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For Trade
Not Complete And Probably Never Will Be    0.00 last updated feb 29, 08 Send Email 
For Trade: Other - 1
Not For Trade
Crossed Out/dropdead Split  Crust Records  0.00 OOP /982 Send Email 
Yacopsae/ Massgrav Split  Regurgitated Semen  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! The Disco Before The Breakdown  No Idea Records  0.00 Grey Send Email 
Against Me! Sink, Florida, Sink  No Idea Records  0.00 grey Send Email 
Agathocles/depressor Split  Dental  0.00  Send Email 
Agathocles/embalming Theater Split  Paranoia Syndrome  0.00 red/Clear splatter 111/1000 Send Email 
Agathocles/smg Split  To Live A Live  0.00 /500 blue/grey Send Email 
Amanda Woodward Neurt La Soif/n Peu D Etoffe  Level Plane  0.00 /500 Send Email 
Appalachian Terror Unit Armageddon Won't Be Brought By Gods...  Profane Existence  0.00 Limited edition cover, Green, 124/200 Send Email 
Asshole Parade Say Goodbye  No Idea Records  0.00 Blue Send Email 
Atavistic Life During War Time  Peaceville  0.00  Send Email 
Aus-rotten Fuck Nazi Sympathy  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Bloody Phoenix Bloody Phoenix  625 Thrash  0.00  Send Email 
Bongzilla/hellchild Split  Hg-fact  0.00 blue Send Email 
Catheter/rot Split  Haunted Hotel Records  0.00  Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran/ Scrotum Grinder Split  Burrito Records  0.00 Black Vinyl, OOP Send Email 
Creation Is Crucifixion Dethrone Or Devour  King Of Monsters  0.00  Send Email 
Dahmer/denak Split    0.00  Send Email 
Dahmer/suppression Split  Yellowdog  0.00  Send Email 
Depressor First 7"  Caustic  0.00 Amebix cover Send Email 
Depressor Book Of The Dead  Diy  0.00 2x7", Red, /666, Awesome Packaging. Send Email 
Disrupt Deprived  Relapse  0.00 Blue /200 Send Email 
Disrupt Disrupt  Crust  0.00  Send Email 
Dropdead/totalitär Split  Prank  0.00 Grey Send Email 
Filth Live The Chaos  Lookout!  0.00  Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach/matka Teresa Split  Skrupel  0.00  Send Email 
Gauze St  Prank  0.00  Send Email 
Kylesa No Ending  Prank  0.00 Grey /200 Send Email 
Loma Prieta Matrimony  Disco Huelga  0.00  white /100 Send Email 
Magrudergrind/sylvester Staline Split  Bones Brigade  0.00 red Send Email 
Massgrave Survival Of The Richest  Barrage Of Salt Record  0.00 Green  Send Email 
Massgrave/warfair? Split    0.00  Send Email 
Masskontroll Warpath  Havoc  0.00 red Send Email 
Mindless Mutant S/t  625 Thrash  0.00  Send Email 
New Wave Blasphemy New Wave Blasphemy  No Idea Records  0.00  Send Email 
Occams Razor A Real Proposal For A Invisible World  Huelga  0.00 Clear packaging, /300 OOP Send Email 
Red Sparowes/made Out Of Babies/ Battle Of Mice Triad  Neurot Records  0.00 3x7" records, on Red, Clear, and Yellow. Send Email 
Rhino Charge St  To Live A Lie  0.00 Red Send Email 
Scapegoat S/t  Painkiller  0.00 3rd Press /530 Send Email 
Severe Snitch Slaughter  625 Thrash  0.00  Send Email 
The Holy Mountain Your Face Indecline  No Idea Records  0.00 Light Blue Send Email 
The Holy Mountain Wrath  No Idea Records  0.00 Grey Send Email 
Ummm/hasrat Split  Self Released  0.00  Send Email 
Unholy Grave Against Terrorism  Power It Up  0.00  Send Email 
Unholy Grave Kill 'em All For One  Crucial Blast  0.00  Send Email 
Unholy Grave/kadaverficker Split  Power It Up  0.00  Send Email 
Unholy Grave/pretty Little Flower Split  Rescued From Life  0.00 Gatefold Send Email 
V/a Discharged  Allied Recordings  0.00 Discharge Tribute Send Email 
V/a International Blact Fighter Compilation  Torture Garden Pictures  0.00  Send Email 
V/a The Brave Do No Fear The Grave  Alveram Records  0.00  Send Email 
