedstate  0.00 UK; demo, first two EPs and previously unreleased studio tracks Send Email 
Heresy Face Up To It!  Speedstate  0.00 UK; remastered reissue Send Email 
Heresy 20 Reasons To End It All  Speedstate  0.00 UK; includes Peel sessions and Live In Leeds 7" Send Email 
High Contrast High Society  Hospital  0.00 UK Send Email 
High On Fire Surrounded By Thieves  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
High On Fire The Art Of Self Defense  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
High On Fire Blessed Black Wings  Relapse  0.00 US/??; includes bonus live DVD Send Email 
Hijokaidan Live Bootleg  Bootleg  0.00 Japan; two live shows from Tokyo Send Email 
Himitsu King Over Eat!  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Himsa Courting Tragedy And Disaster  Forget  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Hinyouki Ryouben  Forget  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Hinyouki Hainyou  Forget  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Hirax Not Dead Yet  Forget  0.00 US/CA; compilation of Raging Violence and Hate, Fear And Power albums Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone Fifteen Counts Of Arson  Prank  0.00 US/? Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone Monuments To Thieves  Prank  0.00 US/? Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone The Plot Sickens  Forget  0.00 US/(?): CD version includes Fools Gold 7" and loads of other stuff as bonus Send Email 
Hogtied / Anal Penetration Split  Traumatized Records  0.00 UK / Hol Send Email 
Hollow Jan Rough Draft In Progress  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Holy Molar The Whole Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth...  0.00 US/CA; double 3" CD Send Email 
Hooky / Silence Kills The Revolution Split  Common Ground  0.00 Jap/Jap Send Email 
Hope U Rot Brutality Of Killing  Demo  0.00 Send Email 
Hope You Choke Hope You Choke  One Percent  0.00 US/MI(?) Send Email 
Hot Roddy Pessimism  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Human Remains Where Were You When  Relapse  0.00 US/NJ; double CD discography Send Email 
Hutt / Noisear / Gate Crushing The Grindcore Trademark  Blastasfuk  0.00 Bra / US/NM / Jap Send Email 
Hybrid Uk Demo  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Hyperdriver Just When You Thought It Was Safe...  D-trash  0.00 UK Send Email 
Hyperdriver The Return Of Uncle Charlie  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
I Hate You Discography 1995/1998  Deathwish  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
I, Cactus I, Cactus  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Ice Cube The Predator  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ice Cube Amerikkka's Most Wanted  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ice Cube Lethal Injection  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ice Cube Death Certificate  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ignite Our Darkest Days  Century Media  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Ignite Past Our Means  Revelation  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Ill Bill Whats Wrong With Bill?  Psycho+logical  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Immolation Here In After  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Immortal Pure Holocaust  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Immortal Blizzard Beasts  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Immortal At The Heart Of Winter  Forget  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Immortality I Think Therefore I Am  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Immured Promo 2002  Forget  0.00 Germany(?) Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene All That You Fear  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Ugra-karma  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Rapture  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz...  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Nihil  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impaled Nazarene Pro Patria Finlandia  Osmose  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Impetigo Giallo/antefatto  Half-life  0.00 US/(?); reissue of early stuff onto one CD Send Email 
Impetigo Ultimo Mondo Cannibale  Morbid  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Impiety Skullfucking Armageddon  Drakkar  0.00 Singapore; reissue Send Email 
In The Woods... A Return To The Isle Of Men  Hammerheart  0.00 Sweden(?) Send Email 
Incantation Diabolical Conquest  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Incoherence A World Without Heroes  Blackfish  0.00 UK Send Email 
Index Index  Forget  0.00 US/(?); band otherwise known as The Index, I have no idea why the 'The' is missing on this release Send Email 
Infex Type-b  Contra  0.00 ?; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Insect Warfare Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution  625/rsr  0.00 US/TX; CD release includes all previous recordings as bonus Send Email 
Insolence Promo  Forget  0.00 dunno where they're from Send Email 
Inspectah Deck The Movement  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Inspectah Deck Uncontrolled Substance  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Integrity Sliver In The Hands Of Time  Goodlife  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Integrity To Die For  Deathwish  0.00 Send Email 
Integrity Those Who Fear Tomorrow  Fractured Transmitter  0.00 US/OH; 15th anniversary reissue Send Email 
Intestinal Disgorge Drowned In Rectal Sludge  Lofty Storm  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Ion Dissonance Breathing Is Irrelevant  Willowtip  0.00 Send Email 
Iron Cock / Oskorei Split  Chaos Kill  0.00 Swe / UK Send Email 
Iron Lung Cold Storage  Couple Of Malaysian Labels...  0.00 US/WA(?); semi-discog Send Email 
Iron Lung / Shank Split  625  0.00 US/?? / UK Send Email 
Iron Maiden Run To The Hills  Emi  0.00 UK; single; Rock In Rio version; CD1 Send Email 
Iron Maiden Run To The Hills  Emi  0.00 UK; single; Rock In Rio version; CD2 Send Email 
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Iron Maiden Powerslave  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Iron Maiden Dance Of Death  Emi  0.00 UK Send Email 
Iron Monkey Iron Monkey  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Isengard Vinterskugge  Peaceville  0.00 Norway; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Isis Celestial  Forget  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Isis In The Absence Of Truth  Ipecac  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
J.lo Biafra Every American Will Get To Marry Jennifer Lopez  Here's My Card  0.00 ??; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Jan Ag / Spike Pile Driver Split  Asberg 8  0.00 Bel / UK Send Email 
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour 50,000 Jtch Fans Can't Be Wrong  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour Voltage Monster  Desolation House  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele Japanische Kampfhoerspiele  Blutwurst  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Jedi Mind Tricks Visions Of Gandhi  Babygrande  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Jedi Mind Tricks Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell  Babygrande  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
Jedi Mind Tricks Violent By Design  Forget  0.00 US/NY; reissue with bonus DVD Send Email 
Jedi Mind Tricks Legacy Of Blood  Babygrande  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Jedi Mind Tricks The Psycho-social, Chemical, Biological, And ...  Babygrande  0.00 US/PA; full title The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness Send Email 
Jerry's Kids Is This My World?  Taang!  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Jesu Silver  Hydrahead  0.00 UK Send Email 
Jesu Conqueror  Hydrahead  0.00 UK Send Email 
Jesu Jesu  Hydrahead  0.00 UK Send Email 
Jesu Heart Ache  Dry Run  0.00 UK Send Email 
Jesus Of Nazareth Braid Of Muscle  Rsr  0.00 US/VA(?) Send Email 
Jig Ai Jig Ai  Bizarre Leprous  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Jigsore Terror World End Carnage  Listenable  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Jim Fear Demo  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers The Album  Forget  0.00 UK; oh dear Send Email 
John Merrick's Project John Merrick's Project  D-trash  0.00 France Send Email 
John Merrick's Project Extreme Noise Error  D-trash  0.00 France Send Email 
Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire: The Legend Of Johnny Cash  Forget  0.00 US/dead Send Email 
Johnny Truant The Repercussions Of A Badly Planned Suicide  Undergroove  0.00 UK Send Email 
Join The Circle Join The Circle  Townhall / Sail  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Jonny L Magnetic  Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
Judas Iscariot To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding  Red Stream  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Judas Iscariot Heaven In Flames  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Judge What It Meant - The Complete Discography  Revelation  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Jungle Brothers Jungle Brother  Forget  0.00 US/(?); Urban Takedown remix version Send Email 
