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For Trade
Adhesive Sideburner 1996 Onefoot Very Good 0.00 No case/artwork. CD only Send Email 
Hitmen 3 Bubbling Under 1994 Nkvd/article 9 Mint 0.00 Finnish punk band in the vein of Samiam etc.. Send Email 
Lifeless Image Sidetracked 1994 Wounded Records Excellent 0.00 Swedish hardcore band Send Email 
Potlatch Gringo Ep 1994 Dolores Records Excellent 0.00 Swedish skacore band. Send Email 
Sôber Blowjob Ep 1994 Burning Heart Excellent 0.00 Early Burning heart release. Send Email 
Stoned Self-titled 2000 Ampersand Very Good 0.00 Ampersand version--Although i'm fairly sure that's the only version. Send Email 
Stoned Ed's Diner 1997 Onefoot Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Stoned Music For The Morons 1996 Onefoot Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Undeclinable Ambuscade Their Greatest Adventures 1996 Epitaph Europe Very Good 0.00 CD only, no case artwork. Send Email 
For Trade CD: 9

soundforlanguage's List Summary

For Trade CD: 9

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