Real Name: n/a
Country: New Zealand

Not For Trade
Anthony Red Rose Tempo / Version  Firehouse Very Good 0.00 prod. King Tubby's Send Email 
Barrington Levy / King Tubby Warm & Sunny Day /sunny Dub 1981 Black & White Very Good 0.00 Prod. C Patterson Send Email 
Barry Brown Mafia / Mafia Dub  Ranking Joe Very Good 0.00 prod. Joe Jackson, Tubby Send Email 
Bob Marley Small Axe / Version  Upsetter Records Fair 0.00 prod. Lee Perry Send Email 
Cornel Campbell Duke Of Earl / Version  Monica's Records Very Good 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Culture / Joe Gibbs Two Sevens Clash / Prophecy  Gibbs Excellent 0.00 prod. Joe Gibbs Send Email 
Culture / Joe Gibbs Baldhead Bridge / Big Bridge  Joe Gibbs Very Good 0.00 Prod. Joe Gibbs Send Email 
Dawn Penn / King Jammy's Crew No No No / No No No Dub  Jammys Very Good 0.00 Prod. L James for Jammys Send Email 
Dennis Alcapone / U Ror Spanish Omega / Dynamic Fashion Way  Inbidimts Excellent 0.00  Send Email 
Dennis Brown / Niney The Observer Give A Helping Hand / New Style  Observer Very Good 0.00 prod. Niney Send Email 
Dennis Brown / Niney The Observer Lightning & Thunder / Blood & Fire  Observers Very Good 0.00 Prod. Niney Send Email 
Dillenger / Aggrovators Jah Jah Dub / A Social Version  Jamaican Excellent 0.00 Prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Eek A Mouse Noah's Ark / Version  Jah Guidance Very Good 0.00 prod. H Lawes Send Email 
Eric Donaldson Cherry Oh Baby / Version  Jamaican Excellent 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
George Faith Diana / To Be A Lover 2005 Ethnic Fight Excellent 0.00 prod. Lee Perry Send Email 
Horace Andy Monet Money / Version 2011 Jamaican Very Good 0.00 Prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Horace Andy / Dean Fraser Love Love Love / Fisherman's Anthem 2006 Blood And Fire Excellent 0.00 prod. Congos Send Email 
Horace Andy / King Tubby Skylarkin / Skylarkin Dub  Attack Excellent 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Horace Andy / King Tubby & Aggrovators Guiding Star / Dub Star  Striker Lee Very Good 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Horace Andy / King Tubby & Aggrovators You're My Angel / Jackson Head Dub  Clocktower Excellent 0.00 prod B Osbourne Send Email 
I Roy Welding / Version  Well Charge Good 0.00  Send Email 
Jackie Edwards Invasion / Wadada  Jackpot Very Good 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Jah Lion Columbia Collie / Wisdom  Blackart Very Good 0.00 prod. lee perry Send Email 
Jah Stitch & Horace Andy / The Aggrovators Greedy Girl / Greedy Dub  Aggrovator Excellent 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
John Holt Police In Helicopter / Versiom  Volcano Excellent 0.00 prod. Jongo Lawes Send Email 
Johnny Clarke / Aggrovators King In The Arena / Champion Version 1977 Jaguar  0.00  Send Email 
Junior Byles Curly Locks / Lock And Key  Orchid Good 0.00 Prod. Lee Perry Send Email 
Junior Murvin / Upsetters Philistines On The Land / Bingo Kid  Blackart Excellent 0.00 prd. Lee Perry ? Send Email 
Ken Boothe /the Observers Silver Words / Rasta God  Observers Very Good 0.00 prod. Niney Send Email 
Lee 'scratch' Perry Dyon Anaswa / Psyche & Trim  Orchid Excellent 0.00 prod. lee Perry Send Email 
Lee 'scratch' Perry Roast Fish & Cornbread / Free The Weed  Orchid Excellent 0.00 prod. Lee Perry Send Email 
Lee 'scratch' Perry / Lord Sassafrass Dreadlocks In Moon Light / Green Bay Incident  Upsetters Very Good 0.00 prod. Lee Perry Send Email 
Lee 'scratch' Perry / Mad Professor African Place / Dub Of Africa  Ariwa Good 0.00 prod. lee Perry & Mad Professor Send Email 
Lee & Junior (lee Perry) / The Upsetter Dreader Locks / Militant Rock  Blackart Very Good 0.00 prod. Lee Perry Send Email 
Linval Thompson Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks / Version  Jamaican Excellent 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Prince Far I I & I A The Chosen / Version  Cry Tuff Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Ronnie Davis / The Aggrovators Kaya / Version 1978 Weed Beat Very Good 0.00  Send Email 
Roots Foundation Disco 45 Wicked Melts Away 1999 Steppers Delight Fair 0.00 prod. Lemon, Mu, Goose Bump Send Email 
Sugar Minott / King Tubby Mr Fisher Man / Deep Sea Dub 1980 Black & White Very Good 0.00 Prod. C Patterson Send Email 
The Deltones Chopsticks / I Got It ; Put It On 1972 Trojan Good 0.00  Send Email 
The Slickers Johnny Too Bad  Tads Very Good 0.00 prod. Earl Chin Send Email 
Tommy Mccook / The Agrovators Searching / Version  Striker Lee Very Good 0.00 prod. Bunny Lee Send Email 
Tommy Mccook / Yabby You Fisherman Special / Version  Vivian Jackson / Very Good 0.00 prod. Vivian Jackson (Yabby You) Send Email 
Twinkle Brothers Since I Throw The Comb Away 1998 Twinkle Excellent 0.00 prod. Norman Grant Send Email 
Not For Trade 7": 44

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Not For Trade 7": 44

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