Junkie Xl Zerotonine  Forget  0.00 Holland Send Email 
K-rino Stories From The Black Book  Forget  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
K.m.d. Mr. Hood  Forget  0.00 US/??; MF Doom's first hiphop group Send Email 
K5k True K5k  Sickmode  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
K5k Wwk5kd?  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
K5k Rave Massacre  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
K5k Bankruptcy  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand Send Email 
K5k People Want More Amens No Matter What The...  A-klass  0.00 New Zealand; People Want More Amens No Matter What The Cost To Society Send Email 
K5k How To Make Friends And Influence Breakcore  Here's My Card  0.00 New Zealand; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Kadenzza The Second Renaissance  Holy  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Kadenzza Into The Oriental Phantasma  Holy  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Kapitan Iglo Kapitan Iglo  Forget  0.00 Send Email 
Karma To Burn Almost Heathen  Forget  0.00 US/WV Send Email 
Karma To Burn Karma To Burn  Roadrunner  0.00 US/WV Send Email 
Karma To Burn Wild Wonderful Purgatory  Roadrunner  0.00 US/WV Send Email 
Katatonia Tonight's Decision  Peaceville  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Katatonia Last Fair Deal Gone Down  Peaceville  0.00 Sweden; digipak-type thingy packaging Send Email 
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance  Peaceville  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Katatonia Brave Yester Days  Century Media  0.00 Sweden; 'best of the early days' compilation Send Email 
Katatonia Brave Murder Day  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Katatonia Viva Emptiness  Peaceville  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Katatonia Discouraged Ones  Century Black  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Kayo Dot Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue  Robotic Empire  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Kerum Discography  Forget  0.00 US/whatever the state code is for Maryland Send Email 
Kid606 Pretty Girls Make Raves  Very Friendly  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Kid606 Resilience  Tigerbeat6 (?)  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Kid606 Who Still Kill Sound?  Tigerbeat6 / Romz  0.00 US/(?); Japanese release Send Email 
Kid606 Why I Love Life  Tigerbeat6  0.00 US/(?); 3" CD Send Email 
Kid606 Theactionpackedmentallistbringsyouthefuckingjams  Violent Turd  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Kid606 The Illness  Tigerbeat6  0.00 US/(?); single Send Email 
Kid606 Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You  Ipecac  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Kid606 Down With The Scene  Ipecac  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Kid606 / Cex Oh, So Now You Fuckers Wanna Dance?  Violent Turd  0.00 US/(?) / ?; volume 3 in the label's Shotgun Wedding series of split mix CDs Send Email 
Kill The Client Escalation Of Hostility  Willowtip  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Killswitch Engage Alive Or Just Breathing  Roadrunner  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
King Syze Syzemology  Brick  0.00 US/PA Send Email 
King Tee Ruff Rhymes  Forget  0.00 US/?; best of Send Email 
King's X Ogre Tones  Insideout  0.00 US/? Send Email 
King's X Black Like Sunday  Insideout  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
King's X Faith Hope Love  Forget  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Klubkuttaz Kockrock3000  Dtrash  0.00 Send Email 
Knar Neo-industrial Zombie  Dtrash  0.00 Send Email 
Knar Beezle Rond Kips  A-klass  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Knockdown Violence For Violence  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Knuckledust Time Won't Heal This  Blackfish  0.00 UK Send Email 
Knuckledust Universal Struggle  Gsr  0.00 UK Send Email 
Knuckledust London Hardcore  Days Of Fury  0.00 UK Send Email 
Knuckledust Unbreakable  Gsr  0.00 UK; includes bonus DVD Send Email 
Knuckledust / Unite Together We Stand, Divided We Brawl  Blackfish  0.00 UK/UK Send Email 
Knucklehead Mure Kara Nogaremi Mure No Naka  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Knut Terraformer  Hydrahead  0.00 Switzerland Send Email 
Knut Bastardiser  Forget  0.00 Switzerland Send Email 
Kontrovers Kontrovers  Putrid Filth Conspiracy  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Koreisch This Decaying Schizophrenic Christ Complex  Screams Of Salvation  0.00 UK Send Email 
Korovakill Waterhells  Red Stream  0.00 Austria Send Email 
Kreator Pleasure To Kill  Noise  0.00 Germany; includes Flag Of Hate EP as bonus Send Email 
Krs One Krs One  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Krs One Life  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Krupskaya Clouds Over Pripyat  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Krust Decoded  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Kungfu Rick Fragments Of The Past Time  625  0.00 US/??; 2CD complete discography Send Email 
Kurupt Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Kurupt Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Kylesa Time Will Fuse Its Worth  Prosthetic  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Kyuss Sky Valley  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Kyuss Blues For The Red Sun  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Labrat Ruining It For Everyone  Visible Noise  0.00 UK Send Email 
Lack Of Interest Take Another Step  Deep Six  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Ladyscraper Fuck Off  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Ladyscraper The Death Of Mary Poppins  Cock Rock Disco  0.00 UK Send Email 
Lafo Pankracy  Here's My Card  0.00 ?; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Lamb Of God New American Gospel  Prosthetic  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Lamb Of God As The Palaces Burn  Prosthetic  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Lance Uppercut Everybody Hates Raymond  Traumatized Records  0.00 UK Send Email 
Larm Extreme Noise  Forget  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Last Days Of Humanity Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration  Bones Brigade  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Last Days Of Humanity In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions  Bones Brigade  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Last Days Of Humanity Putrefaction In Progress  Bones Brigade  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Last Days Of Humanity Thesoundofrancidjuicessloshingaroundyourcoffin  Bones Brigade  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Lbw The 1st Innings  Demo  0.00 UK; special edition, includes Clitorectomy rehearsal tracks Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Led Zeppelin Volume 4  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Leng Tch'e Death By A Thousand Cuts  The Spew  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Leng Tch'e Manmadepredator  The Spew  0.00 Belgium Send Email 
Length Of Time Anti World  Roadrunner  0.00 Belgium(?) Send Email 
Length Of Time How Good The World Could Be... Again  Goodlife  0.00 can't remember if they're from Holland or Belgium Send Email 
Less Than Jake All My Best Friends Are Metalheads  Golf  0.00 US/FL; single Send Email 
Lethal Aggression From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Leviathan Howl Mockery At The Cross  Moribund  0.00 US/CA; demos collection Send Email 
Lfo Sheath  Warp  0.00 Send Email 
Lfo-demon 'tzzz'  Unknown  0.00 no idea where the project is from Send Email 
Libido Airbag Barrel Blow Job  Forget  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Libido Airbag Miss Melanoma  Obliteration  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Lickgoldensky The Beautiful Sounds Of Lickgoldensky  Escape Artist  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Lickgoldensky Enjoy Terror  Hawthorne Street  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Lickgoldensky Lickgoldensky  Level Plane  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Lie Lie  625  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Ligature The Abolition Of Guilt  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Ligature Promo  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Lightning Bolt Ride The Skies  Load  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Lightning Bolt Hypermagic Mountain  Load  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Limp Wrist Thee Official Limp Wrist Discography  Cheap Art / Lengua Armada  0.00 US/various states Send Email 
Lisbent Gangstacore  Illphabetik  0.00 Send Email 
Lisbeth & Bent The Amenathon  Illphabetik  0.00 Send Email 
Lo-bat Game Boy  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 Belgium; 3" CD-R Send Email 
London Elektricity Power Ballads  Hospital  0.00 UK Send Email 
Looking For An Answer Buscando Una Respuesta  Living Dead Society  0.00 Spain Send Email 
Lostless Replica  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Loyal To The Grave Indistinct  Imperium  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Loyal To The Grave Abstract Sensations  Imperium  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Luddite Clone The Arsonist And The Architect  Relapse  0.00 US/NJ Send Email 