Your Kingdom Is Doomed/yacopsae Split    0.00  Send Email 
Ampere All Our Tomorrows End Today  Ebulltion  0.00 Clear blue Send Email 
Bones Brigade Endless Bummer  Still Holding On  0.00  Send Email 
Dejection/unclean Asbestosdeath  Southern Lord  0.00  Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach Picture Disc  Rsr  0.00 picture disc Send Email 
Hellshock/effigy Usa Meets Japan  Wicked Witch  0.00 OOP /500 Send Email 
In Disgust Reality Choke  1oh6  0.00 fucking brutal. Send Email 
Man Is The Bastard/the Locust Split    0.00 OOP, only locust material that dosnt suck huge dix Send Email 
Phobia Destroying The Masses  Pessimiser  0.00 OOP Send Email 
Shikari/louise Cyphre Split  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Against Me! Americans Abroad!  Fat Wreck Chords  0.00 Double LP Send Email 
Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers  S.o.a. Records  0.00  Send Email 
Agathocles / Unholy Grave Agatho Grave  Bloodbath  0.00  Send Email 
Ampere/sinola Split Recording  Ebullition  0.00  Send Email 
Anthem Eighty Eight Define A Lifetime  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Antischism Still Life  Prank  0.00 White /700 Send Email 
Assholeparade Embers  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Asunder/graves At Sea Split  20 Buck Spin  0.00  Send Email 
Baroness First  Hyperrealist  0.00 Brown splatter  Send Email 
Baroness Second  Hyperrealist  0.00 Clear Send Email 
Behind Enemy Lines On Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God  Profane Existence  0.00  Send Email 
Black Witchery Upheaval Of Satanic Might  Osmose Productions  0.00 /500 Send Email 
Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin'  Cbs  0.00  Send Email 
Bones Brigade I Hate My Self When I'm Not Skateboarding  Coalition Records  0.00  Send Email 
Brutal Truth Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom  Relapse Records  0.00 double LP /1000 Send Email 
Buzzoven Revelation: Sick Again  Sounds Of The South  0.00 bootleg Send Email 
California Love Reaping The Wirlwind  Youth Attack!  0.00 Green Send Email 
Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein  Def Jx  0.00 2xLP Send Email 
Capitalist Casualties Disassembly Line  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Carcass Heartwork  Earache  0.00 red, repress, /1000 Send Email 
Cattle Decapitation Homovore  Three One G  0.00 Splatter, /666, 3rd press Send Email 
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion  Combat  0.00 First Press Send Email 
Comadre Burn Your Bones  Adagio830  0.00  Send Email 
Combatwoundedveteran This Is Not An Erect, All-red Neon Body  Noidea Records  0.00 Double LP Boxset with poster, pin and sticker, /600 Send Email 
Crucible My Heart Is A Merciless Piece Of Metal And Fire  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Defiance, Ohio Share What Ya Got  No Idea  0.00 Pink! Send Email 
Defiance, Ohio The Great Depression  No Idea  0.00 Grey Send Email 
Dfa Defy False Authority  Six Weeks  0.00  Send Email 
Dropdead Discography  Armageddon Label  0.00  Send Email 
Dropdead 2nd Album 1998  Armageddon Label  0.00  Send Email 
Dystopia Humans = Garbage  Life Is Abuse  0.00 Clear Send Email 
Frightmare Midnight Murder Mania  Razorback  0.00  Send Email 
Fuck On The Beach Endless Summer  Slap A Ham  0.00  Send Email 
Fugazi Instrument  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Funeral Diner Doors Open  Vedetta  0.00 Etched.  Send Email 
Ghostlimb Lp  Vendetta  0.00 Etched Send Email 
Hellshock Shadows Of The Afterworld  Black Water  0.00  Send Email 
Heresy 20 Reasons To End It All  Boss Tuneage  0.00 Red /500 Send Email 