Luniz Operation Stackola  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Lymphatic Phlegm / Autophagia / Feculent Goretom B / Ulcerrhoea - Split  Forget  0.00 Bra/Grc/Bra/? Send Email 
Lymphatic Phlegm / Neuro-visceral Exhumation Split  Forget  0.00 Bra/Bra Send Email 
M-1 Confidential  Forget  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
M.d.c. Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops  Golf (reissue)  0.00 US/TX / US/CA Send Email 
M.i.a. Arular  Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
M.s.b.r. Live In Maastricht, 03/02/2005  Bootleg  0.00 Japan Send Email 
M.s.b.r. The Final Harsh Work #22  Spatter Rec  0.00 Japan Send Email 
M87 Noctilucent Threnody  Supernal  0.00 UK Send Email 
Macabre Gloom  Hammerheart  0.00 US/IL; reissue Send Email 
Macabre Dahmer  Hammerheart(?)  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Macabre Murder Metal  Season Of Mist  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Macabre Sinister Slaughter / Behind The Wall Of Sleep  Nuclear Blast  0.00 US/IL; reissue Send Email 
Machetazo / Abscess Split  Forget  0.00 Spa / US/CA Send Email 
Machine Head The More Things Change...  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA; digipak version Send Email 
Machine Head Burn My Eyes  Roadrunner  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Madball Legacy  Ferret / Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY; includes bonus DVD Send Email 
Madball Hold It Down  Epitaph  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Madball Demonstrating My Style  Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Madball Set It Off  Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Madvillain Madvillainy  Forget  0.00 US; collaboration between MF Doom and Madlib Send Email 
Maggut Into The Gore  Bloodbath  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Maggut / Autophagia Split  Rottenpyosis  0.00 Jap / Gre Send Email 
Magrudergrind Sixty Two Trax Of Thrash  Torture Garden Picture Company  0.00 US/?; retrospective comp Send Email 
Magrudergrind Rehashed  Forget  0.00 US/somewhere Send Email 
Magrudergrind / Shitstorm Split  Robotic Empire  0.00 US/? / US/? Send Email 
Malaria Labs Radio Drug Addiction  Dramacore  0.00 Send Email 
Malaria Labs Pop Culture Pest Control  Breakpop / Give Daddy The Knife  0.00 Send Email 
Maldoror She  Ipecac  0.00 Jap / US/(?); collaboration between Masami Akita (Merzbow) and Mike Patton Send Email 
Malevolent Creation The Ten Commandments  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Malevolent Creation Retribution  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Man Is The Bastard D.i.y.c.d.  Deep Six  0.00 US/CA; semi-discog Send Email 
Manic Street Preachers The Masses Against The Classes  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Manipulated Slaves Burst Into Blue Flame  World Chaos  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Manipulated Slaves The Legendary Black Jade  World Chaos  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Marduk Panzer Division Marduk  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Marduk Dark Endless  Forget  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Marduk Here's No Peace  Blooddawn  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Marduk Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered  Osmose  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Martyr Ad The Human Condition In Twelve Fractions  Ferret  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Masher 4 Demos  Self-released  0.00 Brazil; self-released 'bootleg' CD-R of 4 demos Send Email 
Masonna Inner Mind Mystique  Release  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Masonna Spectrum Ripper  Cold Spring  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Masonna Live X 2  Bootleg  0.00 Japan; 3 Oct 1996 & 17 Feb 1999 Send Email 
Mass Separation / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 Mly/Jap Send Email 
Massappeal Nobody Likes A Thinker  Relapse  0.00 Australia; reissue with bonus shit Send Email 
Masta Killa Made In Brooklyn  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Maxim Carmen Queasy  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Mayhem Deathcrush  Deathlike Silence  0.00 Norway; reissue Send Email 
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas  Deathlike Silence  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Mayhem Live In Leipzig  Avantgarde  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Mayhem Mediolanum Capta Est  Avantgarde  0.00 Norway; live album Send Email 
Mayhem Grand Declaration Of War  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Mayhem European Legions  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway; live set and pre-production tracks from Grand Declaration Of War Send Email 
Mayhem Ordo Ad Chao  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Mayhem Wolf's Lair Abyss  Forget  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Mayhem Dawn Of The Black Hearts  Bootleg  0.00 Norway; live bootleg featuring a show from 1990 and four live tracks from 1986 Send Email 
Mayhem Chimera  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Mc Eiht Last Man Standing  Epic  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Mc Eiht Underground Hero  Forget  0.00 US/Ca Send Email 
Mc Eiht Affiliated  West Inc  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Mc Eiht Veterans Day  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Mc Eiht Featuring Cmw We Come Strapped  Forget  0.00 US/CA] Send Email 
Mc Eiht Featuring Cmw Death Threatz  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Mc Mong His Story  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Mc Mong The Way I Am  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Mc Ren Kizz My Black Azz  Priority  0.00 US/CA; I can only presume the sleeve designers S key was broken Send Email 
Mc Ren Ruthless For Life  Ruthless  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Mc Sniper How Bad Do U Want It?  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Mc Sniper Be In Deep Grief  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Mc Sniper Chohaeng  Ponycanyon Korea  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Meatlocker Gobbet - Rare As Fuck Promo  Traumatized  0.00 UK; promo (duh) Send Email 
Meatshits Sniper At The Fag Parade  Moribund  0.00 US/(?); Meatshits rule, but fuck homophobia Send Email 
Meatshits Violence Against Feminist Cunts  Moribund  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Meatshits Fuck Frenzy + Bonus  Moribund  0.00 US/(?); reissue of Fuck Frenzy tape onto CD with bonus tracks Send Email 
Meatshits Gorenography  Moribund  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Meatshits Give Hate A Chance  Sevared  0.00 US/CA; reissue of material from Catatonic Existence split with bonus stuff Send Email 
Meatshits Ecstasy Of Death  Moribund  0.00 US/CA(?); reissue Send Email 
Megadeth Rust In Peace  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction  Capitol  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What?  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?  Capitol  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Megadeth Killing Is My Business...  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Megatron 1175 Allstars Ep  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Melt-banana Cell-scape  A-zap  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Melt-banana Cactuses Come In Flocks  A-zap  0.00 Japan; CD reissue of a tape originally released in 1994 Send Email 
Melt-banana Teeny Shiny  A-zap  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Melt-banana Speak Squeak Creak  A-zap  0.00 Japan; reissue Send Email 
Melt-banana Mxbx 1998/13000 Miles At Light Velocity  Tzadik  0.00 Japan; live album Send Email 
Melt-banana Charlie  A-zap  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Melt-banana Bambi's Dilemma  A Zap  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Melt-banana 13 Hedgehogs (mxbx Singles 1994-1999)  A-zap  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Melt-banana Scratch Or Stitch  Meldac  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Dharma  Double H Noise Industries  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Noizhead  Forget  0.00 Japan; live album Send Email 
Merzbow Mercurated  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Catapillar  Forget  0.00 Japan; part of 'Last Of Analog Sessions' box Send Email 
Merzbow Medamaya  Forget  0.00 Japan; part of 'Last Of Analog Sessions' box Send Email 
Merzbow Springharp  Forget  0.00 Japan; part of 'Last Of Analog Sessions' box Send Email 
Merzbow Animal Magnetism  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Scsi Duck  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Houjoue  Dirter Promotions  0.00 Japan; 6CD boxset Send Email 
Merzbow Merzbeat  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Frog+  Forget  0.00 Japan; double CD reissue Send Email 
Merzbow Live 04/04/2002  Bootleg  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Live 07/04/2002  Bootleg  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Senmaida  Blossoming Noise  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow F.i.d.  Fourth Dimension  0.00 Japan; 2CD Send Email 
Merzbow Pulse Demon  Release  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Venereology  Release/relapse  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow Tauromachine  Release/relapse  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Merzbow / Shora Switching Rethorics  Forget  0.00 Jap/Sui(?) Send Email 
Merzbow & Gore Beyond Necropsy Rectal Anarchy  Relapse / Release  0.00 Jap/Jap; collaboration album Send Email 
Merzbow Vs. Nordvargr Partikel Ii  Cold Spring  0.00 Jap / Nor Send Email 
Merzbow Vs. Nordvargr Partikel  Cold Spring  0.00 Jap/Swe; collaboration album Send Email 
Mesu Kasumai 3 Channel Metropolitan  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 US/MI; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Mesu Kasumai Belle Isle Raceway  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 US/MI; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Method Man Tical  Def Jam  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Midget Parade Idiosyncratic Obliteration  Privelidged To Fail  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Militianary Demo  Demo  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Minch Everyday Muzzarelas Pizza  Tomas Canceras  0.00 US/(?); bootleg semi-discography Send Email 
Mind Collage Raw Head And Bloody Bones  Demo  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Mind Of Asian Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka  Sound Pollution  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Mindsnare Under Fire  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Minikomi Tight Booty  Here's My Card  0.00 ??; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Minor Threat Complete Discography  Dischord  0.00 US/DC Send Email 
Minor Threat First Demo Tape  Dischord  0.00 US/DC; reissue of their first demo tape (duh) Send Email 
Minusbaby Monkey Patch  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Misery / Toxic Narcotic Split  Forget  0.00 US/? / US/? Send Email 
Misery Index Dissent  Anarchos  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Misery Index Discordia  Relapse  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Misery Index Retaliate  Nuclear Blast  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Misery Index Overthrow  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Misery Index / Commit Suicide Split  Willowtip  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Misfits Famous Monsters  Roadrunner  0.00 US/(?); Japanese release with bonus tracks Send Email 
Misfits American Psycho  Geffen  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Misfits Earth A.d.  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Misfits Static Age  Caroline  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Misfits Collection  Caroline  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Misogynist Pussyslasher Sick Murder Fuck  Fecal Matter Discorporated  0.00 Finland; reissue of tape with same title, includes three-song demo Send Email 
Mistress Mistress  Rage Of Achilles  0.00 UK Send Email 
Monarch 666  Throne  0.00 ?? Send Email 
Monster X Indoctrination  Forget  0.00 US/NY; complete discography Send Email 
Morgue Supplier Sociopath  Self-released  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Morgue Supplier 10 Songs For Macabre Show  Demo/rehearsal  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Morgue Supplier Not Dead Enough  Demo  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Mortal Combat Hello?! Fukk You! Thank You!  Forget  0.00 Malaysia Send Email 
Mortalized Absolute Mortality #2: The Moment You Die  Bloodbath  0.00 Japan; 3"CD Send Email 
Mortician Domain Of Death  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician Chainsaw Dismemberment  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician Darkest Day Of Horror  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician Zombie Apocalypse  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician Mortal Massacre  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician House By The Cemetery  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician Hacked Up For Barbecue  Relapse  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortician Re-animated Dead Flesh  Mortician Records  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Mortuary Hacking Session Delightful Carvings  Last House On The Right  0.00 dunno where they're from Send Email 
Most Precious Blood Our Lady Of Annihilation  Trustkill / Roadrunner  0.00 US/NY(?) Send Email 
Motorsaegenservice Du Hasst Gottes Saegen  Forget  0.00 Germany; 3" CD Send Email 
Mourmansk-150 Dermatology Series 7  Forget  0.00 France; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Mourmansk-150 ...only Chaos Is Real...  Forget  0.00 France; DVD-style packaging Send Email 
Mourmansk-150 / Government Alpha Split  Forget  0.00 Fra/Jap; folded-over A4 OHP sheet packaging(!) Send Email 
Mr Bungle California  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Mr Bungle Mr Bungle  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Mr Bungle Disco Volante  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Mr. Lif Mo' Mega  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Mr. Scruff Keep It Unreal  Ninja Tune  0.00 UK Send Email 
Mr. Scruff Trouser Jazz  Ninja Tune  0.00 UK Send Email 
Mucupurulent / Infected Pussy Split  Fleshfeast  0.00 Ger/Fra Send Email 
Mumakil Customized Warfare  Overcome  0.00 France Send Email 
Municipal Waste Waste 'em All  Six Weeks  0.00 US/vA Send Email 
Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutation  Earache  0.00 US/VA Send Email 
Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying  Earache  0.00 US/VA Send Email 
Murder One Murder One  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Muse Sunburn  Forget  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Muse Sunburn  Forget  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Mxdxkx Acao Critica  Self-released  0.00 from somewhere in South America Send Email 
My Dying Bride As The Flower Withers  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride Trinity  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride The Angel And The Dark River  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride 34.788%...complete  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride The Light At The End Of The World  Peaceville  0.00 UK; slipcase reissue Send Email 
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours  Peaceville  0.00 UK; digipak Send Email 
My Dying Bride The Voice Of The Wretched  Peaceville  0.00 UK; digipak Send Email 
My Dying Bride Meisterwerk Ii  Peaceville  0.00 UK; digipak-type-thingy Send Email 
My Dying Bride A Line Of Deathless Kings  Peaceville  0.00 UK Send Email 
My Dying Bride Meisterwerk I  Peaceville  0.00 UK Send Email 
My Dying Bride Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light  Peaceville  0.00 UK; special boxed edition Send Email 
My Souls Lament My Souls Lament  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
My War Wounds  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Mysophilia / Eric W. Brown Split  Traumatized Records  0.00 UK / US/(?) Send Email 
N. City Of The Broken Wheelchairs  Spatter  0.00 Italy Send Email 
N.w.a. Straight Outta Compton  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
N.w.a. Efil4zaggin  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
N*e*r*d Fly Or Die  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
N*e*r*d She Wants To Move  Forget  0.00 US/(?); single Send Email 
N*e*r*d In Search Of...  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Naiad Hardcore Emotion  Goodlife  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Nailbomb Point Blank  Roadrunner  0.00 US/? / Brazil Send Email 
Naked City Torture Garden / Leng Tch'e  Tzadik  0.00 US/?; 'black box' reissue Send Email 
Nameless Read More Books  Petrified  0.00 UK Send Email 
Nameless The Salt Flats  Petrified  0.00 UK Send Email 
Napalm Death Scum  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Napalm Death From Enslavement To Obliteration  Earache  0.00 UK Send Email 
Napalm Death Leaders Not Followers  Dream Catcher  0.00 UK; covers EP Send Email 
Napalm Death Noise For Music's Sake  Earache  0.00 UK; 'best of' compilation Send Email 
Napalmed Never Mind The Msbr, Here's The Napalmed  Napalmed  0.00 Czech Send Email 
Napalmed Moozazoom  Forget  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Napalmed Up To The Ears In Tinnitus  Forget  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Napalmed Live - Most 01.02.2003  Bootleg/unreleased  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Napalmed / Merzbow Crash Of The Titans  Merciless Core  0.00 Cze/Jap Send Email 
Narcosis Heart Slows Down  Deathstill  0.00 UK Send Email 
Narcosis Romance  Calculated Risk  0.00 UK Send Email 
Nasum Grind Finale  Relapse  0.00 Sweden; all Nasum's non-album material; 2CD Send Email 
Nasum Inhale/exhale  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Nasum Human 2.0  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Nasum Helvete  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Nattefrost Blood & Vomit  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway; solo album from Carpathian Forest frontman Send Email 