Hewhocorrupts The Discographer  10 Way Split Release  0.00 half Green, Half white, /400 Send Email 
His Hero Is Gone The Plot Sickens  Feral Ward  0.00  Send Email 
Inhumanity The History Behind The Mystery  Prank  0.00 Comes with 7". EMOVIOLENCE. Send Email 
Iron Lung Life. Ironlung. Death.  625 Thrash  0.00  Send Email 
Iskra Self Titled  Profane Existence  0.00  Send Email 
Jawbreaker 24 Hour Revenge Therapy  Tulo Communion  0.00 OOP? Send Email 
Jesu/eluvium Split  Hydrahead Records  0.00  Send Email 
Limb From Limb Death. Famine. Plague.  No Options  0.00  Send Email 
Loma Prieta Our Lp Is Your Ep  Disco Huelga  0.00 One sided, Grey, /400 Send Email 
Massgrave People Are The Problem  Unrest  0.00  Send Email 
Medication Time One Free Miracle Ticket  Life Is Abuse  0.00  Send Email 
Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutations  Earache  0.00 OOP Send Email 
Napalm Death Scum  Earache  0.00 Green cover Send Email 
Nasum Grind Finale  Unrest  0.00 4xLP Send Email 
Neurosis Given To The Rising  Neurot Records  0.00 2xLP Send Email 
Oi Polloi Fuaim Catha  Skuld  0.00  Send Email 
Oi Polloi Fight Back!  Campary Records  0.00  Send Email 
Pelican City Of Echos  Hydrahead  0.00 silver Send Email 
Peter Gabrial So  Geffen  0.00  Send Email 
Phobia Cruel  Deep Six  0.00 Grey  Send Email 
Phobia Serenity Through Pain  Deep Six  0.00  Send Email 
Phobia Means Of Existence  Slap-a-ham Records  0.00 Picture Disc Send Email 
Phobia / Resist And Exist Split  Profane Existence  0.00  Send Email 
Pig Destroyer Painter Of Dead Girls    0.00 Spanish import Send Email 
Poser Disposer Waiting To Inhale  Unrest  0.00  Send Email 
Profanatica Enemy Of Virtue  Hells Head Bangers  0.00 2xLP, blood red/ Gold colored Send Email 
Quasimoto The Unseen  Stones Throw  0.00 2xLP Send Email 
R.a.m.b.o. Bring It!  Havoc  0.00 With DVD Send Email 
R.a.m.b.o. Wall Of Death The System!  Six Two Five Thrashcore  0.00 SMASH THE STATE! Send Email 
Reagan Youth Volume 2  New Red Archives  0.00 Blue Send Email 
Red Sparowes Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun  Robotic Empire  0.00 2xLP, Gatefold, Clear with gold smoke, 2nd press /500 Send Email 
Red Sparowes At The Soundless Dawn  Robotic Empire  0.00 Clear With Gold Smoke, Gatefold, 2nd press /500 Send Email 
Red Sparowes/grails Split  Robotic Empire  0.00 This rules. Send Email 
Sanctum/stormcrow Split  No Options  0.00 red splatter /299 Send Email 
Sawthroat Inde$troy  Skuld  0.00  Send Email 
Scrotum Grinder The Greatest Sonic Abomination  No Idea  0.00  Send Email 
Sleep Sleeps Holy Mountain  Kreation Records  0.00 gatefold Send Email 
Sparrows Swarm And Sing Untitled 2  Gatehouse Anchor  0.00 White, hand screened, /300 Send Email 
Teen Cthulhu Ride The Blade  Life Is Abuse  0.00  Send Email 
The Beatles 1967-1970  Apple  0.00 Old pressing, 2xLP Send Email 
The Clash Sandinista!  Cbs  0.00 old pressing, 3xLP Send Email 
The Great Redneck Hope Behold The Fuck Thunder  Waving Wheat  0.00 One sided, clear, rare. Send Email 
Toxic Holocaust Evil Never Dies  Nuclear War Now!  0.00 Yellow Send Email 
Va Heartattack #10  Ebulltion  0.00 Yellow Send Email 
Versoma Life During Wartime  Robotic Empire  0.00 Half white half brown vinyl, /200 Send Email 
Warfair? Earmagedon  Mangled Ankle  0.00  Send Email 
Wolfbrigade A D-beat Odyssey  Havoc  0.00  Send Email 
Yaphet Kotto The Killer Was In The Government Blankets  Ebulltion  0.00 Screenprinted cover, Green /1000 Send Email 
Zegota Movement In The Music  Crimethinc  0.00 OOP (?) Send Email 
A Silver Mt. Zion "this Is Our Punk-rock,"  Constallation  0.00  Send Email 
Agathocles To Serve.. To Protect  Vacation House  0.00  Send Email 
Agathocles Humarrogance  Morbid  0.00  Send Email 