Naughty By Nature Poverty's Paradise  Tommy Boy  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Necrobestiality / Enbilulugugal Satan's Poop  Split Demo  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Necrophagist Epitaph  Relapse  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Necrophagist Onset Of Putrefaction  Relapse  0.00 Germany; reissue including demo as bonus tracks Send Email 
Negligent Collateral Collapse Sick Atoms  Obscene  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Negligent Collateral Collapse Reprocess Segment Database Extender  Obscene  0.00 Czech Send Email 
Negligent Collateral Collapse Paranormal Nanodivision  Obscene  0.00 Czech Send Email 
Negura Bunget Om  Forget  0.00 Bulgaria(?); CD & DVD Send Email 
Nerve Demo  Demo  0.00 UK; band now called Death To Plan A Send Email 
Neuro-visceral Exhumation Mass Murder Festival  No Escape  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Neurosis Times Of Grace  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Neurosis Official Bootleg.01.lyon.france.11.02.99  Neurot  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Neurosis Pain Of Mind  Forget  0.00 US/CA; double CD reissue Send Email 
Neurosis A Sun That Never Sets  Relapse  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Neurosis The Eye Of Every Storm  Neurot / Ritual  0.00 US/CA; Japanese release Send Email 
Neurosis Through Silver In Blood  Relapse / Ritual  0.00 US/CA; Japanese release Send Email 
Neurosis The Word As Law  Lookout  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Neurosis Given To The Rising  Neurot  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
New York Against The Belzebu From Endorsement To Observation / Stunt  Forget  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
New York Against The Belzebu Are You Ready For Noise?  Forget  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
New York Against The Belzebu / Sore Throat Victims Of Human Violence (split)  Power It Up  0.00 Bra / UK Send Email 
Nightmares On Wax Smokers Delight  Warp  0.00 UK(?) Send Email 
Nightmares On Wax In A Space Outta Sound  Warp  0.00 UK(?) Send Email 
Nihil Fist This Is Turbospeed Powerviolence!  Forget  0.00 dunno where the project is from; contrary to what the title suggests, Nihil Fist is harsh noise Send Email 
Nihil Fist Pure Hatecore  Forget  0.00 dunno where Nihil Fist is from Send Email 
Nihil Fist No Remorse!  Forget  0.00 dunno where Nihil Fist is from Send Email 
Nihilist Commando Assault Noisecore  Demo  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Nikudorei Genital Torture  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Nile Black Seeds Of Vengeance  Relapse  0.00 US/NC Send Email 
Nile Ithyphallic  Forget  0.00 not Egypt, whatever they might think Send Email 
Nile In Their Darkened Shrines  Relapse  0.00 US/NC Send Email 
Nile In The Beginning  Forget  0.00 US/NC Send Email 
Nile Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-ka  Relapse  0.00 US/NC Send Email 
Nile Annihilation Of The Wicked  Relapse  0.00 US/NC Send Email 
Ninesin Deathblow  Gmc (?)  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Nitro Microphone Underground Uprising  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
No Brain Stand Up Again!  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
No Choice In This Matter Who Laughs Last?  Imperium  0.00 Japan Send Email 
No More Fear A Matter Of Choice  Forget  0.00 Italy Send Email 
No Rest For The Dead The End Of Space  Deaf American  0.00 Japan Send Email 
No Since 1991 Chainsaw  Forget  0.00 Japan; hardcore punk, not metal Send Email 
Nocturnus The Key  Earache  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Noisear Red Tape Agenda  Blastasfuk  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Noize Punishment Noize Punishment  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Non Phixion The Future Is Now  Uncle Howie  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Noothgrush Erode The Person  Chimiere  0.00 US/CA; semi-discog Send Email 
Nostalgia Arcana Publicata Vilescunt  Release  0.00 Send Email 
November 13th / Twenty Centuries Of Sleep Split  Forget  0.00 Ger / UK Send Email 
Nuclear Assault Alive Again  Spv  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Nuclear Assault Game Over  Forget  0.00 US/(?); includes The Plague EP as bonus Send Email 
Nuclear Assault Handle With Care  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Nuclear Devastation / Csso / Total Fucking Destr Uction - Split  Obliteration  0.00 Ita / Jap / US/PA; ran out of space in the Artist section Send Email 
Numbers In My Mind All The Time  Tigerbeat6  0.00 US/CA(?) Send Email 
Nunchaku Nunchakura  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Nunchaku Ichibu Fubuku  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Nunwhore Commando 666 World Whore Iii  Stuhlgang  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Nwodtlem Zombie Chic  Here's My Card  0.00 UK/Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Nwodtlem The Mailman Comes At Six O'clock  Here's My Card  0.00 UK/Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Oathean The Eyes Of Tremendous Sorrow / As A Solitary...  Forget  0.00 South Korea; second EP title "As A Solitary Tree Against The Sky" Send Email 
Obituary Slowly We Rot  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Obituary Cause Of Death  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Obituary The End Complete  Roadrunner  0.00 US/FL Send Email 
Of Noble Blood Let Glory Be  Staunch  0.00 UK Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard Got Your Money  Elektra  0.00 US/NY; single Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard The Osirus Mixtape  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard Nigga Please  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ol' Dirty Bastard The Trials And Tribulations Of Russell Jones  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Old Man Gloom Christmas  Tortuga  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Old Man Gloom Seminar Ii  Tortuga  0.00 US/MA; can't remember the full title off the top of my head Send Email 
One Minute Silence Revolution  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
One Minute Silence We Bounce  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Onedice Life  Infernal  0.00 UK Send Email 
Opera Ix Sacro Culto  Forget  0.00 Italy Send Email 
Opeth Still Life  Peaceville  0.00 Sweden; slipcase reissue Send Email 
Opeth Blackwater Park  Music For Nations  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Opeth Orchid  Candlelight  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Opeth Ghost Reveries  Roadrunner  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Opeth Morningrise  Candlelight  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Opeth Deliverance  Music For Nations  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse  Candlelight  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Opeth Damnation  Music For Nations  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Orbital In Sides  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Orbital Satan Live  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Origin Origin  Relapse / Ritual  0.00 US/(?); Japanese release Send Email 
Origin Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Orphaned Land Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven  Century Media  0.00 Israel; 2CD Send Email 
Orthrelm Asristir Veildrioxe  Troubleman Unlimited  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Oskorei Excoriate Ep  Chaos Kill  0.00 UK Send Email 
Oskorei Untitled / 20060730  Chaos Kill  0.00 UK; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Oskorei Untitled / 20060822  Chaos Kill  0.00 UK; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Oskorei Untitled / 250506  Chaos Kill  0.00 UK Send Email 
Out Hud / !!! Split  Gsl  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Outerspace Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Outerspace  Babygrande  0.00 US/PA; EPs compilation Send Email 
Outsider Soliloquist  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Overthruster Grim As Fuck  Illphabetik  0.00 Send Email 
Oxygenfad Dimension X Vol. 6  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Oxygenfad Dimension X Vol. 2  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Oxygenfad Fakecore Producer, Go Home!  Illphabetik  0.00 Canada? Send Email 
Oxygenfad This Is Hell  Illphabetik  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Oxygenfad 666  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Oxygenfad Oxygenfad  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Pageninetynine Singles  Forget  0.00 US/(?); compilation of EPs and stuff Send Email 
Pageninetynine / Majority Rules Split  Magic Bullet  0.00 US/VA / US/(?) Send Email 
Pain Of Salvation Scarsick  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Pain Of Salvation Remedy Lane  Insideout  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Pain Of Salvation Entropia  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Paintbox Singing Shouting Crying  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Paintbox Earth Ball Sports Tournament  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Pakeni Detergent Bubble Bath  Morbid  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Pan Demla Pan Demla Goes To Your Town  Forget  0.00 Czech Send Email 
Papercut Homicide From Filth Comes Grace  Retribute  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis Satyriasis And Nymphomania  American Line  0.00 Mexico Send Email 
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis / Bu Tcher Abc - Split  American Line / Obliteration  0.00 Mex/Jap Send Email 
Paris Sonic Jihad  Guerilla Funk  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Parkway Drive Killing With A Smile  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Parkway Drive Dont Close Your Eyes  Forget  0.00 Australia; another fucking singles comp Send Email 
Parlamentarisk Sodomi Demo 2007  Demo  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Parlamentarisk Sodomi Demo  Demo  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Patients Hanging Revolution  Skunk (?)  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Patients All The Patients Lets Go  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Patisserie Pathorgenal Forensology  Discos Al Pacino  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Paza Ninjani Diskus  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 Sweden; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Peeping Tom Peeping Tom  Ipecac  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Pendulum Hold Your Colour  Breakbeat Kaos  0.00 UK Send Email 
Permanent Death / Spike Pile Driver Split  Demo  0.00 ? / UK Send Email 
Permanent Frost Permanent Frost  D-trash  0.00 Canada/Russia; collaboration between Schizoid and Contra Send Email 
Peshay Miles From Home  Island  0.00 UK Send Email 
Phantomsmasher Phantomsmasher  Ipecac(?)  0.00 US/(?); project formerly known as Atomsmasher Send Email 
Pharmacom I Am Gb Sequenced  Here's My Card  0.00 ??; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Phi Life Cypher Featuring Skit Slam Higher Forces  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Phillippe The Essence Continues  Forget  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Phobia Grind Your Fucking Head In  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Phobia Serenity Through Pain  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Phobia Cruel  Willowtip  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Phobia Destroying The Masses  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Phobia Return To Desolation  Relapse  0.00 US/CA; reissue Send Email 
Phobia Meaning Of Existence  Deathvomit  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Phobia Get Up And Kill!  Six Weeks  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Photek Solaris  Virgin  0.00 UK Send Email 
Photek Modus Operandi  Virgin  0.00 UK Send Email 
Photek Ni-ten-ichi-ryu  Virgin / Science  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Photek Modus Operandi  Virgin / Science  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Photek Form & Function  Virgin / Science  0.00 UK Send Email 
Pig Destroyer 38 Counts Of Battery  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); semi-discography Send Email 
Pig Destroyer Prowler In The Yard  Relapse  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb  Relapse  0.00 US/wherever Send Email 
Pig Destroyer Terrifyer  Relapse  0.00 US/VA; one audio CD and one audio DVD Send Email 
Pig Destroyer / Gnob Split  Robodog  0.00 US/(?) / US/(?) Send Email 
Pisschrist Pisslickin Singles  Forget  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Pisschrist Nothing Has Changed  Yellow Dog  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Pitchshifter Deviant  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Plague Called Paycheck We're Both Unpublished Ex Lovers  Dramacore  0.00 Send Email 
Plague Called Paycheck Anarchists Paying Taxes  Dramacore  0.00 Send Email 
Plague Rages / Unholy Grave Split  Forget  0.00 Bra / Jap Send Email 
Plasma Gorefuck  Demo  0.00 Send Email 
Plus-tech Squeeze Box Cartooom!  Vroom Sound  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Plus-tech Squeeze Box Fakevox  Sur La Plage / Vroom  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Point Blank Prone To Bad Dreams  Forget  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Pointing Finger Best Bruises Collection  Forget  0.00 Portugal Send Email 
Pointing Finger Milestone  Goodwill  0.00 Portugal Send Email 
Poison Idea War All The Time  Golf  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Poison Idea Feel The Darkness  Golf  0.00 US/WA Send Email 
Poison Idea Pajama Party  Golf  0.00 US/WA; collection of covers Send Email 
Polygon Lobster Jetpack Advent Serious  Dramacore  0.00 Send Email 
Polysics Now Is The Time!  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Polysics Polysics Or Die!!!!  Sur La Plage  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Pop Will Eat Itself This Is The Day..this Is The Hour..this Is This!  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Population Reduction At The Throats Of Man Forever  Forget  0.00 US/CA; somehow they found enough bonus stuff to turn a 7"EP into a 70+ minute CD Send Email 
Poser Disposer Waiting To Inhale  Rsr  0.00 US/OR(?) Send Email 
Praying For Oblivion Praying For Oblivion  Forget  0.00 UK; 3"CD-R Send Email 
Prefuse 73 Surrounded By Silence  Warp  0.00 Send Email 
Princess Army Wedding Combat / Akaknue Split  Fecal Matter / Traumatized  0.00 US/(?) / UK Send Email 
Princesse Rotative Fabuleuse Energie Feminine  D-trash  0.00 Jap/Fra Send Email 
Prodigy Hotride Ep  Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
Prodigy Music For The Jilted Generation  Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
Prodigy The Fat Of The Land  Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
Prodigy Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned  Xl  0.00 UK Send Email 
Prodigy Breathe  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy Baby's Got A Temper  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy Poison  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005  Xl  0.00 UK; 2CD Send Email 
Prodigy Charly  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy Voodoo People  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy No Good (start The Dance)  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy Firestarter  Xl  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prodigy The Prodigy Experience: Expanded  Xl  0.00 UK; double CD reissue Send Email 
Project X Straight Edge Revenge  Bridge 9  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Propeller21 Love Is Sorrow  Townhall  0.00 South Korea; 3"CD Send Email 
Propellerheads Decksandrumsandrockandroll  Wall Of Sound  0.00 UK Send Email 
Propellerheads Extended Play Ep  Wall Of Sound  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Prosthetic Cunt Fuckin'yourdaughterwithafrozenvomitfuckstick  Forget  0.00 US/NY; ran out of room in the Title section so I took out the spaces Send Email 
Protect Proud Ones... I'll Keep On Striving Till I Die  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Prurient Pleasure Ground  Load  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Psilodump Mutiny Of The Robots  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 Sweden; 3"CD-R Send Email 
Psilodump Memory Loss  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 Sweden; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Psyopus Our Puzzling Encounters Considered  Metal Blade  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Ptao / 7 Minutes Of Nausea Split  Forget  0.00 Cze/Ger; 3" CD Send Email 
Public Enemy It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back  Def Jam  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush The Show  Def Jam  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Public Enemy Fear Of A Black Planet  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Public Enemy Featuring Paris Rebirth Of A Nation  Guerilla Funk  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Punish Yourself Behind The City Lights (live)  D-trash  0.00 France Send Email 
Purulent Spermcanal Have The Munchies  Self-released(?)  0.00 Czech Republic Send Email 
Pus Filled Uterus Sadomasochistic Necro Cannibal Corpse Stabbing P  Chaos Kill Records  0.00 US/IL; full title Sadomasochistic Necro Cannibal Corpse Stabbing Perverted Mermaids From Planet 9 (Part 2) Send Email 
Pus Filled Uterus / Oskorei Split  Chaos Kill  0.00 US/IL / UK Send Email 
Q Project Audioworks  Computer Integrated Audio  0.00 UK Send Email 
Queens Of The Stone Age Feel Good Hit Of The Summer  Forget  0.00 US/(?); single Send Email 
Queens Of The Stoneage Rated R  Forget  0.00 US/CA; 2CD version Send Email 
Quill / I Don't Care Split  You Study / 625  0.00 Jap / Jap Send Email 
Radikalis Amputacion Demo 2004  Demo  0.00 Hungary(?) Send Email 
Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Raging Speedhorn Fuck The Voodooman  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Raging Speedhorn The Hate Song  Forget  0.00 UK; single Send Email 
Rahzel Rahzel's Greatest Knockouts  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Raiden The Killing Fist  Retribute  0.00 UK Send Email 
Rakoth Tiny Deaths  Earache / Elitist  0.00 Russia Send Email 
Ram Trilogy Molten Beats  Ram Records  0.00 UK; double CD Send Email 
Rammer Rammer  Shifty  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Rammer Suffer  Forget  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Rammstein Ich Will  Forget  0.00 Germany; single; CD1 Send Email 