Agathocles Superiority Overdose  Uxicon Records  0.00  Send Email 
Assuck Anticapital/blindspot + 3  Sound Pollution  0.00  Send Email 
Avskum Punkista  Prank Records  0.00  Send Email 
Black Witchery/conqueror Hellstorm Of Evil Vengence  Dark Horizon Records  0.00  Send Email 
Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend  Island  0.00  Send Email 
Bongzilla Apogee  Relapse  0.00  Send Email 
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life  Metal Blade Records  0.00  Send Email 
Carcass Heartwork  Earache  0.00  Send Email 
Carcass Necroticism-descanting The Insalubrious  Earache  0.00  Send Email 
Carcass Swansong  Earache  0.00  Send Email 
Choking Victim No Gods / No Masters  Hellcat  0.00  Send Email 
Crass Stations Of The Crass  Crass Records  0.00  Send Email 
Cryptopsy None So Vile  Century Media  0.00  Send Email 
Cryptopsy Once Was Not  Century Media  0.00  Send Email 
Cynic Focus  Roadrunner Records  0.00  Send Email 
Dead Kennedys  Plastic Surgery Disasters & In God We Trust  Manifesto  0.00  Send Email 
Denak Grindcore  Cooperaccion  0.00  Send Email 
Deviated Instinct Welcome To The Orgy  Peaceville Records  0.00  Send Email 
Disrupt The Rest  Relapse  0.00 2xCD Send Email 
Disrupt Unrest  Relapse  0.00  Send Email 
Doom Total Doom  Peaceville Records  0.00  Send Email 
Dri Dirty Rotten Lp  Rotten Records  0.00  Send Email 
Electro Hippies The Only Good Punk  Peaceville Records  0.00  Send Email 
Exhumaed Garbage Daze Re-regurgitated  Parasitic Twins  0.00  Send Email 
Exit Strategy Demo  Diy  0.00  Send Email 
Extreme Noise Terror From One Extreme To Another  Candlelight Records  0.00  Send Email 
Frank Zappa Hot Rats  Rykodisc  0.00  Send Email 
Frank Zappa Waka Jawaka  Rykodisc  0.00  Send Email 
Frank Zappa The Grand Wazoo  Rykodisc  0.00  Send Email 
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.x.o.  Constallation  0.00  Send Email 
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For A Zero Kanada Ep  Constallation  0.00  Send Email 
Graf Orlock Destination Time: Tomorrow  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Graf Orlock Destination Time: Tomorrow  Level Plane  0.00  Send Email 
Graves At Sea / Asunder Split  Life Is Abuse  0.00  Send Email 
Limp Wrist Complete Discography    0.00  Send Email 
Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds Of Fire  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?  Capitol Records  0.00  Send Email 
Minor Threat Complete Discography  Dischord  0.00  Send Email 
Napalm Death Scum  Earache  0.00  Send Email 
Napalm Death The Complete Radio One Sessions  Strange Fruit  0.00  Send Email 
Napalm Death Code Is Red...long Live The Code  Century Media  0.00  Send Email 
Napalm Death Leaders Not Followers: Part 2  Century Media  0.00  Send Email 
Nausea  The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2  Blacknoise  0.00  Send Email 
Phobia Return To Desolation  Relapse  0.00  Send Email 
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon  Emi  0.00  Send Email 
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here  Capitol  0.00  Send Email 
Pink Floyd Animals  Columbia  0.00  Send Email 
Propagandhi Potemkin City Limits  Fat Wreck  0.00  Send Email 
Repulsion Horrified  Relapse  0.00  Send Email 
Swallowing Shit Anthology  G-7 Welcoming Committee  0.00  Send Email 
Terrorizer World Downfall  Earache  0.00  Send Email 
Ampere/funeral Diner Split    0.00 Engraved on both sides. Send Email 
Not For Trade 5": 2, 7": 49, 10": 9, 12": 87, CD: 54, 8": 1

Doop's List Summary

For Trade: Other - 1
Not For Trade 5": 2, 7": 49, 10": 9, 12": 87, CD: 54, 8": 1

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