Rammstein Ich Will  Forget  0.00 Germany; single; CD2 Send Email 
Rammstein Feuer Frei!  Forget  0.00 Germany; single; CD1 Send Email 
Rammstein Feuer Frei!  Forget  0.00 Germany; single; CD2 Send Email 
Rancid Rancid  Hellcat  0.00 US/CA; 2000 s/t album Send Email 
Rancid ...and Out Come The Wolves  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Rancid Indestructible  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Random Happy Ending After All  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Raw Power Fuck Authority  Soa  0.00 Italy; 2CD discography Send Email 
Real Reggae Maze + Thc Best  625  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Realized 21st Century Terminal World  Bloodbath  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Reanimator Musik For The Kids  Yellow Sea Diy  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Rebaelliun At War  Hammerheart  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits And Videos  Forget  0.00 US/CA; includes a DVD of all their videos Send Email 
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication  Forget  0.00 US/CA; single Send Email 
Redlevel Terrorism We Kill Rock Stars  Dtrash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Redsk The Effects Of Hallucinogens On The Human Mind  Dramacore  0.00 Send Email 
Refused The Shape Of Punk To Come  Forget  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Refuzer Gabberterror  Dtrash  0.00 Poland Send Email 
Refuzer Vs. Schizoid Who Told You It Is Democracy?  Dtrash  0.00 Pol/Can; collaboration, not split Send Email 
Regorge Kingdoms Of Derision  Dead Again  0.00 UK Send Email 
Regurgitate Carnivorous Erection  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Regurgitate Sickening Bliss  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Regurgitate Hatefilled Vengeance  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Regurgitate Deviant  Relapse  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Regurgitate Effortless Regurgitation... The Torture Sessions  Relapse  0.00 Sweden; semi-discography Send Email 
Religious Baffle Magrudergrind  Self-released  0.00 Send Email 
Renegade Android Renegade Android  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Renegade Android The Sprawl  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Repulsion Horrified  Relapse  0.00 US/(?); double CD reissue Send Email 
Retaliation The Execution  Headfucker  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Retch Reinsertion Of Aborted Remnants  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Retch Ben-wa Baby Heads  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Reth Toxacara Ep  Demo  0.00 UK; first demo Send Email 
Reth Demo 2  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Reth Demo 3  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Revenge Triumph.genocide.antichrist  Osmose  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Revolution Of A Sun Tokamak  Demo  0.00 Ireland Send Email 
Revolution Of A Sun Sacrifice - Hell - Routine  Demo  0.00 Ireland Send Email 
Ringworm The Promise  Deathwish Inc.  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Ringworm Birth Is Pain  Victory  0.00 US/OH Send Email 
Riphead / Drogheda Split  Extreme Millennium Entertainment  0.00 US/OH / US/OH Send Email 
Rjd2 Since We Last Spoke  Definitive Jux  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Rjd2 Deadringer  Def Jux  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Rjd2 The Horror  Def Jux  0.00 BEST SONG EVER Send Email 
Rjd2 The Third Hand  Xl  0.00 Send Email 
Robad Pills Sorry For The Ragga-jungle Phase  Sickmode  0.00 Send Email 
Robad Pills Put Down That Clove And Get A Fucking Life  Sickmode  0.00 ?; aka The Goth EP Send Email 
Roger Moore / Genital Suppuration Split  Split Demo  0.00 Fra/Fra Send Email 
Rok This Is Satanik  Osmose  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Role Model A New Fragrance  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Rollins Band Hard Volume  Forget  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Rollins Band Weight  Imago  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Rollins Band The End Of Something  Forget  0.00 US/?; CD single Send Email 
Romantic Gorilla Romantic Gorilla  Sound Pollution  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Roni Size Touching Down  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Roni Size Return To V  V Recordings  0.00 UK Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent Replica: The Remix Album  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent In The Mode  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent New Forms  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent Brown Paper Bag  Talkin' Loud  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent Brown Paper Bag  Talkin' Loud  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent Watching Windows  Talkin' Loud  0.00 UK; single; CD2 Send Email 
Roni Size & Reprazent Watching Windows  Talkin' Loud  0.00 UK; single; CD1 Send Email 
Rot / Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Split  Bones Brigade  0.00 Bra/Fra Send Email 
Rotten Piece Kill The Unicorns  Forget  0.00 dunno where they're from Send Email 
Rotten Sound From Crust 'til Grind  Deathvomit(?)  0.00 Finland; compilation of earlier stuff Send Email 
Rotten Sound Murderworks  Relapse  0.00 Finland Send Email 
Rotten Sound / Unholy Grave Split  Mcr  0.00 Fin/Jap; 7" style packaging Send Email 
Rsj Demo  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Rsj / The Final Sigh Split  Demo  0.00 UK/UK Send Email 
Rufige Kru Malice In Wonderland  Metalheadz  0.00 UK; aka Goldie Send Email 
Ruin Live Against The Grain  Demo / Self-released Bootleg  0.00 UK; live (of course) Send Email 
Ruins Vrresto  Skin Graft  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Ruins 1986-1992  Forget  0.00 Japan; semi-discography Send Email 
Running Guts / Mindflair Split  Bones Brigade  0.00 Fra/Ger Send Email 
Rux The Ruckus Army  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Rux 2005 Live  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Rux I Gatta Go  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Rza Digital Bullet  Forget  0.00 US/NY; RZA as Bobby Digital Send Email 
Rza Rza As Bobby Digital In Stereo  Gee Street  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
S.o.d. Bigger Than The Devil  Nuclear Blast  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
S.o.d. Speak English Or Die  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
S.o.d. Live At Budokan  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
S41 S41  Mcr Co  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sabbat History Of A Time To Come  Noise  0.00 UK Send Email 
Sacred Reich Ignorance & Surf Nicaragua Ep  Metal Blade  0.00 US/?; deluxe reissue thingy Send Email 
Sadistik Exekution The Magus  Osmose  0.00 Australia; reissue Send Email 
Sadistik Exekution K.a.o.s.  Osmose  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Sadistik Exekution Fukk  Osmose  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Sadistik Exekution Fukk Ii  Osmose  0.00 Australia Send Email 
Saïan Supa Crew X Raisons  Forget  0.00 France Send Email 
Samchung Way Of Men  Gmc(?)  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Samchung / 13 Steps United We Stand  Forget  0.00 both South Korea Send Email 
Samchung / Captain Bootbois Split  Gmc (?)  0.00 both South Korea Send Email 
Sangre En Memoria  D-trash  0.00 Send Email 
Sanitys Dawn / Fetus Eaters Split  Forget  0.00 Ger / US/CA Send Email 
Sanitys Dawn / Yacoepsae Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00 Ger/Ger Send Email 
Sarcofago The Laws Of Scourge  Cogumelo  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Sathanas Armies Of Charon  Conquistador  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Saw Throat Inde$troy  Soa  0.00 UK Send Email 
Sayyadina Fear Gave Us Wings  Sound Pollution  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Scalplock To Hate Is To Cure  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Scalplock Spread The Germs Over Human Worms  Cacophonous  0.00 UK Send Email 
Scarlet Cult Classic  Ferret / Roadrunner  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Schizoid All Things Are Connected  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Schizoid Grim Prospects  D-trash  0.00 Canada; double CD of remixes of the Schizoid track Grim Prospects by lots of different artists Send Email 
Schizoid Enough Is Enough!!!  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Schizoid 2000 Promoganda  D-trash  0.00 Canada Send Email 
Schizoid Trashed (2001-2004 Remixes)  D-trash  0.00 Canada; compilation of tracks remixed by Schizoid Send Email 
Scholastic Deth Final Examiner  625  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Scissorfight Jaggernaught  Tortuga  0.00 US/NH Send Email 
Security Threat The Truth Is Out  Selfmadegod(?)  0.00 US/CO Send Email 
Seein' Red 1993-1995  Forget  0.00 Holland(?); everything they released from '93 to '95 Send Email 
Senseless Apocalypse Senseless Stereotyped Idea  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sensus Inertia  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Sepultura Chaos Ad  Roadrunner  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Sepultura Beneath The Remains  Roadrunner  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Sepultura Arise  Roadrunner  0.00 Brazil Send Email 
Serial Butcher Genocide Landscape  Deep Send  0.00 Belgium(?) Send Email 
Sevendaytheory Demo  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Severed Head Of State An Invitation To A Beheading  Ebullition  0.00 US/TX; semi-discography Send Email 
Severed Head Of State No Love Lost  Ebullition  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Severed Head Of State Anathema Device  Hardcore Holocaust  0.00 US/TX(?) Send Email 
Severed Head Of State Power Hazard Ep  Forget  0.00 US/TX&OR Send Email 
Sewn Shut Rediscovering The Dead  Self Made God  0.00 Sweden Send Email 
Sexorcist Welcome To Your Death  Bleedin' Hemorrhoid(?)  0.00 Holland Send Email 
Shank Coded Messages In Slowed Down Songs  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Shank The Curse Of Shank  Prank  0.00 UK Send Email 
Shark Attack Discography  Reflections  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
She Pioneer  8 Bit Peoples  0.00 ?; 3"CD-R Send Email 
Shikabane Hito No Tame Ni Ikiruka Jibun No Tame Ni Ikiruka  Mcr Co.  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Shinu Mazafakingu Ujimushi Pogrom Promo  Demo  0.00 UK; 3" CD-R Send Email 
Shinu Mazafakingu Ujimushi / Dunno Split  Demo  0.00 UK/?; I can't read the name of the second band on this one...! Send Email 
Shiteater Global Nazi Killing  Demo  0.00 Send Email 
Shitmat Killababylonkutz  Planet Mu  0.00 UK Send Email 
Shitmat Cybercastleofthevirginzombietimebarbariansiiv  Here's My Card  0.00 UK; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Shitmat Hang The Dj  Wrong Music  0.00 UK Send Email 
Shitmat The Subliminal Pograddy Dissection  Forget (wrong Music's Netlabel)  0.00 UK Send Email 
Shizuo Fuck Step '98  Dhr Ltd  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Shizuo Shizuo Vs. Shizor  Dhr  0.00 Germany Send Email 
Shockwave The Ultimate Doom  Triple Crown  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Shorty Cat I Aint Be Controlled  Skunk  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Sick Fix Demo  Demo  0.00 somewhere in America Send Email 
Sick Of It All Blood, Sweat, And No Tears  Sony Japan  0.00 US/NY; Japanese release Send Email 
Sick Of It All Sick Of It All  Revelation  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Sick Of It All Scratch The Surface  Eastwest  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Sick Of It All Death To Tyrants  Century Media  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Sick Of It All Life On The Ropes  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Sick Of It All Just Look Around  Relativity / Sony Japan  0.00 US/NY; Japanese release Send Email 
Sick Of It All Built To Last  Eastwest  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Sickbag Vomiting Reflex  Demo  0.00 France Send Email 
Sickening Mass Obliteration ...of The Stench After Life  Forget  0.00 dunno where they're from Send Email 
Sigh Imaginary Sonicscape  Century Media  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sigh Hangmans Hymn  Forget  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sigh Ghastly Funeral Theatre  Cacophonous  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sigh Scenario Iv: Dread Dreams  Cacophonous  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sigh Gallows Gallery  Candlelight  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Sigur Rós Von  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Sigur Rós Sæglópur  Forget  0.00 Iceland; CD EP plus DVD of the promo videos for all three singles from Takk... Send Email 
Sigur Ros Untitled #1 Aka Vaka  Pias  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Sigur Ros Hvarf / Heim  Pias  0.00 Iceland; 2CD Send Email 
Sigur Rós Ágætis Byrjun  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Sigur Rós ( )  Pias  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Sigur Rós Takk...   0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Sigur Rós Hoppipolla  Forget  0.00 Iceland; single Send Email 
Sigur Rós Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Sincere Trade Black Red Ep  Here's My Card  0.00 ?; card-sized CD-R Send Email 
Sinister Savage Or Grace  Forget  0.00 Holland; promo copy Send Email 
Six Ft Ditch Faces Of Death  Rucktion  0.00 UK Send Email 
Six Ft Ditch Unlicensed Cemetary  Rucktion  0.00 UK Send Email 
Skarhead Kings At Crime  Victory  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Skeeter Enteritis  Here's My Card  0.00 Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Skeeter / Crushkill Bodybreakcore  Here's My Card  0.00 Can / Can; business card sized CD-R Send Email 
Slapshot Back On The Map  Taang!  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Slapshot Tear It Down  Thorp  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Slaughter Of The Innocents Demo  Demo  0.00 Germany(?) Send Email 
Slayer Hell Awaits  Metal Blade  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Slayer Seasons In The Abyss  Sony Japan  0.00 US/CA; Japanese release Send Email 
Slayer Show No Mercy  Metal Blade  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Slayer Live Undead  Metal Blade  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Slayer Reign In Blood  Def American  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Sleep Jerusalem  Forget  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Sleep Sleep's Holy Mountain  Earache  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Slick Rick The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick  Def Jam  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Slick Rick The Rulers Back  Forget  0.00 US/NY Send Email 
Slight Slappers A Selfish World Called Freedom  Hg Fact  0.00 Japan Send Email 
Slight Slappers / Short Hate Temper Split  Sound Pollution(?)  0.00 Jap / US/TX? Send Email 
Slough Feg Atavism  Forget  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Smegma Rumblings  Hanson  0.00 US/?? Send Email 
Smothered Brothers Promo '05  Demo  0.00 US/IL Send Email 
Snoop Dogg Tha Last Meal  No Limit / Priority  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle  Death Row  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Snork Maiden We Sell Milk  Sharp Noodle  0.00 UK Send Email 
Socialistic Johnny Goblet Sally  Reality Impaired  0.00 Send Email 
Socialistic Jonny Goblet Gutturalizing  Forget  0.00 Germany(?) Send Email 
Solace Denied Of Hopes & Fears  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Soldableurkthal Insectophily  Forget  0.00 France Send Email 
Solefald Pills Against The Ageless Ills  Forget  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Solefald Black For Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part Ii  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Solefald Red For Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey Part I  Season Of Mist  0.00 Norway Send Email 
Solstafir Til Valhallar  Forget  0.00 Iceland Send Email 
Some Girls All My Friends Are Going Death  Deathwish  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Some Girls The Dna Will Have It's Say  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Some Girls Heaven's Pregnant Teens  Forget  0.00 US/? Send Email 
Some Kind Of Hate Undisputed  Bridge Nine  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Some Kind Of Hate Some Kind Of Hate  Bridge 9  0.00 US/MA Send Email 
Soopafly Dat Whoopty Woop  Gangsta Advisory  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
South Park Coalition Personal Vendetta  Forget  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Spacemonkeyz Vs. Gorillaz Laika Come Home  Emi  0.00 UK; dub re-workings of songs from Gorillaz' self-titled album Send Email 
Spazm 151 Spazm 151  Busted Heads  0.00 US/TX Send Email 
Spazz La Revancha  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Spazz Crush Kill Destroy  Slap A Ham  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Spazz Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon  Slap A Ham  0.00 US/CA; semi-discography compilation Send Email 
Spazz Sweatin' Ii: Deported Live Dwarf  Packaging Head X On, Disc 625  0.00 US/CA; I think there was confusion in the shop and I got the official release in the bootleg packaging...! Send Email 
Spazz / Lack Of Interest Split  Deep Six  0.00 US/CA / US/CA Send Email 
Spazz / Romantic Gorilla Split  Sound Pollution  0.00 US/CA / Jap Send Email 
Spazztic Blurr Spazztic Blurr  Earache  0.00 US/CA Send Email 
Special Move Dark Overlord  Forget  0.00 UK Send Email 
Special Move Return Of The Three Swords  Rucktion / Eight Brutal Dogs  0.00 UK Send Email 
Sphacelation Demo 2002  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Spike Pile Driver Spike The Bush  Demo  0.00 UK Send Email 
Spiky Brats Proud And Strong  Forget  0.00 South Korea Send Email 
Spine / Primate Hope Versus Realisation  Blackfish  0.00 UK/UK Send Email 
Spiral Architect A Sceptic's Universe  Forget  0.00 Norway; Japanese release Send Email 
Spock's Beard  Insideout  0.00 US/(?) Send Email 
Spoiler Mud 'n' Glitter  Forget  0.00 forget where they're from Send Email 
Squarepusher My Red Hot Car  Warp  0.00 UK Send Email 
Squarepusher Big Loada  Warp / Nothing  0.00 UK Send Email 
Squarepusher Ultravisitor  Warp  0.00 UK Send Email